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I'm Jenna Fischer, and I'm Angela Kinsey. We were on the office together and we're best friends and now we're doing the ultimate office rewash podcast just for you. Each week we will break down an episode of the office and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you where the office ladies. Hi, everybody. Hi, guys. We wanted to wish you a really happy happy Thanksgiving. Yes, happy Thanksgiving.


We are on vacation. I'm probably eating chocolate pie as I speak. Oh, yeah.


There's a very, very, very good chance that while you're listening to this, I am eating bread and pie.


But we wanted to share with you guys our season one second drink revisited episode where we answer fan questions and we talk about all of those things we missed. Yeah.


So you might have heard a portion of this when it originally aired as part of our candy bag episodes over on Stitcher Premium. But we are bringing it here for the holidays.


We're basically covering everything from the pilot to hot girl. So like season one, all the stuff, all your questions.


And there are some really good ones. We love it when you guys send these in. So hopefully, you know, while you're eating your leftovers, you can listen to us gave away.


I listen to it. I love it. Even though I recorded it, I forgot stuff. What does that say about me?


Maybe. Maybe you need some Ginko, right. You know what story for real, lady. What?


I got some ginkgo biloba to help my memory and I forgot to take it out. Come on, I'm not lying. I was like in college. Yeah. And I got the ginkgo biloba and I brought it home and my dad still gives me grief. By the way, I think it was a Thanksgiving break. I came home with my ginkgo biloba and my dad has never let me live it down. I love it. It's become a classic go to for your dad.


That's like such a dad thing to do would be like, oh, yeah. Really quick, before we get into this lady, what's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?


I love good old fashioned green bean casserole with the Durkee fried onions on top. And by the way, I use canned green beans. I do not use fresh green beans. I do not use frozen fresh green beans, canned green beans in my docky green bean casserole with a good can of mushroom soup. I look forward to it every year. I do love that.


Oh, I love that. I love, like my mom's gravy and I don't know how she does it. I mean it. No store bought gravy, no restaurant gravy will ever top this gravy. I think she takes like all the what's left in the pan, you know, and then she adds flour to it and whatever. I don't know what else she does to it, but I will drizzle that gravy on anything. It is so good. All right, Jonah, should we get into this?


Yeah, let's do it.


Now, I have a couple of questions, these are for you, Angela. I was looking in our mailbox and I've got a couple of questions for our background expert. Oh, Lord. OK, you know, Haley said at the end of the pilot episode, there was a cartoon drawing just behind Jim's head on the shelves where they have office supplies and paper, et cetera. Does anyone know what this drawing is? Angela, can you help us out?


OK, Haley, I saw that, too.


These things drive me crazy as well. I want to know who would just cut up, like, cartoons and actually not do a very good job cutting. It looks like they rip them out and they tape them to the wall. This is like the second time I've noticed one of these.


And this was in a time because when I worked in an office, if you saw something funny, like a cartoon that you thought was funny, that's what you did with it. You didn't post it on your Instagram because you didn't have Instagram. You cut it out and you put it like, but you usually put it in the break room. I mean, this is just randomly taped to the wall. But I, I took a photo of it from the TV and zoomed and you see it, Jenna.


Oh, yes. Like it's been ripped out of a magazine. See how it's like a every New Yorker to me. Yeah. It's like a New Yorker cartoon and it looks like a woman in an office. There's a plant behind her. There's like a bar graph on the wall. And it looks like the man in front of her has something all over his back.


Do you see that? Yeah. Or maybe an animal attached to his back. We don't know because it goes by so fast. I mean, I did a burst photo on that thing and that's the best I got. So, Hailie, I am sorry. I don't know what that comic means other than maybe one of our prop guys thought it was funny and he taped it to the wall. Well, I have a tidbit about something that's in the background on the wall that we can all enjoy.


What is it? It is in Michael's office on the wall. Is it in a frame? It's in a frame. So there is on Michael's wall a certificate that's framed in the way that you might frame your high school diploma, your college diploma, something you're very proud of. Yes.


Michael has framed a certificate from his watch when he bought his watch, when he bought us the certificate. And it says Certificate of Authenticity. This certifies that Michael Scott and he had to write in his own name is the proud owner of a quality Seiko timepiece. Now, Seiko is a watch. The problem is Seiko is spelled s e y Chayo, meaning Michael has framed a certificate of authenticity for his knockoff Seiko Watch.


Yes, yes. And he's proudly displayed it in his office. Yes. His certificate of ownership of a watch. I fill up a fake with a fish watch. I feel like Michael might buy a picture frame that has a really nice looking family as a stock photo and just leave it up.


Oh, I think that's in an episode. I think there's an episode where he can show the stock photo of whatever came with his frame. All right. I have another one for you, Angela. All right. This is from Taylor. She says, Clearly the filing cabinet trash can joke doesn't go over well with Jan. Do you remember that scene where she's like, did you get my fax? And I say, he threw it and he had me file special filing cabinet.


That's a trash can. While Michael covers it up by saying, quote, The joke was originally my brother's, Taylor says Michael has a brother. I feel that in regards to his family, we only hear about his mom and stepfather, Jeff, but never any siblings. Angela. What can you tell us? Well, you know what?


That is such a good question, because we really don't know a lot about Michael's family other than the fact that they don't really seem to be very close and they haven't really been there for him. He often talks about throughout the nine seasons his disdain for Jeff, his stepfather, his stepfather, which I find very funny. But he does mention that he has a brother. He has a line where he says, I love my big brother. And then he also has this line that this joke was his brother.


So he does reference a brother. And then he also references what appears to be his nephew in the nepotism episode. He mentions his nephew and where people are thinking, maybe that's from a half sister, maybe from his mom and Jeff. So there's not a lot of information about Michael's family other than the fact that he he probably was alone a lot because it seems like his mom remarried Jeff. Yeah. And maybe his big brother was away.


Yeah, I think Michael was kind of maybe a sad kid growing up. I think when his parents got divorced, whatever age he was, that it really affected him and Jeff really affected him. Yeah, but they don't the writers really don't go into it very much.


But I love that he does have that back story and this is why he's motivated to make the office his family. It's why he longs for a family so deeply. And it's why you forgive him for all the mistakes he makes in wanting this and why he comes on so strongly. We give you this back story about him, these little nuggets that he was not happy growing up and takes him from just being a big, over-the-top TV character to being a real human being.


And I think our writers did a great job of giving all the characters those little backstories that made them fully fleshed out people. And it's also why you root for Michael in the end to go have a life with Holly because he finally has his person and he's going to have a family.


Now, let's move on to what we missed from Diversity Day. Meghan G, among other, said High in the Diversity Day podcast, Jenna mentioned that the huge shredder behind her desk was never used. But didn't she shred some things with Meredith Sun on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day? Yes, everyone, I missed this and I am so sorry. Yes. The way that Pam finally tries to get some kids to like her is that she shows Meredith's son the giant shredder.


I will go on record saying I believe that is the only time we ever use the big shredder. And I think it was a joke when we finally used it that it's been sitting there for all this time.


I'm sure when we turned it on, like cobwebs came out of it, it was like I don't think it worked. I think it had to be repaired. It had to like Riggert somehow. Well, something else is the door behind accounting between Meredith's desk and accounting. We never used it. We never go in it. We never go out of it. And that was the big mystery. And finally in season nine, we see what's behind the door.


But, you know, what was really behind the door was the bathroom. The bathroom video village. Yeah, the green room. The green room where producers could watch what we were filming and where we went to the bathroom. And finally, from the Diversity Day episode, Shelby wrote, Why didn't Jim have a diversity card on his forehead? Shelby, I don't know. But great thing to point out. Why didn't Jim have a diversity card on his forehead?


I looked all through there and I could not figure out if he never had one. I kind of remember him never having one. Well, I texted back. And what did B.J. say? He didn't get back to me. I went over to Dunder Pedia, OK? Dunder Pedia is like the Wikipedia just for the office and it lists every person and the card on their forehead. And Jim does not have one. There is no listing for Jim.


This is a mystery and it's just going to remain so. Phyllis has Haitian in a deleted scene and Devin has West Nile in a deleted scene. Yes, but Jim does not ever appear with a sticker on his forehead. Is it because John had bangs? I don't think so, look at it here and tell me how you'd put a note card on his forehead. I don't know. I think somehow Jim just managed to get out of it doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would get out of something like that somehow.


Like he would just like sneaky because he's cool, clearly.


All right, guys. Well, maybe we should take a break. I like it.


All right. Let's get into health care.


Heather wrote in and said there is a brief discussion about rain, maybe having a lollipop in his mouth at four minutes, 50 seconds. She says it's a toothpick. Angela, can you confirm Heather?


Here's the deal. I have now gotten glasses for far away.


Oh, they're new. I now wear them when I watch the episodes and I watch this part of health care just for you, Heather. And I think you're right. I think it's a toothpick and not a lollipop without glasses. Looks like lollipop with glasses. I'm like, but it's a toothpick. You're seeing the detail. Brett at five minutes, five seconds says there's a photo on the wall behind Meredith. Is that Bob Barker? Yes, it is Brett.


Yes, it is Bob Barker. OK, and it looks like it's torn out of a magazine and Bob has like a striped shirt. He's sitting on a sofa. I swear this was in a magazine. And it's just right below. There's a green Scranton Wilkes-Barre wall map index book that's been like Thumbtack. And right below it is Bob Barker sitting on a sofa.


Is this something that Meredith, the character of Meredith, put on the wall? We think, does she love Bob Barker? You know what?


It fits. He's really tan. He's got a lot of money. Yes. He probably knows the best buffet in Vegas. All right. This is Meredith, this kind of guy. Next question. This is for you, Angela, from John. Now that we know that Kevin applied for a job in the warehouse, but Michael gave them a job in accounting, does that change the way you look at the dynamic between the three characters in the accounting department?


Angela, I want to say that you always had the most amazing backstory for the character of Kevin.


You share it. This is guys know this. We always make fun of my actor prep and my Pam document. But Angela has this backstory for the character of Kevin that she invented, that she shared with me.


Here's my theory for how Kevin got his job.


I think Kevin's dad, Mr. Malone senior, I think he was like golf buddies and friends with Robert Dunder and Robert Mifflin. They were the co-founders of Dunder Mifflin. It was a nepotism. I thought Mr. Malone was like, you got to hire my kid.


Look, we know he's an idiot. Put him somewhere in the corner.


If he makes any problems, I'll pay it off. Just hire him, get him out of the house.


I think this is also why there are three accountants, because you and Oscar have to. We do Kevin's work sometimes all the time.


And I have a line that's like when we're talking about being downsized, I'm like, well, I think I know which department is going to be downsized. I mean, we have there's one department that has three people doing the job of two.


That's like a conversation Oscar and I have. You know, we're talking about Kevin with your back story.


I think it totally works that his dad came to him and said, Kevin, I'm going to get you a job at this paper company. Where do you want to work? And he was like, forklift. Yeah, I went to work with the person in the warehouse. And I am sure that Daryl was like, no, no, no, no. And he muscled Michael and he was like, you put them up here, get them out of my warehouse.


Yeah. This is we have invented this. We just want to let you know that. Yeah, this is our own brainchild, John.


This is John and Angela fanfiction. Justin wrote in and said, Jenna, you mentioned your sounds of Scranton mix tape. I couldn't find it on your website and was wondering if you're going to post your sounds of Scranton playlist. Justin Yes, she is.


Justin, I want you to know she's embarrassed by it. But I told her I was like, that's what's so charming about it. And you have to put it on and we're doing it. It's on there. Now, I just want to say it is a bunch of classic rock songs. And my husband saw the list and he said, this makes no sense.


How did this get you in the character of Pam? I don't understand. And I explained to him when I was younger and I went on long road trips. This is what I listen to as Jenna. You listen to pour some sugar on. I'm hard to get sweet from my head to my feet. Yeah. Classic rock was really big in St. Louis. And so it brought me back to a time in my life as Jenna when I was struggling, when I was driving to my receptionist job and I didn't know what I was doing with my life.


And so by listening to that music, it did get me in a headspace later when Pam is really upset about everything in season three. And she is upset about her life with Jim, I created a different playlist for Pam and it was all very moody, kind of like Norah Jones and Ben Folds, which I think maybe feels a little more on the nose. But the answer is sounds of Scranton. It's on the office ladies dotcom website. Now you can find it.


And we are also considering if you guys respond well, we might make a Sound of Scran T-shirt.


What do you think we should. My husband said he would wear it. All right. Now we're going to move on to the Alliance episode. OK, here is a quick list of all the things we missed. Apparently, Angela, we missed a lot. Angry Queen said a tad disappointed. You didn't mention the sticky on Michael's file cabinet at nine minutes. Forty nine seconds. That says whistle and I'll fart.


Let me tell you something, angry queen. I'm sad. I miss that too. I went back and re watched health care and the alliance. I want you to know. And actually the first time you see Whistle and I'll Fart is in health care.


Bump, bump, bump, not the alliance. Oh look at four minutes, seven seconds in health care and you're going to see it. Well it's funny you say that because Lauren mentions that at four minutes, seven seconds in the alliance, you see a man vanish while walking behind Pam's head. Yeah, I rewound that like three times because at first I thought it was just like Devon doing a cross or creed, you know, because they would our directors would have them do background crosses so that the office looked like it was still busy and functioning while there were people in the conference room doing their talking heads.


And so I watched it. And you're right, it's like they edited and halfway across, Devon is making a cross and then he just disappears. Wow. Yea. Good catch.


Lauren Zanele says that at six minutes twenty seconds the show cuts to Pam at her desk and she is wearing a purple striped shirt instead of a pink shirt she was wearing in the rest of the episode.


OK, I actually want to applaud you, Danielle, because I went back and watched this and it took me a minute because that purple striped shirt and probably why the editors used it and hope no one would catch it is literally just her right shoulder. It is such a quick moment and you got it.


So. Applause Very good. So now we have some questions about this episode. Arland said you talked about a scene where Kelly gets moved to the annex because she bugged Meredith from talking too much. But I have absolutely no idea when this was. I wanted to clear this up, OK, this scene never occurs. This was a made up back story that we came up with on the set as the reason why just Toby and Kelly work in this whole other section of the office.


The joke was that Michael made Toby sit back there because he couldn't stand him and Kelly got moved back there because she was sort of annoying everybody else in the office with her chatty chat.


Yeah, this was just a sort of on set, sort of like made up story that that we would, like, joke about why they were moved away. Yeah, the reason they were moved away was because they were writers and they couldn't be in every scene. They had to be in the writers room. Yeah, they had to be able to disappear. But we joked that we thought it was because Michael hated Toby and Kelly was too chubby. Yes.


Is wrote in and said when Michael talks about the Eighties party and they cut to the news clipping at four minutes, 19 seconds, the article is a bunch of gibberish. All right, Angela. I did. And Angela, I did it, too. I zoomed in on it. I froze that screen. I put on my glasses and I read the whole thing. Well, it starts out as a real newsletter, but in the second paragraph is where it starts.


Yes. Do you have it?


I do. I do. It says, as anybody can easily tell, this newsletter doesn't really have a lot to say. It's really just a prop to fill in some space and sort of look like a newsletter without really being much of a newsletter at all by typing a lot of words. And then it starts to type gibberish words. This is so Felecia, this is the props department amusing themselves. Yeah. Which they did often. We have a lot of props from the show you especially that you saved Angela.


Yes. Where we've talked about it before, I think.


Have we I don't know. I mean, one of the my favorite things I saved was a prop, and it is Dwight and Angela's wedding program. And you open it up and it's got all of the stuff in there. And that was that was Phil having fun. I remember. Love it. Pam's wedding program as well has a bunch of, like, funny misspelled words in it on purpose. And we never addressed it in the episode. But I like to imagine, as happens with weddings, you get your program, you're like, oh, what?


They misspelled the brother's name and it was on purpose. They would do that stuff. Melissa Dawn wrote in and said, I hope you talk about the fake dead rat in the trap. In that scene in the warehouse. A lot of people wrote in about this, actually a lot of interest in the dead rat. Angela, what can you tell us? Here's what I can tell you. At thirteen minutes, 17 seconds, there is this black rat.


And it's laying by that cart, you know, Jim is taping up the box and there's this black rattling on its side, like using the trap as a pillow and you even see it move.


That's what someone wrote in and said. And it's clearly fake. I need to know, what the heck was there a prop guy with a string that made its head move? I will tell you, I emailed Phil show. I texted Phil show. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this and I apologize, but I think he is on vacation. He has not gotten back to me. He's either that or Phil now hates me. No, no.


I'm trying not to take it personally. It's not like Phil Sherwood goes to Jim. I think he's on vacation and he probably a much deserved vacation. So we might have to revisit that rat question. But here's the other thing I noticed it's a continuity error. But I also have to wonder if someone told them to get rid of the rat, because at 13 minutes, 17 seconds, you see the rat and then at 13 minutes, twenty seven seconds, there is no rat.


There is no rat trap. So I kind of wonder if that got in trouble or something.


Well, maybe it was in the first take and then they got rid of it because it looked to make sure. But then that first take of Jim taping the box was the best one. So they used it and then it was in later takes because stuff like that would happen.


Yeah. So there's like rat no rat. Warren and Whorey wrote in and said in this episode we learned that dairy makes Meredith sick. However, in Survivorman, Meredith said she really prefers devil's food cake. Why is this a continuity, miss, or was she just willing to risk it all for this cake?


I think Meredith would risk it all for her favorite cake. I mean, I think she would risk it all on a whim, you know, especially what's that? Drink that with the Milda Kalua thing. Kalua, she would be like, I'll pay for it tomorrow.


Yes. Yes. So I don't know if it was an intentional continuity error or not, but I feel like more likely it was a choice. Yeah. All right. Here's our last question from Mary. Near the end of the episode, when Roy confronts Jim, it pans over to Dwight, next to the plant. And above Meredith's desk is a photo on the wall. Is that a picture of feet? Yes, Mary, it is. And that was an amazing catch.


Oh, my gosh. Mary applauds at twenty minutes. Fifty seven seconds. You have to look because it's not just a small picture. It's a really big picture of a pair of feet. One foot is a little bit more featured than the other foot. The toenails are painted and it's not the whole foot, you guys. It's just like the toes and like the top of the foot. It's really odd. I don't know what it means, but I thought that was amazing.


I'd like us to interview Michael Gatlinburg, our set designer. Yes. Because they were responsible for a lot of these little choices. But I think he would be a very interesting person to speak with. I have so many questions for him.


I want to know, like all the cartoons, is that Bob Barker like on a couch from a magazine? I'm positive.


Well, and they would rotate things. You know, it was I love that attention to detail that things would be different each week. Ladies, should we take a break? I think we should.


And we're back, so we'll start with sexual harassment, Mandy, Lana, Mandy, underscore. That's right. Said in the talking head that Toby has after his conversation with Dwight, why is everything turned around backward in the vending machine? Oh, good catch. Good catch, Mandy. Well, you know, probably we didn't have the licensing to feature those items. And you have to sometimes have companies agree to be featured on your show. Yeah. Sometimes companies will even pay you to be featured on a show.


But more than that, if you do see a logo or something, it has to be cleared because maybe they don't want to be associated with you. Yeah, it's kind of a legal issue. So there were things in that vending machine and maybe we were like, oh, wait, you can see all of that. Let's turn it around. Yeah, isn't that but what an odd thing. But I thought that was a really, really good.


That's a good catch. All right.


We have a question from it. Looks like Ramone underscore twenty three, underscore twenty sixteen. In the episode they say Meredith has two kids, but as the seasons go on, it drops down to her just having one son. Am I right or am I crazy? I checked the Bible. Oh, the show. I checked the show Bible. And this is crazy. This is a crazy, crazy observation, OK? In the show Bible, it lists both of these things.


So on the Meredith page, first it says she is divorced twice and has two kids. And Dwight says this fact in the Dundies as well. But then it has another reference from Season two, Episode 11. The Bible says she has one kid and no husband. Then in Season five, Episode 18, there is a reference in the show Bible that says she had her second kid for the vacation time. That sounds like Meredith.


Yes, that is crazy. That is crazy. So what is it? It's a mystery. I mean, Meredith, this whole life is a mystery, truly a little bit.


And I think maybe the writers sometimes just for the purpose of a joke, might have changed things. Yeah, that's right. I think that did happen sometimes. Sometimes the joke was just too good, for example, with Pam's mom, how we recast Pam's mom because they had a storyline that was just too good. Right. So sometimes it's out of your hands. Sometimes it might just be like a writer continuity error. Maybe they just didn't check the Bible or they did and didn't care because they loved the joke too much.


It could be any of those things. But yes, good catch. Sent me down to the show Bible. I had to find out. I guess we didn't miss very much in sexual harassment. Angela, I went through all the emails and all the comments. I would not put that out there. Oh, well, these were the two. These were the two. OK, all right. Here is a fun fact from Patty Shaffner, 76.


I loved this. She wrote in to say, Sass shoes are made in San Antonio, Texas. Sass stands for San Antonio Shoemakers. And you can go visit the factory.


Boy, we should you would love that.


We should go in.


Oh, my gosh. My grandmother, God rest her soul is somewhere being like go to the Sass factory.


She loved her shoes. I would love it. I went to that shoe factory in Key West, Florida. What? Yeah. Why? There are these. There are these leather sandals that are only made in Key West, Florida. And I went on a family vacation when I was a teenager with my mom and I got a pair of these sandals. They're like eight dollars. And I loved them so much. And they eventually opened an online store.


But the only way you could get them is if you sent them like a certified check from the bank. But it was like four fifteen dollars. It was like eight dollars for the sandals and then shipping. And I did it for years, four years. I would go into a bank and I would get a certified check and I would send it off to this Key West because they were the most comfortable. The ones like your navy ones. Yes, the blue.


Yes. Yes. Jenna, I have such a strong memory of you wearing those shoes every day in the summer. Yes, every day. Angela, I still wear them. You can order them now without a certified check. I'm disappointed. I can't remember the name of them. I'm sorry, everyone. This is not an ad for that. No, no. This is just I really love these sandals. I'm sure you could find them if you Google like Key West, Florida.


Listen, listen. That's what happens. My grandmother wore Sasha's her whole life. You find a shoe you love, you stick with it. That's right. I would go to this factory tour with you. That would be fun. All right. Steph Thomas writes in and says There was a continuity error. During the game, one shot showed Phillips sitting on the bench with Pam and Angela, and when the camera switched to the game Phillips was playing, then she was back on the bench.


Yeah, I caught this, too, actually. I caught a few times where she was, like, sitting next to us and then it would cut back and she wasn't there. So, Steph, great catch that did happen. I think we shot a little bit out of order and that was a continuity error. So great catch. I remember Phyllis was sometimes on the bench with us and sometimes playing and Kate was always on the bench with us, but she was kind of sitting up on the table, remember?


Yeah. This is our last catch. Tom underscore avatar. I guess these Tom Underscore Aviator. Well, Aviator, The Aviator, the abbreviation would seem OK. And I do want to say he was not the only person to point this out. But he says at twenty two minutes twenty five seconds of our podcast, you said Michael's book is called How I Manage. And it is actually called Somehow I Manage by Michael. Just got over one million, sold more than the Bible.


Not surprised, guys. Yeah, I apologize. Much better title somehow I manage. I think Greg and Steve should get together and right. Somehow I manage weight. They write a man and Michael Scott as Michael Scott. I think Greg and Steve could get together and they could write this business management textbook. I think it would be amazing that would get areas that would sell like hotcakes.


Yes. Can we start an online campaign to make this happen? I now no longer care if we have an office reunion. I just want the book somehow I manage. Oh, my gosh, this is my new person. I get a phone call from Greg and he's going to be like guys. People are telling me that, like, you want me to write a book? What is this about? I know. I know.


Moving on to Hot Girl, we got a fan question how wrote in and he says, I noticed that Pam Stanley and Amy Adams all made appearances on that 70s Show. I'm curious, what, if any, are the connections there?


Angela, I looked this up because I was shocked by this. Here's what I found out, Leslie. David Baker, who plays Stanley myself and Amy Adams have all had guest appearances on that 70s Show in different years and different seasons. Even with different casting directors, I could not find a common link except that that 70s Show was on for whatever nine seasons, a popular show saying, oh, my gosh, these three actors were all on friends.


Oh, yeah. You know, it was on for a long time and they had a lot of guest stars. And I think that we were just those working actors just pounding the pavement looking for work. And we all ended up on that 70s Show. You know, Rainn Wilson and I both had recurring roles on Six Feet Under. Oh, you know that I Raynes but I didn't know you well. Raines was very famous. He had a very long running recurring role on that show.


I did two episodes of that show and that was a dream come true.


You know, some of those guest spots where you get to suddenly you're just this unknown, struggling actor and all of a sudden you're on a set with a bunch of famous people on a hit show and you're like, oh, God, I hope I don't screw this up.


I was the murderer on Monk. Oh, huh. Tony Shalhoub is amazing. And I'm such a fan. And Alfred Molina was in the episode and I killed him bad.


Oh, my gosh, Angela. I once did a guest spot on a show where my character had to die.


It was a medical drama. Oh. And my character got such high fever that my brain melted and it was a result of doing drugs. I was playing a teenager and my mom said it was the only performance of mine that has ever deeply disturbed her. She did not enjoy watching my heart flatline. Oh, no, no, no, no. Very upsetting. I wouldn't want to watch that either. No, no. Yeah. OK, so that's it.


Guys, I'm sorry. I wish that I had a better answer, but good observation. Very good observation. So William Gordon, six, five, four, seven wrote in Amy Adams might be my very distant cousin if she's also related to John Quincy Adams. William Morton, I have some good news for you. What?


According to the Internet, Amy is the thirteenth cousin, eight times removed from our sixth president, John Adams and signer of the Declaration of Independence.


Does Amy know that? I don't know. He knows. Amy, I hope you know this. This is kind of amazing. Yes. You are a very distant cousin, eight times removed from one of our founding fathers. Wow. As is William Gordon, six, five, four, seven. All right. So those were some general hot girl comments. But let's get into the nitty gritty of the episode. Here is something a lot of fans had questions.


About the espresso machine, Angela. Well, let me just tell you, I did a deep dive on this. Here we go. Coffee machine correction. A lot of fans said it was an espresso machine correction from Kelly McNeil. You ladies said you weren't sure what happened to the coffee maker at the end of Hot Girl. Doesn't it make a reappearance in the episode where Michael renovates the Michael Scott Paper Company into Cafe Disco? Well, let me tell you, Angela, here I go.


I went way into the Internet last night, guys.


And here's the thing in Hot Girl at eleven minutes. Forty one seconds. Michael says it is a Starbucks digital barista and it cost a thousand dollars. And you know what? I looked it up and it looks kind of boxy. Look, Jenna. Oh yeah. Right now in Cafe Disco, this is not the same machine. Oh Cafe Disco. It's actually circular looking and it is called a expression. A Cafe Nova Centro. Oh it's four hundred dollars.


Is it also from Starbucks. No. You can get this it looks like on Amazon or Costco. Oh I see. Oh yeah. Completely different machine. Different one looks like a boxy square, the other is like round with levers. Yeah it has sort of cylinder aske. Yes. I don't even want to tell you guys how long it took me to find this information out. I actually found the Cafe Disco Espresso Cafe Nova Centro on Reddit. Reddit is an interesting place on going.


So anyway they are shaking his head. Yeah. Don't, don't go to read it Mom.


Don't go to read it. Well I was looking for a coffee maker doing it, but here's the thing.


It is not the same coffee maker. Well, I believe, Felicia, when he said we had to return it, it definitely isn't the exact same one because he returned it back to Starbucks to get his money back. And the one that I guess the one that we used it, the one that's in Cafe Disco, why did I read the reviews? But it's it's much cheaper. Oh, Andy doesn't always deliver. Well, that makes sense because Michael Scott Paper Company did not have as much money as Dunder Mifflin.


They would not spend a thousand dollars. They would not. All right. So more about the coffee maker. A lot of people would like us to answer the question, who won the coffee maker? Remember I bring up yet we don't know. Well, Julia Sniffin found out something very interesting. Julia what she said at sixteen minutes. Forty three seconds, Dwight is asking Katie on a date and when she says no, he moves and you can see the leaderboard for the incentive prize.


It says D.M. Calendar Blitz. Jim is in first place with thirty five hundred dollars and Dwight is in second with three thousand dollars. She says, I like to think that Pam wrote this. So I guess at that point Jim is the leader. So technically Jim would have won the coffeemaker, right? If we.


He was a little sour, though, about Katie going home with Jim, so that might not have worked out for Jim.


Yeah, I like to think that at the end of the episode, Michael is just sipping coffee like he kept it.


Why do I feel like he kept it? I feel like he kept it at his condo.


I do too. I that's what I think.


Well, Tyler WERS also says I was watching Hot Girl after listening to the last recap and I noticed the name and written on the conference room sales board at fourteen minutes. Thirty six seconds. Is this a complete coincidence or was this, you know, pointing at Andy Bernard, the character of Andy Bernard, already in the plans?


This must be a coincidence. It's a coincidence. There's no there's no way they knew that early on that any of those extra characters were going to be storylines. There's no way.


But I feel like this is what we talked about before, Angela, about these accidents that sort of stay in the ether of the office magic. Hey, you know, I will go down a deep, deep dive on how I think there's a group mind in comedy and it's my improv background and that when people are all in this group, mind these wonderful accidents that aren't accidents happen, you know. Yes. OK, sorry I gigged out for a second.


I love it. Laura Sloss wrote, I loved the Hot Girl episode of the podcast. Thank you. She loved hearing about my poker tournament in Scotland. She lives in a town outside of Edinburgh and was wondering, do I remember the pub that I won the poker tournament in? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. It is called the Walleyed Doug and it is that thirty to Northumberland Street. Laura said she's going to go by and see if my name is still on the leaderboard.


Will you let me know. Oh that would be great. If it is, you have to take a picture. Yes, please do. I feel I feel like as soon as I walked out they just erased it and they were like, was it like being American? Was it a dry erase board? Oh, it is gone. Are we getting that's gone. I'm trying to remember what year that was. It was before my son was born.


I think it was like 2009 or 2010. So we're going on a good nine or ten years ago. Here's a question from Malhi broski and Shelby Garik. They both asked Jenah, When you sing at the end of a Hot Girl podcast, did you choose on the Wings of Love?


Because that's what you sang at the funeral for the Bird and grief counseling. It is really. Yes, I chose it and I wondered if anyone would notice you planned it.


A little secret. Yeah, well, when you said sing something and we didn't plan that, I was going to sing in that podcast. But when you said, why don't you think something? I was like the first thing that popped into my head was a song that Pam sang.


So finally, guys, I can't tell you how overwhelmingly positive the response was to our interview with Phil Shay, our props master. We got so many emails, so many comments about that. And we wanted to give you a little more. Yes. Phil actually was able to talk to us for a little bit longer than was in the actual episode. And he's just a wealth of information about the show. He answered more questions about the basketball episode and also the health care episode.


So we're going to play that for you now.


In the basketball episode, people had two big questions, one of the questions was the face mask that Raine wears on his face. I remember that that was Greg's idea and it was scripted, but we never refer to it. Do you remember that? Is that something you had to find? Is that appropriate that a wardrobe?


It was a prop because it was basically something that would have been in Rheins personal effects, but at a sporting goods store, had a opthamologist go form or a facial surgeon built a form. So I guess Greg was then enamored with Allen Iverson, who wore one of those back in 2005.


So I found a couple online and we bought all three in whichever one it rings the most face, the most appropriately, according to Greg's vision.


That's the one we used cracy inspired by Allen Iverson. Yeah. Or somebody in the NBA who had broken their nose and came back in the game with that clear plexi face mask. And it was really the rage back then. So it was very, very topical and very current and relevant. So that we kind of mimic that. That had that was pretty funny. It was just one of the millions of gold nuggets that Gregg always drops into the scripts that made it just a little funnier and a little more mysterious.


A little bit of layers there. Yeah, great layers. Yeah. So and I'm glad the fans inquire about all those little nuggets that Gregg added to the show.


Another thing people wanted to know about in that episode is the cold pack that burst open. Did you have to test cold packs? Like how did you make sure that this cold pack would burst open and look like way that Greg wanted?


Yeah, we shook a bunch of them and tried to do it realistically and it never happened. And then we would score them. We would just take these old knives and kind of score, which is basically weakening the fibers of the bag and then applied the same amount of pressure. And then we let rain practice with three or four. So you get an idea of how hard he needed to squeeze the one who would break the back. So that was just old school special effects or low tech.


We call it really low tech.


We got different bags, poked a hole in the material. Yeah, well, not a whole lot more. Just weakening. Like raping. Weakening. Yeah, we did. Exactly.


So, Phil, a lot of people wanted to know more about the ice cream cake and the health care episode. Specifically, how many ice cream cakes did you have to buy?


I think we did thirty. And that was from the Baskin Robbins store on Victory Boulevard in Burbank. And they delivered them in a refrigerated truck. Oh, my God.


We all. Or did you have any leftover? We might have had four or five left over in service. Oh, man.


I'm sure. Who ate them at craft service, not the cast. I can tell you that much. We were all about to vomit.


I gave it to craft service and I. I was just glad to be rid of them all the, you know, who eats them or what you do with them. But they're not my responsibility.


No higher. They're they're perfectly fine cakes.


It's just like we they turned on us after eating them for hours and hours. Guys were troupers.


Well, guys, we hope you enjoyed this second drink of season one. Yes. And thank you so much for sending in your questions and your comments. And I want to say one thing. And we get a lot of people asking us, what is the best way to submit a question? Oh, well, I know that you have a certain way that you say it really helps, so let them hear it. OK, my favorite, because I like organization, is when people submit questions through office ladies dotcom, because on our website we have these little folders for each episode and you just click on the folder and then when it's time for us to prep that episode, I can go to that folder of questions.


And they're all right there. All right. Yeah. We also have, by the way, a general Q&A folder, if your question doesn't fit into a specific episode. And but later, you get a lot of questions and comments from Office Ladies Pod, our Instagram.


Yes, I will go through Instagram comments. Jenna goes through folders. So there are multiple ways you can find us. And our associate producer Ainslee grabs things from our email, which is office ladies that Airwolf dot com. So there's lots of ways. But we also get another question a lot lately, which is how far in advance do you need to send a question? Pretty far like four weeks.


Yeah, we're about four weeks ahead on our podcast, so hopefully that helps so you can get your questions answered. We also check those folders and comments after an episode has aired for these revisited.


Yes, that's actually one of my favorite things, is to see your comments. And like when Jenna got the synopsis of Look who's talking wrong, the comments on Officemates Pot were making me laugh so hard. I like snort laughed. Did you love that? And you love when I got it wrong.


Well, no, just thought that was so funny. Guys, she snort laughed. I did love day. I did.


I made everything. Hey, hey. Settle down because every week I say some very simple phrase wrong. I kissed you. It's like the latest one, by the way, is your mash up of Betty Crocker and Suzy Homemaker.


That was a private mash up. I left. I left in a voicemail and I was just saying how I'm not great in the kitchen, you know? And I was talking to my husband. I was like, look, I'm not Betty Homemaker.


Yeah, she's not Betty Homemaker, everybody. Who is it? It's Suzy Homemaker is a Betty either Suzy Homemaker or Betty Crocker.


OK, Suzy Homemaker kind of cleans the house and organizes it. I think she's sort of overall homemaker. And Betty Crocker is more kitchen based, but I actually think you're getting it right. Angela, you are not a Betty homemaker. OK, well, look, are one of those things I think you're surprised at. My skill sets are this. If you want someone to organize your pantry, if you have, like, all of your sort of wrapping paper and it's all in a bin, all mashed up with your ribbon, I'm to go through I will fold every piece of tissue paper, Marie Kondo that.


But guys, I can't, like, make a casserole out of just like extra stuff in the fridge. You're not going to want to eat that. I don't have that in me. I hear you. You're not a Betty homemaker. I'm not a Betty homemaker.


All right, you guys. Well, happy holidays. We hope you're having a safe and good one. And we just want to say we love you.


Yeah, we love you. And we'll be back next week, breaking down an episode, as usual. Bye bye. That's my turkey. I liked it. Thank you for listening to office ladies Office Ladies is produced by Airball Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. Our producer is Cody Fischer, our sound engineer is Sam Kiffer, and our associate producer is Ainsley Mubako. Our theme song is Rubber Tree by Creed Bratton. For free versions of Office Ladies, go to Stitcher premium dot com for a free one month trial of Stitcher Premium Use Code Office.