Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin

This is Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin. 
I'm Dr. Andy Galpin, a professor of kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton.
With this podcast, my goal is to help you better understand and maximize your own physical performance, leveraging my two decades of experience with top-tier performers, including Olympians and world champions across numerous sports. We'll discuss a range of advanced tools, technologies, and strategies, striking a balance between the forefront of scientific research and simple solutions.
The way we'll do that is by covering what I call the "3 I's". For every topic, we'll explore how to 1) Investigate (i.e., measure), 2) Interpret (i.e., what's good, bad), and 3) Intervene (i.e., change). We'll do this from the lens of high performance, letting you enhance your abilities from good to great.                                  
In the upcoming episodes of Season 1, we'll explore topics like the science of muscle development, how to build endurance, the role of sleep and recovery in high performance, and how to create training programs for strength, improving VO2 Max and cardiovascular health, growing muscle and much more.  
I'll share actionable insights ("do's and don'ts") and I'll discuss the effectiveness of various supplements, training equipment, and technology in elevating mental and physical performance.
While not all of us are elite athletes, myself included, there are many lessons and tools that we can glean from those performing at the highest levels. And remember, as legendary coach Bill Bowerman stated, "If you have a body, you are an athlete." If you're not already, I hope you'll consider starting to train and recover like an athlete. 

Why Muscle Matters & How to Build It

Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin

  • about 1 month ago
  • 01:55:07

In this episode, I discuss the essential role of skeletal muscle in health and performance. I explain what skeletal muscle is made of, how it works, and its role as an integral organ system for physical and mental health. I explain how to focus on skeletal muscle quantity (total muscle) and muscle quality (functionality, speed, power, strength) to ensure you function and perform at the highest levels. I explain the difference between slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers and why skeletal muscle is uniquely adaptable to exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle factors. I also explain why resistance training becomes increasingly critical for healthy aging and disease prevention. I explain how to use the "Three Is" of investigate, interpret, and intervene to determine if you have enough muscle, if it's functioning well, and protocols to improve muscle quality and quantity. Listeners of this episode will understand why skeletal muscle is so essential to care for and how to enhance muscle quantity and quality to optimize physiology, performance, and longevity. Access the full show notes for this episode, including referenced articles and additional resources, at performpodcast.com. Thank you to our sponsors AG1: https://drinkag1.com/perform  Absolute Rest: https://www.absoluterest.com/perform Momentous: https://livemomentous.com/perform David: https://davidprotein.com/perform  Maui Nui Venison: https://mauinuivenison.com/perform  Timestamps 00:00:00 Skeletal Muscle 00:04:06 Sponsors: Absolute Rest & Momentous 00:07:20 Quantity & Quality; Organ System; Health & Performance 00:12:58 Plasticity, “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good”; Muscle Types 00:15:46 What is Muscle?, Muscle Fibers, Tendon 00:21:37 Muscle Fiber Number, Hyperplasia, Anabolic Steroids, Age 00:24:03 Myonuclei & Adaptability 00:26:27 Muscle Fiber Types, Variable Muscle Functions 00:32:24 Fiber Type & Lifestyle Factors 00:34:54 Sponsors: David Protein & AG1 00:37:37 Age & Muscle Loss, Slow vs. Fast-Twitch Fibers; Motor Units 00:46:36 Muscle Size vs. Muscle Strength, Quantity vs. Quality 00:50:56 Investigate: Muscle Quantity, Fat-Free Mass Index (FFMI) 00:56:21 FFMI, Elite Athletes, Muscle Mass 01:00:59 Muscle Asymmetry; Too Much Muscle Possible? 01:03:49 Interpret: Muscle Mass, FFMI Calculations & Percentiles 01:09:28 Tool: Intervene - Increase Muscle Mass, 72-Hour Rule 01:15:27 Sponsors: Maui Nui & Renaissance Periodization 01:17:51 Investigate: Muscle Quality & 4 Movement Principles 01:23:34 Muscle Quality & 3 Performance Principles 01:26:42 Interpret: Muscle Speed, Age 01:32:45 Muscle Power, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump 01:36:17 Muscle Strength, Powerlifting Elite, Bench Press, Leg Press, Grip Strength 01:44:05 Increasing Strength, Improve Health & Longevity 01:46:44 Tool: Intervene - Improve Muscle Quality, 4 Training Principles, 3-to-5 Rule 01:53:56 Zero-Cost Support, YouTube, Spotify & Apple Subscribe & Reviews, Sponsors, YouTube Feedback, Social Media Disclaimer & Disclosures

How & Why to Strengthen Your Heart & Cardiovascular Fitness

Perform with Dr. Andy Galpin

  • about 1 month ago
  • 01:58:51

In this episode, I discuss the critical importance of building a strong heart and how to do it. I explain why the human body needs to breathe, the importance of cardiorespiratory fitness for sleep and exercise recovery, and its long-term implications for physical health, disease risk, and mortality. I explain how the heart functions, what determines heart rate, why the heart never gets sore, and the unique advantages of cardiac muscle over other muscle types. I explain how to use the ‘Three I’s’ (investigate, interpret, intervene) to assess and improve your cardiovascular fitness. I explain what VO2 max is (and other related metrics, e.g., heart rate variability), describe ranges based on age and elite performance, and discuss exercise regimens to improve VO2 max. Listeners of this episode will understand why cardiovascular health is vital for performance and overall health and learn a series of actionable tools to improve their cardiovascular fitness. Access the full show notes for this episode, including referenced articles and additional resources, at performpodcast.com. Thank you to our sponsors AG1: https://drinkag1.com/perform  Vitality Blueprint: https://vitalityblueprint.com/perform  Rhone: https://rhone.com/perform  Momentous: https://www.livemomentous.com/perform LMNT: https://drinklmnt.com/perform  Timestamps 00:00:00 Heart 00:02:48 Sponsors: Vitality Blueprint & Rhone 00:06:20 Muscle Types 00:08:47 VO2 max, Health & Mortality 00:14:42 Overall Health, Cardiorespiratory Fitness & All-Cause Mortality 00:24:16 Sponsor: AG1 00:25:47 Disease, Health & Mortality 00:28:55 Cardiac Muscle & Heart 00:37:22 Cardiac Muscle vs. Skeletal Muscle, Cardiac Advantages 00:42:46 Pacemakers & Heart Rate, Vagus Nerve 00:49:28 Why Doesn’t the Heart Get Sore? 00:53:25 Heart & Exercise, Stroke Volume, Ejection Fraction, Cardiac Output 00:58:14 Heart Rate Variability 01:01:34 Sponsors: Momentous & LMNT 01:05:47 Why Do You Breathe?: Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide & Respiratory Rate 01:12:30 Respiratory Rate & Stress 01:14:01 Tool: The “Three I’s”, Investigate: Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, VO2 Max 01:18:46 Tool: Interpretation, Resting Heart Rate & Ranges 01:22:09 Tool: Interpretation: VO2 Max & Ranges 01:29:38 Athletes & Highest VO2 Max Scores 01:34:46 Elite Athletes & Context for VO2 Max Scores 01:40:35 Tool: Intervention, VO2 Max, Varying Exercise Intensities, SAID Principle 01:47:13 Tool: Varying Exercise Intensity; Intervals & Continuous Training; Frequency 01:57:41 Zero-Cost Support, YouTube, Spotify & Apple Subscribe & Reviews, Sponsors, YouTube Feedback, Social Media Disclaimer & Disclosures