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Night I see my waiting to fight it alone. Raise me up and see my wailing.




This is the way. Tell me why delight to death my wedding.


For love.


Raise me up and see my weary name.


Gripper nation, we have return.


That's not. That's not it, Adam.




It's not.


Yes. It's game eight of the Western Conference final, baby. Let's go.


I don't. I don't think this counts as a gripper nation stream. I am also gripper nation. The crab people are here. Oh, there's gonna be an awful lot less feet talk with.


Oh, I don't think so.


I don't think we're not gonna. We're not gonna spam the feet emojis at all in the chat.


I think we are. I think we are. And listen. The finals on STPN, brought to you by BET, the number one online casino and sportsbook in Canada. Bet GrW is your first place. The sorry is your place for the best casino action and best odds in the NHL finals, 18 and over. Please play responsibly. Bet grw. The platform is owned by La Grand Royal Wollanac, a land based casino located in Trois Riviere, Quebec. Stick around for in game reactions, betting tips, and as and as the game progresses. So there you go.


Crow. Grippers.


What's up? Grippers, what's up? Listen, we're here. Are they in? They're in.


What's up, Adam? I don't think you completed what you were supposed to announce off the top. Oh, we also have a McDavid jersey giveaway that people can get a part of.




So you want to continue, you can.


Click on the promo, click on the drawgle. Use the promo code. STPN 200. It's. The link is actually below, so you can just click on that. It's in the description. So good luck. Good luck. Get your McDavid jersey. Does he score tonight? Do you bet on it?


Jesse McDavid scoring. I think McDavid probably gets a goal.


People are asking where Steve is. Uh, I don't know if we can tell you. But he's okay. I think he is. We'll just put it to this. Sick children.


Yeah, I think. I think you can say that his baby's sick and he has to take care of her. I don't.


That's right. Secret sick children. So he is the hospital for sick kids right now. And you know what happens when you have a kid in the house. Once one gets sick, everybody gets sick. So look, out for sick Steve. It's coming soon. All right, here we go. We already got a couple super chats here, Jess. 1st first one, one of them disappeared. Weird. Doubling up to try to hit Steve's numbers. Are we doubling up to try to hit Steve's numbers, Jesse?


Yeah. It'll take two of us to match one of Steve. That's how good he is. Like, that's, that's honest. So the two of us, I don't even know if we match Steve, but we'll see.


Okay. Okay. And then, uh, some jeff e suggested that Steve might actually just be having another child.


Yeah. Because every time Steve's like, oh, it's a secret, I got to be away for a little bit. It's because he's having a baby. Like, that's the, the first time he did that, when it was all secret. And then Leo popped out, and then this year, the first time he missed an LFR in, like 40 seasons, it was because he was having a baby. So maybe third baby on the way through magical Jesus powers.


Could be.


Who knows?


Could be. Maybe. Maybe. Listen, maybe they're just putting in the work, Jesse.


Yeah, exactly.


Maybe they're just putting in the work. Okay. So I'm just trying to pull up the game on my Tv here, and it's telling me I'm at my maximum, and I say, nah, hang on.


It hasn't started yet. The anthem is not underway or anything. So you have a little bit here.


That's good. I'm wondering. Everybody says, hope steve's kid's all right. Steve's kid is all right.


Yeah. You worry, kids is gonna be okay. It's, it's nothing. It's nothing dire, but he just needs to be on dad duty tonight. There's not a sit here and watch the game for 2 hours night kind of. Steve, he's gonna be taking care of the little baby, which is very adorable of him to do, and his wife. So, you know, taking care. Adam, you, you're very familiar. Taking care of little babies, it's like a joy and a pain, right?


Well, when they're sick, it's, there's very little joy. I'll just put it that way. And I, you know what? The thing about it is that, like, what no one, no one wants to talk about how hard and how much it sucks sometimes, and, and I wish we would, because when you, when you're going through it, you're like, am I the only parent? You feel like you're the only one. You're like, am I the only one who feels completely overwhelmed and, like, I have no idea what I'm doing, which is every parent, but no parent wants to admit that. They just want to throw up a picture on instagram and go see. Look at how perfect my kid is. And their kids probably perfect, but it's like, you know, staying up late while your kid doesn't feel good or, you know, when they're crying and there's not much you can do, and they can't speak, and you don't understand what's wrong. Not glamorous, man. Not glamorous. It's the way it is. It's. It's not fun.


And, Adam, you mentioned the super chats earlier. You got to shout out John Acosta, who's the anthem singer in Florida who always pays for super chats.


Apparently, John did a shout out to gripper nation in game one, and I don't. I I don't know how he did that. Yeah, he. He did the courting, Drew. He did the. The arms, the celebration. But I don't know how he shouted out gripper nation, but John Acosta, you.


Dangerous John, show his feet. Like, oh, here's my foot for no reason.


I don't know. I have no idea. It was wild. Absolutely wild. Yeah, it was. I mean, people were saying it happened. I don't know that it did. Nobody could give me an example. But that's absolutely hilarious. And, you know, it's funny. I've. He's like a vip member. Like, I've talked to him on the chat. Like, his name comes up in green, kind of like Brooke. Brooke Henderson and this Donnie and Sarah Marlowe and weaves. A lot of people just tuning in to go, where's Steve again? Steve is with a sick child today. So we're. We're waiting on. We're waiting on the game to start.


Oh, did your game feed work, Adam?


No, it's not working. Where are you at right now?


You know, it's gonna be funny when the game's underway and I'm the only one watching.


You know what? I'll just worry. You know, I'll be over here worrying about the super chats.


Are you gonna. Are you gonna commit to your five k walk? If anybody listens to Steve Dangle podcast, you know what we're talking about. You're committing to do your five k walk for pride month in some sort of barefoot attire?


Yes. Yes. Actually, get somebody. Somebody tweeted me today or tweeted us today and said, hey, is it possible for Adam to or for me to just donate to Jesse and Steve so that Adam doesn't do the barefoot walk. And I was like, I was like, you know what? Just for that, how, first off, how dare you? Second, just for that, I'm sending you the video directly. Like, it's coming directly.


You got to walk even harder now.


Oh, you know, I gotta put their, their Twitter name on my feet. I'm gonna tap on.




Yeah. Like, this is for you and my soapy feet.


And speaking of the Steve Dago podcast, I think you also have a live show to talk about.


Yeah. So, guys, we are, I don't know what the hell is going on here with my, my Internet connection, but we are doing, we're doing a live show at Boston Pizza, and I believe that link is in the description, too. Do we have that in there?


I'm sure Drew could do that.


Drew, can we put that in the description and put it in the chat?




He's already got it in.


There it is.


Come see us get tickets now. That's the one. Could we put Boston Pizza on that there, Drew, at some point, just so people know, come see us. Come hang out. Steve is going to be doing the stream live in the restaurant now, if you remember, I did a stream live at the Boston pizza where the Oilers, who were down two to one at the time, and producer Drew shouted across the room that they were going down in five, and we were like, no. And the, and, and producer Drew was wrong, and the Dallas stars didn't win another game. Serves him right. So, yeah, we're going to be doing that at the Boston pizza in Stovall. So come see us there. It's going to be a lot of fun. Tickets are like $15, and since we're.


Getting everything out of the way, we need to mention our bet that we made with bet GRW. We took the Edmonton Oilers as a group, the three of us on this, on this stream here, and the over five and a half goals. So we got Edmonton, and over five and a half goals is our bet.


I, I feel good about that because I feel like there's no way that the Oilers can't, like, there's no way they're not going to explode tonight, right? Am I wrong?


I am afraid of the over. Like, I think I was outvoted two to one on taking the over because I think Stuart Skinner is going to have a good game. Like, I think he was solid and very solid in game one. If it's not for a couple defensive lapses on the part of the Edmonton Oilers, yes, he's probably has a shutout. You know, we're battling. That game's probably still going on at zero zero because both goalies are good. So I could definitely see Skinner having a good game here. And maybe Edmonton can sneak a couple by Bobrovski because they had their chances and they just didn't get lucky in game number one. So I think it's a low scoring affair and Edmonton squeaks out this victory here.


Okay, I like that. I, by the way, Cassie gifted 20 memberships. Cassie. Cassie's out of the game. Cassie clan. Hashtag Cassie clan.


Are we sure what that. Do we like that name?


Do I think she does? That's what we've been saying. Hashtag Cass or Cassie gang or Cassie clan.


Is it okay. Yeah. Drew saying clan. Yeah, yeah.


In a scottish way. Not in the, in the, you know, in the other clan way, you know.


Okay, I understand, I just gotta ask the question.


I. Sorry, I completely understand the reference. Yeah, no.




You know, Jesse, I'm just, in my.


Ear, I'm hearing producer Jul clan a whole bunch of times. I'm a little concerned.


I apologize for that. We should have given you the heads up. Hey, Jesse, what are you watching on, by the way? Like this is, this is the thing I was always going through with my, with my streams is are you watching on the sportsnet app or are you watching on like a cable thing?


So I have five tv, like, okay, the extension for your cable where you can just kind of stream it from your phone. So I cast it from the five tv app to the screen that's in front of me there.


Okay. Now here's what I'm going to ask you. What are you seeing right now?


The Panthers are walking out to the ice. They're coming out of the tunnel. They're all hitting the ice right now.


We are aligned, my friend.


Hey, let's go.


Cassie is up to 10,000 or 1067 giveaways in the playoffs also. Lmao. Jesse. Cassie, you're out of control.


That's insane. Cassie. Thank. Wow, that's, that's unbelievable.


So, Jesse, are you joining the Cassie clan tonight?


I have to. I wanna.


Noted member of the clan. Jesse.


Cassie should, uh, Cassie should get an emoji on, on our, on our twitter, on our twitch, on our show me or on the YouTube channel.


I'd like to know what Cassie's av avatar is like. It's some sort of hockey player. It looks like it says fear me. And I think it's sid the kid when in, in like the 2009 one.


Let us know what she wants as her emoji.




We can put a picture of your face, or you just do, like, a little dog. Whatever you want or anything, like captain. Yeah. Or just, like, a giant three C's.


Okay. I like that. You know, maybe not. Maybe wearing it. No, I'm not gonna say it. I'm not going down there.


I don't know how deep you want to go with this.


Yeah. Look on the screen with Bukaskas. This guy.


Maybe a pillowcase over.


Stop it, Jesse. I can't make that joke and you can't stop it.


I can't anyways. Cow. Bukoskas is doing stuff.


Hockey power. Hockey power. Yeah. Kyle. Kyle's on the screen with the biggest Oilers fan. I love this guy's sunglasses, these digital sunglasses that say, let's go, oilers on them. I saw him last game. I'm like, this guy rules. This guy, like, he's got the Zack hymen chains on with the. Oh, that's the best.


The, the one. I think the girl, the woman who rules harder than that guy is the woman who's dressed up as a Stanley cup. Like, she's painted in silver. She's got the head thing on to.


Be the, oh, there she is.


Yeah. She's front row outside of Rogers arena there in Edmonton. That's unbelievable.


Incredible. Why are they, I don't have the sound on. Why is the entire team on the ice again? Oh, no, they're not.




Okay, good, good, good. Hey, by the way, okay, I want you guys to watch for this. It's so funny when, when the, the canadian teams go to Florida or Tampa, because it's like, okay, here's a canadian national anthem. Blah, blah, blah. Oh, Canada. Okay, here comes a veteran and the Star Spangled matter. Let's go. And then they, they, like, proceed to do three minutes of that. I love it. Kind of jealous of it.


They, they do a fantastic job in Florida with their pre game stuff, like having Mike McDaniel hit that drum in game one. I was fired up. Like, I think that's such a cool dude to bring out, and I think the crowd went crazy. CJ was talking about today, like, the atmosphere in Florida. It's always been great, and he regrets ever speaking ill of that fan base and that city, because they're a true hockey town, and they, they're showing up this week. It's been good.


Justin has said, adam, jesse, want to play a game? Pick a player from both teams. If either player scores a goal tonight, I will drop ten gift subs in the chat.




So what are we doing?




Who are your picks?


And, wait, do we each get picks?


No. No. I guess it's you and me together.




All right.


Drew said, and we each get one player.


Okay. Damn.




I like the odds. Okay, so here's the deal. I've been, I think Ryan Nugent Hopkins. I picked him for our bet. Grw props tonight. I set him on the show today. I think nuge missed a beautiful opportunity on the breakaway and then missed an even better opportunity on the power play when he fired over the net. So I'm saying nude.


Nude. My pick for an anytime goal is Matthew Kachuk. I'm going with. I'm going with big game. Kachuk shows up in game two. He's been a little quiet as of late on the score sheet, so I think he gets one here.


You have to pick an oiler and I have to pick a panther, my friend, because I gotta pick one from each team.


Oh, so. So I have to pick an. So can I do dry cytle and Kachuk?


Yes, you can.




And I will do. I will do Kachuk nude because. Why not?


No, no. Pick your own.


Are you booing this man? Guy Carter Verhege.


Okay. There you go.


There you go.


You don't get to pick my play.


Mister Clutch. Mister Clutch. If both of them score, then a bonus. People are angling at angling.


Gina, Miles is singing the national anthem right now. That gives us an excuse to talk about, you know, Miles. Do you know, you know, Miles, the fantastic rapper?


You may be the greatest rapper of all time.


Is he the best rapper of all time?


He might be. He might be. I don't even know. What do you even call that? Is it like. It's like. It's like Florida Drill or what kind of rat that is?


It's called bars.




That's what it's called. You know Miles has bars.


You know Miles. Guys, you need to check him out. I can repeat zero of the lyrics. As a white man, I cannot drill. It's a hundred percent he said. All I can say is shout out Martin Luther King. That's all I can say. And then. And then the rest of it, I can't say. And then, by the way, we got Levi Maestro in the chat.


Here's our real Levi maestro.


It's not. But check this out. Steve or Jesse. This goes way back for us. A stream that doesn't tell time is the perfect kind of stream. It reminds me of my infinity watch time with friends of the best times. This was a guy who tried to kickstart a watch, ladies and gentlemen, that did not tell time. And what he was asking, like, outrageous money for it, too, right? Chess.


Yeah. No. Like, the watchers were, like, crazy ridiculous price, and there's just, like, generic watches. They weren't anything special. No, no, it was.


Drew say it was a river, man.


No, it was a watch, but it didn't tell time.


Yeah, yeah.


So it's like, it had the water on it. It just didn't, I guess. So it's a wristband. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


It really. But he was like. But. But it's a watch without a clock because creativity has no time. And, like, he was like, this cool dude. You should go look him up. I don't know what he's doing now. What is.


What is, like, post production? Like. Like, kind of in the video space, you know, just kind of make his. Because, like, his content was really good. Like, all shout out to him on, like, his video editing capabilities and.


Oh, they were good.


But in terms of, like, building a brand that's interesting and is something people wants to buy, I. Not. Not so great.


It was the height of the fake positive era, right? It was like, right before we started talking about that guy, because it was such a funny. It was such a funny thing. It was like. Do you remember, like, the overly hyper youtubers that were, like, super too old to be that hyper? Do you remember that era that was where he was. It was like, yeah, everything's good all the time, and their eyes are kind of, like, squinty like this. Like, guys, we're gonna be crazy.


We're coming down to puck shop here.


Are you doing the clap, or am.


I gonna need your attention? I'll do. I'll do my clap there. Drop. 5857-5654 there you go. We got. Oh, I'm a little ahead. You're. You're a little underwater with your microphone.




Oh, there you go. You're back. You're back.


All right, all right, all right, all right.


Panthers got the puck down low. Behind the net is what's happening right now on my screen. McDavid's trying to get the puck from. I think that's Barkov there. So that's kind of the action on my screen. Adam and you, I assume you're a couple seconds behind.


I am. At least. This is what I can't stand about the sportsnet app is they don't line it up with television.




So, yeah, so I can't. I actually cannot watch. I can't watch at the same time as you can because I'm using the Rogers. I'm using this ignite app, and for whatever reason, I guess another member of my family is using it, so I can't use it.


Tell Natalie to get off.


I'm gonna be like, Natalie. I'm gonna text Natalie. Are you using. It's ruining my street, to be honest. It's my father in law's and, like, the entire family has access to it. I've never run into this problem before. So are you using the ignite app?


This is such a poverty stream.


It sucks. I know.


I think we all need to shout out Stewart stuff. Skinner right now, that first possession that the Panthers had, he saved the first shot on goal. Something he's not very good at doing. He loves allowing the first shot on that into the back of the net. And today he made the save. So, Stuart Skinner, well done. You saved the first shot of the day. That's. That's a great job.


Natalie is getting off the Rodgers ignite.


Was she actually watching it?


Watching it, and I think her parents were, too, so.


Oh, my goodness.


Yeah. It's like too many devices active. All right, here we go. Jesse, what time do you have on your app?


I got 20. 518.




Stopped at 25. Yeah. There's a stoppage of.


Yes, we are aligned, my friend.


There you go. What do you think about them scratching cc?


Think it's the thing that they should have done earlier.




Like Broberg. Browberg's been. Anybody that's been paying attention. That guy, he was so good at the end of the Dallas series, and I couldn't believe that. I'm like, you guys didn't play this guy against Vancouver. Are you serious? And it just seems like Cece nurse were like a comfort blanket. It's funny because, like, there are certain teams in the NHL where the coach legitimately gets to make the call on. On ice or on who, you know, who is iced. And then there are teams where they will hand you a sheet and they'll say, here are your lines tonight. And I won't say which teams. I know a couple of teams that do this. That the crack. Not the crack it. Well, maybe the crack it. I don't know if they do or not, but. But basically what they do is they. They say, here are your lines. These are the optimal lines. And one of them has won a cup in the last five years. So you can make the argument that it works, but Chris Knobloch obviously doesn't work for a team that does that, and he goes back and I don't think the Leafs do that.


He keeps going back to his, his comfort blankets, and I just don't understand how you could ever see Cece and nurse together and think, wow, this is a really good pairing. We should continue with this. And look, they're, they're going to play better tonight just because of it. Kulak was so good next to nurse in comparison to what he had before.


Yeah. And having DNA in there like he has, I think last time he played was they show on the screen game three against Dallas, and, like, dharna wasn't, like, terrible when he was in there like this. Having Dhrna in there over CC is an upgrade.




The fact that you didn't start this way is a little questionable on Nawblox part, but I'm glad they got there eventually. Like, it's enough nurse CC.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. And, like, listen, you have some depth. Use the depth. You have to adjust every series. Who did they play in the first round? I can't even remember anymore.


The Oilers, they played the Kings.


They played the Kings, right, of course. And they, like, destroyed the Kings.


They walked all over five games.


And so when you win a series like that, you don't have to, you don't really question things. Cause you're like, well, we won a bunch of games. Why would we change stuff?


Yeah, you don't move it. You don't change the lineup after you win a series in five games, for sure.


But you, then you have to go play a tougher opponent like they had to with Vancouver, and it really forced them because Vancouver could have won that series, no problem, and they just, they just could not close it out. But I would look at, I would look at Vancouver as, as, you know, I mean, it went seven games. It was their toughest test. And, you know, I think Edmonton learned a lot from that series.


Yeah. And, like, one thing to watch out for here tonight is just the bounce back ability of the Oilers because they're there five and one. They shouted it up in games after a loss these playoffs, and every single time they, they lose a bad one, whether it's a stinker or a close game, like, they usually bounce back and are right in the next one, and McDavid comes out firing and dry cytos on top of his game, and Skinner has a great game. Like, I I really think the Oilers are going to get this one tonight, and it's going to be one. One. But the Panthers were miserable in game one, and they still won. So like, I don't, I have some stuff for the Oilers, but the Panthers, like, they can play their worst hockey and win a game, which is the scariest thing ever.


Sophia, in the chat said, sometimes I don't think it's the players that matter. Sometimes it's the predictability of the strategy that they bring. Just my opinion. Thought, though, I might be wrong. You know what? Sophia's not. Not wrong on that. And I think when you have players with limited skill sets, right, they're good at one or two things rather than like five or six things. It limits the coaches ability to play certain ways. And when you have a guy like Cece in the lineup, for him to flourish, and he is an NHL player, he's. You got to play a very specific type of person with him and you have to put him in very specific situations. Right. Super chats. I'm supposed to catch up in here.


Drew says you got super chest to catch up on. Yeah, Drew, you know, what do you talk about, like, the matter of playing and, like, teams catching up to you and all that stuff? It reminds me a little Mitch marner. You know, his play is Cody reminds.


You of Mitch Marner.


Just being a little one dimensional. You know, can, can't really play in the playoffs. So I think for the rest of this time, we just need to break down Mitch Marner fake trades. So send those in. Adam really wants them, and we're going to spend the next 2 hours doing Mitch marner fake trades.


I must have missed. I can't scroll back far enough to see these super chats I missed. All right, Drew's going to send them over on WhatsApp. Sorry, guys.


So, Adam, give me your top five best. Mitch marner fake trades. Let's go.


Jesse. That's like a. That's a $100 super chat right there. Top five favorite trades.




My God.


Five favorite mitch marner trades.


I think. Listen, I think Mitch is going, and I think he's going to a warm locale, which he will love. And I think the Leafs are going to get some good stuff back for him. But remember, the most important thing that they can get back, other than talent, is cap space. So. So if you see, hey, talented guy. And we got $5 million. It's great. Here's what we got on this. Here's we got on the super chat. Oh, Cassie just gifted another ten subs. Cassie. All right, Jesse, how was the parade after the championship win? Thoughts on Dallas GM winning GM of the year? But he's the real GM, the GM.


Of the year award is the Stanley cup. Like Jim Neal winning it back to back years. Like, I'm sure he doesn't care. Like, it's cool to be recognized by your peers. I believe the GM's vote on the award themselves if I'm, if I'm not mistaken. But the fact that like you lose, you don't make the Stanley cup final, you lose to Edmonton there. I'm sure he's not happy. It's a good consolation prize, but nobody wants a consolation prize. You want main trophy. So it's like, ah, GM of the year will be.


Hold on. The GM's actually vote on their own award.


I'm pretty sure. I'll double check on that. I might be, I might be mistaken, but I think they vote on the GM of the year award.


I kind of like that. I kind of like that because that as much as the Stanley cup is the GM of the year award, you know, very good. Jeff Merrick quote right there. But it is, it does mean something when your peers say, hey, you are great this year. Good for you. You know.


Yeah, the. So I didn't have it totally incorrect. It's that old 32 general managers vote on the GM of the year award, plus five NHL executives and five media members. So it's a 42 person panel.


Who are the executives and media members?


That is a secret.


You know what? I'm gonna text CJ and see if he, if he voted on the GM awards.


I would love to know that.


CJ, did you vote on the GM awards?


That's very interesting, though.


Tim Roby show am I a crab? Am I a nation? Am I a navy? I really need to get a grip. And if you want to beat Steve's numbers, just skip this game and play some two in 67. Good point.


The 267 is coming. Like we haven't had the parade yet. We haven't started year after a Stanley cup, but we're running it back and trying to go for two. It's going to be fun. Zinc five, Edmonton still no shots on goal yet this game.


Zinc 573. Are we getting dancing animals after the oiler score or is it after both teams?


After both teams. They are here tonight, if you are not aware. This is the dos, the dancing animal squad. They are present and ready to do their thing. They will come out after every goal I see.


Justin has sent me. Just sent me a who you're repping tonight, crab people? Gripper nation or Cassie clan in first place. We got crab people 41%.


Let's go, let's go.


456 people voted Cassie clan number two, gripper nation a strong third place. Still bronze. Still bronze.


It is. It is.


And you know what? Listen, I would say that the passion levels in Gripper nation rival anything. Like, we're very new to the scene. Right, Cap? You know, you got. You crab people. You've had plenty of time to plan and hang out. Gripper nation's new, and. And it really. Gripper nation is Jesse's fault.


No, it's not.


It was you jumping on the chat and getting everybody going.


Adam, I might have opened the door. I didn't even. I didn't even open the door. We got a penalty here. First one. Yeah. Who is. Who's going the box? Sam Bennett.




Oh, yeah. Ooh, Sam better. Trying to take out Evan Boucher. Oh, my goodness.


Sexy. Jari says if Reinhardt leaves Florida to stammer, replace him. I don't think so. I don't think so. I think. I think the more. The more they talk, it seems like it. Doesn't it seem like they're going to make it work in Tampa?


Yeah, I don't think either of those people are going anywhere.


No, I don't. I think. I think for sure. Reinhardt staying.






Reinhardt, he's taking a deal too. Like, he's not gonna get what he would get on free agency because he just likes Florida. So people are gonna get mad.


Like, do you know how salty Lee fans are gonna be about this.


That. That Reinhardt. Oh, so Steve Dangle, Druzen. Or you're asking about Darnell nurse and Reinhardt's dad? Because Steve, on his cup check video for game one, uh, he referenced that Sam Reinhardt's dad has the plus minus record, the worst plus minus record in NHL playoffs history. And Darnell nurse is on the verge of breaking it. He's at -15 right now. And, Drew, what is the record? Is it 1716? One away? So Sam Reinert's dad might get his awful record removed from the books, and nurse might get that new record. Just hilarious. I see Steve Engel, everybody. Great job on his cup check videos. If you haven't seen his first cup check video after game number one, go watch that. Also, it's masterfully edited by one producer, Drew.


Drew, did you edit that? I didn't know yet. I guess you do all of Steve's. Oh, you do it.


He says, I edit every video on that guy's channel. If you're wondering where Steve Dangle is tonight, his baby Isla is sick. She is okay, but he needs to be a daddy tonight. So we have given him the night off to do that. And you are stuck with gripper nation and the crab people.


Let's go, gripper nation. Speedy vee. Costco gravy is exceptional. Best in the game. Yeah. Speedy V has paid for this comment. Eleven streams in a row work for Costco? I don't know, meme. Empress says Costco gravy can suck it.


Yeah, I get you're paying for it, so we have to read it. But I'm not. I'm not doing the promo for Costco gravy. Yeah, and who's dropped here on the power play? If it makes sync up, what do you work on?


On what? Where do you work?


At work at Costco.


Costco should be. Costco should be sponsoring us with their gravy. All right, 134 left on the power play, according to me.


Oh, you're a little ahead of me.


Am I?


I got 140.


You want me to slow it down?


Oh, you guys are ahead of me.


Yeah, you see, now, I did boot my wife off. And by the way, my father in law and mother in law also texted the group chat, telling Natalie to get off the street.


Natomi, you're. You're angling for a second divorce.


I am like, chill.


Stop telling your wife she can't watch television. First you lose the wedding ring, now this?


Do you want to hear a funny story? I am.


Do you see Bobroski on his rear end?


Where? Hold on.


It was. It was before the stop was out. Yeah.


Oh, okay. He sold that a bit early in there.


Showing the replay here. Now. Let's see him fall over. There's.


Oh, he sold Jesse. He sold the crap out of that.


Oh, no. Hymen shot him with a pistol. Yeah.




Ross Key.


It's a. It's a. It's a. It's a cover and carry state or whatever they call that, where it's. You don't have to. You can carry your gun in anywhere.


I don't know if we need to go there.


Water snob. How long until there's an article about Cassie, a secret SDP and agent, and a box of gifted subs? Like, I'm assuming that's the SDP vip where we were talking about the $50,000 in the shoebox.


Yeah. Yeah.


By the financial columnist who was like, I didn't tell my husband about this because I didn't trust him. I was.


Might be that person.


It's weird. Game two. Jeff versus Jeff in the Jeff Lee cup finals. Don't get it. Don't get it.


Who's, who's. I don't, are there any Jeff's on either team?


I haven't.




I don't think so. I don't know. I don't know.


I don't know. Edmonton here, 1215 on my clock. Left in the first 20 seconds left in the power play. Zero shots on goal. This game, it's been a disaster start.


I will tell you something. It doesn't get any better 10 seconds into the future.


Jesse, thank you for the spoiler.


No problem. I didn't want to wreck this, but.


You'Re telling me they finished this power play.


Yes. Somebody. Jason Bestarshi. I hope I said your name right. Jason. Oh, my stream is so behind. The power play just started on mine. Ooh.


Oh, gosh. Jeff. Jason, be on, on ESPN or something, because ESPN, the app is notoriously behind everything.


Yeah. What's the deal with that? Why are they like that?


I don't know. Like, I hear a lot of people very unhappy with ESPN's not, not necessary the coverage, but just the overall technology around it. It just hasn't been great down in the states.


I've heard, I've heard messes about as exciting as a cardboard box.


Yeah. That's why I didn't even want to excuse the broadcast because I hear a lot of people aren't the biggest fan of mess and pk there. No lack of chemistry.


Isn't it funny that finding out that Gretzky was going to TNT, we were like, oh, that's gonna suck. And, like, watching Wayne develop into a media personality because Wayne was the most boring. You guys don't remember this, but he was the most boring interview of all time. Just boring. Had nothing to say. And you see him now, and he comment like he was during game one when he was on the panel for a sports net. He, like, commanded it. He was like, well, there's this and there's this and there's this. And I was like, wayne, where? Where was this guy for 25 years? It's crazy. By the way, this, Donnie, why did the caps buy cap friendly? Is it good or bad?


Oh, yeah, we got a whole podcast about that. Yeah, we actually, a little nurse to the dressing room. Oh, we should mention that. Darn on nurse is out. We need an update once they get it. But he's not on the bench right now, and, yeah, if you want to talk about cat friendly and go.


Right, CC, game three, ladies and gentlemen. Get ready, I think. Well, so the cat, first off, cat friendly, you should be. Oh, that was a knee on knee, and that's ugly. You're going to see this in a second, Jesse. Oh, gosh. Lucer Ryan is down. This is not. That's rough. That's a rough neon knee. I didn't see who was. If it was McLeod or Fogel. I think it was Fogel. Oh, Luca Raynan's in big pain. Oh, man.


Uh oh.


This is where the hatred in this series is gonna kick off. This is the play right here.


Listen, arena looks. He looks like he's done it.


Hurts like hell when that happens, even if it only a bruise. I remember I got one in hockey, and remember I played, like, nothing hockey and I had a bruise.


Hey, don't call the eChl. Nothing. I didn't play Adam wild, everybody.


Echo, let's see what happened here. I just want to. Okay, they're not playing. So I had a. My bruise was so big, they called it a contusion, and it was from the top of my knee right to the bottom of my stomach. Like, the knee. The guy neon need me so bad. It was, like, all the way up my leg. And I had to. I had to be off for, like, a whole week because they're like, we don't know if there's actually any damage and it's too swollen. And five minute penalty being reviewed.


Warren Vogel, like, I didn't. He probably could have got out of the way a little better.


They haven't shown this on the broadcast. I haven't seen that.


I've seen one. I showed one replay here.


Okay. I was just talking smack.


Yeah, it's not. It's not great. It's not great. A full goal.


Listen, there's a lot of people in the chat going, oh, no. Oh, no. Florida. Did something bad happen? Yeah, that's a targeted knee.


Yeah, they're reviewing the five minute major.


All right, here we go. I'm getting a call.


You got a call. What do you mean?


Okay, do you want me to reveal, or should I wait?


Call what we have.




Oh, no, I see it now here, too. I got it. Don't spoil. No, the audio is even more behind Adam. Reveal it. What is.


Okay, they. They confirmed it was a five minute major and fogels out, so. Yeah, this. Donnie, why do the caps buy cap friendly? Is it good or is it bad? So, Jesse made a good reference to this. I just want to make sure your super chat is highlighted. Shorter answer is, it stinks for only one reason, and that is because a great service is going away. But we could not be happier for the guys that own cap friendly, they built this from the ground up. They've done an amazing, amazing, amazing job. And the last website like theirs to be purchased was a company called general manager, owned by a guy named Tom Perashka, who we had on, I think, Jesse, what, four weeks before Vegas hired him.


And I don't know if I was there for.


You were there. You were totally there. Yes.


Okay. Because I have like zero recollection of being honest.


That was 2015, I want to say, or 2016. And whenever they. Whatever the June was before Vegas started, whatever that was. And anyway, I. Tom obviously has been working for Vegas for six years. And they've been in the cup finals twice, won once. Cap friendly. Those guys, they worked their asses off. They worked hard. And so I think all the. All the power to them. Go make your money. Go work for an NHL team. Oh, my God. What a dream. Like, how awesome is that? And Puckpedia exists. And for everybody that's upset, just go on Puck media. Puck PD will Cap friendly will be around till July 5 and then switch over to puck media. Right. Like, it's not that bad.


You should play this YouTube video because you can watch our video with Cap friendly. It's from 2016. There's all of us in the studio. I didn't realize this was in like the video era and everything.


Yes, that's general manager.


Right? Sorry, sorry. I. General manager? Yes.


Drew says that's before white balancing.


No, I have a night filter. I've like the nighttime filter on my phone. I can turn off night shift and you'll see. Adam, you look like a baby.


I probably. Yeah, I was a baby. Probably about 30 pounds lighter too. Travis Russell. Cassie is the saudi prince paying Steven subs very slowly. Allison Wolf. The NHL in ASL broadcast on ESPN plus is fantastic. Oh, that's good. Didn't know that. I don't have. We don't have access to ESPn up here. So. Sadeen magic says that is a absolute deliberate neon knee. Absolutely.


Florida gets a couple here on this five on five or this five minute power play. Like, I don't know if this game is over this quick, but you might. But based on how Edmonton started now this penalty, Darnell nurses out like this is a disaster. Ten minutes in, I'm panicking for Edmonton fans.


Cassie, if I was a saudi prince or princess, I wouldn't need to work. Saudi's work or Saudi. Cassie's work.


Yeah. 30 straight penalty kills for Edmonton. Does it come to an end here? What do you think, Adam?


I think, you know what? That's a good. That's a good question.


You got.


I think they're gonna get through it. They're gonna get through it.


They're gonna make it 31.


They're making 31. And this is gonna be the biggest one.




This isn't at home in Edmonton because you imagine they kill this. They kill this penalty at home.


Yeah. That might be cause for like, I don't know, lifting up your shirt or something.


Stop. Jesse, who would do that?


No, nobody.


Tim Roby show. Jesse, are you only going to try and repeat with your Leafs in NHL 23 or 24 or will you run the Leafs for a full 25 seasons? For the full 25 seasons.


I think I set the time frame of the franchise mode to ten years. I'm going to try and play as far into the future as I can. I might change teams eventually if I feel like it, who knows? But I'm going to keep going with this franchise mode for sure and just keep pushing it. Maybe until all the players are creative players at the end of the ten years, but we'll see. See how many cups I can get now that I got one under my belt. Give me fun.


Everybody retires.




Yeah. Landon says an idea for a segment on the pod and this one for sure would have to be for summer. By the way, 338 left in the in the power play here. Yeah. Edmonton's great on the PK, man.


No shots.


If you could go back to the offseason where JT signed and create, recreate the core four, would you do it again or build the team differently? Spreading the wealth. How would you build your team? So good segment idea. Tripping penalty on Florida. So they're going to blow this power.




Oh, ruined it. Oh, that's a bad trip to. That is a hat. That's a trip a ref has to call.


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. What a journey that dude's had for his career.


No kidding. No kidding.


I guess time in Vancouver, like, do people even, like, think about that?


I don't think, like, if I were him when they made that trade from, from Arizona, I would be like, oh, no, I'm going to get killed by the Vancouver media for the next three to five years.


Get me out of here.


I'm not this good anymore. I'm not very good anymore. I remember wasn't he a guy that was like vomiting on the ice too during one of Travis's Travis greens when.


He back skate everybody for 10 hours?


Yes. Yeah. Like first day of trading camp, just vomiting everywhere. Poor guy. Like, this man deserves better he just got. He, like, I think, too. Like, it's so cool that he's in the finals, because think about, like, your first eight years or whatever in Arizona, and then you get to play for Vancouver during their worst four or five years. Terrible.


Like, I feel like Vancouver stretch in franchise history.


Yeah. Terrible. AK pozo is another guy who I'm really rooting for in these finals. Yeah. Oh, we got a goal.


Oh, spoiler.


Sorry. We got a good.


I don't know who scored yet.


He's a civil war general.


All right, here we go. Echo. One nothing. First shot of the goal for the Oilers. Well done, boys. Well done.


That's a good.


That's good rush.


Good rush.


I thought he was gonna pass it the whole way.


All right, and that's. Hey, Jesse. That's the first time Bobrovski's been beaten five hole in the entire playoffs.


Yeah. Yeah, that's the. That was the one stat I was trumpeting all day long is Bobrovsky hasn't been beaten in the FIFO. And right there, first shot of the game, echo dart down the middle of his pads. What a shot.


Great. Great.


Wow. Well done, Echo.


New bet. GrW live odds are on screen right now, Edmonton at plus 208. That's not bad. No, not plus, plus 208.




Edmonton. -155 oh, there you go. You know what?


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. That off the post.


Yeah, right off the cross.


Dinner was in no position to make.


That stave derek hand. Hey, Adam, what's your favorite Neil Young album? People are still chirping me about that.


Brandon Martor is going to regret that.


Yeah. Yo, that's the same thing that nudge did last game. Same thing.


The old man was open.


Bring the puck down. Why are we shooting high?




Harvest is the best. Neil Young album. Next. I'm kidding. I love you. Here comes. Okay, I see. I don't want to. We can't play by play the game because we're slightly off on our streams, and that's.


Yeah, that sucks.


Well, I can see if I can. Do you want me to pause mine for 10 seconds?


Sure. I'm at 810 987654. You're at 810 three now eight minutes.


So, weirdly enough, the Rogers ignite app will not let me pause it to reunite with you.


Ah, that's okay.


It just. It just stops the stream, and it's like. Would you like to continue watching? Oh, that's so lame. Maybe the cable sub in here. Okay. Drew likes it because I'm in line with his clock. You know what this is? This, Jesse, this is your fault. Maybe do something about it.


I could always speed up my stream. Like I could do it more direct from my cable box instead of casting from the app. There you go. I'll fix it at intermission.


Jesse, will you refuse to trade with Ottawa now that they hired the pizza box as their GM?


Hey, Ottawa has not hired the pizza box as their GM. The pizza box is still working at in Toronto, so don't believe those lies. I believe that was insider. No, I'm not going to name an insider who falsely reported that information. I won't call him out on this stream here. But you know who it is. That's some false reporting. He called it a sim eight, and I don't think it was a sim eight at all, so don't believe those reports.


Warrior whomp just said Rogers is cheeks booty. That's right. I, by the way, I love that Edmonton has one shot and one goal, man.


Oh, yeah.


That's just beautiful.


Shout out, warrior womp. Warrior one's been here for so long on all these streams. That's a. That's a day one er.


Keith Bevin. See, these horrible online streams are all beat by the CBC when they actually had NHL hockey in Canada. Yeah, but here's the thing. The CBC has not actually had NHL hockey in Canada for over ten years. And every time they broadcast hockey, it's a rebroadcast of Sportsnet. It's been like that for ten years. And even members of parliament and writers for the Montreal Gazette don't know that. I don't understand how you don't know that. Sort of a big deal. But anyway, there was a. There was a. Natalie. Natalie is messaging me. Jesse, babe, you are missing the supers and membership donations. You missed Cassie twice. Cassie. I'm sorry. Oh, CJ cable 1010 memberships. Cassie gifted five. And Cassie, you probably gifted more than that. Just knowing you. Just knowing you, I just feel like you did. So if I missed your supers, I apologize. Guys. Make sure to let us know if I do miss a super because I never want to miss. 1626 left in the first period, by the way.


631 for me, so whatever.


Keith Peppens. Oh, getting all technical and business insider, mister capitalist. Well, apparently stream. Stream east is the best stream.


I don't even know what people love stream east.


What is stream east?


It's just an illegal streaming site.




We actually shouldn't be talking about it.


But according, none of these companies pay us.


Yeah, it's true.


Yeah. How do I know it's illegal. You just told me it was illegal. I have no proof it was illegal.


Yeah, you don't know. But street, if you ever need a pirated stream, like that's where you go. So what's the power plays back, but it looks like Edmonton's gonna kill it here. Adam. You're right. 31 for 31.


And that's the biggest one? Yeah. Just one shot.


Is that. That was technically two power plays they killed.


That's right.


Yeah. So it's 32 of 32.


Yep. Is that how they. Is that how they log it?


Yeah, cuz because one ended, then the four on four started, then another one starts. I'm pretty sure that's how the NHL is gonna log it. Vancouver series the last time Edmonton allowed a power play goal.


Amberlynn ESPN Plus ASL broadcast is really cool. It has two people signing with only a crowd sound and the crowd intensity meter. And it shows various stats on the bottom. Dude, that's what I would be watching.


Well, I would be watching sign language.


Well, I don't. I don't get the sign language, but all you get is you get stats and you get to hear the crowd like, that's perfect. That's great. And I put a side cast on. Wouldn't that be great? I use NHL 66 when I am sailing the seven seas. I've heard about NHL 66.


Let's not just shout out pirate.


No, let's keep going. Why not? Why?


All right, top five websites to pirate things.


Let's go set your phone to steel, kids. Gripper nation. Let's get into it. When you're on your phone looking for foot content, where do you steal it from?


Edmonton has two shots on goal now. Congratulations to them.


Okay. All right, all right, all right. Sportsnet has ASL coverage too. I didn't know that.


You should. That's the one you want to watch.


Apparently warrior whomp on hockey. NHL 66, NHL King and core four. Totally upstanding and not sus at all. Sorry, tv timeout.


Adam, I think we got a shout out.


Hold on, I've got some more. I've got some more pirated websites to shout out. What's the problem? I don't understand.


Adam, you have an add ore to do?




First of all, if you want to come see the Steve Dangle podcast live in the description right now, we are going to be live at Boston Pizza this Thursday. Grab your tickets. There's still a little bit of tickets available. So if you want to get some tickets, hit the link right now and get those and see us on Thursday live. And Steve will be streaming from the bar as well because there's a game that night and he's going to do his stream on this feed from the bar. And Adam, you also have to talk about something else.


That's right. NHL 66, your place.




Get a leap.


No. No.


Okay. Sorry. Hey, if you want safe and reputable canadian online sports book, you should turn to bet grw. Bet is your sports book. That's bet grw. If you want to take your wagers to the next level, go to and use the promo code STPN 200. Again, it's SDPN 200. That's not all. When you redeem the promo code, you automatically get a chance to win a Conor McDavid jersey. That is your canadian sports book. And if you want to play, you got to be 18 plus. Please play responsibly. It's bet GRW sportsbook and casino. And by the way, if you want to click that link for the McDavid thing, it's in the description. Just throwing that out there. Was that it? Did I get it?


I think you. I think you got it.


Okay, cool.


Yeah. Do we have the donation link for our five k virtual five k in the description as well, I believe.




When you just copy and paste it from today's SDP at the top there and throw it in there. If you want to donate to our virtual five K team, we're raising money for pride monthly. It's going to go to Rainbow Railroad and the get real movement in Toronto. We are going to do some silly content if we hit our goal, a fundraising goal for the month. So send your donations there if you can spare a few bucks for a couple great charities. Drew's going to have the link in the description in like five minutes.


And another charity you should donate to Steve, has a new book coming.


It's already there, the link and Steve's book.


And the link is also for. Steve's book is in there already on the pre seller bestseller list. I didn't even know that was a thing.


But you.


A pre seller bestseller. Can you believe.


Are you gonna read it?


I actually. He was talking about the fact that I might have to because he might not do an audiobook this time. And I was like, dude, what? What do you mean?




What do you mean?


You don't read books you listen to.


But I only ever listen to books.




I do not read books. And I. It's because it's a it's a time issue, but it's also a I flip sentences issue. And it takes me a long time to read books, so I don't have the time.


Oh, nice little play by dry son.


And I also thought, and this is what I, my contention with Steve the first time, I said, listen, people are used to listening to you. You got to do the audiobook. So I'm going to make him do the audiobook again. This time. I think he needs one.


It would be interesting if he just read the book on video. Like, I think a lot of people would. If you just, maybe you put it behind a paywall where you got to pay like $3 or $5 to buy the video of it and you just, we just sell it.


He says he screws up too much, but that's funny, Drew, I think you just have him.


I think we could also just edit it so it's clean.


What the screw ups on there.


But also, even if he screws up, Steve just reading, if he filmed it in an eight 1 hour parts where he's just reading the book over the course of 8 hours or something. Yeah, they're reading. People would love that.


Yo, yo, Jesse, here's the idea that we put it on STP VIP. Yeah, yeah.


And you can only get it, it's behind our subscription service and you can get it there. Like, I think that would do wonders and lots of people would enjoy. Throw that on the background on their tv and just listen to it and watch them read all day.


I love that.


Like, I don't think there's anything wrong with that.


McDavid just had an unbelievable rush and almost put himself through the boards. I just want to say sometimes I wonder. Oh, I already pre ordered the audiobook on audible. Says CJ cable. I guess Steve's doing one then.


There you go.


He just ran into Aaron EcBlad, too. And Aaron Eckblad does not look happy.


That's dangerous for both guys. Wow, that's tough. But I'm thankful both of them are okay. You know, with blades like that, I always get a little squirmish and then when guys are falling to other guys feet, so I'm happy that they're okay.


SDPN love how you guys are deciding what to do with Steve's book. Well, listen, who's out there promoting it with him? Yeah, you know, he's going to be doing a lot of signings and we're going to be doing a lot of live shows. And I'm telling you, we're, you know, what? We should get some say in this. Jesse and I, the genius business minds behind such things as. I don't know, but I. I think it's a. I did write some peak.


Is Adam did write the. The forward for the book. I did write. He gets a say into it, but that's also a peek into how some of these things work. We're like, hey, Steve, you should do this. I mean, he's like, okay, okay.


You know what? I like that.


I like that.


I think that could be fun. We should run that by. I don't think Steve's watching right now.


No, there's.


But I think we should run that by him.


All right, we'll talk about it.


Evan Bouchard through the blue line. Oh, wait, I can't say no.


You can do your play by play, and I'll just. I'll watch it on the catch.


I don't do a lot of play by play on mine because I'm not great at it. Maybe I should try harder. Cassie says bullying Steve into doing an audiobook. Lmao. Cassie, how do you think we get him to do anything? It's like, Steve. It's like, jesse and I are like, steve, we should do this. And it'd be like, ah. And we'll be like, Steve, watch the. The. The book tour this fall is going to be wicked fun. We're gonna have some fun on that.


Adam, I feel like if you tried to do play by play, you could be decent at it. Would you. Would you rather be a color guy and you'd have the play by play guy there? If you were tasked with being on a booth and you got to choose your position.


If I had to be in a booth, I think I would enjoy play by play very much.




And I would enjoy color a lot, too. But. But I think I would enjoy. You know what I really thought I would enjoy? It was when we. When we were. Did the last Boston pizza stream at. For game four, Edmonton, Dallas.




That's when I was like. There was like, you know, there's 50 or 60 people there. They're all STP listeners. They're all watching the game. They're all getting excited. They're all, whoa. Like, I can see why it's such an addicting thing to do.


We got penalty here, by the way.


We do. And it's Evan Bouchard.


Boucher being stupid.




Penalty. It's two minutes for each fucking. Don't do. Sorry.


No, that's for demonetization. Thank you.


That's completely avoidable. Evan, like, you don't need to go. I get Kachuska annoying, but no need to poke him in the face like that when the play is over. So now they're shorthanded.


Jv 55 grippers, 55 crabs, 55 grackos, 55 cries. 55 gross.


Tim Robinson reference?


I think so. 100 crater crots, 100 grizzlies, 100 renders, 100 great balls, 100 croppies. 55 grade.


To the locker room, to the dressing room.


So both teams have lost a good defense.


Yeah. After McDavid ran into him on purpose. Definitely.


Definitely on purpose. Florida, all of Vancouver's like, see, he's dirty. We told you.


Also fire Luke gas.


That's right, man. I still can. Can anyone in the chat tell us what the hell happened with Luke? As they were insane. I couldn't. I've never seen the Vancouver, and the Vancouver media, they get a little obtuse from time to time. They do. They're known for it, and I love them. They. I have a lot of good, like, good people over there. Good people. But what the hell happened, right?


You can disagree with them, but to say you should be fired, I don't know. Also, I didn't listen to his comments on the podcast. We were talking about that today on the show, but just wild things happen in Vancouver.


Kuya said, adam, that's a lie. Nurse is not a good defenseman. That's funny.


We're at the first intermission here.


You know what?




Good. Good. It's funny. Good period for the Oilers. Even though they got.


Yeah, in the end, everything works out kind of fine for the Oilers. You're. You leave the period one nothing, so you can't really be unhappy. But dumb penalty by Bouchard. The the knee on knee by, by Fogel. Not great. You successfully kill both sides of the five on five minute power play. You get a goal in between it. Like, everything kind of worked out if you're Edmonds and then you leave that being like, whoo, we're nothing.


Lead, and they got it. And they got the best kind of power play to get because it's split over two periods or penalty kill to get right.




When you have to kill 1 minute and kill the first minute of an x period, it's not. That's not as bad as killing it in two minutes in a row. I don't think so. I don't know. It's Jesse. You have Luke Gazdek's comments.


Do you want me to read the quote?


Yeah, man.


So Gazdick said on I forget which podcast it was. Drew, you can send me that as well.


That's his podcast.




Always a guest gas.


Dick said Canucks, Twitter, you're an absolute joke. Your team's a joke. You're a bunch of losers. So the Oilers are going to the Stanley cup finals, and I hope you guys are having fun watching it on tv and watching me on the panel, because you guys are not there. Have fun with your little whining tweets. Oh, that's kind of aggressive.


Luke say that.




Now I got to know. Was he joking?


What's his tone? Because Drew says that's. Drew says that he was joking. He was in a joking tone, like, though, kind of like when Steve yells and add a different fan base and that sort of stuff. But it wasn't necessarily like. It's not that he doesn't believe it.




Those are. Those are aggressive fighting work.


Well, okay, so apparently he was getting death threats in his DM's. Listen, I've had. We've had bad things said to us in our DM's. You just have to close them.


Yeah, I don't see, I don't agree that Luke Asdick should go at fans like that. I don't ever believe going at fans like that is the right move when you're a media person. No, but then the other media people being like, haha, Lou Gazdek, you should be fired. And I'm happy you're not on the Stanley cup playoffs. Like, what the hell are you doing? Like, well, everybody's wrong in this.


Yo. Let me just say this. Vancouver media might have had a point.


Those are aggressive words.


It was aggressive. But you're right, Jesse. You shouldn't go with fans like that because fans are fans. The other thing is, I think sometimes, like, there's a podcast out there I'm thinking of specifically, and I won't call them out because they are so irrelevant that it would probably draw more people to them. But it's done by some formers. That's what I call them. That's the category for them. Former employees, we'll put it that way. And these formers are just bitter. They're just bitter now because they're not in the show and they're not associated with any major broadcaster. They're just doing it in their living room, and no one cares. And I think what happens is as a, and I'm not saying this is Luke Gazdek necessarily, because I've heard he's a really nice guy. Doesn't excuse the comments, but when you're not, like, when you're a hockey player, people come to see you. When you're a broadcaster, they're not coming to see you. Do you know what I'm saying? In the same way they're coming to see the game. They're coming to see you break down stuff around the game. You're not the, you're not the.


The omnipresent thing that you used to be when you're a player. And I think sometimes they forget players, I find especially forget that you're, you're. You're now doing this for an audience. You're not doing this for your buddies and you. The reason that BXA is so good is that so many hockey players can relate to the things that he says, whether you agree or you disagree, and the way, in the manner in which he says it. And he's given, he's jabbing guys, he's bringing, like, he's making Kelly Rudy say funny things, like, he's making Elliot Friedman laugh, you know, that kind of stuff. And, and I think sometimes players sort of forget that. And, and I'm not saying Luke did, but it's. It's a little bit aggressive, man. Like.


And with that, we have to play a clip here, Adam.


Oh, okay.


We gotta get to intermission here. And just to update everybody on the game, Ekblad returned in the game after that fall after he went to the room. Luster Reinen returned to the game after the neon knee and darn on theirs, returned for a 13 2nd shift and then went back to their room. So he has not returned yet after that second return. But here. Here we go with our little intermission break. It is Philip Roenick, his agent, talking about Philip Roenick with Adam Wilde here. Enjoy. We will be back after this.


I watched him every game of the playoffs with Quinn Hughes. Obviously, the two of them together were a revelation in Vancouver. It's Vancouver's best season since probably 2011. They're in a bit of a cap crunch. I hate to pry, but I actually don't hate to pry. What can you tell us about preparing for those negotiations?


Well, I don't want to say too much. I've been very careful not to provide any oxygen with regard to all of the speculation and, like, one of the big problems with the salary cap, in my opinion, and I have been very vocal about it. No, I know it's shocking to you. I know it's totally shocking to you. But, Adam, the game should be about the game. People should be talking about the players. You know, talk about a goal, talk about an amazing pass. Shouldn't be discussing and wringing their hands. Every fan base, you know, 6.5 million, 7 million, you know, 8 million. He's not an eight. He, you know, he scores a beautiful goal. He's an $8 million player. You know, he doesn't have a great game. I wouldn't give that guy 6.5 million. And the fact that there's a cap and it's not just teams having a budget and they're signing guys, the fact that it's a cap and there's only so many cap dollars to go around makes the cap the story.


Yes. And it all, it's not about if the player is good or not. It's about does their contract match their play? Right.


Right. So for the entire second half of the year, the Canucks market has been obsessed. First it was Pedersen, and now they've been obsessed with Philip Roenick. And how much is that contract going to cost? They should trade him. No, they should keep him. It's all about don't pay him 8 million. Don't pay him 7 million. I wouldn't give him 6.57.5. And it's so ridiculous. I've been hearing people talk about, you know, negotiations that have been going on and how much he's asking for, and I'm sitting back and saying, if anybody would know, I would know. Right, right.


Have you been getting questions? Have people been stuff that I'm calling you?


People are saying, oh, he turned this down. And like, it's fantasy.




They don't know what the hell they're talking about. And actually, like, Phil and I, a couple of times, he's, he's, he's called me and we're like, you know, a clip is, it comes across our way and we're laughing. We're like, what is this? Like? It's, it's, it's, it's Barry Poppins. It's Cinderella. You know, it's just, it's, it's unbelievable.


I have to be honest. I'm on a show that's probably guilty of that sometimes, but not going to.


Say anything about that. But the thing is, if you try saying that about any of my players, I'm going to go after you on Twitter.


That's fair. Listen, that's fair. I think Dan Milstein did actually over a Dan Murphy report, too. And regardless of that, the one thing I do want to say is that Philip Hironic is an RFA and not necessarily pertaining to him. But when you're a year from RFA for a lot of players you're looking at. If I'm going to sign for more than a year, a lot of teams don't want to sign you for a year and walk you to free agency. If I'm going to sign for more than that, I'm giving up my unrestricted free agency years. Right. I'm giving up where I could make market rate, whatever market rate is that year. And we expect the cap to go up 4 million this year and next.


And you're in your twenties, right.


And that's where you're most valuable. I mean, he's entering his prime years and he's, he ran the Detroit power play on a bad Detroit team for, for years. No disrespect to Steve Eiserman. And then.


Non playoff team.


Non playoff team. Sorry. There you go. That's a better way to. You're far better than I am. And then, and then came in and was the best defense partner Quinn Hughes has ever had. So how do you, like they always say the team holds all the cards in an cards, in an RFA negotiation, when you're a year from free agency, you unrestricted. Does that change things a bit? Sure.


The, the player has a tremendous leverage. But I've been very clear. I think Phil has been very clear. He loves Vancouver.


How could you not?


Exactly. And the organization from the time that he was traded when they were a non playoff team and now they are not just a playoff team but legitimate contenders. He loves the guys.




He has. I think he has great rapport and respect for the coaches. So all of the factors that. And he loves the city. Right.


He, as anyone who visits would like. It's a great place to live.


Phil and his girlfriend and his dog love the city and, you know, so you go in and you really upfront about how much he likes it and would like to stay and you hope that there's a way to make it happen.


Right. And just negotiating from an RFA point of view, just because we always hear from people, hey, not just Phil, but anybody. Does a team really actually hold all the cards in an RFA situation or is it, is that a little bit overblown?


I think every situation has its own DNA to it.




And it's impossible to generalize and say team holds the cards. I think arbitration is a very fair process to get to the end result. It encourages deals to get done before a hearing.


And what do you say about deadlines?


Deadlines clarify the mind and deals happen at deadlines. And I can't tell you how many times over my 30 years representing players that a player, my players filed for arbitration. And this isn't just me. This is across the board. And the deal gets done the night before the arbitration hearing or the morning of. I've even settled cases and done deals literally as the arbitrator is walking into the room and the deal and the arbitration hearing is about to start.


Do you still have to pay the arbitrator?


We don't pay the team.


Not your problem.


The league and the NHLPA jointly pay the arbitrator.


That's good.


Yeah, we don't.


They must laugh about that. That must be a very funny moment when they walk in and go, okay, gentlemen. And we're like, we have a deal. Yeah.


And I was, we had gone in, I walked in with the player and everybody was getting settled and opening their binders, and the GM walked over to me and tapped me on the shoulder and he said, can I have a word with you outside? And we walked outside and we had dinner together the night before.


Sure, right.


Me and the GM and the player went for dinner the night before the hearing. This is not a, you know, people think, you know, arbitration is so contentious and, you know, the team is going in and trashing the player.


That's how it's framed to us as fans.


It is nothing like that. And the rules have been refined from the days where Tommy Sallow was sitting in tears as his GM testified about what a terrible goalie he was, and that actually happened. Player was sitting there at the table in tears, and that story has gone around a lot over the years. It's not like that. The arbitration is based on statistics. And Benjamin Disraeli said there are lies, damn lies and statistics. You can use stats to skew the results to any conclusions you want. It may not be a strong argument, but it's possible to make it, you know, so, you know, with, with Philip Roenick out there, there's going to be a group of players who are defensemen. Left shot and right shot. Right shots are more valuable than left shots. There's generally a 10% premium attached to a right shot defenseman because they're rarer there. There's less right shots out there than the left side. You got to then look at what was the cap when these other deals were done and what percentage of the cap. What was the percentage, and what's the percentage of the cap with the numbers that we're talking about?


Now that we know what the cap is likely going to be at 87, up from 87.679. Up from 83.5. And you've got a group of defensemen with similar games played, similar time on ice, similar offensive production. And from that search parameter, you're going to get a group of players in this cluster, and you're basically. You've got a group of players at the bottom of that range, a group of players at the top of that range, a group of players in the middle of that range. And the team is going to go in there and argue that the player is either at the very bottom of that range or even just below that range, and the player is going to go in and argue that the. That the player is at the top of the range, and they're going to make arguments based on the stats using comparable contracts of similarly similarly situated players. And the arbitrator is going to decide.


We are going to have to do something about. About this studio. Jesse, I've been between two dicks most of the playoffs.


That's the angle you chose to shoot at. What?


This is where the couch is, man.


Easily just move the camera left or right or up or down, but you chose to put it right there.


What am I supposed to do?


I just said, you can move the camera. So, Adam, where there's another one that way. Adam voluntarily wants to sit, and then.


There'S like a window here. I can't put it there.


You could move to just the middle of it, you know, like, I don't know, you shoot up.


Jesse, can we talk a little bit about. I want to talk a little bit about the chat. Wants to talk about baseball. Right now. Jays are down two to one.


Okay. Yeah.


Now here's what I saw today, and I just have.


All right.


Yeah. So the Jays are down two to one.




And our good friend John Paul Morosi tweeted something today that I thought you'd find interesting. Okay. John Palmeirosi said the Jays have been nine and four since May, the May 26 six walk off defeat in Detroit. They are only two games out of a playoff spot. Is the roster flawed? Sure. But with each win, it becomes more likely that the core remains intact beyond the trade deadline. What are your thoughts, Jesse Blake?


I think Ross Atkins and Mark Shapiro have their hands tied behind their back right now. They have a seance running every single day that this $230 million payroll that they put together works out, because when you spend $230,000,000, you should be able to build a good baseball team. So they are hoping and praying that that's what they did here, because if they didn't, the other side is disaster and that means trading all of the core pieces, not resigning Bashett and Vladi on long term deals and trying to do something with the parts you have on this roster. They were given every resource they could have to try and build a winning team over the last five years here. And if they haven't done it by now, it's it's time for all everything to blow up and go. So they better hope and pray that it's an actual this roster works out.


I would be very depressed if they had to do another rebuild.




After making the playoffs and not getting any playoff wins, it's they have what? They haven't any playoff win since, what, 16?


Yeah. The yeah.


Way back when Pirates just df eight a guy, according to Cassie, with a 49.5 era. That's. That's an intense era. Tim Roby show if Marner won't wave and insists on playing the season to free agency, free agency. Should the Leafs just accept and play him or play hardball and sit him? And I will answer that by saying none of that will have to happen. So don't worry, no one will let.


It get that far. The second period starting here, momentarily on my screen, Kyle Bukowski is in the crowd talking to someone I don't reckon.


Left the bench again. Who did on the bench and then he left.


Yeah, he. So he, he was in the dressing room for the most of the first. He came out, he did a 13 2nd shift, then he went back and I assume now he just tried to skate on it and then it wasn't good. So he went back and he went.


Back to the dresser room.


So it's not good.


I hope it's not like a broken foot or something.


It could be, you know, like, it's not like it's the Stanley cup final. If you can go in any way, you're going to go. So the fact that he's been trying to get out there and he can't do it means it's something serious.


Yikes. Absolute yikes. 50 seconds left on the Florida power.


Adam, who are your anytime goal picks?


Anytime goal picks? I think I had. Did I not have nudge and Verhege?


You had Nugent Verhege. I had Kacchuk and dry side all. So we're still.


I like your picks better than mine. I'll be honest. Sometimes I like to get too smart with that and then I'm like, you know what? It's going to be Matthias Yanmark today.


Cody C from the press box.


Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.


Well, you like?




The first goal.


Yeah. Well, you know what it is? It comes from the fact that, like, people only post their wins, right? Like, they're only Florida penalty and Kachuk to the box this time.


Oh, I'm just seeing the replay hasn't come up for me yet. I missed it in live action.


It's a week call.


Is it? Oh, no.


Yeah. It's like a stick to the hands, but it's like, what? Watched, like, I guess. Okay, maybe you haven't called that.


I'm seeing it here.


It's. It's a weak call. That's not it. And they called it. That's a weak call. Yeah, that sucks.


Oh, no. And the, the only reason the Oilers had the puck there was that weird bounce off the stanchion. I don't know if you saw it, but it was, the puck was supposed to wrap around the boards, but it came off funky, and it went to the middle of the ice. The orders picked it up, and then they're heading back the other way and trying to dump it out, and Kachuk ends up with that penalty. So weird puck bounce off the board leads to a Florida penalty here. And now the. The power plays over.


Steve called that the softest call in the history of the NHL finals.


Steve's not wrong. That is a very weak call, and Florida should be upset about that.


Hugh stealth with a very interesting question. Are players that get game misconduct allowed to see their teammates during the intermission? And the answer is yes. They don't have to, like, leave. They don't have to, like, leave the building or anything. They're not under arrest.


When I play baseball, as a kid, if a coach got tossed, he had to go to the parking lot and wait in his car. It happened, like, a handful of times every, or, like, I shouldn't say a headphone. Like, a couple times every summer, a coach would get tossed and the umpire toss him. You got to, like, leave the little die because it's a diamond that's in your arc, right? So you have to go to your car. Is kind of the rule that our baseball association had that.


That is funny because usually, too, like, they. They usually have a kid on the team. Like, they're usually the coach.




Like, yeah. I always felt bad for kids dads who are, like, the head coaches and, like, you know, the fiery ones. Yeah, it's house league, and they're just, they're, they're just white hot with. With some anger at an umpire or a ref, and their kids, like, oh, my God, I got to drive home with this guy, like, and, you know.


They get, the anger is at their own kid.


Oh. Oh, for sure. We're going to talk about this game.


There's a great chance there by the Oilers block, though. Oh, my gosh. The pressure on this power play. You probably saw that no goal happened on that one timer, but excited me. I'm sorry.


Yeah, no, that's okay. Get excited, man. Everybody's at all different streams. I'm trying not to blow it. Like, I don't want to say anything.


So, you know, you can. You can blow it, and then I'll just see it on the replay and. Okay. All right, go ahead. If you see something live, that's like.


Boucher, by the way, just shot something that was almost 100 miles an hour, and it was blocked, and that has to hurt.


So. Oh, I wish I took a picture. They had somebody. Somebody in the truck screwed up because they had McDavid speed and the. The tracker, and it was a Florida Panthers logo.




I just saw what you just saw. Yeah, the Florida Panthers shot it wide, and, yeah, Skinner didn't really have to make a save there. Warrior.


Whomp. Go to your. Go to your PT cruiser, coach.


That's true.


We had a coach in hockey that obviously played hockey and lost a good chunk of his bottom teeth. Oh, and he didn't tell us. So he had, like, a plate in, and then one day he's like, you guys want to see something disgusting? And then he popped his plate out. We were like, ew. We're, like, eight years old, and he's like, go have a great game, kids.


That's so old, man.


Like, what the fuck?


Anyway, sometimes I think old people just want to mess with kids.


Well, I think you get to the point where you're like, I don't care anymore.


Darn my life. Now, by the way, is back on the bench. There they showed him.


And new live odds are up for bet. Grw, Edmonton, right now. What did you say? It was bad. Drew -283 for the Oilers. Right now, Florida is plus 186. Wow. Tim or this Donnie with a. With a super chat here. Let's start a rivalry between shows. Kipper in his prime. Where would he fit on today's Leafs? Kipper in his prime was a good hockey player. You got to remember. Let me. Let me look. People forget this about Kip Rios, Rita's hockey DB page.


I don't know. Kipper stats.


Kippers junior stats are a little bonkers. First off, you should look up Kippers hockey DB. Cause it's him with the Rangers. And he's definitely, he's the coolest guy and I would tell him that too. So he played for the North Bay Centennials for four years. And his last two seasons he had 97 points in 64 games. I think that was his draft year in 62 goals that year. And then the next year, he had 90 points in 46 games. And, and when he started playing, he got drafted. I don't know was he drafted or signed? When he started playing in the AHL? He was, he was half a point a game player. So not, not bad. But I think his best season was with the Whalers, 27 points in 1993. Yeah. So Kipper, I think, would be a guy if he was with the Leafs. Depends on if you get young Kipper or older kipper. But I think kippers your kip. Kippers your fourth line sort of grinder, like what Bobby McMahon was supposed to be before we all found out Bobby McMahon was good.


Nice couple saves by Stuart Skinner. Yes, he's been solid here. They just dropped the puck on the, to the right of him. But like to cause that face off, it was a nice low glove save. And shout out Stewart Skinner for being solid tonight. And he's done this quite a few times in back to back in bounce back games. After Edmonton loses that he's just been, hey, Stuart Skinner's all right. He can win you a Stanley cup. Maybe so he's, he's putting it on that kind of performance here tonight. It's been good.


JPIx 94 wants to know, Jesse, by the way, the refs are, they're talking. They're all holding each other and talking always. I think that's sweet. They all grab each other around their waist to go. Let's talk. J picks 94. When Adam does the fruit stomping with the get real movement. Mm hmm. And his grippers, should he wear the retro avalanche jersey that has a gripper on it? We talked about that a little today. I wonder if Drew's got one of those.


Yeah, the foot logo, Avalon. I think we need to get you one of those.


Drew has six of them.


Why? At least he says he has at.


Least six of the foot gripper. You know the one we're talking about, Drew? Oh, no, there's one with the main logo.


He, so he says they have the, he has the ones on the shoulder patch, but they have one. That's the main logo on for the front. Do you have that one?




Okay. Okay.


Yanni Havisto. Good, good early morning from Finland. It's 04:30 a.m. here. I love that. I love that.


That's a, that's commitment to hockey.


Yeah. Oh, my God.






Even though, like, I wake up all those f one races that are, like, the chinese grand Prix and the Japanese, I watch them and watch those.


Do you?


It's not too bad. Like, when it's, when it's 01:00 a.m. i like a good. I'll just stay up until one and watch it. Like, I like that. On a good Saturday into Sunday so I can sleep in on Sunday.


Oh. Oh, okay. That foot jersey might have just been a concept, Jesse.


No, it might have been a. Yeah, it doesn't exist.


It doesn't exist.


There's no foot jersey. It's only on the right. Well, fine. Yeah, we'll get you a t shirt with a giant foot on it.


Hey, do we, do we have a. Do we know what the split is between oilers fans and Panthers fans in the chat? Can we get a. Can we get a little.


What is.


It called, a poll done. I need to know how many. What are our percentages here today? Jesse, who has the worst era in MLB history with at least 100 innings? Ten. Gifted if you get it correct. Another ten if you get era within 0.10 on either side.


Drew just said mano here says Alec Manoa.


He's having surgery 1522 left in the second period, by the way. Come on.


I have no. That's a very good question. I have absolutely no idea.


With at least.


Yeah. Because I would think, like, oh, it's some guy who pitched like, one is some position player. But you said at least 100 innings. I have no idea who would get that many innings and have the worst year. Well, somebody has to be at the bottom.


Somebody has to be at the bottom. Yeah.


And somebody asked me at the bottom.


So. So here's the question is, was the late nineties were like the home run show, right? Everybody was on roids and, you know.


Just another good save by Skinner.


Was it cut where the late nineties, like the, like the mid eighties in the NHL, where everybody was just scoring and it was like six. Every game was like eight. Six.


What? Never got that high in baseball, but, yeah, that's when the, the home run boom was.




Wire Sosa bonds era. Late night, late nineties there.


Okay. All right. So I'm thinking it has to be in that era. And I bet cassie's asking because it's a blue jay. Oh, I bet it's a blue jake.


That's depressing. Josh Towers. Ooh.


So there's a deep cut. I can only remember the players that I really liked, like Dan Plezak and Paul Quantrell. Billy Koch, who was.


Billy Koch was cool with his goatee.


He was. And his weird Oakley sunglasses. Dude, I don't know.


Florida's really fighting here for. For a goal here. Another icing by the Oilers, and another face off at the other end for the. For the Panthers.


Boondocker wants to know. Sorry, non hockey. Both of you. Tupac or biggie?


And why I like. I think I like more biggie songs. Uh, then Tupac, it's just more my. Like, he's more party, and that's more my era. That's more my vibe of nineties rap. I think I pick biggie over Tupac, like, jesse.


All the same reasons.


Yeah. And, like, get how young both of them were, and, like, you think about the impact. Like, you're asking us that about right now in 2024, and those guys didn't live until the age 25, you know? Yeah. They had during their young lives. It was unbelievable. So, like, respect to both of them.


It's probably true. Like, if they had lived, they would have done several tours together.




They'd have been, like. They'd have done, like, an east coast versus west coast tour. Do you imagine how that would have settled? It was crazy. Like, they would have. They would have got over the beef eventually, I think. And, you know, I. It's. It's just the way the economics of it works. Right? There's everybody fights and then gets back together and then fights again. Oh, Cassie, by the way, says the person that we're looking for is a Marlin. Marlin. Who's a bad Marlin pitcher.


Yeah, that's. Holy cow.


There's been a lot of them. I've been a lot of them. Yeah, I'm with you.


That. Do you remember that altuve status that. That we had the other time? He's, like, their home run leader of their franchise since, like, 2015 still.


Wait. Oh, for. Oh, no, no, not Altuve. It was the guy who is Giancarlo Stan.


Oh. Just standing. Yeah.


Has more home runs.




Than anyone who's played for the Marlins since 2015.




And he stopped playing for them in, like, 2018.


Yeah. He hasn't been there. He's been there in five years. They're terrible.


They're so bad.


Nice there for the Oilers, but miss shot.


The Oilers are. Man, I got to be honest, there hasn't been a lot in this period to write home about. But the Oilers, I wouldn't say they've come out and they've dominated, but they're just. Both teams are kind of like, let's break it up in the neutral zone and send it back the other way.


I thought Florida's had a few, like, chances from the outside. Nothing dangerous, nothing high danger. I'd say, like, Edmonton just there getting their, their fifth shot on goal. They were stuck on four for the entire period, and then to get that fifth shot was just like a long one thrown on Bobrovsky. It's like Edmonton hasn't been a threat at all. And I think Florida right now is winning the deserve to win o meter.


Producer drew wants your prediction on who's winning the deserve to win a meter. I'm going to go with Florida.




Yeah. That's my percentage of Florida is 64%. 67. Florida.




There we go.


Yeah, that. That's the. Pretty much the eye test right there.




You start the game with no shots on goal, and then you get one, and that's a goal. And then you kind of, you're stuck on two for most of it. And then now almost halfway through the second, you get your fifth shot. Like, it's. It's a, it's a re, it's a reverse of game number one, you know, is what we're looking at right now.


People are darkly quoting because we brought up biggie. They're quoting the, the making the band stuff from Chappelle show. Oh, I want you to go to the Bronx to get me a sugar cookie. Sorry.


It's a very funny.


There was. There was one time where Jesse and Steve and I had edibles, and we watched that. Do you remember that? We had. We won the Stanley cup. We had a boys night at Steve's house.


I didn't have edibles. That.


You didn't have edibles that night. This is. No, this is pre pandemic sweet. A boys night. And we were all at Steve's house, and we won the Stanley cup, and. But Jesse scored a game winner in game seven in this second round. We almost lost, and then we. Okay, well, maybe just.


I don't think. I don't think we were on edibles.


Or maybe I've been drinking.


I think we had beers, but I don't think we were definitely weren't on edibles.


We weren't on edibles. Okay, well, maybe we had some beers anyway. I just remember absolutely dying.


That was like, I was pre weed legalization. I don't know where we were.


Was it really yeah. Oh, Justin wants me to check my phone. I'm not seeing what he's saying. Hang on. Just an attachment. All right, here's who we're cheering for. Oilers, 54% panthers 25%. I just hope everyone has fun. 21% that's good.


That's the chat.


That's the chat.


That's pretty good.


Yeah. Damn. This is a history question. Your coach, Liu Bay Napoleon or King Edward Napoleon? Napoleon. Strategy master preparation king. Jesse, you were. People are saying you were too. Too fated to remember.


No, I remember winning the. The cup with you guys. That was fun because we were all on the same team in. Yeah, whatever. Like 20. NHL 20 or whatever. 19 or whatever it was. That was fun.


Toby says, I'd love to see a stat of how often the deserve to win a meter actually predicted the outcome of the game, meaning that, like, the deserve to win a meter was right and that team won. I feel like the only time we ever see the deserve to win a meter is when it's wrong or when the. When the team that should win isn't.


You know, I mean, that's the only time people tweeted out for the clicks.






So I feel like it's probably right more often than not. Right.


What'd you say? Drew.


Says, don't tell everyone my secrets. Well, you know Drew, listen out there farming clicks, getting content, trolling people. Lee fans specifically, what will Drew tweet tonight, I wonder, to bother all of hockey, Twitter? How will he be booed? Can I repeat that, Drew, are you saving that he. Drew's big tweet tonight? You guys ready? Oilers are better with nurse off the ice. What do we think? Chat? How many. How many hateful comments will he get? I actually want to know how many angry tweets will Drew get tonight from that one? Hey, now that we're in the middle of a commercial break, my brain isn't functioning. I wanted to remind you that we are doing a live show at Boston Pizza this Thursday with Steve Dangle. He's going to be doing the live stream there, and it's going to be a lot of fun. And I'm excited because it is way more fun to do this, believe it or not, in front of a live audience. How about that? So we're going to do a podcast beforehand. So it's a live show. Then Steve is going to take it and do the stream right to the end.


And that means if the game goes to quadruple overtime, Boston Pizza has to stay open late. So anyway, long story short, I want to throw this out to you. You should join, you should buy a ticket. You should come, should hang out with us. Some people are booing you, and some people, Drew, by the way, are saying that is completely honest truth as an Oilers fan. Yeah, I think Drew will get a lot of likes, to be honest, if.


Darnell nurse made $4 million, like, if the conversation around him would be completely.


Different, there'd be a statue built already.


The expectations on him would be perfectly fine and normal. It's just the fact that he makes. Was it nine to five?


Nine to five until 2030.


That's. That's just way too much for what he brings on the ice, and that makes what he does out. They are just inexcusable. So I understand if Oilers fans aren't happy with nurse at most times, that.


That'S got to suck, because. Sorry, people are asking which boss pizza. It's Boston Pizza Stoville. And by the way, it's in, the link is in the description. Hoover Park Drive, if you want to know for sure. Anyway, long story short, I think that that is the bummer thing for the. The salary cap for me is that, like, legitimately good players, people are like. They hate on them because they make too much money.


Yeah. Mitch Marner. All right, McCloud, would you say. Would you say Mitch Marner's in that. In that box?


I would think. I think there's a little bit of. A little bit of that with Mitch Marner. Yes. And I do think there's a little bit of that with please perform in the playoffs, too.




Oh, we got a goal. Panthers.


Oh, okay. It's. I haven't seen it yet.




I'm not gonna tell you coming up the ice. Don't tell me who scores. I like this game. You tell me there's a goal, and then 10 seconds later, I get to see who score. What a shot.


Absolute beam. Nico, Nicola.


That was. They were gearing up for that for a couple minutes now where they had all the pressure, and there. There's that little moment there where the fourth line was caught out there. But then they. They won the face off, and they got off the ice, and. And they got up the ice, and they kept charging. And this is what happens when you don't control most of the play. Like, you're allowing the other team to keep getting these opportunities. If they keep getting these opportunities, eventually one's going to go in and just felt like this was inevitable with the Panthers here tonight because the Oilers haven't shown up yet outside of this one goal. They.


No, no.




Do you know, I thought they could make that goal and ride it to the end like the Panthers could.


I mean, that. That's what it felt like, but the opportunity just kept coming for the Panthers. And do you feel like the others can get this thing, like, get their energy level up, get some attack going because they haven't had it so far in this game?


No, I mean, we've seen it, but, like, it looks like Florida is better tonight. They're just better. They have it, whatever it is. And, you know, it's funny being a leaf fan. The other team always has it and we always don't. It's. It's weird, but, like, Edmonton dominated in a way that you don't often see in the Stanley cup final, unless it's like a complete mismatch. Mismatch. Excuse me. And this today, they're like, they're kind of just. They're really flat.


All of their chances have kind of been fleeting, you know?


Oh, yeah.


A little off the rush. No consistent zone pressure at all. And watch the.


Sorry, go ahead.


No, I was gonna say you can see on a shot chart especially, you know, it's just all the chances, even from just the outside and the inside, have been on the Florida side.


Watch what happens if they even get to the Florida blue line. So when they break, they're gonna do it again here. Oh, no, we just got a whistle. Once they get to the Florida blue line, it's like they don't know what to do with it. If they're able to get through the neutral zone and maintain possession, they'll have some, like, weird ship, and then it'll, like, always be at the end of a shift or what. They're not getting anything going down low. And you have to cycle against this team and get bodies to the net. Like, they're just not doing it.


McDavid's on the ice there as they. I think they're heading to a tv timeout here. I wonder if they come out of the tv timeout. You run the McDavid line out there, you run hyman out there, and you try and get something going because that's the guy I want to see. Step up in this moment, you know, one. One your team. Go, McDavid. Superman on everybody and just skate down the ice all by yourself, you know, get something going for them. And, Adam, I believe you have an ad read to do.


Oh, yes, I do. Hang on. Let me pull it up. Let me pull it up.


Some great, fantastic sports book that we have speaker one.


If you want a safe and reputable canadian online sports book to place your bet during the finals, then bet is your sports book. That's bet it's owned and operated by Legrand Royal Wallanac, a land based casino in twelve Riviera, Quebec. And if you want to take your wages to the next level, go to and use the promo code SDP 200. That's s. Sorry, SDPN 200. That is SDP and 200. And that's not all. When you redeem your promo code, you could automatically get a chance to win a Connor McDavid jersey. Bet is your canadian sports book. 18 and over. Please play responsibly.


You don't mention what the promo code gets you.


Connor Mcdavid jersey.


I know there's a 200% bonus. Can you. Are you allowed to mention that?






There are new live odds.


Okay? There's something in there.


Jesse. Wait. Drew, are these odds for real? They're bonus. -122 okay. All right. Okay. Okay. Did you guys answer Cassie's trivia? I have no idea. Should I just google the Cassie trivia, by the way?


You should.


Okay. Who's gonna look it up? Who's gonna look it up? And let me write you. Let me get to these super chats, huh? Worst, worst pitcher, worst era of any pitcher over 100 innings, and it's a Marlins player. Have you guys ever seen a player attempt to knuckle poc d two mighty duck style in an NHL game? It looks like it would drive goalies crazy. Well, I mean, there's some. Is there some issues with the physics with d two? By the way, that's played by Keenan thompson of snl fame. That guy's had quite the career. I. We tried it in practice when we were kids, but I don't think it really does a whole lot. It's just a very slow knuckle ball puck that doesn't knuckle. J picks 94. The Oilers are falling victim to the Corey Perry effect. And what is that, I wonder? Is it not having him in the lineup?


No, it's losing in the Stanley cup final. I believe this one will be four straight Stanley cup finals. He loses. If he loses here this season.


He's not playing tonight?


No, I was listening to the Darnell nurse play by play there. They're doing a little sod on on his injury right now.




He's on the bench and he's just kind of sitting there, but he's not playing. Hasn't played since the middle of the first period, and he keeps going out on the ice and trying to, to see if he can go, and he does a little loop, and then he goes back to the bench when there's, like, a timeout and the intermissions and that sort of. He does a loop when he tries to go up, but he can't play. So he's just, like, on the bench sitting there the whole time watching the game.


We got a big chance here for Florida. Oh, baby. Oh, baby.


Oh, baby. Oh, baby.


I'm not gonna tell you what happens, okay?


I'm watching here. Oh. Two on one. Kaczyk shoots. Save by Skitter. The pucks loose. Another shot by the Panthers. It goes wide of the net. What a chance there.


It's saved by Skinner.


Right? I thought Kaczuk was gonna get that one. Way to go, Skinner, to keep your team tied.


Oh, yeah.


And then once again, Florida comes back down. Another shot off of Skinner's left shoulder there, and then dry side all picks it up. And finally the Edmonton Oilers are trying to get something going, and the Oilers.


Will get a shot, Jesse.


And they did get a shot on goal there.




And then that's what happens, though. They get that shot on goal. There's a little bit of a rebound, and Florida picks it up, and it's down the other way, and there's no other pressure.


Jesse, I just want to remind, I want to tell you something, that Shania Twain and our lady peace are going to headline the Rogers festival at the final concert series for game four.


Shania be awesome.


What's that?


Shania Twain is going to be awesome.


Shania is going to be awesome. Apparently, if you're a big OLp fan, they put on a great show. You just a baby. A big olp fan live.


There's waiting for you. McDavid and Hymen trying to get something going, which kind of do, but no, Florida, their defense is too good.


I'm going to spoil it for you, Jesse. Nothing happens.


There's nothing pressure. I know. No goals been scored because you, spoiler alerted it for me, but they're trying.




Hymen got to his hymen spot. Couldn't feed anything through. But Florida is just really good tonight.


So I'll tell you this. The Oilers have a lot more energy since that Florida play, for whatever reason, and we're about to get a power play delay penalty.


I saw that. So it's good like this might be because, yeah, after that goal, they've come out firing here and they look a little better. It looks like it's more evenly matched on both sides instead of one team dominating. So I'm liking what I'm seeing here.


Some guy named Steve Dangle in the super chat. Boys, I can't thank you enough for filling in for me tonight. You're. You're going great. Gripper nation. Aha. We know where Steve's involved and he just gifted 20 subs.


There's a panda for Steve Dangle.


Wow. Drop the panda on him.


Yeah, do that.


Goofy Goober. Adam, what did you think of the canadian grand Prix? You should ask Jesse that too, because I know we watch Jesse. You were the J's.


Sorry. They're showing the replay of the Kaczuk scoring chance that he had. He missed a wide open.


Yeah. Oh, yeah.


And that verhege tripping. Completely avoidable. You don't need to slide into McDavid like that.


I think they're trying to even up the calls because like, the Kachuk call earlier was stupid.


It was one of the worst calls ever. Steve Dangle said.


Andy Larkin is the answer to Cassie's question. He had an 8.86 era over 100 innings in the show and played for the Florida Marlins. Andy. Andy what?






Yeah. Here big Edmonton PP. Here.




Here we go.


Goofy goober. I thought the canadian grand Prix, to answer your question, is the, was the best race of the year so far. Absolutely fantastic. It's great to see four teams that can win. Oh, Chris Knoblock is losing his mind. He went from, he's saying it's a delay game and I think there, I think the Florida Panthers are going to go down to the.


As they should. As.


Yep. Oh, no way.


No, that's not a rule though. Like if you shoot it right over the glass, it's, it's uh. Oh. Cuz it's just one that I don't.


Know, but it launches pre blue line.


Uh, yeah. No, that's a penalty.


That's a penalty.


He's in the, he's in the. He's didn't cross the blue line. That's a.


One's going to the box, man.


He's got. Oh, oh, oh. I don't know.


Cassie saying Andy Larkin played for the Marlins, Reds and Royals from 96 to 2311, record 105 innings and an era of 886, which is not great, man. The fact that he got four years in the show, that's crazy.


It's still just goofy goober.


Jesse, if you were the Jays and you could only resign one of Vladi or bo? Who is it? Oh, sorry. Florida just tried to draw a call. Sorry. Continue, jesse.


It's a hard question. I would probably side with Vladi right now.




Yeah. But just based on this season, Bo pos been turning it on, like, a little bit, but I don't know. I have more long term belief in Vladi. He's just, he's also so young. Like, we forget, like, vlad. He's younger than Davis Snyder, like, and we think of Snyder as, like, this, this young guy who came out of nowhere and is like, oh, he's in a second half season of baseball. Like, vlad. He's still younger than him. So there's more time for vladi to get things together. So I'll just, I'll just take the time.


Steve dangles. Mighty roar.


Bushbaum hit the post. By the way, I've seen up out of play.


I've seen enough of this great stream with adam and Jesse. We don't need Steve anymore, so we should trade Steve to saudi arabia. Let's not do that.


No, steve's already there. We can't trade him. He lives.


That's where he goes. He flies home at night.


Yeah, steve, he doesn't live in ajax anymore. It's Saudi Arabia.


All right, here we go.


Oh, it's good. Good power play pressure here by the, by the Oilers.


But the thing about this power plays, Jesse, is that I'm for an Oilers fan. I'd be concerned because Florida is doing such a great job with it. You're about to see Bob Rob a guy.


Yeah, that was a dry sidel from the dry sidel spot.




Bob gets over and he saves it. It was good. They're, they're working the puck from the outside a lot. Edmonton, they're sending around the, around the triangle there of the Panthers, which is all you can really do because I don't think you attempt the cross crease pass there over to hymen. So they worked it down to dry saddle on the dry saddle spot, and he couldn't feed it past Bobroski because Boraski's great at being a position. Oh, great save. Good stuff from Bobrovsky there. He's been doing that all series long.


He has. I'm looking at this and I'm thinking, if they kill this penalty, it's going to give them a huge jolt. Yeah. Going into the last little bit here. You got it. Oilers got a score here.


Yeah. This has got to be crucial here for the Edmunds.


Why did you do that, Leon? Sorry. You'll see what I'm talking.


No, you don't have to apologize.


Just Leon.


I'll see it. I'll get.


It was a silly. It was a silly marner move.


Uh oh.


Like, from a fantastically skilled player doing something, you're like, you know, good lord. Jesse, who are the leafs of the MLB?


The leafs of the MLB?


I'm going to say the Mets.


Oh, that's a good one. That is a very good one.


Big city, big money.






Oh, my God. Let's see this. McDavid trying to work some McDavid magic. Passes it back to the point. He gets it in the slot, over to Hyatt to nuge there. They try to feed it out front. They can't complete the one time run out front, and they still have the puck in the zone. 10 seconds left here on the power play. There's Nooj McDavid, nudge Bush, dry side all. They're working around the circle. Slapper from Bush. Can't get to the net. Edmonton, one last shot here on the power play. Can't capitalize. Five guys out there now for Florida, and they clear the puck zone. Sorry.


When I was posting for the Oilers thing, when boosh hit the post there, the siri turned on, and it was. It was playing money by Pink Floyd. For some reason, you gotta.


Don't. Don't do that. Drew's telling us to say, hey, bleary and, hey, blue, to try and mess with you guys.


Why not?


We're not bad people like Steve Dangle. That was a good little chance there for the Oilers. Is just great defense. Who's the defenseman in front? Who took away that low one timer? Excellent play by Florida. And then, yeah, that bush bomb couldn't find its way through off the post. My goodness. That's. Edmonton needs more of that. You know, you need, like, ten of those chances for at least one to go in. You know, you can't have one of those chances and expect that one to go in.


But I got to be honest, Jess. Like, I do feel like they overcomplicated some stuff on that power play. Like, Leon's little back pass there. You don't need to do that. Like, just. Just keep it low, man. Keep it low. And. And Evan Boucher should probably have a hat trick by now.


He's got. He's got a couple of chances.


What do we got to do, man?


Florida's been the better team, though, overall this game. Oh, yeah. That's for sure.


Rarely aces, who I believe is an Oilers fan, says, I hate. Hate to say it, but oil don't deserve to win. Seven shots nearing the end of two periods.


Yeah, not right now they don't.


Yeah. And. And people, it's so funny. What are these calls? Refs are horrible. They must. I can't tell if you're Oilers fans or if you're. You're Panthers fans. And by the way, if both fan bases are complaining, does it mean that the refs did a good job? Jesse.


If both teams are complaining, does it mean the refs did a good.


Job, or does it mean they just suck?


I don't think the refs are particularly good at their job.




Okay, maybe both teams have a right to be complaining.


Okay, fair enough.


Fair enough.


Uh, Cassie says in terms of city and stage, it might be the Mets, as in, like, the leafs of the NHL or the eight leafs of the MLB. In terms of fan misery, you said. Yeah, she said, though, in terms of fan misery, it might be the pirates, who haven't been good since, like, Roberto Clemente, which is true. They have an owner, apparently, who's, like, super wealthy and doesn't like to spend money, so.


Oh, blue shards in the box for slashing.


Oh, okay. So, yeah, degro Hydro just said, okay, I'm gonna stop complaining about the refs now.


Did you see that call? That's a red on verge.




That's a makeup for the. For the kaczak one.


Yes. That's an embarrassing.




Embarrassing. Okay.


Oh, my gosh, you're both right.


Bad refing tonight. I'm sure. I'm sure the NHL Twitter refs will tell you how great a job they've done, though.


Tim Beall.


Oh, yeah. Just, just, it's. It's kind of hilarious. Like, not that they're bad guys, but they're. They stick up for their guys and they. Yeah, they're gonna stick up for their guys.


We'll just. What if I, like, we went really hard for every podcaster.


Yo, I ride for my fellow pod brothers.


I ride for podcast.


Yeah. Like my brothers and sisters. This is for you.


No, see, the crazy thing about Edmonton is they take a penalty and they're like, oh, yeah, we have the best penalty kill ever. Yeah, it doesn't really matter.




So they're not. And they're concerned.


Here's the thing. If the Edmonton Oilers kill off another minute here, they're gonna be able to get their best players on the ice fresh.


Mm hmm.


So I don't know. I'm feeling like it'll be all right.


Yeah, they, they can survive. But you don't also don't want to just like kill two minutes of the time, you know, like, you know, had could add a couple scoring chances. This is five on five. Who knows? But not a great penalty call there by the referees.


Meme Empress, who I always get their name wrong. I hate the fact that we're not at bedrock for how bad the refs are. Yeah, I mean, like, listen, you know what, it's. You know what? I will. I will guarantee you this clip, this, remember this moment. You know what it's going to take to improve refereeing in the NHL? It's going to take Vegas calling the league and going, guys, we can't bet on your product because your refs don't call the game. They manage the game. And. And that will be the only time that the NHL go, okay, fine, we'll make you play the. But Jesse, there's a big moment coming.


Big moment. All right, so face off right now to the right of Stuart Skinner. There's 35 seconds left on the power play for me. I'm watching it right now. Panther's got the puck out front. Great save. Stuart Skinner comes out to block out all of the angles. Smothers the puck right into his chest. Covers it up. That's a good little play by Stuart Skinner. Great saving.


Good aggressiveness on that, too.


That's the key to that save right there. Coming way out of his net. Not staying back and letting the player there, Sam Bennett, make a little move on you. You come out, you take out all the angles. He has nowhere to shoot. Goes right into your chest. Great save. Skinner.


Steve Dangles mighty roar. I've seen enough sign Angel Hernandez to make the NHL great again. New guy, can't see. Imagine him trying to see on like a white surface. He'd just be blinded. 25 seconds left to go in the power play JPix 94. If you could trade any one of the core four for a leaf legend in their prime, oh, my God. What would you pick and who had the biggest impact? I'd pick prime Doug Gilmore. Because he was insane in the playoffs. He had like 45 points one year or something like that. Jesse, do you have a pick?


I get any Leafs player in their prime?




Babe. Die. Babe. Babe die. Biggest, best killer in the National Hockey League history. I want him out there on the ice. If gun to the Earth aliens come to me and say, pick the one hockey player you need to win a game seven. I want Babe die.


Jesse, I pulled up. Babe die. Stats, you ready?


Read them to me.


Babe. Die played three games in the playoffs. He had exactly two penalty minutes. That was it. I'm assuming that back then there were no playoffs, and it was like, whoever just won the league won the Stanley cup.


What are his regular season numbers?


Well, his best season comes in 19, 24, 25, where he had what year? 24, 20, 519. 24 in 29 games. You know what? Screw Gretzky. This guy's way better. 29 games. The guy scored 38 goals.


Hey, that's 44 points.


Yo, what a good pick, Jess.


Yeah. There we go. I want Babe dying, his prime. Put Willie on his wing. Other wing. I want comp flying wing.


Well, you need a little defense in there.


Yeah, obviously.


Defense, she's. Was Babe die. Was he even a. He was a right wing, so you need to comp center.


Okay, so comp Babe die on the right and then on the left knee, Lander. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Set Babe die up.


Yeah. There you go.


By the way, Nate, what was. What was Babe dies real first name?


What's Babe dies real first name?


Yeah. Babe was just what his buddies called him.


Ah, Joseph.




Cecil. Cecil died.


Cecil die names, man.


Nice. 53 seconds on my clock. At the end of the second here, they're going to icing.


Crab people. You better get in on that next one. We lost the first vote. You can't lose this one. I mean. Sorry. Gripper nation. Gripper nation.


What are we. What are we doing here for the.


We're. Listen, they were. There was a poll just checking in.




Are you. Are you. Are you gripper nation or you've. Crab people, we can't let the crap.


Oh, no. Crab people. I'm bringing out the buttons. We got. We got the crowd.


It's not fair.


Like, I'm gonna bring out the dos, the dancing animal squad, a little confetti to get us all fired up for the vote. Let's do it. Crowd people.


By the way, Cassie says the pirates owner is worth $1.1 billion. Pirates are spending, including payrolls, benefits and bonuses, $105 million. The active roster on the field is just 66.1 million. Compare and contrast that with the blue Jays, who have a quarter billion dollar roster.




And not that many more wins.


That's a good point. Where are they in the standings?


What do you get for your money these days, anyway?


Yeah, what's your. What's your dollar per win?


Yeah, he's probably like, we're killing the dollar per win category, this guy. This. Although I have to tell you, seeing a ballgame in Pittsburgh's one of the best.


Yeah, the best parts you guys got. Like I say, you because your family's from Pittsburgh, your mom's from Pittsburgh. Like, that ballpark is one of the prettiest in the entire of major league baseball. That bridge that sits in, in left center, I think it is.


You can overlook Clemente Bridge.


Oh, gorgeous, gorgeous ballpark.


Yeah, it's great. All those bridges were built by Pittsburgh Steel. Well, it's not Pittsburgh steel, but it was steel made in Pittsburgh. And all those bridges are over 100 years old and they're still standing strong. So really cool wizard, man. Love you, Adam, but not in your feet. Listen, can you love a man and not love his feet? I don't think you'd exclude feet from my body.


Let's go, crappy bowl.


Let's go, gripper. Gripper nation. Hashtag Gripper nation. Man crab, people are dominating this. Jesse, I got to do some work.


As they should call you.


Adam, thoughts on the tomlin extension? I'll tell you this, people were giving Tomlin crap in the comments are like, oh, another nine and eight season incoming. He has had a bad roster for like a decade and he continues to make the playoffs. This is a man who deserves the extension. Jesse, your thoughts being a football man. And then I want to ask producer.


Drew, Florida Panthers here killed the last couple seconds of the second period. We are going to the second intermission. Tied one one, shots 22 to seven in flavor of the Florida Panthers. They have dominated play so far. The Avengers need to get a little more energy under their feet for the.


Third period if they're grippers, Jesse, they're.


Grippers here for the third period. If they want to hang in this and don't go down to 20 in this series. But all that being said, it is tied one one and they are not down in this game. So we'll see who can fight for the next goal and, and get this lead here. Adam, it's kind of how I said early on this was going to be a close one, and it has been that a close one so far. Both goalies have been excellent, excellent. Both teams have been great defensively. What are your thoughts going into the third period?


Well, I want to know what your thoughts are on Tomlin's extension.


I was going to add on the Tomlin part.


Okay. But yeah, my thoughts are this. My thoughts are this. And I'll make them quick because I want to get your thoughts on Tomlin. Listen, Edmonton is lucky to be one one. Here they are. And why not come in and do exactly to the Florida Panthers what they did to you. You can't go home down, down a gate or down two games. You can't, you can't let that happen. This is Connor. If you're the Oilers, you got to be like, this is Connor McDavid's freaking cup, and we're going to get him his cup. Like, it's got to happen. So to do that, you come out firing on all cylinders in the third period. The first two periods do not matter. Who cares? Doesn't matter how you feel. Oh, no, Darnell. Nurses, nurses hurt, whatever. Who cares? Just get out there and get that goal. And they got a score in the first five minutes. That's my b. I think I do.


You nailed it. That's. And they're lucky that it's one one right now. So you might as well think about it as, like, fresh game. When we come out in the third, you know, none of that happened. Who cares how we've been playing so far? We can go out there and play like how we played in game one where we couldn't buy a goal, but we can play like that, and eventually, hopefully we'll get one. If you're Florida, keep doing more of the same. Like, Florida just keeps up, keeps doing what they're doing. They're continue to get chances and another one's gonna sneak in. So Florida, I don't think there's anything wrong with what they've done in this game so far. Edmonton, they got some issues to fix for the third period.


Now, before we, before we throw anything, Tomlin.


Mike Tomlin. I'm a big fan of Mike Tomlin. I think people love making fun of the I have never been under 500 record that he's maintaining. But there's something to, that level of consistency. There's something to always having your team in the fight and making the playoffs and always being above 500. So I think you, you reward that by giving him that extension. It's the thing that Pittsburgh always does. They have their coach and they have him there forever, and that continuity that they build in Pittsburgh is a good thing. You know, having that consistency, you having that ethos for your franchise from coach outwards for decades is a good thing. So why not keep running it? It's been successful for them so far as a franchise producer.


Drew says Mike Tomlin is the best coach in the NFL. Says better than Belichick. Well, yo, here's the thing about Belichick. If he was so great, white has no one hired him, you know?




Like, why is he making appearances on Pat McAfee? Not listen. Good for him, but, like, he wanted several jobs and they wouldn't. Nobody wants to hire him.


The Atlanta one in particular, apparently the owner there got talked out of hiring Bill Belichick by other owners who said, nah, don't go with that guy for your franchise.




Yeah. Drew's talking about how Mike Tomlin can make the playoffs with nobody at quarterback. Yeah.


And, and, you know, here's, here's my question. Is Russell Wilson the starter come week four? Don't know.


You think Justin Fields is going to steal the job?


Well, I think, I think they, I hope, I hope, I think they hope that Justin Fields will. And Russ is going to be there for like a year and he's going to be like, steelers nation, let's ride. And then be super positive and weird and, and then it'll be Justin Fields team. Justin Fields in college was unbelievable, was he not?


Yeah. You know, Justin Fields had his moments in Chicago. Like, we didn't even go back that far. He's proven that he can take over a game in the NFL. He's shown flashes of brilliance, is just the consistency isn't there as like a pocket passer. Like his legs are, are ten out of ten. They're 100 on the matting rating. But just being the simple stuff of being a quarterback isn't quite there yet. So who knows? There's still time for him to develop and do all that. So he might be the future in Pittsburgh. I don't know. Are you getting a Russell Wilson jersey?


Are you going to know? I have a TJ watchers. He.


Okay, I think I might get you a Russell Wilson jersey.


No, please. It's going to be the shortest lived jersey of all time because at that.


Point, like late December, we're going to be basically through the season. We're going to know how it played out and whether it's. He's leading the team, he's like doing crazy stuff or he's a disaster. It's going to be hilarious. If you have a Wilson jersey, I'm reading.


It will be. It will be funny. You know what? Going to Pittsburgh with a Wilson jersey would be very fun. Going to an away game wearing a Russell Wilson jersey would be hilarious. Let's, let's throw the Marner clip. Although there's some people are like, steel Steelers Nation, let's weld.


Oh, yeah. We need to get to this clip from the SDP about us talking about Mitch Marner. Play it, Drew.


Speaker one.


Here's what CJ said about Mitch Marner on the CJ show yesterday to the conclusion that they can just have Mitch Marner on the roster and walk into free agency? Or would a stalemate in the negotiations force him to wave his no moves and find a trading partner?


Speaker two.


I think they're very wary of making a bad trade, which, you know, you would be every time you're making a trade. But if you're considering trading one of your franchise's all time best players by points, by the kind of records Mitch has racked up, still in the prime of his career, I mean, the possibility of that going awry, you might never come out from under that. So I think that they're not going to commit to ever, like, we have to do this. I think that it's more about what the marketplace yields, what they hear back from the Marner camp. I mean, I think that they would.


Walk him to free agency if they.


Had to, partially because they have no control over it. He literally has full control now. It's very, very rare for a player when he's made to be felt unwelcome or that the team wants to move on to say, well, I'm not moving, and just you deal with it.


They have no control in the situation.


I mean, they have enough control that they can try to influence things a certain way.


But he's got final say.


That's why those new movement clauses are very punitive. Yeah, well, you know, it took a much smaller cap hit so we could get that clause, so stop it.


I thought it was fascinating to hear CJ just throw out the possibility that he might get walked to free agency.


Well, like, I think that's. It's good that he's doing that, because a lot of us, sometimes me, are talking about Mitch. Like, he's gone, and that's very not the case. Now, I've been very open about, I think the best move is for this team to trade this player. I think the best move for this player is to be traded. I think if you love Mitch Marner and you think they need to keep him, fine. We all have our players that we love.


Mm hmm.


Who else is going? Austin, Willie, Morgan, Tavares? I don't even know if Morgan would be enough. And then you got to plug that hole. You gotta make a significant move. You can't run this back again. That's not an option. It's not an option.


Well, there's a growing group of people on. On Twitter saying that it has to.


Be, and they're all wrong. Like, like, objectively, like, smart people saying it, that's fine. And they're wrong and it's fine. I'm not doing this for another calendar year.




Now, yeah, but it's not up to what you wanted.


I know. I'm getting there. So. So part of why I'm not doing this again is I feel like it's groundhog day. I feel like we are talking to each other in June 2023.




No time has elapsed from last year. None. So here's me looking at it from Marner's perspective and then changing the focus a bit. I'm Mitch Marner. I have worked my whole life to get this. I worked really hard to help you recruit John Tavares.




I then put up 90 friggin points with John Tavares.


I think more got him a career high in goals. 47.


Got John Tavares 47 goals. He's never sniffed it since because it was with me. And then. And then what happened? I went and played with another guy named Austin Matthews. When he got all his career highs.


He got 60 goals.


Exactly right. And you know, well, John Tavares earned his goals and Matthews earned it. Yeah, but I was there, right? I don't care what you say. I was there when we negotiated this contract with the cap hit and with the no movement clause, it was in good faith. They were things that I asked for. They were things that you gave me and you signed on the line that is dotted. Don't like it. Your problem? I upheld my end of the bargain. I put up a big old bunch of points every year. I didn't ask the world to stop. I didn't ask for a pandemic. I didn't ask for a flat cap. That's got nothing to do with me. I'm from here. I like it here. I have a clause that says I get to stay here if I want. I'm not leaving. That's how I look at it from his perspective, where the Groundhog day comes in. The reason I'm begging this team to trade this player and I'm begging this player to ask for a trade is I feel like no time has passed from June 2023 to now. Because if you run it back, there's almost no one left to fire.


It's just Shanahan, right? No, I think Pelly's got to go too. And I know we just got here.






Because how many more times are the ownership. No, how many more times can we be nose to nose with the most obvious decision in the frigging world and ignore it? Walk by it. Only to walk around the entire earth and meet it again the next year. A trip around the sun and we're right back where we were.




Okay. Brendan Shanahan's like, I'm the president. And Dubas is like, I want to be the president. And they both stand at the same urinal and they're in their friggin and they're. And they're just having a friggin fight and they're trying to see who stream the strongest is and they both kind of get their way. Shanahan fires them, but Dubas, you know, gets his promotion or whatever, but their little friggin.


Where did that promotion come? I. I don't know. How did he. It's amazing. That dropped in his lap. It's.


It's so good. But that little dust up, that little battle of egos, whoever you decide is wrong. Put them where we are today. Okay? Oh, well, you know, we gotta. We gotta take a lot of things into consideration.




He's one of the best players, uh, in the history of the franchise. And where was this energy last year when you fired the general manager five, six weeks before his no move clause kicked in? You nut cases. So I don't want to hear. Well, we gotta be delicate and we gotta be.


Fuck off.


Stop. Enough. Stop lying to everyone. Stop being stupid. Stop being childishly naive. This decision was staring you in the face last year. And you kicked the can down the road.


And last year, it could have been one of two. They were. They were talking about both Nylander and Marner, which one of them would go.


And you kept them both. You gave one a raise, and you essentially gave another a no move clause. Right, by not trading Mitchell when he had no trade protection, you were handing him a no move clause. Okay, and then William Nylander goes into the final year of his contract. Guess what? He's got that fucking final year of his contract. Glow scores a billion goals, scores the overtime winner. He walks off Sweden. Hilarious, right? And then, you know, you can't even criticize his playoff performance. He had the migraines and everything. Comes back into the series, leads the team at goals. So what's the problem here?




What's the problem here? You had a very obvious decision to make. You chose to simply not make it.




And then next year, they run it back. Nothing happens. They. Okay, there's two options. They simply win the cup finally, or they do the same thing. Because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and over.


And over and over and over and.


Over and over again, which. It's what they're doing.


It's insane.


Was the thing when you were like, I want to talk from Mitch's perspective.




So the Leafs then sound like Mitch. No, no, no. I transitioned, though. I transition from here's Mitch's perspective to no, no, because I'm blaming squarely the Leafs for this.


Yes. And I think rightfully so, I'm bl.


No, it's 100% their fault. You had a decision to make, you didn't do it. And then you. You run it back next year. You get your bottoms padded in the first round again, probably by the friggin Bruins, and then Shanahan's going to get fired. It's not going to accomplish anything. It's not going to. What's it going to accomplish? What's it going to accomplish? Was, is the new guy going to find a way to tear up the no.




You're going to be in the same fucking position. You're going to be in the exact same position. The only difference is you're going to lose one of the best players your team has ever had for nothing. And you're going to lose John Tavares for nothing as well. Or extend him. Or, guys, this is squarely their fault. And now that we're here in this position, if Marner's not traded and the trade doesn't work out, there's no justification, none, for bringing Brendan Shanahan back.


I said that last episode.


There's not.


People are mad at me for that.


If it works out, if it ends up working out, great. But, like, there's a scenario here where I don't think you can justify him beginning the season as the president.


It can't be a distraction come training camp. That's my point. Because if he shows up and is a leaf at training camp, we all saw what happened with Duchenne in Colorado. You cannot have player can't have this. It's not good for the player. Let's be honest. Team cannot have this. Not good for the team.


Like, there's a variety of opinions here. It's. It's inexcusable. We're even having this discussion today.


And we're back. Jesse drinking water. Producer drew, over the break, got mad at Jesse because he thought that Jesse was eating carrots. And he's like, yo, do you ever not eat healthy? And Jesse then proceeded, first off, Jesse was eating Doritos. So, yes, he does.


Yeah, but.


But Jesse, what do you eat when you golf.


I like to bring a variety of snacks any smart golfer knows over the course of 18 holes, you need snacks along the way. And one of my go to snacks is a little ziploc bag of tomatoes. Not like the small cherry tomatoes, but like the medium sized cherry tomatoes. I just like eating them raw in my little ziploc bag over the course of my 18 holes. Mixed trail nuts. Mixed nuts. Like, those are always good. Throw a banana, a protein bar. Those are all my.


Go to the tomatoes for me.


Yeah, tomatoes throw people off. I like. Yeah, sometimes I throw tomatoes and some cucumbers in there, you know, baby cucumbers. I call them cute cumbers because they're cute and little. So I like my raw cucumbers and tomatoes.


Are you one of those people, like, is you're just popping cherry tomatoes, right?


Yeah. Yeah.


Are you one of those people that will pop a whole one in your mouth or do you eat half of it? That always weirds me out. Yeah. Why go to a party and dip a tomato in that? You know that, you know, they get the veggie spreads and eat half a tomato and stare at someone. I guarantee you, they're like, what the hell's wrong with you? It's weird.


There should be a law against that. Like you should get fined or something. That's wrong. That's inappropriate.




Yeah. Cowbokaskis is talking to Charles Barkley right now on every idea. They're. They're chatting. They have a long history together.


Yes, they do, actually. I remember that well, I remember a little bit of it. Oh, I can't hear you, Jess.


Yeah, I'm back. I'm back.




I was just saying this is a few post seasons now in a row where Bukoskas and Barkley have linked up.


Chuck looks good, by the way.


Yeah, he's on that ozempic.


Is he on the ozembic?


You don't know, man.


You know, just guess. I bet. I bet he's picked up a little bit of what Shaq. Shaq did because Shaq is ripped now, which is good. Good for those guys. Drew is asking. I've caught up on the super chats and I haven't.


Robert, Marty, let's go.


Robert. Bet I can remember when the NHL had just one ref and they went to two. So the lead ref watched offense trailing and the ref watched the back. And they seem to have forgotten this and both trying to call everything and missing a lot thoughts. Yeah, I remember that too. That was the whole point is that they put. There was a whole debate when they put the second ref, and I remember Ron McClain and Gary Bettman, like, going at it on Hockey night in Canada over this decision. Ron was, like, super against it, and he's like, there's just too many bodies on the ice. And he's like, I don't understand what this will do. And then Gary's like, it'll make the calls better or whatever. I think what's happened is, Robert, to answer your question, I don't think the answer is they want to get every call. I think the answer is they want to have the game evenly called.




Does that make sense?


They want a game manage. They want the game so it's fair on both sides, and everything comes out kind of square and not in terms of how many infractions each team took. It's just, hey, we want both teams to have equal amount of chances.


If we miss. If we intentionally miss a bunch of calls on both sides, then both sides are angry, and that way we don't. Oh, boy. That was a big hit.


Oh, baby.


Sam Bennett, Craig G. By the way, says, who's the best third line center in hockey? It's going to be John Tavares next year when the Leafs pick up centerman. Just throwing that out there. I actually don't know. The best third line center in hockey is probably somebody in the series. Who do we got?


Would. Do we want to sync up with people?


Oh, yeah. Sync up. What do you mean? Oh, like, time wise?


Yeah, yeah, I guess the. The clocks on the screen. So we're good, right, Drew?






Drew's got that going on.




1840 or 1835 for me.


I know Jesse's 7 seconds behind you.


Drew also says Wyatt Johnson is the second center.


Good answer.


Best third center. That's good. I like that.


What, do you have more super chats?


No, I'm just looking. I was just looking. But, yeah. No, we did not miss that.


You got them. Okay. I was waiting for you to run through, like, sorry, over them.


No, I know. Drew made it seem like we had 40 million.


I was hitting here. I thought you were gonna rapid fire super chat me. I'm like, Adam, keep firing. Like, we gotta get through them. And you just said two, and I'm like, oh, that's it, Drew. Drew back to the game.


Drew was not watching Drew. Drew hung me out to drive. So you best get to those super chats. I was like, what? There was super chat, Drew. There was just the 117 45 left.


Great little chance here by the not low. Great low chance they get stopped. Good good defense and nurses out there. Darnell nurse, looking a little slow, looking a little janky, is back on the ice after. They're sitting out mostly of this game, the entirety of the second period. I believe his last shift came in the middle of the first, but he's back out there now. Adam, are you changing your Oilers prediction now that you've seen two periods of hockey?


No. They can win. I have to. I have to. I have to say, listen, Edmonton cannot go back to Edmonton. Down to o. They can't. They cannot. So they got to find a way to win. So I think it's going to be them.


But, Adam, the series doesn't start until you lose a game on home.


Well, they might lose two games away first, and that. That means the series kind of stinks for you.


That's one of the worst phrases in sport.


Oh, baby. Florida just.


They're applying the pressure here. You're telling me something's gonna happen.


Oh, man.


This line out here, there's all. Edmonton had an opera opportunity there to clear the puck. That was Evan Bouchard, who did not successfully clear the puck, and it leads directly to a Florida Panthers goal. The cameras on Bouchard as he rolls to the bench. Not a great defensive there. Play there by the Orlers. I'm waiting for the replay here to see this. That is a regrettable play for Evan Bouchard.


Boy, oh, boy.


They're able to keep the puck in. Florida is at the shot by Rodriguez.


Oh, my.


Pass it around the back. Right there is when Evan Boucher right to Evan Rodriguez. Evan to Evan. Tape to tape.


Evan Rodriguez leading the Stanley cup final in goals as though we all predicted it. Unbelievable.


Did you see the tape? To tape has Adam.


I sure did. Bouchard. Yes. Yes, I I did. It was. I think it was supposed to go to Connor Brown. Jesse.


I'm not sure, but that's not great.


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Did someone just write boo chart? Sorry, that's inappropriate.


Oh, it's not incorrect.


Updated bet. GRW lines. Oilers now plus 332. So, yeah, I guess with the fact that the shots are tilted so much in Florida's favor, Edmonton has not found a way to solve things. Although we have a bit of a rush here.


That Evan Rodriguez shot, it might have also hit off the backside of McLeod while it was going towards Skinner. It might have grazed him, and then that's why it kind of changed direction. Went into the top corner there, past Skinner. But either way, the point there was to clear the puck for Bushard, and you cleared a right to Rodriguez, who successfully sniped it in. So all credit to him on that goal. But once again, the Oilers defense letting them down.


Alexander McKechey just dropped something in the chat, which we see from new people in the chat. So I wanted to shout out, Alexander, is there an actual video of the game, or are you guys just talking? To get an actual video of the game, you need to have billions of dollars. So no, there is or not care about laws or not care about laws.


Yeah, yeah. You can. You can always do that.


Our channel is big enough that we have to care about laws.




So, unfortunately, we are law abiding citizens, and that is the way it has to be. So, yes.


Drew's asking me if I want to change my pick, and he's asking you as well, Adam, but I'm a true believer in you dance with, you dance with the girl you brought to the dance. That's right. You don't just abandon her because there's something else that catches your eye. So I stick with the team I pick at the beginning of the game, and that's the Edmonds and Euler, so we'll see if they can fight their way back here. It's not looking good based on how these periods have gone so far, but we'll see how these next 15 minutes play out.


Yeah. No kidding. Yeah. Really? I mean, Jesse makes a good point there in that the only thing the Oilers can give you is blind faith at this point. They've played a terrible game, and they stink, and I don't know what happened, and I'm mad at my pick. However, I've seen the Oilers come back from way worse than this.


Adam, what do you think Ron McClain's response would be if you were on the hockey night panel and you said, they stink, and that was your analysis?


Stink. Like the city in northern BC that in 1927 had a, had a slack heap that went down the mountain and 30 people died.


And then Gordon Lightfoot.


And then Gordon Lightfoot. Gordon Lightfoot and the tragically hip. Here we go. To break. That's what it would have to be. Yeah.


And referees are good.


Well, yeah. Ron is pro referee, actually, because a very nice man, by the way, he refs himself. Yeah.


So he's coming at it from a different perspective in that he knows what it takes to referee, so there's a lot more leeway there for the referees in the game, you know, comes from a point of understanding.


I would love to know what he would have to say when, when we go in on refs on the podcast. Um, you know, it's. It's. It's kind of like Ron is to refs like what Kelly Rudy is to goaltenders. Right? Try to get Kelly Rudy to say anything bad about a goalie ever. Well, you know, unfortun. You know what you see Kelly's like, well, I can understand what he's trying to do here. And that's when you're like, he screwed up. That's Ella. That's Kelly's way of saying, that guy stinks. Hambone. I put my toonie bet on Tunie. Steve bet on the Panthers to win the cup because the team that beats the Leafs, the Bruins this year, lose to the eventual cup winner. Go through the years. It's kind of crazy. We should do that on the podcast. Last five straight.


Can you give that back to me? I was looking at a picture that I'm going to send you. Oh, wow.


And it looks like you might be on to something. Damn. Wow.


Adam, I'm going to send you a picture that we got to talk about. Drew, I don't even know if you. Could you bring this up on the screen?


Cassie just gave us a super chat. Hey, guys. Helping to slowly chip away so you can buy the NHL rights. Thanks, Cassie.


Ah, Cassie. We love you, Cassie.


As he clan. Let's go.


There's a dancing panda for the Cassie clan. Ccc.


Jesse, you're going a little overboard here.




A little much. It's a little much. Jesse. The. I saw that.


Different, everybody. It's spelled different. Don't worry, it's CCC.


There's a song. Okay, Jesse, you. I don't know how many iron maiden songs you listen to.


Very little.


But there is a. I went to the. I went to see them a couple summers ago in Toronto after Everleigh was born. And they have a song called the Klansmen. And. And he's like, I just want everyone to know before we sing this, it's the scottish clans. Okay? Scottish. Not any. This weird North America. Because they're from England, right? Not any north american B's. And. And it's about freedom. And he's like, I just say that before we play that song. What's that?


The other one was also about freedom, but in the reverse way, right? Yeah.


Freedom is that issue. You're right.


Did you guys see the. The picture I sent you?


Yes. So that is DJ Khaled with Gary Bettman. And he's giving him a hug.


No, Drew, you brought it up. Amazing. It's on the screen right now. DJ Khaled and Gary Bettman has to be the weirdest crossover episode in, like, this year. Like hell is going on.


Although Gary's never looked comfortable, like, it's not a comfortable. He's just not a comfortable guy. I'm sure he was brief beforehand.


So Drew asked. Drew asked.


Oh, sorry, Drew.


Does Gary Bettman know who DJ Khaled is? And I would say before the meeting, before someone told them no. Right?


No, no.


Yeah, he can't know.


No, no, no. It's. No, they. He has. Who is this? Who's this mini mister Batman? It's DJ Khaled. His. Is he a DJ or is that his, like. Is that his name? DJ? Like, like Daniel John? No, it's DJ. He's actually. Was it a dj? Oh, okay. All right, cool. What songs would I know of his? Probably none. Okay.


All right.


And then they walk in. DJ Khal. But Gary. Gary's just a nun. Like, generally uncomfortable. Like, you see him in front of a microphone, he's not comfortable. You see him presenting on tv, he's not comfortable. Him being hugged by DJ Khaled is my favorite kind of Gary Bettman uncomfortable. You know what I mean?


It's good stuff, I guess, cuz Khalid's from, like, I assume he lives in Miami most of the year.




Where he's based out of. So I assume Stanley cup final. You go see a game, you know.


Yeah. So, by the way, I'm loving all the iron maiden love in the chat right now. SDPN chat. The trooper is a jam. It is a jam. That's a great. Jesse, I should take you to a heavy metal concert. I think you'd like it.


Drew is requesting that you do a couple things here.


What does he want? Likes and subs. All right, well, here's the deal. You get free fee if you sign up for the VIP. No, I'm kidding. So here's the deal. First off, we want you to like the. Like the video. Because if you like the video and you're watching the video with us, if you like the video, it helps us get the video out to more people, and that really helps us. I also, you know that part where it says, subscribe, subscribe to the SDPN channel. Click that. But also you can subscribe and be a part of our VIP membership group. And that kind of gives you a couple of cool things. First off, you know, we have a lot of podcasts here. First thing is you get an extra episode a week. And it's non hockey, but it's all the crazy stuff that we used to talk about on the podcast before we became, like, a fully just hockey all the Time podcast, and we used to do a lot of crazy stuff. And we get to talk this week, basically, on STP VIP. I'm going to talk about a couple of things that I've been wanting to talk about.


First off, Jeremy Renner's Jeremy Renner and his social media app is going to come up, and Steve has never heard of this, but there's a whole expose, and then we had something else that we're going to talk about today. We should check that out. And then if you want all of our shows but you want them ad free, there's another tier, and it's called STP VIP ad free name that Jesse came up with, so you can check that out. Jesse, what do you think? Did I do a good job?


That, I think you did a very good job. Well done. And for that, I'm going to bring out the dancing chicken.


Yeah. Jonathan Peck wants to know. Hey, Adam and Jesse. Sorry I'm late to the stream. I just want to say hello.


If anybody's wondering if you're late to the stream. The Oilers had a nice little chance there, but nothing doing. The Panthers are so good at one shot. Get the rebound, clear the puck like they've been doing that all night. Exceptional stuff by the Panthers. Oilers make the shot, counter go up one tick, and then they're out of the zone. So the pressure is done there. But what I was going to say here is if you are late to the stream and you're wondering where Steve Dangle is, Steve Dangle could but not be with us tonight. Everything is fine. That's all I want to put out there. Everything is fine. With his family and with him. He just had to take care of his little sick child, which is more important than streaming. So we let him have his dad duty night. And that is why you've had us here tonight for this stream.


Cassie just dropped another 20, actually. Yeah, Cassie, goofy Goober. Favorite Beatles song. Jesse, go.


Oh, that's a good one.


Um, Jesse knows his music, so you.


Gotta give me a second. You gotta give me a second to decide. You gotta give me a second to decide. Adam, what's yours?


Do you have one magical mystery tour. I love that song.




It's really bizarrely, like, first off, you need to be. You need to have had some edibles. It's. But it's at the height of their. Their edibles era. I like magical mystery tour a lot. I also like strawberry Fields. And. And the other one, Penny Lane. I like all that. I like all that. The real pop music.


Yeah. I was about to say my tastes are a little more, like, esoteric. I like.


Okay, okay. Are you getting deep on me here?


So my favorite Beatles song, I think I've decided, is the final song on Sergeant Pepper. Lonely heart club. Hearts club band. A day in the life.


Great song.


I think that's my favorite Beatles song of all.


Great song. Have you heard golden slumbers slash carry that weight?




Abbey Road.


Yes. Yes.


You know, I'm updating. That is actually my favorite. Those two together are my favorite. I used to sing golden slumbers to my kid.


Great song. Fantastic stuff.


All right, now. All right, here we go, guys. If you want safe and reputable canadian online sports books, you should check out Bet GRW. It's your favorite sports book. And hey, it's based out of Toa Riviera, Quebec. It's based in. It's a platform that's owned and operated by the Grand Royal Wallanac, a land based casino in trouble Riviera. And by the way, when you sign up, go to bet use the promo code SDPN 200. That's SDPN 200. You can redeem that promo code and automatically get a chance to win a Connor McDavid jersey. Bet is your canadian sports book sponsored by Bet sportsbook and casino 18 plus and over. Please play responsibly.


Adam, I think I won the best oiler song competition amongst the chest oilers on oilers. Yeah.


That's fine.


Beatles song. That's fine.


I'm totally fine. By the way, everybody's saying the Beatles are mid. Doesn't understand what it was like music was like before the Beatles.


Yeah. That you. That you're saying that without the context of when they created the music.


Yeah. The music is 65 years old.


Like, saying, like, a film in 1920 isn't as good as a film in. In 2024. Yeah. They weren't making it with IMAX technology.


Silent movies are mid, Jesse.


Yeah. And Drew said the Beatles still slap amongst artists today.




If you can. Like, I love some of those songs. As good as songs that have come out, like, recently? Like, yes, the Beatles are timeless. Like, let's not have that discussion.


I can't figure out. Apparently we missed. Oh, this. Donnie. Adam, if you were offered a panel spot on Hockey Night in Canada, how quickly do you divest from SDPN? Lol. I don't. If I was offered a panel spot. First off, I'd be like, you're going, why not all of us? The second thing I would say is, I would never divest that. I would be like, I'm keeping that. Thank you very much. Because being hockey night in Canada, unless you're BX, I don't think it pays that well. So I'll be. Am I right?




Jesse, is that. Is that fair?


I think. I think you probably have to do both.


Yeah, you do. I don't think. I don't think you make it, like. Like, Ron's in a different strata, but, like, me walking on set there, they'd be like, here's a. I'd be like, great. Thanks for the exposure, guys. I'm in. Um, you know, that's. That's kind of how it would be. What else we got here? Come together is the only good Beatles song. It is not the only good Beatles song. Guys, guys. Peto still had amazing writing. What else we got here? Wow. There's a lot of music going on here. Damn. How about that?


When do you think the. The goalie polls happening? Oh, because we're coming up to goalie pole territory as you come out of this commercial break here, which I assume will be the final tv timeout of this game.


Well, you got to think seven more. We get seven more minutes to go.


Oh, one more after seven minutes. So this second last, most likely, I.


Think, with three minutes to go.


Three minutes to go.


You're still down in three minutes. Yeah, that's my bet. And here's the question. You got your. You got your top line out there. You got a comb, you got Bouchard, you got nudge, you got hymen, you got McDavid, and you throw dry saddle out, right? Is that how you do it?


No, you. I think you said too many guys.


Well, for your 6th guy.


Oh, your 6th guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's gotta be it, I think. Yeah. Cuz, do you like the two defensemen with the six guys, or would you go five forwards, one defense?


Depends on the team. But with the Oilers, like, who are you pulling? You're pulling Bouchard or EKH home off for who?


Right? Cause you. You don't trust Evander Kane right now. He's injured, definitely injured. He's dealing through something. So, yeah, you have a call him out there who already has a goal tonight, so you might as well keep him out there. And then you want Bouchard for sure.


And Warren Fogel's not playing because he need a player earlier. So like, I don't know. Listen, nothing against Matthias Yanmark, but.




I'm going with. I'm going with my guy. Leonardo.


Yeah, I. For the Oilers, I think there's, there's an opportunity where you just kind of wait out the goalie pull because you have McDavid and dry sidel and your first goalie pull for Knobloch is putting that line together. You know, when, when you do it too early, like, I think he did it too early in, in game one where. Where he threw them together. Oh, Barkov's down on the ice. Uh oh.


And there's a nice little scrum around him. I missed. What happened?


You couldn't see it. It was up against the boards, I think, on the camera there. Generally, they show a replay.


I thought they were showing shots and they showed hits. I'm like 33, 32. How much of the Oilers? This is crazy.


No, Barkov's been their best player. Like, in terms of, like, last game, I thought he was the best player that's outside of lab.


You'll see it here. Flying elbow. Oh, boy. Dry side. Will get a big penalty for that. He's jumping up.


Oh, it was not elbow.


Well, I guess it was forearm. Forearm.


Oh, yeah. I think it's the forearm, but let's see from this angle. Oh, yeah. It's. It's like the side of his bicep to bark off face is dry. Seidel, trying to take barcode out of this series. Seems like a little dirty.


It's. It. But, okay. If he gets a huge penalty for this, I will ask everybody again, what hat? What about Jake Truba? Right? Remember the Jake Truba flying elbow that was like. Well, it's actually his forearm, and therefore not bad.


Right? I don't. I honestly don't think this is. I think the Jake Truba one was a little worse.


Yeah, I think he's got it. He's gonna get a penalty for this. It's to the head, right?


Yeah, he jumps into it, but it's this area here he gets them with. It's not really the elbow. It's not the shoulder. It's the bicep area, which is. I like. What is that all?


Two minutes?


That's two minutes, right? Yeah, that's two minutes. That's not. That's not a misconduct.


They just called it. Yeah, two minutes for roughly.


Sorry, I'm getting that right.


No, it's all good. I'm just letting you know. Duke. Ding, ding. Hey, I just learned that pantera is touring again with Zack wild, Adam here's $5 to go towards Jesse's ticket. Let's go. Jesse. Do you know anything about the cowboys from hell?


Who is this?




I've heard of Pantera. I don't listen to their music.


They're sick. You want to get fired up, put on walk right before a game? Great song. Okay, and here we got another one here. Super chatting. Hindrance gaming flyers fan here. Can Danny B. Get picked? Eleven and twelve. I don't know who they're trying to trade with to get that. Cassie. Cassie gang. Cassie Clan doing his best Leon doing his best trooper impression. Interesting. I don't know. I don't know. I feel like that's. That's. I mean, true, but the Trueba hit, Jesse was a two minute penalty. Am I wrong?


It was.


Yeah. That seems to be what the standard is.


I think this. I think this call is the correct call. That's a two minute. Two minute call. He didn't get him with the direct elbow. He didn't get a shoulder to the head. It's. What did they call it? Roughing on the ice? Like, that's a. That's a roughing penalty. That's it. It doesn't come with a fine. Doesn't come with the suspension. It's two minutes. They got the right ball there.


Yeah. Jack Daniels in the chat. Dirty neon knee, dirty elbow. Oilers are complete garbage, jack.


Well, if you're a Panthers fan, you should be upset for that two minutes. You take Barkov out of the game, which is very consequential, because Markov has been an absolute shutdown machine. He shut down panerin. He shut down Kucharov. He's. He's shut down Pasternak. Like, nobody has been able to score against him. So having him off of the ice here for these next eight minutes of this game could. Is really consequential.


I will say, jesse, that it is. As a fan of another team in the same division as the Panthers, I do find it funny how just throwing that out there, jonathan pack on the super chat, the Beatles rule. Their doc on disney plus is awesome. Yes, it is.




Very good.


A little long. I didn't need all of the footage.


No, it is a little long.


I didn't need to sit there for 6 hours.


You know, Ringo's getting up to pee. Yeah.


Like, all right. He's working up a joint behind the camera as he's trying to hide it.


It is kind of crazy how Paul drove that band, isn't it?


Yeah. He was the true leader.




Like, from beginning to end.


Yep. And that's why wing.


Oh, great chance. Sorry for the pan.


No, no. Paul McCartney solo career is better than John Leonard. John Lennon. There you go.


Really pressuring here. They just lost it out of the zone on my 22nd. 20 seconds left in the power play for me. Something's coming.


I'm not gonna say.


Larson breaking out behind this net. They're passing up the neutral zone. They're coming through. They're trying to send it out to.


The front of the net.


And that is a goal. That's goal number two for Rodriguez. What a breakout play. They get it off the rush. They sneak it over the blocker side of Stuart Skinner. They capitalize on the Leon dry Seidel roughing call. And that is three one for the Florida Panthers.


Okay, I gotta ask. Producer Drew is in our ears here. Hey, producer Drew, quick question for you. Who did you bet in this series, and how many games drew has bet Florida in? Four in this series. So you might be. Wow.


What a little redirect from Rodriguez just flying by Skinner. That's just a nice play. No goalie in the world saving that one. No, but that's very nice.


And that. That Leon drysidle penny penalty, Jesse, is so consequential to this game. You know, that's a hit. It really is a hit. That didn't need to happen.




And Hudson Markel here in our super chat said they should have called five to review it. They might have concluded that it was two, but not to review it as insane. Hey, listen, Hudson, you sound like a Panthers fan, and I get it. You just scored. Enjoy it, man. Enjoy it. It was the right call. If you dare, to bet for the Oilers to win this game, your odds are 16 to one right now. Plus 16 with.


Great by Bob. Sorry. Masked flies off. You can continue. 16 to one on the odds.


16 to one on the odds from bet grW. Tim Roby show. True, but didn't elbow anyone. Rodriguez threw a vicious headbutt with. With intent to injure. Truba with intent to injure. True. Ba ha ha. That's true.


Great save off the mask for Bobroski there. Wow. Good. Well, he shook that off a little. I don't know if he caught the replay there. It bounces off his mask, and then he does a little shake to make sure everybody knows it fell off, and he gets the whistle there. But it did bounce off. The puck did bounce off the front of his mask. So. Yeah, safe stoppage of play there. That. That breakout by oel. Very nice behind the net. Passing it to Lundell. I'm talking about the Rodriguez goal, and El deserves as much credit as anybody, Lindell and OeL, for that breakout play by the Panthers, and then is hitting it over to Rodriguez. What, what a great team they got in Florida. Like, we're truly getting to the point where we got to appreciate the greatness that they've built here. Bill Zito's built, like, top to bottom. The forward group, the goalie, the defense pairings, they're a special group.


Oilers fans are not exactly thrilled with Matthias Yanmar gliding over to cover Rodriguez. Great urgency.


Yeah. There's a reason that Rodriguez was open in the slot, to tip it by. Nobody protected him.


I love the Florida pants. Florida Panthers here, fans saying McDavid is no Gretzky. You forget that Gretzky lost a couple times in the Stanley cup final.


Didn't Gretzky not win a cup after he left Edmonton?


That's right. He never won. Like a.


It's very hard to win cups as an individual player.




Hockey, like, it's not an individual sport. You gotta have a team around you, no matter how good you are.


And, and, you know, the Gretzky, I think they, they got swept by the islanders in Gretzky's first time in the Stanley cup final. Swept, or do they swept? They beat them in seven games, I think. Yeah, I think that's what it was. I don't know.


Anyway, I trust you.


I can't even remember. It doesn't matter.


The reality is you lost cane to the box. I believe it's coincidental.


Mine has to be right, because that didn't look like much of anything.


No, that little scrum there, I'm waiting for the call.


Maurice is really. He doesn't. Maurice is saying, I don't want to play.


Okay. Okay.


You're underwater, buddy. I can't hear you.


Oh, sorry. I thought first. Still underwater.


No, you're good now.


Okay. I thought for a second there was only going to be Kane, but they put Montour in as well, and they're getting four on four, so that's. That's good.


Interesting for Maurice. And him saying, I don't want to play four on four. I don't blame him. That is advantage Edmonton, at least in theory. Dry sidel McDavid, Bouchard, and Echolmer out there. Sam Bennett with a nice little slash to McDavid before that play even started. Sorry, Jesse. I shouldn't say anything.


No, no, you, you can, you can direct it, and I'm just following about 5 seconds after you say it, so it's all good.


I'll tell you this. The Oilers need to do a better job of getting their own rebounds. It's like, think of, like, think basketball, right? They say shoot and then run after your rebound.


I've mentioned this a few times in this stream. If you've been here all night, excellent work by the Panthers. Every time there's a shot on goal, that shot tick goes up one time for the Oilers, and then it stays at that one. It does. Never increases to two when the Oilers have zone pressure, because every rebound is gobbled up by the Panthers and taken the other way. There's no zone time at all by the Oilers.


Oh, boy. Jesse, there's some stuff coming your way.


All right, what I'm about to see here, the Panthers are entering the zone. I believe that's Kacuk with a little dipsy doodle around the back. Oh, right out front, the puck was sitting on the ice, and now it's McDavid on the breakaway. McDavid can't beat Bobrovsky, and they knock the puck, they knock the net off of its moorings, and we have a stoppage in play as McDavid punches Kaczuka in the face when the rep wasn't looking to get in between them.


Ref wasn't looking, didn't see it.


My goodness. We got some action here.


Yeah. That is with five. So Kaczuk is smiling here after the play. What a mcDavid. Playing some good playoff hockey there in the sense that as soon as that ref swivels his head, McDavid gets Kachuk right in the face right there. Ref doesn't see it. That's hilarious. Yeah. Yeah.


Drew makes a great point. I think a hundred percent. There should have been a call on Kachuk on the McDavid breakaway. His stick got in in between McDavid's legs. Is that not a call? Like, I think you gotta call that if you're the referees here. And we're in our final tv timeout of the night. Adam, do you have anything to prop, to promote? Maybe an SDP and live?


Well, I mean, I guess we could talk about how the. We're gonna do this whole thing, but we're gonna do it live in Stoville on who drive at Boston Pizza on Thursday. Tickets still available. You can buy them right now in the. In the description of this video. Come see Steve do his thing live. And also, we're doing an STP before that. So everybody gets an extra SDP, right?




How nice is that?


And our virtual five k. Adam, we're ready money for the get real movement and rainbow railroad.


I've got drew in my ear, and I've got Jesse talking to me. So there was a lot going on.




Sorry, but sorry.


Yes. So for a pride month, we're raising money.


Yeah, pride month, we're raising money for the get real movement, virtual five k. That's where Steve and Jesse and I do silly things like put Steve in his kayak and sink him and go, that was five k that I think I want to put him in his pool with his kayak this year and just see what he does.


Just spin around.


Yeah. Yeah. Just spin him around. The seas won't be as rough, so maybe he won't sink it this year, but, yeah, good times. So we got all that stuff going on. It's Pride month, and we can't forget that stuff. We can't forget our friends in the community who have been so. Such great a part of our community, and I, and I think the get real movement, such a great place. And also, we did an interview today with one of the co founders of Pride tape, and his name is Jeff McLean. Really nice guy. He's a big Oilers fan, and his brother is in Toronto and apparently a big STP listener.


Yeah. What, what they're doing for making hockey more inclusive is so important. Like, they're. They're such an important part of the community, of the game, you know, of hockey itself. So we got a pull goalie, Jesse. Oh, we got a pulled goalie here coming out of the tv. Timeout. 553 left, three left in this game, and Chris Knoblock, I was called him Chuck. Chuck Knobloch has decided to pull Stuart skinner and throw him into the bench and have a five on four advantage, because, remember, it was four on four. So now it's five on four for the Edmonton Oilers. Let's see who gets this next one, because it's either gonna be an empty net or the Oilers pull within one.


That's right. By the way, Jesse, while we're watching the game, if you're a baseball player or if players had their own goal songs in the NHL, which they should, what would be your song?


I always think a badass walk up song would either be can't tell me nothing by Kanye west. Good. Or King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar.


Jesse, that is one of Steve's favorite songs of all time.


I think either one of those is a banger to walk up to the batter's box, too.


You're going to see some awfully close opportunities coming up. I'm just throwing that out there.


Evan Bouchard over to dry sound in his spot. McDavid's working the puck around like he does with his magic, and he sends it back to dry side. All in the dry side. A spot, but it goes right past the net and past bob and out the other side. And the panthers send it down the other end of the ice. They just missed the open cage. It's no icing, though. They beat her line. Oh, here we go. Something's about to occur. Adam is reacting. Hymen sends it down deep. The Oilers have the puck, and it's over the glass. No, it got.


I think there's a penalty.


Jesse, is the penalty coming?


There is a penalty. My friend is out.


Is out there, by the way, and it's a penalty.


Is it now? I can't tell if it's puck over glass or if it's EcBlad grabbing McDavid's head.


It's the puck over the glass one. Yeah.


Oh, boy. It's going to be six on four here. Oh, six. Five on three. Five on three.


I'm Chuck Knoblock, the great infielder. I'm Chuck Knoblock behind the bench. I put my goalie back in.




I cuz I think now you have the man advantage, and there's so much time left. You just run with the man advantage instead of trying to get a two man advantage. That's all I would play.


They are pulling him. They're pulling him.


Yeah. Also, when you have. When you're on the penalty kill, there's no icing, so you just get to ice the puck as much as you want. That doesn't make sense to me, to why you would have the empty net with the power play on. There's. Yeah, I've minutes 454.


Oh, man.


Put your goalie in.


Better, better win that face off. That's all I gotta say. Like, they do.


Ice it. This is ridiculous now, at least to a goal. Imagine.


Oh, Jesse, there is lots of stuff, okay?


Things are happening here. Remember, seconds behind the feed on Adam. So that's why he's, like, teasing me with things that are happening. It's a one timer out in front. The Oilers got it. The Panthers are going the other end.


Oh, boy. This game. I'll let you know if it's over. It's not over.


Okay. Okay. It's not over.


I will. I will blow that for you.




You know, if it's over, I'll tell.


You if you want to do the play by play on the goal. Just jump in, do your thing. I'm locked in here. For the 420 that's remaining, the Panthers are doing exactly what they should be doing. That's just icing the puck each time but aiming for that empty net, because when you're on the penalty kill, you can ice the puck, and it's ridiculous that you're pulling your goalie in this circumstance. I think that's a good point.


It's a good. It's a good point. It's a good point.


I would just, I would give it a minute or so, you know? Yeah.


You're already up. Yeah.


So Loyler's trying to get something working towards the net, and right now it's about pucks on net and they're not doing it. When you throw pucks on that, good things can happen, and they're not. There's playing around the edges here. Still circling around the back, passing it back to their four. Down low now. Evander Keynes in the middle. The shot in the slot goes wider. Just a save off the shoulder of Bob. Oilers still trying to work the circles. They're getting it to dry side. Oh, down low. Great little block there by the Panthers. And the pucks over the glass again, but this jesse touched by the Avt.


Zuko says, I'm new to hockey. Why is there no goalie in the Edmonton net?


You can explain that out you.


Well, so here's the deal. If you pull a goalie, you get an extra player on the ice. Edmonton is down. If, if Florida scores another goalie with an empty net, by the way, it looks like the Oilers are going to call a timeout here. If, if the Panthers score a goal while they're up four. Four to one, and you lost the game anyway. But if you can be up on an advantage with an extra player on the ice, maybe get a couple goals, maybe tie the game, you might as well take the risk. Might as well take the risk.




Wow. Ryan Nugent, Hopkins, by the way, threw the puck over the, the net again. He's got to stop. He's got to stop.


You got, like, at some point, instead of trying to pick a corner, just aim it low.


Go low, man.


Just shoot it. Who cares if Rosski's there? At least you hit the net. At least you gave the puck a chance.




You know, like when you're, when you're golfing and you, you get the, and you shoot the putt. You're putting. Sorry. And you, and you, you're short of the hole, you gotta at least give the ball a chance to go in. At least put a little emphasis on the ball so you give it a chance to go in. You're with the puck. When you're shooting at it, at least shoot so you're giving a chance to go in. Maybe it sneaks by the goalie when you shoot it wide. There's no chance. I'm upset.


Girthy Betman, Girthy Batman says I'm literally the undertaker for Canada, about to be undefeated. 34 and. Oh. USA. USA.


My goodness.


It's true. I don't. Yeah. I think the last Stanley cup, the first Stanley cup of Gary Bettman's tenure was the 1993 Montreal Canadiens, if I'm not mistaken, or it was the Pittsburgh Penguins the year before. But either way, he's only ever seen one canadian team win the cup in his tenure. That's nuts. I don't think it's intentional.


No, but it's not intentional at all. Some people. Some people would argue it is intentional, though.


Yeah. It's not.


It's not.


Oh, baby.


Edmonton here, trying to still get something with the empty net. The Panthers are able to send it down the length of the ice and ice it for free, as you can do on the penalty kill. They missed the empty net here. Bouchard's working it. He's breaking out. Can the Oilers sneak one by Bob McDavid to the middle? Now the Panthers have officially killed the power play, so it's no longer six on four. It is six on five. The Oilers send it to the net. They don't even get a shot on goal. Their shots remain 18 to 26 of the Panthers games over. The game is coming to an end shortly here as the Florida Panthers collect the puck, head out of the zone, send it on to the empty net, and that is it, ladies and gentlemen, the Florida Panthers.




For one in this game, bring out the dancing animal squad. A little confetti. It is two oh for the Florida Panthers in this series, barring a miracle comeback.


And EcBlad has done such a great job against Connor McDavid tonight. For him to get that goal, I think has got to be pretty sweet revenge because he and Connor have been duking it out, and that's a tough assignment, especially with Barkov out. You know, that's a fantastic, nice little piece for him. And, you know, the Edmonton Oilers are going to have to figure out how to score score goals on Bobrovsky. Like, listen, you can. You can get mad at their defense or Stewart Skinner or whatever it is, the Edmonton media are going to get mad at tomorrow. But the reality is that through almost 60 minutes in this. Sorry, 120 minutes in this series, they have one goal, Jesse. One goal.


Yeah, it's. They. They haven't been able to solve this Florida Panthers defense and. And Bobrovski. It's been a combination of the two. The defense has been spectacular, and when I speak about the defense, I'm talking about the team defense. From the Ford group downwards to the defenseman on the back end. They've played spectacular team defense, and they've made it easy for Bobrovsky. And he's been. His positioning has been ten out of ten exceptional, and he's been in the right place at the right time all, both of these two games. So there should be no surprise here that Florida is up to nothing. They came out ready to play something that the Edmunds Rollers did not do today, and I'm disappointed in the effort by the Edmunds and orders. You gotta be at least a little bit higher energy when you're down in a series. I get you're on the road. I get Florida is a really good team, but just not enough chances at all this game.


Agreed? Agreed. 57%. This is Kevin Puppetti, who I love on Twitter. 57% of the goals in this series have been scored by players who were once in the Leafs organization, and Hymen doesn't even have one yet.


Shut up. Shut up.


As Julian McKenzie says, the playoffs for Leaf fans are just looking for stats and then stabbing themselves with it.


We don't need this on that empty net. Goal to. It was Kane at the blue line who couldn't control the puck and keep it in. It was a hard play. I forget the Florida Panther who was on him there, but I note cane there because you wonder if he's 100% healthy, if he's the extra step faster, if he's able to make that play at the line and not lose that little puck battle, uh, to the Panthers.


That's just.


Oh, it's. It's not been a great series. I don't think, from. I like, I don't know who's the standout performer right now for the Edmonton Oilers. I don't know if there's anybody to point to. I guess McDavid in game one, I think he had six shots on goal. He looked dangerous early on. I guess you say McDavid in game one has been their best performer, but this game, game two, Adam, I don't know, does anybody stand out to you?


Is like, yeah, goal was good, but, like. And now Florida's up on a, on a power play.


Yeah, it was a bad little trip there.


Yeah. I don't know the reason I left you hanging there, Jesse. I know you were going to try to throw me there. It's just like, I am really perplexed at the Edmonton Oilers inability to get anything going here, especially considering game one. It's not like they didn't have chances in game one. Like we talked about on the podcast earlier today, Zach Hyman firing a puck completely wide on an empty net is not Zach Hyman. They would have scored. What happened? But today they came out flat and they look like they were bored and we're just not really going to, we're not going to play a great game. Two, you're a good performance in game one did not equal a win. You got to. Anyway, sorry. Producer Drew asked a question. Does Florida try to get a pound of flesh here for the Barkov stuff? And by the way, the Panthers have scored on the power play tonight, breaking Edmonton streak. What do we think, Jesse? Are they going to go for it? I score here.


We've already seen them get a little chippy. Yeah, we might. Oh, is it, is it continuing? Is the choice?


Yeah, it was. It's continuing. You'll see it in a second here. Stewart Skinner, somebody had a wide open look and missed, missed the net.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. Just goes wide there.




On set. Skinner, he didn't really have to make a save.




I think maybe, I don't think there's going to be a lot of chippiness here. With the next minute, 35 remaining on my screen, I think the Oilers are content just to make it safely back home to Edmonton and try and get the two in Edmonton and square up the series there. I think they'll avoid this trouble here in the last minute.


Tyler Durden wants to know, is the west just really a paper tiger?




I guess we'll find out that.


I know, because you look at the Metro and I'd say that's one of the weakest divisions in hockey, like easily. But you look at the Atlantic and I say that's one of the strongest divisions in hockey, probably the strongest. I think it's probably one in four, the two east divisions. So, and then the metro is kind of in the two and the three slots and their two divisions. So I think it's just the Florida Panthers look like a team that was in the Stanley cup final last year and knows what it takes one to get back there, which they did, and two, what it takes to win this year because they didn't live up to expectations last year against Vegas, and this year, they're not going to make that same mistake. They've been here before. All of these guys have this experience and they've come out ready to play in these finals, and they have an all star goalie who's standing on his head. They have a great defensive center in bark off who can shut down anybody in the world. They have fantastic d pairings one through six, so they're not going to be beaten easily.


It's not about the west. It's about this, in this team in particular in the Florida Panthers being better than everybody, and they will finish the.


Game on the power play. The game is over. Spoiler alert, the JPIX 94 said is the Oilers get swept, this will be the start of the McDavid villain era. I don't know if that's true or not. I girthy Bettman. I'm McFallen. I think whoever's girthy Bettman's account has just, they've been out of having a good night.


Yeah. One, this series isn't over. Like, let's not, let's not put the Oilers in the grave right now and, and throw dirn on it. This series isn't over. They could easily go home. There's two games in Edmonton they could play like game one and the puck bounces, go a little different, you know, and they win those two games. So this is a good, this is a good team. Drew's in our ear today and get the brooms ready. This is a good team that can bounce back in two games. But if things look like how they look like tonight, there's no chance. That's the thing. They need to play a completely different hockey game that they played tonight because tonight they didn't have a chance in hell at winning this game, no matter how the puck bounce.


I'll tell you who enjoyed this game the most. Actually, there's a couple of people. Number one, Ariana Grande, who was there again tonight, former Zamboni driver. Number two, Vancouver Canucks fans. Vancouver Canucks fans are loving this, Jesse. They are loving this a little too much. Are we, are we feeling like perhaps they're a tad salty?


I think Canucks fans are very happy with how their season went and are just relishing in the Oilers losing.




And they're cheering against Luke Gazdek's Oilers.


That's right. That's right. Oh, man. Gazdick. It will never live this down. Imagine they're swept.




Oh, dude, he's in trouble. He's in so much trouble right now. If I were him, I'd be be underneath my couch, like, I'm gonna die.


His. I want to see his mentions.


Oh, man. You know, they're gonna be ugly. You know what? I'm gonna look them up.


No, don't do that. Don't give those people a platform.


I'm not gonna.


Don't worry.


I won't read them out. Jesse. Just as expected, a lot of Vancouver fans. A lot of Canucks for life. A lot of Canucks. 5674, you know? Oh, boy.


So, Adam, looking ahead.




Oilers down two o beginning of this series. You pick the Oilers.




How confident are you in your pick in that they can come back and win this series? How confident are you that they make this series competitive and they make this a six or seven game series? I'm not in faith in the Oilers.


Not confident at all. I look at this and I go, wow, the east really is that much better, huh? And a lot of us did think that, and. But you have reasons to believe the west has great teams. I mean, Colorado, even on a bad year, and I. And I think producer Drew would call this a bad year, even though it wasn't. They're still a scary good team. Dallas. You look at that Dallas team and you're like, how? Like, they're so deep. But, you know, the thing that, because I was doing the Oilers series, I don't know that I paid attention as much like, I watched the games, but you watch them differently when you're doing the streams. And when I watched the. The Rangers Florida Panthers series, I thought, well, the Oilers are better than the Rangers. Right. And the rate, the Rangers were far more in the series after two games than the Oilers have been. And that's the scary part for me. Like, we forget that Edmonton absolutely dominated game one. They did. But for the issue for me is, I mean, obviously it's really going to come down to game three.


We'll really know, and that's an obvious answer. But I just feel like the Oilers should be better than New York, and New York was much more in the series at this point. And I think the Florida Panthers are two games away from doing the thing that they could not do last year, and I think, did they not finish last year with two wins in the Stanley cup final?


One one, five games? Yeah.


They just broke the franchise record for most Stanley cup wins, according to producer Drew. Well, there you go.




So, like, I don't know. I'm belaboring the point, but my point is Edmonton's not in the series right now. Yeah, that's a huge problem. One goal in 120 minutes, that's a huge effing problem with Connor McDavid and Leon Dreisler on your team. Jesse, you picked the Panthers in six, correct?


I picked the Oilers in six.


How do you feel?


I feel likewise. Not good about that pick because we've come out here in game one. The Panthers played a horrendous game, and I don't think the Panthers are going to play like that again this series, and they still won. If you can play a terrible hockey game and have a great goalie performance and get lucky and still win, that is an unbelievable way to go about things. And in game two, they showed their full potential. And when they're firing on all cylinders, the Oilers can't compete. And I don't think it's so much as, like, the east is better than the west. I think it's, in particular, the Florida Panthers are just better than the Oil Edmonton Oilers, and I think they match up well. I think everywhere in this lineup, the, the Panthers are favored in the matchups, except, of course, McDavid, who's the best in the world at what he does. But if you're the Edmonds and Oilers, I I, you got to be really down on where this series is trending, because if I could change my pick now, I would pick the Florida Panthers, but I'm not going to do that because you can't change your picks, and I think it's trending towards a Florida Panthers Stanley cup, and that's not a hot take when the team's up to nothing and has dominated here in game number two.


Yep. Drew wants to know if dry saddle suspended for the bark off hit. What do you think, Jesse? I don't. I don't.


No, no. Drew's, Drew saying if Barkov's injured, does. Is there any discipline? No, that's a, that's two minutes on the board. There's no intent to injure. I don't think suspension or anything like that or even a fine. I think dry saddle will skirt this easily.


Yeah, I think so, too. I don't, I don't think. I can't see the NHL having the balls. First off, you don't need to suspend a guy for a play like that. Second, I can't see the NHL having the balls to do it. To Leon Dreisidall in the Stanley Cup Finals with the Oilers down to nothing. Nothing. They just don't do it. They just won't do it. Yeah.


And for Oilers fans right now, and, like, you. You're going to be down on. On this team, obviously, and, like, you're really disappointed at your team's performance right now, but one, you're not out of it. There's. You can still. You can come back in game three and look like a completely different team. You look like the team looking in game one and win, and win that game. And even if this season doesn't end in a Stanley cup, you're in the Stanley cup final. Last year, Florida was in the Stanley cup final. They got smoked by Vegas, and look where they are this year. So even if it turns out to be a non Stanley cup year, it can still be a building to next season where you can be back in the Stanley cup final. I think this. This oilist team is built for a couple years of runs here. As long as they get dry saddle back under contract when it expires in a season from now, which. Which is a whole other conversation. I don't know if we got time to get into that tonight. I don't know.


I don't know.


It's a big. It's a big. But it's a big.


Yeah, it is. It's a bit of a. It's an if. It's an if. Uh, Jesse, I just want to say a big shout out to all of our listeners for being a grouper nation. Okay? Get the feed out for gripper Nation. Guys, we. We love this. The next time we do this will be Thursday night at Boston Pizza. If you want to come hang out, come hang out with us. This Boston pizza in Stoville. Steve Dangle will be there. He'll be back for game three, and he'll be doing this thing live, baby, in front of an audience for the very, very first time, which we're very excited about. So cup Jack, game two tonight, Steve is going to be recording that, not Jesse and I, so that's good. And it'll be lots of fun. So thank you, everybody. And Jesse Blake, thank you for inviting me on.


No, thank you for. For joining. Yeah, they. You guys asked me to fill in. I said, why not fill in with Adam? It was wonderful. This was a good time. Steve Dangle will be back for game number three, so you can all stop complaining about crab people in gripper nation. We are very happy to entertain you for this one game. And Steve will have his chair back next.


Yes, that's right.