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The blast from our past network. Supernatural Halloween exploitation slashers and everything in between. Welcome to the podcast After Dark Watch List, the show where a guest chooses to talk and the hosts, along with the guests, discuss their top five things. Light a candle. Hide your Ouija board and enjoy the podcasting after dark, watch Mr.. What's up, everybody, happy New Year's, your old pal Corey here, AK sleezy, see one half of the podcasting after dark team.


Zach is not here today, but I am joined by an amazing podcast or Max from the Ready to Retro podcast. What is up, buddy?


Hey, I'm so happy to be here, man. I know we've been talking about this for months, but it's just a thrill to be here on podcasting after dark.


Dude, I've been on your show the Day of the Day of the Dead episode for October. And Chelsea was did a watch list with me way back in the day when you guys were 88 miles per hour, so. Correct. Yeah.


And she plugged it, as you know, obviously, because you guys didn't know that you were going to become, you know, ready to retro. And so I was like, man, all the shows like I got to get those guys on.


And you guys have been just plugging away at the content, just producing some awesome, awesome shows. And, you know, I mean, from one content producer to another. My hat's off to you guys over there. You put out a great year in twenty twenty.


Hey, I appreciate that. No, I really do, man. Yeah, we were not expecting ready to retro to happen or to be born, but you know, twenty twenty gave us something new and we took the opportunity, we ran with it. It's actually just you know, it's just been such a thrill and just been amazing just to see where the show has gone in these last couple of months and especially just the amazing people we've met along the road.


You are included in that. Absolutely.


And it's funny because I know on the Scrooged episode that you did with Adam and Jon's blast from our past, you know, you talk to ask them both like what they love about podcasting.


And you asked me to and it's it's you know, it's all the people that that we meet and everything. And this is truly a case in point. I was looking at my January schedule. I'm just going to give you some inside baseball here. I was looking at my January schedule and I had an open week and I was like, well, shit, you know, like, first off, bad for me for for scheduling. You know, that's a scheduling faux pas.


Like, I should have just scheduled something, but I was like, you know what, this is good. Let me let me get, you know, in here from radio retro. But I was like, damn, I don't want it to be like underpressure type of thing, but you're as the fucking professional you are. You're like and I talked you yesterday, you're like, yep, I'll be on tomorrow's like, bro, that's freaking awesome.


So, like, it just kind of reminded me. It reinforced what, you know, Adam and John mentioned what I said is just holy crap.


Like, you know, like we have these friends now, these other professional podcasters that you can be like, yo, let's let's do this, let's do that, you know, sync up and everything. And again, I do want to apologize on air and say I did not want it to be under like a pressure sort of thing. And I do appreciate you just being like, Yeah, bro, I'll be there. I'm like, fuck, yeah, dude, no pressure at all.


No, I, I've been in that situation before, so, you know, that's part of being a community. It's there's no obligations or no strings pulled or anything like it's like, hey man. Yeah I, I, I want to be a part of this. Absolutely. I just it sounds like fun. And when you pitch the idea back in September when you were on Four Day of the Dead, I kind of already had in the back of my mind, kind of like the top five list.


So we'll get into a little later. But it was a lot harder than I anticipated to be on it.


It was so. So why don't you tell us what what it is? Because you picked it and so. Yeah, tee it up for us and let us know and then we can talk about how difficult it was for sure.


So, you know, ready to retros just in the podcast. And we go into a lot of just what was awesome about the 80s and 90s toys, video games. We mostly focus on movies, sometimes TV shows. So for me, you know, growing. I was born in nineteen ninety, so I grew up in the 90s and the 2000s where, you know, cable was rampant and then, you know, things started to be created like Netflix and things like that on demand stuff.


So I watched a lot of movies, I watched a lot of stuff. But what really gravitated or were I gravitated towards was the the eighties kind of trash stuff, like perfect for your podcast. Right.


So, yeah, just just the things that it's like, you know, you don't show to all your friends because, you know, your friends are going to make fun of it or like, hey, this, this sucks. I'm like, yeah, it sucks. But isn't it amazing. So the list also say is this is going to be the top five movies that have a rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes prior to the year 2000.


So there's a lot of the horror spin, right? Yes. Excuser, yes. With the horsemen. So these are specifically horror. So that's a lot of caveats. But it's a very specific. And a very awesome list, I have to say so myself, and so what, I took that idea and in my head, first off, I said, OK, I am not going to do pick anything that I've reviewed on podcast after dark because as scrolling through the list, I'm like, oh, most everything we do on podcast after Dark has sort of run scorer D'Amato as it should.


Yeah, exactly. And where we wear it proudly, you know. And so it's like, OK, nothing I've we've reviewed on podcast after dark, although I have one that we're going to review so that this statement might actually be irrelevant moving forward.


And then I, I slid the slider down to like zero to 20 percent. So I didn't even go past.


I only yeah. I think 15 percent is like my highest.


Oh me. And although I will say it will say by doing so, even though I did select horror, I did pick one inch actually a couple of them like I don't know, they're not like fully horror, but you know, we'll discuss it and everything, but they are rotten according to Rotten Tomatoes.




Yeah. For me I was just like, man, this is this is hard. And I was thinking to like my brain like, oh, basket case. That has to have a rotten score. Look it up.


What the heck is 76 like, you know. So I was like having a few movies that I'm like that has to have a rotten score. And they ended up, you know, not being rotten.


So I'm like, all right, because what is Rotten Tomatoes do for four movies? It came out pretty Internet. I guess they they grab all the reviews, they put them in, but then they they dictate whether that is a rotten like a fresh or rotten score then. Right.


Right. So I'm not like don't quote me on this. But as what I'm observing is there's like maybe 15 to 20 reviews in, you know, a lot of it was like early Internet, like 2005 to like early rotten tomatoes. And it looks like they just grabbed the score and averaged them. So, you know, a lot of the movies that came out and, you know, the 70s, 80s, 90s, they didn't have like the star system like we do now.


Yeah, it wasn't a whole lot of reviewers. So I think that's why a lot of these movies skew a little higher, because if a reviewer is going to review it, it's probably going to be because they like it. Yeah.


If somebody is now going to review Basket Case, it's probably going to be skewed towards the liking it factor, right?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


There's not a lot of movies we don't like on, on podcasting after dark and probably the biggest one that we both walked away from not liking was Cyborg.


Right. Right. I was like that would be I thought I had more nostalgic love for it than I did.


Well, we'll see about this list. It's like it's easy to praise good movies and it's really easy to, like, hate bad movies. Right. But to appreciate kind of the bottom of the barrel. Now, that's difficult. And that means that you and me, Corey, that that's a job for you and me, man.


That's literally what we do over here, man. That's right up our alley, dude. I love it. I love it. Now, I do want to ask you really quick. Yeah. Cause you guys did such an awesome job in October and in December for both your Halloween themed shows and your Christmas themed shows. And so I want to know, by the way, the production values on your episodes are fantastic.


The jingle that the poem, the the Christmas jingle thing you did as an ad for for the for the Christmas stuff, that was great.


But what I want to ask is, what's your favorite holiday, Halloween or Christmas? Of the two?


I would say as a kid it was probably Christmas. But as I'm getting older Halloween, there's there's just something about Halloween where.


I think the creativity beyond like the horror movies, so like now as an adult, I'm part of a neighborhood block party for every year, so that's cool.


Yeah, like we usually hosted 800 families and it's free. We put on like carnival rides. There's a Star Wars theme and everything's original originally made. So we have local artists coming in and we have like this tattooing game where you have a Nerf gun and you're shooting stormtroopers. We have this game called Use the Force and we have J'étais that are dressed in robes and they have light sabers and they're teaching kids, you know, how to use a light saber and stuff.


So it's a lot of fun.


We have Hero headquarters, words of Marvel characters, superhero characters and stuff.


I'm usually on the stage on the M.C. So, you know, we're not where we host Hosta. This party is in a place where it's commercial all around. So there's a local community college and there's like restaurants everywhere.


It's by a bunch of dealerships and mechanics and stuff. So there's not a place where these random houses of streets can go trick or treating. So for 30 years, this community has gone and created this awesome thing called Halloween land. So I've been part of that for the last 12 years. And being kind of a spearhead and leading that.


Do you have a website for anything you want to plug that record? Yeah, it's just, you know, it's really basic. I think it's hollow. Queenland, six to six. If you put on Halloween land and you see it, it's in Pasadena, it's awesome.


So this year we had to do a drive through and we had no idea what to anticipate. We ended up having over two thousand people show up over I don't know, was like 400 cars in the hour, was like, oh, sorry, the wait was two hours long and families were just waiting. We, you know, cost a bunch of traffic, but having the families coming in and they would drive through the parking lot. We had a bunch of people dressed up as characters.


I was Jay Marshmallow from fourth night. There's Candy Land. And we were we basically put on like a mini Disneyland ride. We had Kylo Ren and he was like trying to force choke the kids in the car. We had we had Ray. It was funny because everyone had masks on because a covid. So, you know, seeing seeing Ray Skywalker, I guess now has her mask on and, you know, fighting kind around. But it's amazing, so to say.


It's like, yeah, I love Halloween for that. Like, I get to be a part of something to create memories for families and kids. And kids are going to remember that for the rest of your life.


So I love that aspect of it.


Yeah, that's really freaking cool that I'm really happy for you. That's that's cool. So Halloween land in Pasadena, if anyone out there is listening, go check them out next year. If you know or this year, I should say, two thousand twenty twenty one and the quarantine will be lifted.


So, yes, all a positive spirit is exactly awesome, dude. So horror movies, you obviously love horror movies, right? This is that's something you've always grown up loving. Yes.


Well, I like monster movies, I should specify. So flashers and stuff, you know, I have a limit, you know, of course, I love the classics like Halloween, Friday, the 13th Nightmare on Elm Street. But like, I've always gravitated towards monsters, especially like Are You Afraid The Dark. OK, I grew up watching that as a kid and something about monsters. I've just always loved the universal monsters.


So my little recent one is a recent monster movie that you saw that you remember you liked. And I know what you're thinking. Yeah. I'm just going to say I really enjoyed underwater. I have an affinity for underwater monster movies that I that I love. And I kind of like that when the I don't know if you've seen it, but the ending has a nice little fun twist to it.


No, I haven't seen that one. You know, for me, I would say I saw it a while ago, but I would say, like, if there's anything more recent, I think Slither is like the quintessential monster movie like that with the special effects that were mostly practical. The nasty, you know, almost reminds me of like society. So, yeah, it was this. Yeah. You know, I love the practical effects. I like the stuff.


It's like, oh, that's, that's gross. But you kind of and it was James Gunn directed it. Exactly. I was so always good.


I just picked it up on the Shout Factory around October, had, you know, like a fifty percent off sale or something awesome. And that was one of the the movies that I treated myself to.


I don't I don't know if we'll get to it any time soon on podcast after dark. But that was I was like, yeah. Like nine ninety nine Shout Factory. I'll take that you can't add to cart. Exactly. I think right now, like the the monster movies are, I don't know, I haven't really seen it done well, maybe stranger things. There's there's elements of like the the of that kind of monsters, you know, especially like the last season I think.


But I don't know. I haven't seen anyone that like when you asked me that really came to mind. So I feel like a lot of it right now. Supernatural or. Yeah. Midsummer type things.


Let me let me recommend to you we mentioned it briefly offline, but it's a show on Netflix called Sweet Home, and it's Korean based in South Korea. So I guess it's like I mean, they're putting out some great stuff for their show called The Kingdom was actually really good as well. It was feudal Korea versus like zombies and beautifully shot. Very well done. But why I want to recommend to you Sweet Home is like it's a bunch of people in the city trapped in an apartment complex, besieged by monsters that at first glance you kind of think maybe you're zombies, but it's more resident evil and it gets much more funky.


That's awesome. I'm only two episodes in and I don't think it's biological. I think the end it's a citywide like it's outbreak, but I think it's a curse, which is neat. It's different. It's not just zombies, you know. That's awesome.


Another movie, as you were talking that triggered my mind was a cabin in the woods. Oh, yeah. That's like ten years now. I can't believe that that movies that old. But like, that's that's a great movie as well.


Lots of Overfield Cloverfield feels good. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.


OK, well, this isn't the top five monster movies. This is the top five rotten horror movies.


According to Rod Tomato's, prior to two thousand. Now, Max and I did pull a bonus, one post two thousand. And we will insert that in between number two and one, basically. Let's do it. Cool.


So, Max, you'll go first because you're the guest. And if we somehow have one higher, like if your number five is like my number three, we'll talk about it when we get to it, OK?


I doubt we're going to have the same I you never know.


You never know. Never know.


OK, so my number five movie is part of a series, a long lasting series that will not die, kind of like its main villain. So this movie's nineteen ninety one child's play. Three. Oh OK.


OK, I remember seeing part two in the theater. I like that one was part three, the one where they were at the ROTC camp or whatever.


The military school. I saw this one in the theater too. I remember this one.


So the Rotten Tomatoes score for this is twenty nine percent. A lot of people don't like this movie. This, I think depending on where you are with this series, this is kind of like the market, right? Are you a fan of Child's Play three or aren't you? I personally like it. I think this is one of the first ones I saw. I don't remember. I think this was the first one I ever saw in that alone.


Has a super high nostalgic factor to it. But I mean, this is where Chucky gets the one liners definitely following like Freddy and things like that.


So there's this one scene where there's like like you mentioned, they're at a military school and the girls find Chucky and they start putting lipstick on him. And then, of course, he's like, you know, the dummy version. And then he wakes up and he gets so pissed and he goes, this means war, like, just so ridiculous, right?


Like, he just gets mad because he has lipstick. But yeah, I don't know, like, there's there's two scenes in particular about this movie.


The first one is when the kids are in the woods and they're playing paintball and they're shooting paintball guns. But Chucky puts real bullets in. And I just remember I was like, I saw this. Maybe I was like eight, seven or eight, too young to watch it, but I was like, holy crap, right? Like, that's crazy.


And then the end scene is an amusement park. And it's like there's this, like, roller coaster and it's kind of set like hell. And there's skeletons. It's like really cheesy. But yeah, there's some great lighting and some great shots. So yeah. Got it. Got to add child's play three.


Hey man, I had fun with that movie when I saw in the theater. Chucky isn't always necessarily one one of the ones that I go to. I was a Jason Voorhees kid growing up so I've always liked Friday 13th. My wife is a Freddy Krueger fan. So right now we are actually in like tandem leapfrogging going. Through a Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday 13th at the same time from the beginning and moving through and something I highly recommend or for child's play as well, it's interesting to see the like a series as a whole sort of progress, but I think I made it up through Wendy.


When is when does he get married? When he's like Jennifer Tilly, bride of child's play. That's right. After this.


So that's the bride of Chucky. OK, so then I think this was probably the last one that I saw. I don't think I've seen any more past that. And did you see the remake at all the.


No. The most previous there was like a remake and then there was another remake. I didn't see the most recent remake.


OK, we're here. It's like I think Mark Hamill is the voice of something like that. But it's different.


The voodoo thing, I think I think the original child's play is probably my favorite of them. All right. Now, and it's a director of what's the name? Tom Hollander of Jesus Christ right now.


Yeah, it was on your show. Yeah. Yeah, I should remember that. You're like Max. Max is like it's your show, dude. You should remember that. Hey, I listen to it. So we do a hell of a drug.


But no, you mentioned Mark Hamill and I get it. They try to change the voice. But Brad, if he is your son, Chucky, so hands down like he even looks like Chucky. Yeah, I'm also a I almost said Oakland. It's an Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Raiders fan. And, you know, they call Jon Gruden Chucky. So it's hilarious going to like Raider games. You always see people dressed up like Chucky at a football game.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Well, I'm a I'm a Ravens fan baby, so I don't I don't follow the Raiders.


All right.


So my number five, I'd say it's kind of more of a comedy horror, OK?


But it was listed under the horror thing. And as we mentioned earlier, it was kind of hard finding some some good ones. And I went from bottom of the barrel upwards.


So this has an eight percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and it is the 1987 house to the second story.


I've never seen that. Have you ever seen House One? Yes.


OK, so this is a sequel to House, the first one which you've seen starring the great American Heroes on that on that one.


And but this one same house or actually I think it might be a different house, but I loved it as a kid because and I still love it now. I watched it just recently, has Jonathan Stark in it. And another person that we actually interviewed, and he was he was Billy Cole in Friday night.


And I, I read watched house, too, just so I could sort of have something to talk to him about, you know, even I'd seen it when I was a kid. And so I watched it and I was like, holy shit. I actually kind of like this movie. It's it's cheesy. It's leans much more into the comedy aspect than the horror. They really leaned into that aspect of it. But it does have enough horror elements that I would say, you know, and especially the cover would say, you know, it's a horror movie and it always sat in the horror section of, you know, the video store.


But one thing that I absolutely love about the movie is that it's about it's kind of it's an adventure story between kind of two best friends and the one friends, like great great grandfather who's like an immortal sort of zombie. But there's this awesome in as someone who basically grew up in a typical 80s mom single household raised by my mom. But she had to work and and full time and everything. So my grandpa kind of would always be there in the morning when I'd wake up and be there in the afternoon when I got home and when I was in elementary school.


So my grandpa and I were super, super tight.


So I always kind of like really have an affinity for movies with, like the grandpa on the kid, you know, doing stuff like up and everything and anything with a grandpa on a kid doing something. So House two has a lot of fun shit in it and it doesn't take itself seriously at all. Cliff Clavin is in it from Cheers. You know, it's insane, dude, but it has heart and it has charm and has Jonathan Stark, who's absolutely awesome in it.


And Ari, Ari Gold's great in it, too. It's got a great cast, but, you know, it's not like the best thing ever made. It is kind of cheesy, like you were mentioning early, but it does have a lot to love in it.


Yeah, totally. And that's what this list is about. It's not about the best. It's what's good about the crappy movies. Exactly. I love the tagline. It's getting weirder house. Yeah. Yeah.


And it does it does get weirder. And I would highly recommend like a house, one house to back to back like double feature. They're both fun, fun movies.


The first one's a bit more than than comedy. Second one's a bit more comedy than horror.


It's given me super like Knott's Berry Farm vibes. The Calico Town, yeah, stuff like that, yeah. All the cowboys, it looks cool, man, I got to check this out. Yeah, it's fun.


It's fun, I think. I think Arrow just put out last couple of years, you know, parts one and two. You know, I think you find it pretty cheap, but there probably you can find them on Amazon Prime. I think you can watch it there. Yeah. Yeah. So what's your number for buddy.


Yeah. So this movie I'm sure you've seen and similar to Child's Play three, it was the first movie of the series I saw. I'm talking about nineteen eighty six Poltergeist to the other side.


Oh dude I what time, what year did it come out. Eighty six.


Eighty six. So I was eight years old when I saw it in the theater with my friend, my best friend and his parents at the time. And when Craig T. Nelson vomits up that worm creature scared the living shit out of me. And man, I watch that shit. I shit. I think my wife, my wife and I watched it this year. We watched Poltergeist one and two, and that shit scared the holy hell out of me again.


It looks terrifying, dude.


OK, so this has a thirty three percent rotten tomatoes score. Unfair, I think.


But what's so scary about this movie is freakin Henry Kane, played by Julian Beck. And he's the old man, the old reverend guy.


And he's got that little that that song that he sings in his holy temple.




What's crazy about it was this guy was actually dying from cancer in real life, Julian Beshir. So he died a little later after this movie was released.


So that's like you see death literally on his face because the dude was freaking dying. Wow.


I wonder when they cast him, did they know that they had to have. Right. They just looked at him and said, yeah, you said you you look like death. So it looks like a walking corpse, like he looks like death.


I don't think. And I guarantee you that the I mean, obviously they use some makeup to accentuate, but probably not a lot because he just he looks emaciated. The scene that scared me, yes, was the one we're creating, Alison was vomiting, they actually call it vomit creature like that's that's in the credits. But there's that scene where the Reverend Henry King goes up to the screen door and just starts, you're all going to die.


You're all going to die.


Like, gave me super chills. I think I must have been like ten, nine or ten when I saw this movie. So, like, again, this I think I saw this before. I saw the first poltergeist. And I just you can't get his face out of your brain.


That is something that's is engraved in my memories forever because I do have cancer.


And at this point he's iconic. Yeah, like that. That is an iconic image, an iconic character. And it's a it's a shame that he couldn't live to see it, you know, see the how popular it became. But at the same time, it sounds like it's sort of lightning in a bottle like like if they try to make that movie three years prior, he they might have gone with somebody else, you know, and if they or even three years later, they would have gone with somebody else.


So a kind of that that that character is lightning in a bottle and he will always freak me out. One of the most, freakiest character of all time. I will give it to Zelda from from Pet Cemetery. And I will never watch that movie again as an adult.


And I hear Zach and if Zach ever makes us watch it, I may have to use my one and only veto. We and they both have one vetoes apiece for the entire series, and I may have to use it for that one. But he's up there. He is top five legit freaky characters in a movie ever of all time.


Yeah. And you got to think like his psyche, right? Like, so he knows he's going to die. He's got cancer. He probably just put everything that he had into this role.


Right. And it's poltergeist, too.


It's not like it's a phenomenal movie or anything. The first one was huge, but this one, you know, kind of flopped in comparison. But, yeah, you just just that and like creating Nelson, that scene you're talking about with the vomit creature. So what happens is that Henry Kane's like spirit comes onto Steve, the dad played by Craig Nelson. But Craig Nelson just gets like really aggressive and evil, but that acting in that scene is just phenomenal.


And like Katy Nelson's a phenomenal actor.


Anything. I mean, he's incredible, right?


But that scene in particular, you're like he's also a coach, right? Coach. He's he's coached to me always.


It's always you know, it's funny is my my mom dated some guy. He looked just like Craig T. Nelson.


I used to call him coach without coach. But the you see the acting chops in that one scene and it's so believable.


And you're like, you know, some of these acting or some of these horror movies that are just trash. They actually have some great actors or scenes with great acting, not all of them, you know, and not all the time.


But there's certain scenes like that where he just turns on his wife, he gets super aggressive, whereas as a kid or just watching, you're like, oh, this is intense because Craig T. Nelson is amazing. Yeah.


And the cameras, like, all up in his face do that scene was the scene was powerful. It is really, really good. Yeah, there is there are some gold in that movie. And the funny thing is, I don't think of that movie as a bad movie. Like, to me it's that movie's just poltergeist too. You know, there's there's no critical thought about it. It's like, oh, do you want to watch Poltergeist, too?


Yep. Yep, of course I do. Of course I want to watch poltergeists do. Are you crazy movies. Awesome. So good pick bro. Good pick.


And the last thing I'll say is the special effects for that movie I mentioned. I'm a huge special practical effects guy, especially, you know, horror movies.


But that movie got nominated for best special effects, you know, creature effects, makeup because of that that scene you were talking about, the vomit creature just coming out of it and looks so realistic like no CG can make it look as real as it does with just the practical stuff.


So, man, CG fucking ruins everything, man.


I was just. Well, yeah, it's all kinds of weird timelines now, but I as we're recording this, I'm just finished editing our, our, our come in Jesus our I come in peace review. OK, and which will be dropping tomorrow that you haven't heard but this episode will be out later. So all I want to say is we talk extensively about the fact that in that movie, all the explosions, explosions were you see the main cast in the same shot as the explosion is all done practically.


There is no CGI that you would have nowadays. No. Like CGI putting a head on to the stunt person's body. No everything. Dolph Lundgren, Brian, Ben, Ben, they're all in like. Right. Next to those explosions and guess what, it looks fantastic. Awesome. Yeah, you can't beat things that are actually real, right?


Yeah, it's fake. It's fake. But anything that's like groggily, you know, he's practical, he's a puppet. And that's what makes him so good and that's what makes him so lovable. And you want to connect. I think it would be different if you know baby Yoda or whatever was CG. But the fact that he's a puppet and he's interacting with the actors makes it makes it more more real and or just compare the original John Carpenter's the thing to the prequel remake thing.


And it's not the prequel remake thing isn't terrible, but there you can see CGI effects versus completely practical effects and the practical effects will hold up every single time. Absolutely.


Well, my number four movie has a lot of practical effects because it is nineteen eighty nine. It is a nine percent on Rotten Tomatoes. As you can see. We're going to go up, but we're not going to get that high guys. And our percentages.


And it's a movie that I don't want to talk too much about because it's actually Zack has it, he just hasn't opened it yet. So it will be reviewed on our show within the next. Could be anywhere between the next few months. Could be next episode. For all I know, whenever Zack opens it, that's when we will review it. But it is the nineteen eighty nine. Sean S. Cunningham, Deep Star six. And all I want to say is everyone says Leviathan is better because at the moment Peter Weller, the other underwater monster movie from 1989 and I will stand by the fact that Deep Star six is the better monster underwater monster movie of the two.


All right.


And I saw in the theater another movie I have not seen before. I got to get up on this.


Are you a Seinfeld fan at all? I am curious. I am OK. Lloyd Braun is is in this. So. OK, great.


OK, I saw him at at the Trader Joe's in like right around National. It's it's not in the valley, it's right below the valley. But I ran into to Lloyd Braun one time so it was awesome. But anyways, deep statistics.


You haven't seen it. I'm going to review it so we can't talk too much about it. Oh wait. But it's an underwater monster movie. It's fun. I like underwater monster movies, so.


All right, Max, OK, you know three, right? Yeah. This is my my number three. So this movie, there's a special connection to it and I'll explain a little later. But this has a fifteen percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It's from nineteen ninety nine. So it barely missed that criteria. But it's the horror comedy movie Idle Hands.


Oh dude, I loved idle hands man. I saw that in the theater. I owned that on DVD today on and on VHS to probably just DVD. Yeah. Love that movie. Really need to pick up the Arrow Blu ray that came out this year at some point, but idle hands, bro. Tell us what. Yeah, tell us about it. Tell us about.


So first, let me just tell you the cast because the cast is great. So it's Devin Sagawa. He's the main character you might know him from. He's in so much final destination.


Yeah. Everyone knows him for final decision. And he's another actor that I always liked. And you don't see him anymore.


I know. I saw him at a convention, son of monster palooza, right where everything shut down. And I was like, oh, dude, he's in Casper. He's in now. And then he's he's Stann from the music video with Eminem. Yeah, he's in a bunch of stuff. So he's the main character. Basically, he's just like a pothead. And the whole thing is, you know, the devil takes control of the laziest people basically, and his hand gets possessed.


Super Evil Dead two status.


But who's also in this movie is Seth Green and Heldon Henson, who's in Daredevil. Yep, Iggy.


He was also in Mighty Ducks, a seventeen year old Jessica Alba, which is kind of weird because there's a lot of sexual like you're like, OK, cool. Like she's like a half dressed and stuff.


But when you find out she's 17, you're like, oh, I don't know, thanks. Yeah, well, you know, it's like nineteen ninety nine.


Britney Spears was huge. So I don't know if they're trying to like getting away with that. Like that was the thing like a this perves liking, you know.


I mean I had a crush on Jessica Alba. When did this come out. Ninety nine. Ninety nine. So I think I was like, oh at that point I was eighteen nineteen or something. It wasn't any different, you know, for me, but I didn't know that she was 17, so I'm talking as an adult. It's weird. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah, no, I get it.


At the time I saw this movie in 2003 and I'll circle back to that. But Vivica Fox is in this. Christopher Hart, who's the hand. So are you familiar who who Christopher Hart is? No.


So he's this magician guy and he's an actor that's known for playing hands and he played a thing in all The Addams Family movies.


I figured you were going to go with the go there. Right. So the director who's Rodwin Flender, was like, look, we need you to be thing, but we need you to be more menacing.


And he's like, all right. So because it's just a severed hand that walks around and starts killing people.


But what I really want to talk about this movie, it's hilarious. There's some great scenes. But I actually got my first kiss while I was watching this.


Oh, don't forget it. So I think I was so I think it was in eighth grade. So it was 2003. You know, I was 13 years old. I was on the couch. It was Halloween.


I like actually Halloween. Actual Halloween. Oh, my God. You know, I wasn't I wasn't out trick or treating. I was out, you know, makin it up, apparently.


So this is like a movie. Exactly right. And then there was a hand that came up and started strangling me and my little girlfriend at the time. But so it's Halloween. It's my buddy and his, you know, girlfriend, whatever you call girls, friends at the age of 13. And then she was friends with my girlfriend. So we're sitting there and I'm like, before I leave, I'm going to get this kiss.


And the parents left us alone. Like, I don't I don't know this, you know, it's crazy.


So I just look at her. She looks at me and like, you know, that first kiss, it was so sloppy.


And we're like, what else is like so gross? But I'll never forget that my first kiss was green idle hands fucking.


I know is it sets the mood. So OK, let's do that is fucking awesome bro. That is awesome. I should if I ever meet anybody from this movie I should say that like hey, thanks for being part of this movie, you know.


So I remember the offspring was in it.


They play like. Yeah. Sort of their what's his name gets his top of his head.


I think it's freakin just ripped off. And that was practical effects. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


And he's got a PhD. He's like, oh yes. Yes he is.


Which you say his name the lead singer for the Offspring Chef I, Dexter Hall and Dexter Hall and they're. Yeah. So Dexter Hall.


Yeah. So I mean he's the epitome like this soundtrack to this, to this whole movie's awesome. Yeah. Tom Too Long from Blink 182 is in it too. So it's that skater punk.


You know, Dexter Holland, they're doing a Ramones cover, which is hilarious because the director wanted the Ramones to be in that scene originally, like, well, we can't get the Ramones, let's get Offspring.


All right, let's get Offspring and let's just have them do them or loans cover.


So but yeah, idle hands.


You know, it's a fun movie. I haven't seen it in forever. Like I said, I'll probably pick up the Arrow Blu ray at some point because at this point, dude, I'm all physical media. I can't stand streaming. I can't stand all the tinkering that they're doing with streaming. Yeah. Like adding, you know, Disney plus adding, you know, hair on to Daryl and his button splash, you know, shit like that.


I'm like, no, come on. So no thank you. So I'm sick of this. I'm physical media. So yeah, I usually pick up stuff like that. I'll, I'll, I'll just circle around to it for sure.


Dude, I got so triggered. I was watching Mighty Ducks. We were reviewing it for ready to retro and I don't think I have a DVD copy. I had a VHS copy. I'm like I'm not going to plug in my VHS and I'll just stream on Disney.


Plus it's all the same. It's all you know, nothing's tampered or anything until the very last scene where they sing We Are the Champions by Queen.


They put some generic rock song. And I was just like, why that's so iconic. You have to have freakin Queen at that scene and you guys put in some generic rock song. So, yeah, I'm with you, man.


So let me say my wife is currently her. Her, you know, turn off the brain and binge show is the creek. And by the creek I mean Dawson's Creek.


Right. Right. And by the way, I used to watch that shit and on Netflix the I don't want to wait. You know, that intro song is different.


They have a it's a whole different song on Netflix and the new song is Garbage. So. Yeah. Did, yes, terrible. I know, I know, but, you know, kind of like, you know, like I don't watch episodes with her, but like I said, I used to watch it back in the day. Yeah. And so I'm like, I'm watching. I'm like, oh, is this when that news what she's doing over here.


But I'm like, fuck dude. Like I forgot how many like late 90s, like way early two actors just came out of Dawson's Creek. Like that show had was like a who's who of of all the horror movies that came in the late 90s. So true from that shows like Holy shit.


Yeah, I don't want to wait man. That, that, you know what panic. It's exactly at this point that shit is iconic. Pay the fucking money to get the license, goddamn it. Pay the fucking money.


Because now you're like tampering with art because there's a and there's a reason why they picked that song.


Exactly. And so what if it costs a few. More money. So what if you have to have a contract like just that's part of the art, but you're just trying to make money, so screw you, Netflix.


Exactly. And that's why I buy my movies now. So fuck Netflix.


Anyways, number three for me is 11 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Nineteen eighty eight. It's got Terry Williams and Joe Episcopo as cops.


One of them gets turned into a zombie and we're talking about dead heat.


I love Max, I can see Max Fury furiously trying to type in the IMDB I have I'm a visual person, especially when it comes to movie covers.


No, I have not seen this. But I but I but but I know of it.


I know I have three, four, three. Right. No, you're I'm more mainstream.


You're very the bottom of the barrel. I love it. That's why I love. Because you're awesome.


So if you guys haven't seen it, it's it's it's a horror. It's got comedy elements to it. And I remember seeing it with my dad. The one of the reasons I loved it, I sold my dad. My dad just liked he hates horror movies and he likes cop movies. So the cover, especially the VHS covered, kind of really doesn't inform you to too much that it's like a zombie movie, you know, so we rented it and I remember kind of like enjoying it, but also at the same time seeing my dad sort of squirm a little bit, you know, and I was like, OK, cool.


Kind of like sort of they kind of, you know, was one of those early moments where you realize that you're this big, strong, tough guy that is your dad is like is a human being and, you know, has emotions and feelings as much as he wants to try to hide them from me all the time.


So I was like, cool. So dead, dead heat will always hold a special place in my heart because I got to sort of see my dad squirm a little bit. But I remember being like it was also one of the first movies that I kind of was like I understood that you could cross genres like you could have. It could still be like the tropes in the genre could still be the cop genre, but then you could do stuff that's horror and have it like be zombies and stuff or whatever, and you could mix genres.


So early on I was like, oh, OK, that's kind of cool. You can start mixing things up a little bit.


This looks so awesome, I'm just looking at screenshots and there's just like, I don't know, ugly looking biker do with like deformed nipples, I'm like, I'm intrigued.


Yeah, yeah. It it it's it's great out here. We we will get to it eventually on pad, but I don't think there's any like good Blu ray version out, so kind of waiting for that. So I don't really know when we'll get to it, but I absolutely will get to it because also I love treat Williams, I he, I think he could have been so much bigger and done so much more. I think Troy Williams is great.


He was great and deep rising. I thought that's I think that's a fantastic film. But in then Joe Episcopo, whatever, Joe Episcopo is fine in my book. I got no beef with the guy. I mean, the guy seems treat.


Yeah. Like, yeah, that's that's amazing in itself. Is it a free country treat?


Williams And I think he's I think he's somewhere in Empire Strikes Back because you can see there are pictures of him with Carrie Fisher on off base in kind of half gear. But I think his character was going to have like a like a more of a face shot. But I think he's more of in the group when when I think Hobbes says what you know, what are to snub snub fighters going to do against, you know, or whatever, you know, off base when the one guy with hot talks anyways.


Anyway, good man. Yeah. Dude, I'm feeling I'm going to be over five on your list.


I'm just saying I think my number two you're going to have seen I'm really certain my number two is going to, but my number one might not be. So what what's your number two then. Yeah.


So I'm actually really excited to talk about this one. It's not my number one, but. We are talking nineteen ninety seven, the Rotten Tomatoes score is thirty eight percent. This movie came out. April 11th, a day before my 75th birthday, this was a box office hit. So that's that's a difference about some of the other movies I reviewed.


They kind of bombed, but this one was huge. It gross one hundred and thirty six point eight million dollars on a 45 million dollar budget. All right. I'll stop pumping up. It's freaking anakonda.


Oh, shit. I love it. Kind of, bro. It's all in the theater twice. I love that fucking movie. So Endecott is one of those movies where it's so bad.


It's good, right? I mean, there's some good moments and tears.


I mean, it's like an A-list cast. It's oh, my God. It's that was such, like I said, lightning in a bottle already with with poltergeist too.


But like getting Jaylo right there and everything, like it was the perfect moment where, like, you know, her her manager was like, well, I'll just do a horror movie that'll get you some good exposure. Not like big yet. You know, she's not quite Jaylo yet. Jennifer Bloch hasn't come out yet. Exactly.


You know, so it's like, oh shit. Yeah. And then fucking ice cubes in it and then everybody else in Jon Voight of course, but everybody else. And it is is fantastic too. It is a great cast.


Wilson, Luke Wilson, O. Wilson. So let me just kind of became really big too as well. Absolutely.


So it's got Jennifer Lopez, like you said, Ice Cube and ice cubes. First words in this movie was today was a good day. Right?


He's making his own music. That Gottstein he doesn't even die in the movie.


He's a black man that you're like, oh, he's first to go on. He's like, he's so awesome for that. Jon Voight, who is crazy in real life.


And in this movie, we have Jonathan Hyde, who you might know from Jumanji or The Mummy. He's, you know, the stereotypical British philosopher guy. You always got to have. Jonathan Hyde. We need a British guy who's an explorer. I know Jonathan Hyde. So that's why he's in this movie. Yes.


Owen Wilson, who is very Owen Wilson in a nineteen ninety seven. Right. Like he's just. Oh yeah. Yeah. You know, just super Owen Wilson, not really established yet, but kind of in that career he's typecast. Did Danny Trejo dude. Yes. In the very beginning. Doesn't have his iconic like mustache and beard and long hair. He's he's super young looking.


And last but not least, you know who the voice of Anaconda was?


Welker Frank freakin was really, really I didn't even know that it had a voice.


But yeah, I've heard, of course, as Frank Welker not at all surprised by that Adam Adams favorite person in the entire world. Adam, from the blast from our past, my co-host on Cartwrights, I've got five guys. He loves Frank Welker.


I mean, he he does the voice of Megatron and does the voice of Abu from Aladdin. Of course, he's going to be freaking voice of Hey, Anaconda sauce.


Dude, this movie is just a up. It is a crack up because.


Yeah, it's not like the movie is surrounded, not around Anaconda's, but it's how freaking crazy Jon Voight is. Yeah.


That dude, once he gets on the boat, you know, they're trying to discover like this indigenous people group and you know, we're like, hey, let's go exploit them. But hey, there's an anaconda. And this crazy guy, Soren Palsson, who's played by Jon Voight and he's trying to capture these anaconda's anyway.


It's bonkers. What I will say about this movie is it's got great effects, not the CGI, the CGI. This is really dated, but the practical effects are fantastic. And they even have like a lot of real snakes. So one of the most iconic scenes is when Owen Wilson gets swallowed up.


Yeah. And he's like, you can see him inside the snake as it snakes. Like in the water. Yeah.


You see his profile, the stomach, like you just crack up at this movie and yeah, we got Jaylo and gaolers looking like she does now.


She doesn't age at all, but now she's immortal and yeah, I do this movie, this is so much fun and was ridiculed. You know, a lot of people made fun of it, but it's a good time and it made so much money and even spawned a bunch of sequels. Yeah. David Hasselhoff is in the third one.


Yeah. No, I remember when it came out and everyone was like, you got to see anakonda. Like it's everyone's like it was always like, look, hear me out, go see Anaconda because everyone's like, wait Anaconda. I was like, yes, it's actually good. I think every single person use those words. It's actually good to see it and then, of course, Jon Voight has like won the best villain deaths of all time in that movie.


It's so good he gets swallowed spit out.


And as he looks at Jennifer Lopez, he gives her a wink and dies.


Oh, my God. Amazing fucking love that. Love that movie. I loved it. And then, yes, I saw it twice in the theater. And then just it was just one of those movies when you're hanging out in high school or whatever, talking to your friends, I guess, what's anakonda? I put that in, you know, it's always it's one of those movies that's always a good time.


It's never going to let you down know like it's so good. It's just it's fun and it's an adventure.


There's humor. There's some pretty, you know, not scary moments, but there's, you know, those jump scares and it's got its moments.


Yeah. Again, again, Jennifer Lopez, what is in it?


What else are you wanting, man? Yeah.


No, she's she she's awesome. And that movie is awesome. Um, probably more awesome than mine number two, that's for sure. All right, so my number two. I don't think it's a great movie, but it's got something that I particularly liked, like it's very chory, I guess I should say, and it is a 13 percent on Ron Tomato's came out in 1998.


It stars Ben Affleck, Liev Schreiber. It's got Peter O'Toole and Rose McGowan. And I am talking about Dean Koontz is Phantoms my guys in that.


Yeah, you've seen that one, right?


Yep. OK, I figured you've seen this one. I figured you'd seen this one.


So I love mass disappearances. Ever since I was a kid, I was born in Roanoke, Virginia. That is not the same Roanoke as Roanoke Island. But of course, because of the similar name, I kind of, you know, paid attention to the Rock Island thing. But the Roanoke Island disappearance, you know, back in colonial times a long, long time ago, I always found that fascinating. There's other accounts of like mass disappearances throughout history.


And then I like the concept, you know, that that this put forward. I didn't quite like the execution. How like sort of it it plays out. My favorite point, like in this movie is like it's when you first get to the town and trying to figure out what's going on, the mystery and everything. That's where I really love this movie. And it kind of, you know, sort of devolves into Stephen King territory where it never quite sticks the landing of how you want it to be.


But the idea the concept for this starts off like a whole town just disappearing. And you couldn't really obviously that like that's an idea that couldn't even really happen nowadays because of the Internet. You just would you'd find out about it. You just couldn't hide it like someone would have a friend in that town and you'd be like, wait, why are they like, where are they? Why are they gone? You know? But back in 98 was like ripe for the Internet, Brooke, you can still have this.


And like in the 80s, like the phantasms series kind of dealt with that where like they were driving through all these little small towns around America that were just dead. These like ghost towns. And I love the idea of modern ghost towns because you just they just can't happen anymore. It just seems so cool.


So Phantoms, man, it ain't a great movie, but I kind of liked it for some reason.


Hey, that's why it's on this list. Yeah, but sadly, it's not even one of those movies that I would really defend that hard.


Like, I don't know if I would die on that hill, but it's one of those movies where I know deep down inside I enjoy it, but I would never force someone else to watch it, you know.


So this movie kind of reminded me of. Kind of a bootleg version of John Carpenter's The Thing and kind of the Blob remake. Yeah. And like it wasn't executed as well as those two movies, but that was kind of the feel that they were going for. Again, great practical effects, you know, like the the monster, just like the grossest looking things. There's a theme on this list. It's big, slimy things.


I love them. And and dude, speaking of the blob, that is a movie that we will be doing soon. I mean, it's actually in the queue or should I say as Zach needs to open it. So, Zach, if you're listening, erase this from your memory right now. But anyways, the Blob remake is one of my favorite horror movies of all time, but also one of the most dramatic horror movies of all time, because I was the same age as like the kid, the little kid, that movie.


So like his friend died. That was like my age and, you know, dying so gruesomely. Right. That's pretty horrific for for like a 12 year old kid.


That movie's got balls. Yeah. Kills a little kid. And gruesome, too.


You never see fucking kids get killed like that in movies anymore.


I love you, Bob. And I love the 50s ones with Steve McQueen. Yeah, me too. Still holds up. Me too. Yeah. So, yeah, we'll definitely be doing we'll definitely be doing the blob on pad.


I can guarantee you, unless we hit like a 10 year mark, we ain't getting to phantoms any time soon as fuck phantoms, but I like it.


So you come on a ready direction and we'll get into some phantoms.


I did any time. But you say the word, you know, you say back tomorrow I need you on. You know what? I'll watch it tonight and I'll be on tomorrow night.




So that was my number two. You've already done your number two. So bonus time, right?


It's bonus time. OK, you're you know, I'm sure there's a million, but what did you pick out from the post? Two thousand categories.


Yeah. Here is a movie that has a personal story along with it. So this is from 2005. It has a Rotten Tomatoes score of.


Twenty three percent.


I'm surprised this movie was released April 15th, 2005, it stars Ryan Reynolds, Chloe Grace Moretz, that dude, Jimmy Bennett, who recently doesn't have a great reputation, Melissa George. So I'm talking the 2005 remake of Amityville Horror. Oh, dude.


Yeah, I, I remember I think I was still working at the video store at the time and I think I just borrowed it and checked it out. Yeah. I didn't pay for it. So I was, I was, I was, I enjoyed it, you know what I mean. Like I was like all right, cool, check it out. Had a good time with it. Kind of felt like I didn't need to ever see it again.


But at the same time, I did not hate my time with it at all.


So I saw this movie and I was like 15. That's when it came out.


So I think I, I didn't see it in theaters, but I saw it like right after it came out, you know, it has hit girl and it has Deadpool.


What else do you want.


But but what I remember is just the the images. Yes. It's not a great movie altogether. You know, they string a lot of stuff, you know, that they're just trying to go for that shock that the shock images. Right. Like the girl with a bullet hole in her head and she's sticking her fingers, really, you know, just grotesque and just grotesque.


And anyways, those are the things that really stuck in my mind.


There's a there's this there's a scene where one of the little kids has to go to the bathroom and there is a Native American who is torture because that's the whole premise of the MTV whore house in this particular retelling, is that the reason why it's haunted is because there's some supernatural, just evil stuff that has happened in real life.


It was a place where Native Americans were tortured and now there's like a curse. So there's a lot of tortured Native Americans that are haunting this family. So there's these images that are just like but the personal story I have. So I saw this movie again. I was 15 when I was 16. I visited my cousins who live in Long Island, and they have a she's still alive now. She's like like 96, but they're ninety six year old grandma.


Not related to me on the other side, but I'm sitting with her. And, you know, Long Island is where the Amityville Horror tragedy happened because it's based on a true story where this kid, he was in high school or early college, his family was on three different floors and, you know, shock them all.


And yeah, what was so weird about it was there was no trace of the family being tied down. They were all like face, you know, their head was facing the pillows and stuff.


It's a horrific story to true story. And to this day, it's kind of, you know, attached was like supernatural stuff because they're like, how to how does a guy with a shotgun go to three different stories and kill his whole family? And it seems like no one woke up, right? No. Right. No signs of struggle anyways. I see all that because I was like, so, you know, I watched I was talking to my cousins, grandma.


I was like, so Amityville Horror, you know, like, what about that? Do you know? You know, is it really real? You know? And she's like, oh, and I forget the guy's name. But what's crazy is my cousin's father was friends with the dude who murdered his entire family.


And the guy was in the house that I was in two weeks before he murdered his family. Oh, shit.


And I was like, what? Like, I got so freaking spooky, dude. It's like one of the most spooked I've ever read because the movie already kind of freaked me out.


And this just said, oh, nonchalant. She's like, yeah, I forget.


Excuse me, I forgot his name. I know it's like famous and stuff, but she's like, oh yeah. Let's say his name was Jimmy. Like, yeah. Jimmy was here two weeks before he killed his family. Poor boy, poor family. And I'm just like a shame, you know, I was like, why do no freakin way?


And I always like, you know, being fifteen, you know, like just is some dimension attached to me.


Like, no, I want what's going on. Know I love my family. I love them. So that's that's my personal story.


So, yeah. I mean, Ryan Reynolds, he does a pretty good job. It's cool to see him in his early days, still trying to make a name for himself. You know, the acting is OK.


Well, he's still also he's he's also rocking that Blade Trinity body that he. Absolutely, absolutely. I mean. I'm a heterosexual man, but I watched I watched that I was like, God damn good job, right?


He's he's in the wet season chopping wood and look super chiseled. But yeah, no, I just really wanted to share that crazy story because it gives me goose bumps just talking about it.


You did you did you drive, did you did they take you to the house like, you know, see it. Can you drive past it.


You know, what's funny is they were the grandma was saying that they completely changed the house, the exteriors.


So so because people just would show up in front of. Yes.


Because it's so iconic. The look of it. So iconic. So why did you live in that house to begin? Like, that's no way. I don't care. Thank you. Yeah. No, no. If anything horrific like whether you believe it or not, it's just I can't I don't care how cheap it is, you know, like I just can't sleep at night knowing that something horrific like that happened there.


So I got goosebumps. It was. Mm. Yeah. Hey man that's I mean that's I get it.


I get why that movie's connected to you now and I mean both of us, you and I both have shows based on nostalgia. So we know nostalgia is a very strong component and a very strong drug, you know.


So I get it did do. That's crazy. That's fucking crazy. I've never actually been to Long Island, even though I grew up in Maryland. I didn't go to New York a lot to visit.


So something my wife and I were going to do this year. And guess what? Or last year and guess what? Didn't do it so clearly. All right. My bonus. Unlike phantoms, which I said I wouldn't die on the Hill defending it, I will die defending this movie every single possible chance I can get, it's got a 20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, so that's high for you. Mean, I know it's high for me. I did branch out, but it's only because it's the bonus one and twenty two.


It is a part of a series. It's the very last one before they rebooted it. And venerable series, my favorite slasher series and I am talking about Jason X Baby Jason in space.


So I grew up loving Jason Voorhees, Friday 13th.


Jason is my man and as an 80s kid you had to pick somebody.


So you know your one friends, a Freddy guy, your other friends of Michael Meyers guy. I'm a Jason guy, you know, and even my wife, you know, she she's a Freddy girl. So she loves Freddy. She doesn't particularly care for Jason. And but I love Jason. I always thought he was cool as hell. I even play the the video game and I'm pretty good at actually. I'm like level one and one one one nine one ten.




And I've put it I've put on some work, I put it to work but Jason x y I love it so much is because it's so much fun and it doesn't care and it goes there like it says.


You know what, here's our premise. And unlike Jason takes Manhattan, which is the last ten minutes of the movie, he's in Manhattan, you know, here they're like, no, no, he's going to be in space the entire time. And guess what? He's going to kill the shit out of people that the deaths are great. One thing that I particularly look for is how how Jason looks in each movie. And I ueber Jason's fine. It's whatever.


But I actually like the design of the regular Jason before he turns into ueber Jason in this movie. It's got Freking Space Marines in it. As someone who's aliens is their favorite movie, I get to see space Marines versus, you know, Jason Voorhees. He kills them all. It's fun, it's stupid, it's bloody. It's even though, like, it doesn't take itself serious. It takes Jason seriously. That's what's that's what works about it. It's like, yes, it's ridiculous.


But Jason isn't, you know, and that's what I love about the movie. And I don't care what people say. People say it's ridiculous because Jason's in space. Yeah, it's ridiculous, but it's fun as hell.


Seriously, at that point, it has to be ridiculous. Yeah, it has to be. Yeah. And it's got one of the most iconic Jason kills the one where he freezes the girl's head and I forget what chemical that was and he just breaks her face off like any kind of compilation of Jason kills that will always be there.


And his mask is so cool, that metallic looking thing in his like head's all exposed like. Yeah I mean, it's a fun movie, you know, it's not going to be my first Jason movie Friday the 13th movie, but it's fun. I'm not going to there's definitely ones that are way worse than that one. Yeah.


Yeah, there's ones that are way worse, you know, and it kind of always depends on, like, sort of my mood. But this one can always be the one that I would never turn it down, you know, and be like, sure, I'll I'll watch that one. And I actually bumped into Peter Menza. He played like the Marine guy, the tall African-American gentleman, the Marine guy in the movie. But remember, he was also in three hundred or he like gets kicked down in the pit, you know, and this is Spada part.


But as I saw him in Santa Monica and I was like, I got to go talk to him. And I went up to him, dude's like frickin eight feet tall. He's fucking huge, super nice guy. And I go up to him, Mr. Mensa, and he's like, Oh, yeah, yeah, sure. You know, and I go, I just wanted to say and I'm sorry to bother you, he's like, oh, OK.


He knew it was coming. But you know this part because I go, I love Jason Xman.


He goes, Oh, OK. Yeah, yeah. OK, ok, thank you. I was like, I just want to say that I loved you. And Jase next in Iraq is a great. Yeah, but he was definitely like not expecting that one already. Yeah. But Yeah.


Fun movie and it's definitely you know, it's probably close to my number one favorite Friday 13th. But yeah, if I'm in the mood for a different one I'll go with, you know, maybe I'll go with like part seven or something and I'll go with part four. Actually I really like part two a lot. So but yeah. Jason Xman, I love that movie. Awesome.


I need to get a drumroll, but. Right. So Max, my man, number one, numero uno.


All right. I'm super excited to talk about this movie. This will definitely be on our podcast eventually, but not yet this movie.


I don't know why it has such a low score, so the score that Rotten Tomatoes gives its pity to you, which isn't like the lowest, it's not a percent like you have, but it's like that borderline. Yeah.


This movie came out again in nineteen ninety eight.


It's horror sci fi. It has a bunch of stars and we'll get to that.


It's directed by Robert Rodriguez.


That tagline for this movie is Take Me to Your Teacher. We're talking 1998 faculty. Wow.


I was I was just talking about Planet Terror, which was by Robert Rodriguez last night when I was playing Friday 13th with my friends. And I was I thought you were actually going to go with even though that's not 1997. Yeah, but but yeah.


So faculty, I saw that in the theater. I very much enjoyed it. It's got kind of a body snatchers sort of scenario to it. But damn dude, nice. I didn't see that one coming at all.


So the best way that I could describe it is if you were to take like Breakfast Club or an 80s teen movie and put exactly Invasion of the Body Snatchers and put them in together, you get the faculty. So let me tell you this awesome lineup. So we have Josh Hartnett, we have Salma Hayek, we have Usher, we have Robert Patrick, we have Jon Stewart. We have a Lisel.


Would we have Famke Johnson? Yes.


Cleared of all Jude on and on. This movie just has like you just watch this movie like, oh, they're in this movie.


They're in this movie. Yeah. John Abrams. I'm just kidding. Know who that is.


But I know it's like everybody who blew up in the 2000s, mid 20s, early 2000s, they were in the faculty.


Yeah. And there's I think this movie I honestly don't understand why it has a such low Rotten Tomatoes score, but I also know that it's not really.


It's definitely a cult movie, but I feel like it's not like a mainstream cult movie, like it probably should be, you know, like I don't see the faculty T-shirts, I don't see any kind of merchandise sales figures, but I enjoy the movie.


It's got it's not a movie. It's not a movie that I ever hear people say anything negative about, to be honest with you. So, like, you know, throwing that out there. But at the same time, yeah, it's not one that also really pops up a lot. And by that I mean like because, you know, on Instagram or something.


And I'll follow all the horror hashtags, even though we're not a horror podcast, a lot of we kind of fall into that category.


And I just don't see people posting a lot. But if it ever does come across the radar, no one says anything shitty about it.


There was no faculty. That's. Yeah, that was a good one.


Yeah, exactly. And I think that's like it's I think it's more than just. Yeah, it's funny. Like I feel like this is a great movie. It's fun. I love kind of those teeny bopper movies and to throw kind of like a sci fi horror element to it, like this is one of those movies that especially, you know, junior high, because it came out, you know, when I was in junior high, junior high, high school, was on HBO or whatever, I was watching it, you know.


Yeah. And and to see, you know, like usher in it. Jon Stewart. Salma Hayek. Right. Like Robert Rodriguez loves that girl.


And you do you I mean, who doesn't. Yeah.


So this movie is just great. I love the it's kind of a mystery.


It's almost like a Scooby Doo type, you know, who's the monster?


It's got a lot of the themes of the thing we keep on seeing that come up in this episode all the way down to I believe if I remember correctly, Famke Johnson's head gets cut off and then he kind of crawls back in to attach itself.


So in Robert Patrick, as I think he's a PE teacher. Yeah. Yeah, he's the coach. He's great.


He's he's great. And, you know, spoilers, when they take the the test with the drugs and stuff and the main alien cuts off for no or like seals are nose up and stuff manipulates the body. Yeah.


It's it's a great movie. Yeah. I like it. When was the last time you've seen it. Recently I would say.


OK, last two years. OK, so it holds up. It holds up. Well I think so, yeah. I see CGI probably not so much but overall I mean honestly, you know, we talk negatively about CGI and stuff, but like I can still like watch something and be like and get past it if I can is like a CGI thing. It's I guess it's usually like when when a whole cartoon is CGI like nineteen ninety eight, CGI a beast wars or something that you're like, OK, this is a little rough to get through, but if it's a little CGI here and there, you know, I'm like, that's fine.


You mentioned planetarium.


We, you talk a little bit about that real quick giraffe. OK, so honestly the double feature with death proof and planet terror, the greatest cinematic experience I've ever had in my life.


Yeah, because I didn't know much about these movies.


I went with my buddies. It was twenty seven. So I was I think it was like a senior in high school and we're just you know, we had the whole place to ourselves. It was like this little theater. We, you know, we had like a room one you know, was like the first one to your left or whatever. So it was just us. There was like probably four or five of us. We had no idea what to expect in the transitions with those fake trailers in between the pages.


Yeah. Oh, my gosh, dude, we were just cracking up.


Laughing It was just such a good time. Right, because we had the place ourselves. We were overly obnoxious, like, yeah.


Oh, my God, you see that like, you know, being seventeen, just farting around and stuff. So, yeah, that's awesome that. Yeah.


Like Planeta death proof those.


I love those movies and no one's ever put the whole thing out on, on Blu ray or anything. You weird. You can only get them individually and then I don't think either of them have the trailers maybe. So you can't ever recreate that whole experience again. And I'm with you man. I did that experience I saw in the theater. Yeah. I think it was in Burbank at the time I was living in L.A. So I saw the whole thing, man, and it was wild, dude.


And, you know, like afterwards, like when I saw the whole thing, I was like, I like to play the terror better than death proof. And I, I think they should have reversed. I think they should have put death row first by their second.


But like watching them individually, I actually like death more than playing terror when I watch them individually.


Yeah. I think it was just fatigue at that point for sure.


And just talk about practicals, man, those stunts with the car. Amazing.


Yeah, that movie. I like that movie a lot. I think it holds up well and I think it. I think it's I think it's well crafted and it's always entertains. I haven't seen planet terror actually in a while. So I mean, I do want to watch that.


Yeah. Good old Robert Rodriguez. I mean, hell, he did one of my favorite episodes of Mandalorian, too. Absolutely.


I was going to mention that as well. So still, he's still got it, man.


He's still got it, baby. To Sin City. Everything, man. I love it.


I love it all. But yeah, the faculty has a it fucking earth. Shabandar Sure love it. Love it. I mean I liked it when I saw it. I probably I saw in theater I probably saw once more on DVD. I have nothing but fond memories of it but never felt the need to go back and really watch it. But yeah, if it, if it comes across my, my, my table I'll give it a shot.


I'll check it out.


Hey, it's my number one movie of a rotten score. They to me that says a lot right there. All right. Well maybe I kind of have a feeling you might know this one. OK, at least by name. OK, 1986.


OK. 15 percent and run tomato, tomato. So so, you know, not as good as Jason X, but still the highest on the proper list stars Emilio Estevez and he's directed by a Coke out Stephen King. OK, I'm talking about maximum fucking overdrive.


Great pick. Yeah, you've seen it. Yes. Awesome. So I watched the living shit out of this movie with my buddy Luke as a kid all the time. Hadn't seen it in forever. And my wife and I, it was just, you know, saw it on Amazon Prime this Halloween season. I was like, hey, let's check this out. Sure. She I'm sure she loves watching these like 80s horror movies.


And she and she her exact review of it. One word, she was fascinating.


She had a girl in the middle. I know she likes the whole time.


I'm, like, watching her watch it. And she's just like, this is fascinating.


I was like, yes, it's Oakfield. Fascinating, but I love the movie. It's it's a crazy fucking movie. But another movie where, dude, a kid gets killed horribly like one kid in the baseball field gets run over by a goddamn shit. What are those things? Like a bulldozer, like with the big roller thing on the front. And even as a kid, I was like, holy shit. Like that's brutal as hell. And dude, like like it's got really fucking awesome deaths.


It's got a cool concept, even though the concept has a has a hole through it, like, like that's crazy. So like every electronic equipment in the world comes alive, it's trying to kill you like, like down to like toaster ovens and electric razors and stuff. But yet all the cars don't, the trucks do, but the cars don't only so that I guess the main characters can get around basically.


But that's kind of a weird pothole. Oh yeah. But I mean, crazy practical effects in this, you know, people getting hit by trucks and everything. And then of course, you got that iconic giant 18 wheeler with the Green Goblin face at the front of it. It's awesome. Yeah.


Do you know where this truck is, dude? Is this like who's got this? Who's got that head? Who's got this truck? Right.


It's got to be out there somewhere. I guarantee you like horror conventions, it's got to show up or do something because it's iconic. You know, someone has to have a fabrication of it and everything.


But a replica of it. Yeah, replica. But you've seen it right? You see Maximova.


Yeah. Yeah, it's been a while, I'll be honest. So but, you know, I think you mentioned it, just the kid getting hit by like the it's like that cement thing where. Yeah. Yeah. And then of course the Green Goblin, I mean that's just super iconic. And Amelio Amelia's in it so.


And he's great. He's always awesome man. I love that dude.


And he's, he's great in the eighties. I wish he didn't like. I wish. I know he does more like behind the camera now and stuff, but I would love to see him in a in a really good movie you know. Yeah. I kind of like him.


Yeah. Me too. I never have a problem with them. I was never a big Mighty Ducks fan. That was like I was too old for that when that, when that came out. I know, I know you guys like it and I know I'm primed for that.


Yeah. Like my childhood. Yeah. Yeah.


And the blast from the past boys, they like it too and everything but yeah I was a little too old for that. Silly for me. Emilio Estevez was always like this and like minute work and stuff like that. And you know the the just the, the yeah. He did more like actioning horror stuff back in the back in the eighties.


But I will say next time you watch this, it's got a great soundtrack to a lot of AC DC, but next time you watch it, just know that the director, Stephen King, who also wrote the short story, was admittedly just coked out of his mind, the entire movie.


And so and every time my wife was like, why? Why is this happening? I just looked at her, go coach babe.


Because coach there because the answer it's the 80s and coach, every idea on Coke is a good idea. So throw it all in there.


We're not talking Coca-Cola. We're talking about the powder stuff.


The powder baby.


Yeah. Oh, well, I'm glad I had to on my list that, you know, I'm glad that at least three.


Oh yes. Well yeah, exactly. Exactly. So but this was freaking awesome. It was a it was a great list. Dude, I very much enjoyed this back and forth and digging into some of these shitty ass horror movies, bro.


Well, you're welcome, I guess. Yeah. Everyone everyone's welcome. Yeah. When we were talking about, I was like, all right, this is where, you know, I would probably I wouldn't lose Chelsea as much, but I would definitely lose my cousin Chris on our podcast. I'm like, yeah, you know, faculty dude. He's like. You know, no, you know, he loves me, the details and stuff, so little back story about just our podcast.


So Chelsea is one of our co-hosts. We call her the Duchess of Horror. So she her knowledge of horror movies is rich. I would say I'm about average or little above average. And my cousin is a newborn. He's a total noob, has no experience with horror. So we're trying to, like, show the like the staples. Right. So, you know, going through a entire month in October with vampire movies in the 80s, it's great.


You know, and it's cool to see Chris being exposed to certain movies like The Lost Boys or Fright Night for the first time or vampire.


That was that was actually my first time, too.


So that yeah, I was like, I don't know, I had a way different expectation for that movie. And I was like, Chelsea, what did you make me watch?


Yeah, that was a fun episode. Guys and gals, please go and check out Ready to Retro if you're I'll have all the links in the show, notes, everything you possibly want.


But if you're listen to this and you want to type it in, it's ready with the number two and then retro. And they again, they put out a great show. You guys produce a fantastic show. You put out great content. You guys have great guests over there. You guys have great like points of view. I love the, like you just said, three three different points of view. As we know, Chelsea has been on the watch list before.


She she knows her shit when it comes to horror. So it definitely listen to you guys definitely listen. Already ready to retro. It gets our seal of approval. You know, we're we're podcast friends, like our podcast play nice together. And everything is I love it. It's great, dude. It's a it's a fun little network community that we have.


But you guys from I guess have for one from one content producer to another man, my hat is off to you.


You guys produce great content. Dude, that means a lot man.


Yeah. I mean you talked to Tom Holland and stuff, so that means a lot to us.


And, you know, we had so much fun when you were on our Night of the Living Dead Day of the Dead Sorry. Day of the Dead. Yeah, just so much fun. Of course, it was death to the guy just passed away.


Yes. Yes. You did steal the guy who played steel. Yeah. Really? Two days ago. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


And it was during that week where I learned about his crazy back story, his personal life, where he was put up for adoption and became friends with his actual brother and stuff. And I saw that and I and I thought of who I was like, oh man. You know, I guess we were just talking about him.


I know everyone says he was like the fucking nicest guy in the world. You know, it's always the case when the character is an asshole in the movie because we talked to Mark Raulston, who played Drake and Aliens, and and he also played Bugs in Shawshank Redemption.


He was like one of the biggest piece of shit characters in any movie ever in Fucking Mark Raulston. Couldn't be any more opposite from that, you know. So it's like it's always seems like it's like the nicest guys play the the shittiest characters out there, you know. Yeah.


You know what I'll say? I am a little surprised you didn't put aliens three on this on this list.


I'm not a fan. You know what? Well, first off, I went with the what's the the the run tomato and what's the score on?


I think it was below 50. OK, all right. So I capped the slider out at twenty twenty.


That is amazing. I kept this. I was like nope, not going anywhere but to Alien three. So I have I have such a love hate affair with that movie with Aliens being my favorite movie of all time. But I will say this. I for the first time watched the assembly, which is it's not technically the director's cut because I think he didn't technically put it together. Right. But it's called the assembly cut because it's based off, I guess, his notes, you know.


And so it is technically a director's cut. And I like the alien three assembly cuts so much more than what we saw in the theater. And they actually change like the alien doesn't come out of a dog. It comes out of like a cow. Like a giant. Yeah, like a bull thing.


So, yeah, if you watch the alien Blu ray quadrilogy, quadrilogy or whatever, I don't have said sound.


Check out the the assembly cut. It's cool. It's cool. But before that please check out ready to retro above all on that.


Thanks. I appreciate that course. Yeah. Any time Max. Any other personal plugs or anything or I'll just put everything in the show. No. Yeah.


Just follow us on Instagram or mostly on that. Ready to as in the no retro wear on anchor Spotify, Apple podcasts, all the good stuff. So just put in ready to retro and you'll find us.


Yeah. And you're not on Facebook really are you. No, we mostly just stick to Instagram, so, yeah, yeah, yeah, same same here I live on Instagram, so fuck fuck Facebook man.


All right, guys and gals again, Max, thank you so much for being so freakin awesome and jumping in and doing this and having such an awesome conversation. I hope everybody out there got some got some good recommendations to check out. And, you know, we'll we'll catch you up on the dark side, as Zach says, every every week.


So our guys get you later, Max. Thank you again, buddy. All right. Thank you.


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