Happy Scribe

Well, today is part of my take, we have Cam Jordan and Mark Ingram together, big trust levels, levels, trust kept on doing that through the whole interview.


So far, trust intensifying those levels to the trust's week for preview Lims laughing at me. I expected that it doesn't hurt my feelings. He's pretty much saying you're an old fucking loser and you shouldn't be doing hip sayings like trust again. I expected that Fernando Tatis Jr Yarbo. That just happened. That was live. Who was about feltlike decent.


OK, how many brought home or how matter cardinals. Forkan, the cardinals. That was actually sick.


So we have that live. We have some Thursday night. We'll talk about Joe Flacco got in weekend preview fantasy fuck boys fire fest. Awesome show NBA, MLB. Let's do it all. Before we get to that, though, the cash part of my take is always brought to you by the cash up. We're in the cash up studios at this moment. We love the cash app. It's the easiest, safest place to send money to your friends.


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OK, let's go.


Right. How he was treated with violence, I'm not. Look, I'm gonna go to a shrink and I'm going to play its part in my team presented by bar stools.


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Today is Friday, October 2nd. We have sports coming out of our fucking eyeballs. Sports everywhere, here, there, everywhere. Everywhere you look, there are sports. There's a ball somewhere. There's a ball always in motion. The ball somewhere rolling. It's incredible. It is awesome. It's almost too much like it's tough to focus.


You have to you have to really dedicate your day and figure out what you're going to be watching between X time and Y time. I wish I had more eyeballs. Yeah, that's. How about we should get into Buddhism, unlock that third.


I need that. I need like 15. I need 16 eyeballs, eight sets of eyeballs. All right. So we have a lot we are taping this during the Jets Broncos games.


We had a flash of Joe Flacco. Yeah. It had to feel good. It felt great.


It's the Joe Flacco revenge game going up against the Broncos. His his long time team. They just discarded him like yesterday's news. Yeah, there was actually remember the way that he went out in Denver. He basically said that Vic Fangio was not coaching correctly and then he mysteriously ended up on the injuries the next week, put his neck out and he got his neck hurt. And this game is going to be one of those games that everybody thought it was going to be three to six.


In a weird way, I was hoping for like a three to six snooze fest, because that's always fun to have one of those on a Thursday night. But it's actually not a bad game. And it's tough to say, like, are these two teams just equally exactly as terrible at each other?


Yeah, they match their their terribleness. So we'll update throughout the show. Its second half's about to start. Sam Darnel credit Sam Donald for that run. It was awesome. I'm happy I never gave up on that guy. But no, he I did like Sam Darnel Donald's toughness where he got body slammed and I think he broke his shoulder but then went into the locker room was like, this might be my only chance to get a win this year.


Yeah, I have to play. Got to put something on tape while the adrenaline still goes right. I always be up.


I don't even know whose toughness it was. Just maybe just the smartest thing he's ever done was like, I can get stats tonight, put me back in because we can beat this team.


I was looking at the close ups of them, and especially right after the injury when it kind of zoomed in on his eyes. I don't know how he puts the helmet on and his helmet is gigantic.


Samdhong big fucking head, big dome, big first team, all skull big is. Yeah, I don't know how he fits that thing over. He's got like the was a mark. Kelso was the old player back in the 80s. They used to have the double helmet on the field. That's where Welker Wes Welker had one for a while.


Yeah he did. Yeah. It stops concussions out together. So when he was on the Broncos. Yeah. So Sam Donald, he is he's dual threat quarterback. It should be Joe Flacco at quarterback and then Sam Donald at running backs.


Steal my mitsch thing. Yeah. Yeah. He should be starting running back should be a running back and then Frank Gore should still be fullback. Yes.


All right. So another Yarbo for the Padres sang Slam. Diego is officially back on their backflipping. Cardinals are going to be mad about that. Fans get mad yelled he's eaten to eat.


Fetim, you need to feed me. Zeke.


I'm going to do a I'm going to do an open records request at the FCC like in a week and find out if any Cardinals fans wrote letters to them complaining about the obscene backflip.


Yes, this is getting out of hand out of the Padres swag. We just have so much swag. Let's do baseball.


OK, but one thing about Sam Donald Donaldson, he went to the sideline. Did you know that he couldn't get in the injury tent? Yeah. Yeah. There was so many people in there. Yeah, I think I feel like Le'Veon Bell has just squatted in the injury tent and that's his personal property and he owns that now at MetLife Stadium.


Well, the injury tent for the Jets sideline is essentially the hottest club in New York. No, it's the little shed that your dad builds and he just goes and sits there so he can be by himself. It's the shadow. That's where the injury is like, hey, guess what? I don't if I sit in this little blue tent, they can't make me go in and get my the shit kicked out of me.


Yeah, you're in this great army base is like he's he's one of those old before they had green screens and blue screens. Right. Yeah. So I guess as with his robot eyes, he can't see the color. Blue is the perfect place to hide out. He needs some Feliks Grace.


All right. So let's do a little baseball, then we're gonna do some NBA. What's the what are we going to start with?


Reds didn't score for twenty two innings. That was tough. That was our it was awesome. Awesome. Swoll strikeouts. Yeah. Two hits, and that's got to be so demoralizing, but twenty two innings, like if you're a Reds fan, I'm sorry, because that to not get to cheer once in twenty two innings, that's brutal. But you made the postseason. You made the postseason. Kind of I was thinking another team that got eliminated. I was doing some soul searching because on Wednesday show I was very high on the Indians.


I think I picked the World Series peyote.


Yeah, I was, I was very high on them and I was like, why was I all of sudden saying the Cleveland Indians were going to the World Series? And then I realized that I was listening to our good friends and colleagues, Jerrod Kravis and Dallas Braden starting nine. Great podcast, by the way. Jared is the most unbiased national beat reporter there is in baseball. And he totally wasn't pumping up the Indians because he wanted to see them beat the Yankees.


No, that had nothing to do with that at all, because I said to myself, like, where did that come from, dude? Like, you were way too high on the Indians for no real reason. I was like, oh, Jared just incepted my brain because I played it back of my head. And I was like, he just was talking about how the Indians had fucking Sandy Koufax and Pedro Martinez in his prime. And Satchel Paige, like their starting rotation, was the greatest of all time.


They just got San Diego again.


Yup. Oh, damn. Off the wall goes back.


So, I mean, that second game against the Yankees Indians game was awesome. Yeah, it was as close to a football game as a baseball game will ever get.


Yes, except for hours, six hours long as regular ten, nine, nine inning game ever. It took forever. I'm not going to say where I was, but I was in a different time zone and I was watching the end of the game and I was certain it was replay. Yeah. Of the game from earlier that I was like, there's no way that this game is still going on.


It ended like two minutes before the ten o'clock Dodgers game. Yeah, that that's how crazy it was. What other ones. White Sox. That was tough. It was awesome. I love the eight games in one day, but does it really feel like the playoffs. No. Yet. Not to me.


I think Monday will, once we get it, doesn't feel like the playoffs either.


Like the fact that I think once again we're seventy five to five game series Monday, then it's right now like all the three game series, they definitely feel like exhibition.


Don't get me wrong, it's fun. Yeah. Like Wednesday was fun having eight games. Like I don't know if you can do this next year MLB because it is a lot of fun, but it also does feel slightly cheapened because like what are we watching here? The Cubs shout the Cubs for rain doing it so that they didn't have to have you. Darvish potentially pitching the rain. That was smart.


It was it was a nasty day in Chicago. It was. All right. So, listen, you want to explain how you know the complex was bad?


You Darvish is the slowest pitcher on the face of the earth. And the Cubs watched the Indians Yankees game last night. They're like, if we have you Darvish, if you Darvish starts this game and there's forecasted rain anywhere in the next 12 hours, we could potentially have to have him sit down in the second inning, eight hours into the game and then get back up.


So that's the challenge for to point out SMARTWOOL, you're talking about the spaceship that exploded like nine people died. Sure. The panel was delaying a game because of the rings, because you Darvish is slow.


Well, they delayed the challenger when it was supposed to be it was supposed to be there. Who's going to die on the cross? I don't know. I don't know.


I'm just Marlins. I might have just watched how many.


Tomorrow morning, Mark Pryor, his arm is going to fall. He's still on the Cubs. Wow. What a down challenge to me. No. Two situations are very.


Hey, Hank, what side of your bed did you get off today?


No, I just. I just. I know. Also shout out one last baseball note I had. Well, the twins.


Yeah. Twins. Eighteen losses in a row. I mean, that's that is that's so our good friend Koelie here, he keeps track of the misery index coming out of Minnesota. And this was one that he tweeted out a couple of days that the Twins have more MVP's than playoff wins over the last six years.


Oh, fields and impossible. That is eighteen in a row is impossible. Yeah, it is. That's impossible. Like you can't have. It's impressive. It is. It's hang your hat on it. Just think about Kirby Puckett.


Although didn't he get.


Yeah, there were some in the end I think about Kirby Puckett and what I didn't notice. Think about his home run. No it isn't about Kirby Puckett's dinger. Putting the team on his best dog plexiglass jumping off the Plexiglas. Well, it wasn't even the dog I missed. I missed that outfield fence that used to have because it was like you took a giant blue condom and just stretched. You don't know. But they had they had like the Plexiglas.


They had like hockey. That was that Minnesota. Was that Minnesota. OK, but Minnesota also had like a tarp that they would that was in right center field. Yeah, right. Right center. They had a huge tarp.


They need to bring out that tarp as as an outfield fence again.


So the twins eight in a row, that's. Terrible, sorry, Minnesota, at least the Vikings look good this year. They look great, but I had one note about Carlos, correct? Well, no, nobody on on the Vikings got Korona true from the title yet. So good job. These fucks, these Houston Astro Fox, Carlos Correa saying after they beat the twins, which dude you don't get to, you don't get to be like, look at us.


We beat the twins. They lost 18 in a row, 18 playoff games in a row. If you have a pulse, you beat the Twins in the playoffs. We this room, there's only six of us in here right now. We could beat the Twins in the playoffs.


I do think that there's something to the Twins or to the Astros finally being able to play like real baseball where they're not seeing ghosts and they're not seeing like, you know, they step up to the plate and every expectation is and I'm going to get beaned on this next pitch.


So his quote after was so tone deaf and such a douche bag thing. He said, I know a lot of people are mad. I know a lot of people don't want to see us here. But what are they going to say now? All right, Carlos Correa, your team was twenty nine and thirty one. OK, you the only reason you're in the playoffs is they have for the first time ever, they let in half the league. That is literally the only reason your team was under five hundred.


You shouldn't even be there. And then by luck, you played the worst playoff team in the history of the playoffs. Sorry, Twins fans again. Shut the fuck up. I hope you get swept in the next round.


Who they playing, Jake, is Astros. Yankees, Rays, A's. OK, all right. We're Piggy's guy. Yeah, well, Dallas Braden. I love these.


They just did something about the suit as they put in on that jersey. We talked about this last night. They put on that jersey. You just every one of them is like a Calibra.


They should let the guy that plays the saxophone in still. Yes.


There's a lot of, you know, what really needs to happen. This has been pissing me off. And especially if you're a Reds fan, I there's they need to bring back small ball. Nobody's playing small ball anymore. I sound like my grandfather because I grew up watching baseball, you know, plays.


Right. You get you got you got to get on base. You need needs to get a job somewhere. Mike Sochua Socialism. You get on first base E to steal second base. You get a seeing eye single here and there. Bring that shit back. Small ball wins. That's what it's all about. You've got to zig what everybody else zags. No shots. More bumps. Yeah. Home runs are cool. You know what else is cool.


Bunting down the third baseline and having a throwing error get you to first base.


I love whenever you could tell, like you're not really into that sport because you're like you just want to bring back the thing from twenty years I'm into in baseball, but I'm not into like, you know, I'm not into shutouts.


You know what they need? We need to do guys slapping the floor. Yeah, I need it. Here's what I want you Whurley on Duke. Here's what I need. I need the less talented teams to be able to win when that happens and everything's fun if it's all just guys get up there hitting a slam, Diego, they they dig a sacrifice upon the slam. They go. All right. So the other fielder's choice, the Heat, the Lakers jacket, I got in a disagreement before Jak's Heat, which I guess they're all of our heat, but I don't really own them anymore.


I mean, we're where Heat podcast, but ah, we never mean. Well, I don't know about that.


The heat stink. Listen, it's a sticky turf down there in Orlando. I so bad. It was just bad luck the first night.


I never root for injuries.


However, it wouldn't be the worst thing if like Jimmy Butler and Tyler Hero and like I don't know, I'll throw it someone else.


Maybe Andre Iguodala all got hurt so that LeBron by game four was playing Michael Meyers. Leonard and we're like, this doesn't get well.


It's already nice. Yeah, the Lakers win. Yeah. But if they go yeah. They go up against the Heat missing. They're like top five scorers. Right. That would be amazing.


So I think that if you're the heat like maybe just start dropping your best players so that us LeBron haters can have something to cling to. Yeah. Like we're just being honest here, you know, I mean, we're we're just laying our cards out here. We're not pretending to, you know, be like, oh, yeah, it's they would have had a shot.


They would have had a shot if Jimmy Butler were to accidentally get locked in his coffee shop. Yeah. And be unable to get down to the game.


The Dragic and who else got hurt. Bam got hurt. Jimmy If they were healthy the Lakers still would have fun.


We don't know that this we don't watch that first quarter when the heat made every shot and they were up like thirteen and then the Lakers like OK we'll just go on forty five five run.


I just now at this point heat please please. For us that are unabashedly biased about this, just start DNP and guys start getting injured left and right. Give us something to cling to because all I got right now is it's one it's Anthony Davis team.


I think we can all agree on that to prevail to we really need some more injuries so that we can be like the Lakers.


Barely know what, you know, we need we need Udonis Haslem to be a starter. And so that way, the stories like LeBron James beat a forty five year old guy. Right. That's that's just a bad Vijay Crowder running point.


Yeah. This is very anti culture of you guys, we've got to stay positive. How do they support each other? Sweet. I mean, the ratings are so bad anyway. It's like if nothing happened. Good point. We said on Thursday we're you know, it's so easy for me now. It's so you know what? We you can take a look at the finals that Lebanon's been in and nobody watches it because LeBron doesn't he can't perform on a big stage when he loses.


This is this is basically Bryson where winning the U.S. Open, he had fans there to heckle him. He probably wouldn't win it. So he had Laker Dan Courtside yo nachos on him with Jack Nicholson. Wouldn't be a different story right now.


I got I love when we just go into full on spin zone, like, hey, this is what and you know what really, truly awful about LeBron James. Here's how we're going to get away out of his dunks. He does the best dunks that suck of all time because he swishes all his dunks. You need a little contact with RIM, make it like make it look a little bit more violent. He just he gets his face above the rim and then he jams it directly through the hole.


Not that impressive.


He also did that fucking total hot dog move. I know you saw it, Hank. The dunk at the end of the first half when time and expired by like ten seconds. And he's like, this is like, hey, here's here's what I would do in the dunk contest. We weren't a coward.


I do love how LeBron James does score a game every single big game. But it's to see, like, OK, this is the only time anybody had thirty one point sixteen rebounds, fourteen assists in a playoff game. It's the Knick right stat that we talk about that he always tweets up, but I think he intentionally tries to get a different version of that stat line every single time. Yeah, sure. We can get brought up again if he's out like nine assists and sixteen rebounds, he's like, well I could get a triple double, but no one's ever had seventeen rebounds and nine assists.


Yeah. Twenty five points in game.


So good job. Lakers fans obviously were. This is tongue in cheek. Your team is the best team, blah blah blah blah. But one last thing.


I remember what you guys did when LeBron showed up and you spray painted all over his mural and stuff. Yeah, but here's one last thing, guys.


Ready for this. This is the ultimate spin zone. So game to Friday, game three, Sunday game for Tuesday.


We have to find a way for the Heat to avoid a sweep because game five would be Friday.


The Heat win a championship on Friday night. We have college football and NFL Sunday. We won't even fucking mention it on Monday.


The Lakers when it's Thursday night. Yeah, Friday night. Friday night. Friday night. That's old news.


But today it's not even worth like we might put it in the in the in the ticker for the podcast.


Everyone who watches it shout Anthony Scaramucci will put it in the ticker. That's it.


We're not going to fucking talk about it. No, no. Well, yeah, we'll do it. We'll do an update with Jake after it's like this.


So he either Lakers. We got to Heat. Yeah.


OK, Jimmy. Yeah, that was too much. Jake, don't don't come up with headlines for the Lakers in five is what we're rooting for Friday night.


Did I not predict at the start of layoffs at the Lakers, we're going to gentlemen sweep every single series they were in. No, you actually said Blazers in five. But then after that, I said when I was proven wrong about the Blazers sweep. Now Charles Barkley celebrations sweep. But you can't I mean, after they did, the gentleman sweep by new prediction. OK, so credit for my new Lakers are going to win. I evolved. There was a material change in that the Blazers did not, in fact, win in five.


Therefore, I value my take saying it was going to be a series of gentlemen sweeps.


All right, let's do L.A. Lakers and five Friday night. You know what? Let's do it. If LeBron really wants to prove what a good team he is, he should just sit out game to me.


He should just sit out, give the spotlight to Dwight Howard Caruso Kuzma and Davis who's awesome have travelled just all dunks See I filled them out He can get on dunks in the game All right so that was our Laker hate ten minutes.


Oh wow.


Dallas Braden is in the A's clubhouse drinking beers with them breaking the rules Corona I love to see Corona suspend him Corona don't go in another man's mound de de de de de la Corona.


All right.


I'm going to write that down for you on that. But I did it at my Corona to the add real quick. We'll do some NFL preview. Well, I don't want to introduce the ad by saying do the ad real quick, do the ad, do it. Here is an ad, but it's actually an ad for a company that I personally loves and that we love. It's three Ritchie and she is. Yeah, you seem stressed out. I'm not.


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You always you always.


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That big cat set me up with the worst intro in the history of podcasts. News pretty to do an ad. I would be totally mellow about it. We would have already been doing.


Part of my take is it has totally derailed now able to get back on track.


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That is three 3C.


Number three dotcom promo code PMT at checkout, five percent off your rippon's got a pretty nice spiral like D d spiral. Again, he's playing the Jets but that doesn't I mean I think there was a spot I think you can spiral better against certain teams.


Star about that espero spiral.


Looks good. He might have. Why is he. So we need to check his ears for illegal communication equipment. He's now covering his ears with no no fans in the crowd, no fans. I did notice that when he first got into the game, he did that immediately when he first stepped on the field. And if you're the offensive quarter for the Broncos, you would assume that he would know what the first play was. No, before he went out there.


But this is Pat Shurmur that we're dealing with.


Yeah, that was that was an odd thing. OK, all right. We can preview. Let's do it.


It's not that weird. There's no there's no there's no sound.


I know. But it's still just like it clears the. It's all I guess. Yeah.


But he could he could definitely hear it's all the the cats that are in heat just screaming in that stadium right now. He's trying to get that out of his head. Rippin looking good.


Boise State legend not no Jarrad's Abramsky real skinny forearms and Brett Rippin. Yeah he does. And he used to do something about that. All right, let's do it.


The girth of Teddy Bridgewater, his penis.


Let's, let's do some pics. Let's do some previews then we'll do some pics. Jaguars, Bengals stinko.


Anything, anything.


Anyone got any shootout. Yeah. Can be a shootout. I mean. Yeah. Minshew and Burro over.


This is my over shoot out corner right now.


I feel like these are two types of quarterbacks that after the game they're probably just going to go over Joe Burrowes House. It's in the backyard with the launcher. Let off some sparklers. Yeah, I have a couple of beers.


Yep. Yep, I like that. I like that. Cold spares Nick Foles, baby, we're doing Nick Foles.


We are fucking do it.


I don't know why the bears are underdogs, but we're doing this is absolutely doing.


This is in Chicago. Yes, I would. You know what? I think that the I think the Bears are going to win this game. I do, too.


I absolutely do. All right. Browns, cowboys.


The Cowboys should win this one. This is you know what?


Oh, yeah.


Hank's talking about dogs this weekend. He loves all dogs, loves the dog.


OK, and I know that Jerry Jones is definitely going to fall in love with Odell Beckham during this game. Like pick pick the worst person for him to fall back in love with. That would be the most destructive to his team. But it's still super talented. Jerry Jones is going to gravitate towards that person. Yes, he'll probably probably talk about Odell Beckham and Kareem Hunt.


Yeah. So I. I don't think the Cowboys are as bad as they've looked at times. Their defense is bad. You like the dogs. All right. Whatever saves lives. I have a funny idea.


It's going to be like a blow. I think that that's going to be not a blow up, but a lot of points. It's going to be like thirty five thirty the Saints.


Lions. I have a fun stat for you. OK, the Saints have covered seventeen straight October football games. The Saints.


That means that we have never done a pardon my take episode where the Saints have not covered in October football game.


The last time they didn't cover in October. Football game is. Week six, two thousand fifteen. OK, that's fucking wild, so I have to bet on the Saints. I don't like the Saints at all. I love the line, but I have to. But you have to. That's an insane, insane stat. Twenty fifteen was the last time Saints didn't cover and an October football game.


Why do you think that is? Ciguatera over. Sean Penn gets back into Crossfade and starts feeling himself again.


They're 16 and one straight up in those games, by the way. They I would say the Saints because they usually start very slow. And then this is right when they kind of get it going.


Yeah, yeah. Drew Brees, like, works out all the kinks in his arm finally. Yeah.


For weeks, I, I think that Detroit is the New Orleans of Michigan. Does that make sense?


The great airports.


Yeah, both cities have awesome airports. We put in casinos. There's a lot of outdoor drinking, even though it's not legal in Detroit, they still embrace that culture.


So but wouldn't that be every city, every city's finest, every state's finest city is just the New Orleans of that? Yeah, you could say that if you wanted to.


But it also goes a little bit into football where it's like the lions have the same type of heartbreaking losses that the Saints have. The Saints just only have like one of those losses a year. The Lions have them twelve times a year. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, the states have the Super Bowl. So you're saying what you're really saying is the lions need like a horrific natural disaster and then a quarterback to come and save the city?


I'm not saying that. I'm not saying you're doctor. No, I'm not really. That that is messed up. Thank you. I can't believe that big cat went there.


I mean, I don't know I don't know how they're related at all whatsoever other than that happening.


Their losses, their losses, I think are similar, like in heartbreaking fashion. Yeah. I'm saying that every single Saints heartbreaking playoff loss in recent history could very well have been a Lions week three loss, week three loss.


OK, I got that. Yeah. All right. That makes sense because the Lions haven't been in the playoffs in 30 years. They did well, you know, they played that awesome game against the Saints if it won a playoff game since nineteen ninety one. Yeah, yeah. Tony Shaffer was in that game. Yeah. Two great quarterbacks going at it.


All right. One of the greatest of all time. And then also Drew Brees. Yup. Drew Brees. Drew Brees.


Let's see how he does. Seahawks Dolphins. So I was thinking about this.


Oh Hank loves this dog. I like this dog too. I was I kind of like it, too. My bertalan of the week. I was thinking about how did the bird do the last two weeks?


I didn't do one last week. I was too demoralized.


After Louis Cardinals beat the shit out of the Washington football team, I was closing my eyes and thinking like, this is a weird Jersey game, like the Seahawks going on the road with the Dolphins candy ass uniforms. And I was trying to remember the last time they played and I looked it up and it was the game that got delayed in the third quarter because the sprinklers just like turned on in the middle of the game.


So I knew something funny happened. So I think something funny is going to happen here. And I like that. I think we all agree.


Yeah. I mean, the Seahawks willingness to play weird games perfectly matches up with Fitz Magic starting to percolate. So I think I think that the Dolphins could do this.


They could win in like nineteen to fourteen game.


I like it was weird fucking scores and and I think I'm not going to look this up, but just the eyeball test, the flight from Seattle to Miami, that has to be the longest flight in the NFL we had.


That is a no. We had that as a trivia question on the dozens. It was no, it's it's like Miami to San Francisco. Remember Miami. Yes, you're right.


Miami. San Francisco. Yeah. Any longer because it goes juts out. Yeah. Yeah. But I remember being like how or vla. No, no it's it's L.A.. OK, it's Priska. Yeah.


San Francisco locals call it and I've heard that the first go it gets so yeah that's got to be what like a nine hour flight. Yeah. That flight sucks. That messes up the entire week.


Twelve hours because not even San Fran locals like San Fran, this is what they call just transplant city.


Well it's all the tech pros. Now you've taken it over Cisco, right. For Cisco. Right.


The richest family in San Fran fifty years ago is now homeless because Mark Zuckerberg took their House Dems the breaks.


I thought it was funny what private buses to work when I was out there for the Super Bowl. This is what the Panthers. Broncos, right. And I was getting a lift. I was getting like a ride to the stadium or something like that. The person that was driving me was a vice president at Facebook and they were also driving Lyft.


Yeah, because I think I need to make enough money to eat now that my salary covers my rent in the city. Oh, all right.


Ravens are no Chargers bucks. This is a slaughterhouse. Hank loves the Chargers in this game.


So the Bucs offense, I looked up the stats on them. They're they're very average. But their defense is actually defense is really good. Right. But Bruce Arians needs to figure out how to make this offense start start to click a little bit, because right now, I think they're they might even be like a little bit below average in terms of the NFL. But I think what we can all agree of. Is the books I was going to try to say that the books are the East Coast Charters, but that's not it's not really true.


So I won't say it, but I like him as a dog. I like to charge a dog because, again, I'm a I'm a Herbert believer, OK?


I think the books I think their defense is too good, especially first road game, even though it's not the road, but it is the road for herbut.


Is the stadium going to be open. I don't know, because Florida is doing that thing where they're saying like, OK, the local governors can determine whether or not to have the parade for Tampa Bay.


Yeah. They should at least just open up the entire pirate ship. Yeah, I agree. That pirate ship. I agree.


Ravens' Washington football team has to be a slaughter. Yeah. Pom pom pom pom. I think they're going win by thirty. Yeah.


So the spread is fourteen right now. I'm going to take the rear. This is not my burglarised question.


Yeah. Is there a chance maybe rocksmith. I hope not. Not on that field. Not in that field.


Immunology three need to be just like wrapped up in bubble wrap every time they come within five nautical miles of FedEx Field.


I feel like Ron Rivera, the way he's been giving up on games, I think he's pretty close to giving up on doing Haskett.


He is. I think that he goes to Cuyler Murray. I mean, Kyle Allen. OK, OK.


It would be nice. Be nice. Redemption story. See Alex Smith, Cardinals, Panthers Speaker Nicola Murray.


Hank loves the Panthers. You love every dog. And it's going to suck because I'm I can't lose Parley's to in the last two weeks.


It's going to win again, you idiot. This is going to be the can't win parlay. OK, so then do it. Put your money where your mouth is. Right over there. Do know I will work four games. I will. OK, Vikings, Texans. That game happening with the Panthers.


I just thought the other day is is Teddy Bridgewater like the most boringly average quarterback in the NFL? Tyrod Taylor? I think they're they're pretty similar. I know he's a junkyard teddy bear way better than Tyrod Taylor, but they're similar in that they will not make mistakes.


So it's hard to be like they stink. Yeah, but they'll also not make any risky throws to be like we could win the game.


The thing is, I really like Teddy Bridgewater and off the field. He's got a big personality in his off the field. Personality does not translate at all to what he does on the field. He'll go out there and throw like twelve for nineteen for one hundred sixty yards, one touchdown interceptions. Yeah.


I mean you can win with Teddy Bridgewater. The Saints should have kept them Vikings Texans. Is this game happening? It is, right. Yeah. This game is happening. The Texans think Texans. Well, they've had they've got schedule. Fuck remember that this is but this is their one piece of medicine. It could be a big game for Kirk because you remember we did the math. You know that stat about how James Harden performs differently in different cities with strip clubs when Kirk Cousins is in cities with megachurches?


Yeah, he excels. Yeah. So this is like he's going to be having breaking bread with Joel Osteen before the game set up to for him doing shots of apple cider.


I think the Texans really stink. I mean, I said it last week when I was like, that was a time to take the Texans against the Steelers were you're like this, you know, own two team that has the at least the bones of being a playoff team. I think they really, really stink.


Giants, Rams, slaughter.


Hank likes the Giants. Thank you. Like the Giants. You're fucking crazy. You're crazy for that. That's gross. You're straight up crazy for that.


You're crazy for that. It's the week. All right.


Every year. I don't know why I'm so mad if this happens. Yeah. I don't want to see you on something. I to have to beat the dogs with you.


Patriots chief's fun fact.


The Patriots for the third time in eighteen years are underdogs of seven points or more, three times in eighteen years.


What happened the other two.


I don't know. I would imagine as Matt Cassel. Right. Had to have been.


Yeah. At this back that far. Yeah. Probably one of those, one of those guys. I have a prediction for this game. Yeah. I think that Belichick is going to run a play very similar to either the shovel pass or the tackle eligible touchdown because Belichick loves doing little winks at coaches. You know, like he he watches all the film and he sees something. He's like, I'm going to give like a little sly kicking him under the table.


But it's not necessarily like a mean thing to Andy Reid, like a gotcha. It's almost like a tip of the cap to him during the game because Belichick loves football that much. Yeah. He'll like borrow and play and play it back. Like he's like he's covering a song with his favorite band or something like that. But it would actually be he would do it in this circumstance more and more. A big fuck you to John Harbaugh because John Harbaugh got beat by him.


So he'd want to make John Harbaugh have to watch that highlight again right back.


Flip and stare down. Let's go Fernando to a he took forever to get out of the box there.


I love that was on his team. Dude, he's hit to home run since we started taping his podcast. These uniforms are sick to that was, I think, offensive. I think they have fewer pinstripes, but the pinstripes are thicker in San Diego.


And the logo is the Buffalo Wild Wings logo. Yeah. Tuit Tuno against spread to won in games. What.


Oh, there were eight point underdogs. Have the games, they were perhaps it was the first when Brady was suspended week one twenty sixteen Garoppolo was his staff backflow really just Roger Goodell being a dickhead, OK.


Remember when Roger Goodell supposed to watch Monday Night Football in his man cave in and he never did with marches and just killed probably children? Challenger. Yeah.


How many challengers of children did he kill? A hundred. They were eight and a half dogs that won. Twenty three. Twenty one. And then week 17, 2009, patriots are locked in the playoffs. So they started all bench players. They lost by seven but covered and was walking towards ACL. So.


So right now the position that we're in looking ahead to this game is exactly where we were on Monday night, when in hindsight, it should have been so simple, like, oh, you're giving Patrick. You're like you're spotting Patrick Mahomes points in a football game right now. We're like, oh, you're spotting Bill Belichick eight points in a football game.


Yeah, but you can never do that. You can never do what just happened and made you feel stupid. You can't then do it the next week. You'd be like, oh, I remember when I felt stupid. I'm going to fix it this time because then you feel stupid the other way. But I did. Yeah, that's what just happened.


It's going to happen again too. It's like if you bet against Patrick, you do not bet against Patrick Mahomes again. You might just just betting every week against.


So this is actually a perfect game to bet on because afterwards you can rationalize it one way or the other. If the if the Chiefs coverage like Yeah. Patrick Mahomes, he's the tits. If, if the Patriots went it's like yeah. He spotted Bill Belichick eight points. Right. Of course he's going to cover that. Right. Right. Yeah.


That is the ultimate out in that respect. I agree with that. Bill's Raiders, Josh Allen, SEP, AFC offensive player of the month.


So shout out Josh Allen. He's going to fuck that stadium.


Yeah, I don't I think the I think the bills are going to win, but I'm very nervous about this game, very nervous.


But this is a game I would I would love to see if the stadium was open because I'm pretty sure Bill's movie would just roll deep into Vegas. Oh, yeah. That's what's going to be great about when the stadium gets people in it. It's going to be I'm sure there'll be, you know, the local diehards that adopt the team just like they did with the Golden Knights. But then it's every team circles that game on their calendar. Of course, it's like, yeah, we're going to make a little weekend trip to Vegas.


Of course, it's going to be a lot of fun. All right. Las Up Eagles. Forty Niners. I have a stat two quarterbacks in NFL history of throwing for twenty six hundred yards and fourteen touchdowns in the first nine career starts.


Who are they? Say it again to NFL quarterbacks have thrown for twenty six hundred yards and fourteen touchdowns in their first nine career starts.


Who are they? Brett Favre, Nick Mullins, Patrick Mahomes and Nick Mullins.


OK, rarefied air. Nick Malone's future Hall of Famer and Super Bowl champ.


I, I like. I like the Niners.


I like Nick Mullins. I like the smell of them and George Kittles back. Yeah. So that's going to be nice. Yeah.


The Eagles are just they're so sad. The Eagles fans are actually going.


They want you and her style. I do think that Philadelphia is going to figure it out at some point. They're going to turn around. They they have to there's too much talent on them. The coaching staff is too good.


No, I think they have to. I'm done.


I'm done on the court. On them. Yeah. I'm not ready. I can't I can't quit. They don't do their entire roster. They have one wide receiver in practice. Yeah, one. OK, I'm pulling the runner.


I'm pulling the cord on him. I can't I'm, I'm thinking that they are the same team that won the Super Bowl and I'm just done.


I'm done. They have to figure it out at some point. I think they will. They have I don't know if they will. Philadelphia, you have to figure this out. It's going to have. Well, all right, quick.


Those two picks them will get too fancy. Fuck, boys, why isn't everyone roll through their four packs?


Rickman's ESADE nine games. Yeah. Remember last year. Last year. No, two years ago. And Garoppolo tortoiseshell shit.


Yeah. Yeah. Chetnik just go through your four picks.


Favorite Ravens underdog. Pretty much every other game but I guess I'll take the Patriots over in Jackson.


Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Cincinnati. Like it under Saints lines. Oh OK.


Favorite Baltimore underdog Panthers at home there again three and a half all the Ravens under Giants Rams. Forty eight over Indy Chicago.


OK, three. I like the Giants Rams under forty eight and I like the Ravens minus thirteen Bears plus two and a half and I have an over.


I'll take the over. Fuck it. I'll do the I'll do the Seahawks in the Dolphins.


No one's going to play defense. That game sprinkler game. Fifty three and a half.


Oh and I can't lose parlay. Niners. Mm hmm. Rams, Bucs, Cardinals, two twenty five boosted to 70 on the barstool sports book app. It's to low in the last two weeks. Hank, what are you going to do? Are you going to face it? Yeah, going to the whole thing.


I think that not only is he going to face it, he's going to he's going to fade it.


MONEYLINE Yeah. No, you have to. Yeah, you have to feed it. MONEYLINE I am going to tell you. Yeah, I'm going to tell you what it will pay. OK, a parlay feed of the of the can't lose. You realize it can't lose.


Right. This is my fourth parlay. Your Wohlforth parlay.


It's a straight face. Thirteen out of ten. Parlette my Norman Parlo.


I mean Hank if you hit this it'll be quite impressive. I will. You have to bet it. We don't deserve this parlay. One hundred two and one. If you don't beat it, you're an idiot. Paulsboro one hundred to win. This is now Bill is getting real excited. One hundred dollars to win. Nineteen thousand.


Yeah. Billy just looked at me like, what did you see. Dude that can't lose parlay is going to win.


But you also have to be responsible, Billy. Always responsible gambling. You can lose technically you of course you can. Responsible gambling. Gambling should be for entertainment. One 800 gambler. If you have a problem that actually is for real, this is all should be fun entertainment. Don't bet more than you can afford.


The can't lose parlay cannot lose though.


Did you see. It can but it cannot. You can't with the Drake Harleigh hits that. Yeah. So if you, if you put one hundred bucks on the Lakers to win the NBA championship, what's that.


We can't anymore. Yeah but you can still bet it but it's not the same. It's not the same. But two days ago you put one hundred bucks on the Lakers to win the NBA championship and Alabama football to win college football, Duke basketball to win college basketball, the Dallas Cowboys to win the Super Bowl and Tiger Woods to win the Masters. And is there one that I'm leaving out here and the Yankees to win the World Series? One hundred bucks pays out.


Twenty six million. Wow. That's not a bad return on that investment.


Now it's probably down to twenty, only twenty two million money.


It's really thirteen or fourteen after taxes that get your studio in San Fran. Not even really worth it.


All right. Before we do what we got, Billy, I got two friends of the program.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Go ahead. Yeah, yeah. So was me Broncos. But since that's done after this year's Bengals Browns, Rams Bills.


Nice overjust friends of the parlay. Yeah. All of our friends.


Well, not Hank's friends. Hank hates hates all those Hank's enemies. Hank Hank hates the English language.


And then every quarterback you just named or Hank's biggest rivals in the world. Yeah.


He hates Jared Goff. Literally love him. He hates Josh Allen.


Best friend is brutal. Josh Allen's a division rival.


All right. We're going to finish the fuck was his second before we do that, if you looking for the perfect drink to enjoy at the next virtual happy hour, do you consider yourself a black sheep misfit or screwball? If so, we've got just the perfect drink for you. Screwball peanut butter, whiskey, looking for an outlet to unleash your inner creative self while cooped up at home. Look no further than screwball peanut butter whiskey to enhance your favorite cocktail with a warm and welcoming aroma and a deliciously smooth palate screwball.


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Screwball peanut butter whiskey become the life of the party fantasy. Fuck boys, let's do it.


Yeah. So what's up or is it Frankie Fabrica stardom. This savage mode too. Yeah. Yeah. One savage metro boomin wants a mo. Twenty two savage baby. The way it's going to be a pang of fuck, yeah, yeah, do you know who they know? The Cactus Jack Jackson me pretend like I don't know what you're talking about by them is Ben Roethlisberger. Yeah, sit down. He's not playing this week with you on your fantasy squad.


Sit him down because he's not playing. That's a good reminder. Thank you. Not there. And my in my sleep is where Massow John Ross was. Apple cider, doughnuts, big cat, big fat love to get down on and on this Saturday. Tis the season for apple cider. Warm them up under you, but with a little egg with some fuckheads and to attack livor. I'm starting this weekend. AC DC. That's right. The bad boys of rock them back if you like songs about fire fucking rock and roll and partying and hell you're in luck.


They're back. Has the same album they made for the last 30 years. Repeat over and over again but it still kicks ass every time you hear it. AC, DC or as I call it, the perfect report card or rock n roll band. All right. And young. I'm also, I guess, stolen baby Malcolm. All right. Welcome back to Late Night Walk Outside. But the other gallico, Malcolm Crow, big time. I'm Elvis.


I'm also sitting Big Ben. Good call, Cookoff. And I'm also sitting. That's right. I'm very excited to see Ben on Sunday when he shows up to the game in a portable iron lung because of his beer scare with the coronavirus thoughts and prayers to Ben Roethlisberger. He almost Coccaro this week. My sleeper is October 1st. Beer, October 1st. That's right. It's OK to beer. To beer October. We're drinking, too. We're drinking Deuce's boys.


October 1st is the best seasonal variety of beer. There's no ifs, ands or buts about it. I'm stuck down a couple of cool dramas just like a grandfather. Love it. Love it. All right. What's up, guys? Is fettuccini Alfredo. Oh, Betty. What? I'm starting to talk. I've started tick tock because the Mafia's on tip top down and I knew Billy was going to take it on his fantasy, but boy. So I wanted to make sure I got it for you.


But yeah, that was pretty easy. I would be a fucking sweet episode. Sopranos Why Saddam is the Giants. Hank R Sorry, Frank. He loves the Giants. That's the dumbest fucking pick ever. The Giants suck. They're going to get killed. You're a moron that the Rams that Jared Goff stopped being a fucking idiot. Why don't you head Christopher? He's your head here. In the last day of my sleep is Jimmy Hoffa. Jimmy Hoffa, sleeping giant stadium.


That's more on the concrete. That's why I want a teammate, not a Teamster baby.


All right. Go ahead, finish. My name is Tony Taniguchi with the focus of my stardom, his diet. Start your fucking diet, your fat fucks in my system is gingivitis.


You scurvy ass needs mouthwash in my sleep is my koseki the night on the dolphins or the dolphin. Nice. That's actually a good pick. Did he get hurt last week. No, he played really well. Yeah.


How many points he had. No one gives a fuck team. I have. Sorry. No, no I have them. I actually. You still play. No we stop music.


Music. So we do our interviews. We've awesome interview.


Big Jordan. Mark Ingram levels big time levels. I love these guys. Mark Ingram. Awesome. I had a real quick question for you beforehand. I do have an idea.


You have do you have any shorts or pants that you love more than anything else?


You know that I do and you know that I'm wearing my shorts. It's still shorts season for me, even though it's October. I'm wearing my bird dogs right now. It's always, always appropriate to wear shorts and wear my bird dogs. Right now there are my favorite shorts. I basically only wear bird dogs between March and October. It's kind of just a seasonal thing for me. But bird dogs also recently stepped into the pants game. I was wearing their pants the other day when we were doing the store screams.


I was doing the sidelines. I was wearing these dress pants and they feel like their sweat pants. They feel super comfortable. We can move around in them. They actually stole Lululemon designer and now they're just doing it better. They cut Lululemon. They said, guess what, all your pants belong to us now. Bird dogs got them. They are super comfortable. I love wearing them. I love their shorts. They're my work pants. I could play golf and them if I chose to play golf, I could do anything in these pants.


They are they are multi-purpose pants and they do everything in their the Swiss Army knife, the Taysom Hill of pants. That's what Bird Dogs is. They're my happy hour. It's too they look exactly like khakis or chinos. They feel like silky soft pajamas, bird dogs are pants, but they have the underwear built in. It solves a lot of problems when you don't have to worry about what pair of underwear you're putting on bird dogs pants, go check them out at bird dogs, dotcom in a promo code, take a out.


They're going to throw in a free pair of nunchuck. That's right. To bring back the nunchuck. You heard that right. It's nunchuck time for dogs, dotcom promo code take and boom. You get a free pair of nunchuck with your pair of bird dogs. You're not going to want to take these things off, I promise you. Check them out. Bird dogs, they do parts now and now. Trust levels increasing. OK. We now welcome on very special guests, it is Cam Jordan from New Orleans Saints.


It's Mark Ingram from the Baltimore Ravens, former teammates, now co podcasters. They have a new podcast called Trust Levels. You can find it everywhere. You can find podcasts. Guys, thank you for joining us. I think we should start with like Patti and I are pretty cool. We know what trust means. Yeah. But for, like, our fans that maybe aren't cool, like what is trus be like it just be.


He's always been there daily doing to be so big trust. Right. To just like for show like I feel you like for show like. Yeah. Got you like. Yeah. Like trust. Yeah. Yeah that's. I got our podcast you know we got a podcast, we trying to make our podcast feel like you know trust. Big trust. Right.


I mean so it's our podcast. Trust. Big Trust. OK, big big trust. Big trust. Approvable. It's trust level. Trust level. Yeah. Yeah. I got some levels and it's, you know, trust.


I trust so. Oh sweet sweet smile.


We want to it just speaking of podcasts.


Always our always our trust level higher than your trust level when it comes to podcasting.


I mean you started you started off before us, so you know what I'm saying. You really got that trust between you and your trust between your big this level to two levels to it all. So we we think we steadily climb.


We're thick trust. Have you guys ever been in a situation where, like maybe the trust levels have diminished a little bit since you guys aren't on the same team?


Never that. Never that we blur it go away in football. It goes way deeper in between the lines. So no doubt as I before, towards that level.


OK, all right. Let's keep they keep level.


But let me ask you I'll ask you can actually do ask you, Mark. Saints versus Ravens in the Super Bowl, you run, you run the ball. Maybe there's a fumble, you don't fumble, but maybe there's a fumble. And Cam Jordan's in the pile and he's maybe big trust in you're nuts and grabbing and gouging that that bring the trust level down.


We play we play the right way. I don't know what I'm doing. I had to do it with being at best. That's not what we do. And that's that's not that's not what had us on the nuts. That's no trust. That's a no. Yeah. The scrotum is a no. Just right.


Got it. Negative trus. Yeah. Okay.


That was nothing will make me more excited to play the Ravens in the Super Bowl. That means we both reached the pinnacle of of winning. That being said, if we're in a pile and we're fine, we're looking for the football, the leather bound football.


We're not looking for any other clever. Yes, I gotcha. All right.


So, Cam, I have I have a bone to pick with you for two things. One is you're Blake Bortles quote. What's your problem, man? Blake's a good guy. He's our friend. There was a Blake Bortles Pequot. Yeah.


There was a camera snapping off somebody. Would you say about Blake? I have no idea.


He just got back in the lead, right? Yeah. You call you call Cuyler measured on his top 100. Would you say about Blake.


You said you say it came off the cuff. That wasn't my fault. OK, you said you said about Blake.


I think it was on him to try to find the exact quote. But I think it was something along the lines of we're practicing against Drew Brees. He makes us better. It's not like Blake Bortles out there throwing picks. Well, that's not that's not true.


That's not true.


What you just did not trust right there, because it's all factual interception. Yeah.


And that's also the facts. The facts. More like people like Max do not. Blake Bortles never lost in Vapes to Taysom Hill. Actually, that's a good point. Are you ever jealous because you know that no matter what you do, Sean Payton will never love you as much as he loves Taysom?


Luckily, I've never I've never been and look for for love from my head coach. All my head coaches have always been awful offensive minded. I wouldn't know what to do with the defensive minded head coach. I would I'll be I'll be big lost. OK, OK.


And then the other one the other one was when you said Big Ben's not a Hall of Famer, what I really meant, they were like his big Big Ben, a first ballot Hall of Famer. In my mind, he said first ballot was like, Ben will probably get there. But in my mind, I heard first down I was like, now he's going it's going to take him a year or two, you know, it might be two years out.


And then three about, you know, my dad's the Hall of Fame, but just not first battle. That's what he saying.


Yeah, absolutely. I mean, the numbers that he's put up, he's going to get in there. And I was like, you know, he's he's fine. You can fight to put him in your top five of his era. And then I went through it again. That's a lot of people don't.


But, you know, that's going to be awesome when he gets in the Hall of Fame, he's going to have some sort of injury. When he's walking up behind the podium, he's going to be like on crutches or in a walking boot, maybe have like one of those old timey fever things like bags filled with ice on his head because he's got a headache. Big Ben's induction speech is going to be worth the price of admission.


I mean, what are they like three and oh, this year? Look, at this point. You know, he's back and apparently he's he's doing really well and I mean, you knew what Big Ben has been in this league. I mean, he's been a force to be reckoned with. Super Bowl champion. I'm just trying to get there. Yeah, Mark, I've got to have it. Well, it seems like you guys have a pretty good handle right now.


You know how to, like, stir up some controversy. That's podcasting. Lesson number one is like say something inflammatory to get people talking about you. So I'm going to give you a chance right now.


Mark Ingram, if you want to say that you think that Jameis Winston should be the starter in New Orleans, do I think he should be?


Yeah, just get people talking about the podcast like I mean, he's already going for divisive statements.


We're not I any presidential elect number forty five come over here to the commerce side of life. That what we do, I think we should be. Yeah, he's exactly I think he's exactly where he's supposed to be at the time. The place where he's supposed to be there, I don't know. I can't just throw Drew Brees to the wolves like he still Drew Brees. He's cool. He's a bad mother. You know me. But so. OK, do you know excommunicating my dad like that?


I mean, you got to put some respect on Drew Brees, OK?


We think we struggle with that at times, although, I mean, I respect his career big time. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer. Mark, sticking with you, how mad do you get every time they post the Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram picture? And can you explain why you looked so small, so bearish?


It is so lame. They literally, like, screw me on all levels for one to do six for 250 power running back, alien in and you know, and they put the camera closer to him. I'm further away, so I'm already shorter. And then you let the camera adjustment angles trick you to make me look shorter than I actually am. I'm not five ones. Yeah. That's what it makes you look like 411. But nah, it's just a big deal.


I mean shit I'm twenty six so I mean when it was supposed to look like.


Yeah I mean it's an all time picture and I agree like if you post that you're lame whatever. That's not big trust. Never done.


Yeah. Actually Verbum that's, that's, that's, that's true. Yeah.


Oh trust me. Mark Ingram. Weak Trust. Derrick Henry. Big Trust. Oh we wouldn't post an example of something we wouldn't post.


I'm a yogo maybe but. Well you had to come see me. Yeah. Yeah. Me messed up. Yeah I really like that. I'm really bout that.


The craziest thing that I couldn't believe this when I looked this up. But the fact that Mark, you're the first Alabama player to ever win the Heisman, that's crazy. So it's just you and Derrick Henry when like when you won that and Alabama, you won national title too. But was there a moment where you're like, I'm set for life because I'm I'm in I'm like in the records book. I'm a legend.


No matter what happens just for this man, I think like, no, I always try to elevate man. So, like, yeah, I won that. It was crazy because I was just all the championships, all all Americans, a lot of great players have been coming through there and they never had a home. So just be able to bring that trophy and fill that void and the legacy of family. You know, that was I was proud to do that.


But, you know, I just they tried to level us. They try to do more if they try to accomplish more. But I know if all else fails, I can go back to Tuscaloosa, live like a king. Right. I you know, I mean, but yeah. No, I just I just I just appreciate the love, you know, that's always open.


Did saving smile when you won the Heisman? Because we're convinced he never smiles.


I'm not sure that he smiled. Actually, he might have grand winced. I don't know like but I'm not sure that he actually, like, cracked the real t smile, you know. But yeah. But he I know he was proud of me. No, but he wanted us to win a championship, so he was just trying to get over that obstacle so we can go focus on winning a championship. Yeah. That's all he worried about. So who can we just watch we watch the Packers and the Saints on Sunday night.


Drew, are not to Aaron Rodgers seem to really take advantage of there being no crowd in the Superdome. And the announcers kept talking about how great is hard count was. What's the difference between a good hard count and just a normal hard count? It's just like saying certain words strangely or at higher volumes. What's how do you become good at doing a hard count?


Probably the opposite of those two or whatever? You just said the opposite of that. I mean, it's as long lines of keeping the same cadence, like, you know, you couldn't tell his his real his real cadence from, you know, a fake one or elevated pitch. You know, there was no, like, emphasis like, oh, this is like how he's going to get you off sizes just like this normal cadence. And they took you take it all the way down to the to the wire on a couple of them.


I mean, you've got you've got fake counts going with the play clock, going down to like three. And then he's just like, rally it up. You still call it so. I mean, that's all that was. I mean, he got an offsides two times. And really even the second time I was like, oh, he was like the play clock was. At zero, there should have been a building on them before it was on us.


What do we at the end of the day? That's why he's Aaron Rodgers. You know, he does a great job of commanding Israel.


Is it is it really weird? And we'll start with you, Kim. How weird is it we haven't had a player on yet this season? How weird is it to be in the stadium with no fans and no sound like do they play the sound over the speakers? Is it feel like anything or there are moments where it's hard to get hyped up because there's no juice in the stadium.


I mean, you definitely feed off the fans so you don't have that aspect to it. But any time you touch the field, I mean, it's not like it's not like a summer practice where you just going against guys that, you know, you've been going against for the last 20? Some days it's a new opponent. I mean, every time we touch the food, it's like we still have that same mentality. It's like, hey, we've got to impose our will.


We've got to do this. We've got to take away X players. We got to, you know, be three yards in the backfield. So, I mean, there's always juice there, but there's just not that that escalated level that you feel from the fans. Right, where you can just like on third down, you can't hear yourself or talk or whatever. So if anything, it just makes every game sort of like an away game where the offense is able to adjust, readjust, check defenses, whatever it is.


And everybody had this clear line of communication where normally they wouldn't have that. Yeah.


Has it been easier for you, Mark, on the offensive side of the ball, like just communication? And does it feel like the offense run smoother when you don't have to, you know, deal with the crowd on the road?


Yeah, I mean, definitely, you know, that's one of the challenges in overcoming, you know, an away game is being able to navigate and function at a high level with crowd noise, you know, going on like how all of that but not that you don't how they use cadence. You're able to hear the cause clearly no more times than that. And yeah, but once you once you watch that ball kick off and once that you know.


Yeah. You line up against another team, it's go time and it's ready to go really trying to make something happen and trying to make plays to help the team win. And, you know, we had 250 fans. I think only, you know, household family. People live on your roof at the stadium and like, you know, with, you know, seven in the fourth and, you know, here Moss going defensive and stomping on the bleachers.


I was like, man, it's really high school a little bit. You know, back in high school, you only had your parents and a couple of students in the stands going crazy and, you know, but so it was even exciting to have just two hundred fifty people there last night. So, yeah, it definitely is definitely different playing in an empty stadium, but you've got to make it happen regardless.


I saw that Steve Young was like the only person who was allowed in the stands last night because he was there during Monday Night Football like post game stuff. So Steve Young was like I think he was second row and nobody else was in the entire stadium. Was he yelling at the field? Could you hear Steve Young?


Well, no, we had we had we had 250 family members at the game. So I guess he was one of those. He was amongst those family members.


So it is two hundred forty nine plus. Plus Steve Young. Steve. Yes, but I here's the high.


Here's David. Here's to you.


We're big fans of of Sean Payton and his motivational techniques. We've had him on the show before. We like to talk about the different things that he does. Like I remember one time he put a gas can in everybody's locker to remind everybody to to keep enough fuel going through that throughout the season. But I think my favorite one was he like showed you videos of rats dying of rats, like getting caught in traps to cheese right in the cheese.


What was that about? Yeah, it was I think we must've been on a winning streak. And it's like when when everything is going good, everything's positive. You're going to have all these. Yes. Men in your life are going to have everybody like. Yeah, like there's no way you guys could lose. All these people are going to pump you up with all these random stats like, hey, you know, every every time you get a second Half the Saints never lose or something like, you know, some openly, like, weird situation like, oh, like it's impossible for Brees not to throw 300 yards a game or whatever.


Whatever it is, it's like don't eat the cheese. Don't don't buy into all this hype. Just stay, you know, keep the locker room within the locker room was really the more the story got it.


That makes sense. Who's the bigger Mark? Who's the bigger football guy? We've had both coaches on our show before. Who's the bigger football guy? Harbaugh.


Peyton Manning. They both great, great coaches, they both great coaches, they both love football, you know, halves, you know, he all about defense teams. You know, he loves his offense, but he's you know, he's a defensive coach, those teams guy. And, you know, trying to play a straight offense genius, you know, but they both love the guy and they both put their passion into the game. So I'm just thankful my career I've played for two of the best cogently to the best organization in the league.


So that's something I'm proud of.


OK, so you owe that real regal answer. That's not talking about my book, my boy Mark MVP.


That was lame trust. You know, you claim you can't you can't get me to turn on my no MVP Mark V for president.


OK, so, Mark, I would feel like I just keep it true.


The Holy See, I would feel like a fraud if I didn't say this.


And I'd like your take on this. I've called the Ravens fraud's until you guys win a big game. Is that fair? Does that from the media perspective, is it fair that I'm keeping you guys motivated by saying you're frauds until you win a game where either you come back from a big deficit or win a playoff game? Is that fair?


Hey, you know, you're entitled to your own opinion. And they say that it motivates us. I wouldn't necessarily say that because we really don't care what people think of the outside. So, you know, you're entitled to that opinion. And it is true. We do need to win big games. We do need to play our best football, the biggest stages. But we're growing and learn and we will strive to be that and win those big games and to become champions and to become Supachai, because we have the guys in the locker room.


We have the characteristics in the organization to accomplish those things. So that's what we strive for. And it's not because of you saying that or anybody else saying that, but just because of how we are on our team and an organization say that he's heard it now, though.


Yeah, he's right. You've heard it now. I've said it. I just said to your face and also now it is in the locker room. He's not over here in Canada.


Yeah, I am about to just be like, oh, yeah, yes.


But he said he raised me like now we regulate, but it's not nice that he's doing, you know, what is going on, right? You Hatami, you just put it in the universe. Yes. You go with the one ear and out the other. Me like, oh, I hear that. You're thinking about it. You're thinking about the I hear I listen. I hear you, but I listen to me.


OK, Mark, if it were up to you, would you guys ever punt on fourth down there?


Sometimes, you know, four four and eight four four nine. You had to play it, but, you know, fourth and meeting fourth and three. Unless I like. I like. I like. I like ravens. Yeah.


Does it now does it reverse though, because most of the time coaches will punt on fourth and three. When you guys do punt on fourth and three, is it kind of a mindfuck. Words flip like why aren't we going for this.


Not necessarily. Depends on the ebbs and flows of the game. We have a strong defense and if we have the opportunity to pick somebody back with that, our defense, you know, put pressure on somebody with their backs against the wall. You know, that might be the you know, the Craig decision at that moment in time depends on the ebbs and flows. The games depends on how the offensive play, how the defense is playing, how to play the games.


So, you know, we when it's time to be aggressive, we'll be aggressive. When it's time to play conservative and play the field position battle, we'll do that whatever it takes to win.


So we'd be remiss to not at least mention it. Cam, the NFC championship game, the Rams, the worst call of all time, which, by the way, you guys then ruined football last year because you made everyone throw flags for pass interference and slowed the game down. But I'm not mad. I'm not mad you had to do that. How what was the locker room like after that? And and was there any moment when people were, like, taking this to legislation?


You're like, maybe they will let us come back out and play the end of this game again?


Yeah, I don't I don't recall. You know, we were even thinking about whether we play the game and then the day, you know, the Saints have been on the attack about the pie, the.


No, yeah, no. Yeah, yeah. That's what was. Did they ruined us. Yeah. You were in that locker room to Mark. Yeah.


Right in the helmet. Yeah. There could have been multiple calls on that one. But at the end of the day we, we all know that the rest are going to, you know, actually do their jobs when it comes to us. We put that on our shoulders as well, knowing that we can't ever let a team get close as you've seen it, the last two playoff runs, if we let them be a close and we have to, one, do our jobs and make sure that we have.


Going to have to find our way, we have to take off with it and never look back, and that's next. Any game that we go into, you can't look for outside excuses. You have to you have to put it on us. So we lost that game. We looked inside, said, hey, we're going to be back in the playoffs. We have to make more big plays next year. We back to the playoffs and ended up losing in overtime to the Vikings.


And now here we are sitting sitting where we at and we're like, hey, we've got to come together as a locker room. It's not about where we've been or what we've done before. It's about what we're doing right now. Right now, it's not good enough. Now we have to take it to another level.


So which which loss? Not to be like this. This sucks to talk about which loss hurt more, the Minnesota Miracle or the Rams?


I don't know. That's that's off season question at this point. I'm so focused on trying to improve our record today, trying to improve our record. Now, I don't I don't really recall those last three seasons. If you ask me what happened, you know, the last season, I know we end up losing to the Vikings. I can tell you what game that was where we were in the hash, because I'm worried about, you know, this opponent we got coming up Sunday.


Oh, yeah.


That's a good answer, Mark. You have, I think, the coolest mouthpieces in football. Is that something that you set out to accomplish when you became an NFL player? You're like, I'm going to change the game. I'm going to leave my stamp on the NFL and I'm going to be known because I have really kick ass mouth guards.


We can update our details.


This man started off trending in college. He threw the first one to throw the Alabama A's on the hand stamp. He comes into the league. What does he do? He makes another stamp whether he does. And yet nobody would follow it if he wasn't a pro bowler of his caliber, an elite player, if he was just a random special teams guy in college. Not that there's anything wrong with them. But if he wasn't the Heisman Trophy winner that year, nobody remember those gloves.


If he wasn't a multiple time pro bowler, nobody would take, you know, his his mouthpiece for for anything. This guy right here not only does, you know, stamp with his style, he stamps with his personality and his play.


That's my dog. That's my nose. Right. I think that's my brother from another. Right. But no, it might go the other way. If you stepped onto the field and you had you had a mouthpiece that was like swag level negative three, you would you would probably like play a little bit worse, don't you think? Because you need like, you know, you look good, you feel good, you feel good, you play good.


If there is a mouthpiece swag level, negative three, it is not touching. It's not going near my game bag. It's not going near my locker. That's going into the middle of the locker room. If somebody else can choose it, you know, I mean, I'm not dealing with it. I'm sorry. I got this for you guys if you want it. If not, just leave it there. But only the only to fly stuff. You know, you've got to have to do it.


You've got to have details. I'm glad you played. Yeah, well, you know, I did I didn't set out to be a mouthpiece king, you know, I mean, when I was a rookie. But, you know, you always try to look good, feel good, play good on that razzle dazzle. So you appreciate you notice it, man. You're real.


Yeah, I am. I am a real. You think. Do you think. I said I am. I am. Do you think Alvin Kamara is swagger jacking you though, because he's got some nice mouth pieces to what he got.


Let me see what you agree what Paul Gabriele's.


That's that's not that's not a mouthpiece, that's that's real deal Holyfield, that's real, that's a real mouthpiece. Like, as you fear me, that's flawless diamonds dancing.


Which are those? Those are real diamonds when he's wearing them during all. That's not a male thing. That's him. Oh, my God. I think that's a that's custom t mobile.


You know, see the is he's wearing his line. He's wearing a big day, but I'll never smile like that. Show you the flawless BBC, Margot.


Never see a smile like that. What are the what are the details.


Because you always tell us to look at the details and the details is mandatory. It could be it could be the, you know, an accessory to a. It could be a bag. It could be shoes. It could be the draw butter on a fresh lobster tail. The fry lobster tail. You know, it could be anything. It's the it's the important thing, just the small things that matter. The details that could be the fresh cut.


I mean, with the way different, you know, of it could be all that, you know, it's just the details have, however, make took your fancy is the details.


OK, so like the fact that I have like nose hair every day details them is details you need to get corrected.


Like, OK, I think I understand what details are now. It's the little things, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Little things turn into big.


They matter. Yes they do. Essentials growers not short. Right.


Little thing like you get you get a Mark Ingram you can grow into a Derrick Henry Lord Jesus far.


My goodness I, I put this fucking between me and my dog. I was like come out there.


I respect what you guys do on the field. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little protective of you stepping on to our turf in the podcast game. Now, that being said, we're trying to grow the game. I think the more good podcasts, the better. You know, rising tide lifts all boats. Do you guys have any questions for us on on how to optimize your podcast and make it elite?


What season is this for you guys? Season. We're in the year five. Well, we started on Leap Day, so really just a year, I think like four and a half out of five.


No one in sports, no big deal.


That's Big Trus, Big Masucci million. I just add we're like sponges, man. Give us some advice on how to take it to a new level. Tell us how to, you know, challenge off with another washbag. And that's what we always shoot for.


You know, we look at year one. We just to get to your father's longevity. I see. I see that in the Himalayans. Yeah. Seasoned veterans.


Here's here's a tip. When I ask, who's a bigger football guy, Harbaugh or Peyton, you answer it. OK, so I make my guest answer, I don't necessarily have to answer it, but I make my guests answer. Yeah, yeah, ok, ok, ok, ok. OK, I got you. I got you.


OK, do you won't get me, but I'm going to get them down. Right. Right, right.


Do you have any questions for us along. I mean I'll answer the question. I think Sean Payton is a slightly bigger football guy. Well I think Harbaugh but I think Tom Crean has his ear too much. I think Tom is coming over whispering a little basketball player to the football family man.


So I think you count up to half the Harvard is a football family from from, you know, carbs, their dad to the brothers, you know, I mean, that's a football is football gene. That's football. I mean, you may know about the legacy Legare legacy, big legacy. And that's going to be on me, I swear, full. OK, all right.


So I got I got one last question. Final question brought to you by Cross Country Mortgage, America's crazy good mortgage company. Go to KCM Lind's dot com slash take to learn more about your future home buying experience or refinancing needs. Equal housing opportunity. Sean Payton, who both you guys obviously played for when he had his, you call it a year off because it was not fair what happened to him and we consider him a friend.


He took up Crosthwaite, gotten insane shape. I've once done Crossfield, gotten an insane cheap as well. And then I just stopped doing Crosthwaite and put on some pounds.


Has anyone said to Coach Payton, like, Hey, you still doing Crosthwaite? Because maybe you should get back to doing a little crosthwaite. Oh, you going to take that?


Can't help said that. Nobody said anything. If you don't know if you don't know some of these Crossfade stories and how he brought that into our conditioning test, like murder or a little bit more excited that maybe he's not doing as much, he's he's transformed into boxing now. So now he was the worst day of my life.


But he made you guys do well. Yeah, that doesn't it for conditioning. He tells everybody about his workouts and makes them do it from across.


So he had to do it. He had his do across the conditioning test and then he had some cross breeders come try and do the conditioning, says that he made it for us and they did not complete it. They did not remember that count.


They did it like they was not making none of the times he was making. But we was make as legendary Times crossword has got up and was failing dramatically. I love it. Yeah.


What was what was it was it was it was it was our klinz. It was fifteen fifteen BP's twenty ball squats er squats 10, 20, 30 back 40 back for today.


I'm four times and you got to kill them. Oh, yes. But just what we didn't know we were getting into it with the crossword people did it. I love that because Crosthwaite like really is for people who aren't good at sports. Like, when you boil it down, it's people who want to be competitive, but they're not good at sports.


I really try hard. Yeah, really try hard. Yes.


Have a lot of fun. I've seen some of those elite guys, those elite, the elite cross-business. Yeah. Was out there like at the top of the tops and.


Yeah. And then ask them to dribble a basketball.


I would, I would probably ask them to go like go join Cross Country before I did that, like they could probably kill a marathon, like it was probably the guys who were killing marathons that were like, you know what, this is too easy. Let's throw in some kettlebell weights, just like, you know, it was just it's like it's like you could do a marathon.


You might be able to then evolve into cross across three years and then do a pull up and pull myself up all the way up, you know, downhill all the way up.


Yeah, yeah. With a body weight, you get half a pull up. You're just swinging there in a swing.


Well, you guys, you guys are awesome. You're welcome. On Any Time Trust Levels is your podcast. Everyone go. Listen, Cam and Mark, they've gotten into the podcast world, but yes, you're now a recurring guest, so you have to come on anytime we ask.


And I got one last question mark. So, Mark, number twenty, like, you know, as a running back that certain numbers are fast numbers and certain numbers are slow numbers. Right. So, like, what numbers would you not wear as a running back?


Because you, like, know that Jersey is going make me slow anything in the 40s I can't wear. You know, HK makes the forty one look magical, you know, I mean, you know, they're Sproles before forty three. He made it, he made some forty numbers look great but I don't think I could pull the forty off anything over. I'm really a 20 guy, I got twenty twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty eight, twenty eight.


Yeah. I mean you know the 30s I don't really want to touch on but thirty four. Walter Payne, legendary. Ricky Williams, legendary. But I'm a guy who likes to stay in the 20s man. I like to stay in the 20s.


I think it's thirty five and under you can't go over thirty five. But I also like how you can go. Thirty six. Thirty seven. Thirty eight. Yeah. Thirty eight. Twenty four. Twenty four is nice. Twenty four is nice but it's a little boxy. Yeah. I also think a legendary DVS and I think twenty four you know Champ Bailey, you know Charles Charles was over twenty four or twenty one didn't I think it was one.


But anyways. Yeah yeah yeah. But you know Champ Bailey twenty four Mawji triple you know, I mean so I think you know some legendary DBS and I see twentyfold you know Chubb where 24 old and that think properly. But I think the twenty numbers are good for back, you know. Thirty, thirty one 30 to 35. Oh Ricky Williams. Walter Payton. But I'm a tough guy. Yeah. Agreed. Lower, lower 30s.


You're getting into free safety, strong safety territory. You don't want that. Yeah.


Or a big big goal line. Back type.


Right. Yeah, that's right.


All right. Well thank you guys. And Mark, try not to think too much about me calling the Ravens fraud's because I know it's like what you do about it.


Appreciate you, man. It's in your face. You know, it's I love day. I promise you, I go to sleep.


OK, good. But maybe I'll go over to the war zone later. Oh, we got to link up. Yeah. I mean, meet us in the Gulf. I mean those getting loose, you know, I mean I'm a gulag champ, you know. I mean a.k.a. Revive King a.k.a. downlinking a.k.a. Sniper King a.k.a. just come see me. I got a big Dub's in there to get me big trouble.


Ah yeah. Trust levels. Check it out. Thank you guys. Hopefully we're big trust now, but we appreciate you coming on y'all.


We appreciate your having us all keep Pueblo's man so we can be battling for that number one spot.


Wow. Yeah. That's what we will pump you up until you get close. And then we're just going to start a podcast war with you. We're just going to be ruthless.


The trust being beat. Yeah. Trust only goes so deep when it comes to the top of the iTunes store. Yes. Yes.


But verbal means I haven't. It's all part of my take is Derrick Henry Trust Levels is Mark Ingram. That's where the podcasts are right now.


Oh. Oh, he's got his. I see what you got. That's just starting the war. We're trying to help, but we're trying to lift everyone up.


OK, here's what you do. Yeah, you you publicize your next podcast that comes out by saying we respond to allegations that Big Truss is Mark Ingram and that part of my take is Derrick Henry. Yes. And then people listen to that. Then we feed off each other. You know, iron sharpens iron.


Oh, it was. Hey.


All right, guys, thank you so much. Best of luck the rest of the season. So. Yes. All right. Thanks. You guys take it easy.


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All right, let's finish up. We got fire fast. Fire faster. That we do. We got four.


I know we have fire for us from Jake to actually. Let's start with Jake. Jake, you're fired.


First, why don't you start and we'll go around the room. We'll wrap up a great week. Pardon my take and then we'll wish everyone a happy football weekend. Thank you for the toast, Mr. Wise. Hey, why are you sitting up?


So that was one of the worst. Oh, sure. I've ever seen. My life jets are back at Babbs safe. Damn, that was I love watching the games while we're recording like you started the show. I'm sure the last half, you know, they like this.


You know what I know? And it's really is very bad. Fernando Tatis has hit six home runs during the show because he spoiled it earlier.


My father passed earlier for some background noises.


I didn't it was cake day and I get a cake. And then he's like, oh, that would be a shame if Hank really.


Oh, Jake, hold out a fake.


But he was going to take them with Billy. That's going to do on the podcast. I was getting kicked, but Hank had a smirk on his face before I saw it.


So there's something going on. But bottom line is, I will make your cake.


I, I honestly forgot how I mean, we need to lay off the doobies, Hank. Yeah.


He said you're going to make it for tomorrow if I can make it here. Yeah, I'll make it. I'll make it tomorrow. You're going to make it here. Do you have an oven he's going to make in the microwave. Do we have enough. I think we have an oven. Yeah we've got he's going to make it into this cake is going to make it in the microwave. You know, he's going to make it in the microwave.


This cake is going to be hilarious.


It's because it's because it's September and the NBA finals are on. It's like I forgot basketball is even going on.


Yeah, that's it. Right. That's where I talked to. I agree. It's like the Lakers are going to need the cake. I'm going to make a cake. Jake, don't worry.


Everyone wants to cake. You can eat it. You can eat whatever you want. Oh, wow. Jake's giving you permission.


Hank, I want to make a sweet cake. Hank, you should make it three cheesecake.


Oh, that would be good. I'm going. Yeah, but don't tell anybody not be eating this cake.


Oh, Jake them how to eat the cake no matter what. You have to eat the cake. No, make an ecstasy kick. I was just going to be a Roman cake. You know what? I'll bring in some pacifiers from my son's crib and you make a cake in the middle will be pacifiers and just suck on a pacifier for the rest of the day.


Bring us some lowlights. I won the bet.


Calvin, here, the one you're going to get a cake. A cake, dude.


You're going to feel great. It's going to feel great. It's Friday. Yeah, it's right. It is Friday. Better not eat that cake.


We would have Jake took MDMA and like everybody else gets super happy and just can't stop cussing.


Oh, that'd be awesome. That unlocks the part of his brain that had been previously dormant. Jake, if you swear right now, I'll make sure that Hank doesn't put any drugs in the cake.


Oh, man, no, because I don't have to eat the cake. OK, all right, Hank, you're fine. Yes. Yeah. Is that the person that lives above my apartment left their bath on. Oh yeah. And this is is that sounds.


We've been doing fireflies for a long time. This actually might be the first real fire.


That's pretty bad. This is this is crazy.


Is Monday morning I woke up and it literally looked like in the movies, like when someone is trying to sneak in in the ceiling and they fall through like the ceiling into like the living room in there, I didn't expect to see me here. Yeah, like, there's just a giant hole in my bathroom.


I can see into the personal lives Buzby apartment because they, like, left their baths on.


And at first it was just a you know, like I walked in on Monday morning and there was like a five to six inch bubble of water and then it just all fell all the way through.


So you can see the person when they're taking a shower. Now, I don't they haven't been there. I haven't seen anything.


But like, it's awkward. Where did it fall? Through to your bathroom? Into my bathroom. And so what is there's been like people coming in and out of my apartment all week, me going crazy.


We haven't had to bring Norman to the office.


Also, I was walking Norman last night and like he you know, he's a little dog. And so if I do like a small cat, that's what they call if I like a small Tjokkie sprints, it gets really tired.


And I was doing that. I was in my slippers and I just tripped and fell.


And it was like the most embarrassing thing. Luckily, no one was around. That's been, what, a good two weeks since you've had an incident where you just fall over and get road.


That's it was basically the same thing, except I wasn't going to normally come up to you. And like, if you was like, are you dead? No, I just got up. I was like, what the fuck? I've been awesome.


If nobody thought you were dead, like, start to eat your ears, you go for sustenance. I'm going to be here a while in the middle of Manhattan right after you got five friends. Yeah, my favorite parts of the week is that the NFL just announced that they're coming back not this year, but next year. So on one hand, I don't have to get into shape yet. On the other leg, I'm just going to get fat.


I was actually like in the back of my head. I was thinking, OK, tryouts are, you know, for months I should probably try to get strong. I was asking Billy to start training me soon. Now I've got like an entire year extension on my big final project. So obviously, like, I'm just going to get used that year to get yourself checked. Stay here. Yeah, it starts right now. Do a cheat year.


But I also realized that I'm going to be thirty seven years old when it kicks off all the NFL player ever.


Yes, that's right. I'm the oldest rookie in the history of football, I think. But like thirty seven, when I said that out loud, I was like at that point I felt old for the first time in my life. That was when you first felt the back of my head.


I was feeling old for a while. I've been I've been telling myself that I'm like twenty eight. I my my brain feels like it's twenty eight.


The following conversation we had. Yeah exactly. I feel like I'm twenty eight year old still. And just knowing that in a year and like four months I'm going to be thirty seven like I'm due for a midlife crisis. Yeah.


So will you is probably just actually thinking that I can be a football player trying out for a professional. That is my OK now it's starting to make perfect sense to me.


So are you going to still think you're twenty eight. Are you going to graduate twenty nine.


I think I got to jump to thirty. Oh wow. That's how it's because that's old. I did that five years ago. Yeah. It's scary.


I'm going to be thirty seven which means I'll feel like I'm thirty which means I'm going to feel old.


Yeah. Which is basically like in your late twenties. Thirty seven. You're good. Thirty seven is the first time in your 30s though that it sounds like your old shit. Yeah.


I think thirty five felt old. Yeah. Thirty five felt old. Am I. Yeah. We nearly run for president my old boss basically.


OK you guys are kind of old.


Yeah we're very old. Like statues. Kind of like. Oh yeah.


Early thirties now it's kind of like we were born in the eighties. That's old, especially in this office. Feel even older. Hey remembers the challenger. Mm hmm.


That's acres and acres. Cried Challenger. It's my first. Yeah, my first memory. It's a crazy documentary. Honestly it is. I did see it.


It pisses you off of my my is my ongoing need for public confrontation that goes nowhere. I got ashamed.


Oh really. Yeah.


So I had a I had, I had it around my neck and I was walking outside which. I'm pretty sure if you're walking outside and you're like, I was walking outside, the person was six feet away from me. She she scolded me and was like, I'm wearing a mask to protect you. You're not wearing yours to protect me, but isn't outside and six feet away totally good?


I think it probably depends on what level of care and you're running into.


Yeah. So a father. Well, I had my baby with me, but the best part was so this is where I got my real high.


She was wearing a Cleveland Indians hat and I went back to her and I said, Your hat offends me. And we had a fucking moment and it was awesome.


Did she respect that? Was she like, OK, that she was like, we're talking about.


I was fucking awesome. It felt so good.


My my thing is I try to remember all the time, but sometimes I forget and forgetful God.


Right, was walking in an area where there weren't many people at all and it wasn't on another pick. Jets might be back. It wasn't like on a sidewalk, it was like in a nice like park area where there weren't a lot of people early morning. So there weren't a lot of people out I had around my neck. I was very far away from everyone, she scolded.


So what the problem is, is that when people catch you in a moment like that, they make a lot of assumptions that you're like an A.M..


Right? When I had it around my neck, I just was I was just walking around.


A more appropriate conversation would have been, hey, would you mind putting your mask on? But now everyone's so pissed at each other all the time. It's like you assume that because there's one thing about somebody that doesn't match up with what your preconceived notions are, that they're on the opposite side of an argument with you when in reality you're like, oh, yeah, I usually wear a mask. Right. But you just caught me in a second where I just happen to have it up.


Right. And then I went up there with you and it makes you want to wear less because she yelled at you about right. Right now I'm like, fuck this. You don't tell me what to do. Yeah, but she she her brain locked up. But yeah. The gecko's hard. Stand by and stand down. Yes, exactly. You stand back, baby. All right, Bill, you're fired.


Yes. My fear is that I'm in the middle of writing an essay and I've lost all motivation to write the essay.


It's only two letters. That's Dad joke. I'm getting older. You guys are out of that conversation.


I cannot relate to it all. The when we had like two seconds ago. You guys are talking about mask and stuff.


Yeah, well, because you never wear one. No, no. I spit on people and you go to Walmart with your, with your, with your iPhone app. You kick me out. I know my right. No it's because you guys sound old as hell for wearing masks. That whole conversation about just like wearing shoelaces says hell am I right Billy.




What was that. What was the old you guys would be like two different people talking about. Like it's because I was able to complete a thought without making a dick joke.


Billy's like, oh no, no. It was just an it was an older conversation. Like, I would not had that conversation.


My friends, what would you give us? Let's do a show. Rita, some of your group. Yeah, we have a group text.


I want you I want you to tell the story that big cat told, but pretend it happened to you. Yeah. And I'll do it in a lobby playing Call of Duty with you. Yeah. We're going to do a number while we do it.


Go ahead. Read the group text. Thirty seventy eight. Sixty five. Some guy said he's going to believe him but he gets it right two days in a row. All right. I believe it is. Ninety two. Albert Haynesworth. All right.


I've recently arrested and probably. Yeah. Thanks so much. I mean yeah probably some in the news. That guy. Yeah. Albertine's was arrested on domestic assault charge.


Garter snakes have orgies about not the garter snake. So give us give us your pros. Let's pretend of your pros like pro. What do you want to do now?


You want to rip some box and then you don't know if I'm talking about give us the goods, give us the group me.


That's where everything goes down. I'm not giving them the groove. Me. Oh that's really just for Instagram trust.


Yeah. If you won't show you're not going to feel one that he's going to say just act like you had that exact same experience that Bechet it.


So like a lady says put on a mass, I'm like OK, we're tired and put on some respectful young man.


We're so old Billy. Yeah, that was respect. OK, but respecting elders.


All right, everyone, enjoy your football weekend. We will see you Monday, Sunday night and wear masks and the jets are back. Adam, case you have a contract extension.


I think you have to at this point got a lot of press prospects.


When a game like this happens in primetime, it means about ten times more for your financial security team. I also I've been watching the quarterback play from the from the Broncos. I think John Elway just watches the mechanics and never watches the of the play. Yeah. He's like, yeah, that was a good looking throw. Yeah. You stood tall in the pocket, young man.


Well, it's like being wrong. If you show your work, you can still get partial credit.


That's true. Right. Love you guys. Today is a day shy. Needless to say, set in. Sullivan, five.