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Love now, and did you fall in love? I love you, never love throwing yourself to love. From The New York Times, I'm merely and. Dan Jones, I'm Dan Jones and the and I work together editing the Modern Love column in The New York Times and Tiny Love Stories, and we're here because on October 14th, the Modern Love podcast will be back for a new season and it's going to sound a little different.


I laughed and I opened it and then cried.


After I read it, I was getting a haircut with my hair stylist. Silence was like, Are you OK?


And eventually I heard her show my name. And I was like, Oh my God.


For one, me and I are hosting the show and we are not polished hosts.


We try again.


We're very near to this. But that's part of modern love is vulnerability and doing things you're scared to do. And in that sense, we're going to be a lot like the writers that we publish every week who are just sort of getting out there and. You know, that's what love is, taking a risk, maybe being rejected, but hopefully not.


We're going to bring you stories from the column, stories that we love.


I waited for her to get up and leave.


She didn't taking my hand. She said I had no idea that one sentence, as casually as he let it slip, created a huge shift in my perspective.


And along with those stories, the writers who wrote them, it was just like such a relief to be like, oh, we still really care about each other.


The new season drops every Wednesday. We still say drops. I think so.


It drops every Wednesday afternoon starting on October 14th. We hope to see you then.