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We all want to feel more, see father live longer and brighter. But what are the side effects? What are the repercussions when we give corporations direct access to our brains? From my heart radio comes a mind bending new original sci fi thriller. You see, the plan is not just to launch a new product, but to launch a whole new era starring John Boyaca mind apps software platform that feeds directly to the human brain. And Darren Chris, it's a safe application with one very simple benefit.


You never have to sleep again.


Doing human trials, something happened. He subjects walked away, changed, damaged, and several people already dead. Including my brother, Michael. Something happened to me in there, too. To all of us. We all have more than one version of ourselves. Sometimes it just takes the right stimulation to bring out the best one. Something else is taken over. And what do you mean? Something small, something that doesn't sleep, has no feed. Sophina is filled with pure hatred for the rest of us, following Jesus.


How many? Tomorrow's Monsters from My Heart radio Flindt picture company site Copiah Pictures and Upper Room Productions, also starring Marley Shelton, Clark Gregg and Son Gouger, Tomorrow's Monsters, coming February 9th to the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts, there's exposure one already.