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Potholes and penguins with Barry and Tranby.


Hello, and you're very welcome to the potholes and penguin Christmas boner cracker, this is five minutes that we're going to make available across all platforms, but then we have an hour long bonanza that you can listen to or watch over on our Patreon.


So it's yeah, it was we've pre-recorded this. It was very, very, very good crack. I enjoyed that, lads.


But there's five minutes we're going to give.


Will not be any crack, just as much crack because we're going to give our awards are very lucrative, are very highly regarded.


Lovely, lovely awards.


Red hot. Welcome to Department of Penguins awards ceremony of the year. The first category is going to be LED's Haircut of the Year, hair cost of the rugby haircut of the year. We'll be here craftier. Yeah, I'm like not talking.


Madonna or someone named Morrigan Clooney, they're always in the mix every year. Yeah, always like they're never going to win.


Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Well, they they've they've gone with the fade for the last few years, as have the majority of I would have scrumhalf sort of gone with that tie. Murray Sexton Fade Madigan has come a little bit very tight with quite a bit almost like a piggy.


Blinder's ask one on top which. It's pretty cool, but he was quite scruffy and go away at the weekend, probably hasn't been able to get a haircut. Exactly.


Yeah, but that didn't stop him first time around. I think he was cheating the first time.


This time around, I think he's played by the rules or he or maybe like he's kind of discovered that his rule is like maybe maybe he's discovered that's his rule, the go to go away and to grind out a win.


And I think that's like just being a bit more scruffy and a little bit less show biz kind of suits that brand to nice to Maryland lewdly percent.


Like some days you need to pull the socks down like. Yes, yeah.


Pulled the socks down and let let the back go unwieldly. Well, well don't worry about us OK.


But I think the Mollis is coming back in such strength that it has to be acknowledged as the so many of them out there as well, even like Craig Casey has got the more subtle Mollas kind of going on.


But then you've who has proper redneck Mollis?


He's got a greasy, quite a greasy mullet.


Yeah, Reese, Marshall, similar greasy Mollis, so that you've got the Mollas, which needs to be acknowledged, then you've got just the the let it all let it grow, let it grow.


Let it grow.


Ben Healy, he's just like I have red hair deal with us growing this year or what's the Kevin O'Byrne from monsters. Just like a mushroom. He looks like Ireland from a hangover.


Does anyone else that Nicole Jati Murphy just let it grow, let it grow beautiful.


Let er fabulous looking men. Jacob, earlier on the season had the the long kind of slicked back like the Mad Men. Yes. I mean, look, now we went for more of a. Mexican gang member s.A homes like you stiches Holmes, which I like, I like this, I like the shaved head. I think I'm going to go to molest maybe Johnny O'Connors, Johnny Murphy, Johnny Mercer, Johnny Murphy from Connacht. He's got the bleach.


Went all out like to me. Yeah. And got some camera time. That first game and the vividness didn't get yellow carded, like pretty quickly after him on, you know, when watching the All Blacks game the other day.


Who you American again.


So was it severe? Severe.


Yeah, he had a he had an underclass like upper 90s.


Shaved underneath, he's got a baby face, really, like shaved faced shaved face and an underclass, which is I thought was very cool.


I love to see someone bring that. He seems to be the only one that really went for the underclass. The model to back the underclass should come back. So any rogue players out there listening if the 20, 20 was the modest 20, 21, bring back the undercoat. Love it. All right, next one is Soundcard of the year, so many. So many sanctions in there. I talked to David Wirelesses, the sound this country are very silent.


David Humphreys as well. Yeah.


Yeah, I is. He is just he is in a world of his own by Humphries was lovely, yes, soul sound and the friend looks like the friendliest man alive.


He sounds yeah, he comes across like he's like he's just like that. He looks old, to be fair. He looks like that just like granddad that everybody just wants to keep happy and please. He's just.




Oh I imagine him like going up and doing tricks with his players, like pulling money out from their ear and stuff and saying what is your know, team dog. He just has them all around and he's like, oh God, where's your nose gun? You got your wallet wallet, inspector. That's not a wallet, inspector.


Uh, but to be fair, I want this one to go to Jim Hamilton because I loved him. Hamilton and the two reasons he is he I don't know. But he sounds he comes across like a sound Seebohm and the gas fucker. But he also has to deal with the next category.


OK, is goal of the year. Yeah. And as I point out, a Facebook group last night called the is going to and good cause that he came out with some just outrageous stuff for Brexit that just some people might be happy.


Brexit, which is fine. I don't need to listen to that may not directly affect me, but I just think his his reasoning for it is just really obnoxious and the reason for wanting Brexit. And he just comes across like a mean bit of a go. You really mean.


Yeah, yeah, he was due to drew my attention to the tweet, perfidious Albion, this does you know what they are? I don't know. He was lumping us all in together.


The English, the Irish, the Scottish, the Welsh were all the same. We were all Europeans, just like us.


Basically. I was like, what the fuck? Don't be speaking from a weirdo.


And someone had to point out from underneath that basically said that, you know, we all all Europeans think that US English are assholes.


Well, that's fine, sir. Well, hang on a second. You're who are all these 27 other countries, you know, stereotyping every European as being the same? We all think the English are assholes. It was just absolutely bananas like you, drunk or high or what's wrong with you. But then to compliment Jim Hamilton underneath tweeted his response on, is this a riddle?


It's absolutely genius.


Next up, your, uh, your empty stadium player of the year. Let's say there's only one man for this category. Bundakji bringing energy and enthusiasm and creating his own atmosphere, creating his own atmosphere is the line.


Hmm. Yeah. Done that regularly throughout the season. Yeah. Mm hmm. Well done. Good man. OK, here's this one.


The super spreader of the year LEDs are also what club gave the most other clubs? covid Saracen's Glam Saracen's for everything.


Who do they give cover to?


I think and everyone they probably gave to the Chinese in the first place. They gave cauterising today. Don't cancel Ostrer.


Only have a go for Saracen's. They're going to blame forever. Then it just spread covid and then get relegated. They're like, not our problem.


A great year to be in the Championship Ladds TV show of the year. What was your favorite? Oh, uh, normal people. Sexy. Yeah, very good. Great show, wasn't it, stop love, this was was very memorable.


Yeah, I like that. Like the undoing as well. The Hugh Grant. Oh yeah. I haven't gotten to the end of that. Yeah, I like that. And actually I'm watching the boys at the minute so I'm good.


Very good. Yeah. But yeah, normal people call great and finally, larger film of the year film after you haven't watched many films. Christopher Nolan's two films, tennis and nineteen seventeen. Oh, he didn't do 1917 was not Salamander's or was, wasn't it. Was he right? Yeah, apologies, I did like tennis very out there, need to watch it again.


It confused me more than Andy Good's tweet tennis.


I just didn't know whether it was coming or going maybe to read Andy Tweed's 22 excuse me, Andy three backwards and it makes more sense.


I put 1917 watching that in the cinema, which seems like such a distant memory. Was that this year for Kono's?


I think it was I think it was the last might have been the last movie I saw before getting locked on.


So good or incredible that wins.


For me, that's it.


There are awards for the rest of this shows crack head over to our PATCHIN page and you'll hear an hour long of hours just summing up our year and looking forward to next year. Party on Fox are really I think that was there was a full.