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You heard of Ramakrishna Pyromancer. In his own lifetime, people worshiped him as God. He will be talking to his congregation of people and just wait. He will go inside and ask his wife what's cooking.


His wife shouted the French so ashamed of this, you should know Francois. It's Kottayam Oscar. Because they don't want to be clines to bad designers. I want to do whatever I say, and I want you to understand the right context, because this can be easily misunderstood. What is enlightenment? There was a time in 60s there used to be ads in California saying if you go to India, it will take 12 years.


Twenty five dollars, one hour, you can be enlightened.


There used to be ads where all you have to do is read headphones where some fancy looking goggles and you would have one that also put something into you together. It gave you such a psychedelic experience.


So people advertise. So what is enlightenment? You know, repeatedly we're going on saying, I said to him, I said when I said down, I said, you know, what that means is you tend to invoke yourself, I want to move from one to two. There are many, many ways of looking at it, to put it very, very simply. The fundamental untruth about you is. Right now, what is not you you are experiencing as myself.


This is a piece of hurt repeatedly, we're going to order this. But right now, you experience this as myself, this isn't. If I experience this as so far as myself, definitely I need a coach, isn't it? Yes. So.


If you think I am this vessel. You definitely a case of treatment needed.


Yes, yes, if I think I'm a vessel, I need a treatment.


But my body, this was also the God of the planet. This was also the god of the planet. Yes, it's also a piece of it, this is also a piece of art, isn't it? If I can think this is me, why can't I think this is me?


Looks like I have an additional chamber in my head. No extra chamber would help.


But for sure, it's madness, isn't it? This meeting me is definitely madness. Let's look at it, this being me, is it not madness? Your only comfort is everybody is like this. Yes, that's how it is in the asylum. That's how it is. Just because everybody is like you, that doesn't make it the right thing. I know we are a democratic country, majority rules, whatever the majority says, that becomes the truth.


But that is not how it works in existence. What is it is what is not, is not, is that all? If you are in line with it, live works one way, if you are not in line with it, it works another way. It's as simple as that.


So. If you realize I am not this, not intellectually, if experientially you have a clear separation happen. Well, it would be natural to keep this aside and walk away empty. You are calling it by all kinds of bad words like that. No. I thought this was and continuously I carried it one day I realized, oh my God, this is not me. It's natural for me to keep it down and said isn't. Isn't it? So that's how they did.


You're exaggerating it. Enlightened people live their body and going away.


When they realize this is not it, they just kept it aside. If they had some more business, they could pick it up. Then no business, they it capital went. Tangible way to live. If you have business with this vessel, you carry it around, you know, business with it, you leave it there. So when the realization happens.


Ninety nine percent of the time. Enlightenment and living the body happens at the same time, unless you understand the mechanics of the body, you can't hold onto the body.


People are in the path of divorce. Usually you will see most of them will die. It's not that the moment they realized they kept it aside and walked away, you will see right through history any number of your piece and realize beings always live in the range of between twenty eight to thirty six years.


That's where they live.


Have you noticed this? There are, though, India is replete with such people. That's the time to leave. You heard of Ramakrishna, perhaps you heard of a on. He was the first yogi who came to the United States in 1893.


Your first job, his guru was Ramakrishna Paramountcy. He's a deputy, he has a mother goddess, and he's devoted and he's he's in a different way altogether. In his own lifetime, people worshiped him as God. He was not crucified. He was worshiped because his presence in this thing was so phenomenal. But he was mad about food. He will be talking to his congregation of people, and he was just wait and he will go inside and ask his wife what's going to pan?


His wife, Sharida, felt so ashamed of this. She said, what is your problem? Even I'm not bothered about food. What is your problem? We see you as God. What is this madness about food?


That's OK. But what's cooking? One day she felt so ashamed of this and she told him, I'm ashamed of you. Why are you mad about food? So he's had. You know, in that part of the country, always food comes on a large you know, in India we don't need and plates like this, we eat on a plate like this. It's called Italy, our plates, but served food is called Talli. He said the day you bring the tally to me, the day you bring this food to me, if I show no interest in the food, you must know there are only three days left.


He said this and seven years passed after that, after seven years, one day, he always had this habit of sitting on a swing and eating so you would sit on the swing and eat.


She brought the tally and he looked away. She burst out crying. Suddenly, she realized only three days left. He said, no point crying. It's kind of time is gone. Three days later, he left.


So he was using his desire for food consciously to kind of stay with the body. If he doesn't desire food, he will go slow every day, telling himself fruitful, fruitful, fruitful.


You know, that's not his nature. But he's creating the desire just to keep it going all the time. He sits here in the sad and the experience becomes immediately gets up and goes and says, what's cooking? What's today? I want to eat this. I want to eat that. Just thinking about food, desire, creating a conscious desire for food just to stay. Look, either you must create a desire like this. You there other kinds of tricks, or you must understand the mechanics of the body understanding the mechanics of the body takes a certain amount of involvement.


It doesn't just come. Realization can happen in a moment. Understanding won't happen in a moment. It takes lifetimes of work.