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The blast from our past network high. Well, this is the composer Richard Band. You might have heard music from a few of my films like Reanimator and From Beyond and Television. But right now you're listening to Podcasting After Dark. A killer killer show. Lock your doors, close your windows, turn out your lights for chills and thrills await you. It's time for Podcasting After Dark with your host Corey Stephenson and Zach Shafer. Stay with a friend. Say your prayers as grisly ghouls closed in to seal your doom.


Tonight's episode, Savage Streets, starring Linda Blair. John Verdin and Robert Ryan. Welcome to another titillating episode of Podcasting After Dark, It's Me, it's one half of the dynamic duo, the double D duo.


Oh, boy. Oh, we're starting out hot baby. It's me, Zach.


And joining me, as always, is my beautiful, illustrious co-host, the sleaziest of them all sleazy. See what's up, brother, as a go buddy.


And it's hilarious that this is your pick, not mine.


Well, well, there's there's a story with every one of my chit, as there always is. Right.


Today we are going to be talking about the 1984 vigilante cult classic Savage Streets.


And before we get into the synopsis and all the shasha sha la la la la and all that ting tong, Walla Walla Bing Bong Little back story. I chose this one. As all of you faithful paid listeners know, I love me. A good vigilante exploitation film, first of all.


Yes, yes. First of all, this checks a lot of Zachs marks. Yes this does.


And then second of all, I've got a little history with Linda Blair in a fun way.


And I have been sitting on this movie for well over a year, I guess almost a year now. We did the interview. I did the interview with Tony Timpone, which you can hear exclusively on podcasting after Dark Patreon series. And I had told a really funny story, which I will tell on the air tonight about Linda Blair. And I thought, you know what? Of all her movies, we've got to do Savage Streets because a buddy of mine from high school, middle school named Dean reached out to me on Instagram almost a year ago and he said, man, if you if you ever do savage streets, that would be so cool.


And I said, it's coming. Don't worry, it's coming.


So I was scouring the inner webs looking for this film. And once again, Diabolique DVD, you do not ever let me down, my friends. You had this film on back order and I put my name on the list. You several months went by before it was back in stock and it was back in stock, about two copies. And the rest is history, as they say, her story. And you know, it's beautiful.


Code Red put out this beautiful Blu ray.


I was going to say I am so fucking impressed by this cover by Code Red. I mean, the transfer on the Blu ray is beautiful as well.


And actually the menus, it's actually a really good package for a company I've never even heard of. And I just I'm blown away by this this slipcase covered. The art is beautiful on this and like not even like like cool or something.


It's legit. Beautiful art on this cover.


Yeah, it is art that I would I put on my wall. Yeah. Actually it's probably one of my favorite slipcover redone cover arts I've seen in the past several years. Actually it's one of my faves, one of these, it's definitely a top five for me. And I mean, as you guys know, if you follow us on Instagram, I'm very vocal about my Holy Grail being the life force UK era release. I think that art cover is one of the best pieces of art I've ever seen for a Blu ray disc ever.


And I'd say this is like this one's like number two or three. It is so goddamn impressive.


Yeah, this this art almost. It's better than the movie itself.


Yes. Yes. On so many levels. Yes, yes.


On so many levels. So so getting back to really good why shows is one of the other reasons I chose this movie is I have yet to toe dip into the kind of sleaze level of podcasting after dark.


And I thought, you know what, if this is going to be my first foray into the genre of semi sleeze, I'm going to go with Savage Streets because believe it or not, I really do dig this movie on many levels. And it's got a lot going on on many levels. Yes. And so that's why I chose it. My back story with it is I saw it maybe once or twice when I was a kid in parts on Cinemax late at night, first thing in the morning, especially the third act I saw many times.


I'd wake up to that in the morning and I'd be like, Oh, what's this? Oh, what is this?


And and that's about my only connection with it. So I guess essentially I have seen it. It just I forgot a lot about it. Yeah. And oh baby, I was it was all brought back and the other night when I broke it down.


Oh how about you Corey.


Yeah. I've never seen it before before this. It's in the you know, the cover not the, the code red cover but the original cover and. It just you know, it wasn't those revenge films, those, you know, they weren't really, I guess, my cup of tea as a kid or, you know, are probably more likely my dad didn't really rent him. He would he would get more of, like, a Steven Seagal thing or something.


Right. So, like, I'd see it had my eyeballs would glance over it and and, you know, I'd see it, but I never actually watched it as I got older, you know. And all that being said, I'm still also not familiar with Linda Blair's body of work outside of The Exorcist. But I was very much aware from a sleazy young age that she had quite the the lustrous skin career or, you know, like soft core type of stuff, you know, exploitation films.


And, you know, they're always circling around, you know, and I always was aware of them, but I always gravitated towards, you know, exploitation films by Joe DiMaggio and stuff like that. And, you know, I guess it just didn't pop up on Cinemax when I happened to catch it. I think, you know, I've seen probably parts of like caged heat or something like that.


But I weirdly have had a crush on Linda Blair in like this era. Linda Blair. I mean, she's a beautiful woman now as well. But I had a crush on her, but I never saw any of these movies. But I saw them in magazines and later on the Internet and stuff like that, I'm like, oh, wow, Linda Blair, you know, just holy moly.


But yeah, so and then just a quick a quick like, oh, you know, high level sort of you know, my takeaway from this film is, is that dude, this is literally everything I wanted podcast turned out to be when I pitched it to you. And it's and it's not to say that we like podcasts I've ever been anything I didn't want it to be or I think that we didn't want it to be. But I this is kind of like the movies that I pictured in my head that that we would kind of get to.


And boy, oh, boy, was it worth the wait.


You know, better late than never. I did I definitely wanted to kind of save this one till we were kind of like knee deep into our selections. And so it's perfect timing you. No, really quick side note. I, too, appreciate Linda Blair quite, quite a bit. And and I my history with her, I might as well tell the story now.


I was going to I was going to make you tell it if you if you weren't already planning on telling it.


Well, you know, and it doesn't take too much away from Tony Simpson's interview because that interview was more about him. Yes. But obviously. But I used to work at Tower Records back in the day in Northern California and Tower Records would do a CD release parties, DVD release parties. And The Exorcist had just gotten a deluxe special edition when it first kind of first came out on DVD back in the day. I want to say, like 98, 99.


Good was I figured yeah. I was wondering when that was, but probably right before 2000. Right.


Yeah. Yeah. And so they were going to have a big signing with the one, the only Linda Blair in Mountain View, California, of all places. But it's Tower Records, you know, they've they've got a history.


They're legendary. Yeah. So we were getting all set up for Linda's signing. And the way the stores mapped out is you walk in the front doors. On the left hand side is where the videos are, the video section is. And then the main section is like where all the CDs are. Right. And somewhere kind of in the middle of the main section, there's there's like the deejay booth. There's the where the the they change out the CDs, the information booth, I guess.


Right. And that's where Linda was going to sign. She comes in, she's in the back room getting ready to do her thing and she's being super cordial and nice to everybody. Like, unbelievably nice. She's with her manager. That's it. Just her and her manager. And she's talking to my manager who's getting there all set up. And and so we put her in the booth.


Different kind of managers. Yeah, different kind of manager.


My manager for Tower Records was talking about getting her set up in the information booth.


And so he gets her set up there and then there's no music playing in the store while we're getting ready for the signing. So the way the signing is going to take place is the store closes and they do the signing where they bring in people one at a time basically to come up and she'll sign a DVD.


I was like, there should be some music playing right now. So I said to my manager, I said, would you mind if I put on, like, The Exorcist soundtrack? And he's like, Yeah, go for it. That's a great idea. Do it. So I run over to the information booth and she's sitting at the booth waiting for the people to come in. And the CD player is right between her legs on the on the lower area.


I said, I'm so sorry to ask, but would you mind moving your leg so I can put music on?


And she's like, oh, I was hoping someone put some music on. Sure, sweetie. Sure. And I've got like spiky bleached like frosted tips. Alaa PACY from Dawson's Creek.


Of course I've seen the fix, man. Yes, that was delicious back in the day. Yes, I will I will concur with that. I will. And and and so she's like, yeah, that's a great idea or whatever. And I'm putting the CD in and she's like playing with my hair. She's like, oh, I love your hair.


She's like, so crispy. My gosh.


I don't think okay, so picture like my head's down by the side of her legs as I'm putting the CD in. Right. And she goes, what are you putting in. I said, Oh, The Exorcist soundtrack. She goes, Oh God, please don't do that. Don't don't do that. Put don't put that on like, oh OK. What do you want me to put on.


She's like, how about do you have any Backstreet Boys. And I said, Yeah, I put out the backstreet. Oh my gosh. That's so that would be so great. Thank you.


And so I go and get a brand new CD and a ripped the plastic off like just get it in there.


And I put the CD in and she's like she's, she's like, oh your hair.


It's so cute and totally like flirting with my head I guess.


And she's like kind of giggling and laughing. And I said, well so it's really nice to meet you.


She was really nice to meet you too. What's your name is Zack. She's like, do you want me to sign a DVD for you?


I'm like, Oh, sure. So she signed it to me.


She said, Zack, you make my head spin love. Linda, you're like as you write something and everybody's right. Yeah. And at the end of the night, after the signings over, her manager comes up to me and she goes, you know, Linda would love for you to come.


Me. She's having a gathering at her hotel later this evening. She'd really love for you to come to a gathering of one.


Yes, that's what I think. And I said I said, you know, I really can't I got to get home to my girlfriend. And her manager goes, You sure. Sure about that? I, I go, yes.


And that's the story.


And that's the story. How Zach is one of the best guys in the entire world. He would not cheat. On his then girlfriend, I don't even know who was at the Times, I didn't know you back then, but it just goes to show how much of a standup guy you are and also how much of an idiot you are, too.


Thanks. I agree.


I totally agree, because if you knew my situation at the time, I should have, but I did.


But you're a good guy and now you have a good story because, you know, if you went you probably couldn't tell that story, you know?


No. Probably would've had to sign an NDA, you know. Yeah, but, you know, she I'm I'm certain that we will have her on at some point.


And that will definitely be a story to go over because years later, I saw her. She's a big animal advocate. Yes. And I saw her at a an event in L.A. for fostering animals or something like that, and near Amoeba Records of all places. And. All right. People recognized me. She remembered who I was.


Oh, no shit. And she's like, oh, my God, you're that guy from that from Tower Records.


And like, yeah, that was it was like five years ago, you know. Yeah. I go, you remember that? She goes, Yeah, that was a crazy night.


I was like, oh oh oh well. And here we are.


So let's talk about Savage Street. No, but seriously, yeah. We don't have to go to players, but they're not discography.


Jesus Christ. Exactly.


So Savage treats the little synopsis for IMDB says a teenage vigilante seeks revenge on a group of violent thugs who raped her handicapped sister and killed her best friend. Spoiler. Yeah, seriously? Right. Right from the get go. Damn well, I wonder who her best friend is and will we find out in the first ten minutes of the movie. But yeah. So this movie came out 84, you know, way after death. Wish Vigilante sandwiched in revenge exploitation films were hot in the early 80s.


Hot, hot, hot. So this was just yet another, you know, run of the mill. But I think there's it's got elements that make it stand out. I mean, Sydes, the nudity factor.


I mean, I think we've seen at this point a lot of these movies have something interesting that makes them stand out, although I will push back and say that the nudity factor is one of the biggest things that makes this one stand out.


Well, absolutely. I think there's enough other things. And then there are some things that I didn't realize when I was a kid and was was surprised about. And we're going to get into that as well. Shocked, in fact. Yeah, shocked.


Let's before we break down the cast, it's directed by Danny Steinman and Tom de Seimone, I'm assuming because they might have fired the director midway through.


I believe my understanding is Tom De left really more earlier on. So I think it was mostly Danny Steinmann.


Yeah. And so, you know, he's he's if you look up his resume, he directed one of the Friday the 13th movies, Part five, which is actually a favorite of mine.


I love that movie. Yeah. As I've gotten older that one.


I actually really appreciate how good that one is because the first half the body count is, is fantastic in it.


And, and then just, you know, just, just two words and that is Deborah Vorhees.


Yes. And no doubt she was stunning, just like Linda Blair.


What can you like? Are you editing yourself? I am trying so hard, but I know you're doing good.


You're doing well. We're just getting started. So you have plenty of time to work up to it. True. But yeah. So Danny Steinmann also co-wrote the screenplay with Norman Yamamoto, I believe I'm saying his name correctly. If I'm not, I apologize. He you know, if you look up his resume, he's he's got a pretty decent list, like fourteen movies and nothing new. Nothing to shake a twig at, but nothing major.


I'm sure there's seventeen movies paid some bills right. For. Yeah for sure. Hats off to him for that. Let's break down the cast. Linda Blair, you already know she plays Brenda. I'm not going to go into who she is because if you don't know who she is, you're not listening to our podcast.


Tru listen to some other guys and John Vernon. I'm just going in order of IMDB and a quick commercial break about IMDB. They're like their system for the way they they rank everybody in there. They list everybody. It's it's really confusing. It's really annoying. So if you go on IMDB and. Yeah, well, you mentioned the guy. It's not even in the credits like. No, if you go on IMDB, they don't always put the top kill people first.


For some reason. Yeah, why? I mean, I wonder if they put on by popularity or something, maybe I'm not quite sure, but I feel like I feel like sadly, the IMDB app has has gotten worse and worse.


Oh, it's gotten so yeah. Now I find myself going on Wikipedia, which has its flaws too. But yeah. What are you gonna do. So John Vernons listed second John Vernon plays Principal Underwood. He only has like I think three scenes in this movie. Not a lot of funny.


Yeah, not a lot, but I recognize him from from killer clowns from out of outer Jesus. How can I not speak? I recognize him from killer clowns. From outer space.


Yes. I mean, that was I recognized him. I recognize him from that as well. I would love to break that movie down at some point. Oh yeah. Me too.


In that movie so much it's a guy but that one's definitely on the list from from one of us.


I'm sure it's coming. It's coming. And I wouldn't be surprised if we get the choice or brothers on our show as well.


Yeah, but he was a dirty, hairy Outlaw Josey Wales, which is one of my favorite Clint Eastwood non spaghetti Westerns. He was in National Lampoon's Animal House as Dean Vernin.


Yeah, that's that's like the other place other that I sort of know him from. But I was never a big Animal House fan. Still kind of not not that one wasn't really my I like Caddyshack better. I like vacation better. Animal House was never one of my big ones. But yeah, I also do recognize him as the dean from that as well.


I just you know.


Yeah, I think it's a little overrated in my opinion. I'm just not an Animal House fan as well. I'm not a Jim Matheson fan other than him being in Fleche. Yeah, to be quite honest with you.


And and then, man, they it's I call it a loose sequel to Animal House called Up the Creek. Yeah, I watched that during the quarantine first hit and we're like, oh, let's do a family movie night or whatever.


That movie sucks. First of all, it's piece of shit. It's really a piece of shit. And you know, guys, I'm pretty lenient on movies. It's terrible. And Tim Matheson looks fifty. Even I supposed to play like a college kid. It's it's just it's God awful. It does have the girl from Ghostbusters in the beginning.


Oh, Jennifer Runyon. Yeah. Who's beautiful and she's great. She's actually a really great actress. She's the best thing about that movie.


I saw her at Ghostbusters Fan Fest on the Sony lot a couple of years ago when my wife and I went for that.


Yeah, yeah. Dude, I, I forgot you did that. And apparently Diane Franklin was there, too.


Yeah, apparently she was. I saw that. I saw her post that and I was like, oh shoot. I didn't even see her when I was there, but I did see Jennifer Runyon. And the other guy that's in that scene with her was there as well.


I love that guy. So great. Yeah, so great. OK, so the other guys in the cast, Robert Dryer, plays Jake. He's the leader of the scars. That's the main bad guy gang man. He's got a great face. He got a great foja for a villain. So good.


Yeah, he's and he's all neck like like when he when he gets angry it's like Nick goes in the mouth or something. I don't know. But it's intense. It's very, very intense.


Yeah. Yeah. He's just got this look like you do not want to cross this guy ever. He's been in a ton of, you know, straight to video type stuff. Cyborg to hey. Which I'm not going to lie.


It's actually better than I think he said that on on the Cyborg Review, but he was also in nineteen ninety.


One's the borrower who said there you go. I don't know. And then I was like the only thing I recognized.


Yeah. There you go. He in the other gang members in this group there is Johnny sorry. Yeah. Johnny Vanocur who plays Vince or Vinnie or. Yeah I think that I think. Or Vincent.


Yeah. When they call. Yeah. They call them every iteration of Vincent Vincent Vinny events. All of them. Yes.


Vijay or whatever he looks he and he legit. Looks like he's in his thirties and he's supposed to be a high school kid.


OK, first off, first off buddy, every single person in this entire movie looks minimum 30 to plus every single person.


Well, I will say, though, at least the rest of the scars are supposed to be out of high school except for red, I think.


No, I don't know. I think red is with them also. I think only Vince is is the one that's the connection to the high school. I think the rest of them are supposed to be out of high school.


Yeah. And he's he looks old. Yeah. He looks one of the oldest. Yeah.


But yeah, apparently he was in Lord of Illusions. I didn't I don't recognize him from that meeting of lot of illusions. Me to or illusions is very underrated.


Clive Barker flick. It's got back into my boy.


I love Nexen it man. He's awesome dude. That guy, R.P., Yeah, he's your guy from Cartwright. Yep, Cayuga, Mike Huckabee.


Other guys in the gang are Sal Landi, who plays Fargo. This guy looks like Joe Episcopo. He's basically Joe Episcopo. Stand is what he looks like.


He's got to spend a bunch of stuff. I'm not gonna lie. He's better looking than Joe Episcopo. Man, I was like the whole time. I was like, do this guy's got a fucking jacked body and like, you know what? He was actually knows it. Pretty damn good actor, too. Like, I thought you I thought of the the scars.


He was the the best actor of all of them, even even with Robert Dryer to like I thought I thought Sal Landy was the best.


No doubt he's great. And I love that his costume pretty much never changes. While most of actually all the scars except for Vinny, there's costumes. Never change that. This entire movie, of course. But, you know, and it's neither here nor there. Yeah. It makes sense that he is one of the best guy best actors in the movie because he if you look at his resume, he's on how to get away with murder. And he's on Scandal, which are two of the most popular TV shows around today.


Oh, in Rizzolatti and Isles. Yeah.


He's he's been working this entire time. He's got like a hundred and ten credits on IMDB. So, yeah. He's, he's been working the whole time. He's working it.


He was working those abs, that movie dude I'm like can, can I.


What's that penality workout. I want that shit. The rounding out the Gang of Scar's is read play by Scott Maier and he's got one credit to his name as far as being an actor is concerned, and which is a real damn shame because I think the guy actually is pretty good.


Yeah. Yeah, no, I mean so I mean, just just because I said, you know, Fargo was my favorite one or I thought he was the best actor, I thought all of them are actually really good except for maybe Vince. Vince is a little bit off. He was all facial expressions, all face, whereas Linda Blair was all eyebrows and eyes. But but yeah. Like no, I thought I thought the guy who played red was freaking awesome too.


I thought that the three main gang members did an absolute fantastic job, all three of them being the bad guys.


I totally agree. Totally agree, man. I feel like I want to hit all the main players of the of the girl gang, quote unquote, because they're not really a gang.


Yeah, but maybe I'll just hit a couple of them because, I mean, I'll tell you, I kind of don't recognize any of them from anything. So if there's any one of them that's notable. Sure. Otherwise, I'd say, you know, what's the point? I mean, I feel like the females of the gang, even though they were cool, I mean, it's still Linda Blair's movie, sort of.


Yeah. I guess the only one I'm going to point out, because Heather whatever linnear Quigley probably.


Well, I was going to point out, Frannie, because she gets killed. So play by Lisa Freeman. And she was actually in Friday 13th, the final chapter she was in Back to the Future one, two, and Doogie Howser. No shit. Yeah, but dude, like I mean, that's pretty bawls resume right there.


Yeah, but let's we got to take a second to talk about Linnear quickly though. Yeah. I was, I was saving the best for last. OK, ok. All right.


Cool, cool, cool, cool. Because rounding out the cast sans enhancements. Yes. If you will is Linnea Quigley who plays Brenda's sister, Heather, who's deaf and apparently more than just deaf. She's special needs.


Well, I think she's me. I think she's mute. I don't I think they refer to her as a quote unquote, retard. I don't like that word, but I think they refer to it as that. But I don't think she is. I think she's just mute and in death. I guess that is what needs. Right. I got it. I guess I was thinking she's not any kind of mental impaired. That's what I meant.


How dare you? No, I'm kidding now. Yeah. Because I was like, well, I know she's supposed to be deaf, but at one point I'm like, I know she's I know she's deaf. Right. She can understand. She can hear you, but she can't speak, which I guess is mute.


No, she has she's mute. She can't speak and she can't hear. But she can sign. She can see.


That's right. OK, so but I'm like man, the way she's playing it right now, there's a little bit more going on where it's like there's a little tie in the wind, a little what's eating Gilbert Grape kind of acting going out. I'm like, oh shit. I think she's overreacting this.


But anyways, Linnear quickly plays Heather and it's one of her first films she's ever done. And I mean, I'm sure you'll talk about it, too, because you looked at the the trivia on this thing, kind of not a fan of doing nude scenes. And boy, oh, boy, if she's not a fan of doing nude scenes, she does one of the most graphic ones in this movie.


I know. And then she does one a year later in return, the living dead. I mean, it's and she did one in Silent Night.


And she did one in ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba, like someone who doesn't like to do it. She sure did it a lot. Now I will say, I mean, having having mostly I mean, I mostly know her from returning the living dead, seeing her in this with like done to the like no make up type of thing, you know, you know, obviously she's wearing makeup but they're trying to give her that natural look.


And I almost didn't even recognize her right out of the gate. I was like, holy shit. And when they said her name, I was like, OK, that's her. That's I didn't even recognize her. That is crazy because I just I know her is trash. Now, of course, I've seen her in the demons, but but that was more recently. But I grew up with Return of the Living Dead. So I immediately think of Linnear Quigley as trash, not the character trash.


Yeah I, I know. I love you. Specify that like. Well the great thing is our audience would actually understand. Oh our audience would like. Oh yeah of course. Yeah. Yeah.


No I mean she, she's like she is a she's an icon of B movie cinema, you know. And so this was not her first foray, but obviously she has a very important and pivotal role in this film and kind of plays against type. Yeah. If you think about it in a weird way. But yeah, that's rounds out the cast of Savage Streets.


Yeah. You want to jump into the movie.


Let's just jump into this thing. Let's jump in full tilt boogie.


He started off as an innocent friend that erupted in savage violence, but to kill. And I try to look at that chick. You think she had flown when she filled the cold Darbyshire up red dot right now?


What are you going to do about it? Girl, what's your Yemen for? Hey, Brenda, it's just another stop. No, I'm sorry about your sister, Brenda. The police are doing everything they can. But you shouldn't have been there in the first place. Charlie, I love her so much. What do I get to do the other night? We'll meet you guys at the top. Could have heard, right, Jake, I. I know, Dad.


Brenda, you can't take the whole world on by yourself.


You don't know anything about this. All right. For God's sake, it wasn't my fault. What is it? Wait a minute, man, I don't like it. Something's weird. What's the matter, boy? Kerschner. We're going to play a little game, baby, huh? Oh, yes, she came loaded for bear. Oh. Oh, my God, I missed. And I just so want to see you bleed to death before your prime judgment will stand out.


Well, it sounds like you know where Brenda. Baby. Linda Blair said the streets were the only. All right, so Savage Streets opens with a very generic opening, there's not even a, you know, production logo.


It's like it's like film marketing or something like that. I didn't write it down. Oh, and really quickly, I am yet again frustrated with a Blu ray release because there's no subtitles on this movie. Oh, shit.


I didn't even actually, I didn't even try it because I was I could hear it fine, you know, so I didn't I didn't actually put the subtitles on. So another one without subtitles. What is that? Yeah, I feel like we're now getting to the point where subtitles are a luxury.


Well, and especially for a movie that has a girl in it that's deaf.


Do you think that. I don't know. I don't know. That's just me. But yeah, that was frustrating.


I'm like, OK, well, this is going to detail me rewinding quite a bit if I can't hear or read something and you're going to have to help me out maybe with certain scenes because I was like, what did he say anyways?


Opens with the. Yeah. The very basic opening. And then it's really cool font of savage streets. And as that cool font of savage street flashes on the screen, you see savage streets again in the middle of it, just to let you know that that's not just the cool logo, but it's also the name of the movie.


I mean, dude, it's better than the split second logo.


Yes. Good point. Good point. And a fraction of the budget, too. Yeah, exactly. But I mean, right out of the gate, it tells you that they care, you know what I mean? Like, you put a good logo out there and you're like, yeah, that's it sets the tone. We I mean, we talked about the split second logo right away. It sets the tone for the entire film. If you have garbage title card, then we're going to assume the movie's garbage.


But you if you're Savage Streets and you have an amazing title card, I'm going to assume you're amazing until I see otherwise.


Yeah. Yeah. I just was like, kind of surprised that they had to show the title twice. I know.


I mean, you know, like why did you do like super rad font and then Comic Sans. I don't get that because it went out.


You didn't need the other savage streets on top of you could read the other one, you know, it's like, OK, I wonder, I wonder if the producers are like it's really hard to see that title.


Yeah. It looks cool. Yeah. You know, that was a fucking producer note right there. Yes, for sure. Can I just have my two cents?


You know, the only producers that can add their two cents are Frank Marshall, who did The Warriors and Jerry Bruckheimer and maybe Joel Silver.


Yeah. There you go.


Oh, and Brian USANA, of course. Of course. Our boy. Our buddy.


Our boy. OK, so the movie opens with a kid leaving the house. It's Veny, by the way, leaving the house late at night. Dad yells at him, he's like, hey, you got to be home by eleven o'clock.


It's a school. You got school tomorrow.


Kid runs out of house. OK, Pop. And it goes round the back of the house and pulls out clothes from what appears to be like and in a storage shed or they're like like a thing in the wall again. Great. Or something. Yeah.


Watching it twice I still could not discern what that was. It looks like a like an area to hold a garbage can or something, but it was really too dark to see. But hey, smart move on his part for for leaving his, you know, gang outfit outside like that. Yeah.


He's got to put on leather, you got to put on leather, you know, whatever and puts on his leather, takes off his plaid shirt, puts on his leather and, and his buddies are waiting for him in the front of the house, which I'm surprised Dad didn't hear them because they're like yelling at him.


I know right now it's the rest of the scars and cue up the rock song and cue up the frickin awesome ass car and OK, yeah, that car is like a I don't know, it's like a Coupe de Ville or something like that.


It's convertible. Yeah, it's a little Ford Fairlane esque.


Yeah. I mean I'm not the biggest like car guy or anything but yeah it was, it's really cool. It's like a classic cars, not like a muscle car, it's like a classic sort of like rockabilly sort of style car convertible but yeah. Definitely beautiful and fucking mint man. Awesome looking.


Yeah. I wrote down a cool car. How are old kids quote unquote.


Well yes. Yes. So I'm going to be tracking that the entire movie, guessing how old everybody is. My, my estimate on on, on West, the guy that hits on Brenda, Cindy's boyfriend, I think he's forty nine years old. So we'll see if anyone is is older than that. Yeah I think you're right.


I think you're right. We'll talk about showing their age. Yeah. Yeah. With his long.


Yeah. Yeah. So, so yeah. They're cruising around drinking and yelling at people fuck you. Like for some reason they're yelling fuck you people. And, and this sounds, this may sound silly to people like oh no, nobody does that.


The crews and on Hollywood Boulevard and let's just talk about in the 80s, in the 90s, this is what guys did. You guys did this, my brother did this.


He go with his homies and they'd be driving around the scope and people yelling out shit, just being like, quote unquote, boys, you know?


I mean, it wasn't just, you know, the Hollywood. I would go down and visit my cousins in Roanoke, Virginia. And probably when I was like 15 or 16, they were around the same age. And people did that down the main street of Roanoke to like it was a small little town, you know. You know, it's big enough. But like, that's what people would do on a Friday night in the mid 90s as well.


Drive down the street, show off your car, talk to people. It's like literally just a giant party in the middle of the road. And these shots of Hollywood are just as amazing to see as the shots of New York in the exterminator were. We remarked and we remarked then and I'll remark now, I know this is such an amazing piece of time capsule. You know, it really is. And like seeing the locations, I mean, like, I know where that is.


I think I know where that is. Oh, wow, that's different. I'm pretty sure I know where that is.


It's just pretty fucking cool, honestly, in a lot of those stores, pre covid are kind of still there. Yeah. You know, there's the Army Navy surplus that's still on Hollywood Boulevard. Yep. The Pussycat Theater is not there anymore, but there's like the Cheetah Lounge, which is similar. Similar, you know, but, you know, Frank and Musso's, it's like these great iconic locations from Hollywood. And this.


Yeah, it brings back all the feels, you know, people like when Tarantino watch it like this and get influenced by it, because this is it's not just movies from the 70s that really capture what it was like to live in L.A. or New York back in the day. It's the 80s, the 70s and the 80s were just iconic. The 90s, wasn't it, when everything just the air just fell out of it. It was either already done or had no purpose whatsoever.


Yeah. Yeah. But as this is, yeah, so we see Vinny with Jake and Fargo and Red in their car and, you know, acting like the cool guys, gang gang bangers, you know, but now I know it's like it's really good.


Like, I, I really enjoy the interaction that they're having. Yeah, I know that they're the bad guys and everything, but right now in this moment, they're, they're just acting like guys kind of having a good time. They're not too, too aggressive yet. And I do like the one shot where where Vinny Vince Vincent jumps in the middle of them and they and, you know, kind of. Yeah. Jake kind of pushes them back and laughs I'm like, yeah, I can see why Vincent would have probably gotten hooked up with them to begin with.


They they seem like they're good fun time guys right now, although you can kind of tell that that, you know, the guys in the front seat being Jake and Fargo are powder kegs waiting, ready to go off, you know.


Oh, yeah. Like Jake takes a cigarette and puts it in his hands. Yeah, a bad ass.


I mean, that is pretty fucking badass, bro. I mean, he's he's badass, like, besides the fact that he's a scumbag later on in the beginning, he's badass and he's kind of cool.


He's cool like a Michael Paré kind of way. That's what he reminded me of the actor like a little bit of Michael Prae mixed with Fred Dryer, you know, where he's got that more chiseled jaw.


Yeah, but this kind of like that New York, because the guy's definitely has like a New York accent, too, which is hilarious.


Well, yeah, I know he's so he's from Boston, apparently. But yeah, I feel like they all had New York or Boston accents and I'm like, what is going on? Because this is Los Angeles. And then someone who doesn't have an accent is Linda Blair, which we're going to get to right now. She's got her. She's got a whole different way of acting guys.


She does have a whole different way of acting. Yeah, you cut to Brenda and her and her group of girls and she's got sunglasses on at night. And, you know, because she's so cool, she's got to wear sunglasses on a night.


I will talk about her in a second, but they they start playing the song. Did you recognize the song they started playing?


Not offhand, but that was a roller coaster of music in this movie. So please illuminate me.


OK, so so I as each song throughout this movie comes on, like that's a bad song.


I want that song. That's a bad song. I want that. Why does that voice sound familiar? Well, it's John Farnham. And if you don't know who John Farnham is, he did a shit ton of music for RAD, which has a killer soundtrack.


You know, this thunder in your heart. If you don't know who John Farnham is, you look him up. That's the guy you put on. When are you going to go work out? Like, that's the music that just gets you juiced up in the music in this gets you juiced up. But this song starts playing and like, why does this song sound familiar to me?


Nothing. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. This is nothing's going to stand in our way.


This song was the song When Hot Rod and Cop in Transformers, the movie Go to the Water Planet and they're having to battle that giant squid that's been ripped to pieces.


Nothing's gonna stand in our way. Not tonight.


That's a remake or a cover of this song. Nothing's Going to Stand in our Way by John Farnham.


OK, I was going to say it's not the same singer, right, as the one in Transformers. That's probably why I didn't recognize it. But wow. So Transformers covered savage streets. That's fucking awesome.


So so you got the touch originally, which is everyone goes, oh yeah. That's the song from Transformers. That song was originally supposed to be in Cobra, right. Yeah. Stallones Cobra. And it didn't work out and they used it for Transformers, the movie. So I already knew that I didn't know nothing. A First of all I love that song.


Right. Nothing standing like it's such a great I think of the band might be called Specter.


Anyways I thought that song Bad Ass then I hear it in this I go whoa what the hell.


Mind blown first mind blowing moment of the movie.


I'm just like, this is I am so excited to watch the rest of this movie. I don't care what happens from this point on. This is my this is my favorite moment hearing.


Nothing's going to stand in our way. So anyways, I just had to throw that out there.


My favorite moment is seeing Linda Blair in that tight blue top. Oh, not in the bathtub. Yeah, I mean, that's that's awesome to do, but I just was trying to tie it back into this scene, but yeah, sorry. Aside from the tequila folks is hey.


Oh, boy. So, yeah, you cut to Linda Blair with her gang.


She stands out in many ways, a couple of ways. And she's definitely the most mature of the group, I guess I would say in a very polite way. Yeah.


Yeah. And my take away in 1984, no one's wearing bras pretty much anywhere.


But, you know, like like it's, you know, jokes aside, she does stand out. And I'm not talking like physically. I like her her persona, her presence here. They do a good job kind of making her be the center of this group of girls, our protagonists.


And she just she she's really cool. Like, she's got really pretty awesome air about her, you know, a vibe to her in this scene. But, you know, it also doesn't hurt that she's absolutely stunning. And you kind of get the sense that she knows it. You know, it's great for confidence is awesome. Confidence is everything, you know what I mean? And she's just, like, chock full of it right here. And I think it comes off wonderfully at the beginning of the movie.


And also and also that blue top is fantastic.


It's a great way to introduce her and her girls. And are we are they already on there? It's it's her bachelorette party that's going on.


I mean, I guess I mean, I didn't really say why they're out there, but knowing what we know about the characters and what's going on. Yeah, maybe this is kind of like their night that they're going to unwind and everything or.


Yeah, OK, so. So, yeah. So this group of high school girls and then you see linnear quickly with them in linnear.


So forget everything you know about linnear quickly if you've never seen her in this movie because she, like I said, plays against type, she's mousy, she's like super innocent. She looks like she's got a 1950s dress on all Amanda Berry's from Fright Night.


And she's just she's thinking this little mousy girl, you know, and you don't know yet that she can't speak.


You'll find that out in a minute. But, you know, the girls are like laughing, they're going up down the boulevard, they're walking down the boulevard checking out shops and they go by the surplus shop, which has all the cool gear in the front window, which has a total foreshadow because it shows a crossbow and a bear trap.


And Linda Blair looks at it with those eyes just like, oh, I want that on my Christmas list.


Yeah, I mean, right. When I saw that, I was like, OK, so that's coming into play later. Yeah, yeah.


In the 80s, 80s, bee movies were not subtle with their foreshadowing. I mean, Friday the 13th probably was the best worst at it where they're just like, this is so obvious, this is going to come back to you.


But yeah, sometimes they would just do it and you're like, oh, OK, don't make it too obvious that this is going to come into play.


I try to hide it just a little bit. Guys, be a little more subtle.


I think that's one thing I can say about the 90s. They started to get subtlety a little bit better with shit like this. A little bit. A little bit.


So the girls go buy a sex shop and they're like looking in the peepholes and they're, you know, the guys are great. You should be doing that. And and it's it's it's raunchy. It's crass. It's everything you want in a straight, straight up exploitation film.


And at one point, I think it's I think it's Franni. She offers Heather like like brandy or liquor, you know. Yeah. And and then Brenda, like, you know, she's like not in front of not in front of Heather and then gets wrapped up in Franny's face.


She's like not in front of Furler. Like she's really evil. Yeah.


You know, and and she backs off Franni backs off from from Brenda because Brenda's like king shit. She's the boss of the group and that already is like asserting her dominance, you know. Yeah.


Yeah. And right out of the gate I'm like so I like I said, I had this like crush on Linda Blair, but I had never seen any movie past Exorcist.


Like, I maybe have seen Exorcist too, like once. So I had no idea that back in 84, Linda Blair couldn't act. I had no idea that that was going to be the case.


So when I saw this right away, like her first line of dialogue, I'm like, oh, well, I think she took shit for the heretic to Exorcist, too, because I think people were like, oh, she's not a really good actress, dude Hirsche all she does in this movie and I don't want to crap on her, but I have to say it.


She does so many evil things, like she's she's all I acting in this movie. And then her left eyebrow is like, I don't know if she's got a twitch or if that's comes from the James Kirk, you know, School of Acting. But it's so Star Trek.


She does she does the left eyebrow thing all the time. And I'm just like, oh, my God.


And, you know, and after a while it became, you know, a little endearing. But at first I was a little startled by how bad she was. So I don't know. I'm not I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm just calling it like I am like it is right now, you know? And I'm sure she got better over time.


But boy. Oh, boy. Oh, no. Look, dude, I think, you know, whether she and like I said, we didn't go down a resume. But if you look at, you know, stuff like roller boogie and red heat and just other straight up the later exploitation, you know, skin flicks she did as she got older. I don't think, you know, people what people saw an exorcist was was an illusion. It was not it's not a good depiction of who she is as an actor.


The rest of her stuff is, you know, like lumper into that category of, like, very hame acting, you know, hamming it up. She's super hammie, a very over-the-top and and it's a little disjointed, you know, and it's neither here nor there.


She's still beautiful to look at.


And, you know, she's still absolutely beautiful. And, you know, all that being said, I don't know how to even perceive this movie without her acting in it. Meaning like at this point, it's just it's charming. It's a part of this movie's charm, the overall quilt that is savage streets, you know, but it's it's it's rough.


It's rough to get past at first. But then after a while, the best I can say is you get used to it.


Yeah, because. Because then you realize everybody's acting that way. Yeah. Everybody in this movie is over the top cheese ball, you know, acting school one on one type shit. Yeah.


Which in my opinion makes it more enjoyable because yeah. This is, this is definitely not a movie to be taken seriously, although one particular scene is very shocking.


Last house on the left ask. Yeah, but outside of that it's cheese ball silliness. So please with a grain of salt. Yeah. Her acting's not tops but that kind of fits the film.


Yeah. There you go. Got to settle myself.


Fargo, Fargo from the scar spots the girls on the street first in the car whips around and goes to get after the girls.


And Heather at this point she like she's on that, she's on the sidewalk and she's I guess she just falls into the street. Yeah. I don't know. It's terrible.


She, like, flops down in the middle of the road in Fargo, almost.


It's her runs over. I wrote in my notes she flops down like a fish like goes like straight down. She doesn't even like try to protect herself. She she accepts death immediately.


So I just you know, my son body's like on a huge G.I. Joe kick right now. He's just kind of re revisited his Joe collect my Joe collection, his Joe collection. And so we were watching all the shows and we watched the movie the other night. And there's a scene in the movie when the G.I. Joe original cartoon, where they go to Coppola for the first time and the Joneses get their asses handed to them at one point, quick kick goes to kick one of the kind of Beatle creatures and the Beatle creature grabs his foot and just slams them against one of the structures.


And he flops down on the ground like like a ton of bricks with his hands all at his side.


It's like he's dead, you know, but he's not.


And it reminded me of that word just like flop for me.


It reminded me of the Penguin and Batman Returns at the end when he dies and just like falls down face first the slides into the water that's just straight down, like straight down with their arms that are side, doesn't even try to protect herself.


Doesn't even try. No. Like you forgot the first rule of martial arts falling, you know, put your arms out or whatever. Yes. You fly.


You also forgot the first rule of Cobra law. It's Cobra. La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.


I did not forget that I put in those notes. So. So.


Now, Fargo almost hetzer, then Brenda screaming at them like, the fuck is your problem? Don't you know she's deaf? Yeah, like there's nothing to do with the fact that she flopped out of the ground and fell. Oh, but whatever.


And then Jake, Jake is like, you know, super into Brenda and and and he's like hitting on Brandon.


He's like Fargo, you know, apologize, apologize to the girl and he apologizes. And then he's trying to make moves on Brenda. And, you know, he's like, hey, how about you? Me, like, you know, we get together later or something like that.


And she says, you know, I want to get together with you almost as much as I want to lay face first in a pool of vomit or something like that.


And it's just so like, yeah, you're tough. Yeah. No, you're not.


So from there, we just like a terrible cut. We cut to this guy named Fadin who later find out his name is Fadden's dude.


I wrote dude with a chick and and they're leaving their parking lot or whatever, and they're going their walk into their car and Jake and his gang show up and they shake down Fadin now for money.


Fadden, the guy with the weirdest nose you've ever seen with like a he's like from the he's got like a Southern accent, like, come on, Jake, I'll get it for you. Come on.


It's so weird because he looks like he should be on, like, Little House on the Prairie or something and the way he dresses, but like in the way he talks, in the way he's like his hair is he feels like he's like from like 1980 or 1981. I you know, I don't know what it is. But then on top of it, his nose is like it's like it goes straight down. The Bridgers nose just goes like straight down and then his nose pops out.


I think that's in there from when you're not your bridge gets broken I think is what it's from or whatever, like the bridge of your nose gets broken. But I'm like, damn dude. But yeah, they give this guy a hard time, the entire fucking movie.


Well, yeah. And it's really this is kind of a running joke for me anyways when I was taking notes, because every single time they see him, they're like, where you been? We've been looking for you. And they're like, wasn't that yesterday? You saw him? So. So they're like, hey, you know, where you been? Fat. And we've been looking for you. And he's like, you got my money. And and he's like, you know, you got my money and my stuff.


Apparently they're trying to shake him down for money.


And I think he's actually I think he's one of their I think he was dealing for them a little bit like I think he was selling for them.


So he was selling for them. OK, that makes sense because, yeah, they're like we want our we want our shit and we want our money. Yeah. And and they're like, well, why don't you check the girl and they're like they repurpose apart. And I mean I'll let you take the note on the the the the way the girl looks. But apparently they're looking at her outfit and they're like, well, I don't see anything here.


And they they just rip her shirt off. Yeah.


They just this pull. Pull. Yeah. Pull her breasts out and then what's the knots. Fargo. Fargo's just sitting there like tweaking her nipples and shit.


It's really weird and having way too much fun and it's a little too like the director probably yelled cut and he probably was still playing with it.


Yeah. It's, it's, it was a little uncomfortable. Yeah. It's uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable. He looks.


Yeah. Because he's he's got that really. He's like a creepy, you know, a Joe Episcopo has that like shit eating smile on his face. He just looks always happy. This guy looks always pissed and like kind of in a creepy sexual predator kind of way.


But then he has that like moppy Joe Episcopo hair. You know, it's just like, yeah, he is he is the evil Joe Episcopo. That is what evil Joe Pesci.


Yeah. Yeah. You know, Joe Episcopo cut to say. Yeah, yeah.


I was wondering, do I actually I was like, why do I like Fargo so much? It's because he's the he's the evil Joe Episcopo. Yeah.


He's a sexual predator. A sexual predator. Joe Episcopo. I like deals like that. Yeah.


I like yours better too. But I feel like it could be a Saturday Night Live skit. True sexual predator.


Joe Episcopo. Not that Joe Episcopo is that sounds like a very early nineties, Saturday Night Live spin off.


We'd like Phil Hartman. Yeah. Yeah, RHP He just had a birthday, actually.


Coming up, one of the other Joe Episcopo or no Phil Hartman. OK, anyways, they shake her down, they shake her, literally shake her down. Yes. And you cut to cut back to Brenda with her crew and they're at a newsstand. You guys remember newstands walk up and buy magazines, right?


They still have in actually, believe it or not. Yeah, they do. They did. I mean, that is so classic L.A., right? They're the ones that are the newsstands that are you know, New York is totally the newsstands. That's like the stand alone little shack, whereas L.A. newsstands always were like. Across the building, so there was like flat up against the building. Yeah, with all the magazines and whatnot and, you know, the classic scene and they live when.


Roddy, Piper's character, John, not a you know, puts his sunglasses on and he's at the newsstand and everything all the all the magazines say the same thing. Yeah, it's just like that. And and OK. So one of Brenda's girls picks up a Playgirl and she's looking at the guy's dick and she's like, oh my gosh, 10 inches.


It's like that's that's every girl's dream or something like that. And I'm going, no, it's not.


But I'm like, wait a minute.


Apparently, according to IMDB and the trivia section, this is supposed to be Sylvester Stallone on the cover. But it looks a whole lot like Kurt Russell to me.


Yes. Yes. Yes, it does. Yeah. Because the whole time I was wondering, like, are they are they implying that they're looking at Kurt Russell's Johnson and that little discussion right there? But yeah, that is totally Kurt Russell on the cover. I mean, you can unscrew Russell. It's 100 percent Kurt Russell. There's no there is no doubt.


Yeah, thank you, like, it's obvious that it's him, but remember, guys like Playboy did this with the with their women as well, where they tease a celebrity on the front. Oh, my God. As a teenager. I go, oh, shit, so-and-so is going to be naked, and then it ends up being an interview, 20 questions. Yeah. Oh, I didn't read this for the interview.


I will I will say my favorite one was when Tiffany, the singer Tiffany, did it and she actually posed nude for Playboy.


Oh, she did some Debbie Gibson actually. OK, nice. I was always a Tiffany fan growing up, so I still have that one. I still have that Tiffany playboy.


Do you? Yeah, yeah. I think we were thinking about like twenty five, six, something like that. Yeah.


You know what mine was, was what's her name from The Price is. Right. Oh Vanna White. No, no price is right. You know Diana Parkinson.


Mm. No I don't really know her offhand.


OK, and then what's his face. And Price is right. Was so pissed off that she did that. She did. Oh Bob Barker.


Yeah. Bob Barker was like, you know, we're a wholesome show. We don't do stuff like that.


She's like, I could do whatever the hell I want. By the way, I don't get paid shit on the show. Yeah. And I'm just worried I wear a bikini on the show and I'm just like, who cares where spay and neuter your animals and don't pay your actresses shit.


Yeah. Anyways, Bob Barker.


So back to Brenda and with her crew and there you have to looking at the Playboys and Brenda's talking to her friends and she's saying how her mom has to work to work to night shifts to pay for her dad's funeral. So you find out that her dad's dead and then you and then Brenda spots Jake in his gang who are not in their car because they just shut down Fadin and his his his girl.


And they're like, hey, you know, let's play, let's play, let's let's play a trick on them or something like that.


And so what how they play a trick on them. They steal their fucking car. Yeah. Just really fucked up if you think about it. It really is. Yeah.


And make them the scars run down the street after them down Hollywood Boulevard.


Yeah. It's really, it's really messed up. Like nothing excuses what they do in a little bit. But I would be very pissed off because they don't just steal their car. You'll find out in a minute that they dump trash in their car.


Yeah. I mean that's that's even. Yeah, that's pretty bad. And you know, at this point, yes, those guys are jerks, but they don't really the girls don't know how bad they can be, which of course is what the problem is, because it's going to set this whole thing up. But yeah, man, I feel like they escalated things a little bit at the beginning.


You know, they caught they caused a lot of the drama that's about to take place for better or worse.


And it's weird because in movies, it always like your your protagonist, you know, there's always that thing at the beginning that gets them into the situation that that the movie's going to be. But it's never usually a practical joke gone wrong. Like meaning it's like it's usually something that the protagonist can't get away from, like, you know, something that they're sort of forced into. Whereas like if if Brinda didn't suggest that this whole entire movie, Francene being alive, everything would have been different.


Yeah. She's it's implied that she's like a hothead asshole drama starter.


Like it's pretty much obvious from the get go that that's the kind of person she is. She thinks she's cool. She thinks she's it's a level of confidence. And it's like, OK, well, you need to take it down a notch because this is obviously getting everybody in trouble and it gets your sister raped and your best friend killed.


Yeah, that's another story. Yeah. Anyways, they cut to from after they steal the car. Kate Habbaniya, Clydes Ice Cream, which is clearly just a set, but they're they're eating ice cream and they're talking about how the ice cream is better than sex and, oh, it's better than an orgasm. And then Linda Blair, Brenda sticks ice cream in the girls face when Frannie's face and like, she goes right up to the camera. Oh, this is very suggestive.


It's there's two times where, like, the camera's like sent like Francine is like centered right in the middle of the camera. They're really trying to get you to connect with her because. Yeah, like she like she walks towards the camera in this ice cream shop and like basically the other actors kind of go around the camera. But Francine kind of stands there in the middle and smiles. And it's only weird because they cut it after the actor stops, whereas, like, the actors should have kept still kept walking towards the camera, but yet they allowed her to stop and do this like shit eating grin right into the camera where, you know what I mean.


So basically, as a viewer, you could tell that there was a camera there. It was it's it's really weird. But the only thing I make my take away was that they were just really hammering. They just really wanted you to connect to Francine, which I guess ultimately is a good thing because I remember her, because if they think if they didn't do stuff like that, I mean, all the girls, except for, you know, the the African-American girl, they're all just very light skinned with dark hair.


They're all very similar looking casting wise. Yeah.


You know that one of the girls, I think is her name is Maria. She's like, oh, we've got we've got the Hispanic girl. We've got the black girl.


We've got the white and the three white girls prefer white girls, five white girls, because, you know, that's just the way it was. And yeah. And then one of them sort of disappears halfway through the movie because the production shut down and she got a job, I guess, another gig during that time frame. So, yeah, one of the girls in their group kind of just doesn't show up anymore after a certain point in the movie.


Yeah. It's like down to four instead of five. Yeah. Yeah. No one will notice. No one knows that. Yeah.


So from there we cut to high school. OK, just time line wise. And to be accurate, after the ice cream scene, that's when Fargo and Jake and Red and Vinny show up at their car and it's trashed literally there's trash all over and that's when Fargo Lee lifts the trash can up in the air.


They scream and then and then, like Jake screams at the camera with his giant neck and everything.


So, yeah, yeah, yeah.


There are quite a few moments where you're like you're just padding time right now because these scenes are going on a little too long. Yeah, that's fine. That's fine.


Anyways, from there you cut to high school, which I'm pretty sure I didn't look in the locations, but it felt like it was Venice High to me, just the way it looked. Looked like Venice High. But I could be wrong.


I mean, to me, everything felt East L.A., although. Yeah, that that high school kind of felt a little bit different. But later on, I actually was impressed with the the locations and actually it was actually felt like East L.A. versus, you know, tough turf. When they all of a sudden, you know, James Spader goes from one point to another. You know, it's just whatever. But, yeah, this this it looked like he was either in the valley or something, but it didn't seem like it was in the city.


It wasn't it didn't seem like it was like East L.A. high or something.


Yeah. It looks like this was shot all over like Burbank and Hollywood Boulevard mostly. Yeah. And then apparently Inglewood was where they shot the cemetery scene later in the movie.


So, yeah, I didn't say anything about that. It just looked like Venice to me. Anyways, from there it's back.


It's a high school and fadin. Oh sorry. So from there Brenda is in like a dance gym class inside the gym and they're having like an aerobics workout, I guess.


Yeah. And Stevie, which is one of the girls, is on her. It's got her headphones on and she's not paying attention to the coach. And the coach screams at her a bunch of times. Stevie Yeah. And, you know, that's basically that scene from there.


And it's cool seeing all their Robak outfits. So it's it's so I actually love that scene because, yeah, it's so 80s. They're doing they're doing their stupid choreographed gym routine, which is what you have to do in gym class anyways. I don't back in the day, thank God they didn't have them doing square dancing.


That's what I had to do in high school. I remember square dancing. Yes. Yeah, I remember that one.


I think again, that's why I love these movies so much, because I'm like, man, at least I didn't have to do that. At least this didn't happen to me.


From there, after the TV screen by the coach, you cut to Fadden's back in the locker or he's back in the at the lockers and the main part of the school. And Jachin, the scars show up and they're like, where you been, man, where you been like you just saw him last night. Yeah. Where have you been?


Okay, he's a high school kid. He's at school, like, you know where he is. Yeah.


And he's like, oh, hey, hey, Jake, I'm trying to get your money, man. Or whatever his foreign accent is, I don't got it on me, but, you know, yeah, he's like Sling Blade Auric, you know, get your your money.


And it's so Jak's like again, he's like, I want my blow and I want my money. And he grabs his balls. Yeah. Grabs his balls. That's that's the thing. Yeah.


There's a lot of ball grabbing and guy on guy kissing in this movie. Yeah. Yeah. So, so you know every episode we get a little bit into my psyche and one of my brother's friends used used to terrorize the shit out of me.


When I was a kid, I was like 13. He was 18, I was 12 and he was 17. He come over and and he he'd wrestle with me and then get me on on the ground and grab my balls. And he's like, you know, say, like to suck big dicks from from Heathers, you know. Yeah.


And I'm like, fuck you man. Fuck you. I'm not doing anything. And he'd be grabbing my balls. Right. Jesus. And he'd be and then he'd be like pretending to slam me from behind.


You know, this guy was this guy was a piece of shit, is a piece of shit, but he was beat by his dad. So it's like, you know, Gary's down from generation. Anyways, he lived with us for like two months.


He had some hard times at home.


And in my mom's like, oh, we can stay with us.


He's so sweet because when my mom was around, suddenly he'd be super sweet and nice. And then when she leave, he'd terrorize the shit out of me. Totally abuse me totally because this sounds like a like in like a movie dude.


Like the Jesus Christ. Yeah, man. And then, you know, he's come over, I'd be watching TV and he'd come, he'd come to the house with my brother and they'd have their girlfriends with him. And he's like, hey Zack, remember when I caught you jerking off in the bathroom? And I'm like, No, Mike, but I remember when you would get me on the ground and grab my balls and tell me, say, you know, say, say like suck big dicks.


And I'm like, and then suddenly he goes, fuck you, you know, with his girlfriend, dude, this guy is a piece of shit. And then he's like friending me on Facebook. He's like, why can't you be friends with me? I'm like, because you used to molest me as a kid, dude.


Yeah. Go fuck yourself. Did you sleep well? Why don't you apologize first. Yeah. Yeah. So this meat headedness like up to this point, because these guys haven't they've just been well, they sexually assaulted that girl earlier. Yeah. How am I get them like going.


This is not too far removed from some of the shit that I'm familiar with from my childhood and I am not at all familiar with like I didn't you know, I thought all this shit just happened in movies. I didn't, like, realize that it like really happened, you know? And I mean, so, you know, I hang out with Luke. Luke only has an older sister. We don't really you know, we didn't really hang out with her or anything.


Like she was like I think like five or six years older. So this is a pretty significant distance.


And so, like, we didn't really hang out with her. So it was just kind of like, you know, us. There was no older brothers, you know, we didn't I didn't get terrorized. I never got bullied in school. And now, granted, I was kind of the the big kid in school, you know, but I was then I was a nerd, but I could kind of, like, intermingle with all the groups and everything.


But I think the main thing is not having an older brother with an asshole friend.


Man, I thought that shit fucking happened only in the movies, bro. That's fucking insane.


Yeah, I wish that shit only happened in the movies and looking back and like, you know, thank God I survived all that.


Yes. Yeah. And my brother my brother is definitely gone on and he's like, oh man, I'm so sorry that, you know, all this shit happened to you. And he, you know, he come to his senses, but but still do like this shit going on a lot. And just so I watch these movies.


And so I think, again, that speaks to the the revenge, the comeuppance, because I'm like, yeah, I'm like Charlie Charlie Brewster. And Friday night we're like, give it to him, Peter.


Give it to them. I mean, yeah, sure, Brenda. Give it to him. I can see that like like, you know, you're you're living vicariously through Brenda at the end, you know, just the revenge. This is that's what you want to do. You want to get your revenge on Eric's friend and. Wow. Just wow again. Always every episode. Wow. I think I think split second was one of the few episodes where we didn't have some piece of trauma got uncovered.


OK, so back to the action.


You know, with the scars, they're shaking, they shake and and down and principal underwear on underwear.


It's Underwood, Principal Underwood. What principal underwear walks in and he's like, what's going on here? You know? And and and he's looking at Vince and he's like, What's wrong with you, Vince? And I think it's Jake said something to him and he goes, go fuck an iceberg. Well, oh yeah. So so they said he's they said he's sick. So they're saying Vince is sick. They're here to take him home and they're burning up because he's got the clap and they you know, they all kind of laugh.


And then he fucking Underwood looks right at Jake and goes, go, go fuck an iceberg. And I was like, yes, but then he drops the F bomb and I'm not talking about fuck.


Unfortunately, he calls one of them a faggot and he drops out later and multiple times in this episode or in this movie, people just throw that F word around. And we talked about it before. But it's it, man. I'm glad we've we've all decided as a as a society to just push that that word away because now that it's fucked up, doesn't need to be said. Agreed, agreed.


And you're not talking about a bundle of twigs, so don't give me that. Exactly. You know, and yeah. Like because yeah. The underwear tells them to leave.


It's funny because that's his name from now I just call him principal underwear and I'm calling them underwear because, you know, whatever. John Vernon's not going to I think he might be passed away actually. Yes. Unfortunately, 2012 he passed away. So yeah, he tells him to leave and then Jake spits on the ground and he's like, why don't you take your asses out of here before I feed him to the cops? Yeah. And and at that point, I'm like, oh, dude, I just lost all respect for you.


Like, really. And I know this is the 80s is a different time, but let's again, Bill and Ted's excellent adventure drops that into and yeah.


Like yo people who we thought were cool did a lot of that shit.


So let's not even think that only the bad guys talk like that.




Anyways, cut from there to chill cheerleader practice, which is so great because I mean cheerleader practice.


And later on you're going to the lines that the cheerleaders are singing are so fucking funny.


I wrote down a couple of them, but you get that in the second.


So cheerleader practice, there's this creepy looking dude with wavy hair. Wes right. Is that his name was.


Yeah. The guy with the Letterman jacket on. Yes. Yeah. So that's Cindy's boyfriend. But he also likes Brenda and I track on this that he actually might be the biggest scumbag of this entire movie. He is a piece of shit. One. Yeah, he looks like he's fifty. All right. No, no guys.


No joke. He looks yet looks. I mean, realistically.


Thirty eight years old, like logit. Thirty eight years old.


And we were we were talking spoiler. We interviewed Caleb Emory who played Woody in summer of eighty four, and that episode will drop on Patreon next month. And one of the things that we talk to him about is how much we loved in summer of eighty four. Everyone that was supposed to be a kid was cast by an actor that was at least remotely in the age bracket of what they were supposed to be. And, you know, even if it's just a five year window, because, you know, we I specifically remarked, I hate in these movies where they're supposed to be high schoolers and, you know, they're clearly fucking thirty, not even in their 20s anymore.


They're in their thirties. And man, that was such the eighties, dude. That was such the eighties. That was like, you know, like I mean, I swear to fucking Christ, the guy who plays West is older than me now. I'm forty two. He was fucking he looks older than me. It's insane. And then he gets even more scummy later and I'll you know, and I'll keep proving my point as to why he is actually the worst character in the entire fucking movie.


Oh well he didn't, he didn't rape somebody that he didn't rape anybody.


But yeah. I mean OK, I'll say this outside of. Yeah. The gang members like as if it was just like a school scenario. He's a piece of shit.


He's the biggest piece in. Yes. He's a he's a normal piece of shit I guess I should say.


Yeah. He's supposed to be like the good looking hot due to the school. I think that's the implication.


He's a fucking goober. He's a fucking like six foot tall boy. He looks like a Kramer.


He's got a fucking horse nose, you know, and he's just like he totally does. Why are they trying to pass this guy off is the cool guy. And I'm like, you're. Yeah, you're a fucking goob.


Yeah. Yeah. Reggie's better working your old goob. Yeah, right.


And yeah, yeah. Reggie at least looks his age, but we'll get to see who Reggie is in a minute.


But yeah, he's watching, he's watching his girlfriend Cindy, who's hot as anybody who's hot and everyone in this movie, he's got cans, man. Everyone the casting director had one criteria and that's cans.


Oh, man. Get to the shower scene in a second. Yes, we will. And then from there, suddenly Wes strolls on over to the locker or to the gym and walks in on Brenda and her PE class. Yeah. And he's scoping her out. And Brenda's looking at him and she's kind of making eyes at each other. And she's with her girls and they're talking and they point out. The fact that he's got a boner because he has a full on erection in his pants and he realizes that he does and he hides behind the bleachers of the gym, and he really comes to this realization.


I'm just looking at my note and it says, I didn't I didn't even look at it before I made that statement. But my note says Cindi's VFW's is is fucking 40 hyphen also said he has some cans on her to. Yeah, exactly. So from there, we cut the back to the scars and they're underneath the bleachers of the high school, the outdoor bleachers, and they're drinking.


And then can I just say that, like, I know they're the bad guys, but as far as like actor business goes, every time they're together as a group, I really enjoy watching them interact, even though they're they're picking on Vincent and everything. But I guess I'm looking at it. I'm aware that, you know, yes, they're the bad guys, but I'm not, like, saying it like as like looking at their characters. I'm enjoying what the actors are doing and the business that they're giving their characters to do.


I like their interactions. It's a lot of energy, I should say. It looks like they're having a good time, but still, you know, still intimidating.


Yeah. If you think about some of the movies we've we've talked about that fall within the genre that we've already broke down class in 1984, that gang was very just straight up evil from the get go. Right. They were just evil drug dealer scumbags from the get go.


Tough turf was they were kind of chased Shasti like grifter people from the get go. So you knew that they were bad dudes from the get go.


You look at this group and you're like so far, other than the female accosting scene, which is obviously a horrible.


Yeah, they haven't done anything else. Where you're like, oh, these guys are really pieces of shit, they're just more like these, just they're like some bad dudes, but they're not that bad. Right.


But I will say, comparing it to class of nineteen eighty four, Jake does not have the qualities of Stegeman Stegman has, is so much fun, has so much charm. Jake does not even remotely have that much charm, although he is interesting to watch, you know, on screen. And he is intimidating but he doesn't. He's no Stegman.


Yes. He's way less, he's more one dimensional than stigmatises. But I will say that he I like him better than the tough turf villain, whereas like tough turf, the villains didn't really stick out in my head. Like, looking back on it for me, it's more about Kim Richards and James Spader and stuff. So like this group here, I would say I put them in between. But then again, we have to have new kids. I like new kids a little bit better.


So in order it would go it would actually go.


Stegman, you know, class of 84 new kids, this that then tough turf as far as the villains go, man, I have this is my fourth high school exploitation.


Yes. Yes, it is. Yes, it is. Yes. And it's and trust me, it won't be my last. Oh, I'm glad it's not. But I'm but I'm glad we're getting to this like I am. But I'm also glad that well, shit, you introduced me to every single one of them. So I'm really glad that we're doing Savage Streets where we are like, I'm glad we didn't start with it, you know, like I'm glad we kind of built up to it, although maybe you could say we built down to it.


Yeah, I think we built down to it.


I think it came out of if I had to rank these, I would put it last on this list so far of my favorite of the. But it's not to say it's bad.


I'm right. Yeah. Yeah. Of the of the bad guys. They're not our favorite bad guys. But this movie makes up for that and the other wonderful aspects of it. Yes, indeed.


Which we're going to get to really soon. So. So yeah. Jak's scope's the cheerleaders and he's there ogling the cheerleaders and this is the cheerleaders are singing. They're they're cheerleading song. Our backs are breaking. Our skirts are too tight to the left, to the right. Our hips are shaken to the left, to the right.


Slow down.


And I never heard girls at a football game do that. You know, and keep in mind, for some reason, the the production designer, the costumer chose no bras for anybody. So now Hawkgirl is doing cheerleading and no bra whatsoever.


And I'm like, oh my God, I mean, yay. But also, I feel bad for the actress playing Cyndi. Yeah.


I mean, this is this is like Cannoned textbook of, you know, just. No, no, no, no, no, I but can we do the scene? Can I put a jacket on in between takes because I'm naked and I'm cold. No, no, no, no. You keep jacket off. It looks better on film. It's fine. You're fine. No, I'm freezing right now and everyone else's jacket on and I'm naked.


No, no, no. You're good. You're good. How do you know you're not inside my body? No, I'm inside your head and I know I'm producer. Don't worry. Come on. It's this kind of film like we always say.


Please, if you haven't seen Electric Boogaloo, the Canon documentary and this isn't a canon movie, but just just go watch that, guys. Just go watch it. You'll get the jokes.


This this definitely gets into the this is canon realm, though. Yeah.


So from from there, the scar spot. Heather, remember Heather. Yeah. So she she's walking off to the gym. She sees Brenda and and then Cindy walks in and then Cindy's like basically threatens Brenda to stay away from Wes because West is still there when when Cindy walks in. Yeah, yeah. I got funny, Brenda ogling you, ogling Brenda and Brenda is like, OK. And then Cindy just flips off Brenda, which is really fucking funny.


And anybody flip somebody off in a movie, I think I always think it's funny.


And then from there, Brenda sees Heather and then she's talking to her.


I'm not going to I'm not going to read what I wrote down because it's something my former video man boss Robert used to say about people with special needs, because I'm like, why is she talking to her like she's three?


He's talking.


Well, she's as you know, I think it is she was she was enunciating her words so that her sister could read her her lips.


OK, yeah, I'll give you that. I said I'm just like they're treating this girl and she's deaf. If this is her sister, she's got to know sign language at this point.


Come on. Like, all right. I want to know a little more backstory. I want to I want to know how long Heather has been deaf.


Well well, unfortunately, apparently the original script and a lot of stuff that they shot that got changed had a lot more of the Brenda and Heather stuff together. There was a lot more to that relationship in actually, because I was watching an interview with Linda Blair on on the Blu ray disc, which again, great, great disc by Code Red. She was saying that the you know, the tub scene, while obviously everyone in the theater enjoyed it, it kind of made more sense because I think there were scenes of her and Heather in the bathroom and stuff like that, like that.


That scene was supposed to have more of an impact and more of an emotional grounding. But because they took all the rest of that shit out, it plays as just exploitative, you know. But apparently there was a lot more with Heather and Brenda, actually.


I think when we get to that scene, it makes sense to me because she's plotting. Yeah.


Yeah. Actually, I didn't find it to be like an unnecessary and, you know, obviously I was happy with the nudity, but like, yeah, I didn't feel like it didn't fit, you know, like, I'm like, yeah, you would be sitting in the bathtub brewing, you know, and stewing about shit.


Yeah. Which she's obviously going to do. Yeah. Yeah. So so it's outside of the fact that she's talking to her like she's three. But you, you point out that she's annunciating. Makes sense. Heather got Brenda a necklace which she's really sweet. It's kind of a touching moment. I really like it because it feels genuine at the end, like they're embracing each other and she's like, OK, well I'm going to go shower and stay here and I'll be back.


Yeah, except when Brenda is like, oh, God, I love you so much. And I'm like, that's weird.


I feel like you don't say that to your your sister, I guess.


I don't know. Maybe girls do.


I don't know. But it felt very like I don't know, very sexual but like, you know, you know, not obviously but like we're just I was like, oh God, I love you so much. Oh my God that's weird. OK, sure I love my sister but not that much.


It speaks to what I read when you read, asks Heather who she's ever kissed. In a minute we're going to get. Oh, God, OK. So I'm like actually you tapping into that a lot more sense.


Oh, and cue shower time.


Yes, dude. Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes. And I mean so far it's already been great but it gets even greater and honestly it keeps going, it just keeps going from here.


It at this point I think this is the point when Kristen for those are not who don't know my wife, she's like what are you watching? And she goes, is this a career pick? I go, now, this is my pick. And she's like, it is.


I like my husband is sleazy too. I said, You do know the show that we do, right? I know you have to listen to an episode of it, but you do know that this show, it just falls within the realm of our show and it all makes sense.


It all makes sense.


Like, look, this is just the reality of these kind of movies.


You know, it's all good. And this is the moment that I texted Zach.


I go, hey, Zach, it seems like a seems like a bunch of women are using the girls locker room because and we have guys we have full Bush, we have full on thirty something year old women all using the shower of of of a locker room that's supposed to be for kids, I guess, you know, for, for high schoolers.


And I'm just like, OK, I mean, look, I'm not saying I want to see an age appropriate or anything like that. I trust me. I'm not saying that at all. But I mean, come on, guys, they are full on women. They're just women and also just men in this movie. It's. I just find it funny, I just find it fucking hilarious. It's like the director wanted to say, OK, look, these are teens in the shower, but you knew you do know they're all adults.


They're clearly really, really trying to to quote a one of my favorite 80s schlock songs from Attacking the Killer Tomatoes, Puberty, Puberty, Love.


I haven't seen Attack of the Killer Tomatoes in forever. But when I was a kid, I liked the cartoon.


A lot of the cartoons, the shit, in fact, that that's not on DVD is like heartbreaking.


That's bullshit right there. That's bullshit replay because that was that's that cartoon.


I can do a whole thing on that cartoon.


I hope that it pops up on TV Obscura at some point. Yeah, that one's going to be great. And attacking the killer tomatoes will wind up on there for sure.


But anyways, back to Heather's in the gym, then you get a loan and then back in the shower, Fran's talking to her group with Brenda about throwing a party.


And can we I mean, the first shot in the shower scene is a beautifully curvy woman, woman again emphasizing woman, you know, showering in the camera like it's actually ultimately it's actually a really cool shot because the camera Dolly's left, you know, through the shower.


I mean, it's sleazy as fuck and it's just a bunch of women and a whole bunch of extras taking showers.


Yeah. And then it and then it goes over to the our main group of girls actually talking and everything, and it actually has a little bit of dialogue before they cut to a closer shot.


But, you know, for a movie with a low budget, that's actually a pretty fucking good like that's a big setup shot, you know, like having any time guys and gals, any time you see camera movement in a low budget film, it takes a while to set up any kind of camera movement shot.


So you know that they spent time on that shot and the choreography of the girls like showering and stuff.


I mean, honestly, I technically technically it was technically sound, but as far as how it made little Corey feel great, great in my pants, it made me feel great in my pants.


I'm going to say also one of the reasons I chose this movie was a thank you note to you. I knew you would really enjoy this film, and that's the reason why.


And I'm like, I'm going to throw Corey a solid and choose something that he'll do, just like speaks to his loins.


Oh, man, I appreciate that. But I feel bad knowing what I gave you for our next movie.


Oh, look, I'm not going to say what it is, but I'm just going to say that when I when I open it up and I did the unboxing, which, if you don't know the unboxing are on or Patreon and you have to check that out, it's definitely worth it. And I shouted out one of the actors in it, I'm like, that's the actor. That's the only actor I can give a shout out to my boy.


Oh, boy. Hey, everybody, Corey here, I just want to let you know that we'll be right back after these short messages. Hey, everybody, welcome to Talking Back, the podcast where we like to chat about past achievements in movies, comics, video games and more.


I'm your host, Tim, and with me today in studio is co-host.


Hey. Hey, Tim.


This isn't a full episode. This is actually just an add.


All we have to do is tell everyone that our podcast come out on Mondays and they can find us on their favorite podcast, or if they're into movies, comics or video games, they should definitely check us out.


Oh, well, then, thanks everybody for listening and we'll catch you next time talking back.


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So they didn't have The Bachelorette, I guess, earlier.


But I'm like, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. She's getting married.


How how old is this chick? She's a high school chick right now. And and Brent is showing off her necklace. Then you get back to Heather in the gym. She's alone. She takes off her shoes and she starts dancing. She's doing like ballet. And then you cut to red.


Well, can I can I just. I'm sorry. I just want to interject real quick. One important piece of information that Franey also said or Francene, whatever you want, whatever name is, she's pregnant. So that is another very important piece of information.


So, yes, it's it's weirdly I feel like the way that they say it, it almost implies that, like, she did it on purpose because she was like we were going to get married anyways. It just now just kind of speeds it up. And I'm like, OK, interesting, interesting. Or, you know, maybe she's implying that she's going to keep the kid or whatever. But I was like, whoa.


I mean, this movie's this movie's tackling some some issues, teen pregnancy. I mean, this is like this is no small thing, but they just kind of like, you know, whatever. But she does tell Brenda that she wants Brenda to be the godmother, you know?


Yes, that's right. That's right. Brenda, who smokes throughout this whole thing, this entire thing in school.


In school. I track that. I track that so many times. Yep. Yep. In class. In fucking class. In front of her teacher.


Yes. But whatever, you know. Sure. Sure. She's sure she's she's Linda Blair. Yeah. Cut cut back to the gym with Heather's dancing and doing her ballet routine and Red's clapping, which she would not. I, I guess she wouldn't hear. But, you know, she does see Red and he's like, I ain't never talked to no deaf girl before or something like that.


He's like, you move real nice. Yeah. And they're like, oh, man, this is not going to go well for Heather. Not soon.


But how long is it going to how long is it going to be until it goes bad for Brenda or sorry for Heather. So cut back to Brenda talking to Frannie and that's when Frannie is talking about getting married and that's when she reveals she's pregnant. And, you know, like Brent is like, oh, I got to go get Heather and Lexie at the Club Mix Club tonight, cut back to Red. And he's talking to Heather. And it's like it seems kind of sweet.


There's a lot of tension, though, because, you know, it's not going to go right. And Red plays it. The guy who plays red plays it so well because it seems to genuinely kind of interested in her. Yes. And she's showing him sign language. It's all good. And he's like, I want to show you sign language.


And he starts showing her, you know, like the basically like the finger going in the hole sign, you know, and. Like going in and out and he's like, do you know that sign? And she's, like, shaking your head, no. And he's like, Oh, you don't.


And I'm like, wait, OK, how old is this chick supposed to be? And this also spoke to the point where I'm like, I don't think she's just deaf. I think she's also like, well, I mean, honestly, I know.


I know. I'll push back. I'll say if you if you're deaf and mute, I don't think you're going to go out too much and interact with too many guys through. I think I think her experience is just very low. Like, I just don't think she has a lot of experience even hanging out or interacting with with guys. But that being said, this is when I again, I don't I never love the characters of the bad guys. But the actor who played Red, I liked him and I liked the actor who played Fargo.


Like I liked the actors because I could see what they were doing and I could just, like, disassociate myself from the character. And I think Red does a great job here of like walking that line between sincere because he has to be to get her close to him. He can't just be a dick right away because she'll just run away. But like, he actually does a good job of being sincere, but also sinister at the same time. Honestly, like I played red, it was fucking great, man.


Seriously, they all honestly, all of them besides Veny were fucking awesome.


Yeah, he's he's really good.


He reminded me of he reminded me of the blonde second hand bad guy to toe cutter in Mad Max, the original Mad Max. That's kind of who he reminded me of here.


Mind. He reminds me of Ethan Embry. You know that actor Ethan Embry. He's on that show, Sneaky Pete Now. But Ethan Embry was back in the day. He was like in Empire Records. OK, you know. Yeah, I recognize that guy.


Yeah. Like a teen actor for a longest time. Yeah.


Like, he kind of had that quality about him, too, or a little bit of the fucking guy from Hackers and Trainspotting, and that's actually Johnny.


So, yeah, that's Miller. That's actually more where I would I kind of would put together him with that. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


And I'm like what is this guy looked familiar and then he only has one basically one screen credit, you know, like that's a shock anyways. Yeah. He's, he's doing the whole finger thing and you're like yeah. Now it's getting a little weird. This is OK then we know where this is going to go. Cuts back to St. Brendan, the locker room. Cindy rolls up and she wants to fight Brenda and she's in her underwear.


She's in her underwear and she just wants to go.


She wants to, you know, tussle with Brenda and Brenda's like, you know, she's like, stay away from West. And she's like, you know that.


And I'm going to say, and she's like that her stupid, you know, she got an F word, the F word that we hate.


And I even wrote down like everyone everyone in this movie is just throwing that word around like like he gets nothing, you know?


And again, that's what the 80s were.


The eighties were very just unaware. Unbusy. Yeah. And look, folks, it's like Kurenai. I not politically correct people necessarily. Yeah. I'm a teacher, blah, blah, blah, but it's more about having awareness. Yeah. You just don't you know, that's that, that's, that's, that's not cool. It's just not cool.


I agree and I can I say what I do love though. I love how she's like stay away from West and he's like stay away from west. And like Brenda's is like I wouldn't even fuck him if he was the last dick on the planet.


And then the guttural yell, the battle cry that Cindy lets out, I was like, oh my God, I, I was I think I was like just kind of like, you know, I'm watching it, but I'm like, you know, kind of slouching a little bit. And when she lets out that guttural battle cry, I sat up and I'm like, oh my God, it's on.


Yeah, it's really it's a great fucking scene, actually. It's a really great scene. It really is.


Because because, like, Brenda completely just dismisses her and you can just tell Cindy, like wants to fight, you know, so like, the fact that she just blows her off just makes her just go insane.


I'm surprised that she didn't go after right after she called her the C word to, you know. Yeah, but but yeah. No, it's great. So, yeah, they're going to tussle and it's coming up soon, folks. And you cut back to Red and Red wants to kiss Heather. And then, you know, she basically says in her way that she's only kissed her dad and he's like, you only kissed your dad and he's dead.


So like, oh, Jesus, this is really uncomfortable right now.


Like, I'm still alive and twitching. Yeah, I'm still alive and twitching. So he's making his move on her and she breaks away from him and tries to run out of the gym. She runs to one door, Fargo's at the door. She turns around, runs to the other door. And there's Jake. The whole gang's there, so my question to you is, was Fargo and Jake just standing outside of those doors in case she runs away because like, Red was in there for a bit like like let's just say realistically, let's just say 20, 30 minutes.


Right. Because he had to, like, stand there. He had to talk to you because you got your over. You got to work her over. You got the sense that they were kind of talking for a little bit.


So I was like, so it was like Fargo just standing there twiddling their thumbs the entire time, waiting for maybe she would go out that door like, you know what I mean?


Like, maybe, yeah, he's not playing, you know, he's not he's not playing Angry Birds on his phone or whatever. Exactly.


Because there's the fucking cell phones back to exactly what the fuck do you do when you stand around doing nothing back in 1984. You know what you do?


You fucking like literally just kick rocks. You literally and you kick rocks. Yeah.


And just to paint a picture of what Fargo looks like, he's he's wearing a leather vest and nothing else on top. Oh. And a bandana around his neck. The entire movie. Yeah. So this is his look. Yeah.


The entire movie and as well it should be because he's fucking got rock hard abs that he's.


Joe Episcopo is Joe Episcopo a man fucking show those motherfuckers off. You worked for those motherfuckers.


Show what you did, you work that you earned it. Right. So from there. We come back to Brenda fighting Cindy. That's a pretty good fight. You know, it's I like I enjoyed it.


It's fun because she's doing a lot of ducking and dodging and whatnot. But there is actually a better fight going on behind Cindy with these two naked chicks that are like they're really getting into it to the point where I was afraid they were going to, like, hit one of the faucets or something. But there is a there is a legit amazing fight going on behind Cindy. Guys, it's actually fucking good.


Yeah, it's hilarious because it's it's there's multiple things going on in a scene and multiple things to look at. Brenda and Cindy are not naked, but the other girls are. So just gives you a paints a picture of what to expect in the scene.


I felt like Ford Fairlane when he goes to the sorority house and he's like looking like left and right, just like looking everywhere during that scene. That's what I was doing. It's like, oh, my God, look at the corner. Look, there is so much to look.


There's so many naked women, so many naked women not fighting each other with full on Bush's, not merkins Bush's.


This is the 80s.


It was a different different length, different length back. So gets back to now.


Heather's getting raped, she's in the bathroom girls bathroom and she's getting raped. It's really this is this is this reminds me of this is probably one of the more uncomfortable rape scenes I've seen in a movie next to Last House on the left or I spit on your grave. Yeah, it's not as bad as those, but it's pretty damn close where it goes on way too long. Basically, Jake forces Vinny Vinny is like uncomfortable. I don't know if he's on drugs or what.


I'm I'm assuming he's on drugs.


The guy who plays Vincent, he he's doing some he's making some interesting choices as an actor in this movie. And then they're all roughly around his facial expressions.


Yeah, just the bizarre facial expressions and jokes like trying to get him pumped up basically to to rape Heather. Yeah, there's on the ground naked, she looks like a like a young girl.


And it's very uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.


It is in the fact that, like Fargo is taking her lipstick and making circles around her, her breasts and and look on her face and stuff.


So I ask you, this was Night of the Demons and Omeje a reference to this because one linnear Quigley's wearing like that.


You know, it's kind of a very similar style with like the the the dress and the little bouffant shoes things, you know. But then in the famous scene when she is possessed and does the the lipstick around her breast and then puts the, you know, the lipstick under her nipple. But she also puts like the lipstick on her face.


I was like, I'm watching this. I'm watching this. Having seen the demons. I'm like in demons I think came on like eighty eight, eighty six, something like that. This is 84.


So I'm like, are they like referencing Savage Streets, do you think maybe I mean I, I wouldn't put it past them to do that because I feel like this movie is known enough in that in this in like in the film. Community, you know, like people you know, cult movies know this movie, I wouldn't be surprised. It's it's is I mean, it's it's super uncomfortable to watch and, you know, and.


They're getting like Veny ready, and then when Vinnie basically realizes he's popping his cherry for the first time, Jake even says that when he goes in her and then, you know, he looks at this weird kind of orgasmic sound and you cut.


Well, actually, no, I. I just want to say that actually they did a really good job. She lets out a scream, but since she's mute, nothing comes out but that it goes right to a phone ringing like her. And so he he enters and she did like the camera, like Schudson in on her face really fast, but it's really artistic. She lets out a scream because but she can't doesn't say anything. So it like it cuts to it like a phone ringing.


Yeah. It's really, it's really uncomfortable. It hurts. It really is. It's it's the worst scene in the movie just for like just intensity. But it kind of sets up the tone of the film from that point on where you're like, do you understand why Brenda wants revenge in the kind of revenge she wants? Of course, it all makes sense. So from there and we're not done with that, folks.


By the way, I cut back to the principal's office underwear, principal underwear, and you've got Cindy and Brenda in there. And Brenda is just sitting there with this, like, snarky look on her face.


And Cindy's crying and underwear is like, oh, you stop crying, knock it off, knock it off, stop crying, which is really fucking funny, actually, and then just let her go.


He just seems like you can leave Cindy. And then he looks at Brenda because now you realize that Brenda is the one who's going to take the brunt of the punishment. And he's like, look, you're a bright girl, pretty face, good figure. You're a fucking scumbag dude for your scumbag. Yeah.


I'm like I write down. Is the principal hitting on Brenda? I mean, let's let's you know, let's not excuse the fact that she's literally about to light up a cigarette in the principal's office. You know, that's one thing. But he is very overtly hitting on her.


Yes. With his Hockfield old man face.


Yes. It's really gross, right? It is.


It really it's you know, no offense to the actor, but it's just, you know, I guess that's the whole point. This is like the second of maybe three scenes he's in and then that's basically it for his character. Yeah.


And two of those three scenes he hits on. Brenda Yeah, exactly. Yeah.


It cut back to the bathroom floor and Heather's still on the ground. It's post Vinny raping her and the guys are all arguing about whose turn it is next.


Is this when Jake kisses guy? You know, this is when Fargo kisses Jake. It's like so so far. So Jake says it's Red Star next Fargo's. I know. It's my turn. Yeah. They get into a little bit of a scuffle, but I'm like, push up against the stall or something. And then Fargo just straight up, like, kisses him and. Sure, I mean, it's I don't care. But like, at the same time I'm like, wow, like full on.


Like, he gives them plants and then when Jake gives them a look Fargo like look at his own lips and then they both kind of laugh and I'm like, man, this is like I don't know, like I guess I think back to those group of guy friends that you hear about in high school that like all like watch porn and jerk off together. I never quite understood that. I was never like a part of that kind of friend group.


I know people and I'm not referring to you. I know other friends who've been in that situation. And they were weirded out by it. But I never I just I guess I never understood it.


And then here I'm just like, OK, all right, Fargo, I do your thing, man, you know?


But there's a lot of male on male crotch grabbing and a lot of male male kissing. And I say that because earlier in the movie, in the very first act, the first scene before the girls steal the car, we see there's like a little drug deal happening. And at the beginning of that shot of the drug, the guys, the scars dealing with that biker or whatever, it starts with, like Jake kissing that guy on the lips and then, like, pulling away.


That's how that shot starts. It's like right away. I'm just like there's a lot of guy on guy kissing in here. Hey, not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just I'm surprised that's all.


It's it's all good. Yeah. It speaks to like my brother used to watch porn with his buddies too and I'm just like, I don't fucking get it. I remember I come home and he's like, Zach, get in here, watch this.


I'm like, you didn't want to I don't want you. Get in here. Watch this.


That was what would happen on a regular basis. But too often, once is more than enough as far as I'm concerned.


And I just want to go upstairs and play with my egos and I'm not even joking. Yeah.


And real quick, like like, you know, you hear about like fraternities and hazing and like something about like the salty cracker, like everybody's got a jerk off in a circle into a cracker in the last person. Got to eat it.


Like when I heard that I was like, if I was pledging, I'd be like, I mean, before they even like just like the jerking process. I'm like, no, no, I'm I don't need to be a part of this fraternity. No, thank you. I'm out like, yeah, I just. I don't. I don't get any of these things, and it's it's always done by, I guess, straight people and again, I'm not I'm not trying to make any, like, statement about sexuality or anything.


It's just it's more about like, I don't know, social norms or something. I don't know. I'm sure there's there's smarter people than me that can have this discussion. I just I just don't get it. I guess I don't get that sense of that masculinity, that side of masculinity.


I guess I don't get if you talk to my ex wife, she'd be like, oh, they were sexually traumatized as kids or whatever. And I mean, she might be right.


I mean, you know what I mean. Well, you're right. She could be right.


Who knows? She might be on to something anyway. Speaking of trauma. Yeah, they they're arguing about whose turn is next. And then you cut back to cut the Brenda with her girls. And Brenda's like, I'm never going to get out of this place.


And, you know, she she's she's all bummed out and she's like, oh, I've got to go get Heather. And then you come back to the bathroom and Heather is on the ground still and they're getting ready. Oh yeah. They're like, somebody's coming. Right. And they're getting packing up because Fargo's on top of Heather.


And it's really uncomfortable, you know, he gets up and he's pulling his pants up and they're going to take off and Heather's laying there just conscious, but just, you know. Traumatized and Jake, just apparently he did this more than once in the original cut, but he just stomps and kicks her in the head, gives her a head, kicks like I thought he stomped on her head.


And that's what I thought. Yeah. And what who gives a fuck?


It's horrible for adults. It's brutal. And she looks like a little child who's just been raped.


It's it's OK for folks like this is the only part of the movie where I'm just like, oh, this is uncomfortable, you know. Yeah, but but again, it's exploitation. Like this is what happens in exploitation films if you're not used to this by now. And it's what happens in the genre.


Yes. To it. Yeah. Although I will say it seems to me that like this, this is an exploitation film with a moral compass, you know, and it's it's showing, you know, it's showing bad shit that we we expect to see from exploitation film. But it's also trying to show the ramifications, even though, you know, they are obviously very heightened and movie esque.


Yeah, I'm not you know, this isn't like a death spa where it's just straight up exploitation. Yeah. And it doesn't make any fucking sense. Right. The movie's kind of dog shit. This actually has some sort of point to it. Right? It's not Toxic Avenger where it's just like one funny thing after another. Let's, you know, do some raunchy shit.


This this this has a point.


This has this follows the death wish scenario.


Death wish for those of you that might not remember, has a horrible rape scene in it, too. That's the whole point of why Bronson goes on his fucking killing spree.


And that movie, by the way, the action really doesn't start taking place until the third act of the movie, kind of similar to what goes on in this. The third act is when things pick up.


So when people go like, oh, these movies are boring, but Death Deathwish is so cool. Deathwish did the same fucking thing. Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn't actually pick up until the last 20 minutes of the movie where you're like, oh, the shit doesn't hit the fan until the hour in.


Yeah. Know a lot of I think a lot of people I'm just thinking about like what may or may not be said comment wise, because I think people forget that a lot of iconic films that they think, oh, that's the movie they follow the same formula that people complain about nowadays with movies. Oh, it takes so long for the action to pick up. No, it's kind of the way it was. Yeah.


I feel like the movies back then were a little bit more of a slower burn, you know. Yeah.


And I like that. I, I totally dig that as long as the burn up to that point makes sense and it's good. I feel like this kind of does it takes you out a little bit of a journey. Yeah.


It's not the best like we've already said, but it's still fun, nevertheless exciting.


The name of the hospital that Heather is now in.


Oh I didn't notice. What is it, Doctor? Hospital.


I didn't even notice that. That's awesome. That's that's that's cool. That's awesome, bro. That is awesome.


Oh, man. So, yeah. So Heather is now in Doctor Hospital. I think she's in a coma.


They don't the good thing she should be inpatient hospital, but that's a whole other story.


This hospital's only four doctors. Yeah. It's only sorry, there's a doctor in that room. Oh, you're a doctor. They're over there. They're in that room. You need to go to nurses hospital. She's on the roof. Yes.


So in Heather's room, Brenda's in there with mom. My mom's got to leave to go to work. Brenda stays. Brenda does finally go home.


And in her little Mitsubishi Montero, she I'm like, oh, shit, that's old school.


I didn't know Mitsubishi had cars back in the early 80s.


Yeah, I saw that.


And I was like, boy, is that like so not an exciting car to have, you know, like, you know, you can put any car in there you want.


You put like a Mitsubishi Montero and you're like, OK, do you know which car she should add? She should have had our seven gern.


I mean, she should have literally had any other car than what she had. But that's fine. It's it's maybe it's more realistic this way. I guess so. Yeah.


It's kind of a nice car if you think about it. It was like having an idea walk Walkman back in the day. People that I will Walkmans were like, oh shit. You got the idea. You know, everyone else had Sony Walkman, you know, because but if you had I was kind of like, oh, did you go to Japan to get that? That's so cool.


You know, I don't I don't know this Walkman. I only had Sony. I was dope because it was slim before there was a slim case. Oh, OK. So it literally was almost the size of a cassette, just a little bit thicker.


Oh nice.


So it slid into your back pocket. Was really nice anyways. Yeah. So Brenda goes home, she goes into Heather's room and she cries when she sees a photo of her and Heather and it makes sense, you know, it's like.


Have her sister's been terrorized? Yeah, so now you cut to club and now we're back to some good fucking music. This New Wave band who it's they don't it's almost like they don't know how to act when they're on film. It's very awkward. But they're getting set up to play some cool fucking new wave, rock and roll. Brenda's talking to some old chick named Charlene. I'm assuming she's like the owner of the club.


Yeah, I was like, who is the old lady comforting Brenda? Because it's it's not her mom. No. And and, you know, like, yeah, I was like I feel like, you know, knowing that there was a lot cut from the movie and there was a lot changed and altered. I feel like that was a character that was probably expanded upon a little bit, especially later when they're at Club Imex and, you know, when it's not during like normal operating hours.


So they must, like, know that lady honestly. You know, maybe she's a mom of one of the the girls, I don't know. But my only take away from the band is that they were no tough turf band.


That's no, they were not. And who was that lead singer for in the tough band? He was like famous, wasn't he, like a famous, like punk or even like poet or something like that.


He was somebody that I actually recognized his name.


Yeah. Jim, Carol. Jim, Carol.


That's right. Yeah, yeah. I mean, Jim Carrey, that's a famous band. I think this was just this is not this wasn't even John Farnham. Right? I'm pretty sure.


And I'm pretty sure what they were like, what the band in the movie was playing like when they were on set, like, you know, is not the music that we hear in the movie because it doesn't look like they're doing the same thing or even moving at the right rhythm. No.


And and, you know, when we actually get to some of the songs later on, that's all. John Farnham, again, if you don't know who John Farnham is, do a deep dive on YouTube for his music because he's so good. So good.


John Farnham. Oh, my God. So anyway, is there a club? Emax Yeah. The old check. Is this comforting? BRENDA And when they're gang, the girl gang is like, you know, is like no one's going to do anything because they're like, what are we going to do? And is like, no one's going to do anything. The cops aren't going to do anything. No. You know, they're going to give some stupid speech at school.


And, you know, Charlene is like Charlene is like, what am I going to do if Heather dies?


Oh, no, Brent, sorry. Brent is like, what am I going to do if Heather dies, you know? Yeah.


And Charlene's like, you have to believe that she's going to like she just believe something. And then I, I mean, this is so over the top. Brenda goes, believe I stopped believing in God when my dad died.


And I'm like, oh my God, you're way too young to be this jaded. But at the same time, I was like, that is just such like ham fisted, you know, writing right there. You know, it's just it's so cheesy.


Oh, yeah. She it's like they got a hammer home. The point that she's just like all hope is lost and she's going to take. But but it's but yeah. There's they're missing scenes to kind of build up to that. But they, they are. But that's that's one of the few flaws in this film. Cut to Jake and Fargo and Red and they're getting in a car at a warehouse in downtown L.A..


Yeah, it looks like fashion district, especially later knowing that that it is like a place with a bunch of fabric and stuff.


My only note for this little scene is how fucking cool is it to be able to walk off that loading dock and in, like, basically sit into your convertible car? I just I was like the second time I watched that, I was like, oh, that's really fucking cool.


Like you, just because it's a convertible car is lower than the loading dock. So they just are walking up to the car, but they just basically step down into their seats. And I was like, that's fucking cool.


I'm not going to lie. That's really fucking cool.


It's really cool. This this movie in many ways reminding me of, like, things that I miss about downtown L.A. that I can't do anymore. Yeah, it's just I miss it, man.


Like, I remember the last time I went to Hollywood Boulevard, and it's just not the same anymore. And then, you know, I've gone down to Boyle Heights in the fashion district, in the warehouse district. And it just I don't know. I really love downtown L.A. as a as a parent.


Now, there's parts of downtown L.A. that are super kid friendly. There's a lot more parks and shit like that. But it's it's really there's aspects of it that I miss.


It's sanitized now. It's it's very sanitized. Yeah. Which is which is good. Fine. Just fine.


Yeah. And I used to live in downtown L.A. right on six and spring for about two years and it was I loved it man. I will never, I would never want to take those those years away. It was a lot of fun, but I also got to know, like East L.A. Fashion District, because, you know, you go to someone's party, you're like, let's go hang out over here. You know, you just you wander, you wind up over there.


But it's nowhere the same as it was back back in the day, back in 84. That shit was dangerous. You didn't go down down in downtown. I mean, shit. Look at just watch the beginning of Terminator, you know, that's that was like Broadway and, you know, like probably sixth or fifth, basically. Right. I grew up one street over four on I grew up I lived one street over from Broadway and that's what downtown looked like.


It does not look like that anymore. It's really insane.


No, no, you're right. You're right. And this is kind of where we'll come back to this warehouse district later on in the movie. Yeah, but cuts to Vinny taking out the trash at a restaurant that I guess he works at or something like that.


And and Jake shows up and and Vinny is like, you know, what about that girl? And I don't know.


He's like kind of I wrote he's he's having remorse about what he did and what had happened. And Jake basically forces he doesn't want to go with them where whether he's like, well, get in the car and go with us, you know, to wherever.


And he doesn't want to and forces them to go off to wherever they're going to go next.


Yeah, he he's starting you're starting to see that he's got a conscience. I mean, they do some stuff with it, but it doesn't I don't feel like it doesn't really make much of a difference ultimately at the end. But also to like let's be honest, the guy playing Vince just does not have the caliber to pull off some of the subtleties that this kind of a character shift needs.


You know, and he's just does so much face acting in this movie. It's it's him. It's acting. It's like him. And Linda Blair went to the same acting coach. And that acting coach was like, just always animate your face and always animate your eyebrows and something will emote out of it. And you're like, no, I don't sit here and talk to you, Zach, and you and like your face doesn't contort and make all these different changes.


You know, it just like it's really weird. But at the same time, like we've said in the past, it's these weird things, these weird decisions that the actors make that really ultimately makes this movie stick around. It makes it a cult classic.


It's just in you know, the guy is like the guy who plays Vinny. Yeah. He's just it's so distracting. He looks so dramatically older than he's playing, but he's still he's still the size of a freshman in high school, right?


Yeah. It's he's like five foot five. You feel bad for the guy. He's clearly, again, like thirty like everybody else, but he's five foot five.


And meanwhile, Jake is like eight feet tall.


Yes. Which is great for him, for the character. So anyways, cut back the club.


Amex and Francine and Richie are talking about how they want to. So the whole the whole gang's together. Brenda and the gang and Richie's talking about France, Francine and Richie. You're talking about how they want to get out of Hollywood. They want to go, you know, get a farm or like go live on a farm somewhere. And she goes off to the bathroom. Same time, Jake and the rest of the gang walk into Club Annex, I'm like, oh, shit, shit's going to go down.


And Jake spots Fadin again.


Hey, where you been? And so they sit down with Fadin and and finally sat and gives them some money. This is a really like the scene goes nowhere in a sense because he gives them the money and he's like, well, can I go now, Drake? Can I, can I go now? And he's like, yeah, get get out of here, please.


I was coming. I was kind of happy that Fadin survived that little encounter, you know?


Yeah, I guess. Yeah, in a way, I'm like, oh, OK. That's kind of surprising that they just let him off like that. Yeah. Agreed. Agreed. And then after that they go back to like kind of giving Vinnie shit for just being. Still being broken up about what happened to Heather and Jake grabs his balls. Yeah, a Jake grabs his balls and then this wooden cargo grabs the waitress lady grabs a waitress, starts grabbing her breasts.


And I'm just like, what's his Fargo's move now? Apparently, like, we've already seen it with Fadden's girlfriend. And now this.


And my my initial note is, are there are no bouncers in this club. Like, where the fuck? And that will become even more apparent very soon. But right now is where the fuck are the bouncers?


I mean. Well, and then also that set design is absolutely terrible. It's just a bunch of foldout tables, supposed to be a club. Clubs aren't fold-out tables like that. That's great.


No, this this is like this is low budge on the budg. Like, yeah, this is probably this scene looks like they needed one more scene and they had no money. That's what it felt like. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I thought the same thing to him.


Like where the fuck are the bouncers to this club because this girl is practically getting, you know, raped on the outside and and no one's doing shit about it.


Yeah. And then final and oh and I don't know if you noticed this, but kind of at the same time Red is doing the knife trick with like from aliens. Yes.


They didn't zoom in on it, but they that you could see that he was doing something with his knife. And I mean, it's yeah.


I was like, OK, well when did you come out come out of this actually. Yeah. Interesting.


Yeah. Yeah. But yeah he read was doing something with his knife. Yeah.


I have a feeling like that was just the thing you know. Yeah. But from there you cut into another really killer rock song that probably the dudes on stage were not playing, but it still sounded cool nevertheless. And Frankie. Sorry Frankie. Frannie's coming back from the bathroom and then Jake grabs her. Köstinger and I actually really like this part because two random dudes walk up OK.


Yeah, no I have. OK, so so I tracked the fuck out of this because I was fucking blown away. I'm not trying to step on your toes or anything with it, but yeah. Like, like. So Francene is exactly like you said, is getting accosted. And the first time I watched the movie, I didn't realize that the two guys that come to her aid are not her boyfriend. Richie, I thought it was the same guy because I because you don't really see Richie for the until right now, for the first time, you actually see more of them later, which is kind of it's got a weird structure to it.


But so like fucking two dudes, two white nights fucking go to her her and random in their show and they're random dudes.


And I'm like, it's that's such a weird story structure thing to do because you would want like the the girls to go to maybe Francine's aid or her boyfriend or something like that, but it's too fucking random guys.


And and what makes it even more amazing is they hold their own.


They actually like so like they go up to and I don't again, I don't mean to like steal this from you, but I was just fucking amazed by it. They go up to them. Then I came in, you know, like let the girl go. We're all just here to have fun. No one's trying anything, you know, no one wants any trouble. And of course, you know, Jake in Fargo, stand up. Jake, again, does the whole thing telling Fargo to apologize to these guys.


You know, so, you know, you're doing it's a little red herring type of thing because Jake Fargo is like, OK, I'll apologize. And he looks at one of the two dudes. He looks at him. He's like, I'm sorry, dude. The fucking punches that guy right in the face. But then when Jake goes to punch the other white knight, the other fucking white knight blocks the punch and fucking slams Jake's head down on the table.


And ultimately, you know, the Fargo and Jake beat those two guys up.


But I was like, dude, that one guy that's the hero of this fucking movie.


I want to see a movie about that guy who goes to clubs where there's no bouncers whatsoever in fucking defends women who are getting accosted by pieces of shit. These guys, I'm like, I want a movie about these guys. Who the fuck were these guys, dude?


Yeah, the one guy is slamming Jake's head into the table. Yeah.


And he looked he looked a little bit like, what's the brother in New Kids to me like.


Yes, Mitch. Yeah. He had like a very sort of generic, you know, shaved head or wet again, because I thought it was Richie, you know, I thought it was Francine's boyfriend at the time because, like, y you know, every movie that I've ever seen will tell you that that the you know, the boyfriend will come to the aid of the girl for like, it's just weird.


It's a very weird story structure sort of thing to introduce these two white characters and actually have them be capable for a second, you know, like and not. Just immediately get their asses kicked, but yeah, the one guy's got like blond curly hair and then the other one is a very generic looking kind of guy.


Well, and Reggie, Francine's fiancee, I guess, Richie, he's Richie.


Sorry, he absolutely sucks. He sucks in the class scene. Later, he says he sucks at every level.


He says. Yes. And have point when she's missing because she's now dead.


He's just like he's like, oh, you know, my woman shouldn't be holding the operation of the waiver. It's like all bullshit like that anyway. Sucks. The reason why I think he's not even knowing what's going on is because, you know, when she went to go to the bathroom, she tells him she's like, hey, guys, you know, don't try to steal my guy while I go to the bathroom or whatever. Sort implying to me it implies that this guy is not like super endure because why if she's feeling that unstable already about this fucking guy.


So they're probably off like flirting with him, having a good time. He just totally oblivious to the fact that she's getting accosted.


Finally, though, he does run up and interacts after the brawl is going on in this weird like club and with no bouncers whatsoever, with no bouncers and Franni, you know, Bitts Jake.


Right. I think. Or read. Yeah, one of them. Yeah. She said she bites read sorry.


She bites. Right. And then Jake gets slashed in the in the face by, by Francine. She's so, so yeah. I mean it should be important to note that Francine is the one that slashes him. That's why she's going to get the the biggest fuck back of later basically.


Yeah. This is going to come back in in a really terrible make up job because at one point it's like a dot and then yeah, it's this huge gash.


It's very inconsistent. Yes.


But that's kind of the humor of the whole thing. Yeah. Cut from there. You're back at school and you're in this weird, like head of the class type moment where the teachers reading a fucking poem to the whole class. Yeah.


And guess what? My first note is that teacher's got some big cans too.


Oh yeah. Sorry, sorry. No, no. Your audience. Yeah. And she's really tall. She reminded me a little bit of Sibylle Danning from You're Playing with fire.


She she reminded me of a poor man, sebel Danning. Seriously dude. Seriously you.


Yeah. Same same brain. So so yeah she's reciting this stupid ass poem and then she asked one of the kids all, all the kids are in the scene including Veny in the back ridgy by the way.


Oh yeah. Yeah. So Venis in the back and he's looking like he's going to have a mental breakdown and there's some guy whispering something in his ear the whole time.


OK, and like who the fuck is this guy with is like he's the guy has a cold sore on his face too by the way. Yes.


So yes. Yes he and that guy shows up and I think in the science class later and I was like, who is this asshole?


Like, what the fuck was he doing? What the fuck is this asshole about? But I think that is something knowing so I didn't find out until afterwards that there was, you know, a bunch of cuts in the movie was very different. So, yeah, I'm thinking he was supposed to be maybe Venis friend or something or maybe another scar or something.


Yeah, yeah. It's it's disjointed and you don't really know what's going on with that. But you do see that Vinnie's having a hard time. Yeah. Brenda's off in la la land looking out the window. And meanwhile what's going on in the center of this classroom is the teacher asks Richie to recite a poem and he goes, he stands up all proud with his fucking weird speech impediment. And he's like, disco sucks.


Punk is dead. Give me rock. Oh, give me give me head.


I'm just like, dude, you suck. First of all, it's so acting 101 like it's so fake, so fucking fame, you know, like that show fame or it's just. Yeah, over the top.


Give me rock, give me head. And everyone's shocked right and center.


So my second note after the teacher having big cans is this is Richie's big scene. This whole scene is Richie's big scene. Yes.


DataDot he blew it. Yeah, he totally blew it. He told us he sucks. He sucks.


He totally sucks. And what does the teacher do? She writes down the poem. She tries to turn it into a teaching lesson.


Yes. She's like she's like. She's like, oh, this. Yes. It may be crass, but it actually is a good poem, you know. And then, yes. Turns it into a teaching lesson. But I'm like, yeah. I mean, first off, you I guess you can smoke in school, but like, fucking hell, you can't tell your teacher, give me head, you know, like, that's just insane. Yeah.


Because she's like, what does that mean to give head and or something like that. I'm just like really. No, no teacher would be analyzing what this dipshit just said. Yeah. I mean I get it. And so the bell rings.


Right. Everyone's leaving. Brendan's totally. Distracted and then the teachers like Brenda, can I talk to you when after one leaves, Brenda, what does Brenda do in the classroom? Lights up a cigarette, of course.


Of course.


Lights or smoke loses her teacher's face and the teacher says, I'm sorry. You know, I'm there for you. And Brent is pissed. It's such a it's really a weak scene because I'm like, in what alternate universe would a teacher ever be OK with her student lighting up a cigarette and smoking and then just totally ignoring it?


Like, I would appreciate her bringing some attention to it, like, you know what? I know you're not supposed to do that, but I know you're under stress or whatever, you know, like it's OK, Brenda.


Well, I mean, at this point, everything tells me that you are supposed to smoke in 1980 for high school. So, yeah. I mean, guys, this is insane.


I know I know of all the things that I thought I was going to see in this movie. I never thought I would see a supposed high schooler lighting up a cigarette multiple times in high school.


Yes, exactly. Right from there, you cut to Vinnie at his locker.


And Vinnie's a disgusting pervert is what he is, because the the inside of his locker is decorated with porn, porn, porn on the fucking inside of his locker room wall.


How the fuck did he like? Yeah, I saw that. I was like, Jesus Christ. Like, where did you get all those pictures in? Like, how can you again, how this is high school, like, you know, how the hell is this happening? You know what?


Like I used to put shit on my locker. I put Fangoria pictures of shit like that because because that was cool and I knew they did locker checks. You don't put porn all over your it's guys. It's like graphic straight up porn.


You know what? You know what I had in my locker? I had that pin up of jewelry from Return The Living Dead Part three. They came in a Fangoria magazine, you know you know that shot where she's kind of like already decked out in the and the zombie gear, whatever. That's what I had in my locker.


All I know is at one point they took all of our stuff, all of our locker decorations down. Well, I didn't go to a shithole school, so that didn't happen to me.


Yeah, my principal sucked anyways, cut to the science class and now we're back with, like, Francene and be Francine.


Francine is scared, you know, about what happened at Club Max. And WET's walks up and he's talking about how he says. He walks up to Brenda and he says he likes her, you know, and then Cindy walks up. Yes, like like, like so yeah, fucking they're all together in the science class, right?


Yeah, but like Wesa's like he's such a piece of shit, he's like Cindi's right there.


And so he never cares about Cindy, his girlfriend, girlfriend, his fucking girlfriend, who I mean, nothing wrong with her. I mean, she upside's from maybe being a bitch. But you know what, maybe she's not.


Maybe she's not because her fucking boyfriend's a fucking asshole, you know? So so maybe she maybe Cindy's a fucking normal fuckin person, you know, like, seriously, because West is a giant fucking piece of crap. Again, he he's like I said earlier of the school kids, he's the bad guy. He's the biggest piece of shit of the school kids. And he just fucking like he's like like you. Brinda you're different. You seem like you're going to like go off at any second.


Like that's exciting, you know, and then like like yeah I get it. I get why Brinda be like, fuck you man. Like fuck off you big fucking goober you fucking hipster doofus.


Yeah. Yeah. Cause he's like isn't Cindy going to get pissed or whatever. And he's like we're just talking, we're just talking.


You literally said I like you. That's not just talking. That's like I she's a piece of shit. He's a piece of shit and.


Obviously, Cindy's pissed off. Rightfully so when the teacher walks in, who's this dweeb, and I love this moment for just a second because he walks in, the dweeb teacher walks in and they, like, cut to the rest of the class and the rest of the class is dancing on the tables. Stella is like doing a fucking Duggie or whatever. And it's really funny.


That's yeah. My first off, I love Stellas Energy and this entire movie she has, she has no art, she has very little dialogue, but she gives it her all every scene that she's in. But right here she's doing this like dance on the on the table that she just like it's silly. It's cute. But like at the same time, it's very. Particular, I guess, right? It's very odd. Yes, I wish you could do a screen grab of it because it's so random, but and she's aged very well, by the way.


Oh, well, black don't crack.


What what do you recognize the teacher from, bro? Like I right away I was like, is she from, like police academy or something?


I swear to God, I've seen him as like a nerdy guy before.


I don't think so.


He reminded me of Frank Oz, who reminded me, OK, maybe that was maybe I was just given getting Frank Oz vibes and. Yeah.


And Frank Oz has played. You know, a teacher and spies like us, and he's played the police captain or whatever police officer in training places and Blues Brothers kind of has that authoritative, annoyed. Do we look? Yeah, that's what I didn't recognize the actor himself. I don't think he's been in anything because he's pretty bad, because he starts to kind of go into his teaching voice and mode and it just it no one's having it. It's kind of a weak scene.


He walks over a poster to talk about.


Reproduction, sex and reproduction, yeah, and he pulls down the poster and there on the the the science illustrations of the man and the woman, there was a giant dick and a big hairy vagina. Yeah. To put it mildly. So. Cut back from there, everyone's laughing and you cut to the bleachers, the top of the bleachers now not under the bleachers, and Jake is with Vinny and you know, Vinny's like having his come to Jesus moment.


He's like, what are we going to do, Jake? Heather might die.


And he's like, everyone's talking about it in school and everything. Yeah.


And then, you know, Jake's like, well, nothing's going to happen if you, you know, as long as you don't talk. Yeah.


Right. Yeah, basically. Yeah. Vinny is is the loose, you know, screw here. Whatever the what's the term for that.


The loose cannon. He's the loose cannon. It's so, so Vinny here is the loose cannon and Jake's kind of give him that like you know, like don't don't step out of line, I'ma fuck you up and then Vinny's like yeah.


Like I would never do anything to hurt discourage Jake. So yeah, he's starting to come to Jesus but he's not quite there yet.


Yeah. Yeah.


And then you come back to the science classroom where the teacher is trying to get the class under control and 11 on the board there's a giant vagi like yeah. To spell vagina but didn't get quite finished.


And the teacher calls on Cindy to discuss the reproductive organs, and Cindy's like, you know, I don't talk about that because she's trying to have the like, I'm a Christian, right?


I don't we don't discuss these sort of things. But but really, she's a piece of shit.


She's a piece of shit. And she calls she's going on giving this speech about how she you know, she can't she can't talk about that sort of thing and then talks about Brenda and her sister and calls her sister a retard. Yeah. And I'm like, wow, now you suck. You suck so hard. Sucks harder than anybody else in this movie. You and West can go get in a truck and drive off a cliff and die because you suck.


So at that point, that obviously pisses Brenda off and they start brawling.


And I love this moment, and I'm sure you do, too, because as Cindy and Brenda are brawling, Brenda grabbed Cindy's top and rips it off. Yes.


Yes, she does. And I was like, so on first viewing, I was like, yes, like, you know, I was excited. On second viewing, I noticed that W was holding the teacher back from from breaking up the fight between his girlfriend and the girl that he likes in my note is right here. He's the real villain, like W is the biggest fucking piece of shit. Like he's such a fucking piece of shit. He's holding the fucking teacher back while they're fighting on the ground.


And yeah, like fucking. Yes, Cindy, his top ripped off island. That's awesome. And then she runs in the arms of the teacher. The teacher got to like a good you know, I don't know.


But like like fucking don't forget that her boyfriend was she was holding the teacher back from intervening. Yes. Yes. Is a piece of shit.


The teacher is whatever he is, he's a loser. But West is a piece of shit. Yes. And Cindy has some great cans.


It's actually a really hilarious scene. And it's odd because the sound the scene continues, but the sound cuts out.


Yes. No sound. Yeah. So so. So she goes running through the crowd out out the door and there's a crowd kind of gathers around the camera, you know, and so they'll do some like crowd noises. But you can specifically see the teacher mouthing something that they didn't ADR. And so that's there's no sound to that. But yet they have the sound of the kids like talking, which was like 80 art or something. It was really weird.


I was like, oh, fuck, I was a shitty kid. But yeah, it was. And now you've got the final scene with principal principal underwear in his office and he starts off Brenda's in there with him and he basically says, you know, I'm sorry about your sister, but she shouldn't have been there in the first place. Yeah.


And I'm just like, oh my God. Oh, my God, you suck it. Wow. Piece of shit.


And and then he suspends. He suspends Brenda.


And is this when he says to her, like, I like something like I don't get it. You're smart. You're pretty sure that everybody was that earlier. Yeah.


OK, ok, you're right. You're right. You got a pretty face. You've got a great figure. Yeah.


Jesus Christ. Yeah. He's, he's a piece of shit. He that character principal under underwear is a real piece of shit.


It's from there he cut the outside Brenda's with the girls you know get making. Wedding plans for Francine and Brenda, this is a foreshadow because Breton's like Brenda says, nothing is going to ruin your big day unless you die.


You get Incredible Hulk thrown off of a bridge.




And then you cut from here. I love. Oh, God. It's hilarious.


From here, you cut the Francene at a wedding store. It's it's Maria, the friend. It's her mom, right?


Yeah. Wedding store. And Francine's putting on the wedding dress. And, you know, I don't know. In some ways I'm like, this feels realistic.


They're like white trash. Francine looks white trash. She's you know, she's not the she's not the the most good looking tool in the shed, but is neither here.


Like, it feels very realistic to me like this young girl is going to get. Knocked up and married, you know. Yeah, no. And my first note here is that wedding dress is ugly as fuck. Yeah, it kind of goes with the person.


Yeah. Yeah, it kind of fits.


So from there, you know, Maria's got to go. She's got to she's Maria leaves and then Francine has to leave on her own with the wedding dress walking down the street down the boulevard really quick.


Did you see like when Maria leaves there's some lady or extra outside that looks exactly like Maria. She's like wearing the same outfit and shit and like the same hair. And I'm like I look, I'm like, what are they? She looks like confused. So I'm like, what are the chances that someone walking by that was like looking like it looks the same.


It's really weird. That's hilarious. That would be way funnier than like her extra just happened to walk on the scene and then realized she's not supposed to be there. If it was just some random actually random random person outside, that would be ten times better.




From there, though, Francine's walking down Hollywood Boulevard with this giant box dress in her side and she's being tailed by Jake and the gang I just wrote down.


Oh, no, because I didn't I didn't know it was going to happen. I kind of knew it was going to happen.


But I'm like, man, really? Okay, I get it. We got to build into something worse than I didn't know was going to happen either.


I right when I saw that, I was like, oh, man, my stomach kind of sank too. Yeah, it's it's good you're rooting for Francine at this point, like.


Yeah, I don't know. There was a genuineness about her and she's putting the wedding dress on and like I feel for him like I'm happy for her even though she's getting married to a douchebag.


Yeah, but Vinny is in the car with Vinny Red and Fargo and Jake are in the car and then he's like, keeps going on about it.


We're just going to scare. Right. You're just going to scare and like, do you suck?


And I get it. He can't do shit.


He's powerless and he's forced into it. Now, suddenly, Frannie's downtown Hollywood Boulevard and we cut to downtown L.A. and somewhat in the warehouse district, which is is it's fine.


It's not like tough turf where suddenly you're in the valley and then you're in Santa Monica riding your bike. Yeah. You know, but that's where she is now.


Yeah. Aside from where it started, I feel like the rest of it tracks as East L.A., Boyle Heights and stuff like I feel like if you just take out the word, the whole thing starts, the rest of it tracks much, much better than than tough turf ever did. Yeah, it's fine. It's more like, oh wow.


She must have been hoofing it so. Yeah. So yeah. Jak's, I noticed at this point Jak's cut on his face has gotten worse. And the whole reason they're trailing Francene is Jake wants revenge for Francene cutting his face. If I didn't mention that and I did now.


So yeah, they chase, they're chasing Francene now. She realized that she's being chased and Vinny keeps asking if they're going to scare, you know, just kind of are they going to hurt her? Are they going to scare in?


Francine's running from them and she still got the dress with her, which is kind of funny in a way, because I'm like, you just fucking throw that dress on the ground so you can run.


Yeah, I don't care, girl. You probably got a deal on that thing because you're your BFF is the daughter of the owner. But whatever, just get ditched the dress. Suddenly she's on one of the bridges in Boyle Heights, one of the famous bridges. They use that bridge so much. I mean, the use nine of the comet. Yeah. And she's surrounded by Jake in the gang and. You know, they're like threatening to. Her, you know, and then suddenly she doesn't, you know, she doesn't fucking and she gives it right back like she's she's she's not she scary.


But yeah, yeah she stands her ground and that's when Jake picks her up. Fuckin all Ultimate Warrior yet presses her high in the air, presses her high in the air and throws her over the bridge like.


A bag of trash. Yeah, and she just slams to the ground, they don't show it, they show it after she's hit the ground, but you hear it and she's dead.


She's that's so not only is she dead, but the fetus inside her body is now dead. So he killed two people. Yep.


Yeah. Dude, that shit was fucking hard core, man. He fucking was to arrest her man. He he lifted her up and he screamed like Elizabeth Warren.


He fucking just tossed her like trash and yeah. They're going to get what they deserve.


Yeah. So now then he freaks out. They all split when he runs away from Jake in Fargo and Red. Come back the club, Emax and Reges with the girls, and they're waiting for Francine Richie, why do you keep sorry, Reggie Richie. I wrote down Reggie again. Sorry, Richie. Yeah, because he has nothing to do with Reggie from Phantasm, what's right.


And he's like, you know, he's kind of making a joke, but he's doing that. I just I just hate to see guys. He sucks. He's sorry, guys.


I hate guys who like jokingly say that how my wife should be in the kitchen making me dinner right now, like blowing up that stereotype of what women should be doing versus what, you know, men are the alpha male like he's like doesn't she know she's not supposed to make her man.


Wait here, dude.


You suck. You suck. I charge you a bunch of other women, like they're going to be backing off going, yeah, you're right, Reggie.


I love how Stella is like, you better watch out like fuckin Francine will cut you up or, you know, she she stands up for her friend Stella. Stella's awesome. She's she's an unsung hero of this.


And she should and honestly, dude, like that was the one of the flaws I had with this film was when things start going the revenge route, I'm like, why did the other girls not be like, yeah, let's get this shit done.


Let's let's all together. If there's if they're if they're supposed to be this gang.


Which they kind of allude to with their matching jackets and shit that they call the Satins, by the way. Yeah, yeah, they should not the Satans, the Satins, which I like that because I like that.


Yeah, I think that's it's it's like the Lizzies in the Warriors or whatever.


It's, it's, it's just it's a loose moment where I'm just like us rich. You suck but you're and you're now soon to be wife is dead.


And my only thing is like why are they er why are they, they're not during like regular hours. I feel like there is, I feel like there was a storyline there that that just got dropped.


So to go your route of you know, creating my own storyline, the, the owner of the club Charline is like a mother figure to all of the girls. She was like maybe she used to be in a gang of girls and that she owns this club, which is like super friendly for everybody. And they've been going there. Maybe, you know, Charlene is Brenda's godmother. Yeah. She she was good friends with her dad or something like that.


You know, she's been kind of looking over the gang for a while now. So that's where I go with it. I'll take all of that. I'll take all that. Okay, cool.


You're going to take it. You take it, take it. So now cut to doctor hospital to doctors, hospital, doctors hospital.


Vinnie's at the hospital looking very disheveled. And he's he's obviously he's going to go to Heather's room to check on her, but he's walking past nurses. He's walking past doctors looking like like a crack addict, you know, stumbling down the hallway.


My my notice I don't know what you call what Vincent is doing, but it's not acting. It's not.


No, it's so it's so just. It's weird. It's weird. Yeah.


It reminds me of, like, something Martin Short would do for comedy. In on a Saturday Night Live skit. Yeah, no, no, 100 percent, but he's not Martin Short and this is a comedy must be coming.


No, no, I know. So I'm saying. No, no, but you're right. He he's got this Martin Short vibe and energy to him. But it's not a comedy and he's not as talented.


Yeah. Yeah. So this this no talent, this not less talented.


Martin Short, going to be careful because we're going to be blowing up one day and all these people are going to be like, hey, I heard your show, fuck you.


You know, you go fuck you. You like Richard Band. I got to take umbrage with you about the thing you said. By the way. We didn't say that it was on a Blu ray.


Yeah, exactly. But yeah.


So so he goes in and finds Heather's room and he's talking to her while she's laying there, you know, in her coma or whatever. And he's like, you know, I didn't want to do it.


I'm just their friend and I was just hanging around with them. And then he then he finally apologizes first thing on your fucking mouth. If you rape somebody, as you say you're sorry, but you're not because you did it.


And it's like I didn't want to hurt you. They just you know, they threw me on top of you. Part of me is like, I get it, yeah, I get it. Like, you know, they did. They did. They forced him on you.


But he still had to have a hard on, you know, and say, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So you're 100 percent correct on that. Can't can't change that right there.


So. Yep, yep. And unless he was unless he was stuffing the loose noodle in there, you know, the limp noodle dude, I never thank God.


Never been down that road. That's weird. Oh you know what?


I remember when John Wayne Bobbitt got a dick cut off. He did a porno after that. And I remember our video store video man.


We had we got the porno because that robber was like, this is going to be a big renter or whomever watching it.


I'm just like, oh, I want to see what's doing with this thing, you know? And they do the close up. And it's and it's just like it's like ramming it's like trying to film sausage sausage casing.


But the sausage meat is just fucking falling all over the place and God can't get it in there.


It's just not fitting anyways.


So at this point, you know, he's confessing extends to to braindead Heather and or almost Brandon and Brenda walks in and she just goes off on him and starts beating the shit out of them and he runs off.


And it's so weird because he's like, no, no. As he's getting, like, smacked in the face by her. But he's not even like like reacting to the Cmax.


It's it's such a weird scene because the guy who plays Vinny, his energy is so fucking weird. It really is.


Yeah, it's really weird and I you know, I'm always down for a cool montage and the upcoming montage they have is from Vinnie's perspective, when he raped Heather. And I'm like, why do they have to do a montage of the worst scene in the movie?


Yes. So as many like like freakishly runs down the street, they keep cutting to like these shots of. Yeah, you have like kind of like what's going on in his head. But at the same time he runs like a weirdo.


So like you're also distracted by how weird he's running.


Yeah, I feel like he's he's the buddy on the wonder years, the all grown up.


I mean, I was going more for Vince Tully in Ghostbusters when he when he runs and knocks over that guy's boombox and the guy on the horse goes, what an asshole.


Yeah, even better, dude. That's way better. Too much credit.


So he runs off. He's having this flashback about raping Heather, which is really uncomfortable. And then cue one of the best songs in the movie, Justice for One.


Justice for one. It's so dude, dude, dude.


John Farm, I'm telling you so good in the lyrics are like, you know, justice for her. This oh, it's I'm not going to do justice.


You're you're not. But it's it's wild. Guys.


Weyrich's are wild and it cuts to Brenda getting ready to get down and take revenge. Is this her in the bathtub. Yep. She's in the bathtub pondering what she's going to do.


She's so cuts to Linda Blair smoking in a bathtub.


And, you know, Linda Blair is interesting because she's got a really young looking. Baby face, but a woman's body. Yes, yes, like, you know, kind of roundish cheeks and sometimes I feel like the face doesn't fit the rest of the package.


But but nevertheless, it's a it's a it's a very revealing shot. Yeah.


Nevertheless, neither of us are complaining at all.


And, you know, it's funny because she's in the bed, she's in the tub naked with smoking a cigarette or whatever.


And and for me, I'm like, she's contemplating what she's going to do next. This is getting her ready to throw down. And it does.


She starts putting on an outfit, really sexy outfit with the zipper down the middle with the you know, and as she's getting all set up and ready to party, phone rings at her house, her mom answers. Her mom just found out they're Francine's dead. She goes to Franny's dad. She goes to tell Brenda, she goes to her room and Brenda's windows open and Brenda's gone. You go to Vince's home and Brenda goes, knocks on the door, the dad answers, Dad's like, you know, you can't come in a school night.


And she gives her all cutesy like, well, you know, we're working on a project and I really just need to talk to him for a few minutes. Can I come in, please?


Even though she has, like, full eyeliner, full lipstick, her hair is made up. She's looking like a floozy. Maybe it's a school. Yeah, she looks like a lady of the night. And this is still a school night. But that's neither here nor there, because soon with her and Vince in the scene, her crazy eyes.


So at this point, moving forward, Linda Blair, all of her acting is in her eyes and her left eyebrow and guys and gals, it is a wild ride to see all the eyeball facial reactions that Linda Blair makes in this movie.


Yes, she she threatens to kill Vinny when she gets in, as soon as she sees Vinny. And Vinny is like confessing everything to her. And her face is like. It's. It's like a pinball machine when you're flicking the little tabs back and forth, you know, it's like you're like, yeah, it doesn't stay like it goes crazy.


Eyes left. I read. I like eyebrow like it.


There's always motion happening in Linda Blair's eyes. It's wild.


I don't even know how to describe it, but it's just she's always doing something. And then I watch the documentary afterwards, the interview with her, and she's talking about the movie, but she's not doing all this crazy shit with her eyes. And I'm like, why didn't you do that in the movie? Just talk normal.


Like, why? Why? I know you can do better. Why are you doing that? Why? Why is that happening?


I think she's actually I think she's gotten a lot better as she's gotten older.


I think yes. I think she's gotten more subtle. I think she's she understands subtlety as she's gotten older.


Yes. And this is just like I get it, you're crazed, you want revenge, you're over the top. You're going to do whatever it takes to.


But but she's also very smart about what she's about to start doing.


So, you know, as crazy as one might be, if you got that much brainpower going on, you're not going to get that bonkers. You know, she spare's Vinny, she doesn't slash his throat, which I kind of feel like he she should have anyways.


I mean, like that she should have she was supposed to I mean, she found out that Francine is dead with the knife against Vinnie's throat. That took in an incredible amount of self-control not to kill him. I thought he was just right when he said, oh, Francine's dead. I didn't know. I thought that was she was just going to go sleep and just that was it for Veny right there.


Yeah. I get from a writer's standpoint, I get why they didn't do that, because I guess he has some redeeming qualities. It wasn't necessarily like fault, quote unquote.


Right. But she still should have slashed his throat. I think if if you remade this movie now, she would have killed him. I agree, because I think right now, at this point, you it's like now, fuck it.


So anyways, from there, Brenda goes shopping at that famous surplus we saw in the beginning of the movie. She obviously got her crossbow and bear traps. We're now at the one hour and eight minute mark of a 90 minute movie. And I'm like, OK, we've had about like almost 45 minutes of time of like building up to this, which, you know, goes back to my whole point of like, this is a slow burn in that sense of the action is finally going to pick up in the last twenty minutes of the movie, which happens often with these movies.


We just overlook it, I think. Hey, everybody, Corey here, I just want to let you know that we'll be right back after these short messages. October thirty first, nineteen eighty one. It's the night of the party at Jerry's Arcade. It's the night all the kids have been waiting for. It's the night they have been waiting for. There is a new game at the arcade and its killer. Maybe it's from David Ion's, the writer of Night Wavves, The Reign of Terror Begins, Polybius available now from seven Press.


And now back to the show, we're at the warehouse now. And Jake wants to go take care of some business and wants Fargo's car and he kicks Red and Fargo out of the car.


It's hilarious. He kicks him out of Fargo's car to go talk to Vinnie.


Yes. Yes. They don't know that. They know and they want to go with him. But weirdly, he's actually a good friend by not taking them with him and making them an accomplice to murder.


That's a year like actual good quality. Questionmark to Jake. Well, yeah.


So what do we have a Jake on Jake? So far we've got murder because he murdered Francine or Franni and then rape the other guys have rape, but not murder. So they're they're looking at a rape charge of an underage girl.


Yeah, it's a I'm analyzing this shit anyways. Yeah, they don't know this, but he's going to go kill Vinnie. But they they go off walking down to the warehouse after he takes off with the car and they're talking about how they raped Heather and then talked about killing Frannie.


Yeah. Like they're laughing about the whole thing. So they they suck.


But there's also an interesting exchange where, like, red is like like saying some shit about Jake and then Fargo find my note. Notice Fargo is hard core because he says you want to bitch about Jake, you bitch about Jake to Jake.


Not to me. Yes. And I was like, that was really fucking cool.


I was like, yeah, dude, don't be a bitch. Like, I, I it's again, it's really fucking weird because I'm not at all like liking Fargo as, like a person or anything, but like yeah. I guess I'm liking what they're doing with them, you know, like he just feels more, more complete than your normal piece of shit. Bad guy I guess. I don't know. I just like them. I like Fargo for some reason.


I don't I don't like them at all but I'll say he's more well-rounded. Well, and again, I don't like the character at all, but I guess I just think that the actor is doing a great job with him.


Yeah, he's a good actor. And like we said earlier, he clearly was the one who stood out because he's he's working to this day.


But yeah, Brenda shows up looking all looking all sexy and with her quiver on her hip, that looks really cool.


The crossbow quiver on her hip, that's all. GI Joe, ask very young lady J.


Right. Well, no. Well Lady J had the spear but. But Scarlett had the crossbow, right.


Yeah. Yeah. Scarlett of the crossbow lady. Yeah. The the spear with the with the net that shot out. That's right. I was never, I was never a lady fan. I was always a Scarlett fan.


I'm like I was Lady J.


Oh interesting. Interesting. I like my redheads and I got lie. Yeah. Well there you go. Yeah. She heard it here first. You heard it here first.


So Brenda invites them into the warehouse and in inbreds nervous about it.


And Fargo says, I'm going to fuck that bitch.




It's like, oh my God, you I'm sure he loves saying that line. And that's when I wrote the the I wrote down.


Did they ever change the clothes? Because at this point they're wearing the same things that went through the whole movie.


But, you know, as far as timelines are concerned, maybe four days have gone by.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, probably.


And also at the same time, Red's insanely acid washed jeans, you actually look pretty fuckin cool.


Even in twenty twenty. Yeah.


Oh yeah. No, no I'm not, I'm not decent. It, you know, angry Joe Episcopo. He fits his role, too. He looks like a porn star, though, you know, anyways. Yeah, and that's when Brenda walks into the warehouse and I'm like, yeah, she's packing arrows like G.I. Joe character is badass, they walk in and she's playing, like, hide and go seek with them basically in the in the warehouse.


And it's like it's like a fabric warehouse or something. By the way, did you notice that, like, Fargo can do that whistle thing through his teeth? He does it multiple times in the movie. And I've always wanted to do things. I've always wanted to be able to do the whistle, like with your two fingers in your mouth. Oh, yeah.


And then he's doing like the the the teeth whistle, the these like I don't know how to do it, but I'm always impressed by it.


I'm always impressed by it to do like I can't do it either. I can't blow a bubble with. Oh really. So no shit really. Yeah. I just, I can't say ok ok.


But I can make the guitar noise with my mouth. Can you do the Q roll your tongue.


Nope. I can't. That's hereditary by the way. Oh OK.


So yeah they're so they're playing hide and go seek and yeah. Red grabs an axe. It's like, oh, I know they see her with the with the crossbow and arrows, but but clearly, you know, on one hand they think, oh, are we going to we're going to rape this girl. On the other hand, it's like, well, I'm going to grab an axe. And I'm like, oh, shit, are we going to these hardcore.


Yeah, we're shit right there. And then Fargo yells out, he's like, we're going to play hide the salami and I'm going to hide that salami so far into that. What does he say?


He's like that Chris Columbus ain't going to find it. Oh my God.


And then when he does like one point, he does like this weird bang bang thing where he kind of jumps out and then but no one's there yet. But with his bandana on me, he still does the photo, like spinning the. It's weird. It's a weird shot for some reason.


It's a funny moment, though. I laughed because I'm like, oh, he's carcas jacked from wrestling.


Bang, bang, bang, bang. Yeah. So so Brenda, the whole time she's cackling and it's it's it's actually kind of an annoying cackle. It's so over-the-top, so forced.


And whatever she does is over the top.


Yeah. It's. Joe Episcopo, a.k.a. Fargo's walking through the warehouse and he sees the bear traps on the ground, by the way, there's blood on one of the bear traps.


So I was like, oh, you used it earlier for the other scene that's about to come up.


And, you know, I wrote that down I go, Why is there blood on the bear trap already?


Because they already used it and then they didn't clean it off. They used it for the scene with Red Spoiler and the red.


But Red comes after Fargo like I know they shot it out of sequence. Right. OK, so then when they edited it, it ok. Yeah I know what you mean.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. So finally Fargo like he steps over the bear traps.


And then Brenda shows up. And what does he say, he goes. Because I'm going to fuck you and then and then slice you Touba, and then Brenda says, too bad you're not double-Jointed because if you were you're about you'd bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.


Yeah. And she Linda Blair cites that line in the interview on the desk of how much she loves it. Like she says it and she laughs, you know, she just loves it. And I was like, but it's not that good of a line.


And and in the movie, you do not land it at all.


No, dude. And like just like I tried to land it when I was reading it disjointed.


But, you know, if she does land that fucking that bolt that bolt arrow right through his fucking neck, I was like, oh yeah.


Because she doesn't she doesn't hold back right after that. She sticks across, pulls up her crossbow, pulls the trigger, shoots an arrow through his throat.


He's dead done. I mean, no pomp and circumstance. Just dead.


Yep. Yep. And then you cut to you cut to read and you can hear Brenda moaning and makes it sound like she's, you know, having sex with Fargo. And Fargo Reds like, you know, where's the pussy, huh? And then Redfin's Fargo and sees that he's dead. And then Brenda says, now it's your turn with the pussy.


And red turns around and runs away, but he falls into the bear trap. They don't show it, but it's implied because you know the bear trap right there. Yeah. Later find out that he did fall into the bear trap. I really should have saw it, though.


Yeah, they that that was that was like a super tease and who knows, the special effects just didn't pay off or whatever. Maybe they cut it and they just didn't look good.


Yeah. I mean I mean, guys, it's a it's a revenge film with three people you want to see have the fucking business happen to them. And one of the three, it happens off camera. That was kind of shitty, but I do suspect it had something to do with budget or time or whatever.


Yeah. And at this point, like Brenda had held up her crossbow at Red, but she didn't shoot.


And that's when Red turned around, ran into the traps and and then she goes to light up a cigarette, but she can't light up the cigarette with her lighter. This is a little bit of a foreshadow now, sort of finally Jake shows.


Oh, cut to Jake and Jake sees Vinny Venis like at some I don't know if it's a halfway house. I'm assuming he was at a friend's house.


I was actually thinking it was his mom that he was saying goodbye to because he was like, I'll call you when I get there or something. It's a lady, but it's yeah. We've already established his dad at this one house. And this is like like a downtown house, like an alley or something that's like in the city. It's like in L.A. and he's like saying goodbye, but like, yeah, that that one thing is obviously interesting and weird.


But but the more weird thing is, is the fact that, like, Jake is just sitting there in his car like ten feet away and fucking Vincent doesn't even see him, that's that's the real offensiveness of this scene. Yeah.


And I didn't say it earlier, but when Brenda showed up at Vinnie's house earlier in the movie, he was packing to, like, take off. So, yeah, he's saying goodbye, whether it's it's mom or halfway house or a friend's house, who knows. And Jake is yet ten feet away in the car watching him. And he steps on the gas and runs Veny over Venis dead when he goes through the windshield and knocks out the car.


Did you notice there is one shot when when the camera slashed, the car was coming right at Venson and it was clearly a mannequin or like, what was that?


Yeah, it was like a shitty scene that they just I guess they used the best thing they could, right?


Yeah, but it was either it was either a mannequin or like a stunt guy with a Vincent mask on. Either way, it was uncanny valley like it was weird, there was something weird about it and I couldn't put my finger on it.


Yeah. There's a couple there's a scene coming up later where you're like, oh, is that a Michael Myers mask?


I guess, yeah. Oh, no, no, that's a papier mâché mask.


But yes, yes, for sure. I know exactly what you're talking about. So now Vinny's is dead and and now Jake is back at the warehouse and he wants to party. He wants to celebrate.


And the first time I watched this, I didn't notice. There's a huge fucking hole in the windshield. So, yeah, like totally fucked up Fargo's car.


Oh, yeah. Jake fucked up Vergos car. What? I mean, Piscopo would have had pissed vote and but he Piscopo Evel Piscopo, sex offender. Episcopo would have been pissed off PO'd. But but he could he can't be because he's dead. He's dead. And we know this because Jake, who now has a giant scar on his face earlier, it was like look like a little cigarette burn now. So he opens up the back door of the warehouse and sees, I guess they own this where who knows why they are able to go this warehouse.


But yeah, yeah, my my my take away was either Fargo or Red or whatever their their family own that little fabric thing, and that's kind of their hangout place. But I guarantee you they knew somebody through it. So yeah.


And from there Jake opens up the, the bay door and sees Fargo and Red wrapped up together and they're dead tied up and you get to see red in all its glory with two bear traps, one on his head, one man's body. Yeah, that would have been awesome.


And hey, real quick, you know why the guy who plays Fargo is a great actor? Because I watched his face on the second viewing. Oh, yeah. And he in the background, even during the action in the second that's going to come up, he never blinks or looks his eyes away. So you know what? He does a great job of just sitting there with his eyes open and never blinking and never like showing his stomach like breathing while he's, you know, shirtless.


So you know what? Good job, Fargo. Way to be dead.


Good job. Sex offender. This guy, evil Piscopo, evil Piscatella. And now you're here. You're next, asshole. And Brenda is ready to party. Jake turns around and gets shot in the leg with. So he Jake pulls a gun out right after she says this and he starts shooting randomly.


Yeah, I counted. He shoots four shots off of a chamber gun like he's got two shots left. And then Brenda shoots both through both his thighs and arrow in each thigh, which is great.


It's a great special effects. You can because of blue rays and giant TVs. You can see so. So and I was so fascinated by this, but it's amazing. So apparently the actor had like these strings going to his leg. So they essentially just like kind of threw the arrow down the string. But you could kind of see the string going to his thighs, you know. But I mean, aside from that, it was really fucking good.


Like like. Yeah, like it would have been. Here's the thing. It would have been so much easier for the special effects people to just give her a gun and have her and just have squibs there. But they had to actually make it so that the arrows hit him in the leg. And it's fucking fantastic. It is really well done for a low budget film.


Yeah, because when after he's down with the arrows in his leg and he pulls the arrows out of his legs.


Yeah, it's a do you see the meat? Yes. You all know that those arrows, they go in easily but they don't come out easily. They're supposed to go all the way through. No pulls the the flesh out of his out of his thighs, which is really gross in a cool way. Like that's what you want to see.


Yeah. And in my note is I think you're going to need that meat in your leg. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


Because he's able to walk a little bit better than I would have expected, but that's neither here nor there. So let's not forget the fact that he shot off four rounds of that gun. There's only two left.


He reloads the gun, apparently. Yep. And he shoots two of the fires off two more blasts. But then he's out of bullets now. Yeah, I'm like, OK, well, that makes sense. But I thought he reloaded, but whatever. Grenda, while everything you just said is 100 percent true, Brenda walks out of the shadows and she's like, you know, you didn't get me, but I'm definitely going to get you, bro, bro.


She is so bad at delivering these lines. I mean, look like I love Linda Blair. She is a household name. She is fucking beautiful. Like in this movie. She is stunning. She is a beautiful woman. And I think she's probably a good actor in other things, maybe. But here, just when she's trying to act tough, the way she lands these lines and she it's all eyeballs and eyebrows. It's holy fuck man. Holy fuck.


Yeah, she she rattles off, you know, if, if, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.


And he's like, oh man, it's, she's trying to be tough so hard, you know, you know, it would have been way more effective.


Way more entertaining if he didn't say anything and the whole time he's like, you know, I'm sorry, what did I do?


I'm sorry. You know, she knows shit.


That would have been fucking awesome, bro. I would have like that.


Like, because let's be honest, when you have reached your breaking point, you're not rattling off clichéd lines.


You're infuriated. Yeah. You know, but it is what it is. You know, she's. Yeah, it's it definitely takes you out of the scene. You were like, it's a groaning moment, like, oh, come on, Brenda. Come on. Come on. Really. And what's about to happen in a little bit takes you out of the scene, too, in my opinion. Yeah, many ways. She's teasing Jake, Jake, Jake is is able to get up and hobble off.


She gets in her. She she she walks down like an alleyway or something and where her car is parked and she kind of secures this gate with a wire to like kind of make it hard to open Jake hobbles after her, which is weird.


Like what is he really OK? I would want to get away at this point. But he falls after to this gate, opens up the gate. And when he does, there's a chain at the base of the gate which wraps around his legs, which is kind of cool. And Jake is like strong, upside down. He's hanging upside down.


That's kind of cool. That's cool. That's neat. Yeah, I love that. And I kind of like that. I like this. I kind of like this scene in a way. Or what at least the way Brendon plays it, where, you know, she's looking at him, she's like, you look. So she drives off and pulls the chain up. And that's why he's hanging because the chain is connected to the car. She says, you look like a pig in a slaughterhouse.


It's ready to be butchered. You know, I ever wonder what a pig feels like before they slit his throat or cut its balls off?


Like, I kind of like I got to like through delivery on that. I felt like that was more appropriate. Yeah.


Hang in there. Yeah. Yeah. This was the last time that Brenda was cool last time.


Exactly. Yep. But Jake, as he's done I think three times now in the movie he spits on. He spits.


Yeah he seems cool. Yeah.


He's Yeah he's fit three times now and then he slams the gate of this door that was like rigged up earlier in the Brenda. And when he does suddenly Brenda, who's tough as nails take no prisoners ready to party, becomes this meek like weak, clichéd Friday, the 13th victim.




That's running in the woods and she's tripping over shit like she's now become the the least likely to live scenario type character.


Yeah. Yeah.


Which really sucks. It really sucks. It just totally deflates how bad ass her character is. Yes. For the next good. Five more minutes.


Yeah. No till till the end of the movie she plays this role of, of being meek and like like on that uncapable like in cable.




Like, like it's so, it's so weird, it's so jarring. And you know, like my my wife didn't watch this movie with me. I we kind of ran out of time the first time, but she caught the end of it and then she caught the end of it like twice because I watched, I watched it twice.


And she was like, why the even my wife is like, why the fuck is she like whining now? Like, I thought she was the bad ass.


I was like, yeah, I did too. Like this.


I mean, you know, ultimately I like where it goes, but I don't like what Brenda does.


Like, I just it's just why why did they neuter her. She was so bad ass neuter her.


Yeah. I don't, I don't get it because because after after he slams her head and she's on the ground, he's able to get free some way.


And she was like so knocked out by that hit like like he's upside down and hurt and he hits her with like the the chainlink door or the fence thing. And I'm like, but she's like so like decimated by that.


She's like on the ground, like writhing from the pain. I'm like, what the fuck?


Come on. She's Peter. She's Peter from Family Guy where he's like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. For thirty seconds. Right. Yeah.


And and he gets on top of her, he gets free from the chain, he gets on top of her and you know she's moaning and fucking acting super victimized and but she grabs a knife and she sticks him in the balls which is kind of cool. Fuck man.


I mean at this point both of his legs and now either either his dick or his balls, we don't know. But something some sort of junk related material has now been stabbed. Yeah. So it's fucked up.


His balls are he's got a giant gaping hole in his balls now. He's got two gaping holes in his thighs, his quadriceps.


So if triple. The professional wrestler can't walk because he blew his quadriceps out. You tell me this guy can, like, basically run after Brenda because she runs off. She she doesn't get in her car and take off.


She screams and runs away like a fucking, like, cliche victim, which I hate.


I hated it. So she literally like if you just just make her not scream like she was in like like what the fuck you were the aggressor and now you're like, oh god, you know. And I'm like, no, no, this is oh yeah, yeah.


She she's like the victim in hell night, the movie she was in and she's screaming. So the rape scene and then this scene right here are the two scenes I hate in this movie, like with a passion.


So so now she's scared and Jake's in control now. Right. And she runs to a paint store because, you know, you can just break into place is super easy, I guess, back in the day.


And she grabs a crowbar in the paint store. And she runs to the front of the paint store to to break open the the gate of the of the bars of the front of the store and shake.


And she does the worst, like acting of like frantic looking around. It's like, you're right, dude. It's everything she does.


And I again, I love Linda Blair. Don't like don't get it twisted. But everything she does in this movie is like acting one on one. It's like it's like, hey, how would you in, like, your first day, the first class, how would you portray someone being frantic, looking around? That's exactly how she portrayed it in this movie.


Yeah, it's it's just so cliche. She tries to get out of the store and then she she you know, Jake is all fucked up and he screams, where are you?


And so she runs away from the front of the store. And now she's hiding by paint cans that are so blatantly labeled flame flammable, so blatantly. Like if you couldn't see the flammable sign on these giant stickers, you could see the little flames just to let you know that these every single pane can in the store is flammable.


Just to just let you know, it's not that they put the like the color facing forward. They all have the flammable part of the can facing forward giant.


Yeah. And Jake jumps out of nowhere, grabs Brenda and he's choking her and she pulled and she pulls the paint can out and she splashes it all over and it's covered. Now he's covered in it's like topi color and I call it a mov and so she's got paint on her as well.


By the way, just just let you know and not that it matters.


And she put. Oh, so I want to point out earlier in the scene where Jake is lying on the ground with two arrows in his legs, you can there's a Brenna's lighter's, like, ripped by his head. It's right there.


I saw that, too. I something like that to Brenna's later. Well, whatever. Brenda has the lighter again. And continuity. Continuity is always as a kid. I was like, I want that job. I want to be the guy to figure out to make sure that it doesn't happen in movies because it happens all the time.


Well, in that same scene, you could actually also see the wire next to his head where the arrow is going to kind of fly down the wire, basically, like, oh, come on.


Yeah. But anyways, Brenda has a lighter again and she lights Jake on fire. Jake crashes out of the window of the store on fire. Looks like Michael Meyers, he looks like it looks like a Michael Myers mask. It's hilarious. It's so it's it's just so obvious.


Guys, guys and gals, if you haven't seen this movie, it's not a Michael Myers mask because Michael Myers mask has a nose. This is like a cardboard face, like a cardboard helmet put on this actor's face. And they literally just like drew a smiley face on with, like, markers, you know? Yeah, it's funny. I told my wife one of the best in like one of the most underrated inventions in movie history is that gel, that gel that is flammable, that won't, like, catch you on fire, too, because before that gel, everyone had to have those padded, like fire suits.


And she's like the worst example of a padded fire suit, mainly for his head.


I will say Halloween, too, did a pretty damn good job. When Michael Myers is torched at the end and comes out torched. You know, this in that movie came out like nineteen eighty two. This is not Halloween to.


No, it's not so. And did you notice that the cop that pulls up that the cop that comes pulls up.


Yeah, he he looks like the fucking Terminator when he stands up and like looks at Brenda to the right.


Oh it's like the only moves his head.


He's like so now I wrote that down, I want to get to that. All that. So, so hold that. So Jake. Jake. Yeah. Jake torched and falls down. Brenda stumbles out to like the entrance of the and you hear police sirens going off in this cop car shows up and the cop the guy cop gets out of the car, he looks at Jake on the ground, and then he turns his body like very robotically at Brenden's and like Volchek.


Yeah. And it's such a hilarious reaction. It's actually it's it's a playable scene, in my opinion, because I actually replayed it twice.


I'm just like I just want to make sure he's looking at her this way because it's such a like a you know, like you're like, I want to just make sure that he is a Terminator because, like, that's not an actor. They literally got a Terminator. They reprogrammed him to act in a movie and they fucking made him act. And they're like, oh, you know what? This isn't going to work. No, no, no.


We're going to send you back to the future because you suck because his head is he it's so weird and it's so funny that we both had the exact same notes on that because he's like he's such a Terminator.


Yeah. It's like the beginning of another movie.


Yeah, it's ridiculous. It's it's really hilarious. It's worth back in the day. My brother and I used to rewind scenes over and over again, most notably the the scene from Dawn of the Dead when the cop kicks the door open and gets blasted out.


It's so great. Anyways, yeah, this is one of those scenes. So, you know, the sirens blaring and we fade out. We fade out to the next scene, which is. Brenda with Heather and the three surviving girls, the one that obviously went off to go film another movie that probably made more money, the fact is there's one less girl there than should be.


Yeah, one less girl, Stella, Maria and another chick.


And probably actually Steve, I think is.


Yeah, I think it was Steve. I think the other girl that disappears halfway through the movie is Rachel. Yes. Steve is the. Yeah, Steve. The last of the Steve is very cute, by the way. Yeah.


She was the headphone one in the scene in the early in the movie. Yeah. There at the gravesite of Franny. So it's nice to see that Heather. Back to normal, yeah, yeah. Heather survived, yeah, yeah, and they're placing flowers at Frannie's grave and Maria's Maria says it's not fair. And and then Brenda says, well, at least she knows we made things right. And I think the girls say to her, well, you made things right.


Yeah. They gave her the knowledge of. Yeah, they acknowledged her on that one. And and is there, too.


Yes. That was one of them. And then you q the the no more innocence.


No more innocence by John Farm. Again, I think he's got four songs in this movie. All four should be downloaded and put on your phone because they're so damn good. Yeah.


It's a weird moment because the three girls walk off and leave Heather and Brenda their. A little bit longer, yeah, and then they leave their flowers at the grave and then they walk off and and then kuze the credits and seen, that's the movie. And, you know, it's funny because. It ends really well, like I dig the ending, I feel like it's a nice button on the it closed the chapter on an exploitation revenge flick. This is our first review.


This is our first revenge flick that was female driven, right? Yeah. Now I think of movies like Angel. I think Angel was a revenge movie back in the 80s. Yeah, it was similar in tone, but Savage Streets, you know, for all its flaws.


And it has a lot of flaws. It is it makes up for those flaws in spades, in my opinion, because it's such a it's a snapshot of of a of an era that we will never see again.


Again, won't we just. We won't. And so there's major nostalgia feels for me. I always say like nostalgia. I think you might have said this to nostalgia is a hell of a drug because, you know, you look back and you're like, oh, man, I didn't not appreciate this movie when it came out. But now with the lens that I have of, like, loving all things 80s and this is a pure 80s movie, the the minuses, in my opinion, far get get far outweighed by the pluses.


Yeah. Overall, for me, I have no nostalgic draw to this film.


This film was a wild ride because, you know, it was also the first time that I got to experience Linda Blair's acting. You know, I knew that she had this like I now I knew that she had, like, this adult career, you know, past The Exorcist and everything. And I knew that, like, I was attracted to her, but like, you know, so I go and watch the movie and I'm now shocked that she just is.


It's just I mean, I always say this. It's the director's job to direct the actors. So if the actor's not getting the best performance, I always say it's the director's fault. And I just I just don't think I think she probably needed a director that could probably work with her a little bit more, you know, but knowing about the money and the constraints and everything, this movie was such an eye opener, you know, to to Linda Blair's body of work and everything.


And it was just it was it was it was crazy. It was bad in some parts. It was great in other parts. But to be truthful with you, I loved most of it. My biggest problem I really have with it is that at the end she becomes like a bit of like a final girl. She becomes like like, oh, no, don't hurt me. And I really wanted to see her really fuck them back, you know, and and it just that was a tough pill to swallow.


You know, even my wife saw those parts and she was like, oh, why is she being such a bitch? You know, like, I thought you were a bad ass. I'm like, yeah, like. But I do also think, like you said, it's a snapshot of the times. And I don't and I think it's I don't I don't think you mean like I know you mean like like broadly, but like I also think you mean like it means like just how we perceive women characters and everything.


At the time it was very much a sign of the times where there was no idea, there was no concept at the time that you could have a strong female like like character be in a bad situation and not cry about it, you know, which is weird because Ellen Ripley already existed, you know, from Alien, but aliens had not existed yet. So we had not really seen a female like a strong female character. I don't have IMDB up in front of me.


Do you know when Terminator came out, the original Terminator?


Offhand, I think it was 84 also. OK, so it's probably so.


So if it's even if it's at the same time, then you got to figure they're in preproduction. I mean, it's like it's I feel like Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley really set the bar for for how women character as strong female characters should be portrayed in a film. And I felt like this was kind of antiquated. Right. Yeah, but but all that being said, I fucking loved this movie. I had a blast with it. I mean, I love the healthy dose of nudity that's in it.


I love the sleaze factor of this movie that definitely helps it. If it didn't have that sleaze, bro, it would definitely be like it would be forgettable. It would be forgettable, you know.


Well, it would have been a it would have been an after school special. Exactly. Exactly.


But the sleaze makes it fun. It does. But it's man, it's it's an interesting movie. It's a very interesting movie because it's a roller coaster ride. It really is, but.


Ultimately, like like I I'm watching this and I'm like, OK, where does it fall? And you know of the movies that we've seen and ultimately I would like basically. If I was if McRory was faced with somebody who was like me, had not seen these movies, you know what I mean? So if I was basically passing down the knowledge that you gave me, I would show someone these same movies in the same order you showed me, because I think that class of 1984, I think that, you know, all the other ones that kind of fit with these same vein new kids and stuff like that, I think they're all better than this.


I think they're all better movies than this.


But at the same time, this does fill a niche like it does fill a necessary sort of niche. And that is sleazy programming that Cinemax needs at midnight on a Saturday, right? Yeah, there is there is a need for this. Right. There is a niche in a market for this and it fits it. But I think that, like, I would still recommend class of 84 new kids. You know, I would recommend those movies probably over this tough turf, you know, because those characters, they really did a good job with the characters.


They really, like, wanted you to care about the characters. This was like this was interesting because. At its heart, it's a it's a sleazy exploitation film, but the weird thing is what makes it special is that there's a little bit more to it, is that it's an exploitation film with like a moral compass. It's an exploitation film with a purpose. You you said that specifically before. It's an exploitation film with a purpose and usually with exploitation films.


The purpose is to exploit, whereas here they kind of like take the genre of exploitation and still try to tell a moralistic story. And I think that is what makes it interesting. And also, you know, on top of it, The Punisher is always been one of my favorite characters of all time.


I thought fucking Linda Blair looked so fucking badass in all black with her fucking crossbow. It's when her it's when she portrayed her character and became a fucking wimpy bitch at the end, like, seriously, I'm sorry, but she betrayed her character.


Like that is that's the director's fault. He should have been like, no, she's she should be strong up until the end. And that's really my biggest fault problem with this movie, I think.


I think this was a female empowerment movie for men so that they where at the end of the day, she's still inferior. To a dude, because a dude would not cower. OK, it's like, OK, you know, we'll we're going to make her super strong, super badass, but also remind her where her place is in society.


And that is 1984. 1984 was was we hadn't reached that level yet.


You know, bro, I mean, that is the best way to put it. It was like it's like we're going to empower you, but only to a point.


And then we're going to remind you that you're not as strong as a guy. Yeah, and I get it like Linda Blair. You know, she even says in the interview, like, there's just not a lot of strong roles for women back then. So I'm imagining she's reading it. First off, she says that the original script, when, you know, when she signed on for it, vastly different from, you know, what they got at the end.


But I think that she was like, you know what?


This is probably at the time the best we can do as as as society. You know, and truthfully, I mean, I I love strong female characters. Maybe it's because I was raised by a single mom. I think women are vastly stronger than us men in every way, shape or form.


And I love actually like I love strong female characters. I grew up watching G.I. Joe. I love the Bareness. I love fucking Scarlet. I love Lady J. I know the fucking women can kick ass. And so when she fucking devolves into, like, you know, a final girl at the end, I'm like, no, that's not what I signed on for.


I signed on to see you fucking kick these fucking guys asses in. Damn, that sucks that that's what we're left with. Because what came before that was a fun film with a lot of nudity.


So a lot of fun to watch and characters that you like that get betrayed by the filmmaker at the end, unfortunately, you know, and she got her comeuppance still.


She still was able to, you know, flame on Jake at the end, which is good. And I think, you know, I just feel like those five minutes of her cowering and becoming, like you said, a final girl. Yeah. That takes away from who she is. But, you know, and then at the end but at the funeral scene, she still looks pretty tough and she's still kind of back to her. She's still got the job done.


Yeah. It was just more of like she got the she got the job done from a male perspective. Right. Right. And so I would love to see this movie get remade nowadays. You could easily remake this and do it in a way that's tasteful. You know, if you throw in like a I don't even know young teenage actors, whatever shit. Throw in Millie Bobby Brown as her first attempt at doing like something more adult oriented. You know what I'm saying?


Like, I'm not saying she should. I'm just giving this really young actor I could think of. But, you know, overall. Yeah. And I love that. Linda Blair said there were not a lot of opportunities. At least she had the opportunity.


Like, I'm I'm glad they gave her the opportunity because this film is 30 plus years old and we're still talking about it.


So it obviously has some sort of longevity. Code Red put out a beautiful tribute Blu ray for this thing. If it even though it doesn't have the subtitles outside of that, has everything else that the kitchen sink code red is code red is like is close to blue.


Underground is you're going to get. Yeah. You know, as far as like they put out some decent shit, but I'm glad they did.


I'm personally so glad I saw this because like, like I said earlier, like I had a crush on Linda Blair, you know, but I never watched any of those movies, I think because I knew they were bad. I kind of didn't want to see them, you know, like I knew he was going to be bad and everything. But, like, I feel like I'm glad that I have this knowledge of her and at the same time, like, scene linnear quickly in something other than return the Living Dead and Night of the Demons.


It's really, really refreshing to see her to portray a different kind of role other than a, you know, a sexpot or a sexpot or a, you know, a demon or something.


It's really interesting to see that. I mean, I love having this knowledge in my database, basically is what I'm saying.


But at the same time, if someone's going to ask me of this genre, what would you recommend? I I'd be a tough, tough new kids, you know, class of eighty four and then this like truthfully I would kind of do them in order that you did them to me basically. And I think that works.


So I will tell you that this like. I said earlier in the show, this will this isn't this isn't the first and it will not be the last time we go down this high school teen drama route.


Bro, I just can't believe there's this many I a you have a thing just like I think at this point we all know that. My thing is the the hardware split second year dystopian future thing. Like I have a thing, we all get it, you have a thing and that's this. And you know, but here man Linda Blair seen this movie. Linda Blair is the reason to see this movie, you know, and it's for her crazy acting and her awesome, beautiful, amazing body.


So enjoy this film with your your cohorts that enjoy the similar genre. Big bucket of popcorn, a box of red vines and just enjoy it, enjoy it, laugh your ass off. It's good stuff.


I will say that both times when I watch this movie were pretty much during the daytime and I had to close the blinds in my living room.


Good. Because it's so inappropriate. But yeah, it's awesome. I'm glad, I'm glad I saw it. It was something I wanted to see. Sometimes I feel like you're reading my brain a little bit because I feel like you pick movies that I've been wanting to see, you know? I mean, there's a bazillion movies out there and you literally pick the ones that, like, I really, really want to see. And and I think that's a testimony to how how connected we are, you know, on on a personal level and everything.


So I Luckman, at the end of the day, I loved it. I still loved it. Like, I really fucking loved it, warts and all. It's one of those movies where you're like fucking warts and all. I'm just going to enjoy it. And it's mainly because of the healthy dose of. So thank you, Zach, from the bottom of my heart. Oh, it's my pleasure. Yeah. But you know what's funny?


The one place you can't get any sleep is to know Lethe. Can you tell us about that?


But yeah, it's the it's the ying to our yang, if you will. Yeah, it's it's my it's my other podcast I do with my buddy Dustin. It's the eighties retro trip down memory lane. We take a movie and a song from the soundtrack and the year that it came out. And we kind of discuss our feelings about all of that. We don't break it down. It's more tongue in cheek humor, sentimental fun memories. And we interview really great actors from that era, performers, musicians, etc.


. We interviewed Eric Roberts, obviously. You know who that is, Vince DeCola, the guy who did the soundtrack for Transformers, the movie, which we already shout out earlier in this episode. And we we talked to actually we have an upcoming interview with Ari Gross. If you don't know who Ari Gross is, he was in house two. He was in a shit ton of movies throughout the 80s and 90s. There's a great cult comedy called Hexed that he's in.


It's hilarious.


And he was in just one of the guys as one of the nerds. And actually he tells some really great stories about that experience. So, yeah, TUDELA late fee, it's fun. It's light. We try to uplift people in a dark time by by just making you feel good and having some fun along the way. Corey, where can we find you at besides our beloved podcast? Mm hmm. Yeah, buddy, every week you can listen to me talk to our pal Adam Cartwright, a Seinfeld podcast.


And judging by the name, you can probably guess. We talk about Seinfeld every week.


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Yeah, exactly. Yeah.


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