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I think it's said, I think it's logical. What I thought you'd find, oh, we am I?


This time was by, I think you'd slip away. Should I do you mind, oh, we am I? I'm finding for love, I'm finding for love.


Arrange me up and see my waiting, it's so finding for love. Fighting for love.


Rase me up and see my welling is. This is the way it has to be. Tell me why they love to me. Fighting for love.


I see my willingness, the brightest of love. Raise me up and see my willingness. I'm fighting for love. I'm fighting for love. Raise me up and see my willingness. This is the way. It has to be. This love is staring, staring, staring, staring, staring. I'm fighting for love. Race me up and see my willingness. I'm fighting for love. I'm fighting for So, Drew, I was talking about Marner and...


Oh, we're live. We're not talking about the leaf? Sorry.




What I meant to say was, yes.






Game 6 Eastern Conference final. The Florida Panthers as the hosts. The New York Rangers as the visitors. The Panthers with a chance to punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup final for the second time in as many years.


And the Rangers try to stave off elimination.


3-2, Florida after five. This is game 6.


Will it be the deciding game? Welcome to the Sdpn YouTube channel. I'm Steve Dangle. Click like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends. We got a big one. We got a big one tonight. Well, it can't be that big. It can't be that big because there's a few than 100 likes. Usually when there's a video, when there's a stream with fewer than 100 likes, it means no one cares. Couldn't possibly get that number up. It would be nice to get that number up, but you never know.


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It's West Hill Golden Hawks. West Hill Golden Hawks. And it says Amigos Hawks on the Jersey. Now you're probably like, who the hell is that? Amigos is the bar that my friends and I basically kept open and drank like a fish at all throughout university. And I would go there and get drunk enough and talk about this Jersey that was on the wall and talk about how nice I thought the Jersey was. I I did that often enough that one year, when I was there with my friends drinking on my birthday, because of course we were there, they took it off the wall and gave it to me. We went there a lot. A friend of ours went and lived in New Zealand for a year, and they allowed us to hang his picture on the wall. That is how much a regular we were. You think you're a regular at your bar? Yeah. They ever take something off the wall and give it to you and then let you replace it? So shout out Amigos, Bar and Grill. They have breakfast as well. Ev says, Tell me about the effing golf shoes. I do not know what that's referencing.


Drew, am I missing something? Tell me about your effing golf shoes because you weren't golfing today. We'll figure that out. By the way, Hockey Rants and Raves is available for pre-order right here. Hockey Rants and Raves is my second book. And you're like, Steve, I haven't seen your second book. Well, it's because it's not out yet. Hence the pre-order. It's going to come out in October. If you pre-order it now, it'll make me look like a big shot to my publisher. Sure. Hockey Rants and Raves available for pre-order right there. A lot of people have been asking about the audiobook. It's still not like Cardinal official, but we're actively making plans to record it in August. So It's going to happen. And the book isn't at the printer yet, but it will be very soon. Mackenzie Kammack, Steve, who do you got? Islam or Dustin? That's a UFC question. I'm going to give you the dorkiest answer possible. I don't care about UFC. I used to, and I don't like the personalities of the sport. I think a lot of them suck. But also, the belts used to mean something, and now they just don't.


They just don't. There's a lot of exhibition fights, and it's cool. You can get excited about an exhibition fight or anything, but I just feel like the belts no longer have anything to do with who's the best. So I'll say Dustin, just because he's been around longer. I wish I could give you a cooler answer than that. You know what I mean? I know that sounds dorky to say, but I feel I know enough about it to be informed. Oh, is Conor McGregor the best all time? He never defended his titles once, so no. Conor McGregor never successfully had a title defense. That's crazy. That's crazy. Unless you count the interim win against, I can't even remember his name. Chad Mendez? Is that his name? And then he went and beat Jose Aldo, but never defended the title.


Shaka the zebra in the chat. I love that.


All this gripper talk lately has me acting up for real, for real. That doesn't shock me, Shaka, except I'm shocked by you liking grippers. Because I thought you were more of a hoof guy there, Shaka. You know?


Who we got in the chat, in the poll, in the chat. Wow, wow.


Razor-thin margins. 53% of you want to see Game 7 with the Rangers. 46% of you say the cats. I love that we got emojis there. We have the Statue of Liberty. That makes sense. And then a rather morose-looking cat. Jo Bale, Steve, rate your top three NHL jerseys. No original six. No original six. Damn. That is a really tough one. I don't know why no Original 6 screws it up so bad. Let's go with the Green Ducks one. Yeah, no, you can't pick the Rangers. Shoot. Let's go with the Kachina Coyote's jersey. A Let's go with... He's got a sexy jersey. Dallas stars, just because I know a lot of people hate that frigging jersey. Hockey fan, 19 times 8 with 1967. Thank you. Very kindly. Wanted to thank you for getting me back into hockey and believing in Canadian media. I've got $500 set aside for your show this year. What is the most effective way to spend it? Buy 10 books. Thanks. Wow. I don't know how to process that. Jesus. Thank you? In O Canada, thank you. I mean, buy one book. I would say, be a man or a woe man.


I don't know. I haven't met you. Your picture appears to be... Is that Vajida when he was getting ready to fight Majinbu, I think? I would say be a man of the people and gift that many memberships. If that's what you want to do, do it at your leisure, your pace. If you're willing to do that, thank you. My God. Uh-oh, in the text, Steven, do you want to play a game? It's Justin Fisher. Choose one player from each team.


If either player scores tonight, I will drop 10 gift subs in the chat. And then he said something else that I'm not going to read. Oh, no.


Justin, you're a piece of crap. No, I'm not reading it. No. What was the question? Oh, yeah, goal scorer for each team. I'm going to say... Okay, get it back on track. All right, here we go. I think Panarin finally gets one tonight. He's been letting me down big time. And Sam Bennett. I'm going to say Sam Bennett. Cassie, clan. Cassie, clan. Everyone, thank Cassie in the chat who gifted 50 memberships to this YouTube channel. If you got a membership from Cassie, thank her. And if you didn't, thank her anyway, because who knows? Maybe there's more. Cassie, you're absolutely ridiculous. And Vajita Majin Boo, Hockey fan, 19 times 8, gifted 10 Sdpn memberships. It begins.


Yes. Oh, John Acosta singing the anthem in Florida.


If he does this, it's a shout out to the chat because he is regularly in here watching our streams. Belgos says, Personal favorite, 1995, Penguin's third jersey. I am not familiar. 1995, Penguin's third Third Jersey.


Oh, damn.


That's their third? Yeah, it's sexy. I feel like it's... You know what? It's not their best Jersey. But because Lemu wore it, it's sexy as hell. Evie says, When does Adam's foot become a microphone? I will keep to my word, and if we hit 500 subs, I will use Adam's foot as a microphone on the podcast. On the VIP episode. Has to be on the VIP episode. Cassie saying, Let's get the train going. Okay, we're getting to the end of the American National Anthem. Will they keep the camera on John Acosta this time? Hold that free note, John. Derry to shout, Let's go, Gripper Nation.


Put the camera on them. Damn.


They didn't have it. Maybe we'll get sent the footage again like last time. Just launched. When does Adam's microphone become a foot? We got to hit 500 gifted memberships. No, not 500 gifted. It doesn't have to be gifted. If you get your own membership, that counts towards the total. Let's try to get these in before Puck Drop. Who is the chicken finger franchise of the NHL? There's an official chicken finger in the NHL? I don't know. Drew, do you know? I don't know. Yeah, it's got to be a different one for US than Canada. Popeyes. No. Popeyes. Tim Robichaud. If the four teams left in the Leaps were wrest, who would they be and why? Okay, well, the Leaps would be R-Truth, except R-Truth has a title in recent memory. And early whistle, four seconds in. Puck out of play. Oh, man, that's a complicated question. I mean, the Panthers are probably Judgment Day. Rangers are more flashy. Rangers are like J. Uso and Cody roads. Oh, Drew, the great question. Do you touch the trophy if you win it tonight, if you're Florida? I think if you're Florida, you do whatever you did last year.


Or actually, no, you probably do the opposite of what you did last year because you lost. Did they touch it? The last four winners of the Stanley Cup have touched the trophy. Wow, Cydney Crosby really killed that, eh? He killed that tradition dead.


Puck over the glass, and they're saying it's a tip.


Eric Gustafsson is a regular in the top six on a final four team after the Leaps traded for him and didn't want him. Kills me. Cassie, if I add all mine up, can we get Adam, the foot mic? So on our back end, we have a running total. So right now, we're at 61. So you have like 4:59 to go. Zbanajad, can't clear the zone. Oh, boy. The Panthers do such a good job at the offensive blue line.


Bamega Zabanajad charging.


He's driven wide. Oh, boy, he looks determined tonight. Rangers changed up their lines quite significantly in this one. Panthers, I believe, are the exact same lineup.


Zabanajad, spin, can't fire.


Schneider. He's been looking to break out Chris Kreider behind the net. Schneider again, on. That one stopped by Bobrowski. The Rangers getting traffic in front of Bob, something they have struggled mightily to do in this series. Roderick says, Puck drop listed as eight, doesn't start till 8:20. You know what's funny? That's not even the worst we've seen in these playouts. I don't even know if that's the worst in this I feel like game one was pretty bad. Hiedel, behind the net. Rangers working to the point.


Fox passes it, shot from Ryan Lengren, stopped by Bobrowski.


Rangers with three shots in the opening, two minutes. We're not even through the opening two minutes, and we'll wait for a face-off here. Cassie says, No, I mean all my memberships from all my streams.


Hell no.


That doesn't mean save him. Don't you do that to me, Cassie. Don't you do that. Face off, scrambled. Rangers come up with it. Hiedel can't get it through. Lindell off the boards and out. Rangers driving play early, and I mean, very, very early. I mean, they're going to be the more desperate team tonight. Panthers have two cracks at this. Puck rolls down the ice, icing on the Panthers. Rangers really keeping the pressure on early. Let's get to 300 likes, everybody. 300 likes. Costs you nothing.




Yeah, if you get to 500 memberships on this stream, I will use Adam's microphone as a foot on the next VIP episode. Trochek taking a face off against Anton Lindell. Trochek wins it clean. Lafrenier gets it. Trochek down in front of the Panthers net. Fox flubs it. Rangers hold the zone there. Only momentarily, now, here comes Lindell as the Panthers will look to get a change over the board.


Shot from the Panthers. That's the first time Shesterken has tested in this game.


He makes the save. And we got a whistle. I think that might have gone off of someone on the rangers' bench. Yeah, that's not a great play from our Timmy Panera and Gary Gally giving it to him on the broadcast. He got the pass. He didn't want it. And like, okay, it doesn't matter I'm sure that you didn't want it. You got to not give the pocket away, dude. Three goals and nine points in 15 career elimination games, which is fine. Listen, we can't grade everything on the scale of the leaves. That's good for a leaf. That shouldn't be your benchmark for success. That's not very good. Winderger said, Hey, Steve, do you tap your fingers pointer to pinkie or pinky to pointer? Wait. Pointer to pinky? I don't understand what you're saying. Do you tap your fingers? Oh, I understand what you're saying. Pinky to pointer. Like that on the table? Yeah, pinkie to pointer. Do people do it the other way? Are people okay? I'm sitting here going like, I don't understand. Trochek gets his stick taken out of his hands by Aaron Ekblad, and I believe that'll be the first What? Power play?


No? What was the whistle for? Is it going against Trochek? Oh, it's going to be hooking on Trochek. Oh, boy. Panthers had a lethal power play. Lethal. Rangers, dumping down the ice. It's crazy how big a factor power plays have been in these playoffs. Leaps had a terrible one. They're dead. Oilers have the best one. They're a game away from the Stanley Cup final. Panthers have been pretty damn good, too. K'chuck gains his own.


Oh, what a play. Over to Barkoff. He wasn't quite able to get the shot off, and the Panthers overpass it.


Penalty, a quarter killed already. Mike Schmidt went on vacation in Europe with the family, couldn't watch the games, but these streams were a lifesaver. Thank you for the streams.


Thank you for watching.


Mikey Schmidt.


Whoa! Shot.


Stopped by Shesterken. Kreider rings it around the boards. Kyle Brodzinski is in the lineup for the New York Rangers, by the way. I think that's his... I want to say it's his first game of the series. No, Rempey. And I don't know. They're not using them. So good block from the Rangers. Hey, EV gifted five SDPM memberships. Let's go, buddy. Panthers at the point, Lindell, who's really, really becoming a good player. Misses high and wide there. Panthers at the blue line. Truba on net front. Ekman Larson on, blocked by Barclay Goodrow. Truba tries to tie up Ekman Larson and get it out. Three seconds to go here.




I think Shesterken got a piece of that, and it goes without a play. Penalty is over. It'll be even strength now. The Rangers escape the early power play opportunity by the Panthers.


Oh, Barkoff.


That's a tap in. Just didn't get the buck. If you were here at the very beginning of the stream, I mentioned that I slept from like 3:30 to 6:30. And I think a big reason for that is today I was like, you know what? I'm going to try T. I'm going to be a T guy. Let me tell you something. That doesn't work. That is not the same. T is not the bloody same. Oh, good play from Trochek. Oh, what a move. He loses the buck. That was a nice move. Yeah, so this, the coffee I just finished, that's my morning coffee at eight o'clock at night. Terrible pass from Keandre Miller. Loses the zone. Panarin. He's behind the net. Boy, he's got to be bigger. And in this game. Braden Schneider, Keandre Miller, passing it back and forth. Panarin, Miller.


Shot from Miller. Tipped out of play, but Bobrowski had no idea where that was.


That might be the key to success tonight. We're We're going to get our first TV time out here. Yes, we are. Cassie says, Would you like Trivia now or during intermission? Anytime. Offer I mean, offer up the Trivia now, and if we can't get to it because the play is too scintillating, we'll just save it for intermission. Drew will make a note. Right? There's me offering up Drew. He's just, No. Lockheed, so excited to watch two teams from the real NHL to play tonight. Yes, the New York Rangers of the real NHL. Man, I got to tell you. So listen, you talk for a living. People are going to like what you have to say, and they're going to hate what you have to say. That's okay. I don't mind that. What baffles me, what blows my mind for some reason, even though I've been doing this for a long time, is how many people heard my Sheldon Keef rants, which is not about Sheldon Keef, by the way. So number one, it's confusing to me that so many people thought I was going in on Sheldon Keef. I wasn't. But it's amazing, and you can see it in the comments, how many people are aggressively at light speed going out of their way to bend themselves into a pretzel to miss the point entirely.


Like, even to the point where, oh, that's rich of someone who cheers for Toronto calling anyone losers. It's like me when I don't listen, me when I don't listen to the video. But People reacted. Justin Fournier. Hi, Steve. Hi. Just wanted to say thank you. You have got me through some tough times. Damn, dude. Thank you. You guys have gotten me through some tough times. You I don't know what I would do if I didn't have these videos to do. Someone at the live event in Vawn the other day was like, You got me through COVID. And I'm like, Damn, you got me through COVID. I don't know what I would have done.


Cappo Cacco! Opportunity for the Rangers Cappo Cacco.


He gets his own rebound. I thought about picking him for my first goal because I've actually liked his game in the series, but it's not like he's come that close to scoring. Panthers get a hold of the thing. Tarasenko escapes with Lundell, who's into the corner with Adam Fox. Fox pinches him off. No icing here. It'd be great for the Rangers to get a big performance out of Hiedel. He's such a good player, and I feel like he was really coming into his own. And then he got injured. He only played 10 games in the regular season. Puck out of play. God, that's at least the fourth time. In this game. We wait for a whistle here, or rather a face-off. Which goalies have won... Oh, sorry, this is Gerard. Which goalies have won the Vesna five times in their career? Oh, my God. I'm going to say Terry Sauchuk, Jacques Plant, Martam Brodeur, Dominic Hachik. Hachik, for sure. I don't think wa did. Wa, I'll say wa. And Drew says no. No on wa? Hmm. Did I get the other four? Hashik for sure. He got six. Kreider with it to the point. Miller, who's looked dangerous a couple of times already.


Zabana Jad, who's looked dangerous this entire game so far. Kreider takes down his man. On for Miller. That one didn't get through. I said Jacques Plante, Thierry Satchuk, Ken Driden, Martin Brodur. I know Patrick Ouah is wrong. Dominic Aschik. Thierry Satchuk is wrong. Whoa. Could Chuck When he went to hit Zbana Jadz. Zbana Jadz jumped, and K'Chuk missed entirely. Oh, Gerard said, a hint. There are only four who have done so. Three played most of their career in Montreal. So it's got to be Jacques Plante. Ken Driden? Broder? He might only have four.


Damn, no Broder. That's crazy.


So Hasek is the third. I don't know who the fourth is. In the '40s, Six in seven years, and he was mostly a Habs goalie?


In the '40s? I don't know.


Bill Durnam. Damn. Cassie with a great piece of trivia. Let's save that. Just for a minute, anyway. Daddy tube said, Sunday morning here, Japan cats clinch a 2-1 double OT winner. What league is that? Or is that international?


Oh, I'm an idiot.


Sunday morning here in Japan, the cats clinch with a double OT winner. The cats, as in the Florida Panthers.


Man, I'm not crisp to start here.


Rangers. Bennett, picks it off. Yeah, I thought there was a Japanese hockey team called the cats. I'm stupid. They used to have a team called the Paper Cranes. I don't know if they still do. Adam Fox, gains the zone, spins back.


Oh, Banarin falls down, puts it on anyway.


God, he's making weird decisions. Can I change my pick? He looks awful. I have him as my ranger's goal scorer. He looks frigging terrible. I should have gone with Zbana Jad. Can I change my pick? No, that's cheating. That's cheating.


Come on, Artemi.


Cheering for you, And Sam Bennett was my Panthers' pick. Tarasenko in the corner. Good strength. Lindell whiffs on it. God, Panthers could have a couple of real good chances. They keep whiffing on it. Panthers with a little bit of sustained pressure here for the first time, at five on five, anyway. Rangers. Get it out of their zone. Fox being hounded by Lindell. He looks great tonight. He's look better and better as the series has gone for H Verhege, pressuring Braden Schneider. Sam Reinhardt in to help him. Reinhardt looking for help. Verhege again. Stripped to the buck, and here come the Rangers. No numbers, no speed, no nothing. The Panthers neutral zone has been maybe the best that I've seen in these playoffs. Zbana Chad puts it wide. Barkov out with Reinhardt and Verhege.


Verhege shoots, rebound. Stop by Shesterken both times. That's the best chance of this game so far. Kreider out with it.


Zbanajad heaves it into the Panther zone as they both look to get a change. Cot says, pulled a Hashik and Wa card. A duo card. They're tied at three. What? Vesna Zeech? I don't think that's true.


Oh, late hit there. Rebound. Whoa. Oh, the Rangers could have had one there. Did Bobrowski get that? Oh, my God. That was an incredible save from Bobrowski. But there's going to be a penalty on Kyle Ocposo for a blindside hit on Kyle Brodsinski, and he looks hurt.


He's sitting on the bench, though. Let's see what happened here. I need another look at that. Oh, no. Bobrowski Hockey, he just missed high and wide. That was a bit of a late hit there from Ocposo and the Rangers, after this TV timeout will go to the power play for the first time. Welcome to the Sdpn YouTube channel. Click like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends as we are watching Game 6 of the Eastern Conference final. Jonathan Peck, cool fun fact. Florida will become the first state to ever play host to NHL Hockey in June in four consecutive years. Yo, what?


Yeah, Drew's saying, Oh, Drew might have you on a technicality because Tampa won their first one in the bubble.


They won their first cup in Toronto and Edmonton of this four-year run. Oh, both of you guys are just warring with each other. Galaxies and universes swirling around your head. Oh, yeah. In Tampa, yeah, and Tampa Yeah, it wasn't in June. You're right. Yeah, it was August, September, October. Your stat sucks. No, I'm kidding. Fight with Drew. Justin Fournier, Steve, show and tell item. Drew, remind me to do that at intermission. I'm giving you all these notes. Okay, Cassie's Trivia that I may or may not answer now. There have been 398 players to play 1,000 regular season games. Only one has never played a playoff game when reaching that milestone. Who are they? 20 gifted, if right. Is the answer Jeff Skinner? I think it might be Jeff Skinner because he's never played in the playoffs, but he's played an insane amount of games. I said Jeff Skinner, so I'm allowing myself to look it He might not be at 1,000 yet. I want to say he hit it this year. Yeah, he's played 1,06. He's never played in the playoffs.




Let's go. Rangers Power play. 20 seconds in. Kreider with it behind the net. Panarin. Fox. Down low for Zabana Jad. Zabana Jad's got that eye of the Tiger tonight.


On from Fox.


Yeah, the Rangers are trying to get traffic in front. Shots from the point. Panarin to Zbana Jad. Trochek. Trochek. Panarin, dancing. Fox.


Panarin, shot.


It doesn't make it. Rangers keep control of the buck. Fox. Panarin. Panarin to Trochek.




Overpassing. This Rangers power play has been overpassing all series long, dude. All series long. Eric Gustafsson, picked off. Brodzinski in. Rostlevic. Need more from him. No longer on the top line. Panthers, oh, almost got a shorthanded breakaway. Shosturken wisely staying in his net. Rostlevic, battles with Lutzerinen. Rangers were 0 for three on the power play with four shots in game 4, and they are 15 seconds away from going 0 for one to start this one. Here come the Panthers attacking two on two. Lindell, that goes into space. How the hell did that happen? Justin Fournier, Steve, who is the only player to play '83 games? I assume you mean this year. Oh, man. I feel like I know the answer to this, too. I'm almost positive we talked about this on the podcast. Is it someone on the Rangers? I feel like it is. Is it Rostovik? I think it might be Rostovik. It's not? I'm close. Like, close as in it's a ranger? It's not a ranger? Does his name sound like Rostovik? What do you mean close?


Now, Drew goes, I don't know why I said you were close. I don't know.


Hey, Cassie. Paid up 20 gifted memberships because I got Jeff Skinner. Let's go. Stop from Bobrowski. In front.




Oh, Kako couldn't get the shot off. Everyone's fanning on pucks in this game and in this series, I noticed. Hiedel, checked. Oh, big reverse hit there from Kako. I know people want him to be a star because, I mean, second overall pick. He's played like a prick in this series. I've actually really liked it. Sorry, the guy who played 83 games with someone who was traded at the deadline? I mean, obviously. It's that or a waiver guy. Can you tell me which team they started the season on? Montreal. Jake Allen. No. Who the hell did the Habs trade? Verhege, driven wide by Fox. Oh, Zbana Jad.


Fox. Come on.


Doesn't get through. Fox again. Foxes look great to start this game. Looking for support. Kreider, Muffin. Trochek, Lindgren, Fox. Linngren. Under five minutes to go in the first. This period has gone by quick.




Overpassing, man.


That's terrible.


That's brutal. Here come the Panthers. If I'm Lavalette, I'm saying, shoot the pucker, you're benched. I don't care who it is. If it's Panarin, the more, the better. Like, he's looked terrible. Trochek knocked off the puck. No support. Luzerinen. Rangers strip it. Lafrenier racing for it. He beats Michela to the puck. Overpassing. Miller.


Schneider, shot, blocked.


Battle in the corner in the Panther zone. A promise Maiden kept, Cassie. You're honest. Thank you.


Luzerinen has Lindell by himself, poked by Shesterken. Oh, how don't you pass that one?


I know I've been talking about overpassing. That's a gimme. Ocposo puts it on, blocked. Panarin gets it out of the zone, and the rangers reeling a bit here. Here come the Panthers again.


Ocposo driving wide past Schneider.


Oh, I can't I believe he didn't go to the net with that. Ekman Larson around. Cooley first on it.


Taken down hard.


Panthers have it again. They're really starting to take this first period back. Gustovesen. Oh, speed for Hiedel.




Goes wide. I don't hate the shot, though. Truba. Overpassing. The arrangers are just offering up these meatballs to the Panthers, and they're picking all of them off.


Oh, that would have been a great chance for Bennett's shot there from Forzling, 95.5-mile-an-hour.


Standing still slap shot, and Shesterken stops it. Oh, Drew says it was a Canadian to Canadian team trade. That must mean Sean Monahan. Isn't that incredible? Sean Monahan, who all of us thought was cooked because of injuries, played 83 games. Oh, Omar, with a great question that I should probably be talking about more, except rangers fans probably don't want to hear it yet. Will we see Oylers Steve if the Oylers make it? Yeah. So when the Stanley Cup final happens, I'm going to be streaming the Stanley Cup final, and I'm I'm going to be doing cup check, like I always do, where I do LFR-style videos for every Stanley Cup final game. And then what will I do? Sleep. Speaking of sleep, Hop76 Scotch. Thank you for doing these streams. As I'm trying to put a two-month-old baby down right now, I can't be in front of a TV, but I can listen to your streams. Having a baby is hard. They're great. They're great. I love my kids. It's hard. It's hard having a two-month-old. You get sleepy. You get cranky. You take three hour naps in the middle of an afternoon when all your friends are having a pool party because you're tired and miserable.


And then they go, I love you. And you're like, I love you.


I would die for you.


The chemicals and the hormones are just off the chain. Wow. So on the broadcast, they said, The scoring chances in games one to three were 23-19 for the Rangers. What was it for the Panthers? The graphic just went off the screen. Since then, the Panthers have killed them. Justin Fournier. Thank you for the hint. I don't know why I didn't have that. I almost said Toffoli like a dumbass because he played for both teams, just not this year. Verhege in the ranger zone, circling the net. Rangers come up with it.


Kreider drives wide.


Swung at by the stick of Ekblad. That could have been a chance there. Now the Panthers try to counter. Rangers are doing a better job clogging up the neutral zone on their own. Keandre Miller, driven behind his own net, hands it off to Braden Schneider. Miller having a better start to game six here than he has in a lot of games. He's a player I really, really believe in. I think he's up and coming, and I've just been really disappointed by him in this series. He looks very overwhelmed, and we were talking about it on the stream like, Oh, he's a young player, or not on the stream, on the podcast. He's a young player, maybe not answering the call in this big moment. No, this is his second trip to the conference final. Luzerinen. Why? Lied on Shosturkin. Oh, everyone lost that puck. Montor and Trochek were the only ones who knew where it was. Shesterken stops the little tip in front of the net. Kako. Here he is again. Stopped by Bobrowski, goes after his own rebound. I tell you what, again, I know everyone wants Kako to be a star. He's playing a pretty excellent bottom sixer.


He's dogged on pucks. He's being a jerk, laying the body a little bit. He's taking some abuse. What's not to like? I know you want him to be more than that, but he's being what you need him to be right now. Truba takes down K'Chuk, gives him another shot, too. Bennett.


Rodriguez. Bennett. Score. No, wait, what? Oh, and K'Chuck just fired it into the net again. Lots of confusion there. Did they call this a goal on the ice?


It definitely went in, 100%.


Also, Justin Fisher, Pay this man his money. That is 10 gifted memberships for this channel because I called Sam Bennett scoring.


I finally got one right. Bennett gains the line, Rodriguez to Bennett one-timer. Why was there any confusion Rodriguez, bang. Oh, you know what? Yeah, no, no.


So it went off the post, the crossbar bounced across the line, and then off the bar again and out.


It did cross the line, but not by much.


Wow, what a shot. Sam Bennett, man.


I cannot believe the Reign... Not the Reigners. The flames were like, Yeah, we can't use this player. I don't get I don't get that at all. Panthers, with less than a minute to go in the first period, take the lead. What are the Reigners still looking at on the bench? I guess it didn't cross the bench by much. 49.3 seconds to go in the first period. Wazoo saying, I think what everyone's thinking, Edmonton versus Florida is going to be pure chaos. I think you're totally right. It is going to be a fast, high scoring, violent series. I know. Producer Drew is like, How are you just saying Edmonton's in the finals already? Well, because they're one win away.


But the Dallas stars are very not dead. Panthers driving the net.


Covered up by Shesterken. Drew with a great question. If the Leaps were up three, two, would you want people talking like they're in the finals already? Fair enough. Rocketman says, Love to see Truba cost his team another goal, L-O-L. Man, people hate this dude. Man, crossbar post straight down post, out. That's a crazy shot. A, Justin Fisher, gifted 10 SDPM memberships. Let's go. Omar says, Do the stars win game six or do the oilers end it? Count the stars out at your own peril. I think this series, well, that series rather, is going seven. This series right now, it looks like it's going six. We'll see if the Rangers can tie it, and they'll have to do more than that, and they'll have to not ice the buck with 16.2 seconds to go. Ty Smith, Trivia for Steve. He can wait till intermission. I don't need to. Which A pair of brothers scored the most points in NHL history? One guess. Subs for right answer. The Gretzky brothers. Brent had four points. Gretzky had 2,800 and something. I don't remember the number.


Under five seconds to go, Panthers with a late chance here.


Rangers, get rid of it. And that'll do it for period one, the Florida Panthers with the one-nothing lead after one. K'chuck, some pleasantries with Kreider there. Bennett trying to get under the skin of Kreider.


And Kreider whips it into the Panthers net, and the Panthers did not like that.


Around these parts, that's a cross-check to the face, buddy. One to nothing through 20 minutes of play. Hey, Ty Smith with the 10 gifted subs. Two quick things, and then three quick things, and then we'll get to a clip. Jpicks. Should EA add the flying elbow as an X-Factor for Truba? Yes, that's hilarious. Steven Emmerich, is Florida built for how playoff hockey is officiated? Yes, obviously. No one does a better job than them. And more power to them. Shetandra gifted five SDPN memberships. Thank you, kindly, for supporting the show and the network. And Raza, who has Homewise's advantage in an Edmonton, Dallas versus Florida Stanley Cup? Oh, I don't know the answer. Let me look. Dallas would have home ice advantage over Florida. That I'm pretty confident of. And Florida gets it over Edmonton? Wow. So that's pretty significant. So Dallas, because they finished second in the NHL, they were a point behind the Rangers. So Dallas would get home ice advantage over Florida. Florida would get home ice advantage over Edmonton. Got it. Okay. Austin Omino. So there are rumblings of a Tyler Bertuzzi extension. I mean, it's June first. Happy Happy June to all those who celebrate.


I'm so tired. I'm so exhausted, guys. Happy June. But this is prime, the worst rumors ever month. So yeah, I would like Bertuzzi to stay, but you never know. And I'm glad that it's June, but it's also Pride Month. Happy Pride, everybody. I think we're going to throw to a clip right now, and after I come back from the clip, we're going to do 10 seconds show and tell Drew, what clip do we have right now? Okay, this clip is pure frigging chaos. Adam and I asked by Jesse, who are the top five coaches in the NHL? And we answer in the most difficult way possible. Take it away.


Are the two best coaches in the National Hockey League in the state of Florida?


Yeah, I think that you can make it good. It depends on what you think of Bruce Cassidy. That counts. Bruce Cassidy in Vegas is, to me, one of the best. Although Rumor has it that Vegas is very analytically inclined, so it takes some of that out of the coach's hands. As in, they'll hand you a piece of paper after a period and say, these are the lines you're going to have to play.


Like the Blue Jays?


The Blue Jays will do that, too. The Blue Jays do do that. They don't talk about it, but like...


Can they borrow some of the Golden Knight's success or what?


Oh, no. You actually have to believe your stats are wrong for that. That's good. Again, remember, the score takes care of itself, except when it doesn't.


Oh, the Honshu Chronicles or whatever.


Who else would I put? How do we not put Pete DeBore in there?


How do we not put Pete DeBore in there? Has been in three conference or four conference finals now. Yeah. In the last five years.


I would say the one coach that's missing is Craig Berube because he's the least coach. He's now among the greatest of all time.


No Jim Montgomery in there?


Oh, Monty. Man. Okay. All right. How many years of Monty in Boston do we have to talk about before we go?


I'm not putting him in that category.


Well, because he had two amazing regular seasons.


How many years until he gets Dwyane Casey?


That's what I'm trying to say. Because there were conversations happening. You guys remember, if Boston loses game seven, this year, Monte's job is under threat.


What? Yeah.


What? Well, you blew it last year. You can't blow it again. Eventually, something's got to give.


Isn't that nuts, though?


I mean, pretty It's rare you blow a 3-1 series deficit back-to-back years.




It's happened-A little bit on the coach. I want to say it's happened less than 40 times in NHL history. So for it to happen twice in two years.


Even not. Even almost blowing it the second time is still almost blowing it.




You know what I mean? You still have to look at that and go, That's not great. No. What people are sticking Rod Rendemore with, despite the fact that Rod's actually won a lot of playoff series in his time in Carolina, It's like, Monte might be at the beginning of that unless they figure out what the thing is to get them to the next level.


This is, once again, I asked the question a few weeks ago, how many elite coaches are there?


You can't have a lot.


You have to have three to five max. I think we have a category of three to five, and then another category of maybe eight good ones. Then I think you got a whole big old pile of mid, and then you got some dudes who teams are just trying Can I get you guys?


I'm going to do it. We're going to clip this.




Adam and Steve's. Adam Wild and Steve Dangle's top five coaches in the National Hockey. All right. All right. Listen it. All right. You got to make a quiz.


Is it just this year?




Currently, right now.


Currently and based off the past few years.


Based on vibes.


Based on V-base.


No, that changes my answer. Because I Okay. Like, Pete DeBore. Like, I'm not...


Pete DeBore is not going to be like, All right, let's get another round for Pete.


No. Cooper, that guy is going to be tell me knee slappers till they kick us out.


Okay, based on the best. Based on BS.


By the way, I think Cooper can quote Socrates, too. I think he's that one of those guys who's funny, but also very smart.


I'd go out for beers with Paul Marisa, go out for wine with- None of this is a top five list.


No, this is just you guys gabbing about- You said vibes, and I'm talking about who I want to drink with.


Okay, so here's the easy one. John Cooper is the best coach in the National Hockey League.


I think so. One, two.


Number two, I think- No, I'm not number- We should have gone five to one.


Five to one? Yeah, that makes it- That makes the TikTok.


All right, we know how we're building it. No, it's a five.


We need the coach pyramid.


Where are you going to put it? Come up with your cards.


I need to do it. Come up with my stupid coach pyramid.


Coach power rankings?




John Cooper, Pete DeBore, I think is in that. I'd put Bruce Cassidy in that.


Paul Maurice.


I wouldn't have a few years ago, but yeah, Paul Maurice, I think, has got to be in there now.


Can I throw a name?




That's going to make me unpopular. You could lobby. Except for one place. Rick Tocket's name. Not yet.


He hasn't had enough.


He hasn't had enough.


Is he not the current coach of the year?


He's the current coach of the year, but he hasn't had enough. Which means Monte was last year.


Two years away from getting fired. That's usually what that means.


I think seeing what he did with a very similar Vancouver team that Bruce Boudre had, what he did at the beginning of this season and then maintaining it throughout the team as the added pieces as well, Rick Tauket needs to be in the top five.


On the almost list, I would also put Andrew Burnet. Because what he did in Nashville this year, I think, is really impressive.


Is Brenda Moore out of your top five?


Yes, because I'm putting in Jared Bednar.


Oh, yeah, of course.


Jared Bednar.


Bednar. You put De Boer in there, too, right? Yeah. Okay, good.


Okay, so you agree. I agree. Brindamore, I think, is somewhere between the-5 and 10? The two tiers that I mentioned.


And towards what he did in Philadelphia this year.


No. What do you mean, nah?


They almost made the playoffs.


They're a garbage team.


You're right.


He deserves to be in the elite class.


Because they choked a playoff spot.


What are you talking about?


Martin St. Louis?


No, not yet.


Not yet.


Not that he could.


What have they done?


What have they done? They finished close to last and less I'm close to last.


I'm asking. Okay, so you named a bunch of guys. Let's now do this. Steve Dangle and Adam Wilde's top five coaches list going from five to one.


Oh, I hate it.


Rank them.


All right, fine. You said that like Dua Lippa.


Rod Rendemore, five.


Have you seen that interview with Seth Meyers? No. They play this game where it's truth or take a shot. She goes, You have three kids, right? And then he goes, Yeah. And she goes rank them. Anyway, Adam, yes?


I'm glad you explained that. I know.


Maddie's guy over there.


Five to one. Rod, Brenda more at number five. The disrespect to Rod is unfair.


You guys didn't have your separate list.


Number two or number 4, Jim Montgomery. I don't think that you put together the best regular season of all time and at least have a little recency bias and be on this list.


I put him in the Rod tier.


Put him in the Rod tier?


You get your own list?


Shut up. Okay, fine. You know what?


No. No, I'm taking Monty back because it's unfair because I have John Cooper later on.


Okay, list them.


Okay, so Rod-We went through everybody.


Rod, Paul Maurice, Pete DeBore, Who was the number two I had? Jared Bednar, number one. John Cooper. Steve.


I'm going to say Pomo number five. Got to win a cup. Paul. That's what they call him. Pomo.


Paul Maurice.


Prison rules, Paul. Are you on the Panthers now? Yeah. No. No, I would call him like frigging palsy or something.


Hey, Jess, you remember when Dua Liva took a shot? It was crazy.


It's a love It's a heartwarming clip.


All right, Steve, make your list.


I've put Paul Maurice, five, Bruce Cassidy, four, Bednar, three, DeBore, two, Cooper, one.


Okay. It's good.


You're welcome, Maddie. You're welcome. Hey.


Jump scare. Welcome back to game 6 between the Florida Panthers and the New York Rangers. Panthers up 1-0. And if they win this thing, they get to the Stanley Cup final for the second straight year. Rangers Got to tie this thing up and take the lead. If they have any aspirations of staying alive this season, I'm Steve Dangle. Click like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends it's time for 10 second show and tell 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I knew what I wanted to do. I just needed time. I'm going to turn the the brightness on my screen all the way down so that you cannot see the reflections on my screen so that we don't get flagged for TV stuff because there is a mirror on what I am about to show you. I didn't realize how cool people thought this was, so I want to show it off. I got two of these. This is a plaque that you get for They're having 100,000 subscribers. I got this... When did I get this? 2018? 17? 18? I can't remember. For my YouTube channel, they give you this cool little plaque with a little mirror in it.


If you hit 100,000 subscribers. Stpn just got theirs a couple of months ago, so that's why I got of these. Producer Drew, by the way, I want to give a huge shout out to Producer Drew. Number one, he's been a big part of this channel's success. Stpn, that is. He's been a huge part of my channel's success, and he's been a massive part of Sportsnet's YouTube success. They had, what was it, fewer than 150,000 subscribers when you joined the company in 2019, and now they're at a million. So Producer Drew, producer, knows what he's doing. So I'm doing this show and tell to show off the plaque that I got. But also I want to give producer Drew some props because he frigging deserves it.


Let's get a producer Drew.


Let's get Drew in the chat while I hang this back up. I got to put this back on the wall because it was really hard to earn, and I don't want to lose the damn thing. Is it even? I don't know if it's even. Whatever, it's there. I can put it back up. Hopefully, it doesn't fall off and break. All right, let me turn the brightness up on my screen now. I muted the panel, too. I was really worried I was going to miss buck drop. This Donnie said, Trade proposal, my Royal Dalton with C-O-A, Replika Maple Eve Gardens, which you can take the roof off of in its authentic inside, too. In exchange, your Potvin helmet. Zero shot. Zero shot. Zero shot. I don't even know what you could offer me for that Potvin helmet. I don't even know. You'd have to offer me an amount of money that is not even close to realistic for the value of it. So producer Drew says, Would you trade your Potvin helmet for Matthew's 300th goalpuck? Is that available? Who has that? Still no. And from a value standpoint, that's a genuinely Really stupid thing I just said.


Genually, really dumb. But like a signed Felix Potvin replica helmet? Sorry. Are you going to give me this puck? I would really like an authentic NHL goal puck. I've looked at buying them a few times, and I've come really close, but I haven't done it yet. Justin Fisher, I'll never say something nice about producer Drew. That's fair. Cori Lindega, gifted 10 SDPN memberships. Let's go. We're up to, what is that, 121 on the stream. If we hit 500, I'm going to use Adam Wilds' foot as a microphone on the new VIP episode. Drew, what do you got? What's your trade proposal? Okay, now Drew's cooking with oil.


You're cooking with gas.


Most people cook with oil. He's saying, Would you trade your signed Felix Boff in Replika helmet for the lucky loonie that was planted at Center Ice at the Salt Lake City Olympics in Utah in 2002? That is a truly one-of-a-kind... It's a truly one-of-a-kind artifact in Canadian hockey. I I would take the loonie. I would absolutely take the Looney, and I would get it dolled up and get some ridiculous... I would get that thing insured. I would get a new home security system. It is authentic to the point where I would feel bad owning it. That belongs in the Hockey Hall of Fame. I I think it is in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Pretty sure. At that Crosby display with his gloves. That's a one-of-a-kind thing. Jpicks. A guaranteed leafs cup for your Podvin helmet. Here's the helmet. I love that thing more than basically any other artifact piece of memorabilia I have. I want the leaves to win the Cup. Are you kidding me? Aiden said, Florida is winning the Cup. I noticed that in the Matthews era, the team who beats the least loses to the Cup winner every year. It's insane, eh?


Is it every single year? Because I know a bunch of teams have gone to the final and lost. Because the capital's lost to the Penguins in 2017. Yeah, that's crazy. Raza said, Bill Zito is Florida's X-Factor best GM in the league. Hard to argue against, man. He's incredibly good. And the Puck is dropped for the second period. It's underway. And Kagan Douthright gifted five SDPN memberships. Let's go. We're up to 126. Oh, hand pass. The Panthers were alone, but it's a hand pass. We're only 14 seconds into the second period here. Shots are 13 to nine in favor of Florida. Score is one-nothing in favor of Florida. Marks Bergenow says, Teddy Blueger from Riga, Latvia. Man, Latvian hockey fans love my Teddy Blueger stuff. I didn't realize. Latvian fans are so passionate. Zabana Jad taken down. Is that going to be a penalty? I don't think so. No, Brovski out of the net to play it. There was a Latvian girl in Sweden at the global series, Leef Games, that I was at. And She didn't know what to say. And she just pointed at me and she goes, Hey, Teddy Blueger. I was like, Absolutely.


Yeah, Teddy Blueger's real name is like, Theodos Bluegers. I don't know how it's pronounced exactly, but he shortened it to Teddy Blueger because he's like, These North Americans are helpless, hopeless. Omar says, I'm an oilers fan. Boo. Oh, wait, there's more. I'm an oilers fan, and it's a shock for me to think they're one game away from the finals. Are non-oilers fans shocked they're one game away? I don't think they are. I mean, the oilers are... Drew, you are? That's true. I did think Dallas would do much better than this. I mean, the oilers are a deeply flawed team whose strengths just grossly outweigh their weaknesses. Fox puts it on. That goes wide. The oilers are one of the only teams in the NHL where absolutely every scenario is believable. Oh, they didn't make the playoffs. I believe it. They got swept in the first round. I believe it. They blew a three-nothing series lead. I believe it. They overcame a 3-0 series lead. I believe it. They won the Stanley Cup. I believe it. One of the only teams where everything is believable is we got to whistle here with 1817 to go in the second period.


Cassie says, When Sid retires, how much are tickets for that game? Five hundred bucks each. See, here's the thing. I was going to say they're going to be in the playoff, so you won't know, but they haven't made the playoff. Abby gifted five S2PM memberships Let's go. Rangers, face off in the offensive zone. Trochek, won it back, but into his own feet, so it didn't work. Oh, on. Stop by Bobrowski. Panarin, to the point. Panarin has been way too much of a perimeter player so far in this game. Fox, on. Yeah, the Rangers are definitely trying to get more shots from distance and trying to generate traffic in this game. Panarin is approaching like, bench status. He looks terrible. Now, whenever a star player who had over 120 points this year looks awful, I assume there's an underlying injury. But like, yeah, he looks terrible. There he is, avoiding any in all contact, passes it off into a completely innocent dump in for the Rangers.


There's Zabana Jad, flying around, throwing the body around. Rodriguez, attacks. Osha Sterken handles it.


But not so great. Bennett in front of the net. It's funny. He knocked the net off, and he put it back on because he's like, Screw that. We're scoring a goal here. Panthers put it on, shot by Sesterken, stopped by Shesterken. Stop by Shesterken for an ozone draw for the Florida Panthers. Bennett, four goals and six points in the Eastern Conference final alone. Oh, my God. Truba going at it with Tarasenko. Panthers lose the line. Get it right back.


Shot on Sesterka, and he can't clear the rebound. Oh, Tarasenko just puts it over the net.


Luzerina, back to Tarasenko. It's at the point now for the Panthers. Forzling puts it on, stopped by Luzerina by accident. He puts it behind the net. Uh-oh, Panthers with a big opportunity here. Zabana Jad uses his body to take it off Tarasenko, and he will throw it up the ice for Kreider. But O'Slaivski has to come out of the net to play it. He puts it right back into transition for the Panthers. Lindell looks back to the point, takes it himself behind the Panthers net. Tarasenko, driven in there by Keandre Miller. Rather Luzerinen, sorry. Ocposo now out there for the Panthers. Is it weird that I think he might score a goal? Justin Fisher says, Do you think Sid ever plays a playoff game for the Penguins again? It's a fascinating question because... Oh, Miller just holds the line there, puts it on, gloved by Bobrowski, and that'll be One Ozone draw for the Rangers. It's a fascinating question, Justin, because it feels like you're asking me to bet against Sydney Crosby, which I will never do. But what you're actually asking me to do is, will you bet against the Pittsburgh Penguins, which is a surprisingly easy thing to do?


I hope we get to see Sydney Crosby play more playoff hockey because Crosby in the playoff is incredible, incredible player. Raza, What's your prediction for an Edmonton versus Florida Stanley Cup final? No.


That's my prediction.


Neither team is in the Stanley Cup final yet. I would give the edge to Florida, but neither team is there yet. Producer Drew pointing out, McDavid is trying to be the first player to ever win the Stanley Cup making over $10 million. Jack Eichel makes exactly $10 million.


Rangers, put it on. Lots of traffic.


They don't score, but they're chipping away, chipping away. This has been the first game in a few games where the Rangers have had a strategy, and they've worked at it, and they've worked at it, and they've worked at it. They've been just hoping a prayer in this series so far. Mojice, When's the last time a team lost in back-to-back finals? Unfortunately for my oilers, if we make it, I can't see Florida losing again. Last team to lose in back-to-back finals. Like, maybe the Islanders. It might be the Blues, all the way back in the '60s, '70s. I'm not sure. Panthers, ICE it, which is good because it allows me to look at the chat. Noah Balman, Trade proposal. That pot in helmet exchange. What? That pot and helmet exchange.


Oh, Potvin.


You missed... Okay. That Potvin helmet in exchange for refs having to do a press conference After every game from now on, I might have to make that trade just for the content. I might have to make that trade just for the content and for the good of hockey. I'll sacrifice myself. But Brosky, another face-off. So So 20 teams, this is from Omar, in the NHL had 4 20-point players in the playoffs, and all of them made the finals. Do you know how many of them won the Cup? All of them? All of them. That is a weird question. Face off. Rodriguez versus Wendberg. Wendberg wins it. Wendberg, by the way, promoted up to a line with Zabana Jad and Kreider, and they've looked pretty good.


Kreider digging at it, digging at it. Rebound. Oh, Fox snuck in there.


Couldn't finish the job. Rodriguez gains the zone with Bennett driving. Almost got a shot off, but couldn't quite. That little flurry there from the Rangers is on Honestly, maybe their first scoring chance with the Rodriguez-Bennett line on the ice. Rodriguez taken down hard. Ekblad has the fuck in his own zone. Oh, Miller Miller takes down his man. Wabrowski to Ekblad, who airmails it into the neutral zone. Miller catches up to the fuck, beats Luzerine into it. Brodzinski into the corner. Kulikow and Cooley fighting for it. Panthers come up with it. Tarasenko. Rangers take it off them. Cooley. Good drive there from the Rangers. Panthers take it right off them and heave it into the neutral zone. Man, no one likes a neutral zone series from an entertainment standpoint. The Panthers are unbelievable. Like, the Rangers don't have an answer for what the Panthers are doing in the neutral zone in this series. Panarin. Oh, nice little move. Puts it off the side of the net. Just taking off him a little too easily. He's not using his teammates properly. He's chasing after it behind the net, Kulikov with it. And here come the Panthers. They had numbers, but they're late in their shift.


So Lawrence looking for help there. Stenland battling for it. Rangers, get it out, but the Panthers maintain possession of the buck, which happens so often. Shot 16 to in favor of the Panthers, score 1-0 in favor of the Panthers. Rangers, breakout. It's so rare that the Panthers let the Rangers break out of their zone with more than two attackers. It's usually one. Barcov gets it to Montour, driven wide. Reinhardt filling in for Montour there. Now he's at the front of the net. Forzling blocked. We're almost at the halfway mark of the second period here. Linngrin Because the Rangers, again, no speed, no speed. The Panthers are all over them, all over them. And now here comes Ekeblad.




Blocked by Barkley Goodrow. That looked like it stung him. Puck on, Shesterken stops it. The Rangers are not able to do to the Panthers what the Panthers are able to do with the Rangers. Oh, box took Reinhardt in to the boards. Ugly there. Yikesicles on Bikesicles. As we get a TV time out, Steve Dangle here on the Sdpn YouTube Click like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends, Hockey Rants and Raves. It's my second book. It's coming out in October, and it is available for pre-order.


Now, what is it?


It's rants. It's raves. I talk about the things I hate about hockey. I talk about the things I love about hockey. I talk about arguing about hockey and how to do it in a fun way. All of your favorite bar arguments, is Gratsky the greatest player of all time? Who's the Mount Rushmore of NHL Real goalies or hockey goalies throughout history? It's all there in Hockey Rants and Raves. Link down below in the description. You can pre-order it on Amazon. You can pre-order it on Indigo. And there's even the option on the Harper Collins website to pre-order it at your local bookstore. So there you go.


Speedy V. Oh, I thought you might have been sick.


You usually have this comment in the first period. He says, Costco gravy is superior to all other gravy. Thank you, Speedy V, for your once-a-stream comment on Costco gravy. Philippe Christoff, do you have a second favorite Team. Okay, growing up, my second favorite team was the Red Wings, and producer Drew is going to hate that. But it's because Chris Draper was like the... You ever have a teacher who has a prized alumni? I got to teach this kid, and they loved him so much. My second grade teacher, Mr. Cody, who was a Habs fan, taught Chris Draper. And Draper got hit from behind by Claude Lemu. And after getting all the plates in his face and everything, Draper, who's family or parents, rather, just lived around the block from the school. He came and visited my grade two class. He still had his beard because I imagine it hurt to shave. And he signed autogravs for all the kids. I brought in a Chris Draper hockey card, and it was hanging on our school's Wall of Fame. When Draper visited, the principal came in, grabbed the card off the wall, and photocopied it 200 times so that everyone could get an autograph.


So I loved the Red Wings when they were on their back to back run there in the mid to late '90s. And the least were also bad at the time, so that helped. And then the leaves got really good, so it was all about the leaves. Here come the Rangers. Cooley into the corner. Bennett, behind the net. Here come the Panthers. The Rangers are just not able to generate anything against these guys. Shesterken blockers it besides his own net. Raiden Schneider dumps it to center. I would like to see the Rangers attack with their defenders a little a bit more. Not necessarily cheat for offense, but just diversify your attack like the Forzling goal that the Panthers got. But Brovsky gloves it, 10:32 to go in the second period. Jamie Reid, it puts the Costco gravy on its skin. Thank you for your almost every chat Buffalo Bill reference. Anthony Dijster in the chat. I had Mr. Cody as a teacher, too. Awesome, dude. Saint Brenda's? Yep, it was Saint Brenda's. Saint Brenda's on... What's that street? Is it Centennial? Still there. For Hagee, behind the Rangers's net. Gustuvson. The Rangers, I mean, I think Reinhardt's injured, and the Rangers are trying to hammer him every chance they get.


And I think they're identifying him as a target because they can't touch K'Chuck. Oh, Truba gets a late hit in there on Reinhardt. They can't touch K'Chuck. They can't touch Bennett. They can't touch basically any of the other big guys. They can't touch Barkov, so they're going after Reinhardt. Unkown 422. I also had teacher Cody at St. Brenda's. It's crazy, eh? Jeff E. Says, Bro, how small is Canada that you all had the same teacher? That's so true. I know. I know. Canadians hate that stereotype and then live that stereotype every day.


Lindgren on. Oh, that made its way through traffic.


It bounced out of play. Trochek and Montour exchanging pleasantries. The Rangers have a plan here, and it is somewhat working. They just haven't pulled off a goal. One nothing with 9:41 to go in the second period as we get a TV time out. I'm Steve Dangle, SDPN YouTube channel. Click like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends, 1,500 are you watching. Good to see you.


Click like.


All right, I'm asking you to get memberships for the channel. I'm asking you to pre order my book. Steve, stop asking me for money.




All you got to do is click like. It's free. It's free and it takes a quarter of a second. Please do it. We're at 600 likes. I would encourage you to 700, but that would be disingenuous because I don't want to be at 700. I want to be at a thousand. And then once we hit a thousand, I want to be at more. Gt. What's up, GT? Would Florida, Edmonton be the farthest Stanley Cup final matchup ever? Like distance between arenas. Well, okay, Rangers played LA, which I think is farther. Canucks, Bruins. It's got to be Canucks, Bruins. A lot of Canadians even don't understand how big Canada is. I know you look at it like, Oh, Edmonton and Vancouver, they're right there. Edmonton is at least an hour flight from Vancouver. It's probably more. Hour and a half? Toronto to Edmonton is three hours. Three, three and a half. Toronto to Vancouver is like five. Some of my in-law relatives who are still in Scotland. I don't think people realize that a flight Coast to Coast in Canada is roughly a flight across the Atlantic. It's big. It's very big. A flight from Toronto to London, England is seven hours.


Sunrise, Florida to Edmonton, Alberta. It's 2,586 miles.


Oh, wide open in front. How don't you pass it to Rodriguez there? Montour, wide of the net. Oh, Florida. Oh, they should be up to nothing right now. They completely missed that opportunity.


Edmondson to Sunrise is further than Vancouver to Boston? By 50 miles. That's insane.


No way.


Well, then you're right. No way. I guess it's because Florida is so South. And Edmondson is pretty far north, actually, now that you mention it. Really? Oh, I'm pretty surprised by that. Oh, Justin Fisher with a great one. La to Montreal must be farther.


Oh, great safe from Shisterk in there.


La, Montreal is insanely far. We'll get an answer. Ekman Larson puts it on. That one doesn't make it through. Rangers reeling a little bit here. Shesterken keeping them in the game. Rangers finally get it out over the line. Kako has it. Does it? La to Montreal is shorter than the other two series we just mentioned. Yeah, you might be right. Edmonton to Sunrise. Might be the longest in NHL history. Kings play the Rangers. Who else did the Kings play? New Jersey, so that's almost the same. Rosevic puts it on blocked. Cassie has another Trivia in the chat. I'll wait until we get a whistle here. Stop by Pabrowski. Lou Serena tries to reverse hit Truba doesn't work. Both teams changing. Gustoveson, Schneider. This Dump and Don't Chase is not working from the Rangers as they ice the fuck. Cassie says, Three players have taken 20 plus thousand face offs since they began tracking them. Can you name all three? And who had the best win percentage? Five gifted memberships for each correct one. I feel like we talked about this. Got to be All right, let me think. Rodriguez, behind the net, stapled there by Wendberg.


Rodriguez throws it in front, finds no Panthers, instead, finds Chris Kreider, who goes up with Wendberg.


Wendberg into the corner for himself, cleared out way too easily by the Panthers. The Rangers's offense in this series has been awful. Panthers defense has been team defense. This is why the Leifs and other teams, their strategy of, Oh, we're going to go get a defenseman at the deadline. It's like putting duct tape on the Titanic. Defense is a team concept. If you don't have it, you don't have it. Getting another D-Man helps. It definitely helps. But if you don't play team defense, you're dead. Panthers play team defense. You look at their decor and you tell me it's the best in the league on paper. It's good. It's good. They got a good one. They just play like a well-oiled machine. Defense is a team concept. Defense starts in the offensive zone for the Florida Panthers. Case in point, here they are. Panthers, or Rangers, can't get out of the zone. Lindell puts it wide. Forzling puts it on. Loved by Shesterken. And we got a face-off. Trash Productions. You're an Edmondson fan who gets up at 5:00 AM for work. If we make it to the final, looking forward to some early games. Yeah, I got bad news for you.


All those games are at... Every game in the Stanley Cup final is at the same time, I believe. 8:00 08:00 PM Eastern, which would be 6:00 PM Mountain Time. Thank you, Drew. I guess, yeah, it's an hour early. Wait, no, it's not. It's an hour late because... Oh, yeah, they play games at 07:00 Mountain Time. You're right. Sorry, my Eastern brain was frying there for a sec. So, Cassie, your trivia question. Three players have taken 20 plus thousand face-off since they began tracking them. And Who had the best percentage? Oh, Drew says there's seven. I'm going to say Patrice Bergeron. He's one of the seven. Yannick Perot. No, shoot. Ante Kopitar. He is second. Crosby? Most face offs ever? Oh, since they started tracking it. Yeah, okay. Yeah, I believe that, I guess. Barcob's too young. Tavares is too young.


Tavares is ninth.


That's He's only 300 away from 20,000. That's crazy. Wow. I'll just automatically say Berjron has the highest percentage. He does. It feels like Taves didn't play enough. Oh, chance from the Panthers.


Rangers got to clear it.


I'm going to say Taves. He second all time. That's crazy, considering he should have played so many more games. Sneaky chance there from Wendberg as the Rancher's getting an ozone draw. Trying to think of centers who played forever. Enric Sedine? Incorrect. Damn. Ryan O'Reilly?




Let's go. You can tell that face offs are a recently tracked stat because how are so many guys who aren't even retired yet on this list? Keandre Miller puts it on blocked by Tarasenko. You can tell this is an elimination game, by the way. Long time since we had a penalty called. Rangers, hold the zone. Lindell with it being chased. Stripped. Tarasenko caught flat-footed Barclay Goodro.


It's dangerous. It's in the slot. No ranger there in support. Hiedel, great move to hold the line.


Lindell eventually gets it over with the assistance of Luzerinen. Rangers, trying to get it back up the ice before the Panthers can make a change. It doesn't work. Panthers got to change.


Oh, break away. Matthew K'Chuck stopped by the toe of Shesterken. Remember that save?


Offside by the Rangers. Oh, baby. Shout out to a ski mask there with the 10 gift memberships. Thank you. We're at 141. Producer Drew pointing out that the last two, I really should have had these, rounding up the top seven were Eric and Jordan stall. K'chuck was complaining that he was hooked there. Trash Productions. We had some LA-Vancouver games at 8:00 Mountain Time, too, so 6:00 is nice. Yeah, that's fair enough. Panthers win the draw there, just outside of their own zone. Forzling gains center and dumps it in. God, these games must be torture for Rangers fans, just watching your team generate nothing. Reminds me of leave, Boston.


Barkov, what a move.


Oh, can't quite get it to Verhege. Here come the Rangers, and again, their counter attack. Oh, Lafrenier has got it, gets it to the point.


Here we go. Schneider.


Or Truba, rather. Glad he didn't score there. My call would have sucked. Panarin puts it on. Can't get the deflection from Trochek. Verhege just chips it out. No icing. Panarin carrying it in. Three and a half to go in the second period.


Tries to go up the middle. It doesn't quite work.


That was Brodzinski. Lawrence attacking with speed. Taken down. Panthers fans want to call. I got news for you. It's game six.


Ain't no way.


The refs have already called their penalties for the game. Icing, and that puck will go back down to the ranger zone. Shout out Wilgeman, gifting an SDPN membership. Wilgeman? Wilgeman? Wilgeman? Wilgeman? Wilgeman? Justin Fisher, if my math is right, Edmonton to Sunrise is 39 miles farther from each other than Vancouver to Boston, making it the furthest distance in a Stanley Cup matchup. In every text Justin has sent me tonight. He keeps trying to get me to comment on a certain trial that is going on in the United States, and I'm not doing it. Rangers, dump it in. High stick there, I think, and we're going to get a face-off. Where does this face-off go? I don't think it's going to go all the way down into the Panthers' end. I mean, in the regular season, that's definitely a trip there on Fox, but it ain't the regular season. It's game six.


All Oh, baby. Here comes Zbana Jad, gets it to Kreider. Ranger's best chance of the game off the side of the net. Zbana Jad's got Pep in his step.


Putting Wendberg on this line has really He's really giving it new life. Wendberg in the corner.


Miller at the point. On. Oh, the puck went off the end boards, bounced right in in front and somehow didn't hit anything. Oh, my God.


You talk about a game of inches.


Miller to Schneider. Oh, he passed it to Kreider, who was going off.


So the Panthers get the puck now. Here they come. Barkov on. Stop by Shosturkin. Rangers. You need a counter attack here with 90 seconds to go in the second period. Panthers got a late period goal in period one. Maybe the Rangers could do the same right here. Hiedel Back to the point. Truba fans on it, but it goes to Hiedel anyway, and up and out of play. So we got to face off. Kreider off the side of the net, and let's see what happened. Rangers get it to the point. Stopped by the blocker of Bobrowski.


It could have easily gone in off of Bobrowski's skate.


That is the Hockey God smiling down upon you. 118 to go in the second period. Shots 24 to 18 for the Panthers. But the Rangers have been coming on. It's Advantage at his points in 10 of 15 playoff games, according to the Sportsnet broadcast. Not bad. Panthers win a very key defensive zone face-off and chip it out. Verhege with it. Wide of the net. Trochek gets it to Panarin, to Gustovesen, into the corner. Oh, he tried to generate a pass off the boards to Lafrenier. It didn't quite work. Under a minute to go here, Rangers with it. Oh, Panarin tried to chip it in for himself. It didn't work. Here come the Panthers. There's always a counter attack. Lundell. Great move on Gustoveson. Lindell skated himself into a few one-on-three scenarios and fared pretty decently. Panarin lost the Cuck gets it back, airmails it. Trochek gets to deep, 15 seconds to go in the period. It's behind the Panthers net. Are they going to try for one more attack? Ekman Larson just standing there. Now it's out. Offside. And there might be some rough stuff here at the end of the second. Boy, they really don't like Kreider.


Got to love the In Arena staff in in Florida playing John Cina's theme song, Every time there's a Scrum. Cassie said, Drew was right. I had my stats filtered. One moment. 142 new members, 142 new Stp VIPs. Welcome. The face-off, the face-off, the period is over. We head into the third.


Panthers, one.


Rangers, less than one. And that's where we are right now. Do the Rangers only have one more period left in their season? Are the Panthers punching their ticket to the Stanley Cup final for the second straight year. We will find out here in the third period. Jiu. So I get the Rangers aren't generating much right now, but the Panthers don't look that much better this game either, eh? Just not that exciting of a game six. I think the Panthers are doing what they need to do to win. They scored a goal, and And there's no urgency. I think the Panthers just believe in their ability to be better than the Rangers. They don't need to cheat for offense because the Rangers offense looks so anemic. One goal might get it done. Two definitely does. Like Gary Gally was saying on the broadcast, if the Panthers get the second one, How do the Rangers even come back? I know comebacks are way, way, way, way, way have a shot if the Panthers go up to nothing. Rangers tie it? Go to overtime? Get a bounce? Everyone's playing a little nervous? Maybe. Maybe. They go down to nothing?


Dead. Drew, do we have a clip? Yes. Oh, play the hits, Drew. Play the hits. Here is my explosive rant on Sheldon Keef in the real NHL. Now, before we show you the clip, I want to remind you this is Sheldon Keefe relaying something he was told. So when you hear this rant, just know I'm not ranting about Sheldon Keefe. I am ranting about the notion of Toronto not being the real NHL.


Just one last thing to throw in there. Sheldon Keefe's perspective and the other NHL coaches that reached out to him after he was let go from Toronto and signed with New Jersey. Let me guess.


They were all super supportive.


This quote was making the rounds yesterday on Twitter from Kevin McGran spoke to Keef, well, an article on Keith and spoke to him, and this was the quote. It was a tremendous honor to coach the Maple East, Keith said. This is in the Toronto Star. There's a lot that goes into that. I've had a number of well-established coaches in the league reach out to say that I should be happy now that I get to coach in the real NHL. Toronto is quite unique. It's not like the rest of the league.


Shelby, Keefe. Where are all the men?


What? A League of Losers. Losers.


You get to coach in the real NHL. What's the subtext? You get to coach in the real NHL where no one pays fucking attention. Can you please send me that link?


I have an edit to make to my fucking book. I got to add that to a chapter.


That's the most pathetic quote I've ever heard in the history of this sport. No, no, no. Put that shit back up on the screen. It was a tremendous honor to coach the leads, Keef said, being complementary at the place where he coached. There's a lot that goes into that. I've had a number of well-established fucking losers in this league reach out to say that I should be happy that I get to coach in the real NHL. And then he says, Toronto is quite unique.


It's not like the rest of the league.


Right. No one fucking cares.


Well, the Brad pack cares.


No, no.


This is Why no one likes Toronto? No, no, no. Bullshit. It's the truth. If it weren't the truth, the salary cap wouldn't be $6. There's going to be an NBA player making more than your entire favorite fucking team in the next half decade. Or you get to coach in the real NHL. What a bunch of fucking losers. Gary Bettman should seek out whoever the fuck this is and grab them by the collar. What do you mean by that? What do you fucking mean by that? What they mean, the implication, the subtext is, explicitly, no one watches the NHL. It's a non-factor in North America. There it is in plain English. Plane fucking English. And anytime you have a criticism, if you don't like it, then don't watch. No one does. No one does.


And yet, right now- These guys, the Stanley Cup playouts are getting their asses kicked by Kaitlyn Clarke. She plays in fucking Indiana.


Dude, because she's a star.


She's a star. And the NHL doesn't have those.


And if they ever get one, they criticize them, they beat them down, and they don't like them. Stanley Standing out is a bad thing. There it is. He's probably quoting coaches who have won Stanley Cups, which means the greatest winners in the National Hockey League are losers. And that is a terrible, terrible place for your league to be as a sporting league, as a product, and as something to make money on, which is the goal, by the way. Welcome to the real NHL. That should send a shiver down Gary Bettman's spine. Okay, where should I put my money?


Should I put it here or there?


And not that fucking place.


Lots of people are lined up for that, Steve. Lots of people.


You're allergic to success, bunch of baby losers. Welcome to the real NHL. That's one of the most shocking things I've ever heard from someone allegedly working in professional sports. If your name's on the cup, they ought to scratch it off. That's fucking horrible.


Holy shit. It might just be a simple acknowledgement that Toronto is a bigger media storm than the rest of the world.


I also You wouldn't talk to your girls.


This rant is a great example of what... Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Yeah, the comments are going to be hilarious on this because they'll prove your point.


No, I wish.


Dude, there is a me for every NBA team.


Oh, I know. But what I'm saying is that they'll reinforce the point, which is, Oh, the poor players in the media. I'm like, Well, then watch another sport.


You fucking say it. It's brutal. You, bunch of- Give back your paycheck.


You should want to work in a market like Toronto where people care. You should want to be a coach here.


Because everybody knows. Sorry. No, no, no. Go ahead. Because everybody knows the person that actually gets it done here will be a God. Brian Birks said that when he took over the job. He's like, It's the toughest job.


Yeah, because he's not a coward. He wanted the Toronto job. He embraced the spotlight. Firing him was a mistake. It was an enormous mistake. They eventually corrected it. I think they did some very good things. But firing him and then being like, who should we replace him with? Oh, I don't know, his protege?


You fucking idiots. You replaced him with Dave Nonis, you morons. You morons. Okay, we don't like Brian, so we're going to put this guy who's worked with him for 90% of his career. You fucking donut.


How stupid are you? Anyway, sorry.


If you look at the ratings for least play off games against the ratings of any other team, you'll understand what we're talking about. If game 42 in this market means more than any other game 42 in the other markets, That means when the Leifs finally reach a Stanley Cup final, it will mean more than any other market. That's just a fact of the numbers.


Don't tell the oilers that if they go to the finals.


No, it's the truth about the mass of hockey fans that cheer for this It's a shame. You should want to be a part of that. It's a shame if any coach looks at that and says, I don't want that gig. There's too much pressure. It's too much eyeballs on it. No, you should embrace that and you should want to win here and be the person that can accomplish that.


Here, listen, if you've ever bought a hat, if you've ever bought a shirt, if you've ever bought a seat to put your ass in, if you've ever watched it on TV, if you've ever watched a YouTube clip, if you've ever consumed the NHL in any way, shape, or form, just know from that quote, you're not wanted here.


No. They don't want you. They don't want you. No, a select group of people who don't want media attention, probably don't want.


Listen, it comes down to this. They want to do their job and they don't want to be questionable. That's what it comes down to. I think annoying to have to answer questions about your work every day. And by the way, I can relate to that because we have plenty of comments criticizing our work every day. And sometimes you go, Man, this is going to stay. But then you realize, Oh, my God, how lucky am I?


It's so much better than the other way. Nobody gives a shit.


Yeah. And then August rolls around and I'm like, I wish someone would call me a fat fuck today.


I could use it. I I could use it. Feed me attention. How many calories is hate? Jesus, Lord. That's so shocking.


It's a loser quote, but I I also think it speaks to...


It is a loser quote, but it speaks to a little bit, too. The old-school nature of... A lot of these guys are former players. A lot of these guys have come up in the NHL when it was this whole hiding away in the Southern markets or whatever. The reason that the Southern markets were like that is because they were new. I can tell you that I don't think that it was easy for any of the original six franchises back in the day.


I don't think it was easy.


I don't think it's ever been easy. I I don't think it's easy to coach in Boston. I don't think it's easy to coach in New York. I don't think it's easy to coach in Montreal. I don't think it's easy to coach in Detroit. Boston never gets brought to the fucking conference. Boston is the real NHL. Shut up. New York is in the conference final right now. Yeah. I don't think that- Are we all on drugs And Laviolette, have you seen the amount of reporters at his press conferences?


It's New York. Yeah. So my whole point-Horifying. It's also-Horifying.


It's also there is a bit of a... Don't be surprised as Mike Babcock, who was one of the guys that put together the... It's not a coaches union, but it's the coaches group, right? He was one of the big formulators-A ball. Yeah, which has helped them get better salaries and that thing. Don't be surprised as he is one of the primary guys still within that group, obviously, if that comes from him a little bit, too. I wonder what the person who said that quote asked for last time he had a contract negotiation. Was it a raise? Where the fuck do you think that money comes from? The sky? It's from people consuming the sports. You loser. That's the fattest thing I've ever said. Producer Drew and I were talking behind the scenes about healthy snacks. I said, Oh, you know what's a good healthy snack? And at the same time, he goes, Carrots. I go, Nothing. That's the fattest thing I've ever said. Good fat guy, Gorda Drew. Thank you for that. Azar002 says, Is producer Drew the same as Kam and Drew's NFL Picks. Yes. Producer Drew is Drew from Drew and stew. I'm surprised he didn't know it, but I'm happy to tell you.


Cory Lendega, Oilers will treat whomever They face as if they're Calgary, the pesky flames. So wait, the oilers will beat them? Is that what you're saying? Cassie said, Having difficulties with gifts from my friend Alex's account, but then you gifted 30 memberships from your friend Alex's account. So thank you very much. You're amazing and incredible. You're the best. Raza said, Pro New York rangers media going to roast this team tomorrow. The pro rangers media is going to roast who? The rangers tomorrow? Here's the thing. They haven't played well. Okay, it's funny.


I haven't had this problem.


Last year with the Leaps, for example, They finally won a series. We're all happy they won a series. They lose in the second round to Florida. Now, they lose in seven games, in a tight seven-game series to Florida. I don't know if anyone loses their job. I don't know if anyone's grumpy about it. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. You finally went around. You ran into a really good team that ended up in the Stanley Cup final, blah, blah, blah, blah, They got killed. The leaves got freaking killed. I know, what was it, two or three of those games went to overtime? You lost in five. Boo. You got your butt kicked in two games at home to start the series. You lose an overtime in game three. You win game four. You lose an overtime in game five. You went winless at home. Boo and yuck. So I was thinking about, how do you handle it if your team loses in the conference final. There are a number of players on the Rangers who look like crap in this series. Panera looks like crap. He does not look good. Zbana Jad, it's not always working out for him.


I like his game. Kreider, it's not always working out for him. I like his game. Even Fox, I thought, would be a bit more special than this. Truba has been terrible. Keandre Miller has been up and down. I've He liked his game tonight. Shesterken has obviously been incredible. If you were to get eliminated, if the Rangers were to get eliminated tonight, which they haven't been, they're only down a goal heading into the third, but They're only down a goal. How do you talk about a team that not only loses in the conference final, but they've lost in the conference final for the second time in three years? The The Rangers were really disappointing last year and how they blew that series against the Devils. It almost makes you forget, though. It made me forget that the Rangers were in the conference final against Tampa and gave them a real run for their money in 2022? That's a great question from producer Drew. Would you rather be the Rangers right now, assuming they lose, or Or would you rather be Carolina, who lost to the Rangers this year, and they got swept in the conference final last year?


You know what I mean? I just feel like the Rangers are in a much better position. And we know they're built pretty well, because if I'm not mistaken, that was Gerard Galant behind the bench for the Rangers. So you've been able to make the final four in the NHL with two different coaches in the last three years. So I know you want to win the Cup. I know some guys have been disappointing. Hopefully, people don't overreact. Drew's making fun of Adam for saying that the President's trophy is harder to win than the Stanley Cup. Winning the President's trophy is hard. It is. The problem is I feel like a league title in soccer, it's looked at differently as the President's trophy because it is different. It's something that you seek to win. You seek to win the league. You don't seek to win the President's trophy. No team is out there going, Oh, I really hope we win the President's It says here, after 40 minutes, the Rangers have 54 shot attempts to the Panthers 43, which is hard to believe. It just shows you how many shots are missing wide, being blocked, and everything.


Shout out, Cassie. Promise made and promise kept. I think individuals are going to get hammered.


Right now on the broadcast, they're showing an Artemi Panarin pack, and it is not flattering.


He looks frigging terrible. He looks awful. Most ozone possession in this series, apparently it's him, which is shocking. He's doing nothing with the fuck. Pan Panthers are outscoring the Rangers 6-2 in the third period in the Eastern Conference final. I don't think that matters. I think this game, this period is all there is. Rangers Series, Rancher season on the line. Truba goes for an individual effort. He has picked off. Rodriguez waiting for reinforcements to arrive. They do in the form of Sam Mennet. Goes around for the wrap-around. Rebound. Shesterken sticks out the leg and stops it. Panarin zigzagging. Matthew Kuchuk tries to hit him, misses him. Panarin tries to dangle around, doesn't work. Lafrenier, who's had a quiet night with the puck, Zbana Jad attacking.


Reinhardt Just wide of the Panthers net for Lindell. Verhege. To the point for the Panthers. Shot stopped by Shesterken. Pretty exciting first minute of this third period here in game six.


Panthers up 1-0. Wow. So I was making fun of that individual effort from Truba. If Montor doesn't dive to poke it, that's a takeaway. Gt says, L-O-L. Got a lot of people looking at the map. As a pilot, this pleases me. Always listen to the pot of my trips. Hopefully not too distracted. Thanks, Sdpn. Ps, not a leaves fan, but waiting for the LFR. Steve gets to lose it over a cup win. Brother, me too. That was a good play from Forzling to knock the buck away from Kreider in the offensive zone. Here's Lindell. God, he's been a nightmare, a two-way nightmare. I can't believe there was even a rumor that the Panthers would try to trade him. I saw it around the trade deadline. I never believed it for a second. I highly doubt it was real. Ekman Larson puts it on, shot by Sterken, rebound. Oh, what a save. The Rangers stay alive because of that man in net for the red, white, and blue, Wendberg gains center and dumps it in. It's fine to just get out of trouble, but there's only 18 minutes to save your season. Wow, wow, wow. My By the way, if you want to gift memberships and you don't see the option to do it, that's an iPhone problem.


You got to do it from desktop.


I had the same problem.


Cassie, you don't need to know.


I just want to shout out Alex, by the way. Haven't had a computer and have been gifting through my account via Alex all around. True co-leader of the Cassie clan. Let's get Cassie clan going in the chat. Taro says, Shester King. Yeah, no, that was ridiculous. And the Panthers All of a sudden, a little frustrated. Oh, Bennett! Forgot how to feet for a second there. Panthers dumping in. Weird bounce along the boards. It died there. Barkley Goodro turns it over to Rodriguez. Shesterken riskily plays it. Is that ice? No, it's not. Montor gets it behind the Panthers net. I think Shesterken's generally pretty good at playing the puck, but man, it makes my heart rate go up. Lafrenier battling for the puck with Reinhardt and Verhege, Eric Gustafsson in to help, just pool cueing. That was the gentlest four-man puck battle we've seen all series. Truba gets it out. That's a good play. Here come the Rangers with numbers. Shot. That was not by Bobrowski. That was Panarin with the shot. What a move from Panarin. On. Gloved by Shesterken. That would have been an incredible play. 16:29 to go in the third period. And all of a sudden, Bobrowski, who we haven't had to talk about very much, it's all eyes on him.


That was a good play from Truba.


1700 are you watching right now? Hello, Steve Dangle here. Welcome to Sdpn. Click like, we're only at 700 likes, and I don't like that.


Rodzinski loses the draw. Panthers stopped in the corner by Cooley.


Panthers killing the clock along the boards. Here comes Kulikow around the boards.


Akposo, and Lawrence is going to give chase.


I think he's going to be first on this. Adam Fox is going to have to contain him. Another board battle. I think the Panthers are going to be doing a lot of that. Puck escapes Fox. It's going to be Fox on Stenland. This is exhausting, exhausting, heavy hockey from the Panthers. Stenland knocks Fox to the ice. By the way, I think it's going to be probably murder, maybe manslaughter. We'll get you a call here in the third period of an elimination game. Justerky, now to the net to play it. Oh, Wendberg knocked to the ice by Tarasenko. Tarasenko going for his second cup.


Here come the Rangers with numbers against Zbana Jad. Wendberg rocked by Montor.


Panthers counterattack. What a hit. Tarasenko driving wide in front. Where's the buck? In the corner now. Nikola Jokić says, Samsonov could take some lessons from Shesturkin. Yeah. Understatement of the century.


Over five minutes gone here in the third period. That's a pretty obvious trip there in the neutral zone on Trochek. Oh, dear.


One of the linesmen is down on the ice. They stopped the play. I thought it was to call a not only on Trochek. Uh-oh. And he hasn't moved. What happened? Devinberg? Oh, dear. And there's a trainer out the ice. What happened? Puck must have hit him or something. He's curled in a ball holding his head. This is going to be fascinating. Are they going to have to play one official shy here? Yeah, one of the refs takes over linesman duties. No, I know it's happened before. It's just he gets back to his feet. Is he going to stay in the game?


What happened?


Oh, I think Rodriguez hit him in the pills. Okay, probably, yeah, I don't think it was his nuts. I think he got him inside of the leg.


Yeah, that's got to hurt. You know, I'm amazed these guys don't play with more protection, dude. Well, play.


Staying in the game. I love that. I love that. You won't see me clap for the stripes too often. I love that. Staying in the game in the playoffs. Atta boy. I love that. No, I love that. Face off just outside the ranger zone. Panthers win it clean. What movement. As they dump it into the corner. Shester can pool cues it away from his own guy because he wasn't doing anything with it. Lindell.


That goes up in the air. Panthers, wham from the point. Up and over.


Schneider tries to break out. Goodro gets it deep. Hiedel and Cacko giving chase. Schneider puts it on. You know what? I like this line. I don't know why Laviel is not using it more. Miller, Goodro chasing after it. Goodro leaving his fourth-line duties. He's too important to this ranger's team. Linngren throws it on. Blocked. Fox. Thought he would have shot that. Kako does deflection. Stop by Bob. Under 14 minutes to go on. Rangers had a man in front. Doesn't get to him. I think that was Fox for some reason. Barkov is going to get a break. Break away. Sasha Barkov. He had Panarin on him, and he wasn't able to get a shot off. Panarin getting better as this game It goes. Fox up the ice for guess who? Panarin attacking Ekblad. Ekblad uses Forzling. Rangers won't let him break out. Kevin B. Exet was saying it intermission. The Panthers can't play with fire here. Lafrenier to Truba, back to Laff. Laff drops it off for Eric Gustafsson, who gets it back to Truba. I think he's going to gain center and dump it. You bet. Kreider after it. Gustafsson gets it on. Lafrenier in front to Kreider, who loses the handle and doesn't get the shot.


Why doesn't Truba try How did he hold the line there? And we get a whistle. I'm not sure what it was. Was that Drew? He passed it towards him and everything. I'm not wrong, right? Truba looks just terrible. And we're going to get a TV time out here. That was a crazy hit from Montour on Wendberg. Producer Drew says, Name a Worst, Captain. Here's the thing. I didn't know Truba was this bad. I mean, he was a bit of a strange choice for a ranger's captain, but I never knew him as a liability. Did I miss one from Justin Fisher? Oh, no, I didn't. Flynn says, Correct me if I'm wrong. I think it was one of your trade trees. Wasn't the fourth round pick that became Shisterken once belonged to the Sabers? I don't remember if it belonged to the Sabers. I want to say it belonged to the Capitals. The pick the Rangers got to draft Shesterken was definitely traded to them. I know that. That's 100% for sure. Zadine Magic. I said, It's going to be murder or manslaughter that gets called in the third period. And he says, Or hooking. They seem to be calling that a lot in these playoffs.


Fair enough. That's hilarious. New York Mapleiefs, with their playoff scoring lately, says Deatheater 91. Dude, it does. I hate to make everything about the leaves, but the Dump and Don't Chase does remind me a lot about the leaves and Bruin series. The Squid. Are you saying Truba is a peach? No, I'm kidding. I don't know when the peach emoji became the universal symbol for ass, but it is. Echos of Moreno. Who is the leaf's version of Truba?


Dude who gets away with everything? Nobody. Speaking of true, but there he is in the corner against Barcov and Verhege. Wendberg, can't get to it. It's Abadjad racing for it. No icing. Forzling gets there first.


Barcov being hounded.


Rangers hold the zone just briefly. Panthers use the air. Yeah, producer Drew says, What's the point of even having officials if you're only going to get one penalty each?


I mean, it seemed pretty obvious they're trying to get them out of the way early, too.


Like, this always happens.


I don't know what the point is.


Bennett driving the net.


Wow, I thought he was going around. That's why it caught me off guard. I think the Rangers did, too. Lafineer way up the ice. Rangers trying to stretch it out. Trochek behind the net for Panarin. Trochek, by the way, has been such an important player for the Rangers, and it just feels like the Panthers have neutralized him more and more and more as this series has gone. Ranger is not able to hold the zone there. It's a Mario time. Andy Green was always a captain. I didn't understand. Granted, I wasn't watching the Devils. Kulikov, stripped to the buck by Kako. Trochek, Jack. Can't get it on. Chipped out by the Panthers. Lusterinen takes it off Keandre Miller. Lindell. Oh, we got a goal! Tarasenko. With the one-timer.


10:52 to go in the third period. And on their 30th shot of the game, the Panthers take the two-nothing lead.


Does that punch their ticket to their second consecutive Stanley Cup final? We will see. Wow, wow, wow. A play started by Antoine Lindell, no surprise. Lusterinen cleans out Keandre Miller, standing stuck still. Braden Schneider has to pick up Tarasynco full ice here. No one's got him. No one's got him. You'd like a little more help from Hiedel there. And Tarasenko looks to go to the Stanley Cup final for the second time in his career, his third of the playoffs. The former ranger might have just finished off the rangers. Ten and a half minutes to go here in the third. Cooley. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Robbie Thomas had still missed Vlad in St. Louis. Sad he got traded. And Raza, too early for Rangers to pull their goalie? Yeah, just a bit. Man, Shesterken almost made a crazy save there, too. Greg Stein, SDP, VIP. Let's go. Look at the body language on the rangers' bench. Awful. Again. Guys, you're not dead.


The rangers way too routinely look like this.


They just look dead. What do the Panthers do to teams, dude? Adam Fox, skating with it.


It's one on five. Where are his teammates? Where's the support? Where's anything?


Fox holds the line. Loses it. Lingerin's got to recover. Tries to skate away from trouble. Constant, constant pressure from the Panthers. Lingerin to Schneider. Nice move. Chips it in for himself. He goes skating after it. Panarin. No. Here comes the Panthers on the counter attack. It's the K'Chuck line.


This is probably the least dominant they've looked that line, all series, and they're still doing pretty well.


Nice pass to Trochek. Again, where's the support? Where's the support? It arrives. Lafrenier behind the net. Panthers. Lafrenier puts it on, doesn't make its way to the net. Panthers airmail it. 8:40. 40 to go in the third period. Lafrenier gains the zone again, brings it around. Bobrowski stops it. Oh, that was ill-advised. Shot. Truba. Oh, just missed wide. That didn't miss by much. And the Rangers can't hold the zone. Line change. Truba dumps it. That was an ill-advised play of the buck. Big hit there from the Rangers. Tarasenko. Gaines center, dumps it. Shesterken stops it. Ocposo into his own corner to play it.


Hiedel pressuring.


All Rangers just hold the line there. No. Panthers say, Out of here. They're the craziest bouncer in the NHL. Everyone focuses on, Oh, yeah, let's get a big, bruising net front guy. The Panthers are like, What if you just never get to our net front? What about that? What about if we just completely suffocate you and squeeze the life out of your body before you even get to our zone? Rangers dump it. Rangers ice it. Fuck goes all the way down to the other end of the ice, and Fox is losing his mind. Apparently, Apparently, the Vegas oddsmakers have basically given up on the Rangers. You have to bet, what is it? $150 on the Panthers to win a dollar? Wow. Oh, my God. Verhege, driven wide by Fox. The Rangers look exhausted. Kreider, after it, uses his butt, gets it out of the zone, but you need possession. You need two goals. The Panthers are nightmarish. Blue Line to Blue Line. Reinhardt, stop Shesterken. That'll be a face-off in the Rangers zone, which is the exact opposite of where the Rangers need it to be, baby. Oh, Truba really did not miss by much there on that Babrowski giveaway.


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If you know, you know. Wow, that goal from Tarasenko, his first point in eight games.


Hey, Louis Elliott gifted 10 S2PN memberships.


Let's go, Louis.


Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis. 6:45 to go in the third period. Panthers out shooting the Rangers, 32 shots on goal to 20.


Hiedel's dumping attempt is deflected into the stands, so we will get a face-off.


The Rangers just look miserable and defeated, dude. Producer Drew asking, How early do they pull him? I mean, if the Rangers are going to play like this, I'm not sure it matters. Honestly, you might be looking at five minutes to go here.


That's how bad they've been.


Northeast Outrider, Fox looked like he pissed his pants. Damn. And Jean Saumard, As a 2000s rap guy, did you listen to M&M's new single? No, not yet. I've been the Kendrick Lamar anthology of Drake diss tracks has me in a chokehold. Sam Bennett, here he comes. What a move. Gets around Gustafsson, but can't get the shot off. He goes one on three on the Rangers, and damn near does the thing. Lafrenier dumps it in. Whoa, Dave Glatz, gifted 50 SDPN memberships.


I'm trying to think of what he could be called.


The Glatz Ratz. The Glizzy Glatz. Let's go with Glizzie Glatz. It's way better, Drew. 5:58 to go in the third period. We get a whistle. Is that all that's left in the New York Rangers' season? 5:58. To go in the third period. Osha Sterken hit Evan Rodriguez. He initiated contact. Man, the Florida Panthers, they just get in your walls, dude. They get in your head. Rodriguez wasn't even a Panther last year, was he? He just fit into that culture perfectly. Zabana Jad versus Barcov. Reinger struggling to get the buck. You got to get it out of your zone, and you got to do it with possession. And that's the man to do it, Mika Zabana Jad and Chris Kreider. Put it on, Bobrowski, who can't handle it. But Panthers glassing out. 5:40 to go in the third. Verhege.


God, the Panthers, they just don't give you an inch.


Jared P, is this the first six-game sweep you've seen? Yeah, how many games in this series can you say the Rangers were the better team in? The answer might be zero. Oh, my God. The Puck hit no one when it should have hit six people. Truba with it now. Just over five minutes to go. Tipped in. Schneider, whoa, steps up into his man. But here comes Lusterine, and this duo of Lusterine and Lindell has been a nightmare. I am birds. It says, Rangers look absolutely cooked right now. You're not lying. They got 4:42 to score two. One's not going to be enough, but it starts with one.


So how do they do it? Evan Rodriguez chasing after Braden Schneider.


Trochek loses the fuck in his feet. Panthers say, Get out of here.


Here comes Panarin, turns the fuck over. Get out of here. Rangers have Two shots in this period?


Yeah, they're cooked. That's crazy.


Bennett in front. Reinhardt can't get the shot off.


Dave Glatz, I'm in your walls, Steve. Love you, buddy. Love you, too. Let's go with the Glizzie Glatz. Let's go Glizzie Glatz. Gustoveson, attacking and dumping under four minutes to go here in the third.




Does Fox get it? He does.


Panthers fans are chanting, Igor. It's weird that that's the first time I've heard them taunt him, and it's with four minutes to go.


Adam Fox in the corner. The ranger is not even getting a shot at attempt. What was that from Eric Gustoveson? Completely blows possession, and that's going to cost them very valuable time. Panarin attacking one on four, waiting for reinforcements. They arrive. All in front. Stop up, Abrowski. Keandre Miller, Philip Heedle, Come on. Doesn't get through blocked. Three minutes to go in the third. Panthers glassing out. How is Shester not on the bench right now? Surely next possession, that's what happens. Truba puts it in deep.


Not nearly enough pressure. They lose the zone. They just look awful.


2:40 to go in the third. You got to pull Igor, dude. You got to pull him. Pressure, pressure, pressure.


Zbana Jad with pressure. Good, good, good. Truba. On. Blocked. Rangers, hold the line. Shesterken is out. One-timer from Zbanajad. Fans on it. Shot on. Wide of the net. Truba. Now the Rangers look like they got a little bit of life. Yandri Miller holding the line. Panthers get it out. Is this going to be ice? Yes, it is. With 2:07 to go in the third period, the Panthers have 2 minutes and 7 seconds to score two goals here. Oh, Hiedel was robbed by the toe of Bobrowski there. Jamie Reid, I know they do it.


Shut out. Panthers, shut out. Don't blame me. It was Jamie. I feel like that's only a broadcaster thing. If streamers do it, it's fine. Trochek, face off. Can't get it. Oh, the Rangers come up with it, though.




Stop by Bob.


Kreider, around for Panarin, who's looked better as this game has gone.


Panarin, along the boards here. Fox, Ranges holds it. One Timer from Zbanajad, and his stick snaps in half. Rangers hold the line, though. Panarin, shot, scores. Artemi Panarin. Just a Fisher, pay up, buddy. And the The Rangers are within one with a minute 39 to go in the third period, and a hush falls on the crowd in sunrise, thinking they We're approaching sunset of this series. Can the Rangers get another one? What a snipe from Artemi Panarin showing up when the Rangers needed him most. That was a crazy keep at the blue line after Panarin, after Zbanajad's stick snapped. Oh, baby.


A minute 40 to go in the third. Fisher gifted 10 SDPN memberships. This is the first time I've gotten both. Time out for the New York Rangers.


100 seconds is what's going to decide this series. 100 seconds remaining in this third period. Dave Glatz, I want my disciples like Cassie, but I'll never be as good.


Stiff competition. J. W. Steve, you are our broadcaster.


Hey, while the Rangers are taking the time out here, we have 944 likes. There's over 2000 yet. Let's get to over 1,000 likes because it'll make me feel good and happy. Wow, wow, wow. Shesterken back in the net.


High out of the net. Trochek tries to win that puck back, and he does.


Rangers bring it back.


You got to head to the bench, dude. You got to go. You got to go. You got to go. You got to go. Get out of here. Panarin does a great job getting the fuck off Forzling there. Kreider behind the net. Panarin. Zbana Jad. To the point. Fox. Fines, I believe Panarin. Fox is a bandage add on. Stop by Bob. Panthers get it out. Reinhardt trying to take the scenic route. Reinders get it off him. Fox, around 43 seconds to go. Fox, can he hold the line? No. 30 seconds to go. Zabanajad chasing after it being chased by Matthew Kuchuk. Zabanajad off the boards, way up the ice. Montour chips it out. 18 seconds to go. Rangers.


Under 15 seconds to tie it, or their season is over. Panthers get rid of it. 10. Zbanajad, only man back. Five, four, three, two, one. And for the second consecutive year, the Florida Panthers win the Eastern Conference and punch their ticket to back to back Stanley Cup finals. Last year, the Panthers were defeated by the Vegas Golden Nights, and this year in 2024, they look to finish the job. Jpicks says, Rangers will score two goals in 63 seconds. Not so much. Jgz1 Florida team wins last five Eastern Conference finals, four of five versus New York teams. Yo, that's what? That's crazy because it's Tampa, Tampa, Tampa, Florida, Florida against the Islanders, Islanders, Rangers, Rangers. Oh, my God, you're right. Shester can be in consoled. Producer Drew asking if I want to stay on for handshakes. Might as well. And the presentation of the Princess of Wales trophy. Is that the trophy? Princess Princess of Wales. I thought it was Princess. No? Okay. I don't know. Jared P. The state of Florida owns hockey, owns the Eastern Conference. Five straight. Bow down. It's crazy. It is Prince of Wales. I'm sorry. Paul Maurice exchanging an extended exchange with Truba.


Matthew Kuchuk last year said, We're not the type of team to care about superstitions. That's why we touched it. So they touched the trophy. Let's see if they do it again this year. I think they might break tradition. I agree with Drew. I think you got to do the opposite. You probably... Vegas might still win the Cup last year, but they got their show run, and a big reason for that is the broken sternum of Matthew K'Chuck. Sorry about the Jings Panthers fans. That's from Jamie Reid. Oh, yeah, it worked. Saying, Shut up. I forgot about that. And Paula Bellen, Kyla Pozo to the final. That is a really underratedly great story, you're right, because his career looked over. And he gets the trade to the Panthers, gets in the lineup with the Panthers, and here he is going to what I believe is his first ever Stanley Cup final. Paul Maurice Shaking hands with Peter Laviolette. Paul takes the conference champion hat. Didn't seem to give a rat's ass about it, no pun intended. Chris Kreider still on the ice. Keandre Miller. A lot of these Rangers have been eliminated in the conference final more than once.


Some of them have even been to the Stanley Cup final and lost. What was that, Drew? Is this... Oh, that's a great point. Yeah, does Blake Wheeler retire? I think someone probably gives him a chance. To me, Blake Wheeler has enough clout in the NHL that he could probably find another job if he wanted one. And my guess is he wants one. Would you want to go out on the terms that he did? You barely played this NHL season because of injury. You play one game in the playoffs, and you take a penalty that costs your team the game in overtime. I don't know. Darius Serrano. You know what's going to be so annoying? So annoying? When the Panthers win the Cup, some YouTube hockey reactor. See, that sounds like something I would say. When did I say it? Probably after they eliminated the Leaps. Belgos, Hope Panthers win. They're the only team left without a cup. Got oilers, stars. Yeah, you're right. That's crazy. That's crazy, you're right. You're right. Yeah, producer Drew with a great point. The Panthers have been to the Cup final twice. They have one win in nine Stanley Cup final games.


They got swept by Colorado in 1996, and they lost in five to Vegas last year. Yeah, sorry.


So you think Edmonton is a better matchup for Florida or Dallas?


Edmonton because they're not as deep, but Dallas is the same team as you. There are similarities. I see it. I mean, Florida is stupid defensively. Let's see what Barkoff, K'Chuck, Lundell, Montour, Reinhardt. Oh, it's the whole team. I thought it was the leadership group. I don't think they're touching it. Drew says he thinks K'Chuck said, Don't effing touch it. They're not touching it. Yeah, they're not touching it. They're bringing out all their training staff for the photo, too, and everything. I love that. Yeah, not only are they not touching it, they're not even really getting anywhere near We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. We want the cup. Big win for the Florida Panthers, and that's hilarious. You know what? The superstition of touching the cup has died in recent years. But if any team has a reason to be superstitious about it, it's the Florida Panthers, who won the thing last year and then lost in the Cup final after touching it.


When they were going over the bench, Paul Maurice grabbed Sasha Barkoff and he goes, Don't you touch it? Yeah. Drew just said, Can you imagine if one of them tripped and fell?


I thought Ocposa was going in to hug the thing. Wow, wow, wow. The Panthers back to back, Stanley Cup Finals. Last year, they lose in five to Vegas. This year, they look to finish the job. Rob. Shout out to everybody, by the way. We didn't get to 500 members, so I'm not going to use Adam's foot as a microphone, but we got to 1139 likes, which is wonderful. Thank you so much. And also 244 new members. Dave Glatz said, Did Steve miss my chat? It's possible. I'll go up and look. Jordan Saylor, I'm no Panthers fan, but I want that hat. Hell, yeah. Oh, Dave Glatz. How many to get the grippers? Five hundred.


Five hundred new members in the same chat, same night.


Why did you ask Dave. Why did you ask? We need 256. There's no way. Should we end the stream? Yeah, now we got to give it a minute to see what he does. Matthew Kuchuk is given an interview. There's a dude with no shirt in the distance behind him, and it's really distracting. Yeah, producer They were saying, Must be nice to live in Florida and watch hockey. There was a guy right behind one of the benches with a tank top. I feel like that'd be cold. I know you're in Florida, but you're in an arena. It's frigging freezing in there, dude. Cassie, you don't need to know the Sorry, the penguins didn't touch it in '08 and lost. Touched it in '09, '16, and '17, and won. Let's see what happens this year after they touched it last year. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Taylor said, Do a 24-hour stream. It's something I would like to do one day, but not now. Yeah, you can't do it solo. I mean, you could try. Florida is way healthier this year. That's from Echos and Moreno. You're absolutely right. Big key. I feel like all the teams remaining, well, no longer the Rangers, are healthier than they usually are.


Who's hurt on Dallas? I know they got... Tanev's playing hurt, but he's playing. Hints is probably playing hurt, but he's playing. Who's out of the lineup for Dallas? I'm trying to think. Edmonton. Henrique is probably playing hurt, but he's playing. Who's out of the lineup for Edmonton? They're pretty healthy. Who's out of the lineup for Florida? There's probably guys playing hurt, but they're pretty healthy compared to what they usually are. Like, compare that to the... I mean, the team that is the poster child of this is the 2011 Canucks, who used 13 defensemen. Like, a lot of teams don't go through 13 defensemen in a season. The Knucks went through 13 defensemen in a cup run. That's crazy. Arismix, Hawks didn't touch it after any of their cups. People don't touch the cup or the conference trophy. Sid broke the superstition, and K'Chuck brought it back. Drew, what do you think?


We done?


We're going to wrap it. I will be back for the Stanley Cup final. I will be streaming every game of the Stanley Cup final and doing my cup check. Steve series, LFR-style videos after every single Stanley Cup final game. Tomorrow night, Sunday night, Adam Wild will be right here on this YouTube channel, streaming his reaction to Game 6 of the Dallas stars taking on the Edmonton Oilers. Last one before I go. Fast CSX. Who takes over the final after the West is over? Do you guys stream together Or is it just going to be one of you? I think it's just going to be me, but Jessie still has his once in 67 streams. I think Adam and I might join him for that. Maybe we'll get Adam and Jesse to join me. I don't know. I don't Yeah, a cup-winning game. Maybe we'll get all three of us. I don't know. I haven't decided yet. But for now, that is it for this one. Thank you very much for watching this stream. Click like if you like this stream. Click subscribe If you really like to tell all your friends, Adam Wild with Game 6 of the Western Conference final tomorrow, and Florida punched their ticket to the Stanley Cup final, and then there were three..