Happy Scribe

Hey there, it's us again. This is my brother Peter, mom and dad, and I'm Dasha. Today, we're going to be showing our friends the basics of the Internet and we thought you might want to come along here. Will be cool. The Internet gave us a whole world of exciting new possibilities, so I guess this is a story of how it changed our lives. Maybe it will yours to. Oh, so why don't we try to see how far we can go back in the search?


If we search history like down there with yeah, how does it feel to pull back the curtain and show strangers this history? It's fucking embarrassing.


It's really fucking embarrassing, especially sitting next to you guys. You guys from The New York Times, you're like, what the fuck were you watching this shit for? Like, I'll just be honest, I would not show you my YouTube history.


So I ask Caleb to download his entire YouTube viewing history, like 12000 videos spanning four years of his life.


And like you were excited.


I was losing my mind. I'm glad we're doing this. Did you see anything that looks like strange? Like I do just I'm an Internet person, right? You understand?


So, like, I've heard so many stories about people falling down Internet rabbit homes that aha.


Take on me. I love that song, but I never actually was able to sort of forensically reconstruct someone's actual journey down an Internet rabbit hole.


Inch by inch, and then I'll listen like a lot of like the fires, the earthquake, the death, Alex Jones Black Metal used to go along with us and through all your lives. Barack Obama, wicked, wicked devil. Yes, it's actually pretty awesome. Elsa, do you want Kevin looking at this?


I can't help but feel like it's a little intrusive, like going through someone's diary or something.


Yeah, totally. Like he went through a period where he was listening to a lot of frozen songs.


But also, do you want to build a meth lab parodies like there's a Frozen in Breaking Bad parody mash up called Do You Want to Build a meth lab will make lots of money.


Just you and me will stack the cash.


But it's exactly because it's so private and unguarded and unfiltered that it's so valuable as a reporting tool.


Yeah, let's go. All that scroll as far as you can and we'll start from the beginning.


So what you're looking for in Kaleb's watch history are the clues for how he, over time, takes on more and more radical beliefs.


Right. OK, so we'll slow down. We'll go back to how it started.


And to do that, we have to really put his watch history in time.


The college students are damn right to be depressed.


Their society is unsustainable because nobody's asking the fundamental questions about why the society is the way it is, why things are so bad, because the YouTube history that Caleb was able to download and share with us, it starts in 2015, which is about a year after he got that job at Dairy Queen.


And right away, one of the first things you notice is that Steffon Molineux, why is it that men are the ones who have to be banished from social discourse? Why is it men who have to be driven into the basement?


Caleb's all time favorite you Touba.


If you can only have a voice by making other people shut up. You're not a feminist, you're a tyrant.


The tone and focus of his videos, apparently the only way that feminists can give women a voice is saying Shut up to every man on the planet has really sharpened in the wake of this weird and important Internet event.


Do you have feelings about GamerGate while it was happening?


I didn't get too much into that, but I saw it is like, see, they're trying to take everything over. They just want to make everything politically correct. You know, all these SJW, they're even trying to take our video games, an event called GamerGate.


What is GamerGate paying attention to GamerGate, GamerGate, gamer, GamerGate, GamerGate? I don't even know what that is. Gamer.


So a few months before this watch history starts, back in 2014, there was a breakup between this gamer and his girlfriend, who was a video game developer, and she was sort of part of this movement of progressive game developers who really wanted to take the world of video games, grab a hold and have a good time.


They started giving us stuff like you a free sample, like how it depicted women and violence and bring it into the modern age.


And she made these very non-traditional games like in one of them. The enemy that your character is fighting is depression. And this game, it got a lot of positive press, like gaming journalists really liked it, called it compelling and educational, fresh inquests hands down one of the worst games I've ever played. But some gamers, it sucks, really hate.


It really, really, really sucks.


So the ex-boyfriend of this developer wrote this really long blog post in which he basically accused her of sleeping with a video game journalist in exchange for positive coverage.


And despite the fact that this gaming journalist had never actually reviewed this game, this blog post went viral and voila, drama is made.


It appears that she was involved in sexual activity in return for favorable reviews and starts this huge controversy. The core issue is really it's nepotism over whether the video game industry, which, you know, makes billions of dollars a year, has a huge impact on people's lives, where it's all plagued by corruption and nepotism and foul play. We have a right to question the integrity of the sites that we're reading.


And then a bunch of angry gamers started this very intense campaign of harassment.


What started as an online spat about the ethics of gaming journalism quickly escalated into a full blown culture war.


They use all these tactics that would only work on the Internet. Now, the women calling for change in this multi-billion dollar virtual industry are facing a very real backlash, including death threats, spamming memes and trying to get hashtags trending.


Rape and death threats from online, harassing lots of fake accounts on Twitter, even forced another game developer to leave her Boston area home after her address was made public.


It was really the first culture war where the Internet itself became the primary weapon.


Who controls the feminist who calls terrorists? We do, and it became clear that the real thing that people were angry about wasn't ethics in gaming journalism or whatever. It was the fact that they thought this culture of video games, this culture that for decades had been dominated by young men.


We have characters in video games that are being attacked day in and day out just because of how their dress was now under attack.


If you can't set your politics in your bullshit down before you come into our gaming shop, you ain't welcome there.


And the threat was coming from the media. Now the media is trying to reapply these negative stereotypes to us.


As long as a mediocre game contains the correct progressive political positions, it's considered groundbreaking, innovative and progressive's.


These people that they called social justice warriors term social justice warrior does not actually mean someone who's out for social justice.


They want equality. But I don't think that they understand what true equality is.


And it wasn't just video game activists and feminazi is are fucking ruining comic books. Feminism ruined Star Wars.


Pretty soon it spread to oil boys, PC culture, really just everything ruining our whole world.


That's what GamerGate is about. We're tired of this saying that we're all white, we're all male, we're all straight and so on, so forth. I saw it as like, see, they're trying to take everything over. They just want to make everything politically correct. You know, all these SJW, they're even trying to take our video games.


And it was on the other side of GamerGate that this new kind of political identity emerged and this identity like it didn't really fit into a traditional left right Democrat Republican spectrum. In this identity, you could be pro-gay marriage and pro marijuana legalization. You can even support Medicare for all. But the core belief, like the central thing that animates you is this power struggle against these dying old media gatekeepers who just want to tell people what to think and enforce this restrictive PC culture.


You cannot make anyone else feel bad in the way we're going to get you to never make anyone else feel bad is to put the SJW thumbscrews right up urethra right into your balls.


And so the Steffon Molinar that we see in Caleb's watch history post GamerGate, he's really come to embody this new political identity.


The media will praise people who are leftist and multiculturalists and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and they will attack other people who aren't that way, especially with a series of videos.


This is the truth about Karl Marx that are sort of variations on the truth about Martin Luther King, plagiarists, about historical figures, political leaders.


But more often about this is the truth about Israel and Palestine. This is the truth about slavery.


Controversial topics in the news, the truth about Michael Brown and the Ferguson, the truth about immigration. This is the truth. This is the truth. The truth about the movie Frozen.


The format of these videos is pretty much the same every time he lays out first the kind of official explanation for something that happened in the news.


CNN went with the headline, Michael Brown Teen Shot by police days before college, continuing the gentle, giant narrative.


And then he sort of breaks it down and tells you, here's what really happened.


So the video that we saw and according to a police report at Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson, performing a strong arm robbery but store staff and stealing a box of cigars on Saturday.


And he's saying basically look like I'm no expert, but I can see that this official explanation is not right now.


This gentle giant, Michael Brown, recorded a collection of rap tracks with friends and posting. But I am going to give you the truth lyrics.


I guess you could call them go something like this. I just want a real bitch smoke dope and kill shit if we can challenge the narrative and begin to think afresh.


No bias, no spin, no fancy cameras, no make up.


In fact, I read no make up. Why? Because I actually do some research right before I create a video. You know, it may not be the end of the world to do a little less foundation on the skin and a little bit more foundation and critical thinking.


I was chasing truth. You know, I have this analogy in my head that I thought of. I was like Indiana Jones with my, you know, explorer's hat on and stuff like said hair.


Look at this cave. Look, there's knowledge down there, right? The truth is down there, you've got to go down and dig for it. So looking through the early months of Caleb's watch history and it was an uncomfortable truth, and I accepted that, and that's what made it even more compelling, you really see that Stefan Molinar was the first step into the rabbit hole for him.


And because Caleb would watch Stefan Marlina and then go on these long binges where he would just watch recommended video after recommended video, you can really see like in detail where the algorithm is taking him next.


Yes. So that's what you do. Like you'll watch a video and then the little sidebar comes up and you're like, oh, let's go on a little binge here. So, for example, on Thursday, July 17th, at exactly 11, 27, am I going to ask where I've been off? Caleb clicks on a music video for a song called California Sun by the Riviera. And ladies and gentlemen, from the dark north of Canada, the white north.


And then he clicks over to Joe Rogan.


There's a lot of these ideas that you have said that are very controversial that we're going to give you.


Who is interviewing who else?


You know, and to be fair, I mean, Stefan Molyneux, one of your positions to get criticized or one of the other things that gets tossed out you is the term misogynist.


And for like three hours, it means general hatred of all women that I made a really bad choice of who to get married.


Caleb's watching his favorite, you tubers talk about his favorite YouTube videos.


You do a lot of these. The truth about people. They debate a little bit.


A lot of these ideas, they're not it's not these aren't essentially black and white issues.


And when you see people who have issues with me or disagree with things that I say, I'll have a better reason than evidence. Fantastic. I mean, I've done it.


And then I can see that the very next video that he gets recommended. I've been looking forward to doing this podcast with you again for a while, is another Joe Rogan interview with Stefan Molyneux.


I feel quite a strong urgency that it's a race of us versus the birth of the Internet will be by far.


And then again, like one of the biggest. He watches them talk for another three hours.


And I think we're out of time. I think we we it now. Three hours. Yeah. We just rush through it. Yeah. We didn't talk about a lot of things that I wanted to talk about quick.


And then you can see Caleb goes on this long music. No. On the day the. He logs off for a few hours, and when he comes back at three forty in the morning, he plays hours.


Of classical music. The next day, everybody, Stefan Mullany from Saturday, July 18th. Oh, do I even have to tell you?


Caleb wakes up, everybody saved my life and he goes on a big Stefan Molineux binge.


Most times you get picked on because you're better and skipping ahead in his viewing history. Some more Stefan Molyneux and some musical interludes.


I'm sorry to say that the most brazen untruths always come from the left, you can see that Caleb gets a recommendation for someone totally new for the GamerGate movement did was prove that it is possible to beat the left.


Miley Anapolis provocateur.


It was the first time that ordinary people proved that you could beat the feminist wackos if you tried.


Milo Yiannopoulos. He's this flamboyant British guy who is fully embraced.


My safeword is women can be funny. The role of Internet troll. No, they can.


I mean, I can't think of any examples, but he was a major figure in GamerGate and then he got hired by Steve Bannon at Breitbart.


Everywhere in the world, there is Islam. You will find women oppressed, homosexuals murdered, gang rape. Now, this is unique.


He's younger than Sophon Molineux, and he's not just talking into his webcam. He's actually going out to college campuses and on talk shows and podcasts.


We're in a situation now where students can go to university. They come out dumber than when they went in. They are infantilized by safe space and trigger warning culture.


And he sort of became Breitbart first breakout star.


It is a wonderfully emboldening moment in Internet culture. And then after that, Caleb gets recommended.


This other new guy, these feminists are the absolute weakest among women named Steven Crowder. They can't handle content that might be upsetting. They need to be warned and they need to make up terms like microaggression.


He's this comedian. He did a short stint at Fox News and then he became huge on YouTube.


Black Lives Matter listed their demands, black only cultural spaces in the name of equality. They're demanding segregation just for scale.


He's got like four point four million subscribers, which is about twice as many as The New York Times.


These women demand that you don't say anything that they don't like and then demand that you foot the bill for their health care, for their college.


He's got a lot in common with Stefan. Milo, you are demanded to not only approve, tolerate, but praise them.


But what makes him different is that he's the first straight up conservative that has entered Caleb's YouTube diet.


We've been told how great Barack Obama has been for national security because Osama bin Laden was killed.


Steven Crowder is a constitutional conservative. We now have Syrian refugees wanting to come in. Several have been caught with fake passports, trying to get. I was listening to a lot of him.


And what's particularly interesting about this piece of Caleb's YouTube history is that we don't just have his viewing history. We also have his search history. And we can see right here that after he gets recommended, Steven Crowder videos, the dean of Yale or president of Yale, they told him his job was to create a safe space for people.


His job wasn't to educate.


He then goes looking for more of them and he goes on all of these other side binges that start with Steven Crowder, which is how he meets another new character, Sinur.


Gavin McGinnis, thank you for being on the show, sir.


Gavin McInnis, hello. Good morning.


I am here to make the case for Western chauvinism.


I saw Gavin on Stephen Crowder's podcast, and so I'd type in Gavin's name and I'd start watching his content.


I started this gang called The Proud Boys. We have chapters all over the world.


Gavin is really a singular character in all this. He was one of the co-founders of Vice magazine back in the day and helped pioneer this like hipster aesthetic. He has a big beard and wear skinny jeans like he looks like someone you would like run into at the food co-op.


You go to these pro black cop rallies and they're screaming with Soviet signs.


And like Stef and Milo and Steven Crowder, he considers himself edgy.


They make up all this fake science and then they come storming at you and they say white male patriarchy is raping women. White men are the reason their sexism and you go.


But he takes things a lot further than other people that Caleb has been watching, especially when it comes to race.


In twenty five, ten white men raped black women, 37000 black men raped white woman. Now, I don't want to make it about race, but if you want to go there, we can go there. And the numbers ain't pretty lady.


Then throughout the next part of his watch history, you can see that one name really starts dominating basically everything else.


Lauren, Southern reporters like Rachel Maddow and publications like the Huffington Post and History have become a laughing stock among the right and left for their ignorance on how the Internet and its culture works.


So Lauren Southern, she's this twenty five year old Canadian libertarian who in 2015 ran for parliament and she lost. But in the process, she built a pretty big YouTube channel, which in some ways like. Made her more powerful than if she had gotten elected to parliament. Hello, it's Lauren Southern here with Rebel, and I just got in a huge confrontation with the SlutWalk, which we are following right now.


When I first saw Lauren, she was at the SlutWalk. All right. Let's go follow the walk now.


She was beautiful. She was around my age. You are attacking our cameraman.


Her big breakout moment was when she interrupted these slut walks, these sexual assault protests that were happening all over North America held a sign that said we are not living in a rape culture in the West.


She would go up to feminists and try to debate them.


Rapists don't get high fives. We don't have the government funding rapists. She's basically doing the same sort of gonzo activism that Michael Moore was doing ten years earlier. But she's doing it on the other side of the culture war.


There's a group of women that were here and they're wishing to draw consent to use the footage that you had, I guess, gotten.


So you can't just withdraw consent the next like. Well, that's interesting. Why is that interesting? It's I don't know. Tell me. Tell me what? Like a rally for, like, consent and like they're saying no. And you're saying that like, OK, so if someone gives consent the night before and then they have to listen, if they have sex with a man and they give consent and then the next day decide, oh, I regret it, I'm going to report him for being a rapist even though I gave them consent, you're saying that's OK.


So you're out of all the YouTube verse that Caleb has watched, Lauren Sothern, she's really the most like him. She's young. She dropped out of college. She is a fan of the same you tubers that he is. And she really kind of brings all these ideas together in these dramatic real world confrontations. I was like, who's this?


And I was like, wow, she's out there own in the lives and giving them facts and logic.


OK, if you want to know what my son means, my son means that this is not a rape culture because rapists go to prison here, go to Africa and you will see a real rape culture.


And at this point, like Caleb says, that this all feels like the same edgy punk rock stuff he was into in high school. It's just that what is punk rock has changed. There was this counterculture element to it.


We are the new counterculture. I don't understand why the right way white males have to tiptoe around. We are the punk rock kids. Right. And everyone else gets to just yell, what do we want? Dead cops.


When everyone's racist, we're the ones pushing back against the status quo of like this elite, you know, globalist like liberal society.


I don't know if the mainstream media knows just how many people are following in the wake and disassembling what they're building because they just keep doing it. I have really good news for you. I just heard that the press is stuck on their airplane, they can't get here. I love it. And that's what Trump was. Trump was that figure that was going to come in and reverse it all.


They called us and said, could you wait? I said, absolutely not. Let's get going. Right, let's get going.


New Hampshire, there's lots of things I hate about the Republicans, but. You had to vote for Trump. So, Kevin, it feels like just in this first year of Caleb's watch history, he's come quite a long way from the guy who was excited about Barack Obama or who wanted to study environmental science in college.


Right. And it feels to me like it's happening really quickly.


Yeah, but all of the stuff that Caleb is going through and experiencing it all lines up with these changes that are happening at YouTube the very same year.


This is so many Sengupta. I'm a reporter for The New York Times, I've covered nine conflicts written about earthquakes, terror attacks, droughts, floods, many humanitarian crises. My job is to bear witness. Right now I'm writing about climate change and I'm trying to answer some really big and urgent questions about life on a hot our planet. Like who is most vulnerable to climate change? Should we redesign our cities? Should we be eating differently? What happens to the millions of people who live by the coast as the oceans rise to make sense of this?


I talk to climate scientists, inventors, activists. Mostly I document the impact of global warming and that impact is highly, highly unequal. My colleagues and I are doing our best to answer complicated questions like these, but we can't do that without our subscribers. If you'd like to subscribe, go to NY Times dot com slash. Subscribe and thank you. All right, so, Kevin, what is happening back at YouTube during this year that Caleb is meeting all these new people?


So throughout 2014 and 2015, YouTube is growing an insane amount. And a lot of that is because of this A.I. that Gyeom helped build.


Guion, our our French friend, we got a billion users at seeing accelerating usage growth.


More of the same. More of the same. But around 2015, after GM was gone, YouTube realized that in order to keep growing, it had to do a version of a thing that he had been talking about. It couldn't just keep showing people more and more videos about the things that they were interested in.


It had to show them new videos on new subjects, new topics featuring new people. It had to actually expand their tastes, including things they didn't even know they'd want.


So YouTube calls in Google brain. It's the best A.I. FDs in the world. They're publishing the most papers.


They're winning the most awards like this is the team of A.I. and they come in and their job is to reengineer the recommendations algorithm around this new A.I. technique called a deep neural network, which is this A.I. technique that is supposed to mimic the way the human brain processes information.


And basically what you do is you give it a whole bunch of data in this case, like billions and billions of data points about what people are watching on YouTube. And you instruct the A.I. to go out and find patterns and connections in that data, including stuff that no human would ever think to make connections and patterns that no human could ever find.


And then you use those connections to recommend paths for people that can draw them into new subject areas, that can get them interested in new things, that can make them watch not just one more video or two more videos, but like 500 new videos.


That's really what feminism is, it's a giant suicide bomber, and if you look at Caleb's watch history, that's when he starts getting introduced to all these new characters.


It only leads to death and suffering. I get the idea of trying to show that women are real people, too, yada, yada, yada.


And then when he gets a new job in 2016, and then when I got my second job at the warehouse, we were actually allowed to listen to earphones packing boxes in a warehouse. I stood at a bench all day and put things into boxes, so it's pretty much by myself. His YouTube watch time skyrockets even more.


There is a war at the moment between the West and Islam. Women are not an oppressed class in the West.


There is no you know, we were told, well, this debate is moral. Come on now. I am already preserving the Western ideas.


He's actually spending all day from sunup to sundown online.


The people in the bad cultures want to get to the good culture, not even sundown, because I listen to the Third World and it is to the first world. It is. Put the phone next right next to my head, and it would just be running on YouTube on a moral response. Thank you guys so much for watching and thank you so much to my amazing Patriot supporters who make it so that I'm able to talk about these scary, bigoted.


And I did feel very connected with these people.


Thank you so much for your patience and time and care and attention. As always, this is all supported by you. Yes. You not? No, no. I'm the guy said, you know, I was like, you know, if only Lauren knew how it was, we'd be friends.


If Steph knew who I was, we'd be friends. It's just that I'm disconnected from these people because I'm stuck in West Virginia. If you look through Caleb's viewing history and add it all up, he watched about 4000 videos in twenty sixteen, which is double the number he had the previous year. And around this time, like YouTube's overall viewing time was ratcheting up so much that in 2016 they reached this milestone of a billion hours a day being watched on YouTube.


When you get an oversupply of lies, you get a demand for truth. I mean, it just raises the demand.


And I think that the alternative media, as it's called, bringing sort of just to put it in perspective, a billion hours is equal to one hundred and fourteen thousand years. That is insane. So every day on YouTube, people collectively around the world are getting up and watching one hundred and fourteen thousand years worth of videos.


This is like we could have colonized Mars by now.


That's not what we're here to do.


My only source of information was YouTube. This is no longer like a site where you go to watch a video. It's the soundtrack to people's life.


I was only listening to staff Lauren Southern, Gavin McKennis. I was not taking my news from anywhere else.


And these alternative media figures, these people that Caleb has been following and watching, they're becoming bigger than a lot of the mainstream media organizations that they're criticizing. I built this show from nothing to, you know, coming up to 300 million.


Views and downloads have started back in 2006 on YouTube back then, and atheism and liberalism dominated all of YouTube. It's amazing how things have changed. Google is a calculator. It's just an algorithm. And the algorithm shows.


And you can see in his viewing history after the election, like late 2016, early 2017, he thought it was wrong.


You thought Hillary was going to win.


That's when the tone of the videos that Caleb is watching you because you're a fucking white man who gets to do whatever he wants.


Doing this stops feeling to him like a culture war and it starts feeling like an actual war.


Angry demonstrators taking turns beating a papier mâché likeness of Trump with the bad.


I would watch SJW, you know, social justice, warrior cringe compilations and all this stuff. Take your privilege somewhere else.


Do not be a spectator in the most important battle in history.


And Caleb started to notice around this time that he wasn't the same person that he was in high school.


And I now call myself a civic nationalist. He is changing.


It's not just for America. It's not just for Britain. It's for the identity of the West. It's under attack from radical Islam, for cultural Marxists.


And I notice that we all were progressively becoming more and more right wing.


Now, when he sees a video of Richard Spencer, an open white nationalist for us as Europeans, it is only normal again when we are great again. Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory.


He actually feels like they have something in common.


I remember even Richard Spencer going to the hotel in DC to be white is to be a striver and, you know, doing the hail trump and doing the Zile.


We don't exploit other groups. They need us and not the other way around. I remember defending him.


I thought, well, look, it's his right to do that and it's his free speech. And they're not that's not a Nazi salute. It's a Roman salute. And and I remember saying things like, you know, if they want white nationalism, if they want their own little corner of the country and they all voluntarily move there and do that, that's fine. Immigrants come to this country and do that all the time. There's a Chinatown. There's, you know, all these things.


So it was like I saw it is like but that's their freedom to do so.


And like there's some distance between the Richard Spencer White Nationalist movement and like Caleb's favorite, you tubers, you know, stuff on Molineux, not having Richard Spencer like on his channel.


But I think that white identity and white nationalism is a little misleading. I think it's more accurate to say that the right cares about Western supremacy rather than white supremacy, because about a lot of them are starting to affiliate themselves.


I do think that the right overall is going to be changing to a movement that is going more. All right.


Actually with this group that Richard Spencer played a key role in starting.


So it started with this guy, Richard Spencer Boop. He came up with a name. All right. Alternative. Right. And I like this guy. I like debating the alt. Right.


What's the alt right or alternative? Right. Some members hold distinctive positions on sexual trade and free markets and foreign policy, but they all agree on one thing. Equality is a dangerous myth.


Over time in his YouTube history, you see that Caleb gets recommended videos by this guy named Jared Taylor.


For some reason, Jared Taylor got into my algorithm.


What it comes to race. I was certainly just as ignorant as you and Jared Taylor. He's a little different than the other people that Caleb's been watching.


It was with great reluctance that I said goodbye to all of these happy fantasies about how we're all essentially replaceable and everyone is the same.


He's older. He wears like suits and has a masters degree.


Jared Taylor, for some reason, he was soft spoken, well mannered, presentable looking. He's not a YouTube.


The science of heredity tells us that some people will always be above average. Some people will be.


Before he was a professional racist, before Caleb was born and his. A big project has been to kind of make racism respectable by dressing it up in all this quasi scientific language.


And so when Caleb sees him, he's talking about something called race realism, race realism, you know, the differences in IQ among the races and saying that that explained, you know, why black people are in poverty and why Asians are doing so well in the country.


These are biological facts. They're not sociological construct.


I thought we'll look at it. You could see it in reality.


But what he does have in common with the other you tubers that Caleb is watching so much vital data on these questions is essentially kept underground, is that he frames his views as a kind of secret knowledge.


We evolve from nature and that once you see the logic behind it and this is how things are, you see that it's the truth.


This is the natural world. And this is, you know, black people grew up in Africa and white people grew up in Europe. And this is just how it is. And all this stuff that I never, ever believed before.


And then at some point, Kalb says he started to do more than just watch YouTube videos.


I would have arguments with people and I would try to convince people on things like race, religion and mass immigration.


Thing I want to talk about today is the great replacement.


I talk to people that I saw as intelligent and I'd say you need to have more kids.


The funny thing is, is that if white people really cared about the world, they would very much wish to preserve white culture.


You know, intelligent people are dying out.


I'm sure you're aware of what is called the great repression, the fact that in every Western country, the proportion of whites dropped every year.


Do you really think that the European people and culture are replaceable within a generation with no consequences?


Did you read the New Zealand shooter's manifesto right about the first 15 pages? And it was exactly what I believed. Not the violence, but the great replacement. That's what I called it. All those things. That's how I saw the world. That was what I believed. Yes, so. When when did you feel your views shifting again, so.