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I remember before the Internet and the minute the Internet was available, I had private tutors come over to my house and teach me from day one the other, and the whole world is at your fingertips with a few clicks of your mouse. The power of it takes my breath away.


Would you do me a favor and just introduce yourself real quick, like just so I don't want to use my name? OK, can you just introduce yourself maybe just with your first name?


Well, I can't know because that's my name on Twitter. Um, my nickname is Sam. So you can just call me Sam, sure, you want me to do an introduction, like, hi, this is Sam. I got out of the queue called Oceanus.


Had you ever been attracted to a conspiracy theory before? No. No, not at all, the 9/11 and the moon, the flat earth. No, but I know the financial system is rigged against us. I've watched it. I've lived it.


Talk about the speed with which we are watching this market. In 2008, traders say the craziest day they have ever seen. I lost everything in the housing collapse.


Houses are in foreclosure in a slump triggered by subprime mortgage.


Many say they've been left in shock and are simply waiting to see what will happen next.


And then, 700 billion dollars to rescue the country's failing banks.


The government bailed out all the banks that banks got all the money, got all the houses, got bailout money. And you can't help but reflect upon all that you've managed to lose because of the unfair banking system. And I was, you know. Kind of a morning. And so I had different stages, you go through a grieving process, you go to anger, I pretty much got stuck in anger. And then they're calling this the big one, perhaps the worst in a generation, when Army came through, more than six million Floridians have been told to evacuate.


I was just devastated again tonight.


The images now emerging of the utter destruction Hurricane Isabel left behind was a nightmare. Buildings and trees ripped apart.


Hundreds now homeless, got out with maybe 10 percent of my belongings in my car and my friends that want to come live with me. I'd known in 10 years and I don't mind coming and moving in as a roommate.


I was here in a new town living in a living room like the kid that just got out of college and was trying to figure out what to do with her life. I was very emotionally fragile at that time. And I wasn't working, I had a lot of time on my hands. I spent a lot of time online. I had the whole house to myself all day and I would check YouTube on two giant TV and then YouTube recommended the Q and on to me.


That's how I found them. Before you found Q like right before that, what YouTube videos were you watching it for you?


Mm hmm. What did you think? I got it done. I would look into whiskey and you stepped on my legs, I, i by turtles and iconic Hallelujah.


I watched Elizabeth Warren. America has always been some poor, some rich, a big, big, solid middle class. She's amazing. It's part of what gives us our political stability. It's what affects our economy and drives our economy. It affects our self identity. It affects who we are in this world.


She did an analysis of how the monetary system is set up to favor the wealthy.


I fear that what's happening and what these data are about is that we actually are going to see a larger upper class and then the rest is just one long trail of underclass.


It's about an hour and a half long video. I've probably watched it four times.


And there it is, inflation adjusted dollars, a seventy six percent increase. And what a family spends on a mortgage, that's the mortgage payment.


It gave me an explanation as why it's so difficult to thrive.


And I think what this means is that it's time to realign our political interests and alliances and help me to not personalize it.


I did something wrong.


Let's talk more about what's happening to these families. So with that, I'm going to quit and take as many questions as people have. And then I was watching Lenat saying, if you add a 20 dollar bill 20 years ago and you have a 20 dollar bill today, nominally three identical, they're both twenty dollar bills. But what that would buy you 20 years ago and what that buys you today is vastly different.


She's a financial analyst.


The original J.P. Morgan said it best. Gold is money. Everything else is credit. She's definitely all about holding gold.


Hey, friends. Sean from Report.com here with an important silver, gold and cryptocurrency update.


I would like to ask you to report to Report.com where we bring you real news 24/7.


I have another pundit on the global banking system. What's going on with the market? Bye bye, banker. Bye bye, banker. Bye bye. Banker. No bailouts come this time.


I really enjoyed his channel a lot. The dollar is in the process of dying and I would watch him.


Willie, who is the author of The Golden Jackass, all about asset backed currency, the member banks of of the Federal Reserve, the regional bank.


They they all report to the the main headquarters and they serve the Wall Street banks and the big banks of the United States.


That's what I was watching for governments. The key in this is its inflation all day. I mean, the whole thing is a con and now it's written down. That's what we get. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.


I'm so glad so many are still asleep at the wheel. They're locked in their iPhones. This is sickening stuff, undermining democracy, if you like. It's been undermined now for the last thirty years. This is not a new trend.


And I wonder at the time, like, was that your main source of information? Like were you also looking at more mainstream news outlets nationally watched mainstream news?


Absolutely. Because then you can compare what they say to what's really going on.


That's when YouTube recommended this video to me. About Kuhnen, hello, it's Katie. How's everybody doing tonight? I'm going to play a video while we're waiting for people to come in and get myself set up here. So let's turn the camera off. Ready? Here we go. Down the rabbit hole.


Katie G. What's her name? Oh, there we go. The Dorival. I'm lively and funny and giggly. What happens when 90 percent of the media is controlled by six corporations and the march? What happens when those same corporations are operated and controlled by political ideology? How does the average person who is under constant financial stress by design find time to research and discern fact versus fiction? They don't. We are the news now. She was a deep diver.


She was what I consider to be a research based and would put make a serious accusation if truth wasn't about to come to light. Let's go back to photos this post again. So he mentions look at the picture here. It's our George Washington crossing the Delaware. Very impressive lady. Now, Dodd uses the same picture crossing the Delaware and my mind, OK, they're going to go after the bank. This is from December seven.


Twenty seventeen. He says Rothschild's cult leaders, church banks, financial. So they control the banks and the financial institutions, the worldwide government control and and the politicians that are on the payroll up and doing deals behind closed doors that are unaudited. That's what stuck to me. And this is an old post from you.


Stay together, be strong, fight the censorship. You, the people have all the power.


This, to me, is a confirmation of what I had said before. I don't like a part of something that was really meaningful.


Oh, this is so big, you guys. It's so big. We can't believe how big it is that we're fixing everything.


The world's going to change. The good guys are winning. Hey, guys, it's Katie. Gee, it's like two thirty in the morning here where I am.


And I couldn't wait to see the next Katie G video. We have a new CBS News coming. I knew it. Or Deception by video. All right. I got it up. Let me read this out. Here we go. OK, here we go. And I would anticipate every drop. I couldn't wait to see what was going to be next.


Everything has meaning. Who is Ambassador Matlock?


When a new dewdrop would come, I would have a visceral reaction. There is a purpose for every tweet, like a physical joy, the Great Awakening. No deals. Trust the plan. Happy Sun, you goosebump.


We have allowed ourselves to be controlled by the puppet masters and we will continue to let them control us until we are put in a situation. We will either surrender all personal freedoms or we will throw off the chains of oppression. So if you posted this from First Corinthians 13, love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not what got me out. It was based on Bible verses. And immediately now, no record of wrong's love does not delight in people, but.


That it was fake. I was like, OK, let me get this straight, we're military intelligence, we've got a secret channel that we can't communicate and we're going to proselytize about the Bible and risk a military channel for that leak leaking. No. So it makes no sense at all to me, it's because my father was military, I grew up and, you know, he was very upset. I knew that that was just a marketing ploy.


I mean, they were hitting their market base. Their market based are conservative church ladies. You know, the middle America, the Joe six pack, that's who they're marketing. And they wanted to bring the religious aspect in so they could broaden their base so they can make more money on the t shirts and the mugs and the donations and the membership.


So you felt like you, whoever it was, had been taking a risk by posting these secrets and this classified information and that like, if you were real and really part of this military intelligence operation, that they wouldn't post a Bible verse because you're either military intelligence or you're a preacher.


And if you're a military preacher, you're in a chapel, you're not in next to the president. It is logic. It was just an instant to me, an instant pulling back of the curtain of what they were doing, and the minute I saw that, I was just crestfallen because I knew that it was all that was and it was the instant it was like a death. And then I was angry again and I said, well, you know, there is no hope, this is just ridiculous.


No way, this is not real. I've wasted three months of my life researching sickness. I really felt like I'd been had. How much time are you spending online now? Well, now that the coronaviruses lockdown has, you know, I'm not working, I'm spending quite a bit of time, I've been watching what's going on now for about four hours a day.


And do you ever worry that you could fall into something like Q and on again? Absolutely not, I am so cynical, I am so done, I just don't believe anything anymore.


Well, say more about that. Like look, I mean, I lost my job because the covid, I was busted for retirement this year and I haven't worked. My kids haven't worked because we all in hospitality and I have tried to reach unemployment for three weeks. I got him on the phone today in an hour trying to register me for unemployment and the computer went and letter. And she can't stop. She can't DALMIA Letters can't call me back, so I have to spend another three weeks trying to get them on the phone.


In the meantime, my landlord gave me a three day notice in the middle of a moratorium. I guess I'm I'm so done. I it's not there. There's no Awakening's. Yeah, I mean, I guess I'm I'm remembering you saying that when you found Q you were pretty cynical and thought, you know, the government was screwing you and things were unfair and you had a lot of time on your hands. And I think I mean, that's sort of what you're saying your life is like now, right?


Yeah. Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me. No way. Q is a lie. Our system is all set up towards the people in control. But isn't that isn't that what he was saying, he is saying that and that's why I got stuck again. But remember, he's also saying that he talks to the president. And that is getting is direct from the government. My thing is the source. Cheese sauce is a lie.


Therefore, anything he says are shoe drops, they are unquestionable.


Even though you don't think CU is real, you're still allowing that some of what CU has said might be true. Those things were true before I found you, and those things are a marketing tool for you to grow his client base. Do you still believe in some sort of global cabal? It's not it's not what I believe it or not. It's Charles. Q And on as a movement continues to grow, and as it does, its message is being amplified by people with real political power, including President Trump.


Although he's never explicitly acknowledged the conspiracy theory, he has retweeted profiles with a Q and A logo and Q and on messaging in their bios.


He's also met and taken and who has used his Twitter account to tweet or respond to Kuhnen messages or. Q and unrelated accounts dozens of times. We're in the I guess we're in the opening acts of the Trump rally in Sunrise, Florida, arena is filling up. There are still about two hours left to go before President Trump is slated to speak. And we are looking for Kuhnen people. Oh, I see one. There's one behind you see it guy in Akuna.


Is that a cute shirt? Excuse me, do you have a second to chat? I noticed your shirt has askew on it. We're talking about people who are interested in Q here. I actually got this outside audio. Oh, you bought this outside. Yeah. What does it say to you, the calm before the storm, the Great Awakening Justice.


What's your hat say going on, Kuhnen? Yeah, it's the Great Awakening. Can you explain what's on your shirt. Well, it stands for Kuhnen.


Yeah. Que Paso love. Yeah. It's, it's kind of an alternative that's building up an audience. What it means is taking back what belongs to you from the government.


Hey man, we're talking to people about Houston. Have you heard of Q and. Yes, I have. I believe in it. I don't think it's a conspiracy. I think that in 10, 20 years, it'll be probably part of history classes. I mean, we'll probably be something kids are learning into, you know, middle school because of how it's changing history. Hussein. So Silicon Valley, they want to control what you see, and they are they're giving you a myth right now, they're acting like we are the ones shooting and untruthful message, but they're actually doing the most untruthful thing you can do in America to shut off free speech.


And the media is not doing anything that's it's great because it fits their attitude. What do we do with these companies, Shirley? Do they want to suppress your vote in 2020? What we need to do is we need to continue to fight back and the way we fight back is denominationalism. You can sign up for emails. We have to ask. Our friends and neighbors decided to volunteer because their agenda is the president, Dr. William 20-20. They want to make sure they get control of established.


They want the deep state back in control because President Trump 2016, it wasn't the end of the battle, it was the beginning of the battle. This is Sarah Koenig, host of the serial podcast. I want to tell you about our new show, Nice White Parents. It's reported by Chana Joffe. Walt, who's made some of the best, most thought provoking, most emotional radio stories I've ever heard back in 2015.


Hannah wanted to find out what would happen inside this one public school in her neighborhood during a sudden influx of white students into a school that it barely had any white students before and then not satisfied that she fully understood what she was seeing. She went all the way back to the founding of the school in the 1960s and then fought again up to the present day. And eventually Hannah realized she could put a name to the unspoken force that kept getting in the way of making the school better.


White parents, I've been waiting so long to tell people about this show and now I can finally say it. Go listen to nice white parents. Nice White Parents is made by Zero Productions, a New York Times company. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts.


The CEO of YouTube, Her Majesty Susan Jaeschke, has decided that she is the arbiter of truth.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stands by decision to fact check Trump.


You can't just take what you like, Mark Zuckerberg and get rid of the stuff you don't like.


So these are the people controlling which you're now allowed to think and say in America, monopolistic power over the public square, taking content down off of Twitter, off of YouTube.


That is the modern equivalent of book burning.


Right. So, Kevin, as you and I are talking today, in June, twenty, twenty a year into all of this, kind of a big question. But like, where is it things stand with the Internet? Well, right now we're in this really interesting moment. All these big social media platforms, they're getting more criticism than they ever have.


They've had unchecked power to censor, restrict and shape, hide or alter virtually any form of communication between private citizens.


With some of the loudest voices saying that they're exerting too much control over what appears on their platforms, it's likely we'll see this moment as a turning point in the way we live in this country.


A sharp break with two hundred and fifty years of law and custom.


And as they pull more things down and make more new rules, obviously they have a political motivation for removing information that act of control actually fuels this notion among certain corners of the Internet, anything that actually makes me want to watch them even more.


Because if there's something in there that the media doesn't want me to see, hell, I want to see it that there is this secret forbidden knowledge out there.


I want to know what it is that's so damning to the official narrative that they will hide it from me.


At the exact same time, the World Wide Web is now more connected than ever before.


Tens of millions of people suddenly forced to stay in and they have never been more popular.


Social media usage has ramped up significantly during the. This is unprecedented that we're seeing this kind of demand.


Twitter just reported that its usage has grown twenty three percent since last year. Facebook has said that in some of the countries that were hit hardest by the coronavirus, the time that people are spending on its apps has increased by as much as 70 percent. And so many people are watching so much YouTube.


The massive migration online is putting our Internet infrastructure to the test.


People are asking, will all of this break the Internet that the company actually had to lower the quality of its videos to keep the Internet from overloading? YouTube wouldn't tell me exactly how much watch time has jumped up, but one data firm estimated that 15 percent of all traffic on the Internet right now is coming from people watching YouTube videos. That's almost double what it was last year. Testing, testing, testing, how are you and Kevin and can I ask you a question, you tell me honestly, like how much like YouTube would you say you guys watch a day too much?


All the time, every single fucking day. It's too much. It's like, oh, I got so much to do and then get three. I'm like, oh, look at that. And then I don't stop.


I'm like basically always doing it.


Like, if I'm not on a walk, I'm using my data to watch YouTube and just looking forward to what this all means. What do you like about your favorite YouTube?


Well, they just really inspired me.


Like they give me more ideas of what I should do, because when I get older, I want to have a YouTube channel in survey after survey over the last few years when young people around the world are asked what they want to do with their lives.


Honestly, my main goal was I would love to be a YouTube like that was the goal.


They respond that they want to be online influencers.


I was stuck in a world where I felt so creative all the time in school, but I didn't know how I could use that. Everybody was telling me, oh, you have to be a doctor or you have to do this.


There was this one survey where they gave kids a bunch of options, like, do you want to be a scientist or a lawyer or an astronaut? And the kids basically said overwhelmingly, like, no, I want to be famous on social media.


I first I did it for fun, but like starting to grow older. You can think like actually you can turn it into a career and you meet awesome people from it.


Last year I actually went to go talk to some of those aspiring online influencers at this event called Videocon.


So why do you guys come to this country? Mostly to, like, collab with my friends and meet everyone?


Yeah, I just want to meet all my friends that are on the Internet that I haven't been able to before, which is the biggest convention of social media influencers in the world.


Why are you guys here? My goal is to, like, boost my watch time. So I would just kind of like to learn some of the trends and kind of how to navigate the algorithm a lot better.


Like I'm here. I'm here to clap. I'm also here I talk to companies like next year. I don't want to pay to go to college.


I want to get in my and all these influencers show up. Oh, we got screaming fans over here in Southern California.


People are lining up to take selfies with their entourages and they do these meet and greets with their fans and they get courted by agents and all these huge brands. I'm here at the Tea Party, people hanging out and then they go off these like lavish private parties. There must be a thousand people in here. And it's kind of a big celebration of this multibillion dollar industry that a ton of people are clamoring to break into. And increasingly where they told me they were trying to break in and get noticed.


You do it slowly but surely dying. The creators are getting like worse. I guess I feel like they're just trying too hard to be like everyone else and not being themselves. Wasn't that you are they're more Texaco's. Are you serious here? Tick, tock. Tick. Yeah. Taking over. It was tick tock.


Why are you so obsessed with me? I don't even know how they did. Boy, I wanna know why not just sex and it's full of, like, silly lip sync.


Send me my DNA test.


Turns out I'm a hundred percent Irish, British, Mexican, Indian, tic tac horses and black people dancing to pop songs.


Lots of animals. It's just fun. Which is exactly how it was designed to feel. And what do you mean by that? So unlike a lot of American social media companies, which started off as basically open platforms and have only recently started to implement more rules and restrictions, Tick-Tock is owned by this Chinese company by Dance, which has been way more heavy handed in curating and controlling what appears on its app, whether that's meant like hiding controversial political speech or more subtle things, like making sure that the people whose posts show up on the main feed look happy and beautiful.


And it seems like what they're really trying to do is to create the most entertaining, light, glossy version of reality that they can.


Want to be in my backyard and talk is definitely the place to build an audience right now, it's so open and creative as of right now. Tick tock. Is that to. And it's working like people love. Tick tock. They've downloaded it something like one point five billion times. It's very easy to get followers. I feel like it's the fastest growing app in the world. I got thousands of views just as a point of context. Like the number one star on Tick Tock is a 16 year old girl who went from zero to 60 million followers in a year.


And we were able to get a viral hit just because people liked the video. And it was seen, which took Pudi pie on YouTube eight years. Like, how many hours a day do you think you spend on tech talk so much? Much. I honestly, if I checked, if I like, would it be like six hours. Yeah. Around there, maybe more, you know, 10 hours a day. Tick tock. Yeah. And of course, a lot of what's fueling Tic-Tac success is an incredibly sophisticated algorithm, just like the ones that run YouTube and Facebook and all the other big social media platforms.


Tic Tacs algorithm is constantly learning from people what they want to see and what will capture and keep their attention and actually bite dance. This Chinese tech company, it doesn't even really see Tick or any of the other apps it owns as its primary product, because by Dance has this huge advanced artificial intelligence lab, one of the biggest in the world, and its goal way beyond just making a fun social media app is to become the world leader in the development of superpowered A.I..


OK, Kevin, so. In our attempts to better understand what the Internet is doing to us, here's where it sounds like we're landing. Mm hmm.


First, we know that the Internet is largely being run by these sophisticated artificial intelligences that have tapped into our base impulses, our deepest desires, whether we would admit that or not. And they've used that information to show us a picture of reality that is hyperbolic and polarizing and entertaining and essentially. Distorted Right, and now they're even more of these algorithms than ever before and they are getting even smarter and they're doing that in part because the technology is just getting better.


But it's also because we are giving them exactly what they are programmed to want, which is more of our attention.


Right. And so in the end, what we have is a situation where the eyes keep showing us this distorted reality and then we keep paying attention to that. And in doing so, we are telling them that we would like to see more of this distorted reality. And essentially we're living inside of this loop that's getting faster and faster and showing us a world that is getting more and more and more distorted. Right.


And the more and more time we spend online, the more this distorted vision of the world actually becomes our reality. It spans the globe like a superhighway. It is called Internet. Internet gave us a whole world of exciting new possibilities. So I guess this is a story of how it changed our lives.


Rabbit hole was made by Julia Longoria, Sindhu Nowness and Larissa Anderson, Wendy Dorje, Brad Fisher, Dan Powell, Kevin Ross and me Mandeville's. Music by Peter Lalich, Dan Powell and Nate INRIX, special thanks to Charlie Wortzel, Mike Benwell, Julia Simon, Mehemet Shibani, Nora Kellar, Ali Wadkins, Nina Puttock, Jasmine Aguilera tofor Ruth and Trey Schultz at Berkeley Advance Media Studios.


And Lisa Tobin and Sam Dolnick.