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A little over 15000 years ago. In upper regions of Himalayas, a yogi appeared. Nobody knew where he came from is and dissidents were unknown, but he looked extraordinary. So people gathered there waited. They thought he's going to perform some miracle, but he did nothing. Simply, he's happy and. Only seven people hung on, these seven people recognized that this is a fantastic miracle because only someone who has transcended the physical nature can simply sit and the big tent, you seem to be knowing or experiencing something that we cannot imagine.


Please teach us. Then he gave them some few simple proprietary methods until you prepare yourself. Let me see. They went on preparing themselves. Months went into years, year one to two decades. Eighty four years past. One day he just looked these seven people had become a shining receptacle. Humanity was first reminded the simple laws of nature are not permanent restrictions if you're willing to strive. You can go beyond that. And he not only gave this idea, he gave methods as to how to get there.


Because nobody knew his name. He never introduced himself. They called it the other means, the first to. Ma Chevette Ottery is one of the biggest night outs on the planet, with over 70 million people immersing themselves in music, dance and Barthel guided meditations celebrate with Sadhguru from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on 11th March 20 21, live on Sadhguru, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.