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Ladies and gentlemen, is this it? Is this my final stream of the playoffs? Is it gripper nations final stream of the playoffs? Oh, I don't think so, because gripper nation is everywhere all the time. But, ladies and gentlemen, are the Edmonton Oilers about to go to the Stanley cup finals? Man, it is buzzing, buzzing in Edmonton tonight. Unbelievable. They're starting the national anthems right now, and let me just tell you this. I got to give it to the crowd. They are fired up and ready to go. There's something about enter Sandman. That song never gets tired. If you want to get fired up, if you're lifting weights or if you're coming out for hockey or you're about to play Call of Duty online, just get fired up. Get mad, get angry. Let's go. And Oilers fans, man, they've been fired up for a while. I can tell. I think that. I think it's been a. It's been beer day in, in Edmonton today, so listen. Hi, guys. Want to say this? The Oilers haven't clinched a Stanley cup final birth at home since 1988. Wayne Gretzky. Exactly 200 days ago, the Edmonton Oilers were 31st in the overall NHL standings.


200 days ago, they were 14 points back of Dallas, and they were eight back of the second wild card. Look at them now. They are so close. It's happening right in front of your eyes. The Edmonton Oilers could be going, but here's the thing. The Dallas Stars are the team that are supposed to destroy the Oilers. Supposed to rinse the Oilers. Supposed to not stand a chance against the Oilers. Well, can that depth come through? Can we get a little bit more scoring throughout the lineup? I will say this. Dallas is supposed to be the more balanced team here, right? The number of different goal scores in the Western Conference final. Dallas has seven different goal scores in the Western Conference final. That's pretty impressive. That's a line in a bit. Edmonton has eleven. That's almost four full lines. And now all those stats are thanks to the stats God. Producer Hayden Matheson. I want to say we got some. We got a fun game tonight. We got Edmonton Oilers locked in. I'm looking at Zach Hyman's face. I'm looking at Matthias Ackholm's face. They're ready. Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready to get a grip, gripper nation?


Let's go and shout out to the chat. I'm so excited that that we're here. We got blues fans rooting for the Oilers. We got basically a whole bunch of anti Dallas in the chat. But there's a lot of, there's a lot of stars fans with us tonight. I wonder how you guys are feeling. Wonder how you guys are feeling. Big rod, three months strong and you guys are still awesome. That's the STP VIP, Big Ron. Guys, are you ready for a great game tonight? This is going to be an absolute classic. It could be my last stream of the, of the NHL playoffs. It might not be, though. It might not be. These are the Dallas Stars. Better take them seriously. Better take them seriously. I just hope you're ready. I hope you're excited. The flags are going in Edmonton. My goodness. And by the way, I just want to say I'm so jealous about how late the sun is up in Edmonton. Something that I've always loved about it. It's this time of year. It's like, bright at Brighton Edmonton till like 1015. It'll get up to, like, close to 11:00 by mid June.


It's crazy. We're about to get our first face off. Sagan's out there. It's been a good line for Dallas. Let's do a little clap to align streams here. I'll let you know when mine goes. And of course, they didn't show the face off, but I guessed. So we should be within a second of each other. And remember to smash that, like, button like a true youtuber. Smash it. Let's go, Daniel. Best bastor, Ash. Daniel, I don't know how to say your last name properly. Edmonton moves on and then Corey Perry loses another cup finals. Okay, we got another face off at center ice. I don't know why. Here we go. Boom. Reese Ledger, spring foot cam fun, $5. Thank you, Reese. Tonight's crew, the grip Lord Adam Wild on the mic stat God Hayden Matheson and nice boy online, Justin Fisher in the chat, so make sure you say hi to everybody. I'm excited for the Dallas Stars to play this goalie, by the way. Not, not this goalie. I'm excited to see Bork. I'm excited to see Bork, Maverick Bork, who has what I say goalie has the best name in hockey right now.


He gets the mantle, does he not? Let's see what he can do. I don't know if this is a sign of desperation. I don't know if they need more scoring throughout the lineup. Whatever it is they need. Dallas decided, you know what? It's Maverick Bork's turn, and I'll give you a little bit of a background on him while we're waiting for the game to pick up here. 1852 in the first period, Maverick Bork is a very, very good hockey player, and he's another one of these young, annoyingly good Dallas stars that you just go, for God sakes, really? He's only played one game in the NHL that was once in the regular season, but this is a 30th overall pick from 2020, which was a weird draft, if you remember, because it was Covid. He had 77 points in 71 games for the Texas Stars this year. He's a centerman, so he can switch in and out with Sam Steele, although I imagine they're going to keep them on the wing most of the time, and what he's going to bring them is a little bit of play making ability. Remember, on Sam Steele's right is Evgeny Dadnoff.


So Ty Delandria is out. Radek Fox is out in his Maverick bork. They're literally trying to get scoring from anywhere. And as I mentioned, the Edmonton Oilers have eleven different guys who scored in the series. Dallas only has seven. So you're hoping for something somewhere. And if he plays well, can you put Maverick Bork a little higher up in the lineup from time to time? You don't know. The Oilers are the 18th team in NHL history to have four players with 20 plus points in a playoff year. How bonkers is that? All of the other 17 made the Stanley cup final, 13 of those 17 made. Sorry, won the cup most points by a defenseman through 17 games of a postseason. Are you ready for this? Oilers coach Paul Coffey is on this list, but I'll start at number five. Denny Potvin, 17 games of a postseason, 25 points. Brian Leach. So Denny Potvin did that in 80. 119. 94 cup winner Brian Leach in 1994 through 17 games, had 25 points. Evan Bouchard, 2024, Oilers 17 games, 25 points Kale Makar, 2022 abs 26 points and Paul Coffey, 85, Oilers 34 points through 17 games again, all won the Stanley cup in those seasons except for Bouchard.


Yet, if you're an Oiler fan, you're excited. If you're a Dallas fan, you're probably biting your nails off. And, you know, I got to say, with Florida going to the finals, boy, that New York really just didn't, didn't look like they had an answer for the Florida Panthers. I am wondering, and I kind of was spent today talking to my wife about it a little bit, how how each of these teams are going to match up whoever goes to the finals in this series against the Florida Panthers. Going to be tough. Oh, Steve gifted 50 subs. No, he gifted $5. Oh, and 50 subs. What? What? Stephen. Big baller. Stephen. There's one off the post there, so technically not a shot on goal. Steve gifting 50 subs. They took my job. Cassie. Probably. Yo, cassie, gang. Cassie, thank you for all your help this. These playoffs. I don't know where you're at tonight, but, man, we love you. And by the way, it's Stuart Skinner playing net for the Oilers, not Jeff Skinner. I'm going to get that right tonight. My brain's in a little bit of a place. I got a little sleep this weekend.


My what? My. My kids birthday party happened. Oh, here we go. We got a breakaway. Zack Hymen. Oh, little butt power. Little glute power. And he. He just baited Tanf into a penalty call. All he did was keep his feet moving. All Tanf did was keep his stick down. And Tanf is going to the box for tripping. And that's after a pretty good Dallas star shot. Or start with three shots on goal. Not bad. Not bad. Damn. Hashtag Saudi Steve. Dropping these. Oh, and Eris makes 23. Dropping 2025 more. Sorry. Five more subs. Damn. Whoo. Making everybody a. Making everybody a vip member. Remember to renew. The Edmonton Oilers did not get a power play goal in this series. In fact, neither team did until last game. Ryan Nugent Hopkins had two. Edmonton looked dangerous. Let's see what they do. Leon Drysidle loses the draw, although Zach Hyman, as he does, gains possession. But Evan Bouchard can't hold it at the line. Oh, checking. Oh, God. Check my phone here. Gotta check my phone. Justin Fisher. Adam. Want to play a game? Pick a player from both teams. If either player scores a goal tonight, I will drop ten gift subs.


Okay. For the Edmonton Oilers. I'm going big gamer Zack Hymen. Zach Hyman will score tonight for the Evanston Oilers. Oh, and I should have said McDavid, because he just bought it. One, baby. That's the third power play goal of the series. He walks in and uses Zack Hymen's butt power and sneaks one past Jay Cottinger. The Edmonton Oilers are in this game early. One shot, one goal, and that is all it took. And it was Zach Hyman, I would argue, that created that goal by basically drawing the penalty from Chris Tanf. He kept his feet moving. Chris Tanv did not move his stick. Tan up to the box. McDavid to the back of the net. And a nice little setup by dry settle here. But what McDavid does, which Edmonton has not done in the games where they haven't won in this series, is drive the net. He can walk around, guys, and look at what he does. Not much that they can do, like what's he's going to going to do there? He's got the wrong. Yeah, and Lindell's got Hymen cover, but yeah. No, no. That's a Conor McDavid classic playoff goal. That's a big game player, ladies and gentlemen.


I still say Zach Hyman's going to score tonight. And for the Dallas stars, I'm going to go Jason Robertson. That is only Conor McDavid's fifth goal of the playoffs. He's got well over 20 assists, though. Only five goals. Guess he hasn't needed to score. They're go away from the finals, guys. They're less than game away from the finals. They're 55 minutes and 30 seconds from the finals. Edmonton Oilers fans, can you feel it? Dallas Stars fans, are you feeling the heat? Steve Dangles mighty roar. Dallas has an event going on at AAC which would be a gong show. Game seven for the Stanley cup. So who do you have for Panthers versus Oilers? Click like, man, man, what do I say? What do I say? Oh, you know what we'll do breaking down of the Stanley cup once we know both teams. But I'll tell you this, the Florida Panthers look pretty poised last night. They look pretty scary. Adam, we are waiting for feet, please. Hoping Adam will team up with Steve for the final. It's going to be Steve in the finals, ladies and gentlemen. But don't you worry. I team up with Steve three times a week.


Four times. If you're a vip on the Steve Dangle podcast, and you know what else we have going on this week, I just want to throw this out there while we're waiting for this face off. Jesse Blake, general manager of the NHL 24, Toronto Maple Leafs, is going for a Stanley cup victory, the first in his not so illustrious career. He's made smart moves all the way through. But for two years, he played NHL 22, he played NHL 23, and he played NHL 24. And in none of those games, while he's been trying to win a cup with the Leafs, has he managed to do it. One more win for the Edmonton Oilers, and into the finals they go. One more win for the Dallas Stars and we got a unbelievable gong show. Ridiculous game seven on our hands. Dallas had a really, really good start three. Three shots. But Zach Hymen rolled into the Edmonton offensive zone, or, sorry, the Dallas, you know, he went towards Ottinger, but he went around the net. And this was interesting because there were three Dallas Stars players in and there were no Edmonton Oiler players in to support him.


And all he did was go around the net, tripped over Chris Tan of stick, and they still haven't shown a replay of it. I wish they would because it was. It's really smart hockey. He kept his feet going. Ten m to the box. Will I get in trouble? I've got my grippers out chilling, guys. Let the grips loose. You got to let it loose. Grip it up. Hit like people. Look at everybody trying to. Trying to drop them likes, you know what happens at a thousand likes, people, you know what happens at a thousand likes. Just saying. All right, Adam McCarthy, Adam Wild. You definitely need a different wall behind you. Why, you don't like crotches? Everybody has one. Why can't we celebrate? That's my crotch. That's Jesse's crotch. We had to cover Jesse's crotch. All right, this is a kid show. 1351 left in the first period. Good little hit by nurse on second. I think the heats off nurse just a little bit after his game five performance, and his game four performance was pretty good, too. It's hard to believe, you know, that at one point, the Edmonton Oilers looked like they were going to be out of this series.


You think about where we were at midway through game. So after the first period of game four, producer drew put a bet on the Dallas stars to win the series in five games. That's bonkers. That's crazy, Cassie. YouTube won't let me donate anymore. I hit the weekly max. Well, Cassie, that I didn't even know that was a thing. And for you to even be at the weekly max, that's crazy. Thank you very much. Just so you know how much we appreciate it. Cassie. Yo, Cassie gang. Hashtag Cassie gang. We love you, gripper. Nation respects, loves our queen. Cassie, you think about where the Edmonton Oilers were, right? And I know we're only in the first period, but they're up one nothing already, and the Edmonton Oilers were down and they were out, and they were not playing good hockey at all. And then all of a sudden they're able to turn that around. That's our Boston pizza last Wednesday game. That was a great hockey game, great second period, and now we're here, and it's like they, they just said, okay, no, we're not going to do that. We're not going to have another period like that, and they haven't had a bad period since.


The Edmonton Oilers have been great ever since. It's crazy. It's, it's, it's, it's, it's something that I saw a little bit in the Vancouver series. I remember, I think it was game four, game five. Edmonton was up two to one. Vancouver were pressing, and they score and they tie it. And I think there's two, three minutes left in the game, and it's in Vancouver, and people are going berserk or Vancouver connects. Fans are going absolutely nuts, and they should, like, apoplectic like crazy. And then the Edmonton Oilers get out on the ice. They win the opening face off, or they win the face off. Immediately after the goal, they get possession. Leon Dryas idle scores 25 seconds later. Air out of the building. And what I said at the time, that was, that was a veteran team. That's a veteran move. Teams that can have that kind of heartbreak. We were this close, only three minutes left in the game. The Oilers didn't say, we're going to overtime. The Oilers said, we're going to finish this now. And they caught the Vancouver Canuck celebrating. Caught him napping a little bit, and it's a full blown veteran move.


They did this to Dallas several times in this series. They have been down multiple goals and have come back, and it's because the Edmonton Oilers do not get down. They don't get upset. Oh, you scored on me. Okay. I've been scored on before. I'm pretty good at goal scored. I'll figure it out. Veteran team that's been there, this is a team I'm very excited. If Edmonton does go to the final here, whether it's today or it's, it's Tuesday, I got to tell you, that's two teams that really know the playoffs, that have really been burned by the playoffs, that have really gone to war in the playoffs. You know, you think about Florida getting torched by the Tampa Bay Lightning after winning the best or having one of the best seasons ever in 2022. They had an incredible year, still their best regular season of all time. They get torched by the Lightning. Absolutely blew them out of the building right then last year. They're not even a factor. No one's talking about them going to the postseason. Alex Lyon is starting when they start to play the Boston Bruins, and then Bobrovski decides, okay, I'm going to play now, and I'm going to win now.


And they go all the way to the finals and their best player breaks his sternum or whatever it was that Kaczuk broke. Couldn't get out of bed without his brother's help. Still straps on skates, still goes and plays. By the way, Dallas is on the power play right now, and then you look at the Oilers. I mean, I remember the first time the Oilers made the playoffs with McDavid. Cam Talbot was the goalie. He had a great year. They go to the second round against San Jose. Next year, they don't make the playoffs. It's a disaster. Oh, Gassy. Cassie just gifted 50 subs from her friends account. Thank you, Cassie. And thank you, Alex Miller's account. What? Hashtag Cassie gang. Does it again. Does it again. So talking about, talking about the Oilers and talking about a team that, at 1.34 years ago has the worst special teams in NHL history, hadn't finished that bad. I believe at one point, their penalty kill was like, 50%. It's outrageous. It's not even possible. Oh, here we go. Good save by Stuart Skinner. Nice little cross ice pass there by that stank Hovind line. That has looked dangerous.


Really looked good at points of this series. Obviously, it's power play, but they are. They are very, very good line. Wow. And there's, hey, skinny with the shot. They're just shooting the show in the replay. Yeah. Edmonton's doing a great job killing this penalty. Stankovan does not have an angle. They're good for a call to, to kind of cut him off. Dallas wins the face off. Matt Duchaine. Shot goes off. Henry Kenrick's been big for the Edmonton Oilers on this power play. Broke up a play. It's nice to have him back. What a great pickup him and Sam Steele were from the Anaheim ducks. Again, not talked about enough. That's become one of the more consequential trades of the trade deadline. Isn't that funny? Two centers in one trade, and they're both playing. Sorry, why did I say Sam Steele? Tell me. Well, Sam Steele's playing, but I just think it's interesting. Henry. I feel like Henry's gonna make a lot of money this summer just based on how he's played in this series. I'm gonna throw that out there anyway. The Edmonton others have been through everything, everything they've been told for years and years and years.


They won't get it done. Bad goaltending Stuart Skinner with a big save there, and now it just feels like the best players on the Edmonton Oilers know. It's like a. A switch was flicked. They were 31st in the league 200 days ago. Guys, here we go. We got an open oiler. Here we go. Yanmark almost had one nice little set, or set up by Derek Bryan. Wow. Oh, that was good. Yanmar cardi with a goal. This. This series on shorthanded. Wow. Gotta say, yanmark, Ryan Connor Brown. Feels like there's something cooking there. Ever since Henry came back, this Oilers teams just looked that much better. You know, you almost wonder if against the Canucks, the series would have been over a little bit earlier if he'd been in the lineup, because it's just allowed them so many more options about spreading talent around the lineup, and they just come at you in waves. And even when you have Ryan Yanmark and Connor Brown out there, they all have speed. There's legs there. Dry side over that. Beautiful shot. He's always at that kind of weird side angle that he's able to score on. Only he can do it, and he hasn't scored one from there.


This. This series, if I'm not mistaken. But damn, he really lit the Canucks up from the corner. Anyway. This. This Panthers team that's in the finals, they've been through it. This Oilers team that's been through the. That could potentially go to the finals tonight, they've been through it. They are getting out shot. It's five one, Dallas Edmonton shots. Just saying. And listen, let's talk about this Dallas team for a second. 834 left in the first period. This Dallas team is very different from the Dallas team that almost half a decade ago. Can you believe it's been that long in 2020, went to the finals and lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning. That Dallas team had some issues. Very famously earlier in that season, Jim Nill had, like, lost it on the team in front of a reporter. They couldn't score, but damn, they could play some good defense. John Klingberg was an absolute stud for them, but they just couldn't score a lot of goals. And since then, guys like Ben and Sagan have become older, wiser, but they're not carrying this team anymore the way that they used to. It's guys like Robertson, it's guys.


It's new guys like Stankovan who will in the future. And this team is far more offense driven than it used to be under Rick Bonas. Here goes mcDavid. Nice little spinorama. Dallas is all over him. Bouchard from the point with a shot. Shot is blocked at Matthias. At combe. Down deep, Ryan Nugent. Hopkins. To Nugent Hopkins. Excuse me. Two goals last game on the power play. Real game five hero for the Edmonton Oilers. Finally got that power play monkey off their back. Oh, we got a one on one here. Dallas Stars and Stuart Skinner with a good save there. Yeah, this, the best part about these teams, honestly, is the, the fact that they've, all, the three that are left have all really gone through it, and Dallas, I think, has gone through the craziest trans transformation. They were really good but couldn't score, and now they're really good and can score but maybe don't defend the way they used to. And remember in 2020, that was the emergence of some guy. Well, actually, no, it wasn't. Jake Ottinger wasn't around for that, was he? That wasn't them. That's right. Jake Ottinger came along later.


He did play two games in the playoffs, but I believe those, those were polls. It was 21 22. That's when he came on. And Dallas looked so good. Otter played seven games in that and he lost four of them. But he only had a, he, he had a 954 save percentage. Didn't win that series. Isn't that crazy? Wiggleman gifted one SDPN membership. Thank you. Wiggleman. Oilers have 26 straight successful penalty kills. Jeremy, I believe that is a new record. That is a franchise record. I've got confirmation from stats God producer Hayden. All right, hang on. I'm going to. Cassie, I'm going to, oh, celebrating my birthday Saturday, so I will miss that stream. Well, that's okay, Cassie. It's only game one of the Stanley cup finals with Steve Dangle, the Florida Panthers and who you got to ask? You got to ask the question, what was the best team not to win the cup in the last 20 years, in your opinion? I'll say the $2020 stars are pretty good. Let's have a look. Let's go through Stanley cup finals past. All right, let's see. Let's see. All right, now going through here, Stanley cup finals.


I'm looking them all up. I just want to make sure I get it. All right, let me see. Best Stanley cup team not to win. Maybe the Lundquist Rangers. They should have probably won, right? The Lundquist Rangers have got to be up there. Now, are they a team? Are they a team that's never won? Because there are teams that get into the finals. Like you look at the 2008 Pittsburgh Penguins. I think they won in 2009. They were an amazing team, but they did end up winning. If we're going to go with, like, overall team structure, I think maybe the San Jose Sharks. The San Jose Sharks were so good for so long, and they really only got that one finals appearance, and they lost in six. It's. It's honestly criminal. That team never won. But you have to win. You have to win. Daniel says 2019 Bruins. I don't know. The oh seven Senators now. The oh seven Senators got caved by the Anaheim Ducks. Absolutely get crushed if the Oilers go to the final and Stuart Skinner is the wor. Is the. Is Stuart Skinner the worst starter since Darcy Kember? I mean, listen, are we.


I think. I think most teams go to the finals with a pretty good goaltender, but say what you want about Stuart Skinner. If he gets them there, like, I don't know. People said the same thing about Holbe, and then all of a sudden he won a Stanley cup, and Vancouver is like, we must sign this man when we must sign him to the worst contract. S John gifted five SCP and memberships. Thank you, S John. O. Seven ducks won. Hank Barber. We're talking about teams that did not win. Teams that did not win, but were the best teams that did not win. I think Sharks are on that list. I think Rangers are on that list. Oh, here we go. Ooh. Cody Cece almost with a toe drag, baby. Edmonton has really come back to in shots. I think we have. I think we got an Oilers power play coming up here. Evander Cane to the Evander came to the dressing room here after a. He hit Petrovic into the bench, and then what happened? Look at Cody Cece here. Cody Cece with the bend. That was a very Cody cc play. Where did I miss?


Ontario's most haunted. Just about to leave. From Windsor to Georgetown will have you playing in the background for my drive home. Hashtag, let's go, Oilers. Hashtag Cassie gang. Yes. Ontario is most haunted. That's right. 2023. Bruins were pretty good. They were pretty good, but they weren't playoff good. If they were playoff good, they would have got past the Florida Panthers, although the Florida Panthers were playoff great. Okay, let's see. Last, by the way, I love that people are bringing up the 93 Leafs last 20 years, guys. The 93 Leafs. That was 31 years ago. It's a long time. Isn't that crazy? Adam, in your opinion, what's the best team to win the Stanley cup this century? I think it's got to be. Look at the. There's a couple of teams that are amazing. Look at the 2002 Detroit Red Wings and Mhoney hall of Famers are on that list. Look at the. Oh, is it zero seven Detroit or zero eight Detroit? That won the beat Penguins. And then the next year, look at that penguins team. And, you know, everybody hates the Blackhawks for that era because of what happened behind the scenes. And, you know, I don't blame you.


But think about. Remember when Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook were the a and B best defensemen in the league? Remember how dominant they were when Patrick Kane was like a young man and Jonathan Taze and I brennan sod. And you know, that those were crazy teams. LA was crazy. So I'm going to say 2002 Red Wings, because most of them are in the hall of fame now. And it's easy. It's an easy pick. I think the 2011 Bruins were pretty damn good, too. You think about like, prime Chara and Lucie and Marshan being young and. And Bergeron and, you know, like, wow. And Tim Thomas. And by the way, Tuka rask is your backup. He's your second best. Here comes McDavid driving the net again. Whoo. I lied to you about the shots, by the way. I think I was looking at hits. Six two are the shots for Dallas. Doesn't matter, though. Edmondson's up one nothing. Michael Lynn Junior, 2004 flames. You know what? Great team. Fundamentally, I would say flawed. If you go back and you watch, they. They were a Cinderella story. And, you know, they really rode Mika Kipra soft as you should make a kip rough.


You go back and you look at some of his stats. There were seasons where that guy had a less than two goals against average. What are you supposed to do with that? It's actually a wonder that those flames teams didn't do more. Oh, almost a goal there. I think that was Zach Hyman walking in. 47 seconds left on the power play. There's. Here's Hymen. Shot scores, baby. Zack Hymen. Who called it? That's right, Justin, drop those subs in the chat, baby. Zack Hymen is a goal. Score, baby. Woo. And Zach Hymen played a huge role in the first goal going in because he's the one that drew the penalty. And he was the one distracting Ottinger when McDavid drove the net to score against him. And now, boom, it's McDavid to Hymen. Look at what McDavid does here to tanf a little bit of a turnover. And they get to hymen. And then Hymen does exactly what McDavid does. Okay, so play, I guess that wasn't the one. That wasn't the one. So there's McDavid. That's the one. I'm looking for Hymen in goal. Wow. You know what I love about Hymen? To block her side, he went inside post on that dirty baby.


Justin Fisher, thank you for your. For dropping your subs. If you just got a membership, you can thank Justin Fisher for it. 14th goal of the playoffs. I think that's 17 or 18 games or. Oh, Corgan. Archangel. Damn. Is that your last name? Archangel. Ten gifted subs. Thank you so much, guys. This oilers team, are they inevitable? 341 left in the first period. It's been all Hymen McDavid, and when that is happening, it sends a shiver down the spine of every defense corps in the league. Oh, Stuart Skinner almost got fooled. Matt Duchaine. If he kept that puck a little bit low. Whoo. Whoa. Stuart Skinner has been tested a little bit in this first period. Not crazy. They haven't got, like, a ton of bodies to the net, but there been a couple moments Dallas hasn't converted. That's something that's been really noticeable by the Dallas Stars of the last few games. They need to get bodies in front of Stuart Skinner. It's the only way to score on them. The book is out. Everybody knows how to score on Stuart Skinner. The problem is not everybody's figured out how to solve the Edmonton Oilers defense, which on paper doesn't look unsolvable.


But the way that Knobloch has deployed them, especially since breaking up cc nurse and I go back to this all the time, I actually really like what Kulak and nurse did together last game, too. Gives them a little bit more ability. Damn. Damn. Proximal in the standard Zachary on the attackery. Indeed. Oh, baby. Oh, baby. This thing, guys, this is, uh, this is a party. This is awesome. We need a nurse cc pairing. It's a must. You must be a Dallas Stars fan. And don't forget to like the stream. It costs you nothing and gets you feet. Gripper nation here because I was just talking about Kulak, and now he's in the box. And listen, let's be honest. He did deserve that penalty, but Dallas were due. They were due. We can admit that. We know how this is all reft. There's going to be even penalties tonight. Edmonton will go to the box again. But here's the thing about the Edmonton penalty kill is it's been perfect in this series so far. Absolutely ice. It's crazy, actually, because you think with the weapons doubt. Like, okay, imagine this. Imagine Adam Wilde, hot take artist on the Steve Dangle podcast before this series starts.


Imagine, I say to you on a like with a straight face. Dallas will not score a power play goal this series. Steve and Jesse would have laughed my ass out of the room. That's how improbable it is that even, even my ridiculous hot take, actually, in fact, I would probably take away from it. It's so ridiculous. What a crazy thought. Here we are. We're looking at it. It's game six, and even if Dallas score is here, they went through five games without doing it. Feels very leafy. Got a couple super chats. Steve Dangle. Watching a team star and former leaf coming up big through the playoffs makes me mad. Well, listen. And sadeen, magic 15. You'd like to have a save there by Ottinger? I don't know. I think that was a good move by hymen. I think he beat him on the blocker side. If you watch d two mighty ducks, you know that most people like to get fancy and go glove side, like gunnar stall, but zack hymen isn't fancy. Oh, we got bodies. Finally in front of Stuart Skinner. I almost called him Jeff. Didn't, though. Didn't call him Jeff. His name is not Jeff.


It is Stuart. Whoa. Broken up by cody cc I understand why steve's a little upset. Here's the thing. The Edmonton Oilers have done a good job, at least in the last series, of putting Cody Cece in positions where he can succeed. The Toronto Maple Leaf said, cody Cece, you are a number one defenseman with Morgan riley. You're a first pairing guy. The Edmonton Oilers have not been that stupid this year. And then the oil, and then the Leafs were like, hey, he played great for us. Don't think so. How could he? It's like asking me to complete a calculus test and then me failing, and them going, you did great. Can't do it. It's not what I'm built for. But Cece's been very useful for the Oilers this series, and he scored a goal because Paul Coffey asked him to shoot more. John Acosta, so, Oilers, huh? It's looking a little oiler ish right now, but I will say this, as the Oilers kill the penalty, another one in this series, they are still perfect on the pk. I believe that's 27 consecutive pks. Now that they've killed 27 straight penalty kills that the Oilers have killed.


Can I just throw that out there? How crazy that is? Anyway, I want to say this. Whichever team in this series has won the second period has won the game. Game one, it was Edmonton. Game two and three, it was Dallas, and every single time. And I mean this, there have been leads built up by the other team. They come out flat in the second period, and that has been the deciding factor in the game. So it's great that the Oilers are up to nothing despite having three shots. Yeah, maybe you do need to save from under. Maybe you have a good point, Sadeen. Magic. The end of the day, it's going to come down to how the Oilers come out in the second period and how the Dallas Stars come out and who wins. Pete, Deborah's got to make some adjustments here. They are just not getting the bodies on Stuart Skinner. You can talk about the shots that they have. Most of them have been chest shots. Not a lot of rebounds like what we just saw there. Not a lot of bodies on Stuart Skinner like we just saw there, and we got 2.5 seconds left in the period.


It is too late to do too much. Although respect to Sam Steele, I think he's giving up, like six or seven inches under an elders there now s John Adam. If you could, hockey. If you cover one sport besides hockey and f one, what would it be? Is a good question. What, what would I want to do? Think about that. Uh, so no hockey and no, I'm going to assume no auto racing at all. Um, that's a really, really good question. I think the sport I know the most about next would be either baseball or football. You know what? Screw it. NFL. I'd have to be a lot smarter than what I am, though, I don't. I, you know, I love, I grew up loving the NFL. I'm a Steelers fan. They're the first team I ever cheered for them. Won a championship in 2006, baby. But I do want to say that I don't know football. Like, football fanatics know football. And a lot of that comes down to the fact that for the last eleven years, I've been devoting most of my winters to hockey and getting to learn the sport. It's very, very, you know, it's hard to get this deep.


Are either of these teams taking the Panthers and how. Wiggleman. Yeah, I think they can. It's going to come down to this, like, so here's a big factor. Let's say it's the Oilers. The Oilers have to get ten out of ten. Corey Perry worm behavior. You need Darnell nurse to crush some bodies. Maybe Vinnie DeHarna gets into a couple of games because he's just big and brutish, but he's got to use his size and he's got to crush guys. You got to have, you got to be, you got to have your shitheads be capped. Like super shithead Evander Cain. He can't be hurt. You can't have him hurt. You need him. Like, you need him being aggressive because they're. Cuz Kacuuck's going right after McDavid. Like, it's like they're. Sam, Ben is going right after dry saddle. They're gonna do it like, and I don't think the Oilers have had a lot of targeting in the playoffs. The Panthers will target you. They will target your head. They will target your wrists. They'll slash you. They'll do anything they can to take you not just out of the game, but out of the series. So you got to kind of look for that.


And Stuart Skinner better be prepared, because they're going to run them over and over and over again. You saw shish Durkin, like, pushing guys and shove it. You know what I mean? It's going to happen for the Dallas Stars if they get in again. I think the same thing. This series has been pretty gentlemanly. There hasn't been a lot of hatred in this series. Like, there isn't a lot of pushing and shoving after the whistle, and it's not really Dallas's game to get into that shit. And I think Florida actually is a pretty solid matchup against, you know, if you're a Florida Panther fan, you're probably hoping for Dallas, because you know that there's a bunch of young players on the Dallas stars who are not used to this, who don't really have to deal with this shit on a regular basis. And you can mess them up. You can get inside their heads. You can get them frustrated, get them taken. Retaliatory penalties. They're small. They're more finesse team. Like, who on the Dallas Stars is gonna fight Ryan Lomberg. Ryan Lomberg, who's, by the way, five nine and a lunatic. Who's gonna fight him anyway.


Grumpy old madman. Adam, your thoughts on Marner to La for Pierre Luc Dubois? A second and a third. Thanks for the show. No, uh uh. No chance. Don't want them, love. You know what? I want to tell you something. As much as I think Marner's going to get traded this offseason, I still like Mitch Marner a lot. I've. I've liked Pierre Luc Dubois less and less and less with every trade. And it's not just. It's not just the way he played this year. It's the fact that, you know, I repeat this story often. But we were in Montreal for the draft when Slavkovsky was, was drafted. And you know who else was there? Dubois and his agent. Because he thought he was getting traded to Montreal. And he was super mad and disappointed that he didn't get traded there. And he had just got to Winnipeg. This guy's requested and pushed his way out of two markets. He finally goes to one of the best markets in the league. Los Angeles, baby. Two time Stanley cup winning team. Miracle on Manchester, second home away and Gretzky the first home being Edmonton. Can't take that away from them.


And this guy does nothing. And I know he had a coach fired midway through the year and stuff like that, but bad, bad. There's no excuse for him playing on the fourth line. So no, I do not want Pierre Luc Dubois to be playing for the Leafs. I hope he has a good season. But I'm not a fan and you know, I have seen him play well. I'll tell you, you're a Jets fan and PlD in the playoffs for you. He played great. Like he earned that contract last year. Nobody batted an eye at LA signing that deal or making that trade. Nobody. Nobody. But, you know, that's a Mark Berger thing. And when you hire Mark Bergerman, you get what you pay for. It's a John day. Jeff versus Jeff in the. Jeff. Jeff Stern conference. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff Skinner. Stop it. We're not saying Jeff Skinner today. We're saying Stuart Skinner. Okay, now I'm going to run a quick clip. I'm going to get a coffee. And here we go. CJ show with one of the free agent stories of the summer. Will Steven Stamco stay in Tampa? And what will Carolina do with Marty Nietzsche?


One of the most interesting guys available for trade, apparently right now. Have a look.


Stamco's obviously hoping to remain a member of the Lightning, but, you know, it's not as simple as that. You know, we've seen Tampa lose a number of players due to the free agent squeeze and they've, you know, since traded for Ryan McDonough again, which, you know, is another 6.75 million added to their cap sheet. Very good player. But, you know, it seems to me that they're going to have to make another move. Other moves, maybe not even just for Stamkos. I mean, just as part of the due course of building out the team. And so can they get all that done in the next, you know, it's under five weeks till July 1, which is pretty crazy. Get your candidate plans ready. And for those of us in the hockey media, that's a pretty big day in terms of counting down to a little bit of a break. So, you know, I think that's, that one's kind of, I just say ongoing, but unclear how it's all going to fall out. And, you know, I'm fascinated to see. I mean, one part of me is the sentimentalist in me is like, man, it's just hard to imagine Stamko is playing anywhere else and all that.


But if he actually, and, you know, if gets to free agency, I mean, be pretty interesting to learn which teams, you know, really prioritize him, make a strong pitch, what, what he prioritizes in this. I mean, this is a guy that's really got nothing to prove, right? He's got his two Stanley Cups and 500 plus goals, 500 plus assists. I mean, just a tremendous career. And so it's, I'm sure, a partly lifestyle decision for him and his family, but does he really want to chase the cup? Is it about maximizing his earning potential? All those things? I don't know how that would fall, and I don't think his mind's quite there just yet. So in terms of the names right at the top, that's sort of where we're at it. As I mentioned, Reinhardt, he's still playing. I think he'd like to remain in Florida. Florida like to keep him, but not a lot of time to negotiate when you're preparing for a game in the Eastern Conference. Finally.


Okay, I had a question about number five on the list, Brady Shea. I wonder what his situation will be. And I think this could also be a good way to loop in the marty najous angle to this as well, because it seems as if with nature's possibly being available, teams are checking in on him. And I've heard from pure LeBron say that maybe Carolina would want an established player. Would it make sense? Say, like if, if Carolina realizes, you know what, Brady Shea, it might be a bit too expensive, we let him go to market. They would want an established defenseman in return for muddy natures. Am I galaxy braining this a little bit?


No, I don't think they're locked in that it has to be a defenseman, but it makes a lot of sense. I mean, in addition to Brady Shea, they've got Brett Pesci, who's a Ufa and likely to depart as, as a free agent. So, you know, the Hurricanes, for sort of some of the stability they've had, certainly the consistent regular season success and even early playoff success, they've had. They're poised here, I think, to turn over a decent part of the roster between even guys like Jordan Martin, ooks, the UFA table, Terravinen as well. I mean, there's a lot of different players that could walk out the door gentle and, you know, they're also looking at possibly trading Marty Nacchett. So I think, you know, where they've established the bar is they want an established player, you know, call it as you will star like quality. I mean, that that's in the eyes of the beholder, of course. I mean, Marty Najis has a fantastic package of skills, but 53 points last season, I don't know if we classify that as star level exactly. And I think there's a lot that goes into that. I think a big part of that is why he's maybe welcoming or looking forward to the possibility of a new home.


So I don't think you're galaxy braining it. Shade's going to get a monster contract. I don't think it's a stretch to see him getting something like seven times seven ish on the market, something in that range. If he becomes, you know, a total UFA and has the whole league to bid on his services. I mean, really useful player. Put up a lot of points. Underlying numbers are strong. I mean, I just think that he's probably between him or Pesci or maybe Matt Roy in LA. I mean, that's probably the group of defensemen at the top of the free agent class. I mean, some of that is stylistic. They're not all, obviously they're not apples to apples in terms of what they bring a blue line. But I'm just talking in terms of, you know, defensemen. You know, Chris Tanv as well should mention, you know, who you can probably plug into a top four on most teams who can, you know, have played a lot of minutes and who are in the right age band, especially the first three guys I mentioned to give a longer term deal to. So, you know, I don't know how it's all going to shake out in Carolina.


They do things their own way and as much as that can be panned, I think it makes them interesting. And it seems to me that Tom Dunbins operating philosophy has been, if you don't want to be here, he's fine to let people walk out the door. He was fine to let Don Waddell leave. He was fine to let Don interview for the GM job in Minnesota years ago, and he still retained his title ultimately as Hurricanes GM. So it does seem to me that they value the players at a certain spot, and if you don't, if you want more, then go somewhere else. And as a result of that, they got tons of cap space. They're an interesting team when it comes to trades. They have a big trade piece in nature who has drawn a ton of interest right now, and they can also go out and sign other free agents as well. So I think that they're, they have to be one of the main teams to watch just because they have all of the elements there where they're obviously trying to win still, and they've got some notable guys likely headed out the door and then the ability to bring some notable players back in to try and replace them.


And, you know, for nature, it sounds like, you know, a lot of interest, whether it's Montreal's called on them, Boston, Nashville, you know, I really think a lot of teams looking to upgrade themselves offensively see a player that maybe they could use a little differently than the Hurricanes did, that that's maybe poised for a step forward that could benefit from a fresh start. And, you know, it sounds like if that deal gets done here, it's going to be a hockey type trade versus just dumping a bunch of future assets for Marty niches.


And we didn't even mention the fact that Eric Tulski, who is now the interim GM in wake of Don Waddell leaving, that's the man in charge of the Carolina hurricanes offseason, you get dumped into. I mean, not necessarily dumped. It's not as if you came in from a different organization, but still getting promoted to this situation. That is another angle to follow. Sure.


And look, Tulski was extremely involved in the decision making that happened already on their hockey operations decisions. I mean, where this is different is now he's the point person on those conversations with other GM's. You know, it's not. It's not just him analyzing what might be good or bad. It's actually kind of being in the trenches for lack of a better way to put it, to, you know, mucking around, trying to get the deal to a certain spot, dealing with, you know, I'm sure he's been around the league long enough. Tulski must have relationships with a lot of these people, but maybe not. Certainly not to level Don Waddell. Did, you know, just given how much longer, how much more tenure he has in the NHL and has dealt with all the other GM's for 20 years instead of now two weeks. So that'll be. You're right. It's interesting, but I'll say this, Carolina have not lost many trades in the last number of years. I mean, every team's going to miss on the odd player or make a bad decision. I just think that even the best teams are, are in that, that sort of position.


But, you know, they, they've done a really nice job and Tulski's been part of that front office and part of a lot of those decisions. And that's why, I mean, look, they're our chaos team. Honestly, I think that they're the team that can really shake things up here between now and the draft because I just think that they got a lot of moving parts and the new GM and it would appear right now probably the best trade piece.


I'd say.


It's not to say there aren't better players that might end up getting traded, but I think it's pretty clear that Natris is very available, whereas some other players it just. We'll see where it ends up. I think teams are listening on their guys but aren't as committed to moving them. Whereas it sounds like NatJs really wants a fresh start. I think the organization is willing to try to give that to them if they can make a deal they deem fair.


So what do we think? What do we think about nietzsches? What do we think about Stammer? I still think it's a way better story of stamcoast goes like I, as an, as an agent of chaos, I think it's cool to see, it'd be cool to see him go just for the story. But I mean, I'll be honest, the nostalgia factor from wah about him and Tampa, it does, it would seem wrong. It's going to feel like Medana wearing a Detroit jersey. It's going to feel wrong. Right. So he'll probably stay. But Nietzsche's man, what a, what a compelling player. The Calgary Flames angle there is. That is the crazy one. And if you've missed the talk about it, Nietzsche's was the centerpiece of the deal that would have sent Matthew Kaczuk to Carolina. And you think about how different history would be. What are the Florida Panthers? Is, is, is Andrew Brunette the coach still in Florida? Is Paul Maurice hired? If Matthew Kachuk is there, do they play like this? Does Bobroski have this crazy career resurgence at 34 years old after a bad regular season and ride this team all the way to the finals?


I don't think any of that stuff happens. And how different are the Carolina hurricanes with Matthew Kachuk running rough shot for them. And then. And then on top of that, Marty Nietzsche, as much as, you know, listen, we'll look at Huberto. And I still maintain that Huberto making what he makes has everything to do with the fact that he had 72 assists that year. It was crazy. He had a crazy year. And. And so. Okay, what was Bradshaw living going to do? He had kind of had to. He traded for him. He was forced to trade. Do you bring back the guy that has 72 assists? You just made it to the second round. Your window, you believe is right now, you got Markstrom. You got a really good defense core. How could you not score with a guy that gets 72 assists? And yet, they didn't. They didn't. And Murray Edwards is, you know, I think plays a big role in Calgary. Murray's their owner or their majority share owner. So I think that that that plays into it as well. Maybe Nietzsche was considered too young or whatever, but damn, how different the future would have been.


Can you imagine? By the way. Oh, this is a producer, Hayden. In the last 134 minutes and 33 seconds of the Western Conference final, the aggregate score is ten to one for the Edmonton Oilers. Why 134 minutes, I wonder? I'm going to tweet. CJ, where's reporter Chris? I'm gonna. I'm gonna tweet them. Here we go. Is there anything. So that's 134 minutes is how many periods? That is 60 minutes. That's. I guess that counts the overtime game, right? Does that count, the overtime game? No. I can't even remember anymore. Anyway, it's after Dallas scored the second goal in game four. There you go. Thank you. Matthew Townsend. And we were talking about that earlier. What a crazy turnaround the Oilers had. That was our Boston pizza show night. Telling you. Telling you. Wow. Full send. Stammer stammered to the Leafs. I don't think Sam close is coming here. He had his chance, and I get why he stayed. And look how it worked out for him. Three Stanley cup final appearances, two cups. Dude, he made the right call. I do wonder what the lease would look like with him on them versus Tavares, because he would have been the captain.


And by the way, I say that as a fan of Johnny T. I do like Johnny. Toronto, Stamkos and Crosby in Colorado. That would be interesting. Dude, if car. If Crosby ever left Colorado, there are two teams I'd love to see him play, or, sorry, if you ever left Pittsburgh, I'd love to see him play in Colorado with. With Nathan. But I also kind of think it would be fun if, for whatever reason the Montreal Canadiens could surprise people next year. You always get some young team that surprises, and then Sid plays another year in Pittsburgh probably doesn't go well. And then he's like, okay, maybe I'm open to it. And the Montreal Canadiens, with a ton of young assets and draft picks, can jumpstart the Pittsburgh Penguins and their rebuild. Right? And Crosby goes to the Montreal Canadiens for the last two, three years of his career, his childhood favorite team. Just saying. Be a cool story. Listen, I'd rather play for the Leafs, but I don't think that's an option. So in. In the interest of that. In the interest of content. Crosby to the Habs. Let's go. 1946, we got a second period underway.


The house has outshot the Edmonton Oilers four by 412 to 312. Four times is what I mean. Not by four. Four times as many shots. And honestly, a lot of them have been, you know, chest saucer to the chest of Stewart. Skiddable. That one got behind, though. Oh, baby. Jamie. Ben almost got one there. Remember this? The team that wins the second period in this series wins the game. It's happened every single time. And let me say, I had producer Hayden look this up in the. In the intermission. Two goal blown, two goal leads. There have been three in this series already. Now, you might say, well, Adam and six games, that's all. Every other game, somebody blows a two goal lead. And it's interesting because it's always two goals. And if you go back that 134 minutes, probably now 135 minutes that CJ was talking about, Dallas had a two goal lead. Edmonton came back and said, I don't think so, man. I don't know. It's. There's something to it. Now, does Edmonton buck that trend as they have with many things in this series? They the first team to score a power play goal in this series.


Oh, here comes McDavid looking fast pass Haskennin. Nobody up with him, but four Dallas stars all over him, and he still gets the shot, by the way, we had the. Every once in a while I'm talking here and I'm loud enough, and there's like a Siri that goes off in the background. It's really weird. A little bit creepy. A little bit creepy. Little bit creepy. Grumpy old man, old madman. Lol. Thought that might get a rant. However, there's two sides to every story. Also, a little respect for a man who just played for your country. Interested in captain John Tavares opinion? That's grumpy old madman. Super chat that I missed. Sorry grumpy old madman. I think John Tavares was rejuvenated by the, by the world championships. I don't think there's any way he's going anywhere. And I think July 2, he signs an extension for term and really cheap dollars to stay in Toronto for the next three to four years. That's what I think is happening with Tavares. He's not moving. Steve Dangle in the super chat. Zach Hyman, 14 goals in 17 and a half games in these playoffs. Mitch Marner, eleven goals in 57 career playoff games.


Stephen, why must. You don't need to. You didn't need to do that. I think Julian Mackenzie said it in our CJ show chat perfectly. He's like the playoffs are just leaf fans finding ways, finding stats and then stabbing themselves with them. And I thought that was very true. Here we go. Edmonton. McDavid. Oh, he missed the net. Oh, baby. Wraparound oiler behind Ottinger. Oh, man. I thought McDavid had a second goal there. Aaron Grace now do Steve. Now do Hymens leaf playoff numbers? I would like to know that. Probably not great, although I have to be honest, not exactly fitter. Zach Hyman, he blew a knee in the Boston series and they kept playing him and made him play center on the PK because Mike Babcock, aside from being a psychopath off the ice with people, alleged psychopath off the ice with people, also made really bad decisions. That's the thing. People forget about Mike Babcock. But Detroit fans know Mike Babcock made a ton of bad decisions, bad matchup decisions, stupid ideas that never worked. But a man with an ego cannot be stopped. Oh, Maverick Bork, getting things going for the Dallas Stars.


We talked about him a little bit. 77 points in 71 AHL games this year. One of the things that people forget about the AHL is they think it's easy. It's actually a very, very tough league. A lot of tough guys in it who are trying to crack NHL lineups. You get a lot of guys like Maverick Bork who are young and smaller or finesse players, and then you get these freaking animals who are like, I need, I need to get my six games in the show. How do I get on someone's radar? Let me, let me target their bet, their big boys. And for, for players to get a point a game in the AHL, it's actually extremely impressive. So the fact that he did, good for him. Good for him. Action Jackson, your speed is ahead of Sportsnet. Well, I'm right in line with. I'm on Shaw ignite. So that's, that's the one I'm using now. If you were to tell me that, that it's superior to Sportsnet, I could listen to that. Hello, Sportsnet. Execs watching. Coffee's hot, baby. This is my, one of our Nashville, Tennessee, mugs from the draft last year, by the way, be on the lookout.


We're going to be doing a draft stream for the first round. It's going to be part a. I was reading an article that came out May 24 saying Mitch had no interest in waving his no move. I don't know who reported that, but there is no indication one way or the other. So anybody reporting that is wrong, they're wrong. And I know that hasn't been discussed will be discussed. Apparently, I missed a super chat. Is it from Steve Dangle? It's not. Oh, it's from Duke. Ding, ding. Hello, Duke. Ding, ding. What kind of foot stuff we get into tonight? Well, listen, Duke, nothing till we hit a thousand likes. Nothing till we hit a thousand likes. Duke. Ding, ding. Okay, so you tell me what kind of foot stuff you want to do. Gripper nation, 1512 left in the second period. Dallas has come out flying, although Edmonton's got the better chances. I would say McDavid for sure almost had a goal and has looked real good tonight, along with Zach. Zach. Zach Hyman. It's been a really great night for the Edmonton Oilers. Looking at, at least for the chances that they do get.


The Evanston Oilers seem to be making the best of them, and a lot of them have been shots that just go wide, so maybe they will. I'd love to see the actual scoring chances created rather than the shots. I wish they showed that on the bug. I don't know if anybody's got access to that right now, but I'll tell you something. I feel like it's a little more even than what we're seeing on the screen right now for, in terms of actual shots counted or we are we, like, spiking right now. 478, not bad. 1412 left in the second period. Ryan Nugent, Hopkins, Adam Henryk. I think Nuge is going off for the change there. Henry deep. He's been key for the Oilers since coming back. Great on the pk. Nice little goal in game three or game four on a setup from Connor Brown. I think it was game three, actually. They lost that game, but that was it. I can't get that goal out of my head. And by the way, when Connor Brown scores, whether it's a goal or an assist. He, like, yelps. He's like a puppy. He's, like, so excited, so pumped.


He's had a tough year, but he's looked real good in these playoffs. Big save by Stuart Skinner, and he manages the rebound really well as well. And that is key because Marchmont was right there on the doorstep, exactly where you'd want him to be if you're a Dallas Stars fan. Ready to put that away? Nice little save by our boy Stuart Skinner. Oh, say again? It was Sagan. Nevermind. Just saying. A little spicy there, Oilers fans. They're looking a little, looking a little flat. Listen, it's not been a great start to the second period for the Oilers. Get for that McDavid line. Just saying. I'm just going to chug this coffee, guys. I'm not going to lie. Two goals. My name is Jeff. Jeff, let's. You guys are trying to make me say Jeff Skinner. It's Stuart Skidder. Jeff Skitter hasn't played in the playoffs yet, but damn it, he deserves to. Jacqueline K. Dallas, keeping the pressure on. Yes, Jacqueline. Yes, Jacqueline. If there are at least 200 of us, the number should not reach it until the stream ends. 529. Okay, listen, you know the grip. You know, gripper content starts at 1000.


You know what happens at 1500, and you know what happens at 2000, right? 1500. Double grip. 2000. We'll have to come up with something. You get me that many likes, we're cooking, baby. But it is Jeff Skinner. No, meme Express. No, meme Empress. I called you meme express every time. It's Meme Empress. No, it isn't. Dean Thibodeau. I can't wait for Adam's vip breakdown of the Jeremy Renner app. Guys, if you're a new member of SDP VIP, first off, go check the vip episodes out. They're awesome. They're all non hockey hilarious. But, guys, I'm going to do a little breakdown of one of the greatest pop culture moments in history, unfortunately erased by the pandemic. One of the greatest. I don't know if you know this, but Jeremy Renner, the Archer guy from the Avengers, whatever it was, it Hawkeye. Hawkeye. I don't know. I got bored with the Avengers after a few movies. Hawkeye is weird. He's weird. He's weird. Started his own social media. The responses were incredible. They're amazing. It's very much, though. 18 plus. I will throw that out there. 1336 left in the second period. Oilers driving the zone with Dalit or sorry, I dry sidle out phantom.


A clown. Broken up. Dallas turns it back the other way. Incomes? Duchenne producer. Drew's favorite player loves a Matt Duchenne. As a Colorado fan. Who couldn't love Matt Duchenne? Who wouldn't love Matt Duchenne? McLeod up. We're going to get a change here. Oiler. Second line going off. Lindell is out there with ten f. That's interesting. They were broken up the last couple of games because they were not great. Harley and Tanf are the pairings tonight with Lindell and Hasken and Souter and Petrovic have been together all series. Ah, crushing coffees. Feeling good on a Sunday night. Adam? How dare you? We abs fans resent him. We disowned him. No, he. You mean. You mean soon to be potentially listening. Does it, does it. Does it get you mad as fans that Duchenne had a more successful playoff this year than you? And you'll be like, we won the cup. Yeah, but you didn't win the cup this year. Duchenne's closer to the cup than you are. What if Duchenne leads the comeback? Abs fans against the Edmonton Oilers? What if it's all Matt Duchenne? And by the way, it's Matt Duchenne's fault that we have video review across the league for.


For offsides. It is his fault. You should look it up. It's painful, actually, when you see it. Don't know how the lines been. Missed it again. I told you, they're useless. 17 to six are the shots for Dallas now. But again, I feel like scoring chances have to be a little closer to even. Dallas has had a really good start to this period, though. And I have mentioned this. You win the second period in this series, you win the game. Each team that's won the second period has won the game. Oh, Desa. The douche. The douche. I'm gonna call him the douche. The douche comeback redemption arc would be awesome. Just saying. 4k likes during a Stanley cup final stream and Steve paints Adam's toenails. I don't know if Steve's still watching the stream, but if we could get. Listen, I would do that if we got a thousand subscribers. A thousand paid subscribers. Subscribers on one stream. And I would be like. It would be like an involved, like, I could go like you're talking. You do all ten toenails. I'll get a pedicure and everything. Whatever you need. Paint them toes. Steve, Adam.


Follow european soccer more. It's low key, fantastic. Don't root for Manchester. Or Real Madrid. Okay, I do want to talk about this on one of my streams. You know, I will be doing streams, by the way, after the playoffs, too. Like, I'm gonna do some other stuff. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna figure it out. Maybe do some fallout or video game street. I don't know. But what I will tell you is I still have yet to make up my mind on which team I need to be cheering for. I think it might be Liverpool, guys. I think it might be Liverpool. Yeah. Adam, your feet. People are wild. You mean hashtag gripper nation? I mean gripper nation is the greatest. Producer Hayden has scoring chances. Stats. Can you send them to me over text Hayden? He's going to send them to me because I want to see where we're at. I don't know. Listen, do I think Dallas is out chance the Oilers? Yes. Do I think they've out chanced them by the margin that we're seeing on the shot counter? No. What if Duchenne was 35ft offside? And then the league would be like, we need to get a grip on our offsides.


You know you're old when you verbally add hashtag yo meme Empress. I'm not old. I'm not even middle aged. I am an elder millennial, which means I have not hit middle aged yet. Actually, elder millennials are older than me. But whatever producer Hayden stats God has given me the high danger scoring chances and just scoring chances in general. So scoring chances in general right now, midway through the game, because we're exactly like 30 minutes and 30 seconds through the game, Dallas has nine scoring chances, Edmonton five. But here's the key difference, and this is what I was talking about. High danger scoring chances, which. It's a bit subjective, but I think at this point, we kind of get high danger scoring chances. The Dallas Stars have five of them. The Evan toilet. The Edmonton Oilers have four. And here's the thing. I would. I would bet that two of those they've converted on. That's why I think this game is not Steve. Steve is in. Steve is in for the toenail painting. Let's go. Let's go. Steve Dangle, everybody. Let's go. That's funny. Steve Dagel. Adam, where is your family origin? Mostly from near Liverpool.


No, we were southern. We were, like, more Essex or Wessex or whatever it is down there. But we were close to London. But I just went to Liverpool once and I had the best time. I love Liverpool. I had such a blast and people from Manchester. Like, what, you like scousers? And I was like, yeah, I kind of do. It was cool when like they have. Do you know that the city of Liverpool is home to more number one hits on the Billboard charts than anywhere else in the world? And like 46, there's like 51. 46 of them are the beatles. But another one is Frankie goes to Hollywood. You know, relax, don't do it. One of the first homoerotic songs of the eighties. Look up the lyrics, you'll know what I'm talking about. And the guy, the guy that sang in Frankie goes to Hollywood. This is crazy. We did like a music tour when I was there. The guy that sang in Frankie goes to Hollywood, that big eighties, huge hit. His brother was doing the tour. He's like, yeah, that's my brother. I was like, what? This is crazy. It's a very nice guy.


I forget his name. Super nice. How many fake accounts can you make on YouTube? I don't know. Why do you need to know that? Trinket 2.0. Everything about the eighties was kind of homoerotic. That's true. That's true. That's why we like them. We love, you know. You know, it's funny is a song that's really homoerotic about a small town, small town kid leaving because leaving his small town in England and going to the big city is that Bronski beat song that, you know when, you know, you guys have tick tock where they're asking. I want to ask my parents how they used to dance this song in the eighties. And you hear that in the background, that's Bronski beat. That is a song about being gay in the eighties in a small town. A lot of people didn't know that at the time. And now you know. Okay, here we go. Face off. Now, I'll be honest with you. For whatever reason right now, the Rogers ignite app is not doing great for me. So I'm losing the stream at the moment. I'm going to have to reset my stream, so you're just going to have to give me a minute.


I don't know if it's the Internet in the area, which does tend to drop in this area from time to time. It's super weird. So just give me a second. I'm not actually watching the game at the moment. The Internet in the studio is not fabulous. Oh, here we go. We're back. And we're back at full volume. And they just cracked my ears yet. Internet's not looking great, you guys. Tell me what's going on? You guys articulate the game to me because I don't know what's happening here. Yeah. I got tellus, baby. And. Yeah. Hey, happy pride month. That's true, too. That's true. There we go. 824 in the second period. She. Yeah. You know what? You're right, action Jackson. It's just too many people streaming the game online. Too many Oilers fans saying, we need this. Man, I cannot believe. I cannot believe that this is. My stream keeps cutting out. So here's what I'm gonna do. You guys can still see me, right? We're gonna put on. By the way, leafs prospect Easton Cowan is. Apparently, his team is taking on the Saginaw spirit in the Memorial cup, and they're getting caved. They're getting caved.


Everybody's saying, go to Starlink is Starlink. I don't think you can get Starlink in the city, can you? I'm at the SD PN studios. The Internet should be working here. I said, I'll try the sportsnet app, see how it goes. I still don't have anything. This is weird. This has not happened all playoffs. Can you guys tell me what's going on? Am I missing anything? Just logging into the sports net app. Why is this happening now? If I have to use the Sportsnet app, unfortunately, it's going to mean I'm a little behind, so you're going to have to align streams with me. Okay. The Sportsnet app seems to be using or working right now, so we'll go to that 738 in the second period. Super strange that that would be happening that way, but here we go, 738. Clapping for the face off. Linesman refuses to drop it because he sucks kicking a Dallas player out. I gotta be honest with you. I cannot stand it. So Duchenne is out. Marsh Marchman is in. Almost said, marsh. And acid flashbacks. There. There goes Hymen man. Hyman McDavid tonight. Listen, Nooch was the hero last game.


Hymen and McDavid are like, you know what? We'll take it today. You did. You did your job. Nudge. We got two power play goals out of you. You just sit this one out. Hymen's going to use his butt. McDave is going to use his feet. It's going to be great. That guy from Canada set your stream to steal. I wish I knew how. There are so many people that are so crafty about that, and I'm like, I'm too old to be stealing media. I feel bad about it, and I say this as a purveyor of free media, mostly stars pushing way too late. I don't know. I think there's lots of time left. You know, one thing I should asked stats God producer Hayden was. I should have asked him when those breakdowns happened, but I can tell you at least two of them happened after the first period. These. These two goal meltdowns that have happened in this series three different times, three different games, we've seen two goal leads blown. You know, and if you were looking at it right now, just based on the shot counter, you'd be like, yeah, it looks like Edmondson's going to blow one here, too.


The high danger scoring chances are not as high for Dallas as you would expect. It's like five four. Edmonton has been very efficient with their shots. When they get a high danger scoring chance, they convert. Dallas. Not as much. I think Dallas needs a little bit more body in front and rebound, although I like to see Maverick Bork in there. Natalie gifted ten memberships. Woo. Natalie with the Jessie face on it. I think that's my Natalie. I think that's my wife. Yeah, I think that is my wife, Natalie. But she's got Jesse's face up there because he's her favorite. He's most people's favorite. Everybody say hi, Natalie. Hi, Natalie. Natalie saying hi, everyone. Hi, Natalie. Oh, Johnson. I thought he had one there. Oh, Dallas is just not converting. If you're a Stars fan, you're upset right now. Like, what do we got to do? What do we got to do? How many feet do we have to look at? As a Keynes fan, Florida got some sweet revenge against New York and that obnoxious Rangers fan base. Hello from us in Carolina, Matthew Brown. You know, I have to be honest with you, as a Leaf fan, I can't ever remember in my time the Leafs and Rangers ever having that much of a contentious rivalry, which is kind of strange because, you know, leafs in Montreal, obviously.


Leafs in Boston, obviously. I can. I've seen Toronto, Detroit have some nasty games, like original six matchups, things like that. Toronto, New Yorker. It's always like a little bit business. It's like two accountants going head to head. That's Stuart Skinner's 20th save of the game. The man's been real good. But I'll say Dallas is doing something a little bit different in this period. This is one of the first times we've seen them. Five on five. Sustained ozone pressure with guys in front of the net. Oilers, break that up. Look like a dangerous pass there. Dry sidle chip and chase around Harley and beats him to the puck. So Tanf's got to cover him off. You know, I got to tell you, I'm really, really impressed, really impressed by what Edmonton does on defense. It's, it's, it's really impressive. Now, if they have to play the Florida Panthers in the next round, which if they hold that on the leave for almost exactly 23, 2125 more minutes and the Edmonton Oilers are in the Stanley Cup, I just want to throw that out there. If they, if they want to do this in the, in the finals, they got to be prepared for the fact that Sam Bennett is going to spear them in the balls the entire time they do it.


Super chats here. What do we got? Wiggleman would love to watch follow for stream or series of videos. I love Jesse streams, but I have so much bad blood for Chell. It's distracting. Yeah, you know what, guys? I gotta be honest. I want to love the NHL games. I used to love the NHL games, but they used to get better every year. There used to be legitimate upgrades every year, like where you're like, oh, my God, this blew my mind. I can't believe how much better this game is than it was last year, to the point where you'd forget last year's game even existed. And from everything I've seen, the exception of the graphics and some gameplay stuff, the games have kind of gotten thinner. And I like stuff. I don't like to just play online because I'm in my thirties, man. I don't have a lot of time. So I want to like build a team and go deep, do what Jesse's doing on his streams basically. And they took away some of the fun stuff about that. Remember when you used to have to unlock the two phones, like NHL 2005, the lockout year one.


I think Naslin's on the COVID Marcus Naslin. Dude, that game was sick. It was so good. You'd get emails from players going, please don't trade me. I remember, I remember like as an, as a GM in that, in that game, I got an email from Pavel bure because I was the GM of the New York Rangers and it said please don't, please don't trade me. Even though I haven't played very well. That used to happen. Can you believe that? Dude? What happened? Ah, EA needs to add podcasters to the, to the game mode in threes. I would love to do that. Listen, I want to love the NHL games when they come out. I want to love the f one games when EA puts them out. But I don't, I don't. I bought f 120 21 because I wanted to get that, you know, because I think that was the year EA took it over. And then I bought 2022. And both of them were the same. They just updated the stats, brother. It's like I just wasted. I just felt like I wasted money. And then they're like, oh, we've got this cool story mode and.


And. But you're not gonna get it every year. You're gonna get the story mode every other year. So you got this Aiden Jackson character and every two years will give you a story. What are you doing eleven months of the year, you can't get that Aiden Jackson voice actor in to make a new story. Come on, guys. SDPN account f one has taken a bit of a jump since then. Well, I hope so. FIFA is the best EA game, no question. Every time you play FIFA, it's. It's crazy with the things you can do in that game. And that's what's so tantalizing about it. You're like, yo, if you can do that with FIFA, can't you just copy that feature and put it in the NHL game? Can't you just do that? I would love to do that. Sad Leafs fan, of which there are many. Adam, as a fellow Steelers fan, do you have faith in Russell Wilson and Justin Fields? Make me believe. Listen, I'll tell you this. Here's what's going to happen. Russell Wilson is there. You guys remember that scene from moneyball? Here I am being Steve Dangle, where Brad Pitt goes in and talks to David justice.


And David just is like, you're paying me $7 million. And. And Billy Bean, Brad Pitt's character, goes, no, I'm paying you $3.5 million. The Yankees are paying you $3.5 million to not play for them. What do you think that says about you? Or what does that say about what they think about you? And, you know, I think for, um. For the. For Russell Wilson, he's gonna want redemption after what happened. Whoa, here we go. Hold on, hold on. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Yeah, I think Russell Wilson's going to want. He came into Denver and he was really spoiled and he played like crap and, like, had his own office and weird stuff. And, like, there was a bunch of weird reports out of Denver about him. As long as Russell Wilson gets a grip, because he's weird, he's still got talent. And then I think Justin Fields actually is a great quarterback. And I have. I'm one of these weird Steeler fans who has never wanted Mike Tomlin to be fired. So I think what happens is Russell Wilson comes in, I think he'll play okay. And then they're going to give Justin Fields a chance.


He's going to learn under Russ, and maybe it takes a season, maybe only half a season. Oh, nurse should have got a high stick penalty there. Nurse absolutely should get a high stick penalty there. He didn't get one, but he got. He got away with it. I think Fields takes over, and I think he does a great job. That guy's got a ton of talent. If you watched him play in college, he's crazy. So you should believe CJ impossible films. Adam and STP, thank you for the streams. Only way for me to follow the playoffs where I am. What's a polar bears favorite food? Gripper nation burgers. Where are you that you can't watch the playoffs and you can only watch on YouTube? Here comes that stank open line again. Cece breaks it up. As a Leaf fan. CC breaks it up is a phrase I cannot relate to. Action Jackson. Don't celebrate too early. True, true. Listen, there are 22 minutes and 36 seconds left in this game. There is plenty of time for Dallas to get back in. I mean, we saw how close it looked when New York scored. Like, when Panard scored, we were like, maybe they can do this.


CJ impossible films. I work in rural Oklahoma. Working a Renaissance festival. Whoa. All right. I guess there's not a lot of Internet out there. Well, we're happy to have you along, man. At least there's enough Internet for. For you to stream us, and I'm thrilled about it. Super chat just above c shade impossible films. I'm sorry if I miss it. Oh, nightmare LLC. Marner for Larson, McCann and Ferkus. And a second and a fifth. Man. Nothing would make me happier than to see Jared McCann back in a leaf jersey where he belongs. Remember, the Leafs wanted to keep Kerfoot and hall over Jared McCann. Boo. Hiss. Tomato, tomato, tomato. I like Larson again, I didn't like the way the Oilers deployed Larson. I think he got overmatched a lot because the Oilers had nobody else on defense. But I like Adam Larson, and I think he would be a good four of the top four defensemen in the. On the system. I think he'd be your good. He'd be a real good guy who could maybe slide it next to McCabe. McCann gives you another weapon. And I think that if you have Bertuzzi, Domi, McCann, Nylander, as you're kind of your top six.


I think that's a pretty. Pretty good little start. I do think the Leafs desperately need a centerman, so maybe, um. Maybe they can hang on. I'm going to see how much I'm going to look at. Jeremy. Can stats here, since you asked. Yeah. You know. Yeah. So McCann can do face offs, but he's not very good at them. You need a guy that can switch in and out. I like McCann a lot. I think he's great. Anytime you can add 30 or 40 goals to the lineup, you take that in heartbeat. I just. I just need, um. I need the Leafs to get a center this year. They need it, uh, more than I think a lot of people are giving them credit for. Word is that Laurent Brassois is on their, uh, list, and he should be. Him and wool would be a pretty good little tandem, I think. I think they're going to need Marty Jones to stick around, though. I look at these teams, though. I look at the Oilers, I look at the stars, these guys that smoke the Leafs. Smoke them, crush them. And there's nothing wrong in admitting that the problem was, in previous years, our management and our fan base, to a smaller extent, although I don't blame the fans, they wouldn't admit that to themselves.


They literally watch the finals to be like, leafs could do this. No. No. Justin Fisher just sent me this. Does Dallas come back in this game, 432 of you voted, 57% said stars are cooked. 42% said lots of time left. Guys, listen, I'm going to be honest with you. I'm in the lots of time left camp. There is plenty of time. Although we didn't get a goal in the second period, so far, there's only 40 seconds to go. We do know that the winner of the second period wins the game. And I would say overall, the Dallas Stars have outshot and out chance the Edmonton Oilers in this second period. Now, maybe this is the game that bucks the trend, but if you're being honest with yourself, you would have to agree with me on that. So does that trend continue? Dallas has something they could build your falls, and he gives the fuck away. Not ideal, but there's only 10 seconds to go in the period. Here comes Hymen, who almost pulled it out front, broken up by the Dallas defense. 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second. Second period is over. All right, now here's the deal.


Oilers fans are cheering, but, you know, they're. I know Oilers fans. You're a little. You're a little nervous right now. You're a little nervous you should be a little nervous. One more period and Dallas has looked better. So I would, I would give the edge to Dallas in that period, although, so it's not like, crazy. So if the whole trend of team that wins the second period wins the game continues, I would say there's more than enough time left to crush a two goal lead. Remember when Edmonton did it last Wednesday? Dallas went up to nothing in the first ten minutes of the first period. And then the second ten minutes of the first period, Edmonton said, yep, bye bye score. Bye bye lead. Just throwing that out there doesn't take long. Looking at Rob McLeod, what did you think about the PWHL streaming their entire season on YouTube? Do you think they will be able to do that next season? Rob? It all depends on what they can get in terms of rights. The C. The PWHL is from, if you look at it from a purely business perspective, a lot of businesses in their first five to ten years, depending upon what their trajectory is, will spend essentially to the cap.


They won't make a huge profit. They're spending to grow so that they can scale and get as many people in the door as possible, basically. Right? So I would say that they're in a growth thing. And the reality of it is, if they can build a big enough following on YouTube, then you don't. I mean, you sell rights and you make a ton of money off of selling the rights to your game, but you make the rights to those games worth a lot more. If you can show on YouTube how many people are watching, and I think there were 50,000 concurrent viewers. That's not 50. Like right now, we've got 1400 people watching. It doesn't mean that that's how many unique viewers we get. Concurrent viewers is people watching right now. Unique viewers is how many people, different human beings from different ips came in over the course of a game. And so when you go out to market and you sell this, 50,000 people might have watched concurrently, but it might be 300,000 people that watch the game or more. And that's just on YouTube. Forget whatever networks it was played on. So, yeah, I think that they will.


But if I was a broadcaster, if I was TSN or Sportsnet or even CBC, and I had the budget and none of them have budgets anymore like they used to, I would say that I'd be like, I want you to pull that off YouTube because I want them to watch that on my network. But the world is changing, so I think that maybe they will continue. Corrigan, Archangel, if you could take any defenseman. Who would you like to see be a partner with Morgan Riley? I read a great article in the Athletic today this morning, and they were talking about Brady Shea and I from from Carolina. He's going to be a free agent. He's going to be expensive. He's close to 30, if he's not 30 already. But I think Lee fans need to get used to the idea that they're going to be signing a lot of 28, 29 and 30 year olds to eight year contracts because it makes sense to now. You got to win now. And I think he would be instantly the best. If we're signing a defenseman, he'd be the best partner Morgan Riley's ever had. I don't mind if.


Yeah, there was a Marner trade proposal to crack at the Kraken proposed earlier. I don't mind Adam Larsen in that spot because remember, anybody in that spot doesn't need to be, doesn't mean to be a superstar. They just need to let Morgan Riley be Morgan Riley so he can be great. The Leafs do need a better top four. Morgan Riley can't be it. In fact, the least number one goal this year needs to be find a defenseman that's better than Morgan Riley and then find a defenseman who can play with Morgan Riley. And those are not necessarily the same player. You need a guy who can regularly. If Morgan Riley is on your second pair of defense, you're freaking laughing. That's what I'm saying. You need two really solid pairs. Morgan Riley can't be the guy that does everything all the time. You need to create some competitiveness on the power play units. The Leafs have not been able to do that. They haven't had a guy since Tyson Berry, other than Morgan Riley, who could really move the puck all that well. And you know, Tyson Barry had his warts, too. I think. I think it's time for the Leafs to stop loading up one power play unit, start spreading the wealth and making guys work for their power play time.


And that means going out and getting a guy who can run a point on a power play. That's what they were trying to do with Klingberg last year for cheap, and Klingberg might come back as like, you know, a PTO or something like that. They desperately need to make Morgan Riley give him somebody who he can play with. Bush was good. Luke Shen was. That was the best Morgan Riley's ever looked to me. Luke Shen and Morgan Riley were great together. Imagine a defense pairing like that, and that's defense pairing number two. I like that. Adam will trade you Josh Manson. I think Josh Manson is a. Is he not? Free agent this year. I would prefer Brett Pesci with Riley. Yeah, Dave, you're probably right to prefer that. Yeah. Keep Marner trading Elander. I think the decision there is, if they are going to do it, they're going to have to do it. There are no rules in the playoffs. Skill matters less, thuggery matters more. Sometimes, Reid. In the east, it certainly does. Right now, the east is a lot more vicious than the west. I look at this Edmonton and Dallas series and I don't see a vicious series.


Although last year with Vegas, they were vicious. They were a mean team. This year it just. They didn't get through. Teams like that didn't get through. Manson has two years left to 4.5. Oh, okay. Who did I think? Oh, sorry. Not Josh Manson. Brandon Montour is another guy. Would love to see Brandon Montour on the Leafs. Love to see Brandon Montour on the Leafs. But he's so expensive. Martyr for Adam Fox. Lol. Yo, can I ask you guys a question before I throw to it? I'm going to throw to a quick break here so I can have a breather. What happened to Jake Trube? Gold number. We're going to talk about this on the podcast tomorrow. But the first goal yesterday that that Florida score, did you see what Truba did? Just shot. Shot himself like a missile at the non buck carrying guy. What was he going to do there? What happened to this guy? He was like one of my favorite defense men league was so awesome to watch. Just trucking guys and now like, ugh. Ugh. He might be the first Mark messier leadership award recipient who gets his captaincy stripped. It was crazy.


Crazy. Get a bad playoff. Him and K Andre Miller can't play together. Those. It's a disservice to both of them. And I'm not saying either of them are bad defensemen, but you can't put those two players together. They clearly don't work. They clearly don't work. Okay, next clip. According to producer Drew, it's Adam and Steve's top five coaches in the NHL. This is something from our press conference the other day. Actually, this was a really fun one. Have a look. I'll be back in like eight minutes. Are the two best coaches in the National Hockey League in the state of Florida? Yeah. I think that you can make a good. I mean, depends on. Funniest. Depends on what you think of Bruce Cassidy that counts. Bruce Cassidy in Vegas is, to me, one of the best, although rumor has it that Vegas is very analytically inclined. So it takes some of that out of the coach's hands, as in, like, they'll hand you a piece of paper after a period and say, these are the lines you're going to like. The Blue Jays. The Blue Jays will do that, too. Yeah, the Blue Jays do do that.


Yeah, they don't talk about it, but, like, can they borrow some of the golden Knight success or what? Oh, no. You actually have to believe your stats are wrong for that. Oh, that's good. Again, remember, the score takes care of itself, except when it does it. And, oh, the Honshu chronicles or whatever. The who's. Who else would I put? I mean, how do we not put. Pete du Bois has been in three conference or four conference finals now. Yeah. In the last five years. I would say, though, the one missing is. Is Craig Barube, because he's the Leafs coach. He's now among the greatest of all. No Jim Montgomery in there. Elmany man. No rick. Ok. All right, all right. How many years. How many years of Monty in Boston do we have to talk about before we go? I'm not. I'm not putting him in that category. Well, because, you know, he had two amazing regular seasons. How he gets Dwayne Casey. I think that's what I'm trying to say. It's like there were. There were conversations happen. You guys remember if Boston loses seven this year, Monty's jobs under threat. Oh, yeah. What?


Yeah, well, you blew it last year. You can't blow it again. Yeah, like, eventually, something's gotta give. Isn't that nuts? I mean, pretty rare you blow a three one series deficit back to back years. Yeah, like, it's happened a little bit on the coast, even. I want to say it's happened less than 40 times in NHL history. So for it to happen twice in two years, even. Insane. Even. Even almost blowing it the second time is still almost blowing it. No, you know what I mean? Like, you stop to look at that and go, well, that's not great. Like, what people are sticking Rod Brendamore with, despite the fact that Rod's actually won some. A lot of playoff series in his time in Carolina. It's like, Monty might be at the beginning of that, unless they figure out what's. What. The thing is to get them to the next level. This is, once again, I asked the question a few weeks ago, how many elite coaches are there? Well, you can't have a lot. Well, like, you have to have like three to five max. I think we have a category of three to five and then another category of, you know, maybe, you know, eight good ones.


And then I think you got a whole big old pile of mid and then you got some dudes who teams are just trying. Can. Can I get you guys. I'm going to do it. We're going to clip this. Okay. Adam and Steves. Adam Wilde and Steve Dangles. Top five coaches in the national hockey. Oh, all right, all right, all right. Listen. All right. This is. You gotta make a quick. This year, currently, right now. Currently. And based off the past, based on vibes. Based on v base. No, that changes my answer. Like Pete Deboer. Like, I'm not Pete Dubore. Vibes. Let's get another round for Pete. Yeah. No, no, Cooper. That guy's going to be telling knee slappers till they kick us out. Okay. Based on the best. Based on b's. I think. By the way, I think Cooper can quote, like Socrates, too. Like, I think he's that one of those guys who's funny but also very smart. I go out for beers with Palmersa, go out for wine with. None of this is a top five list. No, this is just Gabes and I'm talking about who I want to drink with. Okay, so here's the easy one.


John Cooper is the best coach in the National Hockey League. I think so. One, two. Number two. I think I'm not number. We should have gone five to one. Five to one. Yeah. That makes. That makes the. All right, well, we know how we're building it. No. So five. We need the coach pyramid. What are you going to put it? Come up with your cards. I have come up with my stupid coach pyramid. Coach power rankings. Yeah. John Cooper. Pete DeBoer, I think is in that. Yep. I'd put Bruce Cassidy in that. Paul Maurice I wouldn't have a few years ago, but yeah, Paul Maurice, I think has got to be in there now and then. Can I throw a name? Yeah. That's going to make me unpopular. You could lobby. Except for one place. Rick Talkett's name. Not yet. Not yet. It's. He hasn't had enough. He hasn't had enough. Is he not the current coach of the year? He's the current of the year, but he hasn't want. He was last year two years away from getting fired. That's usually what that means. I think seeing what he did with a very similar Vancouver team, that Bruce Boudreau had, what he did at the beginning of this season and then through the.


Maintaining it throughout the team as they added pieces as well. Rick Talkett needs to be in the top five on the almost list. I would also put Andrew Burnett because what he did in Nashville this year. Yeah. I think is really impressive. Is Brenda more out of your top five? Yes, because I'm putting in Jared Bednar. Oh, yeah, Bednar. You put Deborah in there too, right? Yeah. Okay, good. Okay, so more, I think is for. Is somewhere between five and ten. Two tiers that I mentioned. What? And torts. What he did in Philadelphia. This tor. No. What do you mean? Nah, they almost made the playoffs. Wow. They're a garbage. Oh, you're right. He deserves to be in the elite class because they choked a playoff spot. What are you talking about? Martin St. Louis. Uh, no, not yet. No, not that. They finished close to last and less close to last. I'm asking. Okay, so you named a bunch of guys. Yeah. Let's. Let's now do this. Steve Dangle and Adam Wild's top five coaches list, going from five to one. Oh, I hate it. Rank them. Alright, fine. Said that. Like dua Lipa, Rod Brendamore, five.


Have you seen that interview with Seth Meyers? No. They play this game where it's truth or take a shot. She goes, you have three kids, right? And then he goes, yeah. And she goes, rank them anyway. Adam. Yes. I'm glad you explained that. I know that. Me, Maddie, Maddie, five to one, Rod. Brandon Moore at number five. The disrespect to Rod is unfair. Okay, you guys, you have your separate list. Number two or number four, Jim Montgomery. I don't think that you put together the best regular season of all time and at least have a little recency bias and be on this list. I put him in the rod tier. Put him in the rod tier. Yeah. You get your own list. Shut up. Okay, fine. Oh, no, no. I'm taking Monty back because it's unfair. Because I have John Cooper later on. Okay, list them. Okay, so, Rod, we went through everybody. Rod. Okay, Paul Maurice, Pete D'abohr. Who was the number two? I had Jared Bednar. Number one, John Cooper. Steve, I'm going to say pomo. Number five, you got to win a cup. That's what they call him. Pomo Paul. Maurice. Prison rules.


Paul, you on the Panthers now? Yeah. No, no. I would call him, like, friggin palsy or something. Hey, Jess, you remember when Dua Lipa took a shot? It was crazy. It's a love. It's a heartwarming clip. All right, Steve, make your list? I've put Palm east five, Bruce Cassidy, four, bednar three, Deborah two, Cooper one. Okay, good. You're welcome, Maddie. You're welcome. Ladies and gentlemen, we're back. We're back on the stream. We're really back. What did you guys think of our. Our top five coaches list, huh? What do you think? Did we do okay? Did we do okay? That guy from Canada, who was the better Leafs coach, Adam? Pat Burns or Pat Quinn? Ah. I'll give the edge to Pat Burns and I'll tell you why. Pat Quinn was brought in as a motivator. He wasn't an X's and O's guy. He was a motivator. Brube has been brought in as a motivator, not an exes and O's guy, because he had, you know, you. When you have veteran teams, you don't need the x's and those guys, you need the guys that just get guys fired up and, you know, feeling good. So, long story short, I would say that.


I would say Pat Burns got it because he took a team that was a perennial losing team, that had some talent and brought them and squeezed every drop out of them. Like that Leafs team going to two western Conference finals in a row, especially the first time. Like Vancouver Canucks, like, ran their show in 1994, which is why no Leaf fan ever talks about it. But in 1993, like, going seven games to against Gretzky, that's pretty cool, man. So I'm going to give it to him. And that's no disrespect to Pacquin. I love Pacquin. Love Pacquin. Yeah, I'm going to go with that. No love for Rick Talkett. Shane. Boo hiss. You know what I think? Here's the thing with Rick Talkett. You need to have. You need to string multiple seasons together. And when you win the Jack Adams, like he did, remember Andrew Burnett won the Jack Adams and then he got fired. Who won the 23? Jack Adams is Montgomery. If Montgomery had lost to the Leafs in the first round, which was entirely possible, by the way, Montgomery would have been fired this year. Guys, your lists were missing. Sheldon Keef.


I. You know what, shadow Sheldon Keef. He didn't do a bad job here. He just didn't get it done here. I don't think he did a bad job. Jesse was hurting ADHD in that clip, Adam, but still love you all. Well, you guys must know at this point what we're all about a Burnett. Burnett didn't win the Jack Adams then. He was the tie Smith and he was the. Was he, not the, he was the all star coach. That's what I mean. Then. Craig G. I think my super chat was missed. Did I miss you, Craig? Well, I did it on purpose. Screw you, Craig. No, I didn't read Miller shout out to you, pal. Craig, I didn't see your super chat. What did you ask? I, I did not see your. Oh, okay. So apparently, if it's Edmonton versus Florida, who wins and why? I would say Darrell Sutter won, though. Jack Adams in 2022. Man, who votes for the Jack Adams again? That's so freaking embarrassing. Oh, that guy's. Oh, just the NHL sometimes. By the way, I'm back on shog night. It's working again. So if you're watching the game, I'm watching from the cable feed.


1940 left in the third period. Ladies and gentlemen, we are less than 20 minutes from potentially seeing the Oilers in the Stanley cup final. We're also less than 20 minutes away from the Dallas Stars coming roaring back and beating these Edmonton Oilers and making this a real story. So, by the way, Hayden, tell me again what the super chat was. It was about Edmonton in Florida and in the finals. Right. Okay. Who wins and why? I think, I think I'm going to hold off on saying who wins and why, but I'll give you the keys to the series. The keys to the series are this can, the true key is we know Edmonton can score. We know Florida can score. We know that Edmonton can defend. We know Florida can really defend, too. Right? Both are great. How much does being a shithead matter? And I'm not talking about a fun shithead. I'm talking about an a hole. How much does that matter in this series if they were to play each other? How does Edmonton deal with Sam Bennett punching Conor McDavid in the face in game two and the ref not seeing it, you know, like that, that that stuff is going to happen.


And the Oilers have had a relatively hate free run to the finals, which is rare. I mean, like last year, you look at the, the Vegas Golden Knights, they were punching and kicking and slashing and whatever all the way to the finals. It's just not been that way this year. That's not been the culture of the league this year for the Oilers to play. I don't know. Florida is going to go. They're going to go full asshole. And can the others handle it? I think they've got the personnel to handle it. You got, again, I think I said this earlier, Corey Perry's got to be ten out of ten. Corey Perry, he's got a spear, guys, in the nuts and be crazy. You got to have Darnell nurse dropping, dropping huge hits and maybe the occasional elbow as well. And as I said earlier, Stuart, Stuart Skinner has got to be ready for the Florida Panthers to run him all series. They're going to run him all series. They're going to jump on his head. They're going to fall on his arm accidentally on purpose. Like there's going to be. If Stuart Skinner thinks he's got bruises now in 17 minutes and 45 seconds of ice time, if everything stays the same with the score, Stuart Skinner, get her.


Better get the ointment out because he's going to be bruised. He's going to be sore and they're going to go, they're going after you. MKI sports. Hey, King. Gripper. Adam just, just got off from work. Gripper nation forever. What's up? Let's go, Florida. Cheap hits all night, every night because the refs allow Florida to do it. Roberto, you're right. But like, if the refs allow you to do it, why wouldn't you take advantage of it? They're letting you do it. They basically took the Bruins playbook from like the last decade and said, why don't we do that? And they do it and, you know, sign a few sticks for the refs and their, and their families. You're laughing. Allegedly. Why? No love for naw block again? We, we did give knoblock some love. We've given him lots of love. I've given him lots of love in this series. I think Nablock's been great, but to call him one of the best coaches in the league after coaching 60 games, I think it's premature. It's, it's like, it's like with talk it. I think it's premature. Give me two or three years of good coaching and then I.


Okay, I'm just getting into my earpiece here from producer Hayden stats. God, that the London Knights have tied up the Memorial cup final. At one point, Saginaw was out shooting them 16 to one. Hayden, can you tell me what the shots are now? Oh, here we go. He's looking. Can't find, by the way, anybody that's wondering. 17 minutes left in the third period. We reset the clock every time so our clock doesn't roll like Steve's clock does, but our clock does. Every time there's a face off, the clock resets. So you'll be able to see it 23 to eight. Wow. By the way, look at that. 1516 hundred people here. What's up. What's up? Eric Lencher. I don't recall the ruins. Cheap shotting any star players and knocking them out of the playoffs in any series in the past decade. You sound like a whiny Leafs game fan. Eric, you must not be a Bruins fan, because if you were, you would proudly own that. That's absolutely what the Boston Bruins did. Don't give me that. We all watch them and just own it, man. Don't run away from your identity. Everybody knows the Boston ruins are shitheads, and they were the best at it.


And look, it worked. They won a cup and eleven. They lost a cup against St. Louis about five years ago, and they had some great runs in between. I don't know. Are you embarrassed by the fact that you are what you are? The Bruins were dirty and they were great at it. 1413. Sorry, 1543 left in the third period. Sadeen magic, only eight shots on goal for Edmonton. Still has a two goal lead. I feel like that's not how it's supposed to work. Yes, but again, have a. I'm going to actually have producer Hayden. Hayden, I know you're listening to me right now. Can you look up high danger scoring chances again, sir? Just want scoring changes and high danger scoring changes chances. That is so untrue, Adam. Guys, guys. Bruins fans. Come on. Brad Marchand like, was licking players. Get out of here with this. Give it to me. Okay. High danger scoring chances for the Dallas Stars, there are seven, and they have 22 shots. For the Oilers, there are five. So this comes down to straight up. Dallas is going for multiple shots. A lot of them are hitting Stuart Skinner's chest.


Right. It's not a lot of high danger stuff. The Oilers are a lot more efficient, ruthlessly efficient and. Sorry, Hayden, I knew you were going to say something else. Can you say it into my ear, please, or were you not? Regular scoring chances are 19 for Dallas. So? So. Interesting enough. So Dallas is 25 shots right now. 19 of them are considered scoring chances, but not necessarily high danger. The Oilers have eight shots, and all eight of them are considered scoring chances, and it's just because of the type of shots. Oh, that sucks, by the way. Delay a game. Well, dry saddle kind of flipped it out in his own zone. We're talking about hiding. Oh, that just sucks. That just sucks. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? Can we get rid of the puck over glass penalty? I'm old enough to grow hydro to. Remember when the New Jersey Devils used to do this all the time. They just fire it out of the zone whenever they were under pressure. Marty Broder had a pretty good little shot, if I recall, and it was never called because it was not delay of game at that point.


It was a great way to get a face off, and it was a great thing. No, we are absolutely cannot. We cannot get over. Get out of puck over glass. Puck over glass has to stay forever. It's one of the best rules the NHL has. Trust me. You don't want it back the other way. You'll just get angry at your tv. Oh, he's getting in with a shot. Good save by Skinner. Rebound out. Get goes out to the side. This is a pivotal penalty kill. The Oilers have killed 27 of these in a row. Can they kill a 28th? This will be the biggest one they kill if they can do it. 135 left in the power play. Okay, nice little clear. Oilers defense looking good. A lot of modern rules were also because of New Jersey in 2000. Yeah, the reason we don't have, like, the two line pass anymore with the red, the red line is because of New Jersey. The neutral zone trap, all that crap. I also think, I don't know if you guys remember, but they used to make players race for icing calls, and guys used to just get absolutely crushed from behind.


Crushed. And it would be like, you know, be really great defensemen, and they just get blown up from behind. And the league was totally cool with it until one day they're like, you know, you know, maybe we shouldn't do that. Robbie Thomas, 18. That wouldn't be the Robert Thomas from St. Louis, would it? You mean St. Louis blues legend Marty Broder? That's right. Four game player Martin Broder, guy who told Jordan Pennington, you're not good enough, you were sending you down, and then Ben Benner said no, and then won a cup all in the same season. Sadeen, magic 15. I remember those days, Adam. Those games took forever. The neutral zone trap days were the worst. They're the worst. Oh, and the Oilers clear it again. Ladies and gentlemen, the Edmonton Oilers have now have now done 28 straight penalty kills. The fans are on their feet, and that's the thing with the Dallas Stars. They keep letting the Oilers get these, these penalty kills, and the fans know there's a crazy streak on going, and it gives them a jolt. And here's the thing. The Oilers put the best players on the ice, back out, make it happen.


13 minutes and 6 seconds to go. We got a linesman down or ref down behind the net. We got a puck in front of the net, and we got Stuart Skinner making a good catch, and Oilers fans are jacked. 13 minutes exactly left in the third period. There is a bolt of lightning through the. Through. Rogers. Rogers. Is Rogers arena? Is it Rogers Arena? Rogers place? Rogers places. Vancouver. Rogers arena in Edmonton. Rogers. Can you let someone else buy a sponsorship, please, so we can remember what arena is where. Another Canadian cup after. It would be a dream come true after 31 years, you know, it would be nice. Hey, by the way, who's excited for this new Star wars series? The acolyte. I have to admit I'm quite intrigued. It is Star wars, and I will watch the whole thing, but I'm. I really, really like what they did with mandalorian. Although sometimes there's a lot of, like, there's. There could be filler episodes. And I loved Andor and, or was sick, like, mentally, like, a really exhausting series. So I liked it. I liked it a lot. MKI sports. If it's the last stream of yours this season, I'll say it's been nice being on your stream the whole playoffs.


I'll be in Pittsburgh on my birthday this week. Well, listen, enjoy Pittsburgh for your birthday. Make sure that you, you say hi to Three River Stadium. It's not three rivers anymore. Say hi to the ballpark. Say hi to Hines field. I will be going back in the fall and seeing another game. I saw San Francisco. San Francisco absolutely rock the Steelers in game one this year, week one. But, yeah, enjoy. I love all the Star wars tv shows. I know that some of them don't have great reputation, but I enjoy them. I like them. I like the Obi Wan stuff. I don't know. I've always wanted a pre Skywalker saga, Star Wars. I think you might be getting those in the movies and also the acolytes gonna be that. So I think I'm excited. I liked mandalorian, didn't like Boba Fett. I think they could have done more with Boba Fett. Boba Fett. It felt like they were stretching for time. I agree with you. I agree with you. It was good. It was good. The speeder bike, like punk rock teenagers, were a bit cheesy, but it was. It was good. And I like his redemption arc, and I loved seeing Cad Bane.


How sick was that? But, yeah, I mean, when. When it's Boba Fett and one of the. One of the episodes is completely based on Mando, you're like, what's going on here? I'm confused. I'm confused. Disney and, or is one of my favorite tv shows of all time. Legit. It is so good, it's crazy. 1600 people watching. Oh, baby. Yeah. It's an elimination game, 28 to eight or the shots, but don't let that fool you. High danger scoring chances are not that different here. Dallas. Seven shots this period, zero for the Oilers. Yikes. But the high danger scoring chances for the Oilers are almost even, not quite even with the Dallas stars. So as a final f you to the leaf, Sam Bennett just skated on the ice and cross checked Easton cowan in the neck. I like that. Sam Bennett's everywhere. Sam Bennett's just out there on the street somewhere with a stick, cross checking people in the mouth and then getting away with it. The cops never see it. Adam, if you'll be watching acolyte, watch out for Abigail Thorne. She's an up and coming actress who is very well known for her work here on YouTube with her channel channel philosophy, too.


Well, that's cool. Do you think that Steve and Jesse and I could act, put us in a series? I would like to do a Hallmark Christmas movie. That's always been my goal. I don't need to be the lead character. I don't think I'm good looking enough. I need to be. I need to be the lead character's fun best friend. Can I do that? You know those hallmark. Those terrible Hallmark Christmas movies that are so great? Oh, baby. Oilers almost had one there. Dry saddle, nice little setup. Yanmar just couldn't get a stick on it. I've always wanted to do that. I would love to do a Hallmark movie, and, you know, because, like, it's so much. It's so funny because it's like, oh, my God, the Christmas cookie factory is gonna shut down. But I'm big city woman who's a lawyer, and I don't need this small town anymore. And, oh, here's my rugged ex boyfriend who took me to prom and then broke up with me. Let's get back together and save the cookie factory. I don't need all that money and cool, fun stuff in the city. I'd rather live in his shack.


Kiss the end. It's beautiful. It's such a great formula. Give me that every time. And by the way, I think they shoot all of those in Vancouver and in Whistler, and I would love an excuse to go hang out in the mountains. I would love to see you guys have a segment in shores ii. Oh, that'd be cool. Yeah, that'd be really cool. I don't know. I I would. Dude, I would love that. That'd be crazy. I don't know if they know who we are, but that would be very, very cool. Drug bow hydra to grow hydro. Sam Bennett. Cross check me in the face at a pizza joint. Damn. That was an Adam wild story. Or chat GBT. That was perfect. Ryan. Listen, I'm telling you, I've watched enough of those Hallmark movies. I love them. I'm not. I, ironically, will have them on during the day. My wife freaking hates them. But I get a lot of good work done when those are on. I think they're on w channel here in Canada. Love them. Give me more. They're so bad. Oh, and we got a goal. We got a goal. Ladies and gentlemen, Mason Marchmont.


You knew it was gonna happen at some point. If the dars kept is the dars. The stars kept pushing, and it's a defensive breakdown by the Edmonton Oilers here, by the way. I believe that would account as a continuance goal, because the. The net was technically off the moorings. But even so, that's. That's very much a goal. So Marchman gets it across the line here. Is it offside? No. And then. So the bounce goes off the back, and then Sagan smartly. Wow. Heads up play by sagin there. Bounces off the backboards. He doesn't hold possession. He just flips the puck over. So many guys would try to go around the net, either do the wraparound or try to find somebody. He goes, no, flip it right out front. And on Dallas's 30th shot, they finally solve Stuart Skinner. I couldn't figure out if it was Jeff Skinner or Stuart Skinner. It's Stuart Skinner. Even though I've been saying Jeff all playoffs, rupee heads with a shot, misses the net. We got a game here, folks. The Edmonton Oilers need to start shooting some bucks, though, like, now. It's one goal. You need to do something now.


Sometimes you're under siege. Sometimes you're under siege, but you need to. You need to score some goals. Now, what just happened there? Oilers fans, how we feeling? Oilers fans, I need a vibe check. You got ten minutes to go in this game, Oilers. Are you feeling good about this? Dallas Stars fans need a vibe check. Need to know how you're feeling. Do you feel like you can come back? Do you feel like you can do this? Are you a believer in this team again after 50 minutes of going, I hate these guys, and I want to die. It's okay. It's what being a fan is. Are we stressed? Okay. So you, by the way, in the chat, you got to tell me if you're an oiler fan or if you're a star fan and if you're a neutral fan, how much chaos do you want in your life? Because I have to tell you, as a neutral, I'm down for the chaos. Here we go. Here's McDavid. He's going to play some absolutely perfectly. Drives him right into the corner. Although I got to be honest, McDavid kind of. He kind of overplayed that. He should have just gone for it.


And we got a new chat. We got a new poll up Justin Fisher. So don't call it a comeback or the stars are winning this. I'm going to say. I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to say. Am I going to tell you? Neutral. Bring me chaos. I got nerves. Neutral fan. Panthers home ice with Oilers win. Want all the chaos for three. Saginaw right now. Neutral, but pulling for Edmonton. Devils fans still celebrating. Just the fact that the Rangers aren't in, I'm assuming neutral Islanders fan and a leaf hater. Wow, Adam, how stressed are you? On a level of one to ten, I am a one. I'm chilling, man, the vibes are great. We're watching hockey on a Sunday night. The weather is beautiful outside. Life is good. If it's for the Leafs, though, I'd be dying. And a nice little shot there. Good save by Stuart Skinner. Standing tall. Needed that. Needed that. Oh, okay. Edmonton might want to consider playing defense again because it's not going well for them. Oh, stay going. Oh, it's just broken up. McLeod with a big play there. When they play that back, you watch.


You watch. McLeod just stopped the goal. Oh, man. Oh, I thought Robertson might was going to get a chance. Big, big defensive play by McLeod. Man, I can't get over that. Dylan Holloway down deep. I think the rest of this game is going to feel like the last minute of a regular season game with a one goal. This is going to be crazy, guys. We are in for some of the best hockey, the playoffs right now. Thomas Harley trying to break the puck out. Oilers doing what they've been doing all series, which is harassing the puck carrier and making it impossible to break through the neutral zone. Nice shot there by, I believe, Zach Hymen. This McDavid line, by far has been the best line on the team the last couple of games, although Leon Drysat almost set some things up earlier in this game. Oh, this is fun. We're gonna have a good old time. We're gonna have a good old time. The Oilers are under siege, but they're hanging on. With seven minutes and 4 seconds left. Stuart Skinner has stopped the puck and asked for a face off, and he's getting one.


And guys, let's go through the vibes here. Burps, Magurps Robertson currently has one last shot than the Edmonton's entire roster. Yeah, there's listen, however this game ends, Chris Knoblock has to get in front of that microphone and go, I'm thrilled, but the louie didn't make it easy. Oilers fan here. We got this. Saginaw beat the London Knights. Wow. Oiler fan, not worried. Still think we have this worst case of game seven. I'll be there in the stars second home. They do kind of suck at home. I think they're four and five in the playoffs. Easton Cowan just got leafed. Adam, you are not neutral. I think I'm neutral. I'm pretty neutral. Neutral would love to see Ed money blow the lead, but win it. Win a damn cup, Connor. I think we all do want to see Conor win a cup, but I also want to see Pavelski win a cup. And by the way, I haven't mentioned this yet. I'm kind of pumped for Kyle Akpozo to be in the finals, and you're probably like, kyle Pozo, dude. What? But let me, let me run you through something. Kyle la Bozo has one of the most cursed careers in terms of who he ended up playing for.


The guy was a high draft pick, 7th overall pick in 2006. He makes his debut in 0708, and that's like the height of the DP metro years. Like, New York sucked. He's played in the playoffs four times his entire career, six games with the Islanders in 1213, seven games with the Islanders in 14, 1511 games when Tavares notably scored the OT winner and got the Islanders to the second round for the first time in like 30 years in 1516, and then was not in the playoffs again until this year with the Florida Panthers. And let me say this. Arposo played for the Islanders during the worst stretch of their franchise ever. The most dysfunctional, the absolute worst years of being an islander. You want to know why Tavares left the island? Look up Garth snow and the owners GM tenure garbage. They wasted time. And then he goes to the Buffalo Sabers, who it's. They're still in the worst franchise period of their entire franchise. They're just so bad. And he, and he's got to be the captain, and he has career threatening injuries, dude. Him playing Stanley cup finals games 36 years old. Good for Kalak Bozo.


There's players like that to root for on each of these teams. But I think Pawelski is the other guy where everybody goes, man, it'd be nice to see him get one. I think. I don't think there are, like, I don't know how many Ryan Suter stands there are out there. Ryan Suiter is another guy who's never won a cup. I don't know how much, how many times he's been past the. The second round. Not much. Andrew Juris. Andrew, what's up? Hang on, hang on. I'm going to find you. I'm gonna find the super chat. I just got here. What's happening, Andrew? We got a game, my friend. 625 left to go, and the shots are 31 to ten for the Dallas Stars. However, this. The high danger scoring chances are a little closer to even, although not perfect. I'm gonna get producer Hayden on the spot here. Producer Hayden, can we update that stat? Andrew Duris. Thank you for joining us, sir. High danger scoring chances at this point in the game, 31 to ten, are the shots. I want to know. High danger action. Jassy. And saying it's not looking good for the Oilers.


Guys. Random high danger. Yeah. What do we got? Okay, so. So, interestingly, the Dallas Stars scoring chances are 27 to eight, but the high danger scoring chances are only nine to five. So Dallas is really shooting for volume here. Starting to work in their favor. We'll see. Random, but how do you like the j city connects? That's from SLS, man. I hated them from the. From the leaked photo. They don't look bad. I'm not like. There's a lot of people that think they're sick. I don't know. They're. They're fine. They're fine. I'm a. I'm a big fan of the Blue Jays seventies and early eighties powder blues. That's my favorite Jays jersey of all time. The powder blue. Blue, blue jays. Like the day, the. The mid to late eighties look. That's my blue Jays. Not that I'm that old, but that's fun and retro to me. City connects. One's fine. It was cool seeing Jose Bautista doing batting practice the other day, though. I like that. Come on, Dallas overtime, so we can beat you. Three two. Oilers. Oh, I'm gonna go back to the vibe checks here. This game is so stressful. I am so nervous.


Another Isles fan rooting for Kyle La Pozo in the finals. Let's see here. I'm here for chaos and anarchy. Go cats, chaos and anarchy. I want a game seven so we can spend more time with you, julian. Thank you. That's very nice. Oilers fan. Not worried. Euler fan here. We got this Oiler fan farts right now would be a dog. Whoa. Okay, we're not going to read that one. How do I donate money to McDavid? I don't know what that even means. Let's go. Double overtime. Not more. I will run out of beer. Adam is so neutral as he waves his blue and right blue and orange bomb bombs. You know what's so funny about that is that in the Vancouver series, oiler fans were upset with me because they thought that I was. I was against them. And then Vancouver fans were like, hey, you were pro us in the first series against nashville, and now you're not on our team anymore. And I was like, but first off, I'm always going to cheer for the canadian team versus the american team. And secondly, I just want to throw out there that I was trying to be neutral, and if both sides hate you or both sides think you're.


You're biased, then you're probably doing the right job. Wonder if the Oilers can win a cup with Perry. He seems cursed at this point. It is funny that you keep getting called a homer. I am a homer for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Actually, I don't even know if I'd be called a homer for the Toronto Maple Leafs because Lee fans accuse me sometimes of not being a good enough fan for not, like, blindly following them. I do blindly follow them. I will not blindly say that they're good, though, all the time. I'll tell you when they're good. I'll tell you when they're crap as best I can anyway. Not always, right? Always. Try to be honest, though, with how I'm feeling. Are you co hosting the cup finals with dangle? I am not. And that's for the best, because I think Steve needs to have. He's. He's so intense and in it. Whatever. Like, what am I? I'm just taking up space there. You got to let Steve do what he's the master at. He's great at these streams. They're fun to watch. I doubt Adam would ever cheer for the Senators. It would be hard.


It would be hard. Especially because Ottawa fans have been a little over the top the last two summers. Like, a little. Like, somebody called me a troglodyte because I was like, the Jake Sanderson deal seems expensive. And then they were like, you don't know anything about Ottawa, Senator sake. You didn't know. And they're going to beat the Leafs this year. And they did. And they're like, and they did beat the Leafs a lot that year. And they're like, and you don't know anything. The Senators are going to go further in the playoffs than the Leafs. And the Senators are one of the few teams that can't go further in the playoffs than the Leafs. That's how bad they are. So. But they are the winner. Perennial winner of the August Stanley cup. Just ask Senators fans. They're always the best team in the league in August. Seriously. It happens every year. London lost the Memorial cup. Oh, baby. Hey, listen, I want to remind people of something. Connor McDavid also lost the Memorial cup. To who? That's right. The Oshawa Generals. And who was in the building? Stephen Washington, Lincoln Nebraska. Dangle. Those are his real middle names.


Hey, we're over 2000. Look at that. What's up, baby? What's up? The cottage cup champions, Ottawa. I like that. That's true. Head to head streams. Adam versus Steve. Just killers. Just. Just destroy our own streams. Let's just cannibalize our own audience. You just said you always cheer for a canadian team in the playoffs. See, you are not neutral. Well, Rita, here's the deal. Ottawa would have to make the playoffs for me to have to worry about rooting for them in the playoffs, and they haven't since 2017, so I'm not that worried about it. Gripper nation, what's up? Oh, are we getting frame drops? Sorry about that. I don't know what's going on. Sometimes you can blame Rogers Internet because that's what we have here. We are looking at the frame drops right now. 352 left, 348 left. The shots are 33 ten. Really hard for the Oilers to get a three one goal if they're not getting any shots. Listen to that crowd, Lee. Fans will be sitting on their hands going, oh, my God, I'm so scared right now. And I can't blame them. The Oilers give them. Give the fans something to cheer about.


That impression of sends fans was spot on. CJ impossible films. I'm telling you, if you're on hockey Twitter in August, which you should never be, you should never be, I want to tell you, I want to tell you, senators fans are going to, they're going to compare lines to your team, and they're going to tell you how they're better. Tim Roby show. Get a grip. Hashtag gripper nation. Hit that like button, Doozer. Stop showing bias. Show me a human being. And I will show you a biased person, have the Leafs ever killed 28 straight penalties? No, not a freaking chance. Are you kidding me? They kill like two out of four in a game. We're like, yeah, we got them. Stanley's coming home, playing the parade. August hockey, Twitter is the best, as long as you know one t glory. It is the best as long as you don't participate in it. If you occasionally, you're. You're on vacation. You're like, you know what? I'm going to look at Twitter and I'm going to watch random people screaming at each other. That's fun. I get it. I get it. But August Twitter, hockey, Twitter, don't participate in that.


Do the intermission during the finals with Jesse. Oh, that's fun. That's a good idea. Just. Just let Steve. Just let me back in there. Adam, you should just be in the background of Steve streams doing squats. Why? Because these legs are thick with two c's. Because I'm a thick daddy. Adam, sign my gripper. Come to one of our events. You never know what'll happen. We got over 2000 people watching all at once. 312 left in the game. We got a face off at center ice. The fourth line for the. Oh, not the fourth line. What am I talking about? Yanmark is playing up now because they need a little defense and they trust him and they should. Oh, dry settle with a steel. Oh, why did he pass? Why did he pass? Dry saddle. Mitch marnered there. That's a Mitch Marner. Love Mitch. That's what Mitch would do there, too. I'm trying to be too pretty. I'm extremely pretty as a hockey player. Let me be too pretty. Oh, I want to go to an STP live event with a giant inflatable foot. I encourage you to bring it on. All right, here we go.


Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Two minutes left or two minutes and 23 seconds left? Let's go. Are we going to get a tying goal or are we getting Edmonton in the finals? What are we going to get, guys? Oh, good save on second there by a Stuart skinner. Nice try, chat. I know you've been trying to get me. Say Jeff. His name isn't Jeff. 210 left in the game. Zach Tardeef, I can't believe you had Leafs winning the cup in your bracket. Guys, I always have the Leafs winning the cup in my bracket. I have a rule. We don't bet against the Leafs. I don't do it. I won't do it. We had an empty net for the Dallas Stars, who have outshot the Oilers now 34 to ten. This will be a story tomorrow, okay? No matter how this game goes, that kind of shot differential is going to be bananas, headline shit material. It's going to be stuart Skinner is a God or the Edmonton Oilers fumbled the bag, and we will know which headline it is in the next two minutes and 6 seconds. Any STPN events scheduled for the US soon?


I think we've got some on the way in the fall. The problem is that the NHL releases the schedule in, like, late June, which is really effing annoying, because when you're working with clients on stuff like this, they want to book stuff, and you can't. Oh, I thought that puck went in. I think that was haste getting in with the shot, baby. 154 left. This is going to be the longest two minutes of both Oiler and Dallas Stars fans lives. The longest two minutes of hockey this entire season is game six. Dallas. Edmonton in Edmonton. Rogers arena. Hey. Skinning over to Robertson, back to Hasken, and nobody on him. Rupe hints back to Haskent, and then a shot. Dry saddle clears the puck, barely. McDavid tied up on the ice with. I think that was stankovan. 121 left. We're gonna get it. Are we gonna get an empty net or. Oh, no. Oh. A Dallas star player dives, gets in the way, trips up the oiler player. I think. Could you call that a trip? Probably. He had the pocket was a scoring chance. They're absolutely never making that call, though. With 1 minute exactly left, Oilers fans, you're a minute away from the Stanley cup finals, your first since 2006 on that magical Dwayne Rollison, Chris Pronger.


Run. Oiler fans are on their feet, and they're jumping, and they're, they're. They're hoping and praying they can at least get, oh, Dallas is in. Oh. Hey. Skin. And holds it at the line. No shot. Over to Robertson. Down low. Oh, Mason marchman just missed a beautiful wide open cage. Here we go. Back down low. Robertson. Oilers clear. It's going to be an icing call. Home, baby. Ladies and gentlemen. Oh, is it not? And I think it's not. We got 15 seconds until the Edmonton Oilers are going to the Stanley cup finals. Connor McDavid, Leon Drysiedel, Matthias Yanmark. Oh, and Dallas with another. Ladies and gentlemen, the Edmonton Oilers are going to the Stanley cup finals. They were under siege. All game shots are 35. Dallas. That's ten, Edmonton, and it doesn't matter. Stuart Skinner is getting a statue made. Oh, my goodness. Zach Hyman Conor McDavid, the guys you needed to get it done got it done. They got it done. The big boys got it done. That is how great teams win. There's so many people when they, when, when the Oilers went into this series that said, dallas has this, they've got, they're more even throughout the lineup.


They got a better defense core and they got a better playoff goalie. And all of those statements objectively are true. Dallas is more, more balanced throughout the lineup, especially with Rupee in it. They are more balanced and better on defense. They do have a better goalie. Doesn't matter. The Oilers high end skill gets it done. They were ruthlessly efficient. And a big shout out to Chris Knobloch, who is, by the way, a rookie NHL coach. I think one of the key things he did in this series was when Adam Henry came back. He split up the Evander Cain Dylan Holloway Leon dry saddle line. That was just not getting it done. McLeod dry saddle, Corey Perry Holloway Henryk Evander Cain Henry had a great goal from Conor Brown shorthand, and they're going to, they're going to catch up here. And the other thing that he did, he took a risk. He sat Vinny de Harney. He put him with nurse. It worked for a bit, and then it stopped working. So what did he do? He changed it up again. Nurse Kulak Broberg, CC for game five and game six. And it worked. It worked.


He took risks and it worked. And, ladies and gentlemen, Conor McDavid shaking hands right now with Stan Coven is going to the Stanley cup finals, something that NHL fans. Oh, Hayden Matthews got us. Got a crazy stat for me from Elliot Freeman. Edmonton's ten shots were the fewest in a conference finals clincher ever. Fewest by seven. Previous was 17 by Boston when knocking out the Washington Capitals in the 1990 Wales conference final. They end up losing the finals to the Edmonton Oilers. Worst shot differential by a winning team in a conference finals clincher -25 35 ten. That's today. The previous was negative 23 when Nashville was out. Shot 41 to 18 by Anaheim in game six of the 2017 west final. Predators won that game six to three. I don't even know what you attribute it to. I mean, I would say that part of it is a lot of those shots that Dallas went for were not dangerous shots. And I think you got to look at the high danger scoring chances to kind of look at that. But I got to tell you, I got to tell you, Stuart Skinner still had to make all the, all the bad saves, too.


Oh, so what it was a bad shot. Nothing went through them. And this is a guy that last series was chased from the net for a couple of games in favor of Calvin Pickard, who, by the way, came in and played well. People called Chris Knobloch desperate for doing that, and then they called him crazy. And I remember thinking, you're going to put Stuart Skinner back in after Pickard played that well. The right call. The right call. Conor McDavid's getting interviewed by Kyle Bukoskas right now. He had ten points in six games. Guys, the big boys got it done for the Edmonton Oilers. If you're an Oilers fan, I'm absolutely thrilled for you. Absolutely thrilled for you. I hope you're having the best time right now. And I want to say this. I hope you enjoy the hell out of these finals. I hope you love this, because as a leaf fan, I've never seen it in my lifetime. How dorky is it to be happiest for Nawblock? It's dorky, but you got to be happy for the guy. You got to be happy for the guy. This is crazy. Okay, now, here's the question.


Are they gonna touch the trophy? Are they gonna touch it? Do they touch it? Do they touch it? I want to know. They're gonna take this. We're not. We're not shutting this stream off until we know. We need to know. We need to know. They gonna. So a lot of people say no. A lot of people say no. Do they do it? The father. Listen, the Panthers touched it last year. Didn't work out for them. Sadeen magic. Adam. My real name is Michael. I've been here since game one, and it's been a pleasure, but I can't wait for your streams next season. I promise I'll be there every Monday. Hey, Michael, I appreciate it. And by the way, you don't have to be there every Monday next season, my friend. Just come in whenever life allows you to. As always, we're always gonna be here. And we're here when you. When you can. When you can join us, and when you can join us. It's the best. I love that you're here. Got lots and lots of people listening in, lots of people watching. This is awesome. Fun. Wow. Hey, producer. You guys will find this funny.


Producer Drew tweeted. Weird that the western Conference final will be the easiest series for the Dallas Stars, but it's factual. You know who just retweeted that? He tweeted that before game one. You know who retweeted that? Freezing cold takes. That's rough, baby. That's rough. Here comes Bill Daley, everybody's favorite. Bill. This, Donnie, Sam Bennett comes out and forces McDavid to touch the trophy with a cross check. Exactly. This, Donnie. Bill Daley is going to present the Clarence Campbell bowl. Will Conor McDavid touch it? Will anybody touch it? They will not be touching it. And we will have a new Stanley cup winner this year. And what I mean by new is we don't have any repeat champions. We have a finalist from last year. We have a west finalist from last year, east finalist to the fifth finals. Obviously, West Conference finalist, and they are not touching that damn trophy. They're not even touching the, the stand that it is on. Oilers fans, I am thrilled for you. I'm absolutely thrilled for you. I hope that you guys enjoy this moment. This is really special for Oilers fans. This hat used to happen a lot more than it has lately, and I just want to say that pretty freaking fantastic wind Walker, when the Oilers hit the ice for the finals, the first skater out of the tunnel should carry a canadian flag.


I agree with that. I agree with that. Big shout out. Shout out for Jeff Skinner. Ah, man. Jeff Skinner. I gave you one more. Jeff Skinner. Oilers fans have a great time tonight, and I want to say this. This is my last stream of the playoff here, so I want to shout out the crew producer Matty, who joined me in the first round, producer Hayden, who's been with me rounds two and three. I want to shout out Robert Malloy, who is on these all the time. I want to shout out Justin Fisher, everybody that's helped me get onto this, and gripper nation. You guys have been absolutely phenomenal, and we would not be able to do this incredible gig without you. So I just want to say thank you for the super chats and the gifted subs and the comments and everything else. I have really loved hanging out with you, and we will do this again. I'm aiming for, wait for it, on the Steve Dangle podcast, but I'm aiming for Mondays next year. I want to go all the way through the year with you, and I want to have a really great time doing it.


So we're going to do Mondays. It won't just be leaf games. It'll be all over the place. Some nights I'll do a 10:00 p.m. some nights I'll do a seven. We're gonna go around the league. Okay. And it looks like, oh, no. And I just wanted to say, before we go, I wanted to say thank you. And producer Hayden get ready to wrap up the stream. But we just hit a thousand likes, so you know what that means, baby. Let's go.