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Potholes and penguins with Barry and Tranby. Hello to all you potholes out there, hello to all you Penguin's out there, how are you doing?


It is Sunday night. It's very late. We've been up the walls doing things, but we're still here like three dedicated boys bringing me here. Laughs And your analysis of sorts, it I think it's just laughs bringing ourselves.


Laughs Yeah.


There's loads, loads things. I didn't have a huge amount of time to prepare things, so I just written out things that we could potentially talk about.


Fifty percent of rugby players could have issues with their brain from concussions. Oh, that's terrifying. We're going into that. Um, there's loads of rugby over the weekend, obviously, all the Irish provinces involved and doing interesting things. Also, Ireland have named their games for next year outside of the Six Nations. Obviously, Andy Braze got abused for being a referee, which we might touch on, although most probably have to say. And that is that just don't be a shithead.


And with the grant, because he sounds.


How often would you have an old cry? I want to ask you that. Don't answer me now. I'm just listening to whatever I want to know when you would have an old cry.


Thanks for all the people who've gotten gotten on to me about my cholesterol. Got loads of that.


I think your cholesterol was trending on Twitter actually for you guys like Barry's cholesterol. A lot of concern.


Penguin's out there. Yeah, I'm unqualified concerned penguins. One or two doctor. Well, one doctor was Dutch Act. Yeah. Offering his services, which I haven't taken him up on. I mean, it's great.


I would imagine, uh, very little. New York is released by Bon Jovi other day and it is an abomination. But what is good. Er the comments that you would find on YouTube. I talked you through a few of them and why they're fucking the gas on the YouTube page.


What else is it. That's all.


It's a there's loads Tranby you were, you were involved in the try of the decade. Feel guilty. You gave an offload in that try that Jamie Heaslip scored against Italy and it was given the trial of the decade. Yeah.


Incidentally, actually for the same passage of play, Fergus McFadden was nominated for the most reluctant pass of the decade.


So true, so reluctant. He almost wanted to butcher it with guy that I have. You see, you could see you've got some dogs I don't even like when he realizes that it's he's the Boswell that he has to give.


It's even worse with such a he didn't celebrate with Jimmy as well. I don't know.


Does it does it take from it a little bit that it was Italy and you were hammering them already at the time? Oh, yeah.


It's I mean, sorry, does it take from it massively that it was Italy and you euro even so 100 percent.


It's it's not it's it's not the try this decade. It's not.


I mean, there's a million different ways you can you can judge to try the decade.


But I would imagine a more a more iconic try than that was try that kind of flows. It did flow to be fair. It was it was a it had a lovely flow to an Zeb's off load back inside and keeping it going. Don't get me wrong, it's it's one of the nicer tries I've been involved in.


Bought them as the nicest try of the jacket then. Yeah. Nice. And you got a great job, but I don't think anyone in the whole world looked at that went I.




Therefore at the same time I can imagine if you were commentating that game, your mommy gets carried away.


There was a cry that monster scored their only six weeks ago or something was against Cardiff. A couple of floats and it was a nice try. But I think your comment was one of the best drives.


We've seen it, though, in Park, to be fair, that again, one of the nicest guys maybe know one of the best ones.


Yes, I'll give you that. I give you that. No, you're right. I said that again tonight on the radio. I second every time I see it, I get a little bit of a circus if I can feel your eyes burning.


And I'm sorry. I'm just I'm I'm a dick and a voice. Oh, yeah, I know.


I know. I shouldn't say, but I did sort of.


It was a nice try. It is a nice shirt. Well, so how would you if you were you were COCOM down with them? Oh, come on, let me slide 95 of them and I don't know what the reason I gave the list is because then I was going to go. But the most important thing on the list isn't you being involved in the tri state limerick are the all Ireland champions. For the second time in three years, Trombley looks positive.


No way on that one. They all are. It's nice.


I did not I did not see that, you know, on that rig, your lady did not change the words of the regular lady to. Yes, you did. Yes, you did. She has been called me a while back and you forgot all about it.


And I had to remind you of that. Yes.


And then call the Tim Tim chocker, you know, Aitchison podcast. Yeah, great. A great show.


But he interviewed Tessanne Kolby after the game and he called them Chesley I guess if he's so close to them.


Well Chesley how'd you get on their son or as they like as a pal. Yeah.


We didn't mean to you know we just, he just, he just said it wrong like no it wasn't acknowledged that Iran is going to get a bio's for that. Yeah.


So just go on when we're drinking a forever ago beer from Boundry Brewery, which is I think my favorite one. It's it's really good, isn't it. Yeah, that's good. Delicious. Did you have your last night out, did you look up the description before you described it that way by. No, because the description is exactly that juicy, murky, hazy little betterness and absolutely delicious, I think.


Well, you know your beer, son. Sure.


Look, I used to work in marketing. Not not. Oh, you'd be if you were marketing that you said was the most delicious beer of the decade. Was delicious beer ever bought a film in Park?


All right. All right. Did you have your last night out last night?


No, we didn't.


You can see it was canceled because I think they maybe just weren't sure exactly what the restrictions were going to be up until like the middle of the week.


And he couldn't make it. You can make it work. So, yeah, it was I ended up it was a fall from grace, I suppose. We have a nice crack with boys from home and ended up babysitting while I went out for dinner with their mom.


I the same.


And I like to babysit your own children, but it's we should still call the boys and think you can only call it babysitting when you're their father. It's not babysitting if you're their mother. That's what I said.


So I said I'm just daddy, you're their mother.


I stop gallivanting about with your mom or although I wouldn't at all come home, I was like, stay. Oh, don't come home. So she went and stayed in her mother's house because she'd only come in and wake me up like that. And then my morning would have been extra hell. So I had them in my home for 24 hours. It was intense. It's nearly easier by yourself, the. I have twins, I have 16 month old twins, I you know, I had studies.


I don't think you realize it's mental.


You're so annoying. I think it's really just dawned on you. You've been you've been cruising like it's been easy for you. And I've just been waiting for this moment. And finally, your breaking point is arrived.


I was asking you, when was the last time you cried and cried?


I cried this morning to you and I had over over a dirty nappy as she woke up so many times during the night that I was I was I was quite on the verge. And then she waymark. Yeah. That's the that's the kind of I'm running that godless gone and where you don't want to take her out of her bed, but if she starts crying over crying, then she'll wake him and then you'll have two of them growing.


So. Just going to keep her quiet and and get her get her to calm down, and then she just screaming and then he will come and then you've got to and he doesn't know why he's awake. That's why he's screaming. That's a fucking nightmare.


He doesn't know he's awake. That's what he doesn't know why he's. Yeah. Well, that just leaves the dream is a terrible dream. Well, yes, that is a really boring dream. But you have dreams that you could go anywhere you want. I'm just waking up the end and dad, where's mom? I would be a dream.


Yeah, but so I was I was rocky this morning. I had no sleep and they were up at half six and I was downstairs. Now I made them watching the Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, which they actually quite liked. And then I made them watch Elf, which was amazing, I bought an ad, came on and it was this ad of a man and I will be an old granddad and he goes outside and he's he's clearly I don't think his wife is around anymore.


So he's on his own. And he starts lifting a kettlebell and he keeps lifting and open doing this, like lifting up, raising it above his head, put it out front and then putting it back down. And he's so weak he can't do it. And then over time, he starts lifting it and he starts getting into it and his neighbors are kind of calling on him. And then and then you're wondering why he left. And he's looking at a photo all the time.


And I wonder why he's lifting this. And then at the end, his his daughter calls for Christmas with her family, and he's the reason he's lifting it so he can get strong enough to lift up his child, his great granddaughter, so she can put the star on the tree.


Oh, Grace, that's good. And I wept like a big girl.


And I was what I was like, Jesus, that hit me. I was I don't know why. Like but I was wondering. I'm not some. You got a good old tree very close there.


And I don't know, during the Limerick speech, I don't know.


I felt very emotionless after the match and like it normally order in the finals would set my emotions on fire. Just the feeling, the passion for like the players and all that stuff. But when Hanon was doing the speech, I just felt very emotional. It didn't squeeze at zero, but it was close.


Good. Was that because it was a very good speech and. Yeah, I think so. I think you just seems like a sound fellow and suddenly you just look at that and you're like that. Someone has worked unbelievably, hired as an amateur sports person all year, and that is as high as it can get. So I was like, that was that was cool.


God man can wait. I tried to to leave it because I had to commentate in the match so I didn't see the end of it. But I watch it back later.


Tranby tears. You seem quite stone-Cold. I am quite stone-Cold. Some great years at Servet.


I cried I like a year ago or something when a family member recently, about a year ago had little health scare, end up being totally fine. But yeah, that was there were tears out there. And then before that, it was getting hammered in the Hannegan final in 2012.


Wasn't that long ago. And probably I'm sure I have just remember because I remember and I was like pleased that I was crying because because she thinks I'm a stone. She's turned. You're the first sign of life. Yeah.


Yeah, I, I probably cried a bit German. And you remember that movie. I haven't seen that. If you cry at some poxy advert all the way through Lion.


OK, I'm going to I could do to go cry.


I remember and I came out of the road was the road movie.


It's like postapocalyptic teac she cried the whole way through that movie and then we came out and she goes I didn't really like that show.


Like I was so moved.


Then I made a movie and I have always had this thing where we try and get it. I don't know how it started but we try and get each other to watch films by telling them, telling each other that they're good, their class class or it's classroom.


I should watch and then I watch and they'll be half way through. And again, this is the shittiest film with ever seen. And it dawned on me, I'm like, OK, he got me. And one day I was in his house and he handed me a book, The Road. Someone read this book, it is the best book I've ever read, and it was like, unbelievable, I put it under my arm and I was leaving and his dad was coming in out of his car and he went, You're not reading the book?


He was like, Yeah, Carl just gave it to me. And he said, That's the worst book on the planet.


That's an atlas. You're actually taking over the map. Yeah. He went to the next step and trying to get me through the three weeks of your life, you're going to lose reading a book just as a as, I guess, thing to do.


Yeah, but I would never I would I would stick with a movie pretty much.


I would usually always finish a movie if I started, but I would I would end a lot of books less than halfway through. I would have probably just done was out of going to keep face because I think, man, I'm just going over my head. Why does he like this book? Yeah, yeah, yeah.


You think like you're not Switched-On enough to get it. Yeah.


So yeah. What else. Right. My list. I work backwards.


Fairytale of New York released by Bon Jovi. Holy moly. Jacinto's.


Yeah. So yeah it's a lot of it's not a shithole together. Foresting prevert. Do you reckon he got in contact with that Mogoeng people or the publishing company that released the song. And they're like, well there's not a whole lot of royalty that we're going to make this year with BBC and whatever, pulling that from airplay because of the F word in it. So probably a decent enough one to get Bon Jovi to, uh, resurrect Claver.


So he read, uh, I don't know. That's just me thinking very I think your your bangun could. It could have been. Yeah. Like you're like grand. Let's let him take it off there. Sure. It'll get played but will not get played. Oh well enough. No it'll get played once and that will never be played again. Yeah. By, by a certain amount. And then they'll be like Jesus. That was totally like the worst thing ever.


I'd love to see the radio play chatter and just see how much you can play it because it's probably so. Mm. For you to judge how many people calling it a war, a war crime.


Um finally, finally a united Ireland. Uh because you know that song has united the north and the south of Ireland.


Uh, Shane MacGowan has sobered up for the first time in 40 years after listening to that's the last person to solve the Irish like this was Oliver Cromwell.


And then someone just goes, why are you arguing with yourself? Because, you know, the way it's a duet and it's like a man and a woman. Oh, yeah, it is the whole thing.


And then we just I mean, it's very voyeuristic, which with yourself and he calls Galway Bay, he goes Galloway Bay.


Oh, it's so bad. You might be so bad as maybe good. It's not in the same category as Sam Smith and Vanilla Ice. High profile? Well, that was a as in to cover. Yeah, and we talked about that was the last but know they ripped it off, they didn't cover. Or is this is actually oh, yeah, of course, yes, yeah, yeah, but yeah, it was so the were the original song is not going to be played on the radio now because of the effort or else.


And they just bleep in.


And I was just the UK radio know that they'd have to do an edit and then resend it and rerelease. Why don't they bleep it out.


Don't know. That's up to publishers. And I said sure folks, they won't do it, POAGS won't do it.


They're standing by it like saying yeah, well this we.


We toured with them around this time seven years ago, 2013 in the UK. Mm hmm. And their last UK tour was. Yep.


Well, that was an unbelievable experience. Shane MacGowan is to come onto the stage only after two songs.


Yeah, he did a little confessional box situation in the corner of the stage. So it was like it was all this black drape in a kind of a square. And he go into this little confessional box and had a good look at it one night. And inside there was a little light and there was 40 major a bottle of vodka, a bottle of gin, a bottle of whiskey, a few more bits and undisclosed bits and bobs. And he go in there and he'd fire up the walls inside there, you know, confessing all his sins, making up new ones.


And then he'd go out on stage for a song. Right. So he'd go out on stage and it would be an explosive thing in front of three, four thousand people. And he'd get to the front stage and he'd be reading all the lyrics of the song of two huge LSD monitors that were on the stage when we were soundcheck. And Spider, who was the whistle player. He they were doing a sound check and he was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what's going on here?


Those lyrics are wrong. He read anything that you put on those TV, changed those lyrics. Ron Burgundy, you know, someone that he doesn't know and understands what he's fuckin saying anyway. Yeah, that's true. It was glass.


It was oozing in Glasgow. The place went mental one night because they the song fiesta dell'orto thereafter that they had the data which they play after every time the Celtic used to score a goal and threw it in the back.


So when they started to whistle, so everyone just lashed their planes in the air. So there was like a whole slow motion reign of tenants and caroling through the air and the sound desk ended up getting freude.


So gig stops power down. You have to stop it. And then Riegle Copley's are like 15 minutes later power up the thing on the on another desk. But then for the rest of the whole tour, the front, a house had a gazebo.


So the sound has got a gazebo over the top of it to prevent like candles and points getting thrown on a over.


McGowan came out and he and he had these two massive, like Parisian model fellows with him that used to bring him on to the stage. And he'd do two songs that they bring him off again. When he was on there, he'd call them over and one of them would come out with a lit cigarette and just place it in his mouth.


And he just got up there.


But they would start the song, right? The first or second song of the night, they'd start playing the band would be playing it. And he was still driving to the fucking gig and they would open the doors at the back door and his car would pull up and the band are playing and he just strolls and strolls onto the stage and knows where he is.


Rock and roll. That's unbelievable.


Rock and roll will make them like they used to, apparently song with his documentary about him. We need to watch as well. Oh, they certainly don't make them like the U.S. boys used to cry and cry. What TV moment? I'm wearing a one to two. Stand up. Stand off.


All right. You, Gaudencio, to I want to take off my jammies, so I just put them out of my clothes.


You come and that's your job is. Yeah. Brilliant idea. Good. Um. Oh that's there. That's it. Now my cholesterol. We touched on that. Will Ferrell. You reckon Will Ferrell has high cholesterol.


Yeah, he's quite a large fellow, isn't he. Yeah.


I was wondering, like I could never imagine Will Ferrell running. Remember, ever imagine him going for a jog. Exercising, I couldn't imagine taking anything that seriously would have to do that, looking at him and elfatih I was there. That guy's a bit overweight. I wonder what his cholesterol is like.


I'm kind of looking at everyone know that that lens you're comparing, you're trying like x ray and trying to imagine what the cholesterol is like inside your arteries.


Yeah. Let's move on to you and to CNN today, T.J..


Yeah, we had a Santa experience at Glenarm Castle. It was actually brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. It was. They put some show on and yes, we did. Yeah, we did everything. We Massada, we met.


There's an extra feature right at the right age. He was he was perfect. He was good. Yeah, he was exactly the stereotype. A lovely little old eccentric man.


And then we met Mrs. Claus as well, who just kept calling the queen because she was in Glenarm Castle.


And then we got to the tree and right to the queen. And then there was like a runway lit up for for the sleigh to land on. It was brilliant. It was like Disneyland. It was great kids and good for the love us.


I'd say they're getting so excited that one of their brilliant career Krak that we left behind, actually, Kitty, is going to feature here in this little bit silly little bit, Aquafresh. That's a good way to segway into it. But yeah, the older two, they were the only ones there and we were so glad. It's great. Nice crack thought.


OK, silly little bit us.


The little guy is probably silly, silly little bit.


Sometimes, sometimes I find it difficult to keep on track whether it be tidying the kid's playroom and spending 45 minutes doing all of the puzzles or trying to unpack the rugby analysis from the weekend and ended up debating the existence of illions for twenty minutes. The puzzle thing, though, really winds me up because inevitably the last piece of every jigsaw is missing.


And the last year I've bought five new TV remote for the various TVs around the house because they all seem to get lost. Recently I counted nine old socks in Jack's sock drawer, kiddies eight months old.


At the minute. We're really starting to get to know her personality. She gets away with a lot because she's a baby. I think there's a little bit more to Kitty than she lets on and a little bit like Ginger the cat. I'm not buying what she's selling. I'm a little bit like the old lady and father. Ted, I know what you're up to, Kitty.


There's a day coming, much like The Undoing whenever Nicole Kidman finds the murder weapon in her son's violin case, spoilers or or when Barry's dad find the pink Power Ranger nudie's on the kitchen table that day when we will open a drawer in Kitty's room and find five TV remote, nine odd socks and countless jigsaw pieces and a packet of fags, I want I'm on to you ketubah little bastard Katie Lavender's in areas like Shamy Go.


It's like the wardrobe that's there's a lot of a lot of unpack there. Now first of all, is that a serious boiler bomb just been dropped there.


That is that is actually that's what I actually want because I wanted you to have seen it to get the reference. But it's actually the worst of the worst worlds seen in three episodes now.


Now what's the point? What's. I'd skip the fourth.


OK, so what a show, by the way.


Oh, yeah. We talked about this early, but we talked about it publicly.


It the undoing Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. Yeah. Murder mystery.


I, I didn't give it time because I felt like whoever's making these shows is taking the piss a little bit because they're dragging them out way too much. And these, these could be made into a film. Now I'm I feel this one is just taking the brunt of the flashback from all the other ones doing it, as opposed to this being particularly bad. It's just I'm lashing back because I feel I'm wasting too much. My time with these things get better.


Get to the point. This could be a film like and they're making it a fucking two weeks of my life. And Nicole Kidman is weird looking.


Two weeks, mind you, smash three content way quicker than two weeks. What is there's seven episodes or something, you go through that in 48 hours, that's true. Yeah, which is the problem. It's always two days in my life and Nicole Kidman face being lacking any kind of emotion because she's had so much work done. Doesn't stay with me. It's not enjoyable to look at. I enjoy Hugh Grant and I enjoyed the first episode for obvious reasons.


What's it about a murder?


I think he's a he's got like. He's a surgeon or something, and he falls in love with Julia Roberts or something like that because he's got that classic Hugh Grant face at Christmas time and says Upsidaisy over a fence or something like that.


And the book falls out of his pocket and he says, I love you. And so in the book. Exactly.


Yeah. Yeah. Cady good on her. She's got you on your toes.


Oh, she's a great career. Crack. She she's got something of her like she she likes the other two. And we know like mommy and daddy. No but she calls Jack boy and Molly this.


Oh boy. And this so I wouldn't be able to not do that as well. You started calling Molly.


This is kid. He's got something about her cygwin. So she's not she's not the sinister. She's 18 months. Yeah. But she's got something.


Very good. Enjoyed that one. Now the sausage I'm having serious issue, my socks at the moment is a maybe that's one of our to hide them eating them.


Right. I suppose we better talk about some rugby are too smart to take a quick break. Have a great comeback with the rugby.


The bottles and penguins is an independent production. What I mean by that is. It may sound like we don't know what we're talking about. You might even think Barry's hardly played professional rugby in Army likes hurling. We want you to think that it takes a lot of preparation. Decide this. I'm unprepared. We work very, very hard. And what we do, we want to make this show the best podcast in the world. Just a fiver, a month.


You can help us do that. Coach and I come forward slash payrolls and penguins, and you can help me make these two fools look and sound even better than I already am, making them look. It's so weird that you asked me when last time I cried because I literally remembered the last two times I cried and I remember thinking, it's funny, I contrasting the situations were and and again, it's like we have had the same idea a number of times, and it's like those two girls move in together at uni and then their periods start coming at the same time.


Our periods are just aligning left, right and centre.


Yeah. That's weird, isn't it? Why does that happen with the pyramids, don't know whatever it's natural rhythm of the body here, the natural rhythm of life, dude.


Yeah, we might get somewhere.


That's the way it was explained to me when I was like 14, I was doing like a drumming masterclass and someone was like, it blew my mind. When that was explained to me, he was like, talk about rhythm. And then he was like, Yeah. It's actually the rhythm of life, you drumming, masterclasses, Dami. I did, that's cool, I went to Drumming Master Class in Belfast when I was 16 and Chad Smith was taking it home and it was so cool.


Will Ferrell.


Yeah, well, yeah, a very high cholesterol.


That's the only way you can tell them apart to measure their cholesterol level is a good drummer as well.


Oh yeah. He plays the coba than the. Yes.


More cowbell rock. Right.


You were like a drowned rat in all the rave and spend eternity that you walk there again.


And what I'm getting hammered in the Facebook group any time I'm trying to take my job seriously and I give you an Braly or something.


Nield they did. They give me a brawly up until like literally they're like, oh, you'll be back in 20 seconds. Give us the the umbrellas. And I was like, whatever, bug me Lord best the Lord of the manor will not be you will not be taking his umbrella away from every song starting with umbrella.


But sure enough, sure enough Rory umbrella umbrellas just like the rest of us did. Yeah. Yeah. No I was surprised. I think we looked terrible.


Havstein in the dew you wax jacket on her jacket just gone so green. Yeah it was, it was a wax jacki's wax. Okay. Yeah I got a text. My mom after the game said she was going to get me to cook for Christmas.


She's embarrassed.


In other words, I was doing this thing over the last few days. I was recording music thingy in it. I was presenting music. Yeah. Show in a cave in the Mitchinson Caves and for for like four days. And I was the presenter, the interviewer of all these amazing Irish acts like Paul Newman from Bolex one, Lisa Hannigan, Gavin James, Tallas Lyra, yada, yada. They're amazing. But I was a bit dishevelled on the first day.


I didn't know what I was wearing, an old woolly jumper and a pair of pants and they were wearing like nice clothes.


They all look like you're still you're still and working from home mode. Yeah. And then I had for consistency, had to keep the same outfit for five days. So I was. I was miss. But we're does Oprah, I suppose I look like I was someone working in the cave.


I think people kept thinking I was like someone who is cleaning the caves or something as opposed to go there with a Bruce Robleto stalactites.


Will you stop touch that six thousand year old calcified piece that I just can't get out of onesies or tracksuits.


I'm here for life now. It's very difficult. I covered is leaving a lasting footprint on our lives like you're going to be in onesies and.


At Long Johns, you like a lot, John, don't you love Long John? Yeah, you're going to be in comfy stuff like for the rest of your life now anyway. So you're at the match. So, yeah. So they look from from from the outside looking in. It was one they left behind me flying for so much of that game, a lot of, you know, missed opportunities and a lot of injured players. So you forgive him for not winning this, but then it just two pieces of magic, three piece of magic, two from Kolby and one from Dupo.


And I say the two that the two you're talking about are the two where Kolby finish it off, as he always does. But the two the first two tries, especially like how many times? Not so much. Recently it used to be in the past. Any French side that comes to Belfast, if they can see two tries in the first half and after 12, 12 nil down, that game only goes one way to see him. Thomond adds even more to an already.


S. Why didn't that happen?


I just had to lose of just a little bit more about the load, more about them. That must be understated. They've got they've got X Factor. Someone I call can just get them back into the game. I have nothing. Dupont, same thing. And then probably the bigger piece is they have just a lot more resilience and a lot more fight and a lot more belief in themselves.


Ramos is kicking is phenomenal as well. I think that Stenstrom his is he's got some insane stats. Miss Kikkan. Yeah. Disappointed, wasn't it? It was. It was disappointing.


Jacob Jacob got that crossfield kick. Eclectus, he I just thought that was going to be worse.


I thought he was going to. Do you think he's going to go that way. Yeah. Almost got away. He did so well to be Colbie.


I thought we were I thought it was like yeah. Because anyway I thought I was going to be like yeah. Twenty eighteen. Jacob just finishing off from there. Like twenty eighteen is like Sun Tiger and the naughties sun tiger. I just play Tiger Woods golf. The PlayStation Sun Tiger because he's always wearing white is like a step up from like normal that normal tiger like twenty eighteen.


Jacob got that ball. The turning point that obviously the, the forearm that's kind of slipped up was kind of fair enough. But it's just a bit unfortunate isn't it.


Yeah that was fair enough as a penalty. It was not even more wasn't it. Yeah.


But even the penalty you just see. It's just a real momentum swinger affects the game so much, changes the momentum, so much that I like. Yeah, obviously if the shoes on the other foot as a team, my team that benefited from it, then I'd probably be arguing against. But I thought at the time I was like, that's harsh. There was no damage done. It was just slipped up. Like, how can you really control that, you know?


Yeah, I think I think it might. I think it was the second one, though. I don't know if it was Jacob, it might have been stoo did some but something similar, maybe mcclosky to something similar five minutes earlier.


So I think then Joy still have a lot of opportunity at the end that midfield scrum and Lowry went down, left and got turn, got carried himself and got turned over, got a penalty against him.


And if he had given the pass to Stockton out the back of McClosky, I think there scores they could have been. Two and maybe, I don't know, maybe I can I can see why I held onto it, but then the problem is, if you hold onto it like like that, then you get you get chopped going sideways, then your supporters get past you.


And then it was like it was enough, you know, when let's say, Pontiac, when he got passed last week and didn't get the pass away and whoever it was knock the ball on. Who was it again that knocked the ball on? Was this Duncan? For Taylor, what I'm for, Scotland got a yellow card that was a 50 50 as to whether it actually got the ball away, Jacob would have 100 percent gotten the ball away. Very good.


No, no, I don't know. He's given out of a Miklowitz and my fav players, and he's brilliant. But it was just a little thing there that would have they still had it in their grasp. But I enjoyed your commentary. I loved the double roll from Flagman is so good.


I was so good, man. I really enjoyed that.


I know you did this your life here that when he said the double Robin, I love that he abbreviated it is like that he's gone. He's only off the bed. He's gone with a double rulfo. The double Longfellow's the double roll is so good for the man.


Who was it. It was all O'Connor roll that one of the two loves to lose. Players ruffle his hair after winning a penalty. And you know yourself, you can't do anything when someone does that. And it's he was calling for a penalty against you for doing it. But he's gone into the double Roaf.


You can do the double round. That's so true because he's so right.


Yeah, absolutely.


And actually, there was a few things at the weekend where were the whoever reacts then always gets done. And the perfect example was, did you see the start from, say, six Grobin Satoh by the balls?


No. Why? He was like stopping them. He was kind of just past the Rockledge, kind of stopping them running in and contesting the rock. And he just grabbed them by the balls. And SA2 like looked at him and then just like just swung from elbow and then like, it didn't really connect the both of them got red cards or so. And the ref then said, you can't react like that. You're your reaction is unacceptable. His his reaction is perfectly acceptable.


Acceptable. If you grab my balls, you especially because he still had his balls in his hand when he landed the punch. So he's not he's not reacting.


He's not like getting like levelling the score.


He's just trying to release his balls from the guy's grip. I don't think he deserves to get a red card for that. No.


Is that will we ever get to a point in the game where that will become a thing? It's so different.


It's so different. Tomorrow people are talking about Marter and it's it's it's very different. Margaret. Ten weeks or something.


I think my annoyed me tonight again. Daddy, what do you do. Yeah, he was just being annoying. He was doing a little bit of ruffling. I'm doing a little bit, it's just his to me. Single single ruffs. Yeah.


Single Rolfes and just a little bit of push and he's got this sort of face where he's, I know he's having the crack or whatever, but he was particularly irritating and he got three penalties against him if not more, and gave a late tackle on Ben Healy and should have been Yellowcard. Did you see that?


Yeah, he took a couple of little hits the knee. It was it was a dominant was a pressure to get Yellowcard justifiably.


Yeah. Boaster game. Very frustrating to be there.


Really good. First twenty twenty five minutes you saw that was that they kept with the current game kind of throwing the ball around a little bit more movement variety of plays and you just getting to see certain players getting their hands on the ball in the right areas like Tyburn was outstanding.


He's brilliant in an unbelievable run he hooved a spiral. Football literally kicked. What is it for? You see, even a forward kicks a ball.


They never kick it around like they say. Ninety percent of ninety five percent of box kick, end of year end. When a forward gets the ball they go, you know what, I'm not just kicking it luss. I'm spiral it like this is my time to get that many opportunities to kick a ball spiral this one down the pitch.


And sure enough that it did it actually did it actually spiral.


Yeah. Yeah. I don't know if you really did, but it ended up with the spiral anyway.


But yeah, you get to see him in different, different areas that you wouldn't have seen him before saying that they didn't get control of the game. I was talking before the match saying it was brilliant that they had such a strong team out and the questions were being asked as to whether some of the profession or sorry, some of the internationals should have been left on the bench like Leinster left. So many of them on the bench could once have done the same because our pro fourteen side have done so well over the last few weeks.


And I was there. That's very hard to do when you've, you know, every game is so important here. You want to you want to win them. Also, Connor and Peter and Fire and early and stuff have gone so well. You say you got to put them straight back in. But they they did seem a little bit disjointed because that team haven't played together for two months. And, uh, so when you made a few changes, like brought, uh, Crake.


CNN's Ben Helion and, uh, who has literally come on and Jack Jack O'Donnell command did seem to get a little bit more together, but of course, he makes a big difference.


See, have two realistic options at nine and 10. It makes a big difference, I think, because you can pick and choose what style of game you're going to play. And then you can also, if that doesn't work, you can bring on two.


Two guys are going to change the tempo, change the pace, change the emphasis. And I don't know what is a better mindset to have to start with. I'm assuming the understanding is that the two young fellows, KC and Hayley, are the two kind of slightly looser, less experienced, but they're the guys who are going to throw it apart. And kind of it's going to be a little bit more risky, but you're going to see a little bit more 50/50 thrown, I suppose.


And then JJ and Murray, they're the ones who maybe last 20 minutes they're going to shore up a game and, you know, close out a game. But then the assumption is that you're going to be in the game. And then if you if you need to keep the peace, then you haven't got a Helier AKC to bring on. So I don't know what your thoughts are on that. It depends on the opposition. Obviously, I'd say Murray was always going to start.


So you bring Murray and he probably hasn't played a huge amount with Hele. So they probably went, OK, well, we'll we'll start with JJ because they've got a good understanding.


JJ has been playing really well. And then we do have the two boys in the bench. I kind of got that impression and JJ did well and parts had a at a missed touch of a kick in the after twenty five minutes and a change of momentum of the game he kicked. It did. And uh I think he dropped his head a little bit after that and uh they lost a bit of shape so I don't know what it was. Fifty fifty going into the game like it's same, same thing.


You just Healy and he's, he's actually the opposite of JT. He's, he's more controlled. He's more. Oh is he right. Yeah. Yeah I think so. He's more like JT is like if your tail is off and you want someone to kick it on and get you that last, try to get you last couple of tries then changes your mind, he's he's got that X factor. So maybe going into next weekend points are going to be essential.


And Ben Healy kicked another dinger from fifty five metres tonight. Yeah. And he doesn't waste any time either. He just it's like he's just it's like he just doesn't give it any thought. It's like he's not daunted by the big moment or the big the big stage. He just steps up and just smashes it around.


Yeah. He's very naturally doesn't come, doesn't go like hard in twenty, twenty five meters off the ground. Yeah. Or less 20 meters and. Yeah. So who knows what they'll do. They need to do something because they get a high note and clairemont if they don't improve from the way they played the Claremont went.


Well they're a way to Bristol.


Yeah. Jeez. Matsushima uh the Japanese fullback he was scored a couple of tries, pretty dangerous. Uh, what's his name on the wing, Damien. Yeah, no, not the partner.


Uh, I know. I know. I know. He's mine is so strong I didn't realize how big and powerful is so strong. Healthy. Yeah. Yeah. He looks kind of rangy but he's like he kind of just surges through.


He doesn't know what he's got. He's got such a wide. Yeah. Gaze I think is is reach with his legs. He's got a really wide gates when he, he went through a gap. Once you got that inside pass and you're thinking I'd be caught. But then when we slowed it down he made the break and slowed down and showed him and his stride length was like two meters between one leg the next. So you think you have him then he bounces off one leg and is his next step is like two meters away.


Yeah, it might sound stupid, but it's it's really fascinating to see why he gets away from people so often and he's got a decent handoff as well. Yeah. They're going to be pretty tricky to be down there if you play down.


But yeah, it's an incredible place to play. And even, uh, I was there was it last January all in the same group at Claremont last January. Might have been in January before anyway. Yeah, yeah, I was comity and time there, and it's the place is amazing. Amazing place to play rugby, obviously not a minute. No, I don't know if they have any any fans down there, but, yeah, it was my favorite place to play.


There are a couple of times as well. And the drums are out. The crack is gone. Oh, look like they're back to playing. That's sort rock. Joe Schmidt had them playing a lot of back doors, was done so well that you can still hit the first like that, the front line runners and yeah, every every time they get the ball, you think they're going to they're going to give someone a piece apart. But some high score, what was it, 50 yard start to get to that.


Yeah, so I got some, I got another Landser and more story.


It's hard to it's hard for any Lenzer fans out there. Listen to us. Maybe get frustrated by his lack of analysis or any chatter about what gaffed.


Sorry, I just saw them press their their their bench. Like I said, they're against the monster, you know, opposed the monster, putting them all back in there. They just put them on the bench, let this strong pro 14 team take control.


And yeah, I think it was yeah, it was the biggest I was the most stacked bench in world. Rugby was was I what O'Driscoll said actually straight out of the Barry Murphy playbook that won the most stacked bench in the park history.


But it what it was and then Johnny obviously dropped out and then Harry Byrne, he obviously traveled to Johnny must have been a the whole time.


But yeah, it's I think their their mindset and their their ambition to develop these youngsters and how that real kind of strength and depth and the ability for their second string knock full second string but close to it, second string to go to south of France and get a bonus point when is ridiculous. And they can just they just everybody just seems to be so fresh, so sharp and everybody just slots in whenever they get their chance. It's very, very impressive work.


Race is the one thing I'd be, you know, just commanding them on all the time. Their work rate, even with someone makes a line break against them, they still scramble back so hard to stop, you know, getting and even getting in behind them and getting these yards. So you have to just take your hat off to them. They control the games then is and know they know how to win. They're so used to winning. That is just like.


Yep, no, this is what we do now, which is what I do. I'm already the stage is, you know, Saracen's out of it now. You're going to the who could beat them clairemont to lose. I think they're good bit ahead of both of them. Good. But ahead of Ulster and Munster. I don't think they're good. But ahead of Axler. No, that's so that's in the in the premiership. It's probably only Exeter's.


Yeah. And the fact that the quarterfinals are going to be home and away, I think that probably gives Leinster the the advantage because Leinster could easily go to Karaman and lose. They could go to to lose and lose Exeter as well. Obviously, I think they would beat all three of those teams at home.


But the fact that his home and away, I think Lance, it's probably that's that's. That probably plays into Lanza's favor. It just makes makes a one one off fixture, as we saw with the tar sands Quarter-Final last year a couple of months ago, it makes it more risky.


So the fact that it's kind of aggregate, we were actually talking about this because this quarter finals are aggregate. Could there be, in a way, try real good, go with three and a waitress who I hope not to hurt. You hurt my head watching soccer fucking hate aggregate. So annoying.


Um, it's interesting. It's such a weird way. This whole thing is working. I think I finally have my head around. That's strange, though, because if you had ahead sorry, if you go your home and away for the quarterfinals, then you're losing a week at the weekend, two weeks. So really in this the whole revamped format, they're actually only winning back a week and back a week.


Well. But I like it, though, I like the way there's no funny and I'd like to lose, for example, you have to win three of your four games realistically to go through.


So for Austria, they're going to probably have to be to home and away and then be to lose at home because they're not going to go to Toulouse and win. So Ostrer effectively out because they're not going to go to Toulouse and win. And same thing for Toulouse because Toulouse had to go have to go to Exeter. So they're going to either win in Belfast or win in Exeter. They're going to say they had lost. They're pretty much out as well.


So there's no fun in Rome with the one and two. It's straight into. I think that's probably not better, but it's just interesting.


Yeah, I think everyone in PWR.


B, all the teams had a monster, got five pointers. So it's kind of they're in the same boat. The fact that they didn't get a five pointer at home is really they're really up against a.. Yeah. Which yeah, that's that's going to be tough for them. Especially you've got I don't think they've got a window and Claremont's not even getting Clairemont at home. Could be tough enough. And then having to go to Queens as well to Queens were decent today.


There were but yeah I didn't unfortunately see the Connacht racing match because I was watching the alternate and final and the first half the bus. Did you see it? No, sorry. I didn't hear directly rusada someone abuser's from Kanaks there is given out to us for not giving any kind of love. I wish I could have given it love, I sorry, it sounds like some love was due. Actually, we missed a chance.


Yeah, they were. I was listening to it on the radio, was on his talk. They were they were 19 three down the 19 age than 25 age and then got back to 27, 24 or 27, 23. Was it not when he was 24? All right. Twenty six, twenty two, I think it finished. And bonus point loss for Carnet.


Yeah Fairplay come on. So close them. They look sounded like in the last couple of minutes they had a good chance to win it.


So well done. Sorry Conex. We'll be watching next weekend. We certainly don't. We. Well done carnet. Sorry.


Well like I thought they would get hosed any are there other than Leinster a bit over there. Yeah.


Um cuz part of the rugby sorry. The concussion thing man. Does it hit me like a sack of spuds in the head giving me a concussion.


So I'm very interested to hear your take on this because my thoughts on on the whole, the whole culture, the whole rugby culture and the approach to concussion or just appreciation of how serious the issue is has changed massively. I got knocked out a couple of times in my first season and I just it felt like it was a non-event. There was no big deal. Nothing really happened. And it just yeah. You get knocked out then. You're trainer on Monday.


No problem.


I bought the whole the whole thing changed whenever I think whenever they realised how serious it was.


And they did seem like I was in the governing body, Ulster RFU, whoever it was ever implemented the changes, it did seem like it was taken really seriously and the culture was impacted in in the teams. Like everybody looks after each other. Everybody understands how serious it is and how risky it is. If you get a bang, you have to go off, you have to get looked after.


So for what is quite a macho environment, traditionally, I think there's a lot to be said with all the work that has been done.


So you didn't experience that or you didn't certainly experience as much of that, am I right?


And you would have retired kind of before a lot of that happened. A lot of the changes helped me. Yeah.


But I'm obviously fully aware of it and I'm completely behind everything that. Not behind, because that's obvious, but my concern isn't about that. I don't give a fuck about the game of rugby. I care that I might end up with Alzheimer's in the next or dementia in the next. Ten years, because I had a number of them, and it's not and I don't care about the game, essentially, I don't I'm just terrified genuinely from what Steve Thompson said last week, because I didn't I a number of them, like I probably eight or nine in my life where and same thing.


I'm not blaming anyone, actually, because it was the culture and it's both come the time. Maybe I will blame because how could you not think that that was not that was OK? How could how could we how do we allow that? But that's what I don't know. But that's what I don't know. What's the All Blacks game? And Tollman parked the monster All Blacks. Much as much as, you know, one of my highlights of my career, I get knocked out and after one minute.




Kayode, if you watch the back, if you were so brave, you were so brave going into that, tackle the stringer, get the ball off my face. I got an elbow at the same time off the mess.


And I think he smacked me in oboes. My face kind of like, oh, here we are laughing at it. Like, that's that's the culture. But I, I, I got knocked out, was tried to get up and I fall backwards like fifteen feet and I don't know where I am, I don't know what's going on. I tried to play on and did play on. Don't remember any of the first half. Don't remember scoring that try.


I don't remember, I remember the I remember doggy talking to me at times. I remember clearly him telling me stuff and at half time I started clicking back in the second half to be clear. And what year was by. That was 2008. And in a couple of bad ones, 2006, I'd warned against her conduct in intown Park Dennis Nimia to, like, pull my tongue out of my mouth, whatever. I don't even know if you can swallow your tongue or anything like that, but I was completely spanked fucking and it was and the worst thing about that one was I was told to hold my shoulder when I was coming off the pitch and as I watched the video and I'm coming off the field and I don't know, that was the worst I've ever had.


It was two hours of I don't remember anything to remember of being in the dressing room. But remember, after the game, I was out for two weeks afterwards. I was so bad. But I've been told I was told coming off the page to hold my shoulder. And I'm walking off the pitch with this because just in case, they try and try and make it make me not go back in two weeks when I'm actually OK. And then I'd add another one against Cardiff.


I'd won in training I and then before that I had three or four years as a teenager growing up. Did they get that they start to happen to easier? No, actually, I didn't have one for about three years. I'd say probably whatever. Twenty five was that one against Connacht and I didn't have one again until the All Blacks game.


So that is and I haven't had any real signs. I don't think of being forgetful or you know, because what Steve Thompson was describing last week is they're your worst nightmare. Yeah. And you know, I only I read obviously what he said. What did he say? It it's kind of gradually come on. The symptoms are the issues that he's experiencing.


Uh, you I'm I'm talking about you personally, like and if it came on gradually, I kind of builds up and becomes a bigger and bigger issue. Yeah, you're in the clear, but I've just had a thought to kind of yeah, I just don't know enough about it. And so like and I'm sure it is as that want to read it to start like 50 percent of players who have had these knocks to the head or concussions, which they can't even you can't possibly.


What's that test they can do that. You can't even show that you have it until you day do a post-mortem on you and you die. When the court open your brain, you can actually tell whether a person has suffered from it. So how many people out there in the same boat that were they've had multiple concussions and as I said last week were watching that Jack Charlton one where he's been hitting the ball like which was like a, you know, sexpots he was hitting for his whole life and so many footballers had it.


And I think what's worse about what's the worst part of our generation and what Steve Thompson has gone through and all the players that are coming out or I haven't heard any of the names that are in his bracket. We were in the worst bracket ever, I would say, of players to play the game that would suffer from concussion because the physicality of the game when profession went through the roof, it was just about getting out and beating the shit out of each other and tougher and tougher and tougher.


You have to be harder and harder and harder. And you put your body in the light all the time. And there was none of the protection was there that's there now. So back to your point is that I feel what what they've done now is they couldn't have done any more. The wardrobe could not have done any more to make the game as safe as it is now. And I I would let my kids play it now, but I wouldn't if my kids had two concussions.


I'd like he's not playing this game for a year. I'm pulling them out. Whereas for me it was my parents didn't understand that I was getting knocked out and it was a badge of honor on my shoulder and my get go on your back in your tough as nails. But that's what I don't know. So you said your parents did. Didn't understand. Did anybody understand, though? Did Maddox like what sort of research was there at the time, what was available?


Like our medic's Naegle and either like we kind of didn't or we just weren't sure. We didn't take the correct precautions back then or that's what I don't know.


I remember going as a twelve year old to to a doctor who, a rugby doctor. And it was a soccer match like costs. And it was a doctor who's a high up rugby doctor. And he explained to me exactly what had happened to my brain. It's brain explained it very clearly what a concussion was and I'll never forget it. I remember being in his house and it was late at night because I'd come over from the soccer match and I was my mum had during the day, like my mum had come home from work because I was puking in the sitting room.


Oh, I'd had a clash of heads. And she was like, what if she brought me out to his house that night? And he was like, OK, it's like a cauliflower in a box. That's your brain. And if you get a knock, it shakes and your your brain hits off the side and it will cause an injury and there'll be a bleed and there'll be a swelling. And that's why you're so dizzy and that's why you're puking.


And so you obviously knew what it was. But whether like if you told me that now about one of my kids as a as a grown man, I would think that even before knowing all this stuff about concussion from the studies, he'd still be like, that's his brain.


Yeah, but it's one thing it's one thing having having symptoms that were, you know, for for 48 hours or for even three or four days, you know, being dizzy or being puking. But like I that's what I'm saying. I said, did they know that that would mean in 20 years time you'd have Alzheimer's, though?


That's I don't know. But I certainly would be going. Well, he could break his leg and there's a good chance he'll have arthritis or, you know, chronic pain. Surely if you've a brain injury, how could we not be smart enough back then to realise it's not that long ago, twenty years ago, to realise that, yeah, you're doing this damage to your brain. That's brain damage, you know?


So, look, long story short, I don't know. I'm not it's not like I'm going to live the rest of my life every day going my getting stupid. I know, because I'm naturally going to be a bit stupid anyway. But it's it's terrifying.


It really is. Yeah. I feel so bad for I like my heart breaks for those guys. It's, it's dark, really dark. And I, and I don't feel it's it's a slant on the game now. I think we're looking after it. It's, it's just it is what it is. It's Yeah. But if, if even like had in the ball like I mean some latza we're talking there on Friday night, about eight different types of industries are different, you know, hobbies or like people are moshpit.


You know, I know they could potentially be doing damage like the ever done like.


Oh yeah, 100 percent. Yeah. But that's not even I think. Yeah, but if that's actually been proven then it doesn't take it doesn't take much. Any kind of collision innocuous enough in rugby, which does threaten the sport then and does and if that's the case, if you can give yourself like long term symptoms and issues, serious ones with being in a mosh pit, then there is massive issues with rugby and regardless of what they do.


So that concerns me, though, because rugby, like you and I, rugby rugby nerds, like we love the game and we love everything the game's given us and the opportunities.


And I would be so, so gutted if Jack Mallea Kitty didn't have those opportunities, you know, for the friendships and the crack and the travelling and the meeting, different people and having great experiences and just the development of your personality, like rugby is just so good in so many areas. And if if if rugby did suffer in the long term, it would be so godding not to have that influence in my kids lives. Yeah, I agree completely, I if you put me back to two weeks after the All Blacks match and I was feeling fine, like would be OK, don't play, of course, 100 percent.


I'm going to go out and play. I it's it's not something you think of the consequences down the line, but, uh. For my kids, I would let them play the game because it's it has changed and it is better and I do see the massive benefits that they come from it. So I hope. You know, whatever the lawsuits that come out of it and stuff, I it's going to be an interesting time to see what happens.


The actual structure of the I don't know what more they can do to protect it, but then, like the other side of it is the players now would like to. Would you be still encouraging players to go out? And if you were a coach, knowing these things to go, I would be as still as hard and as that's the that that's the other thing that is framed by this time. Now, when all this stuff comes out, when you're when you're watching the game tonight and and I be, you know, coach and young Phil now and I'm telling them to run hard and stuff.


And because of this time that's happening now, I'm a little bit like, fuck. Why am I telling these lies to Ron Howard when? You know, but at the same time, they could be in a mosh pit and having the crack and, you know, to and if I was 18 and some fellow was going, I don't think I should be talking to your representative for government. I haven't had a concussion or I'm OK. I'm fine.


And then what if I do have one, then you pull me out. And so, yeah, look, it's as I said, it kind of is what it is. I don't think it's going to finish the game. I'd like to be there for your team talking about time anyway. Fuck off, lads, fuck off.


Anyway, I was a bit of a rabbit hole, but it was so that's important.


I didn't actually I totally forgot. I obviously remember you got knocked out against the All Blacks, but I didn't I didn't realise you'd had so many. Yeah, it's frightening enough. It is, yeah, it is, and again. I'm not going to think about it all the time, but it's. It's inevitable like this, you know, you're going to get older, you're going to. My grandfather died of Alzheimer's like, so it's it's, ah, had is when he died, obviously, I don't know if you die of I suppose my aunt died of dementia last week, like two weeks ago, 69.


And that was horrific. Horrific. And it's genetic, obviously. So you'll always have that worry. Was the added pressure of being early onset in your 40s for it to happen? Is fucking. Yeah. But anyway. Sorry about that, no lights have gone deep. Let's let's take a break there. I'm back with our. Dave loves his sleep, not that he's getting much, but because of energy, we power all the street lights in Ireland.


We're the power behind Dave's latest night drive that's helping that Lamey nod off. Finally, and because we also power Dave's home, we're the power behind the warm welcome from his electric blanket.


When he gets back, if he gets back, energy it the power behind your power.


OK, welcome back to Part three. And to celebrate the positivity a club can bring to its community. We have teamed up with Energy, who are the power behind Irish Rugby Leinster and the energy on our league to bring you the four power provinces of Ireland.


So each week we're going to put an Irish club under the spotlight to show the positive energy a club can bring to the community and all of its members.


This week, we are delighted to see that we're focusing on railway, rugby, football club. And to do so, we are joined by club Captain Newburn. How are you?


Hi, thank you so much for having me. You're very welcome. Thank goodness you're very well. I thought you were about to say I am a pothole.


Well, you'll be the judge of the judge of that success.


E are the current er champions. We hold the trophy from 2019 because obviously this year's competition was cancelled. So you delighted to be kind of holding on to it for a little bit longer. Yeah, now we are really delighted. We obviously would have loved to have played last year, I think we got to the semifinal stage before and obviously everything changed the covid. But it's going and we're looking forward to getting back out on the pitch and hopefully giving it another go.


OK, well, tell us, what's the what winning and being champions, because you've done it a lot. What has that done to your club? Are you still good crack? You're not going to series? No, I hope. Oh, God, I don't know about that.


No, we are we definitely take ourselves quite seriously on the pitch. But I do think during the summer and sevens and off the pitch, we do a bit of fun, or at least I think we do. What are you sure now?


Go on. Hit us with what UBS will decide. Oh, gosh.


OK, well, good fun story. So I guess when we we play sevens a good bit in the summer, so the club sevens and whatnot and we tend to get a novelty check as a prize. So you get obviously prize money, but for a picture you get a big Bank of Ireland. Huge cheque.


Happy Gilmore. That's exactly what I think. If first a car full of happy, you have to do it.


Yeah, I tell you, we have more fun with that cheque than we ever do with any prize money because we like to kind of play around with it. And so we've had like the player the tournament. We're telling her it's tradition to go and stand on the forty four with just the check, you know, standing nice and proud naked spanger Martin.


Yep. Pretty much.


Or else we we've sent people into the bank to try and lodge the massive thing, try to squeeze it under like the cashier to ask you the wee wee things slips.


But I know. And they wouldn't accept it. Oh so you actually got, you got someone that actually thought I was one step. Erm Yeah.


Got I'd be shot.


Yeah. So I do think we've a bit of fun but we do take ourselves quite seriously when we're on the pitch. Yeah.


Give loads of internationals. Right. Honey, you're pretty stocked when it comes to that's, that's. Yeah.


No I think we've got a few sevens internationals and fifteens obviously are coming up through the ranks so it's really good. It is great. You get to train alongside them, play with them. So you do learn and I think it's a great experience for everyone. So we do also like to kind of make a big deal out of them when they get their first cup and things, because it is it is nice and it's great to celebrate their achievements. So, you know, we might run like boozy brunches and party bosses from like Sandy mount up to donnybrooks.


It's a a three minute party both.


And more recently, one of my good friends got her first fifteens cup after years on the Seventh Circuit. So we showed up with face masks of her face in the full case, standing there ready to go for when she came on. So mortifying stuff.


But you are a part of that was partly the I don't know what you're talking about. There is Claire.


Claire Q and I coached her in both. Yeah, she's great, she's class, and she's quite not serious, but she'd be bashful, you'd have absolutely mortified her if I know her well enough, right? Oh, absolutely, yeah.


I did the year with the check thing. The novelty check thing, though, I think that's that's quite Pengelley. That's last part a more Pengelley. If you were going to go, what was your ratio of penguin to pot will be like. We think in round 60 40 is about the right kind of level. Would you be would you be somewhere similar? Yeah, I'll take it. Oh, so you're on board, you're one of us. Well, I love the idea of the party boss.


Two to three minute priority was to watch your internationals play.


That's how else would we get people there? No, that's like the perfect. I could never see any of my fellow inmates doing that for me anyway. I just never make the game.


But what for Reweave?


What's the story with the lads? Because we never hear anything about the lads in the club. It's never a place I played. Where what division then. Oh goodness.


I'd better give them a good shout out. So. So they play in Leinster 2B. So there's three men's teams in right away and really I think we're all one big club. We tend to train together if we can obviously before covid and what nice. And there'd be great support on both sides for each other. So it is the club you would train against each other.


Senior senior team.


Yeah. So now actually taking us back to the final, I think once we won the semi-final, we kind of became a club effort to get us over that final hurdle. So for the two weeks leading up to it, we had our men and our women seconds down like live scrumming against us, running against us. And it was really a big for their first. And I think there were a few tears in the stands at that final whistle went from a few of the lads glass really great.


Yeah. Fairplay. Oh look at all hands on deck for stuff like that. I think that's, that's what we're trying to do here. Promote the community effort for each club. Come here. What about covid then. What. He is currently in lockdown. You you're not back playing. Obviously there's no energy matches going on at the moment. So how are you keeping ourselves busy?


Oh gosh, we do an awful lot. We're very active and keep yourself busy. So I think we've done yoga sessions and cooking cook along demos with different kind of nutritionists and everything. And then I guess more recently, we have about 20 of us have signed up to do twenty dips in December. So it's players from our men's team, women's team coaches the exact committee who go and deep into the forty folks every day for twenty days in December. So we've become the dry robers that everybody.


Well, I don't know what Hayton but that's that's how cold is it. No longer than us.


It's fresh. It's good that we did, we did maybe twenty minutes today. A few of us did. So you try, you do anything from a tea bag dip to. So as long as you can.


Twenty days a week. Twenty days in December. Yes. You don't have to train or anything like that.


We have kind of an early morning group who might go like six forty five and then others go after training. But I mean it's dark either way after training at night.




It's kind of we're a committed bunch I think for that we also on Saturdays we do like mulled wine maybe on the sides. OK, that's perfect. Daytime dip. Yeah.


Yeah. So that's kind of how we're keeping busy at the moment. We're just back training actually last week in our pod.


So you're hoping this January, February time potentially of fingers crossed, just a game at this point.


What position you live? I'm centre wing, depending on the day which you prefer.


Like the center put it, honestly, happy with anything, happy to be out there and when the when the internationals come back and so forth, that you're you're still captain to term it.


And yeah, I do like that's a good experience for you as balls boss and for of the internationals around the place.


Yeah, no, it is good.


And I do think you learn a lot from everyone that's down there. Be that an international or a new girl. I think, you know, it's definitely a big learning curve, but it was. It's good.


Yeah. Fair play. All righty. What you think Tranby. Yeah. Great stuff. I think you're right up there. We've we've got a nice array actually of of clubs we've chatted to over the last few weeks. So nice to nice to get that kind of community feel and get the lads support and the girls and the girls supporting the fellows.


And that's what we're trying to get to the bottom of. So great stuff. That's great to hear from you. Great to find out a little bit about Reweigh.


Yeah, brillant. Great.


Thanks for having me, guys. No worries. All the best to everyone and railway and yeah, hopefully we'll see you back on the pitch sooner or later and say hello to Claire as well for me.


We'll do, thank you later. Thanks, Dave. I. I feel like I want to get in the water now after talking to Nieve there, I feel it's it's it's that it's so hard to do, but oh, you got in this morning.


I got in this morning. And I literally thought my brain was it was a it's not a soft power to the back of your head. I did a couple of like dives into it because everyone talks.


Is the fact that part of it.


Yeah. Oh my God. I oh believe I haven't.


I've been swimming in two months now. It went down in Spanish Point. Yasunobu also below. Uh oh. So dramatic. Great times. Chase played tunes play by play incubates with a lot of people for its lyrics and then right into the sea fresen.


Yeah, but like when Jack describes it in Titanic, when he said water that cold, it's like a thousand knives stabbing you all over your body in less of a redneck all over your body.


Yeah, but even with the am I right, Rose? But he say rose drugs, tea bag and Dami.


I believe that's cold. That's what that's what we've called it. A motherfucking road you motherfucker. Was it king of the world. You murdered the king of the road. I mean the world, whatever.


Uh, you know, bug bogalusa me. Big deal with you. It's Eddie Murphy or the like.


Uh, yeah. Let's not let's not give any credit to to pangas this week because I felt like ninety percent of the activity in the Facebook group was abusing me.


I know this is there's something going on here and there turning on your, uh, career.


But you only like people you like.


They don't need your clothes, your silliness, your wet wetness. Um, just generally, like in your long arms, your lack of cursing.


Uh, did I guess like for not cursing. Yeah. Yeah.


You did a lot of cursing today and on this episode in your face. Mm hmm. I face so on.


I encourage it anymore.


He's an easy target but you just keep throwing them at him. That's great. Yeah.


So although we did that, we had a milestone this week. Two thousand members in the Facebook group. I'm counting, we're flying.


We're going to have a Christmas party to celebrate and not be Podhorzer invited just and I make it well, hopefully we're going to our Christmas party.


I think the dates are changing around here. It's all up in the air because things are back to normal.


And you to know I have a life so so we can things get in the way I booked into in hotel.


Right, Sargon? Yeah, it wasn't because things had to change a point. And then we were supposed to go up to up to Fort Stewart. And then that reminded me. I had a conversation with that with honor today because we used to go to pasture all the time. We're actually selling our flat.


They're moving. We're not moving. We're just because we don't get up enough. And before we kids, we were up every weekend, every single weekend. And the reason why I remember we were up so regularly is because there's four pictures in the tunnel at King's Barn and Rory best RAMPINO Tommy, Bo and me and Greg Gilroy used to do this is like Rory Best Cup and the Lions most successful Irish captain of all time.


Pienaar, one of the best scrumhalf in the world, won a World Cup in South Africa. Tommy Boo scuzz scores when it's in the Grand Slam. Two thousand nine hundred years to go to port. Sure, every weekend.


Very good. He's got to focus his made back in the mix as well on Friday there.


It's good to see him come back on. Yeah. What was going to say. Yeah, we're going to rent a hotel room, not an entire hotel.


I was thinking, like you remember on the weekly Pottawatomie, you were talking about how the crack used to always happen when the lights would go off and they go think and then you'd lie in bed and to be just absolute shy, talk for like three or four hours. I was thinking we should we should go to a hotel room, all get the same room and do in the dark.


I can't say it's a great site and the beds tell stories. That's a great idea. Let's do that. Let's do that for sure next week to our Christmas party.


That's a members thing. Again, I think if we're going to get weird, I think. Needs to be people who like us and enjoy us and their. The ones who pay over, I think that they're the ones who would appreciate that. Yeah, OK, we'll keep that in The Patriot. Thanks for all those Patriot subscribers. Makes the world a difference. Oh, you've been so kind. Lovely. Yeah.


A Penguin of the week this week is going to own Nocturne because we forgot to acknowledge that he set up the No of the Movember group and made some amount of money. And well done. And thank you for that. And you're just a constant source of. Correspondents on all our stories. I don't know if you're going to go really positive or negative, different correspondents in the middle of the middle of the road. You know, you're a constant source of great help for my dodgeballs, even though I haven't got out of it.




And he's created the Facebook stuff, as I say. But, yeah, anybody else who can help Barry with his ailments would be great. Actually, we said we're going to advertise our ailments and we should be sort of is.


Yeah. Um, my, uh, concussion issues.


My occasional nosebleeds. Yes. Yes. I don't know how to work my Fitbit. Where's the test the tenth time.


Um, well, I don't I'm so. Yes, everything. Most things I've maybe there could be another extra thing I could do.


I did once I enjoyed my big night.


Put up that, uh, vintage Guinness had more Mickey Fassbinder.


Yes, I remember. I didn't I didn't realize obviously I didn't realize that was we were under at the time because it wasn't Michael Fassbender or he wasn't who he is.


We are not were on tour in Australia back in 2013 and Germany back then. We weren't very glamorous. We used to sleep on people's couches when we'd go on tour and give people tickets or gigs if we could sleep in their coaches. And we were asleep on a couch in a living room while trying to sleep. And it's six o'clock in the morning and the sun was coming in the windows. I'm not even gonna fucking sleep here. So I was just lying on the couch and Jeremy was half asleep next to me and I went, Oh.


I was thinking about that, I know it was Michael Fassbender, I mean, you were like, whoa, closer to what it is that you're like, what are you talking about here when your man walks across road?


And that was Michael Fassbender. And it was a way to get someone up out of bed who had Internet because we couldn't have we didn't have Internet on our phones to look it up. There you go.


That's that's where it all started from. Great at.


Oh, was brilliant, wasn't it? And then Christopher Hadir. And he died at that stage. No, I think he had the idea.


And then although I didn't know, I kind of came across that song from the advert, but then from the friends, the frames covered it. Yeah, they're big pals of his I think back in the day. Right. Mm. Yeah. Some tune. Yeah. Good man. MacNeice, your soul man never stopped a hundred miles an hour.


What do we get up. We were going to ask him to do something for us Saturday when me we wanted him doing that.


We wanted to get a bit of work out of him didn't we. Yeah. Make some cartoons. Yeah I. What was the. We started employing our penguins. Yeah. All right guys. Have a fabulous week. That's been great. Sorry. So long. Pause Tour lockers start to talk about getting closer to Christmas kind of ways I like and I'm like in this year that Christmas. There's not a huge amount of people around Christmas is there. You know, normally it's like it's called mind.


We're all going head towards it, whereas this time we're not kind of just eased into it.


OK, see you next week. Look, look, see if anybody on Partyin.