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Hello, and welcome to this week's episode of the Drew & Steu podcast. I'm Drew Livingstone. That's Kam Stuart. Kam, it's looking like both finals may end in less than six games, even though we have those wagers where you think they're going over six. I think they're going under six. What are you feeling? Do you think the NBA final is going to be shorter than the NHL final? What's your feel?


He doesn't start until a game is lost on home ice or home court?


Yeah, and it's the stupidest thing anyone's ever said. I'm like, no, it's already started. You're down to nothing.


But remember, Drew, let's call it out for what is... Who am I on? Boston in six and Florida in six, right? Did I have Boston in six or seven? It was six or seven, but I know I have Florida in six.


Yeah, I think I said- You said Boston in five or six, actually. So you're looking good. I think that's documented.


Listen, I'm starting to come around to your way of thinking. But here's the deal with the NBA. It's a totally different game. I think home ice in hockey is a disadvantage because we both played the game. If they know, just listen, just hear me out, hear me out, because the fans are riled up. If you do something stupid and get too aggressive... Let's just say this, if Florida goes up to nothing, Edmondon's toast. This is not the Dallas stars. This is not anybody else. Basketball, on the other hand, Porzingas is out for Boston. Kyrie Irving hasn't hit a damn shot in the series. They literally would have been close in game two, if not for... Actually, there was a bad call where Washington got pushed from behind. It would have been a very tight game. Listen, I'm on Boston, okay? I'm telling you, Dallas wins game three. That's all I'm saying. I've already bet it. The Dallas Mavericks are going to win game three. They split. I'm We're not going to say whatever. These series might end in five, they might end in six, but there's going to be no sweeps. Actually, I think Florida has a better chance of sweeping Edmonton.


Your call than Boston does to Dallas, and I'm not sure if you're going to agree.


I do agree. I picked Boston in five and Florida in four. I thought Dallas was going to win game one, and Boston was going to win four straight after that. That's what I said on the show. But it didn't happen. Even though they were leading with five minutes left in game one, they blew it. Yeah, Kyrie Irving came. It's like, Where is this guy? He said the boos weren't going to affect him. The boos were clearly affect him. The Boston crowd is getting him because he's not playing like himself.


He said all the right things at all the right time, and many shows, we gave him credit. The bottom line is he's buried his hatred and absolute venom for those people, and it affected him. Sometimes people could say, Hey, I'm great. You know, buddies? No, you're not great. Your marriage is in trouble. Your kid's a train wreck, whatever. You could lie to people all you want. Deep down inside, he was saying all the right things, but now you're at home, and he's a different player at home. I'd like to come back to his props tonight for points. I think Dallas is going to show up in the game. I think they're going to win in the first half. It's one of those things where it's essential for them to come out, punch Boston in the face. Listen, the Porzinga situation, I don't know how long he's going to be out for, but I'm going to say this, the Dallas Mavericks are a good team at home. Boston played good basketball. I still think the Celtics are going to win the series. I'm not saying Dallas is coming back by any stretch, but I guarantee you they don't lose both games.


Let's call out for what it is.


What do you think of Kyrie Irving, 20 points and five rebounds?


I prefer the 20 points over the boards, but I think he's going to... What was his point prop? 22 and a half, 23 and a half? I like over.


Yeah. The only thing is you can get 20 points at minus 200.


I think that's even safe for 20 points. Or parlay it with something else that you like, or do a same game parlay. I agree with that, Drew.


Yeah. I'm worried, Cam, because it looks like Dawn just can't even walk. He can't run properly. His body's all banged up. If there's one guy that shouldn't be playing. It's him, but he's still putting the team on his back. And Tatum hasn't yet to show up in the final scam. And with him not showing up, Boston's still winning two games. It's looking like bad news bears if he shows up for game three and four.


We'll get to this with hockey. The beautiful thing about gambling now is we could do so many things in different ways. Right now, Boston is over a 6 to 1 favorite to win the series. They're minus 800 or whatever. So Dallas is plus 575. I don't know. I have different books, so I'm looking at numbers. Why the hell would you play Boston when you can get Brown at MVP at a number where you don't even have... Because Tatum has not been as good as Brown. So it's like what we talked about. We'll get into the Florida thing, and I have some ideas for that series, too, if you have money on Edmonton, which we don't. But for all the people wanting to escape, there is an escape plan, but you better do it really quick because it's not going to be there for long.


My thing is, you're not going to get the Celtics at plus money on the money line if they win game three. So if you think they win in four, you take them because they're plus 140. Because if they win tonight, they're going to be favorite in game four.


Dallas, you have to bet them the series price because they're only down one, and then you get that big, almost six to one in your back pocket.


See? Yeah. Oh, and if they tie the series up, then you're laughing. You can just cash out.


Yes, you You know what I mean? That's exactly what you do. So I would say the same thing with Edmonton and Hawkins. You're already screwed, so if you like Edmonton in game three, you have to take them in the series. Do you not?


Yeah, I think so, because I think they can come back. And if any team can come back in the series, it's Everton. We saw Dallas doing against Vegas. We saw Everton doing against Vancouver. They have the ability to win two games straight when they're down in a series. So people, counting them completely out like myself, might look a bit stupid when you see Everton come back in win game three or four.


. Me and you are in great shapes. I have a parlay with Boston and Florida. I have Florida and 6. I got Boston and 6. Hell, you got Florida in a sweep, and it looks like I'm going to have to end up taking you out for drinks. I forget the exact words of the bet. You're going to have to play back the tape. But I'm a man of my word. So I will take you out for wings, beers, whatever the hell I said I was going to do. Hopefully, I didn't say something too crazy, like buy you a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue, which is like 300 bucks.


No, I told you I'd give you a golf round, and you said you'd take me out for wings and beer.


I'll take you out golfing at like a dirt track.


I have the nine holes.


See you, Drew. I would never do that.


Yeah, so I got the Panthers at nine to one to win the series in four. The current cash was terrible. I put 50 bucks on it. Don't you tell them. They're only offering me $80.


Like, Honestly, that's the hate about cash out. You're not even making a word. That's actually insulting to my bet. It actually makes me angry.


It's not even double my bet. Yeah, it's stupid. Yeah, I think the cashouts are hilarious sometimes. I'm always like, So you clearly don't want me to cash it out because you think I'm losing.


That's what it is. I don't know if it's exactly that. It's just the computer is not giving you the math. I think for that, you need to get at least, what, 150? What does it pay?


Okay, they offer you- Yeah, it only pays $9. It pays $500.


Not even half, but like a buck fifty. One fifty. Does that sound about right? One fifty.


Yeah, I agree with that. I think that should be the thing, but they're not, so it's fine. Cam, getting to game three tonight. Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics, Boston Underdogs plus two and a half on the road tonight. Does Dallas get back in the series? I think you've already revealed that you think Dallas is winning game three. I personally don't. So I'm taking Boston plus 140 on the money line. But if you like Dallas, like you said, you're betting on the futures to win I like Boston.


But yeah, I have to because my Boston thing is huge.


You're still taking them tonight minus two and a half? Right.


So when you're getting a team at six to one, I could put $50 on these guys and get them at six to one at 300. And then whatever happens, you know what I mean? Because Boston pays so much more. I think it's like 600 or whatever. So it's a perfect head situation on a $50 play. But I'm going to say this. I'm going to do... This is what I'm doing with Dallas tonight. Race to 10, race to 20, first quarter, first half, team total over. I think they come out and punch Boston in the face. And if I lose these bets, dude, I probably shouldn't- You think they dominate. All the smart things that I did with the... That goes down the tubes. But the good news is me and you have Boston exact games. I have Boston Futures, and Boston Actually, I love the Boston in six thing. I think the Mavericks win two games in the series.


Fair enough. I like them in 5. So hopefully, if they do lose one, it's game 4 after they win game 3. That's what I think they can win at home. But if they lose game 3 tonight, then Dallas right back in the series, and I won't be happy about it. So we're in this agreement, but that's fine. We disagree a lot in the show. It doesn't mean anything.


Me and you both had Boston and Florida. What are the odds of that? We've had guys all over the boards on all the shows I do. One guy might add Florida, but the other guy had Dallas. I found very few people that had Panthers and Celtics, and me and you were two of them.


Fair enough. All right, Cam. Moving on to game three between the Florida Panthers and the Edmonton Oilers. Edmonton Oilers, home favorites. Sasha Barcov looks like he is going to play. First off, what do you think of that drive time? I thought it was dirty as hell.


When you play...


Hockey play. No. It's just a hockey play. I'm hockey play. He jumped four feet off the fucking ice into his head. He's not hockey play.


Nees on... Yeah, with leaps, knees on knees. With leaps. Well, He just leaps into them. He's not hockey plays. Can openers? No. You know what a hockey play is? When a guy has his head down, you put a shoulder through his face. That's a hockey play.


Yeah. Well, that's what I said. If drysaddle nailed Barcov and stayed on the ice the whole time and just smashed him with his head down, fine. But when he jumps into his face. I'm just like, dude, that's just you're trying to get him out of the series because he shouldn't go down.


Barcov is the key to Florida's success because he shuts down McDavid. He's one of the best defensive and offensive players. He's a perfect hockey player. Exactly. But the mismatch in this series is so obvious, and me and you talked about it before. Edmondson's defenseman, despite being good offensively or horribly defensively, they're not good. Honestly, you're going to put Cody CC back in the line because everybody else is like, This guy was a healthy scratch. Get him back in there. Despirating We should put Corey Perry back in there. Hopefully, he stirs it up.


Well, and Darnell Ners banged up, too. He hasn't been great. He's minus 15 in the play, but him only playing four minutes is not a good look.


He at least do some things. Bouchard is good offensively. The problem is, and we've talked about it, Florida wins every Puck battle. They're the nastiest team in the league. Have you seen their penalty kill? They're the aggressors. They don't let Edmonton do anything. And every time Edmondton has a chance, there's a stick. Like, Ekman Larsen will make for Ekblad. See all the beautiful plays at the end? I'm like, Oh, Oh my God, he's alone. And then I see a Florida stand.


I'm like, It's excellent.


But, Drew?


Well, camp, Florida plays defense by whacking you. They don't even hit the stick. It's not even a stick, it's whacking the hands, whacking the hands, whacking the hands. And the rest don't call anything. And then they call ticky-tack plays. The rest blew my mind in game, too. There were so many penalties that should have been called, and they're calling dinky, dunky trips and stuff. I know. David just got hooked on a breakway. I got to be honest, you call a little trip in the corner.


But you can't say that Florida has been the beneficiary of the calls, or it's a Florida-tilted series with calls.


I think it's No, the oilers dominated game one, and the Brovski stole the show, and now Florida dominated game two.


The only way Edmundson can come back is if they get greasy goals, which they're not very good at doing right now. It's actually funny. They score that first goal between Brovsky's legs, and after that, they get away from it. It's like, Guys, the only goal you scored in the series was a bad goal. And I watched these guys play, Drew.


And you have the king of screening goal is Zack Hyman in front of the net, and they're just not firing pucks on the point.


And I don't want to bring up this team, and I love you, Dangle, everything. This is the least thing. Guys, it's not... Don't have to be pretty. See what Florida does? They shoot the puck in the net, Evan Rodriguez puts a stick down, goalie's done. Hey, Skinner, you got no chance. That's how you play hockey in the playoffs. Drew, know what I tell you on my team? You're my point, man. Drew, I don't even want a slap shot. You know what? I'm going to get in front, and you're going to flick it, and I'm going to knock it somehow. I'm going to get it through. Right in front of Skinner, he's not going to see the fuck. Edmonton, hockey is not a difficult game. No You know what? Mcdavid is one of the best players in the world. I think McKinnon's better. But I'm going to tell you this. You didn't think I'd say that. I think McDavid and McDavid is the best all-around player in the league. That's my opinion, though. People call me an idiot. Whatever. I don't care. Mcdavid's tougher. Here's the thing. Mcdavid is one thing that he does well. He has one flaw as a hockey player.


He does not just shoot everything. He dangles it too much. Dude, when you get on your stick, just fire it, man. Why are you waiting?


Yeah, he should have 10 shots on that every game.


We both played the game. I'm not saying I made the NHL or anything, but we didn't play House League Hockey. We played at a pretty good level. We know what's going on here.


Mcdavid, I feel, is almost scared of contact right now. We saw that play behind the back of the net, and people were like, Oh, McDavid got hit by Eklad. He yanked Eklad down because he was scared of the contact. I thought that was pretty dirty, but people didn't really talk about that when Eklad left the ice hurt. Yeah, I don't know. I'm going back to the well of Florida. I still think they win this series in four. Plus 1:15, you're not going to get them at plus money again. I think Everton, if they lose this game, lose this game tomorrow night, they're done. You're not coming back with three on a series. So this will be the biggest push from the oilers we've seen in the playoffs. But I still think Brovski and the Panthers survive. So give me Florida plus 115. I'm going to take them on the fuck line minus one and a half as well, which is plus two for it.


That's gone through, but I'm going to say one thing, and this is how we're going to attack it. If Edmonton wins the next game, I'm taking Florida in the other game and even increasing units because I think they split. So the bottom line is, you'll get Florida as a dog in both And if you play, just say 100 or 200 a game, whatever, you're making money because they're the underdog. So here's the deal. I bet Florida game three. I bet Florida game four, both plus money. But I will say one thing. This is where we get the over. I think the mistakes are going to be made on both sides. I think the refs are going to... After what happened in the last game, tons and tons of power plays. I think this is a game where Florida wins a 4-3 hockey game. I think it goes over the number.


Yeah, I picked the over again, too. I was pissed when it didn't happen. I was like, come on, get out.


Get back to that bad Skinner.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what I'm saying. I was like, get out. When they pulled him in five minutes, I was like, yes. Not so much. Yeah Oh, dude. I take Conor O'Heggy every first goal. You got any first goal predictions?


He got it in game one. He's my guy. No lie.


Hey, Drew, where's the love from the fan? I gave the Conor O'Heggy first goals and anytime goals. Fair. And you also You also called what's his face in the Dallas 17th series two weeks ago.


Yeah, I see. It was a steak open and a high skin. I got a 20 to one, a 14 to one, and a 10 to one. Come on. I know I'm not a perfect guy, but where's the love here? Like, enough. And they'll go, You're a pig sucker. Are you took the Panthers plus... Oh, sorry. Carolina Panthers plus four and a half, and they lost by six. I got to say, Come on, guys. Give me a break.


Yeah, it's whatever. So you think I'm still on the bark? I'm trying to win the conflict trophy now?


This is what we're here to do. You're on, Brobowski? This is SDPN. This is what we do. We're trying to get people educated. If you have Edmonton, you got one out right now, and his name is Serguei Brobowski. You lay 150 with them because they're going to give it... The problem with Florida, as you know, Drew, they have so many good players. It's like everybody at the family function at the buffet taking a piece of the pie. The thing is, Brobowski, when you can't decide on a player, you give it to the goalie.


I think if you're-My thing is, Cam, if McGeeget gets held to zero points in the final- It could be between Barcoth and Bobrowski, but Bobrowski has led in one goal in the first two games, and he stole game one.


I'm just saying, Edmonton betters, you can make a decision. If you want to split it off with Barkhoff and Bobrowski, But I would say, right now, we don't think Edminton is going to come back and win this series. But you could save your ass if you bet Bobrowski. I found it a minus 150. I think it's been bet up because people are trying to find an escape plan right now. Right? Am I making sense? Thank you.


Yeah, you are. And I think if you think, Oh, let's just come back in the series, you can just take McDavid in the console, plus 600. First goal type for game three, if you think it's going to be on the power play. Like you said, a bunch of power plays. It's plus 350. Do you think the first goal of the game is scoring the power play?


I think Florida scores the first goal of the game five on five. All right.


Fair, fair. And then the guy with the most shots in the game, I'm going to go with McDavid. I did an experiment.


And this is to all you fucking sports books out there. No, Drew, it's the worst bet because I've watched guys have six shots on goal, and then I'm looking in the box score and they give them four.


Oh, dude, they always take shots away. It's insane. And I'm talking clean shots.


I don't even have the goalies on the angle. People who play this stuff, you are playing with fire. I had Verheggie one day, I collected, and I'm telling you, not even the wide shots, he had six. They gave him three. And I'm like, That is insane. The guy had six. I'm marking this down, watching the game It's true.


I had one guy. I missed a parlay. He had over three and a half shots. I think it was Taylor Hall. He had his fourth shot in overtime. I videotaped it, said at the NHL on Twitter, I was like, How is this not a shot on goal? He's coming and hits the goal with pads on the wide shot, and they didn't reply. They just ignored it. I was like, Okay, so it just wasn't a shot. Okay. I just lost money on my parlay because of that. I got guys, not just one shot off.


There's been games where I've had two or three shots that were not... I don't believe that. I don't know who's doing shots on goal. I I'll never bet a shots on goal prop unless it's so low on a guy. I will never take anything higher than three now because I don't trust it. I do not trust it. Sorry. I've been burned. Drew, I know we sound insane.


Unless you're getting an animal, you're kidding, who fires 10 shots.


It's not even calculated properly.


Yeah, the scorekeeper's in the game. Well, even if you watch on the broadcast cam, you'll see like, oh, shots are 12,5, Florida. A minute later, it's like, oh, it's actually 9,5. Where did those three shots go? The score bug switches.


I'm like, Oh, I'll just fix the font and the graphics there. Okay, thanks.


All right. Well, anyways, I think most shots in the game, I think McDavid at plus 450 is not a bad bet because I think if they're going to do everything, he's going to throw everything at the net. Him or dry cycle. Dry cycle is 10 to one for most shots in the game. So if you think the oil has come out hot in this one, then I think those are two safe picks. Zack Hyman, currently the favorite at plus 400, weirdly. Okay, moving on, Cam. My favorite golf tournament of the year, the US Open, because I like when the guys can play in the golf.


I don't know about the USTA, what they're trying to do. I saw guys putting off the green. Hey, Gary, here's a tip. It's called the US Open. It's supposed to be a tough test of golf. How about you just settle down and go beat up some kid in your dojo? Everyone wants me to throw down with Gary Playa. The guy put me in a pretzel, for God's sake. Honest to God, that guy would probably knock a young guy. I get it, Gary. You're in great shape. Remember when I went to the Masters and he goes, What did you have for breakfast? I did I'm getting 500 pushups before you hit the alarm clock. I'm Gary player. Bacon, butter, fat, the keys of the North American die. I'm like, Just shut up and tell me about the damn tournament, Justin Rose. You know what I mean, Gary? I don't need a speech, but I'm going to say this, this tournament is going to be wicked. I hope this course plays killer. I hope the winning score is under, eight under.


How many guys are going to go under par in the tournament in your prediction? Six.


I was going to say between four and six. I'm going to say four.


I'm going to read each other. You're saying six? Six Under. So what do you think the winning score is, four Under? Six. Okay, so Scottie Scheffler is going to get to six. That makes sense. I don't know. We'll see. The guy has been unbelievable in the last eight starts. He's got five wins.


Put it on my tombstone, Cam Stewer. God, he loved second place. Like, six weeks in a row.


Oh, how about Joey Cee in our one and done pool? I had Scottie Scheffler because I was like, I'm not saying he doesn't want to buy week. And he's like, Oh, there's actually no buy weeks in this pool. I'm like, Oh, yeah, really? I wouldn't have used Scottie Scheffler I know, yeah.


He's given me a bit of each other's way. He's laughing at me about Cantlay. Don't worry. Cantlay and Wyndham Clark can take a dip in the waters with Crox. Dude, Cantlay, I'm done with that.


That pair was brutal. Okay, Cam, right now you got a bet boost on 365. Scottie Scheffler finished top 3 plus 400. I feel like you have to take it.


Actually, that's better than my... Here's my thing. There's Scottie Scheffler top five and ties minus 120. And people are like, why do you want to lay juice? But here's the We bet baseball- The best player in the world. It's not even close. We bet baseball, hockey, all money lines, football. Minus 120 is basically a pick-up for him to be top five. I'd actually like your top three one with the plus money, whatever, because He'll probably come between one and five. So you could do both, right? Say he finishes T4, you win. Yeah. Drew, I love this bet, though, and I'm going to get you get to your picks. You can have winner without Scheffler. I got Moricau at 13 to one, winner without Scheffler.


I like that. What sports has that?


But I could be mistaken. And they have all sorts of other guys. It's called the option winner without Scheffler. Also on Mr. Green, they I had this 50 % bet boost. I got Colin Morikawa at 25 to one. His odds are now 14. But they only gave me a certain amount.


I got him at 18. You can only do so much, but I maxed it.


So I'm ready to Good.


So one of my picks came Morikawa. He's been playing unbelievable lately. His short game was his issue earlier in the year, but now he's feeling it. I knew he's one of the best off the tee. I feel like at this course, Cam, if you can keep it in the fairway, you're going to be good. Morikawa is really good at driving accuracy, so I like Mori call this week. He's 18 to one right now on three, six, five. So I'll take that. You got the bepoo, so you're laughing with your picks. My next pick, Cam, I'm going with your boy Ludvig Aberg. I got to pick Aberg. He's one of the best driving distance, 15th, and strokes game of driving. He's going to keep it in the fairway as well. I don't know if he'll win, but top 10, top 20. But I'll take him for the win regardless because he's 20 to one. And then my third pick, Cam, I'm going back to the well with Alex Noren at 150 to one. Am I crazy?


Two Syreens there and an American. So you know what? Alex Noren is a great player, and this is the type of course where Alex Noren, what does he do well? He drives the ball straight. He hits greens. It's all about his putter.


Kam, this course is over 7,500 yards and only par-70. It's insane. You want long hitters.


Adam T5 last week. That's a great... What?


I do like Substracca. I do like Sebstrack as well. How do you feel about DeChambeau? Is he going to be in good contention?


I have him in a matchup bet against Cantlay. Then I have him in another matchup bet against Who was it? Was it Fleetwood? Okay, sorry. I got a lot of pics, but can I give you my pics?


Yeah, go for it.


Give us your six-pack. I have more, Calla, 25. But guys, I can't lie, boosted hard.




Oh, you're going to love this one.


Kam Smith- He's 18 anyway now, so that's still a good net.


Falling off the radar. What does he do well?


You like more than Kam Young this week?


Kam Young, Cantlay, and Wyndham Clark are on a bus that is leaving my city right now, and I couldn't care less where they- Are you worried about Kam Smith cutting his mullet off? Here, is he the best putter in the world? Arguably. How's his wedge game? Pretty damn good. And you know what? Since he hasn't been playing great on live, you're getting 45 to 1. Drew, my next one, he is a man with sharp teeth, would be great in a corn on the cob eating contest. One of my guys, and he has a perfect game for US Open because pars are good, Matthew Fitzpatrick, 50 to 1. And Sahit Tagala, I call him Chebaka. He's a hairy guy. Who's got more hair than me? Tagala. Man, he's got a hair. But hairy? Good game. 60 to 1, two bombs for you. I mentioned one with Stracka. And Drew, you don't know anything about music, so you definitely know that you don't know the '80s band Mister Mister, Mister, Mister, Mister. I'm going with Dean Burmester, 125 to 1 as my Super Bomb of the Week.


Kam, crazy enough. I love all your pics except there are Mr. Mister or not, since I don't know what that means. Are they the ones that sing Cools Out For Summer? I don't know. This is crazy.


This is crazy. Honestly, I want to do a whole music show with you because when I leave this, I literally walk around and I don't even know what to say. Laught, cry, you just flabbergaste me. Hey, Dean Burmester is doing great on the live tour, and I also have him top South African plus 160. I love your bets, though, with DeShambo and all that stuff, too. And Aberg, I have in a top 10 and top four.


Cam, how do you feel about this? Because I've already sprinkled on it. It called me crazy. You're going to be Dustin Johnson, 125. I don't want to have to take it. I know he's been playing. He's been playing still not good enough to win, but this guy is one of the longest hitters on tour, one of the longest hitters in golf. If he can somehow find it, one week, it'll be a major. And you're getting one of the best ball strikers in the world at 125 to one. I know he's not playing top of his game, but if he figures it out, Cam, he could easily give me his current form.


Dustin Johnson should have been around the 66 to 80 to one mark, in my opinion. And I think that's even like... Yeah.


He should be at the Cory Conner, Shane I'm in the Lowry range. He shouldn't be- Question.


Brooke's Kepka, how do you feel?


He's got the attitude to say, Fuck you to these courses, and just go out and win. So that's why I do like it. I agree. But I feel like he should be longer than 22 to 1.


I'm going to regret this. I might have to take him live. I almost hope he starts good, but if we can get a 30, if I do the math, I think he'll be a dangerous live player. So that's basically what I got. Oh, yeah, Drew. I got another great bet for you. I don't know if they're going to me the full money for it, but I bet this before John Rom with Drew. I got Puig. He's a top Spaniard, 4-1. He's actually been great on the live tour. Puig.


I feel like if you bet it before the withdrawal, they have to honor it. Because you bet it, no, I think he was playing.


You didn't know he was withdrawing. He's playing good. His name is David Puig, top Spaniard, plus 400.


Maybe I've been checking. And what's he now? Probably plus 200.


He did another show, but it's still in my betting account, so we'll see if he wins, if they slice it or avoid it.


Fair enough. If you think this tournament goes to a playoff, which is a chance to have in Cam, it's six to one right now. I think it's worth a little- I want at least eight. You don't think so? And what do you think this bet boost? Top 10 finish, including ties. Scheffler, Rory, and DeShambo's 10 to 1.


Yeah. I don't know if he's going to win. You think Rory competes? The thing about Rory, too, is if he's lingering. Sometimes he has those crazy final rounds to get into the top 10. I think that's a really good bet, actually. True. That's true. I have another one.


You know who I'm least confident of those three to finish top 10 is Scottie Scheffler. I think he's going to finish in top five. Personally, I think he's going to do well. But if anyone can blow it because of their putting, it's Scottie Scheffler. We saw he won last week without hitting a put longer than 10 feet. If he has to hit these puts on these greens, he might screw himself over.


How do you not take Scheffler? But I'm going to tell you, Drew, and I did a show with Mayo, and he's right. For the people that have those computer programs, this course maps out perfectly. It should be Scheffler's best course. But what you're not taking into effect is the way the greens change from round one to round four. And he can sometimes get really bad with the putter. And if he's not perfect, that's the whole thing. For me, what's a number that you bet Scottie Scheffler at in a major with the Lib guys coming back? I need at least five to one, and three is not enough. So I'm going to pass.


Yeah. No. Yeah, I understand he's got five wins in his last eight starts, and it's stupid not to pick him, but- I like your top three and top five. Listen, you're getting a top three for more than it is to win.


He's plus 300.


What a great call to you.


It's a boost. It's a boost.


See, you did do that smart. Yeah, exactly.


Your music knowledge reeks when it comes to bands, but damn, you're good at finding those little gems.


Another boost cam. Top 10 finish is Xander, Colin Moricaba, and Brooks Kepka, 22 to 1.


I feel like I got the hook and all that, and I'm just going to go on. When I see Betboos, I'm like, Hey, they look. You know what Betboos are? It's like the person you're at the bar. Say I'm single, and you look at that girl, go, Oh, yeah. And then you're like, Betboos. You know what? They look so damn good till you figure... And I'm like, You know what? One of them is going to screw you? But you know what? How do you say no to those odds? You can't. Are we missing something else?


I know there was another story I wrote. That's what I mean. It's good odds.


Oh, yeah. Euro. You're a Brit. Are you betting England?


Oh, yeah, Euro.


If you bet England at 3:50 and they win, God bless you. That is the word. England is like the Toronto Maple leaves.


They never win. They blow everything, Cam. And they blow everything.


Who do you like?


They blow everything. England always. I like Germany, the home team came. Plus 5:50. Besides that camp, give me Croatia as a long behind at 40 to one. They've been playing good. They always do good in these Euro tournaments, these World Cup tournaments are always like a great underdog. And give Croatia to win the group with Italy and Spain. Everyone's like, Oh, it's going to be Spain and Italy at the top of this group. Why are you down in Croatia? Why are you down in Croatia? Why are you down in Croatia? Give me Croatia to win that group camp.


Scotland not to qualify was the guy's top bet. They open up with Germany. I'll tell you one thing, Scotland in that game, are you a totals guy? For Scotland to be successful, they'd love a nil-nil draw. They're going to play basically a wall and say, please... Because they're not going to have anything. They're going to basically play a trap, super trap, and go, If we can get her here with a draw, it's the best.


Yeah, there are some crazy boosts, but- Okay, how about top goal scorer in the tournament?


Did you do any of those? Okay.


Give me your- I don't have that. If you have any of those.


Oh, Thursday. Yeah, you're right.


Thursday. Thursday. Oh, yeah. Tomorrow. Germany is the first game tomorrow. I think Germany is going to do well. I have Germany against France in the final. So if you have any futures, that's my final. I think Germany is going to win the tournament at home. I think they're going to be fine. Croatia to win their group, and Croatia long bomb as a dark horse at 40 to one. Besides that, I don't really have much invested in this tournament camp, but I will be betting the games as they happen. First off, with Germany, probably by two goals.


Give me a DM, give me a text, because you've been on quite a heater lately, Drew, with all of your sports. I don't mind riding the wave, but that Croatia pick, those odds should be cut in half. That's actually crazy. They're a good team, man. And you're going to give me those odds. That's stupid. Let's remember, I'm an older guy. Greece won this tournament at 100 to one, and literally, bookies from Toronto, they went, See you. They went back to the motherland because they owed the whole damn Greek community money. People fled town. You know which money Greeks made? Just go, I'm going to put 50 bucks on there, whatever. They made a killing.


Yeah, and they're always the team that surprises and makes it deeper than they should. So I think I like that. And I like Portugal to not make it out of the round of 16.


He's Joe Line, too. He's not going to like you when he comes over to bring the KFC. You don't get a piece.


I know everyone likes it because they're like, oh, they're going to do so well for in all those last tournament, and I'm like, I don't know, man, they're getting old. I don't know. They could gag it. We'll see. And yeah, England, Cam, if you think England is going to blow it like they usually do, don't be afraid to bet that because you bet them not to make the quarter final.


It's plus one. I just find it hilarious. I know England has good players. You can't make them that number. It's just stupid. It's just dumb.


No, I just- Unless it was in England. If it was in England, I'd be like, Okay, fine.


Because the pressure of their country, they're like the Edmonton Oilers media. They beat these guys down so much. It's like, Stop, stop. Me and Gabriel were howling last night. No, I'm not doing a one-on-one on an off day with these guys. Can you just leave the guy? That's the problem. Edmonton PR, don't let these guys in. I would say nothing today. Bye. God.


Fair. So I think Germany and France is going to be my final. That's my final. Right now, if you think Germany wins the tournament and Mbappé, who's for France, is the top goal score in the tournament, it's 45 to one in the parlor.


You're bringing a lot of very solid bets to the table today. So let's hit a winner in golf. Let's hit a winner on the pitch, and let's hope the Florida Panthers, I hope they win in six, so you take me out, but it looks like at four and five, I owe you wings, drinks, and maybe I'll even give you a bottle. If they sweep, I told you this, I'll have a bottle to you. Didn't I get you a bottle of Crown for Christmas?


I don't know. If they sweep, I'll have a room at the start of next week's show.


Maybe I should sweep your house. I should come over. I'll clean.


Fair enough. All right, everyone. That does it for this week of Drew and Steo. Please tail our picks because we're going to win a bunch, Cam. Second. Well, how did the Belmont save you for it? Because I bet you did not hit press.


What else is new? Colin Moricau, a second. Mind frame, second. As I said, put it on my tombstone. Cam Stewart, love second place. That's what I do.


Hey, it still makes money, but not enough. You love being the runner up, Cam. That's your... Cam, runner up, Stuart. All right, everyone, please click like, please click subscribe, please rate and review this podcast on all audio platforms. And please come back next week and comment what your favorite picks are for the US Open and who you think is going to win the Euro Cup, because maybe we'll mention it on next week's show. Thanks, everyone. See you next week. This has been Drew and Ste. Follow Drew at producer Drew and Kam at Kam Stuart Live. May the winners be yours and all of the best bets hit..