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You are listening to their Reality Steve podcast with your host Reality Steve. He's got all the latest info and behind the scenes juice on Matt season of The Bachelor and interviewing some of your favorite reality stars. Now, here's a reality, Steve. What's up, everybody, welcome to podcast number two twenty host reality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in. Such a fun show for you today.


I love this interview.


Season 18 Juan Pablo season. This is the seventh woman from Juan Pablo season that has been on the podcast. I think that's the most from any season. Ben Higgins is close. Might be seven from his as well, but haven't added it up yet. But before this interview with Chelsea Webster.


From Juan Pablo season, we had gone over it, I think it was seven, so from his season, so great interview today, really enjoy every once in a while going down memory lane with some of these women and Chelsea just full of energy and a lot to say about Juan Pablo. And we'll get to that momentarily. I want to address a couple of things a lot of you are asking and. Kind of questioning, you know, why are a lot of Mat's women not posting anything on social media this week?


Well, my guess is because they've been quarantined for the last week in L.A. because women tell all tapes today, so. After today, I think you'll see them back on it in a little more active and yeah, but they are they are taping the Women Tell all today and hopefully I'll get some information at some point in regards to what happened and who was there. So we will see. About that coming up. The other thing I want to talk about, and this is something.


I don't think I've ever done in the history of my site, but I'm going to for this particular matter and I'm going to put it out there on Instagram. So my Instagram story later today, I'm going to put it out on my Twitter as well.


And that's in regards to Rachel Kirkconnell. From that season. I'm sure a lot of you have seen the tick tock going around, seen or read or heard all of these allegations against her that certain tick tock accounts have put out there.


And Matt was asked by this week, by it by Lauren Zema, and he kind of gave a pretty nonchalant answer of, you know, lots of things can be hurtful.


Let's be careful about what we say and. Matt put it out there. Basically saying it'll be addressed at some point, I guess, and. I wanted to know whether you've seen it or not, it's it's once Matt did that, then E online ran with it and US Weekly also ran with it, which linked back to the interview and. They link to the tick tock account, so here is my question. I've never done this, but because of the nature of what this is about and because of the negative reaction people seem to have when a guest comes on my podcast, that may not fit the narrative that is out there.


And we know right now what the narrative out there of Rachel Kirkconnell is.


Let me ask you this, and I'll tell you to go to my Instagram story. And vote. And leave a message and even vote on Twitter as well. Would you want to hear from a family member of Rachel Kirkconnell on the podcast? That's the question. In addition. What would you want to hear about clearly, Rachel? Hasn't spoken. We don't know why. There are things going on behind the scenes that I've been made aware of in the last few days and I don't know.


It's seemingly more that leaning towards they're not letting her. Address what's going on? So. I don't know if it's coming and if it is coming, when and if it is and when, who's writing it, you know, some sort of statement to address this. I don't know if they're going to allow her to do it in her own words. Get a PR firm to address it.


I don't know. But the impression that I'm getting behind the scenes is they're not letting her speak. So my question to you is this. Would you want to hear from a family member of Rachels? About all this. And trust me, I'm well aware of what's out there. And I've spoken to people who have been involved in what's out there. I don't agree 100 percent with what's being put out there. And I also think that the longer Rachel is kept silent or doesn't say anything, the worse this is going to get.


So. But I'm curious, I obviously I know you want to hear from Rachel, but obviously Rachel's not going to be on this podcast. So I'm asking you if you're interested in hearing from a family member of Rachel's, I just know I'm curious and then also on Instagram story about the type of things that you'd want to hear about. What do you want to hear? And I'm not talking spoiler related. You know, clearly, you're not going to start putting a family member of Rachel's on the podcast has nothing to do with spoilers, and it's not that we're not even going to talk about anything that happened on the show.


This will be about the allegations being brought against her. And this will be about her character has nothing to do with the show or hey, how'd you like that date? Like. No, not interested. Because. This is what the narrative is right now. I mean, you look anywhere online, it's Rachel Kirkconnell is a white supremacist racist period. End of story. And nobody's saying anything on her end, and I'm hearing it's because the show won't allow it.


So. I just want to know I know you can't you'd love to hear from Rachel and you want to know what she has to say about this, but would you be interested in hearing from a family member? And this isn't like, you know, 12th cousin first removed. Like, trust me, I'm not going to put on somebody that isn't relevant and hasn't. Doesn't have Rachel's best interests at heart, so just because the narrative right now is everything that you've seen on Tick Tock and, you know, on all the message boards that are just plain throwing her right now.


So my point is, do we want to bring on somebody that can shed a little light to everything? And that's all I want to know. So what kind of go from there? So your responses and see if it's something that we're going to do in the future. But with that said, let's get going.


It's podcast number two twenty, we're going way back to season 18 with Juan Pablo. OK, you first saw this woman on Juan Pablo season of The Bachelor and then on season two of Bachelor in Paradise, which seems like forever and a day ago it is Chelsea Webster.


Chelsea, how are you?


I'm good. How are you? I'm good.


You are the seventh woman from Juan Pablo season that has been on this podcast, I think more so than any other season. Ben Hagan seasons women. I think I've had maybe five or six. It's possibly rivaling. But if anything, you took the lead on last season, took the lead with you doing this.


And I don't think I'm done because I think I've had a couple of people in the recent days say you need to get Lucy on. And I think, yeah, I think we'll have Lucy on at some point.


Yeah, we're just full of personality at that season 18.


You know, here's something I want to ask you, because, I mean, outside of when you were on the show, which was, you know, what was season 18? We're on Matisses and 25. And you were on the second season of Bachelor Pad outside of when those ended. I have you ever done a podcast?


I haven't seen your name out there doing interviews, have you?


I did one very recently and it was the first one that I had done. I did. I went yeah, I went on a few like I was here on the radio in Columbus, Ohio. So, you know, OK here locally, but not.


Yeah, I didn't really dive into the Bachelor Nation scene as much as some other folks did, you know, I don't think I was I was sort of top of the drama list for most people. So, you know, I just sort of laid low, I guess.


But yeah, I'm happy to be talking to you this. You're like you're like a key member of my bachelor narrative, actually.


Reality. Wait, wait. I am. Yeah, I mean, for my family because OK, we yeah.


We were not like a bachelor people before I went on the show and they discovered you without my knowledge. OK, well I was out in the world and they were very pleased to, to find you.


They were like, oh my gosh, there's my daughter dancing on stage in South Korea.


Exactly. And when I came home, I was so confused as to how they knew. Yeah. So much of what had gone on. You were you were a real linchpin for them.


We will get to that day because that's honestly I've told who else has been on my show that was on that date, Kat and Cassandra, who were both on the date. I've told them that literally it's one of my favorite group dates of all time just because that song is so damn catchy and oh my God, we sang it for weeks. Yeah.


I can't tell you, like, we didn't have a lot of music, you know, to listen to. So, yeah. Having those couple of songs, that's like all we could think about. It was pretty intense.


OK, so you've never been on. So we have a lot to go over in terms of your season and obviously can spend more time on. Your season of Juan Pablo's then your stint on Paradise is the last one episode, but sure, yeah, I love it.


I think a lot of people that maybe didn't even watch Juan Pablo season or even ones that did probably don't realize.


And I mean, if you were to ask me before I sat down to start doing prep for this interview, how long did Chelsea last on Juan Pablo season? I was like, I think she lasted pretty long. I don't you know, but you finished fifth. I mean, you were one you one away from hometown date.


So, yeah, I was I was sort of just floating around there in the background. You're surprised as I am. And I stayed on that log. Yeah.


You were the you were the only rose ceremony elimination in Miami because he had sent Charlene home on I wouldn't even call it. Yeah. What I want to show Sheila Marlene.


I think I decided to leave, actually. Yeah. So it was just me who who left and he broke down in tears, which I was just totally taken aback by. But yeah, I made it fairly far in the season.


And I think that's and I think it's cool because like I said, I think the average fan probably doesn't remember. And like you said, you're not somebody that has been in Bachelor Nation World and, you know, posts all the time with your bachelor nation friends. And I don't even know who you keep in touch with. But, you know, there are people that whose Instagram accounts revolve around hanging out with bachelor people. And there's people like yourself who have gone back to their normal life and a life of science.


And I know you have a boyfriend as well.


So we'll get to that.


So let's let's let's start off with first as I ask everybody who was a contestant on the show, how exactly did you get cast?


What was your did someone nominate you? Did you show up at a on an on site open casting call?


Were you a fan of the show? Were you a fan of the franchise? How did it all happen for you?


Well, truthfully, I spy applied to The Bachelor so. Oh boy. Had broken up with me. And you know, one of those I was twenty three when I applied. I was twenty four when I was on the show. But you know, young enough that I had some, you know, big feelings about this boy breaking up with me. And I like I somehow remember the application moment for some reason. It sticks out vividly to me now, but it was just sort of the bachelor was on in the background that I was cooking, you know, TV back, you know, however, many years ago now just on in the background and the commercial came up, I was like, do you want to apply?


And I was like, well, I'll show this guy. And I went online to see, like, how you actually apply to be on The Bachelor. And it was like a whole mess of stuff there. Like you can fill out a form and do this video and all this stuff, or you can just put a picture in a paragraph.


So I put a picture in a paragraph and they called me like three months later. I literally have no idea why. So my my application get an entirely like a spur of the moment, like, you know, revenge apply. I'm going to get on The Bachelor and show this guy he was stupid for leaving me and it worked.


So I have I, I it was a very spur of the moment thing and it just sort of evolved from there.


Yeah. At what point did you know that Juan Pablo was the bachelor in your process?


I honestly can't remember. It was I know that when I went to L.A. to do like the whole, you know, in-person test, I did not know that he was the bachelor yet.


The final weekend, that one. Yeah.


I did know before I showed up that he was the bachelor. OK, so I think I was told somewhere in the intermittent time between those two things, but I don't exactly remember the exact moment. But I'm as excited as just as everybody else was when he first, you know, sort of came on the scene. He was like a no no and no name like Latin guy that was attractive. So, you know, like there was I remember like stalking him on Instagram before I went on the show.


So I definitely knew he was the bachelor before I was there. But I can't remember.


When did you watch him on Desert Season? Did you go back and make sure that episode.


Yeah, I definitely watched a few episodes. I actually went back and watched Sean season a little bit more because, again, I had only been like an intermittent bachelor watchers.


Like I would catch a few episodes here and there, but I went back and watched on Sean season with like a more of a like how does this work when there are girls around? Like, what should I be expecting here? But I did sort of like, you know, look through desert season just to see, like what he didn't really have much to look at in the season.


So it was hard to really get a feel for him just as everybody else sort of felt.


He was just sort of like cute guy with accent and in her season, OK, since it was seven years ago, I don't remember what you did out of the limo. What was your entrance?


So I like a fairly, you know, extroverted person, especially at twenty four, very naive about the world. So the producers had a little. I'm trying to get me to be a little bit more than who I was in my entrance, so I'm glad, but it was just what it was because they wanted me to walk in and kiss them, which definitely wouldn't have happened.


If you know me, that would have been hilarious at the concept. But I made a chemistry joke, which I'm pretty sure went right over his head because I worked at a science center for ten years. I'm like a big science gal, so I made like a hey, let's not do chemistry, let's have chemistry. And his face was confused.


So I didn't really play well for me, but it was on Brand.


So, OK, well, you do you remember who was in your limo, by any chance? Oh yes.


So I remember the first person I ever met with Ali Fresco or let's go with her name at the time. She's not married. Yeah. And she she and I have actually stayed friends. We were texting this morning about a little kid picture.


So she was like the first person I remember meeting and I remember being like, oh shit, these women are far too beautiful for me to be here. They're like, insane. So I remember that moment very vividly. And the other person I remember being in my limo, she didn't make it past night one, but she was the woman that like like did a bunch of suntan lotion or like massage oils on Juan Pablo. I think your name is Amy.


I don't remember.


I just remember she was a big personality in my limo. So those are the two people I truly remember being in my limo. Other than that, I can't really remember.


OK, now you walk in, you do your chemistry thing.


You walk in the cocktail party that night when when you survey the landscape of the room, was there anybody that you immediately, immediately were like, oh, boy, she's going to win? Or I or even at the end of that night thinking, wow, not a lot of time. Was there any way that jumped out to you?


Well, again, Ali was someone that I remember just thinking was super cool. Again, we stayed friends. So that's I think I just had, like, a girl crush on her from the get go. And then and it's funny because, you know, she doesn't have a giant storyline on the show by any means.


But the other person I really remember vividly is Cat, because I remember just thinking she like, reminded me of like a hot Britney Spears. Like I was like, holy shit, man, like you are are pretty human. And then I had to like a funny moment with Christie at the end of the night. And I remember her telling me she thought I was cool, which is like not a word I would use to describe myself. So she stuck out to someone like, wow, I must have fooled somebody here.


So those are like the three interactions I like truly remember from night one. But again, that's like a terribly long night that just feels never ending and sleep deprived. So not a lot not a ton of memories from that night. OK, so there's something I wanted to bring up that I actually asked two women from your season because I knew you were coming on and I was like, huh?


What was the name of Chelsea stuffed animal again?


And my gosh, do they remember one of them did what one of them did and one of them did. And I was like, I want to say it was like it wasn't like bear or something. They were like, no, it was Teddy.


And I'm like, no, it was Eddie, the teddy bear. They come on, guys traveled around the world with this stuffed animal. You can't remember his name, Eddie the Teddy.


So where did it either Teddy come from? And why did you carry him on the show with you?


Listen, he's actually been everywhere I've ever been, so he travels with me all the time, not just to The Bachelorette. He's like my he's he's like my airplane neck pillow just in bare form. And I will tell you, it has gotten me through TSA faster before. So it's not the worst tack.


But no, I've actually like I've had this bear since I was 15 from an ex-boyfriend. Thanks, Sean. And, you know, I just I don't know. It's one of those silly things. I'm I'm like a Verilli fairly, like, open person. I'm like, hey, I have this teddy bear. I like my teddy bear. I'm going to bring him with me. I don't care what you think it did. I do know that some of the girls found it highly childish that I would have such a thing with me on on an adult show.


But like, fuck it, who cares if the teddy bear, you know, Eddie the teddy. How do you have a tragedy?


Yes. Is that it's named after my my high school boyfriend. Middle name. Middle name with Edward. So Eddie the teddy came from Sean my my very sweet high school boyfriend. So yeah.


That's Eddie the Teddy. Gotcha. OK, well it's a real bachelor classic and he's still it and he's still a thing.


He's still with you. Oh yeah. I'm actually up in my room right now. He's right next to me. I'll send you a picture of him when I get done.


OK, well at the end of every podcast, I ask all my guests, hey, text me. Just text me a picture that you want me to use for the post.


Perfect. I'll text you at the party. Well, we'll make him a star again.


You need to be in it. I mean, that's to be under the caucus.


There we go. All right.


So date start and you're on the first group date of the season, which was a bizarre.


Yes. Oh, gosh, I forgot. Dog. Dog. Yeah, it was a dog.


Because one thing that was different. Yeah, yeah. One thing that was different is what people actually went on to one on one dates before he went on a group date. He went with. Yeah, he had the Clare Winter Wonderland date and then he went with Cat to you for that, that fun.


Right. Like around. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Colorant or something. Yeah.


And then you guys had a group date which was a photo shoot with rescued puppies, but they dressed you like puppies.


And Kelly, they dressed up like the dog we were paired with. And looking back it looks very terrible, like I'm wearing an afro, which again is supposed to like be compared to my dog these days. I'd be like, well, it's not appropriate afros, but of course I was twenty four and like, yeah I guess it looks like the dog so. Yeah not great and wasn't a good look for me. I still get occasionally that means of myself in that look just because my friends found it highly amusing as you can imagine.


But yeah it was, I mean that I think was one of those where it wasn't overly dramatic, except for that of course they made a couple of girls get naked, which wasn't fun for anyone. So thankfully, I wasn't one of those girls. But of course not not super proud of the fact that I was, you know, standing around in an afro all day.


So however many, Meems, you got sent, I guarantee it's not nearly as many as Kelly got sent for.


Oh, God, that poor girl. I think we are actually in our picture together. OK, so we were like paired and I remember seeing her and being like, oh, mine's not that bad actually, because, like, they did something mean to her. I don't know what it was supposed to be, but whatever it was was not good. Yeah.


And that poor girl, the funny thing is you mentioned the the the nude photo shoot that kind of got brought up when all this stuff was happening this summer with Claire season with guys being told to strip or whatever. They're just like, hey, this isn't going on for years in this franchise. Look at this date.


And someone pulled out that's pulled out that date where Juan Pablo was posing with I think it was Lucy and Andy, actually Lucy and Andy.


And they were both naked, just covering up private parts.


So, yeah, that was super uncomfortable. And I remember, like, of course, Lucy didn't feel uncomfortable because that homegirls naked as she that she was naked being. So I don't think it bothered her as much. But Andy. Sure felt uncomfortable and yeah, I remember just like being very thankful it was not my good, but I had to go had to go be naked in front of the guy I'm going on a first date with.


So now the second well, the third episode, because this is when they actually did date, date, date, rose ceremony onto this.


Yeah. It's like very structured classic bachelor. Yeah.


Now they just throw out you never know when the show is going to end and you just get angry at the TV these days.


It's a bunch of to be continued and stuff like that. It was it wasn't like this back in the day. So we can actually go in order and say, OK, episode three, you got a one on one. And it was one of the ones that has been done before. Jason and Molly did it. I know others have done it. But then Jason Amalia's the first one that comes to mind.


But you bungee jumped off a bridge together. So for sure. I know if if I remember correctly, you were petrified of doing that, as I think most people would.


But he but he talked you down and said, you know, we're going to do this together, whatever the case may be.


How were you ever at a point where, like, you were looking at producers like, absolutely fucking not, am I doing this?


So that was like where the first time I, like, truly, like, truly did not care that they were cameras around because you were seeing like the very transparent, real like I was not filtering in any way in that moment, whereas like I feel like for the most part, when I was on camera, I was trying very much to like stay politically correct and not be a jerk to people that I would regret later and some of those things.


Whereas in that moment I remember being like, fuck it, there are cameras around. I don't think I want to do this. This is fucking terrifying. And the thing that actually made me jump off the bridge, while it feels very much like when you're watching it on TV, it's because Juan Pablo is being very sweet to me, which again, I have to credit him. He was like very diplomatic about the whole thing and was like, we're going to have a great date if he jumped or if you don't jump, no big deal.


Like, I'm not going to be mad at you. So, like, he very much gave me permission to say no. But like, the true thought that course through me most regularly is that my three brothers would murder me if I were the girl that, like, didn't jump off the bridge because I was too scared. So it was it was mostly being bullied by my brothers in my brain that really got me off that bridge because they wouldn't have been able to deal with the repercussions of their with sister not being able to jump off the bridge.


So I yeah, I mean, I'm like really glad that I did it. It was truly like a thing that I never thought I do. So, like, very, very glad I jumped off the bridge and I still, like, brag about it to this day. But yeah, one of those moments that really sticks out to me from the show doing that and honestly, the rest of the date was awesome, too. It was like truly an awesome day, which is how they they really get you to feel the feel.


You know, they set those days up to be pretty magical so they know what they're doing.


Well, what about when you're you've done the jump and you're just kind of hanging there and you're upside down and you guys are kissing? Is that I've never I've never bungee jump to my life. I've certainly never bungee jumped with a woman. So I've never had the feeling of being upside down with all the blood is rushing through my head kissing someone. Was it just bizarre or.


Yeah, I mean, I, I would have to say, yeah, bizarre is a good word. It wasn't like a great kiss by any means. It wasn't something like wow, I the mom about that. Yeah. I was like mostly panicked about the fact that we were still hanging two hundred feet off of a bridge at that point by our ankles. Yeah. So like we had jumped but we were not yet safe, you know, like you're still dangling above for us.


We were dangling above concrete so it wasn't like I wasn't like not nervous anymore. So he was trying to kiss me because he was all like, jazzed about the fact that we jumped up, which again, I also was, like, excited about the fact we jumped, but I was still, like, touching me. We need to get up up to the bridge cause, like, we're not, like, still very nervous. So what's it like, a romantic kiss, although, you know, not a bad first kiss if you're going to like, you know, Talli first kiss you up in your life.


I mean, not a bad way to first kiss someone, but I wouldn't say it was like, wow, really, really got me. It was mostly like, I'm nervous. Please stop touching my face.


So and as you mentioned, you guys had the night portion, which was a private dinner at Pasadena City Hall. And a you got one of those kind of I've always felt the the solo concerts are a little bit awkward because, you know, you just have to it's just you it's just you and camera people dancing to a solo artist. And yours was Billy Currington, who I've never sure who. I didn't know who that was. No, I didn't know that was I mean, that was I was a luxury for me because I actually knew who the guy was.


So that was what.


Did you ever put it when you were filling out your resume? Did you ever want it asked, hey, what kind of music do you like? Did you the name Billy Currington ever?


Well, I actually have to admit that I knew the songs. I thought he was actually Dirks Bentley and not Billy Currington right off the bat. And then it, like, clicked like because again, they make you they play the same two songs like six times in a row. So it's you know, it's over and over and over again. And then it finally clicked. He was like father on the concert moment, but I love concerts. That was honestly and probably the like.


I had thought the date was over. So like having that little surprise moment at the end was probably the high point for me in the day because I love music, big music person with, like super dad to get to do that. But yeah, that is always like fun. You're like surrounded by lots of people and they're like, keep dancing. It's the same song again, you know, but it was fun. And I knew the words to the songs because I knew the guy and Juan Pablo had no idea who he was or what was going on.


So, you know, it was more fun for me than him, I think.


Well, they canceled the third rose ceremony cocktail party and said you guys ended up having a pool party, which seems to be standard. Now, I think they do it like every season. They actually they have a and pool party.


My question to you about the pool party was, were you ever involved in the chicken fighting? Because I remember that was a thing where people were getting on people, girls were getting on people's shoulders and doing the whole thing. Did you ever get on anybody's shoulder?


No, I'm a small person. I don't think that anyone really wanted me on their team. I you know, I don't really I'm not physically dominant in any way. So I don't think I ever participated in that. We played lots of games of chicken fighting was just one of them. But no, we did not I did not participate in that Juan Pablo. And I did pretend to jump off the bridge off the side of the pool at one point to demonstrate how terribly I did it, because it took me forever.


So I do remember that part, but no chicken fighting for me.


All right. So at that point, you leave California and you guys had one of the more.


Yeah, we had a big budget, apparently are often traveling. You guys first head off to Seoul, South Korea. Yeah.


And this one I remember because South Korea was, you know, however many hours it was ahead of me. I remember waking up that morning of the day that you guys had your first group date in South Korea, which was you, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat and Nikki. And I remember waking up and I had emails or tips to me saying, hey, there's a blogger somewhere in the world. It was like somebody overseas. Somebody had posted a picture after the concert.


I guess you guys had taken a group picture with somebody and it. Oh, yeah. And it circulated on the Internet. And it got back to me and it said, because at that point, usually now I know the locations they're headed before they head there. I didn't know where you guys were headed, but I was like, OK, oh, they're in South Korea here.


Here's here's the proof. And then the video footage of you guys singing the song in the mall started circulating. I'm like, OK, well, this is the first group date in South Korea. And I'm going to turn it up a little bit here, because this is literally my favorite and only hip hop song I even know in my life. Let me know if you can hear this.


If I pulled it up, they got cha cha cha. Like, can you hear that? There's a two.


Oh, oh, I'm starting to remember the dance, actually.


Here's the video of you guys all out on stage. You are in a black kind of mini, so I don't know what you're wearing.


I just I like that.


I mean, I have no idea how you actually say the words, but here's here's the dance. Like you guys had a choreographed dance to this. Yeah. Yeah. We we learned some some real coria there.


OK, so I will I'm actually going to include the video in the in the article of today's podcast. So right.


When you if you want to go look at the video, if you don't remember it, this was seven seasons ago. Maybe you don't remember the group date in South Korea where you guys choreographed dance with I dare you not remember it.


First of all, you guys choreographed dance with a very famous Korean pop group, two and one twenty.


I think they call anyone 21. Yeah, but they want to they said, okay, yeah.


But it's the number two. The letter ends in the letters and e and then one but they call themselves 21 and that was Yeah. Got Cholla Guy will probably be in everybody's head for the rest of the day now so yeah.


Forever ago. I mean what a what a catchy song. I had no idea what they were saying and I feel like singing along for days and days and days and days. It was yeah. I had to. That was the that was the group date we're we're Niki was having the absolute worst time of her life and yet ended up getting the group date rose out of it.


Well, yeah. I mean, homegirl was sad to be dancing. I remember. So she and Danielle, who is again, Danny is one of the people I've kept in touch with over the years, just had a baby. So all my friends, I feel like all my bachelor girlfriends are like living in these like married baby life now. But, um, but the two of them are on this date with us and just so, so uncomfortable and like luckily I, I love to dance.


I had been a cheerleader like this was like a fun thing for me. I can't imagine how it would have been to be like, OK, do this thing that you feel terribly uncomfortable doing in front of all of these people in a different language, like in a different country with a guy you want to date. Like how uncomfortable, like those poor girls. But yeah, it was very interesting to see how that all played out. But we ended up having a lot of fun.


And I think that they did a great job.


So well, the it was like it was done. In a mall in South Korea, there's a giant crowd there because the giant crowd came to see twenty one and their property line. I would love to interview somebody that was in the crowd that day being like like who the heck are these white people on stage?


Yeah, all these people on stage behind twenty one because I guarantee not a single soul there.


Nope. Had a clue that this was The Bachelorette filming.


No but they after like like you said afterwards we were leaving the the mall which you know we're just like walking out onto the sidewalk at some point and people were just mobbing us to get pictures with us because we had been on stage at twenty one like they had no idea who we were. But they, they really, really, really cared about the girl, the girl group that was up there. So yeah, we we were so famous for a minute there just because of association with this girl, this girl group who were super, super cool, by the way.


They were like, you know, they like uzed cool which is probably why they're a big popular band. So they are.


I'm guaranteeing the fans probably just thought you were the backup dancers for t shirt.


Yeah. Wow. Can we, can, we can take a picture.


Can we get a picture with you. Yeah. It was so funny.


And from there on to Vietnam which is I think they've been back to know this was they had been to be in Vietnam before. This was actually the second time they went to Vietnam. And then I think they've done Vietnam since and I'm totally blanking. But so you go to Vietnam and you're on the group date. That was the one. Paddleboat paddleboarding, down-and-out floating then, yeah, right field, yeah, and then having dinner at a community service.


Yes, correct.


Yeah. I mean these places that we were at like were places that I hadn't even imagined to be on my bucket list. Like we were going places where my twenty four year old brain had not even imagined I'd get to ever, let alone just like take taken there and like, you know, brought to these like, insanely cool experiences. So like being a Vietnam. So, so, so, so cool. Especially because, you know, traveling and being a part of like the locals like getting to go into a community garden and we got to ride water buffalo in that area, which was like crazy.


And the rice boats were just hilarious because we were not good at it. So great to have you there. I feel like they did something very, you know, the pumpkin voting that they did this season, very similar, just like put us out there to fend for ourselves. Yeah. That was like a really cool again, being twenty four, being pretty young and like, you know, wide eyed about everything. Vietnam was one of those places where I was like, holy shit.


When I think Vietnam, I think war. I don't think beautiful location that I could like travel to and like have a cultural experience. So it was pretty eye opening for me to be there on the show. Like so, so cool.


Well, that night. Yeah, that night date. Well, actually the cocktail party at the rose ceremony, that was the one where Juan Pablo and Clare went out into the ocean where there's been a lot of debate about, you know, what happened or what didn't happen. Clare said, no, we never had sex. I don't know why people are insinuating that.


But first off, I don't think you guys even knew until the show aired that Juan Pablo and Clare went out into the ocean, didn't you?


No, I don't think I know the thing honestly, the thing I remember most about that night is that Rene was really upset with Andy that evening and really wanted to confront her about it. But for some reason, the producers didn't want her to. And I can't remember what was going on with that. But like, that's the thing that sticks out to me in my mind, that there was some, like, tension between Renee, who didn't have really tension with anybody.


So like that. I think maybe that's why it stuck out to me. But the clear thing, like, never really crossed my mind, nor did it bother me when, like, I don't know when I saw it on TV because honestly, I went into the show understanding that I was dating a guy that was dating other people like you, you know, I mean, you should know what you're signing up to do there. So like the fact that he was having a relationship with someone else when I knew he was having a relationship with someone else is just like a crazy concept to be mad about in my mind.


So, like, it never really even piqued my interest, but it did become like this big hot topic for everyone else. And, you know, of course, Clare being shamed for it for the last however long. But like, of course, when Pablo was also there doing whatever Claire was doing. So, you know, it takes two to tango, but you never really noticed it nor really remembered it from airing, actually.


Well, it sounds like you have a more realistic view of it, because like you just said, I am very well aware of what I signed up for. I'm going to go on a dating show with the guy that I'm after is going to be dating other women. However, every single season there are women that just can't handle it.


We even saw it and know this week's episode of Maxi's.


And it's just, yeah, every single season you get that one or two or maybe there's a few girls that are just like, oh my God, this is so difficult. I can't see them. I and it's usually the girl who had the first one on one of the season gets jealous.


Yeah, but you seem to have an actual it's kind of refreshing that you have that type of fear about this because most women don't, even though you know exactly what you're signing up for.


Right. Well, and it always bothers me when I when I watch episodes back before or after my season or even during my season, it always bothered me when the women would get upset about things that were like either producer inforce, like they were very aware that it was like producer generated conflict, like, you know, stealing the guy from someone like that's a very producer like, hey, Chelsea, it's your turn to go talk to one coddler, go take him from there.


Like that's something that we all know gets said to us. So I can't imagine being mad about someone coming up to me and doing that. Like, it just doesn't make any sense to be mad at, you know, Lucy for walking up to me and asking for Juan Pablo. It's like, well, I know a producer just told her to come do that. So, like, that didn't ever add up to me to be mad about, like, why on earth anyone would ever get mad about that.


I think the other thing is like being upset about dating someone that's getting a lot of other people. I couldn't ever find myself angry at the other girls, like you could be jealous or you could be, you know, sad like those are normal real feelings. But to be angry at the other women, it didn't make any sense to me. But I also didn't ever develop like aggressive feelings for Juan Pablo. So, like like I'm with the guy that I planned to marry and have a life with.


So I can imagine being with the curve with them, like seeing him with other people and like hating their guts. So, you know, I think a level of emotion or feeling probably also comes into that.


So, you know, there's a lot of aspects and I've thought about it a lot, but, yeah, I never really got upset, but I also never really had, like, you know, deep, deep feelings for one Pablo. So, you know, I could just be me.


Well, one of the thing that happened in Episode five in Vietnam was Nicky had gotten her first one on one of the season. I'm just curious, as someone who was there, when you guys are you know, when when someone's out on a one on one, all you guys do is sit around and talk about that person being on a one on one or talking about feelings or whatever. Sure.


In Vietnam or maybe earlier or maybe later at any point, was there ever a consensus that, oh, I betcha he's picking Nikki?


You know, I, I can't I was never surprised by the fact that he picked Nikki.


Like, that was never a surprise to me. I don't know that it was ever a consensus because early on, like, it was very clear he had, like, feelings for a particular few people. It was never clear, but it was very specifically. Nikki, you know, I would say Charlene was one of those that he was infatuated with off the bat and like always really gravitated towards. But of course, she took herself out of the running.


So I don't think it was necessarily clear that it was Nikki. And I I also feel like in the moment, again, hindsight is a lot of things, you know, you can you can really paint a narrative from hindsight easily, but in the moment, I don't know that I knew him well enough, you know, throughout the process to really gauge who would actually fit him best because he wasn't an overly open, vulnerable person.


So it's not like I really, really got to know what I feel like. I became great pals with Juan Pablo and like, could high five and, like, have a good time with them, but not like know who he was and wanted to spend his life with again, he didn't end up with any of these people. So that makes sense. But so I think that was hard to gauge. And I think a lot of us were really hopeful that it would be someone like me because we hoped he was the kind of person that would want to spend time with someone like me.


So there was a group of us that really wanted to be someone from that group of us because it validated who we were as people. But I think, you know, I think he and Nikki had a very clear connection and very much like. Understood each other in a way that I definitely don't understand himself. I mean, it's no surprise that he was he ended up choosing her in the end.


So so on to New Zealand, where you got to visit a very cool place on your group. Oh, my God. Yeah. First off, you guys did the orbing with giant inflatable balls down a hill.


The most fun thing I've ever done. Absolutely. Eleven out of ten was absolutely do that daubing, as they call it, depends on which company you use.


It can be called ogling or daubing. And I think those are just two brand names. But, you know, rolling down in a hamster ball down a hill is what it is. And it's so much fun. It's like the most fun I can remember having. It's so fun.


And then the night portion, you guys got taken to hospital. But did you see it shows you. I don't watch. I don't know, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit. But Hobbits. Yeah, you guys, that's it.


You got film the night portion in the actual set of where Lord of the Rings was filmed and The Hobbit.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, New Zealand, like a pretty fucking cool place. Yeah. Like on its own. And again, some somewhere I never thought I'd get to, let alone be brought to. And like staying in these like immaculate, wonderful locations and going to these really cool places. And The Hobbit and I, I've only recently become someone that's seen all of these shows. I'm I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I never really got into Lord of the Rings, but recently got into them because of my boyfriend.


But it's one of those places that I knew working at a science centre. I'd come back and be like I went to Haverton and everyone there who didn't watch The Bachelor would be like, Wait, what? That's so cool. So I finally had some street cred in my regular life to, like, come back with from The Bachelor. So I was super just to be a hobbit then. And it's like that's a fun place to be because it's one of those iconic places you've seen on TV and, you know, to be standing in it and just like chit chatting and having wine with pretty crazy.


Do you know what else made it super iconic? The fact that it was Andrew's birthday?


And he said, oh, my God, that poor girl, can you get me a note afterwards? Which I, I loved because Kath and I ended up being, like, pretty good friends by the end of it, because she's such a weird person and I love weird people. We ended up like traveling a couple of times together. She stayed with me and my uncle in Paris once. It was so fun. But she like split me like some dorky no afterwards because she got kicked off and didn't get to say goodbye to anyone and then had to fly home.


Here's the sadder part, actually. So she got kicked off on her birthday, but it's her son's birthday the day after her.


So she had to fly home like fourteen hours without a cell phone in the air, like on her son's birthday, not able to talk to him. What's he like? Made me so sad for her.


But, you know, she she yeah. That was a big bummer. And I think probably something that produces the news, but I can't be sure, you know, who's to say.


See, I can't remember at the time where I was in terms of spoilers. I think I think stuff had gotten out that you guys had gone to Vietnam from South Korea. I can't remember if it was being spoiled at the time that stuff was going on in New Zealand. However, the next location, which was the last location before hometowns, you guys arrive in Miami and there's pictures of you guys. Oh, yeah. So at that point down in Miami, I'm like, OK, here's the final six.


It's down to, you know, Chelsea and declare Rene, Nicky and Charlene. And there's pictures of you literally walking into the hotel as a group of six. I'm like, OK, perfect. So now I know who's left and then I just do this right.


I did the math and I'm like, do the math. The process of elimination of OK, this person must have wanted it here and whatnot.


So yeah. So in Miami. There was two one on one, Charlene and Nikki got one on ones there, and this was back when now the episode before Hometowns, it's if you get a one on one and you get a rose on that date, you're already secure. And there's never been really a rose ceremony for probably the last four or five seasons in the episode before Hometowns.


It's you get a one on one. If you obviously get Rose, you're secure. If you don't, you're sent home and even on the group date, he'll give out if there's four girls on the group date and two one on one of you about to group date roses. And those four are basically, you know, here's here's your final four in your season, there was actually a rose ceremony.


So surely that's a one on one. Then Nikki does. And then Charlene goes to Juan Pablo's room later on and after his date with Nikki and says, you know, I'm just out to eliminate myself. Then there was a group date of you, Andy, Clare and Ronnie. And, you know, there was some tension that was that whole date focused on Clare and Nikki hating each other. And yeah, I to Miami with Mia, so and Andy ended up getting and he ended up winning the alone time with him.


But the rose ceremony starts and there's five women and four roses when that I mean try and put yourself back in that position in Miami. When that rose ceremony started, did you think you were getting a hometown? No.


Oh, you know, so I something that you don't see on TV is I had actually gotten the last rose for like four Rosaire, my knees in a row. And I don't exactly know why he kept kept keeping me around because like, we had our one on one, which was very, very early on. And then from there, like, we didn't kiss, we didn't hold hands. We weren't we were just like pals. And I think he liked me enough to, like, not get rid of me.


But there was no actual real relationship bonding there. So it's very it's very confusing to me as to why I was still there. So I remember Megan, who was the producer I spoke to most frequently. I remember telling her before the ceremony I was like, I'm going home tonight. And she's like, no, no, no, don't be crazy. No, I'm really I'm I'm going home. So the first thing I actually said when I get home, Malema told you.


And of course, they kept all of that. But I remember the psychologist after I got kicked off, it was like, so you seem to know you were leaving the scene.


Yeah. I mean, like, you know, I would have probably just from being sort of I was use the word brainwashed. That's not correct. But just from being submerged and like very isolated in that experience. I probably would have taken a long time, but like very shortly thereafter would have been so uncomfortable about having the conversation with my parents about being in love with this guy because I definitely wasn't. So, you know, I definitely felt like my time was like done and I had felt done.


I was ready to go home. But, you know, they're still like aggressive, nervous because there's nothing like being lined up, you know, with beautiful women and, you know, standing there alone, you know, jittering on your high heels, you know, not wanting to be picked last for kickball. You know, like there's that feeling no matter what.


So I do remember feeling, like highly nervous and highly anxious and just that feeling of, like, everyone's looking at me, oh, God, I didn't get the rose. Now I have to, like, walk across this thing all by myself and, like, have a little cameras, watch me, you know, like it was just like that very spotlight moment. So that that was super uncomfortable. But it was never a feeling of like I shouldn't have gotten home.


I do remember Claire very, very aggressively with her big mistake, because, of course, she she very much wanted me to leave.


So, you know, there were some of those fun, fun moments watching it back. But, yeah, it's really a nerve wracking experience no matter what, even if, you know, you're leaving and even if you know you shouldn't be there.


It's funny on Wikipedia where if you go to your season bachelor season 18 and you read week seven, Miami, Florida, says Rose Ceremony. Nikki is called first, Renee is called last. Chelsea's sent home. She was devastated and cried in the limo.


So I remember. Yeah, I mean, so you were crying. Were you more crying about the experience being over? Because it certainly wasn't about him.


And yeah. And there was a lot of conversation. You know, the producers are good at their job and I absolutely have no ill will towards any of them. Like I still love and I'm friends with a lot of them. But, you know, their job is to make sure that this feels like an emotional moment. And like I said, you know, I was still very like high stress. Like this was a very high stress moment for me having to leave and tell him it was OK.


And like, I'm fine and you're great and like, this is OK, don't be upset, I'm not mad or whatever and get into the car. And then you spend an hour driving around in a limo having someone ask you why people don't love you.


You know, like, yeah, I was going to say, do did they tell you? Because I've heard stories of, you know, going to talking about a grandmother's. Telling her, telling you you don't look pretty. No wonder why you're going to be single the rest of your life. I've heard that rumor and that's kind of the route they took with you, a little man and woman.


I mean, I wouldn't say it went that far, but it definitely I ended up talking a lot about love and life and finding a partner. And like my true fears around that and like those fears didn't go away until very recently. I mean, I remember my 30th or my twenty ninth birthday still being scared, like I'm going to live alone for the rest of my life. Like, you know, those are like true human fears. And you know, they can tap into that, especially when you're already in a stressed moment and you're already feeling, you know, the closure of the situation.


And there's always a I'm not like a highly competitive person, but there's that like, you know, what makes these people better than me? You know, you get that comparative mentality going on and of course, you feel emotional. So I wouldn't say any of my emotions were directed at, like, not having one problem with my boyfriend. Like, I probably never had those feelings ever. But a lot of it was around like I just don't want to live life alone.


And I have a lot of love to give. And I know I want to I want to find that someone. So, yeah, I mean, I'm sure I can't even remember how they found it, because I remember the first time I actually watched that moment. I was so nervous to to watch myself sob on TV. But most of my friends just sang like as we go along, we remember we're like in a bar. All of my friends are just singing the song over me, crying on this giant TV.


So, you know, I don't really remember what I said, but I remember having those feelings and having big feelings, but not necessarily about one Pablo. But, you know, I'm a crying person. It's not that hard to get me to cry, so I'm not shocked by it.


So with Juan Pablo, he obviously has come under fire in years since this season aired because he's been pretty much universally accepted, as if not the worst bachelor, probably in top two or three they've ever had.


So sure, you've talked about him quite a bit throughout this. And I just want to know what your overall opinion on the guy was as a as a bachelor, as.




Just what were your thoughts overall? And do you think he's one of the worst they've ever had?


I absolutely think he's one of the worst I've ever had. But I don't know that. I mean, of course, he's partially to blame, but I think part of it is like I'm not sure that he was set up to be a good bachelor, nor was the correct choice. So I mostly blame the folks that decided that this would be the human being. You were going to build a TV show around like, you know, he he not an overly deep personal he wasn't overly emotional person.


And like, I think some of those qualities are kind of necessary to, like, build a good narrative and, like, storyline through the like having this person look like fairly superficial, fairly, you know, it's just like a fun guy. Like he wants to just like, bounce around and, like, be silly. And it's like that's not that doesn't make for like a good long term romantic story. So I play mostly people that decided he should be the bachelor also.


Like, he's never a jerk to me. Like I like I say this up front every time I talk about him, like he was never mean to me. He was never like he was never rude to me. And none of those things, although actually when we did an Eminem commercial after this, weirdly, I don't know why I was selected to do that, but I did the Eminem commercial with Juan Pablo after this. It all aired. And he did say to me after I got on her makeup, why didn't you ever look like this on TV or when you were on the show with me?


So, like, you know, he definitely had a dream to be a little bit of a pig, but he was never that way to me during the shooting of the show. So, like, I can't say he was a jerk, but I do think that, like, the way he treated other women was completely inappropriate and terrible. And, of course, probably part of the reason why I never really felt like I liked him that much.


So, you know, definitely not a great bachelor. Definitely not someone I want to do. Do I hate him? No. But like, I also don't think like I'm not, like, looking to set him up with any of my friends or anything, you know?


So you actually you actually talked about something that that was my next thing I was going to bring up because I remember it happening. And I was like, this is really random because I don't remember before that season if we had ever had a commercial that aired during the season that included the lead and one of his women, especially one that finished fifth. And I was just like. And there was there was talk when that Eminem commercial started airing during one Pablos season, like he's in a commercial with Chelsea and we know this one are out there that Chelsea didn't win.


Does this mean Chelsea is going to be the bachelorette like that was that was a thought process that was going on, that maybe Chelsea would be the bachelorette.


That's why they're giving her this commercial, like, wow, they're putting her out there. Was there ever any talk of Bachelorette with you or.


No, no. All right. Well, no. I mean, I was I'm I was twenty four. I don't know that I was necessarily ready to be a lead. I mean, I'm sure that they've had young people these days or at least, you know, in the last couple of years. But I didn't feel, you know, I don't know that I would ever have felt ready at that age to be sort of the lead for something that very significant.


But the yeah, to this day, I still don't know why they selected me to be on that Eminem's commercial. It was super fun to do, but like there was no rhyme or reason to it. It wasn't like a part of a date or something. Yeah, but yeah, it's fun, random. And I remember, like, the thing I remember is most people, like a lot of people, thought I was clever. Like people were like I got clear in my commercial.


I was like, oh no, it's me. I just want makeup on. Like, I don't like it. It didn't look like me, I guess. I don't know. But another random tip that maybe they were considering me. But I mean, I truly have no idea.


Well, it sucks that Eddie the Teddy couldn't make an appearance. I know. I mean, what a way to position myself as, you know, someone worth married by leading with my teddy bear.


Well, there isn't a hell of a lot much to talk about. I mean, that ended your journey on Bachelor. Yeah, you go on Bachelor in Paradise season two, which like I said at the beginning, the podcast seems like eons ago, just like this does.


But like I said, I had to go look it up because I don't remember you being on it. I don't remember what you did. So I don't barely remember being on it.


You show me you showed up in week, let's see, week five, it says and you asked Nick Peterson on a date, but Nick was obsessed with Samantha pretty much and told you, I only see you as a friend.


Yeah. So really, I mean, this one's another fun one. So I actually got they tried to get me on season one, but I didn't want to be on season one because I didn't know what the hell the show was going to be. And I was really concerned about it. I was you know, I work I work with kids. I didn't want to be on some show that got a reputation that was not great. So, you know, I turned them down for season one because I just didn't want to like, you know, ruin my life over being on another TV show.


So guess I'll be the one. I was like, oh, you know, same vibe, similar stuff. It feels harmless enough, like I'm not worried.


So when they approached me for season two, I actually couldn't make it work to be on season two from the beginning. So I gave them the date. I could be on the show, which was literally the last episode before, like the engagement episode. Yeah. So, you know, I'm showing up like everyone's paired off at that point. I remember the person I, I wanted to ask on a date with Jared of Jared and Ashley. Yeah.


But he actually ended up telling me that he wasn't this was like when he wasn't sure about actually wanted to go hang out with her. So Nick I think was just a single guy that was there that was like, hey, I guess let's me and you go do something because everybody else is paired off at that point.


So it a very I remember not not having a ton to take away from that show other than like I think I came home counting like fifty two mosquito bites or something ridiculous, like I was eaten alive by mosquitoes while I was there. But that was like the most action I got, you know, in twenty four hours I was on the show so yeah.


There just wasn't much there for you there.


No, no not at all. I mean it was fun to go down and see where they see where they hang out but yeah it was, it wasn't my thing.


As I mentioned, you're not someone that has been in the public eye in terms of bachelor nation. Whatever friends you have, you from the show, you seem to keep it private. I don't you know, you're not showing up at reunions and you're you're not an Instagram, Shila or anything like that. So I kind of give people an update on ever since your last appearance on the show, what you've been up to. I know you said you are in the science world and I know that you have a boyfriend.


So explain to everybody how all this what you've been doing since the show.


So I'm one of the rare bachelor. Again, I was on so long ago that influences weren't really a thing back then, so, you know, but I went back to my job that I had before the show, which was working at a science museum, and I stayed in that job until covid hit recently. So I've just very recently switched jobs. But I've been I was at that science center ever since, you know, teaching kids basically being Bill Nye, the Science Guy, but in real life, which is super fun.


And recently I just started managing a social media platform for a big fashion company here in Columbus, Ohio. So, you know, just doing regular people stuff. I did launch a blog which, you know, it seems very on trend for BATCHELLER, but I did it like 10 years later. So it's very much not tied to Bachelor Nation, but it's about my travels and my thoughts.


I'm a pretty intellectual. I like to read. I like to think, you know, those sorts of things and highlighting cool women in the world. And then, you know, I have a cat and a dog. And most importantly, I found my guy. His name's Jimmy. He's like the nicest, funniest, wonderful person I've ever met. We live together in Columbus.


And, you know, I travel a lot. How did you meet him?


Well, he was one of my best friends for two years. So apparently that's the bachelor narrative I needed. I needed a two year long show where you just hang out with your best friends and you realize you should be dating one of them.


Interesting. So after two years, after two years of being friends who decided, hey, maybe we should take this a step further. Was it him?


Was it you know what he decided like day one, we should be dating. It was me that took two years to realize it. So it was sort of I actually invited him to come to a family reunion with me as a friend, and we started dating on that family reunion. So what a weird way for him to enter into my family. The poor guy, he was like, Hi, I'm Chelsea friend, I think.


And then by the end of the week with my boyfriend.


So. So what?


After two years made it sink in for you?


You know, if there's something about like I think for me I had to go through all of the worst case scenarios are like all of the wrong choices to realize, like the kind of person I needed to be to be in the right relationship. So I think it was like me just coming into, like myself a little bit, you know, and that happened at thirty as opposed to happening in my twenties. So, yeah, I think coming into myself and being like very sure of myself and being comfortable being who I was and not having any qualms with, like, you know, the life I wanted to leave in, the decisions I wanted to make about my life.


And then he suddenly made sense. But I guess you have to know yourself before you can figure out who that person is for you. So, you know, some people do know that going on The Bachelor, which I think is great, but I definitely didn't. So, yeah, I think that The Bachelor was like a big part of me learning a lot of that stuff. But yeah, I think there was just sort of a coming in to myself that helped me realize, like, oh, right.


You're the guy I've been talking about looking for the soul to do so.


So this is what you're too old now. Oh, yeah, about I mean, since you became how much yeah, how much does pandemic add to that? Because I feel I feel like it adds a decade to a relationship at this point. But we're we're coming up on two years here.


Yeah. Officially in our relationship. But, you know, feels like forever and also like 15 seconds. You know, it's one of those lovely relationships that is wonderfully new and forever old all at the same time. So, you know, but a good one, I guess.


Well, you said you were working at the science museum until covid hit, so we're still obviously involved in this. What are you doing now? Are you back? Did you go back to it or are you doing something else in the science world?


What do you say to the science museum itself has not actually opened back up. So, yeah, again, a lot of the people I worked with, a lot of the friends I had from that science museum are being hit super hard by covid and have all had to go find new jobs, new careers. So I've actually pivoted my career. I was the director of education. I was someone that was overseeing a big, large department. And I'm now upon in a for profit company.


I'm actually working at Abercrombie and Fitch, if you've heard of them before. So running their social media platforms follow us. And, you know, just like trying out sort of a new lane for myself and sort of the marketing lane and organic social media. And we know how. I mean, obviously, so many of the Bosler folks like make careers out of organic social media. So, you know, just just figuring out what this whole world is all about a little bit here and and trying to figure out a new lane for myself.




Thirty one, you know, hey, I can tell you this right now, I.


I started my life over at 31. Well, I should say sorry, I didn't I didn't start over. I was in a dead end job in the mortgage industry in California, and I had an opportunity to come work with my father here in Dallas, Texas, at 31 years old. And I made the move. I had only known Southern California pretty much my whole life. I made the thirty one moved out here. The only person I knew in the state was my father.


But if I don't move out here, I don't think the first spoiler I ever got. I was doing reality TV at the time, but it was just recapping the show and making fun of it. Sure. But the first four spoiler I got was three years after I moved out here.


And yeah, it revolved around Jason and Molly and Melissa's season. And if I wasn't out here, I don't think I would have known.


Yeah, yeah. It's it's crazy how life happens that way. And, like, that's what I'm seeing sort of in this pandemic moment is trying to just like, what are the opportunities that are coming to me that would have never happened otherwise, though, like launching my blog with something that I did in the middle of the pandemic, because I had all this down time and had done a lot of traveling since The Bachelor. And like so many people were asking me questions about, I was like, oh, you know, I'll put it out there in the world, you know, like trying to find those interesting opportunities.


And that's what Abercrombie and Fitch was a really fun opportunity to, like, work out a fairly cool brand that's like actually making a comeback. So I highly recommend it out there. If you've not looked surprisingly well.


Yeah, I mean, that's that's great. I for some reason, I thought you were still involved in science.


Maybe it's because of your Twitter handle that has that has I do a lot of I don't care a lot about science like I am a science person at heart. I honestly think social media is like a very a huge experiment in social psychology. I mean, it's you know, science is everywhere. So it's not something that I will ever apart from. But, you know, not currently my career.


Well, Chelsea, I didn't you know, when I asked you to come on, I was like, this is someone I haven't had on before. I always I always enjoy having people on that I've never had on before.


And it's, you know, it's tough because I've done over 200 podcasts now and I feel like I've gotten a lot of people who finished top eight of the last probably seven, eight, nine seasons. You were one of the few left that I just that I hadn't done. I don't know why I may have reached out to you in the past.


I don't remember, but I think I did on some platform and maybe you didn't respond.


But then again, you might not have seen it like me.


You know who's to say?


But you were you were great. It was fun going down memory lane with you. Yeah. You have such a fun perspective on the show and the fact that you were very open and honest about how you felt about Juan Pablo, how you felt about the season itself. But again, that was that was a lot of fun talking to you. Thank you so much.


Thank you. I'm glad you reached out. I mean, it's always fun for me to walk down memory lane because this is one of those experiences that, like, you know, now there's quite a few of us that have had the experience that like, you know, in day to day life, not a lot of people get to do something as crazy and out of the norm as being on The Bachelor. I was happy to talk about it. It's always fun to reminisce.


And you were it was great to meet you. And, you know, it's actually I have a club, so thanks for asking me on.


No, thank you. And again, please take a selfie with you and Eddie the Teddy and that wire picture coming your way.


OK, thank you so much, Chelsea. I appreciate it. And we'll keep in touch.


All right. Thank you very much later. Thank you so much to Chelsea for that.


Again, I always like talking to the old school contestants, and I think Chelsea had liked or retweeted something that I posted recently.


I'm like Chelsea. I have never had her on and I just hit her up on DMV, responded right back. And we got this thing done. And, yeah, that was a lot of fun to talk to.


Right. Like I said, it's the seventh girl from one policies that I've had on, but I don't think I've had anybody on from one polo season in probably. At least a year and a half, two years, so good to hear from her and good to kind of go over everything and kind of a very upbeat girl, very refreshing to hear from her. So, Chelsea, thank you again for that. And thank you for the picture of you with Eddie the Teddy, because that's awesome.


And that'll be on the site today. So also, I've included on the in the column today that's, you know, just Chelsea. There's not there's nothing written, really. But I added the video of the group date in South Korea for those that. We're that for those of you that are Johnny come lately to this franchise and are more of the Instagram world of this franchise, you don't remember Juan Pablo season. That was a pretty cool group date.


That group date and Des's group date with Soulja Boy are easily two of my favorite and most memorable group dates that the show has ever done just because they were two songs that were catchy as well.


You got negative Lagat from the 21 K Pop Group and then the Soulja Boy group date. I mean, that song is iconic. So, yeah. Anyway, thank you all for listening. Thank you, Chelsea, for coming on. I really appreciate it. Please write, subscribe and review an Apple podcast. We're back next week with yet another podcast. So far, Chelsea Webster, inreality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in. And we will talk to you next week.