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The McElroy brothers are not experts and their advice should never be followed through.


It's the start of something beautiful. A small acquaintance has blossomed into a. I could have never said I was going for me and this is my life. It feels like. Hello and welcome to my brother, my brother mean invite show for the modern era. I'm your oldest brother, Justin McElroy. Well, my name well, it's Travis, a.k.a. Big Dog, a.k.a. Wolf in sheep's clothing, a.k.a. Ruff Ruff McElroy.


And I'm my name's Fredo Cool Jazz. It's a new era in the bin Bambo new song. New new characters, new storylines, new law, a new road.


I feel like going with Fredo is a bold shot.


Griffin Frido, famously the brother who was the biggest disappointment and godfather of the three brothers, I believe Fredo, who's great.


I'm afraid of cool jazz. This is a different guy, maybe. OK, and we got music, new characters, new storylines, new places.


I've got a new cool t bird car that's going to be in a lot of the scenes now and oh is that like a character on its own.


Yeah, it's and it takes place in New York City and.


Yeah. And it's that's also kind of a character.


So you just heard our new theme song. It's called My Life is Better With You by Montane, who is a very talented artist. You should seek out immediately. Love to get her on the show.


It would be cool if we could get her on the show in the next twenty eight minutes, like twenty eight question comes along.


Yeah. Like later this episode. Yeah we'll see. Yeah.


Yeah. Because maybe in the works it's wild, it's, it's wild enough to me that we know somebody who's competing on Eurovision, let alone that we have now worked with somebody and will now be on a weekly basis sort of, you know, played on by somebody who's going to be on television.


And do you think that means we can go to Eurovision ticks? Can we get can we compete? Will we be able to leave our nation?


Is there is a huge question. Can America join Europe?


Can we reach out? Will bring us back up in stop in the UK is out. That's fine. Subbase in baby. I mean, if you're including Australia, I'm just saying we're ready. Why not America?


Let me we'll start out by doing we'll infiltrate some backup dancers for some of the other for some of the smaller countries that don't really have a shot and feel like we'd really blend in with like say, let me think.


Maybe like France.


France. Yeah, I think we could get in there and get like experimental with it and then we'll take off our masks at the end and be like, it's us, America, and we can do it and we can hang out too. Yeah. And oh what's that. We're building bridges both figuratively and literally across the Atlantic Ocean. Yeah.


Oh man. Who are so cool. Where's that bridge. Thank you.


Come on. Thank you. It's twenty, twenty one. Let's build the bridge across the ocean or under the ocean.


It did.


Did it did. Did this is what I'm saying. Bridge to Europe.


Back to you. As you drive in your car you'll go very far out but don't collapse.


Actually it's a walking. It's a it's a walking. It's it's like one of those escalator ground escalator things.


You just kind of stand on it and you start a little life down there and then like a month and a half later. Good leg. Good evening, Governor. Oh, you're on the other side. That's means you're on the other side and then we can to change it to like, oh yeah, under the pond and that's what we'll say across the pond.


It's like, oh, I came under the pond in the tube, like on the subway, you know, like, no, in the tube there's a tube. It's about like three feet wide and like six and a half feet tall. It's very tight, very dark.


You know, there's a special British RSS feed of this show that just has content warnings in front of every episode.


Every one of the people in Eurovision who are responsible for Eurovision are going to listen to the last two and a half minutes of this show and say, damn, not yet. They aren't ready yet to be called. I feel like in three minutes we started to establish new bonds and the Savard them violently.


Boy, oh, boy, we should build the bridge over the Atlantic Ocean and then set fire to it as we're driving in the last golden spike. I love it. Hey, can we do our show? I would love that.


Actually, that would be fantastic because I feel like we haven't done it in a while, you know what I mean? Like, I don't think we answered any questions last week. Yeah.


Did we not? I don't know how we got rowdy.


We talked about here's how this is going to be a regular one, OK?


Oh, my wife and I had our first baby last year, a girl. She's now ten months old.


My father in law bought her a gift and he's very excited to see her playing with. The problem is it's clearly labeled a dog toy. Oh yeah. Tag the tag, say, to keep it away from babies.


He ordered it online so he may not have noticed this. How do I navigate this without hurting his feelings? I can't tell him that he actually bought our daughter a dog toy.


But I also don't want her to play with a dog toy helicopter parent, am I right? Yeah. Real canine free in California. I like the ones where they set it up so that there is no right here. There's two things that can happen. Both are bad.


Yeah. So I've lived this.


We, we, we were killing time at some strip mall somewhere with Henry and he picked up a dog toy, had a pet land. We were just kind of walking around cause we thought, hey, maybe he'll look at fish and be distracted for a little bit for a second.


And he picked up a little little squishy dog toy and enjoyed it. And we took a picture just posted online.


And then my my my mother and father in law sent that toy for Henry. And he was like, fuck. Yeah. And started to play with it. And then we looked at the tag later, like, this is kid boys and this is this dog's love it.


Kids hate it. Kids' bodies hate dogs. Bodies can withstand it.


But don't let a child put this in his mouth. Whatever you do, whatever you do, don't do that.


So what we did is we immediately took the toy away and we told the parents and we said, hey, this is funny. You got our human child a dog toy. And then we all had a good laugh about it. And it was a mistake that was never made again.


So really, you got to say something, but make it fun. Like you poison my child. That can be fun. And then it's like they're not going to feel bad because it's like a funny joke. What kind of toy is it?


Because if he got her Anirban, it might be on purpose. Maybe he's just being really mean.


God, I hate brushing my son's teeth.


If I could just toss a nail, a bone in there and enjoy the cool.


The kids don't appreciate if you've never tried to brush the teeth of a human that does not want their teeth brush. Yeah, that is the one. Any place where kids can flex nuts, they absolutely will. Right. And this is the one place where kids can absolutely flex. It's on you and they do every single fucking time.


Yeah. If you ever want to feel powerless brushing his teeth and have them bite down on how you're done. I know. All right. I can't pull on it. I'm not like marathon man bullshit that's going to have you staring into the mirror for the next two hours, like questioning your very soul. Like there's no play.


You just let go of it at that point. All right? You let your teeth fall out.


They don't need those teeth anyway. That's what I said.


That's why we took baby to the dentist, you know, when it was time, because we're good parents or whatever, and they're like, yeah, you got to start flossing and things like, oh, I don't I don't know, I'll bring it back here.


DataLab, my friend, I think. Can I bring her in. Yeah, well, you just chuck a bone in there and let the bone do the oppression. It's weird that there's not a child. We got that.


We got we got that tech for dogs but we don't have that tech for toddlers.


That's Hey science. How's your priorities. Pretty fucking bad I think. Yeah.


I actually think you also have a sweet girl inside those things. They love that. I would love that.


I'm saying that I buy baby a lot of stuffed animals and not a lot of stuffed animals and very few of them have like tough tech technology that lets them really rag doll them around to get that sweet girl out. I'm just saying let's keep our kids a little busier and maybe make those chew toys last. A little bit longer for the kids, OK? Yeah, hey, you want to go? Yes, that this one was sent in by several people.


Thank you, everybody.


It seems extremely unhelpful. Answer, by the way. I just want. Yes. Yeah. No, do tell them. I'm telling you. I lived this and I got through OK. And it's fun. So thank you, everybody who sent this in as Yahoo!


Answers user Natalie who asks shipping a horse from Canada to Australia. I want to transport my horse from Canada to Australia in a few years. He is a gelding and at that time will be four. Is this dangerous to do? Can he get sick for it? How much will it cost about has anyone else done this that can give? Please give me some information on this. What are some good company that can do this via ship or by air that can give me a quote?


Got to get it and let's go ahead and just say Operation Dumbo, drop out loud and then we can move on to like more creative waters.


OK. I'm on a plane.


Yeah. Now that that's out of the way. Oh, here's the problem. I can think of so many ways to get a horse from Canada to Australia.




If they can be dead at the cove at the end of. Oh, at the end of that. Right. Well I guess the other way around wouldn't work the other way around, you know, some powerful magic unless you kill the horse ship.


It left ways over the international date line.


It shows up in Australia feeling hale and hearty. Now that would be tomorrow, but no, still dead. Dead for a day.


It might actually be easier to shoot the horse up into the sky in a rocket.


Let the earth rotate underneath it.


Oh, the rocket come back down. Oh, cool.


And land in Australia if it might be easier and we could really interstellar it and lasso around old Jupiter up in the sky, have a slingshot all the way back when it comes back. We have it's been ten years on earth but for the horse it's been like nine years and like 11 months and it's still a lot of time.


It's pretty. It's pretty. You would need to could be fast.


How many seats would you have to buy on a plane all to go before we let you take the horse on.


Yeah. Carry on horse. Yeah I've seen. OK, for reference. Yeah.


I once saw a large pit bull. Yeah. That was like a rescue animal that had been trained to be like an assistive animal. Right. And I would put him at probably eighty pounds.


That's a little horse that this is what I'm saying. So if we scale that up that was like one seat. Right. Right. So horses was like eight hundred pounds. That's 10 seats.


There's going to be a four year old horse. So we're not talking about a little foal straight out the out the gate. I'm checking the pet travel page on Delta, OK, and just control half horse.


Some pets can travel with Delta as a carry on shipped as very special cargo depending on their size. Review the requirements.


OK, I'm checking the guidelines and requirements.


OK, yeah, there's a section here on inappropriate animal behaviour so all dogs need not apply.


Oh no, not this.


This pony is a real saint. Isn't this ponies a fucking gentleman.


One of the inappropriate animal behaviours is barking excessively, not in response to a handler's needs or distress. Yeah. Yeah I want to. I didn't listen.


It does that dog senses distress because if so, I need him to let me in on what the problem is, because we are on an airplane, this dog's having a chill time and he's got his favourite tunes planned and it's nice and cool in here.


But he's being extremely loud now, are we. Twenty five thousand feet up in the air and is that uncomfortable for a dog?


Yeah, one of the things one of the things that'll get your your pet kicked off the plane is relieving themselves in the gate area or cabin. If my dog relieves themselves in the cabin, obviously that's clear. I actually that's absolutely one hundred percent. I'm with you. I agree. I would love to have this dog off the plane, too, because it's obviously not working out. What is your plan right here?


Exfil. That's be a threat. Hey, yeah, we're we're in the middle of the ocean. You got to pop that door open. Even if you're serious about it. That's put there's a danger. I'm going to steer you directly in the eye while Rex is in there.


They no longer allow as of January 11th, twenty twenty one, they no longer allow what are listed here as non dog service animals.


I love I think all animals love to think of themselves as dogs. So here's what they don't permit.


Small mammals are pocket pets like hedgehogs or sugar. OK, that's not a problem. This is a huge mammal, so we're fine.


So far, you know, no insects or spiders. And to be fair, I believe I will be the judge of that because you will never know.


Yeah, that's a big there's no rodents, mice, rats, hamsters. They list they list out rodents, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs.


I feel like if I'm planning to bring an animal like that on the plane, I should at least know if it's a rodent or not. I shouldn't have to specify.


You don't mention Chinchilla's Intourist now.


They do have they list here amphibians, birds. Obviously they just get competitive.


Right. That with the plane animals improperly cleaned or with a foul odor does find this again, this poneys a gentleman is going to smell fucking far.


We're in the clear.


Yeah, this is looking good so far.


The last one, animals with tusks, horns or hooves, scratchy goats and pigs, but does not specifically list horses, but they do have.




I'm just saying some large sneakers you never know.


Well but they x rays so the hooves can the bugs come off for like a minute. Do they regrow like Tony. Do they come back. And I'm sure this is a horrible thing to say. I'm sure it hurts. And there's probably some monstrous sort of practice that is being done to horses. That is not funny in the least. But this isn't funny. This is serious. We're trying to solve a really serious issue or else this horse is going to get left behind.


And could the horse hang their hooves out the windows and they're not on the plane.


That's good. That's good. You can also just bring them to the to the gate and just be like, please look at it.


Look at his big wet eyes. That animal's got hooves. I fuck. You're right. He does. Oh, well, we can still get on, right. We're still cool. Right. We're still OK. Right.


I can tell you're a pretty cool person who probably likes a hundred dollars.


I mean, can you imagine getting to the gate with your your sneaker wearing a horse that has been through hell and you are walking up the tarmac and then the horse lets out a Dukey and you're like, oh wait, you'd rather have it?


We were so close, Mr. Chamberlain.


Fuck, I, I just want to say for the record, I think that lost would have been twenty five percent better if there had been a horse survivor on the island that had been on the plane, the horse lands and then they just treated it like another. It was like, yeah, there's Jack. Yeah there's Sawyer. Mr. Chamberlain. There's her at thousand like horse. We got to get off this island.


I would love that man. I'd be so into that. Yeah. Thinking about it. One of the things that they do list I want to make you page and this doesn't help us necessarily, but I did want to mention that one of the fake uses what if I have a service or support animal in training?


Oh, and they say that as a service animal and train does not meet qualifications for a trained animal. But I do love the idea of pull it up to the gate.


Like, listen, I'm going to warn you right up front. This guy's a fucking police candidate.


Yeah. I can't run.


I he will serve. He services me for sure, but sometimes he goes too far. I have asked for his badge and gun repeatedly, but he won't step down.


I actually have to I have to support animals.


One of them very by the book. He's about six months from retirement. He's training this new rookie. But that rookie cannot be controlled and they blackheads. But you know what? They get the job done and you're going to be glad they're on this plane. You're going to be glad they're on this plane.


Yeah, you may need some real service done. Maybe off book I right service. They don't teach in school.


Recently, my girlfriend and I moved into a new house where the landlord conveniently already provides the Internet. We're both biologist's in our late 20s and today discovered that safe search is on through some entirely innocent and work related web searches. How do we ask our landlord to remove safe search without him immediately jumping to the conclusion that we want to desecrate his house with filthy, unspeakable pornography? That's from not so lewd lodgers in Leeds, UK?


Well, my theory supposition would be that if you have some sort of safe search software enabled, some sort of sort of net nanny, that there's some sort of white listing that you could do. Right.


Makes me now or I feel like all you have to do is go to your landlord and tell them exactly the nasty URLs that you are going to be exploring.


Yeah, this is tough. Why? Because you I, I understand that it's probably ninety nine point nine percent of the time.


Not for unspeakable things.


Yeah, but what about that point, one percent. You don't want to go to a movie like. Hey, thanks for. Was look at like, I don't know how bird genitals or whatever, because we're biologists, but also but we actually I got to tell you, Mark, we accidentally did look at it today and we need you to tighten up the algorithms. Mark, this is a this is a Christian household, that this deal is a deal, as I'll say, a search.


But if it's an honor system, can you see anything that you're not supposed to?


You have to let me know and I'll explain it to you. Yeah, I'll make what used to make sense. I promise I won't leave you alone in this.


Hey, Mark, I saw some and they look like adults doing some stuff to each other, like, OK, sit down.


I've watched so many tenants through this.


OK, listen, it was the mommy daddy hug. Do you know what I'm talking about?


You know, Mark, you know, also our disposal's broken, the disposal's broken, and I can't get my sites to load where they do the special mommy daddy hug.


Can you come tweek both?


Why are they dancing so hard, Mark?


Bases so angry at each other, so music, if you're like we're fairly positive that your landlord is able to see your entire Internet history, right, if this is the set up like one hundred percent, right?


Yeah. Yeah.


I guess I was literally like this sounds like your street is Gmail account, so. Yeah, yeah.


You have to go borrow his is his laptop.


His laptop computer is in the dining room that you all share and your landlord is also your dad. Yeah.


You just admit your dad for complimentary internet access to come to my place and ask the book. Yeah. Well crack it open for you.


My Web book and it's just a sticker on it and it just says the Internet on it wasn't a dad.


Lord lets us use the Internet. Sometimes we see some sites.


I think you should have a conversation about whether he keeps the nanny on on his computer, because if he's doing that fair fair play, fair play, God, he needs to let you get up and ask the corners.


You need to ask him if you can pay extra for the dirty sites in your in your rental agreement will increase, just like how you have a pet addendum. This is just like, yeah, you can look at whatever you want for an extra fifty dollars a month.


Let me three dirty sites on your premium package on the Internet.


That sucks. And I don't think it's legal. I think you should be able to do something about it. I don't know who you complain to the better the better business bureau. Um, somebody somebody I don't know if they do that in the UK, but there's got to be there has to be an answer to this that we don't know because it's such a preposterous situation shouldn't be happening.


Do you have a 14 year old nephew? You could ask for it, like the creative spellings of words that he uses to, like, search.


Yeah, probably hook you up.


He's probably got some weird ones, like, have you tried typing in Stiffy? Stiffy sometimes gets through and surprisingly, Tetsu works quite often if you teach but not cow, sometimes you can get through T minus cow.


There's a fitting there's a thin crack in the wall.


Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba de la la la la la la la la la la la la.


I want to Munchkinland. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba.


I want to munch bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup.


Breaking news at this hour. Another update from the front lines.


Oh, no. Welcome to Much Squad Chicken Wars, where we bring you the latest and greatest in brand eating as it pertains to these heinous, never ending chicken sandwich wars that weren't so much as anyone died yet in the chicken sandwich wars.


Not immediately.


But, you know, they certainly are shortening lifespans, right, with these delicious sandwiches.


I did try the new McDonald's chicken sandwich, and I have to give it a out of woe.


Right. That's the highest authority. Right.


First, let's check in on Zach's because they got a signature sandwich that is prepping for a national launch all across. It's nine hundred nine locations in 17 different states.


Dazzle me, come on, focus on me, sex during a test that they launched in the test market, his new signature chicken sandwich exceeded the performance of the existing hand breaded filet by six hundred percent.


So what are they? What does that is the next sentence? Yeah. So we learned that our old sandwich sucks, so it's fucking disgusting.


It was actually just a flip flop with salt. We did not know it was so bad. When it comes to portion size flavor and quality ingredients, Zak's BBSes in it to win it says Joel Bulgar, CMO.


While we may not be the largest brand competing in the Sandwich War, I'm confident we have the right ingredients to win on taste and make chicken sandwich enthusiasts switch to Zack Space and will literally do whatever it takes.


You ask and will it will. We will smooch everyone on Earth till Zack Space is the most famous. We will kill Colonel Sanders in all his forms. Yes, he can shave.


She will get him. We will hunt the Colonel Sanders whore cruxes that have kept him.


So how are we going to know when the chicken sandwich wars are over? When we're all dead, yeah, we're all dead. There's no one left to back. On October 26th, the company fired off the tweet that reignited the chicken sandwich wars. Since then, numerous brands have entered the fray. Zach SP's is actively engaging in the battle of the brands on social media and converting customers daily with a distinct taste and impressive size of its singular chicken sandwich.


Can I can I ask you I want you really think this is just popped of my head.


What would be the real world ramifications if that's just one day took to Twitter and with full support of all of their, like CEOs and leaders and stuff just tweeted, Wendy sucks shit.


Wendy's chicken sandwich sucks. Wendy's has a pretty hifi Twitter account. They can probably get away with it. Honestly, it gets it gets it.


Let me finish this release because I've got other news in the front to bring you is actually commemorated the national roll out with a quote, Bunz fired tweet and a quote, basic training Tick-Tock video showing employees gearing up for the big they share.


Imagine being some kind of sidebar.


Can you imagine being so fucking out of it that you're reading a press release and you're like a tick tock video? They're really committed to this thing.


Prior activations include a military themed code name generator, brand lost and chicken floors, uniforms for team members in the front line. Get the fuck out. Let's have fun with the military industrial complex, maybe.


Yeah, the chicken. Honey, let's pivot over here. And w are you are you I know you're root beer, but you're also a fast food chain.


Are you up in the mix. I just want to read you this one quote, because they're bringing back COD sliders for Lent, this is how far off they go.


And I just wanted to mention it because this absolutely inscrutable quote from from N.W., with many of the country's full service restaurants closed or facing dining restrictions, AMW is pleased to offer consumers a variety of popular seafood options, says CEO Kevin Besner.


I'm fucking asleep. Whether what nobut.


But like, what's the fucking weather?


Guests enjoy them in our dining rooms that are open or take them home. And seafood items are tasty and affordable way to observe.


It does kind of seem like like with many with many restaurants closed. We've been watching a lot of TV lately. OK, here's the sandwich. We want to fucking talk about Zach's business over here, like we taught our employees how to build improvised explosive devices. Ryan.


And here's our last update from Burgher PHY, a chain I'm not familiar, and then every time you do this, Justin, where you bring one that nobody's heard of before, it's usually the rowdiest imaginable thing.


It's really rowdy. After having nationwide success with the spicy fried chicken sandwich, Burger PHY International is launching a new type of sandwich wore white.


And this one has to do with burgers since you can't. Well, imagine if in the middle of World War Two, someone was like, we're starting World War Three, like now you let us finish this one first, though. Yeah.


Burger fries like December 7th is a day that will live in infamy. And it is about burgers. So this one's about burger. Yeah. The burger fine menu is a ray of chef inspired selections and high quality while you beef it was only name, it was only natural for the premium fast casual concept to take it to the next level with a one of a kind spicy burger sensation.


Whoa. The swag burger features double wagger and a brisket burger, a brisket blend burger, chard, jalapenos, candy, ghost, pepper, bacon to pack the heat, sweet tomato relish to add a bit of sweet habanero pepper, jack cheese and hot steak sauce.


So it's so I feel like and a lot of ingredient territory already. Right.


It seems like they're maybe shooting the cannon and to its credit it doesn't go on too, since there is a couple restaurants out there who are so focused that more that they're not watching their home front here because Burger firelighters sneaking in the back and forth. You all up.


You also busy worrying about chicken. We're here with that beef game for the new product Burger.


I initiated a consumer research study focused on the initial reaction to the product use, utilizing its savory description to test the appeal.


Cool. Do you understand what I just said?


We asked people to label what's on the sandwich and said this size. Exactly. We describe the sales people. They believe it or not. Would you all like that? Would that what if we added one more thing to it? It says here in the press release, do you like it? Huh?


Yes. Here's my phone number. This is burgers, hot as fuck.


And I'll melt a hole through the back of your skull. Do you want it?


Yeah. They conducted a concept test on the flavor build product name a price I would love.


I would do anything if they're like, OK, what if we call it Dave Super Smashburger? That's pretty good. What if instead of four pieces bacon, you have three. I don't know. That seems less good. OK, noted. Thank you. OK, but just said that does kind of make sense as to why it's called the swag burger.


Why, it's called the swag burger. Oh, yeah, I'm not there yet. Over two thousand five hundred participants were part of the study with approximately 500 people per concept tested. So what they said is they came up with five to five different rad burgers.


The research proved invaluable in determining the selection of Raghib versus Angus beef in the burger. Wow. That's a long way to say.


Let's check in with Paul Graffin, Burger Fire Chief Culinary Officer. The Scheme Biographies Foundation is burgers. And because the spicy chicken wars have been part of the cultural conversation of spicy chicken wars, they're saying, I think it's because that's the only one they have.


They were they've picked a little notch of the war that they could carve out for themselves.


Well, it's a war on many fronts. The ground war you have at sea, you have to be for like the guerrilla war.


Yeah, the chicken wars have been part of the cultural conversation over the past few years. Is that really I mean, I know you guys talk about it a lot, but I haven't heard a single human being alive references. We've been talking about it a lot, Justin.


Well, in our little corner of culture, which is obviously a biased sample, one when we talk about fast food all the time, that it's this whole thing started as a way to find a new chick fillet that everyone can eat without feeling like dog shit about it.


And it started out as so emotional. It started out as something fun and it started as something virtuous. And everybody was just like all hands on deck. But then it turned into, well, I think potpies is the best replacement. Well, I think Zippy's is the best replacement.


And then potpies and Saxbe is like, it's over, baby, and it's not. We're having fun while thwarting fucking chick fillet. Can we remember what it's all about? And now other people are talking about like, no, it's burgers war now it's going to be car war. I will sit down.


I will say, given that there there's still some virtue to it. I see a lot of young folks out there. They're you know, they're recycling their scrap metal. They're turning in their nylons to support the troops out there.


Yeah, everybody's a part of this effort.


And I won't sit here and let you besmirched the honor of our troops.


And Griffin, I think maybe if you had a little bit more patriotism. Thank you. I care a little bit more about the chicken wars.


Just let me wrap this up, please. Paul Griffin is not down. Paul Griffin could have been up there, but instead, Paul Griffin continued.


Once we had the idea of the spicy burger, it was fun to start playing with ingredients and textures. It was the best day of my life. It was so fun. This has been actually super fun.


The candy ghost pepper bacon is perfect for those guests who are more adventurous.


And that makes with the boldness of WANGU and the creamy and this and the kick of habanero pepper jack cheese, it really rounds out the burger to make it one of the most flavorful menu items at Burger PHY.


And you could tell a person like dictating this was this like still nodding and maybe Paul was like, I say something else.


Are we OK? That seems like enough. That's good. Yeah.


They want they're taking this while sitting on the toilet. They had been sitting on for the last hour and a half trying to pass one of these through their system.


But then Julio Ramirez, the Burger Fries CEO. Yeah, he he heard Paul fucking Bob.


So he throws open the door. He's like, hold on, let me take this.


What the swag burger takes are unique Ragu Beef offering featured in our CEO Burger, and it kicks it up a notch with different textures and flavors that create a daring spiciness with each fight. Is there anyone above the CEO who can kick in another door? Behind him is No one pays me.


It's me. The owner of Burger Fired, Justin McElroy. I want to tell you about this burger, and that's how we find out the truth.


Creating the spicy burger sensation is another example of how we're redefining the way the world eats burgers.


OK. Oh boy. Burger Fei will always find ways to continue to grow pioneer trends and create iconic offerings as part of our mission to provide the best burger experience. OK, Sam, I could go for a burger. No, yeah, I mean, that's the one that's the terrible part about this segment is I always end up extremely.


Yeah. Do you know what? There's going to be the worst outcome for Burger PHY is that no one will rise to their challenge. No one will even acknowledge that they have attempted to start a burger war. And and life's just going to go on without Burger PHY sort of being a part of it.


And that's it. That's going to be embarrassing. They're going to have to get more thirsty with these press releases.


Julia Ramirez was a Burger King for 26 years. Then he knows what he's doing. He knows what he's.


Oh, yeah. He's like, oh, look at your fucking parrot. He came in on October twenty twenty. Are you kidding me? Can you think of a more challenging time to step into these waters? Julia doesn't give a shit.


Anyway, that's that's an update. Please let me know if you try different chicken sandwiches, you can just tweet those at Barack Obama and. You know, maybe he would like to know about it, or you could scream at me if you want, I just always like to try to get people to tweet and Obama because I bet he's lonely right now.


And then, I mean, these presidents have to do anymore. Yeah. Do you think he's ever like Joe Giannini, how president stuff today?


Hey, Joe, I don't want to be I don't want to be a dickhead, Joe, but when I was president, I like you help me with stuff.


Yeah. So just doesn't seem like maybe I could come by in your mind if you're in office. Maybe. Yeah. I'll let you hang out with different stuff.


So maybe you just got so far, you know, I mean, the kids are grown up now joder. Well I'm in my hands. I did give you that big metal.


Joe, look at it. You remember.


So we're going to take a quick break. And right now and then we'll come back with more great content. Until then, let's kick it over to the money zone. Stamps are great, you can put them on mail to make the mail go places and you can collect them and create decks of stamps that you battle against other folks for their stance that last forever.


Sure. Yeah, there's stamps that last forever and then there's oil ones. Yeah. And there there's chase stamps. And those can be fun. But, you know, it's not fun is just going to the post office when you're not feeling like it. Well, is going to keep you from having to make such a dreary afternoon of it because they let you print off postage right there at your freaking computer.


You can send letters or packages and you can pay a lot less with discounted rates from UPS, ups and more.


So it cuts out a lot of the B.S.. Yeah, I think and I don't think we'll ever do a ad so good that they'll put us on stamps.


Oh man.


We could probably get them to put us on like a picture of us, like having a great time battling our stamps against each other. But I don't know if they would actually put us on the postage itself.


I want to be on the postage. I want to do that. That feels like a cool thing that not everybody gets to do.


Right. Well, be president or go to space and make a big space. Discuss how much work, though.


Can I just do a really good ad read in the middle of my podcast.


You got to invent some medicine, go to space and make a space discovery or be the president travel. That's one of those. All right, fine.


I will. They got discounts up to 40 percent off post office rates and up to sixty two percent off ups shipping rates. It's a wild deal. And if you ship a lot of stuff, you should I assume you're already using, but if not, correct that mistake. Stop wasting time going to the post office and go to instead. There's no risk.


And with our promo code, my brother, all one word, you get a special offer that includes a four week trial plus free postage and they stop doing the digital scale.


Just kidding. They still definitely do the digital scale.


There's no long term commitments or contract freaked me out.


You prank me and I thought I could to be Griffin. I shit myself when you try this shit I shit and I'm in a small booth. Griffin Yeah. Now this whole booth smells like shit.


I'll go to and click on the mike from the top of the homepage and type in my brother. All one word that promo code, my brother, all one word go to the post office every day. That was another prank. They don't want you. Please, they'll never use. Don't please, please don't go to you know what we never do that go to please and use the promo code. My brother please.


Please. Speaking of cheating yourself, I want to tell you about Brooklyn and this is the fastest we've had to do a make good.


Yeah, this is the fastest. They're actually monitoring this recording. They just told me I just went to speedrun Dotcom.


He said fastest fuck ad fuck up to require make good Schneller self today with Brooklyn dotcom.


Cool. They got the best shit around. You're not getting too old for this shit. No. The perfect age.


This shit is right up your alley. Sorry, the copy. It says, Please do not make any jokes about how she said, I love my feet, my feet don't think so because I wash them.




Am I going to start reading the ad copy underneath this and try to get a fast start over? This is a new ad now. OK, that was that was disconnected. Yeah.


Now it's time for the make good not only street in Brooklyn.


It's great some. I'm warning you. What's wrong. What's wrong.


I'll do it. OK. Everybody sleeps if you're lucky, and sometimes you got to up, up, grab your presentation in bed.


I want to start a you know, you've got to upgrade, you're almost out of shape.


Then you've got a surprise. If you if you have ever woken up, that's a side.


Oh, wow. Oh, OK. So comfortable that when you sleep in them, you'll die if you've ever woken up and not been able to move because some kind of sleep ghost is holding you down. That's because of bed sheets. Yeah. Brooklands sheets aren't bad. No. It's the first direct to Consumer Bedding Company. They work directly with manufacturers to make luxury available directly to you without the luxury level markup.


And they're guaranteed not haunted.


Yeah, Brooklyn has a variety of sheets, colors, patterns, materials to fit your needs and tastes. If that need is to cut two holes for eyes and have a great, easy Halloween. But then that's fake it.


Let's be clear. That's not a real ghost name. Real human interactive.


These are not haunted, guaranteed. Kidding aside, I love the show. Hold on. Let me switch gears.


OK, kidding aside out Father in all of these sheets are really good. I sleep great and you know, it's great every time I wash them, which is the normal amount and frequency but normal.


Not too much on this thing. In your head of what the just about exact average normal amount is.


That's how much I do it once they just get softer.


For me, I think it was once a college. They got more than sheets by the way. They got comforters, pillows, towels, even loungewear and more. Go to Brooklyn and Dotcom and use promo code my brother to get twenty five dollars off. When you spend a hundred dollars more plus free shipping, that's B-R.


OK, well I in e dotcom and enter code my brother to get twenty four dollars off and you spend one hundred dollars or more plus free shipping Brooklyn and dotcom and use promo code.


My brother at Brooklyn in.


That's the good shit I now we got to I'm not starting over now. We'll get it in. That was a different thing. That wasn't the commercial anymore. Hey, folks, it's me, James Arthur am host of Minority Corner Your Home through these wild times for a weekly doses of pop culture, history, news, nerdy stuff and more through it, biopsy queer and allied lands. I already took you back in time through one time machine. We're going back even further.


Oh, oh, here we go. I'm old and I. I know it seems scary because now in the they by continuing along on the white people's apologies for Justin Timberlake, that is minority like having those difficult conversations, those necessary conversations. This is now the moment for for white people to be rising up and going. This is our problem.


So join me and some of your new beefs every Friday here on maximum fun to stay informed, empowered and have some fun minority corner, because together we're the majority. Here's a here's another question from our dear listeners. I'm a college student and decided to spontaneously bleach my hair at home. It's kind of a disaster. Flash forwards now.


I want to get it cut, but I'm absolutely terrified the hairdresser will somehow find a way to yell at me for bleaching my hair at home. What should I do if I get bombarded with guilt from a professional that's from sun of a bleach in Ohio?


There is no one in the contiguous United States of America that would know how to answer this question. I'm going. I'm not even here.


Yeah, I was scrolling through my U.S. contacts. I'm fucking coming up empty. Oh, you know who could help?


We reach across the pond and then down to the bigger pond and across the pond, across the actual sort of diagonal vertex across many ponds.


Let's just call Australia. I think it's like, you know, it's like Friday there. What do you have a Friday. So she already know the answer.


Well, just call Montane and created who created the by the revolutionary theme song that you heard earlier. So let's just call. Don't forget to dial the extra numbers. Oh, thanks. Now you're saying you're great.


Extra number for beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.


Phone number song which is kind of amazing.


Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Misdialed. I heard that ring I didn't even bring. Hey, how are Montane High Montaigne's Justin McElroy?


You probably saw that on the caller ID though actually inside I have it saved, but oh no thank you. Well you you think that now wait. Yeah. Give me a sec.


Boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop.


All of our guests do this. I did it really very, very uncomfortable for me. And Travis, if he asked you about LinkedIn, just hang up now. Yes.


Thank you so much for for answering this.


I think unsolvable paradox for us and also for writing one one real slap in tune bop.


I believe we can slap a to say.


The first thing I want to say is now that I'm 40 years, literally no good way for me to refer to a piece of music. I mean, like there's not there's nothing that is it woefully sort of antiquated or like sweaty beyond all recognition? Yeah.


That's why I just lean into this point and I say, like, this is a swinging tune, but I have to hear you say, I have to hear you say that the cost, the human cost, the real human cost.


Montane, you have hair. I actually I have I pretty little hair at the moment.


I have a buzzcut and it's swinging. Are you currently. Oh yeah.


Sorry but you've met, you've met. You've messed around with your hair probably at different times.


I have, you know with hair. How do you deal with. OK, you're in a professional setting. I know.


I just want to say I know that the conceit is that we need to maintain on. I also have died here.


I just know, hey, it's not the same. Maintain your professional setting with people. How do you how do you deal. OK, I'll give you I'll read. I'll refigure it for like your experience when you're talking to a nobody like ourselves about music and you know so much about music.


Yeah. Where, where are you at with that. Are you in like a judgmental place usually. Are you in a place where you're like wanting to help. Where where are you at.


Definitely not. Definitely not judgemental that. Oh okay.


Yeah. Yeah. But hey um music is for everyone, you know, no matter how much knowledge or wisdom is involved, it is, you know, to be shared and loved in whatever way that each individual person wants it to be shared and loved.


And I think like you guys good with it. Love music. I think so. Definitely no judgment there at all.


It's very nice. I think that's very pleasant. If you go to a hairdresser with a bad home, believe they're not going to be angry, you're not going to judge you and feel bad for you.


It's going to be you're going to hear a lot of.


Oh, yeah.


To carry the analogy when I'm sure when Montane heard my Rugrats theme song for the Montane didn't send me an email like you suck shit.


Yeah. Don't do music.


Just I really loved I genuinely love the Rugrats cover quite frankly.


I thought Copperas so nice like really.


Dolen way of saying that if you loved it so much Montane we're going to need that huge novelty check back that we left on your back porch, you know, just throwing it over now just forward that to class.


Oh it just. Oh. Oh no.


What's your approach to hair. Do you just feel like you were talking about you keep it very short right now. Is that just like the look you like? Do you experiment a lot? Do you just say like, hey, whatever, just sort of entertains you right now. That's what I'm going with.


I had the same haircut since I was six.


So my approach is fairly impulsive. I'd say for the Eurovision Stuff in particular. I had a very particular aesthetic that I wanted, which was have really short buzz cut hair that is like ultra colorful.


So my hair for Eurovision will be quite rainbow and buzz cut it. But like a year ago my hair was just like natural color, like short but not buzzcut. And then the year before that was blue. It was quite long and that was pink. So just like whatever I feel like really let's be nice.


Keep and keep our heads on a swivel. Exactly. I made the mistake of having my purple hair become part of our merchandise. And now Justin and Griffin. Well, let me change. Yeah.


You mentioned Eurovision. That's such a coincidence because your your Eurovision track. See even track. Like track.


Oh no, it's fine. Just talk from my mouth. It hurts to ask for my lips.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Technicolor is the name of the song.


The video came out today is we're recording this. I got to go almost I go as you're listening to it. It's called Technicolor.


You can find it on YouTube I. It's streaming on Spotify, Eurovision, that's massive. Congratulations. Thank you. It is big in a way that I find rather intimidating. Really? Yeah. Oh, my God, I'm like, no, no, really big. I know it's big. Yes, it's so cool. And I think I mostly am.


I think Avery, like other week, my anxiety will start to, like, build up a little bit just because, like, there's a lot I think the issue is that there's this enormous compression of time and the number of things that we can get done in some number of time.


And you want to do things well when you don't have time, it's hard to do that in a way that is like foolproof.


So that's been a bit stressful. But, yeah, thanks for wasting time on our song tonight. And honest to God, literally a dream come true. We're going to talk about that just once.


I want to I want to go for one more second because it is so fucking good. If you go listen to it, you're going to let's do it on everybody on our staff has been listening to it literally constantly sharing the baby around. We are in love with it.


I, I want to ask you, I was watching the performance video today that did you wish at any point while you have been recording this and do you ever wish you put fewer notes in it because it made you guys sing a lot of notes, you know, where in front of like a bazillion people on a massive stage you're like got a lot of notes to this mother have been five notes, not five, but certainly not this many.


It's a lot.


Honestly, there is very little time to breathe in the song, which is quite difficult because we have organized choreography for it as well.


I think, like all of it is manageable if I stand still. OK, but I've I've opted I've opted not to know.


Which country are you most gunning for.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I don't know if you guys paid any attention to Eurovision last year, but Iceland put forward the most ripping country like absolutely fantastic.


God, it makes me mad. I've got it is generally comes out with this fucking song.


It's amazing. And the video and the concert, like it's about his unborn child, like too little to have any consciousness kid who is wondering about the thoughts of and it's just like so sweet in the video is so funny. It's just he's amazing. I'm actually a huge fan of him. You're going to crush him, right?


You guys, you guys, you guys. You guys are this song, right? I want to play you five seconds of the song I'm allowed to what's your. I don't care. And just be quiet for a second. I can't wait to know what you think about this movie that I will always be there.


So you can tell me anything and I'll send you to Santa Fe.


Yes. Oh, that was unbelievable.


We didn't. Unbelievable. But you're going to beat their ass.


Yeah, maybe we'll see. Beat them all the way back to Iceland.


Hey, let's talk about the my brother. My brother.


I mean, the theme song, which I guess is not going to be called Be a Wild Thing to see on the back of a seabag.


I've I titled it In the Fire, Listen to my Life. And then in brackets is better with you exclamation mark from my brother.


My brother, I mean. Exactly my brother.


Work on that. We can sufyan it up a bit and just be like in brackets, just be like a fateful occurrence on the shores of the on the great wide Mississippi something or other. Yeah.


But what is amazing about your song is we had a very I mean, it couldn't have been a more abstract brief that we slid across your proverbial desk.


I didn't find it abstract at all, so I thought it was really clear.


Oh, wow, that's good to hear. But really, I mean, we told you sort of kind of what we were in the market for.


And it's like you reach into our brains and found a song that somehow fulfilled all of it without us being able to, like, actually articulate any of that. So how you do that, I guess, is my question, which I mean, I am your demo.


Like, I was already a listener of the show for like a few years.


And like, I'm into comedy and Sam and my partner writes funny things and I don't know.


Yeah, I guess like that's already a genre and a type of music that I'm familiar with and amenable to and enjoy making a lot. And also like there's a bit of a twist revival happening. Right.


And like the based on the brief I what I imagine was a kind of like high school coming of age, like comedy film, where it's like incredibly corny and but very like instead of being about awful boys who do terrible things in high school, it was going to be about like these two friends who like meet each other and they just genuinely, oh, hello, my cat.


Captain Poodle's has just walked into such guy's name. And yeah, I was just going to be about like to have some friends who like each other, enjoy each other's company and then realize like, oh, this is really great and my life is is nice. And I thought that was that fit the vibe of the show.


Oh yeah. It's great. Who's the friend. Who's the friends. And I guess if we're going to miss to MySpace if you want to strike, I mean.


No, no, no, no. Because I want this to be like the who's the me and my brother. My brother and me. We need more. We need more Masey around our show.


At this point, we've given so much away. It makes you look back the first time I thought about it and listen to the song.


And this is so I don't know, this is perhaps overly maudlin, but it it really exemplifies the way that not how I think about my brother is at all. But OK, that's kind of a zero sum. But how I think about our our listeners, like the people who listen to the show, like it really captures my the exuberance I have for, like, making stuff for them. And because of the pandemic, like the extent to which I have missed seeing people, like seeing people that like listen to our stuff and meeting our listeners who are kind of like an extended family for us, like it really captured that that sense.


I have like kind of a little bit of the the bittersweet part of like missing, seeing them and missing, seeing them in person and doing shows for them, but also like how how much they have improved our life just by listening to our stuff. Absolutely.


It really comes back. Yeah. I didn't get that at all. That's all right. That's music for you.


They just made it made me miss going to the movies, you know what I mean?


Like, but why did you have to cut out my rap verse? Yeah. Let's talk about the third and fourth and fifth verses that we wrote for the song that you did not include.


You know what, Griffin? We include it now, Griffin, if you just want to do it. Yeah, well, the problem is in the note that I got back from Montane and I thought it was fair and I didn't have an answer to it. She said this is mostly numbers.


And I said, you're right. I said, that's right. I guess you have a good point there. And I hadn't thought about it, is that this this versus most it's more numbers than words and it is basically a math equation. And you did and you said that doesn't match the vibe. And I took that I took that very personally. Yeah, I'm sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts and you just going to live with it and and grow strong and move on, you know.


Do you think it's weird, Montane, that your song Technicolor includes one?


Yeah, I promise you, yes. All you nasty dudes. And that's not in our song.


That was not of our song. It seems impossible that you wrote that lyric, but it's not part of it.


Again, it didn't feel like it fit the vibe of the song. But again, if we do a remix and I'm happy to splice the two and make a Technicolor Bambam same mash up, I want to do a remix of the song.


That's just the song exactly as it is, but it includes clips from the show interspersed like they do on like Batmen, the Michael Keaton come in like I've got to go to work.


That was the last time you all watch the kids tomorrow's music video because it's just shots from the movie interspersed with feel like standing next to like a floodlight.


And it's all lit the same as the movie clip. Yeah, like so it's like SEAL is on an adjacent rooftop watching that band and Nicole Kidman Montane, what's next for you?


Obviously very focused on Eurovision. That's going to be this spring. And then what's what's what's after that. Maybe album three, I guess, last year I made a lot of music with the same guy who did the theme song and who did the Eurovision Song, and I think it's probably it's probably adding up to a third album, which I'm excited about.


Who is that? Who is that? That did. His name's Dave Hamo. Dave Hammer. Yeah. Is his name Dave Hammer. And you waited until now to mention it. He his name is Dave.


How will his real name is David Hudud. But his his like Performa official sort of name is Dave Hamill, both great names.


Its real name is Dr. Smashed in style.


But yes, just like a lot of Hammer based music production in the studio. That's not true. No, he's a really awesome, lovely person who listens to all my crazy ideas and yeah, just so easy to work with.


And we've made really, really cool stuff like over the last year, which I'm really excited about, and hopefully can do more of this coming.


Well, we're so thrilled to have you as part of our sort of extended, extended, extended family.


And I stuttered that I didn't mean to say extended seven times because it really it really imbued it with a distance and arm's reach that I didn't like to do live very far away so that it's physically possible.


Oh, my God, Montane, when we do get down there to or over there, it's kind of down. It's basically down. So it's that perspective in that. But when we get down there, we'll do is we'll do a show together. It's going to be great. That would be amazing.


I just got to say really quickly as well. I recently did an interview for like the Mardi Gras event with Courtney Act, who's this amazing drag queen and interview is done on top of the Harbor Bridge.


And what was so funny to me, it was like entering the facility where they like the Harbor Bridge climbs and stuff like that. They have all these pictures of like all these celebrities who've done the bridge climb.


And I forgot, like how much of a staple of like tourism and like celebrities visiting Australia that was like doing the bridge climb because like everyone, like the village people had a photo there and like Danny Radcliffe when he was 11 and like all these people was very funny.


Anyway, you guys go to the bridge, climb and I climb a bridge. Yeah, absolutely.


OK, we got a bridge here that Montani right over. We've all got bridge over the river. It's in West Virginia.


It's over the new river gorge, which is just a massive thing, a very deep hole, like really gorgeous.


It's a deep hole and it's weird. The weirdest thing about it is there's this thing called Bridge Day, where, for one, it's not real.


For one day, it's legal to jump off the bridge.


Well, yeah, the bridge, but very localized.


It's just to be clear, jump off the bridge, like with a parachute, with a parachute or base jump or whatever your flavor is. But there's just I don't know how. I just wish I had been there when it started. So it's like, OK, everybody I dealt with to make a sheriff, everyone can jump off the bridge today. Stop asking.


That's really funny. That's great.


Thank you so much for for being with us. And thanks for the help and thanks for writing our song. What can people find more montane.


Oh man. So many places is obviously, like you said, like my music streams and Spotify, but it also, you know, Apple Music and YouTube and all that stuff. I also tweet stream and I like make music live on my twitch often. I haven't streamed for a while just because I've been so tanked with like Eurovision stuff. But me, my partner also sometimes just play games. And I also have a discord, if anyone wants during the disco.


It's a really wholesome, lovely place. We mostly just send each other pictures of, like, animals. Gosh, what else?


I think that's kind of it.


And if you live in Australia or in Sydney, you'll probably see me or Alan Street because it got the brightest head visible from all kinds of kilometres away.


Nice. All right. Thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of your morning, night and noon.


Fantastic. Nice. One third time's a charm. No, thank you guys for having me so much.


Hey, guys, thank you. So real quick before we wrap up, I just shared a link and the flack, I want you guys to look at this tweet because just real quick, I want you to think about what the implications of this are. I've never watched the masked singer before, but apparently it was revealed that the giant snail.


Contained. Well, you see in the video a celebrity, and it was just a really weird reveal and then the celebrity and the Giants.


Now, when you guys see it, just say it out loud. Hey, kidding me with this.


This is so unfair. Spoilers for the mass singer, but the giant Salewicz Kermit the Frog, what does that mean? What does that mean?


Hey, how is anybody supposed to fucking guess that? How what is that? Wait, what does that mean? Kermit the Frog. Who's coming? Yes, thank you. But it wasn't it was the it was. That's not that's nothing.


I'm so fucking serious. But how you got us talking, didn't you, Hollyweird. I got us again. Thank you so much for listening to our program.


We hope you've enjoyed yourself. We know that we've enjoyed doing a show for you. And just want to say we are about podcasting called.


Everybody has podcasts of you. If you want to learn how to podcast, you just want to read a funny book by some brothers.


Yeah. And then go for it. Also, I want to say that my brother Travis McElroy has a Twitch channel. I stream not an FMV game with him last week. As you're listening to this, I'm sure we'll do it again.


It's a really fun channel and he's got a good energy phone.


One year it's Twitch TV's The Travis MacWhite.


I can't go on. I can't go on. I got banned from Twitter playing a whole Beyonce record.


Yeah, well, I'll stick you on. OK, just don't do it again. I'll try not to.


Hey, we got a new graphic novel coming out in July called The Adventures on Crystal Kingdom.


It's the fourth adaptation of our Dandy podcast Guf Show.


And you can preorder it right now at The Adventures on Comic Dotcom. It would be real cool if you did that.


Well, there's also we as we've repeatedly said, the pandemic will be completely over by the time that book comes out and you'll be able to read it in large gatherings, shoulder to shoulder with your shoulder to shoulder, no masks in the trash.


It will have folks covered by the time it is released. So that's huge. What about that, Senator?


We have some commercial macro commercial comparing the month. It's Sausage three benefiting feeding Texas. We've got the empty bullpen, which is designed by Samuel Reardon. We got the 20 big dog run pen designed by M. Westfall. All that over there and more. MacRobert Sock'Em. Thank you to Maximum Fun, our podcast home. Thank you to all you for listening and supporting our show.


And thank you to Montane for the new theme song is A Real Bopper. And thank you also Montane for being on the show. That's to do. Thanks for Montane. Go listen to all of Montaigne's music right now. If you if you enjoyed the theme song, you've never really dove in to Montaigne's catalog.


You are a you are a fucking lucky duck, my friend, because there is good stuff waiting for you.


Hey, do you want the final.


Yes, please. OK, this final. Yeah. Who sent in by Graham Roebuck. Thank you Graham. It's asked by Yahoo!


Answers user Trimble's Jackhammered who asks.


How many hot dogs is too many to eat before mouth surgery and he was just trying to Zacharie I'm Griffin McIlroy. It's been my brother. My brother may kiss your dad square on the lips. It's better it's better to. Maximum fun dog comedy and culture, artist owned, audience supported.