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Steve Dangle, Adam Wilde, and Jesse Blake.


Let's go.


It's Stanley cup eve.




Tomorrow we get a Stanley cup game one. It's been a bit of a break, and you know what? I thought I would hate the break. I don't hate the break. I don't hate the break.


I'm just imagining Gary Bettman coming down the chimney with a sack full of Stanley cup final games for all the good little girls.


There's no proof that CTE causes concussion. Here's your overpriced merch and joy.


Oh, my God. Yeah, he gives all the good little girls and boys non symmetrical hats.


But you can only have so many gifts because there's a cap. So, you know, it's really important. Now, I apologize to everybody. And Jesse, I apologize to you, because I'm going to make you pull this up again because I have something to add to it. On our vip episode, we talked about something that had just been released. Stanley cup merch. It's the Stanley cup final hat.


Oh, that was on the vip.


It was. It was now. And we tried to stay away from sports on that episode, but I figured this is closed. Now, what's hilarious about this, and I'm going to add to it, this will all make sense, is that it has both team logos on it, and it's also just stay on the cup final 2024. Honestly, we could have made this at SDP, and we could have ironed on the Oilers and the Florida patch. It's not hard. Not hard?




I wanted to know what you guys thought of the. The $121 american shirt merch. Have you seen this?


Oh, I thought you were about to see the hat.


No, no, the hat is not that. Now, Jesse, I just sent you through the shirt. I sent you through the shirt.




And you have to imagine that this is available in both oilers and panthers, and it's a golf shirt. Now, Jesse wears a good golf shirt. He wears a golf shirt. Well, he's not wearing one today.




Occasionally you'll see STP and golf. Sometimes he has a nice lacoste blue shirt, which I've seen him in. Buttons up to the top. Looks real good, real handsome.


That's a lot of money for a golf shirt.


What do you think about this Stanley cup golf shirt?


Why is it so wrinkled?


Yeah, it's very wrinkled.


Well, it's supposed to be wrinkle free material.


So that's on the rack wrinkled?


Yeah. They could ironed the thing, but forget the wrinkles. Wrinkles happen.




Okay. Well, if I'm visiting, like, where is this available?


I believe in. In person. And I see.


Yeah. Florida and Edmonton.


Right. So I'm buying it to, like, I'm probably not going to be anywhere near a laundry machine. I want to buy the thing and put it on.




And not look like I was putting a friggin.


This should be, like, team issued. Like, I feel like the. Like, the video coach should wear this. Like, why are you selling this?


It's also weirdly put right over your nipples.


I was about to say it's good if you have prominent nipples that you're embarrassed.


I actually do. I have prominent. I have tiny ones, but they poke, and it's weird. And so I wear black a lot. Cause you can't see them.


Right. You know, you got those little. Those nail gun nipples.


That's right. There's nothing like pokey male nipples.




But, you know, these ones, it's like. I just don't understand. There's nothing to it. There's no stripes. There's no something on the shoulder other than the fanatics logo. Not a lot of, like, really? If we had sat around a table, we could have come up with this in about two minutes.


Yeah, but I think you guys are forgetting something. It's the Stanley cup final. If my team's in it, I'm going into financial peril. Okay, we're gonna have to, like.


Like, what are you spending money on?


I'll just walk to work all the time, but what am I spending money on? Anything with that patch on it. Anything. And. Well, at the beginning of the cup final, a little, you know, I'll get a few items. They win the cup, man. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I'm spending no less than $10,000 on merch. If I had $500 to my name, I would reduce that to 11,000. I'm. I'm. If I am an Oilers fan, I'm buying this.


You're right.


I'm buying this.


Now, I want to say that you have one of these, right?


You got a.


You got a tattoo. Steve has a tattoo. Would you get a Maple Leafs Stanley cup final? Or St. Would you wait till after the finals were done where you could confirm they would win, or do you have the stones to go, I'm gonna get a Leaf Stanley cup final tattoo. Cause they at least made it.


I would get big angel wings on my back.


And in the middle, barbed wire around the leaf.


It'll say final leaf. Finally.


Finally, 2020.


The cup has come back six, apparently, according to Jesse.


Yeah, that's right.


Yes, that's right.


Now, would you spend your money that. Jesse, I just sent you the next text here.


Okay. You're. You're delaying a lot. To what? You should have actually started the show.


What? Should I have started the show?


We have a live show. You're supposed to just.


Just while we're on this. While we're on this. While we're on this. Hey, it's all part of the plan. We're all part of the plan.


Stupid guys.


Uh, no, no, no. It's all part of the plan. Would you spend your money on one of these?


No, because I would instead spend it on.


No. No.




Jesse, can you bring it up, please?




Oh. Oh.


The WWE announced the release of its first officially licensed NHL product, a Stanley cup legacy title belt commemorating the winner of the 2024 finals. So, one team will be put on a belt, and you'll be able to buy it.




Would you spend your money on it?


100%. And I think if the Florida Panthers win it, they all have to go down to the performance center in Florida and, like, take the belt and, like, stand on the rope with it. It's one thing to skate at center ice with it above your head, you know, stone cold. Give me a hell. Yeah. No, you got to be on the second rope holding this thing.


It looks a little cheaply made. You know how you get the belts and it's like the metal plate on the front, and then it's the metal stuff on the side. This seems like all one piece.








Not all belts are the ones that, like, Adam Copeland has righted our.


I hope they have different tiers of belt, I guess, where, like, the actual kind of metal piece on the front. This seems like one flat kind of plastic thing.


Well, Jesse, I think. I think you're getting to the next evolution of championship rings because they're getting fist sized, and it's getting to the point where it's like, just give everyone a belt.




Give everyone a championship belt. It's 2024. Ring culture is over. We're all on belt culture now.


I kind of like it.


The cool thing that teams are doing these days is the opening of the ring. So the ring, like, opens up, and then you have, like, inside, like, the stadium or whatever, and it's lit up. Little things in there.


It's got a little light in it a lot of the time. Yeah. Inside the ring box, there's a lot of wedding rings that you. Ring boxes that you open no, I.


Don'T mean the ring box. I mean the actual ring.


Oh, the actual ring.


Like, it splits open and you all.


Like, how close are we to the John scene to spinner belt? Really? Like, at this point, just have a ring where you can go and then like, the Oilers logo spins.


That's kind of cool.


Why not? Why not? Dude, I won the Stanley cup. Oh, you don't think I should do that? Well, maybe go win the cup, asshole. I'm gonna do it. I can do whatever I want with my Stanley Cup. I gotta have it shoot lasers like buzz Lightyear. I'm gonna like, I'll do whatever I want. Oh, God, can you tell I just spent so much time dreaming about it.


You want it so bad. He wants it so very bad.


I really do.


Okay. Jesse, what are you looking up there? Are you looking up?


No, I was just looking at some of the rings that open. But you have to get to the live show. We have to announce.


Well, so Boston pizza, ladies and gentlemen, we're doing a game three next Thursday, Boston Pizza live in Stoville, Stouffville, Ontario. You can get the link in the description right now, get your tickets. And, you know, here's what you get. You get to. We get. We do a show. And the great thing is, and I tried this out last time at our last Boston pizza in Vaughan. It is 1060 Hoover Drive, by the way. Hooper Park Drive. The great thing about this is that Steve Dangle, the one and only, will be streaming his Stanley cup final stream right there. Live in the restaurant.


Yeah. And it says come watch STP perform live at Boston Pizza, Stoville, June 13, 2024 at 11:00 p.m. that's what I.


Wanted to address there.


Fix that.


It says eleven. It's the actual start time is right below it where it says seven to eight. That's right. We'll be doing the show.


Come after the game for.


Ya know, I think. I think they closed at eleven.


Yeah. No, no. Yeah, so show before the game and then I will be doing a strum or a sidecast. Or a sidecast. More like Streamville. You know what I mean?


What is the stream city?


What is the stream city?


Very excited.


Someone brings me Pierogi pizza. What is this? Pierogi pizza?


It's. It's going to be a good time. We're. We're really, really excited about it that. So the last time worked out really, really well. And I got to tell you, doing the difference between doing a sidecast or a stream in this building alone, which is fun, versus doing one with a whole bunch of people in the room. It's. You get a lot more amped. Now, that's not. That's that. First off, being amp is not a problem for me, but it's definitely not a problem for you. So I'm wondering what the hyper levels are going to be.


No, it kicks in. It kicks in because I try not to talk to too many people before the show starts because, you know, I can't. I can't shut it off. I talk to one person, which means I need to talk to the room. But at some point, we're gonna have to do the show. So I, like, pretend to be helping set up, like, even though I don't really know how to do anything.


And, yeah, we always ask Jess, and he's like, I got it.


Yeah. And I'm pretending like there isn't a room full of people who aren't, like, say things. Silly man. And then the show starts, and everyone goes, whoa. And I go. And it doesn't take much to get me excited. I'm like a dog. When you get home from work, I.


Think it'll be fun. It was gonna be a good time. It will. Watch everybody watching you do the stream.


I. There's two coffees in this cup. I think that explains a little bit, the beginning of the show. I have never. Yeah. Done a stream in front of people.


It's gonna be fun.


Show in front of people, not a stream. I am glad my first one is not a leaf game.


Why is that? Oh, because it could be devastating.


Well, no, no. Yes, but no. No. There have been, I think back to I lost my shit when Justin hall got called for the penalty in game 720, 22. And, like, I lost my shit for the. The call. I lost my shit for the whole penalty kill. I lost my shit for, like, five minutes afterwards. And, like, if I just had the added adrenaline of a full room of people. Oh, I don't know. I don't know how that would go.




So I'm glad to have a good series. Is a good series with no dog in the fight, though. Perhaps a cat. What up? It. Get it. Hey. Oh, you're gonna turn 35 one day, and that's gonna be fucking hilarious.


Speaking of links in the description, the last episode, the link in the description to our virtual five k where you can donate, it was taken to a page where you can register and then donate, which I think discouraged a lot of people to donate. So we fixed the link, and now it's straight to one where you just sent to the donation page if you wish to make a donation. So head to the link in the bio. Once again, no registration necessary. You can just donate to our five k, which will go to support get the get real movement in Toronto and Rainbow Railroad. And we have to come up with some sort of gimmick again for our five k if we reach our goal. Oh. Cause we're not doing it if we don't reach the goal.




Like last year, we reached our goal, and that's why Adam wore the pajamas on the beach. Steve got in his kayak, and I ran in hockey gear. So we have to have our gimmick again for people to donate.


We could still do the kayak thing where I actually kayak for five colonies.


I want. No, I want the kayak thing. But I want it in your pool. I want you to just go in your pool and in a circle.


In a little baby circle. Yeah, just spin it.


A little too strong to this one side. There you go.


I think we should. Yeah, we should simulate Steve kayaking his portion of it in his pool.


What are you gonna do?


I don't know yet. I don't know. I want it. I want to do something fun, but I don't know yet. I have to think about that. Open to suggestion.


Can yours be like a time challenge?


A time challenge.


You're final, boss. Dad, you know what I mean? You can't stand with your hands on your hips in your white tennis shoes and stare at the lawn for 5 km. But you can do it for a certain amount of time.


So I stare at the lawn? No, I gotta move.


Like on a day where it's raining.


I got it.


Jesse's got it.


All right, all right.


What do you got?


Muttered to yourself, we needed this.


We're gonna get a giant wooden barrel. We're gonna get Adam to stand in it. And he has to crush fruit with his bare feet. He is the gripper king of gripper Nation. We must involve the grippers. Adam crushes fruit with his feet. It won't end up on any weird website at all.


You know what? I like it.


We spent all this time asking if we could never bother to ask if we should.


Did you know that one of your streams, it didn't reach full monetization, so YouTube flagged it for. For half. It's like this won't appeal to all advertisers. And I'm pretty sure it's because there was a lot of feet on the. And I didn't put a lot of.


Feet on the stream, though.


I didn't put enough feet. A lot of boobs. Yeah, but you're not supposed to show boobs.


But feet are not boobs.


YouTube flagged it as not suitable for all advertisers.




Yeah. There's just a little too much gripper talk, but I think.


So it's the gripper talk that's doing it. No, like, do we need to be changing the name?


Did you not. Did you and Hayden not have feet on the screen overlay at one point?


No. Hayden, in the last game, Hayden put cartoon feet underneath the clock. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


What did I just say were there on the overlay?


I thought he was just being funny. That's funny, man. I just thought, why can't YouTube have a sense of humor? Yes, Maddie.


Okay, but the fruit crushing part, how.


Do we incorporate the five k into. Yes. He has to crush enough fruit to be like that. You may got to take enough steps to where you go. Five. Okay.


Layout, you know, 5 km.


No, five k is like 10,000 steps. Then you have to take like 10,000 stomps on the fruit.






You know what we'll do too? Like, I'll get like, a watermelon.




And I can really. Yeah, that one's the gotta be, like, old.


Yeah, we gotta leave it out in the sun.


How about apples?


Yeah, and you know what? We could probably talk to, like, a supermarket with it, throw out their food afterwards, and we'll get some old food for free.


Yeah, let's not waste food.


No. And we're not getting a fresh watermelon. We're getting the. We're getting a bad watermelon.


We'll go. We'll go dumpster diving at, like, a metro.


I like that.


Yeah, I like that. It'll all be a part of the video, but this is only if we reach our goal.


Yeah. And then, you know, you can just. They will be stinky.


You could just like, walk in your bare feet.


In your bare feet. Yeah, yeah, bare feet.


Five k. I could do that. That's fine. I could do that. No, but do I want it bf. Five k. What's, what's more of a tease? Is it. Is it on the, is it on the hot paint or is it the grain?


It's not about that. It's gonna get flagged again. Oh.


What if they're really soapy? I think I'm gonna throw up. What if you have to take a shower beforehand and you leave the soap on?


What if we.


What if y'all just got there really clean. They have a soap on it.


What if we kissed by the barefoot five k walk? Oh, my God.


Adam will do a barefoot five k on wet pavement or hot pavement with dopey feet.


I like it.


And along the way of the five k, we'll lay out some old fruit.




You gotta walk through.


Okay. And I would appreciate it if we. If we just made sure there was no glass. Cause that's not.


I'm not promising shit.




So if you want this to happen at the top of the description right now, hit link. Donate to our virtual five k goal for Rainbow Railroad. Rainbow Railroad and I need to come up with something.


Are they sure that they want to be associated with us?


No, I don't.


That was what I was thinking the whole time.


Yeah, like you didn't say the shit.


In front of Courtney.


We know Courtney was very nice.




I wonder if she knows what she signed up for.


No, she. Of course she doesn't. What? Oh, my God.


All right.


We need games so bad.


We do need some game. No, but listen, these. These all came up out of the games.


Oh, that's all. What are you doing?


Yeah, that's what I said. I need to come up with something. I don't know what it is yet.


You know what I think you should do?


What's that?


You should do a champions walk.


What is that?


You should carry the cup for five k above your head.




Like, I don't even know how long I could do that.


You shouldn't use my.


Can you use if I don't have to carry it above my head?


No, no.


You can even strap it on your back or something.


Okay. As long as I just carry my hands. I can do that. I can do that for five k. Okay.


I feel like. No, we should honor Jess. Jesse had a great achievement.


That's great.


That's his family cup raid.




And our job, our job is to stand beside Jesse and clap the whole way and be like, wow, look at this. Wow, that's amazing.


That's like 25 minutes of clap.


Listen, I've done worse things for more or less.


Jesse, just loop it in post production.


There you go.


Yeah, we could just do that. I'll run one lap and then replay it.


I like it five times. I want.


I want to be.


I want to have as much fun at that parade as Paul Gasol had and or Marcus all had for the Raptors. That's what I want. That's what I want. All right, so we're going to be doing that. Hey, guys, I sent Jesse a link here. I want to know what you think. We got some updated stuff from hockey jersey on twitter. Hky jersey looks like. First off, the Leafs will be. Will maintain their jersey selections throughout the entire year next year. So the revamped St. Pat's jersey. Sorry, Steve, you're not getting your all. It needs to be all green. I agree with you. The Justin Bieber flip jersey is going to be there. And then, of course, they're home and away, so relatively the same.


And most teams are like, that was the mandate from moving from Adidas to fanatics full time is most teams will maintain their logs just to make the ease of transition simple.


Well, and I think it'd be good for that company to slow down.


Yeah, they're taking over the same factories that are in, well, somewhere in Quebec. I forget where, but. So it'll be easy to switch everything over because the same machine, same employees, everything. But it'll just take a while to get them used.




And it's going to be great when you can see through the players jerseys this year. I'm thrilled for that. I'm excited.


That's Nike.


People are like, well, yeah. People are like, oh, it'll be the same. They're taking over the factories. The materials won't be, you know. Cause that matters. So I'm jury still out on my. In my mind, but I've heard some encouraging things. What two teams that are going to change are two California teams, and they're going to change back to older versions, what people like in terms of their versions of jersey. So the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. Now, I think the Kings jerseys, when they won the cup, were extraordinarily basic, but Kings fans loved them and they were great. They want to go back to Gretzky era kings, and they want to go back to Korea. Solani era ducks. And I think the Ducks need this more than even the kings do because the dutch jerseys have been brutal for years.


Yeah. And like, you, like, probably the worst downgrade in terms of jerseys. Yeah.


Like, flying foot d is not good.


Well, I mean, listen, sometimes, well, Brian Burke very underratedly. Like, he went from, okay, no more silly damn logo. We're gonna be, here's a wing. We're no foot ox is what they were. They were the foot ux. It was a duck foot and x, but it was black, and it looked cool and, like, intimidating, and it looked good on Chris pranker. You know what I mean? And also, they won, and they were a really good team. And then they're like, okay, here's the same thing. But, like, with. They just changed it so gradually over time, I'm like, what is this friggin mess of stripes? Yeah, I have no idea. And then now it's bright friggin orange. Okay, what are we doing here? The. The Anaheim ducks have a bit of, um. Bit of a. Bit of a Vancouver Canucks identity crisis. The Canucks don't have that problem anymore. But for several years there, I'm like, okay, what is your color scheme? What do you wear? Like, jersey in, jersey out? Whenever. Whenever you change, what do you wear? So the ducks changing to their old.


Logo and old colors, like mighty Ducks movie.


Yeah, the green. Well, that. What is a teal green and purple.




Really, really good. I wouldn't mind if they simply went to the current color scheme and just had that jersey. But if you're.


They have that.


Yeah, yeah. So. But if you're gonna switch color schemes as you're like, main jersey. Okay, fine. Great. Stay there for a bit. Stay there for a bit. When the Canucks initially change back to blue and green, I'm like, all right, whatever. This is just another stupid thing. But, you know, even though it looked good, it's just, okay, they're just going to change their colors to friggin purple and friggin sparkles. Who knows? But then they stuck with it for a while, and now I think it's actually one of the cleanest jerseys in the league. So if the ducks stick with that, great for them.


I also just want to remind you, Jesse, can we pull this up as this possible? I want to remind you of how things started at training camp for the ducks last year on their 30th anniversary. Do you remember? Do you remember?




Do you remember?


I. I feel like it got, uh, eclipsed by Steven Samkos being in a huff.


It did. But, like, the day before, this jersey was the most viral on the Internet. It was great.


I don't remember.


You don't remember?


Oh, there's so many patches. Jersey.


That's right. So they had their. Their 30th anniversary patch. They had their sponsor patch, and I'd actually don't even know that brand, so I don't know who they are. But then they had the assistant captain underneath 30th anniversary patch.


Like, what are you doing?


A three patch jersey?


What are you doing?


Too much. And they had shoulder patches, too, by the way.


Yeah. And you could easily just swap one of them out for the cool. All of those patches are fine. Just find a place to put them where you don't look like a Formula one car.




What are you doing?


Yeah. And you know what? Take the shoulders and put the 30th anniversary on the shoulders.


Yeah. Because they have two upper shoulder patches. Just swap one out.


Yeah. Which have the old ducks crest on them.




That interesting.


That's an ugly logo.


It is. It's really ugly.




Yeah. And I think because they've been. They. They were good with that logo. We ignored how bad it was, but it's a bad logo.


Well, when it was tinier, it was easier to ignore when they were the footucks.




When it said ducks.


Yes. Yes.


But now that's just the full thing on the check. I'm glad they're moving away from it. It's not great.


Can we pull up an LA Kings jersey from last year? Jesse, would that be okay just to talk about that? Because. Because here's the thing I'm a big proponent of. I want them to go back to the Lakers colors now. I know. I know. It's. It was under Jack Kent Cook, who was a canadian guy who owned both the Lakers and the kings. And. And I know that when. When the. The bus family bought both, they really only cared about basketball, and they sold off the La Kings, uh, to Peter Parkland, who made his money through collectibles. Bizarre. That's a story. You gotta. Literally the weirdest story ever.


Is he my kind of guy?


He's your kind of guy, except for the jail part. And. And they. Then they go to black and white, and this is the Gretzky era. Right? So we're post Marcel Dion. Right into. Squarely into Gretzky. Robitai. I think Yuri Curry was there for a while. Kelly Rudy, friend of Steve Dangle. Nicest guy on the air.


Nice man.


Just a good man. A good man. Let's have a look at the. Their jerseys from last season here.


The jerseys. Fine.


It's fine, but it's not exciting.




The old one's infinitely better.


Like. Yeah, look at. Dunno. It's so good that I'm willing to tolerate the shiny helmet.


You don't like the shiny helmet, eh? I love it.


People hate white gloves, too, but I don't mind it at all.


Why do they hate white gloves? Jesse, you're the guy that gets this a little bit more than I think Steve and I do. You get the esthetic part. I love the white gloves.


Yeah. I'm a fan of it, to be honest. I l. I like the white gloves. I like the shiny helmet. I like the white on white. I like when they match in the colors like that. I think it looks. It looks clean.


That is. That's also the honkiness logo in all of hockey.


It's big.


Oh, the.


That's who they are.


It's bigger than the Gretzky Kings. Yeah.


Oh, everyone is. Oh, yeah. We're the ducks, the sharks, the king.




We're the crown logo.


I would love the crown logo back. I know they're not going to do it, but I just. I think that I do like the idea of city colors. Like, teams that are. I get that rap into it, you know, like the blue Jays, the leafs, they kind of have this now. TFC is red.


Pittsburgh Raptors, definitely blue.


Raptors were not blue, but they did talk about 15 years ago changing the raptors name to the Huskies and making them blue and white. That was a real thing. They were this close to rebranding the raptors, which is crazy when you think about it, but that's what they were going to do, because they're. The city colors are blue and white. Argonauts are blue and white.


You know, what you want to do is have an expansion team. Take forever to establish that brand, and then as soon as it is established, change it.


Well, listen, I'm not saying they were a well run franchise under. Under the pension plan, the new WNBA.


Team being the Huskies. Yeah, that could make some sense. Changing the Raptors. No. What do you. Stop.


I saw a funny tweet about that. Someone's like, we should call them the Raptors.


Oh, I kept seeing the Toronto Galdam. Oh, okay, drizzy.


All right. The king's logo right now isn't the, like the crest with just la on it? It's not the best.


It's very early. Two thousands. And everyone just sort of left that. Not early. Two thousands early. Two thousand ten s. And everyone left that behind except for them.


Yeah, it's that. It's the minimalist. Hey, your floor is gray and your walls are white.


It reminds me of the leaf's pajama jersey.


Oh, man. Gross.


I'm so. I'm happy they're. They're changing it.


Me, too. Yeah.




Both of those teams were in desperate need of a rebrand.


Gentlemen, it is time for the bed. MGM, big story. So we have a Stanley cup final, and there's lots of props available. Jesse Blake, what do we have


Well, what do you guys want? Well, who do you want? Who do you want to score?


Oh, well, I'm okay, I think first you got to get Zack Hyman in there who's had a bazillion goals. Duh.


The odds are going to be meh, though, because he scored in more games than he hasn't.


So who's like an underrated.


Well, I want to, like, can I parlay every former relief to score over the course of the series?




Damn. Because they're not all going to score in the same game.


What about Jack Campbell? I'm going to go out on the limb and say he's not going to score.


Jack Campbell probably won't. What about like a. Like a Hymen verhege? Prop?


Hymen verhege. Anytime goal.






That's not bad.




Really good.


No, I would take that now. Does it have to happen in the same game or any time?


No. This is like, for the game.


For the first game?


Yeah. There's no series long anytime goal.


No. The scoring, I think, is going to start high and then it's going to plummet. So let's get my game one parlay in.


Can you add Cody CC to that?


I think so.


Adam, it's not game seven. He's. I've never seen.


Someone can't even add Cody CC to the like.


Yeah. I score two goals a season.


Uh huh.


And one of them is in every game seven.




I've never seen it.


That's not possible.


It's going to be. It is actually going to be fascinating because you can. You can look at this right now and go, okay, I can throw. I'm going to throw a bet on this player, whatever. But we really don't know how these teams are going to interact with each other.


Can I run you guys down some of the things available and let me know if you put money on it.




Team to score the first goal in the first period. So who scores the first goal of the Stanley cup final or there's no goal in the first period to get three options?


There's a goal in the first.


There's definitely a goal in the first. Okay, I'm going to say in the first five minutes.






I don't think it's gonna start. I'll tell you. I'll tell you real fast. I'll tell you how Edmonton starts a series, they like to fill you out through the first 1st period. So they are not. They don't start aggressively. Didn't start aggressively. From what I remember. It's the Canucks. Definitely not against the stars. So I think if anybody's gonna score in the first period, it's gonna be a Florida pan.






Evan Rodriguez. No, formerly. No, I'm only going former Leafs.


I want to. I want to write these down so we can come back to them. Okay, both of you have Florida scoring the first goal in the first. In the first period. Okay? Over. Under. We're going to saves for Bobrovsky and Skinner. Adam. 27 and a half. Stuart Skinner.




Over. Okay, Steve, you're over.


Oh, yeah.


Skinner. Over.


Both. Especially game one.


Bobrovsky. Over. Under. 24 and a half.


What? Over.


Bob. Over.




Right, Adam, what are you at?


I think over. But.




24 and a half.


Case in point, game six. Edmondson had ten shots.


Yeah, I think you're.


I think they're going over. I think they're going over. But. But, yeah. Like, there. There are a couple of games where Edmonton were just super efficient.


Yeah. But they were defending a lead, and we both agree that Florida is going to score first.




So Edmonton's going to go, okay, Mario star.


I like that.


I like that.


Okay, let's do winning margin. Who wins and what's the margin? Can you nail it? You can select Panthers by four, one through four, or five plus oilers by one through four, or five plus.


First game, it's going to be two goals because there's going to be an empty netter.


Damn it.


You can take that, too.


I can agree.




Okay, fine. I agree.


And by who's winning?




You have Florida by two.


Ed money. The new Vegas. New Dubai.


Excuse me.


And Adam has Edmonton by two. Edmonton by two. All right.


Or two.


Okay, here's what I want, and I don't know if this is going to be available, because I know we're talking about game one here. Stanley cup winning goal. You can. Someone's scoring it. Someone on one of these two rosters is going to score the Stanley cup winning goal, even though the series. The series hasn't begun yet.


Uh, let me see. I don't. Serious times of most series specials. I don't think you can do that.


Well, let's talk to Mister MGM and Mister MGM himself.


You want some of these series specials?


Yeah, I want to throw a couple.


Who's your Consmyth trophy winner?


Oh, Oilers. It's dry. Cytal.


No, you get one pam for the whole series.










That's five to one odds.




Adam, who's your pick for a conspiracy trophy?


If I'm gonna be a man, it feels like it's gonna be Conor McDavid. If the Oilers win, and I think the Oilers are gonna win, and.




Going to say I'm going to be difficult. Zach Hymen.


Zach Hyman's your conscience.




Not Connor McDavid.


If he scores so many damn goals.


And he has, like, there was a point at which he did twelve goals in 14 games. Like, but you could make the argument.


Because of Connor, dry saddle's got so many more points than everybody. Well, dry saddle and Connor, I mean, could easily, one of them can pass the other, but it's got so many damn goals. Does he get far enough ahead in the goal lead that people go, you know what? It's Zack.


No, probably not.


You got to remember the Phil Kessel effect.


Yes, you're right.


Even though Kessel was like, I think he led the Penguins in scoring. They're like, yeah, but Sid.




You know what I mean? Like, oh, okay. Zach Hyman leads them in scoring. Yeah, but Connor. Yeah, but Leon, I don't think they're gonna let Zack Hymen win the Consmyth.


All right, last two.


All right, Connor McDavid. Fine.


Oh, you're picking McDavid now?


Well, it could be Leon, but Steve.


Talks you out of it.


Yeah, yeah.


Okay, Connor, last two.


I'm trying to.


Leads the series in block shots. What? Player.


Player. Oh, damn. Oh, nuts.


Oh, nurse, he has the lowest odds.


Oh, wow.


The favorite. Well done, Steve. That's your pick. Adam, who's your pick for block shots?


I'm gonna go forward because usually the forwards are blocking a lot of shots on the pks and stuff like that. Right? Can I look at the. I just want to look at Florida's. Yeah, Florida's pk for a second. Let me go here. Let's see. First penalty can bark off Reinhardt. Mikola.


They let all their. All Stenlan.


You know what?


He's not going to play enough.


No, he's not, but he shorthanded. You know what? Bark off.


Bark off.


Barkov's going to drop.


He's going to do it 41 to one.


Let's go. That means I win an $82 when I put $2. Yeah.


The favorite on Florida to lead the series in block shots is air neckblad.


All right, that makes sense.


Going down the list of favorites is nurse Eckblad, Kulak, day, Harnay, Mikola, Montour, Reinhardt, force link, Bouchard, the leaders. And last one, let's do who leads the series in hits. What player?


Darn ill, nurse. I'm sticking with him.


The both.




Darno's a good pick.


He's 15 to one.




Okay. It's gonna be Florida, first off. First off.


Well, Bennett's a good pick.


And that's who I was.


He's the lowest odds. He's the favorite.


That's why I was gonna pick him.




I was. I mean, what? Come on, you know? Oh, I believe him. I would like to win at least one of these bets. And that, you know, sometimes you're like, sometimes you, when you're doing this, you're like, I'm gonna be difficult on this one to see if I'm superior in intelligence when reality is, you should just go with the obvious pick. Like, Justin always does this thing when we do our streams where he's like, okay, pick a team or pick a player from each team. And if they score, I'll give ten subs. And I'm always like, I don't know, is it going to be Yanmark? It's like, no, Connor McDavid's going to score, idiot.


Well, friggin the whole Rangers Panther series. I was like, don't overthink this, Paneran, like, every game. And then he continued to be bad, not bloody score. Well, thanks for nothing, Artemiy.


So that is your bet. MGM, big story. It's the Stanley cup finals eve right now.


Are we going to check in on Monday to see how you guys did?


Hell yeah. And I bet it's not great. dangle, go check it out and enjoy your Stanley Cup. Jesse has hosted the CJ show twice in two weeks. And during those shows, you just happen to have explosive information that CJ's ready to, to drop. And specifically, obviously, the clip that everybody's talking about today is the Marner clip.


Okay. Do I want to play it?


I feel like we could and promo it, but there's other things that happen in the show. So we will talk about some of the other stuff that he came out with.


I mean, I'm glad we have another opportunity to talk about Marner because I know we did. Today's Friday, Wednesday. I want to not redo it, but I want to think about it from his perspective.




Which I haven't adequately addressed.


Okay, Jesse Blake, go ahead.


Here's what CJ said about Mitch Marner on the CJ show yesterday. Into the conclusion that they can just have Mitch Marner on the roster and walk into free agency, or would a stalemate in the negotiations force him to waive his no moves and find a trading partner?


I think they're very wary of making a bad trade, which, you know, you would be every time you're making a trade. But, you know, if you're. If you're considering trading one of your franchise's all time best players by. By points, by the kind of records Mitch has racked up still in the prime of his career, I mean, the possibility of that going awry, like, you might never come out from under that. So I think that they're not going to commit to ever, like, we have to do this. I think that, you know, it's more about what the marketplace yields, what they hear back from the Marner camp. I mean, I think that they would walk him to free agency if they had to, partially because they have no control over it. He literally has full control now. It's very, very rare for a player when he's made to be felt unwelcome or that the team wants to move on to say, well, I'm not moving, and just you deal with it. They have no control in the situation. I mean, they have enough control that they can try to influence things a certain way. But he's got final say.


That's why those new movement clauses are very punitive.


Yeah, well, you know, it took a much smaller cap hit so we could get that clause, so stop it.


I thought it was fascinating to hear CJ just throw out the possibility that he might get walks to free agency.


Well, like, I think that's. It's good that he's doing that, because a lot of us, sometimes me, are talking about Mitch like, he's gone, and that's very not the case. Now, I've been very open about. I think the best move is for this team to trade this player. I think the best move for this player is to be traded. I think if you love Mitch Marner and you think they need to keep him, fine. We all have our players that we love.


Mm hmm.


Who else is going? Austin, Willie, Morgan, Tavares? I don't even know if Morgan would be enough. And then you got to plug that hole. You gotta make a significant move. You can't run this back again. That's not an option. It's not an option.


Okay, well, there's a growing group of people on. On Twitter saying that it has to.


Be, and they're all wrong. Like. Like, objectively, like Martin saying it. That's fine. And they're wrong, and it's fine. I'm not doing this for another calendar year.




Now, yeah, but it's not up to what you wanted.


I know. I'm getting there. So. So part of why I'm not doing this again is I feel like it's groundhog day. I feel like we are talking to each other in June 2023, okay? No time has elapsed from last year. None. So here's me looking at it from Marner's perspective and then changing the focus a bit. I'm Mitch Marner. I have worked my whole life to get this. I worked really hard to help you recruit John Tavares.




I then put up 90 frigging points with John Tavares.


I think more got him a career high in goals. 47.


Got John Tavares 47 goals. He's never sniffed it since because it was with me. And then what happened? I went and played with another guy named Austin Matthews. He got all his career highs.


He got 60 goals.


Exactly right. And you know, well, John Tavares earned his goals and Matthews earned it. Yeah, but I was there, right? I don't care what you say. I was there when we negotiated this contract with the cap hit and with the no movement clause, it was in good faith. They were things that I asked for. They were things that you gave me and you signed on the line that is dotted. Don't like it. Your problem? I upheld my end of the bargain. I put up a big old bunch of points every year. I didn't ask the world to stop. I didn't ask for a pandemic. I didn't ask for a flat cap. That's got nothing to do with me. I'm from here. I like it here. I have a clause that says I get to stay here if I want. I'm not leaving. That's how I look at it from his perspective, where the groundhog day comes in. The reason I'm begging this team to trade this player and I'm begging this player to ask for a trade is I feel like no time has passed from June 2023 to now. Because if you run it back, there's almost no one left to fire.


It's just Shanahan, right? No, I think Pelly's got to go too. And I know we just got here. No. No. Because how many more times, the ownership. No. How many more times can we be nose to nose with the most obvious decision in the friggin world and ignore it, walk by it, only to walk around the entire earth and meet it again the next year? A trip around the sun and we're right back where we were. What? Okay. Brendan Shanahan's like, I'm the president and Dubas is like, I want to be the president. And they both stand at the same urinal and they're in their friggin and they're. And they're just having a friggin fight and they're trying to see who stream the strongest is, and they both kind of get their way. Shanahan fires them, but Dubas, you know, gets his promotion or whatever, but their little friggin.


Where did that promotion come from?


I don't know.


How did he. It's amazing. That dropped in his lap.


It's. It's so good. But that little dust up, that little battle of egos, whoever you decide is wrong. Put them where we are today. Okay? Oh, well, you know, we gotta. We gotta take a lot of things into consideration. He's. He's one of the best players, uh, in the history of the franchise. And where was this energy last year when you fired the general manager five, six weeks before his no move clause kicked in? You nut cases. So I don't want to hear. Well, we gotta be delicate and we gotta be.


Fuck off.


Stop. Enough. Stop lying to everyone. Stop being stupid. Stop being childishly naive. This decision was staring you in the face last year, and you kicked the can down the road.


And last year, it could have been one of two. They were. They were talking about both Nylander and Marner, which one of them would go.


And you kept them both. You gave one a raise, and you essentially gave another a no move clause. Right. By not trading Mitchell when he had no trade protection, you were handing him a no move clause. Okay? And then William Nylander goes into the final year of his contract. Guess what? He's got that fucking final year of his contract. Glow scores a billion goals, scores the overtime winner. He walks off Sweden. Hilarious, right? And then, you know, you can't even criticize his playoff performance. He had the migraines and everything. Comes back into the series, leads the team at goals. So what's the problem here? What's. What's the problem here? You had a very obvious decision to make. You chose to simply not make it.




And then next year, they run it back. Nothing happens. They. Okay, there's two options. They simply win the cup finally, or they do the same thing. Because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and.


Over and over and over and over.


And over and over and over again. Which. It's what they're doing. It's insane.


Was the thing when you were like, I want to talk from Mitch's perspective.




So the Leafs then sound like Mitch. No, no, no. I transitioned, though. I transition from here's Mitch's perspective to no, no. Because I'm blaming squarely the Leafs for this.


Yes. And I think rightfully so, I'm bl.


No, it's 100% their fault. You had a decision to make, you didn't do it. And then you. You run it back next year. You get your bottoms padded in the first round again, probably by the friggin bruins, and then Shanahan's going to get fired. It's not going to accomplish anything. It's not going to. What's it going to accomplish? What's it going to accomplish? Was. Is the new guy going to find a way to tear up the no move. You're going to be in the same fucking position. You're going to be in the exact same position. The only difference is you're going to lose one of the best players your team has ever had for nothing. And you're going to lose John Tavares for nothing as well. Or extend him. Or, guys, this is squarely their fault. And now that we're here in this position, if Marner's not traded and the trade doesn't work out, there's no justification, none, for bringing Brendan Shanahan back.


I said that last episode.


There's not.


People are mad at me for that.


If it works out, if it ends up working out, great. But, like, there's a scenario here where I don't think you can justify him beginning the season as the president.


It can't be a distraction come training camp. That's my point. Because if he shows up and is a leaf at training camp, we all saw what happened with Duchenne in Colorado. You cannot have player can't have this. It's not good for the player. Let's be honest. Team cannot have this. Not good for the team.


Like, there's a variety of opinions here. It's. It's inexcusable. We're even having this discussion today on June 7, 2024. It's inexcusable. It's completely inexcusable. He had no trade protection. I don't remember if Willie had any trade protection. I don't think he did. Doesn't matter. He needed a new contract. It. You could have got a king's ransom for him. He made $6.9 million last year as one of the best players in the league. It's not till next year that he gets like a $5 million raise or whatever it is. And now here we are a year later, you have no leverage, essentially, in the Marner situation other than to be the bad guys. Like, if I'm Mitch, the way I play, this is like an absolute cherub. I show up to camp and I'm like, I love leaf fans and, like, I'm showing up like Bailey from WWE, like, early career, if any of you. Like, I'm like, parties and streamers and bright colors and handing a puck and signing every autograph. And I love being a leaf. And I cheered for the leafs growing up. Go, leaves. Go, go. I want to be here. And then when the leafs are sitting you because they're fucking stupid and have no leverage other than to sit you.


They're the bad guys. What a stupid team like that. They're even in this position. Like, there are decisions where I go, I wouldn't have done that. Hindsight's 2020. No, this is stupid. This is stupid and unjustifiable. And it's got nothing to do with Brad Treliving. I think it's unreasonable to bring him in and be like, hey, make the biggest decision in, like, franchise friggin history. Uh, like, in five weeks. Uh, what? Like, I got to move my family. I got to do all this. I got to do. They're not even going to let me on the draft floor for the first 17 pick. So you can be mad at Marner all you want. You can think about, you know, I don't want this player. I don't think he. Whatever. It's the Leaf's fault. It's all squarely the Leaf's fault. And it's unjustifiable that Brendan Shanahan is still the president.


Now. Unjustifiable if they get a good deal done.


What is that?


It'll be almost despite themselves.




A good deal in a trade, not a contract.






Yeah, I don't think there's a contract here, guys. I really don't. And I've been on. I've been on this for, well, since whatever, this season ended for them. I forget what data was. I don't think that this player is coming back.




I think that the player knows it. I think the team knows it. I think the agent is going, nope, we want to stay and we're gonna walk to Ufa.


That's how you negotiate.


Yes. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And listen, I'm not convinced, by the way, that they get better instantly. I'm not. But what I am convinced of is doing the same thing again is not gonna make them better either.


I've said this from the beginning. Even if you take a step backward, like, you have to try, otherwise it's gonna be Groundhog day again. We're gonna be sitting right here, June 2025, talking about, what were they supposed to do?


Well, and that's the thing is that, you know, that that's. It's like, well, this is a really hard thing to pull off. How much money these guys make. Millions. Jobs.




Suck it up.


Yeah, man. Like, God's hard. Like, can you do this in other fields? Will you birth the baby then?


Like, this is hard.


Yeah, this is really hard.


Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Steve. Jesse.




When the sun is bright, when the weather is sweet and your eyes can't see because it's just so bright outside, what do you do?


Go inside?


No, no. What do you do?


Oh, I want to stay outside.




Well, I would need something to protect my eyes.




Like going like this and squinting.


No, you can't. But they can't do the fake hat brim. Jesse, what do you do?


I don't know what to do.


I put on my shady rain. That's crazy. That's what I do.


That's what he does. Now, why do you put them on, Jesse?


Because they're the best sunglasses to ever be made.


Wow. Okay.




All right.


Best thing you've ever put on your face.


Yeah. Second best.


Now you use your Shady Rays golfing, right?


Can't say that. They have a line of shady rays where it's specifically designed for golfing. So you can, like, see better when you're on the golf course. It's pretty cool.


I've seen a lot of people who try to golf with sunglasses on and they kind of go flying cuz their head. Do they stick to your head?


Yeah. Get better sunglasses, get shady rays. Also, you gotta. You have too much head movement. We gotta work on your swing.


As a bad golfer, I've seen a lot of bad golf, you know, and this is why Shady Rays has protection, too, because if your, your glasses take a bit of a hit, which they can from contact support like golf, you know, they.




They'll help you out.




They'll help and replace. Now go to use the promo code STP for 50% off two or more pairs of polarized sunglasses. Again, it's and use the code STP for 50% off two or more pairs of polarized sunglasses. Hey, this show is sponsored by Betterhelp, and it is the season for reflection. I like summer because it's downtime and I get to take stock in my life, and I go, where am I?


How do I feel?


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You know, it makes. It makes people want to do therapy sometimes days like today where it was just so gray outside, it was great, and it rained like crazy, it went blah. And you're like, you know what? This rain is making me sad. I need to talk to someone.


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One thing we should hit on is the Amazon Doc that's coming out or Amazon series that's coming out next season featuring NHL players. We talked about how finally the NHL is getting to the business that the other sports leagues around the world, including like, f one who really started it with drive to survive. And Amazon has purchased, though they've hired the driver's five directors and producers to make this series for the NHL. And we saw this success of full swing for golfers. The NBA is coming out with their own version of this on Netflix. Netflix. Quarterback on Netflix was very successful in growing the brands of Kirk Cousins and Patrick Mahomes. So the NHL finally is doing over asking and highlighting stars. And I think that's an important note to make that, hey, they did something good here with this series.


I am curious about one thing about this series. How much control does the NHL have on final footage? Because if you remember, during the Maple Leafs Amazon partnership in 2021, the Maple Leafs allowed something like 30% of what was actually really supposed to be in the series to go to air, which sucks. And it is very Toronto Maple Leaf because why? You know, and the series ends and like, well, we lost in the first round. I guess we'll start the next year. Like, they just, they ignore the fact that they fucking blew it. And that would have been a killer ending to that series. But the Maple Leafs had way too much control and so. And Amazon wanted to do it again the least. Like, no, we don't want the promotion. So what we don't need. What do we think?


So we went over this. We complained about what was the name of the series? All or nothing.


All or nothing.


And it was not believes all or nothing. And how awful it was, especially the ending there. Like you just said, we went over that. And one thing CJ brought up, because he's an insider, he has this inside information. The heads of the NHL, the top brass did, the guy whose commission, his deputies, they brought this to the owners and the executive committee and they told them how important it was for this series to, to grow the game. So the guys at the top have finally realized this is important. So they had the meeting and they convinced all the owners, you need to get your teams involved. And once the teams are involved, then you get the players involved. So it started from the top where this series started. So they are going to have those behind the scenes looks there are going to go in depth on the guys and showcase things that we want to see out of the players. And they've been following them for quite some time. Not as long as we'd hope. Like, it hasn't been like a two year journey or something with all the cameras. It kind of started mid season is when they got this ball rolling.


But they're going to follow them through these playoffs. Like Connor McDavid and Matthew Kachuk are in the series and they're, the Amazon cameras are still there going to fall. They're still following them. So we're probably going to see some lot of summer content as well from some of these guys. And the list of names that Amazon gave us are McDavid, Kaczuk, as I mentioned, Truba, Dry, Seidel, Pasternak, Swamin, Hughes, Eichel, Nielander, Forsberg and Landiskog. And then they have, among others. So if you just.


Landiscock's fascinating.


Yeah, if you, if you just look at the names, you. We already know we're going to get some fascinating stuff. Truba, what just happened in the Rangers series, the Nylander Pasha knock relationship. They are buddies, they are best friends. And they went head to head in the playoffs and one guy ended the other guy's season. Fascinating stuff there. You mentioned Landis goggle. Landicause didn't play.


No, but he's also the captain.


He's the captain.


Like, okay, you're in this series. You're not playing. Like, that's going to be fascinating to watch. Just an NHL or rehab and being away from the game and away from your team and all that kind of stuff. So there's a lot of hope here with this series.


Jack Eichel and Quinn Hughes, to me, are the biggest wild cards here.


Oh, I can't wait to see Jack Eichel's routine. Well, gotta run through his pregame routine.


His routine. I'm interested how much he does and how much he airs about the Buffalo Sabers. I'm sorry. Like, if we're getting to know players and their stories, how could you not mention the Sabers? You just won the cup after all that bullshit that you went through, right.


They might look at that as, like, the past.


Yeah, yeah. But, like, your past is relevant to.


Your present because that what the trade was like two and a half years ago now.


Yeah. And then he won the cup, you know? I don't know.


Are we reliving, like, is Matthew Kachak expected to talk about his time in Calgary? Well, like, I feel like that's the Eichel Sabers. I don't know if it's a little old or.


Well, the Nylander and Pasternox friendship from their childhood. I don't give a shit.


No, but they're currently playing.


No, it's the past. It's the past. I only live in the moment, man.


Asking you a question.


And I think a lot of people don't like Drake Jacob Truba, but I think he honestly might be one of the top three ones. So the Rangers, and he's got a great person.


Sponsors united came out with a list of the most endorsement deals in Canada. And these are the NHL athletes with them. Okay. And the guy I look at on that list, Jesse, is Matthew Kachuk. Because currently he has the most endorsement deals in the NHL.




And that guy, when they show him on camera and people get to know him even better, it's going to. His career is going to explode. This guy's going to be the big star in the game personality wise.


We are also underrating how much of a joy it is to watch Quinn Hughes talk.


Oh, he's fun.


Quinn Hughes is a funny dude.


He is funny.


Extremely funny.


I wish Jack was on it, too. A little bit more. Jack can be a little jack.


I'm sure he'll make.


He can be. He could be a saucy meetings.


There's some family meetings.




Some dinners. I'm sure Jack will be in it.


Both ganging up on Luke. Look, shut up, Luke.


Yeah. Look, go away.


I feel like they're. They're a package.


And just another quick thing to mention, that completely separate of what Jesse is talking about yesterday, Dan Milstein, also known as hockey agent one because hockey agent was taken, hashtag we are gold, responded to an Ian McIntyre tweet. Ian McIntyre said this amid coaching news. The last couple of weeks, there has been significant traction in contract talks between Zidorov and Lindholm. Maybe neither resigns, but it's possible the Canucks could keep both players. Dan Milstein says fake news. He is a. He is the agent. So that's kind of interesting.


I thought it was odd.




One of the more active agents.


And the rumor is, according to 32 thoughts this morning, that Zidorov's number to stay in Vancouver is lower than what it will be on the open market. So he believes his camp, at very least believes that they are offering less money or they are offering him at a discount so that the Canucks can keep. Now, here's what I would say to that. You can look at that and you could say, oh, well, that's really nice of him. Or you can look at it the pragmatic way, which is, well, they have an 8th year to offer.




So that brings the AAV down, because, remember, you sign a player away from another team as a. As a Ufa, you only can offer them seven years, but the Canucks can offer him eight, which brings the amount of money per year down.


Also, your UFA number, like if I go to free agency, one, it sets the market on you for everybody else. Two, if you take less than that to stay with your current team, even if it's still too much, that's an active charity.


Well, and. And that's the thing, is that none of this is an active charity. Zidorov's not signing for an active charity. He has an 8th year available to him. And I think the issue is from reading the tea leaves that the Canucks don't want to go seven, eight. They want to go six years. Yeah.






He's older than you think.


He's 29, I think, isn't he? Yeah.






So, and. And, you know, listen, what is ideally, if there isn't another global pandemic between now and a decade from now, whenever that contract expires, ideally, you. You have the cap going up probably 20% over that time. So the, the, it diminishes the percentage of cap that a player like that is going to take up.


I hate that that goes into decisions.


Well, now it does.


Wait a minute. What if the world stops again?


100%. But, but, you know, we're expecting the cap to go up about 10% over the next two years to catch up with where it needed to be, and then after that, we're expecting incremental growth. So, yeah, I mean, a six year deal at too much right now might not look so bad in year three, but what's the player look like? He plays out. He plays a tough game. Are there injuries? It's his thirties.


He has funny quips.


And let's be honest, the Canucks are a particularly bad team when it comes to six year deals. I think of Tyler Myers and Louis Erickson.


I forgot about Ericsson.


Of the worst six year deal, six year deal contracts out there. I think the Canucks have signed the two worst, and Tyler Myers is going to get some good money on the market.


Throwing that out there don't make the Canucks fans listening. Relive the Jim bending years. They don't, they don't deserve.


No, that. You're right.


You're right.


They had a good year this year. Jesse, what are you smiling about?


No, I don't know why you're taking digs at the Canucks.


I'm not taking digs at the Canucks. It's merely Jim Benning.


They're stupid.


Yeah. Although I was told by Canucks fans that, that Jay Beagle was a good pickup, and I will laugh forever.


Was it Canucks or Capitals fans?


Always Canucks fans. They were like, no, this is good.


That's still like, champion Jay Beagle.


And you know, who scored in the playoffs? And that's who I heard JBL freaking Beagle in 2020. Anyway, let's do the press conference quick.


The presser sdp the Steve Dangle press conference.


Before we get to some cool questions, we have a bit of breaking news in a rather surprising front office. Oh, Natalie Darwitz, a name you might not be familiar with, is the general manager. Was the general manager of PW Hl Minnesota. Okay, double PWHL Minnesota raised the cup, yes, eight days ago, and now she is no longer the general manager of the team. And it seems to have happened under pretty, I don't want to say mysterious circumstances, but there's no real explanation for what's happened. Rama, what's wrong?


Well, that's. That's the thing, right? Like, are you automatically go all right, what happened?


Right, right. So all teams are league owned. So it's not like there's an owner there that made the decision or the president or whatever individually made the decision. But according to the Athletic, Darwitz was told earlier this week she would not be back as general manager.




She was offered alternative options within the league as well. So because they're legal, they gave her like, hey, do you want to move to a different positions? But there's no explanations of why she's not GM anymore and what those positions are. Right. The league also gave Darwitz the option of putting out a statement saying that she had chosen to move on the team. Source said she is not expected to be at the draft table for Minnesota on Monday night. The draft is Monday and they're firing their GM. Dude. The PWHL would not confirm the news of Darwin's departure or Darwin's. Darwitz. My apologies. Darwitz is synonymous with women's hockey. Minnesota. She grew up in Egan, Minnesota and won two NCAA championships with the University of Minnesota. She won three Olympic medals with Team USA and was inducted at the US Hockey hall of Fame in 2018. Darwitz was inducted into the a double IHF hall of Fame in May during Minnesota's finals run.




The month, the source who leaked this information to the athletic said, it's pretty shocking.


I. Wow. Unless we have drama, like, I don't, it's impossible to have an opinion on that.




Because if you just take it at face value, you go, well that's friggin stupid. Yeah, but. But if there's a reason.




Why. Yeah. So I'm not gonna chastise them, but sure would like an explanation and. And people also like deserve one.


Yeah, well, no, no, no.


The general manager no was let go days after winning a championship and no one deserves.


And the answer is no because sometimes you. Okay, you could say you deserve. There's plenty of things that we don't have the answers to because there's legal framework for things. So I want you to be. Remember the Shane Pinto thing sends fans, none of them really know what happened.


Other than they vaguely know.


They vaguely know. But we don't. We don't have any confirmation from the league or the player or anyone. We don't. We kind of know what happened.


We're also jumping the story here.


Oh yeah.


This is what else is there. Sure. But this right now, as we have it, is a report from a reporter. It's a leak. It's a leak of information that she's not coming back next year.




Hasn't been officially confirmed or announced by the PWHL. And when that comes out, then we should have the debate of like, hey, what's the explanation?




Why aren't we getting it? But also, if we want to speculate, it doesn't appear to be anything of misconduct because they offered her another job within no league.


Yeah, that's. So they wanted to extrapolation.


They wanted to keep her. I'm extrapolating. Based on the information we have, they wanted to keep her within the league. You know, they run the team. They run the league. They want it. But she's not. They don't deem her fit for the job, which is weird.


It's very weird. And we may never get an answer is what I'm trying to prepare you for.


You just see if you disagree that we. You think we should get an answer, some sort of answer.


The person who assembled a championship team just, it allegedly lost their job and eight days ago must be replaced days ahead of the draft.


Three days before the draft.


And Minnesota PWhl fans don't deserve an explanation.


I'm on your.


Yeah, no, that's bullshit.


I'm just saying you may not get one.


You may not get one, but I think they deserve one.


Yeah, that's unacceptable.


I think it's a little different than Pinto's gambling system suspension.


Oh, there was a lot of people who said it was unacceptable that they didn't say anything about that. Yeah, but a lot of people.


I don't think it's what? Gambling suspension. There's a.


So we don't know all the, you know, the d, e, f, g, but we got an z.


We instantly go. We instantly go, oh, this is bad. Is there a chance. And I know that they. She was offered a different position within the team, so is there a chance that the. Whoever made this decision was like, oh, she's interviewing for other job. Is there an NHL job? Is there an AhL job? Is there something like that? Could this be a good thing? Yeah. And the team was like, listen, if you're gonna interview for that many jobs because you're super in demand, we're not gonna have yours, our GM, because we think you got 1ft out the door.


The draft is in a couple days without making those decisions.


Surely that would be out there by now. Surely it's in the best interest of. Don't call me Shirley. Jill.


I'm kidding.


It's in the best interest.


What are you, fucking 80?


It's an airplane joke. Anybody get it?


Yeah, that movie came out a very long time ago.


Yeah, the movie that came out before there was sound.


You have to understand, I've been waiting forever to make that joke I've been dying to make. Jesse always said, I'll hit my prime in my fifties. And he's right.


Adam's just waiting for the moment he can say rosebud.


You want me to read the. The final quote from the team source? Yes. One of the team sources that gave the athletic information on this, which just kind of adds to the mysteriousness, whereas I'm just. I'm just here for the drama.




Okay. Okay.


It's the dealer no deal guy.


What do you mean?


The guy who hangs out in the shadows.


I've never watched dealer, no deal.


That's you.


You just.


That's a go.


Call me Shirley.


But, you know, that's a good 2008 reference, Steve.


It's more recent.


Yeah, no, no, that's. That's true. But if that's the bar, everything's more the moon landing. That'll be more reasonable.


There are players in the NHL who were drafted in 2008 and earlier, which makes it relevant by my calendar.


I'll read this quote and we can move on to questions.




Besides building it from the bottom and setting everything up and drafting and signing the players that led to a championship, she spent hours and hours doing everything, waking up at 04:00 a.m. moving equipment to the rink, hanging dirty equipment, unpacking bags, stuff like that. I mean, stuff Gm's don't do. It's a real shame.


This is a power. This is a power move. This SOmEbOdy, somebody in a position of power does not get along with this person. And they. It's like Shani and Dubas. Duba said, I want to go directly to the board to make trades. And Shani said, if you go directly to the board to make traDes, there's no reason for me to be jumping to everything. Here's what Adams, I'm telling you, man. This. This is a power thing. Here's what this is a good general manager. Why are we letting her go?


Here's what Adam's doing, and here's why the pwhl needs to figure this out as soon as the story comes out. That's someone turning the. The tap on. On the hose.




No one's holding it, so it's just everywhere. And AdAm's going into the power move.


I am the host.


She's interviewing Leo.


When he was a baby, I was there.




And you got to get the diaper on fast over the hose.


Yeah. Like, no, but here's the thing. I wanted to allow for there to be positive here. Cause we instantly go bad. Cause we think, oh, it could be bad.


I'm not on instant bad. I'm instant. I'm sitting back and drinking my tea, you know.


Oh, she's running for Bremen popcorn. Yeah. Or president. I don't know. I don't friggin know. It could be anything because we know nothing.


You think she's running with Joe Byron?




Think, Adam, there might be somebody within the league who's like, I hate her.


I think that she has a boss. She's not the top person at that organization.


It's also like, you had such a good season of almost exclusively positive press. Do you need this shit?


Well, no, but you know what? It could be good, because if she comes back as a GM of another team, the way hockey works is that that team and Minnesota will meet in the finals next year.


Oh, yeah.


It's going to be great for us.


Let's go.


Great story.


That also means somebody else would have to lose their job.


Oh, wait, she's. She's gonna get hired by another team. Oh, here we go.


You would assume that she was a general manager.


Assume that. It's going freaking everywhere, Adam.


I would assume that because all the teams are league owned. Yeah. She moves on. There's no job in the league for her anymore because the other teams can't make that decision themselves.


Yeah, Jesse, what other assumptions?


All right, let's get some pwHl. Toronto can't be like, oh, we're gonna hire her. No, that comes from up top.




But they have to be operated from. Separate it. Like as separate arms of the same thing. Right. Like a spider.


Yes. But from. I assume those high level positions are the. The big guys up top who make those calls.




Messy as hell.


It's very messy. I'm gonna follow the mess.


Yeah, me too.


Mess is fun to follow.




All right. This is Orion. I don't know if people think this, but Orion writes, hey, guys.


Fan of your belt.


Hey, guys. Love the pod. That's a bad, bad space Joe.


It's a good one.


Love the pod. When is the pandemic line coming out of the STP intro?




And I think Orion thinks the thing. I'll play the intro here. So, everybody, this isn't the beginning of the show. Here's the intro. That. Where. Where the intro voice says it's back at it.


Back at it.


Does Orion think that says pandemic? That's the only thing.


Or is it like, we're back from.


Yeah, but that. We've had that intro since before the.


Pandemic, so that's why I think Orion's confused.


Oh. I mean, we can.


His name could be Orion.


No, that's Orient.


Yeah, if he doesn't tell us how.


To pronounce it, then we're just gonna say Orion.


So to clear it up, the intro says, back at it. Back at it. If you weren't aware.


Hmm. It also says SDP. All right, I've listened to it anyway. Me too.


I've also listened to it.


You see?


You can confirm. Let me. I'll get a new question.




You got STP, Mitch Marner. Washer.


Wash your bags and chips.


Sorry, Mitch Marner. Trade question.


Let's go.


That's all they are.


That's all we need.


Kevin lynch. Would Tom Wilson be made.


Thank you. Moving on.


Would Tom Wilson be made available for Mitch Martiner? Sounds like the perfect replacement for Backstrom to get Ovi to the record. Thoughts?






I absolutely see Washington's incentive to make this great.


Not a one for one, like, throw in some other pieces.


Uh, most of your good prospects. Like. Okay. Okay, so. Miroshnichenko, McMichael. Uhm.


You don't want a roster player.


No, those guys are roster players.


Okay, but like, I mean, like, more established players.


And Dean.


Yeah, no, so you get Tom Wilson plus bring up the cap friendly. You get Tom Wilson plus whatever you want for Mitch Marner. I. I'm. I'm Bradshaw living. I say here is Mitch Marner. No, no, it should be the other way. I am. I am. I'm the GM carburetor boss. I'm now the GM of Washington. I say now you got me going.


Who the fuck.


Yeah. Who's.


That would be Brian McClellan, gentlemen.


Okay. I'm Brian McClellan. I say you can have anything on my roster at all as long as it includes Tom Wilson.


Do you know what Tom Wilson makes? And for how long?




Six and a half.


That's not too bad.


Until 2030. 2031.


Didn't he sign that in? I want to say that was part of our free agency special last year.


Probably was. So I.


That's a long.


Steve. I'm Brian McClellan, your GMO. You can have anything on my roster that will make it a fair deal. It just has to include Tom Wilson plus whatever you want. You give me Mitch Marner back. What are you taking off of my team?


Will you retain on Tom Wilson.




Oh, better retain half.


Sure. What half? They're not retaining half or.


I just said sure. If we're getting this done deal. You're doing a Mitch Marner trade to Washington. That includes Tom Wilson.


Oh, okay. So I get eight years of Tom Wilson at 3.25.


Get it done.




Okay, first piece.


Oh, well, you're making this easy for me. I want McMichael, Mirage and Shanko protest every first round pick.


I'm asking you for a realistic.


No, I don't.


Just name all the assets.


Ah, like a. Something like a two or three for one. Makes sense there. Like will see. Yeah, Jesse's brought it up. Like, Wilson is a. He's a very good player. All star. But that contract is gonna be a world of hurt here. I'm leaning into Jesse's camera now. There we go. Boy, howdy. That's so much money. Oh my God, he's 30 years old.


I know, I know. I don't know, man.


Nick Jensen's one of those guys were like, I want you. And now he's making over four. And I'm like, oh, never mind. Because he used to be making less. And I like that.


I take something along the lines of Ferrari.


I was thinking him too far of.


Art II protests and Wilson 50% return. I think that.


So Wilson at three point. Yeah, 75 or whatever.


This. Yeah, protest. Oh, I forgot, this is on the screen right now.


First off.




He's one of the factions in Starcraft, which I love the protocol.


Oh, okay. So now I'm thinking about this in terms of like bits his life for on LFR. No, here, Jesse, you get. Get this under control here. I think I'd probably prefer. Isn't Maraschinchenko. I thought he was a defenseman. Isn't he? Am I gonna Nick Robertson? This poor guy. Wait, where is he? There is. Okay, no, never mind. I think I maybe prefer him to protest.


How big is he though?


You want the forward?


Yeah, well, protest is like. Fine. You know what I mean? Like I wanna. I wanna. I want someone insanely good.


Here's, here's, here's the thing.


Sorry, they're both.


It's not going to work.




Maybe not going to work.


You don't think that's a good framework?


I don't think that it's not a good protest, but.


And Wilson at 50% retained a framework.


Fine, but you know, it's.


I think that's really close.


And you're getting a ton of cap space. The Leafs are getting cap space. And ovech. Yeah. Here's what I would throw at you. I don't think Washington's the team.


No, obviously not.


But do we have to, does it have to be washed? Because I have a name.




All Carolina keeps saying is that they want an elite forward for Marty niches.


Come on. How do you and Genzel and you.


Know, they want a mid round pick if you want negotiating rights with Gensle. But yeah, listen, I don't hate it. I just have a hard time believing that Tom Wilson would be, they'd retain Tom Wilson for after that deal. First off, does he have, does he have trade protection too?


You know what I kind of like? Yeah. Modified.




You know what I kind of believes.


Would be on that?


So Mitch Marner. It's Toronto. All the rumors are running completely wild. Has anyone thrown a team out? Like has anyone legitimate thrown a team out there?




That's exciting. Like that's kind of fun, right? The reason we're being so stupid and going, I don't know, the caps is there's no team.




Like if we had heard, oh, it's going to be one of these three teams, we would be picking those rosters apart. But I feel like we're just going to go through every NHL team one by one.








And be wrong.


I said Vegas Shay Theodore, but that.


Would be funny and borderline impossible.


Okay, Jesse, next question.


This one comes from Clayton. Clayton says he listened to every podcast dangle for nine plus years, commented often and never once has something I've said been brought up. So Clayton, this is your moment.


Oh, take it off. Take it off.


Do you think if McDavid wins the cup this year, the odds he'll sign in to go substantially up since dry saddle will be gone after next year?


You don't know that.


I don't think you know that.


You don't know that hose is going everywhere. You don't know that.


I think the only way to guarantee that is if things were went so bad in Edmonton that they were, they were bad.




Like, and they've given him a chance to win a cup. You're like, what else can you ask?


The whole point of McDavid, you know, us being like he's going to leave Edmonton is him getting fed up with the lack of success. But they've finally built this team, most of which is locked up, dry sidel being the very obvious outlier. They finally built this team that's a champion. Yeah, well, potentially. No, no, you. Well, in this scenario they're champions, right? What am I leaving for? What am I leaving for? I think it actually makes the odds go down. Okay. I think if they lose the chances, well, at very least stay what they are. They're in the cup final. Guys. I don't think we're seeing Connor McDavid in a leaf jersey until, if it is going to happen, it's going to be like 34 year old McDavid, and he's going to blow out his knee in the first shift like Doug Gilmore when he came back.


Oh, that was sad.


It was so frigging sad.


All right, here we go.


Here we go.


Last question.


One more, one more. All right. This is from Brown. Oh three buckeye. What do you think about the Waddell higher in Columbus? Don Waddell was hired as the big honcho in Columbus. Could he bring in his own coach, or will he allow Vincent another year to try to prove he could right the ship when not given days to prepare? I don't think Pascal Vincent's going anywhere. I don't think that's the move for Columbus. I think you give him a season like brown. Oh three Buckeye is saying.


I keep hearing conflicting things.


Me too.


With the Blue Jackets, because I was really bullish on the hunters, and now I'm not. Well, obviously they brought him Waddell, but, like, even behind the bench, I was. I was hearing things. I think Waddell is a experienced guy with a track record of success who brings some stability to a circus. And, like, no disrespect, like, Blue Jackets fans, like, you're fully on my side on that one, right? Like, this past year was a complete carnival. Um, and sale of. To answer your bottom question, I think.


I think on the Waddell side, I think the best nugget came from Chris Johnson when he said he brings more than just hockey acumen, he brings business acumen, which is going to be helpful for a team that is, quote, unquote, smaller market. Although Columbus fans who have university sports and that sort of stuff in that, in that area spend tons of money on that, so there's money to be made. It's a great place to live. What they need to do and what Don Waddell's first job is, is to figure out what's ownership's timeline. If, and I'm sure he knows that. If the timeline is right now, then I think you gotta, you gotta get rid of Paul Vincent, and you have to bring in a veteran coach. I don't. I can't imagine the timeline is right now.


It's not attractive market.


Well, I agreed. So this is why I don't think the timeline is right now. I think you can do what every good general manager does is you go and you go, I'm going to wait and we'll see how this all goes. And then when, you know, if a person fails, then great. I look awesome for firing them and then I'll bring in my guy. And I think there's a lot more issues. Now, I don't think. I'm not a fan of Paul Vincent's coaching thus far, but I would also say that there's a lot of talent on this team and there's a lot that Don Waddell could do to change up the makeup of this team. And we forget that that's a team that people were looked at, went, it doesn't look bad on paper.




Well, it does.


It didn't look that bad.


It didn't. And, you know, the emergence of guys like, I don't think Ken Johnson's coming in out of shape and I don't think they're sending him down. I don't think they're. I don't think David Yuric is going to go back and forth from the Cleveland monsters to the Blue Jackets all season. Yeah. And, you know, line a, hopefully feeling better. Goodrow, you got to figure something out there because his dad's tweeting that he doesn't want to play there anymore. Like, there's some things that need to happen on that front.


Jesse, question. Before that question, do you feel like extending the show by 45 minutes? Because I think that's what you're about to do.


Adam, quick question. You got 60 seconds to answer it. Leaf's cat. Dad wants to know which general from history would make the best NHL GM. Get one name. You can't do that thing where you run through like eight different names and you give reasons on all of them. Just give one name.




Julius Caesar.


Same thing.


Adept political leader. Absolutely ruthless. In fact, genocidal. And also the first emperor. Really? Even though they don't call him that. He was the first guy that kind of got rid of democracy in Rome just based on his pure popularity.


So these are good qualities for an.


I think. I think they're actually. No, I think they're great qualities for general managers because he's a good manager of people. His guys love him. His guys freaking love him.


All right.


And he's able to consolidate power and do whatever the hell he wants and that. Yes. Did he get stabbed to death? Yes. Don't think that would happen in an angel ran. Julie Caesar.




There you go, Jim. Jim Raynor. Absolutely. Don't wrap it up.


You donate to our virtual five k to see Adam's grippers.


That's right.


Fruit limit the description.


Might even get a pedicure for you. Might even clean those feet up for you. What? What? What is it?


Go away. Stop it. Stop it. No.


The Steve Dangle podcast. Follow the guys on Twitter.


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