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I'm Daily Wire Editor and Chief John Bickley. It's Monday, June 10th, and this is your Morning Wire Afternoon Update. The jury has entered deliberations in Hunter Biden's federal gun trial after closing arguments wrapped up today. Here with Morris Daily Wire Senior Editor, Joel Niedler.


Closing remarks from prosecutor Leo Weis focused on demonstrating that Hunter was in fact addicted to drugs at the time of his firearms purchase and that, he knew it. Wise displayed a form that Hunter filled out, which showed that he checked the box asking whether he was an illegal drug user before purchasing a firearms. Wise then said the selection Hunter made on the form was false, and the evidence proves it. Meanwhile, the defense pushed back, claiming the high burden of proof has not yet been met. Hunter declined to testify, but faces up to 25 years behind bars if convicted on all counts.


The Biden administration may negotiate their own hostage deal with Hamas to secure the release of five Americans being held. As two current senior US officials tell MBC, these negotiations would not include Israel and would be conducted through Qatar. The officials say they're not sure what the Biden administration is prepared to offer the terrorist group in exchange for the hostages, but Hamas may believe the direct negotiations will further strain US-Israel Relations. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, made the following remarks after landing in the Middle East today.


My number one priority as Secretary of State, is to ensure the well-being of Americans who are in harm's way anywhere in the world, including those who are being unjustly detained or who are being held hostage. The most effective way to get everyone home, including the American hostages, is through this proposal, is through the ceasefire deal that's on the table right now.


Meanwhile, White House officials declined the comment. The foundation of the European Union has been shaken after right-wing parties made tremendous gains in recent elections. Dailywire senior editor, Kevin Phillips, has the latest.


The results likely mean looming gridlock in the EU Parliament as the 27 member block shifted largely to the right. Italian Prime Minister, Georgia Maloney, roughly doubled her seats in the body. While in Germany, the right-wing party there grabbed enough seats to sweep the Social Democrats of Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The most surprising and perhaps humiliating defeat came in France, where the National Rally Party of Marine Le Pen dominated the polls. That led to French President Emmanuel Macron immediately dissolving the National Parliament and calling for new elections. Many view that move as a huge risk as it could lead Macron to for yet more losses.


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Nearly 10,000 fast food employees in California have been fired following the state's new $20 minimum wage hike. Since the law was signed, several major chains, including McDonald's Burger King and even low-cost favorite In-N-Out burger have jacked up prices to offset the mandated higher wages. Meanwhile, other chains have sped up their transition to automation or entirely shut down stores. Rubio's Coastal Grill closed 48 of its 134 California locations late last month. Supporters of the wage hike hoped it would give fast food workers more financial freedom, but critics say fast food jobs are meant as stepping stones for young workers. One restaurant franchise owner told Fox business, he's taking his business out of the Golden State.


As people move on in their careers, our employees, we're not refilling those positions. And ultimately, myself, I'm not growing anymore in the state. I'm not expanding any new locations. I'm doing different franchise in Nevada, and that's where I'm taking those new jobs versus California.


And a bull jumped the fence at an Oregon rodeo over the weekend. Officials say it injured a few spectators on impact, but also ran loose on the rodeo grounds. Video shows the bull goering at least one unsuspecting person and trampling another. A total of four people were injured by the raging bull. A representative for Sisters Rodeo says it's a rarity that something like this happens, but fortunately, they were prepared.


We've never had it here at Sisters Rodeo. It does happen, but what we do, we plan for it. Unfortunately, we just had a great response from our rodeo pickup men, as well as a lot of the security staff and medical folks to really prevent a lot of other injuries.


Rodeo official said the Bull eventually made it back to the livestock holding pens. All right, those are your drive home updates this afternoon. To learn more about these stories, go to dailywire. Com. In-depth discussion of the biggest stories of the day, listen to the latest full episode of MorningWire every morning.