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Happiest man in the history of time right now is Paul Maurice.


Did he tie his hair? Or is that just Florida Sunshine?


I don't know. No, that's Florida Sunshine.


Because he's looking very young these days, very youthful.


I think based on how this press conference goes, I think you'll realize that Paul Maurice has never been happier in his entire life. Here's an answer. When he's asked about the takeaways in the game last night, there was only one by the Florida Panthers all game long, and he has a great response that I I think is something we've talked about previously, and it's just happy Paul Maurice, so it's fun.


Paul, you guys, according to the statute, had just one giveaway tonight.


Is that something that you- That was awesome.


Is that something- Just don't tell me, He had it.


No. Do you want to know who it was?


Yeah. Who was it?




Oh, he's out.


Is that something that you guys talk about?


You were surprised by it, so I don't know if- No.


You know what? To be fair, I don't follow the qualification of what a giveaway is. There were so many Puck battles on the walls that I thought we had control of the Puck that we didn't make a play and it's into their feet and then they get possession of it. I would count that as a giveaway. I think the change of possession, it's either forced or it's not in some ways. What am I trying to say? I think there's a hell of a lot more giveaways in that game for two coaches and that blood's out.


The one thing before we get to the fun Eck blood out and Paul Maurice is just so happy, the giveaway thing I wanted to bring up because we talked about it when Biz ran his sought on Mitch Marner and all of the turnovers he had. Then when you check the actual stat card and it says, Mitch Marner had one turnover, and you're like, No, we just ran a seven-piece highlight reel of Mitch Marner turnovers. The numbers aren't what we think of. We can't trust these giveaway numbers on the box score because the people who are in front of the benches, who are on the benches, who are on the ice, don't look at it the same way the stat counters do.


Or the coaches do.


Or the coaches do. I like when somebody who has more pedagree within the game says the thing that we're all thinking. There's something to back it up there. I just wanted to bring that up.


I want to just add to that. I think the more important stat for individual players anyway is takeaways. Takeways, when you actively take Take the fuck away. You look at a guy like Mark Stone, where you see it over and over and over again. Another guy who's good with takeaways is William Neillander.


It feels like a takeaway is easier to quantify than a giveaway.


Yes, that's what I'm trying to say. Because what Paul Maurice there is not... He's saying, Well, if we gave the fuck or if it changes possession, it's a giveaway. I don't think it is. I think the idea of a giveaway is you coughed it up because of pressure or because of a mistake or because of both.


Well, it's an opportunity you could have had the fuck and you didn't.


Otherwise, we're just tracking change of possession.


I think that's what he's Yeah, which is not...


But my whole thing with this is not the individual stats of what we think each should mean. I just think the way you look at each stat is different in your evaluation of the team and who should be out there. It's not just black and white. Hey, this guy had this many giveaways this season or amongst this game. Then you put that into a stat, then it pumps out some number on this guy's defensive metrics or offensive metrics. It's not that simple. I don't think anybody within in the game thinks it's that simple. A lot of the times we look at things and we try and make it that simple, and it's really not so complicated and nuanced.


I mean, he literally finds the publicly available information kept by the National Hockey League laughable. Like, he burst out laughing.


It better not have been Bob.


That was a knee slapper. He thought it was hilarious. That's really interesting, though, because he quantified, to an extent, what the Florida Panthers, well, he, But he is the head coach of the Florida Panthers. What the Florida Panthers count as a giveaway, I wonder if they track it internally. Yeah, they have to. It probably takes forever. I also wonder if there's ever an instance where a game is so bad, a coach just goes to the stats Department and they go, no.


Don't count this one.


That's burning the tapes. No, we're going to burn the tape of that game. No, it's really burning the tapes when you tell your stats Department not to track it.


I I have a little thing that tracks my golf swings. If you completely like, scull one or you just miss it, you don't include that in your average distance or anything. If you hit your driver 100 yards, it's supposed to go 200.


If I hit my driver 100 yards, it'll be the best hit I've ever had, ever. It's the best hit I've ever... I'd be like, include, please. That's my only hit.


If I'm doing that, I'm the amateurist of stat keeper for my golf, I think they should be doing that, too, at their level. Yes.


No, I I watched a game where possession changed hands probably 500 times and only one giveaway from the team in red. Stop it. Stop it immediately.


Do you guys have any thoughts on him just running bits and doing Everybody's just laughing.


I like that he has personality, man. I really, really do. I think that it wasn't whatever happened in Winnipeg that caused him to beat. I don't think that team was a... I I think there were character issues on that team. I've seen reporters talk about it. It's been rubored about it. I think he managed a lot and dealt with a lot there. It's not an indictment on the city of Winnipeg. I think it's just the players that they had at the time. I think he's enjoying it. What's nice is that we've got a coach with some personality in this league. People like him, Paul is becoming a star before our eyes 25 years into his career. How about that? I love him.


Oh, even more. I'm not sure any coach has ever been more poorly time for the Leifs. He was the head coach of the Leifs. Yeah. There's a lot of people who just learned that because I said it. That's how much of a blip on the radar his time with the Leifs was. He was the Marley's guy. They called him up. They gave him no goalies, and he'll talk about that in interviews, too. He completely sewers his guys. It's hilarious because he had Tosca Leray-Croft.


That's brutal.


It's terrible. Then he was gone, and he's Basically been pretty damn successful since.


Yeah, and a lot of that time without goaltending right until Hellebuck showed up. Hellebuck.


Yeah. No goaltending, no goaltending, the goaltender.


Are the two best coaches in the National Hockey League in the state of Florida?


Yeah, I think that you can make a good... I mean, it depends on what you think of Bruce Cassidy. And I think that counts. Bruce Cassidy in Vegas is, to me, one of the best. Although, rumor has it that Vegas is very analytically inclined, so it takes some of that out of the coach's hands. As in, they'll hand you a piece of paper after a period and say, these are the lines you're going to have to play.


Like the Blue Jays?


The Blue Jays will do that, too. The Blue Jays do do that. They don't talk about it, but like- Can they borrow some of the Golden Knight's success or what? Oh, no. You actually have to believe your stats are wrong for that. That's good. Again, remember, the score takes care of itself, except when it doesn't. Oh, the Honshu Chronicles or whatever. Who else would I put? How do we not put Pete DeBore in there?


Has been in three conference or four conference finals now in the last five years.


I would say the one coach that's missing is Craig Berube because he's the Leaps coach. He's now among the greatest of all.


No Jim Montgomery in there?


Oh, Monty. Man. Okay. All right. How many years of Monty in Boston do we have to talk about before we go, man, I'm not putting him in that category. Well, because he had two amazing regular seasons.


How many years until he gets Dwyane Casey?


That's what I'm trying to say. Because there were conversations happening. You guys remember, if Boston loses, game seven, this year, Monty's job is under threat. Oh, yeah.


What? Yeah.


What? Well, you blew it last year. You can't blow it again. Eventually, something's got to give.


Isn't that nuts, though?


I mean, pretty rare you a 3-1 series deficit back to back years.


It's happened- A little bit on the coach.


I want to say it's happened less than 40 times in NHL history. So for it to happen twice in two years.


Even not. Even almost blowing it the second time is still almost blowing it.




You know what I mean? You still have to look at that and go, That's not great. What people are sticking Rod Rendemore with, despite the fact that Rod's actually won a lot of playoff series in his time in Carolina, it's like, Monte might be at the beginning of that unless they figure out what the thing is to get them to the next level.


This is, once again, I asked the question a few weeks ago, how many elite coaches are there?


You can't have a lot. Well, you have to have three to five max.


I think we have a category of three to five, and then another category of maybe eight good ones. Then I think you got a whole big old pile of mid, and then you got some dudes who teams are just trying.


Can Can I get you guys? I'm going to do it. We're going to clip this.




Adam and Steve's. Adam Wild and Steve Dangle's top five coaches in the National Hockey. All right, listen All right. You got to make a quiz.


Is it just this year?




Currently, right now.


Currently and based off the past few years.


Based on vibes.


Based on V-base.


No, that changes my answer. Like, Pete DeBore is not going to be like, All right, let's get another round for Pete. No. Cooper, that guy is going to be telling me slappers till they kick us out.


Okay, based on the best, based on BS.


By the way, I think Cooper can quote Socrates, too. I think he's that one of those guys who's funny, but also very smart.


I'd go out for beers with Paul Marisa, go out for wine with- None of this is a top five list.


No, this is just you guys gab it about- You said vibes, and I'm talking about who I want to drink with.


Okay, so here's the easy one. John Cooper is the best coach in the National Hockey League.


I think so. One, two.


Number two, I think- No, I'm not number- We should have gone five to one.


Five to one? Yeah, that makes it- That makes the TikTok- All right, well, we know how we're building it.


No, it's a five.


We need the coach pyramid.


Where are you going to put it? Come up with your cards.


I need to do it. You need to come up with my stupid coach pyramid.


Coach power rankings? Yeah.


John Cooper, Pete DeBore, I think is in that. Yep. I'd put Bruce Cassidy in that. Paul I wouldn't have a few years ago, but yeah, Paul Maurice, I think he's got to be in there now.


Can I throw a name?




That's not going to make me unpopular. You could lob me. Except for one place. Rick Toffet's name, not yet. Not yet.


He hasn't had enough.


He hasn't had enough.


Is he not the current coach of the year?


He's the current coach of the year, but he hasn't had enough. Which means Monte was last year.


Two years away from getting fired. That's usually what that means.


I think seeing what he did with a very similar Vancouver team that Bruce Boudre had, what he did at the beginning of this season and then maintaining it throughout the team as the added pieces as well, Rick Tauket needs to be in the top five.


On the almost list, I would also put Andrew Burnet because what he did in Nashville this year, I think, is really impressive.


Is Brindamore out of your top five?


Yes, because I'm putting in Jared Bednar.


Oh, yeah, of course. Jared Bednar. Bednar. You put DeBore in there, too, right? Yeah. Okay, good.


Okay. I agree. I think is somewhere between the two tiers that I mentioned.


And towards what he did in Philadelphia this year.




What do you mean, they almost made the playoffs.


They're a garbage team. You're right. He deserves to be in the elite class because they Choked a playoff spot. What are you talking about? Martin St.




No, not yet. Not yet. Not that he could. What have they done? What have they done? They finished close to last and less close to last.


I'm asking. Okay, so you named a bunch of guys. Let's now do this. Steve Dangle and Adam Wilde's top five coaches list going from five to one.


Oh, I hate it.


Rank them.


All right, fine. You said that like Dua Lippa.


Rod Brandemore, five.


Have you seen that interview with Seth Meyers?




They play this game where it's truth or take a shot. She goes, You have three kids, right? And then he goes, Yeah. And she goes, Rank them. Anyway, Adam, yes?


I'm glad you explained that. I know. Maddie's gone out there. Five to one. Rod Brandemouwer at number five. The disrespect to Rod is unfair, okay?


You guys didn't have your separate list.


Number two or number four, Jim Montgomery. I don't think that you put together the best regular season of all time and at least have a little recency bias and be on this list.


I put him in the Rod tier.


Put him in the Rod tier?


You get your own list.


Shut up.


Okay, fine. You know what? No, I'm taking Monty back because it's unfair because I have John Cooper later on. Okay.


List them.


Okay. So Rod-We went through everybody. Rod, Paul Maurice, Pete DeBore. Who was the number two I had? Jared Bednar, number one, John Cooper. Steve.


I'm going to say Pomo number five. You got to win a cup. That's what they call him. Pomo. Paul Maurice. Prison Rules Paul.


Are you on the Panthers now?


Yeah. No. No, I would call him like frigging palsy or something.


Hey, Jess, you remember when Dua Liva took a shot? It was crazy. It's a love.


It's a heartwarming clip.


All right, Steve, make your list.


I've put Paul Maurice, five, Bruce Cassidy, four, Bednar, three, DeBore, two, Cooper, one. Okay. It's good. You're welcome, Maddie, all right? You're welcome.