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I see my willingness to fight it for love. I see my willingness to fight it for love. I see my willingness, willingness.


Ladies and gentlemen, better late than never. Here I am. Let's go. All right. Sorry about that. I ran into a car accident, not my own, on the way. Hi. Welcome to Game 5. It's Edmonton. It's Dallas, and we're going to have a good time tonight because it's Friday. Listen, we could be watching. Could we be watching the end of the Dallas stars here? Could we be watching the end of the Edmonton Oilers here? Game three is going to be a big one. Let's go. By the way, I will let you know. I am watching on the Rogers Ignite stream. They are not paying for that plug, but I did want you to know. I did want you to know. What's going on, Gripper Nation? Let's get into it. Do we have any predictions for wins tonight? Shall we get going on that? It's going to be a huge one for... Well, here's the funny thing is that every team that starts well in this series doesn't end well. It's the second period That is the determining factor, at least so far. So we'll see what happens. Good evening. Good evening. No school tomorrow. Yeah, that's right.


No school tomorrow, baby. I'm going to tweet this out, make sure people know. Listen, I'm thrilled that you're here. 18:50 left in the first period. Oh, a little trip there. Are we going to get a call? I don't think so. Floater in on Skinner. Oh, it's so nice to be here. It's so nice to be hanging with you. I was thinking about this on the drive-in, Nurse Across the Line, 18:30 left in the first period, if you're trying to align streams. And this is potentially our third last or second last game together, because there's only three games max left in this series, guys. So that means that Steve Dangle will be taking over for the finals, and he's going to be highly motivated. It's going to be a very intense series. Whoever ends up there. Nice shot on Hayes Skinner with a little shot on Skinner. It looks like Dallas, by the way, keeps going blocker side on Skinner. They already got a couple good goals there. And here we go. We got Robertson, Hint, Sagan, Marchman, Dushane, Pavelski, Ben, Wyatt Johnson, Logan, Stankovan, Delandria, Steele, Evgeny Dadov. Man. Anyway, yeah. I think it's been a lot of fun.


We've been doing these together basically every other night for over a month, and I'm going to miss it. It's been really cool. So we've only got a few games left here. We'll see if they give us a seven-game series so we can last the whole way. But I'm just thinking that I was getting a little nostalgic here. Gripper Nation. We got to find some way to keep this going. Gripper Nation will preempt the Dangle Navy. Thank you, Deb. I appreciate that, and I agree. I agree. So okay, who do we think... So Megacronic says that it's going to be three one oilers. Jacquelyn case is three two stars. Amber Roblox says six two, my opinion, but I don't know what team you cheer for, so I need to know. Six three oilers, six three Dallas. Time for Pavel You to Wake Up. That's from Hank Barber. Damn. Got a question, is Chris Tanev playing? Well, he was walking in that boot, and it looks like he is, but he was walking in a boot through the airport. Somebody snapped a picture. Boy, these players, they can't hide anymore. There's paparazzi everywhere. By the way, how mad do you think the paparazzi are?


That basically people are stealing their jobs. We got Mitch Marner photographed with Craig Berube. We got Chris Canada walking through an airport in a boot. And it's not just because I'm Canadian, a boot. I want to shout out producer Hayden. Again on the stream tonight, stats God. Minnesota fan. Minnesota fan, you're thinking? Me too. But he loves the Minnesota North stars. I call them North. So Sam Kerrick is in for Derrick Ryan. Foxa is out. Delandria is in. Not huge changes, although I have to say the oilers did make a lot of changes previous to last game. That McCloud drysidal, Cory Perry Line was a real difference maker. And there just didn't seem to be much going between dry Seidl and Evander Cain and Dylan Hollowe. But Adam Henry coming back gives the options or the oilers, so many more options. You've got a really solid third-line, Henry Cain, Dylan Hollowe. Love that. Moves He's Yann Marc and Karek and Brown down to, obviously, the third lineup. They've played up and down the lineup. But Yann Marc had that shorty last game, and Connor Brown was part of the reason that that happened. And I think he has had, at a time where they've needed him to have.


He's had the best series of the whole team in terms of depth. I think he's had a point every game. And Broberg is in, which is interesting. What's that? So super chat from Steve. Steve Steve Dumbel. Tic-tac, toes. Here we go. Yeah. Steve knows. Steve knows it's Gripper Nation. 15:50 left in the first period. Okay, we got an offensive zone face-off of the oilers. We'll see what they can do here. Driesadal kicked out. Here comes McCloud. Okay. Yeah, so interesting that Broberg is in on the defense pairings for the Edmondton Oilers. That moves Kulak up and Dayharnay out of the lineup. I guess it just... The Nurse-Deharnae thing worked for a bit, but then I guess they just got figured out. And they do have to figure out Darnell Nurse. He did have a better game. He had a game in game 4. No question, assist and that thing. But I think maybe they need a little bit mobility, and Kulax looks pretty good, actually. This oiler's second line has been out for a long time. Ekholmen-bouchard as well. A little bit of Dallas pressure. Marchman shot is blocked. Evan Bouchard up. They finally get some...


There's Nujet out there with a pass. Mcdavid. This line has looked dangerous, although last game, I got to say, the dry side of the line was looking a little spiceier than the McDavid line. Some days you have, some days you have it, some days you don't. Mcdavid's line more often than not in this series has. Look at Zack Hyman go. Damn. Man, Zack Hyman, just with the the Puck possession God here in the offensive. So not a whole lot happens, but we like that. We like that. There's Cain. Ners with a shot. Nice move. I really like this. I really like what this third line can do for them. Oh, with a shot. Nice. Good little saved by Oetinger there, but great pressure by Kulak and Nurse, I think they both had a shot there in that last sequence. And this third line, I'm telling you, it looks a heck of a lot better than it used to. Anytime you're going to have a Van der Kijn on your third line, you're doing pretty well as a team. That's a deep team. Cory Perry, who was scratch for a good couple of games in this series.


Good to see him back in the lineup. And boy, he was a factor. He was better, although he still hasn't been his worm self. And I'm wondering why. Are they telling him to back it off? Because I can tell you, man, when he played the Leaps, he was spearing everybody. Just a lot of spears. T. A. Naiman, Hey, Adam, how was your daughter's birthday? I just came from her birthday party, actually. Well, part of it anyway. It seems like a week long celebration, I'm not going to lie. But it was great. We went with my mom and my stepdad to dinner, and Jacks was there, and my aunt Margaret was up from Seattle, and just had a really good time. Had a really good time. Everly got to eat cake and had a cheeseburger, and I think she's happy. I think she's happy. She's five years old now. I have a five year old. I don't know. It's crazy. It's happened quickly. Jacquelyn K, that's a rough deep hearing, Nurse and Kulak. I think, Jacquelyn, they needed mobility. I think they need mobility with Nurse. And I said this with the I think today, earlier today, I said, Guys, listen, you have Nurse.


Who have you paired him with? And it's like, Well, here's Cody Ceeci. It's like, Oh, here's Vinnie Day or Renee. Give the man some help. Maybe you overpaid him, but you overpaid him. Now you got to make it work, so make it work. Oh, damn. Cassie dropping 20 subs. What is up, Cassie? What's up? That's bonkers. Thank you, Cassie. Cassie Klan, VGK Jamieson. #cassisklan. The most generous member of Gripper Nation, Cassie Klan. I love that. I love that. That guy from Canada, you'll blink and she'll be in high school. They grow up way too fast. The best way I've heard it put is long days, short years. It really is. Especially now that she's not a baby, right? She's a little girl, and she has her own opinions on things and pushes back on things. Damn, It's crazy how it's gone. It really is. By the way, I'm so glad you guys are all here on a Friday night. How cool is this? We're all here. We're all hanging. Cory Perry's 208th playoff game in his career. That's a lot of games. That's a lot of games. You got to think that it's nice for Broberg to be in, although that was not great.


This guy, I don't know, Edminton fan. If If you're an Oiler fan, how do you feel about their development of this guy? Because Broberg, if I'm not mistaken, is a top 10 pick. He's somebody that they clearly valued enough to spend that on. And, yeah, eighth overall pick in 2019. It's a guy that's never had a point in the playoffs. He only played 12 games for the Oilers this year, and they need him. And it's interesting, obviously, that when they really go for, they've really gone for, I guess, mostly the same defense pairings all play-offs. He had a good season in Bakerfield. You wonder, when is he going to push his way into the lineup? And maybe tonight's the night to do it. They do need to move a little faster. And I think if the Edmonton Oilers are going to get into the finals, and let's say they're playing Florida. Oh, what a save by Skitter. Oh, another save by Skitter. Real close there. Good little chance developed by Dallas. That second line has looked very, very dangerous Chris, especially with Rupe Hintz back. They're at the end of their shift now, but there's Robertson in deep.


Nobody takes him out. He's tied up, but nobody's taking him out. Baby. Here comes Perry. Oh, McCloud just missed the net. Oh, right through the crease. Shot by Bouchard. Ekholm in, redirected. Nice little play. He drives out. He's looking a little... He's either tired or he's hurt. There's Bouchard, and that puck is tipped up high off of Thomas Harley. Wow. It's a little bit wide open today. I like this. I like this a lot. What a save by Skinner here. Having a look at the rebound. Hints, Lindell. Nice little save, and then Sagan, and I think that goes off of Kulak's butt. Yeah, baby. That was real close. And McCloud almost... Mccloud had it. I got to say, McCloud's probably shaking his head going to the bench. You got to have that one on the net, and you got to Have it low. You're wide open like that. The goalie can see you have it low and keep it low. Oiler fan here. Oscar Klefbaum's injury really screwed the oilers head to rush Nurse and force him to be a top paid guy. Broberg is fine, not as good as he could have been in a place like Dallas.


Interesting. Greg Jeffries, Love the Boston Pizza stream. Not sure where you were. Epic oilers come back in fun stream. Thank you, Greg. Appreciate that. I was at the Vawn, a Boston Pizza, and we did a live show there, and then we did the live stream there, which I thought was pretty cool. Cassie, thank you for that super chat. Sdpn stonks. They're going up, baby. They're going up. And it's because of the Cassie Gang. Are the oilers shooting more? Well, they are out shooting, Chris. They are out shooting the Dallas stars, 6 to 4:00. That doesn't tell us anything, though. As we know, This entire series has gone through the second period. The Klefbaum thing sucks, but we got Bouchard because of it. True, true, true. I loved Klefbaum. I thought he was great. A little love for Dallas would be nice. Not ask you for a lot. Maybe just 30 to 35 %. Rita, I think I've given Dallas a lot of love. What love do you need? Is it... Oh, there you go. There's a little love right there. They almost gave it to you themselves. Nice little play. Greg Chisholm. Hey, Adam. Always great listening to you.


I appreciate your commentary and insight. Thank you, Greg. I'm so glad that you're here. Again, you guys could have been anywhere on Friday. It's Friday, and it's the last Friday in May. It's beautiful and sunny and warm, and in Edmonton, especially, because it's so far north. It's going to be sunny till 10:00 PM tonight, and you're here, and I'm grateful. What was Everly's birthday theme? Everly's everything theme right now is unicorns and pink, and glitter. As you can imagine, I fit right in with the motif. There's Hyman in the corner. Nice little play by Harley to push him out. The only thing you could do with Zack Hyman, right? He powers up the booty, and there's not much you can do to move him. But if you get him on the off, don't let him get in front of the net, get him on an off skate or something like that. Bane, I'm sober tonight. Well, that's great. Me too. Caffeinated. That counts, right? Definitely Caffeine. I had a double Espresso from my Nespresso on the way here and was listening to a podcast. Just getting fired up. Meme empress, Where's the Glitter, Adam? Well, I'm sure it's all over the floor at home somewhere.


Did you have unicorn birthday hats? We didn't. We didn't have unicorn birthday hats. We should have thought about that. I got to be honest with you guys. I remember my single days when it was just me. The difference now between that, what's crazy is the amount of bobby pins per capita. Not bobby pins, what are they called? You know those hairpins that are this long and they're black? You know what I'm talking about? Also, our cat really likes playing with them. My wife brought the cat to the relationship. It still feels weird saying that he's also my cat, but he is my cat. His name is Teddy, and he's big and white and fluffy, and I'm allergic to him. Yeah, he likes to play with them. I just find these little hair clips and pins and things everywhere, everywhere all the time. It's like a little minefield between Teddy playing with them and they're falling out of hair and Everly's hair is falling out. Long hair, you notice when it comes out. Natalie's hair, it's just chaos, chaos at home, but very clean. They are called hair pins, Adam. Bobby pins. Jacquelyn, that's the one I was What are you talking about?


Bobby Pins. Bobby Pins. Bobby Pins from the Sdpn account, too. By the way, Robert, I believe, is doing the chat for Sdpn tonight. Am I right? It's Robert. Okay. Hi, Robert. Adam, what's the small thing about hockey that would change personally? I hate games ending with Puck intentionally pinned on the board, so I'd whistle that down sooner. I've said this a lot. I think in the regular season, if the game, if overtime ends in a tie, neither team should get a point. And it should be 10 minutes, three on three. And the only way that you can stop teams from raging the Puck is threaten them with no points. You go all the way to the game and you get zero points. And then you're not going to have anybody raging the fuck. And you're seeing it now. Like the Leaps, especially, if they don't win the opening face off, they're garbage in overtime. They're terrible. They never get the fuck possession back because the other team just rags it and hopes to take them to shootout because the least aren't good in a shootout. And I think we should get rid of the shootout.


I think they're boring. I don't know. I guess they're exciting if you're there. I just I don't love them. Never have. And I think you challenge the teams. Okay, fine. You're going to rag the fuck. Well, you're going to get no points. And so you'll have played 70 minutes of hockey. And if you're messing around with it, you will get no points. And I think you have a lot of teams So we want to get those points. And by the way, you should absolutely not get a point for going to overtime. What is that? What loser attitude is that? Why would you get a point from making it to overtime? You didn't do anything. You just made it to overtime. That's not a game win. That's nothing. Ban the loser point. Thank you, Chris. I agree. Oh, producer Drew is in here. What's up, producer Drew? Are you in here? People are viewing producer Drew. Shots are five for Edmondson. Fourth line for them is out. Pretty deep fourth line, I got to be honest. Yann Marc used to be like... When we were in Vancouver series, Yanmark was on the second line. This guy, this man, being on the fourth line is significant.


He also scored last game, I'm sure, in handed. People talk about how deep the Dallas stars are. At least a friend, the Edmondson Oilers, beyond McDavid, dry Seidl, and Hyman. Pretty deep. Pretty deep. Producer Drew is in here, right? Drew is not here. He is simply just catching strays. Oh, so we're just... Oh, somebody just said, Boo, Drew. That was it. Oh, okay. I thought Drew was in the chat. Adam, thoughts on Sam Kerrick from Nightmare LLC. I think Sam Kerrick's put together a pretty darn good career. For a guy that's a depth guy, and he's a depth guy everywhere he's gone. Almost had a shot in there. Good chance by Dallas. Okay, there's my nine o'clock yawn as per usual. Yeah, I think Sam Kerrick is the least talked about man in the NHL. And if you're a depth player, you probably want to be. But I mean, how many games is there? Yeah, the Sam Kerrick, how many games have you played in the NHL? That's a former Leef Sam Kerrick, by the way. Guys played 240 games in the league over 10 years, and he's played another 200, 250 in the A.


So you're making good money. And the oiler is specifically traded for you, along with Henrique, at the trade deadline, which is a nice little compliment. And you're playing your first playoff games. He's played... Oh, nice shot. Oh, boy. Oh, boy, We almost had a goal from Zack Hyman there. Little bank shot attempt, it just didn't work out. But boy, that was a good little play. I like that. Man, he's creative, eh? And we got a penalty on Dallas? Yes. And it's going to be Suter. It's going to be buyout king, Ryan Suter. Hayden has asked for me not to mention the buyout of Ryan I can't imagine why, producer Hayden, as a Minnesota Wild fan. Yeah, Sam Kerrick, good for you. And also interesting fact about Sam Kerrick, and then I'll shut up about him. Sam Kerrick passed the 200 game mark in the NHL this year. Why is that a big deal? Well, when you are in the 200 game mark, you get added to the NHLPA pension. So he will have a pension for the rest of his life because he played in the NHL. Once you get to 200 games, that's the pension mark.


That's a big deal. I always root for guys to make money beyond their career. Just launch. Gripper Nation never defeats anyone. We just deschew them. That's right. We take their shoes and we throw them up on the power lines, tie them together and throw them up. Oilers have still not had a power play goal in this series, which is hard to believe because they were just They were historically good coming in. But credit to Dallas. Oilers just did not break it open until last game. Bouchard with a shot, and we have an Edmitten oilers power play goal, ladies and gentlemen. And that is Ryan Nugent-Hopkins doing exactly what he needs to do. Hyman is like person A in front of the net, Nugent person B in front of the net. And we have a goal, baby. We have a goal. Chris Ripley, speaking of many, congrats to Minnesota on winning the Walter Cup. Indeed. Indeed. We're talking about it on the show today. You win the first championship, you get to say that forever. Other people will win championships, but it will never be the first. That's such a weak call. It wasn't even ruffing.


That's from Sadeen Magic, 15. Yeah, maybe so, but you got the call. And if you're the oilers, are you going to argue? I think not. 5:51 left in the first period. I'm sorry I called you Ryan, nothing happens earlier, Justin K. Is that what you called him? Oh, boy. So there's that new look, Nurse-Kulak pair. We got We got to pay particular attention to this. The oilers have done a really good job of breaking up... That's not great. I was going to say the oilers have done a really good job in breaking up Dallas's zone entries, and that was not a great example of it. Led to a nice little scoring chance by Dallas, and they just couldn't convert. Hayden is telling me that Cory Perry just went to the locker room. I don't know why I didn't see the play. Shiny Tepig. Let's go, oilers. 97 is the goat. He's got to win a cup to be the goat. He's the best player in the league right now, but he does have to win. Oh, EV, EV. Gifted five memberships. Well, thank you, EV. It's not my EV, I know that. She's too young to be on the computer, and that's great.


It's going to be weird when she's old enough to actually watch the SDP. I would prefer she just didn't. Oh, dry saddle, tried to bank it off the net. It didn't really work, but I like the creativity. Lindell-heiskinen. This was an interesting defense pair. Dallas had to break up Lindell and Tanev because it just was not working. They were getting caved by the oilers, and it was better last game. But then if you look at the Dallas team, they were not better. They were not. Tim Roby show. If the least If you get two of the following four defensemen, which would you choose? Montour, Tanev, Peshe, Zdorov. I would go Montour for sure, and probably... I'm going to say that the salary cap counts on this one, so I'll go Tana, because Peshi and Zdorov are going to make a boatload of cash, and so will Montour. But I like what Tana brings, and I also think he apparently is just an amazing teammate, so he also will be cheaper, and they need as much talent through the door as they possibly can get, especially for a team so thin on defense, and they are.


You know? Okay. Got to bet the live... Got to live bet the stars at this point. Dev, what's your bet? Remember, I think you live bet once you see how the second period goes. Once you see what's happening, you go, Okay, all right. I can see it. Halsan Perry, how is Group or Nation feeling tonight? How are you guys feeling? Hello? How are you feeling? Everyone talking about Nourish when Suter is absolutely the worst defenseman on the ice. Well, there was a reason he was bought out. He was, at one point, one of the best defensemen in the hockey, in the Hockey League. The Hockey League, the National Hockey League. He was amazing. Man, Suter-Webber, what a ridiculous pairing that used to be, and they were both in their prime. But everybody gets old. Ryan, apparently a bit ornery, if reports are to be believed. The man has been playing since '05, '06. To put that in perspective for you, that's my last year of high school. I graduated in '05, '06. I'm 36. You know, Suter, by the way, he was born three years before I was. He was 21 or 20 when he started.


So, yeah, he's old, man. He's old, but he's had a great career. Great career. I don't think he's won a cup, though, has he? He hasn't. Wow. To go that long and be on some of those really good teams and never have won a Cup. That's crazy. How deep... Producer Hayden is directing me to his godly stats. Most... Halfway down the sheet here. I'm looking through it. He says, I got to look this up. Most games played without a cup in this series. I'm looking for it, Hayden, and I can't find it. Oh, here we go. Most career postseason games without a cup. Damn. Joe Pavelski in this series. Patrick Marlowe. So Pavelski has played 199. This will be his 200th. Patrick Marlowe, Joe Thornton, Dale Hunter. So Ryan Ryan Suter has played 131 games. He did miss the play. Well, here's the thing with the Wild. The Wild were out a lot in the first round. They had a couple of second rounders, but they just never got all that deep. Neither did Nashville. Usually, they were a second round and out team. This Dallas Stars team, I think, is this year and last year, the deepest Ryan Suter has ever gone.


Is that because the Minnesota Wilds suck? I don't know. Who's to know? Right, producer Hayden? Hayden says he's leaving. I feel bad for Joe. He will probably never win-win. Pavelski? That's funny. And we got a penalty here. Too many men for the Edmondson Oilers. Now, here's the thing. This is usually a good thing for the oilers because they usually kill it, and then they usually get excited that they killed it, and they come back, and they do some great stuff. Not a great too many men. As far as too many men go, that's a little thin. A little thin. But they probably need to manage the game and add a penalty, and fine. Dallas should take it. Listen, the Edmondson power play was not a great call either. It was fine. But a lot of the time, that isn't called. 145 in the power play. We'll see if... It's got to be careful there. If he had opened up the oiler player, he would have got a penalty. This would have been gone. I'm curious to see what Dallas does here because they have been really bad on the power play the last five games.


They have not scored, I don't think, a power play goal in this series unless it's... No, they haven't. So they're going to have to do something. And Edmonton just cleaned their clock last game with Kyle Calvert, you've been watching. Linesman not dropping the clock. Big shocker. Kyle, you know what's up. Once you see it, you can never unsee it. It just gets annoying, forever and ever. Now, you'll never unsee that. For it, you probably didn't even notice. No, wild. Have it easier. If you can't went around in the West, there's something wrong. Hayden, you're catching strays here, buddy. Ev, what's not 12 inches but smells like a foot? Get your grippers onto the Lawn Mower 2.0. The flyer's lost on purpose to keep the red wings out. Oh, my God. That's a lot. There's a lot of statements in there. 28 seconds left in the first period. Man, the oilers are just doing a real good job here of limiting damage. 15 seconds to go. Oilers break up a cross-ice pass there. That's Connor Brown and Matias Janmark, who did such a great job last game. And we got Hyman out of the box. We got five seconds to go, and we're going to the intermission with the Edmonton oilers up, 1-0.


And what does it mean? What does it mean? What does it mean? It doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean anything. I mean, Dallas was up 2-0 and dominant two nights ago at exactly this moment. What did it mean? It meant that Edmondson came back and scored five unanswered. So what we're looking at here, honestly, it's a precursor. The first period is just the advertiser. The main course Second period. That's what's determined every game in this series. So let's see what it does. Let's see what it does. It means the game is not over. It means it's exciting. Now, we got some clips that we want to play for you. I'm just going to see what Drew pulled out. Oh, you'll love this. This is a good one for our first intermission. This is the Steve Dangle rant on Sheldon Keef and coaches in the NHL calling Coaching in Toronto, not coaching in the real NHL. Now that he's in New Jersey, he's coaching in the real NHL. And what I loved about this clip is that there were a ton of cities that agreed with us, that agreed with Steve. And it's because, hey, what the hell does that mean?


For New Jersey fans, what do you mean real NHL? We're a smaller city. What the hell does that mean? For Montreal fans, for Toronto fans, for Edmonton fans, for Boston fans, for New York fans, for Detroit fans, what's that mean for you? For For Tampa fans, for Nashville fans? What do you mean? What are you talking about? So have a listen to Steve lose his absolute mind, and it's vintage Steve Dangle, and it's fantastic. Have a watch.


Just one last thing to throw in there. Sheldon Keef's perspective and the other NHL coaches that reached out to him after he was let go from Toronto and signed with New Jersey. Let me guess.


They were all super supportive.


This quote was making the rounds yesterday on Twitter from Kevin McGran spoke to Keef. Well, wrote an article on Keef and spoke to him, and this was the quote. It was a tremendous honor to coach the Maple East, Keef said. This is in the Toronto Star. There's a lot that goes into that. I've had a number of Well-established coaches in the league reach out to say that, I should be happy now that I get to coach in the real NHL. Toronto is quite unique. It's not like the rest of the league. Sheldon Keef.


Where are all the men? What?


A League of Losers. Losers. You get to coach in the real NHL. What's the subtext? You get to coach in the real NHL Where there's no one pays fucking attention. Can you please send me that link? I have an edit to make to my fucking book. I got to add that to a chapter. That's the most pathetic quote I've ever heard in the history of this on the board. No, no, no. Put that shit back up on the screen. It was a tremendous honor to coach the leads, Keef said, being complementary at the place where he coached. There's a lot that goes into that. I've had a number of well-established fucking losers in this league reach out to say that I should be happy that I get to coach in the real NHL. Then he says, Toronto is quite unique. It's not like the rest of the league. Right. No one fucking cares.


Well, the Brad pack cares. No, no, no.


This is why no one likes Toronto. No, no, no, no. Bullshit. It's the truth. If it weren't the truth, the salary cap wouldn't be $6. There's going to be an NBA player making more than your entire favorite fucking team in the next half decade. Or you get to coach in the real NHL. What a bunch of fucking losers. Gary Bettman should seek out whoever the fuck this is and grab by the collar. What do you mean by that? What do you fucking mean by that? What they mean, the implication, the subtext is explicitly, no one watches the NHL. It's a non-factor in North America. There it is in plain English. Plane fucking English. And anytime you have a criticism, if you don't like it, then don't watch. No one does. No one does. And yet, right in the middle- These guys, the Stanley Cup playouts are getting their asses kicked by Caitlin Clarke. She plays in fucking Indiana. Dude, Because she's a star. She's a star. And the NHL doesn't have those. And if they ever get one, they criticize them, they beat them down, and they don't like them. Standing out is a bad thing.


There it is. He's probably quoting coaches who have one standard Stanley Cups, which means the greatest winners in the National Hockey League are losers. And that is a terrible, terrible place for your league to be as a sporting league, as a product, and as something to make money on, which is the goal, by the way. Welcome to the real NHL. That should send a shiver down Gary Bettman's spine. Okay, where should I put my money? Should I put it here or there? And not that fucking place.


Lots of people are lined up for that, Steve. Lots of people.


You're allergic to success, bunch of baby losers. Welcome to the real NHL. That's one of the most shocking things I've ever heard from someone allegedly working in professional sports. If your name's on the cup, they ought to scratch it off. That's fucking horrible.


Holy shit. It might just be a simple acknowledgement that Toronto is a bigger media storm than the rest of the world.


I also would- Oh, and this rant is a great example of what...


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Yeah, the comments are going to be hilarious on this because they'll prove your point. No, I wish.


Dude, there is a me for every NBA team.


Oh, I know. No, but what I'm saying is that they'll reinforce the point, which is, Oh, the poor players in the media. I'm like, Well, then watch another sport. You're fucking serious. It's brutal.


You're a bunch of- Give back your paycheck.


You should want to work in a market like Toronto where people care. You should want to be a coach here.


Because everybody knows. Sorry. No, no, no. Go ahead. Because everybody knows the person that actually gets it done here will be a God. And Brian Birks said that when he took over the job. He's like, It's the toughest job. I think it's the Holy Grail.


Yeah, because he's not a coward. He wanted the Toronto job. He embraced the spotlight. Firing him was a mistake. It was an enormous mistake. They eventually corrected it. I think they did some very good things. But firing him and then being like, Who Who should we replace him with? Oh, I don't know, his protege? You fucking idiots. You replaced him with Dave Nonis, you morons. You morons. Okay, we don't like Brian, so we're going to put this guy who's worked with him for 90% of his career. You fucking donut. How stupid are you? Anyway, sorry.


If you look at the ratings for Leifs' playoff games against the ratings of any other team, you'll understand what we're talking about. If game 42 in this market means more than any other game 42 in the other markets. That means when the Lefs finally reach a Stanley Cup final, it will mean more than any other market. That's just a fact of the numbers.


Don't tell the oilers that if they go to the in the finals? No, it's the truth about the mass of hockey fans that cheer for this team.


You should want to be a part of that. It's a shame if any coach looks at that and says, I don't want that gig. There's too much pressure. It's too much eyeballs on it. No, you should embrace that and you should want to win here and be the person that can accomplish that.


Here, listen, if you've ever bought a hat, if you've ever bought a shirt, if you've ever bought a seat to put your ass in, if you've ever watched it on TV, if you've ever watched a YouTube clip, if you've ever consumed the NHL in any way, shape, or form, just know from that quote, you're not wanted here. No. They don't want you. They don't want you. No, a select view.


They don't A select group of people who don't want media attention, probably don't want.


Listen, it comes down to this. They want to do their job and they don't want to be questioned about it. That's what it comes down to. That's shocking. If you're annoying to have to answer questions about your work every day. And by the way, I can relate to that because we have plenty of comments criticizing our work every day. And sometimes you go, Man, this is going to stay. But then you realize, Oh, my God, how lucky am I?


It's so much better than the other way. Nobody gives a shit.


Yeah, and then August rolls around and I'm like, I wish No one would call me a fat fuck today. I could use it. I could use it.


Feed me attention.


How many calories is hate? I'm Jesus, Lord.


That's so shocking. It's a loser quote, but I also think it speaks to... It is a loser quote, but it speaks to a little bit, too. The old-school nature of... A lot of these guys are former players. A lot of these guys have come up in the NHL when it was this whole hiding away in the Southern markets or whatever. The reason that the Southern markets were like that is because they were new. I can tell you that I don't think that it was easy for any of the original six franchises back in the day. I don't think it was easy. I don't think it's ever been easy. I don't think it's easy to coach in Boston. I don't think it's easy to coach in New York. I don't think it's easy to coach in Montreal. I don't think it's easy to coach in Detroit. Boston is the real NHL.


Shut up.


New York is in the conference final right now.


Yeah. I don't think- Are we all on drugs? And Laviolette, have you seen the amount of reporters at his press conferences? It's New York. Yeah. So my whole point- Horrifying. It's also- Horrifying. It's also there is a bit of a... Don't be surprised as Mike Babcock, who was one of the guys that put together the... It's not a coaches union, but it's the coaches group, right? He was one of the big formulators. Yeah, which has helped them get better salary stories and that thing. Don't be surprised as he is one of the primary guys still within that group, obviously, if that comes from him a little bit, too.


I wonder what the person who said that quote asked for last time he had a contract negotiation. Was it a raise? Where the fuck do you think that money comes from? The sky?


It's from people consuming the sports. You loser. Hey, what's up? All right, what did you guys think of that? That ran. It's a good one, right? That Steve Dangle knows how to blow a top. And you know what? To be honest, it was insulting, I think, to more than just Lee fans, right? I know that everybody wants to get I'm going to zing around on Lee fans, especially right now. I'm just going to pull this in. I know this is highly unprofessional, but I just thought, there's a... I feel like I'm a little closer to you there. More crotch. Here we go. I think I think it's embarrassing because it's such a terrible way to sell the game. Why is this the only game where people are like, no, I don't want the star. I don't want to be in the spotlight. That's weird, right? What do you think you do for a living? Oh, I don't want to be a star. I just want to make millions of dollars and play in front of 20,000 people every night. Oh, I just want to be a head coach. You think Sheldon Keef gets the contract that he gets.


And by the way, just throw at you that New Jersey could have made Toronto pay half of his contract because I think Sheldon was making like three, four million bucks with Toronto. And the way it usually works is if you get fired and you get a bit of a raise, the previous team and the new team work out a deal where the previous team pays a little and the new team pays a little. New Jersey just ripped up the contract that he had in Toronto, the two-year extension that they gave him. So the Leaps are completely off the hook, and they're like, Here's four years, Sheldon. We love you. Do you think that Sheldon Keef gets that deal if he wasn't playing in Toronto? No. Or playing, coaching in Toronto? I don't understand. I don't get it, man. I don't get it. It's the same thing like the Edmonton thing is. If you're an Edmonton fan, you probably can relate to this. It's like, Oh, it's so hard to play here. Oh, is hockey... I'm sorry. Is hockey supposed to be easy? I didn't know that. Nobody told me that. What do What do you mean I have to make millions of dollars a year, and it can't be easy?


Oh, it's hard. Man, I hate that people care about me and that they want me to succeed so they can get a cup, too, and feel like they're a part of it. You know what I'm saying? It's just weird. It's a weird cocky culture thing. It's going away mostly. I look at a market like Dallas. Got a cup 25 years ago, 25 years ago. Isn't that crazy? And has had enormous amounts of success as a franchise, just not another cup. I don't know. I don't think people go there to hide. I don't think anybody's like, Let me go hide in Dallas. I don't think anybody on the Florida Panthers can hide right now. I think people in South Florida are well aware of who the Florida Panthers are. I don't know, man. I think those days are going away. I think hockey is growing too fast. Maybe in New York, you'd be safe, actually. Weirdly enough, the Rangers have a ton of fans, but there's so many teams in New York. So many. Tim Roby show. So Adam, if you'd pick Tanev and Montour, would you get them to run a tandem with Wall, or do you choose a star goaler like Sarros?


I read a report today that the Leaps are after Laurent Broisoy because they believe that they... First off, he was very good this year. Secondly, They believe that Joseph Wall is their starter for the future. He just has to stay healthy. So if you run a triumvirate of Marty Jones, who apparently wants to come back, has got a good relationship with Joseph Wall, Laurent Broisoy, who I think, max games in a season is 37, and then Joe Wall, and you're expecting Prisou to play 35 to 40, and you're expecting Wall to play 42, I don't hate that. Would it be nice to have a UC Sarros or an Igor Shosh Torkin or a definitive starter? I don't think Igor... Not that Igor is on the move, but you know what I mean? Having a number one guy? Yeah, it'd be great. It'd also be great if Joseph Wall takes that mantle and it goes, I am the number one man now. I am the captain. It'd be nice. I'd like that. Kyle Calvert, LA, you'd be safe with Hollywood. You're almost a sea lister. Yeah, the funny thing about hockey players in LA, though, is they end up dating a lot of them end up dating famous people.


Jared Stoll. Remember Jared Stoll? He dated Rachel Hunter, who was a model and was married to Rod Stewart at one point. A lot of those guys end up dating pretty famous people. I think you go to Hollywood to be noticed. I don't think anybody's in Hollywood like, I can't wait to hide. Oh, Jared Stoll is married to Aaron Andrews. I didn't know that. Good for both of them. Thumbs up. I have a nice set of Aaron Andrews New Jersey Devil's pajamas at home, somewhere. I can't actually find them right now. Triumvirate, someone who thinks about Rome every day. Jeff, you're right. Every damn day, every damn day, the Roman Empire affects my life because I'm a nerd. It's a wonder I was ever allowed to procreate. Jeff E, because hockey players are hot. Yes, athletes tend to be. Canadian Big Mech, the real NHL. God, that statement was the most insanely stupid thing I've ever heard in my life when it comes to sports. Guys, I have to get you to understand. And we keep saying it, and people are like, No, it can't be that way. There's a lot of loser bumps. That's right.


It's a real term. Loser bumps. Loser bumps in NHL circles who are old school, and they suck. And a lot of them are leaving. A lot of them are aging out, which is good. The stars of today are a little bit different. They're a little bit more showy, and I like that. And the coaches of today are a little bit different, too. But we were talking today. I don't know if you guys saw it. Credible article by Dan Robinson and Katie Strang from The Athletic, a deep dive on Mike Babcock. I think it comes off the heels of Jim Montgomery talking about how he talked to Mike Babcock about how to beat the Leifs after game six of the series, so he beat them in game seven. Admitting publicly that you speak to Mike Babcock is not the flex that you think it is, especially when it goes into... Katie and Dan go deep on some stuff about Marner, about Franzin, about German Titoff, about Jason Jason York about... I think it was not Marcus Ersson's the F1 driver. There's Ericsson in there. It's bad. It's bad what this guy does. When he gets an ounce of power and associating him, which a lot of coaches do, it goes back to the loser bum mentality.


I can guarantee you the guy texting Sheldon Keef, that was Mike Babcock. Guarantee it. Mike was just loving it. Mike was just loving it. You know why Mike loves it? Because he didn't get it done here. He didn't get it done in Toronto. So now he hates Toronto because it's Toronto's fault that Mike didn't get it done, not because he treated people like crap. And he did. Gregster. Enough on Babcock. No one cares. You know what, Greg? You're on my chat. You're on my stream, and I care. And I'm telling you to read that article. So there you go. You know what I also care about Greg. I care about Connor McDavid racing down the wing. And oh, no, not quite. Not quite. Didn't get much going there. There's that calm. Down deep to McDavid. Mcdavid versus Harley. Harley wins that. There you go, Thomas Harley. Look at you with your 20-year-old bad self. It's unfair how Dallas just keeps picking these guys out of thin air. You think Hyman left because of abs? No. Hyman left because the oilers gave him a fair contract offer, and the Leaps didn't. Good for him. Which actor should play Mike Babcock in a movie?


That's a good question. I don't know. You know who would be better to ask is our Steve and Jessie? That's a good question. Who would play him? I've always wondered this. If you did a movie about Connor McDavid, who would play Connor? I've wondered that, too, because they're going to do a movie about him one day. Sadeen Magic: 15, just watching the members only podcast. And I have to say, I disagree with you guys about the Blue Jay City Connect jersey. They're wearing them right now, and they look so cool. Well, you have to remember that first picture came out, and they didn't look cool. And that's when we saw them. We saw the first leak, and I was like, oh, God. Cory Perry is still not on the bench, by the way. Ask CJ. He's the movie guy. Cj is worse than Steve. Steve's seen two movies. Cj's seen zero movies. It's crazy. I don't know how they get through life. And I'm not a big movie watcher. 1910 left in the second period. Miro, you get to that box. Mike Babcock should be Adrian Brody. Interesting. He played a good Pat Reilly in the Showtime series.


I don't know if you guys saw that about the Lakers. He was so good. He was so good. Edmondson is going to the power play here. Fifty seconds left. Sorry, 50 seconds left. Fifty seconds in to the second period. It's a fuck over glass penalty. The most exciting penalty in sports. And by the way, the Edminton Oilers got their first power play goal of the entire series. Tonight, they came into this series with about a 35 % power play. It's now down to 32.6. And here comes Nuch scoring again. Oh, the power of lay. Ryan Nuch and Hopkins with an absolute laser. Look at that. All right. All right, Nugent. Damn. Who was it in the chat that said Ryan Nugent does nothing or something? You said that, right? Who said that? Yeah, I don't think so, man. Nuch had a... That's a big goal, baby. Big goal. What a pass, too. And you know the interesting thing with that is So Oettinger straight up squarely gets beat, but he's got to watch Hyman on that, too. Even though his defenseman's falling, Nuch could still have found Hyman. So it's a great play by Hyman to just be enough of a distraction.


Man, can we get a Nuch hat-trick? Two power play goals from one player after the Oilers have not scored on the power play since the Vancouver series. That's pretty crazy. That's pretty crazy. Chat, Sadeen Magic. We got Sadeen Magic. We got that. Okay. Dalish is trash, bro. They're not playing great. As I told you, man, whoever's playing the second period, winning the second period is winning the game. It's how it's gone. And I want to pull up producer Hayden, the stats God. He said this, Every time the Edmondton Oilers have won at least two games in the conference finals, they have reached the Stanley Cup finals. And by the way, the Edmondton Oilers have been to the Stanley Cup finals seven times. They have won five cups. And the only one that I can actually remember was 2006, when Dwyane Rollison was just unbeatable. But boy, that team was fun. And when he went down in game one, I thought, Oh, I was heartbroken for the Oilers. I remember that. What a run that was. That was a really special season. Chris Pronger. Big, big, big games. They were so much fun. Out of the 10 franchise conference finals that the Edmunds and the Oilers have been in, they have won two or more seven times, and they have been swept twice.


Darnell Ners, by the way, big comeback in game four. He had 12 hits. I don't know what he's got tonight. But he's looked a heck of a lot better. And I think there's a little bit more mobility with Kulak. I know everybody's counting Kulak out, but I actually like that pairing better than I liked CC Nurse. And De Arnay just wasn't... He was super effective against Vancouver, especially late in the series. I didn't find him that effective against Dallas. And maybe that's why he's taking a seat. Oh, Perry with a shot. He's back on the ice. No, that's not Perry. Oh, my God. Is that Perry? Yeah, he's back. It is him. I thought, I'm like, oh, what a shot. Perry just got crushed behind the net there, too. I hope whatever's ailing him is not... Oh, he's stripped there a little bit by Suter, producer Hayden's favorite player. Mccloud out to drysideal. You know what's interesting about drysideal? That it's weird to see him standing still. He was dead still on that play. Oh, baby. It's good to see Perry back. Don't know what was ailing him, but hey, whatever. We got the fourth line on the ice.


There's Brown and Karek. Man, how consequential was that trade with Anaheim? You got two centers out of it, and they're both in lineup playing center tonight. That's a pretty big deal that they made for Henrique and Karek, and it didn't get a lot of play at the time. But you look at the way that they've played, especially since Henrique has come back, it's just given them so many options up front to spread talent around. And it really has changed the series. It's like Rupe Hintz's first game with Dallas in game three. You're like, wow, what a difference having a good center back in the lineup. And then, of course, Henrique comes back and scores Almost immediately off a beautiful feed from Connor Brown. And you're like, dude, it's so important. Center depth. We always talk about defensive depth in the playoffs, and it's important. Centers, man. Centers. And somehow the oilers got two of them. I don't even remember that trade. You guys remember what it was. Okay, I got a super chat here. The dude from Alberta doesn't have his livestream tonight, so I found you. Nuj is awesome. Well, Andrew, welcome to the stream.


We're excited to have you here, buddy. I don't know who the dude from Alberta is, but I wish him the best. I hope that he's okay and healthy. Yeah, we've been having a great time. I've been doing West Coast games, all playoffs, and been enjoying every single one of them. Mcdavid. Oh, you know what? I hate to say it, if McDavid passes to Nuj there, he's got his hat trick. I understand why he didn't do it because it was the obvious move, but Nuj was wide open. And here they go, turning it around And this line has looked so good for the oilers. Hyman with a shot. It goes off Harley and out. Pretty sure the oilers will do a change here. And it's been all oilers, guys. It really has. There have been a couple of good chances for Dallas, but they just do not have an answer, especially, I think, with the... Steve and Jesse were talking about this, and I think they're absolutely right. Why is my brain not functioning? The Dallas stars play good defense. The oilers, when their forwards decide we're going to play some defense, Dallas can't get much going.


And it really is. It really, really is a team defense system that they play. Oh, it's a goal. Oh, oh, oh. Evander Cain wins the face off after Enrique was kicked out. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. It's three nothing, Edmonton, ladies and gentlemen. It's three nothing, Edmonton. Pete DeBore feeling Pete to bad about things. I think that was Broberg in his second playoff game of the season? Wow. Nice shot. Ottinger can't see it. And this is where... Oh, yeah. So Dushane blocked that, didn't he? That's a great shot. Well placed. That has to feel so good. Look at that celebration. That's joy, man. That's joy. I love that. What a story. Good for him. Yeah. See, Oettinger, there were some criticism about him this year in Dallas for how he played in the regular season, and I think a little bit last year, too. Let me look up his numbers. And I think Jake Oettinger, I'm a big fan, actually, of Jake Oettinger. Yeah, he had a 905 save percentage this year, which is down from his normal, which is like a 915. So He had a bit of a rougher stretch. But this guy, okay, last year in the playoff, 895 save percentage.


But he had a 954 his first year, first full year, and then a 919 so far in these playoffs. Very few teams can solve Oettinger like the oilers are doing right now. That's eight goals in the last five periods, four periods. Yeah, because the oilers didn't... I don't think the oilers scored a goal. No, no. They did score in the first. So, yeah, I was right. Eight goals in the last five periods against Jake Oettinger. Who could have called that? Damn, dude. Andrew Dauris. I just got here in two goals. I think I'm good luck. You know what, Andrew? We're thrilled you're here. Big goals for the oilers. This Donnie, Atlantic Canada needs some love. Bring the podcast to St. John, New Brunswick, home of the two-time, two-time. How many times? Two time. Memorial Cup champs. The Sea Dogs. I'd love to go to St. John. I've driven through St. John. I thought it was very pretty. New Brunswick is raw beauty. Hayden Mathieson, our producer Hayden, said St. John is his second home. Hayden, can you tell me in my ear why it's your second home? So Hayden spent a lot of summers in St.


John, I believe, planting trees, which is pretty cool. I used to live in Halifax, as I talk about often, and absolutely love the East Coast. Chill, Edminton fans. I remember the Anaheim series in 2017. Oh, baby. Well, listen, there is lots of hockey left. Thirty-five minutes, in fact. Thirty-five minutes Do you think Dallas pulls Oettinger on the next goal if there is one? I don't think so. Not because they don't have good goal-tending depth in Dallas. Not because... I don't think any... I haven't felt like... Wedgewood is a good goalie. I haven't felt like, especially that third one, what is he going to do? He didn't see it. I don't think it was a bad positioning. He wasn't down too quick. The previous goals, the Nuj goal, okay, beat him one on one, but that's going to happen. It was a hell of a shot. And then the other one, the other Nuj power play goal, I'm like, again, it's a power play goal for a penalty that maybe shouldn't have been called, it wasn't... I looked at the replay of it, Bleacher Report posted a close-up video of Ryan Suter's penalty on Connor McDavid, and It's definitely a call on a superstar, if you know what I'm saying.


Dallas should be mad that that was a call. But I mean, Edmonton should be mad that the Too Many Men was a call, too. They're both flimsy. They even them up. I don't know if that makes Dallas fans feel any better. Probably not. Shots are 12,5, Edmonton, and that's part of the problem here. Stuart Skinner, you can get in his head. We've seen it happen. We saw him chased. Remember, he wasn't starting midway through the Vancouver series, guys. Stuart Skinner was sitting on the bench, and Calvin Pickert came in, and he was real good. And then Edmondson went down in the series, even though Calvin Pickert played well. I think it was a one goal game in game four, and they were down. And Edmondson said, No, we're going to put Skinner in. It's crazy. And they won. Good for them. Andrew Douris. I just won 150 bucks on DraftKings. Bay Roberts, NFL is my second home, but I live 10 minutes from Scotia Bank in TO, Scotia Bank Arena. Well, welcome. We're thrilled to have you here, like I said. Tim Roby show. I live in St. John, New Brunswick as well, and we have a Boston Pizza.


Just saying, you know what? I'll tell the Boston people, folks, that you said that. I would love to do a cross Canada tour with Boston Pizza. How sick would that be? Oh, my God. And there's Boston pizzas in every town, so you know. You know. Chris asked, Dallas ain't coming back, man. Guys, Dallas fans, here's what I want to know. Do you believe Dallas can come back in this game? And if they do it, how does it happen? Who's the guy that kicks off the scoring? What does Dallas do differently to win? What do they do differently from what they've done? Because we're about 30 minutes into this game. What do the Dallas stars need to do to get back in this game? I need to know. Oh, that Broberg goal, just watching the replay of it. Beautiful. Oh, man. And he just loves that. Happy for him. Kevin Bart says, Wyatt Johnson. Easy. Somebody asked, producer Drew, how his Dallas in five prediction is going. Well, he already lost that bet. No, Dallas's coach is cursed. He's awful good at getting to conference finals, though. As a Lee fan, I can't relate. Rick Bucky.


Dallas is probably going to have to cherry-pick a little bit more. So cheat offense. Andrew Douris. Dallas has to score more goals, L-O-L. Well, yeah. I mean, yeah. But like, how? Rita home, and Dallas comes back with the kids, Wyatt and Jason. Let's go. All right, Rita. I like the positivity there. Oiler fan here. Dallas can still very much come back. They just need adjust and stop doing what they did in game two and game three with the cherry picking. See, the thing about Dallas cherry picking, or as we like to say in hockey terms, cheating offense, is like, okay, what then? If you're not cheating offense, what are you doing? It's three nothing Edmondson. You got to cheat offense. And if you are going to cheat offense, do you have two men high, one man high? And does that affect your ability to turn the fuck over in the neutral zone and prevent Edmondson from coming in and getting on a rush and scoring on you again? Lady West, is this the score tonight? It is three nothing Edmondson. Yes, Lady West, it is. Andrew Rule, Dallas is just too slow. They have no team speed.


See, I don't think that's necessarily true. I think they do have some real skaters, but I think Edmondson has done a great job of breaking up their neutral zone. Actually, Dallas, just Mason Marchman did a good job stripping McDavid of the Puck there. There's Thomas Harley. We're going to get a shot out of this. Just This is Jeff Skinner. Michael, I'm home. Michael, welcome home. If this is home for you, I'm thrilled. Dallas needs to play with more desperation. They're not a match for the oilers' aggressiveness. That's true. Drew is mostly a troll, does some work for SDPN off the side. No, Drew is not on the side. Oh, you say Drew's main job is to be a troll? Yeah, I agree. I agree. We don't pay him to be a troll, but he just is, and he's damn good at it. Drowzee Dan. Dallas needs to get in low, win some board battles, get bodies in front of the net. Agreed. I think you get some buts in front of Stuart Skinner. You start blocking him and keep the shots low. Keep those shots low. You can get in Stuart Skinner's head. You know you can.


You've seen teams do it. Vancouver did it. Vancouver chased him from the series, man. You can do it. You got to get some stank, some stank open. That's what you got to do. He always calls him Jeff Skinner. Did I call him Jeff Skinner? Again? Why do I always do that? Stuart Skinner. Is it just goalies where he makes up first names? I think it's just Skinner. 10:28 left in the second period, by the way. Dallas just won our poll, or sorry, Edmonton just won our poll of who wins tonight. Although 31 % of people, we had 1,100 votes, and 31 % of people still took Dallas. Shout out that. That guy from Canada, Adam, did you ever get to experience Mapleleaf Gardens? Yes, I did. In fact, I got to see Wayne Gretsky at Mapleleaf Gardens, and I got to see the very last home opener at Mapleleaf Gardens, which happened to be Curtis Joseph's first game with the Toronto Mapleleafs against the Detroit Red Wings. And the Detroit Red Wings had just won a cup, and Toronto beat them 2 to 1. And I just think that means something. Edmonton's defensive structure this year feels like when Happy Gilmore learned how to put.


Potential trouble for everyone else. Declan, you are bang on the money, my friend. I do hope teams like... Listen, I'm I'm a Lea fan. You guys all know that. I hope the Leaps are watching because it's not like these players are all that different than... I mean, listen, I know Conor McDavid and Leon Dries had a League of their Own. I get it. But my point is, it's not like Toronto can't do this. They just haven't done this. You know what I mean? Anyway, don't worry, Adam. Stuart Skinner is your version of Steve's Miko Lekinen. Yeah. Rocky Zim, I I got to spend a day with the least in 1993 when I had cancer. I got to skate with Gilmore and take shots on pot fed. No way, Rocky. That is sick. And by the way, thrilled that you're still here, my friend. I hope that shit stays in remission forever. Jamie Ben blows Kisses to himself in the mirror. Travis Farquanson? It's almost like Lord Farquad. I I don't think Tanev has played much in the second period. That's not great for Dallas because he's been relatively good for them throughout the playoffs, although this year, he's not the best.


Rocky Zem, I met Pat Burns and the whole team. Damn, that's great. Tate Clark, Toronto has to go through a much harder payoff schedule from an Oilers fan. Damn, Tate, you can't say that and be an Oilers fan, can you? I won't tell anyone else in Edmondson you said that. You imagine the Edmondson media got a hold of that quote? What do you think Speck and Jason Gregor and all those guys would do with that? There would be so many articles So many articles. Jamie Ben is a Slytherin. Yo, that's true. Are the Dallas stars Slytherin? Okay, there are four houses in Harry Potter: Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Huffle Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. If the Dallas stars are Slytherin, because Slytherin are green, what's everybody else? Who is Hufflepuff? Is it New York? Because Hufflepuff is like, they're great people, and we're thrilled for them, and they're ra, ra, ra. But they're not particularly... My perception of Hufflepuff is that they weren't really good at anything. They were just real nice. And they had Cedric Diggery by some happenstance. Florida is Slytherin. Panthers should be Slytherin. True. Panthers should be Slytherin. So who's Hufflepuff? Who's Hufflepuff? Because they're like, okay, traits of Hufflepuff house.


Traits of Hufflepuff house. Hard working, friendly, loyal, honest, and rather impartial. Who's that? Toronto is Hufflepuff. That's not even a question. That's funny. No, I'm talking about the four teams left. None of them are Hufflepuff. Nobody wants to be Hufflepuff. Anybody that's like, Hey, cool. I would love to be Hufflepuff. You'd much rather be Ravenclaw if you're not going to be Slytherin or Gryffindor. Ravenclaw house prized learning, wisdom, wit, and intellect. I mean, I would... So Gryffindor is an interesting one because they're all about, like bravery and bravado and being bold. I feel like who's been the smartest team? Are New York Ravenclaw? Are Edmondon Are Dallas are playing? Dallas are playing a little like Hufflepuff? Look at Dushane in the box. I mean, you're going to let Nuj get another shot on the power play? You're out of your mind. All right, here we go. Nuj for the hat-trick. He takes a shot. It doesn't get through. I do love that they gave it to him off the bat, though. I don't know. Do we have any... Yeah, Panthers. Tavares is 100% Ravenclaw. Always learning lessons. Stop it. Rangers or Gryffindor? No, no, guys, it's got to be the four teams left.


If your team is eliminated, you can't get a Harry Potter house. You haven't earned it. The sorting hat says, get out of my school. Mcdavid on the half-wall. Out to Bouchard. Back to McDavid. Oh, and they can't hold the line. Dallas are for sure hop-up off among the four teams. I agree. Golden Nights or Gryffindor, no, they're not. They're not in. Raven Claw is the nerd house, usually. They are nerds, aren't they? But they're like nerds that have to be dealt with. Jeff E. It's almost like Stanley Cup Family finalists don't line up perfectly one-on-one with Hogwarts houses. Well, Jeff, you're no fun. I don't know why you don't want to play our game. 52 seconds left. Here's McDavid across the ice. Bouchard doesn't hold the line. Not a whole lot doing on this Edmondson power play. We'll see if they get set up here. You got to get Nuj that third PP goal, right? Oh, Hyman driving. Good little save by Oettinger. New York Hufflepuff, loyal. Keep locking shots for Igor. Oh, I like that. Andrew Doris. I played at Mapleleaf Gardens, but my brother Peter played in every arena for the Bruins and Ducks, and his last game was with the stars before he played in Germany.


Really? Peter Doris. I'm going to look him up on HockeyDB. Peter Doris. Peter Doris. Oh, your brother was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets in 1984. Damn. And he did play one game for the Dallas Stars in '97, '98. That's the year they won the Cup. Damn. Good for him. That's crazy. And he played for the Munich Barons in DEL. Also a Ducks player, had 30 He got 34 points at one point with the Ducks. Damn. And that's when the Ducks were not good. It's crazy that he got any points at all. It's crazy that anybody scored for the Ducks back then. Wow, that's really cool. Well, Andrew, that's very neat. Welcome to the stream, man. That's It's a great story. I love that. Dallas is hufflepuffing tonight. Neil McDermott, why do you have refs crotch shots? Actually, that's Jesse. That's Jesse. And then that's my crotch. And it's supposed to be a streetfighter thing. Sorry, mortal combat thing. But we didn't anticipate when we set up the streaming studio that all you would see were the crotches. I think that we thought the camera would be further away. So, yeah, now we're stuck with Adam.


There's between two ferns. Well, my show is called Between Two Crotches, just the way God intended. Edmonton, our drum I'm trying. I like that. Victor Crum. Mcdavid is Victor Crum. That makes sense. 6:32, by the way, in the second period. Shots are 15 to 6, Edmondson. Okay, if Dallas gets into the second intermission with under 10 shots, what does Pete DeBore even say? They're at home. Get the fans into it. Get fired up, boys. And I keep telling you... Nice little play there. Okay. All right. If you win the second period in this series, you win the game. At least that's been the trend. New Sdpn show, Two and a half crotches. The Bonk Father, Adam Wilde, between two grippers. Has a ring to it. Rocky Zim, two guys in a grip. Megan Duff. I think McDavid's threats actually got through to Skinner because they're playing so good tonight. Did McDavid threaten Skinner? What did I miss? Hill Forther Studios. Will Sdpn join us on White Ave for a parade in three weeks. I got some chairs for you, man. I would be thrilled for you, and I would love to be out there. I don't know if budget allows this year.


It's been a bit of a tough ad market, not going to lie, but we're still working. I would love to go to Edmonton for that parade. I bet it would just be a ball. Pilsner for everybody. Just dropping pillies, baby. Dallas's home playoff record is bad this year, according to... Sorry, your name disappeared there. Four and four. Yikes. That's yucky. Here's the thing. I don't feel like Edmonton... If Edmonton wins this game, watched a movie once called Between Two Crutsches. Only once? Are you sure, Donnie? Only once? Oh, yeah. See, Edmonton, again, is doing a great job of ISOing the buck carrier and snapping this buck off of their stick every time they cross the blue line. And that's even if they get to the blue line. Dallas just cannot get much. They can't get four or five feet past the blue line. Look, look. See, DC just did it again. Okay, so Sam Steele picked it up, but still. Hayescan and shot live. Sorry, live. Shot wide. Got to love White Avenue from Shayla. I have partying on White Avenue, and it is a blast. Can confirm. Nobody talks about Edmonton in the summertime, but Edmonton is a fun place to be in the summertime.


Also, the sun's out till 11:00. How do you not love that? Nurse with a big hit. Are they going to call him on that? They shouldn't. They shouldn't. Unless he dropped an elbow that I didn't see. I don't know what fans are hollering about there. Maybe they're just being fans. Harry Potter in the chamber of grippers. Dorth Quader, this Amateur Hour. This is Amateur Hour. The show is clearly called Balls. Learn your history. Mki Sports, 12th inning underway for the Pirates and Jays. Let me guess, the Jays have scored a run, and they're in the game somehow. Honest, respectfully, Gripperados. Kevin Bart, summertime in Edmonton is like six weeks. Yeah. And you'd be lucky if you didn't get a hailstorm in there somewhere. I remember in Calgary, 1 July, we got two or three of them. Hailstorms. But is Calgary the more fun city than Edmonton? I think during Stampede, it is. Yeah, Calgary is a blast. But Edmonton has... I think Edmonton wins the all-around fun party. But I will say this, Calgary, I don't know if this counts. The mountains are so much closer in Calgary than they are in Edmonton. And being able to get out to Kananaskis and Kanmore in an hour is just the best.


And Banff and Lake Louise are amazing. Although, shout out to Jasper Park Lodge. Also beautiful. Chris S, this series is over. I don't think it is. I don't think it is. Kevin Bart, I get hail all the time in St. Louis. Is there midsummer Hale in St. Louis? Like the big baseball size ones? Because that's what I'm talking about. I have friends that had their cars outside during a Calgary hailstorm. My mom actually did, and you have to replace your windshield. It's toast. Andrew Doris, If the oilers and rangers both win, I have a perfect bracket. I have the oilers for the cup. Damn. Andrew, I don't know Go out those rangers, man. They're looking not so good, not so good against our good friends, the Florida Panthers, who I can't stand. Arismix, 23. I have been homesick with the flu the last few days, and the Sdpn content has been keeping me well-entertained. Thanks, guys. Hey, I hope you feel better. My brother-in-law is really sick, too. And there's this weird... And my sister-in-law actually was pretty sick a couple of weeks ago, and I think it's probably the same thing, where it's stomach and all the ugly stuff.


And good save by Skinner there. You want a little better rebound control. Dallas could have pot him one there. But 305 left. And again, Edmonton does a good little job of breaking things up. Yann Marc at the blue line gives it away. Back in goes the Dallas Star, Stankopen, Ben, Wyatt Johnson. Finally getting some bodies to the net. And And it looks like Dallas has drawn a penalty, too. The question is on who? Just had a DVD-sized Hale in Texas a few days ago. Damn. Kelly Halter watched every Sdpn video minus the F1 ratings one. Why do you guys hate the oilers so much? Oh, we don't. I like the oilers a lot. I'm going to be hard on the when they're not good because they're a good team. But I always thought Toronto fans and Edmondson fans had a lot more in common than they expect to have. They were both bad for an extraordinarily long time and now have generational talent. Silvius the Mad. Has anyone told Dallas they're allowed to shoot? I don't believe they have, but maybe they'll figure it out. Nice little save by Jeff Skinner. That was a good shot off a Dallas face-off win.


Really, really good of him to absorb that shot and make sure those rebounds don't get out. Dushane with the shot. Oh, and it was redirected by Sagan. And nice job Skinner on that one. It was high, but he could just as easily let that punt come out, and then it's probably a goal. Really like that. Skinner seems dialed tonight. Now, remember, whoever has won the second period has won the game, and the oilers have had a real good second period. Let's see if Dallas can carry some momentum into the third here. A goal would be a nice little jolt for them. Although goals don't seem to bother Edmondson too much, if you remember the Vancouver series, Vancouver tied up a game with three minutes to goal, and 30 seconds later, Edmondson said, No, we'll take this game. Thank you very much. Edmondson has gone eight straight games without allowing a power play goal. Andrew Doris, My fiance went to the hospital last night with a sprained knee after we had the fun stuff. True story. That's why I'm late to the game. Andrew. Tmi, my friend. Tmi. Did I say Jeff Skinner? Oh, my God.


What's wrong with me? Why do I keep doing this? Stuart Skinner, Stuart Skinner, Stuart Skinner with a big save. Oh, boy. Dallas fans wanted that one. And there was a hit from behind, although it really wasn't. Dallas fans want that to be a call. Absolutely not going to be a call in the playoffs. Come on, guys. His name is Jeff Skinner, and he just robbed, robbed, Wyatt Johnson. Stuart Skinner, almost called him Jeff. Stuart Skinner, baby. Damn. Why do I keep calling him that? There's Harley. 45 seconds left. Power play is over, but the Dallas Star has got three shots, bringing their shot total to 10. As I said, you can't go to the locker room with less than 10 shots, and they're not going to. Oilers have tied a franchise record, according to our stats god, producer Hayden. Oilers have tied a franchise record, 25 straight killed penalties. 25 straight killed penalties, guys. Hayden, we need you to be tweeting this stuff for our Sdpn. This is great. We got to get you that login, Steve Dangle's Mighty Roar. Better player to not win a Cup, Tavares or Pavelski. I think Pavelski right now, we'll see how Tavares is at the end of his career.


I think the most impressive thing about Pavelski is how good he's been. What is he? 38, 39 now? It's outrageous. And he's smart. Jeff Skinner, Jeff Dusharm, what's your problem with Jeff? You know, Steven, that's a good question. And I don't have any particular problems with Jeffs. Most Jeffs I've met in my life, I've really enjoyed. It's been a pretty positive name in my life. I'm not sure. Stuart Skinner. Isiah Wurch, don't have eyes on the game today, only doing the watch-along. Well, Isiah, here's what I'm going to tell you. The Edmondson Oilers look good, the Dallas Stars look bad. That's what you need to know. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has two power play goals. The first two Edmondson power play goals in this series. In fact, the first two power play goals in this series, both Edminton and Dallas had not scored on the power play, and now the oilers have. Dallas? Yeah, they're getting nothing. That's my favorite player, Jeff Tavares. Yard sailor. Stop, Adam. I'm the guy who DMed you about the oilers defense being sick. See what I mean? Yeah, dude. I think the whole world is seeing what Edmondson's defense can do.


I'm really He really impressed. So interesting for a team that could not play defense under Jay Woodcroft earlier this year after he instituted a new scheme. He was like, Guys, this is how we're going to do it. And they were like, We're bad at that. And then Chris Noblek is like, Okay, how about we try this? We're one of the best defensive teams in the league. Jay Woodcroft has got to be watching this going, Why couldn't you do that for me? Why couldn't you do that for me? I have a weird stance. I poke my butt out. He does that weird pokeybutt stance thing. Steve does it the best. I'm a nice guy. Everybody likes me. No one's got a bad thing to say about Jay Woodcroft, except for how this season started for the Oilers, which is bonkers. By the way, I haven't heard his name I've seen him come up a lot of head coaching jobs, and I'm wondering why, because I thought he was really good. The J and Jay Woodcroft stands for Jeff. Jeff Woodcroft. Look at the chat, Jeff Woodcroft. Pj, shout out Paul Koffie. Yeah, I guess. Honestly, I was a little skeptical of Paul Coffee coming in because the oilers have this thing with the '80s guys where the owner likes to have them around.


And Wayne had to resign his position so he could go to TNT from the oilers where he did consulting work? Anyway, Paul Koffie has done a good job. Woodcroft said he doesn't watch the Oilers game since he got fired. I wouldn't either, if the team I got fired from was in the Western Conference final, that would hurt. And he's a good guy, and I'm not trying to dunk on him. Would you watch? I'd be like, I'm happy for them, but I don't think I can. If you're an F1 fan, and you're familiar with the Williams team, Claire Williams, daughter of the legendary Frank Williams, sold the team for 150, 200 million four years ago. The team's now worth like, six or 700 million. Sting number one. Sting number two is they're getting better. They were back in the pack, garbage, and now they're starting to creep back into the conversation of, Oh, we might be a mid-pack team. And in a few years, they want to start winning championships again. Gueto Seguro, I'm a Flames fan, and I'm okay with the Oilers winning. Hey, I'm a Lee's fan, and I'm okay with the Oilers winning.


Bring the It's not back to Canada. It's where it belongs. And if I got to see McDavid lift a cup, I'm not going to be upset about it. Assuming. I know that there are a lot of Lee fans who are like, No, this is not what we want. For me, I would love to see the leaves do that. Adam, did STP cover Wadel to Columbus? What do you think? Do you like what John Davidson is? Do you like that John Davidson is going to the background? Okay, so first off, Edwin, I appreciate the question. I actually was... I was hearing John Wadel to Columbus for a few weeks before Caroline was even out. And I said as much on the show. What was interesting was Chris Johnson had such a great... That show is a gold mine. I hope you're listening to it as much as you can because you really want to learn about the game. Cj just knows so much. He was talking to Steve. Steve filled in for Julian, and he He was talking about how... Oh, my God, my brain is not working right now. How Don Wadel is more than just a general manager.


He's a real business guy, and he brings a lot of business acumen to the team. And that's not to say that he's not good with player personnel. He is. But there's a lot of ancillary benefits that come with a guy like Don Wadel. To run a successful business organization, you have to be smarter, I think, than the Blue Jackets have been. It's not like I'm against John Davidson, but I think he's had his time, and he's remaining because the owner likes him. But I do feel a little bit like, Dude, come on. Yeah, so I think JD needs to move to the background. I think he's had too much say on the team, and I don't think that team has had anywhere close to enough success. So I do like Don Wendell to Columbus, and look for Ken Holland to potentially join him. Dc, if Stanley Cup were a giant donut instead of a trophy, how many players would it take to finish in one sitting? Well, how big is the donut? Because remember, these are hockey players. These guys burn 12,000, 14,000 calories a day. I'm not even kidding. If they're skating and skating and skating and skating, it's like what Michael Phelps was burning when he was at peak swimming, right?


These guys can crush food. Crush it. You'd be shocked at how much these guys eat. And they're an incredible shape because they are constantly moving. You got to burn something. So, yeah, I mean, how big is the donut, man? It would take maybe, I would say 10 minutes, especially after they won the cup. Andrew Doris just won another 50 bucks on DraftKings. Got my third period bets on Canada's top online psychic. Okay. Cira Marla, welcome to the party. Late to the party, but happy to see that score. It's a big one. It's a big one. Turning the tables. Love you, man. Enjoying the stream a lot. Hope you do this again next playoff, especially if the Knux do it again. I will be doing it next playoff. And in fact, I plan on doing it all next regular season, too, if you guys will come hang out with me. I'm really, really enjoying this. I had never done these before and loving it. Now, I'm going to do a quick break, and I want to throw to a clip here. Mitch Marner Trade We need options from our SDP Live show at Boston Pizza in Vawn or Rutherford Road, because people keep asking, Here you go.


So what we should be talking about tonight is the game we're about to watch. It's Dallas, it's Edmonton. Can Edmonton stay in this series? Can they contain that Segan, Hints, Robertson line, which was so dominant? But what did Steve and I talk about on the way here? The Leifs. That's right. That's right. A lot of woos. A lot of woos.


A lot of woos and several...


The reason I called Steve is that I am fairly sure there's a player that is angling to come here. Whether or not they come here or not, I don't know. I'm not going to say the name. I'm not spilling, but I'm getting the sense. I said, How would they fit in? Then we got on to the track of, and this is where we get questions so much, and I know that there will be questions in the audience tonight about it. The Mitch Marner situation Do we know anything more than what anybody else has said? Has anybody said anything that makes you go, I'm thinking this way, or, I'm thinking not? I'm preempting the press conference questions that are coming later.


Let me tell you what it's like being friends with Chris Johnston. He doesn't give away government secrets, and it's very frustrating because I wish he would. Because we run a company together. He does a show on our network and everything I protecting whatever. The fan in me is still like, Okay, but what's happening, though? I was just like, he knows where he's going. He frigging knows where he's going. But it's... One thing we learned about CJ recently is he needs several more sources to confirm information than I do, which is why his information is correct. What could you be talking about? Yeah, I heard Marner's going to play three on three next year. Saudi Steve in the I'm building, woo. Friggin idiot. But yeah, we talked about potential trades the entire way here. Well, one of the things I asked is, if Marner were to be traded, would he be the best player at the time to be traded by the Leaps? Because you brought up Doug Gilmore.


That's what instantly came to my mind. But Doug was well into his 30s when the Leaps traded him. He was back nine.


Yeah. Where'd he go? New Jersey?


New Jersey.


Where do you Phil Kessel.


That's not a bad answer.


Not a bad answer at all.


I would say he was at the peak of his value when he got traded.


He was. Never made 11 million bucks.


Or had his junior number in his... The salary number was a little different.


Never had his junior number in his thing. I don't care how many cups he's got. He didn't have his junior number in his contract.


Okay, but one of the things, Jesse, that a lot of people have been saying is, if this guy gets moved, they instantly will regret it the next year. What happened to Phil Kessel the year he got moved?


He won the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins. That's right.


Yeah, but then what happened after that?


He won the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh penguins again. In the first season, he probably should have won the Con Smith Trophy. That's right. Yes.


It was the Sydney Crosby Revenant Con Smith Trophy, which Phil for sure deserved, I think. This is the thing. You have to be prepared for if you're a Lea fan and you want change, and you should. Because what I'd really like to do is be here next year with the Leefs in the Eastern Conference Finals doing that game with you guys all at this Boston Pizza. You know what I'm saying? That's what I want.


Yeah, and we fly the green men here. Yeah. And they got to watch one of our games.


That's what I want.


You got the budget for that? Come on, Boston Pizza. Fly them in.


When you talk about this and you get into specific players or whatever, one of the things that you have to be prepared for is immediately the trade is going to be a loss. You're losing a great player. You're going to remember what this guy is. Yeah, he makes this, and yeah, he does that. This guy is an incredible hockey player, and whatever's coming back is not going to be that. So A, are you prepared for that? Are you guys prepared for that? Yeah.


Okay. Adam, why are you so down on this trade? That hasn't happened. Why couldn't this be the Demar Kauai trade? Why can't the Leaps trade Mitch Marner and suddenly be infinitely better with the guy they get back?


The issue with it, Jesse, is I don't believe that there is a second best of his generation player available.


You're thinking too small.


He's out there. He's out there. Who knows? Is it Connor or is it Leon?


I believe in Brad Chaleving. I think watching what he did, everybody thought the Huberto trade was genius. When they got back for Kachuk from Florida, everybody thought, wow. You're able to do that for a guy who didn't want to be in Calgary. I feel like maybe he couldn't work his magic again. I'm being very hopeful about this.


We may or may not have brought that up in the same conversation.


Okay. Well, I wasn't there for the conversation. You should have been.


No, because at the time, it's like, all right, you got a 115 point left winger. And McKenzie frigging Wiger, who's extremely good. I don't think anyone thought, oh, he's going to drop off, I don't know, 65 points or whatever it was. Math, numbers, tip.


Which could have many... There's many factors that led to that, including the owner interfering and hiring a coach that he shouldn't hire and all that stuff. I think if you go back and you look at, and this is not just because Jim Sureliving might own the Boston Pizza IP or anything.What? Is that new information?


If you look If you go back and you look at the moves that he made last summer, Jesse, supports your claim because they all worked out, except for Clingberg.


Except for Clingberg. You mean the moves he made in Toronto last summer? Yeah, I think Everybody's pretty happy with what Bertuzzi did when he got going eventually during the season. Everybody loved Max Domi.


Are we Ye Bertuzzi? Bertuzzi? Yeah. Okay. Are we Ye Domi?


Domi? Yeah.


That was louder.


Clingberg, nobody thought he'd get injured. What about Reeves? Reeves.


Are we Reeves? Yeah. All right. He is what he is. Are we Simon Benoît? Yeah. That was the loudest one.


We're such a weird fan base, dude. Oh, yeah. We are the weirdest, most damaged guy who was supposed It could be bad, but wasn't.


That could be me. Yeah.


Eat it dumb.


You were saying, Jesse. I think if you look at the players who've gone through Calgary and then not wanted to stay there, that's not Treliving's fault.


The fact that they didn't like their head coach, that they had the worst head coach ever, and they didn't like the market, and that he couldn't make them stick around, it doesn't mean he didn't compile a good collection of players, which I think he can do in Toronto in a market where people actually want to play.


Well, who? Oh, barbs at Calgary.


Ask Matthew Goodchuck and Johnny Goodreau what they think.


I think Brad True Living liked it better when he was the GM in the real NHL.


All right. What do we think? What do we think? Are we trading, Mitch? Are we trading one of the best players to ever play for the franchise and somehow getting better? I don't know, guys. I just don't know. I think it has to happen. I won't lie to you. When it does happen, I'll be good with it, but I'll also be sad. How can you be happy when a good player leaves? But good players leave. And sometimes you have to make tough decisions and hope that they work out. Just throwing it out there. I don't know. Listen, if anything, and you're not a lead fan, and you're watching this, and you're going, Hey, Mitch Marner, you guys have another reason to laugh at us. If you're not a leaf fan, you're watching this, and you're like, Wow, the leaves are going to trade Mitch Marner. That won't work out, and it doesn't, you just laugh at us. Think of how much laughing you'll get to do at the expense of the leaves. Won't that feel good? Samuel DuPleisies, Mitch Marner to the real NHL? That's good. That's funny. You're funny. You're on one tonight. I won't mind You need more likes, Jeff Wild.


I know Jeff Skinner. I keep calling him Jeff Skinner. Hank Barber. No, they're running it all back. New coach solves everything. Yeah, that's what they said with Babcock, too, when he left. Jeff Marner to the real NHL. Let's confirm. Yo, Gripper Nation, you guys are a funny bunch. It's a funny group here. I don't control the chat. It's all you. You guys are taking this in your direction. Just throwing that out there. Adam, is Dallas in the real NHL? Oh, @otherAdam, because that's from Adam Yoss or Joss. Adam Joss or Yoss? I'm not sure. I think Dallas would count, weirdly enough, as the real NHL. I think that if you're a coach in Dallas, there's being the Dallas Stars head coach, which This is a high pressure situation. And then there's being the Dallas Cowboys coach, which is national spotlight every week. Steven A. Smith is mentioning your name Monday morning. And he's wearing a cowboy hat, and he's smoking a cigar, and he's laughing. So that, yeah, I would say that's the real NHL. But that doesn't diminish out Dallas as a market. That's why it's such an insulting quote. Dallas as a market on the upswing, man.


They've been growing for years. They've got hardcore fans. How embarrassing for coaches to talk like that. Bunch of losers. Ishan, can we get a gripper check? Listen, you know what the rules are. Will we see the grippers before the end of the play? I don't know. It's only tonight, well, definitely Sunday, and then potentially Tuesday, and then that's it. Dave Glatz, martyr to Vegas for Theodore Whitecloud on a first. I don't hate it, especially I love Shay Theodore, but here's the thing. Then you bring Shay Theodore. He's got one year left, and you got to resign him, and he's going to make a bazillion dollars. That's fine, though. Happy to pay that guy. Gravely Diggs. Evening, Adam. I'm listening from Anchor in the Khmer Empire tonight. Hey, I got you. I watched them elephant jousting earlier today. I don't know if Gravely is right or not. I don't believe elephant jousting has It's been going to happen for several centuries, but you never know. Kayler Yamamoto. Oh, wait. Here we go. Jared Brussell. I agree, Toronto isn't the real NHL. Name one other franchise in any other league that has a national media like Sportsnet that has several shows that speak on the leaves alone and as a podcast network like Sdpn.


Well, first off, Jared, Sdpn is not just leaves, and you know that. And Sportsnet is definitely not just leaves. Specifically, they try not to do leaves as much as possible, and they specifically try to hire people that are anti-leaves. And it's not because anybody's bad. They're all really good. They're a fantastic on-air talent team. But they're very conscious at Sportsnet about coming across as two Toronto Maple leaf-centric. Now, the reality is the Toronto Maple leaves make the most money. They have the most fans. They have the biggest market. But, Jared, I encourage you to watch any other sport. You asked me to name one other sport that has an entire sports network devoted to it. Here it is, ESPN and the Los Angeles Lakers. Done. First take. Show me an episode of first take during the NBA season where they're not talking about the Lakers. Regular season, when are they not talking about the Lakers? If the Lakers are good, it's a story. Will they win? If the Lakers are bad, it's a story. Who gets traded and who is LeBron firing? It's the Lakers all day. You want to do the football version of it?


Dallas Cowboys. I'm a Steeler fan. I still want to know how the Cowboys are doing, because if they're actually winning, well, they won't get it done in the playoffs. And if they're losing, ha-hah, hilarious. It's just the way it is. Luke Mallet. Where's Luke? Where's Luke? Forget Boston Pizza in New Brunswick. Pizza Delight is where you want to be. Yo, shout out to the East Coast and Pizza Delight. Love a good Pizza Delight run. It is so good. There were Pizza Delights here in Toronto. I don't know if there still are, but I remember my friend's hockey team was sponsored by Pizza Delight. Pizza Delight. There's one in Waukerton? Penetang? Yeah, so there are Pizza Delights. They're just not Toronto area. Yeah. Sdpn, who wore the Crown next season? Get ready for who wore the grippers. History Corner Challenge. Cast NHLers for the Iliad movie. East is Greece, West is Troy. Agamemum, Achilles, Ulysses, Priam, Hector, and Paris. Oh, my God. All right. I'll be real quick here. East is Greece, West is Troy. So for Troy, Hector and Paris are McDavid drysidal. Agamemon is Brad Marshan. Achilles is... He's a tortured hero. Who's torn their Achilles?


Eric Carlson. You like that? And Ulysses, I'm given to Ulysses Traveler, Round the World. Ulysses. Stan Coven, with a shot. Good save by Stuart Skinner. That's right. Ulysses. I'll give it to Panarin. What did you say? What did you say, Hayden? Cory Perry because he's been everywhere. Yeah. Ulysses is Cory Perry. There you go. Boom. Done. Damn, that was an intense question. I like that. Pierre-luc Dubois, me. 17:32 left in the third. Evan Bouchard breaking the puck out. I like this fourth line for Edmonton. I think they do good things. They don't get a lot of ice time, but they're good on special teams. They matter. Keep saying Agamem, None. I struggle with Agamem none. Oh, oh. Oiler taken down. No penalty, and there shouldn't have been. And they have leafs talk podcast on Sportsnet. Yes, but 32 thoughts is also on Sportsnet. Guys, guys. They stole Steve's LFRs on Sportsnet. That they did? I don't think they did. Palat? Okay. Shay Andres Oakes says, Palat should be involved in that. That's a good question. Domi would be a good one for Ulysses. That's good because he has played on a few teams. I like that.


What happened to Karek? I don't know. What team has the best remaining fourth line? Man, nothing will beat the Teddy Bluegler line for me. I really love those guys, him and D. Giuseppe for Vancouver, but they're not remaining. I'll say Florida. I'll say Florida, although I have to give Edmonton a ton of credit here. Their fourth line has been great. Dallas' fourth line looked good the first couple of games, and they've just been non-factor since. And Philandria is back in, and Fax is sitting because I probably... Oh, what a save by Skinner. Oh, wow. Stuart Skinner. And I remember His name, damn it. Dallas made a great play around the net, cross-ice pass. Stuart Skinner, post to post. I believe he got that with his gloves. Baby. Look at Sports Net's podcast, three different ones. Spend a minimum of half their time on the Leaps. Kipper and Boren, 32 thoughts on Leaps Talk. Okay, well, Kipper and Boren are a radio show in Toronto. What are they supposed to talk about? Kipper was a leaf. Boren Kipper and Born was raised here. Guys, the Kipper and Born is a fan 590 show that they simulcast on Sportsnet, and they simulcast it because Canadian media is struggling, and obviously, they should simulcast it.


It's a great show. Canadian is struggling, and they don't run anything else at that time, so they give it more exposure. And yes, it's on a national thing, but yeah, Kipper and Born is a radio show in Toronto. That's its first and primary goal. Of course, We're not going to talk leaves. And 32 thoughts on leaves talk. 32 thoughts talks about all the teams. They do. I give Jeff and Elliot credit for being as balanced as they possibly can be. Because I know that in Canada, the leaves do suck up a lot of oxygen. Listen, you can debate with me all you want about you call Sports Net a leaves network. They're not. They're not. They are as much as... Because who's got the local... They got the local Vancouver games. They got the local Edmonton games. And I believe... So TSN has Winnipeg, Ottawa, Ottawa, Montreal, and then I think Sportsnet has Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, right? Those are the local broadcast, and then Toronto games are not local. So, yeah, no, I think that both networks do their very, very best to be West and East. And it's impossible, guys. At the end of the day, you go down to the States, people wine and complain about the New York Knicks or the New York Yankees or the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, or the Dallas Cowboys getting the.


Look at the Green Bay packers. They get a ton of play, and it's Green Bay. Some teams just have that. The Leaps are that, and you get to laugh at us. And by the way, it's hilarious to hear Edmonton fans complain about lack of media coverage because Edmonton has, and this is a true stat, more radio stations per capita than anywhere else in this country. And a lot of them are oilers coverage. You guys have Oilers Nation. You've got, I think, well, 1260. It's still a sports station, right? Or 1440 is the new sports station. Dude, there's a lot of oilers talk. Oh, what a save. Another great one by Stuart Skinner. Wow. Wow. Whisky Kyle, 0800. Any tips for beard etiquette? Mine is itchy, Adam. I would get a manscapes kit, and it comes with a beard oil, and that would probably help. Jessie would be able to tell you more about beards. I am a patchy beard grower. Leaves Talk is LFR, but a leaves version. Oilers Nation is YouTube. Yes, what's the difference? So are we. I'm YouTube. We're media. Still media. And Edmonton has 630 Chad. Yeah. Adam, should the Leifs sign goaling Michael Simpson this summer, two-time O HL Cup winner, a Gretsky '99 Award recipient, and quite possibly a Memorial Cup champion in the near future.


Warrior Wamp? Sure. Does he want to sign here? I don't know. I don't know what they wanted to. Adam, I'm jealous of your flow. I'm 31 and losing my hair nine years. What's your damn secret? Man, so okay, you're not going to like this, but Meryl, pattern baldness shows up in your life two times. It's either if it's going to hit you, it hits you in your early 20s or your mid to late 50s. So the only way to avoid is to transplant, my friend. Turkey is calling. Yeah. Shayla, between you and Steve, who grows a better beard? Steve. Hands down, no question. Steve's got a little salt and pepper in his beard, too. He's handsome. He's handsome. But Jesse, by far, grows the best beard. He also knows how to take care of it. It's perfectly trimmed and it looks good. I don't know what I'm doing. Would you do Marner for Bester or Hurt and Fronic? Dude, I like both of those players. Besser rules. That's interesting. I like both of those players. Melissa, Adam, are you excited for Jesse stream? You mean the one where Jesse, as a multiple-time general manager, might actually win the Stanley Cup as general manager of the Leifs?


Yes. I think that's going down next Tuesday, by the way. As for the itchy beard, it's common. This is from Wizard Man, Try different beard shampoos and get a good beard oil to help the dryness. Yeah. 13:48 left in the third period. Dallas has had a better period, I'd say, this period than the other two have been. Although, to be honest, that's not saying, Jared P, if the Panthers win tomorrow, is it the first six-game sweep you've ever seen? What? I guess because Panthers have been the better team in every game in the series. Yeah, probably. That's a good point. I like that. Glenn W, how old is Marner? I think he's 26 or 27. Action Jackson. I hate the stars. Isiah Wurch. Let's go, oilers. Let's go, oilers. Mechanize Chaos. I love that we're all just here vibing. Yeah. Listen, there are We're professional announcers who are going to be calling the game. We're watching the game together. This is supposed to be a hangout. I am not a replacement for Craig Simpson and Chris Cuthran. I'm vibes, baby. I am vibes. Adam, out of the three of you, who do you think would be the most successful coach in the National Hockey League?


That's a good question. I think Jesse because he's the calmest. He'd be able to keep his head in tough situations better than Steve and I would. Although, man, wouldn't it be fun to see a Steve Dangle meltdown on the bench just screaming at the refs? Eric Furlatt and West Macaulay would have not good things to say Steve under their breath. We'll put it that way. Steve would be the guy complaining to the refs all the time. Me, I think I'd just be overmatched. I think I'd be one of those one and done coaches where it's like, well, that was a huge mistake. Let's never do that again. Like one of those oilers coaches that lasted a season or one of those Buffalo coaches that lasted a season. Steve would get ejected within five minutes. Yeah, not untrue. Kipper and Borne had a complaint to the CRTC because they talked about the Leaps a few times in the national hour. Did they actually? Oh, my God. I've had CRTC complaints leveled against me, too, actually. Do you want to know what my CRTC complaint was? Because if you're on broadcast in Canada, there's something called the Canadian Radio and Television Commission, and you can lodge complaints if you find the content to be of ill repute, shall we say, swearing or anything bad or whatever.


I, As a person of British descent said that British food was pretty easy. All you had to do was boil it and turn it gray, as a joke on Virgin Radio one morning. A British person complained to the CRTC that I was xenophobic against British people. Remember, I'm British heritage, obviously. Anyway, I thought that was hilarious. And it was unfortunate for my boss because she had to write a whole response to it because you have to write a response to it anyway. It was just a harmless joke. But yeah, that's my CRTC complaint. The CRTC doesn't govern the internet yet, and they won't. They can barely govern themselves. Somebody said this game's a snoozer. Yeah, it's a bit of a snoozer in the third here. 10:36 left to go. I remember Jack, my co-host at Virgin Radio, got a CRTC complaint as well. And hers was about... She talked about, we were talking about when we were bad as kids or something like that. And she's like, I shoplifted once. And we're like, What did you shoplift? And she's like, A banana. And then somebody complained to the CRTC that she had encouraged young kids to shoplift.


Again, you're not going to get suspended for that, but people have been suspended by the CRTC when they've gone too far. Pretty funny, eh? Here we go. Edmondson, two on one. Mccloud to Perry, back to nobody. 10 minutes to go in the third period. That was a bad play, and Cory Perry should have shot. Andrew Dauris. I find this content... Agrarious? I haven't read That one. Outrageous and the most public of my many humiliations. I'm sorry, guys. Egregious? Is that how you spell egregious? Okay, maybe it's egregious. A couple of super chats from this, Donnie. If you can picture Steve as a coach from the bench, if you're a goal tender. Steve would be a good goal tender coach. Just stay in the goal. If you're a goal tender. I like British food, to be fair, but I am British, so I'm biased. I like British food, too. But British food, and Brits make fun of it, is a lot of deep fried and delicious and baked. Nobody... Maybe the French, but British and French desserts are like, British, a good meat pie in England's amazing, Bangers and Mash. Bangers and Mash to this day, I think, is my favorite meal.


I love Bangers and Mashed. It's the best. Little bubble and Squeak as well. Any Brits in here had a little bubble and Squeak? Delicious. English breakfast is not good. I'm sorry. What's wrong with some eggs, bacon, toast, tomatoes, blood pudding, and beans, guys? I'll be I'm honest with you, beans and toast, as a person of British descent, I don't get it. Steve's wife is Scottish and was born in Scotland and loves a good beans on toast. Don't get it. I like beans, but I would never go out and be like, I need beans. I'm craving beans. Hillforther Studios, if you had Wizardlike powers to trade for anyone on the oilers other than the McDavid and dry settle, who'd you take? Are you reclaiming Hyman? I would take. I need to get a I'm taking Hyman, and I'm taking Echhol. Sorry, oilers, they're mine now. Vanner came with a good shot there on Oetinger. Oetinger has it, no question. Yeah, I would take Nuj and I would take Echholm. The reason I wouldn't take Hyman is that I couldn't bear to split up Hyman and McDavid. I want Zack Hyman to get another goal season. And I think the Leaps need another center, another center to replace or move to Varis down the lineup.


And Hyman is not the center that they need. Nuj is. So that's what I would say. Nuj can play that. Trinca 2.0, Good baked beans are... Okay, I have never had baked beans from anything other than a can. Is there a way to make baked beans? Because I've never made them. Love baked beans on toast with some cheese. Marmite is runny Vegemite. I've never had Vegemite either. Scotch eggs are amazing when done right. If they're not dry, Scotch eggs are outrageous. They're so good. You're really right on that. Are deviled eggs British? Because I love a good deviled egg, too. British food is good if you have some salt. You know what's good? Do you guys know the story? Do you know what an India Pale Ale is? You've seen the Alexander Keith commercials, I'm sure. India Pale Ale was the first beer that didn't spoil on its way from Britain to India. One of the things that happened when the Brits were colonizing India is they couldn't get the hops and they couldn't brew the beer. So they were missing beer. And so India Pale Ale was the very... And I forget what they do to it.


But India Pale Ale was the only beer that made it to India, and that's why it's called India Pale Ale. I love a good India Pale Ale. I think they're really good. A lot of IPAs, though, I got to say, have a crappy aftertaste, and only the good ones don't. I think if you like IPAs and you pretend that they don't have a crappy aftertaste, most of them, you're lying to yourself. Most IPAs are garbage, but the good ones are elite. Most of those small IPAs out there, people are like, Oh, you're going to try it. It's so great. It's not. It's not that great. It's not that great. We're lying to ourselves. The Kraft Brew scene, except for a few. And then you're like, damn, this is the best beer I've ever had. Hey, shout out to everybody. I'd like to know, with seven minutes and 30 seconds to go, where are we watching from tonight? Where are we watching from? Got to know. Got to know. 7:20 left in the third period. Jay's game, apparently, is not finished yet. How crazy is that? We got Toledo, Ohio. We got Tampa. We got Columbia, Missouri, Buffalo, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Bowmanville, the ville of man.


That's right. Chile, Sarasota, Grand Prairie, Alberta. Shout out to the rigs, baby. Gp, let's go. Ottawa via Edmonton. I don't know what that means. Alexander Keiths is completely overrated. I love Alexander Keiths. How dare you? I don't know why they don't advertise anymore. It's weird. They used to be super advertisers. Stetler, Alberta. I have been there. Thunberg, I've been there, too. Vancouver Island. Bruno Cechia, yes. Love check you. Congratulations on your World Championship, by the way. Victoria, BC. Winter Haven. New Market, Ontario. Home of who? That's right. The Goats. Connor McDavid. New Jersey, AKA the real NHL. Yeah, I bet you felt good about that clip, too. Slippery Rock, PA. Coquitland, BC, Nanaimo, BC. Watching from Birmingham, Alabama. Katherine, welcome to the stream. Moscow, Ontario. There's also a Moscow, Idaho. Feller, Gripper, We're in Edmonton. Let's go. I moved from Edmonton, Ottawa last year. Well, there you go. Palmdale, California, USA. Alaska, Siam. Gravely, I don't believe you. Gravely, I do not believe that you have given me a correct where you are. If the Jays, Cadeen Magic, 15. If the Jays could hit a beach ball, it would have been over a long time ago.


I know. The Jays, boy, their offense stinks. Michael, listening on Corisant. No, you're not. The whole planet's city. How could you possibly find me? Thornhill, Ontario. Grandville Street. Home of Grandville Street Brewery. Delicious beer. I love their winter ale. Used to drink that with Steve and our original producer Chris all the time. It's like a very... Oh, and the Dallas Star score. And by the way, everybody that said it would be the Johnson, Steakhoven line that would get it going, you were absolutely on the money. Dallas is in the game, and we might actually have a little bit of, unlike British food, a little bit of reasoning, a little bit of spice. I'm kidding for all you curry lovers. Curry is delicious. Yeah, that is a surprise, but also makes sense. They've been a great line. Nice redirect by Johnson there. Your boy Stuart Skinner doesn't really have a chance on that. You need Kulak to be covering Johnson there. You need him to be tight. He's on him. He's there, but what are you doing? Tie up. Grand Rapids, Michigan, home of the Grippers. The Grippings. That's good. Cira Marlowe, is it Arackus Spice or Kessel Spice?


Arackus Spice. The kind that gets you all freaky and turns your eyes super weird blue. Oh, David Schneider just hit a home run. Walk off bomb for the stash. And the Blue Jays mercifully have won a game. All right, let's see if Dallas can get another goal here. Let's see if Dallas can get another goal, guys. Winsor, Ontario. I'm split between the Leaps, Habs, and Wings fans. Yes, you are. Which team did you pick? 4:53 left in the third period. Let's see. Oh, here we go. Hyman deep. Again, Edmundon is going to do this. If they're going to win this game and they're not going to allow any other goals, they're just not going to allow Dallas into their zone. They're going to break everything. See what they just did to Thomas Harley there? Just get your stick, mess him up, back in to Oettinger. They've done this three, four times in a row over the last 40 seconds. And they're just going to keep doing it. They did it last game to shut the Dallas stars down. If you can't To gain the zone, it's hard to score a goal. Nice little block there on the Hayescanin shot.


Hayescanin keeps it in. Kulak. The Johnston Ben. Oh, no. Johnson's out there with Sagan. I don't know if that's a mid-change or something, but white Johnson is back out there. I don't know who else is with him because I can only see Haskin in up there against Evander Cain. Adam Henrique out. Thomas Harley with a nice little move. Back to Stankovan? I think so. Sagan with a shot. It is blocked. The ozone pressure for the Dallas Stars is at 45 seconds, but none of that really was a shot. That's the thing. The oilers are doing a great job. The oilers are doing a great job, breaking this up. By the way, we're at a thousand people, ladies and gentlemen. A thousand people watching this on a Friday night. You could have been anywhere, but you're here with us, and I appreciate it. 3:13 left in the third period. All right. When will Oettinger get pulled. There comes Chris Tanev, whose foot was in a boot earlier. He's now skating. Amazing. These guys, they're nuts. Broberg's out there. That's a nice little tip of the cap from the coach. 2:1, 1, Edmondson. Hyman can't get the fuck over.


It almost didn't matter. That put Oettinger out of position. Mcleod almost distracted Oettinger enough that Hyman could have had a goal there, and it just did not go in. 25 to 19 of the Shots, 2 minutes and 30 seconds to go. Dallas looking for that second goal, and they just ice the pocket. There go the Oelers again, breaking plays up in the neutral zone. A little bit of frustration, I think, from Wyatt Johnson. They're just not They're not letting things through. They're not letting things through. Did you say, a foot in a boot? Oh, no. Stop it, guys. Gripper Nation, always talking about the feet. Action Jackson, Fack Dallas. F-a-w-k, by the way. Wack. Who's saying that? Aaron Graze. Hopefully, we can get some chaos now that I'm here. Aaron, I, too, am hoping for chaos, although I have to give Edmondson full credit. They've played great. Nuj. Nice little floater in. Mcdavid just couldn't get a stick on it to redirect. Hyman with a wrap-around attempt. Dallas breaks that up. Echholme, down deep. Two minutes left to go. Dallas has an empty net, and I believe either that was an offside or I think that was an offside.


Julian Nikolaus, goalie pulls are the dumbest thing ever. You're giving your opponent a free goal every time you forfeit the game. No, that's not true. First off, not true. Second, you're losing anyway. It's not like you're doing that when you're tied. You're losing the game anyway. So who cares if they score? All you care about is you scoring. That's how you got to look at it. Tanev said, I'm getting these grippers out, said PJ. I like that. Vgk Jamieson. I think Dallas is about to smell the agony of defeat. Defeat. You know, because #gripperNation. Shay Andres Oak. That's what good defense does. They got one job. We are the nation of gripper. Lunatic man. Yes, you are. Geto, Seguro. I hate grippers. Whoa, Geto. What are you talking about? This is Gripper Nation HQ. All right, here we go. 6 on 5, Dallas. Oh, baby. Oh, he's getting can't hold the line. Oh, They won the face-off, and he couldn't hold it. Oh, that sucks. That's going to cost him 15, 20 seconds minimum. Oh, you got to hold the line on that one, Muro. Rupe, who's been a nice little jolt for the stars since he came back.


Jamie Ben down deep. There's Matt. I think that's Matt Duchesne? No, that's Tyler Sagan. Group A hits. Sagan went off Ceece. Cody Ceece is out there. He gives the fuck a little bit back to Ben. That's not great. He don't like that. Stankoven along the line. Nice little block by Darnell Ners. Chris Nablack goes back to the worst pairing of his entire team this entire playoff. Ceece CeeNurse. Some head coaches, man, you got to take their toys away. Ceecee gave the fuck away already. That's not the defense pair you put out there right now. I don't care who you got. Tired bench, that's not it. Not that it's going to matter. 45 seconds to go here. Very hard for Dallas to get two goals. Jamie Ben, though, is going to take a shot. Nice little tip. Stuart Skidders along the post to grab it. Ceeceenurse ain't it. Ain't it. 30 seconds to go. Yanmar gets it out. Damn. Wow, you can see Dallas Stars fans just leaving. Yeah. They didn't show up for their team. And here we go. We're going to get an empty netter. Oh, how did you miss that? Oh, game over, ladies and gentlemen.


The Edmonton Oilers are one win away, one win away from the Stanley Cup mother effing finals. Are you kidding me? The Edmonton Oilers, one win from now, could be making their Stanley Cup Finals appearance, first since 2006, and what a magical run that was. Guys, the Edmondson Oilers, they're here. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, two power play goals. Phil Broberg, big goal. Guys, Edmondson could be going to the finals here. Is it going to be... It smells and feels a little like Edmondson, Florida, doesn't it? Not just because they're both up, but the way the oilers have played the last couple of games, holy smokes. And the way the Panthers have played, literally all series, if it wasn't for Sheesh Dirkert. That series would be done. Guys, if you're an oiler fan, are you excited or are you nervous? You should be excited tonight. You should be celebrating tonight. Be nervous tomorrow. Be very nervous Sunday. It's just part of being a fan. But tonight, you got to be in on this. Twelve creations. Since the leaves are out, I'm on this go team Canada. Yo, I got to tell you, man, I am too. I want to see the oilers in the finals.


I want to see it happen. Canadian team in the finals. Let's go. Let's go. Katz oilers will be a sick final. It would be a sick final. Would be good. It would be good. As a Lea fan, I'm very happy for Edmondson. I love seeing Lee fans say that. That's what it should be. I know. Listen, okay, maybe it shouldn't be that, but there's got to be a little bit of, Come on, go Canada. And plus, Connor McDavid, pride of New Market. As a Lee fan, you can get behind that. I just don't like Dallas, and I want McDavid to win a cup. Play La Bamba. I can't play La Bamba. I can't play anything. Not allowed to. I don't have the rights. I'm an oilers fan, and it feels great. Ken confirm. Chelsea, I'm thrilled for you, Chelsea. That's so great. No Joe, no glow. Wake up, Pavelski. Not been a big factor in this series. If Edmondon makes the finals, Canada should unite like when the Raptors made the finals. Well, the problem is that the Raptors are the only team in the country, and so it's easier to do. But I would say, as a Leef fan, I've told you this before, I would be thrilled for them.


I really would. And then I would want the Leefs to do it because I'd be insanely jealous. I'd be thrilled for you, but I'd be extremely jealous. I'd be really jealous. Let's go Mickey D. Let's go Leefs. But since it can't be the Leaps, let's go Canadian team. Don't the Do the leaves hate the oilers? Do the leaves hate the oilers? I don't know if there's a rivalry there. Listen, if the leaves are playing the oilers, of course, I hate the oilers. But really, only when the leaves play the oilers, do I hate the oilers. Otherwise, the The Oilers are a pretty fun team to watch. If you like just watching hockey, the oilers are always a good bet. Adam doesn't know how to play the La Bamba meme. I don't have the La Bamba meme. That's Jesse. Most people supported the flames in '04, I can support the Oilers. Yeah, I remember that. I supported the flames in '04, too. And I supported the oilers in '06. Grip Nation, you all rock. Yes, you do. Grip Nation rules. Gripbers. All right, ladies and gentlemen, I'll see you Sunday night, where the Edmonton oilers, if they win, will go to the Stanley Cup finals, and that will conclude my run in the playoffs.


Can they come back to Edmondson and win at home? And imagine this celebration on White Avenue if the Edmondson Oilers go to the Stanley Cup finals and they do it at home. Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Listen, I hope you guys have a fantastic one. I'm going to go up to a cottage now, celebrate my daughter's birthday all weekend, get covered in unicorns and pink litter. And then I'm going to come back Sunday night, and I'm going to join you here. And I hope you'll join me. Have a good one, guys. Love you all. Safe weekend. Let's go, oilers.