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Tony's Bethesda Power Plus to find and not being do you color dry and peeling?.


The true story of an Israeli spies undercover mission to hunt down a Savage Nazi murderer.


20 years after World War II.


Hunting the butcher.


Heat up this special characteristic of being able to dive into a b a person it was supposed to be for this position. If I massage you held the record for most false identities something like a hundred sixty over the course of his career. He could become almost anyone.


Herberts cukurs was a mass murderer. He helped Hitler's forces kill 30,000 men women and children the survivors gave him a name after the war.


The Butcher of Latvia.


Mission is simple to arrange the death of one man. It was not emission who won it was a mission for 6 million.


What's another reason for the mission? It's something that I found almost unbelievable a part of history. That seems so bizarre to me that it couldn't have been real but in 1964, he's really decided that her to cruise had to die when he was given the mission. It was like reopening a book The Unfinished story of his parents and their faith during the war. There was a final chapter to be with me.


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