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Monday night, Monday was going on your greetings and salutations, welcome back to another glorious market.


Monday is the biggest investment show in the world. We call this the boardroom edition. Yeah, for sure. You know, we always we always got to switch it up. We always got to give you something that, you know, over and above, over and above. And we talk about so many different topics on market Mondays. But one of the topics that we haven't really covered in detail a little bit here in detail is real estate. We can't talk about investing without some of our real estate or love the stock market.


But, you know, real estate is something that is here forever, has been around way before the stock market. And it's tangible here. They're not.


Well, I was going to say they're not making any more land, but that's not true because in Dubai, I saw that in Dubai and Dubai, too. Oh, yeah. Yeah. They got something like that going on out there. Yeah. Dangote he was building the land so that he could have is a manufacturing being built. So he actually made the land. OK.


All right. So yeah. Let's get into it. We ain't gonna waste any time because we got a jam packed episode today. So first and foremost, shout out to all of the earnings all over the world for pushing pushing your Ilija to to number one on the charts.


Man, I he that's a humongous accomplishment. We've been waiting for that for a long time. So we are officially we always knew it was the biggest platform. We are officially the biggest in the games. And not to sneeze at market Mondays is number twenty is ten thousand business podcast.


Don't let that go. Not that we got, we got No. One twenty tapes chances number fifty as cash is number fifty five and we got a few more on the way. Yeah we got four shows in the top fifty five we one in this game like death row records back in the 90s. That for a fact.


So shout out to all you guys man we greatly appreciate all your support or your love it. Shout everybody that tune into the Breakfast Club interview too. Yeah for sure.


I showed a lot of love to the whole team over the shout, the Charlamagne shout out to everybody a black a shout out to all of the good folks. I mean we appreciate you. So this week's a big week for our Alysha. Not only are we gonna have a legendary episode today, we're marking Mondays. We have more. Gary Vaynerchuk, two years in the making, yegorova the legend himself is going to be on tomorrow. So make sure you check that out.


Five o'clock Eastern Standard Time, YouTube or podcast outlets. Big, big, big one. And then Wednesday, Wednesday. Oh, we have open enrollment for you, too. We got my man, Justin Owens coming on to talk about cryptocurrency, how to get started in crypto. So this is for everybody that has questions about Bitcoin theory.


Litecoin Dogecoin, the first one it's going to have. We're going to have a whole class. Yeah, a whole class about cryptocurrency coming, you know, pads ready. Chipinge ready. That's at eight o'clock this Wednesday or YouTube.


It's perfect timing, too. I think today Bitcoin officially got its own ETF, which is like we've got to get into legendary. That's going to be legendary. Yeah, yeah.


Yeah, for sure. So did they disable the comments?


No genius said you got to type of comment in and then maybe the comments come up. Why do that? I'm just going to go about disclaimer really quickly. All right. So y'all know how this works. Every Monday we come back to the same point, do your own research out to everybody that is doing a little research. And some people actually did. Emmett Till, the M.E., showed me the research. So that's always low. That's what I said.


You get some information, you start applying it to your everyday life. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances. You should take independent financial advice from a professional in connection with or independently research and verify any information that you find on our show and wish to rely upon whether for the purpose of making an investment decision or otherwise.


This is a message from the good folks that unleashed in the good by the message investor.


Do your homework, please, please and please. These fake pages, please are not us on YouTube and Instagram and any other platform. We're not asking anybody for bitcoin. It's not don't. We're not we're not pleased.


People take the names and they create fake pages. So that's fake page got twelve thousand followers actually faced with it. I think he, I think he fudged those numbers.


I think you know really it up at twelve I got a paper.


We know that many but not enough. You got blocked by. Oh please, please, please be careful out here. Please do not fall for that nonsense. Financial literacy is under attack right now. And those scammer pages, they are wreaking havoc on the vulnerable.


We have one taken down the next day with another one. Please just be mindful of those comments. That's not us. That's not as we would never ask you to pay us in anything. We would never solicit anything from you. Don't fall for it. Please, in fact, just report it to you to report it. And so those pages can get taken down. Nobody else has to be forced into doing something that is not us.


I please let us do it. All right, we have our esteemed guest, they actually put us in a building, so and we're going to give you the floor to do your one two thing before we before we bring the gentleman on.


So I want to do a roller derby, just roll out the space and just get out of space and I'll give you the floor to share. You, too, how are you guys doing? Shira. Let me know if you guys can see my screen and we'll get right to it. So we don't waste any time. The master investor. Took issues of sleep, make magic happen. All right, I love you guys so much. No. One, what I want you guys to do for me if we've provided any valuable content, I want you to go read the podcast.


So if we get to number one, I will give away a thousand scholarships to the Sokoloff with no questions asked. I love you guys. Thank you for the support.


But I think it's pretty fair to say that I think we want to run a tape of one four through four. That's a fact. That's a fact.


Secondly, check out my YouTube channel. I'll be putting up clips every every day. I'll be giving you more depth analysis and prizes will be given each month and then trading after dark will not be the night that will be going on March 1st. If you want to join a stock club and know where to get in or to get out or a company stay away from have two hundred and forty nine plays and daily call for twenty minutes. Join us only if you are dedicated.


Let's get right to it. Last week we covered where to get in order to get out, where to short the market and how to evaluate a company. So if you missed the episode, go check it out from last week. Mark Cuban and all of the gems and scholarships that you want are inside of the episode for the culture.


But today I want to talk about the third pillar of wealth. So I wish and shout out to my dad. He's always preached this message that Caesar and envy are going to go over tonight. But that's a real estate investment. And people don't know that Buffett owns a bunch of properties in addition to stocks. The thing I want to stress is not one or another is both. But before we get to that, I want to walk you through the top ten crypto by market cap so no one write these down Bitcoin.


We have etherial tother REPL. Polka dot, bitcoin, bitcoin, cash, cardno finance, cash and chain link once again in any industry, you want to go with the top four. So if you want an easy investment, regardless of how big a platform gets, lean towards the top four in the market and you'll be safe. I want to give seven pieces of advice for traitors, because I'm seeing a lot of people now starting to blow up their accounts in March, April and May was easy and now it's getting tougher.


The ones that can really trade is really standing out. Number one, please write this down. What is your age when you're actually investing in the market? Please write in the comments. What is your go to strategy? That if your life was on a line, that's how you're going to buy and sell. If you do not know that, there's going to be hard for you to win in this game. Number two, you must have one system that you follow through and through so you can't treat RSI and moving averages and momentum and Fibonacci, you have to pick one system and ride with that and marry that.


Number three, the biggest mistake I see a lot of you making is you are going against the predominant trend. You have to go with the predominant trend 90 percent of the time. So if tech is moving to the upside, even though we dipped today because we're waiting for power to speak, you still need to go with that trend 90 percent of the time. You guys are driving on the wrong side of the road and wondering why your account keeps getting into crashes.


You have to cut it out. Number four, stop countertrend trading. Only 10 percent of your trades should be against that direction. Please put only 10 percent of your trades should be countertrend. Number five. Choose to trade the way of profitability opposed to the way that you want to trade. So when we did our last call on Saturday, kudos to my guy, I asked him, do you want to be profitable or do you want to trade your way?


And he didn't say the profitable part, which told me he wanted to trade at his word. A lot of people get in their own damn way instead of listening and doing what is best for them and a family lock in on a system that works and only care about the piano. No. Six swing trading will give you bigger profits, so you just swing twice per month. These swing trades the last anywhere from five to 15 days. You have to have the money working for you instead of you working for it.


And number seven, the only baseline of achievement that matters is your profitability. Nothing else matters. I don't give a damn how much you know, if you're not making money and bring it home for your family. Everything else, conjecture and a bonus lesson, two and a half percent. And I know people are getting crazy again. So you're saying people getting 400 percent, 300 percent, that's not normal. If you stack up two and a half percent over twenty seven days, the sixty seven point five percent put.


Yes. And Chad, if you like those gains. But if not, endure overtreatment, messing up your account of the three biggest lessons that I learned from Partita Jones, which is considered the Michael Jordan of the futures market, and these rules are very simple, but simplicity is often hard to apply. Number one, the most important rule is defense first. I don't care if you commit to million dollars in a market. Some of you may eight hundred thousand last year in a market and gave away 790 of it.


Once you hit your target, walk away from the market and know what your goal is. No, to do not average down your losers. So if you got in a GameStop and you're mad at me because I told you I was trash, it doesn't make sense to buy another thousand shares because you're going to prove me wrong. You have nothing to prove. If you have bad players, bad investments in the team, you have to cut them because those are cancel your account.


And number three, you have to look for huge opportunities with huge risk reward scenarios. March, April, we had that season and we come on, they'll tell you about the same thing. You want to look at areas in which there's unlimited upside. If you have limited upside, like if the market at the top is at one hundred, you don't want to buy ninety three dollars, you have limited room for upside potential. Lesson number four, if my positions are working, I'll keep it, if it isn't, I cut it.


Please write this down. So last year, when everyone was crazy sending. If your positions are losing, cut them if they're a win and keep adding to your winners next week, we'll talk about averaging up. So when you have a winning player like Apple, Microsoft and Nvidia, AMD, Franklinton and Tech, all that we call it on the show, strike or cross strike, you want to keep adding to those like you want to pay. Jordan Iverson Chiri more than you would a player.


This the two hundred, the best player in the league. And number five, the best money is made in market terms. So when a market is at an absolute bottom, you have to begin practicing catching the bottom of the market. And then when we get super oversold, we need to start shorting at the top of it when there is a clear bearish signal. I came across a book a couple of weeks ago, a book that was written in sixteen eighty eight on a vessel, and I thought this is really damn fascinating because the four pieces of a virus that was prominent in this book still are part of the number one, never evolves and wants to buy or sell, sell shares or never listen to any advice when someone's talking about stock picking.


That includes us. That's why we say do your research. I hope that we both enough trust over the years. But I still want you to go do your homework. No. To accept your profits and regrets. So when you're speculating on investing into the market, you're going to lose money and you need to be prepared, but you need to know what your maximum downside is going to be and what the upside is going to be. And make your calculation on if that company is good for you investing based off that number three, sometimes profit is very high and unfortunately, sometimes it is very low.


You have to be prepared to deal with that financially and emotionally. And number four, please write this down. He who wishes to become rich must have money and must have patience. I know everyone wants to take a penny in terms and nine million dollars. That's not always the case. Can't do that with with force.


You can with just one penny and empty for I can then become a millionaire, you know.


So it happens. There goes my retirement plan.


Hey, there are sixteen main stocks with at least one hundred percent gains in twenty twenty one. I want you to screenshot these and your homework for the week. Tell me which one of these are still profitable today and I'll be happy to answer that for you next week. The three ways to measure your trade and performance as Jay-Z men lie, women lie, numbers don't No. One sarteano index. So before selecting an investment vehicle, you have to understand what the adjusted return is, not just a simple return.


So if I can make you one hundred percent return, but at one point you're down 99 percent, it's not worth it. Sarteano tells you that. Number two, the also index. The greater the value of the index, the longer it takes for a stock to get back to its former high. So if you see a company made a high of twenty seventeen and it's taking forever in twenty, twenty or twenty twenty one, the index is going to be higher there.


Number three, my favorite profit factor for every dollar that you put into the market. How many are you getting back? A simple formula is you want to put in one dollar and get five one dollar and get ten, one dollar to get fifty and one dollar to get one hundred. But the effect is all I need to know. If your profit factor is underneath one, you're not doing good at this at five or better. You are crushing the market.


I know we don't talk a lot about dividends, but these are three companies you can use to receive dividends every month. So if you stock Apple, Nike and McDonald's, even though the dividend is small in January and Nike February and Apple March McDonald's and they will continue to rotate. So every month you'll end up getting some dividend out of the market as well. Next, we come to have all my let's talk about Cardno and Crypto, I'm not the expert, but she's been invested in the market, so I'm happy for you guys to learn something from her that she's never talked about publicly before.


And on a Tesla, everybody's favorite stock, even though they drove the market down at six hundred and forty eight million of the shares are owned by institutions. Elon owns two hundred and twenty seven million and that boy is rich, rich and little short interest is fifty two point three million. So for everyone already, still, we can see what the short interest is. Retail investors. Twenty four million and insiders are eight million shares. Here's the crazy talk about Hedge of the year.


Eli probably is the most vilified. Entrepreneur and Steve Jobs, so to hedge, he invested in Bitcoin, the crazy part, Testa's made several hundred twenty one million dollars from selling the actual product, the car. There are almost a billion in Bitcoin, in Bitcoins and 130 million two weeks. Talk about a hell of a hassle to get enough runway to dent in four years to be dominant and sell two weeks oil. I want you guys to put in yes or no if you want us to start doing Daytrotter sessions, because we've seen a lot of people pop up who do not know what the hell to talk about.


So I want to offset the supernational. And really quick, the 13 reasons why investing in real estate is so important, and I'll go back and tell you from my perspective, my dad has been in construction and real estate my entire life. And as a kid, I didn't listen. So I know some of you may not want to hear. I'm going to tell you it is a mistake because as a kid, I'm like, I don't want any properties.


I don't want any rental income. I want to flip the money, get a Benz, spend a block.


And then two years later, I'm like, damn, I said to forty five dollars, you know, and I was be like John or someone first album came out spent on the job.


Yeah. Kudos to my brother Chris Godi Chris. But this is what's important is the same real estate investment. They're tied together. Almost 70 percent of us that are black or Latino will be classified as liquid asset poor. Forty five point eight percent of our black children under six have lived in poverty at some point. African-Americans are eighty six percent more likely than whites to be upside down in a mortgage, and Latinos lost 58 percent of their wealth during the recession.


And even when we get into entrepreneurship, to think that that's going to fix everything. The household wealth is higher by three in twenty twenty one, a truly diversified portfolio needs more than a traditional mix of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.


It needs private real estate. Studies have shown that portfolios with an allocation of private real estate generally delivered a better risk adjustment return with more annual income and lower volatility over the past two decades, thanks to his track record of consistent performing through multiple market cycles with Fundrise, this level of powerful diversification is now available to you. Fundrise provides access to diversified portfolios of private real estate to all investors, with their industry leading easy to use platform fundrise team of real estate professionals carefully vet and actively manage all of their real estate projects and what they're easy to use.


Website. You can track your portfolio's performance and watch us. Properties across the country are acquired, improved and operated via dynamic asset updates.


See for yourself how 130000 investors have built a better portfolio with private real estate. It takes just a few minutes to get started. Go to fundraise dotcom market mon's today. That's F you and D risc dotcom market mon's fundrise dotcom market Mondays. Don't wait, don't hesitate. Head over there now. Two hundred and thirteen percent a comparison. Versus non black entrepreneurs and kudos to Brother Anderson, the part that scares me and him is that by twenty fifty three, the average wealth of black Americans will be zero.


That does not seem like a long time to me being thirty eight. Thirty five years from now is not a long time. It's eight presidents and we've had one horrible one that just left. If we get a few more of those, that number may speed up. But what was the greatest economic bomb ever dropped on us that caused this? Put it in Chad. If you don't, I'll give you a few seconds. From my people in L.A. and Chicago, you already know redlining, redlining was the 9/11 of our financial freedom.


But he's right that. So red line will covenants and agreements that banned the sale of homes to certain neighborhoods of neighborhoods, certain racial groups, i.e. us, so 80 percent of neighborhoods, according to 1937 magazine article, reported that 80 percent of the neighborhoods of Chicago, Los Angeles were restricted by these covenants in 1940. And it was a no win factor that eliminated our wealth in this country. You often hear me tell my son, in a market, green means up and red means down.


But here's the origin of this phrase. It comes from red line and it applies to the stock market. If you listen, there are hidden codes throughout every business that originate in slavery that we told you about an episode 70 and this is one of them. So the maps are color coded to let you know which areas were for us and which ones were not. So the green areas represented demand up and coming neighborhood. More professional men lived there, were polished, well, grown well to do good for society.


They kid not us red or areas of infiltration that had already occurred where more Latino and black people would be. And these homes and these neighborhoods had a lower value as a result. And unfortunately, black households have nearly fifty seven percent of the network tied to the value of their homes, while Hispanic homeowners carry about 67 percent of their wealth. And as a share net worth, those that are white have only forty one percent tied to their houses. The rest are made up of business real estate.


Investing in the market and life insurance, so we're behind in all of those categories. So when I tell you tonight this information is as important as investing, they are brother and sister, Siamese twins that should be paired together because not only are we behind in investing, but we are also behind that real estate. So I want to give you guys some context. Why these brothers here tonight besides me being a fan of the back when he was screaming over the tapes, Desert Storm bass player strikes back.


But the thing I want you guys to take away, you have to pare everything. There's a holy trinity of freedom business, real estate investment in the market. Once you have those three, you can actually have freedom. I love you guys.


And let's say you have quite a storm. Master investor strikes again. Appreciate that, brother. Yes, yes, yes. Shot everybody on YouTube. We're getting off to a great start. Seventy six hundred people want to check in. Don't forget to hit the like button. Greatly appreciate it. All right. So without further ado, we have two esteemed guests, EIO alumni in the building and the foremost. Yes, yes, yes. Flippen and Jay Sisa and of course, D.J. M.V..


And I mean, they really need no introduction. If you follow real estate, you understand that they've been on the forefront for a number of years now. The seminars sell out all across the country, but they actually do it in real life. They have hundreds of properties in Jersey, all over Detroit, Midwest, all over. And they're working on school. They've got a whole they've got a whole system going. So a lot of the guests that we actually have on the show that you guys are familiar with, working with the team, their mortgage guys are being loaded, Islams, Fernando, to do so.


So, yeah. So we thought that they would be the perfect people to talk about real estate. So first and foremost, thank you guys for joining us. Thanks for having us there. Appreciate it.


Nice to be back with all three legendary show.


So let's jump right into it. I'm sure we all got some questions. So we just we'll just, you know, tag team it from there. So I went twenty, twenty one right now and everything was crazy. Were covid. Right. So what is the frontier like. What are you looking at for hot real estate markets. And in the year. Twenty, twenty one and in the future. It all depends we're trying to accomplish right when we first started the seminar, we were pushing more rental properties, right?


Rental properties, rental properties, but the market has changed. Right now, the market is kind of oversaturated. So I think for probably about the next two years is definitely a great time to flip. When you buy a property on the market value, add value to it and sell for more. The reason for that is because there's no inventory, right? With the whole Kobe mess, it kind of stopped all the foreclosures. So now you don't have that many bank owned properties out there anymore.


Right. And we don't even know when those properties are going to hit the market. It might be another year or two years then you can of people in and out of the markets around the country. So now you also have where people are looking for apartments they can find on either. So it's like the perfect storm. And then now rates are so low. Right. So I think definitely right now is great to flip. Also, if you are looking for markets as far as renting, I like Chicago.


I still you know, I like Cleveland, Ohio and Baltimore. Now, probably your best markets where you could kind of do like the burn method, kind of like when we started off what we used to do, we used to buy properties 40, 60 thousand. We have 40, 50 now appraised with two something rental refinance, take the money out and buy more property. Let me let me just ask about that.


So Chicago Charter, why Chicago you're looking at it sounds like the South Side neighborhoods, Chicago, South Side, where Barack is building the library right over that area right there by the water that areas in Hyde Park, Hyde Park, something like Hyde Park.


OK, OK. Yeah. So I mean, obviously you said the market has changed and I know you guys were accumulating a lot of properties, a lot of doors. You talk about what Colgate has done for you guys personally.


Well, I was scared at first. I was really cool with it. I was nervous. I didn't know what to expect. And, you know, I'm a I'm a hustler. Hustler, like, I'm a hustler like me. So when I started acquiring businesses, I bought the water company who we just got in Kroger's in city Turin's out in the Midwest, in the South. So shouts everybody out there pick up the positivity water. So I started picking up companies real estate.


I got nervous, sleezy, didn't get nervous. I put like this. I wasn't in the office for a year. I didn't go to the office for a year, every day, seasons in the office, buying properties like I've become. And I'm like, nah, baby, I just I just don't I'm nervous because, like, you know, you can't evict people. And I think when the governor got on a radio and said, the governor of New Jersey and the governor yogurt on the radio and on TV, it was like you don't have to pay mortgage people was like, I got to pay mortgage.


So, you know, at one time it was 60 percent of my tennis. They didn't pay 60 percent. Sixty six zero.


And like I said, you know, we we we work so hard that we make sure we can cover that and that we make enough money in real estate where it covers itself. So we didn't really I didn't have to worry, but it was a scary time because I didn't know what to happen. And yeah, I was doing flips, but I was like, I got to make sure all this other stuff comes in to it. I mean, and that's what I started doing.


I started acquiring companies, water company, soda companies, businesses, more another juice for like anything I could possibly do to make sure that money still coming in to the point where I started getting into the trouble because I was like, I'm about to buy a couple of trucks. Because you realize when because nobody ever expects a pandemic.


You can't say that you can't even prepare for it. Like, you know, people say prepare for, what, six months down, to prepare for a year, but now you prepare for something that nobody has ever seen before. So it was one of those things that was scary. You know, I got five kids. I got a daughter at NYU. I got a solid thing. You know, I got to make sure everything moves and everything happens.


There is no more shows. You know, for me, deejaying is the play money. That's the money I'm going to call it. That's the money I'm going to watch. And chain and jewelry and clothes like that's the play money. And that's the I'll make an investment. If I lose it, I lose it. That money stop. So now, as a matter of playing a different game and that's when we got to the school board to flip it and they started work and money was low when it started.


I started making it where we actually started making more money. He never came off of it like he's on that site, like as a pawn, like his pawn PornHub dotcom site where this auction dot com or hub come.


And he's that's a lot of people just think that we got some secret site to get these properties.


But half the time I've been against him and this nigga will be excuse my French later, if there's twenty hours, is he's been on all twenty and he's not and he's not happy until he gets at least 19 of them. And, and he, you know, he knows what he's doing and he's able like he's the guru for me, like he's somebody I watch and I look at him which is like he's the guru he got, he got it down back and he was able to grab it.


But for me, when it first hit, I was scared. I on the front, I was nervous, you know, because I never expected never seen it like this. But this guy right here, cool as a fan, was still doing good.


So, I mean, you twenty eight us start the journey. Is that the reason why you were so confident? Not really nervous because you are seen as something like this. I'm not going to lie, Mar.


I was a little nervous about you. Let me tell you what's you know, what's going to happen.


Right. But I was OK, but to be honest with you, you know, not to like, brag or anything, but I actually made more money in twenty twenty than in previous years at that point, you know, because. My main focus is rental properties. I also flip, so I kind of thought that at that point I kind of shift my focus, so. Remember, I got in the business back in 08, 09, where shit hit the fan, right?


So a lot of the properties that I bought back then, I was getting properties for 60, 80 thousand. Now they're worth three hundred fifty to four hundred sixty. So kind of like what I've been doing and even all the slums just kind of doing the same thing, we've been sending some of our properties that we bought years ago, the small stuff, and then just concentrate on the bigger stuff and then taking that capital and going to a market like a Chicago or Cleveland.


Right. And then I'm in Florida flipping properties. I'm all over the country. So actually the better in 2020 than my previous years.


What percentage are you doing flips versus rental right now? Right now.


Nationwide in development, and I'm probably about sixteen hundred units, how many houses do you buy a week?


So the question is the craziest thing that's I wanted to say how many houses you buy week with a month, let's say a month.


And I gain about 20 to 40 flats right now.


How many hours a day are you working? All day, Madeleine, stop acting like I wake up at four thirty five thirty in the morning, I'm already looking for deals so sees I want you to kind of backtrack a little bit because people you buy 40 homes a month, but you didn't start like that. You started like everybody else. I'm saying starting from the bottom Shata or.


So let's talk about your process as far as like getting hard money refinancing, because like a lot of people listen and they might not be. Well, nobody is at that level that you're at, but they have to come up trying to get to that.


So let's break it down from FHA. So from the beginning, beginning, beginning, it's a pretty much FHA, right. Is a first time homebuyers program. You know, you don't need you don't need a lot of money to start right now. There's only three and a half percent down. And that's one of those like you, Himmat, in a lot of different guys say how house, right? You can get a multifamily property only put down, let's say, a property for three hundred fifty thousand.


You put down, let's say 15 K right now.


Let's say if it's a three family home and each apartment is making fifteen hundred dollars. Right. Because that's probably pretty. You know, to the point right now in every market I think even fifteen hundred might be a lot. Right. That's forty five hundred dollars. Right. So let's say you put down 15 K when you get a mortgage you don't have to pay the mortgage for the first sixty days. Right.


So. If you close, let's say, January 15th, you don't have to pay Prii, you got to April, right. So if that we're talking about a property that is just rented, you're taking over as the landlord, right? You're not going to do any work to it. We're not talking about a flip right now, so.


You have forty five hundred dollars for the month of March, right? Forty five hundred dollars for February and then you have the security deposits, right? Forty five dollars at that point. Now, before you pay your mortgage, you already got back thirteen thousand five hundred dollars on your fifteen thousand dollar investment. Right now, rates are so low that on property like this, you're probably have a net, a profit of, let's say, fifteen hundred two thousand a month.


By the time you pay your first mortgage taxes and insurance, you already got back your 15 K, so it's almost 100 hundred percent financing.


And then you take that 15 can put it on another property. That's it. And then in six months you could refinance. Right. Give it to the FHA, get to family and do the same thing again so you can do a six, not 12 night.


You could refinance so many different banks. Yeah. Yeah. So what I mean is the FHA. Yeah. So you refinance from the FHA to a conventional mortgage, you don't have the FHA anymore and then use FHA again. Right. The only thing is in a perfect world, I would tell you our system back in the day was you get a for family, then you scale down to a three or two and a one. But I'm not gonna lie to anybody.


Is hard to get for family homes. Right. Those are like unicorns. It's almost impossible to get. So you go from a three until two then to a one. And then after you're done in that area now, you go to a different state and do it again. We always tell people if if you have first time buying a home and you ain't got the money, this is the first. This is the perfect time to buy it because you get a three family house, you live on one floor, the upstairs pays your mortgage, downstairs is profit, you live rent free.


And so you can be able to get out of it and do it again. That's that's what I'd say for most people. I don't know. That's what Angela did. She bought a two family home brownstone in Brooklyn. She lived on the main floor. She rented out upstairs, upstairs, paid her mortgage. So she was living rent free. She stacked up a bread or another one did it again or another one did it again. And that's what you should do.


If you got the brick, put down a three and a half percent rent upstairs. Downstairs, whether it's an attic majesté, you can't run an attic.


OK, take care of it at a garage. OK, that's not a basement. OK, do what you got to do. I've never seen an FHA police. Have you met to say yes or no? No. All right.


So you know that that's the way you get around of owning a property and make sure that income stays coming in. So from a political standpoint, we are going looking for properties. One of the things you're looking at is a school district. Is it a crime and neighborhood, what you are looking at or is it just a property, property and cops? But it all depends to if it's trying to portray.


Right when it comes to really taking advantage of rental properties, cash flow, to be honest. Right. You're going to have to get a bigger bang for your buck in urban area. That's just the bottom line. And what most people understand is that our neighborhoods never stay the same forever and actually change. And that's what happens.


I'll take the term ten to twenty years or what's the time frame? I want to be honest with you meant when I started in Patterson, my average rents with nine hundred dollars right now for three bedrooms, almost at two thousand now. And that's in a matter of five to ten years. Right. And when I first started everybody was like Patterson. Patterson, is this Patterson, is that bad. Blah, blah. Now all the big developers from Hudson County, Bergen County, New York, they come to Patterson.


So you got to understand that when me and all of the slums and we all of a started we were buying units. Right. Let's say the price per unit was anywhere between 20 and 40 thousand now per unit. And Patterson is about 150 to two hundred thousand. And that's everywhere. Same with Detroit. When we was buying properties in Detroit, we were paying fifteen thousand dollars for a house, you know, and at the time we just sat there and just paid, paid the taxes, cut the grass.


In a year and a half later, Dan Gilbert decided he wants to build Detroit back up, build the downtown back up. Then you start to see in dog parks in the area. Then you start to see an old white ladies walking their dogs at home and then at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. And then you started seeing a Starbucks and then that house that we paid ten, fifteen thousand for.


So for to 50 to 70, how long did it take? You know, one of the most pivotal moments and I think Breakfast Club history, one thing was on. You've been an entrepreneur for a long time, but was the episode the catalyst for you being more visible about entrepreneurship? No, sometimes you just got to let people talk. Sometimes you just got to let people speak, you know? You know, in Dame is one of those individuals that always talks about you don't talk about him if you don't necessarily know what I feel the same.


So sometimes you just let them talk, let them speak, let him say what he has to say at that time. Already on the juice bar, already owned properties and already own it. But I know with my gut my job is on the Breakfast Club. And I'm sure you both know that when you interview somebody, sometimes it's you let the people sort of let me speak. I'll have to prove anything. I got five kids and all my five kids is good.


And can you stress the importance that it's OK to have a job while being an entrepreneur and not just going balls to the wall? I mean, Dame Dame doesn't think so, but everybody thinks differently. I use the Breakfast Club as my catapult to talk about all my other businesses. I don't need the Breakfast Club. I enjoy this like barbershop talk. But I mean, where else can you go on a radio program and speak to millions of people and tell them about their juice, but tell them about your positivity, would tell them about his book that he has coming out of my book that I have coming out of a real estate show that we have coming out on television and all the other ventures and things that we're doing, like where else can you get that and be able to talk about my podcast and all that stuff?


So for me, it is beneficial. Yeah, they have to drag me out of the breakfast.


We're going to have to pull me out. I mean, I'm not leaving because it's both ways, you know? I mean, I'm in the clubs, I do the show, the two parties, and I'm able to talk about everything that we're doing. I mean, so that's the best thing about it. I believe that different level of shout. I'll tell you. Why don't you two, we are fast approaching.


I told you at ten thousand we want to give away the biggest show on the game in ten thousand on Monday night.


It's not normal every Monday night, every Monday night season. So my. So when we mention the four, three, two, one or three, two, one, can you just kind of break that down? Like, because people might not fully understand, from my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong, the reason why you start with a three family and like. A slightly dangerous neighborhood, but not like not like really dangerous, just slightly dangerous is because obviously it's cheaper.


But then when you when you go from there two family, you move into a better neighborhood and you can justify that with the bank. Right. Is that correct? Well, it's just a weird rule, FHA, that just you have to go backwards instead of forwards. I don't understand why they do that, but in reality, I will wait till I get to the one. I'll actually get the three in a bad area, the two in a bad area, and then get a nice one, because now those two properties are already paying for my nice single family home.


So, I mean, the last time we spoke, we had to you had a big vision of doing the school. What's the update on that? In some process? You know, we got to right now in Paterson, right? Well, pretty much in the tri state area. What we're primarily doing now is developing and flipping properties. Right.


So. We got a 50 unit building that we're building from scratch Foundation has already started. We got one of the schools is going to be 60 units. The other school, I'm about to go for approvals to build one hundred and forty units. I want to ask you about asset based lending and hard money loans, so I noticed two different things. I had never heard of asset base lending, so Fernando told us about it. Hard money, loans.


I heard about a lot of people are not really familiar with hard money loans. They think the only way to get money to buy real estate is just to go to Chase Bank. And, you know, but hard money is completely different. So can you talk about, like, hard money? Like, what is that and how does that work? Well, before you do that, I want to say, like. The one thing I would say everybody that's watching is to ask questions.


Don't be ashamed to answer questions as Caesar all types of questions. Today, my attorney sent me something about a car accident. I sent it to Caesar like Caesar. What's the term? He said to me and gave me back was like, no, that's not for you is the wrong name. But you said about Robert Bryant sees about everything. So when I was purchasing my house, I purchased a house in New Jersey and the houses, the person who bought it for me paid twelve point eighty eight million for it.


Right. I bought it for five five. And what about Caesar's? He always says, you know, you never want to put that much money. I don't care what you do and you want to put as little as possible because you use that money for other things. But, you know, during Kowit, if you trying to buy a house, that's jumbo loan is what they call it over Manala's. They want you to put twenty five to thirty percent debt.


And Caesar was like, you're not putting that down right now. Caesar makes all you like the American things my brother like for real. Like but like all hang up on each other. And he was like no you have enough assets where you ain't got to put that much down. You use your assets. And he was able to get me a loan. We were able to figure out why I only had to put 10 percent. Don't you think about it, five point five million dollar property only having to put five hundred fifty thousand dollars.


But I'm using my assets as collateral to get that loan. That's unheard of for me. But we're able to do it because I have those assets and I have those properties. So those are some of the things that you have to ask, because I would have never known I was going to put twenty five thirty percent down. And what I did, I use that that other 10 percent and bought another property in Baltimore properties and bought some stock at the time and use that money to make money.


I also bought a car.


But that money by the way, you know, it's all a good tool to use is private financing. Right. A lot of times when I first started, for example, I had my credit was shot. I had a five 20 credit score, but I was able to get some capital together and I got a hard money loan. A Hamani loan is not really based on you as an individual is pretty much based on the asset on the property. So if a property has equity, they'll do that deal.


Meaning if you're looking at a property and is worth three hundred thousand and you want to buy three hundred thousand harmony, then there's a deal by the property is worth two hundred or ten and you end up with three hundred thousand, then our money lender will do that deal. A hard money lender is not based on conventional guidelines, is private money is more of a relationship based business. So it works a little different than you're going to chase or any other bank and trying to get a loan.


I like car money because I could close quickly is the same thing as cash right now. Our money when I first started it was different, right. Which sometimes it pisses me off because back then I had to put twenty, twenty five percent down right across the board on hard money. And then when I finally built a relationship with one them, they're not paying them off millions of dollars in loans. You know what, you've only got to put 10 percent down.


I was like, yes, right. And then every single lender started giving out the same program, 10 percent down capacitors anymore.


That's how you change the game.


So you know that it was pretty crazy back then. But now pretty much you could get 10 percent down across the board when usually you put you get 90 percent loan to value off the purchase. Right. And one hundred percent of the rehab or the construction dollars is based on drugs. Right. Meaning you always have to have a couple of dollars in your pocket. Right. So just to break it down, very simple. You get you want to buy a property is two hundred thousand dollars, right.


You're going to put 10 percent down, plus usually hard money on the charges. Two points. Right. So right there, let's say you own twenty five k your down payment and your points and whatever your attorney is going to charge you. So that's twenty five thousand. So let's say this particular property needs rehab, right. Let's say fifty thousand dollars. So you're going to tell you hard money lender that instead of fifty thousand dollars in the rehab is seventy five thousand, which I'll explain why later.


Now, when you go to get a hard money loan, you need to do a rehab schedule. These are numbers they're going to do is sit down and do what your contract. Write these numbers. Right. Like I said before, is not a harmony. It's not based on conventional guidelines. So if you ask for more money or less money, then I'm going to look at you like crazy, right? The more you ask for the most, the most, the more the problem is going to make because they're making money off of the interest.


Usually interest right now could be anywhere between eight to 12 percent. Right. So let's say boom, we do our first draw. Let's say you did your demo framing rough electric, rough plumbing. You call up your lender, they come, they look at the property, did the work, they give you the money back. So you do need to have a couple of dollars in your pocket is still 100 percent financing, but you have to have some money.


Right. And then they just keep on replenishing your money over and over. Right.


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Head over there now. Let's say we get down to the last. All right. Remember, we bought the property for two are we have lost 50. We told the lender there was seventy five. Right. So now the last straw. Well, we just did by overestimating the construction costs. You got back. You're twenty five thousand dollar down payment. Before you sold the house or refinance just by overestimating the construction costs.


So I'm excited about this and I'm like, okay, great, I want to get some in Camden, in West Orange for like four or five steps, which you have people at home watching, because I don't want them to have the information and not walk away with some actionable if they're so beautiful. Two hundred thousand dollar house house is worth three hundred thousand two hundred thousand. Forty thousand. Yes, the same thing is same thing like two hundred thousand.


Got to put 10 percent down as far as you mean work you get deals from. Yes. OK, so I get a lot of deals from auction dot com. I get a lot of deals from Hub's. Do I get out of the zone as far as properties that I flip, those other sites that I go to. Another thing that you could do to right when it comes to I'm sure you will lower some stores. Right. He does a little bit differently when he goes and he does his numbers when it comes to the construction.


So let's say it was a flip. Right. And. Your profit is sixty five thousand, right, so you take that sixty five thousand and you add it to your construction costs, right. All right. So meaning when you get your last draw, you're getting the profit before you sell the house, right. So at that point, when you sell the house is kind of a wash.


So you don't pay capital gains taxes to pay your taxes. So that's just that's a whole lot of game.


And don't don't don't let that go over your head at a real quick question. So that's the hard money thing is absolutely. It blew our minds when we first thought about it. But how do you establish a relationship? I just spoke to a Abreau G.P.A. and he was saying he goes he uses hard money, but he was so good at paying back the loans that they said, no, we're not using them anymore. We're not making any money because you pay it back so fast.


So how do you establish a relationship with them and keep on this ongoing or you got to do manage just paying them off the more you pay them off? Right. It's a relationship based business where eventually, like we're at the point where all her money lenders that we get 100 percent financing wouldn't even bring money to the table. We actually get money back at closing because we've pay. You know, our relationship is so strong at this point. And I have about three lenders like that.


And sometimes other lenders call me and they're like, oh, all right, well, what we do to get your business, I was like, yeah, I don't come to the table with no money that I want.


Be that they're like, no, but we give you a better. I don't care about the rate because at the end of the day, it's all about leverage. Right? Leveraging your money. Real estate is one of the only things in the world where you can buy more with less meaning if you want to open up a nightclub and the cost is too many dollars. Right, to buy the property, fixed building, whatever. That's your cost. Right.


If you want to buy a third unit building, that's two million dollars or you got to put down 10 to 20 percent so you could buy more with less compared to everything else.


And somebody was asking you to they wanted to know what they said. Alten, Dotcom, what was the other auction?


Dotcom Hub's zone, you know. Yeah, but that really was pretty much that Australia is pretty much market properties already out there. Just like the MLS at that point is properties that people are already looking at. So you won't get a lot of deals that way. But you can use Zillow, though, and Schroeter to check. You know, if you want to focus on a particular market, you want to see the value there. When you're buying a property for auction outcome, you could you could pull the comps from CHIRLA, from Australia.


Osiel, how would you find a hard money lender if you don't have a relationship? So, you know, there's so many so many of them out there and even some banks are doing that. Yeah, there's so many different people out there. And, you know, you could probably type in hard money on Instagram and it pops up into Google, too.


Yeah, you could Google like, it's not like when I first started, it was like a hidden thing. Nobody know the first two years when I started, I pretty much the first deal that I did. You know, I had to sell my car, my wife's engagement ring, I didn't know anything right because I'm self educated, so the first two years I will buy one house, right. Then I was able to buy two houses, but so I sold those houses or refinanced.


I didn't have any more money to play your number to this guy called me up and say, hey, I'm a hard money lender. You're doing it all wrong at this point. I'm like, I have five hundred thousand on and you don't know shit. I think I'm on top of the world. And he's like, No, bro, you're doing it the wrong way. So I listen to him and that's when I started scaling. So that's when I went from doing two to three deals to doing 20, 30 deals a year because I learned how to leverage my money and I started using hard money.


Hard money is a great tool, right? A lot of people don't like it because of the interest rate is high, but it is. You've got to think about it as a tool to get you. There is a tool. Harmony's a tool. Now, let's say this. If the scenario was different. Right. And. Is a rental property, right at a certain point when you start buying investment properties, right, once you're exhausted, your FHA, right, you have to put 20 percent down, 15 percent down.


Harmony, you can still go to Harmony Lander by the rental property and only put 10 percent down, right. And then you refinance after two months, like you said, to an asset based loan. Now, asset based lender is going to give you 75 percent to 80 percent loan to value.


Was the can you talk about asset base?


Loan is pretty much and that's the best loan is a property that is based on the income that the asset makes. Right. So as long as the property cash flows don't do that same thing. A little bit tougher guidelines. Right, compared to a Hamani loan. Right. Because the Harmony loan doesn't really there's really no gap that you could get an asset base loan. Right. So that's one of the programs out there that most people sometimes say that I can't do FHA, I don't have tax returns, asset based loan.


You don't need tax returns. All you need is a credit score of at least seven hundred and twenty, 15 to 20 percent down. And you could buy property that way. But also, that's a good way. If you want to avoid putting twenty to twenty five percent down on investment property, you get a Hamani loan only put 10 percent down, refinance and get rid of the hard money. Drop the rate from your eight to 12 percent to a four and a half or four.


There are a whole lot of help educate your kids, and I know ten thousand want to check in. You know, we promised our ten thousand was going to call ten thousand. We got we got to give away, but we're going to do it at the end of the show.


Ten thousand, man, that's that's a that's a huge, huge, huge accomplishment. So do my Oprah thing real quick. What do you think of wholesale tax liens across the country about the comment you guys think is a viable option or something you would stay away from?


I don't do wholesale and I don't do wholesaling at the beginning. I did like, see, this is my thing, right? Not to sound like I'm a jerk, but I don't like wholesalers, right, that come from that era in that market where you had to have skin in the game to get into real estate. Right. So a lot of these guys now, they're actually the ones that have messed up the market when it comes to like auction properties and stuff like that, because you got wholesalers that go in there.


They overbuilt on properties and they kind of, you know, now there's a smaller profit margin. But now things have changed for me in a different way.


Tell them the wholesalers and somebody they don't know, a wholesaler. So as far as a wholesaler.


Right, let's say Andy has a property. Right. And he wants to sell it for fifty thousand dollars. I go to envy. Envy. I could sell the property for you. Right. So he gives me the contract. All right. Let's do a contract now. The contract I put on the contract that I signed deal to somebody else. So now I go to you and I tell you I got a property for seventy five K, right.


But this is the fact that the deal closes. You have to close to. Right so your cash got to be ready. So now you come with a seventy five because in a perfect world it works with hard money and it works with cash. If it's like a regular loan it doesn't really work. It gets more complicated. Right, because the banks want to see everything. But if you come in with cash you're buying it for seventy five. Right.


I give you the contract with seventy five. We, we closed down that day. I make twenty five k you get this fifty K and I didn't put any money at all. You probably have the money from a family member that had the house forever and has been paying the mortgage forever. I come along and I make twenty five k you only make fifty you know he may only pay for that and you know you don't put those skin in the game.


So when you hear people talk about you say business without no money, nobody do that, that's what they pass out fliers.


They go knock on doors. That's what wholesale it is. Yeah.


We buy homes when we buy homes.


Yeah. Look at the grass. That's why I said you keep the grass cut low. So this real estate. Do you think, well, why do you think that more entertainers, more athletes are starting to change now, but why haven't they done this years ago? Because it's like you made a clean transition from you stealing entertainment to real estate. So what you think has stopped other athletes, entertainers from just in, just investing in general, but investing in real estate?


I think, first of all, most most athletes, entertainers don't know about it. Most black people don't know about it. I mean, even with me, you know, growing up in Queens, my dad still has the same house he bought when I was born. Like, he doesn't know anything about investing. He didn't learn that he didn't get a college education. He had no clue. The only reason I even got into it is because when I first got a check, I wanted to buy a house and it was so far away from Queens.


But that's all I could afford. It was in a town called West Milford where they used to shoot the Jason movies like The Swamp. And I lived there for six months and I was like, this is too far. I got to move closer. And when I sold that house, I made eighty thousand after like six months.


And I'm like, that's a lot of money. And I just started doing it and I started getting into it, but I didn't know what I was doing. I was just trying to figure it out on my own. Now you see more entertainers doing it and more athletes doing it, more DJ's doing it. Reason being is because in our industry, there is no retirement, there is no retirement fund. It is not a union. There is no union is no none of that.


So if you are a one hit wonder or to hit one day and you don't have a catalog, you fucked, so you got to figure it out. And, you know, not so many people have can create a a company like a spade and and sell it to my partner, partner, partner, you know, partner.


So for us, we got to figure it out. And for myself, I was always scared that I would say something on a radio or my call is to say something on radio that I get it kicked off. So I was like, what can I do that no matter what, I can make some money.


I mean, and that's why some of the properties are old. I don't tell nobody what houses. I mean, most people, you know, a lot of people, artists live in my properties and don't even know. But, you know, I keep it to myself.


But I a lot of artists live on your property, artists, deejays, bartenders, strippers, a little bit everything live on my property assortment that I don't even know. And I don't want them to know. I mean, I don't go visit the properties. You know, I see something earlier with somebody that was like, you know, I just ain't got I ain't got time for real estate. Like, I don't have time to collect the rent.


And I agree with you. I don't need that. I pay somebody to collect my rent. I pay somebody to shovel the snow. I pay somebody to fix that toilet. I pay somebody to fix the roof. Yeah. They take a percentage of what I make, but I'd rather them take a percentage than me have to deal with it every month. Only between the 1st and the 15th. They come in envelopes and checks and things like that that I don't have to worry about.


And it's nothing that I have to worry about. It's nothing that I have to see. I don't have to do anything. I don't have to shout anything out. That money comes every month. And then when I die, my kids get that money. And I was like, that's what I got to create the excuse me, how many doors is a number for freedom?


Because an investor, you want to get ten thousand shares if you have the perfect number. How many doors which you have under.


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I got ten and then all I wanted was twenty dead. I met with CS and CS ahead of a thousand. I said I got to get at least one hundred and I got to one hundred. Now I'm at one thirty. I mean so there is no amount. It's like. What I really want, and I'll be honest with you, I want to I want my name in the sky, as much as people hate Donald Trump, I want some some some Kacie built into it.


I want some Rockefeller Kacie builders. I will not die. I want my kids to be like granddaddy delistings that that's really what I want and that's what I'm working for. And also the reason we do these seminars is because we want our people to learn how to do it and we don't want them to get shot when we do these seminars and when we teach people it's not a matter of shooting over, somebody said we break it down like a three year old, because if I if it didn't, nobody broke it down to me as a three year old, I wouldn't know.


That's why we bring the matter to the seminar to explain FHA and this that we bring the credit, do it to break down credit and explain that it is we bring Sabine, who is an attorney, to bring we bring contractors. We bring those people because we want our people to learn and learn the right way, not get got like we not charging ten thousand for similar. We're not charging five thousand for seminar. We're not saying come to the seminar and then if you want to speak to the back to see some more, we don't do that because we really literally do for people to get on.


And you know, every time I make a post and I say, know, if you purchased a crib out outside of our seminar, you see a zillion of it like we did. I think, what, 30 seminars will have one complete. And that was a lady who came late and couldn't find parking, was pissed off.


They couldn't find parking.


Other than that, there was no other complaints because we really teach people and nobody can say they ever came to any of our seminars. They didn't learn anything. I mean, you guys was the we do not on a seminar was Bob. And it was crazy because it was like I knew all the people there. But to see them, like actually on stage and to see sometimes you get jaded by information because you're around, especially us. We're fortunate to be around information so much that we sometimes forget how much how many people have no idea about anything.


So like, you know, just watching everybody had they know everybody taking notes and all that. I'm realizing, like know the vast majority of people have no idea. We took a picture. I took a picture of the lady sitting next to me who was recording it and writing notes at the same time, didn't even look up. This is different. And then we gave people the opportunity that look like us, like think about a chubby, fat kid from Long Island.


I'm just going to say I'm just saying, how do you say Long Island? Like, I didn't know, man. I really didn't know.


Man, that was funny about our brother, somebody that I grew up with and was like a goodo. So we gave them an opportunity to get on stage and he got on stage, you know, he blew his company up. And the funny thing was that I remember the day before the seminar he called me You son, do I need to wear a suit?


I'm like, oh, like this is this is I said I said, the thing with our seminar is we don't want people to feel like they're comfortable and they can ask Jose to credit.


Do you know Kotsay to do had one hundred dollars in his account, was about to sell his credit company. We gave him an opportunity and now he's making millions a year. Same thing. I mean, you know, like we try to really help people to help people that look like us, you know? I mean, we don't ask for enough and we don't try to we want people to win because I might have to commit follow them like, man, I need some.


I may have to call the credit. I had to call the credit.


Do a couple of times fix my wife's credit, fix my credit. But that's the relationships we try to build and make sure our community is good, not just us. I want to test a few things. We actually witnessed some of those embryos being brought to you guys. An amazing sight. Envelopes of the envelopes of a payment coming in.


Oh, yeah, that was a whole we can't get to that was like every single file, every ten minutes.


There was another envelope that we went to the office to do the interview. When we interview them and see there's a real laid back, quiet guy like, you know, real uses too. So you sit in a chair like Don Corleone and I believe it was your brother SWC, and he came and he's a little bit more outgoing.


Look, flashier. It's like some real Godfather type situation. So it was like a bunch of envelope. And it was an older gentleman there, too. I forget who he was, but it was on and he was given an envelope like they put like 50 envelopes on a desk. And then like ten minutes later it was like other envelopes. And then it was like thirty seven envelopes. And then it was like cash. And I'm like, people still pay their rent with cash.


So I realize those envelopes was the rent checks. But some people had cash in a checks, a lot of them had cash in an envelope.


And I'm like this looks like the Medellin cartel.


I told everybody, you know, with us, you know, the thing about us, what people like, we give people opportunities, like we're not going to say, hey, you know, you get fucked up credit, you can't stay in our building. You got fucked up. You did this wrong. Like, that's one thing I learned from sees it. We give everybody an opportunity, like we understand, like times are hard. Sometimes I might do something stupid and half of the my credit might be messed up.


I might have had a bad situation. We'll give them an opportunity to to pay their rent. And it is what it is.


We spoke earlier. Everybody's been talking about the mass exodus. People leaving our great city of New York, because you said you're actually looking to invest in New York. What are you looking for and what type of neighborhood? I told a to about about about a year ago.


So my daughter goes to NYU and she told me she shouldn't be going to schools because it to too dependent, but she's going to school for real estate and sees this whole thing was why are you paying for it to go to school this year into office for fucking this guy. Yeah, but she going to school real estate and inculpated everybody started leaving the city and all the apartments and townhouses and cribs and condos that we were looking at before dropped significantly like 30, 40 percent.


And I'm like, you know, this is the time, I think, to pick up some apartment because I really feel it will turn back around. It's like New York is the mecca of the world, in my opinion, although a lot of companies say they're leaving and going to Connecticut, they're going to college. They go to Florida. I just really don't see New York. I think New York will bounce back. And I think it'll be a good opportunity if you can afford it, to pick up some apartments, especially by some of the NYU and some of the colleges and Wall Street area.


So that's just my opinion.


Have you ever been interested in real estate, commercial real estate in.


I'm not there yet.


I'm not here, to be honest with you, man. I was born in New York and I was raised there, but.


New York has the worst landlord laws in the country. It takes you about a year to two years to evict somebody. I think it was a year before told if you're probably looking at two years now. Yep. I can't even imagine being a landlord in New York City now or in the future, to be honest with you now or I don't even look at it.


I just like going to New York with the restaurants and bars and restaurants, trying to buy new real estate over there. You know, I like Florida, like in Florida. And you like somebody in two or three weeks, I'll answer the same thing to three.


Illana, they own it. Well, don't pay your rent.


Yeah, I like those markets when it comes to rental properties. As far as flip. Yeah. You could flip in New York because day when you got to flip property, you to fix it. Right. And you're going to sell it at that point, you're not really going to bring a tenant in there because you're going to flip it to somebody that usually end user. So as far as flipping, I was still flip in New York. If there's an opportunity, you know, any any deals, you know, let me know.


You know, as far as being a landlord. Nah, nah, nah, not any time soon.


Final question before we get your comments on. No, man, that I know that I still have balance five kids and all that you guys do. How are you getting the balance? How do you balance, like the work life? Stuff out of myself, I mean, this is pretty easy, I mean, when you do what you love, it don't feel like work. I mean, when I go to the office and this is a plan and it's not work, it's like we enjoy it.


Like I enjoy going to properties like today, you know, we went to go see a couple of homes and the house smelt like shit and it was garbage and trash everywhere. And it was what I enjoy. I love it like I like what I smell of the house. I'm like always equity because the normal person, when you see the house is like, I'm not buying it. I learned a long time ago, but those are the houses that you make the most money on.


So I enjoy it and I enjoy taking my kids with me. I take my daughter with me to see the house. I take my son with me to see the houses so they see what daddy does. But, you know, it's like I love my life, I love my kids and I love making money and I'm doing it for them. I go to establish businesses that they can own, you know, and is good when you have a partner like sees a business partner that you can bounce ideas off meaning and everything that comes his way.


He brings me everything that comes my way. I bring to him in some I pass on somebody and some he takes me pass or what is it. I mean, the fact I could be right now laughing me, I should be at home watching BATCHELLER with my wife.


You want the first black bachelor? I watch The Bachelor. But you know, when it comes to real estate and really telling people how we do it and hopefully they can do the same, do the same for their families, you know, this is something I enjoy it. As far as for me, man, you know, it's kind of tough because I think the most important thing in life right now, people don't understand and understand this part of they when they're younger.


It's time you don't get time back. You don't get wasted time back. So for me, I'm going hard all the way to I'm sixty, but I'm not stopping any time soon. And my wife's supposed to just like me. You know, we both love real estate. And one of the most important things for us is to help people like us. Right. Which there is a need. A lot of times now, too. I've been doing one on ones and sometimes people come to me, man, and it's like stuff this online and they come to talk to me and I'm looking at them.


I'm like, you know, like the other day and like a couple of times. Right. These guys are there and the guy is the head underwriter. I don't know if it was like investors bank or something like that. Right. He has like a Ph.D. in business and all this other stuff. Right. I'm like, what the hell am I? That's how this guy I don't have a degree. This guy must know more than me. And I sit down with him and he starts asking me, how do I qualify for.


And I'm like, Bro, you go on the right. I want you to tell me the secret is how I could get more loans. And it's sometimes it's amazing that it's like the information that our communities don't know and, you know, and sometimes it actually it breaks my heart. Sometimes we don't realize. Right. Everybody in this room that well, we know most people don't know are ever going to know. And it's just like, you know, sorry, I'm here to talk about this loan, this that whatever it comes out of to me.


But the average person, especially in the minority community, they don't understand that. You know, and a lot of people sometimes tell me, oh, I see you, you're helping this celebrity. You're with this football player, this basketball player. But at the end of the day, yeah, that's cool. But I like helping people like me. Similar background like me more than anything else. That's what I take pleasure in.


Please believe your favorite rapper and your favorite artist and your favorite athlete. No clue. We're helping him. We're talking to him. I just put it to you like that. Your favorite rapper, your favorite athlete has reached out to us. We're helping. And when I say we're helping, I don't know. I haven't charged nobody. Nothing like we do it out of the kindness of our own because we really want to see like, I would hate to see a rapper put up a number one record and then become broke because they don't know how to do it.


I mean, and that's we try to have as many people as possible. And that's kind of one of the worst things to man, because you see a lot of these guys, especially in entertainment and athletes, they come into a lot of money and they don't know what to do with it. Right. Because you got to understand, right in life, you could be a doctor, you could be a lawyer, you could be a basketball player.


You could be a rapper. Whatever you are right, your career is going to end right. And eventually you're not going to be making the same amount of money. So real estate is the perfect thing because no matter what now or I'm sixty, if my property makes ten thousand dollars a month in rental income, it's going to make that when I'm sixty. Right. And then I'm going to keep on increasing the rents every year by five percent. So I'm always going to be good, even though, yeah.


If I have a job or career that's over right now, I got my bullshit pension, which doesn't mean anything at this point. Right. What you're going to make here, my real estate is still going to pay for my lifestyle and my lifestyle. I will not have to cut back like most retirees and seniors do eventually because they're not making the same amount of money. But when real estate is one of those financial vehicles where you can make the same money or more time in time and time, every year over time, you have let's go let's go to some questions I was doing is doing this jab we come to you, amuse yourself.


You've been Omura. What's going on? That sounds like a Frisbee. Sounds like a phrase by spring break done, summon the call. We are coming to you. You yourself, you've been unmuted was going on, Sammo.


Shot to credit two to one in checking hope he's doing well. He shouts the credit to me, let me let me shot him. He's just had Colbie, but he's somebody that if you need to fix your credit, that's the first step. We always talk about it. Make sure you hit him up because he can help you credit along.


The only charge you for.


So he's not just gonna hit you with the broken neck you can give to someone else was no one else will miss my time.


Not now. You hit, man. You good? What's going on?


Oh, what's going on. I was sobre man man. I really had no question. I just want to tell you fellas, man, watch all videos.


I mean I just want to say keep on pushing the culture for a man. I appreciate all of you. Appreciate you. All right. You got to was real loud in the back. He's watching on TV.


Mac, we're coming to you. Macintosh, you yourself, you've been muted. What's going on? Now, there might be a delay, so I would encourage you guys to go look at how many shares Buffett owns and stocks and also how much real estate he owns, you will be baffled by what's going on.


Mack, what's going on, bro? Tomorrow is my birthday. How are you doing? Oh, happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday cake.


Can you break down the seven 30 rule? 730 row, yes. You know you know that 70 percent RV, yes, the seven 30 rule when you buy property.


So by that I don't. But we got a guy who might be able to help us.


So so pretty much if, you know, the property is worth three hundred thousand seventy percent to ten, that's what a lender will lend you on that property as far as we have property. So that's like the seventy four percent threshold. But again, it all depends too, because, you know, at that point you're making almost ninety thousand dollars. If you're beginning, you don't have to be that aggressive. You could do you know from the lender standpoint.


Yeah. But even if you can make instead of ninety thousand fifty thousand it's still a good deal. Like a lot of times people kind of fall in love with those numbers. And at the end of the day, if you come from somewhere, we're not making a lot of money. You make ten thousand a year. That's still good.


And also in anybody out there that's that's invested in real estate, make sure you teach your spouse so you and your spouse learn together. Seizes his wife, Jenny Tips. She knows just as much as when it comes to real estate to my mom and me. And I can't get these wonderful alcohol if I can't get her on the phone. I call him and they're able to guide me. They have the same connection. She's a little worse because she a while out on you like it.


But attorney don't call me back. She'll call them a while out.


So sad that she's running multiple business to her. Yeah. Just killing it. Johnson is that are you there. You yourself. You've been unmuted. Yeah, so my question is, what are what are you looking at to determine what's a good deal or what's not a good deal? It all depends, you know, what area under a lot of people when they first start, they want to stay locally, right? As far as flips, like I said, I go on the auction dotcom zone in New Jersey.


I get a lot of stuff on auction back in Florida. I'm lucky. Well, it all depends on the markets right now. Flipping markets that I like that I'm investing in heavily are, of course, New Jersey, Atlanta, Florida, when it comes to Flip's rental properties aggressively. I'm in Chicago right now. I'm actually going to Chicago tomorrow and closing on a 20 unit building.


That's because to those big time. Yeah, Lenny, I'm you just if you've been I mean, it was going on if I lived in the area. Yeah. Perfect. Perfect, perfect. I really want to appreciate you guys on that interview you had on the Breakfast Club was really like was happy that you guys are the people that are investing or getting more attention, though. And I definitely appreciate you on the radio every single time you sneak in a gym.


Really appreciate. Thank you.


Appreciate it. So my question is for you guys right here. So how are you going to structure your business when it comes to rules that you guys like a lot of your love sounds like they're like personal loans rather than putting in the business. Doesn't that make it more risky, like, to in the partnership or something?


Well, when you first start, let's say it is a conventional product or FHA product, no matter what, you have to put it on the person, personal it. And if you do a Hamani loan, asset based loan, a commercial property, it goes under the LLC. So that's pretty much the difference. And then that could be on the good business season is like seven hundred and eighty two, LLC.


So you do an LLC for every single home.


Well for my when I flip properties I just use one LLC just because there's no liability, meaning I'm not going to have tenants living in properties that I'm flipping when it comes to my commercial properties, i.e. single property is under a separate LLC. But realistically, don't you know.


If somebody is, something happens, one of my properties somebody sues me is not going to go past the homeowners anyway insurance, but that was like a month back and they say, oh, you've got to put every single thing separately, but I'll do it anyway just because it makes it easier as far as taxes and stuff like that.


So how do you keep track of that? Because you I mean, that's a. How many how many houses do on farms? I can't even tell you, you know, five past to towns as far as unit. Sixteen hundred as far as like if you want to see actual actual deeds. Right. Because all of my properties are different. I got properties in a 30 unit building, a 50 billion a building as far as D and past three hundred.


So you have three hundred deeds, three hundred different losses, how you keep track of all that stuff.


I have a big team deep into the office as far as, you know, property collection and stuff like that. I like I use at Foleo is I think is one of the best softwares. You can pretty much do everything from there. And but I'm a numbers guy, and to be honest with you, I'm still like my wife calls me caveman. Like I take a piece of paper and I write down every single property in all the numbers every month and then put it into the system, you know, a double double check myself and triple check myself to your own bookkeeping.


Yeah. Leah, we're coming to you. You yourself, you've been unmuted.


Hey, you guys hear me? Yeah, we perfectly OK. And one of the questions I kind of have two questions that basically piggyback off what I was saying. So I remember you said that when you first started off, you know, you had like kind of a low credit score and everything. So like when you started acquiring your properties, did you just automatically go to, like, property management or. And I had it even go like when you first started off, when you acquired properties the first couple of years and it was rough.


You know, I was doing my whole property management at that point when I first started, it didn't go very well because I'm too nice. And at that point, my brother was actually he was in prison. And then once he came home, he became my property manager because, you know, to be honest with you, he you know, he's kind of an asshole.


And my brother is the kind of guy, you know, you don't want that guy on top of you. Right. So you can't have a property manager. There's a sweetheart like me, you know, I'm a teddy bear him. You have to pay him like. And if not, he's going to know you so much that you're going to want to pay him. Right. So that's pretty much my brother's personality. But God forbid he owes you money and pay.


But I think that was that was what made it so. Don't want to. When I first met season, when I worked to the first office, I want to go at that office, we went to the first office. You see all his family members doing a specific job. And I was like, you know, he's Dominican, I'm black. They say I'm Dominican.


But that's what it was that you like.


You know, a lot of times, you know, we don't necessarily teach our family how to do things. And I thought that was dope because here we go was like, you know, he had his brother doing this and he had his cousin doing this. And then his mom is doing this and then his wife is doing this. And I'm like, it can't you can't lose because you got all family working for, you know, I mean, you walk into like today I walk into the office and he was saying that somebody will take it out.


But I look at the office and it was it was like three hundred fifty dollars that's been on that office for like at least three weeks. It's just sitting there. But when you got family working it, nobody touches the money because it's everybody is the same. But I just thought that was dope to have family members actually work and do things and people that, you know, he never got to worry about his given his brother loan because of work.


So you never got to worry about his mom or his aunt or uncle. They all worked it, which I thought was dope.


And all the cousins that pop up every other week that I have no cousins or no kids. I'm the Godfather now. Yeah.


So you guys and we spoke about this on the episode about documenting the process. We kind of mentioned like, why don't you just have a TV show? So where we going with that? If it's on the way, so down the line, I'll be honest, right? I'm to be honest, I'm not a perfect place, so Caesar is great, right? OK, very like very, very anal. So when it became to do the TV show, they said they said to sustain the contract.


I have my lawyer look over it. We got over the standard. Is 50 cent cool.


Ready to start? Curtis Jackson, the Jackson s 50. This nigga over here was like, I want ownership.


Some places they don't give ownership for shows. They they got to pay for production. They got to pay for this. They got it.


I don't care. We don't have to do it. I want some type of ownership.


We got some type ownership because he fought for it. But it was one of those things. But that was the problem. So contracts have been signed recently and we start shooting. So but 50 was able to give us what we wanted in it. We worked it out. So it's going to be like a real estate. Like HDTV. Yeah, yeah.


I don't know if it will be on TV, but that type of show type is now the real fixer upper.


So, yeah, we're going to show the rental side of the business, you know, the family side of the business, pretty much a little bit of everything. Like most of those shows are very cookie cutter. You know, like a lot of times those shows, you know, they don't really show everything right. Like we're going to show everything and the whole process, you know, this shit that goes right. The city doesn't go right. You know, like we don't want to, you know, like as far as us when numbers guys and we want everybody to see the numbers and we're really happy to be behind the scenes.


Don't get me wrong, we're at the level now that nothing could really faze us and we still going to make a profit. Right. But there is stuff sometimes that doesn't go your way, like right now through coalbed. One of the biggest things people most people are like, oh, you know, you're not collecting your rents is not the rent. That's the problem. The problem now is material because pretty much the borders and everything is closed. It's hard to sometimes even get sheetrock, right.


You go get sheetrock, you got to go to four different places to get it. So you need to get inspected to come and look at your property and pass the inspection. You've got to wait for him now because you know, he's not coming out because of Colbert or he doesn't, you know, especially there's like a little spike, anything. That's what really and it affects everything and those kind of things that people don't see every day. People think, oh, yeah, people don't pay the rent now.


But there's other issues besides that going on right now.


All the problems like know, I think a couple of months ago, I always tell the story, Luchi, you want to go pick up rent? And the lady was like, I got it. And he was like, nah, you won't give it to me.


She went upstairs and got the three eighty year old lady, chased him down the block with a three year old. And we go to show we go to show that sometimes we see him come back tomorrow or one time we walked in apartment to was sleeping there when was in the house is boarded up.


He was like, it was like how how'd you get in.


Yeah. It was one of those properties would have had the vacant property security, which is those metal gates and windows are supposed to be, you know, proof, you know, burglar proof that nobody could get in there. So I walk in there and it's the second floor and the guy on the couch and the guy's like six three highways, like 350 pounds. And he looks at me and I look at him and he's like, well, so Poppy.


And I'm like, what's up? He's like, I'm like, I just bought the house.


You know, you can stay here till we start construction. He's like, Thank you. And then I'm like, Oh, how you got it here? He looks at me. He just says, Magic.


That's a good answer. So I'll see you later. Another time we bought a crib.


This is actually one of my friends that I bought and we had like a balcony and a dude had a tent on a balcony and he was living there with two chicks. So he had two chicks living in the balcony on about twenty five.


But he was like, I just moved in, bro. You got to find another try for this. But we got to show all of that. We just think that this stuff is cool.


Some of the stuff that we deal with buying cribs. How big is your team like for your business? Like your team, like how you know how many people you guys actually have?


Like probably thirty five or thirty five people. Yeah, easy.


And it's like everything from like the your brother who collects the rent to a mortgage broker to we even know those pieces will talk about attorneys and all the mortgage people and different commercial lenders and insurance people will probably be a forty five.


So what about work is my work. What's the workers. What do they do.


Just construction. You know, the project managers, property managers. You know, now we have other construction guys and project managers in Florida. We got guys down in Chicago. So, you know, it's all is pretty much all over the place right now. It's not always. So we tell people all the time, if you if you get into this game, you have to really learn the game right now. And that's one thing I had to learn.


So like when we buy properties, like we buy or supplies we buy or materials. So when we get people to work and do the work, we only paint them early before because I was trying to find a contractor and give it a contract, the money and the contractors raping me on both sides, they charge me extra for his work and he also charge me extra for the bolts, the nuts, the sheetrock and all that other stuff. So it's just a little things that, you know, you figure out when you really talk to somebody that does it way more than you like.


The fact I always tell the story I used to go in and see his house was like this new has no swag style, his house the same.


He told me, like, I don't want to talk to the people, they know that my walls is great. He knows where my cabinets is this they know that my flooring is this. And that works for me even better because I don't speak Spanish. So we're talking to Papi. I don't know what I'm saying, but Poppy knows this is his house. Poppy knows as NBC's Black. It's like they know that. So and it keeps you know, you buy in bulk and it keeps everything down.


So these little things that you learn, do you guys ever think about loaning out the services? So, like, if you have a kid creating a construction team where somebody else can use it or property manager team where somebody else can use it? So that's a good idea.


Well, my brother, actually, he does property management for other people besides myself. So, you know, he definitely does help people and he works for other people as far as, you know, us doing a construction company and things like that. We're so busy, man, to be honest with you, that I don't even have the time for that man, because you know, that that gets more you know, you got to spend a lot of time doing that.


And I've got all these projects going on around the country and I'm kicking my own contractors.


And that's not going to get the contractors and the other people do work on my personal house. They couldn't even do because we we have so many so much of the business that it was able to demo it, but that's all they were able to do.


So the seminar, let's talk about the you guys. Have we visited? It's up and running again because you had the seminars.


Obviously, everything stopped because of it and now you're back at it again in Atlanta is the first stop on the first first on March 14 to go to Atlanta.


Of course, we usually we get to three thousand people in Atlanta when we do seminars, but because of covid, they only do 30 percent capacity. So we're only doing a thousand people because of covid. We have to pay for so much extra. So we got to pay for a social distance. And police officer who is going to walk around with a gun to make sure people are six feet away?


I don't know. He has a gun, but I wish I would have came up with that guy. I got to make Mexican people away, got to make sure people are wearing masks. We got a cleaning crew that will clean after a certain amount of time to make sure that the building stays clean. And EMT, y EMT, I don't know. But they make us required to have an EMT. But we just want to get people there. We just know that money's cheap.


As Matt says all the time, money is cheap right now. So now is the time to invest in real estate. This is the time to get some nice properties and you can make some great money doing flips. So this is the time. So we want to break it down and teach people how to do it. So we again bring in everybody to do so. It's not just going to be me. It's easy talk talking. It's going to be creative people.


That is going to be mortgage people. They're conventional lenders, hard money lenders. Contract is going to break all that down and explain for Rouda to the to the to the from start to flip how to get into the industry. And there is no. Hey, well, I have a question. Well that's seven more thousand but that's eighteen thousand that doesn't exist. And I was once you don't you go you know, we will break it down. The only thing that we not going to do that we usually do is season.


I usually stay and they have probably two or three hours to talk to people. We will do that then because I can't be up close with people and pictures. It will be difficult as well. But other that we don't give people the knowledge that they need, it's almost sold out. So we'd love to see you again as March 14th in Atlanta and it'll be space. It be socially distancing. It would be very, very safe and come learn.


And I want to see you guys been against this. You probably won't win when you build what we don't want that.


We definitely want to see that because we want to see more of our community, you know, owning homes and passing down homes and teaching their children how to invest in homes and all those other things.


Sisa, you have a book flipping keys. Yep, flipping keys.


That's interesting. I just realized the name of that, you know, kind of like, you know, from my humble beginnings, you know.


So now I'm flipping keys. Rocchi they're making me more money now, you know, to be honest with you, bro, just so everybody knows, like I want to be here right now for the Janvi. He believed the me that people should hear my story. And I was this was never part of my plan to actually be talking or teaching people and talking to large crowds and motivating people. So this is my story. This I started. You know, I don't have a fancy degree.


I'm st- educated more than anything else, which is kind of hilarious because, you know, most people, even my teachers back in the real private right now, we like this guy, could barely read or write. Now he has a book out. Right, which America is a great country, by the way. You know, if you work hard, you can achieve anything the greatest country in the world, because I know I will have a book and I will be doing seminars.


I know that I will have all this wealth through real estate. Right. So my book is pretty much look, I didn't have the best story at the beginning, but now my story is totally different, you know, and as long as you want to be successful when you work at it, right. Because there is no such thing as overnight success, it doesn't exist. Right. Yeah. You got to see us now. But I've been doing this for fifteen years.


You know, you see me on Instagram now for the last two or three years. And the but there was a whole process before that and there was another process before that. That's me going to jail and going to prison and, you know, doing the wrong things, and now I'm doing the right thing. So even though people out there, you know, you make mistakes, you can always change the story.


It's amazing, man. So in light that we hit ten thousand, I'm a man of my word. So he's going to be the second time that we've had ten thousand consecutive weeks actually to a giveaway. So instead of usually just to cash out, we just give away money. But since this is a real estate episode, I feel like it would be beneficial to give away some education somehow managing a mortgage to put together a homebuyers blueprint's actually ten hours and over a hundred videos, 15, 18 hours, 18 hours on everything that you need to know about real estate finance.


So much stuff that we never learn. If you think about it, that's like the biggest purchase that you can actually buy for most people. And it's like most people's whole wealth is tied up in the home and we never learn anything about how to buy a home. You just go to the bank and hope they just don't take advantage of you. But you never know like which mortgage to get and which interest rate is like it's so much stuff that you never even think about is like is crazy that there's not a curriculum.


So that made a curriculum. So we don't give away ten I think was valued at seven hundred dollars.


So, so is but is valued at a thousand dollars. So we'll give away ten, ten of those here to.


Matt, Matt is also going to sponsor five people to go to the seminar in Atlanta, start to flip. So what are you going to do tonight?


So we don't give away 20 empty the mortgage guys blueprint for a seminar because they need to learn.


So we got to go for the coach. Let's not separate him from that.


So you're doing 10 tickets to the seminar you attend to. What are what are you doing that I'm going to 10 scholarships to 10 to tell you.


Why are you all right, guys?


Are they're buying 20 tickets. We just raise the price.


Nine hundred ninety nine dollars of ten seminars you while you are. So we got we got to tell you, while you membership, it actually comes with the blueprint. And then a good brother is going to sponsor 10 tickets to the seminar.


Are you going to do something phenomenal? There you have it. We going to you know, are we going we're going to do far more. Now we've got 20 to 20 tickets to the seminar. L.A., we love you. That's our second and 10 scholarships. Let's bring in our down and going all the way for people out there. You see them asking, where can they get tickets? You can click the link in my Instagram Moses's Instagram, where you could just Google from start to flip Atlanta.


It'll come right up on Eventbrite. And what we're going to do this summer is hopefully when the show comes out this summer, we are going to do a class where people weekly can come in and learn what we're doing. So every week we'll break down some aspect of real estate and not only talk about it, but actually bring people in with us as we do it. So we're talking about rebuilding a home. You know, a lot of times people talk and they don't know what they're talking about, but we're actually going to go in there and show you what it takes, what is putting up sheetrock, whether it is putting wind to use hard wood and when to use laminate and when to use certain things.


And what works better when you're renting and what works better when you're flipping and where to get your appliances from and how to save money in every corner. So we're going to offer that stuff in the summertime where every week it'll be something new and something that people can actually get and kind of learn. So it'll be like a class, but it won't be like a educational class where you've got to take a test. But it be more information that you ever get from any school, is it you're learning like straight up and down through and will also give you access to in the summer?


Hopefully we'll do the right along again. That's that's the biggest thing that we have the most fun where we get these cheesy busses and we get like a small group of people, probably two hundred people, and they usually sell out like two days. But we actually bring those two hundred people to the houses that we actually flip.


Season, I was doing it a little wrong before because we just had people walking into our house. No helmets, no nothing. Before you're on your own.


But that's the perfect way to learn. I want people to see actually what we do. What we did in Atlantic City would tell a crazy story. I don't know if he was or was he a cricket abla, but anyway, he was OK, he was on his block, so he was he was violent or people like it was crazy. But he told people this is that this is what you get when you buy somebody's property sometimes like it's not going to be peaches and cream sometimes.


But those houses are your biggest profit. I mean, those heroin needles, you know, one time I walked in a crib and it smelled like shit like because it was shit everywhere, like shit in the toilet shit and all of the everywhere.


And my wife ran out the house. My wife was like, hell, no.


And that was the seven family. I what that makes me nine a month. That's my best house. Makes nine thousand dollars profit a month. So that that's, that's, that was the type of houses that we want to bring people to so they can see what it is.


Put guys, put your emails in, put your you don't put your cash and put your emails in like a thousand concepts.


How are we going to put you put your emails in my cash to go through this every week, put you put it, put your emails in, we'll pick the winners. Our team will be in Charlotte Tickin, who just cashed out five hundred dollars for a seminar. Oh, yes. I merely said, look, if you have any somebody in Detroit you got he's on the ground to do what you do. A firefighter, he's a real estate deal, real estate.


So that's a monetary story like that.


Guess my watch it. So I actually was the one put me on Detroit, right. She had a boyfriend in Detroit and she was like, your properties are cheap. So I bought a couple of properties. So eventually it was like, I've got a guy, a contractor that works. This is before my season. I said, I bet. So I paid a contract. The money now at the time, you know, the only way that I can see what he's doing is to face to face of each other house, look, starting to look good.


I fly down there and I look in his tile on the bedroom or the master bedroom bathroom tile. Right. I see that picture is Parcel's. It says. Is it mean that they may be looking at a season already, already? That's crazy. That's crazy.


But so I get in there and I look at all my master bedroom is bathroom tile, like, what the fuck is there? Bathroom tile in my master bedroom looking like. Style must take all this back, but somebody actually I stop stop somebody actually like that and actually bought the crap like that with the towel, with the towel on it, with the towel on it. So you never know what's out to destroy it. So you just got to be really, really careful with those contractors because sometimes they got their own money in to buy.


I love you, but you have to follow directions. You know, I don't know why you still putting your cash? I put my cash in email, please. It's your email address. I said, Troy, I know you see this case I to you to goes crazy.


This is my favorite part. So I just like to read the comments. It's like it's like looking at you like this experience like.


So we got two of the top podcasts. What are you just taped is more you know, I'm saying like is different. We can edit. This is like in the flesh. People ask questions. How do you like this experience compared to the E while experience? The Bockelmann, because I don't really get to know how you like the Breakfast Club was amazing.


That was amazing energy and I feel like it was good, good synergy, because obviously we have already been working and Charlamagne already. So I just felt like, you know, Sammy was just like in a barbershop, just talking. So shout out to the Breakfast Club. I was definitely everything that we thought it was going to be a more serious charge out this morning showing that saying that I was going to be a yes and I was not a little impractical.


I mean, it's crazy that we don't eat breakfast because our whole thing was when we started, at least I was telling everybody, we want to become the business. We want to become the breakfast club of businessmen like, you know, somebody's got an album and whatever, like they got to go in the Breakfast Club. That's like that's like the first thing they got to do something we got we got to do the breakfast type of business or if anybody's in real estate and stocks, they got a deal.


They got to come out early to be this big.


But I'll be honest with you, we never have any expectations straight started in his basement and it was just something just to do at the breakfast level.


We had that's what we did was like, if it works, it works. And then your whole thing is crazy. Hall of Fame, Hall of Fame.


We don't feel like we've been on ten years.


Like people say, you're a Hall of Fame like you do. Well, for myself, I still feel like these people at work you grew up listening to that was like bigger. But then you realize, like you were them, you were bigger than them, like 11.


Dr. Dre, I listen to the Bradley said I was going to say at least like I listen to these things.


Right. And then you think about it like that. We we've been on the air longer than it did. I mean, you could talk about Star and both you could talk about Miss Jones in the morning. You could talk about all these different shows, but we really outlasted all them, which is crazy because it seems like we've been only on the air for a year or two.


There's a formula for that that you think Will made it work. And women, it's always like I think the formula for bread was slow.


That made it work is is we were all side piece to co-host with somebody. Charlemagne was Wendy Williams co-host. I was Miss Jones co-host. Angela was sales co-host. So we never chased the. I need the ball. I need the ball. I need the ball. We all kind of let each other shoot, which made it that. And it wasn't JMB show Charlemagne's show. You show it was a collective effort that we all have thirty three percent and we all push.


So I think that's what made the show. Nobody tried to steal the ball. We all because when the show started I was the biggest name in the morning. Then we went for a little bit and Angela Yee was the big show the Now We Charlamagne the biggest show on the marquee and there's no hate. We all love to see each other win. And that's the same day. You know, Charlamagne supports what I do. I support what he does.


He supports like we all support each other. That's one thing that you don't get with most collectives mean without a fight.


The other officer got business together. Let me ask you a question.


So if I see you're still paying their cash, this is my daddy and I listen to your cash.


I mean, let me ask you a question. Yeah. What's your favorite what's your favorite Breakfast Club interview? There's a couple I love the dame dash, that dame was serious. I love them. I love. That's Clark. Nice class. That's what it's all trying to find as he had done that.


That was a classic one.


What I think we'll get this out. As you just pointed out, we got to think, well, most people don't know is me.


Birdman was cool, like he was on my album the first time I did the album, like he was going to sign me to cash money. So we've always been cool. I know he had a problem with Charlamagne, and you could just tell, like, you know, if you don't him into the Breakfast Club, you know, is a class that we could see you, that you got a week before we bring you in and we look into the glass, we you see him rocking back and forth.


So we knew what it was going to be. And then when he came in the room, he was already huffing and puffing. So I don't know if you heard, but I'm like, you'll stop the cameras but the cameras because, you know, we want to tape everything. And that's when he he came with the you know, you finished. You done. And, you know, it was people like, are you scared? Nobody was scared because the people he came out with, New York people, that was my people.


Not a funniest part of the whole situation afterwards. You like to to the book was to do that was in the behind me.


They used to be with Biggie that was holding me down, but that's my guy.


So it's not like I'm worried that, oh my God, that's like that's my guy.


Like, you know, he's a guy that's like crazy man like you to be a classic. But that was one of my favorite ones.


And then of course, you know, when I brought the defeat, the team up there, like because people are not used to getting literacy on the radio. So when I got so many people talking about thank you, I fixed my credit, you know, I was able to get a loan or I heard what was said or now I could trademark. Those are the biggest ones because we really in our community, you know, I think.


What's your most recent? Well, my family was outside the thousand fifteen degree. We we agree on that. Hated I love that interview. I think you played a major part in shifting the culture because it started the conversation. I think we interviewed shot the thing. He's just he's got an interview, but he's actually a good guy, in my opinion. But if you hated that interview because you felt like he was talking down to you or you love that interview because you felt like you're finally someone saying he came saying, that's all you talking.


I talk like, no, no, nothing.


And I think a lot of financial literacy stuff start to come out after that. And to me, that interview was just amazing. And that was that was a dope, dope, dope classic. That's a classic. I think the most recent one that I put in my closet was the Byron Allen one. That was just super powerful because a lot of people even know Byron Allen. So to hear what he was doing that was just like this is is incredible.


Yeah. Like, I'm glad that people got to see, like, excellence and finally put a forefront to his name. So that's my recent classic. Yeah, but now, you know, there's so many dope interviews.


That's the thing. It's like it's like an album. It's like a music.


Like it lives forever. I'm saying like the interview.


And of course, I think our interview was to try to put that shameless plug, check that out music and check that out. If you haven't watched it. It's a couple of guys talking about finance. We own them. And check that out, man.


It was like we got to start a new club to put this out there, because I know y'all are kind of getting into stocks. So I told Matt we're going to start a new club. I j had the forty forty club. We're going to do the a thousand shares. One hundred dollars club. OK, that's going to be like I know you already passed it and I'm in a hundred doors. I'm not in stocks so we all got to get, I got that's what we don't do.


We're going to educate each other and we will push each other to get to that point. That's going to be.


Can you make that work? I got.


Got you. That's going to be the new club. You go, oh man. That is now we met Joe Jobby and he was like, yo, they don't work. I get your money back.


What do you think the funny thing about, you know, your friends? Because Joe Joe used to be a good friend of mine. When I first started getting into real estate, I call all my friends, I call Fab, I call Cloo, I call Joe. Joe was called Joe. Joe, I let me help you some money, you noticed. And he was like, that's a scam.


You're going to jail. It ain't no scam, Nick. I said, I'll break it down. No, no.


I want to hear I want to hear that just because you started your buttons.


Oh, shout out to my mother to former ball. I spoke to him today. I had a conversation. So childhood revolt, man, I'd do anything over there. They got a whole new team, young young people that's really interact. The coaches. Did you go reach out to you also? Yeah.


You heard that when I start singing when we saw leave my comments on the air, he's just testing the waters. Right. So you've been paying attention to see if it's as dirty. He did it about three times. We've been countless times.


Three of them would be three or five shortly. Black History was the favorite guest you had on was the Dick Gregory Court, Anderson, that you think everybody should check out as we wrap up our history. The honorable Louis Farrakhan, that was a go on to that was that was a great one. And the reason I thought that was great is because at first I didn't want to do the interview. Just you hear things about Farrakhan growing up and he's they say he's a spews hate this day.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. That wasn't too sure me. But have a great conversation with that brother. Really like me. It really changed my views on some of the things that he's doing and some of the things that he's trying to do for our community. And I just thought that was a great interview. So shout out to all the brothers out there, especially the honorable Louis Farrakhan.


That's a fact. All right. Let me let me wrap this up before we do Yale University.


We got a class on Wednesday for cryptocurrency. How to get started in cryptocurrency, crypto one on one. Everybody saw my Bitcoin. Everybody's talking about that. Eight o'clock on YouTube. Check us out. Once a month we do open enrollment, which is classes open to the public. While you check us out Wednesday at eight o'clock Eastern Standard Time on YouTube is going to be a big one crypto.


And then tomorrow we got guys back to back to back to back to back to back. I'll run the table now. We run it up. Ninety six bulls run it up. We got Gary V tomorrow, so make sure you check that out. That's a legendary episode. And yeah, man, we just got to keep it keeping on. I want to give these guys the last word. So, Ian, I see you've got the nice manicure, by the way, man, you really our head coach, we call him Ghost.


What would you like to tell the people?


I appreciate you guys. Stockwell's call tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. Central Sniper call one thirty. We're a family. I love you, my family. I love you. Thank you for being here. I'll tell you. Thank you guys for making up and run the table for real.


You know, I was just thinking to what I want to do it. Maybe we can play this out, but I think if you don't, we all come together and take one of your listeners, one of your viewers, and we get them and we help them actually by their first outside of Doha. Let's go from the whole up. Don't take credit. You know, we get them lending all of that. Does the name of better start this type of lending?


You don't really give them a two family house so they can live on the floor and then actually get rent free.


I think we should teach somebody how to do it and kind of tape it, not for people to document the journey involved as well. So I think that be cool to do a real estate in Canada.


I don't know what we were going to do realistically and then called it, OK, there's a brother out there that does a lot of real estate out there and the property. Toronto, Kishen, remember, he does a lot of stuff, will come down to mess with him. So what we should do too, if you to it maybe a seminar, seminal podcast event. We're going to he was actually on tour headed there for two. And we was talking before Copenhagen was going to be three international spots, London, Toronto and Ghana.


We got a real big international presence is crazy like we at the top of the charts and like all the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, we number one, the Jamaica. So you guys could do a joint event together because we I think we bring a whole different perspective as far as like the stocks know Krypto and all of that stuff. And combine that with real estate, which they should be separated anyway.


No, I suppose I'm like nineteen thousand units doors.


So everybody that would be put together that'd be so. Yeah.


Yeah. What you guys what do you guys want to talk about before we. The book will be available for sale on Friday, the everybody go support my brother.


That's a fine cover to your barber.


I think he's now pretty much he knows my story, how I started. What you don't see on Instagram. And we're pretty much where I am today if I did it. I believe that anybody else could do it right. I'm not book smart. I'm just I'm pretty much good with numbers. And I'm street smart and I am where I am, you know, because of my beginnings. So. If you want to know more, about half and started.


It's available on Barnes and Noble Amazon on Friday. He's too humble about my guys book by the book, Please Buy.


You know, we want you to buy it, you know, definitely. You know, like I said, you know, I'm just a regular street guy. You know, there's a lot of us out there. And hopefully my story will inspire more of us to change our ways and be successful.


And we beg you guys, I know it's a pandemic right now. I know a lot of you guys are home. So, you know, I'm telling people this, that those pair of sneakers that you got this in the back of the closet, you lacquerware, take it to go, take it to stock X, get rid of them, sell them, get the money and donate some stocks. Just distorted some stocks. And if you lose it, hey, somebody was left on sneakers anyway, you know?


I mean, so just, you know, if that belt that you got that good, you got your your refund check, come in, invest in some real estate, act like that. Money doesn't even exist. If you win, it's like. Yes, if you're not using that money off in the club anyway. So I'm begging you, if you got a little a couple of sneakers in the back of the closet, give it to them. So stock X, though, some money in the stock market, like you said earlier, you know, think of some stocks that you use around the house, whether you use tide, use door to wash your ass.


But you don't you don't.


You know, you use Apple, invest in some things that make you some money. And, you know, and when this pandemic is really over, you have some extra bread and then you can go buy more sneakers or go buy another property or buy a car. Just please do that. And I want to see you guys at our seminar March 14th. Like I said, I think it is less than two hundred tickets left. It's not that many people because capacity is only thirty percent.


We want to see. Yeah. And yeah, we love to go on the road and do some stuff together.


It's just one more thing where the craziest thing about the pandemic. Right, the government flood everybody with money, extra cash, unemployment, whatever. Right. So at that point you're like, oh my God, you got to save my money. Right. And there's no district clothes. You can go to the clubs. Right. You can't really spend your money. But then stores open back up. Right. And you go to it. I was traveling a lot for the pandemic.


Me and my wife, we didn't care. We were all over the country still doing the same thing that we're doing in every place. We will go to Werbe, Atlanta, Florida, California, wherever it was. We'll go to the mall and you will see lines.


Eguchi, as you say, and all the stores. Right.


And as people like us now, you're getting these extra dollars. You can't spend them in the club or at strip club or here, but you're still taking your money, not investing it and buying things that as soon as you walk out the store, they're not worth anything. So, you know, it's kind of sad, you know, and I hope that by, you know, shows like this, what we're doing when we're going together, people will actually learn and learn how to invest their money, because if money doesn't grow, then it doesn't matter.


Then, you know, before we go, same thing we say every we reach out to somebody, call somebody you never know with one phone call, one conversation can do to distract you somebody's life. I'm sure that somebody is taking that advice. And actually we've done that. So keep doing that. We love you. And before we go, before we go, last week we said it was Janet's birthday. But this Saturday we got a big birthday at the biggest we got the big birthday.


My brother's birthday is Saturday. Everybody had a chance.


So love, my brother is one year. And we so we are very blessed to see him have another year. We love you, Rishard. I'm speaking for the entire team because the team is in New York. Oh, just a little boy. I don't know what his issue is. Will be hard. He got hurt. He's back. It's it's our birthday.


We go. We are. We're going to do some some some some nice things man. So a shout out to everybody. Blow his phone up, tell him Happy Birthday is Saturday. So we'll see y'all on Wednesday again. But I just some of the market Monday fans you might forget Wednesday, but don't forget it. Birthday Saturday. Sorry. We love you bro. Appreciate that brother.


I think if Barack and we'll see you next week, say this.


So I'm just going to show gentlemen much.




Monday, Mondays, for all you foodies out there, I'm unwrapping a McDonnel steak, egg and cheese bagel who look at this steak and the juice running down the side, get a little bit on a wrapper here and then a fluffy egg and real cheese folded over the side, looking just so good. Mm hmm. Grilled onions on about a bagel. Two thumbs up from McDonald's steak, egg and cheese bagel for breakfast. Love it. Bah bah bah bah bah.


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