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The blast from our past network. Hey, everybody, Corey here, I just wanted to kind of give you a little primer on what this bonus episode is.


So our Wrap Up After Dark series is a monthly Patriota exclusive show that Zach and I do.


That's kind of like a like a freeform discussion show, just gives us the chance to chit chat and everything, usually podcast after dark related topics.


But there is no structure to the show.


So we can kind of go in any tangent and direction that we want to. And this can be found under the two dollars a month donation. tIere called wrap up after dark. And like I said, it comes out every month and this episode is our one year anniversary.


And we kind of just, you know, wanted to release this to the to the public and show you guys what we have behind the Patreon paywall. You have examples of what you can find under the interviews after dark here. But, you know, we wanted you to see also what you can get under the wrap up after dark here. Now, if you subscribe to the interviews after dark tiere for five dollars a month, you also get everything that is under the wrap up after dark tiere this here.


So you'll get these episodes as well. But we love this episode.


We're very proud of it because it is our one year discussion about everything that's been going on with podcast after dark and everything. So we we really enjoyed it and we wanted you guys to kind of have it and see it so or listen to it, I should say.


But thank you all for a great one year. We appreciate each and every one of you. We appreciate our patrons. We appreciate everyone that's left. Left us a five star review on Apple podcast. We appreciate everyone who's just shared the show with their friends. So we've been growing and we've been growing because of our fans and everybody. So thank you all from the bottom of our heart. And please enjoy this one year anniversary episode of Wrap Up After Dark.


And thank you guys for for all your support.


Welcome to a program exclusive episode of Podcasting After Dark and a elite installment for our Patreon supporters. Lock your doors, close your windows, seal your fate, sit back, relax and enjoy. Welcome to our one year anniversary of Wrap Up After Dark.


I'm Corey and I'm Zack.


And that was not our normal sort of intro for wrap up after dark. We actually never really have an intro for wrap up after dark. We just start talking essentially.


But you just pick up where we like a point in the conversation. That kind of makes sense. But no. Yeah, there's just jumped right in.


Exactly. But this is a special occasion, so we want to really just kind of dive right into it. Like I said two seconds ago and 30 seconds ago, at this point, this is our one year anniversary of podcast After Dark. This is the whole month of July was our one year anniversary.


So that was a huge milestone for us, for, you know, just the two of us ourselves, but for the podcast and everything. I think it's a it's a big deal. Man. We hit one year, dude. Hey, how are you feeling about it?


Well, who would have thought that what we started a year ago and your little apartment in North Hollywood has chugged along so successfully?


I mean, you always I remember when you pitched it to me, you're like, hey, dude, I got this idea. You know, I just want it to be fun to really loose. Not a big thing. Just talk about some of the movies that we love to talk about. And I hadn't even really wanted to do a podcast at that point.


I was I was open to it. Yeah. And I'm like, sure, let's let's give it a try. And then, you know, the rest is history. We. It blows me away the community of friends and fans that are so supportive of the show, and I think that's one of the reasons why I'm always excited to jump into another episode with you. One of the reasons, because of the the support that we get from everybody, they're like, oh, great choice.


Or, you know, that gets you juiced up. You know, it's like, come on. It's like I was talking to somebody. It might have been David Ion's. I'm not sure. But he but I was saying to somebody, how about how when they discover a movie that they didn't know about or that you love and then and then no one else, you don't think anyone else really knows about it or it's not very popular. And then that one friend years goes, oh, I know that movie.


I love that movie. And then you go, Oh yeah, cool. Let's be buds. Like, that's what happens with this show. With me, it's like suddenly some somebody chimes in and goes, oh, that was a great choice, you know.




And that's almost kind of how you and I met, you know, like and became friends was over the course of movies, you know, and having similar interests in movies. And I mean, as you guys know, if you listen to this episode, we are also very different in our likes. But we have had a nice, you know, Venn diagram cross section that really allowed us to open the door to the friendship. And, you know, we talk about how we don't like to get political on the podcast and stuff like that, because we think that, like, you know, movies can be the great, you know, what's the opposite of barrier?


The bridge, the a great bridge between people, you know, but you can and it's just it gives us some time to just have fun and not think about the craziness in the world. And, you know, we I don't think at the beginning we really set out to be a podcast that put out three hour long episodes, you know, but it's kind of the format that we've fallen into. And I always thought that that would be a hindrance because you're on podcasts all the time.


Oh, we've got to keep this at an hour, you know, and everyone has this weird, arbitrary idea of always keeping the podcast around an hour. From an editing standpoint, I can totally see that because I do love editing an hour long podcast much, much faster than than a three hour long podcast.


But, dude, all I get and all we get, you know, on Instagram and feedback and everything is how much they love the length of our shows. I'm like, that's great. Now we're kind of stuck doing three or three hour long episodes. But then again, you know, like going into Mallrats, I was like, OK, maybe to be a little faster and bada bing the boom right now, it's looking like the it's going to be like three and a half hours.


And I'm like, how is our podcast? Twice the length of the actual movie itself.


You know what I will say to all the friends and fans that love our super long episodes?


They're not always going to be that long, you know, and we don't we don't like that.


We don't we don't like pad them for, like, any kind of link. It just if they happen to be that long, they happen to be that long, you know.


Yeah. It's purely out of discussion and breakdown. That's that, that it's that's where it comes out of. And there are some movies where there's not a lot of tidbits or like a back story that's that's fun to fill in. That that seems to be like I personally love that aspect of the show where I can kind of chime in with my random facts.


And sometimes it goes both of us go off on tangents, but I enjoy going off on a tangent or two or eight, twelve, because that's just my thing.


And and having the freedom to go as long as we want is wonderful.


And the fact that people respond to that versus going, oh my God, you guys are it's it's such a long podcast. Well, those are the people that listen to it and turn it off. And that's fine too. Like if it's not your cup of tea, baby, just don't do it. So that's cool.


But ninety nine percent of the people that listen to our show love it for like you said, for that reason.


And I mean, I have to say that I have never once heard anyone say anything negative about the length. So I'm just going to keep operating under the assumption that it's OK and you know it.


I've always all of my podcasts that I work on.


I don't think the only way I think that they can be successful is if you produce content that you yourself would want to listen to. And every time I'm listening to bad, you know, and editing it and everything, it's it's sometimes can be a bit of a physical marathon for me, especially if I'm doing a whole episode like in one day, and it can take about eight to nine hours to edit one, you know, three hour episode. But I am still entertained by our own conversations.


And I'm like, that's crazy. You know, I don't want to say that like in a narcissist sort of sense, but like, you know, if you're producing content that you wouldn't even want to listen to yourself, you are doing it wrong.


All wrong, agreed, agreed. If you're not if you're not doing if you're not enjoying what you're doing, then don't do it. Because let's be honest, you know, Patreon has been the people that have subscribed to our patron. It's so wonderful. And thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to everybody that has signed up. And some people go, boom, listen to this episode. David Ion's, I think did that right.


He listened to this episode, Boom. Now I'm a subscriber. Second shout out in one episode, dude, you're on fire. But and I'm recording with him pretty soon, too. So that's exciting.


You guys are down on your list, right? Yeah, he I he you know, for those people I don't know, David Irons is he's a writer and he does a lot of he's an artist. He's in the in the literal sense, does a lot of different stuff. And you'll get to know that when you hear his episode. But I invited him on the show and he was super stoked to come on and talk about, well, you'll have to find out what our topic is at a later date.


But, yeah, by the way, I don't even know what the topic is, so I'm excited to hear it, too.


Oh, I have a feeling you're going to be like, whoa, that's a that's a it's going to be good. Anyways, my whole point of that of saying that was, you know, Patriot has been great because people subscribe and all that money goes to the show.


Like people need to know that that allows us to do what we do. It costs money to when we get a guest to record at the studio. Real Voice, L.A. in Los Angeles.


So shout out to Mike Michette, real voice, L.A., he's always he's the one that he engineers are our interviews, our interviews after dark.


And we couldn't do it without him. He's so freaking awesome, especially during the whole covid thing. He's the one that sets up just the call. So like, you know, we're talking to Tom Holland. He's the one send up all that stuff so we couldn't do without him. So thank you to Mike. Real Voice, L.A.. Yeah, people people who may not know just just just just to fill you in on the technical aspects of that, yeah.


You can do interviews with with people. You can do anything with with anybody. You can Skype, you can zoom and the quality's fine. And then some of our interviews, the quality is not as good as we'd want it to be, but.


But when you have an engineer and you pay someone to sit behind a booth and kind of make sure everything goes as planned, there's no hiccups and there's no dropped calls and there's no let's do that again. Mike is Mike has provided us with a when we're at the studio, a state of the art top of the line setup when we then. Yeah, because of covid he has created, he's got a way to record everything seamlessly so that we don't ask someone to download audacity and do a clapping with us, which, you know, I would never, neither here nor there, that wouldn't have worked with like like Tom Holland and Brian know to them.


I mean, they are they're smart people. But we always the older the directors, the older the actors, the it seems to be a bit technical proficiency lacking when it comes to like Internet stuff, which I totally get it, because as I'm getting up in age, I don't know what like tick tock is and and all these things. And it seems like it was almost overnight where all of a sudden I just didn't know what things were anymore, you know, whereas before I was.


Yeah. On everything. So it's nice to have Mike B-R safety net. You know, we can go into the interviews, you know, not worrying about the technical stuff which allows us to kind of just worry about the conversation that's happening. And I'm in and Mike is the unseen third person in our interview after dark, you know, stuff on our end.


He's the unseen hand behind the scenes. It's really helping us do it. So again, Mike, thank you, dude. Thank you so much, you frickin rock. And if you guys are if anyone's in L.A. and you're looking for a voiceover studio or recording studio, please go check out Real Voice L.A. and Mike's not paying us to say that or anything. It's just that's a straight up personal recommendation from us. So it's it's really awesome.


It's I mean, it's and it's also cool that we we've met somebody cool like Mike now, you know, like I feel like through this podcast and like you said earlier, friends and fans and I'll say fans that have now turned into friends to like this podcast has opened up so many doors that I never thought would be open in this past year. I mean, straight up like the fact that when we were, you know, reviewing Fright Night and putting out these questions into the world, into the ether, you know, what is Billy Cole, yada, yada, yada.


I mean, when I asked that, I never thought we were going to actually get to ask frickin Tom Holland that, let alone Jonathan Stark.


I mean, my God. So, you know, we meeting those people is awesome. But also like meeting Mike, you know, talking to Steve Kazinsky, you know, and meeting like people like David Irons and stuff. It's it's so cool that this thing that we created open doors because, you know, people were, you know, jivin on it, you know, and it's cool. Just as an artist, as a creative, you know, you and I are both artists, but with different sort of artistic backgrounds.


But we're both artists.


So, you know, man, like we're pretty much like with your art, you just like shout into the void and you're hoping that somebody, you know, connects with it. That's all you. That's all I think really any artists are doing. And side note, I can't imagine because Kevin Smith essentially says the exact same thing on the Mallrats behind the scenes. And I can't imagine how disheartening it is when he's like you saying that, like, you know, you do create something for the world as an artist.


That's what you do.


And then when everybody basically just poops on it like Mallrats, you take that hard because you're like, these are my ideas and you're basically just saying they suck, you know?


So so we do feel very lucky that, like our ideas that we do put out there in the world seem to find an audience and people seem to like it. Even when we disagree with the popular, you know, the pop pop culture opinion and stuff like, you know, the whole night. The comment. Exactly. The comment. Like I am I am super proud of that episode. And in fact, it's in my top three favorite episodes.


I'm so proud of that episode, the way we handled a movie that neither of us really liked. And you and I knew we didn't like it going into it. And I felt like we gave it a fair shot and we honed in on the stuff that we like, but also at the same time, like the fact that we didn't spend the whole entire episode crapping on something we don't like. And that's I really feel like that's what like kind of solidified that.


Like we're not just going to shit on stuff, you know, like we're going to find what we like about it and hone in on it.


We don't like to bring negativity to the podcast. We're not snarky, I should say.


Well, I was going to say because, you know, I've I've gotten a few people asking us, like, how do you get these guests or how do you how do you book this person or how did you get that person? Oh, my gosh, we're like that. You know, that comes around a lot, actually. And and not that we're the dispensary of advice to anybody, but to give. People who are thinking about doing podcasts, advice or people that are starting to do podcasts or people that are already doing podcasts who feel like they've maybe hit some sort of a wall.


I'm not saying this is who you are. I'm just saying in general, one of the reasons why we're able to do as much as we do is because we're really nice and we make things really easy.


And those are two factual, true statements. And that goes a long way, being nice in this world and making things easy for someone. If you make if if if you want them to do something for you goes a long way. And I'm just I'm speaking from I've heard stories of like other podcasts and or people who we've had as guests on other podcasts and they've gone, man, this is so easy, is so much easier, so easy to do this.


You guys are so easy to talk to. Thank you for being just like so is the kind.


So I'm just saying in general, if you maybe one of the reasons why we've we've gotten the following we've gotten so far and it's a little tutut on our end is because we're nice and we're easy, nice and easy and so sleazy and even sleazy.


So I'm just saying, like, that goes a long way. And like you said, we don't get political, but I think it's important that. When we go into these podcast episodes and a movie that that you or I have chosen and we're like, OK, we'll see how this goes, I'm not really a big fan of this movie. We never go in in with it, with the idea of like, oh, we're going to shit on this.


We always try to find the the the silver lining and everything, you know, because again, at the end of the day, like you said, we are artists and we respect that these people have gone on and made a film. You know, the cards don't always fall as they should or may, and we always try to find the little nugget in it.


You know, in every single movie, as Brody would say.


A little nugget of truth here and there.


Yes, exactly. Exactly. Yeah.


And I love that you chose Night of the Comet as your one of your top three. And I know we'll get into that in a second, but yeah, I, I can see why.


And it makes total sense. Like, yeah. Like you said, neither of us were jazzed about that film, but we found something to appreciate and our listeners appreciated that we found those appreciations.


That makes sense in saying that because we've had people specifically hit us up that we knew they they liked the movie and they still liked our review of the movie, even though we didn't love it. So I'm I am proud of that. I'm proud that that that episode allowed us it gave us the opportunity to sort of flex our muscles in the way of being not so snarky, you know, and showing that we can actually do that. So do I.


I'm so proud of this podcast. I'm proud of it. I'm proud to be doing it with you. I wouldn't want to be doing it with anybody else. And I thought for, you know, this episode here, we could just kind of break down the top ten most downloaded, you know, most listened to episodes and then we could throw out our top three favorites. And then actually my wife gave us hers, you know, because she listened to a lot of them, too.


And then just see where the conversation goes based on on those sort of things and see what we sort of remember and and everything. But I do like the fact that, you know, giving a little advice to people out there. If you're looking to do a podcast, you know, I'll tack on to the back end of what Zach says and just, you know, be cool. Don't be a goon like, you know what I mean?


Like like I first off, Zach's the one that interacts with all the celebrities. I've no clue. But knowing Zach, I know Zach's not a gun. And people do ask me to. And I'm like, I'm like, honestly, the only thing I can truly tell you is just don't be a goon. Like, be like just a normal human and just talk like just be cool. Just be cool. Like, that's all I can say, you know.


And and if you don't know what that means, I can't help you, you know, any, any further. And it's funny because like my my wife, you know, used to work at like Studio City, Trader Joe's and stuff, and she would see celebrities all the time. And so I thought she would be like, like cool with that kind of stuff. But I've seen her interact with celebrities and she's not cool. So, you know, it's just it just comes from a personal inside space, I guess.


But it's funny. It's definitely funny. And then the only other thing is just consistency and stick with it. You know, that's it. Just that's that's do what you do a podcast that you would want to listen to and be consistent.


And that's pretty much all I can really advise. And everything else is sort of in the the hands of the algorithms.


Oh, and by the way, try to get a try to get a podcast name that has a has good SEO and and you'll definitely, definitely do do good there. But no doubt. No doubt.


But all right man.


Do you do you want to do the break down first or do you want to talk about. So let's do the top ten most downloaded and then we'll talk about what our favorite ones were. Right.


OK, yeah. Yeah. Sounds good. OK, so I mean we can spend as much time as a little time reminiscing on each one, whatever, you know, type of thing. But starting at number ten night of the comet.


Yeah I know it's in your top three so maybe we go a little deeper when we get we get to our individuals yet again. I didn't expect it. I think we said enough already expected, didn't expect to like it, but then found what we should. We found what we what we did like about it.


And I thought I was proud of it. I'm proud of that episode, too. I'm proud of all of them, but yeah. Definitely proud of it. Yeah.


No, me too man. I'm proud of all the episodes, but I'm, I'm proud of that one for very specific reasons. But no, no.


Nine is 1986 terror vision. Now that was fun because for me personally that was kind of a way to sort of work out my personal trauma with with that movie in particular.


If you guys remember, I kind of I grew up with my very close to my grandpa.


So like seeing the grandpa in the movie get killed and stuff, really, really sort of fucked me up. But, you know, watching it again and then, of course, like in. Interviewing Diane Franklin and talking about it and hearing her love for the movie and everything really just kind of made me appreciate that movie. But but more so one thing, it's not on my top list. But I will say personally this.


I think this was probably the movie where I kind of was like, oh, I see what Zach's going to bring to the table with this.


You know, like like you're just immense knowledge of just, my God, man, you're like a goddamn encyclopedia. I throw a name at you and you're like, oh, that guy was in this that guy was in that. And I can't compete. That's that's your thing on this podcast. And that's amazing. You're just like a frickin walking Wikipedia page for everything I like to get into, like the mythos, the story, the world that the the movie inhabits and stuff, which I think I kind of shined on the hardware episode.


But but sure. But with you, this kind of this episode sort of really solidified in my head. I was like, holy shit. First of all, I was like, well, I can't compete with Zack in that category. And also it just kind of like solidified.


I was like, this is a good balance. Like you and I like what we bring to the table isn't the same thing we bring to different things to the table. And then I think we thus make a better product because of it.


Well, that was one of our first episodes we ever did. I think it was like our fourth episode. And yeah, just to let everybody know 90 percent of the time the knowledge that I'm dropping has not been looked up prior on IMDB. It's just straight up out of my head. Yeah, I'm 44, so I'm losing some of it a little bit, being a dad and having a million jobs going on in the in the stratosphere. But but yeah, most of that stuff is is just from, you know, growing up in front of the TV like Corey did as well.


I just absorbed it a little bit differently. And he and I, I he tutored it and I'll tune it again. Just the fact that, you know, your worldbuilding is extensive. And when we talk about hardware, we'll we'll talk about that, too. And I. And so blown away by that, but yeah, man, like that terrorism was just yet another every movie I for the most part.


Ninety nine percent of the ones I choose are because I love them already. I don't think I've chosen one movie yet that I'm unfamiliar with. The only one I told it on, like I was not the least familiar one I saw was strange, you know, dead kids and so. But outside of that, every movie I choose, I know pretty damn well and yeah, that movie allowed us to get Diane Franklin. That movie allowed us to, you know, go deeper and and knowing in the fact that we had her on the show, like after that and to say, yeah, we broke this movie down and she's and she's such a great guest, you know, just icing on the cake.


Yeah, man, that was man. She was she was awesome. She check out that interview, guys. She's so great.


Number eight, this one. Oh, God. Cyborg baby. Oh, man.


I will say Cyborg is is probably the only movie we've done so far that I can safely say. Has very little redeeming qualities about it, yeah, dude, man, we really does. We both went into that movie like I think if I remember correctly, I think I was I picked it, but I was I was a little bit more it was more my thing growing up. We both like GCD, but it was more objective. Yeah, exactly.


But boy oh boy. Did man, I really I wanted that movie to be so good and watching it and everything, I was like, huh. Well this is this was unexpected but we haven't heard.


Yeah. It's negative like feedback on it or whatever. But boy oh boy. Any time I sort of like do a post about it to kind of put it out there, everyone's like, oh man, I love Cyborg.


I'm like, I love you all. Listen to all of you. Yeah.


I'm sorry guys. I don't mean to. This is one of the few times that I'll actually burst a few bubbles. It's not good.


And whatever you think is good about it, like it's really not good. I'm sorry. I try to be as diplomatic as possible and like we said, find that nugget.


But this is really there is if you turn the sound off and you just look at the visuals, maybe that's what it is. That's what it is. I'll give you that. But, man, yeah.


On the on the FBI's canon pages or whatever, someone puts up a cyborg thing and people are like, oh, lose was there.


And I'm like, really? That's his best one really. When you have so many others to choose from JCB, it's never been a good actor, but he's always he's done some movies surrounded by really good actors.


This is not one of them. When he's the best actor in a movie. That is not a good sign.


Good point. Yeah, no, that's that, that honestly that says it. All right. There did that says it all. When GCD is the best actor in the your entire movie you're in for a rough ride.


You're a hard target. Yeah exactly. Man Number seven is was I think I guess the it was your it was your first movie, it was class of nineteen eighty four and it was also the first time I'd ever seen that movie. And thus what tert what started out as a podcast about us reminiscing about movies that we loved, kind of turned into a podcast of Zach introducing Corey to movies that he'd never seen before. And honestly I am OK with that because I'm Corey and I get to enjoy new movies now, you know, but but that was I loved that movie so much, mainly for Stegman, the the pro the antagonist in the film.


Yeah. And boy oh boy. Was I'll just say, like, you know, I started off with heavy metal and then you dropped this and I was like, oh man, this is this is not going the way I first saw it going, but in a good way, like like I realized right away that Zach was going to do movies that are just perfect. I mean, perfect. Guys, I, I think I got I'm probably a little bit more mainstream.


Zach's definitely more of the cult in the cult movie arena. So, man, thank you for like right away, right off the your first movie. Just you knocked it out of the park. The only thing I would have maybe maybe if tough turf came first, like, you know what I mean. But otherwise, like, I couldn't think of a more perfect start from you.


Oh well, thank you, dude. That's that's such a sweet thing to say. Appreciate it. I yeah. This was the first appearance of me exposing my love of exploitation films and also probably introducing you to my childhood trauma stories. I think so. A little bit. I threw a little bit a little in there. But yeah, this movie was near and dear to my heart for many reasons. And I chose it as the first one out the out of the gate to yeah.


To show you my cards basically.


Like this is what you're going to get with me on on this show. Like I'm going to go I'm going to go obscure. And I don't consider that movie to be totally obscure, but for a mainstream audience, it's obscure and yeah, I'm proud of it. Dude, I love I love everything about that movie holds up to be, you know, I'll stand by it. I'll stand by all my movies in some way. I'll justify why I like them in some way.


Bro, I, I love I mean it's so far truly the only two movies that, you know, we didn't like was Cyborg. That was my pick. And then Night of the Comet was also my pick. But that was I picked that one because I knew that we needed you and I both didn't like it.


And we kept getting so many requests for it that I was just like, we just need to put this to bed, you know, and just move on from it. But for a while, like, everyone was just like, hey, when are you going to do another comment?


Hey, when are you going to do nomic? And I was just like tired of being like means that don't really like the guy, you know, so. So it was funny because we actually went into the movie knowing that, you know, but other than that, dude, every movie you've picked, like even dead kids, man, like like I think I was it's so weird. Like in the grand scheme of podcasting after dark, my enthusiasm for dead kids was maybe a little bit lukewarm.


But but in the grand scheme of things, that's still like a seven point five out of a 10. You know, like I still had so much fun with that movie. That movie still left an impression on me. I still I now listen to that song to kind of get pumped up. I love that. I love that that scene. I just I dance like the fact that I've only seen that movie once.


And that was to review this movie that reviewed it, review it with you. And it made such an impact on me that I danced in the shower like Dan. Sure.


You know, hopefully I don't fall, but I dance in the shower like Dan Schorr in the party scene listening to that song. And dude, that's like that says so, so much. Honestly, I think that movie actually stuck with me a lot more than I thought it was going to. It weren't even talking about that movie right now.


But the point is that so far, everything you've suggested, man, everything you've brought to the table has been so much goddamn fun.


Well, that's all intentional on my end. Like every movie that I choose for this for this podcast, it may not it may not be from from beginning to end flawless. But I choose a movie that has something in it that's going to stay with you. Some aspect of the movie. There's always a back story in my mind.


This will give you like everyone listening a little knowledge on where I go with my choices.


Every movie I choose, there's a reason for it, as there are with you too. But I think with me, a lot of it comes from like a childhood experience. And so and it could be just one scene. That movie in particular was that one scene and obviously the Tangerine Dream soundtrack, which says, like, I had always envisioned doing that in the keep. And that was always my intention. And then the next movie I chose has a connection to that, too, in a weird way, but.


That's yeah, every time I choose a movie, it's because there it has something that will stay with you and I'm glad it resonates with people. It's awesome.


It makes me feel like, you know, makes you feel like I'm not alone in this world. I'm not is definitely not.


But you got me with you, my man, the entire way to the end of the line, baby, to the end of the line. But I'm with you, man. Like everything means something. And that's why number six was the first movie that I did, or our first movie period, which is Heavy Metal 1981, because that movie is so important to me. And the funny thing is in the back of my head, I was like, I want this to be the first movie that we do, but at the same time, knowing that any artistic endeavor is only going to get better over time.


I also knew it was going to be probably our worst review. And I'm not saying that it's bad, but it's just because it was our first one. We didn't you know, we were kind of finding our groove and everything. So I was like, oh, man. So going into it and just being like, you know, we're both older. You and I are in her 40s. Like, we know how artistic endeavors are going to work, you know?


And so just knowing that I was like, man, this is probably going to be the weakest episode because it's our first one. But at the same time, I was like, I got to put it here.


I have to start it with this one, because I almost feel like my path that I went on in life kind of started with this movie, you know, and it's also my sleazy path, I should say, started with heavy metal.


But yeah, yeah, I love it, man. That that movie's near and dear to my heart. Yeah, I, I echo your sentiment in the sense that it was our first episode. I had no idea necessarily what I was doing.


We were just kind of trial by fire. You know, I think you even said that you're like, let's just see how this goes. And we can always, you know, tweak things as as it goes on. And I still had fun nevertheless, nevertheless. But yeah, it was definitely one of those episodes where I was like, OK, I don't know what's going to happen now.


I do, you know, now going into every episode now, I'm like, OK, you've got my talking points or whatever.


But then I was like, I don't know what's what's happening, what's happening? Turn out. Everyone seems to really enjoy it.


So isn't it amazing what like a year will do? You know, just like just becoming more comfortable? I mean, obviously it didn't take a year, took barely any time. But like, I know that we've gotten better throughout time. And the cool thing is, I know that each hour, each episode keeps getting better because Frick and I edit them and you edit the the interviews after dark to just to let you guys know. I edit the proper episodes.


Zach edits the interviews, he edits any of the watch lists that he does. So, so we kind of we have a really, really clean, good division of labor here on this podcast.


I it's it's honestly it's really great as far as like artists artistry goes and everything. It's really nice to have a very a partner that that puts in as much work as, you know, as you do and everything.


And it's it's really nice.


But yeah, man, it's you know, it's I do feel like we're getting better as we're going along. So that's a good thing. But I do hope that people go back and listen to these earlier episodes and enjoy them because I think there's a lot of good stuff in them. Yeah, I agree.


I agree. And hopefully, you know, encourages you to check the movie out again. Revisit it. Exactly.


And that's honestly when my wife tells me the movies that she the episode she picked are the ones that made her want to go back and watch the movie. I told her, you know, without me being her husband, I was like, that is honestly the highest compliment you could give us by saying that after you listen to our review, you want to go back and watch that movie.


That's the best thing I could possibly hear. Yeah, it's great. I love it. Thanks, Myra.


Thank you, Myra. The next movie is I think this is going to be weird to say, but I think this is the movie that made me fall in love with our podcast. Like it's some you know, this podcast is something we created from the get go. And this is like our fifth or sixth movie.


But this is where I think I fell in love with the podcast. And that is 1985.


Tough turf to my top three. It's it was it's in my top five and it was almost in my top three.


But dude, man, watching this movie, I didn't know what to expect or whatever, but like boy oh boy, was it a blast like beginning to end. Just a frickin awesome movie. And I unfortunately, I think at the time this was it was so early on that Zach and I weren't doing the giving each other the movie thing. So I think I watched it on YouTube and my wife and I have been been dying to just kind of watch it on on Blu ray because because now that I have it, it's guys if you haven't seen it yet, man, it is such a fun film.


James Spader just frickin rocks in it. And Kim Richards Holy Macaroni. What a hottie.


And if you only you only know her from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, please go back and watch tough turf because boy oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.


Yeah, that that movie again was another one that I'm like, I know this honestly. When I choose a movie, I don't necessarily I mean, I hope that people will enjoy it, but I don't go in with it thinking I'm going to choose this because I know people will like it. I'm going to I choose every 100 percent of my movies because I love them all, like my little babies.


And I love tough tour of dude like that movie. It's it's a that epitomizes cult classic where people you mention that movie that you've never heard of it before and they're like, wait, James Spader, Robert Downey Jr. to holy shit.


OK, yeah, I'll check it out and then you do and you're like, wait, this is a fusion.


I can, I'll tell more, tell you a little more about it later. But it's got everything you want.


It's got everything you want. Everything you want man. Everything. It's frickin awesome. I love that movie. And like I said, it's true. Like I think I do think that was when I fell in love with this podcast. I was like, this is awesome. I'm fucking watching movies I've never seen before. And they're awesome. Like, you know, they're getting curated by Zach. So I don't have to, like, sift through garbage and I just get to get right.


Good shit, you know. Well, I tell you, as a fan of film, as and always have been since I was a little kid, and then when I moved down to L.A. and obviously the Egyptian theater was my first introduction of like down in L.A., seeing movies back, old school movies back up on the big screen. I did that in the Bay Area as well. But then, you know, that was my first introduction, which was fantastic because they bring out actors and directors and talk about it.


I'm like, this is so cool. Right? But then the New Beverly Cinema before it was owned by Quentin Tarantino and and it was like they do Grindhouse Tuesday nights.


And I thought I was watching, you know, movies I never even heard of before and just blown away or sometimes totally bored out of my mind, depending on what they chose.


But watching that going, I want to be that guy. I want to do the thing. I want to show people movies that I love that I that maybe they've never seen before. I want to do that. That looks like fun.


You know, I want to show cool trailers and shit like that.


Not not in like a jealous way, but like in an envious way, like, wow, that looks like so much fun. And so, yeah, this is again, like this is so much fun to me because I get to introduce you to movies you've never seen before. You know, it's all good stuff. I love it man.


It's it's fun for me too because I like to watch awesome movies, but I've never seen before. Now I will say that kind of early on I started to become a little self-conscious about the fact that I didn't feel like my my my knowledge was up to par with with you. And, you know, whether that's right or wrong, it's still nice that I'm I have a partner in you that challenges me to to try to improve myself.


And I was like, you know what this is?


This is my this is my job. I am a full time podcast or podcast. After Dark is not is not the only podcast I do. But this is my baby. It's our baby.


This is this one I love. It's your baby. You created it. I know. But it took both of us, buddy. So it's definitely our baby. But but man, it's like, oh dude, I just I love it man. I really, really do. I really do.


I just couldn't ignore the fact that, like, dude here, right? When you walk into my apartment, the first thing you see is my podcasting after dark movie library. And it's every movie that we've done in order all the blue rays. And I have a podcast after dark sticker like sort of like right in the middle, you know, to kind of designate what it is. And any time someone comes over, it's the first thing I show them.


And as an artist of of forty two years, I will say to you, Zach, with From the Bottom of My Heart podcast, after dark is the best thing I've ever done.


And it's not and that's not me though. It's like it's because of you, like it's because I'm doing it with you. But it's the best like thing that I've ever fucking worked on created in my entire life. It's what I'm the most proud of, like ever. So I just I just want to put that on tape. I just want to put that out there and let you know. And it's not a libro. It's not a fucking lie.


I am so beyond proud of this show. I live and breathe podcast after dark.


My my wife will tell you I have no other interest. It's all it's all I do. But it real quick. I just want to say that I take it so seriously that I've just been doing nothing but like trying to watch movies, you know, in the meantime, you know, cult movies. I'll just go on Amazon, just go through things and be like, hey, Zach, I'm watching this right now.


And you're like, oh, man, you're in for a treat, you know, and like that. But I'm just like, I'm trying to catch up. I want to I want to. I'm taking this seriously. I, I want to be the best cult movie reviewer I can possibly be. And I couldn't do this without you. So I just I want to just step my game up to, you know, while I, I secretly love no longer see secret because I'm revealing it on the show.


I secretly love the fact that you are not familiar with these movies because I love seeing your reaction. If you had seen all these movies already, it would be like a, you know.


Oh yeah, I like that particular. Oh, yeah.


I love introducing stuff like this to you and bro like it. This is you know, you and I both are doing everything we want to be doing in life right now. We are.


And it ain't easy, folks, you know, when you do what you love, their struggles here, here and there, and you've got to make sacrifices and choices. But if but if you continue on this path, I can guarantee you it. It it is worth it. I guess I'm a polygamist because I have two wives, you know, and and I equally love them the same because podcasting after dark fulfills one side of my personality and my other podcast to late that fulfills the other.


And I'm sure Dustin will listen to this.


And it's like, what about me? What about me when you mention me?


Who, by the way, who's the one who, you know, hooked us up with Mike? He knows Mike and and that's, you know. So thank you, Dustin, for doing all that, too.


But but yeah, it's like I have to this I'm a Gemini man. I've got two personalities. I've got my my like, cute little 80s teen crush boy thing going on. And then I got my dark and dirty dungeon of doom, the other, you know, angel and devil. And I was like, I'm happy to be your devil, buddy.


You're sleazy devil.


But it's like but you know, it's funny because going into this podcast originally I was like, look, I was a kindergarten teacher for 15 years. I've got four, four, for the most part, a pretty squeaky clean back story resume.


And I was a little hesitant at first because I'm like, I don't want to do anything to that's too risque to like I don't want to do anything x rated.


And we even talked about that because that's just not my style. However, I'm a human being and multifaceted and there is no person on this planet Earth who is one thing you've got. You're a everybody is a fucking mosaic. You know, you're you're you're you're made up of, you know, a million different little molecules and atoms. So you've got all these little personalities.


This is exposing a side of me that I am super proud of. You know, I where am I?


Podcasting after dark T-shirt with pure joy Marie Kondo Joy.


My six year old son wears his Ra'ed. You know, Dan Parker Doodles illustrated T-shirt that we both got from T public, by the way. And it's a great merchandise store. And they have sales every now and then. I'm just blending. Yeah, they did really cool sales. They do.


But, you know, he's got a giant pillow from our from our one year print on his bed. And, you know, Kristen is like, oh man, more stuff.


And Bodies' like, I love it. He went to sleep hugging that pillow tonight. I swear to God that his face nuzzled into it. You know, in the end, like, he doesn't listen to the show and the movies that we do on the show, he has no connection with. And he knows Fright Night.


That's a whole other story.


He has a no. He's never seen it, by the way. I'm just letting everyone.


Yeah, but, you know, he but he loves like he people will pick up on the energy that you have. If you have positive energy and you put out positive energy, you will attract positive energy from other people. If it's negative, then you're going to attract shit people.


It's just it's facts. It's fact. It's fact. It's fact. Yep. And he picks up on the energy.


Oh yeah. Oh I was I was just going to I was just going to tack on to what you were saying earlier about being apprehensive. I totally sort of knew that going in, you know, knowing your background and then, you know, knowing my background, which is essentially I worked in adult adult like as in doing like adult websites and stuff.


I wasn't actually in, you know, the movies or anything.


But I have no qualms at all about sleaziness, because as you guys have heard on the podcast before, I'm, you know, worked at an adult video store forever. I mean, I'm one of the thorniest friends that I know is is me, you know.


But what I like is, you know, Zach keeps me without you, I would have just spun off into pure sleaze. And in doing so, I don't think I would have been as as, you know, marketable or have as broad an audience is as I do.


And I like the fact that I have to I don't ever censor myself at all, that there's nothing you can you never.


And don't get me wrong, you've never, ever, ever once asked me to tone anything down or censor anything.


But, you know, knowing you and not wanting to just, you know, make you feel bad or feel weird, you know, like an uncomfortable about a subject matter, it makes me want to just, you know, do a better job and and talk about sleazy things and then in an unsafe manner, you know, like you can do that. You don't have to always be sleazy to talk about sleazy things. And and I like you. You've helped me.


You've helped me grow as a person. I thought, well, I guess that ultimately that was my point, is that, you know, that my my little my little guy is like vibes off the fact that I enjoy the shit out of this show and. And but he has no, you know, negative, dark connection to any of anything that we discuss and because because I, you know, presented in a way, it's like this is fun, you know?


And someday you will see some of these movies when you're a teenager or young adult, like it's all good. And you may not like them, you might like them, but he's he's stoked for me, you know. And so that's pretty badass. So that was you know, that's the button on the end of my story.


Yeah. Now just the next one.


The next one is number four is 1988 Return of the Living Dead two. Now, going into that movie, I think I'm going to speak for you, but I think you kind of have the same sentiment.


I kind of enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to walking away from it, because we all know that it's ah, we think we know that it's not as good as the original.


But if you start like, you know, breaking the pieces apart and not looking at things as a comparison to the original, I think that you find there's a lot to like about Return of the Living Dead Part two, especially if you look at it through the lens of the fact that it's it's a kid adventure movie similar to Goonies, but not at all like a horror movie, you know, and and I think I really enjoyed that because that was reviewing your turn.


The Living Dead part to made me fall in love with Return of the Living Dead Part two, which is which is a movie that I enjoyed a lot as a kid.


Yeah, I think my only criticism was the fact that, you know, we didn't do it. We did this one prior to finding like the best quality version of the movie on DVD or Blu ray. So I ended up watching the Amazon version that had the different music in it, which took away from it. But that is not nothing to do with our podcast. I loved it and I loved breaking it down and I still love that movie. Actually, I love it more when I get a proper version of it.


Yeah, seriously. Yeah, that is the version. And Amazon sucks. Don't watch that one. I'm seriously don't don't hurt you. I, you know I, I talked about the wildlife on my other podcast in. It music is such an integral part to a movie, and if it's altered in some way. Shit, I used to love 21 Jump Street and that came out on DVD. The box set in life so stoked it was one of the first box sets I ever purchased was every episode of 21 Jump Street.


I couldn't wait to watch and all of the commercial songs that they had on the show were gone.


And I'm like with this like weird, random, talented dude, like weird Seinfeld show.


And I think that happened on Supernatural. Like if you buy the DVD of the first couple of seasons show. Yeah.


Because Supernatural had like the first season had like back in black and stuff and then they lost the rights for it. So now when you stream it it's, it's not the same thing. But if you buy the the DVD like the old DVD of Supernatural Season one and I say old because that shows like frickin 15 years old. Now they actually have, you know, the back in black and all the licensed songs and everything. And I think returning the living, that one had had an issue as well with its soundtrack until until Scream Factory, I guess, you know, threw enough money at whomever.


That was also an issue with heavy metal way back in the day before it came out on the on DVD or whatever, or VHS was took forever for them to get the licensing rights to the music. So I think, man, it's musical rights are always the fucking thing that holds, I think holds movies back from getting released.


Yeah, it's an old story and there's a million unfortunately and a million of them. But yeah, it's such a bummer man. It just takes away from it. That's why places like I offer eBay now you can find bootlegs and I'm not saying you should go out and buy a bootleg. I'm not saying that at all, but I'm saying they're out there.


If you want to get the AARP in Cincinnati, man.


So, you know, is that is that does that also have the musical issue, too? I'm I'm pretty sure from what I heard that the Shout Factory boxset does not have the original songs on it. Bullshit, man.


Dude, I was watching Married with Children, I think uncrackable a couple of years ago, and they don't have the goddamn rights to the love in marriage. And let me tell you let me tell you, like for you think that you think way because as Frank Sinatra. So you would think Yeah. Like like like oh what a big deal. It's just the opening man. You know how much that fucks you up when you're watching the opening. And it's not even like it's not even like a cover of love and marriage.


It's something else. And you're like, this is shite. Yeah.


You know, I mean, you know, I'm a huge wrestling pro wrestling fan, like have always been a huge pro wrestling fan, old school and the WWE acquired like CW and CW and NWA. And when they did, they didn't acquire the licensing to some of the songs. So there's a there's a tag team, Samoan SWAT team. In the end, you'll appreciate this in the NWA, they used to come out to the Halloween theme. Oh, from John Carpenter.


It was so bad ass. And they were they were you know, he'll tag team and Sting would come out to search and destroy and like the as a search and destroy.


It was like a Metallica song anyways, like all these old school songs that now they're not on there anymore.


So they've got this generic shit playing on the it's not the same dude. Like when the wrestler comes out from the from the behind the curtains, you know, and the crowd's going nuts, it's all muffled like it's part of the game, you know, it's part of the show.


So and it's like he said, it's like some Seinfeld bullshit. And by the way, I love Seinfeld. It's in the car. So I guess. But like when when you're expecting something else and you get up and you're like, what is this bullshit?


Yeah. Generic Muzak type shit. Yeah, exactly. Fuck that man. Although it just highlights the fact that, like, if you are going to make a TV show, just cut your own intro song.


You know, that way you always have the rights to it. Yeah. And that goes for podcast too. If you're going to go, you know you know, fortunately we have license free stuff that we put on our show. And like with my other show, I got the permission of the guy who actually owns the song. So, you know, if you want to do that, if you're putting music on your show, because apparently that's kind of a big deal.


Now, like there's a company, RIAA is cracking down. Yeah. Podcast's. Yeah.


And this thing is like, seriously, no one's making money off this shit, you know, except for Joe Rogan.


And let's get made. And last podcast on the left, they they make a shit ton of money I get for them, like good for them.


You know, I hope we make that money one day.


That's I always say it. I'm always shooting for us to make the last podcast on the left money. That's that's that's my goal.


I know you're shooting for it to, you know, a baby. That means. Well, that means that we're going to make that money.


Now they make screams. I shoot and ropes, baby Spiderman style. Jesus Christ. Right on to number three in.


Fifty five minutes in and I've already gotten sleezy number three, baby. Nineteen eighty five, your pick right night.


Yeah dude I think, I think, I mean that's, that's one of my top movies too.


I'm just saying. But dude, like one of my all time favorite films of all the times and I swear by it, it's, I think it's the best modern vampire tale ever and I will fight somebody for it. I think I did in that episode because this is one of the few episodes where we can we're going back and forth a little bit. You were not as big of a fan of it as I had a lot of problems with that movie, but I still had fun with it.


And it's weird because it's built up like in in the podcast after dark mythos. It's been built up really, really big because of the whole Billy Cole thing. And people seem to really enjoy, you know, the whole Billy Cole wonderings that that we both have and just our love for Billy Cole.


Everyone seems to sort of gravitate towards that.


But, man, that was that was such a fun movie because it's one of those movies. Yeah, I had problems with it, but I had I had problems with it in a fun way, you know, like like it never detracted from my enjoyment of the film. And then for me, when I when I keyed in on the fact that that Jerry Dandridge and Billy Cole were the where the actually the good guys were the actual the heroes of the movie.


And we're just watching Brewster and his and his goons do their thing, you know, like I that's when it sort of clicked for me.


I was like, oh, wait, I actually do love this movie. It's it's Brewsters who I hate. It's not.


And the funny thing is, I think that's by design. I don't think that that's like a mess up or something. It's I think it's by design.


And I mean, even even Tom Holland confirmed the fact that that Jerry Dandridge is the hero of the film or maybe could or could be conceived as the hero of the film, which was awesome for validation, you know.


But, yeah, it's crazy that that that episode got us one of our first interviews for Podcasting After Dark with Steven Jeffreys, who, incidentally, kind of became like a friend of mine through the process and just like a really good guy. And and, you know, we interviewed Jonathan Stark and both him and Tom Holland had nothing but nice things to say about Steven Jeffries. You know, he he doesn't do interviews, doesn't do especially he doesn't do want our podcast about our career retrospective.


And we were able to get him on the show because, again, we were nice and he knew that we weren't trying to run an agenda on him. You know, just don't be negative and just be positive. Like, there's enough there's enough negativity in the world. Yeah. If you want to bring joy, you want to do something fun, make it fun, be fun, be cool, be cool. Like you said, be cool.


Just be cool, man. Just be cool.


If you don't know how to do that, then don't get into this business.


Yeah, please. I don't know how to help you. I mean, honestly, like I learned when I first got to L.A., I was a photography assistant photographer, assistant at a photography studio.


And, you know, we shot people like Birdman tii iced tea because we were shooting his wife Coco.


So, like, I would always bump into celebrities. And the first thing that my boss slash mentor slash friend told me was he's just got to be cool, man. You can't like you can't ask for autographs or these are just normal. They're just people. There's people that have a different job than you do. And that's all it is. And honestly, once I never really had a problem with it. But like, once you get it out of your head and just just realize that these people are just people and everyone's just people, you can start communicating with them on a more personal and human level than just being like, oh, man, I love this.


Now, that being said, I have I think I've improved over the interviews after dark. If you listen to them, the ones that I'm on, if you listen them in order, I was I'm terrified early on and I barely talk and I'm feeling more confident towards the end. But, you know, it's just be there just people, you know, so so that's that's all you got to remember. But, you know, that being said, we'll interview somebody that I'll just be completely gaga over.


And I'm just all of a sudden just in everything, you know, everything that you know to do is just out the window because you're just like, oh, my God, I can't believe I'm talking to Tom Matthews. You know what I mean? Like, I can't believe what's been happening.


Let's be honest to guys like. We're having somebody on the show because we're a fan of their work, and and if we're a fan of the work, we're going to say nice things about them and we're going to tell them how much we love the things that they do. We're not I was going to say Charlie Rose, but I guess you can't use him as a reference anymore, unfortunately, whatever the hell.


Well, but, yeah, you know, we're we're not doing like this is we're fans of this stuff. So we're going to get people on that. We enjoy, you know, when people say, you know, do this movie or or have this person on your show, we appreciate that. Trust us. We do, because that means a lot. You're obviously listening and you're a fan.


But at the end of the day, you want us to have them on the show and you know how to get in touch with them. Yeah, that would help. That would actually help go a long way to get to getting them totally.


Yes. That that was that's my point. Like it. Yeah. If you know somebody that's cool, that's totally cool. But also at the end of the day, we're going to have people on that we admire. Case in point, Steven Kazansky, like he he he's I think he I personally think and I think you do, too. I'm just going to speak for you. I think he's he is one of the future huge directors of this of the genre that we love.


He's just getting started, guys. And I feel like that, you know, ten years from now we're going to say, yep, we knew him when.


And hopefully we're chillin on his couch watching Robot Jox, you know, and then when that time comes, man, every time you hear that, Steven I know.


Yeah, I know.


Every time he like something we post, I'm like, oh, man, that's so cool. He's like, dude, I just got I got eliminators on Blu ray because he talked it up. I was just like, I forgot about that movie.


It's it's eliminators with the Dungeon Master. Oh shit. Duell it's like the tear that it's going to be discontinued eventually. But you know, the television and video, whatever the. Yeah. The video. Video of dead. Yeah.


But this has Dungeon Master with the dude from lead singer from WASP as one of the villain and Richard Marles and then the Eliminators.


So come on with Denise Crosby from Star Trek and the Eliminators we mentioned during the Cyborg Review because we, we have a whole list of movies of Wasteland movies that had well, luminaires isn't quite a wasteland, but. Oh, wait, that was right. That's not the extreme. Yeah. Yeah.


That that's when wasteland kind of exterminator's. Yeah. The one that. Yeah. You know which one I'm talking about the guy with the mask or something on it.


But there's, there was such great artwork for those movies.


Yeah. And that was one of them. The Eliminators. That's the guy with the tank Redlegs. Right.


Yes. Yeah. So that was of of the like of the Mad Max rip off Wasteland movies. That was in the top five that I would rent a lot up there with obviously Mad Max Cyborg, because when you're a kid you just like stupid shit like the Eliminators and DEFCON four and then, you know, maybe another one. But it was one of them that that I watched a lot as a kid. Haven't seen it since. If you want to throw it on, you should buy it.


You want me?


Is that a hit? Is that. No, I'm just saying you should well, I won't throw it on because I think it's rated PG, but OK, but but I would buy it. It was only twelve bucks on Amazon, so hold on. Hell yeah dude. OK, nice.


That's entertaining. It's funny. It's, that's good to hear. Yeah it's great. All right.


Well thanks to Stephen. Thanks to Stinkiest Dansky. Thanks to.


All right. Well, we are on to our final two. Number two is 1985 Return of the Living Dead.


Not a surprise there that that's one of our top ones. Such a it's a it's that that's one of the movies that we did. You choose, you chose. And I'm like I mean, this is this is almost like a mainstream horror film. Yeah. At this point because it's so popular.


But I loved going down, taking it apart like you did and there's so much fun. Yeah.


This was when I kind of realized, like, OK, my role is sort of the the mainstream guy and the way I sort of look at it, especially, you know, looking at these numbers and everything, and obviously the mainstream stuff is the stuff that gets the most play. But I'm like, OK, maybe this is my role, because at the time I was like, man, Zach is just killing me with his knowledge and everything. And I was feeling a little.


And by the way, Zach, you know, I don't want you to feel bad about any anything that I'm saying, but like, it's true. Like I want to deliver a good product. I want to, you know, be true to the fans and everything. And and I'm always open about everything. I think that's the best way to to podcast. So, you know, I was honestly feeling like a little like, oh, man.


Like, am I am I the right fit for Zach like you, you know what I mean?


Like sex between somebody else. But then I realized I think it's perfect. I think what I bring to the table is the mainstream shit gets people to check us out. Like I mean, let me tell you, first off, I have a love hate affair with Return the Living Dead Part one. That episode had a technical issue that.


Caused me to it took like 13 hours to edit that episode. Now, granted, I have tools now that would allow me to edit those same technical issues faster, but I had to figure those tools out on rechanneling that part three. But I was like, you know what, I need to spend the time on it, because I think this is going to do well.


Like, I think this is going to get a lot of lessons. And sure enough and seen it, you know, year later, it's number two on the list. I'm like, I am glad I spent those 13 hours working on that episode. But let me tell you, Zach, Zach knows it was a fucking nightmare to edit that episode, but I'm glad I took the time to do it, because I think it's episode. It's episodes like this one in our number one.


I think people come to our show sometimes they'll find us because of these. And then I hope that later on their favorite episodes are, you know, dead kids or tough turf or something. You know, like I hope that, like, they find us because of returning the living dead, but then they discover dead kids because of us, you know, like type of thing. So so I realized that that was my role that I was bringing to the table was sort of the mainstream cult role.


And what a great role it is. It's a role that I guess needs to be filled, right? Yes, you can you can fill that hole.


And guys and gals, again, thanks to the delay, it took me a second for that to hit my ears.


Now, that was intentional.


That was intentional delay as it got rid of. And if you guys are, you know, listening to this is like and you thinking about doing a podcast or you are doing a podcast, another thing that I would recommend, find a partner that compliments you, you know, and obviously a friend is good.


You know, having a friend obviously is great that you guys are friends. But make sure they compliment you don't don't partner up with somebody that has all the same things that you do. You know, Zach and I very much he picks up the things that I can't handle and now I handle the shit that he's not good at. So it's like find somebody that complements your your your weaknesses with their strengths and you'll be beyond fucking stoppable.


Truly find another spoon that fits another spoon in the silverware drawer. Don't put a spoon and a fork together because it just doesn't look good in the silverware drawer.


They've got to fit it. I hate I hate a messy silverware drawer, man.


Dude, did you ever see that 21 Jump Street episode where it was a college hazing, one where they had to say they had to put silverware in the right order in a certain order in the and if they made a mistake, they had to take a shot every single time or they had a shotgun, a beer. So it was Johnny Depp and Peter Lewis at this college. And I just remember, that's one of my favorite episodes where they just it was so intense because they had to get the silverware right.


And as a kid, I think I was like twelve or thirteen and I'm just envisioning, like, have to put silverware in the right order.


So anyway, I just want to drop another twenty one country reference.


My my dad's mom was very like a proper southern woman and boy. Oh boy did did she make sure that all the proper silverware, you know, went in the right order and everything and all that kind of stuff.


Oh, man, yeah, it's a whole other podcast. Yeah, right, that's that's my dad, Strava, not mine, so. Yes.


All right, dude, no one man or man do people keep listening to this episode. People keep fucking hitting us up about it, which is great. I love it. People. It's like it's but it's just an episode that just keeps on giving. And that is 1982 is the thing.


I mean, there's there's every reason makes sense, every reason why, you know. And you know what? It gave me carpal tunnel syndrome.


I, I broke that movie down while my wife was watching it with my wife. And this was back before I made the conscious effort of I'm just going to watch every bad movie twice, essentially one time for Fonzie's and then one time, you know, to break it down or whatever and having to break that movie down. I think it was about 13 pages, same amount of pages as Mallrats. And I didn't pause it because I didn't want to interrupt my wife sort of experience watching the movie.


And it was literally the most painful process of this entire year's endeavor of this podcast, like physical pain in my head, trying to take notes as fast as possible to break the fucking movie down, I think.


And I think to that movie. And you did an excellent, really excellent job doing that on that movie.


But I think that was the first time that you chose the movie that I was equally a fan of, like on par on the same level. So I took probably the most notes when I didn't have to take notes, you know, because I loved it so much, because I love it so much.


So, yeah, I get I, I get it. You break down a movie like nobody's business, you're just a pro when it comes to that. You're just a break down break down beatch.


Just seriously, I'm just so I'm blown away by a dude and you know, like you said, find find a partner you can complement with. We complement each other so, you know. What do you keep taking care of business? That's what the motto, just taking care of business. Oh, man, I think I think we got a ton of new listeners with the thing, man. I think and I and I think it's and I don't think it I know it.


It's an episode that people listen to multiple times, which is just that's crazy to me to think that, like, someone would listen to us for three hours and then to choose to listen to us for six hours, like the same thing twice. That is insane to me. I am blown away by that.


Well, I appreciate when we get messages from everybody. But like, you know, Robert Ortiz is always writing us such such nice things, man, and on Facebook or or through messenger or whatever. And, you know, it's just it's cool when you connect with people because here are these movies are fringe movies like the some of these movies. Some of the people that are fans of these movies feel alienated because they don't feel like they can connect. I'm not saying, Robert autisms at all.


I'm just I'm just giving him a shout out earlier. But I'm saying personally and I know I know people feel alienated. They feel embarrassed to share some of these movies with with with people in their lives because maybe they don't want to get made fun of. Like I got made fun of for a lot of movies that I chose back in the day. I don't care anymore because I'm definitely elevated from that bullshit.


But if this is speaking to people who can't be themselves, it can't be authentic. And I get it.


It's hard.


Like depending on whether your home life is like that or your job situation where you can't be your true self and say, I love this movie, you know, I love life force or whatever, and I can beat it all the time.


Yes. Yeah. It's like the answer for life force.


The answer is yes.


But I mean, not to get not to get to like, you know, dramatic or whatever, but like that's one of the reasons why we why we love doing this, too, is because it's connecting with people that that maybe this brings like some serious joy and they can go all these dudes, like, totally get me man like to totally relate it.


Maybe. Yeah, maybe you don't relate to everybody in this world, you know. And so I didn't for the longest time now I don't give a shit because but I have enough friends, I have enough love surrounding me in my life that I don't have to worry about that shit anymore.


But there was a time when I did and we all have been there.


And to add to that, I'd say that like, you know, we like to provide a safe space. You know, we don't tolerate any negativity on our posts. You know, I kind of run the Instagram page. So if anything pops up, comment wise, negative.


And and by the way, that rarely ever happens. But if it does, I'm deleting it. I don't care. It's not there's no free speech on our Instagram page. It's it's you bring positivity. If you don't like something that's cool, that's cool. So it's cool for you to say you don't like it, but like, if you're going to, like, do something like crazy negative and say like, oh, you know, then we'll delete it.


But I mean, you know, like normal conversation will take that, you know, like we'll talk to you if you don't, you know, if you don't see eye to eye with us, that's fine. I'm not going to like, you know, delete a comment just because you don't agree. But we will not tolerate, like, just straight up negativity, like, you know, just just bad energy that we won't tolerate. And you guys know the difference between disagreeing with somebody and, you know, being negative energy.


So, yeah, that's like that dude. Like that dude with his aliens comments.


How dare that guy? My God, I'm going to bring that back every time. I know. I know.


How can you not how can you dislike that movie. Like whatever it man I love you for defending that movie harder than I do. And that's my number one favorite movie of all time.


So I mean, I'm the one that will go to like blows for aliens. I almost feel like you're doing it for me.


Somebody somebody shit on the Warriors the other day. And I was like, OK, I mean, you're entitled to your opinion. You're wrong, but you're entitled to your opinion on aliens.


I'm like, no, you can't shit on the aliens at all. The Warriors.


I can see why some people don't like it.


They're wrong that my ability laugh, by the way. I like it. It's good.


Hey, so. Yeah, go ahead. All right. So let's just real quick run through run through our top episodes, you know, and you don't have to, like, dive into too deep, but it's as deep as you want. But I'll I'll just throw out my wife's pecs real quick. So her top three picks in order. So three to one is well, I'll actually put number four because she she really wanted me to say that her number four is the keep.


She really liked that episode and she really wants to watch that movie because of our discussion. So I was like, babe, that's the best compliment you could possibly give, truly. But her official three to one, the stuff. Fright Night and the thing. Nice, nice choice, Myra, nice choices, and I can honestly attest that, like, I will be either like editing in the living room or if it's like an off day and I'll be like playing video games or something, I will see her outside doing her planting and her gardening with her headphones on.


And she's laughing. She's like she's talking back to us and everything, you know, like while she's listening and whatnot. And I'm just like, that's awesome.


I'm so happy that, like, you know, just that she like, you know, she would listen to it because she's my wife, but she listens to it because she likes it. And that I think is freaking awesome. Yeah, it's great.


Dude, that's great. She's so supportive and, you know, just, you know, and that's what helps you move forward with with your endeavors because you need somebody in your life that supports you in a positive way. And she's great. My rock. Thanks for choosing. Most of those are my picks.


So I'm just saying hi to j k k k l o l want you throw your your top threes at me then.


OK, I'll hit you with my top three. My top three are tough turf. The stuff and the keep oh, man, tough stuff, we already talked about the stuff, I'm sure that's in that's got to be in your top duty. If it's not, I'll be shocked and you can talk more about that. But I will say about the keep the reason why they keep as my number one. They keep, as always, been in a movie I've always wanted to talk about.


I've always wanted to watch. I know it has its issues, but look, man, like I am a visual guy, I'm a visual guy. It's funny. And then I'm on a I'm on a doing a podcast because it's all audio, bro.


Some of the visuals with that music just get me every single time. And I don't care if the if the rubber suit is cheese ball or not. It just evokes this weird.


It's kind of like how from beyond in some ways does it mean we'll get there from beyond down the road.


I'm sure just like this, this weird, like visceral childhood feeling of like waking up one morning, seeing it on TV and just going, what is this, you know, and having no context and being like freaked out and odd at the same time. And it's such a beautiful film and it's so bad that Michael Mann does not like it because it's like, dude, there's so much like I get it.


There's so much I know. There's so much to dislike as well, but there's more to like, in my opinion.


It's in my top five, the keep. I loved that episode because I always wanted to see that movie in a more proper light. You know, you guys have all listen to the episode, I assume, at this point. So you know where I stood with it, but it's in my top five, man. I love that one. That episode, I think, is I think we did a really damn good job. And it's hard because, like, I feel like every new episode is my new favorite because I'm like now because we're getting better and better.


I'm like, oh, man, I'm really proud of, like, how we've evolved as artists and even how we've evolved as critics, you know. And I'm really proud of our newer stuff.


I really, really am. Honestly, it's it's one of those things where someone's like, what do you what do you recommend? First off, I always recommend the stuff that's always the first one I would recommend. But after that, I'm like, honestly, listen to our our newer stuff and then go backwards. Like, I'm not saying that the older stuff is bad by any means, but I do truly think we're getting better as we're going. And my God, if you don't get better as you go along, then there's something wrong with you, you know.


Yeah. That's the way it's supposed to be.


Yeah. And you said tough turf was your number two, right? It was.


Can you give that was my number three. It was tough turf, the stuff and the key we already talked about. Tough on you. And again, I tough turf is like.


It's such a. It's such a. You know, odd gem of a film, and then I'm sure you'll talk about the stuff, which is, yeah, it's like that was probably one of the I've I, I probably made maybe Ford Fairlane. I laughed at just as much, but the stuff I laughed my ass off from the beginning to the end and just it was just so fun to just like laugh your ass off in a movie that it's not it's not a comedy for epitomizes cult.


Dude, you having a good time? You have a good time.


Yeah, but the stuff speaking of Ford Fairlane get enough that stuff that was going to be it's in my top five.


That was going to be my number three. But I put. Because Ford Fairlane, because it was a comedy, was the first comedy that we did and I was like this, it was an example for us to break, to break out, you know, and do something different. It was another movie. Like The thing with you for Fairline meant as much to me as it did to you. And I was almost pissed that you picked it. But at the same time, I was just as happy because I didn't have to fucking break it down and I could actually just enjoy it, you know, so so I did for family.


And I love that episode. That is a very near and dear personal episode to my heart. And I'm I am so proud of the justice that we did with that movie. But what what eked it out? Because it would have been number three. But what eked it out was neither comment. Just I'm just very proud of how we handled a movie that we both knew going in that we didn't like it and and just getting the feedback from people.


I'm just very proud of our Night of the Comet episode because it just showed that we could do a movie that we didn't like, but yet just not shit on it, like we said earlier.


So I'm I'm really proud of that episode call.


My number two is hardware.


I didn't make it didn't even make the top ten of the most downloaded episodes. But man, I that episode was was really fun for me. And it was really the not the only time but it was I really enjoyed the the the muscles that you let me flex in that movie. And man it's not just like bro I can't just say like you know, like, like you just sit there and let me talk. You engage like that. That's what makes it different.


That's what makes it awesome. Like you you let me go off on my tangents but you don't dismiss them. You like you go with me, you know what I mean. Like that's that's what I love about doing this with you is that you will engage with me, you'll go with me, you'll go down these rabbit holes even if you're like, what the fuck are you talking about? And you've said that before.


But like you even you're still like, listen, man. And like, that's important, dude. Like, that's like that's no small thing, dude.


Seriously, like so the fact that, you know, I had this opportunity and I know I had this opportunity to do it because, you know, it's our podcast. We can do whatever we want. But like, you didn't make me feel bad about it. You didn't. You encouraged it. You were like, let's let's have fun with this. And because of that, because of the environment that you created or helped you create on this podcast, I was able to really just go into areas that I never even thought about before.


And it was like it's one of my favorite podcasts because it just showed that, like, I don't know, like where we could go with it, you know, like like thought process wise. And I I really enjoyed that. And I just want to say thank you for just, you know, just going along with me and fucking like just, you know, I don't need you to validate what I'm doing, but just man, just be there, man.


And like, that's an important thing. That's no small thing, you know. Well, you you took a movie that I don't really I openly said I didn't I wasn't really a big fan of. And you did what I think. People should be able to do if they love a movie and someone else doesn't like it, where you lay it out in this very like, what do you like about it? And because you liked it and had such a cool breakdown and backstory and just like, you know, mythos to it and just you're such a master at that.


Sincerely so. You really are. You really are.


I it made me enjoy it more, and that was the first episode where I'm like, wow, we might we're going to take movies that we might not like and will will enjoy actually just talking about it more than we would actually watching it. So that was the first movie that you did that with? I applaud you. I think that was the best one of the movies that I didn't enjoy that you you didn't, you know, persuade me to to like it, but you definitely showed.


You showed me what is worth making it a bad movie, and I think that's awesome, dude, like I think he did a masterful job at that. Yeah, I think it's one of your best. Like, let me tell you why I like this movie kind of movie.


You know, I'm saying and that was great, dude. I think it was wonderful. I think you did a wonderful job with it. Thanks. This is what you want. This is what you get is probably my only my my favorite thing about that movie, you know, and trust me, like it is not cyborg.


It is not on the night of the comet cyborg. I'm not comparing Cyborg inside of the comet. It's I enjoy it.


I like it. Yeah. But it's it's not one that I would put in, you know, in my regular rotation.


But I can see why you do. And that's what makes me enjoy it. Thank you. Nice job. Thank you man.


What's your, what's your one. What's your one.


Well, I think, you know, I'm a man. I think you know it.


I tell anyone and anyone who wants to know what I you know, one episode, I'm like, this is it, this stuff. Just listen to the stuff it was I, I, I have fun.


Every single time we do the show, every time is a blast to me. It is my favorite night of the week. I love it. I look forward to it. But man the stuff was another level. I had so much fun watching it. My, my wife and I watched it. She loved it. I loved it. I love talking about it with you.


Are fucking Moriarity impressions were on point man.


We were talking about what they did.


Come on now I see that movie was everything that I wanted, like everything that I didn't know I wanted but wanted at the same time and everything that I wanted this podcast to be when we, you know, when I pitched it to you. And but one thing I didn't know we were capable of was being funny.


Like I mean, I always thought we were funny here and there, but like, I didn't know that, like, we could actually, like, kind of sort of almost be a comedy podcast, you know, like I thought was just a stupid culpably podcast. We're trying to have fun with it.


But man oh, man. Like, I felt like we were just on point that episode. I felt like just all cylinders are firing and and that movie was fantastic. And it's just it was so much fucking fun, man.


Seriously. Well, it set the bar, it set the bar for like, oh, what's your next movie going to be? Like guys like, you know, trust us, we don't pick these movies going, oh, again, I said this already. We don't pick these movies going, oh, people are going to like this. We both go into this thinking, thinking, I like this and let's break down why we like this.


So, bro, I'm glad you I'm glad that's your number one. I was so happy to choose it.


I to this day, if you don't know why I love it so much, listen to the episode and you'll know why nuff said that's that's a pretty good top three a year from now.


I think we're going to have a totally different top three. Well we will because it'll be the top three of that year.


But yeah, man, this train, this training stop. And this is the you know, this is what is it? That movie, Snowpiercer.


This is Snowpiercer Train, because it's never going to stop and it's being fueled by the the flesh of human bodies.


And and Ed Harris is our captain and he's spoiler alert eats people. But dude.


Yeah, like I don't see foresee this going anywhere but up and I love it and I love you for it. Dude, if it wasn't for you saying you want to do this, then we wouldn't be doing it. It allowed me to tap into my other, you know, channels of of interests. And it's just.


A great a great podcast, and I love doing it with you and, you know, yeah, if you do it if you do a podcast with a friend, make sure you really get along with that friend because, you know, you know, it's like he puts in he says it's equal, but it's not. You'd put in a shit ton of work that people don't even know about.


And it's hard to do a podcast. It really is. People think it's easy. It's really not. I just actually try to help a friend set one up recently. And I was like, Mike, I might have to call on Corey because he's kind of the Jedi when it comes to this shit. You really are banned because you like, eat, sleep and shit it.


So, you know, you could put out a decent you can put out a shitty podcast and put it out and you're done. But we try to do is as good of a job as possible. And I think Corey does a phenomenal job with what he does.


And I'm just happy to be a part of it, having to be a part of the train. And I'm sure people chime in like, oh, I want to do the show.


I want to do the show. Well, I ain't going anywhere.


I hope not.


But trust me, my my selection of movies, if you think I'm I'm cult and I'm just getting started, maybe we have some good stuff coming this this next year.


And by that I mean, like what I'm selecting I know is going to be fun, but I know we have some good stuff, you know, but I just want to really just say thank you, Zach, and everything you just said. I really appreciate that. I mean, but you have to understand, the reason I put in the work is because I don't want to let you down. Like, I want this to be the thing that we fucking do for years to come.


And and I do eat, sleep and shit it. But like, that's not to diminish, you know, how much effort and work that you put into it and how big of a deal it is that guys and gals is.


Zach has a five year old son. He wakes up at 6:00 a.m. every day. We when we record these three hour fucking episodes, we usually start at like eight o'clock at night and we go into, like, after eleven. Zach, it's like barely six hours of sleep in. Let me tell you, not once in this entire goddamn year has Zach ever, ever complained once ever about anything.


Has he's never even fucking like moved a recording session like this man will will move everything around pad and I can't even believe it.


I'm like, holy shit. So like knowing that like like I that means, like, I'm not I don't want to let you down because I know you're putting in the effort, but like the fact that, like, you just you're there, man.


And I say it, you know, and you're like, oh, what does that mean? Like you're there. No, it means he's there. He shows up with all of his notes. No matter how much work and effort, you know, that takes and everything.


He shows up every single recording session with everything he needs, never complains once, never says, oh, I don't have this because I had a busy day. We recorded the Trading Places episode on his son's birthday after he spent an entire day fucking like like entertaining his son and, you know, like just a crazy day.


And then we record a three hour like plus episode like, dude, you don't understand how big of a deal that is.


And everyone out there, like, find a partner like that.


Guys find a partner that will show the fuck up and shut the fuck up. You know what I mean? Like, it's just like it's amazing.


It's absolutely amazing.


The the the your work ethic is on parallelled, my friend.


And and honestly, it's my agent that it makes me it makes me raise my game. And again, if this episode does anything to just encourage people to podcast, to just find somebody that you have to, like, elevate your game because they make you just spike their game, makes you elevate your game, dude. So thank you, dude. Thank you. Just I just want to say it just officially just thank you. Thank you for, for everything man.


Seriously, this podcast does not exist without you. I don't care what you say. It doesn't exist without you bro. So this is podcast after dark, you and me baby all the way into the line. It's going to take a lot of nerve, and if this was a jerk fest, that's fine, man. I don't care because there's not enough love in this world and I'd rather put more love out there. So that's that's fine by me, man.


And I mean, these are things that I've been wanting to tell you, you know, and we honestly sadly, we don't get to we don't get to talk a lot offline because, you know, you're very, very busy. And these are things that I've honestly been wanting to tell you the entire year. So thank you, dude. And I love you, man. And I just wouldn't do this podcast with it with anybody else. So thank you.


I'm I'm I'm and I'm covered in more Kidwai Jelly than Dr. Praetorius was in from beyond.


You know, the way I showed I watched from beyond with my wife a couple of nights ago, introduced her to it and she fucking loved it. So we I mean, it's her. I was like, this is on our list. It's from beyond Reanimator. It's just who's going to call it first is the curious the curious thing.


Yeah, I just, I just just to give a tease to, to, to, to our Arpad friends, I just chose a movie for an upcoming future episode. It might be I might save it to or like our December episode or end of the year. We going out with a bang at the end of the year. I'm just saying that nice, nice that I love not a dead bang, not the Don Johnson film Dead Bang.


I'm just saying thank you. Thank you.


Thank you. And the loves all around, bro. It's all good. It's all good. I do it because I love it.


I know you do. I know you do, buddy. I know you do. And so, guys, thank you all. Thank you for being patrons. Thank you for supporting the show. And we don't mean financially like we we mean just the love that you guys give and everything. And, you know, it's been a lot of fun and it's it's just been a great year. It's been a great it's been a wild year, but it's been a great year as far as this goes.


And this is like one of the best things in my life, man.


It's and honestly, truly so. So thank you for that.


And you know what you know. Also, thank you for introducing me to the legend of Billie Jean through you, and you're in Dustin's love for that movie on to Dolly Fee. So can you can you plug to play for us really quick? Because I do love that podcast.


Thank you, bro. I appreciate that. Yeah. And that podcast wouldn't have come out if it wasn't for podcasting after dark because I'm like, I want to do podcasting after dark. But I know I also want to do this one. Yeah. Yeah.


And you want to get the non sleazy stuff.


Well, no, it's feeding the to animals. I love cult movies and I love everything. 80S and Tudela late fee is and everything.


80S movie soundtrack pop culture podcast. We do, we discuss movies. We don't break them down. We discuss them and connect them with moments in our life. Very usually much of what you call it self-effacing. We we poke fun at ourselves and each other and bring up moments from our past that are memorable.


A former ex-girlfriend gets mentioned like all the time for me, as you probably bite me in the ass some day or whatever, and we interview celebrities. We interview, in my opinion, phenomenal celebrities. Yes, we do that on our Patreon pad show. And but it's equally awesome on late everybody from legendary film composer Vince DeCola, Eric Roberts, Damone, you know, Bob Romanies from Fast Times, Ridgemont High.


And we don't these are very casual interviews. Really cool. Feels like you're you're listening to a conversation, you know, people, and you feel like you're a part of it because there's stuff you can relate to. We got upcoming interviews with Keith Coogan from Don't Tell Mom the babysitter's dead. Richard Tyson, your boy, Richard Tyson, three o'clock.


Hi, Buddy Ravell and many more. So, yeah, check us out. Ululate TV.com, find us on Instagram and and follow us. We are nowhere near what Pat has followed wise, but do wear it a little engine that could grow.


These are little engines that could again. I've said it enough times in this show.


If you do something you love, it will come back to you. I swear to you, just do what you love. Find the one thing if you like drawing pictures I was drawing pictures of for my son. Blunt notes. I did. I'm done almost 600. I'm going to keep doing it. But people are like this should be in an art gallery. You should do an art book. Well, I'm going to do that shit. It's going to happen.


So just just do it and just have one little thing. Write it down on a piece of paper, put it in your put it on a wall and say, I'm going to do that thing this year. I'm going to do that one thing again.


I'm going to shout out to Robert Ortiz one more time. Guy got a 3-D printer, puts out some bad ass 3D like printers. Shit. He made a he made a 3D print of a Battlestar Galactica helmet. The one with the pharaoh like or is it is a Buck Rogers or Battlestar Battle started. Yeah. What the. Yeah. The lights. Yeah. The Battlestar. Yeah.


And I'm like, dude this this guy is like in his spare time he's doing that and you know that's not his job. Like do that one thing, do it.


And if and if no one else supports you on it then you know what, reevaluate your relationships with those people. Because my wife doesn't listen to bad, but she knows how much I love it. And she supports it because like she says, this is your future. She knows this is my future. She knows it's my present and my future.


And she she's like, oh, Isacson for another long night. And, you know, but it's all good. Like, she knows.


And she then I got to say, you know, a Chris Kristen is very, very supportive of the show. I mean, it's it's no small thing to let you know your significant other take over the living room for three and a half hours, you know, totally different.


It's in. So she can she's she's so supportive. It's please guys and gals follow your bliss, but also make sure that you surround yourself with people that support you, you know. Yeah. And I don't mean financially. I mean, like just support you emotionally and creatively and everything. And it it means the world. I couldn't do this full time without without my wife's financial support and but more importantly, with her, her emotional support. It means more to me that my wife loves what I do then than her, you know, supporting me financially.


But like, it means more to me that that she understands what this means. She she understands, like, how big of a deal this is for me and how much work it takes and everything. And, you know, it's you got to you got to you got to surround yourself with people that support you with what's going on in the world today.


You know what like. Yeah, you got to you got to find happiness in your life. Please do what makes you happy. Please do so.


Speaking of what makes you happy, I know equally, I know it's not your favorite, but I know you also are on a couple other podcasts. What other where else can we find you sleazes?


Yeah, you can find me every week talking to our buddy Adam about Seinfeld on Cartwright, a Seinfeld podcast. And I will say I do love that that that podcast that they do with Adam. It's a lot of fun to to like to to watch a show from the beginning and like in order especially show that I mostly watched, like in syndication. So honestly, like, once we're done with it, we've we're already talking about, you know, what show we're going to do next after that, because it's my favorite way to watch TV is to actually, like, dive in and analyze it.


And now it's become also my favorite way to watch movies like just, you know, just to dive in and just really dig in deep with it. So it's a man. I love it, man. Podcasting is great. This is a lot of fun. And we're part of the BFO network. So check us out, check everybody out. And, you know, it's it's a fun time. So we hope you guys enjoy the show. And, you know, we'll keep on keeping on for the next year.


And as we always say, we'll catch you on the dark side.


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