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I am I? Our game is not logical, but you contemplate, are we?


Am I?


I think it's said, I think it's logical. What I thought you'd find, oh, who am I? This time was by, I think you'd slip away. Should I do you mind? ♪ Oh, who am I? ♪ I'm fighting for love, ♪ I'm fighting for love, ♪ Arrête me up and see my way, ♪ It's a fighting for love, ♪ I'm fighting for love, ♪ Arrête me I look and see my willingness.


This is the way it has to be. Tell me why they're not too there. Fighting for love. Fighting for love. You took a fall. I'm not fit of you. How did you say this love is dead? Oh. This love is staring, staring, staring, staring, staring. I'm fighting for love. I'm fighting for love. Raise me up and see my willingness. I'm fighting for love.


I'm fighting for love. Raise me up We have the coaches set the lines. We don't tinker with them. That is not our duty, but we can fire the coach. We can make trades. We do do the free agency, and we simulate all of the games. Elia Samsonoff not good enough either. Matthews didn't show up, no goals. Billy didn't show up. I don't even know if Marner played. We are here to have fun, but there is a lot of pain and a lot of heartbreak we've experienced over the years. Despite our Atlantic division winning season, second seating the conference, loading up the forward group. We couldn't get it done this year. The Tampa Bay Lightning, eliminate your Toronto Maple Leaves in the first round of the 2025 Stanley Cup playoffs, and we're done. And this year, hopefully, we experience some glory. Four dubs away. We are going to get to win number 12 tonight of the Stanley Cup playoffs with a seven-nothing beat-down of the New York Rangers. My goodness. Mitch Marner, Dipsy Doodle, over to Austin, over to Willy. Mitch, Willy, Justin, seal it. Bang. Stanley Cup, one win away. The big guys showing up in big moments.


This is everything we've ever wanted out of the Toronto Maple East. We are getting it here tonight in Scotia Bank Arena in Toronto. This is what dreams are made of. Ladies and gentlemen, the crew is finally here. We are all here. We are present and accounted for. Thank you for being here. You could have been anywhere in the world, but you chose to be here watching us do this thing, hopefully with the Toronto Maple Leaves. Adam Wilde, to my left. Steve Dangle, to my right. Gentlemen, how are you tonight? Banging. I'm ready for a win.


I don't give a crap about Adam's traffic troubles. All right, yeah. Tell the chat who was late. Hold on, Adam. They can't hear you. They can't hear you. Hold on. Let's try it again. Not on time. Adam, can you talk? Testing. Can you hear me now? There we go. Can we hear Adam chat? Chat, let me know if you can hear Adam. We can hear you. They're still going. They're still going. The Adam is muted. We got to wait for all those. We got to wait for all those to go through. Yay. I think people are saying they can hear you. All right. Your audio got divorced. That's the top comment. All right. No, man. Restart your story. Let's hear it. All right, VIP people, you know this because you saw the VIP episode, but my truck was broken into last week. Somebody smashed the back of your shield. They tried to steal it for whatever reason, They couldn't, but they went through everything, and they snapped the wire that made the horn work. Basically, while I was driving it to get the glass fixed, I either ran over a nail or ran over the glass that had smashed out of my truck, punctured one of the tires.


I take it to Ford. They're like, Hey, we can't fix that tire. It's too close to load bearing, so we got to order you new tires. So then they ordered the wrong size tires. I haven't had a car for two days, and I'm not going to have one until tomorrow night. And then I show up in my wife's car and I realize I'm using her keys, and I can't get into the freaking building, and I got to drive all the way back home and get them and then come all the way back here. That's my story. I'm really sorry for delaying this whole thing. We all want to see Jessie melt down seven games. Hey, let's not know. That's a lot of wayas for 60. Yeah, it's a lot of damage. Anyway, sorry, guys. Since we're... Hold on, we got a super chat from Matthew. Matthew says, I need a bit where you guys talk to one another behind a piece of paper during the game like the pros do authentically. Hey, you guys, are we going to do some strategy? Yeah, we're going to do some strategy. Thank you for the super chat. I think we should All night.


I appreciate you guys in the chat, super chat and gift and subs.


800 of you already on YouTube. Wow.


If you want to watch this on Twitch, we're also simulcast on Twitch. If you want to watch this on Twitter, we are also on Twitter. Hello to all of the audiences out there. If you're not familiar what is happening, I've been running a franchise mode in NHL 24. It's called this little series, One Since '67. It's our quest to win one Stanley Cup with the Toronto Mapleief since 1967.


And in our third year, we have made it all the way to the Stanley Cup final, and we are successfully up three to one on the Minnesota Wild.


And the cup is in the building. Tonight, if we get one more victory, we will capture the Stanley Cup. Boys, these are my lines. Gm Jesse has built this team, along with the Crab people who are my AGMs.


We have William Neelander, Austin Matthews, and Mitch Marner on the first line. Sean Monahan Matias Machelli and Kevin LeBank on the second line. What the hell happened that made Kevin LeBank four points off of William Neelander? I know. In terms of overall. What happened? 87? You don't agree? That's madness. I mean, he's fine, but like, wow. When I saw your lineup, my reaction was, wow, that sucks. How did you guys successfully make the Leaps that much worse? It's crazy here. Oh, my gosh. The hate right now for a team that's in the Stanley Cup final and one went away from winning it. Calleigh Yardcroke, Noah Gregor, Caspari Kappinen on the third line. I don't know Gregor took a face off this year. Hey, he's a setter.


Yeah. Apparently. Yeah.


That's a good goal season, Noah Gregor.


Damn. Wow. He's a top champion. For full disclosure, before the stream started, Steve said, your team is garbage.


You have Noah Gregor on the third line. Yeah. Your fourth line might, in real life, be better than It might be better than your second. That's why the third line is the checking line. The fourth line is the young kid energy line, along with Brett Leeson, who's 27. But we got Brad Lambert up the middle, and Jake Nabors on the wing on the fourth line there. I don't even know, is Kisbury Kappen in the NHL anymore? I don't know. I don't even... If he is, it's been a while. The real stars of our team are on the back end, and we built this team from the back Outwards with the Mo-Mo top pair of Morgan Reilly and Mo Cider. I like that. Kam York and Brett Pesce. Okay. And Caden Gouly and Brock Faber. You know what? The defense court looks good.


How the hell did you get Brock Faber?


I think we sold a first or something for a second. But we got him when he was pretty young, so we got him a couple of years ago. But yeah, that's our D.


And And in net, we have Steve's favorite goalie tandem, Elia Samsonoff and Joseph Wendell.


How are you here?




You know what's crazy about this is Jesse kicked off this stream and he's like, Yeah, it's been three seasons.


It's been 25 seasons of this. Jesse trying to win a Cup as a general manager in this game, and NHL 23, and NHL 22.


I don't even know if NHL 21, you did this, too. No, it began in the of 2020, that pandemic year with NHL 22.


No, it would have been 2021, NHL 22.


Yeah, that's when it began. So we're now 2024, and I think Steve and I can see why you've never won.




This team is fucking brutal.


By the way, I have a cap and an update. Oh, where does he play? Where does he play? He had six goals in 73 games for the St.


Louis Blues this year. Last season, he had more goals for two different teams than that.


No. He had eight goals for the Blues in 23 games and seven for the Penguins in 43. The penguins traded him because seven in 43 was disappointing.


And then he's like, I think we can go lower.


And he did.


That's gracious. How can we do worse?


The fun thing about One Since 67 is that it is not entirely based in reality. No. We play by our fake world that we have created here along with the crab people. And in this game, Kesperi Kappinen is a very good third-line player. There you go.


So there you go. Top six exact.


There you go.


I am going to show you what we are up against. We're up against the Minnesota Wild, and these are-Garbage. Their lines. Garbage. All right. Okay. I thought it was Zegris as their top line. I was like, What is going on?


I had to change it over. All Joel Erichson, Eke, Caprizoff, and Matt Boldy, first line. Marco Rossi, Matt Zucrello, Ryan Hartman, the second line. Blake Wheeler, 39, Frederick Goudro, and Andre Barakowski, the third line. So players just don't age in this game. Yeah. Look at that.


They are truly an old man team with Max Paturetti, who's 37, Marcus Johansson, who's 35, Kam Atkinson, who's 37. 37? Yeah. They have built through experience along with a couple of their stable players who've been there for years, and that's how they've gotten to the Stanley Cup final here.


On D, they got Jonas Brodine, Jared Spurgeon, Calin Addison, O-E-L, Dylan Samberg, and Jeff Petrie. Jeff Petrie. He's so old. And also bad. He looked gassed in Pittsburgh this year. This is great, Jessie. I'm loving We're seeing this already. We just go through lines, man. This is the whole stream. And in goal, we have Mr. Jesper Wallstead, and he's backed up by Philip Gustobson. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, but you know what they say.


More Saskatchewan and less Stockholm.


Am I right? Give me Saskatchewan-born Ilia Samson off any day over that tantum. I'm keeping an eye on the on the super chats here to make sure we get to them.


Oh, please do that because it's a little too fast for me to do.


Okay, so first one, Hawks 23. First, the suit games are immaculate. Second, when are we going to build the TFC rebuild?


Jesse, do you think you could do a TFC this summer? In FIFA? Yeah.


Yeah, because you can take TFC and move them anywhere on the planet, too. You can do anything with them. Can I take TFC and move them to Mississauga? I was going to say. Yes. Yes. Yes. Make them MFC? Do it. Do it.


Down the road.


Emily Whitten.


We need an Adam hate counter. Every time he says he's a hater, he owes us apples. I don't know. That might get expensive. Cassie Gang, #CassieGang. Noted leaves media, Steve Dangle and Tim Roby show. Hey, Jessie, don't forget to dress the team in their 2014 classic jerseys if you want another wild prediction. Hattie for Maddie, to bring the cup home. And that's the bottom line because Gripper Nation said, so let's get wild.


So I had a bet with the super chatter there that if William Milander scored last game, that I would wear the Actually, it's behind the Dangle Jersey, the 2014 Winter Classic Jersey in this next game.


So we got to do that for the super chatter because William Milander scored.


So, yeah, that's the bet. Yusuf Rachid. Hey, SDP, boys. If the Lefs win, do we get Gripper Mania from Adam? Well, I don't think we... So first off, there would have to be some...


We have to make some difficult bar to jump over.


We can't just be dropping the grippers every time.


No. So I'll let you guys decide. What do you think, Steve and Jessie? You are on a real slippery slope to...


Gripper slope.


You're just going to be pouring honey and syrup and all sorts of weird stuff on your feet. When does it cross a line?


You're not even going to talk about hockey.


Guys, anything for the business, okay?


We're small business owners. You got to do what your clients want, right?


You're going to say something disgusting like, All right, you're going to call them instead of the crab people, they're going to be the piggies. Hey, piggies, are you ready for some piggies? Do the grippers touch the cup? Sls says, How many likes for the grippers? Westclist says, Can we get an LFR for this game? Maybe. Can we get an LFR? Could we? We'll see how it goes.


Okay. I just want to make sure. There's a few more we got to get to. I have a family. Keep going. Keep going. I'm just trying to get to all the super chats. There have been a lot.


This is the dream team. The real EA NHL is here. Keep going, Jesse. Matthew Williamson. I need you guys to talk to one another behind a piece of... Okay, we already got that one. Okay, good. Okay. One thing I want to update you guys on as well is the farm system we've built.


The Toronto Marlies are in the Calder Cup finals, and they are one win away from the championship.


So we have the potential here on stream to go double championships, which would be sick.


Too bad, Sid 6-0 is not here because the Calder Cup means nothing.


The Calder Cup means So that is what's at stake here, people. I hope you're excited. I hope you're ready. Here we go.


This is the Stanley Cup final.


We're one win away.


We're simming So how we do this is we CPU versus CPU game.


I got to change the jerseys. Hold on. Hold on. We're going to select science here. By the way, Gurthy Betman says, I'm here for the three one downfall. Already told the reps, the The Cup stays in the US. How dare you? Tim Roby show, The least winning the cup isn't a high bar enough to see your grippers, Adam. Guys, you're trying to get grippers on the cheap.


You're not going to get it. Can't do that. All right. There is the Jersey for the Lefs, the winner classic one that I promised. Cup logo is on the crest. Cpu versus CPU game.


We should have all our settings ready from last time.


Ladies and gentlemen. Just another game. Just another game. Just another game. Just another victory. I said at the end of the last stream that the difficult part is now.


The difficult part is getting this last win here, and that's what we got to do here tonight.


We got to get one of these next three.


I just want to say, Jesse, nice little run to the Cup final, 15, 5, and 0.


Not bad. Yeah.


Not bad. Sweeping the first round. Good series against Ottawa and New York. It was a good little win for the finals.


Oh, my God. We start off right away with Mitch Marner entering the zone and getting smacked. Willy's got it. Let's see if we get an early one here. Hey, Jesse, what do you have the game setting to? Is there a hard, very hard? Yeah, the sim settings are pretty balanced. There's a check. There we go. It's Marder. Let's go. No way.Marder. Play off, Mitch. In the building. Guys, this is a video game because the leaf started on time.


What a lucky goal, first of all. But what a way to start it.


Bouncing off of Wallstead right into the back. It hangs on them a little bit, and it just falls in.


How to be since then.


How to be. Let's go. Somebody said, This can't be real. No, it can't. It literally cannot. You got to quiet that building early.


Let's go. Cassie says, I'm so tempted to donate 67 memberships again.Do.


It.cassie. I dare you. What do you want me to discourage that? What a start. I'm not going to.


She's the best.


Thank you. Hashtag Cassie Gang.


All right, here we go.


Leef Face Off win.


Okay. Confetti. I just want to say the Leaps are just dominating these guys.


We're off to a good start. Goals for the Leaps, one. Appearances in the offensive zone for the Minnesota Wild, zero. Hey, Jesse. Oh, Reilly got crushed.


Whoa. Kind of slammed him into the ice there. Is that a player safety issue?


I wonder. It could be.


Hey, big shout out to Jean-Sebastion Wa, gifted us 20 memberships. Hey. Thank you, John. Round of applause.


To everybody here getting VIPs. I love to.


Play it, Sivsted, you bum. Jesse, have you just been dominating this series?


Has this been close, or has it been mostly Noah Gregor and his band of Mary May?


It's been good for the least. I don't think we had... Game one was close, then we lost game two. Then we did really well in three and four.


It's been a pretty easy series so far.


I'm very confident that we get one more here. Oh, there's a chance.Oh.


Good move.


Nice little slapper from Brodene, but saved by Sammie.


Big save, Sammie. Playoff Sammie showing up here. Chaos Rules just gifted five subs. Brodene again in the slot. Oh, good break up.


Stolen by the leaf.


We're coming the other way.


There's the Cee's most hated player, Kevin Labanck gets crushed. Yeah, and he coughs it up. Oh, a nice save, Sammie. All right.


Hell, yeah, Sammie. Yeah, buddy. Jesse. Yeah. For the next season, you do this. Your goal should be only players over 35 and win the Cup.


Only old men. Only old men. Only grizzled old hockey men. Oh, man. 30 to 30 Feral Hoglands just gifted. 30 to 50 Farrell hoglins just gifted five SDPN memberships. Sometimes I feel like people make these names just so we have to read them. Farrell hoglanders? Yeah, I guess. All right, here It was Noah Gregor.


Third line. Start Noah Gregor.


Close it out. What a save. Cap it in. Cap it in. Cap it in. It gets stopped. Because Barry, we needed it. Clayman v.


1997, he just donated. Good luck, boys.


All right, fourth line versus first line. Here we go.


Lambert, Leeson, and Neighbor is going to take on the first line. Big win. Oh, what a save. This is a Brock Faber Revenge series. Yes for Walsiv. Sivstat.


Yes for Sivstat.


All right, Lambert. Another big win here. Does it again.


Oh, over to Guna. Over to Man, who's Lambert? How do we get him on the leave? Stan. Brad Lambert of the Winnipeg Jet System. Oh, yes.


He would have been better off playing the buck there.


There he goes. He was a draft pick from last year. I remember him from our draft live stream, which we will be doing again. Yes, we will.


I don't know if it'll be as dramatic as this, though. No.


This is the Stanley Cup final. That's right. Chase it down. You're going to get to be white. Thank you guys for showing up in your suits. Yeah, of course. I appreciate you coming back to the box.


Samy, nice save. We're hangers honors here, Jesse.


We're part of the Jesse entourage, and we have to make sure that we don't embarrass you in front of the corporate goons at MLSC.


Yeah, if you're going to hang out in our box, you got to come dressed to impress.


That's right. Keep our composure. Oh, my goodness. All right, let's win this face off. Clear the fuck. First line out there. Come on, Matty.


Oh, Matthews loses it. Pacha ready.


Samy Sammie covers it up.


Sammie's played well so far.


Where was he on that one, Allen? Boo. Boo. Who has the better lineup, Jessie's Toronto or the very old Wild lineup?


Justin Fisher put that pull up, and Jessie's. They're saying that Jessie gets it. She said, Say Jessie.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. Get that on. Milander. Oh, stop.


Austin shoots that a million times out of a million.


Game is broken. Have you thought about continuing with this franchise if you win the Cup to see if you can repeat? Yeah. We're getting way ahead of ourselves.


We need to close this thing out here. We're only up one nothing. But if there's a chance that we win the thing, I will try and repeat, go back to back. Jesse, I got to ask you, too, while we're watching the game. Steve, continue doing your play calling for sure.


Don't stop on my account. But, Jesse, here's my question.


As a human being, how much did you think about this today?


How badly do you want this? It's all day.


All day, this is what I did. You know, next time we I need a full roster print out of all the players and their names because I can't see it through the screen properly and what their numbers are because that...


You can't see on the little, like below when it has the little icon when they touch the button?


It's a little fuzzy on my end, but that number 42 not Tyler Bozac had a nice little feed there.


That was great. That was great. That's Spurgeon coming up the wing, stolen by Kappinen, over to Reilly, over to Cider, Mo Cider up in the rush.


Passage in your croke.


Stop. Unfortunately. Oh, not nearly enough cycling for me. How did you get Mo Cider, by the way?


I traded for Mason McTavish in the first year. I think it was the John Tavares deal. John Tavares for Mason McTavish in a couple of draft picks. Oh, no.


I'll Sammie cover that.


Good job, Sammie. Andrew Willis.


As an oilers fan, I'm experiencing second-hand embarrassment right now.


Wow. So oilers fans are going to be... They're going to be like that, huh? Yeah, I get you're in the real Stanley Cup, but this is real to me.


So shut up. Yeah, exactly. Jessie. This is from Justin. Jessie, do my senators.


Do my senators next. I'm sick of them at the bottom since 2017.


So Justin wants you to leave the leaves and move on to Senator's general manager after this. So in the game, you can take other jobs. So if the sends offer me a job and I want to take it, I could.


Wow. Melissa Erickson, Mo Cider was a surprise at the time.


Who else can you think of that was a shock draft?


Oh, there it is! Oh, we got a goal. Is it LeBanc?


It's LeBac. That's two.


That's two, ladies and gentlemen. Kevin LeBanc. Cash is it.


And it's two-nothing, Gerardo. Wow.


You guys haven't been here for an O'Lay yet. Shall I hit O'Lay?


Give me an O'Lay.


Bring out the dancing animals. Off the post hockey, take it to La Banque. Yeah. Good play.


Let's go.


So Melissa Erichson wanted to ask you guys, what was a shock draft choice that ended up working up super well?


Hey, here's one. Cary Price at number 5. Yeah. A lot of people include...


I remember that there's the Pierre Maguire clip where it's like, I don't know what the haves are doing. Oh, no.


Frederick Goudral. Freddie Goudreau. He kept talking about Pierre Maguire. That's why this happened. What a nice play there. Seventh goal of the playoff.




Look at Steve. Can you do this one for us? Play by play. Well, we got incredible coverage in front of the net.




No, hold on. We're bringing this one back.


This is awful defense.


All right. This is terrible.


Hold on.


Before you do this, Jesse, we actually have a super chat asking Steve to do this in his Sid 6-0 voice. Oh, okay. Can you do your Sid 6-0 impression? All right, Steve. So that's Petrie coming up.


And then are you ready? Yeah. Stay zoomed in a bit because it's hard for me to see the numbers as well.


Jeff Petrie. This is good? Yeah.


Yeah. All right.


He has the fuck.


He would never have it in real life. He's terrible.


He would never have an opportunity to be in the Stanley Cup final.


Not again.


He's not again. He's not played against the least in real life. 95, burns cider wide. Now, here's what we got. Here's what we got. No, slow it down. Slow it down. Who's in charge here? Who's in charge? I need to know. I need chicken fingers, and I need your attention. All right. Pass to 47. Now, I don't know whose job it was to have 47. Who's 91? Who's that clown? Hitting his own player. Monahan.


Sean Monahan. Monahan. Sean Monahan.


Boring Sean Monahan, more like liability Sean in the hand, shoving his own player instead of covering your job. Look, four guys.


You are literally taxed with covering the worst goudreau in the NHL, and you couldn't even do that.


Look at Sammy, too. Sammy, you suck. They all have their ears between their knees, and they can't figure out what they're doing.


They're up in the game, but they were up their ass on that plate.


The worst control in the NHL is that's a good line. That's a good line. That's a good line. That's nothing.


That's a bad goal. By the way, some updates here.


Cassie has gifted 50 subs.


My goodness. And oh, actually, 65.


She's going for 67.


God bless her. That's amazing. I also want to shout at Alexander Moore, who gifted five subs. And Cameron McLean with a $10 Super Chat who said, How many likes for another divorce? Jesus. It's dark, Cameron. That's dark.


It's funny, but it's dark.


Man, look at all these subs. Nice little chance from the leaves, one-timer, but Wallstead is a brick wall, and he saves it.


Big player, big play, right here.


Matthew's out there with Neilander and Marner.


First-line versus first-line. Matthews loses the face-off. The Cassie Gang is going wild in-Marner!


Where are you going? Bad stuff from Mitch there. Mitchell. Mitchell.


You saw that, right? Mitchell. Let's see it. Let's see 6-0, boys. No. Here, here, here, here, here. Okay, so you see where he is?


Okay, so I got Caprizov, everyone, and I'm going to go for a little frolic through the field.


Where the frig are you going? The punk went here. The punk went here.


Mitch just went the other way. Where are you going? That's your man. What are you doing?


Oh, Mitch.




Oh, gosh. All the way over here.


To borrow a line from Nicki Cass when he's doing the baseball coach, Mitch, stay with your man.


Mitch, stay with your man. Mitch, stay with your man. Mitch, stay with your man. This is why we ain't winning games. I Just launch said, Adam, divorce your shoes from your feet.


Here we go. Speedy Vee says, Costco gravy is beyond elite. Best in the universe. I've never had Costco gravy. Me neither, but he keeps saying it like every stream. Here's him, York..


Come on. Huge chance there to get the two goal lead.


By the way, I love the breaking down of the goal. That's my favorite part. Neylander with the takeaway.


Austin with a big hit. And now here he comes. Austin.


He's on his defense and offense. Austin Matthews. You stick. Just why. People were saying classic Toronto Media.


That's a good line.


Somebody else said, AI Mitch is playing like real Mitch on that play. Oh, we got an injury on the ice? Good. Austin's on a break. Austin, spend that now.


You got to shoot that low so you get the rebound.


Selfish. By the way-I teach you that in the US program.




Solar espion on the restream, basically from Twitch said, Is this game five or game seven?


It is game five, but a clincher. We have reached the first intermission, gentlemen.


Can I point something out, Jessie, about the way you handle these things?


I noticed that the Minnesota Wild are wearing their Whites at home. Is that a Jessie Blake esthetic choice? I think I did it when I was switching the jerseys for the leaves because we had to wear the winter classics for the leaves because that was the super chat bet.


That That is why the jerseys are the way they are.


Cassie says, I won't catch the stream on Saturday because of my birthday stuff. El Mayo, you got to get it all in tonight. You asked for 67, Steve, and you got it. #cassiegang.


You guys ready for period number 2?


Yeah. Shadow Mask, Worst Marner Fear is confirmed in the game, IRL. So there you go.


Steve, is Minnesota the real NHL?


No. I think they have far too much winter and fandom to be the real NHL. How many people does their arena hold? Too many. No, far too many. They're the state of hockey.


The state of hockey, which makes them not the real NHL.


Too many people like it. Second period underway.


Austin wins the draw.


Austin. What low percentage garbage is that? Play as a team.


Oh, nice steal by Willy. No. About anything there.


Utah is the only real NHL team right now. Veto says, you all... Hey, Matthew. Veto saying, you all boys better get her done for Cassie right now. True. It's Cassie's birthday. We need to get Cassie a cup. Cassie cup.


It's closer than I'd like right now.


Here, Cassie.


It's a great save, Sammie.


Come on. Off the boards. Let's I can go. Oh, Mitch.


Max says, I regret not watching these sooner.


Hey. I appreciate that.


They are fun.


You can go back and watch the whole archive. The ending might be spoiled for you. Great save, Sammie. Let's go.


Come on, turn this into a two on one.


High, LeBanc.


Marco Rossi. Nice shot. Nice save.


Get in there.


Stick left. You stick.


Sammie with this cover and save.


Hey, Steve. Steve, if Mike Stevens or Ian Tullet were playing defense on that play, what would have happened?


Well, Ian would be in the offensive zone, so he would avoid taking a penalty like Mikey. Who would be in the defensive zone making up for Ian? Okay.


Dave, Jessie, this is a compliment to you. This is 100 times better than watching the Jays.


Oh, my. Yeah. Literally, stabbing yourself in the eyes is better than watching the Jays. I don't know if that's a compliment.


Oh, they tied it on Zucrello. They were going to blow it.


Oh, no. Oh, baby. Matt Zucrello.


This is great.


Oh, we got a tie ball game here, people.


It's just a shooter beating your goal tender.


Steve, we need a breakdown.


A breakdown? How about frigging 28 controller They're disconnected. Who's that bum? Who's that?


Did you do anything? I believe that's Caden Gooley with the lack of defense there. We'll take a quick replay, and then we'll get back to the action. But that's Kam York and Caden Gooley playing a little... Oh, Brett Pesci. Sorry. Brett Pesci playing a little defense here. Can't poke the fuck away, even though it's right there. What beer league?


Go Steve.


That's how people defend me in beer league when they want me They're like, Oh, no, it's that one. Let the crappy player... But it's Zucrello. That's not good enough from Brett Pesci against a 52-year-old Matt Zucrello.


I think 573 says, Oh, here we go again. Typical leaf fan here. And then Brett Lawrence says, Do you guys think the least reached out to Ted Nolan for the coach gig? Maybe not. I'm thinking not.


Real life?


Yeah. Irl? No. By the way, Brett Pesci might be a leaf IRL come July first. He's one of the guys, apparently, on their list.


Hopefully not.


If he's going to.


So that's how we acquired him in the game, the 2024 offseason. We just signed him as a free agent. Super easy.


How much money did you pay him, Jesse? What was the contract?


I don't remember off the top of my head, but I remember it being super reasonable. It's in the, I want to say, 4 to $5 million range. That was close. How was that a rebound?


Oh, my God.


Drewby wants to say- Here's your D. Wants to ask Steve when prom is. When's your limo coming, Steve? Great soon.


That's when prom is. That's when prom is. He's paying in the back seat.


Damn, York. The soup of York.


He had 10,000 men back home in Toronto. He marched them up to Maple East Fair, and he marched them down again. 3, 2, When you're up, you're up. In the wild. When you're down, you're down.


I want to shout out Justin Fisher's dad, who is watching I'm not coming home right now.


Oh, a big shout out to Justin Fisher's dad.


What's up, Scotty? By the way, Jessie, I don't remember the last time I had this much fun. I'm loving this. This is the I hope so. Seriously, this is great.


That's all we're in it for, is the fun and hopefully not the misery. Jake, neighbor is here.


Oh, man, I just set off to Siri at work again.


Hey, Siri. Hey, neighbor.


The Siri at music-Hey, Siri, don't go for the hit. Play the fuck. It's playing music. You stupid idiot.


Hey, Siri.


Stop playing music. Sorry.


I'm sorry. Did it work? Did you shut it off?


Yeah, it stopped.


Oh, nice.


It was playing, I will wait, I will wait for you.


Hey, Siri, play Not Like Us by Kendrick Lamar on Spotify.


Oh, that's a power play for Minnesota. Bad tripping call there. Brett Leeson diving right at the play.


Melissa Erichson in the Super Chat says, Wings fan here, even though we are rivals, I'm pulling for the leaves to win the Cup next year. Love your content and happy pride. Thanks for creating such a fun and welcoming community.Oh.


That's lovely.Thank you.


That is very nice, even though Brett Leeson is trying to ruin this celebration.


Yeah, we can't have that.


Nice face-off win by Noah Gregor. Steve hates him, but he want to face off.


I'm surprised Leeson doesn't play with Tavares. He loves Leesons.


Oh, boo.


Every loss, he talks about the Leeson. He learned.


Oh, my Stop it. Cassie wanted a dad joke. There it is.


There it is. No, it's very good, actually. Have you noticed that we haven't gotten any time in the zone while... Oh, no, it's been good. We're on the penalty kill. It's been good.


Sorry, I keep interrupting with chat. There have been a lot of super chats tonight. People are fired up, guys.


I was about to get upset at this kill, but it's been good.


No, no.


Gurthy Bevin just wrote two-minute minor. That's funny. That's funny.


All right, let's stop. No. Nice save, Samy.


One, Samy. A little over halfway through regulation.


Video game, Samy rules.


All right, Steve. Steve. Oh, no. I thought that was over the glass. Can we get a little play by play for three minutes here by you?


Okay, I'm going to struggle because I can't really the names, but Ilyas Samson off with the save and with 9:02 remaining in the second period. The Toronto Maple leaves maintain their 3-2 lead. Ryan Hartman moves up the standings and hits Jared Spurgeon leading the way. Can the leaves take the onslaught, face off in the defensive zone for the Toronto Maple leaves? Tied up, and the Wild win it back. They have it at the point. Behind the back pass, and it's going to lead to a break away for the Toronto Maple leaves.


He can go.


Well, we got a penalty shot.


Penalty shot. Penalty shot. That's Tripp.


Howard. No. Borikowski absolutely tripped the Leaps attacker.


Brad Lambert. Brad Lambert.


Brad Lambert. And Brad was away. He was alone. Look at this. Here's the replay. Maybe a bit of a dive.


All right, Steve.


Canadian fin.


Steve, you have to switch to Ken Danico now. Go.


All right, it's Austin Matthews, four on four. He wins the face-up. Back to Morgan Reilly. Bitch, martyr. He's in the corner now. He plays it, and the leaves get to it. They're at the point, they're back into the corner where you got to win games. More insider to Matthew's shot. It's blocked. The Leaps have it. Let's go.


William D.


Langer. He's going to make it one more. Remember, anything can happen in Jersey with the New Jersey State Logerie. William D. Langer is playing out leading scorer. He's going to punch the lead stuff. More to do. And get them hold on to this two goals lead. Oh, no.


This is not a big lead goal.


He's brought to you by the New Jersey State Logerie. I remember, anything could happen is great. Great, Steve.


Please continue with that. But now, Bob Koy.


We're on old. Moments away, perhaps from their first win since 1967, Minnesota in the Stanley Cup final for the first time. You always remember your first, but will this lead to heartbreak? Minnesota breaches the zone, handled along the half wall, taken down, no call, played through the middle. The Leifs break it out. Three on two, they come. Open shot. Blocked. And the Wild come out with it now. Can't see any of the players' names. Burakowski, the only one chaudy enough to wear 95. He's easy to pick out of a crowd at the point, high slot shot. Stop by, Semmy. The Man in Blue.Beautiful save there.Coming through. Lambert.


Reilly's tired.


By the way, Jessie, people want to know what you're drinking in that water bottle.




Water. Okay. It's water. The people want to know.


It's water. What do you mean?


Jessie is straight up drinking crank. Crank? Crank. Liquified crank.


I don't know how a guy like Mitch crushes Red Bulls before a game.


How does his heart not explode?


Yeah, he's like 26 and also really good shape. So I feel like his body could burn.


Oh, oh, oh. Get back, get back, get back, get back.


Capriza off. No. Sammie. No.


Good save by Sammie.Beautiful Sammie.Out to the point.


Oh, no. He reached me off of a body. No.


I'm the retirement home.


His Jersey number's his age.


No. That was off three different bodies. Oh, no. Tape to tape.


Oh, man. Thrill the thrill. There's no way that went straight in. Thrill the secondary assist goal suck.


You stink. Oh, yeah. There it is. Off of the skate there.


You got a boy, Sammie. That's where you want to be, inside your own frigging net. You stink.


All right, Steve, request from the chat. You have to do this. You have to break down this play, but as Pierre Maguire.


What if I'm on TV with him?


Oh, it goes off of- Here, Adam, you start breaking the play down.


Okay, so what we have here is a really bad- Yeah, so they take a shot from the point.


It's Jeff Petrie, and he used to play for the Montreal Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins. And I can't remember where he played in Junior, but by gum, if I did remember, guaranteed, I would be absolutely pantsless right now. He puts it on. It goes off a sea of bodies And it goes into Ilyas Samsonov's chest, which would have been beneficial had his chest not been located behind the goal line. The Minnesota Wilds bring themselves to within one. And can they save off elimination here in Minnesota, Saint Paul, United States.


Who told Ilyas Samsonov that this was how you save a buck?


That is actually some of the most accurate video game I've ever seen right there.


What are you doing? Oh, my God. Are you sure you want to just both terrible?


What if both your teams stink?


All right, Steve, hype us up with an ultimate warrior for the Leaps to hold on to things here. Sorry.


Speak to me, warrior. The leaves. They have what it takes to win the Cup. They have everything they need. They have their flesh, they have their blood, they have their bones, and they have the 4-3 lead. Four is bigger than three. Any warrior knows that. Shed all the energy of the warrior and bring home the Stanley Cup and bring the cup to warrior. Well done.


All right, gentlemen.


Sorry, Jesse.


We are officially one period away from possibly doing a thing here. We can relax here with a little elevator music. I don't know if you have any more super chats to go.


I do.


But Leaps have a one goal lead that they just need to hold on to for 20 minutes. The cup is in the building.


I want Jessie and Steve to be the intermission panel. Jessie, you're the host. All right? Steve, your noted panelist, Elmo from SLS. This is a request. Go ahead, Jessie.


Steve, how do you think the leafs can hold on to this lead? What's the key to hopefully lifting the cup at the end of these 20 minutes? It feels ridiculous. We're even in this position, Jesse. Elmo doesn't even know what to do with his hands. He She doesn't even know what to do with his hands. Ammo has never been in this position. Do you understand? Ammo hasn't seen the lifts in the Stanley Cup final since before the moon landing. They went up there, depending on who they're asked. But Emma is so impressed. Despite the shitty goal tenant. Emma is excited to see the Lefs raise the standing cup above their head.


Emma can't do it because Emma's too small.


Okay. All right. So, Jessie, for your next question, you're going to ask it again as a James Duffy here. Steve, you're going to answer as if you're on the zoo tour and hosting the zoo tour. Go ahead, Jesse.


On the wild side of things, how do they muster up at least one goal here to save their season?


Well, if you look to your left, you'll see the oldest animal in the zoo, Jeff Petrie. He was able to actually score a goal.


Hey, Wheeler is out there, too.


Well, maybe he's the one who ties it, Petrie, with the example, and maybe Wheeler can follow through. It's a copycat league, and maybe they can copy each other. And oh, look, on the right, we have our famous Blue-tailed Chokers. And they are in the meeting's season right now and multiplying. So we'll We'll see how they perform.


Okay, one last one. Jessie, you asked Steve a question. Steve, you answer as Jimmy Hart from the WWE. Can you do Jimmy Hart?


Here. Wait, I need a second. It's deep.


It was a super chat. So I'm trying to do the best. By the way, people are asking, When did this turn into Who's Line It? Is it Anyway, The Hockey Edition?


We're treating Steve like a jukebox.


We are. All right, Steve. Somebody also asked for Doc Emrick. I don't know if you can do Doc Emrick, but not really.


I can't do Jimmy Hard either.


Okay, well, if you can't do Jimmy Hard, that's okay.


But I got the thing.


Okay, go.


The least, they're going to finally do it, baby. They're going to finally do it tonight here in Saint Paul. They're saints. Apparently, the wild are playing like saints because the least haven't got a single power play in this game. It's rigged, I tell you.


Well done.


Who's the weird guy that looked like Ken Hitchcock? That was like, he was always slithering by the... And he'd always have a gift or something like that.


What was the guy? The handler for the undertaker? Yeah. Paul Bear. Paul Bear. Did he look like Ken Hitchcock? Yeah, he did. Ken and Adam.


That was a Twitter... Mike Fehl on Twitter. Put that in once.


It was really Paul Bear does not look like Ken Hitchcock. I'm sorry.


Okay, go, Steve. Go, Steve.


Oh, yes, Adam.


If I win, will you bring that to the studio tomorrow?


Yeah, you got to let him raise it above his head.


A hundred %. A hundred %.


Fuck, yeah. This is so good. This is so good. This is so good. Okay, sorry, guys. Sorry, guys.


Also, Cassie gifted She got more subs.


Oh, she did? Oh, 50 more.


Oh, my goodness.What? Cassie.


Yeah. Let's go. Steve graded voice as Adam looks like Fire Marshall Bill. Who's Fire Marshall Bill?


Let me tell you, it's not that. He's Jim Carrey's character in Living Color.


Okay. All right.


Sorry, you were pouring gasoline like so.


That's really good. Jessie, I'm sorry we've interrupted your stream like this.


No, I think this is what we are here for. And if I'm being honest, I'm pretty nervous that we might actually win this game. And I don't know how these next 20 minutes are going to unfold. So the comedy in between is actually calming my nerves a little. Oh, that's good. So thank you.


Because this really does. Let's be honest here before we get into the third. This really does matter to you, Jessie. You've been thinking about this all day. For people that are just tuning in, you made a montage.


You made It's a montage. Yeah. There's a little vignette off the top. You can go back and watch it. But you mentioned off the top that I've been doing this since 2021 in NHL 22. Two games ago, I've been running these franchise mode Sims, and I've never won the Stanley Cup. It's been countless amount of years, and I'm one game away and 20 minutes away. So this is important to me.


Wally Pendergrass gifted five SDPM memberships. Thank you, Wally.


This air horn for you.


Let's go. By the way, I do want to say that people are like, they're commenting, I'm enjoying this more than I probably should have. I think they were coming in expecting a mid-time, and it's devolved, but that's the show we put on.


Shout out everybody watching on Twitter and YouTube and Twitch, all of you out there. Much appreciate it.


It's Twitch. Where is our Twitch? What is our Twitch?


Twitch. Tv/sdpnlive. Is that a URL? All the comments are coming I'm going to go through on all platforms, though, through the restream, so you'll see them all in one place.


Okay. Beauty.


Third period of a Stanley Cup final elimination game. If there's a penalty, we riot.




Facts. Crab people, crab people. Are you guys ready?






Veto says, Adam, this matters to us, crab people/AGMs.


Can we get another one? Everybody who's been here all along, this is for you. This is a huge It's a moment right now. Crab people, crab people. Drop those crab emojis in the chat. Third period is underway. The punk is being dropped. Here we go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's do this.


All right, Matthews.


I don't like how this is starting.


Oh, my You know, the one thing I'll say about your Leeds team, Jessie, is they're really good at a forecheck. Yep.


Even though... Oh, a shot. Yes. We hear it. Let's bring out the Ole.


Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole. Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole. Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole.


That's Captain Law in that. He's getting to cut final goal in a potential Clinton game.


Yeah, Adam, I did the thing that you've been begging for. When John DeVar has left, I gave the C to Austin.


Thank you.


Thank you.


Thank you.


Nice little two goal lead here.


That's a playoff goal. Look at Austin grabbing the kid. Jesse, I love that. Do you like that one? Here we go. By the way, people are saying that, Jessie, you have the better goal song than the Leaps.


Should the Leaps use Ola?


Yo, Panama is frigging great. Yeah, that's a great thing.


By the way, there's 1967 people watching right now.


Damn.oh my God.Thank you.


Let's go. Shout out all of you. Panama. We can get a little of the doss out here. Mr. Panda.


Oh, the snail.


No. Oh, Samy with a nice save. You think Samy is going to call?


Does he shut the door?




Steve has no faith, if we're being honest.


Yeah, he does. Sam's not Noah Gregor on the third line. Come on. Hey, Solid depth player move there from the second liner. Oh, the bag. Oh, the bag. Oh.


Nice save, Walsh did.


This Donnie, I can't wait for the leaves to collapse and noted Super Agent Adam Walsh to negotiate huge raises for all exporting contracts.Waouh.Wiring, I think. Adam Walsh. That's funny. Jeremiah Maxwell with a super chat. That should actually legit be the Leaps goal song, IRL. Isn't it royalty free, Jessie? So it could be.


We own the royalty rights to play it. Oh, cool. Yeah.


Wow. We own royalty rights to stuff. Trash Productions. Wish the oilers had that goal song. Our sucks. And then Clayman V, remember to like the stream chat. Help the boys and the algorithm out. True that. Thank you, Clayman.


Let's go! We're going to break away. That's not slouching. Our penalty on that.


Cassie says, Sam, he felt Steve's presence in return to form. Michael Borland says, play by play as Jim Ross. Steve, can we do that? I don't know.


I don't really do a Jim Ross. Okay, that's We got a slobber knocker here. I can't do it.


It's hard. He's difficult. Yeah, of course.


Well, you can only... He has a way of speaking that you can't replicate. He's got the lip thing. He's still doing commentary.


Is he really? It's unbelievable.


With AEW.


How old is that man?


Old enough to be a badass. Sit your ass down. Give us all a break.


Go to sleep. He's 72, guys.


He feels older.


That was definitely He's going to cry. Are we going to break?


No hands, YarnCrow. Right to the chest. Yeah, what the hell was that? Looked like a Connor Brown breakaway. Oh, holy murder. Was that Austin?




Wow. He killed one of his teammates. Wow. Willy, Willy, Willy, you. You. Good work. Willie. Kill that clock, boys. Under eight to go.


Two goal lead.




Mitch looked a little out of place there.


For a coughing up the buck.


They're good, though. Here he comes. Oh, Mitch. Oh, my God. Matt, you heard? Oh, baby.


Oh, Oh my gosh.


They are cooking tonight.


Almost too many men. Boys are buzzing.


Come on, Maddie.


They're feeling it.


Can John Tavares do a little commentary for the game? From SJ?


That we traded away.


We got an exciting one tonight. The wherever the wild play. The Toronto Mapleies, who I don't play for anymore because my GM traded me, which he was well within his right to do. It's fine. But I learned lessons from the trade. He got a player in that deal, and then he got another player. And now that player is in the Stanley Cup final. But I'm not bitter about it at all. It's just one of life's lessons.


This Donnie, if the Lefs win, can Hat guy make a cameo?


No. Prisoff is just doing whatever he wants, though. He said no.


No. No, no. I could do Hat guy.




If you're well. Is Hat guy, is he still in that cage you locked him in?


Yeah, I just do an impression of him. It's really good.




Oh, Ryan!


Oh, never mind.


No, no, no. We're getting a conflict.


By the way, I like that his jersey number is 67.


Atta boy, Allen.


Hey, Steve. There's a from Lauren Williamson, who we know and love, wants you to do a Babcock impression. He's being interviewed mid-game, and he's upset that the Lefs are getting it done.


I think the first and most important thing here is I want nothing to do with this game. I wouldn't want to be the coach of the Leifs right now. I wouldn't want to coach these players. I wouldn't want to be in the NHL right now, and definitely not in the real NHL. So good luck to the team in green, and the guys in blue can fuck themselves. How's that?


Oh, man, what a save by Sammie.


Your Babcock is so good.


Yeah, it's so good.


If you close your eyes, it might be Babcock. Yeah.


Write your name down. Write down all your teammates.


Show me your phone.


Show me your phone, piece of shit.


Who you texted.


We don't swear on my stream. Oh, my bad.


I did. He messed up in that.


He missed that. Oh, my God. He missed that.Luck is on our side tonight.Oh, my God.Luck is on the least side.Oh, my goodness.Wow.Oh.


Here it is.That's Freddie Goodro.


That's Marco Rossi to Joel Erichson-Eck.


Bright's too light. Bright's too light.


Sammie with the great save. Can't finish. Oh, beautiful.


The name... I don't know if I should say this name, but frankly, And then gifted five memberships.


Hey! Oh, we have a goal.


Jobbed. Jobbed. Jobbed.


Challenge, Jesse. Challenge.


Are they calling goalie interference? On Sean Monahan.


Yeah, I think it was.


Second time you've screwed us this game, Sean.


Yeah, that's... Can you challenge? Do you have the option?


No, it does it automatically. So they'll go to the video review and they'll do it, but they call it the goalie interference. That's annoying.


Six minutes.


People are saying they can't believe how hype this game stream is. Because, guys, at least you're about to win the Cup today. I mean, come on.


We're so close.


Five, fifty-one.


Also, I got to shout out the pizza box.


What's the pizza box? Tell me.


So we have two AGMs. One is the chat, and the other is the pizza box. Who's been here, this I've been in the same pizza box, since 2021. I've been writing down different line combinations and trades we have to make, and I tape over every year. So if I pulled off the papers, you'd find all of my previous streams and everything. The pizza box is in the building. He is in the box with us. He doesn't have his suit on, but he's prepared and ready to go.


We just have the power play. Pissen it away. Come on, Mo.




Oh, no. Leaves took a penalty.


I've seen that.


Oh. Oh. Leaves hanging on.


Five minutes ago, Minnesota is going to be on the power play after this brief four on four. Mitch.


Hey, Jesse, Chat wants to know why the Pizza Box doesn't have a suit.


Pizza Box is more casual than that. They've been in the organization for so long. You know when you get a grandpa and he's like, I don't abide by any rules of society anymore. That's basically Pizza Box at this point because Pizza Box has been around for so long.


So it's Cliff Fletcher then?


Yeah. It's like, I don't have to listen to anybody.


Oh, no.


Do we have another penalty?


No. I thought that went over last... We're good. We're good. We just got to kill this one here.


Steve, can you do a Buck Martina's?


That's a good request.


We got a Toronto Mapleiefs here, and they throw the fuck down in in the corner because they're on the penalty kill. And Raza takes a shot, it doesn't go in.


That's incredible. By the way, the Jays are down seven, nothing in the sixth.


That's pretty good for them. It could be eight, could be nine. It could be a game worth watching, but it's Toronto Blue Jays.


Chat, thank you. You're over 2000 on YouTube. That is much appreciated.


That's That's crazy.




That's insane. That's crazy. Considering the leaves are about to lift the cup, that's not that insane.


Jesse, these are the high-end numbers that I got at the end of the oilers game. Dude, this is insane.


It's the Stanley Cup final. What are you talking about? The leaves, four minutes away from doing a thing. The cups in the building. Airmailed. Who wouldn't tune into this?


So the penalty slows It goes down the clock, which I hate. Oh, big stuff, Danny.


The clock goes five, six, the real time. So it's about a minute fifty in real time you got for your two-minute power play.


Nightmare LLC wanted a Ken Danico. We did do that earlier. Yeah, we did. I apologize. You'll have to go back and rewind. Steve did a pretty good one.


I don't know if I could find another one in my lyrics.


It's hard to do, eh? Yeah.


Yes, it is, Adam.


Honestly, I would love to do just a TikTok Danico versus Danico. So you face to face with the real Ken Danico.


Oh, we can...


Oh, Samy! What a save! Samy! Elio! Oh, it's five, four. It's time for. It's time for. Oh, my God. Sam, he did all he could. He made four great saves. You got to clear the puck, fellows. Oh. Let's replay this. Steve, we need your play-by-play.


Swing it or what?


Swing it or drive.


Swing it or drive.


Get pucks in. Swing it or drive. Minnesota Wild. I've never even attempted that.


It was good. It was really good. It sounds like you haven't practiced a lot, but it's good.


Well, off the face off. Joel Erichseneck, he wins it back, you see. And Berkowski puts it on. It goes off a leg, and then it might go off I thought it went off an ass there. It just goes wider than that. And there's the yonding gate, but there's that crazy safe from Elia Stamson. I mean, you can't ask for much more than that.


Oh, gosh, Ilyas.


Wow. Brett Pesci out to frigging lunch again. I turned into... Can you tell us Wigum a little?


Can you break the rest of it down as John Torterella, but you've just been asked a stupid question? That's a present day 20XX Super Chat question.


Oh, okay.


Where is he going? What does he get? What prop is he getting?


He's leaving. I think he's just leaving.


This is like, Elia makes some fantastic saves here.


Yeah, he does. This is a great save.


This is crazy. And then this one goes just wide. Matt Bouldy comes with it around the back. They send it out to the point. It's a long slapper. And then this rebound is just... It's a little too much.


Brett Pesci, Oh, Anything Challenge.


Yeah, Brett Pesci try in this game challenge. Come on. What are you doing? Also, who's... Oh, my gosh. Right here.


Start being a pylon challenge.


Caden Gouly can also just help out. Caden Gooley is doing nothing.


I think Caden Gooley is a Habs double agent.


Brutal. Wow. Can you set the scene for us?


Well, I mean, we're game five here. The Leaps are three minutes and 47 seconds away from scoring or from winning the Championship. But here's the thing. This is where you need to shake off the joke. You see what I'm saying? This is a team for 50 plus years that has failed. If they go one more season, they get into 2027. That's 60 years after 1967. Gentlemen, I have a question for you.


Are we going to let that happen?


No. That's right. Let's press play on that, Juffy. Let's go. It's amazing.


Badminton Finger gifted one Sdpn membership. Steve, somebody also wants to say, The Leaps, the Puck, the Puck, the Puck, the Puck, the Puck. From your Sammie thing. The Puck, the Puck.


That was one of my favorite. On that played The Puck. The Puck. Focus on The Puck. The Puck. The Puck.


Three minutes. Three minutes. Till glory. Oh, man.


That was my favorite What LFR moment of this season, by the way?


I don't remember when it was.


It was like game three or four, and Sammie, you were talking about Samy.


Oh, there's the cup.


There it is. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Wait, where is it? I just saw the thing. Did they show them the cup?


Yeah, it was on screen. They pulled it out.


There is a request, if you can, Steve, to call a A few seconds like Jack Edwards. Are you able to?


Neither of these teams is the bruns.


Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.


Two minutes left.


We just got to kill two minutes here, fellows. Get rid of it.


Get rid of it. Sticks, boys.


One, 33 to go.


Sam, he did it.


Oh my gosh. 93 seconds. Oh, I can't believe frigging Civ stat's not on the bench right now.


Oh, no. Spurgeon's got in the middle. Oh, no. Stolen by Marner. Mitch. We're going to pull a dolly. Mitch, what are you doing? Mitch, why are you dangling?


He's still driving in this situation. Whoa. Mitch, what the hell are you doing? What's your six? That's two. That's two.28 seconds.You idiots.


That's two. 28 seconds. You idiots, that's two. 25. Nice play by Matthews. Ladies and gentlemen, there's 20 seconds left. Come on.


20. Dump, dump, dump, dump, dup, dup, deep.


Just keep it just plain against the board. 10 seconds.


Pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure.


10, 9, 8, 7, Six, five, four, three.


Samy at the buzzer.


We did it. We did it. We did it.


They did it. They won.


They won. Samy at the buzzer.


Rapi BOLD.


Jesse Blake. After all this time, Jesse Blake is a Stanley Cup champion.


Nobody believed, but we believed in ourselves. Finally, for the first time since 1967, the Toronto Bay believes they're lifting the cup, and William Neylander is the cost by Joe be winner.


Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Perfect. Cinematic. No notes. Don't shake his hand. Don't shake his hand. Kick him. Kick him. Push him down.


Where is Koffie Bethan being? The chat is going beserk by the end.


As they should. As they should.




Here it is. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! This is incredible.


Jessie, you did it.


We did it. You made this happen. Crab, people. We did it.


That's it. I'm not sure what's the cup next. Yeah, it's got to be.


It's got to be Ilia.


It's got to be Elia.


Take it.




Take it. Oh, yeah. Wow.




This is great. People are saying they're getting literal hoops.


I'm on the verge of tears right now.


Jesse, you have spent thousands of hours on this. This is crazy.


That's not an exaggeration.


It's got to be Mich or Morgan or... Mich.


Mich. Mich. Mich, take it. The Toronto kid. We wanted to trade him eight times. He stayed through all eight. He's still here. Look at that twirl. Mich does a twirl with a cup as he should.


That's right. Edgework.


I don't even care. This is a great feature.


Yeah, I like that they do this.


Okay. Longest tenured leaf in Morgan Reilly or playoff MVP, William Neylander?


I think you go William Neylander, but weirdly-No, he was horrible. He was garbage. Kevin LeBanc does not get to point in.


Sean Monahan. Here we go. Pointed Monaghan.


Yo, imagine Confetti and you lost. Yeah. This is in Minnesota. Oh, yeah.


Paul S. Says, The craziest thing is this isn't even one one-thousandth of how crazy this channel will go when the Leaps actually win the Cup in 2025.


Here it is. Soak it in. There's the picture. We did Big ones. Big ones.


Jesse Blake. You look great in that picture, Jesse. You look great in that picture.


Oh, my gosh.


Jesse, that's yours, baby.


That's yours. It's all ours.


What are you doing on your day with the cup?


I'm bringing it to Sdpn, obviously. Yeah.


Steve, you can't forget that cup tomorrow.


Through you, I can. But I will do like that.


Look at the names. Kevin Labek's right there.


Wow. So Vegas won last year. Okay. Yeah.


Wow. Cam, York, Mo Cider, Joseph Wall, Willy Neillander, Morgan Reilly, Jake Nabors, Mitchell Marder.


Tobias Bjornfoot.


Hey, Steve, will you do an LFR the way that you once did? Do you remember when you did the all David Clarkson leaps in one of your LFRs?


Oh, yeah.


David Clarkson is the captain. He gives it to David Clarkson.


I just lost my frigging mind. Dude, that was one of those seasons where I was just so bored with how crap they were. I'm like, I got to switch it up.


Yeah. Jessie, this Donnie wanted to warn you that Sam Bennett is likely to come out of nowhere and cross Austin Matthews tonight during the party.


Look at this. Double champ.


The Colder Cup means something I'm playing the victory music one more time.


Oh, Jessie, you're going to get a big contract.


Oh, yeah. They better give me that contract.


It's going to be big fat millions, baby.


Oh, yeah. I want to go to the screen where it shows them the camp.


I want to see it. Oh, hell, yeah. Jesse. Hell, yeah, Jessie.






As the Commissioner of the American Hockey League, I know it's been a big week for you. You lived your lifelong dream winning the Stanley Cup, but now it is my honor to present you with this Championship ring for your Toronto Marlies.


I didn't know you had that.


Yeah. May you wear it with pride, sir.


That's so cool. I have this one. Hold on. I'll bring it out.


Is that a Raptors one?


I have the Raptors one in 2019. Oh, fat. Look at I guess I got to wear it now that I'm a champion GM. You guys can't talk that issue about me anymore.


No, I can't. You guys are ragging on me for years about how I can't get it done. You're a winner. You're a winner. Man.


Jesse, I guess to kick off this post-championship press conference, 59 years in the making, and for you, 75, 76 attempts in the making. What is it to finally live your childhood dream of overcoming the toxic Toronto media?


I hope that one day I can leave this market to win a real Stanley Cup.


Oh, yes.


That's true. This one is fake.


By the way, Tony West and Cassie have both gifted 10. I want to ask you a question, too, Jessie. Do you think that you can ride this Stanley Cup for the rest of your career, a la Ken Holland?


A la every GM or coach ever? Yes. That's right. Yes. I have now won once. I will get hired forever and ever.


The Sdpn chat, we've opened it up to questions for the general manager. It's an all press conference edition here. I'm just waiting for questions to roll in here. Jazzgaming said, Doesn't feel real. So deserved.


This is such a weird feeling.


It's incredible.


Never had to celebrate a victory.


This is incredible.


Jessie, are you sure we don't swear on these streams?


If you want to, you can go ahead.


Well, it's just because I have another question. Okay, what's your question? Well, I want to let you know what my questions were going to be if you had lost.




Oh, I like this. I like this.


I'm just thinking out loud in your shoes right now. All right, we've done all we can do. We've done all the game planning. Maybe just, fuck it. We'll go in next year and not think and just win this thing. When we don't think that much. Am I on the right path with this? Maybe this guy's thinking too much.


What did McKinnon... Did didn't McKinnon just walk out or just not? Next question.


His answer was, No.


I don't even know if that makes sense because he went around so much.


Jesse. That feels good.


Can we see Jesse's feet? Jesse, somebody wants to know, as the general manager of the Stanley Cup winning team, Scott Morton would like to know when you will be the general manager of Team Canada and do a Team Canada stream as well.


I can't trade anybody in that. I would just make the roster and then sim it. So I guess I could do that. That'd be fun.


Well, Paul Zengari. Did you answer this one already? Are you going to ask Mitch to waive his no trade?


You just watched the kid from Thornhill lift the Stanley Cup. I am not moving Mitchell Marner anywhere. He's a leaf for life. He got it done these playoffs?


I think- Sorry.


Go ahead, Steve.


Well, just he's conquered all there is to do in the NHL. I think it's time for him to achieve his lifelong dream of winning the Austrian League.


Hey, Jesse. No I went for this dirt lion. Jesse, who plays you in the TV series Adaptation?


Oh, that's a good question. John John Krasinski.


John Krasinski.


Good answer. Good answer. He wouldn't even have to do anything.




I thought you were going to say Robert Downey Jr. But okay.


That would have been a good one, too. You're like, Trop of Thunder. Robert Downey Jr, famous black man.


Okay. Oh, shit.


Oh, my gosh.


All right. What else we got here? Jessie, are there any players you'd like to bring to your team in order to repeat a cup? Because now, I don't know if GM Jessie's contract's up yet, but I'm assuming you're thinking about next season being a GM.


So one thing I've done is we've resigned pretty much the entire lineup because it performs so well in the regular season. So there's not much to do this offseason. We're doing it Vegas-style. And Tampa, they had to sell half the roster each time they won the Cup. But Vegas, they could bring back everybody. So we're doing it Vegas-style where we're just bringing back everybody and see if we can take two shots at it with the same goal.


Who was your big trade deadline pickup, by the way?


Nobody. This trade deadline, it was different than all the other ones. We said, We're sticking pat with this team that was in first place in the Eastern Conference, and it worked out. Wow.


Yeah, we made all of our off-season moves in the off-season. Tanner W wants to know, do you miss Lucas Raymond.


Yes, every day of my life. That's why we got most side there. We had to get the second best red wing.


Dave, D-A-V-E, has a question from Steve Simmons. Jesse, who is your worst defenseman in these playoffs?


I like that.


The day after the Leaps win the Stanley Cup, Steve Simmons is going to ask some dumb question like that, guaranteed.


The answer is Brett Pesci, by the way.


Dean wants to know, What injuries were your players playing through, Jesse? Do you know any? Were there any injuries to the roster?


We can check. Let me see. If he wants a real answer, I can actually check for you. Actually, I can't anymore. The injury screen is gone now that we're in off-season mode. Oh, it's gone. Okay.


Followed up with this. I can't check. Jesse, what's your response to the rumors of the Blue Jays looking to hire you? There have been reports circulating. This is from SJ, looking for somebody outside the baseball world, and the Blue Jays, as we know, might need a rebuild.


I do have the new MLB The Show game. I have MLB The Show. Come on. So maybe in our future, Crab people. Crab people, We could be playing MLB The Show and doing a Blue Jay's rebuild. That sounds like a good time. That's a very good idea.


Ask GM Jesse what he thought of Sammie's performance and last save of the game.


42 Two shots against, by the way.


That save, I want to go back and watch it on the replay of this stream because it happened with seconds remaining, and we didn't even get a chance to discuss it or look at it or anything because then the least one up, but I want to see how close that buck was to going in because this could have been five, five, and we're in overtime, and this is a disaster.


Reminiscent of Marc-André Fleury on Nicolas Lindstrom in 2009.


A hundred %. A hundred %.


What an ending. Oh, my God. We demand Jesse Blake, Blue Jay's GM rebuild. It needs to happen since this summer, it seems like the Blue Jay's are going to suck.


If I get to virtually fire Shapiro and Atkins, that's at least some consolation to what's happening in real life.


This Donnie, who's a new member. Hello. It's the Ottawa Senator's calling. Can we have permission to hire the pizza box as our next GM?


That would be so sense. Yes. Pizza Box is going off to better pastures now that I've actually done the thing. Thank you for being here, Pizza Box. Appreciate you.


I hope they got a ring.


For some reason, somebody's asking about when you get your EGOT, which is a person that wins the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.


I have none of them, so it'll be a while.


Okay. All right. It was a super I wanted to make sure we got that in there.


He got a cup, finally. You know what I mean?


I don't have a Stanley cup like Steve, so I just take the picture of the cup on this box, and that's what I've been celebrating with.


Some people in the chat are calling you, Messiah, you, Jessie.


That's a good line. That's a good line. Do you think I can get a banner made?


Oh, I think you need to.


Like a custom championship that I can hang in the back of on the-Yes. Here? Yeah. I bet it would be fun if I put it right there.


Yes. You must. You must, dude. You must. Jessie, I am thrilled for you. Honestly-it was fun. This was so much fun to do. Oh, my God. So here's my question. Are Steve and I ever going to be invited back, or were we too much?


No. If you guys want to spend your time just watching video games in my virtual world with me and the Crab people, we will have you every single time.


I would love to.


I'm sorry, it goes over your face when we're in this mode. That's all right.


We need to see the crabs. Okay, so you know what? Here's the thing, Steve. I think we got to come back for the big games. So let's say it's Leifs versus Boston or Leifs are playing the other top team in the league because I'm assuming GM Jesse Blake has cracked the code and they'll be fighting for the President's trophy during the regular season as well. The true Championship trophy.


Okay. Every game against Pittsburgh.


Because it involves all 30... Jesse versus Dubas.


Passes the guy who can't score.


But he sure can't skate. Oh, he sure can't skate.


Cycle, cycle, cycle, cycle, cycle. Limp shot into a shin. They'll have to go get it.


Oh, man. Jesse, you'll have to let us know when the exciting games are happening, and we will be back, my friend.


Yeah. Whenever we have a game seven or a big elimination game or something, we sim them like how we So, yeah, you guys come on for those. It'll be a good time. Maybe it'll be a World Series game.


Oh, that would be so sick.


Who knows what happens next? You imagine. Baseball Sims are so much fun because it's so much downtime when you're watching just real baseball. It's like, Okay, we got to wait for the next pitch. They're showing the animation of everybody running out to the outfield. All right. So we just sit and chat through that.


Is there a feature where the umpire can screw you just because?


Yeah, it's called Mr. Hernández Mode.


Rob Malloy wants to know when we're getting Championship gear in the SDPN shop.


Crab people, Championship tees and hats.


You should just put my president.


Crabian chip.


Stop it. The Stanley Crustation.


Oh, my God. That was the Stanley Cup pinching game.


I like that. I like that. Jessie, one last question. What do you think was the turning point of the season that led to this moment?


I think this off-season, when we made all our moves, and one of the final things we did was, Timothée Lilligren was holding out for a new contract. And at that point, we were like, No, we're a serious team here. And if Lilligren, we don't have the $4 million that you're asking for. We're going to trade you and just get some draft picks back and move off of this asset. I think once we locked down, we're like, No, we're serious. We're winning. We're not playing these little games here. Making that move in December because he was holding out that long, we're like, Everybody here is locked in. If you don't want to be here, get out. Everybody who is here was locked in. That's why when we went into the trade deadline, we didn't move anybody. We kept the team that got us to that point in the season. We played through the play-off. We swept Buffalo, something we'd never done in the play-off. It was just 4-0. We took it to Ottawa. The New York Rangers in the conference finals, we smacked them in the elimination game. We put up nine goals, and we carried that momentum all the way to the Stanley Cup, where we won it 4 to 1 over Minnesota.


This was a dominant team where the stars showed up because that's what's important. Willy winning the Kohn-Smith, Matthew having all those goals, Marner having some very nice Mitch Marner passes. That's the reason they won. That's why your Toronto Maple Eats are the 2026 Stanley Cup champions.


Shannon says that Jessie once helped defuse a bomb in a hospital. Classical cashe says Jessie gave my dad life-saving brain surgery. Shannon said, Jessie once saved my cat from a tree. Somebody else said, Jessie helped me find a girlfriend. Jessie gave us world peace. Jessie single-handedly ended the time war. Jessie pulled over to help me change my flat tire. This is bonkers. By the way, people are asking, Can we get the award winners? There we go. Yeah, I'll pull it up.


Art Ross, boom. I'll let you guys get back to your lives. I know I've kept you here for two hours here, but these are the awards that happen during the regular season. Art Ross, Brad Marshan, Hart, Nathan McKinnon, Norris, Kael Mccar.


You got this Look how many times Kael Mccar has won the Norris.


Three times in a row here.


At least the game's accurate.


Bedard, Lady Bing. Stupide. Kaldher, Hedstrom, Nylander, Kohn-Smith, Vesna, Demp Demko, Jennings Demko, Lozon, Bill Masterston, Jack Adams to this dude.




Headekin. Crosby won the Selky, and McKinnon, Bill Masterston, Jack Adams to this dude. E. Headekin. Crosby won the Selky, and McKinnon The Ted Lindsay. Wow. And the Rocket Richard went to Brad Marchand. There you go. Jesse?


Yeah. Who won the Stanley Cup?


Oh, look at it right there. Your Toronto Maple leaves. I love it. Won the Stanley Cup. That's what happened. That is what happened here today. Did you guys notice I got to put this little champs thing in the corner?


Oh, that's awesome.


Did you make that today? Yeah. So it's just the Champions banner, but I added in there. You can't really see it because it's so tiny. It says 2026 on it. I see. I see it. So that's all the years, but that's 2026. So that gets to live on the screen. And I'm going to play our Championship music to sign us off, and the confetti is going to blast off everywhere. No. No. There. Ladies and gentlemen, your Toronto Maple leaves, after years of hard ink, have finally fulfilled their destiny of becoming Stanley Cup champions. And for the first time since 1967, we can say that. Thank you for being here. You could have been anywhere in the world, but you just be watching this silly stream here tonight. And Adam Wild, Steve Dangle and myself appreciate I appreciate you for that. Any final words, gentlemen?


Just that it's great to be here, Jesse Blake, and the Calder Cup means something.


That is it for this Stanley Cup victory. Thank you very much for watching. Click like if you like this cup. Click subscribe if you really liked it. Tell all your friends that Jesse Blake is a champion.


Yeah! Let's go!