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Potholes and penguins with Barry and Driveby. Hello, and you're very welcome to potholes and penguins. A brand new show coming to you weekly. We are your hosts, Barry and Trimbole. We're very, very excited for what's coming up over the coming 12 months of rugby and just general crack in each other's lives. We've been so grateful to all of you for listening to us over the last couple of years. And we we really can't wait for you to join us on this journey.


We love our penguins very dearly. That's why we named our show after you. To be honest, Trimbole, if you got a call to action penguins.


Oh, is that what you had in mind? Yeah, we've been long term residents in the penguin enclosure at Joe for a couple of years now. We've met some very talented marine life and we've had a good time. We had the same routine for a while and it was fun. They throw us bone prepared already dead fish into the water. We dive in, swallow it whole and keep the crowd entertained in the process.


We had some good times, but it's it's not the real world. I want to be a real penguin. I want to be an independent penguin, producing independent content, starting my own two webbed feet. We belong at the South Pole by, well, the Carlton Hotel at the airport.


For now. We want to catch our own fish. It's going to take a bit of getting used to. We're in the process of on domesticating ourselves. Barry choked on a fish bone the other day and I still have to hold my nose eating oysters. Over the course of the last two seasons, we've been using our face mix to dig away out of the enclosure a Joe discarding daily doses of shrapnel in the jaw cushions on the sofa. We disguised our escape tunnel with a poster of Will Addison wearing a bikini.


And now we're here launching our new show, Potholes and Penguins.


Ha ha. Well, if that doesn't raise your feathers to pet penguins of feathers, we don't know anything about penguins then. I did. Oh, my name is Barry Murphy. So Will Addison is our Raquel Welch or that she's the barge that was on the original poster in Shawshank Redemption.


He's like her, but much sexier, way sexier. Grace, if I'm with him on. With you totally like, I think penguins, they've been so loyal to us and so amazing over the last few years, they're going to be an integral part of the show. We require so much input and output from our penguins. So well said. It's not just it's not just the podcast, but we've got such high hopes for this. It's, uh, it's a movement travelling circus.


Yes. Yeah. It's, uh, it's, um. It's a secret society.


Uh, I'm thinking like in ten years time, if we go on the trajectory that we expect to go on, it's going to be like.


Bigger than Scientology or Mormonism or a group called very like if you know someone, Catholics, Freemasons.


Yes. So we've got a secret. Yeah. Yes or no.


And we could potentially be getting you know, if people are part of our club, they could be getting the job or the promotion. They make the payment, the right penguin sound. Yeah. Start getting people to get penguin tattoos. That's when you know you've made it. When someone gets a penguin tattoo. Yeah. With our faces. Yeah. The penguin tattoo is only marginally stupider than the third team.


Well, maybe I'll get one of them as well. We should also have memorabilia for four penguins. We should have caps. But like, you know, the way like international caps, you know, like you'll be like the one thousand five hundred and sixty of Irish cap. We should have penguins like you could be the one hundred twenty to twenty second thousandth getting carried away with the membership. So it's doable. Yeah. And we don't want anything. We don't want your money like the Catholic Church.


No. We would take your money as well. Yeah, I believe it.


I'm with you man. So we're ground zero. We're penguins one and two. Yeah, we're Father Abraham and whoever has issues that led them to have.


Now, let's be a Protestant Jew is a Jewish joke. A few and far between.


Yeah. So join us and the rebellion of us.


Um, let's introduce the Army or our producer of the show, um, producer, electrician, uh, engineer extraordinaire, Mr. Dermot Sheedy from the Better County. Derman, I have crossed paths. I reckon Termini in another sapers parallel universe with will have married each other sisters just just so we can hang out together on Christmas Day, which was always our plan when we first became friends. This very sort of sisters meant, uh, so we our lives have been intertwined since the first day he joined Hermitage Green.


And here we are, term you, Felix. I did. Yeah. Um, I was lucky enough, uh, to hop in to Felix's bed when he was away playing rugby. Yeah. And I was only about a young, long haired boy with no facial hair.


Look look at him now.


So, Felix, since then, um, you've directed Felix like Butterfly Effect. You've directed him back towards rugby. Now he's a World Cup winner. Yeah. In a way. Like you need to take some credit for that. Yeah, totally. Yeah. Um, yeah, I kind of I lie in bed sometimes and I channel voodoo through the bar on into Felix's hand and then it goes up into his brain and Hamas wins all these mad rugby plans and strategies.


And he says he wakes up in the morning and he's just follow this mad strategy and he plays it whatever South African team comes into his way. I think that's what happened with Paul McCartney when he wrote yesterday. So from, you know, Jeremy Boron, uh, again, Oleron, Bowron, less, no less Irish to a new face falling off.


It's a Brit or the British born. Sorry, but I will.


Jeremy, it's wonderful to have you on board. Um, you're going to be the making of this, I'd say. Thank you. Let's fuck. And you know what you do. And we haven't a clue exactly what I'm doing either.


Well, look, everyone, um, this is our day one. This is the first day of the new world for Barry and Jeremy. We're delighted we're so bothered about what's going to come in the future. Irish rugby is kicking back off this weekend. World rugby has been kicked out over the last few weeks. We're going to dive into that. We're going to look forward to the eight weeks of rugby we have coming up and then the six nations and whatever that weird competition is.


After that, we're going to talk about all our favourite films, our favourite music and everything else that's going on in the world generally like we normally do. I'm very excited by feels like we've just been cast asunder and we're just surviving by ourselves. And we're going to get some decent guests as well. Um, remind me, who do we have last season have a lot to live up to? Yeah, um, we had World Cup winners, Victor Matfield, John de Villiers.


I think we should from now. We should only have World Cup winners. Felix Jones, um, we just go through all the South Africans.


Uh, Mike Brown won the World Cup. No, we had him on their. We've had Simon Zebo, Finn Rossow, Drew Metcher, Lords, lads and girls, and have you got anyone you'd like to get on the coming season? Yes. Jamie Dornan, sexy dad from Belfast.


He would be offended for that description, which I did talk to the sexy lad. Yeah, I went for a swim yesterday morning back in West ClearOne from Clare.


And I was back there was like 300 people swimming in the sea by this point. They do it every Sunday morning. It's a melting. So we're all tied into water, loads of families and having a great time. And I'm kind of coming out of the water with my family. We're having a lovely time. Isn't this great? And then I see this man in a silk paisley dressing gown walking down the ramp and there's a photographer with him.


But then there's like these ten minions, they're kind of they look like they're local boys. And I was kind of thinking to myself, they're Quilty boys, Quilty boys. Er I kind of the thing referred to as clear as the ball boys. So they're kinda they're from West Clear. The only Quilty boy I actually know was Marty Marty. He's a quality boy and they're always those kind of ball boys that ball boys.


Give me more, give me more on what the boys are, what they're the kind of thing you refer to if you owned a bar or a nightclub or something in West, clear or not clear, you kind of keep the quality boys out because the quality plays cars has so to be able to fight fighting and stuff, but then the be always cotton silage and had to be.


I was driving all this, but they might be doing a small bit of driving around town and just being bowled.


So, so, so anyway it wasn't like well I don't know what he's going through in his next movie. I'd like the sexy lad from Grey's Anatomy or whatever. That was great. Fifty Shades of Grey, Grey's Anatomy.


He was the murder in the fall and now we could be the quality boy and I'd be just good quality boys. Or maybe we just wrote his next film. Yeah, just there is no smoke and fags. There has to be something. What's the what's the Crock's here. He's always he's either an absolute sex maniac or he's a murderer. We need a quality boy to be. It is balanced. Use your. Come on Daphne. Everybody needs this hour film I'm talking about now.


We've got to pitch him. He needs something. What is age old boy to know?


Um, quality boys are always very mysterious. No one ever actually really knows one, and they always kind of come in packs as well.


Um, Aryan's I think they're knockers and they're not alien knackers. Right? Sure they're not. But he was walking down any of the slipway with adoring this gorgeous peasant dress and girl.


And I was kind of wearing it. And it was a lot of these lads, you know, the kind of the road where you left, right, left, right. And just gorgeous, very like a penguin, their old penguin and down. And he was doing this beautiful Strus, you know, when you're wearing the clothes that just make you strut. So he struck something across the rocks.


Remember, we met we met James Franco, James Franco, James Franco. I think he recently got metered power. Yeah, no, I know. He got me to we met him. We were at the Cannes Film Festival years ago playing a few gigs. And we were walking down the street and someone said to me, this lad we were with, his wife said, Who do you love to meet now? Famous person. I was like, James Franco.


He's fucking cool.


And two minutes later, he just walks past tense, James Franco.


And he had this weird walk with his hands straight and saw it. And he was just like doing high knees. And I wasn't he he looked like a man fucker. Did you go after and ask him for a photo?


No. See, I was confused because I was going to come let me walk out of the water.


And my auntie said, is that Jimmy turning over there? To be honest, I actually wasn't sure that Jamie Dornan was all, uh.


It was well, it was just a fella and still dressing like some quality, probably people said was Jamie Darling and there was a photographer. Isn't it mad like you can create any sort of scene? Yeah.


And yeah, we've now got Jamie Doran and potentially James Franco, who would be wanting work because he's so fucked from his meeting. Yeah. That he can the two of them can star in a new film called Boys Dolan's.


Darren follows rugby as well. Yeah. Yeah. You went to see you guys. No, you probably do, don't you. Yeah.


Have you know. And OK, so he's our first.


Yeah. And also I mentioned it like talking about celebrities with poorer walks.


He was a great walk out. Dornan or Franco. Yes. Sorry. Because doorman. The doorman. Dornan was on the John Ross and they did a whole piece on his walk and how he had to learn to walk because he kind of walked on his toes and he didn't.


Wow. So he didn't want to be in him.


So he had to, like, kind of teach himself to walk properly, heel toe. And he did like a demo on the show. Well, has he got like a pigeon walk?


That's Andre Agassi have like a pigeon walk for some reason. Yeah. I wonder, is it celebrities are maybe slightly more self-conscious. They're very aware. Interesting. So they develop shit walks. Yes. Because they feel like everyone's looking at them. Yeah. From a young age, they're so self obsessed because I think everyone's looking at them.


That's why they become adults and they become like to be when they're older, they become actors, adult actors. They don't just stay children, actors. Yeah, I think we've just solved the theory. Yeah.


So, um, so, uh, next up, uh, Lady Gaga, we wanted her last year. We didn't get her Lady Gaga. She wouldn't be holiday in West Claire, would she.


And you'd spot her. You notice her. Yeah.


Dressed up as a lobster or something. Someone fucking catches her boils or boiled lobster.


Did we hear the river here? A lobster went over its board. You hear it scream? Yeah. That yes. We were at a seafood place that weekend there and they brought out this lobster to show the kids massive big lobster, enormous. And, uh, and he's talking us through it. And then. And then.


Oh, lovely, cute story in front of the kid. And then I said, yeah. And then it screams, doesn't that one you boil it and your mind goes, no, that's a myth. Never happened.


So anyway, he says only your children can hear. Yeah.


Kurt Russell. Oh great. There's a great story about him, about Limerick isn't there to tell a story where this science perhaps this isn't it isn't.


No O'Connell and played golf with Kurt Russell and Bill Murray at some pro-am thing recently, a couple of years ago. And I was like, oh, my God, too. Definitely. Bill Murray, one of my favorite. I love Kurt Russell as well. So he's playing golf. And Carosa said, Where are you from? And he said, I'm from Limerick. And O'Connell had said that there was this story that was going around your Munster's back in the day where they used to slag one of the lads because his his mother used to go out with Kurt Russell.


And there was just a bit of a joke. It was really acknowledged that I think he came in, he was quite young and he just said, yeah, whatever.


And then he said, Limerick, I met the love of my life and I called his son was there. I remember the song. I think he was in an episode of Black Mirror the computer game. OK, he's an actor as well.


He called him over.


He goes, this guy's really remember I was telling you about I can't remember name like mom more bride know because his mom was Dolly, wasn't it? Not Dolly Parton. It's his mom's name. Ah, fuck.


He's in all that's you know, maybe we could remember his name. Oh. What's her name. Goldie Hawn.


Uh, that's, that's Carlson's wife and that's obviously his son's murder and. Yeah. So he might come on the show the last Paulie for his they put him down I say will file them away under a cert. Yeah. Um or Goldie Hawn. Yeah. Sam we're stretching here Sam from Hollywood to get a lot more realistic.


SAM Oh the baby. Sam Yeah. Yeah. Sam on his baby penguin the week from last year, two time penguin week and baby girl, uh, beautiful can remember Annie, but gosh, that thing. Congratulations, Sam Lloyd, another member of the Penguin family. Yeah, we've got a lot of work for penguins this year. This because that's what we named as penguin paddles and penguins. Got a lot of work for bottles. Yeah, we want some serious input from the penguins.


We'll call on you later on. I think we're going to come up with something at the end. Call to action task task. Yeah. Um, well, Addison. Oh, for us, that's unrealistic. He's injured at the moment. Maybe we could get him on because he's injured. I think I think we're more likely to get Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Yeah, sort of the two of them.


Right. Coming up on the show today, we want to look back at their rugby at Colorado.


We want to have a chat about the Gallaher premiership, which just kicked off last weekend. I want to talk about the Ireland games and the pro. Fourteen games kicking off this weekend, including Lance V Monster and also Vukotic, live from the Aviva Stadium on Saturday and Sunday. We also want to talk about just general rugby goings on as the women and men's World Cups for twenty twenty seven will be announced this week and. Also, potentially the you know, the thousand thirty World Cup and loads more crack, so we'll take a quick break back.


That's around. Goldie Hawn, just to go back to her, I was obsessed with her when I was younger. Way too young to be obsessed. No, no offense, Corleone, because she's she's way too old to be obsessed about those, really. That's what I'm saying, because I would have been maybe not I would have been 10 or 11. And I thought she was absolutely fabulous. She was in her eyes, like I played a description of what you did giving her at the time.


Yeah, I thought she is she's actually aged so well, man. She is one gorgeous, beautiful woman, great actress, loved her shows back in the day. She would have been up.


So I know you. A big thing about Pink Power injured the Pink Ranger. I think I might have printed Goldie Hawn off at the same time. A picture of Goldie Hawn. The same time I printed out the pink power in two worlds collided. And Pamela Anderson, not that there's there was there was so many Pamela Anderson going around. You didn't need to print it off. You just stumbled across her. You had some magazine ads, magazines with Pamela.


Uh, what's her name? Geri Halliwell. Oh, she's that's. Yeah. And then Dennis Rodman's girlfriend, Carmen Electra. But she was a been an all the time. Sort of had her on the wall. Yeah. Yeah.


Loads of that crack. Yeah. My brother was more that room I think tore that room in the house that was like stuff in the wall.


I like walking into a sexual growth hospital record store.


It was magazines, DVD, fucking DVD with secret DVD and side video tapes like Oh to the Age, some shitty tape player and generous smell of Moscow. You know, smelly room. Yeah, dude, one of them to new your sister, one of those rooms. And I just had pictures of Sam and Sam and Gagan. Yeah. In a bikini.


There it is. I have it in my head. Yeah. No, I was that room. I was Aston Villa wallpaper and fucking all that crack. Yeah. Bed sheets. But didn't you say what are you one of your sisters had that smelly smelly room or crusty's because this is their got a crusty sister and your little sister. Yeah.


Yeah it's great. It's both. Yeah. The two worlds collide. What was it like when they were fighting for the bedroom.


Um, to try to come in and just walk out after taking a big shit to turn me to the dressing up in girls clothes. Yeah, it was a disaster.


It's just when they're older they can just fight you a bit and kind of pin it down and cover your make up. And the rest of us assume I was. Exactly. So they were they a good bit older than you? Uh, four years and six years older than me. Almost exactly the same CMO.


Yeah. Yeah. The I got dressed up regularly in ski gear, quite a lot of patience.


And, uh, one of my sisters, the cheerleader, um broke my finger one time. Uh, you gave me a finger. No, she's it's got I don't know what finger it was, but he'll definitely unlike the Gammy finger, it's got one finger, his middle finger, shorter than all the other fingers look at.


Oh, well, that's so strange.


It kind of picked you up. It'll be our first post.


Uh, this is like a counseling session for kids who are abused by their older sisters. Yeah, I've got I think we've got a lot to share here, actually. Um, uh, so clearly your sister Angela, let's call her Angela. Her name is Angela. Uh, we used to do is to do what was what we called phone fights.


And we would kind of we had like a bee routine and then she would just kick the shit out of me. Wasn't fun, but you can't cry because it's fun.


So and then one stage then she pinned me and she's like, smash her knee and my finger broke my finger. We went, uh, my mom then went to the hospital that night. And she was when we came back, um, we found out it was it was broken and she was so sheepish.


She was like really upset that she and then we, um, we told her that she had to go and see a counselor or like, uh, what do you call like a family behavioral therapist.


But that management. Yes. Uh, social services, basically she had to do. An interview called Social Services Better, yeah, it was brilliant, she she got all flustered and panicky.


It was your fault you started it, but my mom didn't it very long, so I was fine.


You lived to tell the tale from your sister's lads? I'm very impressed. Yeah. Take take. Furlong said to me one time they were chatting away a few lads and I wasn't really part of the conversation. They turned to me and he said to me, You had older sisters, did you? I went, Yeah, I know that. He goes, you just seem the type.


There's no way for that to be a compliment.


Yeah. Maybe they they they can manipulate your shame you into just being a little bit more passive or agreeable, maybe potentially to manipulate you mind games. You know, I suppose an older brother who would just really beat the shit out of you. Yeah. Then and then put to stop your crying, put your hand his hand over your mouth to stop you crying and then his hand smells like shit from scratch. And, you know, it's better to not cry because getting the hand on the face would be just horrendous.


Did you have a similar experience? Mine aren't that bad to me. No, it's just the dressing up and the makeup of, um.


One of my earliest memories is actually, uh, having wet hair on my face. And I feel like I just always remember being tortured by wet hair on my face.


That was as if they they pin you down and after they get out of the shower. Absolutely.


Like, talk to me. Waterboard. That's a water boarding of sorts. Oh, that's nothing to do. Just be water.


So if you're ever being intimate with a girl, it's just come out of the shower, which happens and they might be sitting on top of you. Uh, have you ever had a moment? You're like, oh, just points when the phones are in the race is not the kicker in the goolies just to get her off here. And she's like, what if you're like, oh, I just have a real kind of issue with wet hair on my face.


So don't you know. Yeah.


Not the point that points for something similar.


Yeah. Holy crap.


Something Dennis, this is probably a good segment that you could do with people and writing in to see what's the weirdest thing that a sibling as the older sibling.


Yes. Penguin correspondence. That's what we're going to call it. Penguin correspondence. Thirty first to anyone that has a worse thing than that that your sibling has done to you.


Standard quite high if you've been if it's worse than waterboarding or finger breaking.


I was that unless I was particularly cruel to my younger brother, I would. I couldn't. We shared a room like for like fifteen years and I'd go up into bed like and he'd be in bed and I'd get in and I'd be like, all right, I need to get something out of him here to blackmail him with it. So he didn't trust me at all.


So what do you like any any girls in your class, you know, Mom and just, you know, anyone, anyone you could have found. So, you know, so I'd have to win them over. Would play this game of wrestling, guess the wrestler or something like that. I'd go through every wrestler in the backseat loved wrestling, but either go through every name of the alphabet everywhere in the alphabet. Try and guess that a wrestler with that name or a Andre the Giant and he'd get that.


And then I'd be like, oh, I can't get would be whoever has. I'm sure some would be able to come up with Brooklyn Brawler Kokabee where demolition earthquake.


F f f. Anyone that's enough that you're flying. Yeah, played a lot of this, so I'd win them over and I'd let him win and he'd be like, oh, I love wrestling. Would ask my ex-husband and he'd look, anyone in your school you fancy and.


Well, there is one girl, Melanie, so I'd have I'd have recorded the whole thing in this little handheld recorder.


And the next morning we get up for school over there, just press play. And they're like, you're my slave for the day.


Good. Go down to make movies. We're going to play this river. Just what an asshole.


That's torture now. And my back is up. I like pretty bad. Yeah, pretty bad. It's creative. We really play a long game. Yeah I did as creative but what sort of stuff. I forget you took it.


Get Borked you've got out of them. I probably got bored that after a while because I'd be too wary that he could go downstairs to make breakfast but he could spin the breakfast like this. There's ways around, you know, why bother with the toast.


That's it anyway. Roger, I thought of that. You're very good. Yeah, no, I can't.


I got to commit to it or I need to hear someone say before and before I say it's over.


But we're just going to do a quick recap. Yeah, I think we're going to I think in light of Iris, we'll be getting back to some sort of normal this weekend. I think there's a contrast in the atmosphere. And I think we talked about this at the time. The outroar, whenever they returned to getting people back into their stadium, we are covered free.


We are smog. We are in celebration mode. We've defeated this. We're so united as a nation. Yeah. Uh, no, they're destroying their trophies. They're backing off, though.


Yes. Crusader's Scott Robinson came out and made a big heartfelt apology because they destroyed the the trophy. I don't beat you, but I was reading back I was reading the article that I first saw this on and you're reading through it and the bones, the article you're getting there, all the apologies. But all I'm there for is that, you see, what did they do?


What happened? What did they do to Hacker to apologize that did a hacker to the trophy and to the people who made the trophy. Now, I don't know what the significance of the trophy is. I don't I don't really care like a trophy like so. But they did a hack and they made a big apology.


And I understand Fairplay bought what they actually did was they were using the trophy as a doorstop to go in and out of pubs or wherever they go to stick it into the door to keep the door open. Yeah. Which I think is so disrespectful.


It's a disgrace, but hilarious. Yeah. I think they've done more than just the doorstop thing as well. You're reckon that's just. I'd say so. I don't think there's that much room in the doorstop thing. I think what hasn't come out is more shameful. Do you know. No, that's the bit that we were looking for. Yeah. We never got to, but they were very somber, very apologetic.


They're good at it. No, no. You're saying the truth. I think it came across as very sincere. I actually think they're very good at it. I don't think I think there's something about the Crusaders in particular that's really admirable, really likeable, really genuine. Did you see the peace? Were they they did. They got Richie and they were talking about all the fist pumps, something Joe Schmidt brought into Ireland. Actually, every morning you have to connect with someone and make eye contact.


It's a it's a it's a genuine kind of cultural thing or like a US in the team environment that team team culture and how important that is.


So you want to Joe Schmidt to me, he he wrote in handshakes every morning.


Everyone has to shake everyone else's hands. Yeah. Doesn't the aged well. No, no.


I like it though because I used to find that initial part of the morning quite awkward. When you walk in, you don't know where to position yourself sometimes. As stupid as that sounds now because I'm out of it so long. When you're in the middle of it and you're a bit younger and a bit naive, maybe it becomes a massive issue. You get so self-conscious that you don't know where to be or who to talk to or whatever. Some lads will think.


I'm talking absolute double dodgier because they just walk in. Right. And it's completely normal to them to just do their own thing. Yeah, some people are a bit more self-conscious. I think it's a nice thing. I think having a connection and having a what the crusaders do the opposite.


There's just always a fist pump and eye contact and then Mwanga kind of experience. Hi. If you fist pump and you don't eye contact, then, you know, that guy is kind of not is it maybe grumpier a bit kind of. And you ask him Thenmozhi, right. Yeah, I don't know. I think he just kind of I don't even know if I've actually only watched a five minute thing on it. And I think they're leaders in all of that stuff.


Yeah. They seem to be ahead of everyone in that. Yeah. And it shows no, there it does. Winning, playing. And the other thing they went into, which is a big thing I've seen, is slightly complicated, like handshake celebrations on the pitch or one of the great each other.


So, um, as Israel Dagg has like a greeting with the physio. Complicated, dangerous. Actually Morlang and Cerveris have one as well. And then I remember like Charles Piazzi always.


He did. He did with me. He brought one in with me. And I don't remember what it was. But I remember thinking this is the most basic handshake of all. It was like celebrations for beginners.


Don't forget to be down for the white ball. But they were hard. They've shown really, um, would have kind of put himself in that category where he could cope with a complicated handshake they were doing. I don't know what they were up to. Kilroy was very high standard as well. I used to the only thing that would have had maybe grown up me and my next door neighbor when we played football, if one of us scored a goal, we did the the big celebration to remember that, I remind me, I remember girls.


And it was beginner's dance, wasn't it? Was it was like, uh, like a down up and then like two fingers pointed, like a double double guns and then like kind of shimmy back to the spin around at the end. Yeah. Yeah. No, no.


I don't know anybody that that was dark territory wasn't this. Yeah. It was dangerous. I remember a couple of guys on my team got in there and I wasn't cool enough to get in, but after a while I was there. I'm glad I never ever went there.


Yeah, well I we we went back, he got in on the back of his jersey and I got gigs in the back by Jersey.


Where does you know he died didn't it.


Is deja vu you just remembered anyway.


Oh yeah. So I could not have enjoyed it more. It was a joy to get up every morning, Friday, Saturdays and watch that competition.


Just enjoyable balls and rugby throwing the ball around. I don't know that. Sign me up, whatever. You know, if they want to do their own thing from now on, the Kiwis let them out. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I don't blame them for maybe not wanting to get back involved with the old Southern Hemisphere competition. There's talks of another couple of teams maybe join in it from from Asia, but.


Well, they're just trying to figure out there. I think it's just Australia and New Zealand. Yeah. The Australians are going to turn back on the that whatever's going on with the competition over there is called. I can't remember. It's just a massive drop.


And I know it's Australian rugby is going through a little bit of a, you know, a difficult time and a transition. So you got to understand that there's a lot of history between Australia and New Zealand. So I've no doubt that the competition will still be pretty class. We still have a lot of bite to it. But I'd have no problem if it was just Hurricanes, Blues, Crusaders, Highlanders and Chiefs for me.


I well, yeah, certainly for that period of time I enjoyed not having it was a daunting number of teams to to follow just when it's Kiwis. You're right. This is great.


I can get into this, I can kind of get to know the it was brought me back to like early late 90s, early 2000s, Super 14 rugby. Yeah. You know, Super 12, 12, whatever it was back then. Yeah.


It's the quality of players. I've got a list of my favourites just for historical, not just this one. Hurricanes, Jordy Baras, Peter Armageddons and Long Map was unbelievable. Run and over.


Baras Bournemouth didn't play particularly class I think throughout. He was dangerous, but I thought Jordy Baras may have pipped him. He was killing it. Yeah. Flying Artisphere was always a class for them, for the blues. Caleb Clark Ricoh I only thirteen.


You call that early lad. I loved it. Yeah. So good. He's just so dangerous man. Why not go get em. Like I said this too before they get their best players on the ball all the time. Yeah. Like as you said they're Saverys for the Crusaders. Like I tossed the ball like fucking fifteen times a game. He's so hard to tackle with Jordan for them, like scoring tries for fun. They just get these monga unbelievably himself.


Or will Jordan probably two players. The competition, George Brade, which was also good. Highlander's tough shot, Frizell Brazil was on rail and Aaron Smith like a hundred and fifty games, you know, what is he, ten plus years playing for the All Blacks and was one of the players competition speedball this beatable? It's rarely you can actually see the impact that the nine just just passing the ball can have. Yeah, he was so quick and it are massive impact on their first play.


It's such a difference. Yeah. And so enjoyable. You can defend that. So enjoyable to watch. The teams are great because the refs were pinging quite a bit for offside and Kevin Rocks just made it a joy to watch him have a little dirt drawn and play as he commits players all the time. But is it that or is, you know, just getting the ball out there? He's also got a nice little step on him. And then the chiefs had a bit of a disaster.


Unlucky, obviously, they've lost a few games with three or four points. Lockland, Boshier and McKenzie.


David McKenzie, love when Nesbitt says his name gold.


So, yeah, bring it back. Sign me up. So we should go down there and do a little trip. Down there for the next time they play. Yeah, get on board. By contrast, this week does not, by contrast. But there there is a little bit of a contrast in the atmosphere that they started. They were bores and they were excited.


They were all that all that stuff we touched on. And then it just feels a little bit like the atmosphere is just all these fixtures at the minute are all provisional. You know, obviously, France just is quarantine. No return from France. You know, the Ulster quarterfinal. Who knows what's going to happen there. And no spectators. You know, it's kind of like we're sort of we are we have we missed the boat a little bit. It looks like it's just starting to come back and there's a little bit of anxiety.


I think.


You know, it's not that it's a shame that we never got to experience the triumphant return to rugby in all its glory like New Zealand got, because it will be a little bit subdued. It will.


I think it's never going to be that level because those people in the stadium and that first game back at the what they call that stadium, the Hurt the Chiefs stadium, where they get all the college students down, it was just hyperextend. Yeah, yeah. What it's called. But like, you've got to find it very hard to compete with that because there's no one in the stands. But I do think the English premiership kind of limped into it this last weekend.


There was a sense of there was just this looming sense of I know that they're having trouble with money. All the players and the the the clubs. There's an argument over over pay. There's just a general fight at all Saints after what was salaries and that that break in the salary cap last year. I just got the vibe that not there wasn't a massive buzz for it. And then there been fucking flogged. So this was play eight games in four weeks.


Is it? So all these players are getting half the wages and going out and having to play in front of no one and playing to matches a week? How I couldn't even imagine playing like that. Wouldn't want back to back for one week, like a Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday. These guys are going be doing that for eight games straight. And they've got they've got smaller squads as well than. Yeah. Than the Irish provinces, for example.


And that's an attritional league. Yeah, it's full on. They don't there's a lot of battering rams. There is a lot of it's it's quick. It's it's not a lot, you know, when you look at their Tororo to throw the ball around like mad and there's not as many huge collisions, I don't think there's a bit of a softer side to it. Yeah. Or the premiership is fucking toe to toe. It's a real battle and little stat for you for the weekend.


There was thirty five offloads in the first five premiership games this weekend there was one hundred and eighteen offloads. In the last five or troller games there was more, there was twenty nine offloads in the game at the weekend in the er Tororo one game and there was thirty five in all of the premiership games. Oh it's not Matt. Yeah I watched that about like.


Average of seven a game was in New Zealand, they're averaging twenty game. Yeah, it's just a it's a different game altogether. We've touched on this before, though. Um, whatever premiership maybe, but probably not actually. But European, if you're going to compare Super Rugby outroar to European or sorry, European European Cup. Yes. They're going to be a drop in quality in offloads, maybe. But the tension and the competitiveness and the the actual showcase itself is is way more compelling.


I think like think about think about, you know, Thalmann Park on a big European night.


There's there's nothing compared to the new level of of quality of past and quality of the players.


But no, I think I'd want to see it. I'd want to see I think I'd rather have the competition.


Obviously, it's better if you get both.


I think you have you've got to get have both, honest to God, we've seen it. Like to be fair, a lot of teams do it, a lot of, you know, racing, throw the ball around it. No. Tomorrow, but they can still, you know, the batter you as well. And I know it's not easy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying like, jeez, why isn't anyone throwing the ball to commit to developing lad skills and to be able to do that and to make it across the board?


This is the way we want you to play. Then everyone's on the same page. Whereas if you've got one guy going out, he wants to throw a thrown off and the next guy is in there to receive it. And it's not going to be it's not going to happen. But if your mindset is to go out and play ball and to get thirty offloads a game, I don't know if they put that in, you know, as a goal.


But it's what I want to watch. That's what I'd want to play. To be fair, most of the Irish provinces last season played really good rugby. I thought Leinster obviously I thought to play some great rugby. Yeah, probably to a lesser extent. But still they're in development, I think, at the moment. And I like who knows what's what the weekend is going to. It's going to throw up.


There's there's you know, we hopefully will see the best of Irish rugby this weekend. I think we'll see all the top players does with the Irish squads being announced in the next few weeks. There's a lot of places up for grabs. It kind of feels like everyone's reset. Sure. And if I were to reset a little bit excited to see the condition, a lot of these players are going to come back in like Ryan Baird. We spoke to him last year.


What a focused, positive guy. He's like, I just see that guy. You know, James Ryan is going to be out injured for a while now. Yeah, I can see him getting to the heights of James Ryan pretty quickly. And he's a he's got that frame. Do you think that fella could put on a ton of weight and become an even better athlete and he is over a break like five months? I can't wait to see a guy like that come back.


Yeah, it's a great opportunity for him with with James Ryan. I just to just step up and kind of fulfil that role that Ryan has.


It's for a period. It won't be an issue. And Ryan Shadow. And he'll be able to thrive. And I think he'll be really interesting to see how he articulates without a few injuries up north. Anyway, uh, Handy's out at the minute. Well, artisan's out. He's been that's a long term and they haven't even given a time. Scale of back problem isn't wasn't. Yeah. Powerful stuff. Yeah.


Look forward to seeing Maddigan though. I think Billy Barnes loves to get the nod going to Hicks. He's done some you know, brilliant. Yeah. So what a sign in for Malcolm and I think there's a lot to come from them. Yeah. I'm lucky with the bears to, to get pushed aside of them and Sheedy's pretty good. Um but and then I'll be Mattsson in behind Kunie. I'm excited to see that. I just saw, I just saw vividly this from train and they look big.


They look strong. Yeah. They're Monster de Allende and sname and just cannot wait to see those two freaks. Just a couple of mutants. Yeah. Apparently I played golf with Jonny Lacy last week, who we should get back on the show as well. He's such a wealth of knowledge and he's a Gassmann. He reckons Deila is the best pass for thirteen he's ever seen in his life or centre. Haven't reffed him a good few times, he said everyone thinks he's just a bit of a crash machine because he's so big and strong and physical.


But you give him a ball and ask him to fire a 25 foot flat pass, he'll do it. No prob.


Yeah, there's no way of of of quantifying that.


I guess it's true. I feel a little bit like he's going to get away with that because it's we'll see.


It's like I think like Fehmi Maffia one of the best twelve to, to, you know, fifteen skip pass a he could just take that. Like 10 out of 10, 100 times, you ask him to do it 100 times, a lot of times out of ten, he's asking me to do it. He's going to throw something in science, which is skill with a big with the big center. People always then say, oh, but he's got a lovely skill set.


You know, people always go, that's always an art of something. Chris Farley gets the same thing. Hmm. So who do you play them? I play left and right. You can play, um, just to mix it up a little bit. Yeah, well, I don't think we'll be he he had a lot last year. I don't think it's a cert that those two.


I think obviously well it's a it's going to be out for the rugby championship because he's going back to South Africa to play in September. So we would be missing if we wanted to do qualify for 014. Maybe the final he might miss. If they do get it, get there. So they'll have to keep definitely have to keep Skåne in the mix. I also made the point last year going to play 10 cowboys are going to be back.


I don't think the story there with him, they haven't set a date. He's I think he might be back running and stuff like that, but I'm not sure. So JJ will obviously start. Tim was puts scandals there off the bench. I think that's what I'd be doing because you said you said it. He was brilliant. A last for you. Definitely does. Botsford you've got two six, four, four or five massive centres. Who can the best posture in wardrobe.




And first off, our second batsman, I'd be playing five, 12 and always a 13 by choice, but I don't know, I'd stick him in twelve. He's so Geelong is more of the twelve those you're playing both of them out of position? I do think so. I think with the put the pass apparently off the five year anniversary Cosway and we've got Gallaher signed from pretty soon from Saracen's. Looks a decent player. Yeah I got her. But also obviously Mike Haley who's been ever present for months to really the last few years.




And connected some good signings as well. Connor, Oliver Samuels seem to have a fresh bit of help there as well. And Stephen Fitzgerald is still out beback I think mid September, the knee injury. So Conor can still qualify for four semi-finals or knockout stages.


The, uh, I think Monster would have to lose both games. Yeah. So it's a bit of a long shot. Yeah, actually. LANSER Obviously Sieff Olsher pretty much Sieff as long as Glassco don't get ten points on our long shot monster monster.


Probably their prices if they add they've started Scarlet's ah six or seven points of contention. Yeah. Yeah I think it's an Irish trilemma. Yeah. Get these guys gone up but I think they'll be chewing at the bit. Yeah. Again Jonny Journalese you say like I think he was on his knee brace the ref in the game this weekend. He was opulence to studio today and he was just like they are tearing strips out of each other, the really physical really up front.


So I think he had that. They in particular, I think is going to be really heated this weekend. Yeah.


Can each other fight to the death? Um, so, yep. That's it. That's that's Fakin Lord's rugby to look forward to. I think we've got those two back to back. We've got semi-final final got hopefully the Champions Cup semi-final or quarterfinal semifinal final. Then we've got finisher of the Six Nations and this new Six Nations championship. So, lads, this is going to be a pretty intense there's going to be twenty four or twelve months of rugby, intense rugby.


Yeah, I think for the Lions, the last Lions game is the start of August. Twenty twenty one. Yeah. So all going well. There was a little scary monster. There were one of the academy players got uh contracted covid and they to isolate six players but I think they're all over it like it's going to happen, little things like that. But if they can nip it in the boat and nip it in the boom, the dude on the uh.


Yeah. I think would be great. Yeah. I think hopefully we'll be around, but it is worrying. Yeah. You're the voice of reason. It's different people in different camps. There's people who are freaking out.


Yeah. Willy Cabonne. I stop, they're all over it. Either they're fine, they're nice, they're low. The fear is like the fear is worse and worse than the fakin epidemic.


Like it's always got an awful dose of fear. Yeah, there's people going mad. And I was like, does that camp can they be vaccinated for fear? A slab of fish?


I think that's that's what I think if you if you go through the gate grounds that are Norvo in Dublin are in Belfast where the. Croke Park, let's say you go in there now to get tested for your covid, so I think if you pull up and they're like, are you fear or covid fear pull out of this and they slap you with a seven into the face. And then you look at my kids, my wife here, I was actually in contact with them as well.


So the people behind your window don't some baby in the window for the twins. I had a dog last week. I had the test. Oh, yeah, it's nasty enough.


Yeah, I we with the babies had a cold and then we got a cause. I was like, OK, we better get tested and got to it all the first, which is great because it was in the window of the car like in the nose and she was like literally shouting at your one and the doctor or whoever it is.


So I kind of prepared me for it wasn't that bad. It was Grant and even the of tone, it actually went open your orifices glorified hotel.


So. Yeah. So it's right. It's right. Your sinuses into your brain to think if you put the cotton buds in your ears, in your mouth and your nose, it would all touch at the end.


Did you ever get I remember someone talked about this was a Billy Connolly to get an itch in the middle of your head. Yes, right in the center, your head. I get that all the time. And you have to do this or rochus.


Yeah, I can't get out of you. Try to get out it for all. You have to get your finger in and it's just that used to make the thing next to it move. Yeah. Well I thought I never knew.


Billy Connolly has described that before, that when I was a kid watching something I was like, yes, I've done that. I thought I was totally unique in that I never thought other people experience that.


Yeah. So anyway, the fear people getting the fish in the face. Yeah. Then the people who are kind of going, oh, I hope can we just get back to when I wear masks with be grand open. The probes will go in and we won't touch each other. Yeah. Let us go back and watch the odd bit of sport. We won't touch each other moderate.


And then you, the girls from that pub in Dublin on Faik and Saturday night. You see that.


No, of that I see that there was like the video went viral of this Pohlman in some are called Berlinda three and all the barometer up and stuff top of the bar is port like nineteen ninety eight infection, Migaloo, porn, tequila into people's mouths and everyone's just like on top of each other. And what I loved about it, Mr. Brightside was banging out in the background. Uh yes.


If those pricks or ruin it for everyone.


So those, those pricks that they are there, they're probably you mentioned this actually um when you're on holiday in West Claire as well, there's a bunch of kids in the beach or just run around and getting on.


And it was normal, but it is quite a big ask. I know they're being really irresponsible, but if you're eighteen, you've just left school and you were hoping to go off to college, you were hoping to go on a boat trip away.


And that summer is is, I think, down on the beach and at the parties and stuff. I'd kind of go go on effec and he just like you'd you'd you'd forgave him. You're right. Yes. All these guys would be in in jawans like or in Migaloo or wherever. But it's the bars that we're not bars aren't allowed open down here. They're closed. So if all these bars that, that are abiding by the rules and then this one fecund bunch of girls and women who look like real walk wankers, who look wankers, open the bar, they just need to be torched.


Let's mobilizer penguins. Yes, towards the fire, to the bars. Penguins like little little petrol bombs. Yeah, the moderate. That kind of normal reaction, which I think is where we were, we were we'll do our best.


We're a bit fed up with it. So I think that's where I am. But I'll do the last thing I'll do. Oh, yeah. As responsible as possible. But I'm fed up with it. I am over it. I want a mess. Brexit.


What I would do is see this is it hindsight and kind of not hindsight, but like, uh, nostalgia makes you think like everything was great before this. And now Jesus, Brexit was a pain in the whole world. We look back and it's better than this shit. But look, we'll stay positive for the weekend anyway, because I think you're commentating.


I allow you to go to the game. I think so.


I think I know media aren't, but surely. To commentate, you have to be unless unless they choose, you know this. No, I haven't.


I've I've been attached to them a few weeks ago whenever they kind of confirmed that I was available to do and I said, yeah, and I haven't been talking to them since I was here, um, you'd be very lucky, man, apparently, like, is that right? Maybe not that I must be off off tube.


No, I'm not saying it's not. But like, this apparently is very, very, very difficult to get into any of these games or anywhere near them.


It's two bucks. Isn't the people allowed inside the stadium class. And to be fair, the cloud, the cloud noise, the crowd noise has been pretty good for the premiership. It was grand. I watched the WASPs Northampton game as someone sent it to me. So I was there to watch it. So I watch that. What crowd noise. And it was weird commentating. Yeah, it was. Yeah, I wouldn't be up for that. So be weird for you though and just.


The crowd that could be there for you. Anyway, I watched a Mike Ross in Dublin in a house is kind of like Google Gogglebox. Oh yeah, talk is good for something. Yeah. Everybody's for lot people. Yes. But there's someone else. There's something that they're doing it for. Brilliant. It's every bit of crack. Yeah. Yeah. Ross is an entertaining fellow. Yes. Very knowledgeable. Very unpredictable. Yeah. Well he's going to go down an awful interesting rabbit hole.


Yes. Yeah I will try. Very good. Right. Well, we're back anyway.


Yeah. Lukow and Dicky puked from from scoring a try puch Contiki.


Shirley Sherrod. Did you see it? Yeah, I did. Yeah. So it's very strange. Yeah. He still up. Well but yeah I did like for the landed on his belly. That had to be for me before I dove in a ball that landed right on my belly and I puked. But remember, there was this down in South Park that every time he sees kids or saw his girlfriend, I love every time look, I want to keep score and I would just like that fire if it was a celebration all over it.


Crusader's. I'll bring that in every morning. Joe Miller has a book out called Lou's Head coming out in October Durak. And he grabbed Man's Mickey just for a bit of promo.


See, it's not just that anything like he's this. Be a good chapter in the book. If I grab that stick, even though he was I think he was at his most basic form. Just let's have a bit of a giggle here. Yeah.


With that, he just he's before I'd read it, he's a great character for Robin is brilliant for rugby in general, I think. Yeah. I think you're right. It's one of the few autobiographies I read.


So I'm sure it'll be the be plenty and more of that. Yeah. What's the matter with the other hooker, Northampton Hooker. O has hardly hardly he's he's gone on about Africa as well. He's here. That would be good. Yeah, he's an interesting fellow.


Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. And he's had a turbulent career. Hmm. And then housecalls is coming home as well.


Yeah. Maybe one that I'll read.


One Mark's hardly seems to be very deep fella really. Yeah. I've had, I've watched him as a pundit and he's very impressive and I read him talking about his Eddie Jones in the end of his career when Eddie Jones can have something like him over the weekend, he basically told me you fucked me or something like that.


And he's got a few issues over that, but still respects Eddie Jones massively. And I just admire his even though I thought he was a I didn't like him as a player, but playing against him or watching him play, he was a dick, but he was just super competitive, right? Yeah. You know, I would have I'd be very open minded to people. Do you think it takes in the pitch? Because, yeah, sometimes you have to be a dick to get the best of yourself.


Says I know what you're thinking. It's because I was a dick.


Were very nice and too nice for your own good.


The next three World Cups, France in two thousand and twenty three and then there's talk said twenty twenty seven is going to be either in Australia or Russia.


Uh, apparently Putin has come out and said, I love rugby, got me on this so I'd be gone for Australia personally.


Ideally, although the World Cup, the soccer World Cup sounded like it was pretty classen in Russia, didn't it? Didn't deter me. Uh, I think it's we're going to do a mini series on the Lions and we're going to do a mini series of the World Cup. So I think I'd rather go to Russia than South Africa. No, for for the World Cup. I've been to I love it. I can go there and holidays. Russia could be just more a little bit more interesting for a little documentary for us.


True goodness. Yeah. Cool.


So we would prefer Russia if you listening a little bit and then maybe America for two thousand and two. What's after that. Twenty and thirty one. But America will probably look like something from Terminator at that point. Finally it'll be like the real world in the Matrix. Yeah. So maybe not. And that's loads of rugby stuff. So look, I'm very excited about the weekend coming up. We will be here every week to give our thoughts. I think we're going to be in early next week.


We're going to do it in Melbourne on Sunday after the games is probably going to be an early episode next week. And then after the break now we're going to have our another call to action from a pinguin, although another one was the first one burned on all the pubs in Dublin.


Just that hipster on the OC.


Hey, we're in the same boat.


OK, welcome back to Part three, our pothole correspondents slash call to action section makes perfect sense.


The rolls off the tongue are we?


We would like to mobilize. We feel like there are penguins and potholes or potholes and penguins there, a sleeping giant at the minute. And we want to mobilize them. Not necessarily a force for good.


A force. Just for a little bit of a giggle for us. Yes. To what you will.


We've had we didn't struggle with getting a name together for this show. We just took our time with it. And then we said we'd see what we'd come to the fore. And immediately it was potholes and penguins.


Yeah, we had a minor identity crisis because no one calls Barry, because no one calls me Andrew, my mom and my wife. So they were they were big fans.


Graham Steadman, former Munster and Ireland defense coach, real English northerner, gave me the buzz buzzer my first day of training. And I was like, oh, fuck, no, no, no. Abaza thankfully, they called it the Tobi's. Yeah, I would never try be there. Actually, I was I was handy for a period at uni nonono be friends, but called me Andy and I was always Trimbole throughout my teenage years. And then one school coach called me trembley all my mates thought this was pathetic.


Trumpy to take yourself so seriously. I didn't think of it, but for some reason it became, it became really normal. Like I'd say I think all the trimmings or whatever those easy ones, you could just cut them in half. They became quite normal.


Yeah, it's do it a little bit douchy. It's a little bit of a Robidoux sheer to stick a Z on it.


And where did you know that at all.


So I think I did, I fared worse.


So it's funny how Trimbole becomes trembley, but if your name has a Y at the end, if you're Darsey, you get called Darce. Yeah. So we're never happy. No, the grass is always greener.


Something to cut it right off and to leave any out there. Yeah. Names are tricky, but I had a guy friend of mine that I went to school with I hadn't seen in years and I met him recently and his name is Shows of Right, which is the Irish for Joseph. And I remember meeting them when we were in primary school. So I was like eight or nine.


And I'm thinking to myself, Jayce, that's rough. It's his name, it's a name.


But he he he suffered a little bit because of it. And then he was totally aware of it. He's like, oh yeah, I'm just going to endure this show for a while. And then we went to Monash in secondary school the first day, mentions the teacher come in and was doing a roll call and they decided to put in your middle name into the roll call. So Barry John Murphy knows they're not bad. Not bad, bad.


But in my head I said, oh, my God, they're going middle names. This could get interesting. So it was like Andrew, David, Andrew, David Trimble. And then they get to shows of like shows of Magilla poorly. And he was like, have stuff. But this life is over.


Majalah be over with was in the days and. Yeah, that's isn't that interesting that you're it's like a boy named Sue with Johnny Cash song like he gives the child the name just just to make his life a little bit more interesting.


Let's call him Majella P0 just to make his life a little bit more challenging. Rick Davis did that piece where he's like Humpty Dumpty is like if you're second in a child, don't call them Humpty. He's already in a bit of a big deal. That's great sketch. So, yeah.


So our call to action are mobilizing of the Pothen Penguin troops. We would like you to get in touch with us and bring us your funny stories stories. Bring us your funny nicknames. Just basically entertain us, please. Best nickname you've had or you've heard growing up school because I love nicknames and they stick with like a grown grown man their whole life. They're asking why? Why is that? And you get I've told this story a hundred times.


I've got to make called pig. His name is Pig is thirty eight year old man with children. Well, pig like me called Chucky like, you know, these are just brilliant. We fared alright. Just getting our name shortened. Yes.


It's fine. Yeah. Anyway, give us your favorite nickname stories, we might have a prize we have no we've no budget at the minute for a prize, but we might retrospectively get some which remember, we had O'Connell's teeth as a price that never was given out.


We might make that real and we might brand it with the potholes and penguins logo, you remember, and Universal Soldier, when Dolph Lundgren used to wear the necklace of ears around the people's ears off and wear a necklace with a necklace of O'Connor's teeth on duty or different body parts of all the iconic monster players through the years.


Yes, um Stringer's date.


But he didn't have a hair off. Giannis doesn't have one. Yeah yeah.


There's not that many more examples. No just like we were called teeth. They weren't iconic. No we made them iconic. Exactly the boss story. So Get in touch will come up with a price will have something because this is. No no no. We'll discuss potential prizes.


We've done that for two years and again and he won't fucking complain about his race. OK lads, that has been our first episode. We can't wait to get back to you next week and discuss all the weekend's rugby. Any kind of chat we get back from all of you across our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, LinkedIn, potholes and penguins. That's it across all across the board. I don't need to say w w w dot.com anymore, just the rest will be putting up loads of content.


Hate that word, but there it is. Thank you all for listening. Thank you to Dami for producing. Thank you to Darby for engineering and for driving me and that's it.


Partyin party. En la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.