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This question is from Namaskar, from Sugrue yesterday, you spoke about it as tools, in my experience, all the tools I used to enhance the function of one of my sense organs, I can't perceive anything outside of the five sense organs. So how can I utilize it to liquidity, which supposedly enhances my perception on a dimension that I cannot even perceive right now.


I know firsthand. Hence the existing perception. Wear spectacles.


You will see better, you know. Yes, just a small lens, an invisible lens, a contact lens of you where suddenly the world becomes clear.


You know, that's all it takes. Now, you do not approach data in terms of I want to access this.


I want to access that. There are certain types of people who do that. That's not the way to go.


The simple thing is if the data is properly consecrated, when I say properly, each one of them is consecrated normally for a specific purpose.


Now we have a downlink. It is permitted to do this.


You don't cry there, go there and cry. Going to linger. Oh, my financial situation. Not working out, please.


That guy just sits like this because he doesn't know what his financial situation. He doesn't care because it doesn't, it doesn't do anything.


What does financial situation mean to him then you go to Dave, you know there you can cry because she needs these things. She understands that.


But like this, different things are made for different purposes.


All that might have gotten garbled in the culture today. People think temple is a temple. It's not like that. Well, I've been trying to explain this about certain temples, about which there are controversies. Some of the men here are protesting.


Why can't we be there?


We you know, my dad got us.


Only five women are in charge of the temple. Why is it only their privilege?


Gender discrimination? That's how it is, because she's consecrated that way. It needs a woman. She needs women around her. She needs that.


And that's the way it is done for a specific purpose.


So if it is well consecrated for a specific purpose, consecrations are of different kinds. There are some considerations which just reverberate. They have no discrimination. Like, well, you have this lingers in the studio and they have no discrimination. They just reverberate. They've been set up for the masculine energy. They're simply to operate. Whoever comes, they don't know. Even if you put a buffalo into the pond, they will know they will do the same thing because they just it's like light.


Light is on. You can read, you can write, you can see you're going to do whatever the hell you want. It doesn't care.


It just puts out light that's hot. So they are that type of consecration.


That is, there is no discrimination or any kind of discernment in that. But they are no longer there. These are made differently where there is a discernment. It's not that when I if I say this, this could be taken literally.


If you enter the temple, the data knows who you are and who you are means not your name, your father's name.


We don't care. Even I am not asked what your father's name. When I wanted to marry my wife, I didn't ask her, what is your father's name?


My father was shocked that you don't know her father's name and you're marrying this girl. I said I'm just marrying the girl.


So, uh, there are certain people who want to know your father's name, how much wealth he has, what is his financial status and social status because they are marrying something else.


So this aspect of the data able to recognize you has been done in many ways, this has done in a very refined, sophisticated way so that it recognizes anybody based on how their energy situations are, where the status of life is right now, what level of evolution, how it is in that sense.


But there are other data which is very common in southern India, which is probably these days lost in north is we have to deal with this circular datums that means are particularly created for a particular color.


Color means a smaller segment of a caste.


So here the genetic map of the school is kept and the data is consecrated to so only that type of genetics.


This is why this fight in the religious any kind of color marriage or endocast management, why they're struggling is then you won't have a god of your own, you will become outcast.


Well, that's taken on a social dimension and that ugly forms, that's a different matter.


But essentially this coming from this fundamental understanding because you have created an energy form which takes care of this particular genetic information.


If somebody who doesn't belong to that comes, it won't respond.


So these things were done in a very scientific way for different purposes. There are many fantastic processes even today, but mostly lost. So it is better to create universal things which are not based on genetics, but based on the evolution of one's energy. That is what we are doing. That is why these new temples, which will not recognize you by genetics, it will not recognize you by your parentage, but will recognize you for what you are right now.


So both these things were done right from ancient times, but most of the temples were done for genetic material because that is what people would fund.


They want a specific temple in their town for their clan so that their well-being, they created those things. A few were created for everybody's well-being. So they were always named differently. To to make you understand a little bit here, let us say there is one medium and temple. It will have a prefix name of a particular color and then that.


But let's say some of the temple, like let's say Kashif is for not its Vishwanath. That means he's for the entire world. He's not recognizing you biogenetics. He's recognizing you by who you are right now in terms of your energy, in terms of your evolution, where you are right now. In that context, Denlinger will not recognize your genetics. He doesn't care whether you came from your mother's womb or dropped from heaven. We don't care because we don't think coming out of your mother's womb and dropping from heaven one is superior to the other.


Doesn't matter how you came. How are you right now? That's all that matters.


So this is a different dimension of consecration. So when we talk about Dade's and about unhinging your perception, you don't go there to enhance your perception. There is a process what to do. You just do that process. You may get enhanced or so it is iffy, is it? It is not, Effi. It depends on where you are accordingly. And hence you. If you get enhanced for what you are not ready, you will go crazy.


Believe me, you will lose your mind. If you saw the things that I saw when I was very young, I'm telling you, you would have lost your mind, many of you, because I saw all kinds of things and sat there like this and even people around me thought I have some psychiatric issue because I had seeing all kinds of impossible things. So if you develop a perception to see something which your mental framework and your energy framework is not ready for, you will be shattered.


So you will never go seeking a particular level of perception. You just go through the process. The data is being created in such a way. It is of a higher intelligence then. You unlove it to work with you, you just do your Sardina as it is prescribed, this is the excess, this is the code, just make use of it and how much excess you'll find. Let's see. Depends on who you are.