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The blast from our past network, hi, this is Steve Kazansky, director of The Void and Siko Gorman. And you're listening to Podcasting After Dark. Lock your doors, close your windows, turn out your lights for chills and thrills await you. It's time for Podcasting After Dark with your host Corey Stephenson and Zach Shafer. Stay with a friend. Say your prayers as grisly ghouls closed in to seal your doom. Tonight's episode Mohraz starring Jason Lee, Jeremy London and Shannen Doherty.


Snooki Bootsy's, welcome to another hilarious episode of Podcasting After Dark, Corey and Doug do it, Doug just kidding.


It's getting its music. There's no one replacing my ass on this show.


Oh, hell no. Hell no. I should have introduced you as a suitor.


Number two, I guess you have to call me second suitor, please. Exactly. Exactly.


Oh, man.


Guys, we're we're reviewing Mallrats this week. Mallrats, baby. And right at the top.


Let me just say that this episode is a part of a BFO network wide Kevin Smith tribute crossover event.


So by the time you're hearing this, the the blast from our past, Adam and John dropped a review of clerks, and that happened yesterday. And Emily, over at why this film will be dropping a review of Dogma this week. And Testoni will actually be talking about chasing Amy this week as well on Wednesday.


So all week on the BFP network is a Kevin Smith Kevin Smith retrospective because it was a part of our childhood.


Man, we all love Kevin Smith. You know, as far as nostalgic goes, Kevin Smith is he's an icon man like he really is.


I throw that term around a lot. But it's true, dude.


Like, he he's he's, you know, folklore at this point. And the guy is is is, you know, started out with this little indie film that could and look what he's doing now. He's doing Masters of the Frickin Universe now. So I'm sure I'll show that guy love any old day.


Of course, man. Both of us, you and I both have a strong affinity for Kevin Smith, especially like his first few movies, you know, what is, I guess, lovingly referred to as the Jersey trilogy plus Dogma?


I would I would say, because the Jersey trilogy is Clerks Mallrats Chasing Amy, and he did those in order and then he did Dogma afterwards.


But yeah, man, it's Kevin Smith was such a part of my childhood, especially my high school years. I jokingly said before on the podcast that I pretty much lived the Randol lifestyle from Clerks, you know, when I was working at a video store for so long. But know me personally, I got to say, as much as I love clerks and I need to sort of watch it, but as much as I love comics always, Mallrats has been my sort of favorite Kevin Smith movie.


And I just for some reason, I just gravitated towards it. I think it's you know, it's a lot of fun to watch.


But, you know, for some reason, it was always the one that I sort of gravitated towards. What about you? What was your your favorite Kevin Smith movie of the sort of beginning ones?


Were you and I share the same background as far as working at a video store. I worked at Video Man and then I worked at Tower Records, both in the video department at Tower Records and Video Man and have a long that could fill up an entire episode.


The stories we both have from the video store days Clerks came out.


And I felt like it was an anthem for my for who I was at that time, I was like, finally someone gets it.


Someone gets the bullshit that clerks go through in life. It'll always be my fond favorite of his collection. But Mallrats is a very close second because of the fact that I remember seeing this opening day waiting in line at the Century theaters with my brother and his friends. And just so excited because the new Kevin Smith movie was coming out. And I mean this. I saw it opening day.


I watched it several times since I had seen this movie and know well over 10 years, though, since getting in, prepping for this episode.


So I have a very interesting perspective that I cannot wait to share with you, and I'm sure you do, too. But yeah. Do you this this movie is a very close second to Clarkes. Definitely. These are my top of him, of his collection.


And, you know, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back actually is my number three.


OK, OK. I feel like I could pass on the other ones.


I always felt like, you know, he's. Yeah, I've always felt like he's gotten he's gotten you know, he's had some jokes that kind of run their course.


And it'll be interesting to kind of dig into this and see what we think now versus what we thought 20 years ago.


Yeah, of course. Of course. A healthy dose of nostalgia going into this film. But, you know, fresh new eyes offer new perspective on things, especially when you're pretty much at this point, twice the age of what everyone else was making this movie. And I think that I think sometimes that sort of shows in what they're talking about and everything.


But we'll we'll get get to that as far as like Jay and Silent Bob and all that kind of stuff goes. I got to say that this right here is my sort of favorite amount of Jay and Silent Bob. I kind of as much as I love them, I don't necessarily love them as like main protagonists of a film. And I think in the end, I mean, literally just watch Dogma and Chase Amy, relatively recently, I got to say, like this version of Jay and Silent Bob are my favorite.


They kind of walk that line between, like, not real, very surreal and sort of grounded in reality still. And also this amount of like screen time is the perfect amount for me. But as you mentioned earlier, you know, this this is Kevin Smith's follow up to clerks. So this was his this was his first studio movie. So he made it big with Clerks, you know, Sundance, all that kind of stuff. And then the studio gave him, you know, money to make this.


And it bombed it absolutely bombed the critics.


It bombed with with, you know, at the movie theater, I think partially because of the fact that it's a rated R comedy. And those are those are tough. Those are tough sells, especially when the audience target of this is like 17 year olds, like 16 year olds. And a lot of them couldn't even see it in the theater at the time, you know, so it absolutely bombed.


I think Kevin Smith and I believe he's gone on record, but he was trying to make like a sort of a throwback comedy to the raunchy 80s comedies, you know, throwing some some nudity and things, but at his own little Kevin Smith spin on it, which is the dialogue, heavy jokes and and stuff like that.


And the self-referential you know, it's just it's crazy to see it now how much references that they make to things, how back then it was a big deal to like here, like a grown up or somebody making a movie referencing shit that we talk about that we like, you know, you know, whether Reed Richards penis can, like, stretch to, you know, infinitely like the rest of his body. Like, these are the things US comic book nerds talked about.


And it's like it was crazy to see someone, like on the movie screen talking about the same shit, you know? But I feel like nowadays that's a lot more common. But when this came out, and especially when clerks came out, it was kind of a big deal to, like, be in a movie talking about also pop culture things in the movie.


Well, this also came out around the exact same time that, you know, movies like Scream came out, Dawson's Creek was coming on the scene. Also, Kevin Williams. Kevin Williamson. Yeah, Kevin Williamson, I think created that or produced that as well. So there was this this was the what's the term? This was the birth like. Gaist Yeah.


Of this kind of style of like long winded jokes, you know, people talking like I'm kind of realistic dialogue between people, but but done in a very witty way. So, like, it may not be necessarily realistic the way they talk to each other, but it's entertaining. Never. Less and and yeah, and his his insight, like he's a fan, he's a fan, he's fan boy that made it, that made good and he still is a fan boy that made good.


Actually, side note, he was at power on the last Paracon I went to in Anaheim and we were leaving Paracon as he was rolling up and I drove the car around to the front of the hotel to pick up Kristen and body. And I see Kevin Smith walking into the front of the hotel and fans were like swarming him and he's signing autographs. And and what I observe from him was that he was talking to every single person that came up to him, took a selfie, signed an autograph, shook a hand, gave a hug when you could do that sort of thing.


And and it was he was so personable from what I saw. And then I heard stories from the guys that I know Paracon. They're like, yeah, he he's he was so sweet to just everybody. You know, he came to be on a panel to reveal the master's stuff and OK, and but but he but he showed up as a fan, just walking through the you know, the the merch tables and stuff and checking it out. And it's it's so refreshing, man.


Like, you know, people would give him shit when he goes to Comic-Con and does his whole bit like it's Kevin Smith.


Again, this motherfucker sorry, he's he's entertaining. And, you know, he's not only entertaining, but he seems like a solid, good dude. The guy almost died like last year or the year before.


And here he is still like chugging away. You follow him on Instagram or Twitter. He's a really upbeat dude. You know, there's so many haters in this world and trolls just to be trolls. It's like, let's applaud the guy for being that nerd in school who probably got picked on all the time, but he made good man. He overcame that shit. Hat's off to him.


And I'm I'm actually Mohraz just getting this guy.


I've heard nothing but good things about him as a person, which just makes me happy. I'm glad to hear that.


I actually saw him do. I don't know what you would call it.


It's not like a stand up. He came to my college and he did this like speaking engagement or something. I love those. Yeah. And he told stories.


And let me tell you, I think it was like a couple hours long. Yeah. He was so engaging. He was so like fun to listen to. And he was just he was an awesome dude to just sit there and listen to him talk. You know, I really am glad that I did that in college. I actually got to see him do that. And and I guess so I'm guessing this was probably around 2000, 2001.


So I'm guessing it's, you know, probably right after dogma and everything. And, you know, I think that's when he was on tour. So, yeah, that was really cool.


And if you guys ever if you ever does something like that again and he comes around back around to see him go see him live because he's awesome, Kevin Smith is awesome.


And I think that's the takeaway here is that we love Kevin Smith.


We do in those shows, I think are still available. I don't know if they're you can find him probably for free on YouTube, but I know exactly the shows you're talking about. And I think he says shit like that probably 800 times and shit like that and shit like that.


Yeah, that's his whole thing where he talks, you know, he tells a story and shit like that. So, yeah. I mean throughout this episode say you know and shit like that so and shit like that.


But I'm not going to smoke a cigarette.


He doesn't smoke anymore by the way. No. No he doesn't smoke anymore. Thank God. Yes. Please, please, please Kevin. Please stay around for a long, long time. Please. Please don't go anywhere.


Kevin Smith. All right. Do you want to dive into the who's who of Morris? Yeah, I was.


I was I was chomping at the bit. Yeah. Real quick. Just run down. And then throughout this episode obviously will be sprinkling in little fun facts because there's like little fun tidbits here and there.


But right off the bat, Shannen Doherty is top billed. And if you don't know who Shannon Doherty is, then you're not a part of our age demographic.


She was a she was a staple. And if you're not a part of our age demographic, she was on a show back in the day called Niono to A..


Beverly Hills nine A.. Which is memorable and it's unforgettable, that's for damn sure. But in this, she plays Renea the the the the name of Scott Mosher's the producer. Right. Scott Mosier, his ex girlfriend's name. So that's pretty. Oh, OK.


OK, I was wondering because we know, like, Quint is named after, you know, from from Jaws and then we know Brody's named after from Jaws. And I think Joey Lauren Adams, her name is Gwen, so she's named after Gwen Stacy. And I was wondering who Renee was named after a while and I messed up.


She's actually it's a reference to Kevin Smith, ex-girlfriend. And then obviously Moja being. His buddy, Scott Mosier, but it's yeah, it's Kevin Smith's ex-girlfriends name, which is pretty funny. OK, and Jeremy not Jason London. They are twins.


And Jeremy London plays Quint Jeremy Lin and I know him from Party of five.


So right there you've got two evening time.


So show stars Shannon Doherty Now and tomorrow and Jeremy Lin and party of five.


He plays TriQuint.


I got a lot to say about our boy, Jeremy Lin and Jason T.S.A.. We dug.


Oh, yeah.


So like you said, Jeremy London is the twin brother of of Jason London. And it's funny because I'm looking at Jeremy in London's filmography and I don't really know him from that much stuff, you know, but then ironically, I think I know Jason London from things. So it's like, OK, so I sort of know Jeremy London, I guess. But yeah, they were another Hollywood sort of twins up there with. I mean, there's so many Hollywood twins like like Sarah Connor.


Frickin Linda Hamilton has a twin. That's pretty crazy.


Yeah. The two guys and two, you know, the two and they were in Gremlins two, the orderlies, you know, they're twins and in the guy what's what's his name from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Xander, he's got a twin brother in real life.


So yes, he does. Yes, he was right in that weird dude.


Well, that is that is weird, dude. So, OK. And and talk about getting twins confused. Yeah.


His brother, Jason London was in, like, dazed and confused and I think he was the one on party of five. One of them was on party of five.


And I was going to say I didn't want to contradict you, but I was like, I think it's Jason London that was on party of five. I think Jeremy London is the one I like. The only thing I know him from is Mallrats. Like, I think I think I know Jason London from everything else.


I think you're right. I'm pretty sure we will love you guys.


It's like we're going to figure this out.


Dude, the problem with twins, guys, I will say, Jeremy, London had some issues later in life that probably will not necessarily need to be brought up.


But, yeah, he had some issues, but he was on party five. One of them. One of them was it doesn't matter really.


Doesn't matter, Jason, because because the real because the real highlight here is the next person, which is Jason Leigh and Jason Leigh.


OK, where do we start and where do we end with in Jason Leigh is Jason Leigh like he is? He's from Alvin and the Chipmunks.


First of all, he's he's a he was once like a professional skateboarder. Yes, yes. Yeah. He was a badass skateboarder, didn't graduate high school, actually. And that was a big deal. Like he he. He did later on, but like his whole thing was like, no, I didn't want to go to school anymore and I didn't.


And his personality, like, he just I think this was this was his first movie he ever did. Yeah. Just this exuberance or at least like his first, like, big role.


And even I was watching the behind the scenes on here.


And even Ben Affleck was like he was like, you could just tell this dude was going to pop like Jason Lee was going to become somebody.


He just he had it, you know. Yeah. And yeah. And he's so memorable. I mean, like, he had his own show. My name is Earl, which was so great on and like everything almost famous Vanilla Sky, which is a bad ass Cameron Crowe movie. If if you've never seen Vanilla Sky, it's really good. It's good.


Tom Cruise and and for the longest time, Kevin Smith was trying to reboot Fletch with Jason Lee as Irwin Fleche Fletcher.


But a dude of all the reboots out there, I was like, oh, I can see this one.


I was telling my wife. I was like I was like I really of all the. And he's too old now, unfortunately, Jason, only to do it. But at the time, he's the only person I can ever think of to maybe fill Chevy Chase or shoes for that.


I'm OK with that. Kevin Smith and Jason Lead doing Fleche.


I'm totally OK with there's an alternate reality where that exists. Yeah, there is fully I am totally OK with that because it's like, you know, escape from New York without Kurt Russell a snake. Plissken, you know, that's not going to that should never happen. But I'm OK with that.


I'm OK with that. Yeah. Yeah. There you go. Claire for Loni, which I think this might have been one of her first movies too.


She plays Brandi British, I believe, and yeah, definitely British because, ah, her accent comes through a lot in this movie.


Yeah. Yeah. I'm looking forward to getting to that too. So but yeah she came on and I watch this with my wife Kristen and she's like, what do I know her from them.


Like me. Joe Black. She goes, Yeah, Mitchell Black. So there you go.


Yeah. That was kind of like her big mainstream thing that she did. Yes. But she was also she was also in the Rock and Mystery Man. So she she has been in a lot of stuff.


But but definitely I know that like ah I think that that Joe Black was probably her highest profile thing that she did.


Oh for sure. And she's she's a really good actress.


I mean she's absolutely a beautiful woman. Just Yeah. Beautiful Stonnington. Yeah.


She looks like a model and you know, she's just fantastic. She's, she's, she's and she's. Yeah. Claire for Claire Falsani Shannon is played by Ben Affleck. I love it. His name's Shannon Shannon already.


So you probably know Ben Affleck, obviously from Voyage of the Mimi. Now, so back in the day in junior high voice, the medium was like a science show on PBS and you learn shit. I learned that you could make water from precipitation, like have a drop in the bottles. And, you know, because it was like a group, a family that gets shipwrecked or something like that. And there are on the sea and they have to like survive.


And he was just a kid. That was his first show he ever did. Voyage of the movie. That's where I know Ben Affleck from.


And he doesn't have a giant tattoo of a Phoenix on his back in this, unfortunately. So.


And then Joey, Lauren Adams plays Gwen, Joey, Lauren Adams, who again, my wife's like, is that her real voice?


And I go, Yeah, that's her real voice chasing Amy. So bada bing botibol. Yeah. I mean, she's been in other stuff too, but like, chasing Amy is just, you know, that's her moment.


The biggest crush on Joey Lauren Adams back in the 90s. Man huge crush.


Yeah, I knew her from Dazed and Confused to she she's another one who is like a really interesting look, really unique.


I really that was another thing, too. I was like, oh, the good old days when when you could appreciate somebody for just like looking normal, you know.


Oh yeah, I know what you mean. Like I was watching this and it just felt, it felt good.


I was like, oh, Joey, Lauren Adams, I remember you in the in of course, like I just watched Chasing Amy also. And I was like, so I'm just completely like inundated with her and yeah. Man, I, I like I miss her being a part of pop culture, basically.


I don't honestly really know what she's doing now. I'm sure she's working, but it's nothing that I'm really watching, you know, right now. So she kind of really sits strong in this early 90s, mid 90s, part of my life, you know, mid to late 90s.


I mean, for us and for the people listening to this, I'm sure she played a huge role in in other people's lives as well as ours, obviously.




And then the next I'm just going from top to bottom on IMDB.


But Renee Humphrey plays Tricia, 15 year old Tricia, Tricia, the dish, the dish.


And she was in just outside Bob strikes back French Kiss, which is actually a cute romantic comedy with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline.


Little shout out the French kiss and then.


This guy originally was not wanted by Universal Studios, this was like almost this reminded me of when Don Carelli got Phantasm to with Universal and they recast Michael.


Yes, James Legro, which I'm totally fine with, actually. I love James Legro in that. But originally, Jason Mewes as J was not the number one choice they wanted Seth Green originally, which is crazy. And then Breckin Meyer, Breckin Meyer, who I don't even think really does a whole lot. Now, if he does, I just haven't seen him in anything.


So so Mewes had to audition for the role, which is crazy, hopefully a role that was literally created as an extension of him, like Kevin Smith, like Jason or J. Is Jason Mewes. You know, from everything we understand and honestly, everything that I know about Jason Mewes, it's fairly close to actually him, obviously a little bit more cartoony.


But for the most part, it's just Jason Mewes. So the idea that they would have to recast Jay is appalling on so many levels just to us. I can only imagine how Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes felt about it.


Well, we all know we hear stories all the time in like from interviewing people on on our on our exclusive Patrón exclusive show. And if you're not a member of our patriae on page, you should definitely check it out.


It's worth subscribing because we have great interviews with people in the industry. They hear these stories all the time of like studio execs not knowing shit and being controlled and in control of everything. And you're like, dude, really?


Yeah, like, come on. Like this. This is bullshit.


It's just unbelievable to me. So anyways, thank God Jason Musa's Jay. Yeah, I'm just again, I'm going to go down the IMDB list and Ethan simply, who does not look anything like he did in this.


He plays well. Yeah.


And and he's great.


He's such a great actor and he's been in so many frickin amazing things like American History X, John Q Remember the Titans and everything. But like he was always kind of like a heavy sort of actor, but now he's like thin and jacked up, like not in a bad way, but he's like he looks healthy I should say.


He looks like a professional wrestler. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm so happy because I always liked Ethan subtlely. Just every time I saw him, I was like, yeah, it's that guy.


It's well, for me it was always, hey, it's well you you bastard I, I love Wilhem in this.


Yeah. Well I will tell you the minute he came on the scene first first Kristen says he kind of looks like your brother and I go my brother Sean she goes, yeah. He kind of looks a little like, you know, like a like an overweight Sean. And I go, yeah. And then she because you know what? And she starts like kind of giggling to herself. I go, what? She's like nine. I can tell you.


Just tell me.


She kind of he kind of looks like you if you, if you're fat and I go, fuck you, what the hell.


And so every time he came on screen, I could hear snickering next to me.


I'm like, you know what? And she goes, you know, he kind of does look like, I don't need to hear that anymore.


I just don't need to hear that. She's like, no human like high school. I go, no, I didn't look like that. Nice.


I don't want to be.


That guy will know, will you, dumb bastard. So anyways. Oh, that's fantastic. Yeah, I figured you get a kick out of that and this is probably like oh yeah I could see that. No you can't see that. Unsee it right now.


Delete Stan play Stan Lee nuff said and and Stan Lee. Priscilla Barnes plays Ivanna if you don't know who Priscilla Barnes is.


Komunyakaa Mudo. Yeah, I'm Terry.


She was the replacement of Suzanne Somers. Right. Terry replaced Suzanne Somers. And quite honestly, I always liked Suzanne Somers, but I kind of always had a crush on Terry, too.


So in this movie, like when the nudity in this movie was like a dream come true for me, unfortunately, it's marred by a third nipple.


But for a little bit. For a little bit, you can always block out one. I would close one eye. Yeah, exactly. Teenagers, young adults.


Yeah. They last but not do it. Yeah. Yeah. I mean they come on like it. That is a dream come true. It's like, you know, finding out about Lynda Carter from Wonder Woman being in Bobby Jones the outlaw. Oh really. Oh okay. But that's modern versus like an old school VHS 70s.


Copy rounding out the cast and in my opinion, the greatest. Actor in the movie and greatest character in the movie playing Sveinung is Michael Rooker, who steals the show, steals, destroys every scene that he's in.


And by destroys, I mean like that in the best possible way. He is. He's on a 10 in this movie. And it's funny because my wife is like, oh, my God, because he's so heavy, because she knows him as Yondu, Yondu, whatever from from Guardians of the Galaxy. And she's like, man, he doesn't he looks so heavy in this movie. He's not he's not fat, but he's definitely beefy. He's got like a beefy muscle.


But it's funny because I'm like I was like, you know, it's funny because when I watch Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy, I always think of Mallrats and I always think to myself, oh, Michael Rooker, look so skinny now, you know, like that was always my point of comparison. Was Mallrats really?


That's funny because I always will remember him for Henry. Portrait of a serial killer always. And that was his first movie. And then cliffhanger where I'm like, oh yeah, he's an action guy. And Cliffhanger then in this film, like, I guess I didn't need to season.




And I liked him and cliffhanger. And the thing is, like Kevin Smith, he kind of got serendipitously because of the casting director, sort of already knew him, but Kevin Smith made it sound like he was like, holy crap. Like we're actually going to work with Henry, the portrait of a serial killer. Like, I don't think that Kevin Smith thought he could get Michael Rooker. So it was kind of like once he actually got him, he's like, oh, my God, this is amazing.


And man, I love him in this movie. I love Sveinung. I think his character is so much fun.


And and you can definitely tell any time he's on screen, you can tell Michael Michael Rooker is having a good time, you know what I mean? Like, it doesn't feel like it's phoned in. It feels like he's actually on set and just completely in it, you know, and having a great time with it.


Yeah, you can. There's every scene. You're right.


Every scene he's in, you see other actors in the scene we get to and and almost like they're like focusing on their line, getting ready to jump in with their line because they're not on the same caliber that Michael Rookeries and Michael Rooker just seem so just like laid back in the pocket.


And just like this is this is old house to him, by the way. He's bald in this. He was not originally intended to be bald. He dyed his hair gray and he didn't like the way it looks.


So he just shaved his head, which works.


And honestly, like when you see him come out of the shower, you can tell it's like a freshly shaved head because his like his scalp is so white, you know, and he and his wife was like it was like he just shaved his head, didn't he?


I was like, oh, it looks like it. Yeah.


I think he had every hair on his body removed. So he's a naked mole rat so.


But yeah.


And then last but not least. The dude who is in all of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies as the security guard, motherfucking LaForce Leifer's.


Yeah, that guy is the guy's great.


Svenne all thoreson hoo hoo hoo. I mean, honestly, yeah. He's in every Schwarzenegger movie. He has a big role in running man.


But Captain. Captain Power. Dude in Captain Power. Yeah.


Yes, he is. He was the tank guy in Captain Power. And honestly, I'm going to make no bones about it. LaForce is my favorite character in this entire movie. I absolutely love him. And I actually saw him in when I was living in Santa Monica. I was on a gas near a gas station on Broadway and 14th. I lived on Broadway and 14th there's gas station there.


And I was getting cigarettes. And I think he he came in behind me. He was doing something. He wasn't the nicest person to the cash register person. But at the same time, you got to take that with a grain of salt. He could have had a bad day. You don't ever know. You know. So I'm not going to I'm not going to besmirch him. I would love to still still meet him or whatever. But, yeah, it was I was it was a little disheartening when I when I saw the exchange and I was like, OK, I'm just going to keep quiet and stand in the back, you know?


That's a bummer. That's a bummer. Yeah, I know. Yeah.


But I mean, maybe he was having a bad day and let me just put it out there.


He might have been having a bad day. And also like there might have been a language barrier because he's I think he's Swedish or something like that. So there might have been language barriers. I don't want to say he's a dick or anything, but it just the one time I saw him, he didn't seem like the nicest guy to the gas station attendant, unfortunately. Yeah.


No, dude, I mean, anyway, I mean, that's that's not a surprising story where you hear that all the time. So but but yeah. Maybe he was in character. Yeah.


Let's just say he's just he was just having a bad day and you know, LA traffic can just put you in a bad mood.


So let's just let's just call it that, you know, and and move on.


And I will say to Buddy, as we as we get more into this film and break and break it down, I just have to put it out there.


You know, whatever we say that's nuts might be necessarily critical of, you know, actors in the movie or soundtrack and just take it with a grain of salt because, you know, it's our reflection.


And I'm just saying, because I know people are huge fans of this movie and and I am, too. I'm just, you know, I just I'm just kind of giving you a warning.


Sure. Yeah. And then, you know, I'll just piggyback on to that and say, you know, we always go into these movies hoping that that, you know, they're going to live up to our expectations and be as crazy as we remember them to be. But, you know, it's not necessarily the case. And, you know, we're not going to hold back on on what we don't like about it.


And, you know, I was talking to my wife before going into this. It's a weird movie because I have one foot in nostalgia and then I have one foot as a forty two year old watching it through that lens. And, you know, it's just like, OK, and trying to pass out like what my feelings are on this movie. There's almost like two versions of chory watching this movie, you know. So for me, I'm looking forward to to digging into it.


And a part of that is discussing what I didn't think held up all that well and or what I didn't think ever worked to begin with, because I'll be the first one to tell you, as much as I love this movie, it is not perfect. I'd never have thought Kevin Smith was a great filmmaker.


Don't get me wrong, I love his movies, but I don't think as a quote unquote film maker, he's that good, unfortunately. And I think this movie highlights a lot of his problems as a filmmaker. And some of them, I don't necessarily know if he's ever kind of, you know, fixed or gotten better with because I don't like a lot of his newer stuff. But that being said, it's a movie. Still a lot of fun.


And I want to, like, get into it. And kind of at the end of this, I really want to see which one really sticks with me. Is it the nostalgia or is it the new lens that I'm viewing? You know? So, yeah, I'm definitely anxious to to dive into this, but by no means whatsoever. Is this going to be a is this a perfect movie? Even even back when I watched this in the theater, I could I walked out saying this was not a perfect movie, but I had a lot of fun watching it.


Yeah, me too.


And I just want to add a little bit a little little bit of trivia on the casting.


Originally, William Atherton, who I know who I love specifically from Real Genius, and obviously Ghostbusters as Peck was originally the first choice to play Sveinung, which is I could totally see that, too.


In fact, dare I say that might have been a better casting choice. Just more released on paper, on paper, and knowing that like knowing that Kevin Smith is such a John Hughes fan and he wanted this movie to sort of be like a raunchy 80s film that he grew up with. You know, I think that having Walter PIAC, you know, as the protagonist, antagonist, sorry, antagonist, I think that would have fit rather nicely.


But I think it would have been a completely different Sveinung. Yes, I agree.


I mean, he Atherton plays very similar. I love the guy. Absolutely love the guy. He's golden. Everything he does, like I said, specifically, real genius.


Can I can I say real quick that I saw William Atherton at Ghostbusters Fan Fest. What was that, two, two or three, two years ago? I think it was we were on the Sony lot. My wife went in and I went to that. I saw him. I saw him speak on a panel. He was super awesome. He seemed to really like his fans. And I literally almost bumped into him because everyone was just walking around and everything.


I literally almost physically bumped into him and I was, oh, sorry. He's like, oh, no worries. He seems so fucking nice. I was like, Oh, Walter, you're so awesome, you know?


And but yeah, William Atherton seems like a really cool dude that from what I've seen of him. Yeah.


And maybe, you know, he turned it down because he knew this was going to be geared towards a teenage audience. Maybe he was trying to get away from that kind of he didn't wanna get typecast, perhaps. Who knows.


Well, he he actually I mean, he has told the story multiple times, but he told it at Fan Fest where like after Ghostbusters came out, he was like standing on the side of the road when a like a school bus full of kids pulled up and they literally all start yelling at him that he has no dick or whatever. And, you know, because it's Ghostbusters and and he was like, oh, this kind of sucks, you know?


Oh, man. I mean, it's so funny because I know he's known to everybody from Ghostbusters, but I always look in him as Professor Hathaway from Real Genius and like want to offer him popcorn because he's he was allergic to popcorn in the movie. So that's anyways.


But like a ton of people auditioned for this movie, Reese Witherspoon, Heather Graham, apparently Shanny Smith from, you know, the Saw franchise and summer school. She likes to severely like acting like a diva when she was on set, you know, just hated the script.


So it's just I think the casting overall is really good.


And, you know, that's all I'm going to say about it. Yeah. Yeah.


And the only thing I'll add is that notoriously Shannen Doherty hated Jason Lee and they actually they hated each other on set. So I think that led to some high jinks. And then you in the elevator scene when they're kissing. Oh, man.


You can see there's no chemistry there whatsoever because, yeah, they hated each other that I've heard stories that Jason Lee didn't brush his teeth and stuff when they had to do the kissing scene just to F with her.


So who knows if that's real or not. But whatever, you can definitely see that they don't have a lot of chemistry, though, and.


Well, I will say I will say I have a close personal friend who who's like almost best friends with her. And and apparently she is like just the salt of the earth, good person. And always got a lot of shit back in the day because she didn't put up with shit like she would, you know, and was a very strong like I don't mean this in any negative way whatsoever. She's like a very strong, strong female actor. And yeah, I wouldn't put up with, like, wanting to do certain things.


So maybe who knows, who knows what was going on. But that would piss me off if the guy I'm supposed to be kissing didn't brush his teeth, that's fucked up.


So but yeah.


But Jason Lee is like he's he's an outlaw, you know, he's an outsider kind of coming in and not anymore, obviously, but. Yeah, but at the time.


Yeah, yeah. He was like it's like it's like Johnny Knoxville doing his first movie kind of deal. Exactly. Exactly.


So that's. Yeah. So there you go. All right, buddy. Snooki Bootsy's. You want to get into this. Yes. Please, I cannot wait.


I've never met a person who is as much fear of his mother's. Who do you want? I should tell my mother what we do in here at night. What you play video games and I fall asleep unfulfilled because you can go in here. You say that like it's bad. It's frightening. Miquel, I was the only part of the letter I thought was complimentary. This is Brody's private hell that come from what's going on here and these, you know, these are his friends.


Oh, sorry. All right. What's a stink bomb? Take your hand, you stick it like this right there, now you shake hands with the guy, you know, long it takes for that smell to come off.


You stare at these things long enough, you're supposed to see some kind of hidden three dimensional picture. Oh, yeah, look, the sailboat, you saw it too, damn it. We, uh, we slept together one time, remember in high school that a ski trip that was you. Dude, this looks like your mom. There is no Easter Bunny. You know, about this game show thing we got going on here. We need you guys to somehow ensure that it doesn't happen.


And welcome to our second suiter, would you ever make will be in public? I think that's kind of personal, I don't think I should answer that. All right, you said it was a good size and a girl says it's a good size, it's a nice way of saying that. What else did you expect from the director of clerks? First of all, let's just say that this is supposed to take place in New Jersey, the mall that they shoot in Eden Prairie Center was actually Minnesota.


So when they're outside in the parking lot and stuff like that, this is all up in Minnesota and no big deal. But we should just put that out there. This is not New Jersey, unfortunately.


And they were filming Fargo at the same time while they were there.


Yeah, OK, good. Good job, Minnesota. So, you know, of course, we we have, you know, opening shots of the mall, you know, all the different sort of made up stores that Kevin Smith probably felt like very clever when he was writing these store names. A couple of them were burning flesh, tanning salon, popular girl, fashionable male, which, of course, will be coming back later in rug munchers, of course.


Oh, goodness.


And that was, of course, a rug company or whatever.


But I'm like, oh, Kevin Smith, this movie right away, you can tell it's like written by like a 28 year old. You know, I don't know exactly the age that Kevin Smith was, but it's definitely written by someone in their late 20s, early 30s.


Yeah. It's like, guys, it's juvenile is shit. And that's the whole point. So you got to laugh at it. If you're offended by any of that stuff, turn this off now, because it's going to get it's going to get worse.


I don't think anyone's offended by it, by this this kind of stuff over and over, like, you know, the establishing shots of the mall and everything Brody has. We have this like this voiceover story that Brody Jason Lee tells.


And it's basically about his cousin getting cat stuck up his ass. And, you know, I'm not talking to Zachary. I'm like, should I just tell the story? You know, I mean, you guys are going to watch the movie. You're going to know the story. So I'm not going to like everything, but I liked it. It was funny at the same time, it was juvenile. I liked the one he tells later. Better the the airplane one.


Yeah, they're both great. Yeah. Jason Lee is so good at delivering a monologue. It's, it's I get I think when I and this is something in hindsight or watching it now which is different than it was back then. Back then it kind of annoyed me.


I was like I don't is not this is this doesn't feel natural to me watching it now.


I'm like, oh this is funny as hell.


And it's actually feel supernatural, so supernatural so far. But yeah.


No, it felt good man. Like I was like oh he's, he's good at what he does. He was effective. Yeah. He's, he's great at what he does. Yes. And now this was always my favorite part. So then it kind of cuts the credits really kick in and they the opening credits montage using a bunch of different comic book, real established comic book artists.


All comic book artists are real, but let's say established a big name, comic book artist and right out of the gate, like I could recognize just from their style who they were. But I'll read off just some of them. There's a lot more, but I'll read off some of the the more notable ones. Mike Alred, who was the the artist of Mad Men, he also did all the art for and chasing Amy. Mike already did. So all their stuff was in Jason.


Amy was done by him, J. Scott Campbell, Joe Quesada, Joe Kasarda will go on to become the editor in chief of Marvel Comics, Jay Lee, Dave Johnson, Ethan Van Shivah, Adam Hughes, Brian Stelle Free's. These are some huge names in the industry like right in that point, probably the only two names that would have been even bigger that they didn't get would have been Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld. Those would have been the only two names bigger than who they got.


And I loved it as a kid. Seeing all those artists and all those comic book covers, I was like, oh, my God, that's Julie. Oh, my God, that's Julie Casady. You know what I mean? Like, I could just tell from every single one. And that was so cool. But let me ask you this.


You read comics growing up at the time, but I don't think you read as much as I did. Did you recognize the these artists, these styles and everything?


I actually recognize that now, watching it now. But back then, I was I was way more I was always like the I was the kid that said, oh, I'm not going to read that because it's so mainstream kind of thing. And it's not a bad thing. Persay, like, I didn't shit on it, but I was just like, I want to read something underground and different. So I was reading like Evil Pirnie and yeah. You know, shit like that.


So like Brian was that Brian Polledo. I think it's the guy that. Oh yeah.


Yeah I believe so. Yep. Yep. Good call. Good call. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks. It's my rare small menasha knowledge of comic books. I was not as huge in the comic books. I was way more huge and just like Fangoria and horror sci fi stuff. But my brother was obsessed, obsessed with comics, so, you know, my brother's buddy Ray worked at a place called Aaryn Comics that we just hang out there all the time.


And all we would do is recommit. So I was familiar with these guys, I'm more familiar with them now than it was back then because I was looking to read more of the indie stuff.


So it's funny you were probably familiar with these comic book artists at the time, the way I was familiar with, like wrestlers, because I would be hanging out with people and I'd be like, oh, OK, I know who these people are, but I didn't, you know, watch wrestling myself. So I thought, OK, I get that. I totally get that. And hey, man, you ready for any man? That's respect, bro.


Respect. That's that's awesome.


Thanks, dude. I still have those Baghead in Baxt and surprisingly shout out the test for having me on her show and and I got to crack open my old horror mags and I was like, oh, I forgot I had this.


Oh I forgot I had this. Yeah. So anyway, nice.


All right. So Brandy's fitting is sitting out front and Teagues pulls up his station wagon.


He makes a hell of a turn into her driveway. Well, speaks volumes for what happens to him later in life.


You know, so Brandy, he know she doesn't have her bags packed, but you can tell that she is kind of ready to go. And he's like, come on, let's you know, let's pack up her bags, get out there, you know, yada, yada, yada.


Brandi starts talking about Julie Dwyer. Now, the cool thing is this is a reference to something that happens in clerks because they in clerks, I think is Adante or Randall goes to her funeral and they even know Don Randall.


And then even in Chasing Amy is referenced, I believe she's her funeral is referenced as well.


So, yes, the one thing I love about Kevin Smith is he created in his first three movies. He essentially created a comic book universe. He created a universe.


And looking at it now, you feel like, OK, that's so normal now because of what the MCU does and everything.


But at the time, that's really freaking cool, I think.


Oh, I love it. It's it's great. And again, I think it's a nod to his fans, like he's making these movies based on shit he thinks is funny, shit like that.


So, you know, it's and I and I again, I intentionally want to use the phantasm to reference. Here is a big budget Hollywood film coming out with with an audience that is not familiar with Clerks at all, seeing it, not necessarily getting those references. So yet another reason why I probably didn't do well were like, I don't get it.


And what is this? You know, and then just like Phantasm two is the same way.


It was a sequel, a huge budget sequel to an indie film. And then people are like, oh, I don't get to go back and watch something else. This is not good.


Oh, well, you know, at least with at least with with Phantasm to the audience could know going in that it's a sequel because it has two in the title, you know. Yeah, but Mallrats, it's not technically a sequel to Clerks, but true. I do feel that getting getting maximum enjoyment out of Mallrats requires you to to watch Clerks beforehand.


You get so many more layers to it and you won't be let down. You won't be let down. You know, you let down. No, I don't. I don't think so. So so basically Brandi tells them that that did she's like, did you talk to Julie last night? And he was like, yeah, you know, I told her that the camera adds a few pounds or whatever, and a lot of a is like, you know, she goes, oh, she had the fattest ass in high school.


And apparently last night she after she talked to tits, she went to the Y and just started doing laps after laps of swimming and then on like her seven hundredth and something lap, she had a brain aneurysm and died. And I will say this, I will say this. I am not a big fan of Jeremy London in this film Eyeteeth. For me personally, he's not one of my favorite actors. And I think Zack will probably back this up real quick.


But I just want to say that I do love his delivery of him saying she's fucking dead.


Like the delivery of that is his best performance in this entire movie.


Unfortunately, I'd have to say.


Well, it's one of the few times he actually speaks up because, yes, he is. He is from party of five. And the guy no offense to the guy at all. I don't know him personally, but just his acting, he mumbles, he mumbles so much.


And it's really annoying. Like, he just isn't talking about scene. You don't even know what's going on.


And just going into this review, just know that even back when I originally watched it, Brandy and T.S. are like my least favorite characters in my least favorite storyline.


And ironically, they're the they're the main a storyline, I mean. I guess you could say Brody and Renee are kind of like at a point five, like, you know what I mean? But I do think Tim's and Brandy are the actual main storyline. Then next to that is Brody and Renee. But it's one of those this is one of those movies where I love everything that surrounds the main characters, you know. Yeah.


I appreciate their relationship. I do. I and I appreciate the the the story that Kevin is telling with them. I just don't think they're not very strong actors.


They're not at least maybe not at the time they weren't. You know, I do think I do think Brandi gets better when she's talking when she's talking to T.S. in this scene, when she's talking about Julie having the biggest ass like she does this generic hand up to her eye. It's like it's like acting 101 when they say, hey, pretend like you're thinking, do this and she does it. And I've now I've seen the movie twice in like two days to break it down.


And I'm like, man, she does that like acting 101 performance right there. I do think she's a much better actress now, but right there she definitely was was not the strongest.


And you put two of them in as the only two people in the scene and you're just like, OK, it's not the strongest scene in the movie.


Yeah, I think I honestly think it is one of the worst openings to a really entertaining comedy. You know, I'm saying like it really brings down, in my opinion, because it's just like, oh, OK, come on, guys.


Like, let's let's move the scene along. It could have been cut down, in my opinion.


I didn't. And I'm never I'm never like like hurrying up to get through this scene. But I'm also aware that I'm aware of the fact that their acting is terrible at it. You know, like it's like, you know, a good editing in a movie. You should never notice it, you know, like bad editing is when you see the actual editing. And here it's like you shouldn't notice the acting and you notice it. So let's put that out there.


We don't need to, like, you know, dive any more deeper into just know that, take it with a grain of salt. Know that just neither of us are the biggest fans of in Brandee in this film.


Yeah. If you hear me if you hear me start to lose some things I'm saying is that I'm doing a really bad impression of. So I'm just, you know. No, no, no, no, dude, I'm just saying it's like, you know, that's what I'd be doing if mumbling what I thank God for subtitles.


Right. And this is what this has done so far. Thank God for that.


Oh, by the way, real quick. Sorry, guys. We're going on huge tangents here. But I did notice that the subtitles aren't exactly the way that they say it in the movie. And I was wondering if the subtitles are done off of the script and then they don't account for the little ad libs that sort of come in the little the little words, the little accoutrements that, you know, the actor will add.


They don't have any of those. So I think I think the subtitles on this one came from the script and not the not the transcript, as it were.


Yeah, I think you're right. That's it. That's all I got to say about that. All right. So let's let's get back into it. And we find out that we find out that he wants to take brandy to Florida. They're supposed to go to Florida. But now, Mr. Sveinung, because Julie is dead, Mr. Sveinung, Brandy's dad doesn't have a contestant for his new game show that he's developing called Truth or Date, which is a throwback to like a true, you know, a 50s, whatever 60s game show or know, whatever type of thing.


But it's real cheesy, you know.


But the funny thing is, as these two characters, as brandy and tits are fighting, we do get a couple awesome like like crosscuts whenever they do mention Sveinung to him coming out of the shower, he's kind of like doing doing like boxing in front of the TV. And then when the teams makes some comment about her dad being an ass and they cut right to Mr. Svenne doing a kick and his tail drops and his, you know, his bare ass is there, it's I will say that Kevin Smith did do a good job of salvaging this scene as best he could and editing.


I agreed. And again, Michael Rooker saves the scene. Michael Rooker saves the scene. So it's ah, I'm sorry. Brandi has to help her dad out and she's going to be the new contestant on the show to basically save their relationship in in TIA in her father's eyes. But we already know that that her dad does not like toys. She does not like them at all. And you know what? Some of the things he said to them later, I I'm kind of actually on Mr.


Svenne inside, but we'll get to that later.


Why don't you agree on this, Fenigstein, unless I can come up with something new? So we've got to now Brody's bedroom and Brody is kind of asleep and is in his bed and of course, it's in his mom's basement, although I will say it's a cool looking room for, you know, someone that's 19 or 20 living at home in their mom's basement.


I have to interrupt you, though, and ask you a very important question. It's a life altering question that hinges. This is the precipice of our friendship at this point. It's a very this this could make or break our relationship, depending on how you answer this question.


When you were a teenager, did you put posters on top of posters?


Oh, God, no. Yeah.


So I'm wondering, as a comic book fan and and I know Kevin Smith's his entire collection is that's the collection of comic books in that scene.


Apparently, all the posters granted they're great posters are on top of each other. They're like cutting half of the posters.


Whoever designed that does not know kids like, OK, everyone listening.


If you happen to do that, explain why you decided to do that, because it makes no sense to me.


I was like. Sure, I get it, push pins and shit like that, but that's terrible, terrible, terrible. I'm glad you answered that correctly.


I've never seen that in my life at anyone's house before.


It feels like a a set decorator. You know what I mean? Like, it feels like someone decorated the set because you're like, hey, you know what? If they're symmetrical, it look kind of weird, you know? But no, I'm I'm with you 100 percent. I had my mind, like, in the shitty frames that you'd get from Suncoast for like 18 bucks. But, you know, I had them in frames and I put them up and everything, although we'll say it was pretty cool.


He had a legend poster. I was like, hey, legen. Look at that.


He had great posters. They had there's a legend one. I think there was another there's another horror poster I wrote down.


Oh, there's a trimmers. There's a trimmers one. Yeah.


That was tremors, you know, both universal movies, which is kind of funny. So they obviously they just pull them off, off, off the lot.


But yeah, I was like, you don't cover up half your boaster, especially a comic book aficionado like Browdy. You not doing that shit?


Sorry. Sorry. No, no, Brody, I would never do that. No, I don't think so. I don't think what he would do is sleep with his back, you know, against the wall.


I yes. Yes, I know people like that.


And I do this every time I watch this scene, it literally gives me a headache because her knocking on his head, the Foley artist straight up like uses like a hollow coconut, you know, and it just sounds like she's just like knocking on his head.


And I'm like, oh, God, that looks so goddamn painful, you know?


But the way he reacts, I would say he kind of deserves it, you know.


Yeah, but he wakes up a complete asshole. He's like, knock it off. And then she's just like sitting there staring at him and he starts rummaging immediately for his Sega I'm sorry, Sega Saturn controller by the way, I had a Sega Saturn I it's actually one of my my favorite D pads for fighting games because it wasn't the pad, the pad wasn't like carved in, it was circular.


So you could more easily do the hideyuki enrols you know, the down to forward rolls and everything.


So yeah I still love the Sega Saturn controller is one of my favorite controllers of all time.


I love the Sega Master System Controller where you could screw in the controller into the little. It was like a basic Nintendo type controller but you can screw in the knob on top.


It was fucking awesome.


Sega Master System is the shit you knob they had.


They had game discs, they had little chips, you know, was so badass.


I didn't have a master system. I was, I was Atari. Twenty six hundred then to any. Yes. Then to Genesis and then to Super Nintendo. So I never, I never actually had a master system. One of the, one of the few things I didn't have as a kid.


As far as video games go, that was. Yeah, I wish I had that. Still I love that system. I wish I had still my Super Nintendo.


Oh man.


With so many tangents on this, this is going to be a four hour episode, guys.


I'm just saying of so he picks up his game of like frickin NHL and she just. Yeah, she's obviously pissed off at him. She goes, you promised to make me breakfast, you know, but he wants to finish his game first. He said something like, you know, he's like he's like this is once in a lifetime. And the funny thing was he's he's justifying ignoring her by by playing his game now. But I'm like, but that game was paused over night.


You can just keep it paused and then make breakfast, you know. But yeah, it's it's more of a this is a symptom of a bigger problem in their relationship. Brody asks if she's used the bathroom, you know, and Rene's like, you know, don't worry. You know, I didn't I didn't let your mom see me. And Brody is, of course, like feigning like, oh, who cares? You know, I don't care about Mom.


She's like, you live in fear of your mom and she's like, you never even introduce me to your mom. And I love the fact that he's she she she doesn't like you. And she's like, you never introduced me to her. And it's like because you're always in the bathroom. I thought that was funny.


But you know what I'm doing in there? I'm trying. Yeah, right. Yeah.


And then he's like, what do you do in there anyways. She's like, I cry.


And then she gives this big, long speech about how there's all these, you know, people who make differences in their lives on a day to day basis. And she's like, you know, this all these people. And she's like the person that maps out the airplane patterns. She's like the navigator.


And just like, oh, it's like you knew that one, you know, that's a good one. And she's like she's like, I cry because, you know, basically because they're they're doing these amazing things and I have nothing better to do but fuck you. And she tosses him a note and she slips out through the the window. He's clearly in the basement, so she slips out through the window and he's like, you're breaking up with me.


And it's a great it's really it's a funny scene. And Shannon Doherty, she's a good actress, man.


Like, you know, people forget that she was in Heathers, too, like she and Heathers is classic. She's so good at playing that. Kind of like she kind of has a sympathetic role in this a little bit, you know.


But Brody, such to do, she said by today's standards, you know, he wouldn't see that he wouldn't have a girlfriend to save his life.


No, God, no, no, no, no. And that is one of the things that like, you know, when when I was 20, I was like, oh, yeah, Brody, I get it now that I'm 42. And I'm like, oh, oh, you're an asshole.


That you're just an asshole. Like, you kind of don't deserve her.


And then in another thing that, you know, like we'll talk about more later. But I like the fact that, like, they spend the entire day trying to figure stuff out, whatever, like basically doing everything, but actually talking to the person that that you need to talk to.


And, you know, when you're 42 years looking at this, you're like, this is not how you do a relationship, you know? But again, this is a this is a moment in time, you know, and and there's nothing wrong with that, like, you know, and that's the problem. Like, when I'm watching this, I'm like, oh, that's not how I would would, you know, handle the situation now. But this was written by Kevin Smith at a certain time in his age.


And, you know, it's and it's OK for things to be just like a moment in time, you know? And I think I had to I had to sort of reconcile that as I was watching the movie.


Yeah, yeah. I think there's 90s movies in general, I think have a hard time aging well because they're not timeless like that was such an that was such an odd time. You know, the 90s are, I think are very unforgettable era overall for when it comes to movies and music.


And case in point, the soundtrack for this movie is not good.


It's really not like no one wants to be like you can tell that, like it wants to be good and like it wants to be like an iconic 90s soundtrack. I, I didn't I didn't love the soundtrack. Honestly, I didn't really love Chasing Amy soundtrack either. I don't think Kevin Smith is as clever musically as he thinks he is.


Yeah, I think the Clerks soundtrack was actually pretty decent in comparison.


And yeah, it's like, oh we got Weezer for so, you know, like I'm not I'm not a big Weezer fan to begin with.




Just a lot, a lot of songs on here that are very. But it was but it's very timely. Like the music in this movie is all you heard on the radio back in the day. Yeah. And yeah. And it's not a good thing. It's not a good thing.


No, no. Not always. Not always. Pulls up to Brody's house and everybody's eating his cereal because you know, he doesn't give a shit, he's got nothing else to do. They go downstairs into the basement and I love how Brodies like touch not lest you be touched and you know it's, it's like, you know, but eventually makes his way over to the note and he sees that Rene broke up with, with Brody. He's kind of like looking at the, the laundry list that, that she, you know, says that this is what's wrong with Brody.


And he gets to like Callo and Brody thought that was the only compliment. And she looks at him. He's like it means frightened and weak willed. Like, I love that. He's like, huh. Nice job, Jeremy London. Yeah, they're sitting on the couch. And this is all one take which actually enjoyed because I thought there's one part of this whole, like, dialogue that you could tell Jason Lee sort of laughed during, but he did a good job recovering and they got it all in one take.


But, you know, they're sitting there talking and, you know, is like, you know, I, too, am in the framing business, meaning he got dumped and he was talking and he's telling Brody that, you know, he was going to proposed in Florida at Universal Studios during when George comes up and he's like, oh, that's romantic. And, you know, it's like it's not it's a it's a it's a 27 year old's idea of what, you know, romance is.


And and then we find out that Brodies like, you know, I never once farted in front of Rene. You know, maybe that's why she broke up with me. But the other night she was going down on me and I looked at her face like this was when I was right away. I was like, you know, at my current age, I was like when I was like twenty something, I would have thought that was funny. Now I'm like, you are a trifling motherfucker.


Like you fart in some girl's face. I that is some fucked up shit actually. Truthfully right there.


Didn't even say like he just let it. He let it. Or something. Yeah. He says he goes, when I relax, I squirt, and that made it even worse. I was like, Oh God, I do like how is like, you know, if you're you're lucky that you just got dumped, like, she should have just frickin killed you. But Brody suggests going to the mall and that would kind of help them both feel better.


Cut to the mall and the famous famous dialogue of them walking in and Brody yelling, I love the smell of commerce in the morning, everyone loves that. It seems to be a fan favorite of this movies. And I wouldn't be surprised if that's like sort of the anthem of what people tell Jason Lee when they see him and stuff. But he he right away bumps into Shannon Hamilton, played by Ben Affleck, and they almost come to blows like immediately.


And Ben Affleck is it's pretty everything, you know, pretty who he is now. So, yeah, he's relatively unknown at the time. He's so good. He's so good at playing that that douchy dick. He's so good, man.


I love Ben Affleck. I think he's I think he's a good actor, good writer director.


And and he's he's great in this man again, acting chops. Yeah.


He he is much of a dick that he is.


He's probably one of the best actors in the movie. And it really shines. It really shines. And the interview that on the on the DVD I'm signing the Blu ray, you know, he was like obviously he's like it was early on in his career. He took the job because, like, he's like, I needed the six thousand dollars. I took the job. He's like, but to this day, people will come up to me and quote that movie and everything.


So clearly this this movie, judging on their conversation on the Blu ray, this movie has really found new life in in its video form was it is a true cult classic.


And the fact that it just did not do well in the theater and the home video market is where it really kind of found its own life.


That's good. That's good. It should.


It should, of course, as Brody is, you know, telling. Yes. About something you know about. You need to move forward. You can't be hung up on Brandee. He like runs right into a being. What are like a construction team right now?


It's to build it's to build the set for it's the cement and it's kind of the Segway into to, you know, us finding out about what's going on because he's like, what the hell is going on here, you know? And, you know, so they want to know, like there's a giant stage being built. So, you know, Brody wants to find out why. You can tell Brody comes more frequently. He is a Mallrats.


So this is you know, I bet you let me ask you this. We just we addressed it earlier. But who do you consider is the main character of this movie? Is it. Yes. Or is it Brody? Well, I think it's kind of like a Fast Times, Ridgemont High kind of thing, where it's an ensemble, you know, there's always substories going on the butt, but, you know, in fast times, they're all kind of separate.


Right. All the stories were separate in this. They're all connected.


So, I mean, Brody starts the narration of the thing. He he's essentially the main actor, I think.


I think he's the most likable in his douchiness. And he's kind of slovenly, sloppy ways, you know, I think. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


I'm going to say, Brody, I'm going to say Brody. OK, good, good. Yeah.


Well, I should say that I like his storyline better than I do jinyan teases instead of mumble mouth jones. So yeah exactly. Mumble mouth 20 20s. So they, he knows someone who can help him out and get the information that they need. And they walk over to Wilhem who is staring at one of these magic eye posters that were all the rage back in the mid to early 90s or whatever. It's those those computer generated images that if you sort of look past them through them, relax your eyes, relax your butthole, you will see the sailboat or the schooner or whatever, whatever is in there.


And, you know, it's they were in such a rage for a time and now they are nowhere because, you know, they discover that it made you go cross-eyed by doing it pretty much.


And, you know, classic Niños.


And when I say classic, I mean, I hated the Niños hated, hated early night nightman. Yeah.


Now I feel better. I'd much rather go back in time to the 80s than the 90s, to be honest with you, dude.


Yeah. I sincerely and I will say the fashion or the, the costume or the, the, the clothes that they wear in this film are terrible, terrible dude.


So, so, so the 80s came back in fashion like straight up for reals within the past like five years or so. It was a very strong 80s time. I love it because it's so colorful and everything.


But I knew, I knew that the 90s drab was on was looming around the corner. And when I'm watching this movie and watching Chasing Amy, God, I hate the style.


The girls wear these baggy pants with no like form to them whatsoever. With these cut off shirts, the guys dress like trash. I'm like, God, I don't want the Nike style to come back. Like Frickin Jay and Silent Bob are wearing like they're like wearing sweatpants that are cut on top of a different, like, length cut long johns underneath. So they have like two pairs of pants that are cut at different lengths. Oh, my God, it's so ugly.


The 90s were such an ugly style, so ugly.


The only thing you know, people obviously love Brody's t shirt with that weird image.


And there was always speculation like, who was that? Who's that? Who's that face?


You know, that's cool. But man, Jeremy London's outfit with that hennelly with with the plaid shirt tied around his waist, which was so iconic for like cool kids back in the day, you know, hennelly with. Yeah. With a plaid shirt tied so bad man.


And it's, and it's like the color schemes are like, you know military green with like Tope and Morvai like oh it's so, so dry.


So bad. It's insane. So yeah. And then, and then Willams got that, that look at that with that cap, with the long hair.


I mean it's just, it's just screams 90 this whole, this whole thing is just nineties. But you know William is trying to see the sailboat. The running gag is that he can't see it. And like immediately everyone who looks can see it. So like right away it's like, oh, it's a sailboat. And he's like, God damn it. And that's just that's going to be the the running gag of this of this whole thing. Yes.


But we he does tell them that the stage is is for this new game show called Truth or Dite or Truth or Date and knows that that's, you know, Mr. Thinnings game show. And so they're like, OK, we got to go look more into this. You know, they sort of leave Willhelm to Willam to do his thing and keep looking at the picture. This will be this will be something that will pay off. I will say Kevin Smith does a good job of like planting things that will pay off in this movie, like the the issues that we have with the acting aside.


And also just the directing, I will say he's a good screenwriter and that he does know how to like layer things in, you know, he does know how to do that. But I don't think he's the most exciting when it comes to like camera shots and in scene structure, those kind of things.


I don't think he's that exciting, but he doesn't have to be it doesn't necessarily need to have that. But it's just my own personal preference. I've always thought he was he was very static. His movies are always very statically shot.


I thought, yeah, there's like a little bit of a disconnect throughout.


And and to be honest with you, if this was a indie movie and I was seeing in it like the camera three, which was like our the local art house theater in San Jose, I might have a different take on it overall, just knowing that it was like this big budget thing, I think my expectations were like, oh, it's going to get bigger.


No, I mean, it just it was just like, OK, there's the scenes where you just like that kind of ended weird, you know, but then he's got gold scenes throughout as well.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


No, and you're right. Like like there's some stuff that you're like, huh. That was like it's and it's always like a technical thing. I'm always like, oh that was like technically a little wonky.


But then he'll the next scene he'll do some sort of awesome piece of dialogue.


And you're like that's that's what Kevin Smith is all about right there. You know, he's not. Yeah.


His movies this movie almost feels like it could have been turned into a stage play.


I totally feel you on that, Jakiel. But, you know, I feel Jaffey on. Yes.


You know, and the only time again it falls flat is when when Jeremy London is is is rolling off his lines and it just feels like it doesn't feel like he feels like he's just, you know, someone's coaching him through the scene when, when Jeremy London is required to carry the scene.


Yes. That's when the movie truly takes a dip.


Unfortunately, Jeremy London for me he's not as bad when he's bouncing off of Jason Leigh, when it's him and Brody. But in the few times where it's just Jeremy London, that's when I think it's much more noticeable because like, yes, he is a bit dry and everything which works because, you know, against Brodie, because Brodie is so big and gregarious and you need like sort of a straight man to kind of play off of them. But when that straight man is by himself, then you're like, oh, God, just get me out of this scene.


Yeah, yeah, because because there's you know, Brody will give his whole kind of rant about something, and then and then I think Jeremy Jayton, T.S. Eliot, TTC tits.




Take care of business TCBY. He you know, he should be just be like throwing out like little little one liners here and there, but they kind of have to have him have his also equal amount of dialogue in that same scene.


You're like you're trying to act against somebody who's really hitting home a lot harder than you are. No offense.


You know, it just doesn't doesn't click. And you're right, when he's when he's just kind of the side man, it's way better. Yeah.


Yes, I yeah.


We find out that, you know, he's upset that obviously Brandy is getting auctioned off on live TV by her dad. You know, when they just broke up, obviously, that would make anybody upset. And then Brody's like, well, you know, we we we're going to take it down.


You know, we're going to take down the establishment, you know, because that's that's what a best friend does, is stand by you while you make bad decisions, I guess.


And as you get older, you realize that that's actually not what a best friend should do. A best friend should actually try to help you make better decisions. But when you're in your your mid 20s, in your early 20s, in your teens, when you're watching this movie, you're like, yeah, best friend, get into some shit with me, you know?


Well, yeah, it's basically like, well, you know what? What can we do to make you feel better? Yeah. And I'll back you up on that, you know, back you up on it. So it's I like it. I do like it. And enter Jay and Silent Bob. I love how they're introduced in this movie. My wife will tell you when we watched it the first time, that first scene when when Jay is dancing, I was doing all the dances with him and then I would do the tap, tap, tap.


I mean, he is is is electric. Jason Mewes, right here at this scene in this in the music is perfect. And I guess they had it must have had it playing because he was he was tapping on the window, on beat and everything. And what a perfect introduction to a phenomenal character.


And I'm just referring to Jason Mewes as Jay. Yeah.


I mean, minus the fact that who knows what sort of drugs were going on in his body. And, you know, I know he's had issues, whatever.


It's like the guy is gold. He's gold. Fucking gold, man.


Gold like he's on he's on fire every second that he's on screen. Yeah.


One of the things I read in the IMDB was like Seth Green was on call waiting to to to fill that role in case they needed him, just in case to fly out there to take over the role of Jay.


No fucking way. And if you interview Seth Green now, he probably be like, yeah, no, that that was a good call because there's no way, dude, no way. You don't.


It's like replacing the Fonz with, you know, Alan Thicke. It's like it's not the same thing.


You know, it's like I'm going to go on record. I want to go on record and officially saying that Jason Mewes is a national treasure.


I think he doesn't get enough respect for how truly awesome he is as someone who turned into this, even though you could say, oh, he just always was himself, but you got to realize. No, like, he he had to take a conscious effort to become this this this person.


And he whether he's an actor, quote unquote, like a traditionally trained actor or not, he he nails it.


He comes on screen as J and it's frickin awesome. And I never want to look away.


You know, I think you can hold him in the same regards as a Pee wee Herman or a great, you know, or Ernest, where it's like they've become that character and you only know them for that character. But they're playing a character, you know, even if it's might be somewhat similar to who they are in real life, still playing the character. And he's doing it and he's and he's cut the rug. Yeah.


I love how he's like banging against the it's the pet store window and like, he has attention and then, you know, so silent Bob is is trying to do a Jedi mind trick with with his cigarette here and or use the force to make it levitate or whatever. But the cool thing was, again, this was another thing. As a kid, I'm a huge Star Wars nerd. So like seeing like anyone reference Star Wars in a movie like this, I'm like, oh, my God, this is another thing that just sort of ingratiated Kevin Smith to me, where I'm just like someone else, love Star Wars as much as I do, because you could just tell that, like, Star Wars is just a part of Kevin Smith's, like, DNA.


It's there's no you. Jack, you know me, there's no taking Star Wars out of me. If you took Star Wars out of me, it would be a huge part of my personality would just disappear. It's just a part of my life. And so seeing that, you know, seeing someone love Star Wars as much as I did. And of course, we already knew that going into this because there's a huge discussion about the Death Star in Clark.


So, you know, Kevin Smith being a Star Wars fan was nothing new. But this kind of just like solidified it for me right here.


Well, this I, I think this was the first time mainstream that nerds and I include myself in that. When I say nerds, we're we're getting that moment of like, yeah, somebody finally gets me.


Like, these are great references. These references had not been made. They're made all over the place. Now, Kevin Smith. Yeah. Was a huge influence on people for this sort of thing. Yeah.


If Kevin Smith came out now, you would say he was a hack because everyone else is doing it. But you got to understand, he was one of the people that started it. It was like the 90s are so crazy, like him and Tarantino. It's like these these these nerds got a hold of cameras and were able to, like, make movies about people who love movies. You know, whatever genre was. There was a love for movies inside of the movie.


You know, it was so meta. And I'm sure there were Medda things before that. But I really in my gut, I kind of feel like the whole meta referential thing started in the 90s.


I think you're right. I don't I, I honestly can't think of anything prior to Tarantino and Kevin Smith. I can.


And those guys were then and now. It's so normal. Yeah. Because everyone does it now. Yeah. Yeah. Sure.


Yeah. Right. Yeah. OK, so so I love their interaction. I love how AJ and Brody do that dance thing, you know. And I love how I just you can tell that they're gelling in real life, you know, and it was just a good time when they were doing that scene. It just I love it. But, you know, Brody tells them he's like, hey, you know, tells him what's going on, you know, kind of fills them in on saving his love life.


Can they trash the stage? And they're like, shit, we're going to do that anyways. And they're like, oh, you were like, what else are we going to do? And I love that. I love the fact that, like, the catalyst of this movie was going to happen regardless no matter what. But apparently they have a blueprint of the stage. And because of the blueprint, they know that there's this one key pin that's kind of holding the entire stage together.


The only problem is LaForce. And who's the you ask you don't know who the forces. He's only the most feared security guard in the business. MAN 460. Koller's all convicted. I hear he's even got two kills.


That right there is my favorite in will tell you. That is my favorite line from this entire movie. Any time I see Sven Olofsson, I'm always like, he even has two kills and I love it. It's it's genius writing because one kill is an accident.


Two kills is he is proficient at what he does and he does it with a with a barbershop quartet hat on his head.


I know. And he makes that fucking look cool. I'm sorry. I fucking love fores is fucking awesome because of that hat.


I'm surprised he didn't come back man. I'm surprised you didn't come back. I know. I know. So of course Browdy gives gives a shit for being scared of a mall security guard, you know, and that just gets J fired up into like this. He starts acting like Wolverine and he starts going shooting. She and my wife Kingsnake love the fact that they actually put in the sound effects of him making the the shining, shining noise. And she's like, oh, that was actually kind of cool that they put the sound effects.


Sounds like, you know what? That was actually kind of cool. Like, I like that that Kevin Smith did that all the time.


Do you like that that sound effect, that sneaky snake or whatever. Yeah. Back in the day, like you used to copy that shit all the time.


So yeah. Seeing it on screen, you're like, oh, hang on, he's doing the line.


Is it. It was like putting in like sound, you know, sound effects even just helped it make it even better.


I will say that that Wolverine during the late 80s, early 90s when Wolverine had his whole like the Samurai storyline. Yeah. Punisher and Daredevil like that was the shit I was really into. I was into the dark and dirty marvel. At that time when he was like Logan, you know, and didn't wear his yeah, his gear, that's a shit I just ate up. So, yeah, yeah. There you go.


And just to let everybody know, the first comic book I actively collected, like, you know, I was like, OK, I need the next issue was Punisher. So I've always had a Punisher affinity. So of course the scene ends with tease, you know, highly doubts that they can pull it off.


And then is that when Brody says ye of little faith want a cookie? Yeah, yeah, yes.


And I it is I use that line incessantly for at least a decade.


Nice. Nice. I cut back to Wilhem, still looking at the magic picture. Oh buddy. This is another one. This is another one of my favorite quotes from the entire movie says he's looking at the picture.


A group of kids come up and they look at it. And right away when the kid goes, wow, it's a schooner.


And this is my favorite will, because you dumb bastard, it's not a schooner. It's a sailboat.


It's a scooter is a sailboat stupidhead. You know what? There is no Easter Bunny over there. That's just a guy in a suit. But I love how he calls. I kid, you dumb bastard.


And and by the way, this is an Easter movie, so there's not many Easter movies out there.


You know, if you if you got if you're trying to do an ad, then calendar of holiday films through an Easter movie, Mallrats as an Easter movie. That's right.


That's right. That's a good point, buddy. I didn't even think of that. We cut back to the eatery, sort of Brody is telling T.S. that Superman and Lois Lane could never have have sex because it would kill her again. This is like conversations that, like me and Luke would have. You know, it's just it's so just perfect. I mean, it's just it's so obvious that Kevin Smith is a comic book nerd, you know, and honestly, at this point, this is a conversation that I've now heard from, like in other movies, you know, and I feel like he was the first person to sort of put that put this out there into the zeitgeist, which is that, yeah, you know, Superman cannot have sex with Lois Lane.


Even when I was a kid, I was like, how could this even be? For me? It always seemed more natural that Wonder Woman would would be teamed up with sexually with Superman. I just feel like man would have to hold back all the time, like it wouldn't be fun for him, right? Like, you know what I mean? Like, he couldn't give Lois, like, a good pounding.


Yeah, I won't I won't go into too much detail about what my brother and his friends used, how they used to describe it. But they watched a lot.


Well, the bus I'm not going to throw they still watch a lot of porn back in the day and equate that to comic books and subject me to that, unfortunately. And this is just fact, you know. And so here you are like throwing out these references.


I would pick up on that.


And so when I saw in the movie, I'm like, oh yeah, I've heard that before that for that conversation, it was not a good one either. Oh, God, no. But then and the reason I said the reason I said kind of the eatery then of course, they transitioned into a conversation on whether the the cookie stand is a part of the eatery. It's at this point, I feel like that's that's the least interesting thing. It's something that like now is so normal, I guess, to have these conversations in a movie about stupid shit like that back then, it was a big deal.


You know, going back then, they're talking stupid crap about, well, is the eatery part of the food court, blah, blah, blah. But, you know, now you're like, I'm watching it now. I'm like, man, this dialogue is pointless to the story. You know? It is. It is.


But and I will say and not I don't want to shit on them, but too much. But Jeremy, London's wrong. Like, that's not a part of the food court, so obviously not a part of the food court. And I think your point to your point, it is so and such an insignificant. Conversation or argument to have, it's like saying that Oreo cookies are better without the filling. You know, it's it's just not. No, no, no, no, no.


There's no there's no thing. You just don't.


Reese's Pieces, buttercup, without the peanut butter is better. No, it's just chocolate.


That's just chocolate. You want chocolate? Just that's just fucking Hershey. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, he does Browdy does sort of cut off halfway into the conversation because it leads into the next scene and he sees he stands up and he's like, where are you going? He goes Susheela Feme and which is the name of I. You never see it, but I believe that's the name of the store that she's in. So we've got to Rene's kind of looking through the clothes rack and, you know, he he's kind of saddles up next to her.


Browdy sort of saddles up next door and he's like, that would look terrible on you. And it's a good line. But, you know, it's it's whatever. It's a good line if he was actually picking her up, but she quickly puts him in his and his place, you know, she's like, didn't I dump your ass this morning? And, you know, he's like, oh, you know, you don't have to apologize. I'm sure you were just probably messin, which, you know, right there is like, man again.


Again, as much as I love Browdy, I'm like, you're just man, you're kind of a dick. You are kind of a dick in this movie. He is a dick.


He's a dick. And I hate that as a kid. And I still do the whole idea of, like the the bonehead loser type is getting the hot chick. It's like, no, it's not supposed to go that way. But girls love their sleazeballs.


They do that that they do. But again, this is like again, this is one of those things where I was painfully aware of, you know, twenty year old Corey or shit when this movie came out, it was ninety five. I was, I think sixteen or fifteen. And I was like, oh yeah. Browdy totally moon. And now that I'm forty two I'm like, oh you don't deserve Renney, you are an asshole. And kind of sadly we'll get to this at the end.


But I don't think he's character actually really gross and that's kind of a problem for me.


But we'll get there and maybe I'm wrong. Maybe by the time we get there in this conversation I'll see that I'm wrong. But going into this review, I kind of had a problem with Brody not really ever growing so well. But we'll see. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't. I just sort of missed it.


He doesn't actually, in my opinion and it reminds me and it's it's just it's just sheer coincidence. But it reminds me of Chris Penn's character in the very little known or unknown 1984, the wildlife. He's the lead actor in the film, like the main character of the film.


And he's a douche. He's a douche. He's a douche. Yeah.


And it's just nothing redeeming.


And you're just like, OK, that that kind of brings down the movie a little bit. Just a little bit. Yeah. I mean I mean, I will say that that conversely, yes, Brody is a douche, but he is a likable douche. He's likable douche.


And that's his that's his biggest saving grace here, you know. Yeah, a fun fact. So Shenandoah's you know, she's looking at outfits in that in that store. And apparently there's a clause under contract, whatever she tried on or whatever she wore in the movie, she got to take home and keep, that's why she's like in three different outfits in the movie.


OK, that makes sense because I was wondering why she changed outfits and no one else did. That's hilarious. OK. All right. Well, good for her. I guess so. So, of course, Brodies, like, you know, if you want to keep up with this charade of us being divorced and I want my stuff back. Punisher War Journal number six, my copy of Fleche and the remote for my TV one. I just read Punisher War Journal and I have Punisher War Journal number six and I love the Fleche reference because I don't think it was at this time.


He wasn't in talks for it. But it's funny how later on Jason Lee would be in talks to be playing Fleche. But it's a nice little reference because it it shows that Kevin Smith does love Fleche. Yeah. A movie that both you and I very much enjoy as well. Dr. Rosen penis.


That's where the health records room can go in. Dr. Rosen. Rosen.


God, God, I'm hyperventilating here. Can can I have a paper?


And guys just just see, you know, the Dr. Rosen penis scene sort of lines. Mike Rosene, whatever you want to call it, is one of my top ten favorite scenes in any movie ever.


Is the Dr. Rosen being the scenes that we will never cover that movie because we would just quote the entire film. But yeah, yeah, yeah.


You're like yeah same. But are you recording this.


No, no, never.


I do love I do love Rene's response though. And she's like she she puts her hand in his hair and she's like, you know, I always took your shit with a grain of salt. You know, she kind of lists off these sort of things.


But if you think I'm going to put up with your shit now that we're broken up and she kind of grabs there, she's like, you're in for a rude awakening. And it's funny because, you know, he's kind of acting cocky with all the people around him and then she totally just destroys his spot right there. Yep, yep.


She's davits. And that's, you know, even when I was younger, I like was like, yeah, I'm kind of with Renee on this one, you know. Yeah. Clearly, Shannon, this character, we cut back to Jay and Silent Bob, and this is their first attempt to sort of sabotage the stage. And this one involves taking out LaForce by knocking him out with a sock full of quarters and then kind of taking out the pen.


Right. And so it's great because all of this is illustrated by this awesome, like book blueprint, you know, thing. But I love how Jay and Silent Bob are stick figures, but they're really like, well done stick figures, you know?


Yeah. It's a cool it's a very cartoonish. It is an homage to. Ruby, Riley, Kylie, Cody, yeah, yeah, yeah, and I was going to say to laughter is apparently he's named after the sheriff in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, who also wears a straw hat and white straw hat. So that's why that's what he's named after.


You know, knowing that, like every other name in this movie is a reference to something, I assumed Leifer's was something, but I didn't know what it was. But that makes sense.


You know, knowing Ken Smith, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, that makes sense. So when when Kevin Smith or I'm sorry, went silent, Bob, it's time for him to enact this plan. He he starts running and, you know, good job to Kevin Smith.


Honestly, I thought his physical humor was very well done for somebody who's clearly not like an actor, a trained actor, at least maybe at this point, you know, but he I think he does a great job of doing everything he has to do in this movie.


Oh, he's he's great. He's he's he's a he's a he's a good actor. He's a good actor.


Yeah. Yeah. I think and I honestly, truly think he is.


I love the scene really for like little moments because, you know, they they they kind of brush off that kid with his little wooden car. And then when a kid throws the car out, they do a close up of the car and you can see the faces now because a DVD or Blu ray, you can see the faces of the people in the car, the little wooden people. And they've got like these Mr. Bill, like, oh, no.


Oh, that's awesome. That's a great little gag. I didn't even pick up on that. That's fantastic.


Straight up like Mr. Bill kind of look.


So so like you said, sound Bob goes running, he steps on the car. It almost acts like a skateboard, you know, because it's kind of like a flatbed sort of truck.


But I love how he just goes flying right by all and loafers, sustaining the Reena's magazine. And then the sack of coins just lands in LaForce. His hands and loafers never talks. He just like looks up and I like it, although I do like his expression in the second attempt better. And we'll get that to that in a few minutes. But it was great. The quarters land and and Kevin Smith just sort of goes flying into a dressing room and Joey Lauren Adams is kind of getting dressed and he kind of smashes into her and she's like, God.


And this is not the one where you see her nude, but this is the precursor to that. And she kind of like it's like, God damn it, because he scares the shit out of her.


And it's funny. It's funny. It's honestly, it's Jay and Silent Bob are my favorite parts of this entire movie.


Truthfully. Yeah, ditto. Yeah. Here's an interesting little scene.


We Browdy in teams are going down an escalator and they see a kid riding an escalator, but he's like sitting on the escalator stairs while his mom or whatever, just sort of standing next to him. And Browdy just like lays into him. He's like, I hope that kid gets, you know, sucked into the escalator and a bloodbath ensues. And of course, this is like, what do you like? Why are you so angry? He's like, don't don't get me wrong.


I don't wish any ill will on the kid, but his mother should have to endure that horrific, you know, thing to disrespect the elevator.


And again, it's just it's Brodies just getting he gets fired up about things and it's a character thing.


But at the same time, you know, I kind of got the sense that Kevin Smith was doing a little ranting of his own, you know, and doing a good time, like like I remember around that time, like escalator, like it was kind of news thing that escalators were killing people because.


Dadush Well, your dad died on it.


No, no. My dad had to save a kid from from who got stuck in an elevator or escalator. They'd use the jaws. My dad was a firefighter and they had to use the jaws of life to pry the escalator stairs open to to rescue this kid who got his foot stuck in there.


Dude, I mean, like, yeah, I like the idea that people get sucked into those things and killed is like one of my top five most. That's not the way I want to die, you know what I mean?


My brother used to push the emergency stop all the time on them, you know, just to be a dick and shit.


He was the guy who would ride a skateboard through the mall and the security guard be like, hey, get back here, get off the skateboard. You know, like so Eric is is Jay and Silent Bob, then? He totally is, yes. OK, OK. And this is it.


We're talking about Eric right now. Yes. You're talking about Eric, not Shaun. OK, ok.


Oh Eric Oshun. Oh Shaun and Eric.


We all of sudden Brodsky's Trish and kind of heads over to her. Trish is sort of sitting at like sort of like a fountain and, you know, reading her book or maybe she's on on a bench. It doesn't matter. But of course, Brody does the dick thing of walking up to her and smacks the book out of her hand. It's something we've done to girls. We were younger and now look back on it and realize it's a real dick move to do, but he does it and he introduces Trish to two teams and he says, Trish the dish.


And she's like, nobody calls me that. But I was like, that was love, though. He says the dish. Yeah, I love that, too.


But apparently she is 15 and she is a senior in high school or she just graduated.


But she's something like that, but she's super smart and she's writing a book on it's called Borgerson the the the sexual prowess of the Mayor, the 90s male, 14 to 30. So apparently she's having sex with guys and videotaping it completely with the consent of her parents and with the person.


But she is videotaping her having sex and then marking down sort of how the sex was.


And so watching this now, knowing that this is going to be a huge sort of plot point later for for Ben Affleck's character and everything, the fact that she's getting consent from people, does that negate like would would she go to jail for that, you know, because she got the consent?


I think it's still statutory rape.


I mean, OK, it is because because even if you get consent, I don't the fact that there is laws that say as long as your parents sign off on this, it's OK.


No fucking way. No, dude, it's not. No, I mean, whoever did this is wrong. So it's so gross. You know, it's so gross.


And ultimately, you know, it doesn't matter, like, it's a plot thing and it pays off later.


But, you know, now when I'm watching it, I'm like, OK, but if she got consent from her parents and from the person to videotape it, would that still put them in a legal trouble, you know, type of thing because they were having sex with a 15 year old?


I guess I think the answer is yes. I mean, I don't know.


I thank God. I don't know. Yeah.


Yeah, I know. It's yeah. And the answer is, don't have sex with a 15 year old. That's just not right, period. So it's just and I always wondered why Kevin Smith didn't make her like, well no, because then Shannon would have gone to jail at the end. OK, so. All right. Well anyways, I just make for show.


So it just makes the joke that much better, though, to be honest with you, you know. Yeah. Sometimes you're 16 years old.


You know that song, you know. Of course. Of course. Into the night. That guy just died there that last month. Oh shit. Well, OK, then he Maradona's.


She now we do find out we do find out that she got a 20000 dollar advance from Pendant Publishing, which is a Seinfeld reference.


Oh, really? Yep. Elaine Elaine worked at Pendant Publishing and there is no other Pend in publishing. So, like, if you Google Pendant Publishing, it is like Seinfeld. So that was a for reference. Sounds like a job.


Was it was Seinfeld on at the same time that this was this 95, this 95.


Seinfeld right now on Cartwright, a Seinfeld podcast. We are about to wrap up season four, and that was 1993. So they were already. Yeah, like in it like so when when this came out, Seinfeld was still happening. But the whole pen and publishing thing, actually, Elaine worked at Pendant Publishing earlier in Seinfeld. So that lines up like that would be a direct reference at that point in time.


All right. Cool, right? Yeah, yeah. It's kind of neat. Kind of neat. But but we do find out that her last night subject was Shannon from fashionable mail. And it's kind of unclear to certain parts of the movie. I couldn't figure out if he owned fashionable male or if he was the manager, but they did say proprietor and proprietors, the owner. Right.


The proprietors, the owner.


But he's too young to I mean, and I never thought that he owned fashionable mail until I'm watching it now. And Kevin Smith drops words that made me think that that she hadn't actually owned fashionable mail.


I always thought he was the manager. But yeah, I did, too.


I did, too. I mean, I sense it would make sense that he's the owner, but. These little young to be an owner, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I'm that's what I'm saying. I'm completely with you on that part of it, but it doesn't matter. But it's funny that Brody keeps getting distracted by the by the escalators. You know, he he like he's seen the keys, like in yelling and everything and. Yeah.


You know, and then, of course, like Trish seems to know about the plans for for us to propose to Brandi because she's already like I heard you were going to propose at Universal Studios. How do you know? And it's just, you know, getting out and everyone just sort of talking about it.


I do love that part. Yeah, I do, too. And they they kind of leave Trish to her thing to go to the comic book store. When they get to the comic book store, there's a huge line there. And, you know, of course, this makes Brody mad. Brodies almost gets into the fight with a fight with the two guys that own the place. And of course, those guys. That's Walt Flanagan, one of the guys, Walt Flanagan.


The other one is not Mosier is the other right there, basically Kevin Smith's friends. And those are the guys that actually work at his secret stash. Now, you know, is Walt Flanagan. And when I worked at Diamond Comic Distributors, they were not one of my accounts, you know, because I was a customer service rep. But I did get Walt Flanagan out of the queue one time.


Yeah, nice. Yeah. The other guy is Brian Johnson. OK, and and. Yeah. And Steve. Dave, tell Steve.


Dave, Steve, Dave. Yeah. It's like his names. It's great because like these I remember them and I like watching it again. I'm like, oh yeah. Steve, Dave Inwell. Well Flanigan's dawg you know, I just use these names that I, I really just, I just remember, you know, even when I was like in high school, I would say that that like, you know, that you faster than what Flanigan's dog, you know, like for some reason I would just I would I knew these names.


I think it's a blast from the past, you know. Yeah.


There was bringing back memories because for me, too. Because I think I think. Tell Steve Dave. I think that was my my my constant line I was reciting from this movie. Yep.


I said it all the fucking time out of the way. Read But but but they find out that they're just going to fight with Steve, Dave and Walt Flanagan. And in doing so, the security's about to escort them out and someone yells, call the paramedics. The kid's a kid is stuck in the escalator. So, you know, everything that he feared came true with that, with that kid. And the security guards have to go running off.


And then it's like, hey, you know who's who, you know, what's going on here? And he's about to punch. It looks like he's going to punch a guy, this bald guy. And that, by the way, that bald guy is the cinematographer of the movie. He actually looks like a very young Grant Morrison, but he says that it's Stanley and and, of course, like Brodies, like freaking out that like, how did I not know Stanley was going to be there?


And I'm like, honestly. Yeah. How did how did you not know Stanley was going to be there? Because that's fuckin that's a that would be a huge, huge deal that you would have known that because they would have been announcing that four weeks in advance. Yes.


And but if he's, you know, holed up in his home playing cigar and reading comic books, maybe and this is pre Internet. So maybe he wasn't hip to the. Yeah, you think, yeah, whatever you write, he's going to them all the time, even known about that. Yeah, yeah.


But again, it speaks to his douchiness because yeah. He should have known that shit.


Exactly. You're right. Exactly. And maybe maybe you know what, maybe maybe it is a character thing. He wouldn't know that because he's so wrapped up in his own self-involved world that he wouldn't have even noticed that that Stanley was going to be there. And knowing that the Steve, Dave and the other guy didn't really care for him, they probably when he would buy his comics, they probably didn't offer that information up anyways.


Probably. Probably not, because why would you want that dbag there? We cut to the second attempt of Silent Bob versus the Fores. This one is my favorite one. Silent Bob is dressed up like Batman. And this is kind of like his his first time that he's he really dons this this fat man Batman persona is the best. Yeah. Yeah. And the funny thing is the the the the silent Bob Batman has a very specific look and it always sort of stayed the same, you know, the silent Bob Batman.


Yeah, I like that. I'm like, oh, look, it's silent Bob Batman. It's not just silent Bob. Do make dressed up like Batman, but it's his version. And it's very consistent with moving forward how Kevin Smith portrays Silent Bob in that form. I like that there's some things in this movie that are just right. When Kevin Smith put them out, they were just fully formed and moving forward. It's how it's just always going to be in his universe, you know?


And I like that. I think that's really cool. Yeah.


Dude, it's he's iconic. He's got he's got his own action figure, you know. Yeah.


Yes, he does. I have it. I have the Jay and Silent Bob action figures and I think they have lots of them, you know, over time. But so he's going to he's going to fly over the fours and pull the pan out. So that's what the plan is. And when he gets up there, the fly fly fat ass fly is great.


I love Jay. I just I love him. But one of my favorite shots of the movie is when Kevin Smith or I'm sorry, Silent Bob flies over the fours and like the wind of him, knocks LaForce his hat off. I just love the way the LaForce looks at the camera. Just he just looks up. I don't know why. It's just perfect. It's just perfect. And I, I feel like what you said earlier, when when it's like the scene.


I think this is a perfect example, like the escalator scene and in the comic book scene line scene, I thought were very poorly made, especially the comic book line scene.


But then you follow it up with just pure comedic genius. Yeah, it happens on screen and it's just the way Sven just looks. It's just his look that he gives is just pure.


It's cold. Absolutely perfect. Yeah.


It's so good. It's so good. It's OK. And it's like bring bring out maybe the best performance.


And he doesn't say shit through the whole movie, he doesn't say anything and yet he says everything with his with his strikingly blue eyes.


My wife is like man that guy's eyes are crazy. I was like, yeah. And then I do like this. So Kevin Smith kind of keeps swinging, he misses the pen, can't grab it, and then goes right into this sort of billboard that's kind of like on the other side of what the the dressing room for for Gwen. And now she's actually in like mid dress. And you get to see your topless Joey Lauren Adams topless.


And as someone who had a crush on her when I was younger, I was like, oh, that was a again, it was in this movie was awesome because it was like two little dreams come true. Now I say this. I didn't know at the time that scene Julia or Adams is topless would be a dream come true because this was kind of my introduction to her. But moving forward, how much I love her moving forward, I'm glad that I have this.


But then Priscilla Barnes later is the dream come true?


It's a few. There's a few dreams going ahead for you, aren't there?


Early hours and they're all wet. That's when I figured, oh, God, no. All right.


We cut back to the food court. Brodies kind of still like, you know, can't believe that that Stanley, you know, didn't know he was there to is still kind of, you know, stewing over brandy. But that's just dialogue. Leading us into the point of the scene is that Jay and Bob come running in while the forest is sort of chasing them and they and Jay and Bob hide, hide behind Brody. And till it's safe, they say that they are not going to be able to destroy the stage because because Bob is a walking calamity, you know, and Jason Mewes just nails his lines like, dude, knowing that he's not an actor.


All right. He is obviously he is an actor, but knowing that he's Jason Mewes is not a classically trained actor.


No, I mean, he. Ailes, his lines, granted, we don't know how many he flubbed, but he he nailed the ones that he nails, you know, what eventually makes it to screen is what matters, right?


Exactly. 100 percent. Exactly. Yes. Yeah. What we have is Jason Mewes on fire as Jay. And at the end of the day, that's all that matters. Some good call. Thank you. And you're welcome. The check, please.


Hey, everybody, Corey here. I just want to let you know that we'll be right back after these short messages. Hey, everybody, welcome to Talking Back, the podcast where we like to chat about past achievements in movies, comics, video games and more.


I'm your host, Tim, and with me today in studio is co-host.


Hey. Hey, Tim.


This isn't a full episode. This is actually just an add. All we have to do is tell everyone that our podcast come out on Mondays and they can find us on their favorite podcast, or if they're into movies, comics or video games, they should definitely check us out.


Oh, well, then, thanks everybody for listening.


And we'll catch you next time. All.


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And now back to the show and Brody, see Rene and the food court, and she's talking to Shannon from fashionable mail, Browdy then enlist the help of TSA to run interference so he can go talk and get some answers, Doctor Renee, and get some answers. We cut now to an elevator scene. And Shannon, Ben Affleck's character and Rene are kind of waiting by the elevator, goes up to Shannon and starts talking to him about his store and everything.


But Shannon is immediately annoyed, just immediately annoyed. And he's kind of like trying to brush off and everything. And TSA says, haven't you ever heard that the customer is always right? And this line this is what I based my retail experience on. And guys, this is why I should never work in retail ever, because this is to my core what I truly believe. He looks to be right in the eye. And he says, let me tell you something.


The customer is always an asshole, that the doors, the elevator open up and Browdy kind of swoops in, you know, as much as we're kind of shitting on Kevin Smith and how he sort of blocks scenes, I thought he did a great job of making it believable the way he shot this on how Brody could sort of swoop in and grab Renee without Ben Affleck sort of seeing him and stuff. I thought he did a good job blocking out what could have been a problematic scene.


Yeah, in a couple of things I want to point out to with this scene is that one Shannen Doherty, I'm like, is she wearing a Degrassi junior high jacket, which she is.


But it's it says to cracy because he couldn't get the license for the actual logo.


Which I apparently ranted about later on on a on a on a oh, so so he so so that's supposed to be a digraphs addressing the Canadian show, right. That Drake is from this supposed to be a reference to that.


Yes. Yes. Which OK, again, another going back to Diallo. Diallo loves the grassy junior high.


So yeah, it does. Yeah it does. And you know, it's funny, I saw that, I saw it on her jacket, but then I wondered, I was like, is it I was like, I can't be. But interesting. That's that's actually pretty interesting. Thanks buddy for that factoid.




That's what I'm that's what I'm known for. New bitches in the elevator. You know, Browdy basically starts interrogating Renney. What do you see in this guy? You know, all that kind of stuff. And, you know, I mean, honestly, she she she makes a good point. She's like, look, he's he's up and at work by 9:00 a.m. while you're still in bed until one. Now, later on, we know that he's that that Shannon is going to be a real piece of shit.


But on the surface, you can understand right away what the difference is between, you know, Shannon and Brody are, oh, big time and I get it.


And also, he's he's playing her like a fiddle. Yes, exactly.


He's he's he's a master manipulator. So, of course, she's going to be like, oh, you know. And yeah, you're right about that. He is manipulating her.


But but, you know, it's you know, Renee, she fires back, you know, he's up at like 9:00 a.m. or he's while he's still sleeping and you're all you're doing is playing Sega and watching videos all night and all night and which has an enormous effect on your libido. And that kind of fires up Brody to sort of take action because she brought his libido into question and she kind of like he kind of like, you know, kiss tackles her sort of thing, you know?


And I do like horrible side, huh? She looks very uncomfortable. Yeah. No, she does. She does. I do find it funny that outside tips and Shannon Shannon's actually talking to him now. He's like, did you did you see her walk on there, you know, because he's like at this point it's that they're actually talking. I thought that was kind of funny that some like time passed and everything. Well, again, cut back in.


I was going to say, well, again, that's that's a moment where Jeremy London is is he's good, you know. Yeah. He's good for what he is because he's he's playing the the sidekick when he's playing the sidekick. And it's like the lap boy.


It's like, you know, you. Yep, I think it's in Jaroslava, Jeremy in London, definitely make for the better sidekick in this movie than the main storyline back in the elevator. I do like the dance that Brody does when he's kind of like standing up. You know, he's like, oh, sexy. Yeah, but he doesn't get it. She's like, that was too little, too late. And he's like you said, it was a good size.


I mean, he's completely missing. Missing the point of what. Of what she's saying. But I do. I mean, she gets off the elevator and I do like the fact that, again, I do like the fact how Kevin Smith shoots this. It's very believable of what could be a not believable sort of interaction. But as Ray's walking off the elevator and Shannon are still standing there. But while Shannon's looking at Renee Brody grabs tits and pulls him on the elevator, Shannon sees because like, you know, it's a good job.


This is one of the few times that I would say Kevin Smith did a great job just building the scene and creating it and just and it works well.


It actually works really well. And it's I say it because it's a I feel like it's a more complicated scene than we've seen so far in his movies.


Yes. Yeah, yeah, I agree. Fine. Fun fact, by the way, just thinking a lot about Jason Lee sorry, Jeremy London and T.S. Quint. Henry Thomas apparently was a finalist for the role of TriQuint, Henry ET Torshin.


That would have yeah, I'm totally down with that. And then Alyssa Milano apparently auditioned to be Renee, so.


OK, yeah, he it wasn't he on the haunting of Hill House just recently.


I think he was. He was. And so he was very good in that. Yeah, he, he's a good actor this and this is at a time when he kind of wasn't really doing a whole lot.


So I feel like there's multiple timelines where there's very different versions of Mallrats. And maybe if we did a show about like a Slider's reboot, I would I would make it a joke throughout that the way that they keep track of timelines that they've been to is by the Mallrats casting. That's what I would do if I were to do a show like that.


You say you said Slider's right. Yeah, something like that. I was it wasn't.


It was Khari were on Slider's. I kind of feel like she was, but I didn't really watch Slider's because I just kind of knew what the principle the idea was.


I like your reference, by the way. And she auditioned for the role of Renee and Brandi also, and so did Jenny McCarthy. So there you go.


It'd be perfect. So it's like it's like, oh, what time line is this? Oh, it's the time line. Where Carrie where is Renee? In Mallrats.


Oh yeah. Got it. Got OK. It, I mean look if you go on IMDB there's a shit ton of fun facts.


I'm not going to list them all off because you know, people can go check it out for themselves, but it's just nice. Every now and then I'm like, you know, as we're breaking this down, little pop up on the screen as well. I'm like, oh, that's interesting. OK, cool.


Yeah, keep them coming, baby. Keep them coming.


They're kind of in the in the stairwell and to Browdy are kind of like running down the stairwell. Brodies like, you know, talking about, you know, he's checking his pulse and he's like, oh you're glowing. And you know, this is when I think he starts to realize like hey, you actually really like Rene, you're not all just blowhard, you know.




You know, I'll just talk, you know, but but it kind of gets cut short because as T.S. is talking to Brody, Gwen played by Joey Lauren Adams runs up behind and puts her hands around his eyes. But he does the the immediately like the elbow backwards, which just hits her right in the boob and she just drops like a sack of shit.


But then I love how she immediately just hammer punches his dick and he's like, oh, and he drops like a sack of shit.


I, I love that little interact interaction. And again, it's Jeremy London is great when he's playing off of somebody, when he's the when he's like just a an ingredient in the scene versus the actual main thrust of this scene.


And I think he does a good job of like when he when he hits her in the elbow like elbows are in the boob, he you know, I think he does a good job being like, oh, God, I'm sorry. Like, there are moments that I do think Jeremy London does a good job, but it's just it's not all.


And I got a one or two. The number one job of a director is to direct the actors. So if Jeremy in London is not doing a good job in this movie that's on Kevin Smith and nobody else, truthfully, but I maybe it's maybe, you know, Kevin Smith wasn't that strong of a director at the time to sort of push an actor forward.


And he was just had to rely on the actors ability on their own.


And, you know, Jason Leigh, which is just all he's all persona like. He's all charisma. And maybe maybe Jeremy London just needed a better director to to push him in the right direction, you know?


Yeah, no, I think Jeremy let it just sucks.


I don't know. I think it's a both and.


Yeah, yeah, it's in. But never I mean, it's always the director's job is to direct the actor.


And as much as we love Kevin Smith and how you know, he creates he's an author and he crafts these worlds, his number one job is still on set is to direct the actors. And I do think sometimes people like him and George Lucas, I do think they get like wrapped up in the bigger picture and they don't do as good of a job on the the minutia, you know, of things.


But there's nothing wrong with that. Just it's it's a style thing.


But I just think Jeremy London probably just needed maybe a little bit firmer of a hand, maybe a more confident director, maybe, you know, but we do we actually do get some some back story here, I think, when it's used to date and everything.


But she did just run into Brandee behind her back backstage, basically. And, you know, she knows about branding. She's breaking up and all that kind of stuff. And but she does say that she just ran into Brandi backstage. So that makes tits go running because he's like, oh, OK, she's here. She's here at the mall. So he goes off running, running. And Brand Brody asks if tsd I'm sorry. Brody asks Gwen if he's a rubber boob.


You know, I like that. I was like that. Let me help you with that. I was a good job because that's what that's what 19 year old me would have said. It's a little bit of a Fleche thing to, you know, can I.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh, good. You know. Oh, shit. You're right. That is a fleche reference that I totally missed. Yeah. Oh, I love you, buddy. Thank you. Thank you for making me love this movie. More in love.


Much more at the the game show stage, we see Mr Sveinung chewing out some poor stagehand who is actually Walt Flanagan. It's the the same fan boy from the line earlier, but now he's got like a mustache on. I don't know why they they did Walt Flanagan twice in this, but I don't know.


It's funny, though, because it's so it's painted nails it. Yeah. He does a good job.


He does a good job. And actually, did you notice that this whole scene was a one take scene, including like the camera movement and everything through the stage. It was all one take which. Good. I mean, they do that a few times with Michael Rooker. And I think it's probably it's probably because Kevin Smith knew Michael Rooker could handle like a one take a shot.


Yeah, he I mean, he's such a he's such a A-list amazing actor. He just is period.


Yeah. He he really is. He's he's so fucking amazing. Yeah. But of course Sveinung is chewing out this guy and he says he's trying to tell me where to put the podium down. He's like, no, the podium goes over here and he kind of stomps with his foot over on the other side. He kind of put the carpet down and then his foot goes right through the floor. So, you know, things are already, you know, going going bad for spending.


And this is this it's not going great. And he fires the the Walt Flanagan stagehand. He kind of comes up on them and spinning. You know, it's asking, you know, where's Brandy? And if if Swinnen is behind the break up of him and Brandy and Veining talks about the fact that he's just as proud of their breakup as he is this game show, because he tells Tess that it's like he's like it's over between you and Brandy.


She's too good for you all this kind of stuff. And I do kind of get why the dad, you know, if he doesn't like to like and you can tell that she is very smart, Brandy.


So, yeah, I can see why he wouldn't like to. Yes. And but I get it. I mean I guess yeah.


He's still he's still an evil guy. Like if he wasn't such a evil guy it would be a little more acceptable, you know. Right. Yeah, it would be.


It would be. But as he's telling us that it's over between him and Brandy, he, you know, calls the security over and the guard escorts TFS off the stage. He's back at a woman's clothing store. Gwen is trying on panties. But of course, she's like in the store and not in the the actual dressing room because she's like twice today, some perverts trying to see me naked. So I'm just going to cut out the middleman. This is kind of like, you know, kind of Sulkin.


We find it. This is where we find out that, Gwen, it's used to date back in the day, back in high school when we get a funny little joke about her fucking Rick Daris by the Rick Dariusz is another is mentioned in Cork's. So it's another part of the whole universe that Kevin Smith is creating.


But we find out that what was Gwen was Smokey. No bandit, she was bandit and Daris was was Smokey, and they make a joke about how the fact that she looked just like Bandit but not the mustache and and how they you know, it was interesting to see Smokey the they are bright.


Smokey fucked the bandit, basically. Yes. It was more eloquently written than I just botched it. No, no, it's all good.


But I know that, you know, Gwen is like, what's the big deal? I was wearing a costume and I say, yeah, okay.


And this is this is the time where I'm on its side, like, yeah, because back in high school when they dated, you know, she cheated on, that's all. And she's like she she was trying to break it off. She was like, ah, I play it off like, oh, I'm in costume, so who cares. And then she was like, you know, you remember things like that.


It's like that was only like three or four years ago for them or even less probably. So of course they're going to remember that, right?


She is she has a moment later on where you're like, are you are you did you really just say what you said? Because that's not what a friend would do. You're kind of a rotten person when you kind of she kind of is kind of his a rotten person.


Well, and she even you know, she even kind of says it later how, you know, teases her comparison for four nice guys, implying that she's not the kind of girl that dates nice guys, you know, and she's almost like the broad the female Browdy, I would almost say I'm not going to lie.


I dated a lot of girls like that back in the day. I really do. And I and I and I was like, man, you chicks suck.


Like, if this is if if you want to go with the guy who's going to dick you over and treat you like shit and you know why 969 69 three down a hole, go for it.


But you know. Nice guys finish last back and back in the day, now they finish first. Yeah, and this was definitely Kevin, you get the sense from all these movies that Kevin Smith was very much the nice guy in high school. And he probably, you know, he got dicked over a lot. I think I think it comes through in his writing, I think. Yeah, but bro, of course, Brodies there, too.


He's he's you know, he's kind of just, you know, try and pianism and he's like, I would make a hot chick. It's you know, there's funny parts.


I love that. I love that part. Yeah. It's hilarious. Yeah I did too. I did too. And then we kind of Gwinn asks, like, what do you what do you see in Reneke? Because she even Gwinn says she's kind of like René's kind of cold or whatever. But Browdy like launches into this, this thing she's like she carino. It's kind of like when you're spooning somebody and you don't know what to do with that one arm.


It's the relationship. You're always searching for a place to put that one arm. It was kind of he's like, that's a metaphor for our relationship. I still like kind of didn't sort of answer her question as to what he saw in Renea. Yeah, but I did like the cash register. Girl was like she he's totally right.


And then she got a runs off, you know, crying. But yeah, it's it works. It's not the strongest scene in the movie. But, you know, I think it has a nice solid beginning, middle and end, you know. Totally, totally.


Browdy leaves for the food court and and Gwen stay sort of behind the Brody leaves the scene cut to the food court. Brody is getting great in his little cup that he has. And this whole the love that filled with Coke. And I love how Shannon walks up to him. And Brody just has the little companies like you want a sip of my Coke.


And I love it when Ben Affleck hits it, that cop shoots straight into the air just straight up. And it's great. I mean, you know, I know that it was intended, but it's one of those things where you could tell it worked so much better than they were hoping it would.


And it's a great little piece of like physical comedy. But Shannon grabs Brody, throws him into that little behind the mall.


Ali, you're like you're still in the mall, but you're in this little alley area that's behind the stores. And if you've ever worked in a mall, you'll you'll kind of know what I'm talking about.


But it's the employees only area. Yeah, it's the employees only area. So you can move between stores without fucking having to go through the mall and shit. And he's just straight up just he's just beating the shit out of them.


And, you know, he's talking about how, you know, he's he's he likes to prey on on, you know, young women in vulnerable positions. It's just kind of like his his M.O., you know. But I do say he's I love the fact that he's, like, shitting on Brody and calling the mall rats and everything. And I do love him. He says I have no respect for people who have no shopping agenda. I just I you know, it it's it's what you said earlier, like Kevin Smith, he'll he'll he'll put together like a crappy scene.


But then inside the scene there's some just gold, you know, just dialogue gold, because this is where Kevin Smith shines is in the dialogue. Not so much in his like his shots in his scenes and stuff. It's his dialogue is where he really sets it up. And this is where we get the beginning of this like, you know, recurring gag where he, you know, no one ever comes out and says, you know, just fuck them in the butt.


They say stuff like in an uncomfortable place. And then everyone's reaction is the back of a Volkswagen.


Questionmark. Everyone's reaction is exactly the same.


And, you know, Brody gets his ass kicked thoroughly. I was going to say a back of a seventy eight Corolla, but that's just personal.


Personal one. That's a personal thing. Yeah, I love it. It's great, Greg.


It is. It really is. It's a good recurring gag in this. Yeah. We, we, we kind of cut back to the mall area, Gwen, Intisar. Sort of walking and talking and then they see Brody, they go running over to him. He's all beat up and sort of sitting in like in front of like a candy. It's in a candy store, but like sitting in the aisle sort of thing, Jay and Silent Bob, or they're sort of helping him recuperate.


But Brody tells them that it was the the Easter Bunny did this to him. You know, it wasn't Channe and it was the Easter Bunny. And and that's going to lead to a very funny scene very, very soon. One of my favorite scenes in the entire movie.


The best scene, in my opinion. Yes, it really, really is. So they go off on a mission to basically beat up the Easter Bunny and and Gwinn and it's, you know, kind of go in there, show up. And, you know, he tells them that Shannon Hamilton did it, Ben Affleck's character in that Rene had nothing to sort of do with it, which, you know, that keeps her character still pure. You know, she doesn't really have any sort of anything bad.


She's never in. Wrong, you know what I mean, at this point, you can you don't get the sense that she's really in the wrong. We find out that Shannon dated Gwen back in the day, and that's kind of his M.O. is to have sex with women in uncomfortable places, the back of a Volkswagen.


Again, second, second time. And then and I thought it was very cute and sort of realistic where she was like, oh, crap, I got I'm running late. I got to go. And then, you know, she kind of says goodbye. Then I like the way she sort of exits the scene. You know, she's like gives Brody a kiss and she's like, are you going to be OK? And, you know, he's like, fine, I'll be fine.


And so she kind of like, you know, heads off and leaves the scene and, you know, ditches them to kind of go about their business. Then we cut to one of the best scenes in the entire movie. And the Easter Bunny is talking to a kid, you know, finishing up, hitting, you know, whatever. And Jay and Silent Bob cut into the line and they just started beating the crap out of the Easter Bunny just mercilessly.


But then I love all the kids. Start screaming and running and start saving the Easter Bunny by beating up Jay and Silent Bob by a bunch of kids. I love it because, of course, Jay and Silent Bob would get beat up by a bunch of kids.


Yeah, of course. Because, you know, the kids get the upper hand. Yes.


I mean, it's there's like seven kids and they just like ganging up on James. But I love it. I honestly wish the scene. I wish there was more to it.


I wanted to see the kids actually like straight up pummeled JJ and Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith.


But regardless, dude, it's one of the best fucking scenes in the entire goddamn movie so far. So good read. Oh, God, I love it so much. We're in the sort of the dressing room area, the back of the game show. Gwen goes to meet Brandi. They're kind of talking about how good of a guy it's is. And, you know, Brandy's like, well, if you think he's so good, why don't you date him?


And she's like, you know, I would if I didn't think that he just completely gaga for you. And she does mention that, like, you know, I've never dated good guys. And if I ever did, I guarantee you it's would be the basis of comparison moving forward.


It's a very there's some dialogues in this movie that are just very Kevin Smithey the way that the words are constructed and stuff. And this is definitely one of them.


Yeah. This to me is like what what a guy fantasises the girl that broke his heart would be saying about him. Yes. And I'm telling you right now, she wouldn't be saying that about him.


Yeah, no, that's a that's a great point. I don't think I thought of that when I was watching it. But now that I'm thinking about it, yeah. It's basically yeah. It's clearly a guy fantasizing what his girlfriend who dumped him is thinking about.


And because of that it feels almost and I think I was saying earlier, like, like it kind of felt like a Kevin Smithey dialogue, but maybe that's not right. Maybe it feels just sort of fake.


It feels like it feels like two female actors are saying lines that a guy wrote, you know what I mean? It kind of has an air of an office. And, you know, it's not authentic.


It doesn't feel like, yeah, yeah. Let's be honest. I mean, because because honestly, like, if that's how they felt, they'd be back with the guy, so.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I know. Exactly, exactly. I've been there. I know. I know. We all have. We all have. Truthfully we all have. But you know, the takeaway is that Gwen is basically telling Brandi that this is a good guy. Yes. And you should respect that because good guys are few and far between.


At some point to had to go, the bathroom came or what. But now we're outside of the bathroom and sort of comes out of the bathroom and is greeted by Brody in Mr. Svensson's assistant, who's there, who I forgot his name, but he's he's the producer. I think it's Mozer, right, that that's Moser's, the assistant. But he's he's the producer of the movie and he's one of, you know, Kevin Smith's guys. Roddy Roddy, isn't it.


Yeah, Roddy Roddy with his buzz cut, he said Mr. Roddey says Mr. Sweeney wants to have a word with you. It's says to be right over, but he tells us not to trust veining and he should give him shit basically for what he did. But, you know, just does bring up a good point. He's like, look, I'm trying to marry this guy's daughter. I can't give them that much shit.


But then Brody does postulate how he could, you know, basically fuck him back. And he goes into this whole thing about a stink bomb and basically stink bomb is you stick your hand in your pants and your your balls and your taint area. You really get your hand in there up in the ass and everything, especially if you've been walking around a mall in long pants all day long. Your hands is going to be stinky and gross and sweaty. And we.


You shake the guy's hand, you know, that smell won't come off for days, of course, he points out the fact that you two will be walking around with a shit smelling hand.


And I will say that I have when I was younger, before I found the power of forgiveness, I very much subscribe to the idea that that spite its cut my own, you know, cut off my nose to spite my face sort of thing. I will do what I would do, whatever I would do, a stink bomb. And he does say that it's the small price to pay for smiting one's enemy. And that is, you know, I do love that mentality.


That is Brodies, but it's also a very immature mentality.


Look, we've all been there.


We've all we have, you know, whether it's egging somebody's house or tipping someone's it's all in the same under the same umbrella, like, you know, fucking with somebody. Again, my brother can attest to that. I never did any of that shit, I swear to God. But that I learned I learned not to by the actions of my of my older brother.


So. So you're almost twice and and Eric is Browdy in this scenario?


Yeah, in many ways, yeah. I mean, my brother was the guy who threw stink bombs in class who would stick pencils in locks and break them off so that the teacher couldn't unlock the door to the classroom.


So they have to cancel class for the day, you know, shit like that. The the people's house, all that shit, dude, all that shit.


So this thing, I'm sure he did. I'm sure he didn't say I used to wake up with his balls in my face. He pulled his underwear so tight that his balls would fall out and they'd be sitting in my face and I'd wake him to get out of my face.


Dude, these are the things that an older brother. That's why I'm like, I'm good with one kid, because, you know, brothers terrorize.


And sometimes when you guys talk, I'm like, man, I kind of wish I had one. And then that story right there, I'm like, oh yeah. I'm glad I didn't have no.


Yeah, he he'd sit on my shoulders. If you, if you if someone's laying down and they sit on your shoulders and then so you can't move your arms and he'd be smacking my face, stop hurting yourself.


Stop hurting yourself. Stop any one of those. Oh Eric.




Oh God. I love you Eric. I love you. You know I do. But yeah we do. We do. So so this is he's got to go meet Mr. Sweeney and you know, he leaves the scene, but then Brody's kind of standing there and he eats the the chocolate.


He has chocolate covered pretzels, by the way. He has a bag of chocolate covered pretzels and he kind of eats it out of his, like, sort of with his mouth type of things like put mouth into the bag.


But I do love how he smells his hand.


He thinks for a second and then you just kind of runs off and you don't really know sort of like what, why or whatever. But I just I like the way he did it. He's just kind of like all of a sudden just goes running. I just I think it's kind of funny.


Cut back to the game show. Spending is talking to two executives. They seem to be very hesitant about this whole thing, you know, and of course, Mr. Svane telling him that this is going to go off without a hitch. But I love how one of the SEC says, I hear the Easter Bunny was accosted this morning. I was like, I love that.


And it's great. Yeah, of course, Mr. Sweeney kind of shoots them away and kind of comes up to him.


And man, this scene as someone who's as a as a guy who's met, you know, my girlfriend's dads, you know, especially back then, this thing that that that that Sveinung says is always my biggest fear, which was Quent.


I accept the fact that you no doubt fucked my daughter, you know, like any kind of like lays into like, you know, by now you guys have been dating long enough. You know, you would have weaseled her way in. And the look of just sheer horror on on his face, I think is very relatable, you know, and it's all the stuff that I fear.


But as far as venting is kind of laying into him, we see that that LaForce and his men are kind of like positioning themselves around the the game show area, kind of ready to pounce. You can tell they're ready to pounce. And right when Mr. Spending is about to call them over with, sort of like a hand gesture, he was going to make an elaborate hand gesture.


Brody comes up and high fives them with his stink bomb and thus begins the most stomach churning scene.


And this entire movie, it's the best scene, in my opinion. It's my favorite. It is it. No, no. I mean, it is. It's absolutely fantastic. But it's absolutely disgusting.


Basically, Brody just really just gives him a good handshake. He's like examining Swinton's, like, class ring. We do find out that that Brody. Is the neighbor of Sveinung, so I like that kind of gives you a little back story that that's probably, you know, how maybe started dating or at least it also informs Mr. Sveinung of his qualities because his best friend is Brody, who clearly somebody he probably hates. But of course, Brody has this.


He's got a bag of chocolate covered pretzels. He knows that Mr. Stenning loves pretzels because he's his neighbor.


He kind of smears one into his hand, which I always I got to hate.


I just don't like sticky hands, man. I just don't like sticking and I just don't like chocolate.


I just I don't either man, you know, and I love that line where he where he's inspecting his ring and he's like summa cum laude leaves, like a second class of 69. He's like I, I, I would prefer to cum laude. I like, I like what he said.


I would like to come, I would like to come loudly one day, preferably in a sixty nine and the whole time like, like Sveinung you know, Michael Rooker's just interactions or just great. His facial expressions are best. Yeah it's the best but yeah he's, he's really so now at this point he's really eating those, those chocolate covered pretzels and he's like and as a man who feels that one good turn deserves another, I have something for the both the two of you boys.


And now he signals LaForce. Yeah, well, forces men, they they sort of pounce on them as they're getting pulled away. They see Renea is in one of the shops and Brodies like, you know, yells out to raise like Renney you find you know, find James Orba, please. You know, they get they get sort of taken away. So we cut to now William is is back still staring at the thing. And I love how Jay-Z synergise yelling at him.


He's like, you know what, you need a fatty Bimberi blunt. You'll see a sailboat, ocean and big titty mermaids doing some lesbian shit. You know, I just I love all that. She's like I always like, look at me, you Touby bitch. He's like, come on, I love it.


It's great. But Renea runs up to them and tells them that, you know, intelligence on Bob that yes. And Browdy need help. And so they go running and then RenaissanceRe and next to William and she sees the sailboat. And this I always thought this was kind of weird. Wilhem the the character looks at her and says, Brenda, you know, questionmark. And she says, Dick hits them and runs and walks away. I never quite understood her replying with the dick, you know, like her saying that.


Well, because OK, so there's a little backstory on that. Apparently, that was a joke that was that was played on her by Kevin Smith. And so Kevin Smith told Welham to say simply to say that to her. And it was and and she didn't he didn't know how she was going to respond. So his reaction is genuine. And so I think the question is genuine, like, so she OK, gotcha. I think she was in on the joke, too, but his reaction was genuine shock because he did not expect her to come back like that.


Oh, so so so Shannen Doherty was in on the joke of being called Brenda, but suppling didn't know that he was going to get punched for it.


Yes. Yeah. Gotcha. Gotcha.


Yeah. That was always kind of like one of those jokes that I didn't think really landed for me. And even now watching it, I'm like, sadly, it even also dates to, you know, it does.


It does. But, you know. Yeah, I guess it's Kevin Smith doing well. This will be funny for me, you know.


Right, exactly. Yeah, exactly. All right.


So as LaForce and his men are escorting Tim Brody out of the mall, we find out that LaForce is going to plant drugs on them. Again, the actor doesn't say a single word, but he does a great job conveying what you know, what he's going to do. It's great. It's great. It's great. I love it. I do love it. And I do love how, you know, so they know what's going to happen. And then basically, Jay knocks like hits fours with a baseball bat and then yells the whole kneel before Zod thing, which is great.


I love that. And but it's it's yeah. It's it's so great. But then he goes running and LaForce and like a few of his guys go after, after Jay but then sound Bob comes up behind the other two guards that are sort of left and do a Vulcan neck pinch on them and knock them out and then kind of let let go, you know, or unlock the handcuffs of of Jess and Brody so they can they can get away.


It's great. I know. It's so yeah. I love it because anytime LaForce is in it, I love it. So TSM Brody, are there going to be to get away to get to dirtball? But we're going to really quick follow up on Jay and Silent Bob. I love how Jay is is. No, the silent Bob outruns them, doesn't he. Doesn't he outrun them, the fauzan and all them, which I thought was kind of funny.


It's it's a very visual gag. But but he kind of like outruns them and catches up with Jay and they're in like this little back alley of the mall. But it's like the it's where the trucks come in to unload shipping area shipping.


I mean, I'm remembering all the stuff from Dawn of the Dead. I'm like, oh, that's where that's where they back the truck up to, you know.


Yep, yep. Oh, Dawn, the dead baby. Good, good one. God, I love that movie. The remake.


We're talking about the remake, but I'm talking about the wall talking about both. But I'll go with the original. OK, ok. But I love the remake. That's a whole other story. Well yeah. Yeah exactly. Yeah. Yeah. We'll get to that one day. I'm sure we will get to that. But we have right now we're treated. So they're basically in a it's a it's an out, it's a dead end for them no matter what.


And you know, the and his men are going to catch him and then we get a funny little gag of, you know, what are we going to do?


And Silent Bob's pulling out, you know, pulls out a blow up doll, pulls out a bunch of stuff. But then he finally pulls out the the the Batman grappling hook. And then I do love how, you know, Jay puts his arm around him. It's the it's the Kim Basinger scene in eighty nine Batman and they kind of grappling hook angle go up into the air and which is above the force and all of them. So the force doesn't see where they are and they kind of go running off and write this great scene of them sort of dangling there.


And you know, just like where do you get those wonderful toys? And I love how he kisses Silent Bob as he's hugging them.


Well, I love that scene, too. And I love. I love when. When? Yeah, when it first happens.


Jay says the line what the shit are we going to do. Right.


And I love that line because that line is from the Warriors, my favorite film of all time. What the shit are we going to do.


And I always thought it was just a funny line like what the shit are we going to do, you know, instead of what the hell are we going to do? It makes sense like hell, shit, whatever. Who cares? I just love that moment. And yeah, you're right. It's a total Batmen 89 reference. The best Batman. Yeah.


And that is always going to be my favorite Batman for sure.


Without that Batman, there would not be there would never be Christopher Nolan's Batman. So there you go.


That's the best Batman ever. Michael Keaton, baby. Well, I always love Kevin Conroy's voice, but, you know, Michael Keaton is is probably the my favorite movie, Batman, for sure. Not George Clooney, not George Clooney and his nipples.


No, I wanted to I love George Clooney.


But a more truer statement has never been made. I wanted to love George Clooney as Batman. I loved George Clooney. I'm a big fan. And from dusk till dawn.


But boy, oh, boy, did that movie suck balls. Yeah, I would love it. I would have. Yeah, it's a bummer.


But that's one of those like oh man.


Could have what exactly it got to the dirtball TSM bro. You don't hide out there because, you know, no cops would come looking for them there and also no self respecting consumer would either because it's the dirtball and in Baltimore, man, the dermo is a big deal. And in Baltimore, have you ever been to a dirt mall before?


Yeah, but not that long ago. Unfortunately, in San Jose, I flew up I flew up to San Jose to see my boy Terry and go meet two of the actors from the Warriors, Michael back in, Deborah Van Van Karlberg, who were doing a signing at the dirtball flea market.


Oh, it's so sad, dude. Like, on one hand, it's cool because you're like, oh, some cool vintage to on the other hand, you're like I'm mostly on the other hand, you're like, this is really sad, dude, like. As Dinge and. The toy store dust all over them, and it's like, you know, literally people pulling shit out of their garage, it's not like Comic-Con, you know?


No, no, no. I mean, I think in this movie is a very accurate portrayal of what the mall looks like.


Green and, you know, and this is another scene before they get to Ivanna, the topless psychic. This is another scene that is a one take shot. And, you know, I think both actors, I honestly think they both did a fantastic job nailing it. It's it's interesting to see Jason Lee do it because, you know, knowing that Jeremy London is pretty much like, you know, he's a trained actor, whereas Jason, he's kind of used to be a skateboarder.


But Jason Lee holds his own like he remembers all of his lines, the whole the whole thing. It's great, the dialogue. It's a lot of fluff. But what it boils down to is that TV is like, you know what, Brody? Maybe you were right earlier. You know, if Brandy was is willing to sort of let go of me this easily, maybe, you know, you were right. And, you know, Brodies like, what do you mean?


Like, I talk out my ass, you know, and this is something I would say all the time is when I ran this time. And I'd say, but sometimes a nugget of truth would would slip through. And that's from, you know, from this dialogue. Yeah. And I like that. I like, you know, it's, you know, admitted that. But Brody kind of realized that his buddy, you know, needs a need to pick me up, needs to kind of get back on his mission.


Right. This is this is the low point for our protagonist. This is the lowest point. And they need to get back on their mission, essentially. And the only way to do that is if he gets some sage advice, sage advice coming from a topless psychic cut to the inside of Ivana's tent.


It's like she's like a tent in there. The topless psychic played by Priscilla Barnes of Three's Company fame. Boy, oh, boy, is she looking great right here.


So they basically start asking, I'm sorry, they don't start asking her right away. She says it'll be like fifty eight sixty or something like that. Fifty eight dollars and sixty cents or something like that.


Stuff like that. Of course. Weird. Of course Brody doesn't have it. And of course it's like, oh come on man, this was your idea.


But yeah, you know, forks that over and you know, she kind of starts going into it, you know, and right away and she sells her top on and yes. Is like, look, lady, you know, my friend here doesn't really care about his future. He just wants to see the goods essentially. So you can just kind of cut to the chase and she's like, OK. And she had this, like, fake accent or whatever.


It was like, OK, good. I'm glad I can drop the accent. Now, she's got like a very jersey sort of accent, you know, I love it. And also to like, she is fantastic in this role.


So good again, run in circles, totally destroying both of the actors that she's playing against because she's such a veteran at this point. Yeah, but just and it's just it's remarkable to see.


But she's awesome. She Priscilla Barnes kills it in this.


So she takes off her top to get more comfortable because that's how she can do her psychic abilities.


And she has a third nipple right next to her. Right. Her right.


One at a Matthew Perry third nipple. It's like Matthew Perry apparently has a third nipple from friends like just like a little hint of extra Ariela.


This is like a full on their nipple, full nipple, full on full on nipple. And good job on the makeup because it looks so accurate even on Blu ray.


You know, it looks amazing, but Brody is disgusted. And I was like, OK at that. You know, he can't look at it. He's so just appalled and disgusted. But what she starts saying is accurate to their situation. She's like, you know, you guys are suffering a love loss. One of you is suffering in silence. The other one, you know, isn't but this, like, just he's like, oh, my God, you know, you have the gift and she's like, you know, resolution will only come through confrontation.


Right. And so, of course, she is now all galvanized and all excited, you know. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You know, but is like, oh, my God. And she's he's like, how do you do this? And she's like, oh, it's the third nipple.


And I do like Outguess is like you have a third nipple and like it's right there her how can you not see it?


And I will say growing up I did have a friend like that was just so wholesome that I would truly believe he did not even see the nipple because he just wouldn't have looked, you know what I mean?


Like, even though it was right there in front of them, he just wouldn't look because he was so my buddy. And I think tits are just that wholesome, you know?


Well, I think also he wants to like he's he's finally getting validated for his feelings, like and what he needs to do to get back. That this is the whole point of the movie, what you know, and finally he's hearing, what he needs to do is like, OK, let's do this. Come on. Right, like like validation that your mission is correct. I don't care about what you're supposed to be on. Yeah, yeah.


Oh, man.


She I mean, Priscilla Barnes looks fucking amazing in the scene, dude, seriously.


But as they leave, as they leave, you know, Brodies like, do you have any extra parts.


And she's like, you can check if you want, but of course at this point he's like still so disgusted by the nipple. But as he leaves and leaves the tent, you know, the camera kind of lingers on her and she just pops the nipple off because it's fake.


And I never understood why she put it in her mouth, though. I don't know. It's a stupid gag. It's a stupid gag. It's funny. It's funny. It's funny. But it's just a stupid gag.


It serves no purpose whatsoever other than us, as you know, Perves and I'm going to speak for myself in this case.


And probably Kevin Smith perving out the fact that we now, you know, get one nanosecond of a perfect shot of Priscilla Barnes, you know. Yeah.


And I mean, I did as much as I loved with that. And Joey, Lauren Adams, my gut tells me that that Kevin Smith put those scenes in there just to prove out a little bit.


Yeah, I could see that. That's fair now. Yeah. I mean, I'm watching him like I was this is before I knew about, you know. Yeah, any opportunity to see somebody I saw on TV naked, I was like, oh, but shocking. Cool, cool, cool, cool. Yeah, exactly.


You know, and that's not to say that, you know, the directors that would, you know, back in the 70s make, you know, the Emmanuelle films with Laura Garmser. It's not to say they weren't doing the exact same thing with her. You know, I'm sorry. I thought funny opportunity for you to drop that reference.


She got any opportunity to think about Laura Garmser man died.


Oh, God. Jesus Christ. So back at back at Eden Prairie Center, the actual mall, Tim Brody, are kind of like parking and, you know, it's like sort of in his you know, in his plan, he's like, we're going to do this. He's all he's all fired up and everything. And now, like Brody, this is the one time Brody, you know, it's kind of like I'm not quite sure what he's like.


What are you talking about? Like, you know, this is the time that I sort of need you to be fired up.


You know, this is this is it right here. So he tells he tells Brody that he'll meet him by the stage. He's got something he's got to do. And we go back inside Janzon Baba and a bookstore. They're hiding out from Lifeforce and everybody, because the last place they would look for Janzon Bob's a bookstore and he basically Assamese like, can you guys are you guys down to get stoned?


And, you know, of course, the answer is yes, cut to Brodies.


Kind of like looking in a lingerie shop, which is kind of like he's Krippen. But this is when we get Stanly kind of like Moses on up to next to next to Brody. And boy, Stanley's looking young at this point, which is weird because when I saw this movie for the first time, I thought of how old Stanley looked. And now I'm watching it, you know, in a post MCU universe. And I'm like, Oh, Stanley, you look so young, but.


Oh, man, just his voice. Dude, I just I love it, dude.


I got chills, Stanley. I got choked up, dude. I did.


I was like, this is he's such a lovable person and he has such a great in the back story. And this is really sweet too, because according to IMDB, he had a hard time reading these lines. And initially, he didn't want he didn't want to do the film and he was like, the dialogue is these are not the things I'd say. And Kevin Smith responded that it's all just pretend. And apparently Stanley said, OK, spider friend, you know, and it's like, oh, so sweet, you know?


So if you go on IMDB and you read this little sound, this little bit, it's like he was not a trained actor. He memorized memorizing his lines is very challenging. And then in the same paragraph, this is very funny. Jeremy London, on the other hand, despite being an experienced actor, forgot his lines, repeatedly, got even in deep shit and on Jeremy London.


I know.


And sorry, sorry, sorry, J.L. I mean, it's I it is what it is, right?


I mean, at that point right now, you know what I imdb is quoting it. So whatever. Yeah. That IMDB quoting it, it must be true. Right. But I do like how Stanley's like kind of talking about how this is. This is like when Peter Parker and, you know, Gwen Stacy went went shopping, you know, and Green Goblin blew the whole place up, you know, with his goblin bomb. And that's what makes Brody sort of realize who he's standing next to because he kind of wasn't really paying attention before and he sort of freaks out.


We cut back stage of the game show and Jay kind of convinces two of the three contestants to kind of smoke weed because they're nervous and everything's to kind of convince them to do that. We don't know at the time that there should be a third contestant that show up soon. Back to Browdy and Stanley sort of talking Brody and Brody's just going in on asking if, you know, if Reed Richards, you know, Donkin can stretch to. Yeah.


And, you know, of course, like is does is the things penis like covered in rocks, you know, and Stanley's just doing a great job of deflecting all these, all these things.


And and he's just doing it with just a God laugh and a smile. And it's just it's so sweet, so sweet. And he's and it's funny because the stuff that is saying to him, you think that Stanley would be like, oh, God, I can't talk about this. But it actually makes Stanley more endearing because he doesn't get upset.


He's just like, oh, you know, you're kind of hung up on this, aren't you?


You know, it's just it's really it's really well done and it's really sweet and and it's much sweeter than it has any right to be. And in a movie like this, you know, agreed.


It's. Yeah, it is. Yeah. It's very tasteful. It is.


It's remarkably tasteful. And the you know, the story that he sort of conveys to to Brody is such it's so timeless, you know, and basically he talks about the fact that, you know, he had a great love to because he finds out that Brody just broke up with his girlfriend and he had a great love to. And, you know, he always regrets, you know, not you know, he regrets losing her. And the way he dealt with those regrets is to write characters like The Incredible Hulk where, you know, that was his rage and everything.


And I like that. Although knowing knowing Stanley was married to his wife, like, pretty much his entire life, you know, that all of this is bullshit.


Even in the movie, Stanley says it's bullshit in a few minutes.


But when it's when he's saying it, man, it's just again. Right. It's so tastefully done.


It's so well done and tasteful and such a it's such a raunchy movie in a movie that's trying to be raunchy, too.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. Totally. Like, it's, it's the it's it actually. Tonally kind of shifts the film at that point. Yeah, it makes the film like a sweet movie from from being sort of. Yeah, you're right, dude. And maybe maybe this is when Brody sort of changes. Maybe he does deserve redemption. But, you know, Stanley, you know, kind of goes walking off, leaves, you know, Brody with with that wisdom, Brody thinks about it and then kind of goes running off again, like his second sort of like think about it and then go running sort of thing.


And then we it's like his M.O. we cut to Stanley sort of walking, you know, down down the down by the the stores and bumps into him. You find out that he's put Stanley up to this and that Stanley gave Brody the the vulture soliloquy from Spider-Man, you know, some, you know, made up thing. But I was like, OK.


And again, it's weird because it also endears you to Stan Lee because you realize that at least in this version, in this movie, they're showing you that, oh, Stanley would take the time out of his day to help this guy out. You know, we're out of his busy day. So, again, Stan Lee, at the end of the day in this movie, he comes out smelling like roses.


In a way, this is kind of what he did because he did this film because because like a friend, you know, it was a friendship thing with with Kevin Smith.


Is that because he was Kevin Smith already sort of chumming up to Stanley at this point through it, through a connection, it said Kevin Smith had had written a fictional Stan Lee type character.


But through a connection, Stan Lee was asked to be in the movie and agreed, Oh, that's awesome.


I mean, that's awesome. And and again, hearing his voice like because I grew up watching Superfriends, I'm sure you did, too.


So, like always any time I hear Stanley's voice and I'm sorry.


I'm sorry. I'm not Superfriends. I'm sorry. Spider-Man and his amazing friend's Spider-Man. Yeah. Yeah.


And dude, his voice will all I mean he'll always be that.


NARRATOR voice from from that cartoon for me. Yeah, totally. Yeah.


Cut back to the food court and Trish and Silent Bob are kind of hanging out. She's still doing the Jedi mind trick. The force thing Brody runs up to Trish tells tells her he needs the tape of Shannon Hamilton from last night, gives her to his car car keys so she can go home and get it. And then Browdy, tell sound Bob. He needs help with the stage like something at the stage cut to the game show. Now, at this point, this is this is what I love is when Mr.


Spinning is just clearly just destroyed. He is so sick and he just does a great job of this fake vomit where it's so violent, disgusting. I love it. I love it. Of course, the exactly like what is wrong with you, you know, and he's he assures them that everything is going to go off without a hitch backstage. The two contestants are absolutely just destroyed by the weed. They're just laying on the ground covered in food.


And trust me, I get it.


I've been there to somebody kind of inner and, you know, oners like they wonder about the third guy. What about third guy?


AJ is like I didn't see a third guy enter Gill Hicks and I love this.


It's played by the same actor who played Dante Hicks. Yeah, Quark's. And he is playing his brother Gil. He's supposed to be Dante's brother.


That's awesome. I didn't know that. And he's such he's so smart, smarmy, you know.


Yeah, but I love it. It's like he's like what happened here, you know. But I love how Svensson's assistant Roddy enters the scene and he sees Brodin tits and he sees the people on the ground, you know, he he's putting together he's not an idiot and he calls security. But right there just Browdy just punches him in the face. I thought that was so satisfied as as Mozer just falls to his knees, you know, it's a great, great shot.


Just a great, great little interaction, you know?


Well, apparently, he's he's like referencing Roddy's referencing Tombstone. In that. Oh, OK, and then because Michael Rooker had a small role in Tombstone, and that's how he sort of because I think the casting director knew him through Tombstone and that's how they sort of got him. So that wouldn't surprise me that they were doing a tombstone reference. The security guard does come in and it's like, OK. And then, you know, Browdy kind of makes up a thing about, you know, whatever.


And then she the security guard takes Raddy out. Interesting that the security guard is not LaForce. Well, I guess it wouldn't be because LaForce would recognize them. So, yeah, that's all there is to it. Of course, Gils, like, you know, being a real douche fucking Browdy kind of stomps on his foot and sort of glares. Adam tells him to basically shut the fuck up, keep your mouth shut, you know, and go up on stage with him, you know, schmooze them and everything will be fine.


Just keep your fucking mouth shut, you turd. And you know, and Gill Hicks is a turd. He's supposed to be a turd. Yeah. Brody tells Jay that when Trish gets good, gets there with the tape to give it to Bob and Jay's like, where is that tubby bitch? And we cut to behind the stage. And Bob is kind of upside down rigging this VHS player to the stage. Now, this and this was this took the longest to sort of track because it's a lot of dialogue, but now the game show starts, the host does his thing, you know, and he starts sort of announcing the suitors just to let you guys know shooter one is to shooter or two is Browdy and of threes Guille.


But since Brodie and T.S. are playing, you know, are kind of like filling in for the people, the the announcer guy doesn't know their real name.


So I just want to I like their names. Just real quick, Sudar, no one who's whose tips is supposed to be named Doug. It was it paging Doug paging and then Suder number two, especially Rob feature. But I love it.


I love it when the announcer guy announces Doug's name. I love backstage.


Jay yells Do it goes to his name is T? Yes. But he just he immediately calls him Doug. And I don't know why. I don't know why that's funny, but I think it's hilarious.


It's your favorite scene in the movie. That's your favorite line, right?


It's the other the force having two kills is my favorite line. But I this is my second favorite one. Do it. And I just I literally have been saying it for two days now. My wife is still laughing at it, but by tomorrow I think she's going to stop laughing, which means I'm going to have to stop saying it.


But for now, do it. Doug. It's great. It's good. It's so good. How could you fucking have Breckin Meyer instead of Jason Mewes?


Man, fuck that noise that Seth Green was on call. Fuck that noise, no one else could land that fucking line. Besides Jason music, I guarantee you if we ever get Kevin Smith on, he'll probably be like. Now, that was Universal's deal. That was their deal. Yeah.


Oh, I'm sure. Oh, God. I'm sure. And I would love to discuss that with them. Yeah, of course. The host introduces Brandi Swinnen. She comes out her first question is to suitor number one. And she's like, well, if you were a car, what kind of car would you be? Of course, he's like, this is like the car you would never dump your boyfriend in. And she's like, oh, OK.


And then she's like, suitor number two. And then Brodie says, What does he say?


He says, Can you refer can you call me second Suder? Yes, that's right. Yeah. Cause he's like suitor number two. Sounds like you're like a like a bathroom code.


You see the bathroom code. Yeah.


Oh, I love that. It's great. It's it's fucking great. Although I will say this, I will say this brand.


You should recognize both of their voices right away. It's it's the it's the Superman scenario.


Like how do you not recognize that he's Clark Kent. You know, she would recognize their voices, but it doesn't fucking matter. So she asks the second suitor, if you were making whoopee, what were those noises? B, it's a funny sort of interaction with with Browdy.


I'm not going to quote the whole thing here.


I'm going to try to kind of move move through this. But she starts talking to his ultimately his response is, that's too personal. I can't you know, I would never tell you what my my walkie sound is. Yeah. Because it's funny.


He's making the movements and he's like, yeah, at that point, it's like that that's too personal. It's perfect.


It's all perfect with with Jason. With Jason Lee. It really is. Ask suitor number three what her first date was like, what their first date would be like. And he gives the most, like, cheesy response, the most like canned response possible. Yeah. And of course, like just on live air, Brody just like lays into him, you know, and it's great. It's awesome. He just destroys him. Yeah. Calls him out on this shit, you know what I mean?


Brandi, suitor number one, how he would propose. And she's like, I propose you stand up for yourself, you know, and all these kind of things really airing, you know, their dirty laundry at this point, brand is starting to kind of get an idea of what's going on. Brody spots Trish. Trish is there now with the tape. And you kind of like signals her to go go back stage. Brandi then asks Gill how he kisses and kills fucking like a jackhammer.


I get in there and you're never the same again. And fucking Brody just again lays into him. And it's great. I mean, you know, Gil, the guy is playing him. I forget his name. The guy played Dante. I mean, he's awesome. He's doing his thing. I've honestly I've never seen that actor outside of of Clerks and Mallrats and this whole thing.


But he doesn't do a terrible job now. He and he's probably a friend. And Kevin Smith, that's why he's in these movies. Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm fairly certain that he is. Then we cut to, like, sort of Jay tosses Silent Bob the tape. But but I'm sorry. Trish gives Jay behind scenes, you know, gives him the tape. Jay goes over tostada to sound Bob, but he misses, which is hilarious.


It's a it's a good funny visual gag. But now the tape is like barely, just barely out of the reach of of Bob.


And at this point, we're going to start playing up the whole Empire Strikes Back thing where Luke is upside down in the the cave and off and trying to reach for his lightsaber. This is really what Kevin Smith is doing here.


It's like starts digging deeper and ask him what happened between her and her boyfriend before and all this kind of stuff. You know, but, you know, Browdy kind of jumps in and asks a few more questions. He's like, would you ever make whoopee in public? I'm sorry.


I'm sorry. Bring a brandy.


Asks that to to Brody and Brody goes already did once today and points to Rene, who's in the crowd with Shannon and the look. I will say the the facial responses that Ben Affleck gives are pretty great. So great.


Now he just he he looks like an asshole. He bitch. Yeah. Very smug, very smug, bratty. And then we get the my favorite part one of my favorite parts is Brody tells this story about his cousin, same cousin, his earlier. And it's this famous and not famous. But if you know this movie, it's the famous story about the airplane kind of descending and everyone jerking off. It's a and I don't even want to fucking try to paraphrase it, because the way he delivers it, everything about in the movie, it's so fucking perfect.


If you've never seen the movie, I can't imagine that's the case at. Over three hours at this point, but if you've never seen the movie, you can probably just find that clip on YouTube. It is outstanding at the story's outstanding. The Delivery's outstanding everything. Yeah.


His level of like dialogue. His delivery is just perfect. It's perfect. I agree. It is.


It's perfect. Brandy, at this point figures out that the second shooter is Brody. Brandy is mad now that Tim Brody are basically ruining her father's TV show and, you know, and just airing their personal business on stage. And I like how she's like, why don't you just tell them? And I love how it's immediately like.


So here we were just right to the. And that's fine. That that was.


Yeah, there are a handful of moments that Jeremy London really nails it. He really does. Yeah. I won't say that this is a blanket like terrible performance by Jeremy London. He does nail some stuff, but I agree with you, he's not strong enough to keep the whole movie himself. Like if there was no Browdy in it. Yeah. Oh, this would never have survived.


You know, while apparently if he's if he's forgetting his lines too, so. Right. Jesus Christ, that's sad. Now that is sad. But yes. Does air their dirty laundry essentially everywhere. Browdy kind of like interrupts their their bickering by telling them like you, you know, you guys are perfect for each other. And by the way, I'm not going to say the R word after watching this and chasing Amy so recently. I don't like in these 90 movies.


First off and chasing Amy. I mean, Kevin Smith drops the F word. And I'm not talking about fuck. I'm talking about the other F word. Yeah. The way fucking Tarantino drops the N-word. And then in this movie he just says the the R word so many times. I don't like that. I, I actually kind of I'm glad that we as a society have moved away from that.


And I also glad I'm glad that Kevin Smith has matured enough that he doesn't really need to use that sort of dialogue anymore.


I realize I sound like some old man, you know, get off my my lawn sort of scenario. But I do believe that pop culture has effects on people both positive and negatively. I will tell anyone the reason I started smoking cigarettes is because Chaon Fat looked fucking cool as shit, smoking cigarettes 99 percent. A reason I smoke cigarettes because of that. And I would no, I don't like censorship of any kind, but I do think that artists have to sometimes, you know, be aware of what impact their their their art has on pop culture.


Well, I think to I think the difference between censorship and something like this, it's not censorship. I think it's it's it's awareness. And I think it's it's we are elevated as a society now where we know that there's you know, when you call somebody that if you're the person that's being called that and you are a part of of a group that has been, you know, treated poorly for decades, it's it's fucking horrible. And, you know, I I'm a product of watching shit, too, in movies and mimicking and saying the same lines over and over again.


And I mean, I watch Blazing Saddles back in the day and I thought all that shit was funny.


And contextually it is. And we've talked about this before, you and I, where contextually it makes sense.


However, in this instance and again, and like in a movie like Chasing Amy or and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, where you drop in the R word or the F word. It's not cool, man, like there's there's better ways to achieve comedy without having to to go to that level, and that's all it is. It's not like I don't think you sound like a prude or an old man, and I don't think I do either. I think both of us are funny as shit.


And I think we don't have to resort to that level of like, you know, demeaning somebody. And let's be honest. Like, if you know someone who is disabled or you have someone in your life and and you heard them get called, that you would be you want to beat the shit out of whoever called them that.


You know, it's fucked up. It's fucked up. I'm not going to say, though, that there were times in my past. I'm not going to say that I never said shit like that. There was times when I was a kid and I would say I said it all the time.


Yeah. And that's the thing. Like I said it all the time and I've tried so hard to remove those two words from my lexicon. It has taken me years to do that.


But I think a lot of that has to do with, like awareness. And that's all it is, is awareness.


You know, I've taken classes on this shit.


I, I, I had to teach I taught kids about, you know, awareness at a certain level, awareness and and empathy and understanding. And these are important things, man.


Like these are things that people need to fucking get in their head. Like this shit is offensive to other people and there's a reason why it's it's not.


Oh my God, you're wearing red. Red is offensive to me. That's not has nothing to do with it. It's this like. No, that's an oppressive thing. Hell yeah. Used to hold people down. Yes. In a very horrible way and like.


Yeah, yeah. You and I, my fucking brother, whatever is talking about, like, you know, saying shit back in the day that now we look back and think, oh my God, I can't believe we said that shit. That's horrible.


But you've got to take and we've said this in the last episode or one of the last episodes, you got to take it in for what it was at that time. Like, we didn't know you and I didn't know that that was as horrible as a thing that it was then as we do now.


You know, you grow, you learn and shit it is. Don't say that shit.


But you can watch a movie now. And you definitely I cringed a few times like, oh, that's just like a week.


We felt like a product of its of its time. And also to like like we know that Kevin Smith has gotten better, you know, and everything.


So like I'm not taking anything away from the movie and I don't want to change anything about the movie. Not at all. It's just, you know, nowadays it's like, OK, I would have you know, you would hope that he would have written differently nowadays, you know, and maybe not use those words. But it's not something that is is completely damnable. I guess I'm just waxing nostalgic. And the fact that I'm glad we're not there anymore, you know, I'm glad we've moved past that.


And I think I think you could craft a better a funnier joke without using without putting people down. You know, I told you to bring people down to to to craft a funny joke. And I think and I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin Smith probably felt the same way now as well, because he's he's grown up, too, you know.


Yeah, guaranteed. Guaranteed. Yeah.


So so so basically at this point, you know, the audience is behind Brody. You know, everyone wants to see and and Brandi sort of be together and then. Right. Their T's proposes to her from you know, he's on the other still on the other side of the divider, you know, but she does say yes, much to Mr. Svensson's chagrin. Yes. They embrace in the crowd, you know, cheers. It's it's at the end of the day, it was earned and it was enjoyable to me as much as, you know, whatever we feel certain ways about.


Yes. Or Jeremy London and Claire Filani. You know, I was still on the journey, though, you know, as much as I didn't didn't love their journey as much as like other parts. I was still invested. I was still on the journey at this point.


Yeah, me too, dude. It's like I look at it like it's all good, you know, that they're not the strongest actors in the film, but they don't ruin anything, you know. No.


Yeah, you're right. Good. Yeah. They didn't they don't ruin anything but they don't elevate it. You know, I'd say Jason Lee elevated to to a higher status than it ever should have been.


And that's that's why you go, OK, he's he's the lead because he carries the film. He carries that.


He really does. He does. He carries the energy of the film. The heart of it tells Brody that the the Shannon trap basically is ready. And just as sort of the cops pull up to the mall, as Stanley walks past William, you're still staring at the magic. I picture an image immediately like, oh, it's a sailboat. This is the last straw for William Williams. Screams and kicks the kicks. The picture goes running off. Back at the game show.


The host is wrapping up the show and telling the audience that, you know, these two are these two lovebirds as as, you know, brandy and yes. Or kissing. They're off to Florida. Of course, they're going to go down to Florida to, you know, and. And he's about to wrap things up, Browdy sort of grabs the the mic from them and tells them, you know, skedaddle, Pat Pat Sajak or whatever, you know, and Brownie points to Rene and says that, you know, she has something that belongs to to me.


And, of course, you know, Shannon's like what he's like, not you asshole the girl.


Next year you have my heart in which, you know, maybe that's it. Maybe this is where he grew. You know, he's making his giant, you know, declaration. Yeah. But of course, Shannon's pissed off about that. And he gets up starts walking towards Browdy to beat him up. Bob is just desperately sort of trying to use the force to grab the VHS tape. William, he's he's kind of like, why God will I ever see the sailboat?


And he's but he's back behind the stage kind of doing, you know, kind of yelling and everything. But he's he's in the back area is telling everyone about Shannon's plan to screw his girlfriend in a very uncomfortable place. Gill chimes in with the third. Does the Volkswagen, the Volkswagen need that whole thing, the back of Volkswagen and of course, rule three in comedy, you have to do it three times. You can't do it four times.


You can't do it two times. That to be three times. That is the number one rule of comedy rule threes. Browdy then sees this kind of the cops circling him and and Shannon is advancing on him. Things look really, really bleak for him, he tells Simon. But he's like now sailboard play the film. Now, Bob is still reaching Willams screams, like from the gut wrenching scream like white and kicks the stage knocking the tape loose.


But it's weird because it kind of goes upwards, you know, into jazz hands. Yeah, kind of say that he maybe use the force for the poor to happen, you know, but he grabs the tape, pops it into the the player. And on the screen is Shannon having sex with Trish the Dish, who is fifteen years old. But I do love what he's saying. He's like, he's like who's your favorite new kid. Parmigiani.


Yeah. Oh me Johnny.


Yeah. Well I wrote it down because yeah he's like yeah. After he says that he, he says yeah he's like please don't go something like that.


Please don't go girl. Please don't go girl.


It's so good. It's, it's, it's truly I mean it's amazing. It's actually really, really funny. And of course Brodies like because the cops are right there and they're like, hey, that girl's fifteen. And of course you know, they arrest Shannon right there on the spot and kind of sort of, you know, going to take them away. But I do like how how he's in handcuffs and Brodies about to punch him and the cops.


Like, you can't hit a guy in handcuffs. No, he's like really just one hit and they're like, all right. I did like the look on Ben Affleck's face. I was like, why do they just lays into him? Browdy just lays into him.


I love it, dude. It's so great. Yeah, that one's really, really good. I didn't like that. So now at this point, pretty much Brody and Rene get back together and, you know, kind of just show that he has changed. Brody says, you know, I'm going to introduce you to my mom, the exact sort of come up to them and they ask them, they're like, have you ever thought about hosting your own talk show?


And I love how his response is just. Yeah.


And then, of course, Mr. Sweating, just like like whimpers and then we kind of get the the denouement sort of where they now very, you know, very 80s like.


But we find out that Browdy goes on to say, I was going to say this is this is a direct homage to fast, fast times, right down to the font and colors, right?


Yeah. No, it's I didn't know which movie it was, but I knew it was like any reference to something. But Brody goes off to host The Tonight Show. Renee is his bandleader. So, you know, they're basically happily ever after somebody, Brody get married like at the jaws. Right. You know, that's where they have their ceremony. Will Force is Tricia's bodyguard and she's doing her book signing. And then Shannon is in jail, which is a great shot of, like his hand against the bars.


And then the hand behind him sort of comes up around it, which is great. And it's tattooed, tattooed the rest of. Yeah.


And then Jay and Bob have have a monkey and they go walking off into the sunset with the monkey.


But that's a tale for another day.


And that's Mallrats. Guys, our longest episode to date.


That's Mallrats. I mean, look, there's a lot to cover. I think we pretty much set it all.


I set it all on my end. It's still super entertaining soup flaws and warts and all. It's still a really fun movie. On my end, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It was actually more enjoyable on one level, watching it in 2020 with this lens that I have, the more elevated aware lens of like what is actually quality versus quantity versus, you know, you know what was there are moments in this where now I'm like, that was not so great, but did it ruin my experience?


No. Do I still enjoy this film? Is it still one of my favorite Kevin Smith movies? Yes. What? I easily recommend it, yes.


Just take into account that it is a flawed Kevin Smith art house film with a blasted budget, you know, so that's my attitude. That's my two cents.


It's still my favorite Kevin Smith movie. I love every bit of it as I'm watching it, but I am also loving it. You know, as you know, 15 year old me, you know, and then as 42 year old me, I'm watching it and I'm like, OK, Kevin Smith has some problems with with his with as a filmmaker. He has his problems. But the biggest takeaway is I was like, man, I am so happy that gone are the days of of just spending your entire day trying to figure out what happened to your relationship and talking to every single person besides the person you should be talking to, which is, you know, your girlfriend.


And I'm just like, oh, God, I'm just glad I'm not there anymore.


Yeah, but aside from that, I'm like, God, I love this movie so, so much.


But I did have a hard time reconciling whether forty 42 year old me did like it or not, I'm not quite sure.


Like if I saw basically what I mean is like if I saw it now for the first time, I'm not sure I would dig on it.


But because I have the love for this movie, the nostalgic love for this movie, and I'm watching it in these lines and I'm like, oh my God. Like, it's still those things still hold up to me. But I don't know if they would have been as meaningful if I had not have seen it when I was 15 and spent my whole life loving it. Now, all of that caveat is, you know, I asked my wife, I was like, this is your first time seeing it.


Now she's seen clerks, she's seen chasing Amy. This was kind of the one that sort of like went under her radar and she missed she fucking loved it so and so. She's thirty two. So I take that, you know, take that as you want it. She loved it. So it still holds up to today, you know, to to new viewership, you know, even with some of it's archaic ideas.


And I'm only using her as an example because I don't know how to extract my nostalgic love from this movie. I don't know how to look at it from not a nostalgic standpoint.


But I can honestly say I do think I can confidently say that if you grew up loving Mallrats, I think it's still hold it will still hold up for you, you know, if you're if it's your first time going into it.


That you're on your own, I have no clue if you're going to like it, I kind of feel like that's a crapshoot. But if you do think you still remember loving it, I do think you're still going to love it.


I will say two things. One, it's it's a time capsule movie because it captures a time that is no longer exist in our culture, especially right now with the current goings ons. And second, you know, Kristen, my wife watched it with with with me and sat through the entire movie.


She rarely does that with a bad movie. So it speaks volumes, first of all.


And I asked her at the end, I said, did you like it because. Yeah, I did. Yeah, it was. And then she doesn't really say that about quote unquote old movies. She you know, we don't typically watch a lot of movies. We were mostly like binge watching television shows at this point or, you know, documentaries or whatever. So for her to enjoy that, I'm like, wow, that's a that's a solid endorsement for this film.


Then it minus the fact that she thinks I look like a fat Willam.


Oh, dear. She oh God. You never hear the end of that one.


That's why that's why I work out hardcore hardcore.


And it really does speak volumes because. Yeah. I mean this is like Kevin Smith. I mean, I would always consider this like a raunchy guy movie, but both of our wives watched this movie for the first time and they both loved it or at least enjoyed it. So honestly, I do think that says a lot about the film.


So, yeah, I maybe then maybe the nostalgic love that I have for it is justified and warranted, I guess. I guess walking away from this movie, I realize that is still one of my favorite Kevin Smith movies, and I think I'll probably more happily put it back into my rotation now, because it's been it's been a good 15 years since I've probably seen this. And and I missed it, man. It felt like an old friend. It really did feel like an old friend.


And I'm happy to have this in our collection. I'm happy to now have my my thoughts on this movie just, you know, out there forever and and for posterity. And I'm glad that I'm glad to have this kind of back into my life, back into my lexicon, minus a few of the words that we won't bring back.


But other than that, man, I'm glad fucking five fat ass is back. I'm glad that, like, you know, it's like I felt like I fell in love with Jay and Silent Bob in this movie, you know? So this has been fun, man. I'm really glad that that our network did this whole Kevin Smith tribute retrospective thing. It's really given me a reason to to go back and read Fall in Love with Kevin Smith. At least you know, his earlier stuff, at least.


And I will also say specifically this movie we review, you broke down the theatrical version and there are two versions on the disc. I didn't watch the other version, the extended director's cut. And apparently it's closer to what Kevin Smith's vision was of the film because he had a bigger hand in the overall look of it.


So I will watch I will happily watch that at some point. But I also was going to say kudos to you, man four for breaking this beast of a film down, because comedies or movies, heavy and dialogue are always challenging because it's so much of it is about the written word versus the visuals and just kind of narrating, which is what we do typically. So and I can assure you that the next several movies that are chosen for PAD on my end are closer in vain to a film that they're not comedies.


So yeah, this is now the third comedy we've done.


You broke down divisions of Ford Fairlane and I did this in trading places and I told Zach earlier today, go, no more comedies anytime soon. I guess it's so much work. It's so much work, but good work. It's fun work. I love it. I'm not complaining, but no more comedies anytime soon. Oh, my God. Oh, buddy.


Hey, man. Well, this is the longest episode you want to plug to play for you real quick.


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