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The federal trial of Hunter Biden has begun, and First Lady Jill Biden spends her birthday in the courthouse with her stepson.


Hunter Biden has been very candid about his drug use, and there's really no question that he purchased the firearms. So the defenses are going to be limited.


I'm Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief John Bickley with guest host Emily Jashinsky, DC correspondent at Unheard. It's Tuesday, June fourth, and this is Morning Wire. Anthony Fauci faces questions in Congress again, but continues to deny wrongdoing despite compelling evidence.


There's all kinds of stones that could be unturned, but ultimately, the buck stops with Anthony Fauci, who's in charge of the place.


And two New York City cops are lucky to be alive after being shot by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, all while the Biden administration allows hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers to stay in the country without a hearing.


He entered through Eagle Pass, Texas, back in July of 2023. So we know that he entered the country illegally.


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On Monday, members of the First Family appeared in a federal courthouse for the start of Hunter Biden's gun trial.


Here are the details of the case and how it could impact the election as Daily Wire senior editor, Kabbit Phillips. Hey, Kabbit, so another high-stakes trial kicking off this week. Get us up to speed here.


Yeah, on Monday, the trial against President Biden's son, Hunter, got going in a Delaware courtroom. The first son faces three felony charges and stands accused of illegally purchasing and owning a handgun in 2018 after lying on a federal firearms application. Now, at the time, Hunter had been in and out of rehab for crack cocaine addiction. But when he filled out that background check, stated that he was not, quote, addicted to any narcotic drug or other controlled substance. Eleven days after that gun was purchased, you'll remember Halley Biden, his brother's widow, who was his romantic partner at the time, found it and threw it in a dumpster near his home, telling him in a text message that she was, scared he would use it. If convicted, Hunter faces a maximum sentence of 25 years, but it is unlikely he would spend any real time behind bars given his lack of prior convictions. As the trial kicked off, the younger Biden was joined in the courtroom by First Lady Joe Biden, along with his half sister, Ashley.


Now, this trial almost didn't happen because of a highly controversial plea deal, correct?


Right. Hunter was almost off the hook for these felonies after his father's Justice Department offered him a plea deal if he agreed to admit to lesser misdemeanor tax charges. But a federal judge blew the whistle on that deal, forcing the DOJ to actually bring this case to trial. So here we are.


Yeah. So what do we expect to hear over the next few weeks?


Well, much of the trial will center on intimate details of Hunter's personal life and addiction, including his relationship with his father and others in the Biden circle, which obviously is a concern for the White House. To that point, we'll hear testimony from the first son's ex-wife, who is currently locked in a separate legal battle with Hunter over unpaid alimony. Biden's lawyers will reportedly argue that the forms he filled out were tampered with and that the gun seller did not follow the proper steps during the purchasing process. They're saying it's someone else's fault. They also plan to argue that Hunter did not actually lie on those background check forms because in his mind, he believed he was no longer addicted to crack cocaine given a recent rehab stint. But that will be a very difficult argument to make, thanks to litany of evidence compiled by Hunter himself. For example, one photo on his laptop that was taken just four days before he bought the gun shows Hunter asleep with a crack pipe in his mouth. Two days later, text messages show him coordinating an apparent drug deal outside of a 711. Just as damning as Hunter's own memoir, where he states that he was smoking crack every 15 minutes around the time of the firearms purchase.


It's worth noting here that this is not the only trial Hunter will be involved in this year.


Yeah, If this one wasn't enough of a headache for the Biden campaign in September, right before election day, Hunter will go on trial again, this time in California, where he faces nine federal charges, including three felony counts related to tax evasion. In that case, according to prosecutors, Hunter engaged in a years long scheme to avoid paying at least $1.4 million in federal taxes. They also say he filed fraudulent returns. He faces a maximum of 17 years behind bars there. Now, unlike the house investigation into hundreds of overseas business dealings. These trials do not necessarily implicate President Biden directly, but they are still likely to weigh on his campaign as we enter closer to election day.


Well, another historic trial here that could impact the election. Kaba, thanks for reporting.




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Dr. Anthony Fauci testified on Capitol Hill yesterday on his role in the US response to COVID-19. Daily Wire reporter Tim pierce is here with more. Hey, Tim. So first, we heard a lot about NIH Senior Advisor David Morins during the testimony yesterday. Who is he and how is he connected to Fauci?


Morins was a top advisor to Fauci. As revealed in now publicly released emails, Morins had extensive conflicts of interest as a top health official in the government dealing with the grantee organization, ECHO Health Alliance. Echo Health is run by Peter Dazak and is at the center of the gain of function allegations. Dazak has since been banned from receiving any grants due to not properly reporting dangerous research related to his work at the Wuhan Institute of Vérology. In one of those emails, Morins wrote, We are getting foyed nonstop, so it's most important that Tony, referencing Anthony Fauci, not have anything on the record that could come back to bite. Morins also suggested Fauci used private communication to cover up the trail, a claim Fauci denied. Pressed on Morins' emails by GOP congressman John Joyce, Fauci distanced himself from his longtime advisor, Morins, and accused him of violating policy.


What you saw, I believe, with Dr. Morins was an aberrancy and an outlier. That does not- From your senior advisor for 20 years. The title is Senior Advisor. We wrote scientific papers together. He didn't advise me, as I mentioned- Are your senior advisors not trusted staff?


Now, Fauci described Morins as an aberration at the health agencies, but that may not be accurate. Morningwire spoke to former World Health Organization expert committee member Jamie Metzler Metzel, author of the new book Super Convergence. Metzel, who worked for President Clinton and is a self-described progressive Democrat, said this about the culture at the NIH.


There's a bit of an inherent conflict of interest at the NIH between being the government agency that gives grants and the government agency that reviews the grants that it has given. Certainly, there was an element of clientitus that we saw in the Morin's email exchanges with Peter Dazak, where Peter Dazak was their guy, and he was working on projects that were supported not just by the NIH, but also by USAID and the Defense Department.


So these bureaucracies have some interest in protecting grantees because they have an interest in protecting themselves. Another big topic at the hearing was the lab leak hypothesis and whether or not Fauci had a hand in trying to suppress it early on, as evidence has suggested.


What happened there?


Well, Fauci insisted yesterday that he's never rolled out the possibility of the lab leak hypothesis. Well, he has dismissed conspiracy theories about it. Here he is claiming he's never suggested it's inherently a conspiracy theory and then floated a strawman claim.


I don't think the concept of there being a lab leak is inherently a conspiracy theory. What is a conspiracy is the distortions of that particular subject. Like, it was a lab leak, and I was parachuted into the CIA like Jason Bourne and told the CIA that they should really not be talking about a lab leak. Thank you. That's the conspiracy. I appreciate that.


As for Fauci's claim that he hasn't painted it as a conspiracy theory, critics say that's not what the record shows. Here's Mutzel on the issue.


So, Dr. Fauci, what he said today is that he was always open-minded to the possibility of a research-related origin. When he was criticizing conspiracy theories, he was only referring to these crazy allegations of bio weapons or other kinds of things. There certainly were crazy allegations, but I didn't think that was a fair reflection of the spirit of his comments in 2020.


Republicans were obviously pretty combative with Fauci during that hearing. What was the reaction afterward?


Mourningouin debriefed with congressman Jim Jordan afterward. Here's what he had to say.


Well, this Moran's guy who worked for Dr. Fauci was trying to not lie with Foya and trying to, it looks like, hide information. And maybe the reason they were doing that is because everything they told us turned out to be false.


So needless to say, Republicans remain very skeptical of Fauci's explanations. Yeah, indeed.


Tim, thanks for joining us.


Good to be on.


The gunman accused of shooting two New York City cops this week was revealed to be an illegal immigrant from Venezuela who entered the country in 2023 through Eagle Pass, Texas.


Bernardo Castro Mata, a 19-year-old living in a taxpayer-funded migrant shelter near LaGuardia Airport, fired at two cops who attempted to stop him from driving a motorized scooter the wrong way down the street. Here to discuss the case is Daily Wire senior editor, Ash Short. Ash, a really disturbing and nearly fatal case here. First, what exactly happened?


So early Monday, two NYPD cops saw Mata riding the scooter and attempted to pull him over, but he hopped off and fled. The officers pursued him, and he pulled out an illegal gun and began firing at them, striking 26-year-old Christopher Abreu in the leg and his 26-year-old partner, Richard Yarruso, in the front of his bulletproof vest. That's the only reason he's alive today. Matta was also injured. One of the officers shot him in the ankle, and he was taken to a local hospital for surgery.


Now, one of the really frustrating aspects of this case is that the illegal immigrant accused in this shooting, this isn't his first serious alleged crime, correct?


Right. He's also a suspect in several robbery investigations in Queens, including one where a woman was allegedly attacked and her credit cards were stolen. Here's Joseph Kenny, Chief of Detectives, during a press conference after the shooting. Kenny explained the rise in robberies using motorized scooters.


These crimes include shootings, robberies, and phone snatches. Year to date, so far this year, we have over 80 robbery patterns citywide involving incidents where the perpetrators are riding motorized scooters or in the motorcycles. That's over 80 robbery patterns alone encompassing over hundreds and hundreds of incidents.


So several robbery investigations, yet he was out on the streets. Right. As Morningwire has reported here before, this isn't the only attack on cops that we've seen by people in the country illegally either.


Right. There have been a number of incidents that have made national headlines recently. In February, a 15-year-old in the country illegally, also from Venezuela, was arrested after he allegedly shot a security guard and police officers during a robbery attempt in Times Square. Also in February, an illegal immigrant from Jamaica shot three police officers in DC, leading to an hour's long standoff. He was eventually arrested. In March, a 19-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala was released by ICE, even though he was charged with the murder of a Florida police sergeant last year. That doesn't include the murders and attacks on US citizens who aren't cops.


So despite what some political and media figures say this isn't that rare of an occurrence.


Not really. And many expect it to continue to get worse under the Biden administration. In fact, we've just learned that the administration has quietly closed nearly 350,000 asylum cases over the past two and a half years without ordering those claiming asylum to be deported or granting them what they seek. The administration has also handed out millions of work permits to those who have come to this country illegally. In many cases, even bypassing laws requiring them to live in the US for six months before applying for a permit.


We've been hearing for months now that President Biden is planning some executive order to start to address the border crisis as the election approaches. What's the latest there?


Well, this week, Biden is expected to sign an executive order that would ban those who enter the country illegally from claiming asylum once they're caught. The problem is whether or not the administration will actually enforce such a ban. The administration's record so far on this suggests it won't. In fact, it has consistently worked against governors who have tried to enforce federal law.


Right. Well, here on Morning Wire, a lot of those battles have been covered, especially in Texas. Ash, thanks for the reporting.


You're welcome.


Thanks for waking up with us. We'll be back this afternoon with more news you need to know.


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