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So visit Missouri dot com slash murder for 10 percent off. That's Missouri dotcom slash murder for 10 percent. Off your order. Go buy. Hello and welcome to my favorite murder, the mini soad. That's right, that's Karen Kilgariff, and that's George Starks, the same people every time it's the same intro, every time we don't change it up, we know how important predictability is these days. Comforting. It's comforting to hear the exact same thing.


Every week is comforting and it's empty. It's like McDonald's. You know what it's going to taste like. It doesn't feed you in any way.


You know, you're going to tell it. We're all about you're going to feel a little bit bad at the end of it, but also, like, comfort it. Yeah. Wait, are these pickles brined in formaldehyde? What is that? What's best. OK, all right. What is all right then. Out of I don't want to know. Five hundred. Well, OK, that barbecue sauce might as well do it.


Get that hit. I want to go first. Let's do it like this one says just in time for Halloween. Hi my great great great great. And then in parentheses probably more great uncle was the minister at the execution of Sarah. Good. My many great uncle was the assistant minister in the Salem massacre in Salem, Massachusetts, during the Salem witch trials. Arguably, one of the most famous trials belong to a woman named Sarah Good. She was one of the first three women to be executed and accused of witchcraft.


Sarah was accused of cursing two young girls, the reverend's daughters, after they came home from playing and began convulsing and acting strangely. The girls accused Sarah and two other women of bewitching them, although the girls later retracted the statement. The current theory is that the girls eight magic mushroom like fungus, which caused the odd behaviour and the convulsions. Sarah was an outspoken woman of a lower economic status after having inherited the debt of her previous husband and because she required help from her neighbours and didn't always obey societal norms.


She became a target of the church, although she repeatedly denied guilt and the girls retracted their accusations. Sarah was sentenced to death on March twenty fifth sixteen ninety two in July of sixteen ninety two. Sarah, along with four other women, was hanged up until the last moment. Sarah loudly proclaimed her innocence. My uncle during this time kept trying to forcibly, forcefully get Sarah to confess, but she wouldn't. Legend has it that as she walked to the gallows, she yelled To my uncle, I am no more a witch.


Then you are a man of God. And if you take my life, God will give you blood to drink.


Whoa. That was like that was the fuck you of back then.


It took so long as you were yelling it out your heart like I'm no longer wish that you were.


And then it says or I am no more a witch than you are a wizard. And if you get and if you take my life, God will give you blood to drink. Either way, he died of a brain hemorrhage while choking on his own blood. Hey, I mean, so stay. So stay sexy and don't trust great uncles.


Madeleine, we don't really hear about like people's relatives who were bad. We always hear, like, my grandma was amazing or this, but it's like my uncle was kind of a dick.


Yeah, let's hear it. Because we all have them. I mean, look, you're not alone. She's like she's she made this whole email about Sarah. Good. And meanwhile, her uncle is the villain. Yeah, I love that, Larry. Yeah. Well, thank God a religious fanaticism has is nothing anymore. It's completely disappeared.


Woodenness are we would all be people aren't hiding behind the cross and using the Lord's name in vain every day of their life.


Thank goodness we don't have to drink a bucket of blood. Well, you're not going to believe this one. What? This is a this is this. That too. But yeah. Here we go.


You're going to read the same email my version here. OK, in honor of spooky Halloween season, of course, written out perfectly.


Oh, it says Hello, MFM team in honor of spooky Halloween season.


I thought I would write in to tell you about my wicked New England family history. And then it says, Bad joke, but not sorry. How do you say it? And we have a bit sorry. Wicked the musical.


No, like a Bostonian. Wicked I see. Like a New England or this is not slang. We didn't grow up with slang like that fornia while doing research on our family tree. Several years ago, my mom stumbled on an interesting branch where the cause of death was listed as hanging, thinking this was strange. She did some research and found out that we are actually descendants of one of the twenty one people murdered for witchcraft in nineteen sixty two in Massachusetts.


You do you mean sixteen ninety two. That's exactly what I mean. Good.


I'm glad that's good news, although I wouldn't be that surprised.


OK, her name was Sarah Wild's and she was my ten times grandmother. Fun fact. My immediate granny. Mother's maiden name was also Wild's to the name, stuck around for a while and let me tell you a wild wild but she was stuck around for a while here.


But the ones we've broken her spirit, it's her own rule and she can't abide by it.


She was a badass. After her first husband's death, she took over their large property, managing the tractors and farm, making her own money, etc. She made no apologies for being a woman in a position of power. And as legend goes, she wore, quote, brightly colored scarves, which was apparently not OK back then and pissed everyone off. Are you sure we're not talking about Steven Tyler? Because this is I know this story.


I've seen this by his side of it already and read and judged by the community, a neighbor wanted to borrow her tractor and for whatever reason, she told them no. Ultimately, her strong will was what led to her death. The neighbors reported her to authorities, accused her of witchcraft, and the town demanded she be arrested, her son.


And that's Efraim Wild's, which is a cool name. Efraim happened to be the town constable and refused to arrest her, claiming his mother was a godly woman. Unfortunately, she was still taken into custody and hung on July 19th, 16 ninety two at the age of 65. And after this event, the child's family went north to southern Maine, where we've been ever since and where I was born, shout out to all my main murder, murderousness. Woo woo.


I am proud to come from a long line of strong, powerful, unapologetic women instead of murderous uncles. Probably this is the other side of the argument. That's right. It may have been Sarah who started all the bad. Asseri stay sexy and research your family tree.


Caitlyn D. I mean, that is fascinating to find out your relative was the Salem witch murdered Salem witch accused, accused, murdered woman. Amazing to imbue you with something a little bit of that hutzpah. Also, I would look through my parents house for a secret book. Absolutely. Don't you think there's a secret book of spells out of twenty one one person how to be a witch?


No, I'm just kidding. That's not true at all.


But still, what if they were right and there's witches are good pictures in the attic which grow up to the attic.


What did you what do you call it? Attic data.


Go up to the addict and look for a book that looks great, addict in your family and be like me and say, I know you have a book.


Is Bel's cocaine? Give it to me. I want to see the future. Give me some acid. Let's let's do hallucinogenics. OK, my second email says just begins with a simple Hi friends. Hey, you asked for neighbor stories and it broke a memory I'd almost entirely forgotten about. When I was fourteen, I was walking home from my friend friend's house.


A little girl named friend that you're thinking of. Well, for your friend Fran Drescher, Fran, it's a little girl that also looks like she's fifty eight and runs like an office.


She's an office male. My God, the little Fran, the shoulder pads on Fran, Fran. And she kind of has a tight perm, you know, it's just it's no muss hair because she has to get up and go every morning. That's right.


And she always has lipstick on her teeth even though she's a little girl and shouldn't be wearing lipstick somehow.


She's Fran, you smell like coffee, but you're seven. Fran always has a Tic Tacs. That's what I love about her. I was walking home from a friend, Fran's house.


This is every story. This is this is what every story I tell.


Sounds like it's just me being like. Anyway, I was fucking over. OK, sorry.


As I rounded the corner of my street, I saw tucked behind a hedge a policeman fully armed with a rifle. Now this was in Newcastle in the UK in the nineties. We did not see very many armed police around. So that's a this is a big that's a big reveal. Yeah. For a story. We're here in America. We're just like, yeah, there's there's just guns laying on the street. You just pick a people.


The new thing the new trend is just to bring in our fifteen into subway just to show people you can.


So we're firmly placed in England right now. We know for a fact where we are in the world for a split second. We just stared at each other and then he asked, where are you going? I replied home and pointed to my house. He has to go and off I trotted as soon as I was inside. I, of course, shouted up the stairs that there were police with guns outside. By the time my mum, dad, sister and doGet assembled upstairs to get the best view of the street, the entire road was filled with armed police dog handlers, police cars and flashing lights, all pointed at the house directly opposite ours.


My mum, who happened to even be nosier than I am, focused her binoculars.


Oh my God. But this is the best scene. The dog is there. The entire family gathers like it's Thanksgiving best but to rubberneck out the way to. She focused her binoculars and spotted the guy who lived over the road up a ladder in his garden, waving a gun around, but just as things were getting really interesting, a policeman with a megaphone shouted at us to get away from the window.


Oh, the shade. Like, you guys are not being cool and chill. Hey, can that family of five kind of clear the shooting area if you would make your correct fucking shot? And did this family please?


Yeah, I noticed that you pulled the dog into the gun sights.


We'd love for all of you to actually leave.


And you're not hold your daughter up so she can see you better, please.


Screaming Human shield. OK, we heard a lot of shouting, barking and more shouting, and we figured that the police would be too distracted to spot us again. So we went back to gawping out the window and saw our neighbor being grappled to the ground as he pleaded for them to call off the dogs. He got carted away and things quickly settled down.


The next day, my mom did some local detective work gossiping, found out that the man over the road had a drug problem. And that day he had been tripping off his tits, thought people were coming to kill him and sorry, he'd been tripping off his tits and thought people were coming to kill him. It's not as exciting as we'd imagined, but still the most exciting thing to happen for me in the whole of nineteen ninety four. Anyway, thank you for being my favorite podcast and that's a favorite with you.


I've been listening since the beginning and you've kept me company through the good times and bad. I guess all that remains to be said is stay sexy and don't drop acid if you have a firearm in the house. Rachel, for a real good advice, Rachel, open that today.


Move back in. I want to know. Probably not. Well, I bet you got sober and then got it together because that's that's a pretty, pretty classic bottom. Getting up on a ladder with a gun in England. You're done for. Yeah, yeah. Once the cops, the cops get called on you legitimately, it's time to sober up.


I'd say so. Yeah. Just just for a change of pace because you've got you've gone as far down that hallway as you can. You've got your great story to tell at AA. You've got to be you might have one of the best ones. And that's part of the if not fun of going to AA.


But it's but it's part of the you know. Yeah. Get on top of the heap with this is how fucked up I was. But then definitely stop before you harm yourself or others for sure. That's right. No one wants to hear that. OK, this one's called gave birth while listening to Mm.


Oh one oh ladies, animals and mustaches. Let's get into this. I just finished a live San Diego episodes and when I didn't hear any of my familiar hometown stories, I knew I had to write in. It would have been a mega bummer to do live, so I get why it wasn't covered. Thank you.


Seventeen year old Chelsea King, a track star who loves sunflowers, was abducted on February twenty fifth twenty ten from a park in Rancho Bernardo, a suburb of San Diego, just south of Lake Hodges, where she went running regularly. I couldn't find an article stating this, but I remember that she went running in this park after school one afternoon, which was a totally normal thing for her. When she didn't come home as expected, her parents went looking for her.


They found her empty car in the parking lot of the park she regularly ran in and after a short search called nine one one when they couldn't find her. I fucking remember this one. I was twenty two and Chelsea went missing and I was working at a Starbucks in nearby Rancho Pennock Penney's Gritos and she writes, Good luck pronouncing that one.


Not it doesn't even give you. Yeah there's no not even a hint though.


OK, I vividly remember a dad from the local high school coming in frantically with missing posters and asking my manager if he could post them in the window to spread the word. Of course, she said yes. Park Chelsea was taken from was less than ten miles from where we lived at the time and is literally down the street from where my parents live today. A few days later, police arrested 30 year old convicted sex offender John Albert Gardner, the third on suspicion of rape and first degree murder after police recovered his DNA on some of Chelsea's clothing found in Lake Hodges shortly after she went missing.


Two days later, Chelsea's body was found buried in a shallow, watery grave on the shores of Lake Hodges. Gardner was also linked to and due to a plea agreement, eventually confessed to the disappearance, rape and murder of Amber Dubois in 2009, who he kidnapped while she was walking to a high school in Escondido, California. She was raped and stabbed to death. Gardner also admitted he grabbed Chelsea off the trail in the park and dragged her to a remote area where he raped her and strangled her to death before burying her body on the shores of Lake Hodges.


So, like during the middle of the fucking day, you know, it's so hard to like you wouldn't say like, no, don't go running today.


It's fucking 3:00 in the middle of the day in a park in the middle of a small, small town. I let you do all the time. It's not like it's so awful. My husband and I just bought our first home in Escondido, California, a few years back. They renamed the. Bridge that goes over Lake Hodges on the 15 as Chelsea King Memorial Bridge, which I drive over many times a week, I always think of Chelsea and the King family when I journey over it to tag my subject line.


I was induced two weeks early and was not at all ready to give birth.


We had all the baby stuff since it was our second daughter. But as someone with moderate to severe anxiety, I thought I had a whole two weeks to prepare, mostly mentally but also physically. And I was not ready when my doctor sent me to the hospital to be induced. Luckily, I knew I had my girls, Karen and Georgia, to get me through my long labor.


I don't remember the specific episodes I listened to while in the hospital, but I do know that I laughed loudly along with you ladies while my husband snoozed on the shitty hospital bed couch chair thing during the day and a half before I was ready to push the baby out. I acknowledge that his couch may have been uncomfortable, but I also started laughing when he tried to get sympathy for me about how uncomfortable his sleeping situation was. Tell that to my vagina, I said.


And then she says.


Short story long baby Violet was born on October 5th. Twenty nineteen. And you ladies were there with me. Figurative, figuratively, not literally Rose and made me laugh so hard that my nurses were asking when I was listening to in my headphones.


Thanks for helping me stay sexy while I made my own Motorino, Brittany and baby Violet.


I love the name Violet. Cute. It's really cute. That's wow.


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Goodbye. OK, here's my last one. This one's a grandma email. OK, and I won't read you the title of it. Well, hello there. Just a quick doting you. Just a quick doting.


You are all amazing. I listen every chance I get usually on my commute to work where I look like a weirdo laughing alone in the car.


This is not a hometown murder. But I heard you like grandma stories. So here's mine. My grandma Brenda is in her late 80s and fiercely independent. She doesn't want help with anything and we'll gladly tell you to fuck off if you do, Grandma.


Oh, that's right.


I can't wait to get cursing grandma and have any kids.


Yeah, it's it's just so good, though. It's like at that point and which is kind of where I am myself. Who gives a fuck. Who gives a fuck. I did it all.


It did it with the with the amount of assholes we now know are in the world. Why wouldn't you be if someone tries to impose their will on you, it's just like, guess what? Fuck you. Full of strong opinions and a no nonsense personality. She does what she wants and I love her for it. A few years ago, she was living with my late grandfather in a rural area of Ontario, Canada, now living with my parents in a granny suite, much to her dismay, where she loved to go.


Sorry, that was parenthetical, where she loved to walk her dog Rocky around in the bush. One day she went for her walk and didn't come back after two hours. Usually she would be back within an hour at the latest. This worried my grandpa, so he called the police to report her missing. Within an hour of that phone call, Rocky showed up home alone.


Oh my God. I'm a search team was sent out to look for her. After four hours of searching, they found her waist deep in a swamp. Why? She walked into the swamp and then continued walking, thinking she could get out, but ended up sinking and getting stuck. When they when they finally found her, they asked for her name, to which she responded, Just call me stupid. Oh, embarrassing.


Fortunately, she was OK with a mild case of hypothermia, which was treated overnight in the hospital. She has since decided to stick to the pads on her walks. I think my group I thank my grandma and my mom for my true crime interest. Starting from a young age watching Columbo and murder, she wrote with them on sick days from school. You folks are the best and I love laughing along your podcast like the weird third wheel. That isn't a part of the conversation.


I hope to see you live one day. We hope to see you too, huh? Stay sexy and don't walk your dog alone in a swamp. Emily.


Wow. I just like to keep going. Brenda's like, fuck this shit. I'm not going backwards. That's one thing I've learned in all my years. You don't go back. You just fucking plow through, stop complaining. And she's like, her legs are just cementing more and more into the mud that.


Oh, have you ever had that happen where you step in mud, like at the edge of a pond. Yeah, it sucks. There's like a sucking situation that happens where you get cemented in there. Oh God.


And then to be like found in me like this is so fucking embarrassing. Just yeah. That's me. I've been standing here for four hours.


Oh. Hypothermia. Oh it's so bad. I'm glad she was ok. I'm so glad she's OK. And I love that. I just love it. Such a good story. Thank you Emily. That was great. OK, my last one is a neighbor story. I'm not going to read you the title. It might be one of my favorites, ok. Oh boy. Oh boy.


I just finished listening to Minnesota one ninety six and was inspired to send in my Halloween neighbor story when I was a little kid about eight. I was traumatized at Universal Studios. Steven can probably relate because my cousin and I walked into the mummy experience not knowing what it was. Oh an eight year old.


Eight year old it turns out. It turns out it was a walk through a maze where people dressed in mummy costume scare you. No one gave a shit that I was eight from that day on. Anything remotely resembling a haunted house scared the shit out of me. Stephen, have you been in that? Is it scary?


No, that's for Halloween horror nights. But the night itself is really scary because it's like a roller coaster and you're like like the mummy screams of you and everything now and you're in the dark.


It's one of those Universal Studios roller coasters that's indoors. So you're like, you crossed a hill. The mummy, like Beatles, come out of the mummy's eyes and then you just drop into blackness. It's it's pretty. Is that the one I'm talking about, Stephen? It's so fun. I love it.


It's fun, but it is logits.


Yeah. So eight year old. That's terrifying. Oh, my God. Oh no. And then she says Halloween was no exception. When I was ten, my mom took me and my best friend trick or treating a flute a few blocks down the street in the Beachwood Canyon area in Los Angeles, which we now know and love.


I remember there was one house she particularly she was particularly excited to take us to. When we arrived, we saw one of the most elaborate haunted house displays with flashing lights and. High end decorations, you get the idea at the entrance of the haunted house, a man dressed as a circus ring leader with a mask covering his eyes excitedly invited all the kids in promising full sized candy bars at the end of the maze. I gave no shits about said candy bars and begged my mom not to make me go.


My best friend had already gone through twice, flaunting her delicious milky ways in my face. But I refused all caps. At this point, I was fully sobbing, screaming at my mom, please don't make me go. I don't want to go. It man scares me.


My mom, getting frustrated, said to me in a loud whisper, For God sakes, Randy, it's just Bill Pullman in a mask.


No, it was. It's just Bill Pullman in a mask. At that point, the circus ringleader took notice of my baby panic attack. He approached me, got down to my level and removed his mask.


It was Bill fucking Pullman, I know from such movies as well. Of course, there's while you were sleeping, the great Sandra Bullock rom com with Bill Pullman, where she's supposed to be in love with Peter Gallagher, who would never be brothers with Bill Pullman in the world. He's the hot brother. Bill Pullman's down to earth furniture maker brother. Yeah, it's the most romantic movie. It's about people actually falling in love. There's legit chemistry between Bullock and Pullman.


Watch it today. Pulman Classic. He's like a one of our great actors. Unless he's Canadian, he's just great. I think he's American. I also think that he has the side looking at you out of the corner of his eye because he can't admit that he's looking at you move down of like he's not overtly shy. But there is a kind of he's stealing. He's a glance stealer. He's perfect for an everyday man. But there's something charming about him.


There's a real pull. And they in the center, they played that perfectly where he was like, remember, he's like a cop. And then he also there's a dominatrix that stands on his neck or whatever.


Right. And a little thing. That's right.


And of course, none other than Spaceballs. He's fucking incredible in that movie as well. Of course, all things come back to Spaceballs.


You always feel fucking forward.


And the warmest smile I've ever seen and told me, it's OK. I'm a nice guy. See, it's just me and my buddies having some fun. Bill Pullman didn't make me walk through the maze, but instead took me by the hand and walked me straight to the exit of the haunted house and let me take whatever full size candy bar I wanted. Yeah, that's right.


His friendliness gave me courage and I ended up going through the maze three times that night. It wasn't too scary. Growing up in L.A., you see a lot of celebrities, in my opinion. Bill Pullman is by far the nicest man in Hollywood. Oh, sexy. And go watch your favorite Bill Pullman movie, Randi, with an I.


Yes, I love the line, for God sakes, Randy. It's just Bill Pullman. And I'm just so you know, he said it's just me and my friends trying to have fun. Yeah. What if the entire cast of Spaceballs was inside that haunted house and Joan Rivers, she's like, get me to the end. I don't want to look, I don't want to look at John Candy dressed like a dog. Oh, fuck him. Oh, it's amazing.


Uh, yeah. Oh, I was just going to say, it feels like people are really people are really putting their hearts into Halloween this year. There just seems to be lots of real good Halloween content. Did you see the one where it is like it's like somebody made a puppet out of one of the 12 foot skeletons. Now, I think it's even bigger, though, than twelve feet.


Now, I keep getting I cannot stop getting tagged on Instagram on those and says, show this to Karen. Show this to Karen. Look, I bet you she's already seen it. I will not start inundating her with text of shit that she's constantly getting to. I mean, you can I won't be mad ever seeing any 12 foot skeleton. Maybe I'll go right up every day of, like, the one I just want a bigger than twelve foot.


I think it's I think twenty is the goal. And I wish that those existed like the comedian. Right. I think by next year means we can be selling them on the website over twenty. But that's a merch. Twenty four billion for next year. Perfect. You think that 12 foot one is good. It's bullshit.


I want to hear Halloween stories, of course. But I also want to see here when you met a famous person and like what it was like and you know, the experience. Was it good or bad. Bad. That'd be great. Do you want to hear my Martin Sheen story right now? Definitely. You've already heard it. Oh, but it was when I was in the commissariat on the WB lot and he walked up and tapped me on the shoulder in a packed commissary.


So everyone's getting lunch and I'm just standing there waiting for the other writers that I work on a show with her. I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around. It's Martin Sheen dressed as the president from West Wing. He has these napkins in his neck for the makeup. For the makeup. Yeah. And he says, excuse me, where are the utensils? Oh, my God. I went there. Right there. And they just he went, thank you.


I'm not kidding.


There were probably eighty people in that commissary at that moment and. He chose my shoulder to hitting on you that old that old utensil line, Karen, we all know I should have seen it coming.


Oh, my God, that's crazy. If you can beat that story and I bet you can write in and let's hear it. Let's see if I can hear it.


Oh, I want you to Angelina Jolie, once you like, bumped into her. Yeah. Went back when she was married to Billy Bob thoroughly. Borsos long time ago. I was really young. I was in that the borders. That was right by the the Pepsi Center. Yeah, right by there.


It's just walking around looking for books. And I see Billy Bob Thornton in my section. I'm like, whoa. And then I turn a corner and we and Angelina Jolie and I fucking smack into each other. Yes. And I was like, sorry, she was there. I've never seen the face that beautiful in my fucking life.


She truly is hands down. Just the most the most beautiful, hot woman of all time. America.


Oops. It was like a face that was like, well, what, you can't do anything else but be an actor because that's not a face in life. That's not like that's on a face you'd see just like at the grocery store you're to be.


No, no.


It's extraordinarily extraordinary beauty, which also is like just think for one day what it's like to walk through the world where basically as you walk in the world, people turn and go like, oh, you like, what a weird sensation that would be for you as an individual of your body.


Yeah. Yeah, that would be I bet she appreciated your it was a fresh experience to just get smacked into and like have the person walk away, you know, make a noise.


Now it's like, you know, so, so we both were like, oh so sorry. You know, didn't make a big deal out of it. She was so down to earth. Yeah. It was very embarrassing, but yeah, she was fine and just I was in that same borders and this was embarrassing for me. I don't know what was I was doing, but I think I was in some section and I read a book. I can't remember what it was.


And it it made me the title made me laugh out loud. And then I just kicked the book because it just was something really it might have been like the men are from Mars, from Venus. And right as that was happening, my friend came around the corner. I didn't know he was at the bookstore.


He was like, what the fuck are you alone in an aisle laughing at books and kicking the covers like a fucking lunatic. I love that you get so mad at, like, properly mad at a misogynistic book that you kick it. Yeah, I hope.


No, it's just not going to help anybody. It's not going to bring men and women together. The books like that where it's like we love women, love to make you sit in a cave and men love to fly like eagles. Here's what are you doing. Why you can't fucking love you old fucking which this is why maybe if you just shut your mouth and like to fly like eagles more, OK?


What this show brings out of people is past your fear and fucking I'm.


I lost my mind. Can you tell. I've just been at home. Bridger came over yesterday because I hadn't seen anybody in person in a really long time. Yeah. So he came over and swam and then I was like, what if we go to CBS and get nerd's ropes?


And he was like, OK, what? And we drove there. Have you had nerd's ropes? The candy, you know, it's in, you know, like this hour, Candy, how all this is crazy. And there's all these different, you know, never to its own section at the drugstore, there's nerds. So you remember nerds is so tiny, they're amazing. Well, they stuck a bunch of nerds on to, like, this sticky rope.


That's kind of like gummy.


Yeah, like a Fruit Roll-Up. Kind of a like it is food. It's exquisite. I've never known, but it was like the biggest deal to get. I just don't leave the house very much.


I really the highs very much totally understand.


Well I'm glad you can make podcasting much more fun. Yeah. It's just like our only social interaction.


Seriously, I want to tell you every story I can think of.


So let's do a two hour mini one to one time at the Beverly Connection. Yeah, yeah. I'm trying to think of it. Well, I know I've seen famous people in all kinds of things because that's L.A. but then it really does happen all the time really in in the industry.


So I feel like you kind of cut out in out in life as well.


There's certain parts of the city where famous people just are because that's like where they shop or. That's right. You know, they're going to dip in for one second if they can get in and out easily or. Yeah. So it does happen to you, you know, like, oh, the more than so and so, but you don't make a big deal out of it unless it's someone like you. That's if you make a big deal about it.


You're kind of basically saying, hey, I just moved here. Right. Totally. I just got here. I'm kind of green. Hey, I'm a total mark. This is how embarrassing. You know what the one time what's his name from Mr. Show? Bob Odenkirk. John and John Ennis Germaneness was the reporter. There's they do that sketch. They show where they're keeping the workers and they're in like stalls like animals, because the stalls were filled with PPY and Pupo, that that line made me laugh the hardest of any show sketch.


So like in the early 2000s, when I my friend Doug Jones, was first taking me to Largo, that's how I figured it out. And he was obsessed with Mr. Show we dug. And I went to El Coyote and he was there with his family. And I was like, I don't fucking ever do this. But I just need to tell you, I'm such a fan. Like, you didn't have phone cameras yet on our phone. So it was like that.


And it was with his family and he was the loveliest. And he seemed a little stoked that he got recognized in front of his family. Absolutely. Early 2000s, John.


And this is the kindest person in the world, the funniest person in all areas.


And he really is one of the most talented actors I've ever seen. You see him and he just was in he just was playing a security guard in some some movie. And then we went up on it.


But he's yeah, he's one of the best people of all time. All those guys. Totally OK. We really we wrung it out this time.


This is thirty five minutes. We're almost thirty six minutes. Send us your stories guys. Your is your home who you're running into. People that stuff. All of it. Yeah. We want to know. Yeah. And also stay sexy and don't get murdered.


Good bye Elvis.


Do you want a cookie.