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Welcome to an HBO podcast from the HBO series Real Time with Bill Maher. Hey, I'm doing a show. Thank you very much. Please. Thank you very much, appreciate it. Sit your healthy asses down right now. These are all very healthy people. They're far apart. They got at nothing good happen. It's a great thing. And, boy, smaller crowds we make up.


For, you know, size with enthusiasm, which is why. This is what small penis men say, the poor bastards. But tonight, thank you, I appreciate the laughter. Well, I know why you're happy today. Joe Biden is up by eight.


Toppy, what did you think of? No, as far as for our covid infected president tonight, he's going to undergo a medical exam, really this is happening on Fox News in a very special episode of Dirty Jobs.


Now, the doctor is in New York and trumps in the White House. I'm not sure how this is really an exam, but I hope it involves Trump sticking his own finger up his ass.


That's all I have to say. I've always been conservative about saying about Trump all we got him now, but I'm telling you this getting covid thing is not good for him the way he handled it. I think the final blow is that, you know, when we see that he gets treatment, we would never get said. He's out there every day bragging about how I beat it. Yeah.


With a team of doctors and experimental drugs, you know, and. When Trump gets sick, he goes to Walter Reed, the average American goes to Duane Reade. Yeah, he's on an experimental antibiotic cocktail that was tested on hamster's it's a little risky, but they say as of tonight, the president is doing fine and resting comfortably near his wheeled. You know, the other thing is that he's literally infected others in this fucking country, so fucking dense that they only could get it through their head.


He's a bad guy when he personally is killing other people personally, miss. USA Today says he and his entourage have infected or exposed at least 6000 people in five states, beating the old record set by Motley Crue.


I mean, things are so upside, things are so upside down in this country today, Stormy Daniels called him a super spreader.


So far now we're keeping count. Thirty four people, thirty four connected to the White House have become infected when the helicopter lands on the lawn. Now they play the theme from MASH.


Is that a sign that things are I mean, in the White House, they're going nuts, they're freaking out, they've got workers wiping down every inanimate object, desks, computers, Wilbur Ross.


And today, Jared Kushner was wearing a plastic mask. Oh, no, that was his face.


But Melania says she is feeling stronger, although she said this year might be the year Christmas has to go fuck itself.


I just saw that story. Not many people. OK.


Well, the people who work in the White House, they are going nuts because of this, because Trump returning there sooner than he should have. He's still infectious. He's still endangering the staff. And the staff, of course, has not said anything about this publicly, but privately. Oh, I would love to be a fly on Mike Pence's face.


Did you watch that debate? I have nothing to say about it, it was boring. I'm voting for Biden next. I mean, did it change anything now? I mean, and the debate commission now says the next presidential debate could only happen remotely because Trump is infected and Trump has canceled this. He said no, he doesn't want to do debate that way. He said his infectious personality.


Just doesn't come across on Zom. And amid all this, get this, remember Ken Bowen from the last election, the guy with the red sweater, the ultimate independent voter who we look at to decide things in this country, he finally has made his decision after looking at Trump for almost four years. And Joe Biden vote is going to vote for the libertarian candidate, Joe Jorgensen. Really?


Ken Bowen? Yes, that's Ken Bowen's decision. And tonight, to celebrate his vote, he's going on to a Chinese restaurant and ordering hamburger.


All right, we've got a great show, Keli Goff and Bret Stephens are here on the panel. And later, we'll be speaking with former CIA Director John Brennan. The first up, he is the US congressman who represents California's 20th district, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, ladies and gentlemen.


Thank you very much, appreciate it, whether you're satisfied that we are safe here. Yes, you're about a mile away from me, OK?


All right. And the audience just want you to know. All right. So in the debate, Mike Pence, just like his boss, really would not commit to a peaceful transfer of power.


I've asked you this question on the show before, and you have a bill now.


I think the Democrats, you know, getting the message here and it's called the Protecting Our Democracy Act. Is that right? What is that? It is.


You know, after Watergate, Congress passed a whole package of reforms to try to address all the institutional breakdowns. We've done the same thing working with the speaker and my fellow chairs. We have measures in the package that protect against the abuse of the pardon power, that allow for the expedited enforcement of congressional subpoenas, that protect whistleblowers, that protect inspector generals, that allow us to enforce the emoluments clause. When a president like this one enriches himself in the Oval Office and a whole host of other reforms.


So we told the statue of limitations. So a prosecution of the president could go forward and not be hampered by the fact that a president can outwait the statute. So these are.


I don't expect I don't expect, Bill, that the Republicans this year are going to support this next year if we're fortunate and have a Biden presidency.


I think they'll support these reforms because they're not going to want they're not going to want a Democratic president to do anything they allowed Donald Trump to do.


There's a senator Mike Lee says this is his quote this week. We're not a democracy. Democracy isn't the objective. Liberty, peace and prosperity are. That's I mean, I kind of know what he means, he went on to say, rank democracy can thwart that the founding fathers were afraid of direct democracy. That is true. But for a senator say we're not a democracy, it's not the objective. It's pretty dangerous talk, especially at this moment with this president.


Absolutely, absolutely, and it's all the more astonishing because we see around the world a real challenge to democracy, we see a rise of autocracy. Obviously in Russia, we see totalitarianism in China, but we see in Egypt and Turkey with Erdogan, in the Philippines, with the territory in Brazil, all the world, a rise of autocrats challenging the very idea of democracy. So to have Republican senators say, you know, rank democracy isn't such a good thing, that's music to Putin's ears, I'm sure.


But in terms of the attacks on our own institutions, the president, who, as you say, won't commit even to peacefully leaving the Oval Office if and when he loses those kind of comments are just dangerous.


So. But our system I mean, I've been talking about how the U.S. Constitution needs a page one rewrite for a very long time. This is a tough sell and a lot of America who believe that the Constitution was literally delivered by Jesus. Do we have that picture of that painting?


This is this is what a lot of people think. And I was reminded of this when Aaberg died recently because she quote was quoted in 2012 by saying, I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012. And she went on to mention South Africa has a better one in Canada because they were written more recently European Convention on Human Rights, she said, was better. It's very hard to get a politician to talk about the Constitution, how it needs fundamental change.


But the Electoral College, I could go on.


Maybe it will be that politician who will say the Constitution.


They were great back then, but they they were not Nostradamus.


They couldn't see a lot of shit that was going to happen. Where were you on that issue of the Constitution?


Well, you know, I certainly agree with Ruth Bader Ginsburg in terms of if we were starting over, we would obviously make sure that everyone could vote. We wouldn't discriminate against women of people of color.


We would not have to amend and correct for all the mistakes of the original.


But but let me ask you this. Who would you trust to draft a new constitution? Mike Lee? No, Mitch McConnell, any of those jokers? I certainly wouldn't.


And and this is known. This is the problem. I don't I don't have any confidence, frankly, that we could improve upon the word of the work product of the framers with a crowd we have today. So I like it very.


But I think we are better off focusing on discrete amendments to the Constitution to overturn Citizens United and make sure that we can have elections, untampered, or I'm influenced by excessive expenditures and dark money.


And I would favor doing away with the Electoral College system, which I think is a.


All right, so if if there's a new Supreme Court justice, a lot of people are saying that Roe versus Wade will be overturned, but for a lot of the country, it's already been overturned. A lot of places in America, you just you know, you can't get an abortion and they have to drive to another state. Why hasn't Congress passed a law? Because the courts, of course, just rule on laws, but why isn't there a Roe versus amendment law that you guys have done?


I think there should be. I think we should take up on Roe v. Wade Enforcement Act or Protection Act.


But I do think also we need to be mindful of the limitations of a statute. If the president is successful in further stacking the Supreme Court, that court would likely overturn any law Congress passes to protect a woman's right to choose. So we should try and we should hope that we're successful in and thwarting another right wing justice that would overturn Roe v. Wade, that would take away people's health care, strike down the Affordable Care Act. But but I think we need to be realistic about how far a law can go when the Supreme Court is hell bent on overturning it.


OK, so look, your congressman from California, I know some of this is not in your domain because you go to Washington and work on national issues.


But I live in California, so I'm going to bitch a little bit, kind of, I guess, because, you know, I mean, there is an activist in California.


Businesses are leaving the state in droves in just 20, 18 and 19, which are economic boom years. Seven hundred sixty five commercial facilities left. Thirteen thousand businesses left between 2009 and 2016. Look, I came out here in three. I found paradise.


I love California. I do. I don't want to leave. But I feel like I'm living in Italy in the 70s or something, super high taxes, potholes in the road. I don't know what I'm getting from my super high taxes.


And I do understand. And this talk of Exodus, you know, I tell you, you people talk about this a lot now and people are leaving, like in my industry.


Joe Rogan left. Ben Shapiro. Sorry, ladies.


Elon Musk talks about leaving. What do you say about that? As a California representative?


Well, I think we have to make every effort to make this a more business friendly state. And I don't think there's anything incompatible with being progressive and also wanted to make sure that this is a place that businesses can can survive and thrive. I think in particular, we need to work on making sure that manufacturing once again has a home in California.


It's simply too hard to take regulation to be able to cite any new manufacturing plant.


We have to be able to break through that regulatory impasse and the time it takes from the conception of an idea to be able to execute, build manufacturing, put people to work.


I tell you something, I've been look, I try to do the right thing. I got solar panels on my roof.


It's almost been three years.


They're not turned on because when you get regular city goes to a pole, but then when you get panels, it has to go to a shed. I don't know why I accept that. I could have bought the shed at Home Depot and put it in in a day. It's been almost three years. I can't tell you how many inspections we jump through every hoop. It's just corruption, this is this is exasperating, exasperating, I know, and this is the problem we need to cut through that kind of bureaucratic red tape.


And Democrats, do they do run this? Absolutely. Now, look, I want this to be the Golden State again.


I think much of it remains the Golden State. But among the various challenges and problems we have, we have a growing and yawning gap between those who are doing really well in California and those who are doing really poorly.


And over the last 10 or 20 years, that has just become that much more egregious as we build back from this pandemic in California and around the country.


I think it's going to be really important for us to build back an economy that works for everyone. And part of making it work for everyone is making it work for you, make it work for for low skilled and making sure that everyone has access to a good education. Make sure that those want to build a business, can build a business here and don't need to leave the state and find somewhere else. And so this is, you know, I think the challenge for us in past crises, the Great Depression, World War two, Vietnam War, we build back a better California, a better country, and we can do that again.


I'll make a call about that. Said that, as you said on the call, the governor tonight. I would appreciate if you add Adam Schiff, everybody. All right. Great to see you, Congressman. Let's meet our panel. All right, he is right. I got to get my chair in the group. We have regulation. Yes. No, see that. So I don't get too close and kill you. It has to be in that group.


I want the people who are watching to know we're doing everything according to code or they'll shut us down like we're a restaurant. All right. He's a columnist for The New York Times and an MSNBC contributor.


Our friend Bret Stephens is over here and he's a columnist for The Daily Beast and contributor to Casey RWC, Left, Right and Center. Keli Goff is over here. Thank you. OK. So, OK, there's only four weeks left to the election is stolen. I'm very excited. The president is on a lot of drugs. Hadn't noticed why I hadn't noticed. Right. I've heard people say, you know, he's the. Is that the steroids talking or is it the way Trump always talks?


Yes, sir, no.


I mean, do you you have to consider how how many drugs he must be on to be beyond what you already what he usually is.


Right, when you said that, I was wondering, did you mean before or after the covid diagnosis? Yeah, when when was he ever hinged?


You know, but I used to I've read your columns recently and you talked a little bit about these shy Trump voter. No, I mean, even Rasmussen, which is the pretty much most conservative poll. Right. Even they have Biden up by 12. I mean, he's killing it with groups that the Democrats didn't kill it with for like older people. Look, I don't I'm not I'm always the guy who says to people who go, we got them.


Now, you never get Trump.


But this does. Thank you.


But it is this unbelievable at this point after the one to blow of the debate and then Trump handling his own covid. I'm sorry.


After reading about Cal Cunningham in North Carolina this week, I don't think anything will tell us what it we don't all know.


Cal coming here. Oh, sorry, I didn't get the Melania Christmas joke. Are you going to have to deal with, by the way?


I did laugh at that stage because I'm reading Stephanie Winston Walcoff book, so I thought it was funny. Whatever that whatever. That's what Cal Cunningham, a Democrat who was very much looking like he was going to win a Senate seat in North Carolina against Thom Tillis, right?




Until he got caught with his hand in the cookie sex dude, a woman who was married and not to him the way look.


All right.


Let's assume let's assume that the polls are right, that Biden is going to is going to is going to carry this in a walk. Why would you act on that assumption?


Why don't you just assume that it's this close and you're going to fight for every single vote?


Because the last thing that we need is to wake up the day after November, whatever it was, six or seven, 20, 16, and say, well, how did we blow that one again?


Right. Which is part of what happened last night, because there were certainly voters who who did what I call vote count, which is Hillary has a bag. I can vote third party in and send a real message, send a real message. And boy, did they send the message.


But I just I mean, look, I've had this and I just see a flop sweat on Trump that I've never seen before in the last couple of weeks.




Well, he had covered quite a lot. I mean, I've had this dream for a long time that at some point he gets to do that.


The end and training day.


I did hear Denzel King coming up in this piece, and nobody cares anymore.


You know, the neighborhood and I feel like that's sort of where he is with even his most key supporters. Not, of course, that like 30 percent will never leave there in the bunker with Mrs. Gerbils giving the poison.


You're right in the sense that he's made some mistakes that I made are idiotic, even by his standards, first of all, setting up Joe Biden as as a mistress, senility so that all Obama had to do was step this high.


And then the next one was a Kamala Harris is a communist.


So the moment she appears to be reasonably sane politician, she passes the bar. So that's just that's just political malpractice. But how many weeks before the last election was the Billy Bush tape? All I'm saying is if you're not acting nervous, you're making a mistake. You're right. Right. But I just want to say the fact that Joe, old Joe, Sleepy Joe, which is not one of his best nicknames, by the way. No. You know, no friend has come up with better photos to tell shifty shift.


He's winning with older people, 62 to 35.


Now, it just I just want to say, it turned out old Joe is a good choice because these are the people who vote.


Now, I don't know what the millennial vote is going to be in this election, but they've been bitching forever that my generation ruined the world for them. And I've been telling them, you know, the oldest of them are over 40. You've had five presidential elections to vote in. Take the world.


Well, stop blaming us and take it over. But but, you know, you have to go out and vote and do it. I think they will this time.


And they're starting to. And I was going to say that actually Trump has a real demographic problem. Right, because in terms of the electoral landscape changing, we saw a bit of that in the midterms. That was actually one of the first elections where millennials gen is actually outvoted older voters and that was a midterm. No one votes in midterms.


You're usually right. So so that and the other thing that's speaking about older voters, I am not trying to be crass, but, you know, Trump did wipe the floor with Hillary, with older white voters. Not all of them are still with us. So in that four years and I'm not saying that to be rude, it's just the truth. And the registration numbers among younger people and particularly younger black people is something that that actually does make the Trump campaign fairly nervous.


Shaquille O'Neal and Snoop Dogg actually admitted they've never voted before. This is the first election. They feel compelled to do so because of police brutality and other issues.


And so that's why there are states that are tight, if I may correct you. Snoop voted but on Thursday. And just because he was.


But you know that one, I didn't laugh, but the Melania Trump Christmas joke, I was like, I think one disappointment is there isn't going to be it doesn't look like there's going to be another debate, because I think that debate was a gift to Biden. For once, all of America was confronted by who the president is like this was.


This was the guy and I think most of us have had this experience, you're at a party and some oaf comes up to you.


Spills his beer in your lap and says Lee Harvey Oswald is still alive. How do I get out of here? And that was the entire debate. So let's have more of that more, please, Mr. President.


Yeah, I actually think that the VP debate also hurt them in a way that that's not getting talked about a lot except for among women. Because, you know, the fact is, most of us on a day to day basis, look, the bar so low for who Donald Trump is. Right. And so most of us on a day to day basis are not confronting men who actually come up and say, I want to grab you by the pussy.


But we are confronting men every day who interrupt us talk over our condescending, dismissive of our conversation. And the fact that Mike Pence, liars and liars, don't like liars either. Well, this is very. And the fact that Mike Pence could not control himself, not just with Senator Harris, but with the moderator who finally had to say no, actually you've talked a lot more than her. I think it was reminiscent of the Congressman Rick Lazio moment with Senator Clinton.


He lost that Senate debate because he he reminded every one of the men that they don't like in their lives.


And Mike Pence was supposed to balance out Trump, help him win back some of those women voters. He did not do that during the.


For the FBI charged six people, 13 in total, six federally, listen to this militia type. I love the way they use that word militia.


When you do anything, when you're a redneck, a plot to storm the capital in Michigan, kidnap the governor, Gretchen Whitmer, put her on trial in another state to bring on a civil war. What's interesting to me about this is some of these people, some of them are Trump people with megahits. One of them says Trump's a tyrant. He's the enemy. He was mad that gas is too high. He's like blaming the governor of Michigan because he has no money.


I feel like this is this is where we're at. It's not I mean, this plot, it's not really about politics.


It's just about people being very unhappy and wanting to blame someone and blame somebody and do it. All right. We've squeezed people so much with the income inequality and other unfairness is that they just it's not really political.


It's just I want to fucking kill somebody. Right. And I feel like it's taxidriver all over again. And Robert De Niro is saying like he's talking to me. Right. I mean, there's the atmosphere and that.


But that is part of what four years of Trump has brought about, because ultimately he is the and I'm not I'm not letting off letting the left off the hook.


But he's the president and he's the conspiracy theorist in chief. He's the crazy talker in chief.


He has the permission slip to every crazy person who wants to do this kind of thing, because there's a guy who's even crazier than you and he's in the White House.


OK, so getting covid, I don't know if, you know, this has been a really life changing event for Donald Trump. Some of the. He said he thought it was a gift from God. He said, you know, he has experience.


He knows what it's like now. Well, look, he lives to serve. We all know this.


He just wants he just wants to help people. So now that he has it, he wants to share. He's written a new book called Just Do What I Do, Simple Tips for Living Well. And for example. With covered with covid itself, he says, if you get covered, just take your military helicopter to your private floor at the hospital and have your team of doctors procure the drugs that aren't on the market yet. Why?


Why can't people just do the simple things that I'm doing? You know, if your house floods, just go to your other one, what is wrong with you if you can't pay the rent? So off some stock, what? Many are having trouble getting laid, take her furniture shop.


If you're experiencing low self-esteem, throw yourself a military parade decirte. If a woman would have sex with you, just have sex with her. Says Donald Trump, not me. What if you get in trouble with the law, pardon yourself.


And if your hair looks stupid, give it the seventy thousand dollar treatment.


It's interesting to note that this doctor, he has, Dr. Sean Connelly, he said on Monday that he detected antibodies in the president's blood. Yes, because you put them there. Those are the antibodies they put in him with that Regeneron drug.


OK, so only two people out of the 34 in the Trump administration, who are the Trump orbit, I guess I should say, more accurately, who got it have been to the hospital. That's Trump and Chris Christie. Exactly. Everyone knows why that's something that they have in common, but this is the Chris Christie to talk about his asthma. OK, you know, I've been on this for a while here, lonely, lonely on this subject, that America is so fucking cowardly that they cannot call out obesity as the number one reason why people got sick before the disease.


And the number one reason I mean, you have one. Can I just start by thanking you for bringing up this topic? Because if I've learned anything, it's that the world loves it when a thin woman babbles on about obesity in a conversation about health.


But but it's science. And if we're serious about life and death, we really need to talk about what causes the death.


Well, now, I don't know what I will say. I will absolutely say. I will I will absolutely say that I was not a fan of the fashion industry promoting the heroin chic anorexic look, because I don't want little girls being indoctrinated to think a body is such a small or part of the problem is this is what we do.


We pretend my. Can I finish? Yes. I'm sorry. Thank you. And what I was going to say is I also don't like the idea of kids being indoctrinated to think that another body type, which is obesity, which can kill you.


We shouldn't be talking about it. We have to talk about it in a healthy and a kind way. Michelle Obama tried to do that and got laughed at when she tried to do so with the first.


And the last thing I want to say is, look, I do take it seriously.


Diabetes runs in my family. I've lost people to diabetes and obesity. We've got to find a way to have the conversation. But in a way that is not so exclusive in terms of class, which is what Michelle Obama tried to do. I mean, you know, Chris Christie can afford to chef personal trainers and things. There are a lot of people in my community where addressing the issue of health and obesity, it cost more. And we need to be more strategic about how we do it and how we talk.


So after the show, I'm going to have I'm having dinner with a friend of mine who is in L.A. who use the lockdown as an opportunity to buy an exercise bike and lost one hundred and twenty pounds.


I think that's a good way to use it. But can I just say I'm so glad you said that because the peloton is a couple of thousand dollars.


So so I just want so again, I just I'm not sure what kind of exercise bike, just for the record, but you don't need a peloton. People get in shape in prison with nothing.


You can use your own body. I'm not disputing any of this, but I'm not saying that there is a class component to this conversation. But we do have to have that. Yes, because the last thing, too, is I also think that things are going to change a lot about this bill post covid because Prie covid you already had companies like Wal-Mart and other private companies that were tying employee insurance cost to incentive based behavior. If you didn't quit smoking, they'd raise your rates.


If you didn't work on your weight, they'd raise your rates. I think that because of the cost associated with covid, we're going to see a lot more companies doing that. And I don't think that's a bad thing.


I don't know about. But I mean, you brought up anorexia to me, that's a false equivalency. Why? Because obesity before the epidemic killed 40000 Americans a month. Does anorexia. I don't actually have the exact numbers, but believe me, in anorexia, killed a lot of very young women. You know, it's a place you Orexigen, believe me. Forty thousand a month.


I don't have the exact numbers on it. So so I will ultimately, I'm not being funny because let me tell you this. A lot of the women who cope with it, particularly when they're on air, you don't find out about it until later when they discuss it publicly. There are a lot of women who might be grappling with that privately, whereas when you're obese, people can see it.


I mean, that's part of the issue. That's the point I'm making, is that the fashion industry glorifies thin women. So you don't necessarily know that someone's struggling in the same way.


But isn't the point of it that we just have to talk about it?


I mean, there's this kind of taboo that, God forbid you should mention, that America has a giant pun intended weight problem and that this is one of the reasons why we've been so terribly struck by the disease.


Correct. You know, in Nordic countries, they've done wonderfully well.


Part of it is surely on account of whatever policies they were adopting, but probably it's because they're out skiing, you know, in Lapland.


And an Asian countries actually have done very well. And it's largely because, yes, they're the obesity level is is many times less than what it is, largely because I'm in total agreement.


What I'm talking about, those we have to find a way to to find the programs. There's a cultural component to this. For instance, we need more black doctors.


We need more people involved in finding ways to address the racial and cultural discrepancies in how you tackle this issue.


There aren't a lot of black people that I'm personally friends with Askey a lot. They are certainly out there. But I'm just saying this idea that, like, just ski it off, you know what I mean?


I mean, the Nordic countries, you know, I know you're talking like there's not a lot of fat white people.


Well, there's a lot of fat white people there. They're OK.


Yes. But I will certainly say that it's a it's becoming a real killer in my community, especially with diabetes and obesity. And so, you know, when people talk about it, we just have to talk about it in a nuanced way because there's not a one size fits all, no pun intended way to address this. But we have to stop glamorizing gluttony.


I agree with you. OK, all right. That's but I don't want to see heroin safe and I don't want to see obesity as Asprey mean.


Weight Watchers can't even use the name Weight Watchers anymore. They change it like KFC did, you can't mention weight or watching it, really. What is it now, W-W? Is that true? Really? No, I made it up right on the spot. Yes.


You know, but you can't tell which of the joke sometimes. All right.


So the cure that Trump got from one of his Regeneron, I think is the thing is made from fetal cells.


Some from abortions from the 70s, some some probably is No. What good could this become an issue? I mean, that sounds like it would be not something that let me call me Barrat found kosher.


I you know, I said earlier that I'm reading Stephanie Winston Walcoff book on her friendship with and working with Melania. And the refrain that keeps coming up is, I know who I married. I know who I married. I know who I married. That's what Melanie often says. Whenever someone says roughly about something her husband did, I think evangelicals know who they married and Donald Trump. Yeah. And they basically made a deal with the devil. And I'm a person of faith, but that's how I see it, to simply get Roe v.


Wade overturned and so on.


All right. I just want to mention one more thing, the kind of story that gets buried because of who the president talk about it, he owes four hundred million dollars.


Is that all I see? Well, that's more, but it may very well may be probably due to Russian oligarchs. I mean, can you imagine if any other president owed anybody four hundred million dollars?


Well, let me say, this is kind of the amazing thing about this, because in the last month, we've discovered that he owes this incredible amount of money. He said there's going to be no transfer of power. He's proposed delaying the election. And most recently, he's once again arguing that he that his attorney general should prosecute his opponents. So the fact that this message hasn't yet come across to the overwhelming majority of American people that we are cultivating, someone who resembles political figures from the 1930s is the most stunning development of all.


All right. Let me say this. A black guy with his credit couldn't get elected president of his co-op board, let alone, yeah, that's very true. All right. Thank you, panel. You were great. It's time for John. He is the former CIA director and author of the new book Undaunted My Fight Against America's Enemies at Home and Abroad. John Brennan is with us John.


Thank you, Mr. Director. Hey, I was reading your book, I was just shocked to learn what a rebel you were when you were young. You smoked hash.


I know you voted the communist line in nineteen seventy six.


You had an earring. Who dressy teardrop, what kind of earrings? It was just a stud earring. OK, so I guess what I'm interested in is what was the moment where you became a serious guy? Was it sudden or was it gradual?


Well, I grew up in New Jersey. In the memoir. I talk about that upbringing and my traveling overseas and experiencing life as a young American. But then when I joined the CIA in 1980, I had to put a number of those things behind me because the national security profession really has quite a bit of demands on one's personal life. But also there are stipulations as far as what you can and can't do. So my hashish smoking days were when I was a student in Egypt, and now there are days I look upon those days quite fondly.


Me, too, which is why I've continued them. So your job with the job you had as CIA director, it's all about worrying, it's all about worrying about what's going to happen in this bad, bad world. What worries you the most right now? Donald Trump, without question, and the next hundred days in particular in terms of what he's going to do to try to steal the election, I think the polls indicate that he's going to go down in defeat.


But the powers of the presidency are enormous and the types of things that he can do, leveraging the instruments of power, whether it be in the Department of Justice, since he has a corrupt attorney general working for him. But then also I'm sure he's going to challenge the outcome of the election and a protracted battle. But I do think it's going to be rather decisive, the vote. I'm hoping it is. And I agree completely with Bret Stephens.


Nobody should relax and think that this is, you know, a given.


But once once he is defeated, what he does is then what he does as a lame duck president, I think is also very dangerous.


What will he do to try to protect himself, but also make it much more difficult for Joe Biden to address the problems that we face here at home as well as internationally? Donald Trump is a very venal, vindictive narcissist, and that's a very dangerous combination when you have the power of the presidency.


Yeah, you know, as head of the CIA, you'd be a good one to answer this. I Trump's always going after the deep state. And I'm just always wondering how deep is the state still and if they can come to our aid, if they can help save us, if the bureaucracy is is I don't know, after 9/11, you know, we've formed the Homeland Security Bureau.


And I remember thinking to myself, gosh, if we only had some sort of Central Intelligence Agency.


Is it working better than it did before? Do they connect the dots and if we need them to save us from Donald Trump, can they and will they?


I think the American men and women who serve in law enforcement, FBI and the intelligence profession, CIA and I say they are doing their level best to protect this country from all different types of challenges from abroad as well as domestically. Here we see with just the events in Michigan that we have homegrown problems here as well. But they are nonpartisan. They're supposed to be carrying out their duties irrespective of the political party of the individual in the White House. And as Off-putting and as distasteful and as awful as Donald Trump's presence is, these individuals are not going to violate their oath of office to this country, to the Constitution, and they're not going to get involved in politics.


So I do hope that people like Chris Wray, who I have a lot of respect for, as well as John Durham, who is the special prosecutor now looking at the origins of the investigation, that they're going to adhere to their oath of office and to their obligations to the American people to continue to carry out their duties professionally. And again, I agree that Donald Trump is a real aberration and a danger to our country.


But I don't look to the FBI, the CIA, to try to unseat him because that would be involved in getting involved in politics.


And that's something that they shouldn't do. OK, but that assumes that the president is not the crook who stays after he's voted out of office, that assumes that he's on the side of these people. I hear what I'm saying. I mean, you know, I've used the term slow moving coup for a number of years, which means that in many countries we've seen this country's you monitored, I'm sure, very much when you were head of the CIA.


The institutions don't change. Russia still has a parliament. It just doesn't really do anything. We see the same thing, I think, going on here, the stooge invocation of a lot of government posts.


You know, I wrote down some of the changes he's made, he said for national security advisors, three FBI directors, Homeland Security, three people, CIA director, these revolving doors. And you see this pattern where, like the first person he appoints is sort of like a normal person, Rex Tillerson, you know, like it wouldn't have been my choice. And now I'm like, can't we get someone else who runs an oil company?


Yeah. And then and then the next person is like more of an idiot, but still like maybe in the party and then you get down to Chad Wolf.


The homeland security guy knows nothing about homeland security, no expert, just a stooge, John Ratcliffe, the DNI, director of National Intelligence. You know, this is how the termites eat from the inside.


Yeah. Your thoughts? I agree with you, Bill. It's these enablers, the ones that surround him in the White House, the chiefs of staff, the Mark Meadows and others, the heads of the different agencies that allow Donald Trump to continue to carry out these outrageous activities. And most importantly, I think it is the Republicans in Congress, both in the Senate and the House, that have totally capitulated to Donald Trump's outrageous and unlawful, I believe, behavior.


So it is those enablers.


But the rank and file, the professionals in intelligence, law enforcement, those professionals we can rely on, and I'm sure they're doing everything possible to prevent the fraud in this election. That's why Chris and other seniors who came out with a very important video statement the other day trying to reassure the American people that they're on the job and that they're going to try to protect our institution of the election and warnings of foreign actors to not try to get involved. So but you're absolutely right.


It's the Redcliffs. It's the Lindsey Graham's.


It's the front page. It's the Mike Pence's who allow Donald Trump to get away with what he is doing.


OK, thank you, John. Appreciate your service to this country, as always. Good luck with the book. John Brennan, everybody. All right. Time for New. All right, know the CDC has to figure out why the only person in the entire Trump administration who doesn't have covid-19 is Jared. Hasn't anyone here seen the movie Alien? That's just one creep in the whole crew. The monster won't eat because he's a robot. Neuro sports fans said that March Madness was canceled.


Have to thank Trump for giving them something else to bet on the covid-19 Sweet 16.


Who will survive and who will join the first round loser, Herman Cain? Fill out your bracket today. What show did you all think you were coming to look, which kind of show did you think is safe? Because the other shows do the same stuff. We do other stuff.


This new rule, if you're a man and you feel the need to buy this high tech chastity belt for men, you have to tell me why, especially since this cell mate, as it's called, can be remotely locked by hackers.


That's a tough conversation, honey.


I can't. Tonight, a 15 year old in men's locked up my wiener. Jesus, I can't get Syria to play the right song and think I'm going to trust or locking up my dick. Siri, unlock my penis. OK, now playing Venus, Venus. Neuro, Pope Francis can say the pandemic has proven that the magic theories of capitalism don't work, but then he has to remember, wait, I'm the pope, I'm in the magic theory's business.


Someone must tell a twenty three year old Brittany Mohammedi, who tried to jump over the counter to attack an American Airlines employee who told her she couldn't board her flight barefoot.


Thank you, Britney, because in this age of willful partisan ignorance, it's refreshing to see some good old fashioned drunk girl ignorance.


You go girl and boy go, I mean, squat right there in the terminal and pee. And finally, new rule, don't wish ill health on President Trump, but just because he got sick, don't forget that he's still out there trying to steal an election.


Three years ago in this space, I talked about that most famous word from the Declaration of Independence, self-evident. We hold these truths to be self-evident. Well, we were wrong. It took almost two hundred and fifty years.


But we found a guy for which nothing is self-evident like.


Like leaving office when there's an election and you lose, not self-evident, don't put your son in law in charge of the government, not self evident, don't keep operating a for profit business empire while you're in office.


You know, little things we didn't think we had to write down.


Release your taxes, get your cabinet confirmed, don't use the White House for a partisan convention, don't accept foreign help in an election, care for all the states, not just the ones that voted for you.


Take sides only with the countries named American. Nothing nothing is self-evident to this man, sure, the law says you can vote by mail, but it doesn't say anything about fucking with the place that handles the mail this.


This guy finds loopholes like bird shit, finds my windshield. If there's one thing we've learned from this presidency, it's that you have to get everything in writing, because if you don't, he will do a guss. What to Gus, Gus, is that Disney movie from the 70s, I keep talking about that no one remembers.


So let me describe it once again. Gus is a mule that is signed by a football team to kick field goals with his powerful mule leg.


And when the other teams object, the Gus team just says two bad suckers. The rulebook doesn't specifically say the players have to be human. Everyone just assumed that, so fuck you, we're going to do it. That's Trump's philosophy on everything.


If you. If you don't specifically write down that I can do something, I will. Now we've all seen a Guss in real life, but it's usually just the guy at the Costco sample table who notices there's no one per customer sign and says, great dinner.


But it's different when the president is aghast, and I'm here to warn you tonight that our field goal kicking leader is now planning his ultimate guss, which is screwing with the Electoral College. You see, we don't have direct presidential elections in America. We have a middle man. The electors there are the ones who actually convene on December 14th and cast ballots to determine who is president. Now, in the past, no one ever questioned. If you win the state, you get the electors because we're a democracy, sort of.


But it turns out that's not a law, it's not in the Constitution and it's not written down.


Oh, Gus alert. The Trump campaign's legal adviser told The Atlantic on the record that if there's any hint of voting irregularities, Republican state legislatures might say, and I quote, We don't think the results of our own state are accurate. So here's our slate of electors that we think properly reflect the results of our state. In other words, fuck the vote. We're telling our electors to vote for the other guy.


So it's a completely plausible scenario that Biden wins the popular vote in Florida, say, but then Trump starts ranting about how people are saying an alligator ate a box of ballots in Tallahassee.


And that's all the cover needed for the Republican controlled state House and Republican governor to say until we get to the bottom of this, we're not sending our electors to vote for Biden.


Now, do you see why I feel like I've just been tied up by a German dominatrix who doesn't understand my safe word?


And Republicans control both legislative chambers in the six most key battleground states, at very least, they can make things so chaotic that neither candidate gets two hundred and seventy electoral votes. And then the election goes to the House where each state gets one vote. So twenty six votes wins. How many state delegations the Republicans control? Twenty six. We never catch a break. But don't get discouraged, vote, vote early and vote often. But get ready for Trump to discuss the election.


All right, thank you very much. That's our show. I want to thank Bret Stephens, Keli Goff, John Brennan and Adam Schiff will be back next week and for the next six. Thank you. Thank you both for your great. Catch all new episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher every Friday night at 10:00 or watch him any time on HBO. On demand for more information, log on to HBO Dotcom.