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Earner's is twenty twenty one, the year of execution, in order to execute, we have to have information and a number one place to get the information. You Bael University Shotty tell them what we bring in.


Yes. While university has been reloaded, we already have 100 past webinars. We already have weekly webinars. We already have our private investment group on Facebook. We already have monthly financial planning for we already have bi weekly real estate call for what has been added to Iwao University this year is Access Energy, the mortgage guys home buyers blueprint which walking to the home buying process from A to Z. And it also has been at a breaking news alert. Everything seems to be in our budget now.


When we talk about all the investment plays that we are making, we are going to have investment calls, group check calls with me, Troy and the whole team and walk you through our plays that we're making and give you insight into our portfolios. All of that or 75 percent off. That's why we are doing a blowout sale, 70 percent off for a limited time only. Go to Yale University Dotcom right now, sign up to at the site.


Monday and Monday is a yeah, yeah, that's us, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's us.


Yeah. In a major way. In a major way. Hope everybody's having a historical Black History Month. Yeah. Yeah. Shot everybody that I recognized yesterday was Valentine's Day, but yesterday was better than the birthday. So we got to be honest. Most importantly, some people and most importantly, our three shot, everybody's making history right now.


Everybody has to earn what's up. Yeah, that's what it did to the. Right away to a timer has gone off, it has gone off, all right, may a pop.


It's not every day, you know, most legendary platform, get to legendary content, give you the most legendary situations in history, swirl history right here. Already. I'm ready, I'm ready. Yeah, we're going to get this show started. First and foremost. Rest in peace to notorious B.i.g.. Shout out to DMX. We'll explain that later on. We'll get to that later. Well, I see you, I see you. I'm getting you in the.


The late, great big man. Michou. Let's get it going. OK, guys, greeting and salutations, are we going we're not going to waste any time with this situation. We're going to get the ball rolling right away. So first, we want to give you the rundown of early leisure. This week. We have none other than the incomparable Hinkie Johnson. Wow, that dude is unbelievable, man. Shout out to the good brother. He is our guest tomorrow on episode one.


Hundred and twenty one time flies crazy. Make sure that you are subscribe to our podcast also because on Friday we do study hall and on Sunday we do Cliff Notes. So make sure you check that out. Market Monday is the biggest in the game. Make sure you subscribe to Market Mondays on all podcast outlets and telephone to tell a friend this Wednesday at Yale University. Me, Troy and the whole gang over Ernie Ilija are doing our first investment call with everybody.


We're going to go over everything that we've done, our portfolios and kind of break stuff down like that. We talked about that before, be the first one and we got a big surprise. Open enrollment next week.


Oh, let's do it, man. I don't even want to waste any time in them.


And they won't let them in. They won't let any one them at the door, but.


The chats, I can't seem to check. OK, we get to chat. The Chatenay chessboxing, I don't know what's up with the chat, YouTube, like stops if like the first four minutes. Now, I don't know what's going on with that, but. And let's get them in here in the meantime, we'll put the link to it while university, the biggest school online. It's not an investment club. It's a school highly discounted, a value added.


In The Hague, I, I you going to miss it? He's going to miss it, he said so much. I'll need a stylist. We've got the pink on today.


What's going on? What's going on?


Are you guys doing it on my own? Not today. Not today. Happy Monday. You let everybody know you to wear kind of family. What's going on?


What's really going on here? I got snow out there. Well, people in Houston. And to be safe, that is no joke. That is not a joke. I said 15 degrees, Houston. Yeah, that's great. That's different. Don't like it. Not my favorite. And should we get right to it, I said we said that we had to say, you want to just say, let's do the disclaimer real quick and let's get this going.


All right. So no one will know how this works. Do your own research. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances. You should take independent financial advice from a professional in connection with or independently advice from. Advice from a professional in connection with or independently research and verify any information that you find on our show and what you rely upon, whether for the purpose of making an investment decision or otherwise.


This is a message from the good folks at Annualise and a good brother in turn that the message invested. I appreciate it. I'm going to share. With get to it and let Mark grace us with his brilliance. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Let's get it popping. To so much energy, the mortgage guy, legen, perfect. Let me know if you guys can see my screen and see if we see you. Perfect. So the purpose of the night, I want to get right to it.


I want you to walk away tonight and never need anything else, so I want to give you the complete blueprint. So the intent of market mon's was to, in real time, tell you how to invest. And week by week, we gave you the blueprint for what to do. But I want to put it all here, a one sample size for you so you can walk away and never have to worry about what to do again. So get your phones out, get your notes out and let's go.


So the about a stock club, of course, come and join us. We'll have our monthly meeting tomorrow and we'll start the daily sessions tomorrow as well. Thank you guys for being supportive of the stock club. And then, of course, you guys are get a twenty five bonus picks as well tomorrow. Love you guys. Let's get right into it. Everyone always asks me, Ian, where do I get into the market? And I think episode 14, we cover this.


So for those of you who have been faithful's put channel in the chat. If you've seen this, cover this. But I want to give you three ways to get into the market. Number one is the 200 day moving average. Number two, the 72 day moving average. And number three, the price channel. Proshanto, if I have to rank the importance of it, I would do price channel first 72 day moving average second two hundred a third.


Number two, where do we get out of the market? You want to get out at a five year mark, please put in check. Time in the market is the most important indicator. So five years, 10 years are the first two targets you should have if you have quality, if you're not willing to hold it for five years or 10 years, you know, it is trash, Nikola GameStop, AMC, et cetera. Right. We talked about Fibonacci retracement on episode 20.


Write this down. Go to Episode 20. If you have not heard us talk about it, you can use the one hundred and twenty five percent extension to know when to exit out of your trait. So if a company breaks out of its all time high when it gets one hundred and twenty five percent or twenty five percent over its all time high, you can exit at that part. No, four, five extra initial entry, so if you in a tech based company or biotech or high growth company, you can set a limit order for, let's say your entry is one hundred bucks, you can set your limit order for five hundred to exit you out.


Of course, trading has considerable risks. There's no guarantee that it will go to that market based on a company and valuation and the fundamentals of that company. But five X is your secondary target. OK, when to short, please write this down if it's a great stock with poor fundamentals. Number one, number two, if the price is five hundred or one hundred excuse me, fifty or one hundred and forty bucks over the top of the market, that's a good sign for it to short if it's not a great company.


So hurt Niccola, AMC, GameStop companies with no proper funding excuse me, fundamentals, weak revenue and all of a sudden they top up one hundred and forty bucks. Two hundred and twenty bucks. If you give it nine to 19 weeks, please write that down nine to 19 weeks. That will allow you to establish a short position if the company is no good. And before I always call it here. So if a company is not good OP, you should have mentioned it.


And number five, when the fundamentals do not match, it is a value trap. I don't want to see us get hurt and devastated by these companies that are not any good because they were hyped up on. Boards and discordance and things of that nature. OK, how to evaluate a company? We talked about this before. So once you get to your technicals, let's go through fundamentals. And we covered some of this before. But how to evaluate a company, the founder, the character of the founder and the team, the vision, the number one thing that they can do that no one else in the world can do that is key.


Please write that down. Number six, when you are investing in the company, what is their unbreakable competitive advantage? Bitcoin being added to Tesla since they were three? Revenue is a competitive advantage for them right now. Apple having an extensive moat is a competitive advantage. Whatever company you love right now, please put what the competitive advantage is of that asset or company. How much cash do they have on hand? I'll skip down to number 12 cash flow premium or consistent cash flow.


There is a reason that monthly, recurring and annual recurrent among software companies are so popular.


Right, number 13, which business are they number one in or at least top three, and they have a superior customer experience. So go down this list and I need you to check off each box before you consider investing in it. Now, for defense is great to have a company that can change the world, but what if ninety three other companies and they get in, let's say Mark Cuban invest in 10 of them and Daymond John in another 10 and Kraisak investing another 10, they may come and eat that startup's lunch.


These economic moments matter, one low cost of production, high switching costs, network effects, we talked about this last week as well. Number eight, do they have a legal monopoly? Companies like Stryker, companies like pull, I could argue, have a legal monopoly where they virtually have no competition in their space. Brand loyalty is key and also the value of the brand. And hopefully we get the chance to ask Mark about how he built Dallas Mavericks brand up to be worth what it is.


This is a very key, fundamental part that I have not talked about before, but I'll talk about next week, you need to focus your attention on investing in conglomerate's. So which company is this they are involved in tech, software, hardware, currently health care, fintech, electronic vehicles, consumer and space exploration. If I brought this company to you and I told you they were cash flow positive and they had considerable marketshare and mindshare in their category, you would like this is a home run.


That company is APLA. Amazon is in the space, you can argue that Tesla is a conglomerate as well, and they're making you want to invest in conglomerates, IBM once was, and then it's lost its position and it's holding in a market. Next one, three most important indicators, number one is the grandfather of them all, quantitative easing. We would not have all these companies rising to record levels and all these record level stacks. Kudos to jobs that are returning 500 and 800 percent.


Without quantitative easing, inverted yield curve tells you ahead of time when a crash is going to happen, I tell you guys every week, don't worry about crash. If that access ever gets crossed and the inverted yield curve does break, you have 18 to 36 months to begin preparing where you want to get in the market and prepare in advance. You have to prepare when everyone else is happy. So a disaster is on your door. You are not panicking.


And number three, the only time frame that guarantees that you will win in the market as if you hold your assets for 20 years. And I know many of you don't want to hear truth be told, a lot of you are losing more money than you care to admit because you will not hold a position long enough for it to be fruitful for you. This is key for your personal life as a gentleman like that goal, if I'm looking at a person and I'm comparing and I say, OK, let's say I'm going against Mark, he's going to eat me for lunch.


Right. But if I'm only willing to hold my position for a year, it does not matter how many exotic strategies and derivatives I put inside of it to outperform him. If he will wait 20 years, he's going to outperform me because no man can beat time. It is the biggest lever that we have in our favor. And I know some of us are starting late, but this is where the freedom sort of kicks in. Please write this down.


There is no freedom financially without you tying yourself to a business. I talked about a couple of weeks ago. But one thing, artists, I need you guys to realize, if you do not invest in a company to get equity in it, you don't own. Everyone's freedom is going to be tied to a business. So this is a matrix that you have to follow top to bottom. Business stocks, real estate, life insurance, a job or two.


There's nothing wrong with working because most entrepreneurs make less than thirty three thousand dollars a year. So for those of you that have good careers, kudos to you. OK, you want at least four revenue streams in your business to start, ideally, you want 24 and these last two are very key because it doesn't matter how much you make risk mitigation. So insurance is key and the unique protection of your assets, please type in chat tonight. What kind of business do you want to start that will give you security for yourself and your family?


My personal research blueprint, I mark off the Bizos for the top 500 companies that I'm interested in. So do your research if you love. Neo, or whatever company which we call it here, 221. I need you to go to the 500 companies that you like the most, because guess what happens? The next correction or pullback may not be climate related and maybe student loan bubble related. Now, you need to then look at the assets that will have the greatest drop from 70 to 80 three percent.


And then you have to say, well, maybe Chag will be incredibly valuable because now if the student loan bubble pops now, everyone is really going to have to go online in combination with the pre-existent recession that was caused by covid. And let's be very honest, the jobs in 2008 have not been recovered. We're going through a digital war. I think Salesforce announced that they're going to allow the people to work remotely forever. The world is changing. And then for me, I'm going through the top 36 features seven days a week and looking at the patterns we talked about last week, all markets are correlated in some way.


This is not the 1940s. So there is not separation of markets anymore. There are entangled together. We talked about the futures market. Our first say trading has considerable risk. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Please consult your advisor. You should not invest in futures unless you are well capitalized. Right. But an easy strategy is to take thirty three contracts, aim for 21 ticks that will put you at twenty one thousand six twenty five.


Most traders would do a lot better if your thesis is to take 20 trades per year. The brokers know that you're going to overtreat, and I was talking to my guys about this earlier hour rather than five or six trades in a quarter and have a reputation for constantly winning, opposed to be on the traders rollercoaster. While my dear Heavenly Father, please, I swear, if you give me one more trade, I will never mess up again. And what do we do as traders?


We mess up right again after I limit the number of trades. If you can stick between 18 and 20 for the year, you can knock it out of the park.


Sounds like it sounds like it sounds like a bad relationship. Listen, traders love toxic environments and abuse of shout out to Justin. They love it. Yeah, they are the ones that get beat up by the market, get abused, get margin, call it, and then run back. But the brokers know that because whenever you have a loss in the market, guess what you're going to do? You're going to recapitalize your account. And then on top of that, what are you going to do, Traymore, so I can get even.


Dear Heavenly Father of Nazareth, please let me get one more trade. And if I get to break even, I swear to God I'll never take another trade. You get to break even. And plus. And what happened? I am the greatest thing ever. David Tapio, great. We a home in The Hague, Silverlake, Capitol Hill, I'm the new cabinet meeting.


And then 90 days later, what happens? I'm sorry, you need to recapitalize your account because you went over your margin and you were in the same situation as it was in. So from a macro level. You guys need to go look at the all time chart since inception, like we talked about on Episode 70. The VIX levels, if you look one fifty five, one thirty seven sixty four, ninety point six eight and eighty two point six are the oh my God, I can't believe we are here.


Volatility levels any time the market gets there. So do your homework for tonight as go read every article that you can find on Sir John Templeton. The recession blueprint is easy. To make and follow because it's been late before, it's hard to execute, however, Sir John Templeton bought companies stocks pennies on the dollar and waited years and became one of the richest men on these VIX levels hit. Guess what's going to happen? Your heart is going to drop to your stomach and your stomach is going to drop to your bottom.


But if you marked off these levels in advance, you're going to say, well, Apple is probably a good acquisition here. Tesla is a good acquisition here, maybe Microsoft and Adobe here. If I want a small dividend, McDonald's here for my real estate people. And those of you that are contractors, Home Depot or Lowe's, yes, we will have a 24 to 36 month low, but things are not going that well. But in four years, the economy will be back up and now you will be rich because you have been able to wait.


These are the VIX levels that are key. And if we break above 82, why the world is panicking. I want you to begin collecting these companies for pennies on the dollar. These are the sites to do your research. One of my favorites Go Focus. I have no financial relationship with any of these macro trends is to macro trends will be able to show you the historical returns of a company based on a splits and do some incredible research. If you want to compare to a comparative analysis on companies to see which ones are better.


The one of the things I was happy doing macro trends. I want you to put in two companies compare their revenue and the one with the highest revenue you probably should lean into if they are tech based. Number three, why charts the price of the breakdown here next week for how to use it? And for those of you in the stock club, we're going to start using my charts to do our fundamental analysis. And fourth is Portfolio Visualizer.


So let's say you have a thesis that you think these eight companies can change the world, and if they've been publicly traded for the last four years, you can put them in a collection, pick your allocation and you can see what the potential returns could be before you invest your cash in twenty, twenty one.


A truly diversified portfolio needs more than a traditional mix of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. It needs private real estate. Studies have shown that portfolios with an allocation of private real estate generally delivered a better risk adjustment return with more annual income and lower volatility over the past two decades, thanks to his track record of consistent performing through multiple market cycles with Fundrise, this level of powerful diversification is now available to you. Fundrise provides access to diversified portfolios of private real estate to all investors, with their industry leading easy to use platform fundrise team of real estate professionals carefully vet and actively manage all of their real estate projects and what they're easy to use.


Website. You can track your portfolio's performance and watch us. Properties across the country are acquired, improved and operated via dynamic asset updates.


See for yourself how 130000 investors have built a better portfolio with private real estate. It takes just a few minutes to get started. Go to fundraise dotcom slash market mon's today. That's F you and D risc dotcom market mon's fundrise dotcom market Mondays. Don't wait, don't hesitate. Head over there now. To money, so think of it as paper trading with a portfolio, but having the benefit of being able to execute the Trade Live later Enron account. And this is a key perspective, I need to draw this on an ability to hold off a long term as your greatest risk to your financial freedom.


No one makes an incredible business, and then so my mom called me and said, hey, did you ever see the story about the McDonald's brothers? And then Ray Kroc came in and bought it and acquired it and he took a state to state. I said, yeah, the McDonald's brother sold that business for two point seven, three million. That was a lot of money back then. But look at the upside of what they missed out on and their family missed out on being short sighted.


In short sighted, and I said this one, we did a crossover episode with Mike, Josh and Ben, technical analysis is just a visual representation of fundamentals and their place on a screen. A shitty company is a shitty company. I don't care what RSI you pair with it, what more than average it is, no real go far enough and you look at the 20. It does not matter. There's no group of traders. If we get twenty six thousand traders and we try and lift up a company does negative net revenue for 19 years, we may be able to float it up for nine days, but in a year would not be higher.


I want to walk you through some of the companies that I've called, and these are still some good investments, so let's write these down if you need a scholarship. Here we go. Apple, Microsoft, AMD. Kudos to Deborah, who's been here since 14 Kabana Disney at 100, Boeing at ninety one accident to 50 to 46. If you're in Boeing, please. Vilo, VTI, AMCC, Mercado, LeBron Super Sleeper, Amazon of South America.


It's OK. In April, Shopify, 363, is now at fourteen fifty five forty nine as a cloud company called five nine fifty nine seventy three. We call this now at one eighty one Neil. Two dollars and twenty one and that twelve is not a fifty nine bucks plug at twenty one striker legal monopoly. Moderna, 26 bucks and 89 cents, now that 123 poor and in short, AMC stop Niccola hurts poor Leroy. He's still in the hospital recovering from the damage.


And that's just that's just a that's just a few, let alone Ibe, let let alone Ibai, let alone Herot XXXVII.


Don't forget my drapkin. So so that whole weight is a sample size free gas free game. How many stocks?


And I'll say this, but here's the thing. None of this matters if you don't execute. Not at all, and a couple of weeks, kudos to the queen Lorensen is to be here to talk to us about our psychological attachment with money. And she told me today one of the biggest reasons that people don't perform well is because the preexisting relationship that they have with money or sometimes people are just investing for excitement. She was supposed to be our first guest.


Kudos to the queen and our guests that are coming next week. But none of this matters. If you do not execute, you are worthy of freedom, happiness, love for you and your family. And I know historically, man, we've had some trauma with money and experiences and breakthroughs, but we can be the generation that breaks that if we execute collectively.


And here's the great thing Troy says is all the times I meant I'm you from where I'm from, all of you that are watching you can be you and your family, your neighborhood. Kudos, everybody. Back in Chicago, Twan, I see, like five years ago I didn't see this many people investing in. It's amazing that you guys grabbed this by the balls and like, yes, we're going to get this. Please execute even if you don't like the companies that I call use the same thesis and same formula, which is my actual investing formula.


To pick the companies that you like, where this crypto penny stocks, whatever the case, OK, I need you to put in what is your freedom number? What is the number that you're trying to secure for yourself and your family? And I need to ask you this. Are the steps that you're currently taking are going to get you? There and are you closer now than when you began? Here's the truth about financial freedom. No one person can save you.


Only you can save you by your choices and decisions, I can give you seventy three thousand books to read and all the technical and fundamental analysis and tell you all the stories. If you don't hit the Bible and hold it in your bank or E-Trade today, Ameritrade, it does not matter. I don't want you to be here for entertainment, and I understand I had a friend that worked at a firm who made millions and he called me and told me what to invest and I didn't listen.


So I get your first year. This is scary as hell initially. But as a community, if we invest in these things together and we invest in safe companies, we can see the results that are possible. And that's why we are here every week to help guide you to your freedom and give you this personal blueprint. So what is coming next? Of course, we have the amazing the greatest entrepreneurs to ever walk Bloomington, this campus, Mark Cuban.


But next week, we're going to start breaking down every company, S&P 500, every company, the Russell 2000. And we're 40 years old. I want to go through every company, the Nasdaq, for you guys. We're also going to get back to let me break guidelines. I'm going to let you ask about the companies that you're worried about. And if they're good, I'll give some prices. My last words to you, execute, be kind, be loving and only follow the plan that will help you and your family, even with me.


I don't want you to learn so much from me that you say, man, I love market. Mon's man in twenty twenty, twenty, twenty one now is twenty twenty nine. And I said, well how's the family doing off the investment advice. And I never invested. That will hurt my soul. I'm not here to entertain you. I'm here to help you give freedom and give you the blueprint that I wish that I had when I first got in to invest it.


And no one will share that information with me. I love you guys over and out. And let's welcome our esteemed guest, the legendary Hakuba. Outstanding performance, outstanding, outstanding performance, and I'm glad you brought up the VIX, because I obviously like maybe two or three months ago, we spoke about what levels you'd like to get it at. Right. And some people, when you put a one seven or one fifty to play like we don't even know it went that high, but it does.


Even in March when Katrina hit, we saw it go up to like 70 something, but it hit at a number. And we said as early, like what would be a point where it's like I feel comfortable investing and we said anywhere under 20. And so the VIX has hit 19. And then when VIX slides back down to either five dollars and twenty five cents or four dollars and eighty three, oh, baby, that's when you'll start to see the pullback happen once again, I want you guys to stop worrying about a pullback.


Stop worrying about the pullback from our season investors. I love that you guys are laughing when kids are now asking you, we're going to crash a 10 percent or 18 percent drop is not a crash. It is a normal pullback when we are overextended anyway. As a matter of fact, I think people have been spoiled by this market for too long and any sign of a pullback, they like running for the hills, like it's like doomsday scenario.


Prepare for it now, however. Prepare now. I mean, and on top of this, I know you recommend the fear and greed index, I know that has been moving most people, they forget to check on it. We learned a valuable lesson in September, the early September. We forgot to stick to the script, check these things, check if they have to use those indicators because they can help you. They could say that, well, personally, we don't speak for us, but could have saved us some money.


Have we just remembered those indicators and start to ask people following them block out the noise?


This is my personal blueprint, by the way. Block out the noise and the person hears a good listen to the person who puts in a most short time and talks at least is going to wear. Don't think I got these jacket from Wal-Mart and Target and TJ Max, just from talking like I am a gym rat when it comes to the actual investing part, please dig in deep if you put in two or three hours a day. And I was least likely to get this down.


But by me putting in hours every single day for years, it became relatively relatively easy, actually about four or five years. Yeah, this is a step by step guy. Once. No. 19 on the VIX is not a buy, 19 on the VIX is not a buy if it goes to the higher levels that I mentioned today. That's what you want to start looking for. Assets to collect VIX is a measure of volatility, which means there is uncertainty in the market.


During times of uncertainty, there's going to be price. Dispersions and you're going to be able to get some things that you want to sell. There you have it. Mark Cuban is in the building. He he is trying to raise his hand. I'm communicating. It's crazy. I'm Ebele. I'm actually there. That's crazy. I'm emailing Mark Cuban right now. We going back and forth. He's like, hey, I raised my hand. I'm trying to we're trying to locate him.


Trying to locate the. Indiana University family, come on. Now, if you are not Mark Cuban in the zone, please, please lower your hands, please.


And I'm dead serious. Serious. Everybody put your hand. Could you do us a favor? If you're not Mark Cuban, please lower your hand, please.


Thank you. Please throw on to Julian. Please lower your hand, Cassandra. Thank you. We love you.


There's too many hamburgers. I can't kiss. We can't see what's going on. And we. Use the blueprint, execute you have everything that you need inside of you, you don't need anyone's counsel, insight and advice, but the measuring stick always has to be is what you're doing. Is it getting closer to your freedom destination as automatic, as automatic? And yes, dogecoin prediction came true. What happened there, sir? What happened?


And for me, I hadn't looked it took it took it to. Those. Maybe, just maybe me looking at this 12, 13 hours a day as a considerable advantage.


But even with that mark off your bosun's for crypto, if you guys are into it. Go tell your friends and family if we get to 15, we're going to have a great time. Going to have a great time. And even in the case of Krypto. The use case of hold on for ten years, if you go look at probably problem from 2011 to now over a 10 year period, there's not many assets that have outpaced Bitcoin. No, I know what it was like, no, you don't know who I know these guys are, Captain.


They don't know that I know. Of course you know that.


Come on, baby.


I was like, oh, baby, come on. Tenderized. How are you doing? The legend has a rock legend himself in the building. I would have said some other barriers to you, but it's freezing out there. Let's go. Let's go.


No, I don't even know if I'm going to have electricity this whole time. So let's get going. Let's go to he comes up and. Yes, I bet you guys got a blizzard.


Yeah. Let's let's get let's get right to it. Mark Cuban ladies, ladies and gentlemen, we're not going to give an introduction. The legend himself, that episode. Ten thousand ten thousand people, biggest, biggest investment show. You know, this is the biggest investment show in the world so far. Mark Cuban. This is a surprise. Of course it is that.


Mark, Mark, I'm a start off. I'm a start off because I don't want to waste any time. I won't waste any of your precious time. So I was watching some clips. You was on CNBC a couple of weeks ago when you own the whole GameStop situation and you was talking about how it's really changed and like how you view stock. Nobody really is investing to have ownership in a company. They're really investing just to have it to sell to somebody else.


So the whole idea of you buying stock to actually own a company is kind of a false narrative.


So it's old and over. Unless you're Warren Buffett to me or me, I'm buying one percent and being Actavis or 10 percent, you know, but if you're buying ten shares or you're buying a fractional share on on Robinhood or whatever, you don't own the company. You're just buying something you hope goes up the price. That's it. There's nothing else to it. Now, that's not the way it always used to be. You know, back in the before nineteen eighty two, if you didn't pay a dividend, you weren't going to get anybody to buy your stock and the dividend rate was higher than the interest rates, more than you can get from a bank because it was riskier than a bank.


And then in nineteen eighty two before nineteen, eighty, eighty two stock buybacks were illegal. You could not do them. They were considered manipulating the market. And then after that companies made all these excuses. Well, I'll just buy back stock that's reducing the share count. But that's a lie. Right, because on one hand they're buying back shares of stock. On the other hand, they're issuing more shares of stock to their executives. And so you're not you know, even that financial engineering is kind of alive.


And so it's all changed now. And I go back fifteen, sixteen years. I wrote an article that if I put a baseball card on my desk and I put a stock certificate on my desk of a company that did not pay a dividend in fifteen years, we didn't know which one is going to be worth more money. Right. It's just whatever somebody will pay for it. And, you know, if you bought, you know, a good company and then you bought a Michael Jordan rookie card over the last couple of months, that Michael Jordan rookie card is doing better.


And if you're into digital collectibles, NAFTA and stuff like that, and I'm happy to talk about all this stuff, is I'm really glad we're going there.


Yeah. Then then you're really crushing it. And so it's just a different game now.


I mean, so no. I mean, not many people know you also ran a hedge fund if you were investing in the market right now. What would your theses be and what would your strategy be right now in the market to not only get great gains but also mitigate risk?


Yeah, my thesis right now is I'm only investing in companies that are great at artificial intelligence, period, end of story. So if you look at the biggest market cap, companies start at the top. Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix is further down. But any of them. Right, that are up there, the one thing they all have in common is they are great at artificial intelligence. And that's important because A.I. is hard, it's expensive and it's hard and it takes years to get right.


And so you look at these companies, Facebook or whoever, and you say, how the hell do they keep on growing and how the hell do they keep on making money? Because it doesn't seem intuitive at some level. Right. But then when you think about artificial intelligence, you start realizing A.I. isn't about creating new products. It's about tweaking all the things underneath the water that makes you more profitable and more efficient. How do you price things Amazon and Wal-Mart and these big companies use to pick the exact right price for you?


Right. Look at Netflix, right. It's crazy. Like if I look at Netflix for my son's account and he's 11, the pictures for the same movie are different because they figured out he's a kid and they figure it out. They're better to put pictures of sports figures or attractive women or whatever. From my account, I'm more likely to click on it. And so that type of thing for artificial intelligence, it's not necessarily obvious, but it makes all the difference in the world.


And a lot of people, particularly if you're an entrepreneur, you invest in smaller companies. A lot of people talk about a ninety nine point nine, nine percent of it is B.S. because when they talk about it, they don't really understand it or know what's going on. And so that's my investment thesis. You know, maybe there's an exception every now and then, like I own some Las Vegas Sands Corporation, because I think the snapback in Vegas as we get back to normal is going to be real.


You think if it took about five or six years with that, you think it would take about five or six years? No, five or six months.


People are going to be out of it. You get your vaccination, you get your second vaccine vaccination, you do your two weeks before all the kicks in, all the protection kicks in. What's the first thing you're doing? You're going to make four bottles of water bottle for everybody.


And, you know, so that's why I bought that stock. But even then, they're really good with technology and figuring all this stuff out. But yeah. So that's my thesis. I also bought the Russell two thousand index, the IWM, but I bought that a long time ago simply because I knew that at some point the money would get there. But other than that, it's just Netflix and Amazon are basically my my core holdings that that makes a lot of sense.


I was just going to say you believe in that, which is why Amazon Netflix is your largest holdings. I want to talk about something that you have a great knowledge about, and that's the early Internet.


And recently you compared Blockin to the early Internet. So I want to talk about that a little bit. Are you saying obviously there's a lot of coins and it was a lot of dotcoms and a lot of websites. Some will fizzle out and some will rise to the top. I don't know your thoughts on that comparison. Sure.


So in the early days of the Internet, like back in late 94, early 95, we're sitting around with my buddy who went to Indiana. We're like, we've got to use this Internet thing to be able to listen to Indiana basketball, because back then back in the day, in order for us to listen to IU basketball in Dallas, I had to get somebody in Bloomington to put a radio next to a speaker phone, and then we would put the speaker phone on our desk in Dallas, have a six pack or 12 pack or case of beer and sit there and listen to those words.


Right. And that was the way we did it. Now, all of a sudden, the Internet comes along and you start realizing that having everything connected allowed us to change how things were done. Right. So back then, when I started talking about Internet broadcasting and saying, look, we're going to be able to listen to basketball from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world or any sporting event, any TV, any radio, any music anywhere in the world.


And people would say, well, dude, just turn on the TV, you know, just turn on the radio. Why are you doing all this stuff? And back then it was hard because you had to download all the software and have a modem just to get just to be able to listen to streaming. And I was like, no, you don't understand. It's just going to get easier and easier and easier, easier. And it's going to get to the point where everybody's using this and there's going to be a zillion other applications, whether it's eBay, whether it's Amazon, whether it's Google search engines.


Whatever, and so here we are, fast forward. Twenty five years, twenty six years, and the block chain, right chain has been around for more than 10 years. But what really changed came along with the theorem in particular. And with a theory, you got smart contracts and with smart contracts, you can start creating all these new types of applications. You have distributed finance, which is incredible, right? Excuse me. You got non fungible tokens and ability to sell digital collectibles, which is incredible.


And now there's competitive block chains that are popping up and new applications. But the block chain and the smart contracts and the ability to code at different layers on top of them are creating all these new applications. And so, you know, like baseball cards, trading cards versus digital collectibles. Right. Like NBA top shots or other things. But used to be it was not my job. Brisker card. I grew up for a job with your paper in the NBA.


I love this card. But at the same time, I got to deal with making sure I don't screw up the corners. I got to make sure I keep it in good shape if I want to sell it. I don't really know what to grade it. I don't know what the price is. There's no real fluid marketplace. And then once I agree, I got a package and ship it and send it and hope they get it right. But right now, it's not like I show this to everybody, even though I'm proud of it.


But it's really just pride of ownership. Yeah, digital collectibles. And it's not even the picture. Right. You can get this picture of John Brisker and nobody even knows who the hell are. You know, you can get this picture of John Grisham anywhere on the net digital collectibles. You get that same sense of ownership. But when it comes time to sell, right, or to buy, there's a marketplace where you know the price. You click one button and you own it immediately.


You just pay however much is paid and you don't have to worry about shipping it or anything. Just bam, you own it. And that for particularly for Gen Z, you know, for Gen Z, you're the most valuable things you own after a house, a car, and maybe your clothes and shoes are digital. Right. I mean, everything that's important is digital and it's on your phone and you're used to buying stuff. And so this whole market for NFTE digital collectibles is, I think, going to explode and it's starting to explode right now.


And to me, the digital version to collect is more efficient and better and a better place to invest in than the physical version because you don't have all the hassles. Is cyber security going to be even more important as a result? Always important, right? Because if somebody is good enough to act, they're going to hack everything that they can. Right. So I was talking to a guy who runs a big company who said the same thing. He's like, well, my friends don't buy Bitcoin because they're afraid it's going to get hacked.


Let me just tell you something. If you're capable of hacking Bitcoin, which hasn't been hacked and all these years, you're not going after Bitcoin, which has a nine hundred billion dollar market cap, you're going to JP Morgan, which has trillions of dollars of assets.


Right. And it's hard it's harder to hack Bitcoin because it's distributed than it is to JP Morgan because you know, where they keep the money. Right. Or the US government and everything that the Federal Reserve is doing because, hey, if you can't hack the government, it's going to be, you know, who knows how good they are at that. And so I'm not worried about Bitcoin getting hacked at all because it's decentralized, is distributed as opposed to big, big, big banks, which are the exact opposite.


You know, it's so crazy that I never in my life ever heard of NFTE until two weeks ago, a friend of ours shot to 19 kids in Miami and we're eating and he's telling us about this digital art thing and he's explaining it to us. And he's like, you know, imagine if you can if you're an artist and you can, like, give your art to somebody for showing only for like a week at a time. And then it's digital and he's explaining it to me.


I'm still not really understanding it fully. We interviewed another big, big, big, big one. We can't we can't light the candles. I thought she was going to be somebody extremely big in a space. And he said the only thing he's focused on right now is NFTE. And then I see you made ninety thousand dollars. And in 60 minutes.


Twenty 21. Twenty two minutes. I know we've got to get it right. Ninety thousand and twenty two minutes with like 20 to it like it was they put it, they put it in Ethereum, right.


Yeah. Yeah. I don't want to, I don't want to breeze over this because I mean if I.


OK, so let's just say I just made some money, I just got my first commission check and my first, my first deal and I'm just getting started. In the past, I was looking at the stocks, right, the thought you were out of debt, if you're a little guy just getting started, you're at a disadvantage no matter what, right? Man, woman, child. Right. Wall Street has got the advantage with crypto. There's some advantage there for the big players in the whales.


Right, because they understood. They know people go to them for for new deals and new tokens and everything. But on DFI, right. Where you basically buy some Ethereum or buy some other token and you pull it into a group and they pay you a return on that. Right. So that you can you can use your money to buy something called Di Di, which is dollar instruments. Right. That kind of track that the American dollar. And because they need that for swaps, they'll pay you three, four or five percent per year to hold on to that.


And it's really it's safe, right, because you're not buying Bitcoin, you're not buying this other stuff. And so it's like you're going to make more money there or you can take a chance. I'm not talking about Dogecoin.


That's what I tell my son. It's just fine and great to learn.


But but there's some others, like I thought of a the iPod. What was the other one? I just thought mft I bought a variety on that because I like the software that's underneath them. You know, there's a chance that they're going to go up and there's some other features that they have so that I can make an interest rate while I'm waiting. And it's like, it's like if you bought a stock that paid a good dividend, the higher the and the greater the risk of the company.


Right. That's just normal. That's why they're paying a higher dividend because their dividend levels here. But the price is lower. So the dividend rate is higher. Well, you've got some of those same types of risk, but it's a very liquid market and you can get and move it around. So if you're if I was just getting started with my fifteen hundred dollars, I would read everything and anything that I possibly could first about crypto assets. Right.


Whether it's Bitcoin at theory of light porn and whatever it may be. Souci there's one called Souci of aid, one it of a file coin does all these different coins. And then I would read up on deposit. The key to making money for someone just getting started is defined decentralized financing and dig in and read. You can't read enough about it. You can't watch enough videos. If when you learn this, you will learn how to make money.


Quickly put aside all the good stuff. This is where the money is right now. And because it's so early, the smallest investor can take the stimulus check. I literally would be OK telling somebody if you do enough your homework and after you've paid your bills and your credit card, if you've got some money left over from your STEM check, it's OK to put it into specialized finance.


So in addition to the currency, you might start with a tour. Now, I was saying in addition to the Roll-Up twenty one, which is legit, if anybody hasn't seen that, go see it.


Go watch a cameo is right. Exactly. I'm getting there. So you also minted a tweet that you had and so I'm thinking when you were talking about the car, when it's in mint condition, it's in pristine condition, is that the same type of situation? And this digital artspace was minted on a platform like wearable. Yeah. And then. Yeah, mountable.


OK, so what I did was I'm like, I want to learn about this stuff. So I took a gif of me getting ready to go work out, walking up Roll-Up thing we have that the players, the players come into a game, they get all clean and everything, and we post pictures on Instagram. And so I was just goofing around just because, you know, I got to be doing a little shake. Right. And turned it into a job and I put it on for this one.


I did. Mental or wearable. I forget. I think it was wearable. Yeah. And so I put it out there and I put it at twenty five dollars, whatever the amount of it was a twenty five dollars and I put out 20 of them maybe thinking there's no way I'm going to get twenty five dollars a pop for these. Right. And then not thirty minutes later they were gone and not only were they gone, people were selling them and reselling them.


And what makes this so much different, particularly for musicians, musicians and artists and photographers and content creators, what makes it so much different than the the physical side? Every time it got resold, I made 10 percent. And so it just kept people from buying and selling and buying and selling, and I kept on getting paid. So then I did it again, right. I took just something out. The Mavs, Instagram versus Rick. Right.


For one of our Mavs game is a really cool artwork because we have this really great artist that we work with for this thing called the Mark Cuban experience, where we just hire artists to do cool stuff. And I put it out there, same thing. Only this time I did it at 15 percent royalty, bam, same thing. The next one, 20 percent royalty. And then I did a cameo thing. One of the features of mountable is that you can do you can unlock things.


Right. So when somebody so the process of inventing, you're going to build that app. Right. And what you do is it says you want to mint something and create your own store or use the store. So I use the Apple store and you just upload in this particular case, I did a video saying, hey, if you buy this, I am going to allow you to unlock a special code and email. And if you send me an email, I'm going to do a personalized video just for you.


Right. I go I charge twenty five hundred bucks a pop form and I did 20 of them. So 50 grand. And we're doing 20 of them. And so I put them out there. They were gone in 10 minutes, just bam gone. And a couple of people did even use them. They're still reselling them. And on that one I said, I'll take twenty five percent. And so what's really crazy about all this, it makes it special, is for any digital content.


If you can develop a following in an audience, unlike physical goods like my my baby John brisker card. If I sell it and sell it again, nobody gets paid right. Everybody just the original creator doesn't get paid. I don't get paid any more. But on digital digital art, digital art can talk tonight. And that's why all your artist, friends and musicians are really into this. They keep on getting paid every time it's resold. That changes the game, that changes everything, everything, you know.


And so imagine music, right? Imagine you put you have a track, you pick an art car to be comes out with a track. Right. And sell it instead of selling it for ninety nine cents on a buck. Twenty nine on Amazon and Google or whatever. Right. Or Apple. Apple Music. She says I'm not even giving it to stream Spotify or anything. I'm only selling it for a buck twenty nine in ether here and people start buying it.


Well there's no 30 percent to Apple for Apple Music. There's no percentage, there's two and a half percent. And if somebody gets tired with that song and decides they want to resell it for 50 cents, Cardi B can take 50 percent of that. And every time it's also when people right now, when you look at your digital collection, if you just don't stream everything and you download and Peteris like I do because I like to have it and who knows when I'm not connected.


Right. And I'm like, OK, I've got this whole collection of stuff I bought and I get tired of the song now. I just delete it. I'm done with it. Sell it, sell that thing right, and part of it, you don't get paid a party, B, the audience is asking what are the stable coins that you like for clarity?


And then also for me, I want to know for the young entrepreneurs, what are some of the lessons that you got for running Motley's that are you that you still carry with you to this day?


I so first on this because I haven't done a lot with stable coins, but DII is the one that I'm the most familiar with and it seems to work and it's like trade that ninety nine point six cents because there's a four point five percent fee for, for hosting it. And that works. Right. And so you're not going to have the volatility. It's always meant to stay right around the dollar and they managed to make it work.


What did I learn in Bloomington when I ran Motley's pub before I was old enough to drink one check everybody's I.D. I'll let it travel, too. Don't drink all the profits that got me in trouble. Three have a lot of doormen because people like to fight when they're drunk for clean bathrooms. I think that's the biggest lesson. Clean bathrooms. People at clubs want clean bathrooms. But bottom line is, you know, whether it was Motley's or doing party promotions because that's how I made money afterwards.


Just be nice to people right? When you're cool and nice to people, people want to do business with you. And if you treat them right, good things happen. Real quick, because I know you just put out a new song and there's 20000 thousand of them. I just want to know what the royalties on this. Did you increase it again?


Yeah, I think it's 50 percent on this one. Twenty thousand.


OK, got ten thousand. But I haven't really it. So what happened was on one of the private videos I did for somebody, they posted it on Twitter and then somebody took that video and turned it into a song, you know, and just an opportunity because you need to tune me and put it out there. And so the dude who did that, the song today day guy put out ten thousand copies and we've only sold a few hundred of them.


Right, because there were 30 there were thirty five dollars each. Like what do you think they'll sell these for thirty five dollars each. I thought I was going to sell it for three and a half dollars each but overpriced but yeah. So it's been an interesting lesson. The fire so far side up 11 different fires that are you are you planning on cutting clubhouses, lights out? What's going on?


I no, no, two different apps. The thing about clubhouse and it's cool, right? You go in there and it's kind of spontaneous. Everybody's in there talking just like everybody walked into a room and just chilled out, you know, that small it's like a dorm room. It might be like a conference or whatever, but it's ephemeral, meaning there's no copy of it, right. No one saves it. And that's the difference. So with Fireside Chat podcast, the only thing that's really changed is you've got a video, right.


And video kind of is good in some respects. You get to see people, but it doesn't really change a whole lot. Right, unless you're a real visual. And so with fireside chat, we stick to audio and it's more like a fireside chat, right? Where if the podcast like this, you can take questions from the audience, kind of like clubhouse, but everything gets say, that's part one. Part two. The goal is to allow the podcast just to make some money.


So there's tips there, subscriptions. There's a variety of options there because like you guys, you guys bust your ass to make this work and you try to get sponsors. But sponsorships in the podcast game are tough, right? Because there's so many podcasts and everybody lies about their numbers and this and that. And so this way, the numbers are real, the tips are real, and you get will be doing transcripts of them. So not only can you publish them as a podcast for download, but you can publish them as articles as well.


Now is Black History Month, and I don't want to be remiss if I didn't mention what you're doing with goals that accompany the initiative to have one million kids start their first bank account. Can you talk about that a little bit?


Yeah. I mean, really, Dreiberg kind of pushed me towards it and some other folks and I don't want to overemphasize how much I'm involved, but I really just try to help them promote. And I like the idea of what they were doing. But if you go to goals that are goals set, see on Twitter at Goldfeder CEO and what they're doing is try to increase and improve financial literacy for kids, particularly in the inner city, because one of the challenges we have I mean, we'll try to teach a lot of things in school, but one of the most important things we don't teach is how to open a bank account.


What what is a credit card and how do you deal with money? Kids particularly just have no idea how to deal with money. I mean, I didn't have my first bank account when I was 16 years old, and that's crazy, you know, and so goes that are really is about having kids get their first bank accounts, learn more about money and how to deal with it so that when they get that first job, they're not surprised and they know what to do and they're not out there not enough blowing their money, but thinking that you don't have to pay back your credit card and doing crazy stuff.


And let's say someone comes to you and I know there's no easy answer, but for those who are aspiring to be dotcom millionaires, billionaires, what advice would you give them for building wealth? If they are super passionate, they have a competitive advantage in a good industry. So landscape is different than when you initially became an entrepreneur. But what blueprint would you give them?


Well, actually, it's pretty much the same, right? It hasn't changed all that much. I mean, first, you've got to be motivated. I mean, I drove around looking at the big houses with my car, with the hole in the floorboard. And, you know, just how do I don't get out of this hell hole? And change changed my life. And that was my motivation. And then I realized I was a bad employee.


But what it really came down to is finding something that I could be good at and busting my ass to be great at it, because when you're great at something, you can figure out a way to turn it into a business. The one thing you don't want to be in a position of doing is thinking, you know, I want to start my own company. What should I start my company with? You know, I give people all the time, I want to start a company.


What should I do? What kind of company should I start, if that's what you're asking yourself? Don't do it. You're not ready. Right. When you really are good at something, you start finding the angles right. And finding ways that you can make money. If you're an artist, you find ways that you can sell it. If you're a musician, you bust your ass to find ways to sell it. That doesn't guarantee that you're going to be a success.


But if you keep on getting better and better, like in my case, I bust my ass not only to be a great salesperson, but to know that I wasn't. I did go to college. Protech I had to teach myself every little thing talking about Nettie's I mean, and if these were new for me to write, they're all relatively new. But I'm putting in hours and hours and hours a day reading and watching everything that I can, because I know that's part of the next big thing is the same as blocking.


How am I going to understand or artificial intelligence? I'm going through these tutorials and just putting in hours. I mean, not minutes, not just checking it out and reading a tweet or an article hours every day because I got to be at the top of my game. And that applies to every business. Are you putting in the hours to be great at what you do and giving yourself a competitive advantage, knowing that you're proud and excited to sell whatever it is you're selling, product or service and or to build whatever it is you're building if you're not so excited and so about it and so into it that, you know, you just spent hours and you think it was 15 minutes or you wake up with ideas in the middle of the night, if you're not that compelled by it, you're not doing it right.


And you start reading five hours a day with that. Are you still reading five hours a day every day?


I mean, it used to be less now and read more because I'm trying to keep up with the stuff. I'm trying to learn more about all these different block chains, which are the best. Whose is the theory of 2.0 going to happen? What standards are going to happen? So I'm reading even more and going in there. And look, this whole thing, when I did the roll up thing, right, that was me just giving myself my own tutorial and spending a lot of time and experiencing it.


And most people won't take that time to say, OK, let me try it, not be afraid of making a mistake, not being afraid. OK, I'm going to look like an idiot in this chair. But hey, if someone wants to pay me twenty five, I'll be able work. Yeah, it looks like you're going to do it looks like you're going in a WWF rink.


The legend. Mark, how are we doing with time. I want to be respectful. Yeah, we're good. We do it. I want to, I want to do something. I want to do something extremely legendary. But before that I just wanted to actually because, you know, I guess the vast majority have twelve thousand people on here. By the way, news alert. That's a record. Everybody hit the like. So a lot of a lot of blood.


So, you know, the vast majority of people in no working class environments and they're coming up. You're a billionaire four times. Oh, well, I believe so. How are you? Like how was it like that?


Again, I like your brother back really to a full time four. So you have you have a unique perspective as far as I want to know. Like, just a quick overview, if you can. How does your financial planning differ? Like, do you have a dedicated team for accounting, your estate plan, like your tax mitigation? How is a billionaire doing financial planning?


So my first rule of financial planning is very simple. Don't fuck it up. If things go wrong, right, don't fuck it up after that, yeah, I've got accountants, I've got lawyers, I've got people that do due diligence on on stuff. But it's still I mean, you know, I've got I don't have to take a lot of risks. Right. Because I'm going to be good. My family is going to be good. My kids are going to be good.


So it's not like I have to chase things like I was before when I didn't have anything. It's just like, go, go, go, go, go. Now, you know, it's bizarre and a lot of ways and it's still crazy.


I still shake my head a lot of times, you know, it's just like a lot. A lot, a lot of you know, it's not I'm not the type to look. Just look around me right now. I've got my Dennis Rodman jersey over there. Right. I got the Larry Brian back behind this place is a mess. I don't care. Right. I don't got butlers. I don't have this. I got a getgo. That's good.


But, you know, I'm just trying to live my life and just enjoy, you know, the one thing my dad always taught me is you can't get that time. And rather than worried about being one way, this is the way someone is rich is supposed to be. I'm not that at all, man. And so there's probably family office. I don't have a family office. Right. And I always get this. Let me talk to your family office.


I'm like, you're talking to them. You know, it's just I want to spend time with my family. I want to enjoy my life. I want to just take advantage of whatever time we have on this planet. I want to try to do the right thing. I want to try to help people. I want to try to change things that need to be changed. You know, what money buys me isn't trying to be somebody that looks and acts rich.


My friends from high school and college, my rugby team in Indiana, my rugby, my my roommates and dorm, and they're all still my great friends, people that I live with in Dallas. They're all still my guys. Right. And girls, for that matter. But, you know, I can't get that time. And so I optimize not try to maximize how much cash I'm going to have in the bank or how much I'm worth. That's not what I optimize at all.


I'm like, how what can I do to give myself better use of my time and enjoy my life to the hilt? Right. Because I'm just blessed to know in and I just want to enjoy every motherfucking minute of it. And, you know, and that's what money buys you more than anything. And I know lots of rich people and the people that were miserable when they weren't rich are still miserable because they worry about everything, worry about every little thing.


And the people who are happy go lucky love in life when they were poor and then made it. They have a great time and I love hanging out with them.


So that's that's what I do.


I tell my friends, oh, it's about Obamacare. It's the big bottle.


That's what I tell my friends all the time. And they don't agree with me. I'm glad somebody back me up on that. If you're happy without money, are going to be extremely happy with me.


When I when I was sleeping on the floor, I tell you guys a story about how I got my first car in Dallas after my broke.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So, you know, when I when I was broke, I was living life. It's just I'm happier now.


But is how many companies are you invested in with Mxy for the entrepeneurs. What are the things that when you were looking to invest in a company that you just like I have to do this deal. Like what qualities of traits are you looking at when you're looking at entrepreneur?


About two hundred fifty. Now you want to check them out, you can go to Mark Cuban dot com. And so I look for a couple of different things. One, I look for people who are smart, that are learners, that are workers and grinders that. That really have a product or service that they so believe in, that every minute of every day they're working on it or selling it because they know that product or service can help people.


I look for companies that are differentiated. A lot of people lie to themselves. A lot of entrepreneurs lie to themselves. You know, when you find yourself describing your product or service with others and it's, you know, it's faster, it's bigger or whatever, you've already lost because somebody out there else out there is more and more s and it's just a race. I try to find things that are protectable, unique, differentiated. And then, you know, over the last couple of years, I've really tried to look in communities where the money's not there.


So many smart people where there's no money that there are a lot of great deals now. They start smaller. There's no question about it. But there's a lot of small, smart people in disadvantaged communities that there's no money there for them. And so if I can get to them and they're super smart and they meet my rules, I'm all it right. And I think there's there's just more and more of those. And so that to me is a competitive advantage because a lot of a lot of voices, a lot of angels, a lot of seed investors don't want to look in underserved communities.


They don't understand it. They don't see. The difference is to me that that's where a lot of things can happen. And again, if you go to my site, you'll see companies you like. Where the hell did those come from, you know, or why is that? And that's because there's a lot of unique opportunities there.


What I want to do is just take a couple of minutes if we can. So I want to like I said, we always try to do something the most extreme situation possible. So it's very rare that you have an opportunity to even hear from a billionaire, but very rich. You have an opportunity to speak to a billionaire. So we have some people on Zoome. We we got some some some Previdi questions.


So if you if you don't mind, we're going to have a couple of people to question it. While university is the biggest. You went to Indiana University, but we start at Yale University. That's called the biggest.


The biggest. All right.


Let's try to solve that. We come to you. You yourself, you have been unmuted father was going on. Man, how are you guys doing tonight? I'm very, very excited to be here. Man, this is amazing. Priscilla, how are you shaking from. And so, Mark, I'm I'll get right to it. My question was more through this line of questioning tonight in the interview, I actually feel like I need to change my question.


But my original question is, when you get to investing into sports teams and things of that nature, is this more for a love of the game or is it strictly for a return on investment?


And all those times I've gotten all that money I've lost all those years. I mean, let me just tell you, Tyler, look, winning is great. Winning a trophy is amazing. Losing is painful. But after all that on the court, I get to go out before games almost every home game if I can get there early enough. Three thirty before seven thirty game. I get to go on my court and I get to get shots up on my MBA court and just get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot.


Because nothing clears my head more than getting shots up. I mean, no matter what the stress of the day is, if I can get out there and shoot. My head is clear, I feel good, and if they're falling and it's wet, boom, coming out and I'm shooting and I'm winning, right then I'm like, let's go. I'm out. You know, it's just that that's just so amazing. I'm a I've been a basketball junkie as long as I can remember playing basketball, as long as I can remember.


So it's more about my life than it is.


Can I make some money all his life? I know. I'm noticing I noticed an image on your court the other night. Is that is that the Kobe fade away that you got on the court now? Your sister? OK, ok, OK. We were wondering. Well, Dirk's the legend himself. Appreciate that question. Tyler Buss, we come to you. You yourself, you've been unmuted. What's going on? How are you guys doing great.


What's going on? How are you doing? Give me a call me Mark. Mark, thank you. Just to go back to the fireside chat. Well, when are you going to start that up? And are you looking for content creators?


Yeah, we'll be looking for content creators probably in April. We'll start the beta. And then once we get the feedback, we'll start expanding the beta. So just put a set up and I'll tell it to everybody. One of the best tools that's underutilized that's free is Google Alerts. I mean, excuse me. So go into Google, go into alerts that Google dot com, I think it is. And whether it's fireside chat, whether it's your favorite sports team, I put my name in there.


I put my company's name in there. Google sends me a list of anywhere it's been mentioned on on any platform. And so if you want to track fireside chat, just put it in there in an alert and you'll get everything related to it. Appreciate that, Buzz, Buzz, thank you know, Emmy, we are coming to you. Going on our mutual self. You have been unmuted.


Hi, good night. Good night, everybody. Hey, Mark, my question to you, I'm going to go straight to it is I heard your first interview and you focus a lot about, you know, self teaching. So that made me think of this question. What would you say is the most unexpected lesson that you learned throughout your business career? Go on. Don't matter how many times you fail, you only got to be right once.


Then everybody can tell you how lucky you are in all of that one shot. Yeah, you get a great answer. No, they fail many times. You just don't know about them because no one talks about the failures. Right. There's no hope for screw ups, but somebody gets it right that you're an overnight success. And that's what I learned. It was OK to fail. I just had to keep on grinding.


Thank you.


Thank you. That's not a stereotype. It's like. It's like baseball. It's Texas behind this one one grand slam homerun. Nobody cares how we talk. You struck out.


That's exactly right. And if you missed, you know, if you get out 70 percent of the time, you may be an all star on it.


All you got to do is that 300 Davonte was going on. I mean, just said if you've been unmuted yo, yo, yo, we're going on this trip. Everything's good.


I mean, my brother.


How are you? Oh, you five crashed. Oh, driven to sneak one in there.


How do you manage to take work life balance?


For the longest time I didn't work. I got to the Germans. I got to meet you. Oh, yeah. For the longest time there was no balance. You know, it was eat, sleep, drink, work. I mean, I had girls I was dating. It would be like it's me, your business. And I was like, what's your name?


Jesus. I was on a mission. But as I got older and I was more successful then, I didn't have to stress as much about it. And that's when I settled down some. That's that's like everything he says just resonates with me so much for we was on a pie. We got interview for a podcast last week and it was asking, like, you know, Wistia, how is your work life balance? And I'm like, my life is not balanced is I don't know anyone that has a balanced life.


So hopefully one day it'll become balanced, but it's extremely unbalanced. Right now, I'm striving for hustlin, striving for it.


D.G you are you already admitted yourself is going on.


Hi, this is actually his wife. My husband's a front line worker, so he wasn't able to make it tonight. But we had a question for you, Mark, in regards to your entire career, what are the three things that you've done consistently that you think would breed success for you? Number one, I learned always be learned, I just learn, learn everything I could. Number two, I'm a salesperson. You know, if you have your own company, you got if you don't love your product more than everybody else in the world, you're not going to succeed.


And third, I will agile. Nothing ever goes in a straight line. You always got to be adaptive and be willing to change and willing to to understand that it's not easy. Right. You're going to have to jump sometimes.


Thank you. That's great. We appreciate it. You're welcome. Thank your husband for what he does. I will. Thank you for all he does. Absolutely, absolutely. All essential workers, all up front line workers. We are greatly appreciative of everything that you do and everything that you risk on a daily basis. I don't want that to go. And I said I'd be remiss if we didn't mention it. So thank you again. Mark Cuban is the coolest billionaire that I know ever in history, huh?


My only one. Yeah.


You know, this is a very short, very, very short list.


But now but my first my first husband, not a God, the guy's a class act. His whole team shout out, shout out to shout out to Jacob Chow to talk to everybody, actually shout out here to once again shout out to Don. And it was so crazy when I when I emailed Noam and he emailed me back from his own personal email. And I'm expecting, like, to have like five people, like, playing like it's like you got to talk to this people.


People have got to talk to you. Not because you'd be surprised people people would be like regular, like just regular, like business people. They're like, oh, you got to talk to my assistance assistance assistant, assistant, assistant. I'm like, yeah, really necessary. That really. Is it that serious? So I'll tell you I'll tell you a quick story. Like one time I went in to see I went to Donald Trump's office. Right.


Long story short. And I walk in and this is two thousand. And we want to talk to me about Internet. And first, I had to go through an assistant and then I had to go through somebody else. Right. And then you walk in and every inch of every wall is covered with pictures of him.


Just him, right. Just him. And I did talk to him. It was no big deal, whatever. And then I get out there and the minute I get out of there, I get back and I get on my laptop and I email my buddies. They're like, oh, how was it with Trump? I'm like, dude, if I ever act like that where I'm that stuck up that I have pictures everywhere, smack me down. Right.


And that's the thing. My friends then my friends from school are my friends now and they're not going to let me be that way. You know, now we have to zoom instead of hang together. But that's just, you know, when you've got a good group of family and you've got a good group of friends, it's just easy to be me and just easy to chill. I don't need all those formalities. Yeah.


If the market were to crash tomorrow because I was walking to Ballantine's when I heard this kind of strategy that I knew if the market were to crash tomorrow, well, how would you play it to mitigate as much risk as possible?


I'm hedged. I'm hedged right now. How are you guys? You know, so I got the thing called a tail wind hedge where the more the market goes down, the more the VIX accelerates up, then the more these options kick in. Right. And get pop. And so. Because once what she. I try not to be greedy. The biggest mistake that people make in the markets are they get greedy. I just want a little bit more.


I just want a little bit more. The more you're getting, by definition, the more risk is in the system and the risk never leaves the system. Sometimes it gets pushed around. But like the people with GME and others found out, it always finds its way back to you. Excuse me. My attitude is that, OK, I don't need it all. And so I'm going to take some of my profits and hedge. I might be buying puts, I might be selling calls and buying puts, I might be using futures, whatever it may be, but I'm going to protect myself.


And I did it going in before 20 and I've done it all after I sold broadcast dotcom my entire career. I've done that. Then some people have said, oh, you're crazy. You let this amount of money on the table or that I don't need it all. I can keep what I've got right. I need to protect what I got. And that was the way I felt before I had this much money. Right. Don't get greedy.


Don't try to squeeze out every nickel. Protect yourself because markets do crash and they do crash a lot. And the reality is, if you're the one with the cash when it crashes, you're going to make the most amount of money. Like when it hit the fan and went down in March, I was I was in decent shape. Right. So I was taking cash that I had and buy more and things worked out.


What percentage of options versus features are you? Run the VIX future upward. Are you shorting it and writing it down?


So like me now, it's relatively low, right? And so I think there's a much better chance that it goes up than it goes down. Now, you can't play the VIX directly. You have to play to play it indirectly. And so there's different angles. But the more complex it gets, the more expensive it gets. And so you've got to really know what you're doing. And really, it depends what your assets are in. What stocks do you own and what what are the what do you think about them?


And are you willing if they crash, if Netflix goes from five hundred fifty to seventy five, I'm still going to hold Netflix. Right. But if I have Netflix and that's my that's my retirement fund. How old am I. Am I sixty five. Am I twenty five. I'm twenty five. I hold on. If I'm forty five I sell a little just to make sure I got some cash to cover in case things get worse. But I try to hold as much as I can because historically over the years if it's a good company it comes back.


I got some we got a surprise. I got a dear friend of mine. It would be he'd kill me if I didn't let him ask the question. So I'm on him and he just wants to get one more. One last question. A legend, a legend in his own right.


The YouTube comments is going to go crazy when when he comes on a compulsory trapper was to not amused yourself.


Oh, my God. What's up, brother? With some brother, Mark. Mark Cuban. How you doing, man? It's a pleasure. Sign up for my brother. So then you've had an opportunity right here.


What are you travel? Stocks on Wall Street, good actress, right?


But listen, which happened on Wall Street and from my brother, we just we changed our lives, man. So I definitely appreciate appreciate them. Let me tapping with you for a sec. Come on. So my question is, I've been doing a lot of research lately. Are space stocks not just Virgin Galactic, but I think it's a two trillion dollar industry going forward. I see that a lot of companies. But it was one company I was looking at.


And I just want to know what you thought about the next wave being into space and satellites. I want to know what you thought about that.


So satellite and space are two different things, right? So I don't SpaceX obviously is going to happen. Right. You got Elon in there doing his thing. You've got renewables. I've got investment in a company called Relativity Space, but it's a private company. It may be public at some point in the not too distant future. But the honest answer was, Mr. Trapper, is that part of playing space is really, really hard. But I don't have I haven't put in the time to give you a good answer.


And look, I'm the first to admit if I don't know it, because I haven't done the work better not to do anything than guess, you know, so I don't have a good answer for you, Mr. Martin.


In the same light, I was wondering, obviously, you said and that's why you invested in Netflix and Amazon. Any thoughts on the market? Keep text me about asking about you. Is that something you're looking at?


I haven't I don't own Tesla. There's so many companies now with SpaceX trying to get into it. The closest thing I have is a shark tank company, by the way, Shark Tank, Friday nights on ABC, seven p.m. Central Central, the big star. Yeah, there's a company called Spark Charge which helps, which really is a service like AAA where if you're low on battery, will come and give you a job to get you wherever you need to go to recharge.


But there's so much talk about batteries and battery renewal, but it's just it's just a race right there. It's a race between all these legacy auto manufacturers and trying to compete with Tesla that the only thing I feel confident in is that there's going to be more and more good competition. And when there's that much good competition, because EV is the future and I guess EV and I think the GM, that they're going to be out of gas motors by twenty, thirty five forever, but 15 years goes by fast.


And if they're going to be out in 15 years, that means they're not going to be just sitting on their laurels or just letting Tesla take over the market. So it's going to get super competitive. And so I'll be paying more attention to it. But I don't have one stock to invest in right now.


Mark, Mark, you're a gentleman and a scholar, came on market Mondays, we hit 13000 because those are the greatest moments and I appreciate you doing it.


You are just a just like I said, I mean, we really appreciate it because you came on a podcast and you show up on time. You said, invite me on market Mondays. I come on market Mondays and, you know, just a class a true class act, a true class. I just can't say that enough. And we scouted. We scouted. Not a man is the real deal. And it's like, you know, you have to acknowledge that because it's important to be it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.


And he said he's a he's a complete class act, a complete gentleman. And yeah, I just I just greatly appreciate that.


I don't know me, but I'll take it. I want to thank the NBA schedule for allowing the Dallas Mavericks to have one Monday.


Oh, well, on Monday, we were supposed to do this like weeks ago, but every Monday, on Monday this season, I'm like, it's got to be the 15th. This is the first time since the beginning of the season that the market had two days off in a row. It's been crazy. It has been crazy. covid season is out of control. Yeah. And we and we put your guy DMX.


We heard you the first time. Well, that's my song right now, man. That's when I when I'm down and up. Yeah. Give me a bone, baby. Let's go.


You know, I can't wait to to sit down with X and ask him if he remembers that.


So I got your dog. Oh no, no, no.


Any last words of advice in or business for business you're up to speed on defy the centralized finance.


Do that. That is the one thing where you can have an advantage over all the big Wall Street players. Maybe not, Mr. Trapper, but everybody else and really have an edge and make make some money. If you're if you're a little bit careful, you truly can make more money than you can in the bank with less risk than Wall Street. This is just early days, like the early days of the Internet, and you can really get an edge.


Appreciate it and good luck on the rest of the season. Take it. Look, Luka is out there performing at an extremely high level for the Western Conference, took the I think is the best. Let's let's let's address the outlook of Jordan. LeBron is LeBron the greatest player of all time?


Go depends on who else is on the squad. Right. Because it's still a team game. It's not one on one. Right. And so if you've got if you need you've got four great players and you need somebody to make them all better. LeBron best ever. Right. If he makes everybody on his team a lot better and he knows he's winning time, he knows how to get the right guys in the right spot. Jordan, on the other hand, if you've got guys who can just keep you close and you need one bucket to win the game, I'm going with Michael Jordan.


Yeah. Yeah, spoken like a true owner of do that. Well, what can we do to help you and support you? Yeah, I'll be back, man. I like it till people come back. We got to get you endian. That's all at the same time.


Great White Shark Tank on Friday night. That's what you all can do. Absolutely. My pleasure to present to you.


Thank you very much. Are you everybody back home?


Well, I told you, you guys.


Thank you. Have a good night. Legendary, you don't know your risk options, futures, long term apple markets. What else do you want?


I saw billionaire Mark Cuban billions Marcu he 250 companies invested because the guys were four billion dollars. Not only did he tell you what he's invested in the company that he's looking at, he told you to wave like the future five times, like invest in this investor stimulus check. What else can we talk about?


The culture Google stable coin tonight.


What else can we do for the culture of your life?


You get the 15 so we can get this and tailwind strategy. I want you guys to go Google an options playbook if you need some resources to look at options is not my thing. But you see, he's not the future thing in. Now go back and watch what Bono said about the next derivative right in the Dow with mean reversion. Biggest, biggest thing, the game.


Look, man said if we had ten thousand no time at the beginning, we just got something out of love on our child's toy king.


He just he just sent five hundred for extra cash. So what are we going to do with this? I mean, obviously, we can't tell you what to do, but we really want to try to help somebody get an investment. If you have not. Let's use the honor system here, right? Yeah. If you if you do not have an investment account, if you have never invested it, you don't have an investment account, we're going to say we're going to send a few people some money so they can put in.


And how much you think it's a good amount to send people to open an investment, which was of twenty five hundred or something.


I mean, we just match that will match or match up to five banks, five bands want to wake up culture here.


You hold everybody back in Indianapolis, everybody in Bloomington.


We got to give some money to you while you are going to give money to you too. So cash out of your life away.


This is going crazy. You know how this goes. A while we hear and we talk about Janet. Everybody in a chat, everybody in the room, everybody on YouTube. Is Jenny's birthday Saturday.


Come on, Queen. You got so love is a birthday. Sending her cash isa amazing person ever the sweetest person ever credible. She's incredible. They still have some love, you know everybody. So some love is actually on Saturday but we're going to send them some love right now. Wall Street traffic just to a thousand dollars in the pot. Let's get it going.


Thank you, Mr. Trump. And listen to how it was. You need to go click that mystery shopper thing right now and make that every drives, not a car to miss the trapper.


You got Mark Cuban saying that's how I was. I guess I'm change that in my own.


Oh, OK. Let's we got. OK, books to read. Happy Money. I even do I college, your money, mycology, your money, rapine, a family style club, members, of course I still got you. Daigo Buffett, the man himself, thought wizard. This is good because this Oil 101 book will let you see the rise and decline, it's going to blow the market for you to know M.G. just to empty the mortgage.


Guy has thrown a thousand dollars in the pot to keep playing the math on another twenty five hundred.


I mean, you say you know the same back in the day, right? Go get it. Let it get all of our rich friends on. Well, we got to get them on the line. Oh, Alex, we're. How much good marriage on the line. Get Neil on the line. Call Atlanta crewmen, the people.


At least ten bands right there. AI Weiwei shot the man who was checking in, Thomas, wrap it up. We're going to get these out tonight. In the last big debt crisis by radio, so sapience Buffett, the making of an American Capitalist Sapience. This is a great book. I'm bringing up these credit default swaps. And is this for a reason? Brainpan the family. You already know why I love you all. And then everyone watching on YouTube of Earnest's oil one on one will help you with electronic vehicle market to understand the rise and fall of an incredible asset, the crush of dinosaur bones that powers our cars.


It helps me understand how long the electronic vehicle space will be.


Probably all this cold air has had the oil prices going up.


Man, I can't even go to Hawaii with DMX Dog in Miami right now. Worry they had Mark Cuban had no lights in the door. He still a snowstorm. I see Benek playing Snowball with his kids in Dallas, Texas. I'm like, what's going on out here? Global warming people. It is. Oh, speaking of that, I was watching sixty minutes yesterday and they had they had Bill Gates on and he was talking about. But the thing that really piqued my interest was they had a thing about cybersecurity, you know, as an investor, when you when you see everything as an investment.


So when he went they had that segment about cybersecurity and I had trap like that was a good cybersecurity ETF because like I had and I'm like, I had a mulligan. I had because we Behance was on 60 Minutes. It was so much. I'm like. Cross Street still probably one of the best calls of last year, Cross, it will probably be the Microsoft of cybersecurity. He definitely said, go, go, go to their website and look at their business model.


It is Geek Squad combined with another company, the model is brilliant and look at the retention rate of the Fortune 500 CEOs. Absolutely amazing. Go, go do your research. Go look through all the press releases they've done to investor relations, go look at the business model and then take that valuation model that I gave you and go compare them to every other competitor and then start to check off competitive advantages. It is a clear shot. They are the Michael Jordan right now of that space.


And LeBron wrote to one, next week, Kanye West will be on a be. We're not going to like that. But you need a plan, Don C, come on. And it was love.


Bringuier threw the biggest in the game. Stan, I think what we get. Janet, Janet, can you do a 500?


Can we talk about coming next week? No, let's do that to fire and let's let's do five five five earner's. That's a big window back to back, you know, roll rolling back to back.


Oh, now we got some lined up for next fall. Oh yeah. Oh. Always going to be crazy. It's got to be another storm. About to be a little crazy if you guys enjoy tonight's episode type. Yes, of course. We'll put the slides out so you can have the full valuation metrics. But the seventy two day moving average, Arthur to your chart and then our price channel. You guys please don't say that. I didn't look out, but we're going to like I'm literally going to break down every company, S&P 500, NASDAQ, Russell 2000 and we're going to get to it.


Futures, though, they keep telling you all the billionaire QuickTrip, every billionaire knows how to invest and trade because it's a part of a complete strategy of building wealth. Every single one kov to Yae to a real quick Wednesday earnings shapefile when we were playing for opening and after closing on Wednesday, we got to the best.


The two companies that we've been looking at Thursday, Wal-Mart, it's a big one. And Jamal, you're gonna love this after that closing. We got Roku before.


And I know you've been nonlocal there, like the Cousar Cool man.


Oh, well played, Paul, for ten years. He's doing this this Wednesday.


We are having our conversation on Iwao University about investing. We can open up our portfolio while university.


The biggest thing to get my raise the price I might raise the price undervalued under extremely undervalued five dollars. You get a hundred webinars, weekly webinars, financial could. I could charge twenty five hundred dollars just for a financial plan for people to understand. I did people in my business that charge five hundred dollars, that charge five hundred dollars for half an hour, half an hour conversation which are five hundred dollars for one hundred one hundred webinars. Weekly webinars.


Book Club class income. Execution blueprint. Prices double in. That has to happen, club members. But as of tomorrow, we will be doing a review every day starting tomorrow. I love you guys.


Biggest in the game? No, we did it again.


Love is love. We did. It does want to see on that. We've got to get Warren Buffett on before he passes. I want to give him his flowers. Ellen Tauscher, Kathy to see Dancy. We need to regain champions every day, I it's time for real if you guys want to break out every single company in the market. I got Helverson for an orange juice. I'm a breakdown, everyone. That's that's impossible. That's important.


I've done it already. Jimmy Huh. Jimmy thoroughly.


Jimmy the. Oh, nothing but this. And take care of my kid.


Treat this like a little cultural cultural icons to cultural icons. Man, free game man and a legend, a legendary production.


And we came back to the prices too. I know we still do the disclaimer, but we're going to get back to letting you guys excited about the process to start companies.


I'm going to press bio network, shout out to the brash catch inside the vault, shout out to Dave, who episodes just dropped Dave Shantz new episode, which is Social Proof podcast via NASCAR's podcast.


So far, I'm scared to death of a candy guy.


I'm like, How do you know? Yeah, we need a we need we need we need a woman to add to the team. I feel like every label had I'm saying like we we we need we need we need some phenomenon. Energy is too is too masculine right now. We need some Finnerman energy.


So yeah, some entrepreneurs use this blueprint though. The business thing, no matter what happens, you can dictate what happens in your life. If you have a business, ideally you want to be able to have four, but anchor around one and then choose that freedom satellite, but use the same model of putting out content. I guarantee you when we're done on here, man. Mark, he's written more than five hours a day, so he'll probably go through six hundred pages a day.


I thought I was doing home with two hundred. Step it up, entrepeneurs, more content, more reading, more execution. Freedom but Freedom Thursday, Thursday at 7:00 p.m., breaking down at 7:00 p.m., him five hundred, the legend himself will be teaching a class to earn his blueprint. If you want a blueprint for your earn a break, break a mortgage. Guy's great. Great.


Five hundred. MOCA's Barney the big B for five hundred dollars a year. So big B out of your mind.


Some of the text messages that we were getting after listening to his his open enrollment, then the amount of the amount of money he's having make out to him, find a different level, shout the markets and also to like, look at how he presents his information.


And during the results that he's able to ascertain, the only thing I want you to take away from everyone is the results that you're able to get. Nothing else matters or result. Mark is the most heralded at IU. Test results are moving to L.A. It is going to light everything up, I didn't get a chance to talk me a solace.


The lay of the land. Oh, man, when you move.


Hey, hey. You know, I know I know how this works. I know how this works, man. And I'll close it out like this. I like this man again.


Reach out to somebody in need, get back whatever. You can always check somebody text can change the trajectory of somebody's life. A phone call could change the trajectory of somebody's life. So please do that. Make sure you do that, but also make sure you tapping with yourself. Like I said last week, self inventory is mandatory, is required. Even if you're doing it every other day. Just checking on yourself, make sure that you're good, because if you're not good for yourself, you can't be good to the world and try you good.


You have Grace and I know you, Jada, if a real I'm good. Now, like I said, I really am blessed to be alive and happy, which I'm blessed to be in this moment. I don't want people to take that for granted. And I really, truly an honor to be sitting in these conversations like this is also real. It's a blessing. It's a blessing to be a blessing. And that's why it is this, I think, seven thousand dollars that all my men day goes another five hundred dollars at a hometown hero.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And only one earner.


And then take me one person from YouTube and then my personal favorite and I got you.


Oh gee. What up. Yeah. Everybody, someone love me. It's incredible. Yeah. Know we rottman since day one we said that information is on us. Applications on Yulan we going to stand by that. I'm so happy to see that everybody, especially in our town, shot everybody in Greensburg, everybody that's calling and saying they invest in and they want to have conversations talking about my it's a different game, it's a different game and I'm happy.


I'm happy to be one of the pioneers, especially for this community, myself and Michelle, because the crazy part, I go to school, the business, you know how big it is for for me to have a conversation with Mark. My my phone is going crazy. My phone. Look at the zone right now.


Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark Cuban, a great personal favorite billionaire, our favorite billionaire.


He's one of the most giving people even argue he still goes back to IU. Franklin gives advice all the time to him. And so, yes, it's a blessing to be a blessing, like I said, just to be able to start somebody out with some money. Hopefully they can put it to work. I get a custodial account for your kid and we always going through that.


I mean, that's not an even brag about. We never we keep it because it's the best secret we get from when we give free information every day. We give cash all the time.


Are we getting said I can review every stock in the market for commodities every day?


Come on, talk to me. So, you know, it's just that's just part of it, you know, hey, we got to get everybody kids. We can say, oh, yes, to my son. So, Christian, shout, Jordan, shout out to the whole while kids shout. Shout out to Zanda.


They got got bit. Danny, Danny, I love you. I love you. She says, I don't shout out of love. I love you. I was under the weather yesterday, Valentine's Day and work out the way I wanted to. So I just want to publicly say I love you and you shout everybody that's happening with a platform shot to eighty five.


So sorry I broke out to Charlamagne to bro to jump shot with me. Shout out everybody shout out to Charlamagne. I'm going to do right there. We'll bring this back.


We're going to run this part that we shot this that Alex. Alex without that horrible decision.


Everybody, everybody in the space. Mandy was so good. Was it good. Mom's bad decision shouts at them. Yes, yes, yes. Beat us into space, man. So content creators, man, we love all of all of our fellow content creators.


Guys, thank you for talking with us. We'll see you next week piece by piece. I can't believe we have Mark Cuban on this Kernis.


Monday, Monday, Monday.