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The blast from our past network, everybody out there, what's happened and this is Thomas Guedes windows from the thing, also the Fox from the Warriors and you're listening to podcasting after dark. Don't worry, you can stay up late. It's OK. Your parents won't let you enjoy.


Lock your doors, close your windows, turn out your lights for chills and thrills await you. It's time for Podcasting After Dark with your host Corey Stephenson and Zach Shafer. Stay with a friend. Say your prayers as grisly ghouls close in to seal your doom.


Tonight's episode, Walter Who's the Warrior's starring Michael Back, Thomas Waits and Deborah Von Valkenburg. All right, boppers, welcome to Podcasting After Dark, this is the episode where we break down my all time number one favorite film.


It is the 1979 Walter Hill classic The Warriors, I'm just going to jump in right in and say that I am one half of the pad team, it's me.


I'm going to call myself Will Swans, my favorite character. I'm going to call myself Zaza Zaza Pitts.


And joining me, as always, is my roguish, beautiful, blonde, buxom beauty.


And when I got to call you, what what are you going to call yourself, Cary?


I was not mentally prepared for this at all. I would have brought something to the table. But how about how about sizzle?


I'll be sizzling Navy with a sea sizzle with the sea.


Yes. As you would be if we ever do a Western, that's going to be my western name. Zaza Pitt. Speak for the Warriors.


Whatever. Hey, here we are. We we have come to the moment in our podcasting career where we are breaking down my favorite movie of all time. I am so stoked for this. So excited the. Oh my God. I'm just chomping at the bit.


You're like beaming. I can, I can see over there you just like you look like blissful. You don't even you don't even like look too excited. You just in like this blissful haze. You're like, oh man. Like a man who's watched extensively his favorite movie of all time just now and broke it down.


That's the kind of man you look like right now. Well, this is my Star Wars.


This is my jaws. This is my Indiana Jones. This is whatever. This is my aliens. Yeah. For me, nothing's going to determine whether people like it or don't because, you know, it's one of those things where it's like I grew up on this film. I have a history of deep, deep history with this movie, and I cannot wait to break it all down for you.


Yeah, and it's kind of perfect, dude, because we are the exact opposite when it comes to this movie, whereas I've only seen this three times and two of them were in the last couple of days. So the first time I ever watched this movie was with you. Now, of course, I've known about it. And I think at this point, if you guys and gals have all been listening to the show from the beginning, you can probably figure that this wasn't necessarily probably wouldn't have gone into my radar.


You know, it's just it's not my cup of tea, but I do know the significance of it. I do understand the significance of it. But I feel like this is awesome. Like how many cult movie podcasts in twenty twenty one have have a co-host of the age 42. That is really not really seeing the Warriors that much. So I'm hoping that I can give a bit of a fresh perspective and a with no nostalgia connected to it whatsoever.


And just look at this with fresh eyes. And also by the way, I showed it to my wife.


She was she was not didn't seem like she was excited to watch it. But when we were done, she actually very much enjoyed it. She said that was a very fun movie and she had a good time with it. So I'm going to I'm going to since you kicked it off at the beginning, say this is your favorite movie of all time, I'm going to tell you, I very much enjoy this movie. I very much enjoy it. And I'm happy that I really can't wait to kind of pick all the little pieces and everything and with this thing.


But that's pretty much the extent of my of my knowledge of it. Of course, I knew I knew about the video game. I'd say I'd say when Rockstar put out the video game, that really caused me to be like, holy crap. Like like I should probably pay attention to this, but I never did. So you played the game, right? It was a prequel to the movie, if I'm correct.


No, it actually is. It's it's gosh, it's been a while since I played it because it came out for two. Yeah. From the day I still own it.


Of course I do. I own so much random paraphernalia memorabilia from this movie. It's not even funny. It is funny. It's, it's impressive.


I think I'll bet you listeners will see a little bit of it on the podcast, on the Instagram page eventually. But yeah. Yeah I believe I'm trying to remember now.


I'm pretty sure it's a prequel and then but you play the whole game, you play the movie, OK? So it kind of goes up into the movie, too, and everything. Cool. And if you pass the movie, you can. You can. Yeah. It actually goes into a little bit of the backstory of the deleted scenes that were left on the cutting room floor, which gloriously are on the Blu ray that I got you for this viewing.


OK, but yeah. Yeah, the original, the gameplay is it's Rockstar Games, so it's basically uses the same kind of template as Grand Theft Auto. You can do all of, but it's got almost the entire voice acting cast. I'll talk about who's missing off that, unfortunately, from the from the original film. And yeah, it was phenomenal. Dude, I played that game. It wasn't just the fact that I loved that movie. I love this movie, but it's the fact that the game was fun.


Yeah. And the challenges were original and unique and yeah. Like a lot of love was put into a pretty I don't know, I wouldn't call this movie the top cult movie of all time.


But the fact that Rockstar Games put so much money into a fairly obscure cult film yet, you know, not everybody knows about this. It's big in the hip hop community. It's big in the underground community. And when that game came out, I was real.


I was actually working, doing a lot of stuff in the video game industry. And I remember a lot of people were like when it was announced.


A lot of people are like, holy crap. Like, what is Rockstar doing? Like getting like taking a property from 1979. But I do remember when they came out and the reviews were really good for it. So that's great. I think at this point I'm going to check the PlayStation Network because I got PS4. So I want to see if there's like an HD offside, you know, a version of it, because I would like to actually play it.


But movie wise, when when do you remember the first time you saw this? Do you have a memory of that?


OK. Yes. Yeah, no, no. I was going to say, if you go for Buddy, tell us your whole history of this.


Every moment, every viewing of this is it's purely vivid for me. I watched it for the first time with my brother Eric at my dad's of all places. It was on during the day TV twenty Thriller Saturday afternoon horror and cult films. And they showed this movie in like 1983 or 84. I want to say I remember coming on and just loving it from the beginning and my dad was like, Oh yeah, the Warriors. That's a cool movie that my dad saw, a movie that I actually enjoy.


Awesome. This is great because we never really bonded over that sort of thing. I watched it several dozen times since then. Then when I was working at Video Man, I remember, I remember it was the first film that when I figured out how to copy a VHS from one VHS to another where you can plug the two VCRs together, right? Yeah. It was the first one I ever did. And I remember being obsessed that there should be like no glitches, no little blips.


I love all like the little blips and glitches VHS tapes have now. But back in the day I wanted pristine course, of course. And I remember doing recording in like three or four times, just having to get it perfectly right and watching it three or four times in a row. It was my background movie when I would be doing homework. It was my nighttime movie when I go to sleep other than Fright Night. So which really is your aliens?


Because I do the same thing. Whereas like like if I was at home in the afternoon and, you know, wasn't doing anything with my friends or something, I was like just drawing or something in my room, just aliens would be put on on the TV. So like, I like to joke that, like, I've probably seen aliens like, you know, 50, 60, 70 times. I've listened to it like over a hundred, you know, so.


So that's the same way with Warriors for you, right? Oh, ditto.


Yeah, I listen to it having a always on the background. Whenever I would date somebody or have buddies over like what movie are we going to watch the background noise, you know, put it on, put the warriors on. People would be like, what's this. Who. Those baseball guys. Oh I know the baseball guys. I'm like, yeah, the baseball guys are very small part.


But then probably the most memorable of all my memories with this movie is the fact that the Beastie Boys used to have a store in Oakland called Oakland, California, called Extra Large, and they sold a bunch of skater and rap, hip hop merchandise, T-shirts, clothing, stuff like that. And they had a warrior's baseball team with the logo, with the cast, like a like a like cast photo from the set with the Warriors tagging in the background.


And I remember where nothing all the time is my favorite shirt to wear. And I wore it when I was working at this place called Pace in Sunnyvale.


It's a school for autistic children. And the shirt I had my nose broken because my autistic kid, because he grabbed my shirt. And I guess that he was going to attack me never like regardless. But he was about to rip my shirt and like, no, no, no, no, no. And when I pulled his arm back, that's when he pulled his other arm back and hit me in the face and broke my nose.


He was to be totally, you know, like full disclosure. He had severely emotionally disturbed tendencies and had a lot going on. He was, yeah. Horrible upbringing, although it wasn't his fault you couldn't control it. But I was like, no, I'd rather have my nose broken. They get my shirt ripped.


Man, that says pretty much everything about it. Well, and it says one more thing because because this was either before or after that incident, Terry was working at pace and he was higher up than me. He kind of was in charge of a bunch of kids at the school, like a director or something like that. Anyways, one day at school, he's like, that's a fat teacher, bro. And I'm like, cool, thanks. Thanks.


Thanks, man. Like, we really didn't know each other that much. And he was and he was a couple of days later, he was having his going away party because he was leaving work. And it's like, hey, bro, you know, love for you to come to my thing. And from that point on, he's like, Bro, I saw you with that shirt on. And I knew I knew we had to be friends.


And and to this day, now I know he's listening to this.


To this day, he will always call out the fact that it was me wearing that shirt, which is what brought us together one of my all time, longest, closest, dearest friends, Terry Chapman, Terry Chapman.


And I know this because you've told it to me and Terry has told me this story. Yeah, we are.


We are definitely those those old people who, like, tell the same story.


You remember the time we shot that shit, but yeah, that yeah. That was the story behind the shirt. He and I watched the Warriors probably at least ten times together. Nice. Which is annoyed the hell out of our buddy Matt Garrison. And yeah, man like this. This movie has a long lineage. So I've seen it on the big screen several times at the Egyptian, at the New Beverly, at the Arrow on on, on my Montana and Santamonica.


Yeah. In fact, Terry came down for that screening and James Remar, who plays Ajax's in the movie, was there. It was a double feature. I've seen that. I've seen this movie with Walter Hill doing a Q&A afterwards and then James Remar was there. I got to meet James Remar afterwards. And he uttered one of his most famous lines, which I'll save for later has to.


It starts with what's what's the matter?


You go in and he he dropped that line on Terry and I because we gushed all over him.


He said, what's the matter? You know? And I did this thing. We got a picture with him. I met Michael back. I've met Deborah Van Valkenburg. I saw this movie at the Hollywood Cemetery in Hollywood on Deborah Van Berg's birthday. Oh, well, Sangar, happy birthday. Turns out she was right next to me when we sang the.


Oh, that's cool. Yeah, I do like that.


And then of course, obviously we have Thomas Waits on our show and got to interview him and talk about Fox, which we'll get to obviously. Yeah. We'll, we'll discuss Fox as as things happen in the movie.


But this, this movie, you know, merchandise wise, I've tried to buy every piece of merch that's come out from this thing. I'm obsessed with it. I have you and Dialo and I think Terry and Jeff Brady Lafsky, we we I think you guys pitched in and got me those double o the mondo mondo.


Yeah. Yeah.


Posters which will definitely show on the Instagram page too. And like those are beautifully, you know, in the living room of our house. So we've got all these pictures of body art and shit around and then we've got these pictures of warriors on the wall.


Yeah, I know Zach is the real deal when it comes to the Warriors. And I got it. I got to say, man, you know, because I was with you when when you met Michael Bean, which means you met both Dwayne Hicks's.


Oh yeah. Wow. Yeah. Yeah.


So and four, that's for people who don't know. James Remar was cast as Hicks and aliens. He had some, I think some drug troubles and everything. And they I guess they fired him and they brought in Michael being and in the movie there in Aliens, there's only one shot that is James Remar. And it's when they first walk into the hive and you kind of have this shot where they're looking at the ceiling in the kind of camera, sort of pans down and looks forward and you see Hicks in front.


The Hicks that you see in that shot is actually James Remar, not not Michael Bean. So I did not know that.


Yeah, it's because that was actually one of the first shots he did in the movie, because if you look at it, it's not actually a set. It's it's a it's a composite piece and very hard to do by making the ceiling look that way and everything so they couldn't reshoot it. So that's why he's still in it, which is fine. You can't even tell that it's James Remar, you know.


No. Well, you can you can tell while it's interesting that he got fired from that. And Thomas Waits. Got fire from the Warriors and they replaced him with a stunt double that looks nothing like him, nothing like him. Yes, we'll get to that sad story later.


Yeah, but yeah, that's my that's my, you know, quick as a as a quick as I could summary of what I my history of the Warriors.


I mean, you know, mine with aliens is going to be just as long as our guys and gals be prepared for that. But yeah, if you guys have been listening to this show since the beginning, you you probably know that this is Zach's favorite movie. And judging by the response that we've gotten today online, just for me posting the you know what we're going to review tonight while. Wow, wow. Listen, it's I think it's going to be a lot of downloads on this one, so I'm excited.


The reason I jump started this movie was because we were able to get Thomas way to the show.


I figured because you mentioned that you were going to probably not do this any time soon or maybe we were going to do something different with it. But I figured once we landed Thomas G. Wait, that's why you kind of pulled the trigger on it? Yeah, I was saving it for my birthday.


And then I and then we got the interview and I'm like, no, let's do it all in a bang bang getting a tango. And by the time, you know, obviously people who will hear this after the month of January will not necessarily know this. But, you know, in this month alone, Walter Hill's birthday is in January. We're recording this in January. Thomas Waites birthday is in January. And David Patrick Kelly, who plays Luther, his birthday is in January.


So DPIC shit ton of warriors, you know.


All right. I might as well just get to the cast and the whole thing. Yeah, yeah. Let's dive into it because there are a lot of people and then there are also a lot of people that have never done anything else. And remarkably, I really like them. So there's a there's a lot to talk about, but it's definitely an interesting collection of actors and whatnot.


And by the way, I have some hidden ones that I didn't I didn't personally know. I'm sure you do. And I don't know if you want to call them out when when the time comes. One of them is a baseball FURI. Right, is an actor that we know from a movie. We've actually reviewed the exterminator. And then another one is a director of a movie that we've reviewed on this podcast is in this movie. Oh, yes.


And you didn't notice the police officer and that was the third one.


The police officer was also in the so and 48 hours.


Yeah, I won't say anything else, OK, if you noticed.


But OK, so really quick before I get into the cast, just for those of you that are wondering, because the dude designs artist extraordinaire had asked if we were going to be breaking down the the original theatrical cut or the director's cut. Now, here's the deal, guys. The theatrical cut is not available on Blu ray. The director's cut is available on Blu ray. And I can safely say without a shadow of a doubt, the director's cut is not good.


And so I do not recommend that film. We are not breaking that down.


But this is a bootleg. Oh, this is a bootleg. I don't know if it's like illegal bootleg, but if you go on eBay and you type in Warriors Blu ray, this will come up. It's like thirty bucks. It's worth every penny. Because this this guy who does these, he did this with the wildlife. And I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say this or not, but I mean, it's fine. It's on eBay, right?


It's like, OK, I guess maybe we won't say his name. And if you guys just find him, that's cool.


Yeah, I think so. And I apologize if I'm doing something. I'm not supposed to do that.


I don't. I mean, yeah, like you said, it's on eBay, so. Yeah. I don't know man. Yeah it's out there. But he yeah. He released the the original version of the Wild Life on Blu ray, which looks beautiful. And then he, he took all the extras from the director's cut which has a great documentary, great deleted scenes, great commentary, all these great things except for the theatrical cut. And he put it with the theatrical cut.


So you get the the version that the only version really there is a television version out there that I've been trying to hunt down forever. I have not found a DVD or, you know, Blu ray version of that. Someday I will, but it's got the deleted scenes in it as well.


And so for those of us who don't know like me, although I am aware of it, what is the difference between the director's cut versus the theatrical cut? So Walter Hill had originally envisioned the opening.


He he based this off of what later got made into the three hundred, you know, the Greek tragedy. Yeah. So you can write that kind of conquest story. And so he had originally intended it to be like that. So he wanted this kind of and he always looked at this film as a comic book film.


So he has he wanted a comic book intro with him. Narrating And then in between scenes having like. Comic book overlays of the characters and then kind of swiping into the next scene, it is as bad, if not worse than the Star Wars CGI. Yeah, because it looks it's so jarring because it's like 2010 technology with 1979.


Yeah. You know, it just doesn't work.


The fact that this was not that this is the only version available Blu ray mainstream, it's really disheartening because I know there's a version, I think in Germany. But, you know, a lot of us don't have all region players.


Well, and it's interesting that you say that, you know, he wanted to make this look or had some kind of comic book inspiration to it because I could totally see that watching it, you know, especially a lot of the shots when I think his name is Messi. The the the. Yeah, the Gramercy. Yeah. The new leader of the Gramsci refs, whenever he got information, first off, you know, Walter Hill would do a wipe.


I mean, ain't nobody doing wipes in cinema except for him and George Lucas. And they are both fans of comic books. That makes sense. But in those shots, man, like when he arrives, he, you know, he he instead of having someone just whispering in his he is the Messiah's ear, like the frame was cocked. Weird, you know, and it's like Dutch angled. And then there's like this cool spotlight in the back.


It was very stylized but very, very, very comic book esque with like like the colors are very bright and everything. And I'm like, yeah, I can see it. I can see why this is like a comic book movie. And yet it's not based on the comic book.


No, but and if you look at a lot of Walter Hill's films, he has that look to him. Streets of Fire is a comic book. Rock and roll musical is what it is.


And Last Man Standing is always felt very comic book to me. Totally. Totally. You can say that maybe even about extreme prejudice, which is one of my favorite, Walter Johnny handsome, too. But but and the wipes, he's a big fan of the wipes because he used he used he's.


Yeah, he uses those in streets of fire magically, but.


Yeah, yeah. OK, so let's get into Walter Hill first. Yeah.


Especially he has a connection to my favorite movie of all time. So it's kind of it's kind of nice that that both of our favorite movies have a have a connection to each other and got quite a few. Yeah. Yeah. But here he and I didn't even know it until we started diving into this movie. But he worked on the story for aliens. And when I was reading the trivia for this and in IMDB, it said, you know, Walter Hill sort of known like the trope that he likes to do story wise is have the head of a group get like, you know, taken away like Heraklion immediately, pretty much right away gets removed.


And I was like, oh, yeah, I think about it. APEN and Gorman both get removed and aliens very early on. And then so you're left with no basically no command structure. And that seems to be what, like Walter Hill loves that kind of shit.


Yeah, it's like the who's going to step up, right? Who's going to step up and take the reins and become the leader of the group? Who's got who's got. And I love that. I love that idea. Like, just because the leader is the leader doesn't mean he's going to be the leader forever or she.


Yeah. Walter Hill is phenomenal. Next to John Carpenter. He's my favorite director of all time because he's done. Streets of Fire, which I mentioned, Johnny Handsome Southern Comfort, which is a great kind of Deliverance military version. Johnny Handsome, by the way, is phenomenal with Mickey Rourke, like you said, last man standing by the driver, which is the original driver with Ryan O'Neal, which obviously Ryan Gosling did a it's a loose remake of that movie.


You know, the list goes on with his filmography.


It's So Crossroads, which is the cool blues movie with Ralph Macchio. And Ralph Macchio, is obviously hot right now.


And no Creek knows that because No Creek just released a Blu ray with a cool VHS slipcover of Crossroads that got for like eight bucks a month.


We always we always support the Mill Creek. First off, they have the best covers in the biz and the best price point in the biz.


Yeah. For for a bare bones disc. I mean, shit. And like, at least it looks great on a wall. Yeah. I just got blind fury and like father like son Nice and Tamron, but whatever.


And by the way, I do want to say Last Man Standing is a movie that I want to bring to the table. I wouldn't say there's much urgency to it, mainly because you can only get it on a two pack with with last Boy Scout, which pay. I'm not complaining. I love the last Boy Scout. But what if we do something for this show? I always wanted to be the best version of the movie that we can, you know, get our hands on.


So it's like it just so you guys know, it's like I'm kind of like waiting on that one. I'm kind of like waiting on hard target just for a good version to sort of come out. But last man standing. If a good version ever does come out, we will be reviewing on the show. Yeah, we will. And I know I have a feeling it will come out down the road. Walter Hill is a he's he's a legend and he's obviously a fan of filmmaking and.


All his films are unique. Yeah, in every sense, they're extreme prejudice. If you've never seen that, that's a bad ass movie with Nick Nolte and Powers both just the list goes on.


He makes testosterone filled flicks. They're just kick ass and they're indifferent.


Sometimes they're like in a lot of different genres. But what what kind of maintains the cohesion of it is the Walter Hill ness of it, which is the the testosterone bhattacharyya of it. But like, it's interesting. Yeah. His stuff ranges from like, you know, buddy cop dramas to 48 hours. Yeah. 48 hours to, you know, to pseudo comedies. I mean should he did Brewster's million million.


I feel like looking at his filmography, he really seems to every every project is uniquely different in unto itself, but yet maintains that Walter Hill, just X Factor. It's pretty remarkable.


I would say, as far as mainstream directors go, he's he's probably tops as far as originality is concerned, Donkers Carelli probably comes as he's not mainstream. I think he's more independent. I'd say it's like a donkey cicarelli, you know, where Dankovsky really is like doing horror action comedy. Bingo Bango. Yeah, yeah.


No, you hit the nail on the head like his shit runs the gamut. And we could do a whole episode watch list of our top five favorite Walter Hill movies. Yeah.


Which we probably will try to do with David Irons. Yeah. That be cool man. I'd be down for that. I know. David, you're listening. Going Oh yeah my I'd love to do that.


Why want do is give me that by the way, spoiler alert and Terry knows this for sure. I will be doing a shit ton of terrible impressions this evening for all you that impression anyway.


Yeah. Walter Hill directed and helped write this right. The story he wrote, he wrote the screenplay with David Schaper. It's based on a Soul Yurick novel. It's a good read if you're interested. If you're a big Warriors fan and you don't have it, I think he can buy it on Amazon, believe it or not. But shit, besides that cinematography, because this is important, because I think the cinematographer is phenomenal. Andrew Laszlo. Andrew Laszlo was a cinematographer, Rambo First Blood, nice interspace.


One of my my favorite Joe Dante movie of all time. I love that movie. And Star Trek four, which I think are necessary, Star Trek five, which I think is a really good Star Trek film. But he's done a shit. He's he's a legend. Andrew Laszlo.


And this movie looks fucking amazing. And that's because it's all shot on location in 1979, you know, probably 1978, New York and.


Oh, God, what a what an absolutely. Just just a snapshot. Just a just a wonderful timepiece to be able to see New York at this time and everything. But the fact that they shot there is unbelievable. And some of the shots like like the crowd shot at the beginning, you know, where where they go and meet up and all the gangs and everything. It's just truly remarkable that they pulled off that shot like no CGI or nothing.


Those are people. Those are real fucking people there. Some of them are actually gang members. So.


Yeah, yeah. Well, it's it's very it's very like. Guerrilla filmmaking, and it is some ways, I think it was also shot in St. Louis, Missouri. Certain scenes. So at night, I think that's when it was raining.


I think that was shot in St. Louis, OraSure and then producing wise.


Joel Silver was an executive producer on this movie, one of his first movies he ever did.


Frank Marshall, who, you know, has produced everything from Signe's to Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark. He's kind of a legend. Producer Lawrence Gordon, another legend, producer, Predator lock-Up Watchmen Die Hard. I mean, we're talking about. Fucking icons of cinema here and for this for the Warriors is in 1979, it deserves the attention it gets, but let's just jump into the cast. OK, so starting out playing Swan is Michael Beck.


Corey obviously knows Michael Beck mostly from Xanadu. Of course, that's exactly where I know him from.


Yes. And and Megaforce. And of course. Yes, yes.


Megaforce has the dubious distinction of being the first unaired episode of the unaired show that Zach and I tried doing like 40 years prior to this. Bro, you just read my mind because I was like, we got to bring up the fact that we never did Megaforce and man Yeah, that's going to surface one of these.


I think it asks, do we have to revisit time?


Yeah, but yeah, he plays Suan, I mean Michael, Becs been in a lot of stuff and he, I will say on a personal note, being able to meet him. Super nice guy. He was in this cool movie.


I'm blanking on the title right now, but you can obviously look it up on on his filmography. It was kind of a retelling of the most dangerous game, which is my favorite kind of.


Yeah, I know what you mean, yeah, yeah, just the idea of, like being hunted, I love that shit. Hard target, you know, surviving the game kind of thing. But he was in a movie, I think it was like a made for TV movie like that. Anyways, James Remar plays Ajax. Heard of him, right? Yep.


He's yeah.


I mean, James Rumah another awesome dude meeting him in person. And like I said, he uttered his famous line in this movie. What's the matter? You go in something, I'll get to that later. I'll do it in the context of the movie. So I don't get, like, you know, blasted on social media. Yeah, yeah. But James Rimma is a legend. Don't give me that shit that he's Dexter's father. And that's the only thing you know him from or Sex in the City.


Oh, my God. He was so great in sex. And he was like, yeah, don't don't give me that shit. He was in 48 hours, for God's sakes. He was like the he's so good at playing a villain. But then he was in a he was in a really cool it's I mean, some people were like, it's not that great. I tend to like it because it's got a really cool motorcycle chase scene in the subway.


Again, it's called Quiet, Cool, Quiet.


Cool is a it's cool.


It's it's cool. It's definitely worth checking out and Band of the Hand, which is the Michael Mann produced film. I definitely worth checking out.


I've heard you talk about band in the hand before.


That may come up in our in our on our show down the road.


Can I just wanna say real quick, first off, I mean, both James Rimma and Michael Beck, but more so Michael Borkman, any time he's on the screen, I am captivated by him.


Yeah, it's been everything. He's his face, though, but he just has a great intensity about him when he just stands there, like staring. And his his features are just so interesting looking. I just I get it like when you say someone has like an X Factor or something, I look at Michael back and I'm like, he's got it. I understand that. Yeah.


And yet another reason to hate covid on many levels. But on a personal, selfish note, when I reach out to produce guests for the show, he very much wants to do the show, but he doesn't like doing interviews that are not in person. OK, so when we are back in person, someday we will have him on the show.


It's going to happen as he lay based still on his leg. Yeah. Oh yeah.


Because I met him in Santa Monica and actually we we were represented by the same agency for many years. Voiceover Oh cool. So yeah. Very cool guy. Dorcy Right place. Cleon, the leader of the Warriors and he was in hair for those musical people out there. And hair is actually not actually it's a classic musical. It's great.


Dude, I loved Cleon for so. Oh, he's great. I mean it's used in this, but he's awesome. He's he's like so perfectly cast because he feels you feel like he's got the strength but also the compassion to be a leader, you know. And I really thought he was cool and I wish I saw more of him in the movie.


You should you should watch the movie hair. I think you really like it. It's it's it's a powerful musical man. And I remember watching that movie, like, really like not wanting because I was not like I was one of those guys who was like, oh, I don't watch musicals are stupid. Yeah. And I watch it. And I was like, holy shit, this is powerful and is in it to try.


Yeah. Good old street I'm looking at right now it Beverly D'Angelo. But D'Angelo. Yeah. Man Cleon was a character that I actually wish I had seen more of in the movie.


I know it's, it's a bummer how he got taken out, but we don't know that he's dead.


You just know you guys and I didn't. Yeah, I didn't assume that he was dead. But, you know, we know who dies. Yeah, exactly.


But but yeah. Knowing Walter Hill style in that Cleon is the upon and Gorman of the of the movie, of course he has to get taken out.


Of course. I'm just going to mention him now because he's not in the credits. But Thomas Guedes plays Fox, who's really like once Cleon gets taken out, he's the second in command. He's the in many ways the heartbeat of the movie. Like the the the the the the cooler. The guy who keeps everything chill. Yeah.


Amongst gangs, he's he's the he's like the diplomat. The diplomat. Thank you. He's the diplomat of the Warriors. And so I didn't honestly know this until not that long ago, but he was fired from the set for amongst many things. And he revealed this on the podcast. So I'm not going to go too deep into it because he talks more about it on our interview, which will be airing later this month. He had some issues with drinking and he also, you know, didn't start off on the right foot with the director and he asked for his name to be removed after he was fired and subsequently had his character's outcome altered because he was fired.


So and we'll talk about that scene when when it comes.


Yeah, so so I'll just nip it at that. If you don't know who Thomas Gates is, he was Windows and the things went on. And if you don't know, Windows is. Fuck you, Parmer.


There you go. It's all I got to say about you. And judging by the fact that it is our number one most downloaded episode, I assume everyone listening to the Warriors. As listen to, ah, the thing episode and knows who Windows is and also knows our love for Windows and all and for all you new listeners. Fuck you, Palmer.


Yeah, Brian Tyler plays snow and he hasn't really been in a whole lot. A man. What a presence on screen. Like a cool man. Walter Hill is so good at casting.


I know good at casting. I was going to say it's it's amazing. There's there's very few characters or actors, I should say, in this movie that I am like every time I look, I'm like, this is amazing. I want to see more of you. The casting in this is fantastic. Brian Taylor, another another actor in this movie as Snow, another character I wanted to see more of, just like Clennon. And I was like, damn, it's.


Yeah, the casting directors in this movie working for this movie did a fantastic job tactic.


I totally agree. And they had their hands full because this movie has a million people in it. It really does.


It does just talk about the Warriors and a few notable rogues. Yeah. David Harris plays coaches and another bad ass guy. If you don't know who David Harris is, he was in Fleche. He's a homeless guy in Fleche and has a great memorable character in that. Yeah. And he was in Brooks-Baker, which is a I love that movie. It's a great prison film with Robert Redford based on a true story. Definitely worth checking out. What a Morgan Freeman's first movies, by the way.


And Yaphet Kotto is in. Wow, Big Yaphet Kotto fan. Nice. Don't give me no fucking running man shit Brubaker's. This is the shit for sure.


Well, alien of course. Well I mean come on. Yeah.


So and then and he was also in Fatal Beauty which was directed by Tom Holland. Fatal Beauty is bad ass. It's got Sam Elliott and Whoopi Goldberg and Ruben Blades in it.


Oh my God. I think I can actually. I remember. Yep. I remember that movie now. Yeah.


Kurri Kurri Kurri at this point is probably going this is Zach in his fucking wheelhouse because, like, I'm just rattling it off. I don't need IMDB at all. Yeah, I know. Tom McKitrick plays cowboy.


He's only account only in this. Yeah. Catman in, you know, maybe took a few too many punches to the gut with a baseball bat and he decided to hang up his acting career. But he's good.


He's good. They ain't nothing wrong with them. Tom McKitrick plays Cowboy. OK, so a little bit of well, not a little bit.


A major bummer. Playing Rembrandt is Marcelino Sanchez and he unfortunately died of AIDS in like in his 20s. I think he died in 86. He was born in 57. Do the math. Oh, yeah.


He's 28 when he died, which is a shame because he's so fucking good in this. Oh, man. So, yeah, on the documentary that's on this Blu ray DVD edition, Deborah Van Valkenburg, who plays Mercy and we obviously know her from too close for comfort.


That's her biggest. And streets of fire, amongst other things.


I'm not going to lie. I was a big too close for comfort fan growing up, kid. I loved Monroe and everything and the cow puppet on his hand, you know. But yeah, it's hard for me to disassociate, you know, too close for comfort from this when I see her in this, you know, but at first I'm like, she's too close for comfort, but it quickly goes away. But that is the first the first thing I always think of with our first of all, this is like her first movie she ever did.


Oh, God. She did a movie after this called King in the Mountain with Harry Hamlin, which is like a racing movie set in the Hollywood Hills. No set in the Mulholland Hills Hollywood Hills area. Really cool flick. Definitely worth checking out. I think Ronin Films put it out or vinegar's one of those kind of boutique Blu ray companies seek that shit out. It's good.


But but Deborah gave a really heartfelt kind of tribute to Marcelli, Marcellino or Marcellino on the Blu ray documentary. Really Sweet. Like the guy. I knew him from three to one contact the Bloodhound Gang, which was a PBS educational show for kids. I used to watch that.


That's why he's familiar to me. Oh, my God. I'm literally getting hit with the memories right now as we're talking. Yeah, I can see him. I can see him in there.


The reason why this episode will be four hours long is because we will be reminiscing just in the intro of the actors movie.


But yeah, he really fucking talented guy. So talented. Another heartfelt performance, so good as Rembrandt, the Taga of the group.


And then Terry Terry, meet Terry MidCoast. I think it's, I think it's because yeah, he's actually been in a few different things, but I a couple of things. One, I think he looks like a slightly heavier set. Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi. OK, I also think he's the long lost Delany's brother. Uncle, he could definitely pass for a Pete Delois from 21 Jump Street, he plays vermin and he's got the big one and not going to lie low key.


My favorite oir word. Yeah, I don't know. I like that. I liked his energy. I thought he was fun all all the stuff he does in the movie. And which makes sense because reading the trivia, apparently his character is supposed to be killed off during the fight with the Lizzies, but because he turned like he made that character so memorable and kind of like full of sort of sarcasm and sort of jokey that I think Walter Hill just kind of kept it because he's like, screw it.


I like this guy. So I liked vermin. I thought he was a really, really fun character.


That's badass, because knowing that bit of trivia, he utters a line soon after they escape the lazy. Seems like we're going to make it back. We fought all this way. We're going to make it back. And it's he's probably like I fought for my part. Yeah. We're going I'm going to make it through this movie. I'm going to make it to the end. Yeah. And he's badass. Yeah. I love that. He was great.


He was absolutely fantastic. So great.


OK, so I mentioned Deborah Van Valkenburg already is Mersea, Roger Hill play Syrus. Roger Hill was a librarian.


She's just so you know, obviously I didn't open up with that because that's so cliche. I know. I know they're going to do that. And I've been I've been walking around the house doing it, too. But I'm like, we're not going to you know, we're not going to do that. That's not what that's too easy for us. It's going to be something else during the course of the next three hour conversation that we have.


The two lines, when you say to the people that have know this movie are always, can you dig it? Or Warriors come out to play. Yeah. And you can test somebody when they say Warriors Command play or they come out to play. And I just said to so you know. Yeah, I'm just saying, like, you got to make sure you get get it down correctly. Yeah.


And second of all, that's like people saying, oh, I saw Star Wars use the force be with you. Yeah, but what else do you know about it?


You know, and I'm not one of those guys that hates on somebody that doesn't know enough about somebody. You don't come at me like you're the ultimate Warriors fan. Speaking of which, slight derail, Terry and I went to this bar in Oakland. Which pays tribute to the Warriors, their logo has those sweet warrior wings that are on the back of the jacket with like a VW bus in the center. I don't know the significance of the bus, but just the fact that they use the font and everything, it's it's really badass.


It's a it's a bar in Oakland.


Hopefully they're still around. I hope so, too.


But OK, really quick, Lynn Thigpen plays the D.J.. All right, Boppers, that's how I opened it. If you don't know who Lynn Thigpen is, go back and watch. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?


Because she's from that amongst many things. Yeah.


And OK, Mercedes Ruell plays a policewoman in the in the park. Mercedes Rouxel is a welfare you.


Well, it's it's Mercedes rule. I'll rule. Yeah. Sorry. Rule Brull rules.


Rules I was in. The thing is like she's that's one of those names where I knew her so I looked it up as well as watching the movie. I was like, why does she kind of look familiar. And it's like Oh shit, it's Mercedes rule. And then I started looking through her IMDB and I was like, Huh, I know her name because I used to hear it when I was younger, you know, I was like, but I really actually don't know a lot of her her filmography.


But for some reason I don't know why. But the name Mercedes Rule kept coming across my my radar a lot when I was younger to the point where I immediately, you know, was like, OK, that's who that is.


I don't know. She she reminded me a little bit of Lorraine Bracco from Goodfellas.


You know, you get that feeling. Yeah. And a tough Italian chick. Yeah. You know, she was she was Mrs. Baskin and big. She was Tom Hanks, his mom. I guess essentially, you know, that's where I think a lot of people will recognize her from. She's great. Like she's she's been on Broadway. She's she's she's a very accomplished actress. She's been in a shit ton of stuff. Oh, yes. She's married to the mob.


Secret of my success. Fisher King. She's great, but yeah. And then one more dimension for now. Playing Luther, the leader of the rogues. Probably the biggest sniveling piece of shit on the planet is the guy you love to hate. You love to hate him from 48 hours. You love to hate him from commando. You love to hate him from the crow. You love to hate him in last man standing.


You love to hate him in dreamscape, of course.


How can I not mention then? Thank you for doing that. Playing Luther is our boy DPIC David Patrick Kelly.


Yeah it was us Muslim warriors Cyrus. So we're going to get to those. I cannot wait of course.


Can I just throw out the the hidden characters. It's funny because yes, this this movie feels like a video game. And when I found one on IMDB, I found these these actors and I was like, oh, my God, this is like these are like hidden characters in the in the game, essentially. Totally. So first off, we have Steve James as one of the baseball furies and we all know him from African you know, American Ninja.


You know, all kinds, of course. Yeah, exactly. And I was like, holy shit. I don't know which one he was, though, like, which makeup he was in there.


I don't think he was. He wasn't one of the three featured three or four featured in that.


OK, probably a background one or something. Yeah.


OK, and then Craig R. Baxley, which is the director of I Come In Peace plays a random punk. I don't know where he is. I assume maybe someplace in the enclave at the beginning. Maybe. I don't know.


Possibly, yeah. I mean, honestly, like you kind of blink and you miss him. I think I wouldn't have recognized him right away.


But how was that? The director of the movie that we just reviewed prior to this? It's kismet, man. It was it. I was not expecting to find him on IMDB when I was going through this. And then finally, the cop that we mentioned later that kind of busts AIJAC is Irwin Keys. Yeah.


Which you recognize a lot of people will probably recognize this house of 1000 corpses and stuff more more, you know, more modern ish. But he he passed away in twenty fifteen, but he was also in the exterminator that we reviewed earlier, Steve James, who was in the exterminator also.


Yes he was exactly.


And I have a I have a fun Irwin Keyes story to share back in the day when you could go to Fangoria conventions and get autographs. Irwin Keyes was so proud of his role in the Warriors when you would go to his booth and he'd sign autographs prominently. One of his biggest photos before he was in House of 1000 corpses was the shot of him in the Warriors with Ajax. Wow. And he was and I remember talking to him, I didn't get his autograph because I was like me, whatever it was when I was into that.


But I did want to talk to him. He was so like happy for his just short moment in that film. He's like, I know wasn't a big role, but it was a prominent role. It was an important role.


I'm the guy who took down Ajax and he's this big hunk of a guy, you know, like Hulk of a guy, not a hunk. Because if you see him and you're like, who? But yeah, just like such a sweet guy. And it's so cool to meet actors that are so proud of the work they do, whether it's a movie like the Warriors or whether it's Schindler's List, you know, it's it doesn't matter the fact that you made it and it got to be on screen, you know, being an actor and struggling at that.


Like, you got to applaud people for doing this. Yeah. Even if it's a piece of shit movie like Cyborg, you know. Yeah.


Like, come on, let's be honest.


And everybody that gets this, why did you walk under the bus?


Because any opportunity I could get to sit and look, folks, again, if you think it's great, it's not go back and watch their view of it.


It's their view. But yeah. Go ahead. I do. Before we we jump into the movie, I do want to address the nightmare shooting schedule. They are like just the filming of this was apparently super, super tough because they shot most of it, at least from what I can tell, most of it was shot in New York. They they shot at night, which, of course, we already know is is rough when you have all of your shoots at night, because then all your actors and your crew are just messed up on their sleeping schedules and everything.


But they had because they were shooting at night, they had to have like an actual gangs protection, you know, guarding the vehicles and stuff.


They had to they basically had someone like a gang member through the police department that they talked to and was like, OK, you can't film on this block because this gang isn't cool. But if you go two blocks over there, really, they're actually really nice. You can kind of grease their wheels. You can go shoot on their block. But like, they had to have a navigator, a gang naver. A gator get them through all of this and man Mersea, Deborah Van, how you pronounce your last name?


Deborah Van Valkenburg. Deborah Van Baker, Van Cliburn. Yes, she got the worst of it apparently in this making this movie.


She broke her wrist during the Fox death scene and she got fucking hit in the face with a baseball bat during that scene where Swan throws the baseball at that cop's shins, which also looks painful. But she got frigging hit in the face when they she still has a scar from that. So but, wow, it's nice that she's still very pro years, but it does seem that this movie was very guerrilla films like Guerrilla Filmmaking style, you know, and shooting at night.


And, you know, they had permits and stuff. But, man, they they got Pete on one night by by a bunch of gang members that were in basically kind of have the orphans were they were on top of the the roofs and everyone got peed on. So it's just I believe it it sounded like this was a very hard movie to make. It's it's remarkable that we even have it.


Well, two things. One, I agree with you wholeheartedly to yet this was not filmed. Nothing was filmed in St. Louis for some reason. I got it confused with another movie, so, you know, your brain has so much frickin knowledge in it, buddy. I do not. The way that you can just all of a sudden recall names and movies. I don't think anyone is going to begrudge you on messing up that small fact of our favorite movie of all time, you stupid son of a bitch.


Well, I will get to this specific shooting locations because I wrote them down. But but yeah, you mentioned that Swan got hit in the swan, takes out of that cop with the with the baseball bat. We'll get to that cop later, because you mentioned you didn't mention one person that it's worth noting.


Oh, all right. Cool. And when you when you when I do reveal that you can be like, holy shit.


Probably because because I can't in my head picture anything. So. All right. So an hour into the start of our breakdown of the Warriors, let's break this shit down.


Could you do good? These are the armies of the night. Can you dig, dig? And the furies, the boppers.


The Hyatt's Dulles's Turnbow places the Gramercy Riff's, and these are the warriors we know about, the Warriors, their heavy outfit.


They're from Coney Island Warriors. You guys are the big dudes now. They're in the Bronx, going back 27 miles behind enemy lines. It's the only choice we get between them and safety. Stand 20000 cops. And 100000 sworn enemies, I want them all I want all the war. They've got one way out. Oh, they've got one chap. They've got one night, a warrior's. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.


Right now, it's worth noting, while I'm doing a terrible version of the opening to the Warriors movie music, I'm just going to mention who did the music, because the soundtrack is phenomenal and it is one of my favorite movie soundtracks of all time, sans a few songs specifically. But Barry Deverson did the music for this movie. Barry Deverson is a phenomenal composer and dare I say, one of the godfathers of synths and guitar mix together. If the midnight doesn't know about the Warriors.


Well, I'm sure they sure they do. I mean, come on, like the driving guitar and this is fucking off the chain.


So my very first note is I love the opening song. And and that's going to be kind of like the main chase driving song that they use. I think that there's even a name to it.


It's well, there's the baseball purist chase. It's a little bit different. OK.


OK, well, these are two separate tracks. I do love this one and I love everything about this opening like ten minute credit thing that that they do. It's kind of like Prince of Darkness where it's a very it's an extended credit sequence over some interesting editing and like flashbacks and stuff and flash forwards. It's really cool, but it's not as long as Prince of Darkness is. No, it's not. And first of all, this song.


The music on this is on my workout mix, if you want a driving workout song, you put this on track on there, it's it gets you going, especially when you're doing cardio or anything, you know? Oh, I could totally see that. Yeah. But, you know. Yeah.


Opens with the shot of Coney Island and the Wonder Wheel at night. Beautiful neon. I mean, that's another thing. Walter Hill loves his neon. Oh God.


It's so good. But yeah, it opens with that. Flashes the Warriors font in graffiti writing that is so famous, iconic. Now the way that that font, that style, everyone's like, I want the Warriors font for my logo. Yeah.


That that title card is iconic at this point and it's so much better than split second.


And Cyborg from there you're from their Cleon walks in and just like Laslett you get the sense that he's talking to the whole gang and he's like, it's still on and we're going. Sirus sent an emissary afternoon to make sure. And he's like, look, Syrus don't want anybody packed. You don't want anybody flex in any muscles. So I gave him my word that the Warriors would uphold the truce. Now, everybody says that Cyrus is the one and only.


I think we better go have a look for ourselves and then that starts right into the music open end. So lawyers get on the subway barrier around.


So it's got a little hint of 70s horror in the like, creepy factor. But then it starts hit you with this rock and roll guitar to continue to go down. It's so badass. And so you're right. You said it so eloquently earlier. It's cuts between going on the subway to back and forth scenes with the different warriors.


It's cool because it's flashbacks to each individual one kind of like it's a part of that conversation that they were having. But it's cool because you don't just see that conversation in its entirety. Then they're on the train. It's like, no, they're on the train. Then you'll see like like you'll see Ajax doing something and then they'll cut to, like, flashback to his little conversation. It's really it's it's an editing dream. It's beautifully. It's it's wonderful.


I love this opening shot credit section.


Ditto. Ditto and ditto. Yeah. Swans like saying, look, we never been to the Bronx before. That's where the that's where the big gang, it's actually takes place at Riverside Park in Manhattan.


You have to go through the Bronx. Yeah, but they got to go through the Bronx and Queens like no sweat.


You know, every gang in New York City's going to be there them except for the orphans, right? Yeah. How come? David Schwimmer. And then it cuts to coaches and coaches.


It's like we're going in there with nothing and snowballs like, you know, we're going in there like everybody else. Nine guys. No weapons.


No, it's that snowball. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Originally his character's name was Snowball. OK, OK. Well, you know, we all know what that means thanks to clerks.


So go, go. If you don't go back and watch clerks.


Yeah, yeah. Go listen. Give that and give that a listen. Yes.


No snowball. Jesus anyway's. And then Cleon says to Rembrandt. You got the stuff I want you to hit every thing in sight, I want everybody to know that the Warriors were there because he cut the Rembrandt Rembrandt holding up his spray cam bottle. I like that.


I like that. He's like I want everybody to know the Warriors were there. Yeah.


It's like, look on the fucker, because he also know this is like history. Like, I feel like at this point, Leon, Cleon understands how big this is.


He does this is this is their million man march. It is, you know. Yeah. For for gangs. For gangs, for sure. And then, yeah, you're right, they're cutting in between the words on the train and then they cut to cowboy and cowboys like you never know what you got to run into out there wearing a colors we can't hide.


And Burmans like who wants to hide Richie Sambora lookin motherfucker Dido's Peter Lewis. And then he cut to Ajax. Yeah, he's like punch in the that the handles on the subway.


Yeah. The hanging he's doing like a rope a dope. Yeah.


It's funny. He's so badass. Yeah.


Ajax is definitely like one of the most popular characters of the movie and Ajax you know, big old sly smile on his face. He's like maybe we'll get to bust a few heads along the way and klinz like you just soldier and keep your mouth shut.


Yeah I know. I love that he's good. It's like when I kind of look on his face.


Well and also and I don't know if he'll mention it, but there is a moment where he also mentions Ajax mentions getting some tail to. Oh I'm getting there. OK, gotcha.


OK, some strange Wuhl. Yeah. Which is which is of course foreshadowing to what happens to him later no doubt.


Yeah. And then from there you got someone saying to Rembrandt, you know, when we get there you stick close by us because you get the sense that Rembrandt's like the youngest in the group, the weakest in the group. Remember, it's like, don't worry, I don't feel like get wrecked. I love.


OK, so. I just have to start out by the from the top saying that I love every piece of dialogue in this film. I know some people have said, oh, it's dated or it's cheesy. This is like it's written in such an interesting way. And there are some terms in this in this review that I'm going to say I'm going to quote the characters. And I just want to warn you that they're definitely not piece by. They're not they're definitely not PC by today's standards.


Yeah. Yeah, they were 1979. Yeah. In 1979 they were gang.


I'm just going to quote them directly. This film, the script is so fucking good and I just love everything about it.


And so it's so interesting. Shot to like some of these. Yeah. Like because there's not like a lot of camera movement and it's a very tight shot of the two faces, like not a lot of movement in like one person will be like looking one way. There's a lot of shots that almost feel experimental, like indie experimental film, but they work probably because of the the comic book vibe that this has.


Oh, yeah. This definitely feels like they're experimenting with shit that's never been done before. Again, it's Walter Hill feels totally original and his style. Yeah. You cut back to Ajax and that's when he says, you know, one thing we might get out of Syrus, little get together. I mean, some strange war. I wouldn't mind laying a little something down on the way back.


Vermont's like you got a one track brain, you know that. And that's when AIJAC says, what's the matter? You going faggot?


And that's Ajax's fucking thing, man. That's Ajax.


And all I know is when Terry and I met him at the arrow and I said, Mr. Remar, you have to know that this movie changed our lives. That's what brought us together. We are friends for life. And this movie plays a big part in this.


And he said that lying to us right before we took the photo, you can go on my Instagram or Facebook and the two of us are smiling and he's got a big grin on his face because he just knows how funny that sounded.


Dude, it was it was great that that makes me like James Rimma even more. Oh, he's he's a fucking champ.


We got to get him on the show. And then now from from this point on, I love this little exchange because cowboys like what do you know about Cyrus and Coach? He says magic. He's a whole lot of magic. Yeah. That's cool, dude.




And then coach, he says, what do you know about Cyrus Rembrandt. And Rembrandt says, he's the one and only.


And then back to Coaches'. When you're president of the biggest gang in the city, the reverse, you don't have to take any shit. And then Ajax just goes, yeah, fuck them.


And then he goes, I'll tell you what, I'll tell you something. I mean, no one's even going to be there.


And then from there, the credits end.


You open up this big rise and the music and you cut to the park and it is full of thousands of gang members and then interspersed doing this credit you did you get you get a look of different gangs.


You get there's like a mime gang. There's a like a like a TONC gang. There's all these different, like, kind of wearing costumes. The costume coordinator for this film was working overtime because she she or he had to come up with, like, you know, different looks for everybody. Everyone meaningless gangs.


Like the fucking mimes. Yeah. TouchPads, it's like you got to come up with a look for mines.


And you know that one group that had, like, the high pants and then the tank, the black tank tops. Yeah. They just had. So like the lead singer Thin Lizzy. Yeah. It's so weird. But like at the scene it's very you know, I kind of put this movie under like the urban fairy tale. It's not like Chud, stuff like that, like where these fantastic movies and not even the same genre shot in the Warriors or the same quality.


But I am fascinated by these movies where fantastic things take place in cities because you think like how could something crazy fantastic like should take place in city because like people would talk about it. Right. But here this seems like a comic book. All these gangs, it's like I can see it. I see the comic book influence. But it's cool. It feels like it's an urban fairy tale.


Well, I'm glad you said that because Walter Hill has gone on record to say that this is a comic book movie. And when you say comic book movie, when you say something is comic book ask. And you can speak definitely more to this than I can because you're more of a pro on it than I am. You can get away with a whole hell of a lot more. Yeah, it is a fantasy. It is not reality. You know, when people go, oh, it's a cheesy gang movie.


No, it's it's a fantasy gang movie. Yeah.


This could this would never happen.


So let's just let all that go. Let them feel like I'm Professor Birak from Prince of Darkness. Let reality go and let's talk about, you know, fantasy and myth like the Bible.


And I don't think that Walter Hill was even trying to make this like. Serious, like right out of the gate, I think he's telling you that this is a fantasy, this is a comic book. This is this is larger than life and fun. You have fun with it. Just go along for the ride and we do. And, you know, speaking of this enclave shot, you know, it's unbelievable the amount of people that they have for some of these shots.


And also knowing that some of them are actual gang members, that they kind of like, you know, the kind of used their turf, I think, to shoot on. They had to be like, OK, but we'll feature in you in the movie. And they got people together. And so there's actors in there. There's gangs in there. And which is ironic that you actually have gangs not starting violence like actually like just being extras and doing stuff.


It's it's interesting. This thing is, wow, you couldn't you cannot make this movie today at all, but you could.


But you would do you would use different means and it would be so, so different. This has such a life blood flowing through it. And this scene right here is the heart of it. This is the heart of the movie. No, no doubt.


No doubt. I'm going to I'm going to list some of the gangs for you throughout this movie. But just to kind of start you off, there's a site.


It's called The Warriors Dot the Warriors movie Duccio UK. It's probably the most expansive, detailed. Tribute site that there was or ever will be, I think the guy, Thomas Waits, mentioned that a guy is writing a book on the Warriors. I think it's the guy that runs this website. OK, first of all, there's a game called the Electric Eliminators, and the leader of the electric eliminators was in stripes.


So just fun fact.


But you got gangs like the term bases. Yeah, the orphans. Yeah, the the baseball furies. Obviously, the lizzies, the punks, the rogues. Those are the top ones. Right. The Gramercy riffs. But then you get into the boppers, the Boyle Avenue runners, the electric eliminators. Listen to these names are so great. The gladiators, the high hats, those are the mimes, the hurricanes. Those are the Cuban guys, the Jones Street boys, the moon runners, the Panzers, the Serre, the Saracen's, the Satan's Mothers, Savage Huns and the Portland Rangers.


They had to come like they had to come up with these names. And I'm sure, like some of them are in that right. Like, I'm sure that in the book they probably list a lot of these names. So that was the author's job.


But they still had to like. Yeah, come up with probably a lot more names and probably know who they were when they're like shooting it.


It's it's unbelievable the scale of this. And I do have to say, I mean, we haven't gotten into what's going on, but it's I also love how this movie starts.


Huge. The concept is massive. The concept of this movie, like like what Cyrus puts forth is like world changing in theory, you know, if it if it could have been executed. So it starts with this massive high concept, this this huge concept of all these gangs meeting together. And then it goes hyperfocus into the Warriors. And I love that it's it's a lot of times you see things that are focused, kind of branching outwards, and then you see the bigger picture afterwards.


This goes the exact opposite.


It does. It does. And and so you have to picture nine guys from every single gang in New York have all come together because of one dude, Cyrus. He's the Martin Luther King, if you will, of gang leaders. Like he's the guy who's like, look, if we all work together and I'll get to that when I read his speech, if we all work together, we can control this city and everybody every gang is like, all right, that sounds pretty good to me.


Yeah, except for one gang fuckers. Anyways, picture this park filled and but everybody's cool, everybody's chill and they're all waitin on the center of the jungle gym kind of centers around this kind of wooden platform.


And Cyrus, this guy steps up to the top of the platform, yells out to the crowd, Can you count suckers?


I say, the future is ours.


If you can count.


His deliveries are amazing. Oh, it's great. And then, you know, you've got, like, crowd. Come come on, Sirius with you.


Go with ahead Sirius. Yeah, yeah. I heard that.


And then he mentions what I just said earlier with all the gangs. He's like, now look what we have here before us. We've got the start. And sitting next to the Jones Street Boys, we've got the moon runners right next to the Van Cortlandt Rangers. Nobody is wasted, nobody.


That is a miracle. And miracles is the way things ought to be.


The crowd was wild and that's they're clapping like there's a shot of the warriors and they're all clapping very much and cowboys going nuts. He's going all fanboy. And Ajax's looks at him like, what the fuck is wrong with you? You know, he's looking all better and pissed because he doesn't give a shit about any of this stuff.


And it goes back to now you hear like. Yeah, when cheering then he goes back to Siris.


He's like, you're standing right now with a hundred delegates from a hundred gangs and there's over a hundred more. That's 20000 hardcore members, 40000 counting affiliates and 20000 more not organized, but ready to fight 60000 soldiers.


Now, there ain't nothing but 20000 police in the whole town, can you dig it? Good girl. The crowd goes nuts. I love how he does the three, can you dig it and that last, can you dig it is that it's so basic. Could you Derga and I even I'm like, yes, I can fucking dig it. And everybody is so Gaete so pumped.


Right. I mean, I can see why man fucking Cyrus is. He's, he's, he's awesome. He's fucking awesome. He's charismatic. He's, he's the guy we've all wanted. Yeah. He's the he's the man.


Right. So goes back to Cyrus. He says now here's the sum total. One guy could run this city one gang. Nothing would move without us allowing it to happen. We could tax the crime syndicates, the police, because we got the street suckers. Can you dig it?


And right after he says that you see police officers pulling up and you're like, oh, shit, how do they know about this? Yeah, we'll get that later.


My note was I love 70s police cars. Me, too. They're so fast and yet they don't look like they're supposed to be.


I know, I know they look like something you're you you know, someone who sells vacuum cleaners should be driving and then.


Yeah. You know, cut back to Sirus. And he's like, the problem in the past has been the man turning us against one another, which is true.


If you think about it in a way, it's like this is kind of how things work. Yeah.


I mean, especially with the privatization of our of our prisons. Yeah. Yeah. No, Sirus is a hundred percent correct. And you know what I say. Let them have New York.


Yeah. Yeah. I love it. He's like we've been able to see the truth because we've been fighting for ten square feet of ground. Our turf, our little piece of turf. That's crap brothers. The turf is ours by right because it's our turf and I'm like, sure, OK.


All we have to do is keep up the general truce.


We take over one burrow at a time, secure our territory, secure our turf because it's all over turf, man.


So this is when shit gets real.


OK, so it's all fantasy, all gaga. Crowds cheering going nuts.


And right after this happens, you start seeing a gun get passed from one guy to another, one guy to another. And then it's given to we don't know who he is at this moment, but it's given to Luther, a.k.a. DPRK, the leader of the rogues, and he aims directly at Cyrus. Pulls the trigger, shoots Cyrus in a very. Very impactful moment. Yeah, Cyrus gets taken out, shot in the chest, falls off of the jungle gym structure thing that is on crashes to the ground in a really intense stunt.


It's really well done. Everybody starts freaking out right after this happens. Who witnesses the whole thing.


But Thomas Guedes character, The Fox, sees it happen. Luthor turns, looks at Fox, pulls his gun out, pulls the gun out to pull the trigger on Fox to kill him. But there's spotlights set up, presumably by the police, shines right on Luthor, blinds him so he can't see what happens. And Fox splits.


And it's a great shot of Fox because it's you know, the background is very out of focus. So it's, you know, you can tell, but it's like a telephoto lens that they're using. It's it's a beautiful shot. The cinematography in this movie, as you mentioned earlier, is fantastic.


Andrew Laszlo. Yeah. Yeah. It's so good. So good. And everyone scattered at this point. And then Cleon kind of is instructing the Warriors and he's like, look, you know, keep your ass to the ground, stay against the crowd, you know, get out of here.


And and he and he's off looking for more of his people because I love that. I love that. I loved Cleon, dude.


And, you know, we're going to he's going to be gone soon, but he's awesome. Like, they do a great job of making, you know, that he is the leader. I mean, just no doubt at all, the way he controls the scene, whenever he's in it with them, it's it's great casting. Yeah.


He's such a man. He's and again, you got to check out here because he's great in that too. But yeah. So everyone scattering Rembrandt's looking like super timid. And at this point they cut back to Cyrus, who's being carried by the riffs kind of to the ground and inspecting and making sure like he is clearly dead. Everyone's moving around the Fox. Fox finds Rembrandt and Rembrandt like his client. All right. And it's like I think he's up there and it's like, are you sure?


It's like, I don't know. And he's like this. Let's keep moving. It's a lot of scattering chaos going on. Cleon goes down to check out what's going on with Syrus because he's one of the head dudes, and then Luthor grabs his guy and his guy's name is Cropsey, by the way, I saw the Warriors at a midnight screening at the Nuart on Santamonica next to Sinophile video on Cropsey.


Was there actor who plays Cropsey and he was given out his his eight by tens with his and he autographed it.


So I have an autograph of Cropsey somewhere downstairs on my wall of Wall of Fame.


To me he kind of looked like a nineteen seventy nine.


Demetri Martin totally do dropsondes. Great. Got these. Great.


And by the way he gave out a shit ton of like Rockstar Game Warrior stickers that I had a Rockstar Game Warriors poster. I so much warriors shit. Anyways save that for later but yeah.


So, so Cleon goes to check on Syrus.


Luthor yells out he's the one, he's the one the Warriors did at the Warriors did it. He shot Siris. I know you're you're doing like a little bit of an exaggeration, but it's not really if you're not if you've if you've never seen the movie, David Patrick Kelly sounds like this in the movie.


It's it's weird, but it works like it's it's sniveling. But at the same time here, here's why I think it works. It sounds sniveling, but it's it's it's as if he's a predator doing something sort of like you can tell he doesn't feel that way.


He's a sociopath. He's saying that like the sniveling sort of way to kind of pretend he he doesn't. It's interesting. I like it. It's a defense mechanism, sort of. But it's also just like sort of a camouflage mechanism because he's pure evil inside.


Well, so he based his character around it.


Claudius, in Hamlet, it might be it's either Claudius or Polonius. I'm trying to remember which character he based it around in Hamlet. All I know is he based it around the deceitful.


Backstabber. OK, Hamlet, which is really which is really fucking deep. David, Patrick Kelly, you know, guys, you got to remember. As as. Though he's played so many villains in his life. He's a he is a such a talented actor. Yeah, and he's so good and like you can tell, he's like like so trained. Yeah, trained is a very thoughtful actor, like you said, even though. Yeah, he's playing bad guys.


It doesn't surprise me that he put thought into, like, the speech of this character. I mean, the fact that it's a it's a little bit annoying, I guarantee you, is by design of David Patrick Kelly probably working with Walter Hill, like working on the character and everything is by design here.


It's it's totally intentional. And you want to see when he gets his comeuppance, which will that it makes it even more satisfying because, you know, he's such a little shit. Yeah.


So, yeah, he's yelling the Warriors did at the Warriors did the Warriors and he runs up to Cleon to like allegedly kick his ass and Cleon just fuckin knocks the just elbows at once and knocked some cool Coxon. He called Coxon.


I loved it because, because, because clearance like he's like looks over doesn't he doesn't know Luthor at all. I didn't do shit. Yeah. And he's like you. And then all of a sudden this little troll comes running after him and you can just tell that the character Klien is like really is this really happening? And he immediately throws him like dismisses him to the side. And then when David Patch, Kelly or Luthor kind of recovers himself, he kind of hits him in the in the chest with with, you know, an arm thing.


And I'm like, it was great. He just he dismissed him so easily.


He knocks him to the fucking ground. Yeah. Because because because, you know, Luther's all full of piss and vinegar.


He shot Siwy receded. Im going to get them and then he gets his ass handed to him.


But it is too late at this point because at that point now everyone thinks Cleon killed Cyrus. Yeah. Including the refs and they surround him. The riffs start coming in to attack him. He starts taking a few of them out, but then he gets taken down by all the refs and they just beat the shit out of them.


You don't see that he's killed. Who knows? Maybe he just got most likely he did get beat to death, unfortunately. And that's the end of Cleon. Unfortunately, in the Warriors are now nine down to eight. Yep. From that point on, the Warriors are still rushing out.


They find a fence, a wall at the park that kind of separates the parts like a misfiring.




And they kick the wall open. They go through the wall and they wind up in a cemetery and that's where they hide. Oh, man, I love the scene I've ever seen in this movie. But I love the scene because they kind of they they look like they've been running all night, stressed out as shit.


You're drenched in sweat, drenched in sweat. Right.


And so at that point, now everybody's checking on each other. Everybody OK? Right. And then someone who's kind of like the lieutenant, right. He goes, it's everybody. Everybody make it. Yeah.


And you say lt but it's it's better than that. His name is War Chief. War Chief. And so but I guess so Cleon was the not war master. What, what did, what did Suan not swane. What did they want to be. It was different war mongers.


War Lord Lord you want to be war lords. There you go. So make your life.


I love I love that they have their own internal vernacular and their own like hierarchy and structure and everything. What a warrior is right. Of course. I mean it makes sense that they would do that. But I just. I like that. I think that's so fucking cool. And then also to you know, I think swane whoever sends Rembrandt to go scout ahead. And it's like, well, of course, I mean, you don't have fucking cell phones in 1979.


You don't know. They don't know where the train station is. The turned around at this point. You don't have Google Maps on your phone and everything. I was like, that's so cool. Sitting Rembrandt to go like kind of like hop up on a mausoleum to go get higher ground, get a look, you know, totally.


There was there was a point when the Warriors was being discussed to be remade. Tony Scott was going to do the remake and then he committed suicide, unfortunately, and rest in peace. I'm glad they didn't remake it because this movie is very similar to me as as after hours, which is a great it's my favorite Martin Scorsese movie with Griffin Dunne, where he stuck in the middle of downtown New York one night and he doesn't have money for a cab and he's got no money for a payphone.


And you can't remake movies like that because at this day and age, everyone's got a cell phone.


So like this to me, you can't remake Warriors because they would have they would have got fucking over and get the fuck.


I know the conceit is they would just get Uber and be gone with it, you know, and yeah, I'm totally with you. There's just some things. Yeah. You can't do because modern technology is like it would completely negate the entire fucking movie and shouldn't be done. You know what I'm saying. Of course, of course, yeah, look, the thing is a remake, if you're going to do a remake, make it like the thing.


But if you can't make it like the thing, then don't touch it at all.


There you go. So there you go. So, OK, so, yeah, someone's asking if everybody made it. And and then Fox says just aliens missing. And Kochi says the fuzz must have got them. And then someone says the coaches is like, well, did you see him get busted? And Koshy says, I seen him. Then he wasn't there no more.


I was hauling ass. And then Swan says, you know, why don't you look around and make sure we're OK so that the Rembrandt and Rembrandt like this is a graveyard?


Like, what are you talking about? And then cowboys like, OK, he sends them off and then cowboy like, well, what are we going to do now? It's Juanjo says simply, we're going back. And Vermont says, you mind telling us how fucking Coney Island must be 50 to 100 miles from here? And swans like it's our only choice we got and coaches like, yeah, real simple, except that every cop in this city is looking to bust our heads.


And Swan says, well, we got a we got something else to think about. The truce, and that's when snow is like the truce is it's still on and Vermont, Vermont's like, yeah, if it ain't, then we got to bop our way back. I love that bop bop our way back. And then cowboys like shit.


I wish we was packed. And Swan says while the truce is off, anything could hit us between here and that train. If you get separated, make it to the platform in Union Square. That's where we train. That's where we change trains. And then Ajax pipes up. He's like, well, I got one question. Who named you leader?


I got as much right as you to take over. Like, he's not even thinking about fucking getting back. He doesn't have to be in charge, right?


Yeah. No. Yeah. Ajax yeah. Ajax going to Ajax and then Fox being Fox is like Fox. It was, you know, his client's choice.


Swan's war chief Ajax is like well well right about now Koreans most likely got a nightstick clearance, most likely got a nightstick shoved halfway up his ass.


Yeah. Shit.


I bet you can't even find the subway swans like. Well maybe we ought to talk about this later, huh? Like he's trying to be fucking diplomat.


This is not the time or the place. Ajax, come on. And priorities are fucked.


Now on Ajax, it's like what's wrong with right now I want to be warlord and Swain's like a fine. Fuck it, make your move. And then I love this because now you go to every warrior and cowboys like, Hey Ajax, lighten up. Environment's like Big Boy Swansboro chief. Right. And coaches is like, we better stick together. And then finally, Rembrandt chimes in, Hey, you guys, the train's right over there. Come on, hurry up.


Let's go. Right.


You know, yeah, they go off and I love this when swans like, let's move. And then Coaches', like, tries to be cool with Ajax. It's like, hey, come on, man, just stay loose and ejectors half fuck.


Hey, man, he made his play.


He made his play. Sure.


Dead and swans like, you know, tells Rembrandt to mark the spot. And Rembrandt does tags up, he gets ready to tag and it just takes a giant W. Remember that being a little cheesy, like just a giant W, you know, nowadays, my buddy Jamal.


I know. And Jamal listens to this. Jamal would have been like having been fucking warriors backwards. That's what people look in the rearview. They see the logo, you know, tag my buddy Jamal used to tag up shit all the time and I would go with him and his tag was reverse.


I would write it in reverse. That's cool. That's cool. Jamal Awesome.


Anyways, from there, that's the end of the scene in the cemetery and you cut to the riffs headquarters. I love this.


Like you were talking about Messi, the leader, the ref, the standing in front of his whole group, and he just says riffs.


And they go, you're wrong.


And it's cool because it's kind of like a cross between the Black Panthers and Samurai's like or like like dojo guy. Like, you know, they're sort of wearing sort of GI type of thing. It's very interesting. The costume design. Guergis Yeah. The costume design is awesome because Berkely, it could have been stupid, man. It could have all of this could have been silly. And for some reason it's not because they sell it when they're standing there.


They're not giggling or laughing. They're all looking intense, you know, but they're but they're wearing like silk robes. You know, it's you know, it kind of reminds me of the show, Nuffin, Last Dragon or something. You know, it looks a little bit like that show.


NUW was totally influenced by the Warriors, right? I was definitely. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. And there's two types of people in this world.


There's one the one person that. Gets this and looks at it and says. Take it for what it is, you know, just lose yourself, just like you lost yourself in Wizard of Oz. Yeah, same idea. And then there's the other side is like, oh, it's cheesy. And they're wearing the stupid costume.


And those people suck because if this because of this movie, if the Gramercy riffs didn't like, look like that, if they didn't look like Black Panthers, meet samurai's. If, you know, if there weren't a gang of mimes, if it wasn't as cartoony as it is, this movie would not be as memorable as it is. And they leaned into it and they made it work. I think on paper, this would have been a hard sell, like we're going to make a gang movie, but it's a comic book.


What? You know what I mean? But but it works.


It actually works.


And, you know, it's funny because this you would think that this was Walter Hill's first movie because it's so experimental.


It does. It does feel like his first movie feels like his. Yeah, it really does feel like a debut.


But he made he made the driver before this, which is great again and hard times with Charles Bronson and James Coburn, you know, which are like two legit blockbuster films. And then but they weren't kind of reviewed very well.


And then he makes The Warriors, which is really obscure with with relative unknowns.


I think. I think Thomas Waits in his interview said that he was maybe one of the most he was going to be like top billed in this movie, which says, you know, most people were kind of unknown in this movie. So, yeah. So, like, it's a big deal for him to go out on a limb and do shit like this. But anyways, come back to the riffs.


And I love just real quick, I just would I mean, I can't imagine, like, you know, the dailies of this, you know, your producer seeing this, like they had to be on board, like, you know what I mean? Like, even if they weren't on board, they would have they would have seen the dailies of this scene and been like, oh, my God, pull the plug. You know what? They're a bunch of samurai's, you know, like, what is this?


But clearly, the producers were on board with the vision. And it's it just it's cohesive. It works. The whole thing is cohesive.


And the reason why this movie is a classic is because it feels like it wasn't touched by a studio. Yeah. Feels like it was just straight up.


OK, put what you want out there, because it's all out there. It's all out there. You just got to know what's worth stealing. It feels like an art horse film. It totally does.


Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Masci says, who are the Warriors? There must be some word I went them all. I want all those warriors.


I want them alive if possible, if not wasted. But I want them send the word.


Hey, everybody, Corey here. I just want to let you know that we'll be right back after these short messages. I'd come and join me as your host Deadly Debbie, as we go through my creepy files and listen to real life, strange but true stories from people on. Explore the weird and wonderful in my weekly podcast with Deadly Debi's creepy files.


And now back to the show. And from there, you cut to the deejay. Such a vital part of this movie. The deejay is the messenger. Yeah.


Of all the gangs in the city to where the Warriors could be, because, again, there's no cell phones. There's no groups for everyone to join up for a meet up, because nowadays Cyrus would have just created a meetup on the app, you know, but back then, they had to get the word out. And that is such a cool way of doing it. Whereas, like, if everyone knows that you have to listen to this one radio station because it's one female deejay is in the know and also delivers information.


First off, great for ratings for you.


And you know, but second off, it's like it's cool that everyone is in the know that this is what you have to do and that the information will be coming via this source. It's so cool.


And if you think about it like this, it's been it had gone into the late 80s, early 90s, when when the radio was the best, the first way to get our news delivered to us right before Internet. You think about the movie like do the right thing. You know, we're where Sam Jackson was the was the deejay relaying the message to everybody on the street to what was going on.


Michelle Lynn Thigpen, the radio DJ, I love it, she's like, all right, now for all you boppers out there in the big city because she's got to be a little a little coated, too.


Yeah, it's yeah, it's it's code. It's all code.


And she's like all you street people with an ear for the action. And just a slight pause, I wrote down all this dialogue because I felt like it was so important to capture truly what was going on anyones back to it all, you street people with an ear for the action. I've been asked to relay a request from the Gramercy Riff's. It's a special for the Warriors. That's a real live bunch from CONI. And I do mean the Warriors.


Here's a hit with them in mind and she starts playing like this disco version and nowhere to run. You know, you run, which is perfect.


Absolutely perfect when it starts raining.


No, no, no. There the rain comes later around this montage scene.


The rain starts coming down. And, you know, it's a it's the first of many montages, but the Warriors are hiding, there's a shot of the first shot of the baseball furies.


Everybody trips over the baseball furies who end up kind of getting their asses handed to them. My wife was very unimpressed by the day because I was so excited because I like the baseball furies. They're they're very visually. Everybody loves everyone loves them. They do. But let's be honest, they they they are not impressive. And my wife, she did not let that get past her.


Yeah. They suck. They suck. They really do. They look intimidating as shit and then they can't hold their own. Now for more than thirty seconds against the Warriors. Great idea, but learn how to fuck and fight baseball furies. Cut to the term bases who are like skinheads. But it's you know, they're not white skinheads. It's a mixture of like black guys, Hispanic guys, everybody, white guys.


So I want to bring this up now. This was something that my wife and I started tracking.


First off, she was like, I like the fact that that the Warriors have, you know, it's it's multi-ethnic diversity, you know, group.


And then the skinheads, like you just said, it's not about the Naziism. They just shave their heads. That's it. But they are very diverse. And not every group, the the the overalls wearing group is all white.


But for the most part, I was extremely and so was my wife, extremely impressed by how politically correct the groups were and how open and inclusive each group was to have people in it. We were like, holy crap, this is great. Like there's no group that's like, this is the black guys. This is the white guys. Latinos like they were all just the groups weren't. The groups were based on their race.


It was it was based on a theme. And then anyone could be in it. It seemed like I love that aspect of it. And so did my wife, to be honest with you.


Ditto. Ditto. I mean, fun fact. My first band that I ever started was called I Call.


We were thinking about band names and I'm like, let's call ourselves the term bases because I thought that sounded really cool. And they're like, what's that from? And I said, the Warriors. And like, OK. And then we later became Chuck Norris Action Pants. That's a whole other story.


But yeah, sure. Yeah. The term bases are so fucking dope. Yeah.


Diversity across the board dude across the board show this to kids nowadays and I mean no but I mean honestly it's actually a very positive message. I agree with you. I agree with you.


So in interspersed in this there's there's a sequence where it starts raining that was not planned. It just started raining, according to the documentary on the on the Blu ray. And there's a shot of them running or like kind of hiding out and there's lightning in the sky that was not planned either. That was not drawn on. That was just like happenstance. Wow. Fucking beautiful.


I thought that that was that was like postproduction drawn on lightning. That's really cool. No, that's that's awesome, dude. Yeah.


It's totally spontaneous. And and then you come back to the deejay and she goes by looking good warriors all the way back to CONI. You hear me. Babies. Good. Real good. Adios. Beautiful lips. Oh yeah. Lipstick and all shiny.


And she's got that sultry voice. It's perfect shit. It's a man.


Or again she passed away a few years ago. She's so good. Like she, she played a really menacing mom and the Lean On Me, directed by John Abelson. The True Story with Morgan Freeman. Yeah, that's a great movie, too, by the way. And it cuts back to Ajax's and they're kind of hiding out.


The Warriors are hiding out under the subway line, the train line. And Ajax's is like, come on, what kind of chicken shit crap is this?


Yeah, he wants to be just he always wants to be in a fight. He always wants to be fucking fighting with his fingerless gloves and coaches. It's like, yeah, come on, man, we're here.


What are we waiting for? And then Fox. Fox, the voice of reason is like a train would help unless you want to go up there and get less. You want to go up there and get Jeff down an open platform again, not politically correct. No, no. I noticed that a couple of times. And it's funny because now I don't mean to be later. Yeah. Yeah. So it's yapped. And I guess I guess because I don't actually even know what for you to reference.


Well, I guess I was about to say I get jumped like like surprised attacked of essentially basically. But it's yeah.


It's interesting that like he didn't say jumped like he said Japhet surprise attack.


And I was like, OK, all right. Yeah.


And again, I'm going to utter another word that's not appropriate, but it is what it is because I'm reading it from the you know, from the actual movie dialogue and and then yeah, Coaches' is like bullshit, man. There's nobody on the street and. Seems like he's right, we're acting like faggots, Ajak says he's got a very small vocabulary.


And again, guys, I'm only quoting the movie.


I'm quoting the movie, you know, because we've we've talked extensively how we're not we're not a big fan of that word and everything, but it's just it's just the time. It's the movie. Yeah. You know, it's whatever it is. Yeah. And you got it. You got to take into account.


And we're I mean, we're both glad that it's not a mainstream word anymore. So totally it's horrible and should never be used. I'm just saying that's what that's what, that's what AIJAC said. Yeah. Don't blame me.


Blame Ajax and then I love this because one's like just keep talking like shut the fuck up you guys. And right after these, he says that the term bases roll down the street and their big ass bus school bus.




And like, look in intimidating shit.


It's a fucking it's a school bus. It's a school bus full of motherfuckers like I'm talking chockful. Every seat hanging out on top. I mean, chock full of motherfuckers, chock full of bad ass bald motherfuckers.


And they drive past the word but inclusive motherfuckers as well said and very progressive. They're very progressive, progressive motherfuckers. Yes.


So they they roll down the street past the Warriors, the Warriors. They don't see the warriors. And then swans like, move, let's go. You know, they they start heading towards the subway because the subway starts coming in. Right. Warriors start. They they go to one side, they go from one side of the street to the other. Then the turn will see them. And snow is like, that's the term bases and and in cowboys like I think they forgot about the truth, Truc.


And everyone's like, yeah, no shit. And Ajaccio, those lousy skinhead fucks. Right.


And Swane sends Fox to kind of scope and see what's going on, like where that the acts are. And then you see the train roll in overhead and then Vermont says, that's our train, we got to make it. And you see the bus goes down to the end of the street and makes a U-turn and comes back and remember, it's like, Oh, Jesus Christ. And Fox comes back and like, you know, says, are we going to go for it?


And then swanned, just nods. And then they run off across the street in front of the bus that's coming down towards them. They have to run down the street to the entrance of the subway down this long street and.


Turnbull's just take off rolling towards him as fast as they can. And this is when the Warriors are running their asses off and it looks legit defense. Yeah, they are just.


And you hear the term bull screaming at Adam. The Warriors are rolling up the staircase up to the subway at this point, they're all going up and Ajax stays behind just to flip them off one, of course, just to be a fucking dick.


But then we get great shot of someone swinging there two by four out of and hitting like a pillar, just barely missing them and breaking it as he runs up the stairs. Very, very, like, exhilarating.


Yeah, exhilarating. And you feel like they probably had extras up at the subway, but they're blase and pass these extras knocking them over. There's one chick with like this big blond afro. Yeah. Almost knocks her on her ass. Another guy in like a like he looks like he jumped off of the video game elevator action with the trench coat and the hat gets knocked into the subway and the warriors like pile on to the subway and Ajax is trailing behind him and he's like, hold the fucking train.


You know, in the words like, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. And they get on the train. And can I say real quick. Yeah, I love it. It's it's here and it's later. But every time they go somewhere onto the train with Swan Swan's counting heads as people are coming in and it's such a little character thing that they don't ever call out or whatever, but you can see it.


Swan is making sure all of his soldiers are there, even Ajax, because, I mean, Ajax is still his fucking boy, still his responsibility. And as these companies like one to his accountant, I'm like, that's fucking cool, man. That's so fucking cool.


Yeah, dude, it's such a great, like, subtle thing. Nice job pointing that out, dude. That's the that shows a real fan.


Hey man. Hey buddy. I was buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy boy. Sleezy B sleezy a beautiful b c with this beautiful bountiful bouffant hairdo.


Yeah. My covid hair is the longest it's ever been in my life.


So they get on the train and I love this because they get on the train in the Turnbull's R right behind their asses and they're like, close the door, close the door, close the door.


Like they're yelling at the subway conductor and they finally close the door and they start rolling off and then they start laughing.


And Tracy's like, I mean, like you fuckers like two seconds ago they were pissing their pants off to get their asses, but they escaped. And I love how they frame this because the Warriors don't say this, but everybody else is like, oh.


They they beat the term bases, no, they they didn't beat the term bases, they just out they just out random and got on the train in time.


Well, and also to the first time I watched this, of these two consecutive watching, I kind of didn't really grasp the fact that, yeah, the Warriors don't really know that they're being hunted at this point. They don't actually find out until the Lizzies, which is pretty much near the end. So many minutes left in the movie. Yeah. They're just like they have no clue, which makes sense because they don't have a radio on them. There's no boom box.


And they did a good job during the montage of showing people listening to the radio and every other gangs listening to the radio and stuff. Yeah. So yeah, it kind of didn't click for me the first time that. Oh yeah. Like they don't, they don't know that they're being hunted. They don't, they don't. All they know is, is they're thinking maybe the truce is off. Right. That's the truth. The truth is that no one's going to waste anybody.


Right. Everybody's going to be chill. But obviously they're thinking well maybe the truce is off, but more to it than that, which they don't find out, like you said to the end. But on the subway, I love this because. They get on, they're like, oh, so relieved, right, environment's like, oh, those guys are some desperate dudes and cowboys, so. So with you and then Ajax is like, oh we could take them bunch of chicken shit, but chicken shit.


I will say that of all the groups, I think the term bootlaces would have beat them.


And just from sheer numbers, Turnbull and the Riff's would erect them.


Yeah, but by sheer numbers. Right. Yeah. And then yeah I love that Ajax's like they were chicken shits.


Right. Cowboys like. Well and look like chicken shits to me. Right. Environment's like yeah me neither. And coaches it's like well you know what, we made it in in an hour. It's S.I, the big coni and he just was like Yeah. Give you that this buddy.


And then Suan is like yeah well when we made it. When we get there, that's when we made it. Like, don't start, yeah, I'm already in guys now dedicated focus, keep focused, man. I like I like, I like where swans head is at and coaches is like, hey, no sweat.


What chiefs like, be cool, be cool. And Rembrandt's looking at a map.


It's like, hey, I got Coney Island and Ajaccio, you know, figure out how many stops Union Square and then coaches gives them some shit. He's like, hey, come on man, that's high math. Rembrandt kind of given me to be not that smart.


Right. And Fox, of course, being the awesome diplomat that he is, is, you know, no, don't worry. Like, nobody can read these maps. And again, Thomas Waits, like you see what Walter Hill saw in him, that this guy has something about him. Like he's he's the he's the the conscience to the to the group.


And honestly, if we hadn't interviewed him prior to us reviewing it, I wouldn't have paid as much attention maybe to his character, maybe. I don't know. But I'm glad that I did because he he turns in such a fantastic performance.


You know, whatever happened behind the scenes, you know, notwithstanding, he turns in a fantastic performance. And I will say that his presence is missed once the character is gone. He oh, yeah, he's great. Thomas G. Waits is great in this.


I mean, Michael back as one carries a certain bravado about him throughout this whole movie. But Fox is he's he's that he's that X-Factor.


And dare I say that Swane works better when Fox is next to him, like when they're talking to the orphans and a little bit see the dynamic between Fox and Swan. That is like I like that. I wanted to see more of that. I wanted to know before that, like what was going on and everything. I, I like that dynamic. I thought it was a great dynamic. Me too.


Me too. So from there we cut back to the Gramercy riffs and this is where is sitting chillin and his his informant comes in and whispered in his ear, he's like we just heard from the term bulls, they blew it and then from there.


But but it's it's so cool because it's, you know, the actor playing besides looking right at the camera, it's got a Dutch angle. So it's kind of cockeyed. Nothing moves. Nothing in the other guy's face just kind of comes in.


It feels like Batman from the 60s, but but not in a bad way. Like, you know, like like. Oh, yeah. Works it fits with the movie. But at the same time, it's so very comic book. Like Walter Hill is not trying. He's telling everybody he's like, look, just look right here. This is this is a fantasy. This is this is not reality at all. No, he's not even trying to hide it.


It's a fantasy, I think, where people get this mixed up or, you know, jolted in their mind. They're like, yeah, but you're dealing with a gang which are real. You're dealing with realistic scenarios. But it's still a fantasy. Yeah. In a time, 1979, when I don't think people were ready for that. Yeah. Yeah. That's why it's so much more popular nowadays, right. Yeah.


The Urban Fantasy Man is a genre that I find utterly fascinating. Yeah.


Judgment Night with young Emilio Estevez is is a comic book film. Yeah. Dangerous game in a way. Yeah. And that was that was Walter Hill. I saw that in the theater. Right. With Denis Leary.


Denis Leary. Yeah. Walter Hill didn't do that actually. They directed it did. He did. One of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Forget it. OK, I thought he did.


But Walter Hill did trespass. Trespass. That's right. That's right. Yeah. Which was an urban setting treasure.


OK, they didn't bury treasure movie. OK, love that movie with Bill Paxton. Oh, William Sadler from Demon Night.


Yeah. Nice tea. And I think Ice Cube in that. Iced tea was definitely in it, though, anyways. Yeah, I love Trespass, another great Walter Hill movie come back to the Warriors there on the train.


And the subway train has now stopped because there's a fire on the train line and Rembrandts like shit, this train's had it in Cowboys' like this is fucking impossible.


Environment says, what the shit are we got to do? This sucks.


And then Rembrandt's like, yeah, why couldn't it rain now? And like, yeah, exactly. Which is so smart, of course.


Yeah. Because it was raining earlier. Of course. Yeah but but Fox the voice was like maybe we ought to worry about who set that goddamn fire.


There you go. I love it too. I know dude. Fox rocks dude.


Fox rocks and swans like come on we got to go. Right. Get to one of my favorite scenes in the movie.


Cut to a candy store. And the rogues are at a like an outdoor magazine candy shop on the street and Luther's on the payphone. They roll up in their sweet ride. This like old school, kind of like 1930s roadster.


No, that's a hearse. They have a hearse. Is that a hearse? Yeah. OK, OK, fucking awesome. Like 1940s or 30s hearse.


Right. And yeah, Luther's on the phone talking to somebody while Cropsey is like stealing candy from well Demetri Martin to stealing candy.




From from the candy girl. Right. And in Luther's like. Yeah. How are you then. I was just checking in. Yeah. It was a real mess up there.


He's on the phone with somebody. Right. You don't know who it is. This guy Cyrus, the he had an accident. Yes, they did. Well, that's OK. These guys are warriors, yeah, they deserve it. Yeah, we will take care of yourself, like that's the dialogue he's having with whoever is on the he's on the phone with us.


So is he talk? Did someone make him do it? I know he says at the end that he just likes doing stuff like that. But I was like I was under the impression that these scenes of him talking on the phone that he was reporting back to somebody.


Well, if if you if you take this Hamlet character, which is like a double crosser, you know, working with the enemy, he has a police badge on his jacket. Yeah. And you get the sense that maybe he's calling the cops.


OK, OK. All right. Maybe that's why the cops rolled up on him.


Who knows? There's a little bit of world building you could go on there. Right. And and then so from there hangs up the phone, meets up with Cropsey, opens up a candy bar at the candy store. And Croppies, like we said, it was like we said, all right, somebody should pick their ass up. The riff sent out the word, they want him alive. We don't. And crops.


He's like, yeah, the sooner someone grabs him, the better. And Luther's like, what's the matter? You afraid the Warriors are going to shoot their mouths off before they get wrecked? And Cropsey goes, Yeah, right. I just don't want the refs coming down on my head. And Luther says, No sweat. The look for the warriors, remember? And I didn't realize until just now.


That's also foreshadowing bankruptcy.


Yeah, it is. And when he does that, he's like Rincón crop this year. Yeah. Gravitons. Yeah.


And it's like we can do some looking to a make you feel better. And then after that he kind of like throws Cropsey in there to go take off and on the candy store girl is like hey what about the money you own. And Luther just turns around and licks it and he goes. From screams Such woman didn't break the microphone on such a piece of shit.


Now, I will say as someone who you know, this is kind of like aside from the time that you and I watched it, probably, what, five or six years ago, you know, something like that. But right now, like knowing you know, knowing that that, you know, David Patrick Kelly's character is so famous from this movie and everything. The second time I watched it, I was very kind of taken aback by the fact that the Roques in the movie that much like David Patrick Kelly, is kind of like at the beginning with the shot, kind of like here.


And then he doesn't kind of show up until sort of the end. I was a little bit surprised about how little the rogues were in the movie.


They're in it about as much as the riffs are. Yeah, if you think about it. Yeah. He's not a lead actor, you know, but he is a obviously a pivotal role because he's the one that killed Cyrus and the one who definitely should get his comeuppance.


But it's all about the Warriors. So we come back to the Warriors who are now standing out there like in a third one of the burrows that looks like really run down and there, which is the home of the orphans, which is a gang that wasn't even invited to the there. So while Fox will tell you in a second, but they're looking around at the apartments and the tenant, the the tenements that are there, and they noticed that all the kind of the orphans are watching them from above and down below.


Yeah. And Fox says this one, he's like, oh, we've had it, you know? And and Swann says, yeah, I made him you know, there's two there and there's one there. And and Fox says, I think they just made us and Swansons. You recognize them. And Fox is. Yeah, it's the orphans so far down they ain't even on the map. Real low class and swans like what are the numbers? Because Fox, again, he's like the intelligence of the group.


Yeah. Yeah.


There's there's such a fantastic dynamic between Swan and Fox.


And Fox is like, well at full strength there's more than there's maybe 30. And Vermont's like, well that's a lot more than eight. And then he says, well, not if they're wimps and I'm sick of this running crap, I mean, isn't wrong. He's not wrong. He's not wrong. And so they're they're like on the street corner. And then Swansons will come on this way and the whole gang starts walking down the street. Right.


And then the orphans are kind of watching them further down the street by one of the in front of one of the tenements. The orphans are kind of standing there. And I and the Warriors and I love this because a leader kind of like clicks fingers, snaps his fingers and one of them runs off and the leader of the orphans, he looks like like a beat up David Schwimmer, when he runs.


Well, it's it's funny. His name is Paul Greco. And like like every single other actor in this movie. Yes. He's weird. He's got a wonky eye, but I'm still captivated by him every time, you know, every line of dialogue. He yes. I honestly like this. The or the leader of the orphans, honestly, was one of my favorite characters in the entire movie. I don't know why I just found him very interesting.


Like his is looking at everything I thought it was. I loved it. I thought he was awesome for for some reason, even though I know that that are low class and lame, I'm I'm just I'm kind of looking at it from a just an acting point of view. I think he just was like, fantastic. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2008 at the age of 53. But Paul Greco, I thought, did a fantastic job as the leader of the orphans.


He was actually at the new, ah, midnight screening of the Warriors that had to be in like 2000. Six or two know that actually you had to be in about 2007. Yeah. Before he passed away. Wow. Because I remember going to that with my neighbors at the time and and he was there with Cropsey. They were they were both in attendance talking about the Warriors, which is it's a bummer that they passed away.


And maybe, you know, maybe the reason also liked him too, because he seemed reasonable until Mersea became a bitch, you know.


Yeah, but we're all reasonable until a woman comes into our lives. Yeah. They want to do right. Let's be honest. Kind of rules us by one part of her, yeah. Anyways, yeah, so he's with his David Schwimmer or leader is with his group and he kind of sends them off, you should say, lazy.


David Schwimmer, lazy David Schwimmer broke back. David Schwimmer and and Cowboy says, you know where that cat's head, don't you? And Rembrandt says, yeah, reinforcements. And Vermont's like, we're gonna get trapped here.


We're going to get Jeff again.


And in Suan turns and looks at everybody in the words. And he's like, no matter what he says, nobody lip off, nobody get hot. I'm going to see what I can do. And then Ajax's is like, well, when did you turn into a fucking diplomat? And then vermin goes, Yeah, you ain't exactly the State Department type. And that's when Swansons Fox come with me because Fox is the diplomat. Yeah. Fox and Suan, who are across the whole all the wires are across the street from the orphans.


Fox and Suan go to approach the orphans. They walk up to the orphan leader and the leader says, you know, maybe you ought to show me your invitation and Swansons or how do you figure? He says, well, you come down here we come AMI and down here invading our territory. No permits, no parlay. Swan says we're not invading an empire land right now, and Fox says we're just set up at that big meeting in the Bronx.


We're going home to Coney train gets messed up and, you know, it gets messed up by the fire and dumps us here in New York. And the leader goes, he's like, I don't know what you're talking about, man. How could this be a big meeting if the orphans weren't there?


And I love that because he kind of smiles, but he's like, wait and see that no one knows about us. And Fox is like, we didn't miss anything.


There was a lot of hassle and a lot of heads got busted. And then David Schwimmer is like, hey, you think the orphans dealing with it? You think the orphans ain't well known?


Antoine's like, whoa, we didn't say that. And then he's the David Schwimmer is getting more kind of upset. And he's like, well, we got a heavy rep. You mess with us and you find that out.


And he snaps fingers over to like a second in command. It's kind of overweight looking dude comes over half right with a fuckin afro. And is it is big old like newspaper clipping. And he hands the fox a newspaper clipping. It's like you see that they write about our raids in the paper. I love it.


I love that he has to have a newspaper clipping to validate his rap.


Oh, it's it's it's what we do now. I think, you know, it's like showing how badass we are, social media. I mean, that was just you had to.


You had to. And now we just post like links to articles. You they had to actually cut the article out and hold on to it to show people.


Yeah, and I love this line. Fox is like, oh yeah, yeah. It's real heavy. Morphine's right. Yeah. Youth worker. She talks about you guys all the time like they're they're teenagers. Right. And then I love that he's like, yeah. Youth worker. She talks about you all the time and then the kind of second in command goes we got one like they don't got a youth worker.


And then Fox says, oh, that must be because you guys are so bad they're too afraid of you. And they're trying not to laugh at this point. I know.


But I also like how, like, Fox is saying all the right things to try to get everything right to grease lazy David Schwimmer.


And then at that point, lazy eye David Schwimmer is like, OK, fine, there's nothing wrong with you making it through your territory as long as you come in peace.


Yeah, see, he's fine. The orphans are fine. Three to one up fucking mercy.


OK, Chick shows up. Can you talk about mercy. Well, yeah, we have to, you can see your nipples, the entire fucking movie. I couldn't let that pass. I was like the very first time I saw this movie. I was like, I was like, oh my God, the entire fucking movie. You could just see your nipples. It's wild that no one, like, told her or whatever, like maybe a different shirt.


I'm not complaining, but boy.


Oh, boy. Oh, that's maybe why she put a jacket on later.


Well, she put a jacket on later because she got her wrist broken so. But maybe yeah.


Maybe the a little bit, a little bit double entendre. Yeah they. Yeah. Yeah it's a mercy.


Walks up with her tight top outside of the tenement and you get the sense that she's like the leader, the leader's girlfriend you know.


Well is she.


I so I have the entire time I'm kind of confused by Mercy's role, by her motivation as to why she, she just kind of got wrapped up in it. Right. Like she like like she just starts sticking with them.


But I never and all the viewings, I never kind of understood mercy like what her motivation was, what any like why she was even there. She starts as a as an antagonist and then sort of gets swept up with them and then becomes a part of them. It's, you know, fill me in.


Lost, you know, she's she's lost. She's she's a part of that group of like they're everybody's poor, everybody comes from low class, probably get beat by their parents, are treated like shit by their parents. No one cares. Alcoholic father's abusive mothers who knows what. And she's she shakes up with anybody that gives her the time of day. And so she's, you know, desperate in that way. Pain painted is probably being desperate by today's standards.


And back in the day, it's like you just go with whatever whoever's making you feel good. Right, because they're just looking for escape. Everybody's dirty, grimy. No, everyone wants to get out. Yeah. And I get the sense that she's just like, well, go with what what's good for the night.


And I don't get the sense that she's a tramp or like the way Suan sort of calls her.


Yeah, but but she's just like I just need I need something to make me feel good to get to escape the madness of this low class neighborhood.


I mean, she even says it later. She goes, she goes, she's like she wants it now. She doesn't want the American dream later. When. Whoever she wants, whatever she wants it to be, OK, because because it's like she doesn't know how much time she has left because she sees what's around her, she knows that her life is as a ticking clock. Like once she loses, I'm sure she's painfully aware once she loses her looks, she won't, you know, like have any value value in that arena.


And, you know, I'm not saying that that's correct. I'm just saying that that's probably at the time and everything what she looks at it like, she's like, OK. And then at one point she's probably like, OK, she's been around the the orphans for so long. And even though right now they kind of the worst kind of sort of bring her, I sort of sucked them in sucker in with them. But I think she does see that the Warriors offer probably something more than the orphans ever did.


Yeah. And she's she's desperate, you know, definitely desperate to get out of her situation. Yeah. Yeah.


And so. You know, David Schwimmer is like, you know, cut it mercy and swans kind of smiling because he likes. You could tell he's going to endure and then he says, you know what that is? Don't you mean cowboys like you are trouble, fucking trouble.


And in the mercy cuts back to mercy.


And she's like, oh, those vests are real nice. And David Schwimmer is like latinum. Oh, sorry. Second Ackermans like like no mercy. Stop. Look for trouble now. And the leader, David Schwimmer is like, I should have slapped your mouth the minute you opened it, like she says.


And then he's like, well yeah.


So who stopped you. And then she looks over at Swan and she said, come on, man, I just want one vest. You can get another one man, and Swan just looks at her and goes, No chance. I love that.


No, no, you ain't taking these collars because that shit is sacred. And then at this point, this is when mercy she's like the evil in your head. She's like, are you going to she says to David Schwimmer, she's going to let Nami walk through here anytime they feel like it. How's it going to look? And individual members like get lost, right? Yeah, and she's like, yeah, pretty soon every gangs is going to boogie right in soldier right through until you see some man you are.


And then he, like, looks defeated at this point.


David Schwimmer, looks like I just kicked him in the balls.


I was like, damn it, because you can see it, you know, it's so close. Yeah. So close. And even now it's not, you know, he's like he's like, just take your clothes off and you'll take your clothes off.


He can walk.


Yeah. And like and also too I was like, OK, like again I'm like I still like the orphans because he's still giving them a chance, you know, and that's the right thing to do. I think. I think given that option. But I get it. I get why the Warriors can't do that. And I think him saying it like he also knows this guy, David Schwimmer knows that him saying that he knows that they're not going to be able to like he's he knows he's painting them into a corner because they can't take off their collars.


But he but he's being reasonable. He's saying, like, if you come through here, like civilians, I won't have to come down on you. But if you come through like soldiers, I'm going to have to come down on you. And remarkably, he says it more eloquently than I just did.


But but I always civilians. OK, your soldiers, they got to come down on you. Yeah, they got the colors.


I think that's a remarkably I think that's reasonable. But at the same time, I get why Swann and the Warriors can't do it.


What will Fox even says he's like? It's just our mark. It don't mean we're at war. Yeah, right. And then. And then. And then after he says, you hear me?


And Suan looks at me and just says, fuck you. I love that. Yeah. And then Fox says, we're not going to he looks at mercy. He's like, we're not going to hide who we are just because some whore shakes our shakes her ass and she's like, don't call me no whore I know.


Or where I'm going to go beyond too close for comfort. Right.


And then from there, Fox and Swan walk back over to over to the rest of the warriors. It's one goes, let's go. We're marching down to the right to the next station, right through these lame fucks territory. That's right. Move. I love that. And then they start marching off and Merce's like, yeah, that's right.


We just keep walking real tough mothers, ain't you? You guys don't show me much. Why don't you dickheads just walk all the way back home, huh?


And then remember, it's like, boy, that chick's got some mouth. My investments, like you both are really terrific back there and swans like em.


And then cowboys like, yeah, you guys really let them down. Good. And then they're like basically, you know, pumping them all up and then Ajax's is like, why say we should have wasted him and then Swansons will come on stations not that far away and they keep on marching.


So from here, I love this I love this next kind of exchange, because from here, you know, the Warriors are marching down to the station, but Merce's following them and it's very open, desolate. I love this because the streets are dead. Again, another reason why this couldn't happen today, like no one's on the streets yet. No one. But they film this is like 3:00 in the morning, you know, when they. Yeah.


And but at the same time, I mean, New York wasn't the New York that we know now back in 1979. It's just it wasn't, as, you know, whatever you want to say about Giuliani now, he did turn New York around in the night.


He did. He did. You know, too bad he is a fucking lunatic now. But back in the day, he wasn't allegedly or he had good people with him anyways. Yeah, Merce's following the Warriors and then she kind of loses track of them. Next thing you know, Ajax grabs her. Very like a casting, like he's going to rape her kind of way, puts his hand around her mouth and he's holding her and she's like, let me go, let me go.


You know, she's mumble and let me go. And then finally Suan like looks at looks over at Ajax. He's like, you know, basically gives her the signal, gives him the signal to let her go and he looks all annoyed and he lets her go because he looks like he wants to, he's rough. He either wants to fight or fuck. Yeah. Basically is who he is.


That's the kind of dudes and it seems like when he foxy fucks rough. So my thing with this movie and what I didn't know where it had to kind of put it and when I wanted to ask you this, but like the movie doesn't show us anything before the movie.


So we only have this.


And clearly the Warriors are our protagonists.


But do you think like on the like up until this moment, you know, the day before everything up until the day before were like, were they a gang that also, like, mugged old ladies and stuff?


Because I feel like here I'm kind of like I'm trying to picture them as the good gang, you know what I mean?


Them, because there's I think it's I think it's the deleted scenes on the Blu ray. But Cleon has a back story with his girlfriend, like they want to get out, you know, they want to get out of out of this life, out of the city, start a real life.


You know, is that is that kind of like at the end where swans like we fought our whole way to get back to this? Like, is that kind of like a leftover of that storyline that they kind of think, OK, OK, so so you picture them up until like, you know, before this, like when they were just being there, you know, the Warriors doing their thing, they weren't like the bad kind of gangs that would rob people and rough people up and rape them.


And maybe Ajax is a little rough, but maybe Cleon kept him in check. Right. Type of thing. Yeah.


Yeah, I think so. I think so because, you know, Suan like he kind of gives a gives Ajax the nod to let it go a little bit and he looks at, he's like, OK, well what are you got in mind.


You know, I love this because she goes well well maybe I'm looking for some real action. Environments like what about me, I got the big one and he grabs her and it's like, I'll give it to you, baby, and someone yells, He got me. He doesn't yell, but he's like, very firmly. He's like, let her go. And she and again, he just looks annoyed. And he rocks up and he grabs mercy and mercy goes, oh, you're going to jump me, it's one says, maybe we ought to pull a train on you.


You look like you might even like it, just like fuck you.


Real tough Chick Swanson.


Right after that happens across the street, the warriors, the orphans roll up. With straight razors ready to party, David Schwimmer with Lazy Eyes, as you see, you see, would you get warriors', you see what you get when you mess with your friends and everyone cheers.


And then, you know, second in command, little Arnold Warshak, little Eppstein from from fucking.


Welcome Back, Kotter, because we're going to rain on you because you're right.


Then as they're cheering and they're getting all pumped up, the Warriors are lighting up a Molotov cocktail.


And so so this I found to be really cool. So I don't remember freaking awesome. Was it coaches like or was it snow?


One of them had a bottle like on a like sort of around their neck or coaches, and that's what he took off and then kind of passed it down.


So that bottle was always there as a a like as a Molotov cocktail. Ready to go, Nade.


Yeah. Wow, that's cool.


Dude, I thought that was fucking cool because even hand like it was like wrapped in everything, you know, I was like, OK, OK, that's it was kind of like his weapon the whole time.


I didn't even have.


You don't even realize it until they need to use it and they needed to use it right now. They give it to someone, he lobs it at a little state Oldsmobile that's parked right next to the orphans, lights it up, blows up, scares the shit out of the orphans. And they run off the the the warriors run off. Right. Huge explosion. And they all run off to the the train station.


It's so amazing how this movie's so much like a video game. Oh yeah. And even to the point at the end of these scene is always like have a wipe and everything on them, you know, it's.


Yeah, it's cool. It's very cool. It's it's such a video game.


Well, I said that, you know, when people say, why is this your favorite movie of all time? I say to me, it's the ultimate Chase movie. I love Chase movies. I love there's a really fun Patrick Dempsey movie called Run. It's midway through. We're like slows down, this never lets up, don't they're constantly they have to get from A to B. That's it.


And everything in between a one or two, a three or four, up to eight, 10, you know, are all these little stops along the way. But all they got to do is get home. Yeah, it is a video game. It's a video game before video games.


It's such a simple premise, but it's so awesome.


It's simple, but the dialogue is unique. You know, you don't hear you never tell me one movie. You know, I always say to people, Mike, tell me one movie where they talk like this in the movies. You know, this exchange of dialogue, you know, it's super unique. The characters are so colorful.


Yeah. You know, it's it's a it's a marriage of everything. I love video games, comic books and action flicks.


Yeah. I mean, you're not wrong, dude. This there is no other movie like the war years out there at all. Even gang movies. Nope, not a single one. This is its own unique movie and genre.


Now, this isn't colors. This isn't the wanderer's. This isn't a West Side story.


You know, those are three prominent gang type movies from three different decades. Mind you, it's its own shit. It's own entity. Yeah, it really is. So from there they make it to the train station. And I love this when they get on the train because everyone piles on the train running away from the orphans and mercy gets on and Swan hooks her, he hooks her arm like you're with me. I fucking love that. It's it's such a subtle moments.


Like you noticing the counting in the heads. He's like, Now you're with me girl. And and then Burmans like, hey, wait a minute.


I got to ask a question. How come we're running and Ajax's. It's like I told you, they're a bunch of wimps and coaches.


It's like, yeah, Union Station, here we come. And as the as the the train door closes, Mersea says, well, what about me? And AIJAC says, what about you? And Ajax is looking at mercy, like he wants to basically rape her and Swan is looking at mercy and then looking at Ajax like, you know, he's the heart, right? He's not a bad guy. Yeah.


He's protecting in protecting her. I took it that like. Yeah.


When he grabbed Mercy's arm, it wasn't so much like you're with me, you're my girl. It was more like, OK, I'm going to protect you at this point. Mostly. Mostly from Ajax probably. Yeah.


You stick with me and you're not going to get raped. Yeah.


Basically, basically from there you cut back to the refs. The informant's talking to side. We got a report from the Bronx. Some small time kallick ran into them. The orphans emphasizes there none. They don't they don't run in our network. And informing us they rumble anyway, they got wasted and you come back to the DJ. OK, let's get down to a poppers, we're going to have to do better out there. Our friends just made it past one of the minor league teams.


Remember, boppers be looking good. Then you come back to Luther on a pay phone at a gas station, they load up their gas, they drive off in the gas stations and it's like you never even paid me.


I've noticed that. Yeah. So so Luther's on the phone again with this guy in the phone who whoever the fuck he's talking to.


And he goes, oh, yeah, that's going on, right, great, great. Ugly, yeah, yeah, it looks like the way he talked, it's so fucking funny, gets off the phone, Cropsey is with the rest of the gang.


It's kind of like there's like some other rogue members around.


And Luthor just like charges, threw them all like fire, piss and vinegar, of course, all excited.


He throws like he like throws himself into the rocks. So funny. Bankruptcy's like, well, well.


And Luther's like takes his he takes his vest off and he's put in a leather jacket on. He's like some two bit outfit, almost got them, but they bop the way past the cops and we've passed cops.


He's like, we'll get him at the 96 street station. Loser says platforms probably crawling with cops crops is like trying to rack up every gang in this town.


Luther says, yeah, you, me included the rap group. He's like, How come you happy about this? And Luther says, I'm having a good time. Let's go.


Did I totally buy it?


I totally like like Luther is, you know, like like what Christopher Nolan wanted to do with the Joker and everything in dark night and whatnot. It's just some men just want to see the world burn.


Luther is having a good time with all this time. Yeah dude. Yeah, he's he's a perfect villain. Perfect, perfect villain. Perfect guy. He is perfect because he's so you know. Yeah. It's the perfect level of sniveling and annoying, but, you know, not so annoying that it's actually annoying. It's like, OK, you just want to see him get fucked up.


And you know why. You know why. Another reason why he's perfect. It's the same reason why Hans Gruber is not a perfect villain in my book because he kind of like Hans Gruber.


You're not supposed to like a villain. Yeah. You know, Steve Austin changed the mold in wrestling when he was he was the villain, but he was the good guy, right? He was somewhere in the middle. The gray area. Yeah.


Hans Gruber kind of became a little gray. Yeah.


You're like, OK, Mr. Joshua in Lethal Weapon, you kind of like Mr. Joshua a little bit. Of course. You kind of like of course, you like the Predator. He's not. That's why he's not a perfect villain, because he's cool. Luthor is a fucking little shit that you want to see the villain you want to see. Get your ass handed to them.


Yeah, you do. That's a villain. Do the villain is not somebody go. Yeah, but he's kind of fucking Terminator is badass. He's not the perfect villain.


The perfect villain is that guy that had that guy. Yeah. You know what I'm saying.


Yeah. Luthor is definitely like the mustache twirling sort of villain. That's the villain.


Yeah. Right. Come on. Thank you. And he does it. He does it perfectly.


He does it perfectly. So cut back to the warriors who are sitting on a subway train and they're waiting and I love this. So the train is stopped. They're waiting for like the train to take off to go to the next exit. It's very ominous.


Very ominous because it's dead silent. Yeah. Yeah, dead. Dead silent. I like that.


And of course, will be broken. The silence will be broken by footsteps. Yeah, exactly. But it's the sound design is very good in this scene. I like it a lot.


You really feel the tension through through the sound design or should I say through the lack of sound. It's perfect. Yeah. And your boy vermin is like, how much longer are we going to wait? Yeah.


I love Herman. I'm sick of waiting on trains and swans like vermin. Sit down. Shut up. Environment's like ok, ok.


OK. Right. And so. After this is happening, yeah, you're right, there's a silence and then you start hearing these footsteps. And it's cut into different shots of the warriors and the next thing you know. Everything's empty around them, but then the cops show up right next to the window of the subway and subways filled with cops and the warriors basically split. So from this point on. Fox and Mersey split in one direction, vermin, Rembrandt and coaches split in another direction, Ajax, Ajax, Swann, Cowboy and Snow race off in another direction.


There's now three kind of separate spots that are going on. Right.


And they're all running off to get away from the cops.


And it's such awesome. High energy, like, oh, so when they I mean, when these actors run, they are just like booking it and it's fun. It's a lot of fun. But boy, oh boy.


You can tell like there's a reason that, like, none of these actors have like an ounce of fat on them because they fucking probably spent the entire, you know, three weeks filming this. They were just running constantly.


Yeah. People ask, like, how do you lose weight? You fucking run because these guys are run, lean, mean fighting machine.




So so this combination, this this scene is sadly the demise of one of our beloved characters. Right. Where. You know, coaches in his cohorts get away, Swan and his group gets away, but Fox and Mercy are battling one cop and a fox off camera yells to mercy, run, go.


And Mercy takes off. And the cop is still battling FOX. They wrestled to the ground. They're rolling right next to the subway where the subway car would roll up and the cop throws Fox off the platform onto the subway ground rate as a subway comes in and runs him over. And you've just killed off another warrior. There's seven left. But this is the first time you've seen a warrior get killed. Yeah. And the only time, really. And it's sadly, it's Fox.




And but sadly, even sadder, it's not Thomas Waits and he's he's open about this. Walter Hill is open about this. But they did they clashed. And and essentially Walter Hill said, like, I don't want this guy on my set anymore. Find a way to kill him off the this scene was blocked out and constructed by the stunt coordinator, essentially.


Unfortunately, the actors that played Mercy got her wrist broken during this scene right here. And this is the reason she's going to have to wear a jacket for a little bit later just to cover up her one one wrist. But you can knowing knowing it, you can tell that it's not Thomas G. Waits. And I am curious, like what his character arc was going to be after this. It's this this death scene is very shocking.


And I kind of any kind of set the tone, unfortunately, because I thought moving forward that like every encounter, one warrior would be basically taken out, you know, but that's not really sort of how the how it goes. And really, like you said, this is the only warrior that we actually see die on screen. Now, we kind of speculate that maybe Cleon got probably got beat to death, but we you see no no ifs, ands or buts.


Fox is dead. And it sucks because I do think his presence was missed. I don't think that this was intended for the character. We know that it wasn't intended for the character. So I think I think the story slightly suffers moving forward with with the absence of Thomas Gates. But, you know, but not suffering so much that that it takes away too much from the movie overall.


You know, in a in a weird way, though. Like, if you're going to kill off a character that's the one to kill off, yeah, because it's just so pivotal.


He was so it's shocking and it's it's definitely a gut punch. And and Fox up to that point is so memorable. And he's the only one. Who knows who killed Cyrus? Up until that point? That's why that didn't get mentioned to the gang is kind of beyond me. I feel like that's a little bit of a flaw that should have been addressed, you know, but it wasn't mentioned so. So now no one knows. So we're to believe that no one knows who shot Cyrus.


Right. Which is important. Right. To the context of the movie. Yeah, I agree with you. What you're saying is it would have I would have liked to seen what would have happened.


It's a shoulda, woulda, coulda, but in a weird way, it all kind of worked out the way it was supposed to know with Thomas says in another interview with him, you know, yeah, it still works.


It still works. And it really does. And because I you know, sadly, not sadly, but sadly, two thirds of my viewings have now been with this knowledge, so. No, I take that back, actually, two thirds of my viewings have been without the knowledge one, one of them has been post knowledge, you know, after talking about talking to Mr. Gates. And, yeah, I think it works fine the way it is.


It is a shocking moment and kind of sets the tone for there is a seriousness to this, like we can lose our lives in this gang life, you know? But I guess my only problem is that at the later on in like the third act, when they all meet up in in on Union Station, no one asks where foxes. Everyone's like, we're swane. Where does this person no one asks where foxes. And that I thought was a little bit of a slight.


But other than that, honestly, it kind of works. But I would like to have known what Fox's arc was supposed to be.


And also, you know, these are kids and they they. Someone's missing, they got to cover their own ass, right? So there you go. So now Fox is dead, Mercy runs off, we go back to Ajax, Swan, Snow and cow cowboy cow and they get to they get to the like the entrance of the train station at the top floor.


And, you know, Ajax's like, where are they?


Like, where's the rest of the you know, where's the rest of the gang and and swans like, well, we better maybe we better take off because they look out and who do they see on the street.


But our paint faced baseball, where in Klip wearing a baseball bat carrying baseball fearis it's quite possibly one of the most popular gangs of the Warriors.


But we're going to get to it very soon. Ah, they may be popular, but they kind of suck. Yeah.


I mean, honestly, every gang in this movie that's not the Warriors is kind of unimpressive.


But like when I'm watching this with my wife, you got to understand at this point and right now I'm like, yeah, fucking baseball furies. And, you know, so of course she's like, oh, that.


They look kind of cool, you know, they're they're. Oh, that's interesting. So now she's paying attention. I'm telling her I'm like these guys, like the everyone loves the fucking baseball furies. Everyone loves the bear so much art. Like there's so much fan art of the baseball furies, especially the main guy, the yellow faced guy.


And then, yeah, they're their ultimate performance, though, was they flame out. My my wife was very, very unimpressed.


And look look, I love I love the baseball fearis look. I love what they represent. Tried and true Warriors fans, let's be honest, they flame out really fast and get their asses handed to them.


We'll get there in the second. So, yeah, so swans like maybe we better take off in Ajax is like, yeah, right.


And this comes up the second Barry Devas on track, the baseball feary chase, which is so fucking decadent and so it's not the same song I said beginning and I'm you are much more musically inclined than I am.


So I thought it was just the same song. It's actually awesome that it's a it's a whole it's a different song, but both songs are so fucking good and like they make you just want to run. Yeah.


Yeah. This I don't think honestly, I've ever seen a run in a scene where character actors are running that looked more believable. Yeah. Because they are there hustling dude like you're talking major cardio action going on.


I mean there is no like I'm yes. They have stunt doubles for like probably action scenes, but not for like these running scenes. Like the camera is right on them.


And if if in this take right here they are hustling, you got to figure that this is like just one of like probably three takes that they're doing. Yeah. These these poor bastards that, you know, even the baseball furious. The actors are playing the baseball, all of them. They need to be carbo loading all the time.


It's insane, it is insane. It really is, and it's a long it's I think it's the second or third montage of the movie and it's a long montage of like them running, hustling. It's legit. It looks hard. They look like they're struggling at one point when cowboys like, I can't make it. Yeah. Yeah. You believe that so. Well, because it looks hard in the video game. It's fun because you basically recreate the scene so badass.


But they're running and and Ajax is like, did we lose these fucking clowns or what? You know, there's still hustlin and and swan and snow split from the group, which I love. They split from the group to loop around. So they're behind the baseball furies. And what ends up happening is swan and snow split off and then cowboy says, I can't make it, I can't run anymore.


And Ajax is like, you sure is like, yeah, I'm sure. Who is it? Yeah, sure.


And Ajax is good. I'm sick of running from these wimps and he stops. And at that point at this point now Swan and Snow have taken out a couple of theories and gotten their bats.


Yeah. Like the stragglers at the end because there's like, there's like there's a there's quite a few more baseball furies than there are warriors here.


I want to say there's about ten furies and there's about, you know, four warriors. Right.


Which is those odds are not great. Let's go. It's for people that have been jumped. And I'm one of those people that have been jumped. Those odds are not good. So now we got Ajax is like, fuck it, I'm done. And then you've got your yellow fury, the famous one with this with that gorilla that has been plastered on everything of that aggressive face and looks really cool.


It looks really cool. Guy. He does a great job. Yeah. Trust me, I love it. But Ajax looks at him because he does because that that blonde, that yellow fury, that Ric Flair fury does this thing with his baseball bat where he like kind of does a thing was like, look what I can do with my bat. He flips over one side of the other and he's doing a whole trick with it. And he just looks at me, goes, I'll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle.


And a guy swings at Ajax, Ajax Ducks, knocks the guy in his fucking ass with one punch, grabs the bat, goes, fucking Hey, I love Ajax was even surprised himself how easy that was.




And I love this because it sets off a really kick ass fight scene. Yeah. Where there's very minimal music and you hear the clacking of the bats. And for those of you that know how hard a baseball bat is in like that, it it looks and feels tense, this whole fight scene and Cowboy's getting his ass handed to him. Snow at one point is starting to get beat, but then he comes back, Suan kicks much ass, Ajax kicks much ass.


They take out all the furies in record time with and it doesn't feel like they sped up the scene.


It feels like they kick their ass in like thirty seconds.


And I feel like if this was a modern movie, Ajax would have beaten one of the furies to death. Swan would have gone over to him and, you know, like talked him down, like kind of held him type of thing. That's what a modern movie would have done.


But in this movie, they don't try to kill each other.


They beat up other gang members, but they don't like it doesn't seem like they're always actively trying to kill them, you know, that they just want to get through the night.


But yeah, exactly. It's interesting. It's I guess it's it's escalation, basically. You know, it's an escalation of gang activities going from the 70s, probably a lot of just beat ups and stuff. And then you got the 80s and 90s and just people are getting stripped. Just shot basically.


Pretty much, yeah. And and again, another reason why it's going to get made nowadays, because people would be resorting to guns, unfortunately, because there's way too many guns on the street. It is violent.


Is this movie is it's remarkable how few people actually die young. It there's one gun. Yeah. There's only one gun. And only like a handful of people actually die in this movie.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's in you know, unfortunately, I guess when this movie came out, there was a lot of gang related fights that took place at the movies, you know, and movies like this inspire certain audiences to come. They attract certain audiences colors attracted a certain. Yeah, I remember that stone cold. I told that story. I've told the story on. Various posts on social media, the stone-Cold movie with Brian Bosworth Mike.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, we talk about that a lot that we talk about that on, I think, wrap up after dark. Right after dark. Yeah. So so if you want to hear that story, if you want to hear that story, go sign up to our Patreon page, guys.


Nice job, dude. Yeah, I will save it for that one. Yeah. You know, unfortunately, this movie spawned a lot of violence. Let's fuck the Tipper Gore's of the world and fuck the people that think that this stuff, this stuff incites. They already had it going for him. They already had that in their mind before they came to the movie theater anyways.


Yeah, Ajax's is like shit. I figured they were wimps right after they beat the shit out. All the baseball Fury's done cuts back to the radio DJ and she's like latest sports news off the streets bobbers.


The baseball fearis dropped the ball made an error. Our friends are on second base and trying to make it all the way home. But the inside word is the odds are against them. Stay tuned, boppers. Stay tuned to.


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And now back to the show. Cut back to Union Square.


Now we got vermin, Rembrandt and coaches and they're at a train station and the like. Where is everybody and Rembrandts like? Looks like we were because originally you got to remember they they said meet at Union Square, right? Yeah. So get us home. Yeah. From Union Square. We'll get the Koni. That's where their switchover is. Yeah.


And they're at Union Square and it's desolate. And Rembrandts like looks like we're the only ones here. We just have to sit and wait and then they look over and they see at the entrance, the stairway entrance up to the street. We got our Lizzies over there, a group of chicks watching them and smiling and Furman's like, who looks like something else showed up, Coaches' goes, Hey, hey, hey.


Now look at what you find here in the big city and remembrance, like, hey, you guys, we got time.


Furman's like, are you kidding? Times where we got plenty of. And they walk up to the Lizzies and one of them who looks like a stunt double for Gilda Radner, she just goes higher.


I you're 100 percent correct. I know which one you're talking about is the stunt double for Gilda Radner. Get to a bloody good one. Oh, shoot.


So from there, we come back to Swannee Jackson, Cowboy and snow walking through the park after they've rough fucking wrecked house on the Furies. And they they scoped this chick sitting at a park bench.


Cool, calm. Come 3:00 in the morning, 3:00 in the morning. Some chick say these rule. Oh, come on. Reading a fucking book.


Ajax, you're smarter than this. Well, you're not you're not smarter than this hot, hot age.


You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Sitting on a park bench. No, I know hot.


I will if I do find it interesting that it's at this point in the movie that both of our groups run afoul of female like some kind of female antagonist.


Yeah, it's it's interesting that it happens at the same time. Keep your focus. Yeah. Keep your focus on keep your eyes on the prize.


Yeah. Right. Yeah.


Ajax fail that Ajax got his eyes on something else on another kind of P and so, so you know I love this because they're like hey hey, hey, hey, hey.


And then they walk past Mercedes rule who sit at the bench and then Ajax goes Hey hey, hey, hey, to the rest of the warriors.


Like I guess you didn't know the park was unsafe after dark. It's winds like we ain't got time for this right now, it's not like we got to get to Union Square and he says, you guys go ahead if you want, I want to get a little exercise. And swan straight ups is like, well, you never were very smart.


And Jack says, I'll tell you something, Mallord, I'm smart enough. And it's there for free. What's there for free?


The P and in Swansons looks at cowboy and snow and he goes, you to come in and cowboy. Come on, man. Snowball and snow is like, yeah, man, there's plenty of women back home. Like, why do you need this one? And then, of course, third time's a charm, Swan Ajax looks at them and goes, maybe all you just maybe all y'all just going forget.


Yep, yep. Famous last words.


Oh, dude, you crushed it, Ajax. So Ajax goes back to the lady. He's like, Hey, lady. Feeling all right, lady, and you little you need a little help or something, lady, and she goes, Why don't you sit down, keep me company is whatever you say, lady, huh? And she's looking at me just like, oh, look at those muscles. But the chicks like all those muscles and you cut back the snow.


Who's walking with swine and cowboy? And he says this one is OK, hey, we've got to go back and look out for Ajax basically. And Cowboy says, yeah, he saved my ass back there, I owe and swans like, OK, fine, you guys go back to Ajax. I'll go look for the others. Swan goes off, cowboy and snow, go back to Ajax. Come back to Mercedes rule in Ajax and she's like, you want to show me how you play with the chicks and then Ajax because I'll show you why, I'll show you how I play.


And he just wails on or puts his hand on her chest, puts his hand on he he grabs her breasts like her. Jowhar grabs it slap hard.


He slaps her like.


For those who are so inclined, James Dean, DENR, who would do to people nowadays, he grabbed her breast the way you and I would would shake hands with somebody, but in a very aggressive, like alpha manner. And I just was like, damn, that had to have hurt for her.


He grabs her chest the way someone at a last call for a buffet would grab the last hamburger, sitting on a point that he gave me that fucking hamburger.


It's the last one I'm going to get for the night. Jesus Christ, Ajax. And she's like, hey, not so rough.


Come on, we'll get it on. And he's like, oh, you don't you don't get it. I like it rough. And he's like making trying to make out with her basically raping her. And you hear a click, click, click. She's now handcuffed him to the park bench and she goes, Unite's are in the park road for a while. Honey, you're under arrest. And it's like, hey, lady, come on, lady, you kiss my ass and she takes out a whistle and she blows the whistle.


He said, Come on, lady, crew played around. You want to play around with me, let me out of this thing.


And he's like struggling with the handcuffs on the park bench and he's moving the whole entire park bench because he's so fucking easy. It's like it's like when they talk about like an animal gets their foot caught in the trap, you know, and they just go crazy.


Yeah, he's it's exactly what. He's an animal. Yeah, he's an animal.


He's a congemi. Let me go. You can't do this to me. Come on, you lousy bitch. Right. And at that point the cops roll up your boy Irwin Keesing.


Well, I will see Ajax gets he gets a knock, he hits.


He is one of those cops out one a cop car rolls up, one cop gets out, he knocks the cop on his ass and then you're Boya when Ki's rolls up and hits him with a club billy club in the chest. And then he comes looking up with blood coming out of his mouth and he looks at the cop and he just goes. Four could wind up from there, you see cowboy and snow in the distance, see the cop cars light up.


They know that Ajax has been taken away by the cops.


Cut back to Swan, who's now at the 96 street station, and he's downstairs at the station and mercy rolls up. He's like looking around and she rolls up to him and he's about to hop over the the entrance of the subway and she rolls up and. And she's like, hey, wait, still cops all over this place, and then she sat in silence as the risk was worth the fox and Mercy says the cops grabbed him and he goes, well, how come you hung around?


Because I don't know. And she's wearing a jacket at this point.


He's like, where'd you get the coat? And she goes, You ask a lot of questions. And he grabs her and said, Don't give me that because I stole it.


Cops are looking for somebody in a pink top and he goes, real tough chick, because. All right, you said that before. Now, look, if you still want to get the Union Square, I can show you where to grab the next train.


So he needs her in a way. You know, he goes, OK, fine, come on. And I love this because she puts the money in the in there like the. To get on the subway, to go down the stairs, and he kind of pushes them, pushes himself with her as they're going through the conveyor kind of thing, that lets you through the subway.


And she's like, hey. And they go down the stairs and they and they and a cop approaches them, he's walking in the other direction. Do you recognize that cop? Not at all.


That was Sunnyland him from Predator Action. Jackson Billy in Predator. Really? Yes. Holy shit.


And many other notable poltergeist as well to he. He's the one that hits on the older daughter. Yep.


Oh, he was an Italian stallion in a semi's softcore scene as well.


But yeah. Well no. Yeah he was wasn't he. He was a porn person wasn't he. A porn actor as well. Or was that just like you. He did softcore shit.


OK, ok, ok. Porn quote unquote. Porn back in the day was like you know something where your wang was hanging out and suddenly you're OK.


I didn't act or I did not recognize I was subtle and him. OK, ok, so and that's the one he hits in the shins with the baseball bat.


Yeah. So the cop approaches, one's got a baseball bat in his hands, he throws the baseball bat at the cops, hits him in the fucking shins and knocks them face planted first on the ground.


And apparently this is the scene where Mercy got hit by. I, I don't know if there was just a scene they didn't use or something like it was supposed to be different because him throwing the the bat at his shins is kind of a little bit interesting. Maybe it was maybe they couldn't use the fight scene because she got her chin whacked. But I think she got this is where she got hit by the bat.


Well, you know, obviously they they do it in slow motion. So it's sped up.


And, you know, I'm going I'm going to suspension of disbelief at this point. I'm going to imagine that it happened so fast that the cop just got a face planted on the ground.


And Billy from Predator dead.


I mean I mean, I think no matter what, that looked painful. Getting a bat thrown at your shins if you've ever hit your shin again, something, you know what that feels like. No doubt.


No doubt. So from there. Mursi and Suan. Go into the subway tunnel and they make it past, you know, they go into the area where, like only construction workers are supposed to go, people who inspect the subway and they run off. Cut back to Coaches', Rembrandt and Vermin with the Lizzies in there, in the rain now underneath umbrellas and they get to the Lizzies home base. They don't know their lizards yet, by the way.


They just think they're these chicks. Yeah. They don't know that they're a gang. They just think they're just a group of girls. Yeah, yeah.


And cut the coaches and he's like, hey, is this the place here? I hate asking questions, but where's your dudes?


Just like you always got dudes around the root that wrote that down. Chicks like you always got dudes around.


And I love this. It's it's such a great line. One of the Lizzi says they took the night off, went up to the Bronx and you're like, oh, OK.


There boys are in a gang, right? And she goes, don't worry about them.


They're lame, real cripple. And I'm like, oh, that's cool. Because lame means cripple.


Yeah, that that's cool. And and she's like, come on.


And then and then it's like when I got off the subway and I saw you, I thought, oh baby, throw my way.


I mean, it's really great you chicks take a in like this and Lizzie's like we know about you warriors. Yeah. You're heavy outfit. Sure we know by you guys and you're like, oh shit, these chicks.


No these are not your these chicks don't want to party.


Don't do something else. Different kind of party because Vermont goes how'd you hear about us. And she says, well you know how it is. Word gets around. He goes, oh yeah. I guess we are pretty well known.


Oh, Herman Cain, Herman. And then and then they go inside. Inside their house, inside their apartment or whatever it is. And chicks at a jukebox, and she puts music in and into the jukebox, if you don't want a jukebox, is you're way too young to be listening to a podcast.


Yeah, another one, like kind of a tough looking chick is drinking beers. And then, you know, one chick gets all up in Rembrandt's face and he he's like pushing. He's, like, very dismissive of her. Like, I don't want to be near you. Get away from. Well, come on, man.


Rembrandt, he senses something is what's up. Yeah, no, that's all I'm saying. But his whole face is like, get away from me.


Yeah, but my note here was like, come on guys, you can't smell that. This is a trap. I go even even Rembrandt knows what something's wrong.


He could just sense it. And I like that. I do like that. The he's something's not right and I like that it's Rembrandt that feels it. Yeah. I love Rembrandt.


I love his character. I love his story arc because he he he becomes kind of like the fox of the group in a way, if you think about it. He's like the heart of the group. Yeah, and yeah, he's like, yeah, this does not feel right to me. And then he cut back the coaches who's talking one to is like, you know, you're the first friendly face we've seen all night. And the Lizzies like, yeah, and that's the way we are.


Let's party a little, get something going. Koichi's goes, Yeah, sure. Hey, I could dig that.


And Vermont's like, hey, you know, you came to the right guys and he's looking at the one chick and he goes, Oh, hurt me, hurt me.


Well, this is like I don't think this man just relax. Fall out. Take your pick. And coaches in Vermont are like scoping all the chicks in the apartment and everyone's like, Thanks. This is a great outfit. Well, click is this and the one Chekov's with a Lizzies.


I love that. And he goes, Oh Lizzies.


Hey, great name. Just great. I like that. I like that. Yeah. Yeah.


Vermont's like all about it's one to party and get down and she goes glad to hear it.


But her way, her delivery of that line is like we're going to fucking kill you.


Yeah. It's, it's, it's sinister. Yes.


And then Coaches' is like, man, we got to come to this part of town more often to to Vermont and Vermont, like. Yeah, right.


And he walks over to two chicks and one of them's the Gilda Radner look alike.


And he goes, he just swoops her up. And and then she goes like, oh, thanks a lot, because Vertigo's looks like you're the winner, you get me for the night with this movie.


This scene specifically really shows how far we've come as a society in terms of like hair care and skin care. It's truly amazing.


Yeah, I love this because they're all they feel like they're teenagers. They had acne. Yeah. They got bad skin. They got bad hair. It feels real to me, you know. Yeah. And and Rembrandt comes up to them.


He comes up the coaches because coaches is like scoping around. He's smiling, he's watching vermin get with this check and he's like all happy for him I guess.


And remember, like, how much longer are we going to be around here? And coaches is like. Hey, what's your hurry, man, we just got here because we ought to be getting back to Union Square. They're going to be worried about us.


I think with his lips, yeah, you can't see me, but I'm looking at Corey right now making it looks like and if you you know, if you know what Rembrandt looks like, he does have like big succulent lips.


Yes, he does a big succulent lips and coaches.


Yeah, sure. Man In a minute. Break in the action. Come on. Come back to Swan and Mercy.


And now they're in the like the catacombs, the tunnels of the subway, and they're walking.


And I love this because, you know, when the subway when the subway train is going through the subway line, there's a red light to warn the people in the subway. Look, there's a train coming. Don't go anywhere. Don't move. And when it's safe to go, it turns yellow. It goes from red to yellow, goes from red, yellow, the lights. And it's like walking with him. She goes to Swan. She goes, Hey, can we stop for a minute?


I'm sick of this crap. My legs are getting tired. And trains like this. Come on, keep walking. She's like, what's your hurry? Trying to set kind of some kind of world record or something, huh?


I just want to get home, bitch. Yeah.


I mean, come on. He's he's not like fucking walking for leisure. And finally, Swan stops and in Mercy, I just wrote down she like looks at him with these like fuck me lips, fuck me eyes, you know, it's like just take me, you know, he's like just walk. She's like, I'm walking. Jesus, why don't you give me a break to be a little friendly. I don't even know your name. Suan goes my name Swan.


What do you care about. Name so much for mercy because I like tell my friends if there's somebody particular you know what I mean.


It's one goes why don't you just tie a mattress to your back.


You don't care where it is do you.


Why don't you tie it matches your back and she goes, look, what do you got against me? You've been picking on me all night. And Swan goes, You want me to tell you the truth? And mercy goes, Yeah, sure, go ahead. He goes, I don't like the way you live. She goes the way I live.


He goes, Yeah, I keep hoping I'm going to run into something a little better because what kind of crap is this? Who are you? You better than me.


He goes, I guess you like the way everything's going for you, huh? And Mercy says, Well, maybe I do. Friday nights are pretty good. Saturday nights are even better. This one goes I don't think you can remember who you get on Friday and Saturday nights.


I don't think you can remember what they even look like.


And she because sometimes they can and sometimes I can't. Who gives a damn? I see what's happening next door and down the block, barely hanging down. Five kids, cockroaches in the cupboard. I tell you what I want. I want something now. This is life I got. You know what I mean? You get a warrior, huh? Huh.


It's like I like the love that I like that she's like I want it now. I don't want to, like, wait for her, you know. You know, like she should be she could be referring to, you know, the afterlife or whatever. I don't want to like, wait till later.


This is what I have now and I want a better life now when you're when you're seventeen and all you see around you is filth and shit. I think about the people that live in like Crenshaw, Boyle Heights, you know, in L.A.. Yeah. Not too far from us in Santa Monica. And I just think about like I think about all the homeless people that look around. They're like, well, this is all I'm going to get. What does it matter?


Yeah, right. And I think about her and I think about that's what she's thinking, you know, and Swan and Mercy at this point, they start making out. It's really it's really actually pretty sexy, to be honest with you, I'm like and it's really intense. She's she's Cubin like, I'm looking at her cause she's even out with a little mustache on her upper lip. You know, she's she's cute. So Terry can talk to that point because he's like, look at the mustache.


Anyways, they make out for a second and she sits back and she's like, how do you like it?


Because she knows she's good at making.


Of course she is. Some people are good at making out. Some people are not. I'm good at it.


We've all had good kissers and we've all had bad kissers.


I'm not a bad one. I don't mind. I can lie.


How later we brought recording into the night.


Hey buddy, this is POV guest. You'd have to dart back baby. Oh, we said that at the same time.


Choeung so after that.


I love this because they make out for a second and she's like, how do you like it.


I also love, I also love how mercy grows about, I don't know, a half a foot during this make out scene because you can tell when they're walking and then when they do the shot for them to kiss. I was like, oh, they have her up on an apple box.


I can tell, hey, you know, you know, uneven ground. Yes. I mean, of course, yes. She was standing on like a little hill, so they back off for a minute and then they started making out.


I love this because the train goes by in this really cool lighting. The way it's shot. Beautifully shot. It is. And then he pulls away from her, like, really aggressively and she's like, come on, what's wrong? He's like, look, let's just get the next station, OK? Let's let's stay focused.


And she's like, no, please, come on, come on.


I love this because you guys, you know, you just part of everything that's happening tonight and it's all bad.


Why don't you just go back to wherever you came from right after he says that to her, she looks like she's about to, like, start bawling, crying like he's just kicked her in the crotch.


That's how humiliating it is. Suan walks off down the tunnel. She looks like she's going to cry, crawl up in a ball and die.


And you come back to the Lizzies spot and they put a quarter in the jukebox, start playing the song Love is a five year old, love is a fire burial ground.


And there's these two Lizzies that are dancing with each other. And, you know, this is 1979. We were not super hip to like kind of lesbian and gay stuff on screen. We're getting the sense that the Lizzies. Lizzies, the lezzies is kind of like a little bit of OK, they're little too into each other and vermin and coaches are making out with their chicks and Rembrandt's walking around, you know, some very skeptical wood.


This is fucking weird, man. Like something's going on here because everybody's kind of ignoring everybody, like the Warriors. It just feels like there's a tension building. Right. And then one chick approaches Rembrandt and goes, Hey, little man, you want to do this in her environment, just like looks at her all pissy and walks away from her.


And Vermont's making out with Gilda Radner double. And she goes, be right back with you, babe. And he kind of just rolls back. Richie Sambora, Pete Delois. Like, oh, this is the best night of my life. This is the life, baby, right? And right after that happens, a bolts the door. And the Lizzies are all looking right at each other and then one of the Lizzies says, So you're the famous warriors, huh?


The guys who shot Cyrus and suddenly coaches who's making out with a chick?


She pops a switchblade right by his face.


His eyes bolt up like, oh, sure. Yeah, Zoids. And then Rembrandt yells out, Shit, the chicks are back, the chicks are back.


And they start shooting at the Warriors and they just bolt towards the door. And I love this because they're just not like Rembrandt gets slashed by a knife right away.


And he's like, oh, and vermin fucking knocks one of the lizzies out the face.


Koichi's it's kill or be killed. Yeah, I know. Straight up code cocks are right in the face. Fucking Coach's coach grabs a chair, breaks it over some chick's head. It's crazy. But I will say this. The Lizy suck ass just as much as the fucking baseball furies because they had the warriors dead to rights and they had a fucking gun and they couldn't even even get one of them.


No, they they they fired off one, maybe two shots. Most the warriors break through the door. That is like the entrance to their apartment or whatever it is, they're flat and.


They run off and the Dulles's don't run after him, they're like, oh, shit, yeah, they got a repaired door now.


Yeah, Coaches', Rembrandt, vermin run down the street. They stop in an alleyway.


And Rembrandts like, oh, I love this because Rembrandt got a little bandana around his neck. Coaches' takes it off and wraps it around his cut arm. Yeah, I love that he kicked me.


Yeah. Yeah. Because they're boys together. They're ultimately like you. And I like that when like when you're in a gang like that, yes. They can pick on each other, but if one of them actually gets hurt or whatever, they're all there for that person.


Yeah. Yeah. And coaches, it's like, look, look, man, we've got to hold ourselves together. We got to. You see, if we go to pieces, someone's going to get us and Rembrandt because they think we shot Cyrus and vermin like, what are you talking about? I don't get it. Rembrandt says they think we shot Cyrus every day. And this is the dawning. Yeah, this is where the gang in the center now must be looking for us.




And coaches is like, holy shit. And Rembrandt goes, we're not going to be able to make it back. And I love this because this speaks to what you said about vermin getting written off. But obviously they didn't kill his character. Off he goes. We're going to make it back. We came this far and we're going to get to the rest of the way. Now let's get to Union Square, OK? We got to tell the rest of the guys from there, they run off, take off to Union Square, seeing cuts back to Swan, walking around Union Square.


He's all by himself and he's being followed by a dude on roller skates, the leader of the punks and honks.


Oh, OK. So that's sad. So I called them the overalls gang because they're all wearing overalls and the apple dumpling gang.


Yeah, exactly. Pretty much. OK, so that's the punks, which means the director of I Come In Peace was one of them in there. And the only thing I got to say, this one, this one that's kind of trailing Swan when someone walks down that that little dip, you know, that little decline and then the, you know, the guy goes behind him, kind of goes down nicely left and right, left and right.


If that was me, because I don't roller skate, I would have gone straight down screaming as I'm going straight down.


It was my wheels are, you know, gaining speed to fire, smoke straight out of them.


So there's a there's a roller rink in Venice that a friend of mine had a birthday party years ago at.


And she's like, I'll bring Christine. You know, you and Kristin come roller skating. It's going to be a 70s disco night or whatever, because I had no role skated in my entire life. I've done a handful of times and I suck every time I get there. There's it's where they filmed roll bounce off that roller skate movie.


This fucking it's first of all, it's it's soul music, night, soul, gospel music, night. And every person on that rink is like doing circles. Yeah. Doing tricks like professionals.


Oh shit. I get on the rink, I fall flat on my ass the minute I go on the rink. I was wearing glasses at the time my glasses were rolled over and crushed.


Kristen's like, you don't have to do this, you know, I'm like, OK, I'm drenched in sweat because I'm trying to keep my balance.


I shit you. Not a kid who look like she was seven years old comes up and says, I'll help you. And she starts real role in me around the rink. Fuckin I'm like, I look like a toolbag right now.


It's a little kid.


Thank you. You know me well, Kristen, who had just started dating at the time, this dude rolls up on her. He's like, hey, I'll take you on the rank. And I'm like, what the fuck?


Oh, as you're being led around by, like, a seven year old, you know, bro.


So I see these punks and I'm like, oh, that guy's fucking cool with his overalls and his role. I want to I want a role like that dude. Anyways, back to Swan. Yeah. Walking through the underground, desolate, empty Union Square subway line, being followed by a punk he gets to. Basically, the where the where the subway is going to pick them up, cuts to Coaches', Rembrandt and Vermin getting Union Square at the same time, so does Cowboy and Snow.


They all see each other here.


Don't ask where Fox is.


They don't ask where foxes Swann did. You know? So I guess that takes care of that and. Vermin, coaches, Rembrandt, Snow and cowboy, all are like, we got to go looking for Swan, oh, they're like, hey, what about what happened about Ajax? And and they're like, oh the cops got them. And they're like, oh, I bet he went out swinging. That's what vermin said.


And he did, which is cool. Yeah, literally.


And it's no snow is like we better go look for Swan and they all go walk off. At that point, Swan is like waiting at this at the near the bathrooms, which is also where the subway picks them up, the train picks them up and mercy rolls up on them and she sees. The punks watching Swan, because at this point now it's not just the rollerskating punk, but it's a couple of punks watching him and they conveniently line up from shortest.


The tallest.


Yeah, it's, you know, kind of the way it is, I guess, in 1979 and immerses like she walks of swans because I need to talk to you.


You see that dude over there with the skates over there? He's after you. And Swan goes, I know they're on my ass.


And I love this because it goes. And now they know. I know it's because he's got like a lisp when he says it. Yeah. He's like and but now I know they know.


It's like, why does he lisp that when he's talking like a 1940s guy and she goes, well what do you what the hell are you going to do?


And right after she says that the rest of our warriors show up, right.


This is them coming back together. This is this, in my opinion, is such a kickass scene coming up. It's so fucking badass. It is. It is.


And so he kind of nods over to the Warriors teller telling them to clock these guys behind us. Yeah. Yeah.


He tells them to go head off to the bathroom that's nearby. They go to the men's bathroom, they'll go in and Suan walks with mercy. He's like, come on into the men's bathroom. And she's like, oh. So he's like, come on. She goes, you should change your mind fast because life is kind of rough on you back there. And she goes, well, listen, I can take care of myself. He's like, Yeah, sure, come on.


And they walk over to the bathroom. They all go in and she goes, Wait a minute, I'm not going in there.


That's a men's room. And pops out of nowhere. And he goes, Are you kidding? Yanks are.


Yeah, I love that. It's not pretty. And she says, I can't go in there. It's the men's room, which which I you have to specify because it's hilarious because it's it's not there's no force field there. It's just a social norm. And she's like, I can't go in there. That's the men's bathroom.


A nice little piece of comedy right before a very intense fight scene about to come up that spoke so intensely to me that I was dating a girl back in like 2000, know, in 1994. And I was that I was into her and she went she was a Baptist. So I went to her church. I went to her Bible study like, I am down with this. See how far we've we've all been gone.


We've all gone to church and Bible study for a girl. We've all done that before.


And I remember being on a Sunday school thing with her and and I had to go to the bathroom and there's a line men's line in the bathroom. Of course, there's a men's line in the bathroom in Sunday school, you know, and the women's bathroom was empty. And I'm like, shit, I'm going in there. And she's like, you can't go in there at a church. It's a women's bathroom. I'm like, I don't care. I go in and take a piss.


It's all pipes. Who cares? I was going to just judge me.


Who gives? First of all, who gives a shit, you know? Yeah.


Anyways, back to back to the bathroom. I love this.


I fucking love the scene. So now this is the way it's set up. The Warriors hide in all the bathroom stalls in the bathroom. The roller rink fucking punk leader, the punks rolls in. Check in the different stalls and you can't see their feet, you can't see their feet. Can't you see all of them are hiding their feet? Yep. And then you see Little Conver stepped down on one of the doors, opens up the leader of the punks, opens it up, and it's Rembrandt with mercy.


He spray paints the leader of the punks in the face with a spray cans kind of blocks it and then the fight is on.


Yeah, they all bust because they all bust out their their doors because there's a there's a punk at almost every door. So when they burst through, they're all fighting somebody and it is a kick ass fight.


It's good. It's really good.


And what I love about it, it feels so raw because at one point like like Merce's yelling like get up, get him, kill the bastard and she bites one of them, like she picks up one guy on the shoulder in fucking vermin, gets thrown against the mirrors and landing on the fucking thing. Shit. Yeah. It looks, you know, that looks fucking painful.


One guy jumps up and like snow catches them and throws them to the ground. Yeah, that was it. That was a really cool like karate move type of thing. Yeah.


And before snow, before Swann has his final kind of swan song Move at the end to finish the scene off. Yeah. Snow throws a guy into a bathroom stall as well. Yeah. Like fucking bathroom stalls on the ground.


This is brutal shit. We're not talking about like breakaway fiberglass.


This is intense wood and concrete and ceramic shit. Yeah. And it is like they're having a brutal fight in this bathroom. And then it kind of culminates with Swan, a guy charging Swan. Someone picks him up and like throws them into the bathroom stall. It's really goes into the toilet in slow motion.


It's so bad ass that they finish off the Pugs. Probably, actually, that is the last intense fight scene of this movie. Yeah.


And and I'd say the punks probably gave them the biggest fight of the film.


Oh, by far. Yeah, because they're fucked up at this point, like Swan, they're all on his face and everything. Big gash. Yeah.


From there you cut to a scrawny white boy with the worst fake tattoos I've ever seen in my entire life. Yeah.


His body, he basically went to the the you know, the grocery store they got there. You put the quarter and you get the fake tattoos. Yeah, 25 cents.


He looks like the back of a comic book when they show you what it looks like when you apply all of the fake tattoos to your body. That's what he looks like.


Yeah. He looks like he took Silly Putty and he took the. Yeah, you put the funny. You put the Silly Putty on the funnies in the Sunday morning papers and you peel it back and he's got those on his body. He's got like some weird eagle tattoo. Yeah, he looks ridiculous. Anyway, it doesn't matter because he walks up on the riff's one little white dude with basically the riff, all black members of the riff. And Masci says to his informant, you know, what about the patrols and informants?


And so far, nothing. But we got somebody who you want to talk to. He says he knows who shot Cyrus and it cuts to this guy with his lame ass, like you said, fake tattoo on his chest. Cuts back to subway, we're now all the warriors are on the train back, getting back to Tony, they've almost made it through so close. Yeah, and they look beat the shit aid exhausted.


They look exhausted. They look legit, exhausted.


So real man, you look so authentic, you can feel it. I mean, you can feel like vermin. Just you can feel the release on their bodies as they're sitting there, especially when like Swan and Mercy are sitting there. It's just you can tell just swans just dead inside, just energy sapped dead.


And Furman's like Big Cyrus, he was going to run the whole city. What a bunch of crap that was. And then he says Cyrus was right about one thing. It's all out there. All we got to do is figure out a way to steal it.


I love that line and it's no said. Sounds great. All we got to do is figure out what's worth stealing, and that's such a fucking heady statement right there like that tells you right there that that snow is keyed in on the bigger picture of life, you know what I mean?


Like not just like going out and getting what you want. He's like, yeah, I like that. It was it's a subtle thing, but it kind of gives snow like this, like thicker, you know, persona where he he just he's a little bit more wise than than maybe Coaches' is, you know.


Yeah. And I feel like he is like Coaches'. I don't feel like snow when I got kind of put the lizzies right now.


I don't think so either. I think that was specifically coaches and vermin.


Yeah. So at that point pretty much all the warriors are asleep cowboys asleep on the on the on the subway train with his baseball bat between his legs. Yeah. Holding it like a teddy bear. And then these, this prom, these two prom couples get on the train looking like they just jumped out of Saturday Night Fever when one of them looks like Dan Schorr.


You. Yeah, for sure.


With the fucking dimpled chin. And they're getting all they're all excited because they just got back from the prom or whatever.


And I love I love this scenes. Once again, one of my favorite scenes in the movie.


I loved it the first time I saw it. I loved it. I love it every time I see it. There's no dialogue. But so much is said in this scene.


So much so sad. So the prom couple sits down, the prom couples sit down directly across from Swan and Mercy. They're like laughing, all happy. And then they realize that they're looking across at Swan and Mercy, who looked up from the floor up there looking down at their feet. They're dirty. They're like, you know, Mercy's toes are exposed on her shoes, just like all Surete.


Yeah. And then they both have that, Raymie, and they both have that thousand yard stare, you know, like they like they've just seen some shit.


And mercy at this point is looking at them. And she's about to adjust her hair like you do when you feel self-conscious. Yes. Like, oh, I better pretty myself. Yes.


And Suan grabs her arm right before she's about to move her hair back and he pulls it down like, fuck no, we are not better. They are not better than us. Yes, we do.


You do not need to to change your appearance for them. You judge you fuck you baby. You let them you know, and it wasn't it wasn't terribly aggressive to them. It was more like we are us. They are them and and do not like do not think that they're better than us. I love this scene, dude. I fucking loved it. Every time I watched it, I was like, this is so deep. This is fucking awesome.


Yeah. Because, you know. The prom couples like they keep staring at them. In this kind of weird, like judgmental, kind of like not judgmental, but kind of like I didn't stop staring at us, you know, but I don't I didn't make them as bad.


Like, they were just I didn't make the best guy to make him his baddies either. But but I'm sure they were judging things. They were judging, you know, they were judging on the inside, of course. Yeah.


And I'm sure, Judge, I'm sure in his in his mind, Swane was like, they're not better than us, you know, we're all the same. We're all human. Yeah. You know, and to be honest with you, dude, like slight deviation. And I know I mentioned this off the air with you and just watch this documentary, The Octopus Teacher, you know, and the point that's made in this documentary is we're all living in this world.


We're all living creatures, man. Like we all we all exist. We all matter. We all matter. Yeah. And not to get too deep and philosophical, but that's so. Important? Yeah, you know, especially in today's age, like, I don't care whether you are the king of the mountain or whether you are on the street, like we all matter and we're all the same, too.


That's the thing.


You're all real living creatures. Yeah. And the narrator, the guy who does this documentary, dude, I got many times in this thing, I got so emotional about it because it's like. Yeah, like at the end of the day. A fucking cockroach is the same as a human being. Yeah, like we're like, let's break it down. It's just a living being.


We all serve a purpose. So this moment in the scene is so prophetic because it's like, you know, I don't care for these prom. They may be Joe Schmo and like, they need all good, but like Swan and Mercy come from nothing, you know. Doesn't make them any less, though. Yeah. No. Than these people.


And really and it's great because they don't say any of it. We literally infer everything that we just said is all inferred from their acting and specifically from mercy trying to like like, you know, demetz her hair. She kind of does, you know, is about to do like brushing away from her face to kind of like sort of like it's very instinctual. It's it's she's I don't even think she's thinking that she's doing it, but she's looking at these like, you know, these kids that are clearly have money and everything.


And she, you know, it's just a it's just a human reaction.


But I love that Swan does even look at her. He doesn't break contact with them. He's looking right at them the whole time. But he grabs her hand and stops her from doing it. And then I love the fact that she closes her eyes. And then the next stop, the kids, like, sort of like, you know, get off there. You can try and stop. The train stops and you can tell they're kind of like, hey, let's let's just get off on this.


Because, you know, they can tell that they're they're uncomfortable.


They're uncomfortable, understandably. So. That's fine. No big deal. And then it's it's I loved it. Like, Mercy opens her eyes and they're gone. And it's kind of like that's her wish. Like her her wish was that, like, you know, they came true. And Suan in a weird way sort of made that happen. I guess I their relationship is is interesting that it's very, very interesting. And you don't pick up on a lot of this stuff until multiple viewings.


This movie demands multiple viewings.


As simple as this story is, it's very deep and layered.


Agreed. Totally agreed. And and when they do get off the subway, one of the one of the prom girls drops her corsage on the ground and. Which is very subtle at first, and you're right, like she opens her eyes and they're gone and and. The train stops at Coney Island, they've made it to Coney, they've in the morning, they've made it to Coney. So, yeah, it's now the morning time in it.


I don't know what you know. Tons of movies have come out that no, actually, no, I can't think of too many movies that have taken place over the course of one day, one night, and here we are, the dusk.


It looks like they they've been up all night. Yes. So realistic looking. They look tired as shit, dark circles under their eyes. It does look like we've all been there a long night of partying.


We look in the mirror, we're like, God damn, that was a long night. And it looks like that.


And I like that trope. I like movies that take one night, you know, I like movies that take place in like one location or something.


I like these simple, simple idea movies because they allow you to give you the freedom to do all this character examination and everything. And, you know, and by simple, I mean like like plot points.


It's like you said earlier, just point A to point B and but I love this shit, man, because when they get there, you feel the relief that they feel you feel like you've been through the journey that they feel.


And I mean, I don't know if it was by design or happenstance or what, but like, you know, the fact that they film it on a on a foggy day and it's dreary and it just looks so perfect and it's just the dawn.




And Botswanans, like, we fought our like our whole way to like we fought our way back for this. Like, I like that he's like looking at Coney Island like, you know, it was his home and everything. But after everything he's experienced, he's like looking at it now, like damn like I'm not saying it's not worth it, but at the same time, it's like, well, shit like if I can do all this, maybe I can maybe I'm better than than being in Coney Island.


Well, well right before that happens, you know, they get off the train and the corsage that had fallen on the ground, he gives them mercy and she's like, well, what's this for?


And he just he's so cool, you know, he's like, I just see. I just hate seeing anything go to waste, you know, like he doesn't want to admit to her that he's giving it to her because he likes her. Yeah, but let's be honest. That's why he's giving it to her.


And then, yeah, he looks around in that dilapidated homes in the the run like Kony is not just the wonder wheel in the rides and the boardwalk. It's it's it's shitty apartment buildings. Yeah. And it's like this is what we fought all our night, fought all night to get back to his. Maybe I'll just take off and she's like, well, well you know, I like traveling to. And guess what? Where have you been? She's like, I've never been anywhere, I just know I like it.


I love that, though, you know, she's like I just I just want to go. Can I just go with you? And he goes, come on, let's go.


And I love the fact that this movie started with the Wonder Wheel at night, all lit up and everything. And now it ends with a shot of it during the day. And it doesn't look as exciting.


It doesn't look as as as luxurious or whatever. But like it's just, you know, in the cold light of day, it's it's very interesting, the juxtaposition of the beginning versus the end of it.


It really is because he is because this is supposed to be the paradise in everything. But in reality, like is your home, like you're supposed to be excited to be home.


But in reality, while shit you're home is also a piece of shit, too, and it is a piece of shit like it's run down. Yeah. You know, where are they going to go? They can't live. They're not living it. They're not living at Coney Island.


They're not living at Santa Monica Pier, reportedly living in a shitty one bedroom studio apartment, you know, with put in place.


They're living in a fucking crash pad. You know, it's. Yeah, exactly.


And at this point, too, like you also got to figure like a whole night just 12 hours ago, there was the promise of of them running the city, you know, and now it's gone.


Yeah. Now it's like we're back to this bullshit.


Now we're just back to govern our turf. And it's interesting because you could have, like Walter Hill could have, like, created this this false Coney Island. Is this like, you know, exaggerated, made them excited about being home. But I mean, shit, the first thing Swan does is like he looks out and he's like, fuck, like, this is what we fought to get back to.


I that's that's that's interesting. It's it's a very interesting take on it.


And not only that, now that they're there back home and they're walking through the deserted Coney Island Park because it's, you know, 5:00 in the morning or 4:00 in the morning, Coney Island Park with like a burnt down fucking business, I mean, I hope the Coney Island is better now.


I don't know. We were honestly, my wife and I were supposed to visit New York in 2020. We were supposed to do a trip to go see my mom in Maryland, go have a crab feast in Maryland. We were going to go take the train up to New York and spend the night and go like see the Ghostbusters firehouse and all that kind of shit. Because, you know, my wife, Myra, she's born and raised in L.A. She never been to New York before.


So we were going to do all that kind of shit and probably would have wound up at Coney Island and check that out or something.


But, yeah, I'm curious as to what it looks like now or and by now, I mean, you know, probably up until covid, you know, who the hell knows what's going to look? I post.


But like I was curious, I did they did they fix Coney Island back up? Is is it a tourist spot now?


Well, well, well. Terry and I were supposed to go to Coney Island in like 2019 because they were going to do a warrior's fortieth anniversary at Coney with the whole cast screenings.


But about about about about a we talked about going. We never obviously did. But it turns out the whole thing was a bust.


Like they they didn't have proper booths for the actors to set up their stuff, to sell their merch and ended up being a huge oh, shit like big debacle, apparently, which is really sad.


And I don't think Coney, you know. Kony is like as good as Santa Cruz Boardwalk or Santa Monica Pier, it's like it's got people coming and going, but it just doesn't have the same is 40 years ago, you know, it's that it's not the same anymore. Yeah, nostalgia. Stays alive and well on screen, but in reality, it's sad, you know, which is really a bummer. I mean, I want to go to Coney someday.


I want to ride the wonder will just want to relive it, too. Yeah, I'll go there with her.


Yeah, well, we will definitely do it and we'll go see our boy Thomas waits on the way.


But on the way that the Warriors get there, they're being trailed by the rogues, which is it's a beautiful shot as the warriors are walking down the boardwalk and the rogues are behind them and they know they're on their ass and it cuts the Luthor who's like, stay right on their ass.


And they go, the warriors run and go under a pier and they're watching the rogues from afar. And swans like, you know, wait a couple of seconds, then we'll cut out the other way. And he says at the mercy, like basically just get out of here so you don't get hurt. And she's like, why can I stay with you? He'll do what I tell you. Come on. I could take care of myself. And he's like, come on, fine.


Like, he takes her with him. And at that point. The Warriors. Arm themselves, they they grab the grab bar off the roof. Yeah, coaches like Riff's above a pipe off the ceiling, pipe off the ceiling.


They break a table and like an arm of that or something like that. And, you know, mercy breaks a beer bottle. She's got her beer bottle and. I love that they like the arm up, right, cut back to and of course, this is one of the most famous scenes outside of can you dig it? Cuts to Luther in the rogues car. Apparently, this was improvised, like he had not intended to do this. But at the last minute, he had grabbed beer bottles and put them on his fingers and they came together.


It's something that I think apparently like a neighbor of his did. But it was it was a very aggressive and I think he was like kind of freaked out by it. So, you know, OK, it was an intense thing that his neighbor did.


Well, it's funny because because it gets gradually more intense.


Yes. It's like warriors, of course, you know, everyone knows come out to play warriors and his face is getting more fucking red and warriors go round trip.


Because he's like he's he's not taking a breath. The actor himself, like his eyes are getting watery, his face is red.


It's going to be so good. It's so good.


There is a reason that this is iconic. There is a reason that everyone does this. So, you know, I'm watching this and I know it like and I've seen t shirts and I've seen people I've heard people say it. I've heard references.


I've heard you say it, I know it. But like, actually watching it and hearing it, like, it's fucking awesome. And that's I mean, you don't just like things like things don't become iconic because they're stupid and boring.


They become iconic because they're fucking awesome. And there's a reason this scene is as iconic as it is, because the energy that's in it that David Patrick Kelly brings to it is fucking amazing.


It's amazing. And and it keeps on going and going and going. And it cuts back to the Warriors faces.


And you hear him scream and you know, and you just like at that moment or many moments in this film, you just go, I just want to see this guy get his ass handed to him, this little bitch.


Little a little bit. You got to have a comeuppance, right? So big headed bitch.


Swan looks at everybody. He's like he's done it. They're not intimidated. They're just more like, let's do this. They're on their turf now, so and so on.


Looks at everybody goes, you ready? And they go, all right. Yeah, we're ready. And he goes, OK, all of you stay behind me. I'm going to take him out. I'm going to take him out of the sand. And Snow says, What about you? You ready? And that's when Swan pulls out a switchblade and he goes, Let's do this right. Let's let's do it right.


So the warriors go out to the beach, the rogues follow them. And. To get out to the beach, the word there's seven of the warriors right to know sorry, six of the Warriors, because coaches sorry, Ajax, Cleon and Fox have all been taken out. Yeah, right. So there's only six left and there's probably like 10 rogues. That's roughly. And they surround the Warriors and Swane smile and he's got a smile on his face.


And Swan says when we see the ocean, we figure we're home, we're safe.


And Luther's, you know, got his beady big Duke Energy and he goes, well, this time you got it wrong. And Swan goes, Why'd you do it? Why'd you waste Cyrus? And Luther says, No reason. I just like doing things like that.


And he laughs. And then Swan looks at him by, like, kind of laughing back and Swan goes, Let's do it. I mean, you and Luther goes one on one, you crazy. And he pulls his gun out because you did all of you and you know it. You're dead.


And he goes to shoot Swan and he pulls the trigger and Mercer yells at Swan at the same time as Luther shoots, Swan throws a switchblade right at Luther and it lands and Luther's arm and Luther goes.


Right after that happens, he lets out this fucking whimpering little bitch whimpering.


And then you hear you see the riffs all at the top of the hill of the beach.


And Massai yells out riffs and all the riffs go. You run.


And they march down to the beach, we're talking like 50 to 60 soldiers, right, surrounding the warriors, surrounding the rogue's swan looks straight, Amisi. And he goes, you still looking for us? And says, we found who we're looking for. And he looks over at Luther Litha goes, No, no, it wasn't us. It was them. The Warriors.


Masci says, you warriors are good, real good. And Swane just give us the best. Masci says the rest is ours.


The warriors that the rogues open up, they're like river of army of the the the Gramercy River sorry, this kind of does his arm like moves his arm to the side, the part of the sea, and then lets the Warriors march off.


And Luther's like Luther's like whimpering as crops.


He's holding them and as the cratons as the riffs let the warriors go, they come around and surround the rogues again. And you hear Luthra just yell out this.


Cuts to the D.J.. Because good news boppers the big alert has been called off. Turns out that the early reports were wrong, all wrong. Now, for that group out there that had such a hard time getting home.


Sorry about that. I guess the only thing we can do is play you a song.


Cue to get down to two in the City by Joe Walsh, which is a cover of the original Eagles version, which is on the long run, but it's the edited version for the movie to Carol Baril somewhere out on that horizon.


So good, so bad ass, so fucking good. Swan looks at mercy. They kind of like she smiles, he's kind of has this pensive look on his eye, but then they're holding hands down the beach. You know, Coaches' is running on the beach with vermin and cowboy Rembrandt's snow or walking together. And I love this because the music, you know, in the city.


Kind of cues off the rest of the movie, and they're walking on the beach as the credits are playing and the credits play and the scene and the camera stays on them almost the entire time they make it down to the beach, it's not until the very end of the credits when they kind of freeze frame and and that's when the movie closes out. And that is the Warriors. Oh, and that's it, I wanted to say during the climax, the biggest problem I have with this entire movie was when when Luther shoots his gun, fucking Rembrandt is standing right behind Swan.


Swan does a little side step, you know, to kind of dodged the bullet. And all I wish is that it was the shot was blocked differently because the way the shot is set up, Rembrandt would have taken that shot right to the chest, essentially.


And, you know, I'm not going to lie to you. There are times during the fight with the baseball furies where, you know, like you see in the background, like one Furi sort of standing there waiting for his cue in here.


And I'm like, I let all of that shit pass. But at the end, I'm like, I just wish all I wish was that Rembrandt wasn't standing directly behind. Really? That's all they ask for. It was I want I let everything else go. All the other problems with the movie go, because I know that this movie was shot in like a guerrilla fashion. I respect the movie for what it did. I have no problem with little wonky things here and there.


That is literally the only problem I had is that that bullet would have just I mean, it just you could just tell by the shot it would have just landed right in Rembrandt's chest.


And that's the only problem I have with this movie. I think this movie is a lot of fun. I, I will say this at the very top. I don't love it. And I wanted to like that's the thing. Like, I don't love it the way like I say, I loved Prince of Darkness or something. It's just probably it's not my genre, but I absolutely understand why you love it. I absolutely understand why everybody else loves it.


I absolutely understand why it's important. I absolutely understand why it's awesome in me saying I don't love it doesn't mean I don't fucking really enjoy it. I just it's like one notch below love, you know what I mean. Like just just one notch. That's it. It's just and I have no nostalgic a connection to this movie whatsoever. But what they're able to pull off with this film is amazing. I love the story. I do love the characters.


I really, really do enjoy a lot of aspects of this movie. I think Main the what is probably knocking it down just that nano notch is that it's just this isn't my genre kind of thing, but yeah, I get it.


I get why the Warriors is important. And I had so much fun going through it.


I had so much fun looking at this movie and just kind of like and seeing what you like about it and everything. And I also had so much fun being impressed by what they were able to pull off with, like this guerrilla style filmmaking of this, like the enclave shot of all these gangs and everything is unbelievable. There's no CGI. Those are all actors that those shots are fantastic. And this isn't a hundred million dollar movie. That's what's impressive about it.


So I guess what I got to say is, while I don't love it.


I very, very much extremely enjoy it, and I am very impressed by it as a movie like as like as a as a film, I'm impressed by what the end result is.


And like, I can't even believe that this movie could even exist knowing.


Knowing, like, how hard it was to to to shoot it, like the fact that we even have this movie is just like like if if this is the only timeline in all the timelines that has the warriors, like if we're the only time I'm the one that has Trump selecting the country is also the one that has the Warriors. I will take this timeline because the Warriors is absolutely a necessary part of American cinema, absolutely fucking necessary. And I mean, I can I can praise this movie without loving it.


I truly can. And this movie is absolutely impressive. This movie's absolutely enjoyable evening. Like, again, you are listening to someone who pretty much has only seen it in the last five years.


So, like, it holds up. And my wife said it was fun to like it's a fun movie. I had so much fun with it. If it was. You know what? Here's the funny thing is if the movie was 100 percent exactly the same, but it took place in like a post apocalyptic world or like a sci fi universe, I would love it.


It's just, you know, it's just like New York gang movie. It's just not my thing. But I love it as high as it can possibly go. Do you know what I mean?


Yeah, no, I was going to say, you know, as it's as it's pure base. I love underdog movies. That's probably my favorite genre, whether it's Rocky, whether it's Karate Kid, you know, the Warriors falls into that where it's it's us versus them. It's the little guy versus the big guy. And I think that's why it works for me. And I think that's why it's always worked for me. I've always viewed myself as the underdog having to climb up to achieve.


Whether that's true or not, whether I've painted that in my own fantasy mind, it's neither here nor there. But the underdog wins in the end and the Warriors win in the end. It's a happy ending. Yeah, it's not a downbeat, you know. Well, this is real life and everybody dies in real life like, no, I go to a movie to escape. I want to I want to be I don't want to be reminded overall of the horrors of the world and how bad this world is.


I want to see against insurmountable odds the guy win. Yeah, if this was sci fi, maybe you would have liked it even more. But for me, the reason why I watched this film close to if I haven't watched it a hundred times, I watched it pretty damn close to 100 times. The reason I loved it so much is because of that. It's because it's always felt to me like no matter what, at the end of the day, the good guy will win, you know, and the little shit that lies, that deceits, that tries to undermine.


It's very timely. If you think about it, we'll lose. And I love that idea. Whether it's true or not, whether that's the reality or not, I hold on to that sheer fact that.


You know. When Johnny was perceived as a bad guy, he would get his ass kicked by Daniel when you know fucking Drago was the bad guy, he would get his ass kicked by Rocky.


You know, like these are the things I hold on to, you know, GCD and blood sport beating Chong. It's like these are the things I love. And so the Warriors falls into that category. It is it is total escapism total like the good guys who win. Don't worry, you know, it's all going to be good. Yeah. We're going to lose some really lovable characters along the way.


But at the end of the day, Swan, who is my favorite and always will be Swan, prevails with his girl and he's got the girl, whether she's got a mustache or not, neither here nor there.


And I totally I after this is our fortieth proper episode of our show, our Forte's review. I totally understand why this is your favorite movie.


I think most of the movies I pick are underdog movie.


I totally, totally fucking get it. I really do. But like, I just want to say, I guess, you know, this movie made me want to makes me want to go play the video game like that. Says a lot like if I enjoy the movie, I wouldn't care.


I want to know more about these characters. I like the that's the thing like I really enjoyed these characters. And that, I think is what makes this movie elevated to the next level.


I think the characters I think I think that the things that they tried to do with this film, I mean, there is no other movie that I've seen that is like this this no no one no one can compare this to anything else.


I'm sorry. And if they do the wrong.


Yeah, it's I don't even know what genre it is. It the Warriors. It's just the Warriors. It is its own genre, its own movie. It is its own thing. And it should absolutely be viewed by everybody. I, I can't I truly can't praise it enough. I really can't. But I just I didn't love it the same way that like I loved like Prince of Darkness, like man the first time you like. I watched Prince of Darkness with you.


I was I was riveted. I was just I was floored by by what I was seeing and everything, you know.


And but that being said, we don't rate movies here. But if Prince of Darkness is a ten, I'm talking this is like an eight point five. It's not that much lower, you know what I mean?


But they're incomparable. Yes, they're incomparable. They're absolutely incomparable. But, yeah, this I loved it.


I mean, I had fun with it. I had a ton of fun. Yeah, it's fun. It's like a lot of fun.


People have always said to me, why is this your favorite movie of all time? And that's the reason I tell them because it's fun. Yeah, like at the end of the day for me. For me, it is the most fun and and a movie I can watch over and over and over again, like Terry and I remember every time we get together, he's like, bro, let's put on the Warriors. And and it's we may not even watch the thing.


We might talk to the entire movie. But just this idea, it's like such a nostalgic thing. It's that comfort zone. It's that welcome. It's that old blanket that you put on at night that just feels so good. But maybe it's not the best blanket in the world, but it feels so good when you put it on. And for me, like it was so cool to be able to break this movie down. Like I told you, I think I took more dialogue notes than I ever have in my entire life just because I wanted to be able to say the words out loud of some of these funny famous lines from this movie classic.


So, I mean, I'm just happy that we got to review it on the show, dude.


Me too. I truly am. I truly am. I had so much fun with it. And you said it earlier in the review. There's like no fucking downtime to this movie. This movie is Go from the beginning, just right out of the gate. It is on and moving and wow, wow, wow.


It's not flawless, but it's fun. Yeah, it's not carefree. And it's it's it's a reminder that originality exists in this world and that we can keep doing shit like this.


It's a reminder that sometimes originality outweighs like technical proficiency and stuff like that.


You know what I mean? Like, I would rather see see originality. So I'm glad we did this, dude. I'm glad I know that this is going to be a very downloaded episode. I am curious to see ultimately years from now which one will be a higher, more downloads the thing or the Warriors. But good job. Good job breaking this down. Good job. Thank you for taking me on this journey. Thank you for getting me the theatrical cut.


Thank you for, you know, just catching me up to the Warriors buddy.


Thank you.


Dude I, I'm glad that I know this movie now as well as I do after doing this because it was a it was a big piece of the tapestry that I was missing from my soul. And and I'm glad that it's back into my my Akashic record. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Bye too. And after I, I, I think it's FOIA, the the they sell like DVDs and basically like the Suncoast of the Internet, they have a steal book of of the Warriors, which I do own. It's the director's cut and then it comes with a DVD version of the theatrical cut.


OK, and to be totally honest with you, that that the theatrical cut looks just as good as the Blu ray like it. It's it's the the qualities just the same like it's it's pretty top notch.


I will say when I was watching with my wife, I was like, oh man, I miss 1970s film stock. And at some point, like, I don't want this to be pristinely cleaned up. Like I love old film stock, you know, it looks. Yeah, it's so good.


Did so you can you know, guys like you can you can get the you can get that one. I think it's like twenty bucks on FYI the steel book and it's a cool case. I own it as well. I own like four different versions of this movie.


And can I just say like real quick, we probably just at the top but just the famous artwork. Oh the poster, a poster is the poster art and it's like, you know, there's a couple different posters. There's like the more traditional poster. But then there's the one where they painted every single fucking gang member. And I'm looking at that. I'm like, what an impressive piece of art to be created for this movie. Like like you can just tell that that Walter Hill just, you know, knew what he wanted type of thing.


So it's funny you say that because that poster is my all time favorite poster of of all times that he gets. It is the greatest next to streets of fire because there there are one sheets of just Michael Paré and different colors that that's for sure.


It's a fire. But that Warriors poster is amazing. And I will point out that the Lizzie gang member looks a little like Rembrandt. Yeah. And then Mersea looks like another girl, like the interchange, the faces of the main cast members throughout the the art on the gang poster. It's funny if you look at it and analyze it like one person looks like vermin, one person looks like coaches.


It's supposed to be Cleon. It's like millions it. But it's Koichi's face. Yeah.


And yeah, a little in dysfunction. And Swan doesn't quite look like Swan. He looks like a very like calm. I like a a perfect version. Of Michael back sort of thing, it's interesting, but at the same time, it's beautiful. Oh, no, dutiful.


It's funny to kind of analyze though because I have analyzed it. I'm sure you have 20, 30 years. Yeah, but dude, good shit, man. Thank you. Thank you for this, buddy. I'm yeah. I'm glad we went on this this journey. And and speaking of journeys, if you like 80s and you like nostalgia and you like soundtracks, why don't you go on a journey with Zach and Dustin on to life?


Hey, thanks for the cheap plug. Yeah. Two dollars into two dollars plug baby. That's a two dollars plug. Yeah, we're 80s nostalgic. We are like phisher officially, unofficially in a in a in a weird way like kicking off our second season. It just kind of a more of a fun promotional way.


We covered my favorite movie this month as well. Real Genius, my favorite 80s movie of all time. We covered real genius. Wait a minute.


What which one do you like better? What is your all time ultimate favorite movie?


The Warriors is my number one. Number two is real genius and it is so fitting. Totally coincidental. Well, but some people might not say coincidence is not a thing. It's synchronicity, baby. It's synchronicity. We covered real genius and to always be my favorite of all time. And we've got an upcoming interview with Mitch, the one of the stars of real genius Gabe Jarrett on Too Late to Be a great, great interview. He was also encouraged to kid three, amongst other things.


We talk a little bit about that. And yeah, we have a fun time on the leafy. We talk 80s movies, soundtracks, nostalgia, try to keep it light and positive in a good way and have fun along the same time. But hey. Corey, on the other hand, is on another podcast called Kurt, right, Garrett Seinfeld podcast. That's right. Every week, me and our pal Adam Zachs, Zach's friends with Adam also.


And we talk about Seinfeld, and it's right in the name.


There you go. So we have a great time talking about Seinfeld.


We were pretty much getting close to the end of season five, which means, Mel, we fucking cranked out about 80 some episodes. That's impressive. That's that is wild. But we're having a good time. And, you know, season six is right around the corner. So we're just plugging away at car. Right. Having a good time. And, you know, I'm sure you guys know at this point, but we are a part of a podcast network called the BFP Network, which is kind of like a nostalgic podcast network with other shows like Blast from Our Past and Talking Back.


Both of those are they put out some great shit, man, seriously, like Christmas time. First off, both of them did die hard, which is great.


So, you know, if you like nostalgia, check out Blast from the past. I like to joke when I talk to Adam on Cartwright, I'd like to joke that, you know, podcasting after dark is the dark shadow of the blast from our past. You know, they they cover they do the same thing we do. They go to the movie, they break it down, yada, yada, yada.


But they do a little bit more mainstream stuff from the 80s, in the 90s. Whereas, you know, Zack and I get into the the weird shit where Adam likes to say Honokaa is like, I don't even know half the movie you guys are talking.


Oh, and if he thinks that's the case, wait till we get to the nitty gritty dirt band of twenty, twenty one. I am going to take Cory on a on a fun phantasmagorical adventure this year. Like, guys, I know this is our first episode of Twenty One, and that's the reason again, why I chose this movie.


It fits perfectly, but the rest of this year will be filled with films that he has never heard of, or if he has, he's never seen.


I guarantee you. And it's going to blow you. No, no, no. It's go in my mind.


No, you can count on the dirty drudges with the Z.


I yeah. I think what you have, like, I know what you have sitting over there, I guess at this point we've we've kind of fallen into our roles. I do a bit more of the mainstream cult movies, whereas you do the three Fifteen's the Moments of Truth, which I love. I'm glad we we have them on our on our repertoire. But Zac digs deep into the the annals of the annals of history.


Oh. An tune. And I, I, you know, people are like, what are you going to do now that you've covered all the teen exploitation films except for bad boys. And I won't do that one because it's more of a drama. What are you going to do next?


Well, guess what, folks? We're going to go on a retrospective, but I'm not going to tell you what that is, you're just going to listen. If you listen, if you subscribe, you are a patriot and you'll maybe you'll find out ahead of time.


It's definitely something you want to know ahead of time. Yes.


Yes, we have we have quite the extensive Patreon page.


If you guys want to check us out, we have our our entire catalog of shows completely ad free for just two dollars. And then if you want to up it to five dollars, you you get that. Plus, you also get our entire back catalogue of interviews after dark and holy shit.


Boy, do we have some some people there. We have people like Stephen Kazansky, the director of the Void, co-director of the Void. We have Tom Matthews, Stephen Jefferys, Tony Timpone, Diane Franklin, Zach Ward, Brian USANA, Jeanette Goldstein, John Philbin, Tom Arledge on this dark my God. Composer Richard Band, Virginia. Oh, my God. Mark Raulston. Oh my God. We have Thomas Guedes coming soon. We have we're going to be recording with Scott Valentine.


And the week after that, we've got an interview with well, he he used to go by the name of Nick Corey.


But he's now goes by Hesus Garcia, what a wild journey, what a wild interview that's going to be. And you've got Vallentine and Knackery. Come on by the way. Yeah, go ahead.


My wife, because he also goes by JSU Garcia. Right. And it's interesting. Yeah. I'm curious how that works, but my wife immediately knew who he was like.


Oh yeah.


Because no big fan of Nightmare on Elm Street said Nightmare on Elm Street Wildcats. Do not you dude.


By the way, my sister one summer watched Wildcats every single day and I can't wait to tell him about that. So guys and gals, check out our Patreon. We have more shows coming to Patreon. It's twenty twenty one is going to be the year of podcasting after dark.


Calling it now, buddy. Calling it now. So. As we always say, we'll catch you on the dark side. Joining the podcasting after dark pagan community to unlock exclusive monthly content like cast interviews and a fan feedback show. Plus, you get every regular episode of podcasting after dark, completely ad free.


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