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I'm Daily WIRE Editor-in-Chief John Bickley with guest host Emily Jashinsky, DC Correspondent at Unheard. It's Monday, June third, and this is your Morning WIRE Afternoon Update. Israel is calling a surprise ceasefire proposal announced by President Biden inaccurate. Daily Wire reporter Tim pierce has more.


The President said Friday he outlined a truce proposal that had been pushed by Israel, saying it had been sent to Hamas negotiators. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today, the President only presented part of the previously discussed proposal. Specifically, Israel has disputed a part of the proposal that claimed the Jewish state had agreed to fully withdraw its troops from Gaza in order to free the 125 or so hostages remaining in captivity. Both the US and Israel continued to disagree over the weekend, leading Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to release a video reiterating Israel's objectives in Gaza, the elimination of Hamas and return of the hostages. This all comes as Israel confirms the death of four more hostages being held by Hamas.


The trial of President Biden's son, Hunter, began with jury selection today in a Delaware courtroom. The President's son faces three felony charges related to his attempts to obtain a firearms in 2018, while allegedly, be addicted to drugs. The younger Biden has denied all charges after pleading not guilty in September. The first batch of 50 jurors were sworn in today as legal experts weigh the case. Here's former federal prosecutor Katie Charkasky on Fox News.


The judge has ruled on certain issues pretrial that the defense team had wanted to limit the idea of when the drug use had to take place, in that specific day that the gun was purchased or just the general time frame. It seems like the broader interpretation is to be what she instructs on. Then in terms of his ability to bring up other issues with the instructions on the law, that's going to be something that the judge has to decide as things move along there.


This is the first time the son of a sitting president has faced a criminal trial.


Anthony Fauci testified before the House Oversight Select subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic today. During his opening statement, Fauci doubled down on his stance that funding of gain gain of function research in Wuhan never happened.


According to the regulatory and operative definition of P3CO, the NIH did not fund gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Urology.


But as Arizona Representative Debbie Lesko pointed out, Fauci's denial of gain of function research is contradicted by previous testimony from Principal Deputy Director Lawrence Tabek, who said the NIH did in fact fund gain of function at the Wuhan Institute of Vérology. Lesko points to Tabek saying, The failure of the Wuhan Institute of Vérology to hand over certain requested data leaves gaping holes in what actually happened.


How do you know? You never went there. I'm telling you that the NIH funded research on these viruses. If someone else somewhere in China was doing something else- Well, and that's the problem because the NIH didn't go there. You didn't get the reports that were needed. How in the world would you know? Two New York City police officers were shot by an illegal immigrant in the early hours of this morning while investigating a pattern of scooter robberies. Daily Wire senior editor, Ash Short, has the latest.


The two officers attempted to pull over a male suspect driving a scooter the wrong way when the suspect dropped the scooter and took off on foot. During the chase, the suspect shot at the officers who returned fire. One officer was hit in his stomach area but was okay thanks to his bulletproof vest. The other officer was hit in the leg. Both officers were admitted to a local hospital and are said to be in stable condition. The suspect, who's been identified as 19-year-old Bernardo Raul Castro Mata, was also shot in the ankle. According to police, Castro Mata entered the country illegally and was living at a former Queens hotel that is now being used as a taxpayer-funded migrant shelter. He's currently a suspect in multiple robberies in and around the city.


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A shooting at a birthday party in Ohio left one man dead and 24 injured. Here with more on the incident is Daily Wire's Senior Editor, Joel Needler.


Police in Akron, Ohio said the scene was littered with shell casings lining the entire block. Police Chief Brian Harding said it It appeared to be a drive-by shooting with partygoers also returning fire. Investigators have not arrested any suspects yet, but do fear there will be retaliation. A notably high number of gatherings have ended in gunfire this year. According to CNN, events like sports rallies, family gatherings, religious celebrations, parties, and even a high school senior skip day have ended with gunshots. Brexit architect and Trump ally, Nigel Farage, has announced that he is running for Prime Minister of England. Farage is a popular a figure among Conservatives in the UK. He held a press conference on Monday saying he will challenge Richie Sunak in the general election on July fourth. He also said he will leave his role as the host of Talking Pints on GB News to focus on the election. Faraj will run as the leader of the Reform UK Party.


2.4 million people, this conservative government, have allowed to settle in the UK in the course of the last two years. We have to build a new house every two minutes just to accommodate those that are legally, legally, coming in to Britain. The impact on the health service, the impact on infrastructure, on everything else, we have to get a grip. It is the major issue of our times. The population explosion has devalued the life of ordinary Britons in just the most extraordinary way. And even if those in Westminster don't know it, I promise you that those outside of it do.


Mexico elected Claudia Scheinbaum President yesterday, the nation's first female and first Jewish President. Daily Wires senior editor, Kabbit Phillips, has the details. We're in Mexico. We're in Mexico.


We have Mexico. We have Mexico.


We have.


That's the sound of Claudia Scheinbaum's victory celebration, where supporters chanted, Long live Mexico. Scheinbaum's mentor, current President, Andres Manuel López Obrador, was very popular in the country, but limited to one six-year term by law. Scheinbaum echoed many of his views during her time as mayor of Mexico City and has vowed to continue many of his vast social welfare programs. Scheinbaum will take office in October and faces growing violence from powerful cartels and gangs after an election season that saw more than 30 political candidates assassinated. All right, those are your drive home updates this afternoon. To learn more about these stories, go to dailywire. Com. For more in-depth discussion of the biggest stories of the day, listen to the latest full episode of Morning Wire every morning.