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When you say or when you ask if I am not the body, if I am not the man, you are making it hypothetical, I am asking you, is it a fact that you get that this body? Is it a fact? Is it a fact? All the content of your mind was gathered from outside. Yes. So what you gather cannot be you. So there is no anything hypothetical about it. It is definitely not you, isn't it?


But do you still exist? So what am I to say about it now? So what you're asking is, who am I? Don't ask me why do you ask me where this happened in the Cincinnati airport, you know, in Ohio and the United States? People. Well, people had lined up to check in at the airline counter. And one man came in a big rush, jumped the line, came straight to the counter, dressed just to get like this.


And he wanted to chicken. The lady at the counter said, Sir, that is a line. Please go stand in the line. He said, No, I'm in a hurry. She said, Well, everybody's in a hurry. You please stand in the lab. Then he said, Do you know who I am? An official like you, so she promptly picked up the microphone and said, there is a man here who doesn't know who he is.


Can somebody help him? Now, you come and ask me, who am I? What am I to tell you, what I tell you will be just a nice if I tell you you are an embodiment of the divine.


If you're going to act out your divine nature at home, your wife will leave you if you act too godly at home, if you try this in your office, you'll get fired for sure.


Or if you if I tell you you are no good, nothing, you won't believe me if I tell you you are a drop of divinity that fell off she was lap. And here you are telling me what kind of story do you want? A pleasant story. An unpleasant story. I can tell you what I'm good at. What if I tell you an unpleasant story? You will not want to believe it. If I tell you a pleasant story, you will become fanciful and lose all your sense.


But if you know it, then it's a different level of sense. So right now, don't bother. Don't try to drop into a conclusion. When you ask this question, what you're trying to do is you want to arrive at the conclusion, do not arrive at a conclusion, just seek what is not you. Let's keep it aside. If you keep all that is not you, what is you must remain is an. What is not you, if it is removed, what is you must remain, isn't it?


Where will it go? That is, if you exist, suppose you do not exist. Suppose you really do not exist. At least that we must find out, isn't it, that I do not exist. Suppose you are evident in and you believe you are all my own at least that you must discover not believe what somebody said, isn't it? If you do not exist, is it not very, very, very important that you find out that you do not exist?


And if you do not even exist, what the hell are you going through? Why all the pain? Why all the nonsense? Why all the rubbish of life when you don't even exist? Not worthwhile if you do not even exist, isn't it? Yes. At least if you're in existence and you're getting somewhere little pain on the way, it doesn't matter. Yes. Are climbing the hill. You're going to reach the top of the hill on the way.


Your knees are hurting. It's OK, but I'm going to get there. You're not going to get anywhere. Just legs are paining. You don't want that, isn't it? And you don't even exist. But legs are paining. Do you want that for sure? You don't want that. So you must find out. So this simple is a career is about keeping aside whatever you are, not what you are. I will not talk about it.


I don't want to make a statement about you what you are not. We want to remove what you are. Let's find out what you are.