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I'm Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief John Bickley with guest host Emily Jashinsky, DC correspondent at Unheard. It's Friday, June seventh, and this is your Morning Wire afternoon update. Donald Trump rakes in another $12 million in campaign fundraising. This comes after big Silicon Valley names hosted an event for Trump last night in liberal stronghold San Francisco. Tickets to the event completely sold out despite costing $500,000 per couple. This latest fundraising Raising Hall adds to the tens of millions already received by Trump's campaign following his New York City trial conviction. Republican National Committeewoman, Harmeet Dylan, says she never would have predicted such results in such a liberal area.


It reflects the disquiet in our country, the discontent with President Biden's leadership, and the huge enthusiasm for change in Washington led by President Trump. They are driving business leaders, including business leaders who would probably never have publicly said they would vote for him or support him or much less give him a check, into his arms.


The prosecution has rested its case against Hunter Biden. Today, Dr. Jason Brewer, a forensic chemist, took the stand. He He said that tests show that a leather pouch Hunter stored his gun in contained cocaine residue. Dea Supervisory Special Agent Joshua Romig also testified. He discussed various words used to describe drugs or related paraphernalia in text messages between Hunter and his dealers. The messages were all from around the time Biden purchased the illegal firearms. As their first witness, the defense called Naomi Biden, Hunter's eldest daughter. She took the stand to say she witnessed her father in rehab for months before purchasing the firearms, during which time he seemed to be doing well.


Cash is no longer king in some parts of the US. Several businesses are going cashless. Here with details is Daily Wire reporter Tim pierce.


More and more venues in the US are going cashless, meaning they only accept payment via credit cards or mobile devices like Apple Pay, Venmo, and Cash App. Many baseball stadiums, including Yankee Stadium and Mile High Field, have gone cashless, as have most Six Flags amusement parks. Most of these locations feature a reverse ATM, which will transfer your dollars to plastic, but those come with fees. There are no federal laws requiring businesses to accept cash, and efforts in the House and Senate have gone nowhere since being introduced last year. Paying cash is becoming less popular. Cash accounted for 16% of all purchases last year, a 2% drop from 2022.


Will Wall Street be getting some competition in the Lone Star State? A group of business Titans is planning to open a national stock exchange in Dallas. Daily Wire reporter, Spencer Linquist, is here with the details on the potential Wall Street rival.


A group of two dozen investors, including BlackRock and Citadel, have formed the Texas Stock Exchange and plan to file for registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission later this year. The group has $120 million in funding and hopes to compete with the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. The Dallas Basis Exchange will be more CEO friendly and hopes to capitalize on many companies discontent with overregulation and social activism. The Texas Stock Exchange will serve businesses in the Southeast quadrant of the US and plans to begin listing companies in 2026.


Most Americans are pulling the plug on electric vehicles. Despite a massive push toward mandating EVs from the Biden administration, most Americans just aren't buying. An APNORC poll found that 46% of Americans are not likely or highly unlikely to purchase an EV. Many in the poll cited high costs, too few charging stations, and the inability to drive long distances for their lack of interest.


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Ebay will no longer accept payments from American Express credit cards. They cited, Unacceptably high transaction fees, echoing Costco sentiment when they cut ties with Amex almost a decade ago. Ebay spokesman Scott Overland also said consumers use new alternative ways to pay for their items like Apple Pay, PayPal, and buy now, pay later options.


The United States national cricket team upset Pakistan yesterday in the preliminary round of the World Cup. The US won their previous game against Canada, but were heavy underdogs against the Middle Eastern nation. Pakistan began the tournament as a top 10 betting favorite. Bbc's chief cricket writer said the American's defense was immaculate and their batting was composed. The team will take on India and Ireland next week to finish up group play.


Your Sheen or Thimu order may be delayed. Daily Wire culture reporter, Megan Basham, has the details.


The Customs and Border Patrol Agency has suspended the license of multiple brokers who handle expedited delivery and processing for Chinese-owned T'Mu and Xi'an. Both retailers ship billions of dollars worth of inexpensive products and clothing directly to consumers in the US. Cpb says they now suspect that contraband is entering the US through that process. So now, packages need to be inspected at airports or ports of entry. Timu and Shin benefit from a trade rule that allows purchases valued at less than $800 to go directly to consumers. The new inspections are expected to cause delays across the country.


And the newest Star Wars Universe series has been dubbed, The Gayest One Yet, drawing ire from some fans. The new mini-series, called The Acolyte, released its first two episodes earlier this week and received divided reviews on Rotten Tomat. While critiques gave a positive 92% rating, fans responses totaled just 30% approval. Here's show creator Leslie Headland and star actress Amandla Stenberg in an interview with the rap that went viral.


I think that Star Wars is so gay already. Okay.


I mean, have you seen the fits?


Are you telling me with a straight face that C3PO is straight?


They're a couple. That's what I think. But this is more outward. I think it's canon that R2D2 is a lesbian. Oh, interesting.


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