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You are listening to the Reality Steve podcast with your host Reality Steve. He's got all the latest info. And behind the scenes, Juice and Claires upcoming season of The Bachelorette. And interviewing some of your favorite reality stars. Now, here's a reality, Steve. What's up, everyone, welcome to podcast number two, OK, to I'm your host reality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in. Good show for you today.


Never had them on before. It's Justin Kaye and Natasha Scott. You've probably heard their podcast, Two Black Girls, one Rose. Never spoken to them before, like I said, Ashley Sparboe has been on their podcast, she's been telling me since this summer when we've been doing the lives, you've got to get them on. So we got them on today. We'll get to that in a little bit.


So I want to go over too much of what I posted yesterday on my column on reality, Steve Dotcom. Check it out, it's all the spoilers for this season, as many as I can give you, I don't have the ending in terms of who Tasia is with.


I do have her final four. If you listened to my IGY live with Ashley, we did it last night and it's going to be a different day.


Going forward, we just never know what day it's going to be, so just pay attention on my Twitter account or on my IG story and we'll update you on what day the. Live is going to be it was Sunday night's. Since covid started for about six months. Then it was Tuesday night, last week, it was Wednesday this week, I don't know when it's going to be next week, but check it out. We talk a little bit from last night about the spoilers that I posted, a few other things in Bachelor Nation and, you know, answered some questions, but.


From what I know and everything I know, I put in yesterday's column, I did not really hold anything back. In terms of the information I've received, I like I said, and I've been saying it, Miyagi lives all summer or not all summer.


And most recently that when I did give you the spoilers that I had, it wasn't going to be a detailed episode by episode breakdown. It was here's who started the show here, the guys that Claire eliminated here, the guys that were left over when Taisha took over here, the guys that didn't even meet Claire and were just brought in for Teisha.


And here's who some of the things that happened with Teisha.


And here's her final four, so on and so forth. So there will be more that I'll be giving, I guess, hopefully in the next week or so if I can get some stuff finalized. But other than that, go check out yesterday's column. It's on really, Steve Dotcom. And if you haven't checked it out to look at the spoilers for this season, a lot of them. And again. It is a lot tougher when it's filmed in one location, there's there's no doubt about that.


And so probably going to face the same thing with Matt James season, which as I can report now, it's looking like, as I said about October 10th is what I'm hearing.


It's going to start. So next Saturday night, filming will begin. If they keep the same schedule like they have for the past four or five seasons. They're going to release Matt James women next Wednesday or Thursday and then. Not all of them will make it on, but most of the people that they release will will make it on that season and in filming begins next Saturday. And then assuming there's no outbreak and there's no covid problems, they're going to finish filming right before Thanksgiving and it'll start airing first Monday in January.


And we're back to a normal schedule of bachelor and bachelorette and kind of take it from there. But I will give you the women of match season that I have already early next week. I only have about seven or eight right now, maybe eight or nine.


I got to go count again. But it's like eight ish that I have because there's there's one that is on the fence. I'm not sure if they're on or not and and left to go on. Still trying to figure that out.


But I'll release those early next week. And you and then once ABC releases the forecast list, which is their picture, their first name, their last initial age and city with by the end of the day, I'm sure I'll have everybody just like we did for Claire season when I had 19 of them. And I was like, I'm pretty, but only I need only about ten or 12 more.


Once they release the rest of the cast and they released 42 guys and I had to find twenty three guys and I and I had all 23 by the end of the by the end of the day. So I expect that to happen again. I don't know how many I'm going to have by next Tuesday, Monday or Tuesday when I release the women, or even Wednesday morning when I release the Women for Matt season. But don't expect too much different in terms of the type of women that we're going to get.


It's, you know, a bunch of mid twenty year old women who probably want to be. You know, build a brand and stuff like that, and, you know, it is what it is, I mean, that's what the show is. Now, if you're if you're complaining about that, then don't watch the show because you're not going to get 25, 30 women that are all coming on there to marry Matt James. It's just that's not what this show is anymore.


And if you think it is, you're watching the wrong show.


So let's let's get going, though.


Well, with podcast number 202, it's Justin Kay and Natasha Scott, two black girls, one rose. OK, let's bring them in, you know them from the two black girls, one Rose podcast, it is Justin Kaye and Natasha Scott.


Ladies, how are you doing or good are you doing? I'm doing good. And I've had a request from a lot of people to have you guys on within the last couple of months. And so I reached out to you. It's taking a little bit to get you on, but we have you here now, which is a good thing, because first off, I wanted to ask you about.


The two black girls, one rose title of your podcast. I don't want to reference the name on the Internet where that may have been derived from, but is that kind of a take off from.


I don't want to bring it up for someone who has no idea what we're talking about, because I don't want them to Google it.


I think I know what you're referring to. Yeah, no, that is not our inspiration.


It's eerily similar. But you know what? I want to bring up those those horrifying images. Yeah.


Oh, my God. OK, just making sure you didn't get it from that. It was just a year or two black women. This show has noses. And you came up with that. OK, yeah. All right.


So I in. Looking at you guys and doing a little research on this, I saw that you guys you met at a private high school, all girls high school, and you guys bonded over Laguna Beach of all shows.


Another show that I mean, I don't even know if they had black people in the background of that show, like I was about as white as you can get.


How did you bond over that show of all things? Justin, do you go first, Justin?


Yeah, I think we were in two different grades and my grade was like pretty segregated. The black girls were only with the black girls in the wake of the white girls. And our private high school was really small.


Laguna Beach was a way for me to kind of see how the white girls were like partying like when white girls would come in like hungover and shit.


I was like, we're like 17. Like, how do you even get liquor? Like what?


And it was like a way to kind of see how these white girls were partying. So it was just like an interesting look into a world I would never get into. Natasha?


Yeah, I mean, I, I just love reality television. And I grew up on MTV, so I'm going to be just like my everything I and remember how me and Justin discovered our similar love for it. But I remember after school we would like sit in our student lounges and just like watch the episodes together and just like talk shit about it for a long time. Like MTV Connoisseur grew up that generation. Laguna Beach was just part of the package.


When you watch that show. I don't know, like that clearly isn't part of your life and a life that you guys are eastcoast girls as well.


So seeing these white girls that are hanging out on the beach partying and seemingly never going to school, were you just like, wow, is that like how did you even enjoy it or relate to it? I think, yeah, as you put it, like. The East Coast West Coast thing was what jumped out to me the most like growing up, going to school, going to the beach, like we I mean, that's not part of our life at all.


So that was kind of fascinating to watch. Even remember on Laguna Beach, like prom being asked to prom. Oh, huge thing. I mean, we obviously did prom as well at our school, but there's no, like, big ass like the way that they do it on the show. They're like a lot of elements. Mainly, I think like the East Coast, West Coast Beach living versus like just being from the burbs in Jersey. So very different.


But yeah, not not any black people or people of color in general on that show, as you said, not even in the background. And I mean, we watch a lot of shows that don't have a lot of black people in it, and that's just kind of in general. So.


Well, I think, you know, when you guys have started your podcast and I'm. I don't know how many years has it been that you guys have had it now? It'll be three in December. Wow. Yes. OK, now you've always recorded from two different locations, correct? No more together, actually. Yeah. Oh, now, now it's because of covid you do. And you know, Justin and I live between New Jersey and New York.


We both used to both be in New York and Record, sometimes together so covid, but also just like our life circumstances.


And I notice that I don't know when it started. But you've now basically for Apple podcast, you guys release eight to ten minute clips and then get people to go to your Patreon for your full recaps.


When did that start? What was the thought process going into that? You can start Nitasha with that.


Sure, yeah, so we you know, we started late twenty, seventeen, we recapped our season, Becca Colton, bachelor Paradise, Winter Games, all that jazz all put out for free on iTunes and all the podcast platforms, all those episodes are still available. But, you know, the podcast world of sponsors and ads and all that jazz, you know, when you're two independent creators, you know, we are kind of figuring out that world ourselves and just couldn't really navigate the world of, you know, being compensated for our creative work.


And so we discovered Patreon, which is a platform where our community and people who love listening to us can contribute and get access to our episodes. And so when Hanabi season started, we made a decision for ourselves to switch our full episodes over to Patreon and then spend a little bit more time, just kind of like nurturing our two black girls, one community, which is really cool. That Patreon kind of makes it a nice small community and we're able to do cool things with people in our in our listener base.


Yeah, that's kind of the you know, how we switched over if I'm missing anything, Christine. Yeah, no, I think that's it. And it also allows us to really be free and open with what we say because we're in just a really loving and accepting and appreciative community.


And I will I'll link to that for people that do want to sign up that maybe they're hearing you that are new listeners to you and don't and don't know how to get to it or whatever. I'll link to that as well in the in the episode notes and and on the website when this goes up on Thursday.


So, Justin, when did you guys I know you said you started with already season, but were you watching the show long before that? And when did you start watching this whole franchise? Yeah, great question.


So we have very different relationships with The Bachelor. I had never watched it outside of, like, trying to know who was on Dancing with the Stars before Rachel's season.


And I has seen every season. Oh, OK. Yeah. So we have very different relationships, but we started watching Rachel's season together and we watch it together at each other's houses every week and then started the podcast pretty much straight after that.


So just, you know, Rachel was your first season, then first season with the first season.


OK, and Natasha being a long time fan, I was thinking, you know, gosh, you had to put up with.


I can't remember. I can't remember what. No, Rachel was in the grand scheme of everything. Obviously, I know that Claire is is season number 41. But, you know, you had thirty five plus seasons of nothing but white leads when you when you saw it was race, you saw Rachel on next season, clearly and probably rumblings like, oh, maybe she has a chance to be the better.


At number one. Did you think Rachel would be the Bachelorette and to when she was announced as The Bachelorette, were you like, wow, this is groundbreaking.


Every season I'm watching, I'm hopeful. Any black girl that goes distantly past, like the first couple episodes, I'm like, OK, maybe this is it. But Rachel, I did I didn't know that she was going to be The Bachelorette. She is what I mean. And we love Rachel, but she is what I would call like a digestible, palatable black person for a white audience as white as the Bachelor Nation fans. You know, she comes from a two parent household.


Her dad's a judge. She's a lawyer, a very successful, well-spoken, beautiful, and made it very far on the final season. And so finally, I was kind of like, wow, if anyone is going to be chosen by the producers as like, this is our ultimate black unicorn that we've been waiting for, you never forget all the other black contestants who would have been great. But I did have a feeling that it was going to be Rachel and I was very happy for that.


And it was a great way for me and Justin to kind of bonds and watch her season together. And that kind of kick started us into at least it kind of kick started me into listening more to, like bachelor podcasts and, you know, discovering the world of the huge world of Bachelor Nation podcast and Riquet podcasts and kind of feeling like there was a void there. There weren't any other any other voices of color talking about Rachel's season.


And in a nuanced way, and so that's kind of what really motivated Justin and I want to kind of inject our voices into this, into the space and just say, Justin, Justin, your thoughts on Rachel's season when you I mean, being the first season that you watched happen to be Rachel's, I'm sure you had a lot of questions like, what is this?


You know, what is going on here?


I don't you know, there were many seasons, but before that and just watching Rachel season, what were your initial thoughts of this franchise?


Yeah, so I had watched dating shows previously, too, that like I had obviously watched Labor of Love, one of the most iconic well, almost every one of I love New York, including her mom's dating show. So I had really gone to like the bottle, like the real gritty dating shows on VH one, like the Jersey Shore ones. Like I had watched all of those.


So Tiffany Pollard hurt me, followed her by heart.


Yes. Her government. Tiffany Pollard. Yeah. So I had already had, like, experience with, like a dating competition show type thing. But this show being so long and also so popular and like the hype behind it, I was like, oh, I don't know if I get like why it's this popular. But by the end it was literally the Super Bowl like me that also had a full night like audience. So food, it was so incredibly addicting.


So I kind of got got the hype, but and by the way, were you into or had heard the spoilers at that point on Rachel's season? Were you following along or.


No, no. No.


OK, so you didn't you didn't know that I had initially put out that she was engaged to Peter and then a couple of weeks into the season, I changed it to to Brian. So you guys you guys went through that not knowing who she had chosen?


Yeah. Totally blind. OK, who were you thinking? Just out of curiosity, Peter, yeah, yeah, just the way it was, the storyline was crafted, the narrative, I mean, we got to know Peter way more than we got to know Brian. Yeah, it's I feel like they're setting us up for one of two things. Either she's landing with Peter or it's going to be an epic heartbreak with Peter. And so we got the the heartbreak, but kind of did a disservice to her relationship with Brian.


And we didn't really get to know Brian, really.


So and I know you guys have interviewed Rachel and Rachel has said that in pretty much every interview she's done about her particular season is that she feels cheated, that people concentrated so much on Peter that her relationship with Brian got thrown under the rug.


Nobody understands it. Still to this day. People think she should be with Peter. All this stuff.


Oh, I got her. Yeah.


Got to be a little infuriating for her. And I get it. And she's obviously one of the more outspoken people, but I'm glad that she actually does speak out about it.


Do you have I mean, I'll ask you this to Natasha, because Justine didn't pick up until Rachel season, but so Natasha Beeton for Rachel's season, did you have a favorite one or even since then, what has been your favorite season of the show?


Rachel Lindsay by far my favorite. I really like Andy. So Andy Dorfman.


Oh, are you going to say Andy Baldwin like Andy Baldwin, The Bachelorette bad guy.


I really liked Andy on those problematic on my head, but I liked their season. Caitlyn Bristo season also really like Nick by all this nastiness in that whole mess. I think those two which weren't that far behind Rachel, I think I love Jo Jo season. I know like a very like everyone loves her a season and favorite among Bachelorette. But that season that really counts for me. So I think Caitlyn Randy before Rachel. OK, gotcha.


Justin, I was going to ask you about, you know, Rachel's season and your favorite seasons since Rachel's as well. I'm guessing Rachel's is your favorite season as well.


Rachel's definitely my favorite season, but also had to be had the, like, turn around and far as how she looks on The Bachelor versus how she ended up at the very end. Yeah, like one of the best like in media, in reality TV, one of the best turnarounds I've ever seen anybody do.


Yeah. So hers is really good.


Do you guys have a preference to bachelor over Bachelorette? I mean this question gets asked a lot. And for women it's like because I think the only guys that watch this show are boyfriends or boyfriends of the women who watch it or husbands of the wives who watch it. I don't think any straight single heterosexual male is watching the show.


You're watching it because your girlfriend or wife does. But as a guy. I don't I mean, I don't take any profits. All I care about is that the show airs because it's my. But I I've always looked at it as do women enjoy watching The Bachelor more because they get to critique the women. And we all know, as Chris Rock says, women hate women and or do women like watching Bachelorette because they like to, you know, ogle over the guys?


Which one is it for you guys?


Well, I was I like The Bachelorette more because I like to see men put in those very dramatic situations more than women, I think women get put in those situations all the time.


I'm a huge Housewives fan. I see it a lot. You don't really get to see men in those very dramatic, heightened kind of arenas too often, especially emotionally. So for me, I like the The Bachelorette a little bit more. Yeah, I don't know, I yeah, I mean, I love The Bachelor, I think also like in defense of The Bachelor, I guess I like not what not to hate watching the women, but I.


I like getting to know the women. So, for instance, if we're talking about like favorite seasons, again, all three seasons, I mean, we thought it was a complete of a bachelor, but he had a great cast of women who I think were cast most likely for a Peter Bachelor season. But I loved really getting to learn and meet his cast of women like the and I thought he just had some great women on there. So I kind of like watching girls because, you know, afterwards you can look them up on Instagram, you start to follow them.


And I do that more with the women than the male contestants like. So I want to switch gears a little bit here in regards to what's happening now, and I'm just curious before I even bring it up, because I don't want to spoil anything. Are you aware of the whole Clare season and what's kind of happening there or what happened there? Yes. Yes. OK. OK, so you're aware. All right. Hearing about Tatia, you know, filling in midway through and being brought on as The Bachelorette.


Before that, we knew because the announcement came by the show that Matt James was going to be our next bachelor.


First up, before we get to Matt, let's talk about Taisho for a little bit. Justin, were you a fan of Tatia from Kolten Season and then on Bachelor Paradise and her little fling with John Paul Jones, are you neutral on Tatia or are you like, yeah, I'm interested to see her. Yeah, I love you. I think she looks like the Disney princess. She is gorgeous. She's smart. She has a great family, really excited, really excited for for her to take over.


I think we all I mean, I think a lot most people are fans of things, we didn't like her. So it was odd that she was passed up essentially twice as The Bachelor. The Bachelorette. Yeah. For him to be. And then what else? Like a clear season. Oh, no. Oh, yeah. I mean, who doesn't love TaeJa? She's I think also what's interesting, her story, she's been married before, that kind of brings some dynamic, you know this to her, to her background and who she is.


And I think she has a lot going for her. And you know, it's a shame that she I mean, happy that she's The Bachelorette now, but it's kind of the workaround of how we got here. Yeah.


And, you know, we we know that Matt season starts filming soon for The Bachelor. And he is he was announced and I'm trying to remember when the announcement was.


I guess it was. Was before you I was before Claire season started and started filming right at the end of June.


Yeah, June. July, when a lot was. And this brings me to my next point. A lot obviously was going on in the country in June, and some people thought that naming Matt this early was in response to what was going on to me. I don't really think if that's what it took to get our first black bachelor. Hey, I'm all I'm all for it. Like, I don't care if it's if it took something like that.


The bottom line is we should have had one sooner.


Were you bothered by the announcement of Matt?


Because it seemingly is in response to what was going on in the country? Or again, do you do you not care? You're just happy that there is a black bachelor? Why don't you start first, Justin? I was pissed, I was. I think that they already had a pretty revolutionary season, having a thirty nine year old bachelorette who has I think this will be her fifth time on the show. They were very obviously riding on the coattails of what white media at that time considered a trend.


Everybody now is looking back at these black boxes that people posted and they're like, OK, well, you haven't said anything in two months, so you didn't mean it. And I would include the Bachelor franchise in that I thought it was wack, although the timing was whack.


They didn't really they could have just said, like, we're going to have more black people in the room. You know, if we had gotten to know Matt James a little bit more honestly, if you don't follow Tyler on Instagram, you have no idea who that is. Yeah. So that's very frustrating as well. Like we cover the show. So we know that is from most of the other Bachelor fans. They might not know who it is.


So it's even more of like a very obvious throw in as a trend. And just to treat the movement like that I thought was very careless.


Yeah, I yeah, I had very conflicting thoughts initially. Think the announcement excited like here. Finally we got a black man as the bachelor. And for me, you know, the initial excitement was just around how big of a deal is the bachelor is is a huge show. So teeny bopper, kind of lighthearted, guilty pleasure reality show. But it's a big show that's been on a primetime network for damn near 20 years. And so I've gone away for that long without meaningful representation of people of color in the lead.


It's pretty appalling. So for, you know, in a media world where black men are often characterized as violent or aggressive or criminals, you know, to have a major network show finally after 20 years of dividing people of a chance to see black men in another way, you know, step up and say, you know, here's your black bachelor. You know, I was initially excited finally. But, yeah, when you look at how the whole thing played out, the convenience of the the announcements, the putting out that Instagram post, like, course not James, our new bachelor, but not engage in any meaningful conversation around how the franchise has treated black and people of color contestants in its 20 year history, how they're going to, you know, not just cast a black man, but what are they going to do behind the scenes in terms of casting producers, people in leadership positions to really give a comprehensive support of diversifying the show?


Not getting that along with the announcement is what made it really disappointing. I mean, not really surprising, but kind of disappointing and. Well, it's just interesting. Yeah.


I think the other thing that's getting lost a lot in the whole Matt James announcement is. The way they announced him was very quick, unlike it was unlike any other batch or announcement we ever had, whether it's just his big reveal, we got I think we got a tweet the night before saying tune into Jianmei tomorrow. And it was it was thrown together. So suddenly it happens before classes and start started even filming. So it was just look, I think if I think if there is no covid and clear season starts filming in March like it should have and Matt is on her season, there's probably a good chance he was going to be the bachelor anyway.


Because I think I think a lot of people thought that because when Claire's first cast first cast was released back in March, he was he was one of the guys that a lot of people were drooling over him.




You know, so and the other thing is, I do think the Tyler Cameron thing is is almost overshadowing him, because if this guy wasn't ABFS with the most popular male followed contestant on Instagram in the history of the show, I don't know how popular Matt would be as a bachelor.


I think his friendship with Tyler is playing a huge role. And I fully expect Tyler to show up on that season at some point because they have to. It's like peanut butter and jelly those, too.


So, you know, I mean, it's just I don't know. I know it'll be interesting to see what happens, you know. Did you guys ever have Jackie Collins on your show? No, I listen to that episode of yours. OK, so I think it was Jazy that said it because we were talking about, well, who's who in the past could have even possibly been our first black bachelor.


And there were really only three guys, I think, that came to mind. Mike Johnson, who finished fifth, Eric Baker, who finished third.


And I think there was another one in there that I'm that I'm forgetting.


But I think I think it would it was jazzy. I could be wrong. So I apologize if I am. But a former guest did allude to the fact that, look, we got Matt James, we're happy, but. Matt fits a mold of, again, what this audience.


Would expect from the franchise, you know, it's got a white mother hearing that he's only pretty much dated white women his whole life, like there's still that aspect of it.


Does that does that bother you at all going in?


Yeah, because the the producers know what they're doing. I think one thing that really stood out for me about the announcement that just made it seem so, again, just like convenience and calculated was his Good Morning America interview, where he comes on air to introduce Matt James. And then almost immediately they talk about his mom and they intercut pictures of him with his mother, his mother's white. And Matt James is obviously biracial. But I would say just looking at that, James, had he not said his biracial, he looks like just a black man, but just the calculated ness of inserting those pictures of his mother, like within the first three seconds of them announcing and introducing that James to Good Morning America.


You can see you can see through it. They're trying to they're trying to rally to their base, middle America, white women who, you know, they haven't given them a black bachelor, most likely out of fear of losing them as viewers. And so if they're going to give us, you know, give them a black bachelor, you know, we've got to make sure he's digestible and make sure that he'll be accepted and his his how adjacent he is to whiteness and having a white woman, you know, that's an important element for them to to highlight.


And we saw them do it so clearly on Good Morning America. Yeah. And, you know, I just there's something about it that, you know, I think Jazzer refer to it like we were talking about Eric because she's like, I would love if Eric could have been the bouncer. She goes, but they would never cast someone like him as Yemane lead.


Because I just I you know, look, I'm going to watch him that season.


I hope things go well for him. But it's the way everything came about, the announcement of everything.


And just like like you said, thrown out there immediately.


Hey, everybody's got a white mom, you know, like, you know, we're still catering to you guys, too.


Don't forget, like, you know, just I you know, I mean, it's the same to like Mike Johnson we love Mike Johnson grew up in America. Most of America loves him. But the same thing he represents kind of a version of a black man that might still be like intimidating or too black, quote unquote. Yeah. Or black America or for white America. There's a moment on that season. Noveck, I had a busy season. I just didn't.


I loved. But when when Mike was an interview wearing a do rag loved it. White America to them that might look a little scarier. A little. A little. You know what I mean. So there's definitely versions of black men that are OK. And you know, the producers know that and they know exactly what they're doing. Yeah, no, I get it.


And obviously, social media plays a big role. We talked about, you know, Matt is popular because ever since Tyler became a name in this franchise, everyone started saying, hey, who's his who's his hot friend? This Matt guy?


You've seen the show changed, Natasha, because you've watched it for a very long time. You've seen obviously now the contestants that go on the show are very well aware of what the ulterior motives are. I don't think anybody goes on the show with love is the number one option. It's more of I get to travel. I get to meet a bunch of new people. I'm going to increase my Instagram following. I get a two month break will be you know, it'll be a great experience to tell my kids some time and.


Oh, yeah. You know, by the way, if I do meet the love of my life, you know, it's a bonus. But that's very far down on the list. And I'm sure you follow a lot of the contestants post show. Is it something that, again, has bothered you in the way they cast this show now or the type of people they cast on the show? Or you just like, look, this is just this is what it is now?


Yeah, I mean, it really. So on our podcast, we just recently recap, Jason does next season on Netflix, which is kind of a throwback from twenty nine. Yeah. And it felt like we were watching completely different women.


There were truly there for Jason. You could tell they didn't really have many ulterior motives because at that time The Bachelor didn't really equal any many other opportunities afterwards. Now you can go on, you can gain hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, you can go on Dancing with the Stars. So much comes from it. So I think this watching the evolution, it really ultimately it really shows you just the power of Instagram now that the influence of Instagram, that's the biggest draw, I would think, for a lot of the contestants, the young contestants that go on the show.


It's the gain that Instagram following and the sponsors and money. And if you take that out of the equation, you know, you have you know, girls aren't prepared for love you. So it kind of just like is what it is. It's not even just The Bachelor. It's many other reality shows. You see, people are going on because of the clout and the the things you can get from it afterwards. But, yeah, it definitely does kind of take away from the integrity of the show.


You know, we're all there watching it because we want to see people fall in love. But then it's kind of riddled now. You know, the cast is riddled with characters who are like literally characters trying to make a name for themselves. So, yeah. And Justin, yeah, it is annoying, I'd say, just because the show really likes to follow a recipe and so they'll have back to back people on there who may even know each other like the Hannas, right.


Hannah and Angie. Yeah. To me, interchangeable. Right. They're the same.


And the fact that we had them back to back like that and with such intense storylines and then they're both going to the revolve trip and they're both getting the exact same opportunities. Is pretty, pretty bothersome to me just because we're seeing the same love story over and over again.


And it's exactly what Natasha and I and our audience and I'm sure some of your audience to really do are wanting to see something different. And they just love a recipe so much that they'll just follow it and they'll just be like, oh, and you have a friend who looks exactly like you. Perfect, sir.


Yeah. And we know in the bachelor world at least the last two seasons, you know, you mentioned Hannah and but the pageant girl storyline has become a huge thing.


We see we saw it on Coltons season with Hannah Brown and Kaitlyn not liking each other. Last season, we get Victoria, Paul and Aleah, who have a background in the pageant world who I already know. One of the women on Matt Season is from the pageant world. I don't know if they're going to cause I don't know if they're going to cast her adversary or what.


I got to believe that she's not going to be the only pageant girl on.


But, you know, it's like you said, there is a formula there also in season 41, but on the year on the air for 18 years.


So they're doing something, right? Yeah. And we're all watching. We're all talking about it. So, yeah, it is it is pretty crazy, obviously. I know you guys are huge reality TV watchers, but Justin, are there any other shows?


I mean, what are your what are your big shows right now in the reality world that you are a fan of? Are you watching mobiling by chance?


Oh, my God, we are Bulliet. That was Ludmila. OK, good that.


Yeah that's who I was just going to say is actually doing it right. They have some really diverse casting going on and honestly, if they can do it live and during covid and keep these people separated like there's no excuse for the bachelor to do it. But yeah, Love Island is incredible. I love that it comes on every single day. I love that there's a black girl there named Justin. Yeah, well how about like it's incredible. Might win.


I mean, I'd be shocked if Caleb and Justin aren't voted the way I know are winning.


I know. So that's one that's obviously one that you guys are watching. But yeah, they're about as diverse as you can get. I think on the initial we see one, two, three, four, five. There were there were there were six guys and five girls to start the show.


And looking at it, let's see, Jeremiah, Trey and Johnny were black. Celie was a person of color. Justin, obviously.


So, yeah, they had half that cast was non-white. And your top two couples on that show are. Yes.


Are probably Johnny and Sally and and Caleb and Justin.


So it'd be interesting.


I mean, I certainly think if Caleb and Justin end up being picked as the winners, whoever draws the hundred thousand dollar check is going to split it with the other.


I'm assuming I'm assuming they keep the same ending, Johnny.


And he might be a little bit different because I think if Johnny goes to check out, he's going to bolt in a heartbeat.


Oh, I mean, you know, I say that and I always say that because I don't know if you heard I had Trey on the podcast last week.


Oh, and Trace and this is the first I've heard because I haven't I've watched every episode of Love Island, but I haven't been paying attention online to what to watch the heartbeat of it is or what the pulse of the show is. Yeah.


And apparently everybody thinks Johnny is a fraud. And basically Trey confirmed it. He said, look, he is he deserves an Oscar for what he's doing because apparently I guess I guess he may have been saying privately he strictly went on that show to win and won it.




So this whole deal with this whole thing about asking Sally to be his girlfriend and putting her through it, apparently that's all an act according to try.


And yeah.


So I'm afraid if John and Kelly get voted as the American couple and he pulls the money, it there is a chance that he keeps it and doesn't share with her because that wasn't his plan by. Well, his dad kind of ratted him out. Yeah, his his dad coming out on the show didn't seem to do him any favors because didn't his dad specifically say, like, yeah, I would have done the same thing, son. I'm like, wait, wait.


That was like you didn't think with the plan, but that's cool.


And I think and I think that might have been a little bit of exposure there, because that's essentially what Trey said, like he had a plan going in where I'm just going to I'm just going to do what I have to do to win and know now maybe I mean, Trey doesn't seem to think so, but maybe.


You can easily say that in the beginning, but as you spent five than six weeks with Selli every single day sleeping in the same bed with her, maybe he's had a coming of maybe he's had a sign sent to him that, like, look, you actually really do like this girl.


But there's apparently some stuff going on.


Affair with numerous women coming forward saying Johnny before he went on the show, told me he loved me.


So I don't buy anything that he's saying. Oh, no. Oh, yeah. Oh, oh. Oh, God. Yeah.


So that's why I think, like, Caleb and Justin seem to be I mean, neither one of them, you would have any doubt it would split the money with the other. There's no way. Oh yeah.


For sure. All right. But yeah but it's it certainly is an entertaining show. I'll give it that.


And then at the end and I think it's interesting how quickly I mean, just like Big Brother, they turn it around.


I think what we're watching is only two or three days earlier, you know, it's not. Yeah, yeah. It's a great turnaround.


But I didn't I, I don't know. I watched last season. I was done after about a week and a half. But this season I've been able to it's been interesting. I've been able to keep holding my interest. I'm like, you know, the location being in the same place doesn't really it didn't really matter to me that they didn't they weren't out in Fiji somewhere, you know, just like I mean, just just ask your opinion on this.


Are you I mean, you're still going to watch class last season. Do you think, Natasha, first go to you? Do you think it'll bother you very much that there's no travel and it's in the same spot? You know, I mean, I'm so curious what this is going to look like, I mean, because they're so limited, I feel like they have no choice but to get super creative and are going to put together something great. Honestly, the traveling, it is nice to get them out of the house and kind of see some other locations, but sometimes to travel like the product placement promotion of the go to get so corny that I would rather they not.


So yeah, I don't know. I'm looking forward to seeing like what they're going to do, like what are the limo entrances going to look like. Are they doing home down days like are they going to just move people around the resort and different resorts have different looks to it like I don't know, I am kind of intrigued, like a season without traveling. Like what they're going to look together at this place.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a second. Wait. You mean to tell me that you don't think people saying that they could fall in love in Cleveland, Ohio, gets old?


I know the city of love, Lexington, Virginia, them in Virginia is for lovers. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, it's just funny because they say it no matter what location they do. I mean, and we've seen, you know, where where they're filming that season was one of the episodes where they filmed Jojo season, you know, in Pennsylvania at Nemacolin. And, you know, it's every city they go to. It's the same thing.


This place, you know, blank. I can so see myself falling in love here. This is a place to fall. It's just like, really, you're going to compare Cleveland to the Maldives.


I mean, come on, let's go on that. But, yeah, I mean, it'll be interesting.


I don't I don't think I think once you're into it and you're, you know, starting to see the guys and see their personalities and who you who you like and who you think is a dick, I think that I think the background of where they're at and where they film at will become a nonfactor for I think most people I don't know, they're going to be like, oh, why can't we see them travel this season?


You know, I think people might drop anyway, you know, and The Bachelor is like the only dating show.


At least I can think of where they do travel. Every other show, I mean, Love Island are in one spot. Yeah, most shows are just in one spot. So I don't think we're going to miss much.


I know you guys are into love is blind. I never watched that one. You guys both do that and watch that, right.


Yeah. Yep, yep.


And that's that's clearly in one location right now or. Yeah. But they go to their houses and stuff so they go like all the people live in one apartment complex, but they kind of hop around and they have a honeymoon situation as well. So they have rental.


But OK, so they're, they're a little bit and we have and we have a second season of that coming up. I think so. Generally I'm not I'm not sure, but yeah, I just never got into that one. I know everyone says to watch it there. Yeah.


There's the what about the circle. Is that dating or. No, that's just a game show.


More like more or less. Yeah. I didn't get into that one. That was just a game show though. OK, so it's not a dating one, but I do love married at first sight. Know if you're watching that.


I've, I've only seen three quarters of one season and I think it was season six. So and I just I'm just so far behind on it and I know there's a ton of season know. Yeah I know. People love it. Yeah.


What about married at first sight.


What about that one this season it's in New Orleans. They also did a little quarantine coat like they they film at the end during quarantine. So I'm looking forward to seeing how they do that. But I love at first sight because, I mean, at this point, the producers are I mean, half the couples are like well matched and actually have a chance and the other half are just great, you know, in shambles. You could tell they're so incompatible and they're doing it just for the show.


At this point, I feel so sorry for some of the women. There's one woman in particular I can think of her name, but she's with a guy who is just clearly not her, much like she doesn't want kids. He wants kids. Like, this is clearly a deal breaker. They should have never been matched. And so it's it's a disaster already. But great show.


All right. Well, ladies, thank you very much for coming on. I really appreciate it. Tell us or tell the listeners where they can find you guys and everything, anything you need to promote for your particular repatriation and everything like that.


Sure. So, yeah, we have all we recaps our Rebecca Kolten season, lots of other seasons of paradise, all still for free on iTunes, Spotify, all those platforms. But we now recap seasons fully on Patreon. So our Catriona's patriae on dotcom slash number two black girls, the number one rose over social media on Instagram. Two girls, one rose Facebook. All that good stuff. Mm hmm. OK. Come join us. Yes, I will.


I will link to it.


I will link to it in the column to anybody who is interested to go on the ground and support them and and do all that. Ladies, thank you so much. Justin and Natasha, I really appreciate you coming on. It's I'm glad I finally got you on.


Ashley Spivey was telling me for the longest time you got to get just a touch on what I will. And note, I know Ashley has been on your show. And so, again, thank you so much for coming on. I really appreciate it. And we'll be in touch.


Thank you. This is awesome. Awesome. Have go you YouTube. Thank you so much to Justin and Natasha. For coming on, it was really fun having the mom I never had the mom before, like I said, actually, Spivey had turned me on to them and told me about them. And I listened to a couple of their podcasts is I want to get familiar with them.


And yeah, I mean, they they have a business model where they were doing it for free and then decided we're putting a lot of effort into this and we want to make some money.


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It's certainly very much appreciated and it helps our standings in Apple podcasts. And like I said at the beginning of the podcast, next week, early next week, Monday, Tuesday, maybe even Wednesday at the latest, I'll release whatever women I have at that point for Matt James season because I fully expect ABC will release his women like they have the last gosh, I want to say maybe it's five or six seasons now.


I'd have to go back and look, but they're doing it. They released the cast two to three days before the first day of filming so they can have basically the public. Self report, anything that they know about the contestants and any bad stories that they know and and usually three to five of them don't make the final cast.


So we'll see come probably Wednesday, Thursday at the latest, because I'm hearing it starting filming next Saturday night on October 10th.


So I'll release who I have probably Wednesday at the latest and just kind of go from there. So thank you all for tuning in. Thank you, Justin and Natasha. That was a lot of fun having them on again, definitely in the future. So for Justin and Natasha, for two black girls, one wrote, really, Steve, thank you all for tuning in. Podcast number 202 and we will talk to you next week. Jim?