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Yes. Yes. Yes. This is it.


This is literally it. You win the Stanley Cup if you win this series.


That's how it works.


Who wants it? I asked a question, who wants it?


Who wants it? Hi.


I knocked over my brand new microphone. That's going to happen a few times. Got to get used to that. I'm Steve Dangle here on the SDPN YouTube channel. It's okay. That would have set my last microphone on fire. So we already know this one's durable. I'm Steve Dangle here on the SDPN YouTube channel. Hi. We're going to be streaming my little watch along to each and every game in the Stanley Cup final between the Edmonton Oilers and the Florida Panthers. Oh, they got Phil Collins on CBC or whoever's airing this game.


Ron McClane talking over Phil Collins. Who's not jacked about this? It's going to go four games.


If you ask Drew, he actually just said that before we started. I couldn't believe it. Or five, six. Could your heart handle seven?


Could your heart handle seven?


Well, this is one. Game one of the Stanley Cup final. Click like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends. We already got Kyle Wilson, Renegate CF, and Ketrevis, who is a new member of this channel. And I will talk to you about that in a moment. But first, I need to tell you about Summon.


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Steve, I don't want to type.


You don't have to. You don't have to, you silly goose.


Cool man, Lanny, said, Steve, how was your day?


Thank you. I'm glad you asked. It was good. I went to a kid's birthday party. The great thing about a kid's birthday party is there's lots of good things for adults there. If you are an immature and a little bit overweight adult, like myself, they had pizza. I love pizza. They had samosas, which I've never seen at a kid's birthday party, but I really appreciated it. And jelly beans and cake. Dude, I like all those things. Those are things that we just assume are for kids. What if I like cake? Oh, producer Drew saying, Because my son's fourth birthday is coming up rather soon. He goes, I better see samosas at Leo's party. You know what? You know what? Yeah, why don't you bring them, Drew? You should bring them. Hey, you want to become a member of this channel? You see some people become a member. Super chats are a big thing. I'll tell you about all of it. So there's a million comments. You see them. I cannot read them all. I'm going to be watching the game. I'm looking at Kyle Bukowski Lucas is gorgeous. Just skeletal structure right now.


He's just a gorgeous man.


I'm looking at him right now. I got to watch that. Let me just turn up my own volume. Got to watch that. But to narrow it down a little bit, if you send a super chat, I'll be reading those. I can't guarantee that I'll be reading all of them because sometimes even that becomes too much, but it greatly increases the chances. Now, to become a member of this channel. Well, what does that mean? What does that do? Well, you get access to cool emojis in the chat. We like that. Your name is green in the chat, so I can tell you're a member. We I like that. But here's the most important part. If you become an SDP VIP, that means you become the... Oh, my God. Steve, can you tell I was up early today and I was at a kid's birthday party all day? If you become a member of this YouTube channel, if you become an SDP VIP, you get access to our VIP episode every week. Steve, what does that mean? Every week, we do three episodes of the Steve Dangle podcast, usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Sometimes we change it up a little bit.


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Big brain on Drew. In game one, I'm going to go with the team that I think is going to win this series, the Florida Panthers. Drew's got that on betgrw. Com. How much is that going to get you if you nail it? Yeah, the game... Oh, it's the game in the over? 25 wins you. 80. I'll take I'll take that.


I want 80 bucks.


EV says, Where are all the kids? Wait, where there are kids? There are moms. Yes, there were moms at the kids' birthday party. Also, at least one dad. It was actually the kids' dad and me. That was the only two dads.


John Acosta, who is the Florida Panthers' Anthem singer. Let's go, cats, and let's go, gripper nation.


John, aren't you about to sing the National Anthem? John Acosta is one of the Anthem singers for the Florida Panthers, and he's always active in these chats. So the fact that his team is in the Stanley Cup final back to back years is crazy. John Monk just became an SDP VIP ad free. Let's go. And trash production has been waiting most of my life for this. Go, oilers. God.


What is it like?


Just lay it on me. Any Panthers or Oilers fan in this chat, what is it like to have the team that you love most competing for the Stanley Cup in the Stanley Cup final? Yeah, producer Drew goes, How fast would you buy that Stanley Cup final patch for your Jersey? It's lightning. I would wait until the final horn because Because I'd be worried that I would jinks them and they'd blow the lead or whatever. But, oh, God, I'd have that patch so fast. So fast. I'd draw my own if they ran out of them. I don't even care. Canada's Finest. Steve, give us a hot take for tonight's game. Neither team will score a power play goal, which is actually, believe it or not, a hot take. Steve, weird question. How did you fix your back? That is a weird question, but I've been seeing a trainer. I was seeing him in person once a week, and then COVID happened, and we continued our sessions over FaceTime, and he moved even further away, but it had no impact because I see him over FaceTime. So I work with the trainer once a week, but I think what's also important is I do a five-minute routine every morning.


Everything. Pelvic tilt stuff, glute bridge. I do banded walk sometimes. What else do I do? Dead Bug is really good for you. If you look up Dr. Katie Claire on Instagram. There's lots of meat heads on Instagram and lots of people who sell snake oil. She's really good. If you make yourself a little three to five minute routine and be disciplined about it and do it every morning, you give yourself shot at being comfortable. Trash Productions. What's it like to have a team in the Stanley Cup final? Whatever happens, I might cry. That's fair. It was deleted, but Duke DingDong said, Fart, fart, fart, fart, fart, They're announcing all the players. I feel like it might be annoying to sit behind the guy who's glowing. All these guys have a final patch on their jerseys. God, it looks hot. Producer Drew said, Since the year 2000, Only two players have scored 15 goals in a single payoff. They are Sydney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. Zack Hyman needs just one more goal to tie them. If If he gets two, he'll have the most in this millennium. Arrest Kyle Dubas. Paul Douglas, Neylander 10-team, no trade clause before July first, no trade clause kick It's in.


Paul, zero shot. I'd be completely shocked. I think for once, it's not about the leaves, but that's just me. Matthew Brown. I would never doubt Connor David, but this Florida Panthers team is probably... Oops, I need to extend the chat so I can read the whole thing. Is probably the most physical team in the NHL. This series will be an all-out war. Last year, the Panthers brutalized the Leaps. This year, watching their series against New York, I think we got to talk about the Florida Panthers a little differently. Yeah, they're violent. They're tough. We do not put enough of an emphasis on how good the Florida Panthers are at frigging hockey.


They rocked the New York Rangers.


I know it was a relatively tight series, relatively tight games. Excuse me while I tweet out the link for this. The Rangers were, even though they kept it tight, they were always the second best team in that series. The Panthers played defense as a team concept, better than As good as any Stanley Cup winner that I've had the pleasure to stream. I've done Tampa in 2021 when they won it, Colorado 2022, Vegas last year. All those teams were so complete, and the Panthers have the makings of those teams. Oh, they're bringing the Stanley Cup onto the ice. Did they do this last year? Paul Douglas said, former leafs in the finals. There are technically seven, I believe. Sam Kerrick and Jack Campbell are the two that everyone forgets, because Jack Campbell is almost for sure not going to play. And Sam Kerrick is a depth guy. Zack Hyman, Cody Ceeci, Connor Brown, Carter Verhege, and elusive Evan Rodriguez. On a technicality. Brandon Short, Steve. I'm a lifelong Panthers fan from Timmins, Ontario. Loved the logo as a kid, and Bobby Lou. Thank you for answering that in your comment because I was like, what? As a fan, there's nothing more I want than the cup.


But as a Canadian who loves McDavid, I know how important this is for Canada. You're being adorable right now. Just say you want the Panthers to win. No one will judge you.


Hey, it's John Acosta. Yo, you're kidding. So he's singing the anthem right now, and he sent us a super chat five minutes ago.


You're kidding. You legend, John. If he does this thing, by the way, it's a shout out to us in the chat. John, you legend. Zxbear26. How would you feel if Zack Hyman scores the Cup winner? Horrible. I'd feel really good for him, his family, his brothers, all four of them, his dad. I'm pointing them out because I've met them. Drew goes, Will he chirp the leaves like Cadry? No, I don't think so. I mean, Hyman already got it in there when he was asked about leaving Toronto. He's like, Well, it was an easy choice because basically, the leaves had no room. Hyman's not going to do that. I don't think it's his style. And that's not a chirp at Cadry. John Acosta, on camera, do it. Do it.


He didn't do it. Do it. He didn't do it. Son of a gun.


That's true. We didn't tell him to do it. Tim Roby show. Have you ever thought about doing any wrestling content on your podcast? I know you're a big fan, but not sure Mr. Gripper or GM of the Year. Yeah, Adam and Jessie aren't as big a wrestling fan as me. Oh, it's a two Anthem series. I forgot. So John Acosta did the Canadian Anthem, and Madison Watkins is doing the American Anthem. Listen, Oh, apparently there's a kid trying to look like a professional wrestler behind the bench. I didn't see that. I was looking down. Any sport or sports entertainment, which I guess wrestling would fall under, that you can think of, we have thought about doing. It's purely resources and manpower. We got a big platform. We got a really big channel, really big podcast. And I think sometimes people look at that, all the subscribers we have and everything, and they go, why aren't you doing more with this? And we're blessed to have that platform, this platform. But at the end of the day, we're only a handful of people, and we're made of flesh and bone, and there's only 24 hours in the day.


So have we thought about doing wrestling content? Yeah. Would I like to do wrestling content? Yeah. Do we have the resources to do that? Not right now. But I would like to one day. Definitely would. Brandon Montour is talking to himself. He's ready. Producer Drew is upset. Why don't we just put Puck Drop at 8:25? As someone who has a babysitter upstairs right now, I share your anger. Also, speaking of wrestling, Adam Copeland just texted me. He said, Hyman is dialed. And I responded, So dialed.


You know, Who is this?


Miami Dolphins' head coach, Mike McDaniel. Yeah, I recognize that guy. He's banging a big drum. Sometimes I think the Leifs don't know their fans because Hyman was probably, outside of Matthews, maybe Nylander, one of the most popular Leifs on the team, probably top three when he was here. It didn't matter how much he scored. People just freaking loved him. They're about to drop the buck. Adam Copeland said he, as in Zack Hyman, he's going to be huge. I have a feeling. And I think you're right. Bloody guy has 14 goals already. Zack Hyman has more playoff goals this year than Marner has in his career, by the way. Not to pick on Marner, it's It's just true. He has 11.


Hyman has 14, and the puck is dropped. Here we go.


Here we go. Mcdavid after the puck. This is my third series that I've streamed for the Oilers. I did the Battle of Alberta in 2022.


Oh, give away in front. Hyman. Wabrowski's swimming all over the place. Barcov takes it off Hyman. Oilers, get it back. They're battling behind the net. Mcdavid, looking for an outlet, gets it to the point.


Echhom, Bouchard, Echhom. Around Reinhardt, the Panthers are hemmed in already. Hyman.


Oh, break someone's Michiels. Hyman with the hands around. This is as good a first shift as you can hope for for the Edmondson oilers.


And the Panthers survive, it looks like. Carter Verhege with the buck now, but drysideal identifying and pressuring Michela gain center and dumps it. Wow, wow, wow. Now the Panthers try to answer back. Yeah. Anyway, this is my third oiler series. I did Battle of Alberta, their conference final against Colorado, and now this is number three. Florida, I did against the Leaps last year. I did the Cup final last year. And this is, yeah, my third for the Panthers as well. Oh, I'm an idiot. No, I did the Leifs. Yeah, sorry. This is my fourth.


I just did one for the... Sorry. I did the Panthers and Rangers.


What a dumb ass. Neutral zone, battling away. Oilers having their own end. Florida trying to pressure. It's in Deep.


But Brovsky out of his net to play it because he knew he had Luzerine in there.


Broberg in the lineup and on the back end for the Oilers. This is game one of the Stanley Cup final here on Sdpn. I'm Steve Dangle. Click like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends. Kyla Pozo out there, finally in his first shift in the Stanley Cup final.


Whoa. Steven Lawrence flying in there for a little reinforcement.


Attacking with speed is Ryan McLeod.


Whoa, Cory Perry knocked to the ice. Blasted. High. Lawrence throws a hit because he doesn't have a stick.


And now here comes Ocposo, gets it deep. Stenland thought about giving Chase instead opts for support. And it works.


He has the buck. Verhege in front.


Panthers' partial line change in there. I think Stendland just went for a change. Bouchard breaks it out for the oilers. Florida is still looking for their first shot on goal. Nearly too many men on the ice for Florida there. Icing against the oilers. Florida will go to the offensive zone. Matthew Brown says, The state of Florida just has remarkable hockey programs with the Panthers and Lightning. If you get drafted to either, you definitely won't be left wanting. You're right.


But, Matthew, I wonder, is that a He shot.


Oh, wow. Hyman hit Poverosky in the mask. Is that a shot at Zack Hyman? Because it was pointed out today that Hyman was actually drafted by the Panthers, something I forgot about. He wouldn't sign with them. And so the Leaps traded. I think it was like a seventh round pick or something, and Greg McKegg for him. Crazy trade. Barkov couldn't get the tuck. Bouchard on him in front.


Verhegy to the...


Oh, it goes all the way down the ice. Bobrowski, out of his net to play it. Behind the net. Ekblad off the half wall.


Here come the Panthers with some speed. Barcov, he's got Verhegy shoots. Scores. The first goal of the Stanley Cup final belongs to the Florida Panthers and Carter Berhege, a hair under four minutes in to the first period. What a play by the Florida Panthers. Let's get a look at how this all happened.


Iso camera on McDavid.


Late reaction, Barcov up the ice with speed. He hands It off along the boards, gets it back to Verhege, who was well ahead of his man. Ceecey back there. Hyman couldn't catch up to Verhege, and he beats Skinner. And welcome Welcome to the Stanley Cup final, Connor.


One-nothing Panthers. Yeah, people are referencing the Barcov-McDavid matchup. I mean, listen. What was it? 2022, the net's off, so they blew the whistle. 2022, September, October 2022, for the player media tour that was in Nevada, I asked a ton of players from around the NHL, like star players, who the most underrated player in the league is. Almost all of them said Barcov, which is hilarious because so many people think he's underrated, that he couldn't possibly be underrated because everyone thinks he's underrated.


But he still might legitimately be underrated.


Five on five in the first round, no goals from Nikita Kutrow while Barcov was on the ice. One goal from David Pasternack, and no goals from Otemy Panarin.


Oh, stuff from Bobrowski.


Oh, no rebound there for the Oilers. That could have been trouble. Broberg puts his team offside. Sorry. The story I was going to tell there is I got to talk to Morgan Reilly, and I said, Who's your most underrated player in the NHL? And he goes, Well, I assume everyone said Barkov, and I go, You assume correctly. And he goes, Well, in that case, I'm going to say Zack Hyman. And this is after Zack Hyman was no longer with the Leifs. So Live odds on BetGRW. What do we got, Drew? Florida is minus 322 already. And Edmonton is plus 186. I mean, it's the oilers. No game is ever over. Panthers with it. Mikola, stutter, step on, stop from Skinner, rebound. Oilers, clear it and just get it over the line. But here come the Panthers again. The relentless coolack around the boards. Evander Cane, dry Seydal. Yeah, the oilers, blue-line to blue-line. Sorry, rather the Panthers The blue line to blue line are crazy. Oilers, there's the potential that they get really frustrated here. The Rangers just seem too tired to be frustrated. Luzerinen puts it wide. Lundell with it. This third-line sneaky exhausting for the Panthers on, doesn't make its way through.


Here comes Connor Brown with speed.


Elusive move, tailed by Tarasenko. Three Panthers sworn him. The Panthers play like they have seven players on the ice at all times. It's crazy. They shovel it into the other zone, and that is going to be icing on the Florida Panthers. Darnell Ners goes back to... Whoa.


Oliver Ekman-Larson bleeding pretty profusely above the eyebrow.


What happened there? Oh, nailed into the boards by Adam Henrique, and he just goes eyebrow first. Oh, boy. Henrich hit some plane in the numbers.


Ref right there, didn't care.


Wow. Yeah, that's a bad non-call. That's two minutes for boarding, at least. Not at least. It's two minutes for boarding. Oh, McDavid, get your hand back, Vlad.


Stop by Bobrowski, the best player in the world's best opportunity So far, we're still less than six minutes in somehow. You know, it's funny.


I've had a week to think about this, and we've been talking about the Cup final, and what do you think? What do you think? What do you think? It wasn't until I sat down in this chair tonight that I actually had a feeling of giddiness. Like, oh, boy, I get to stream a series where Connor McDavid is playing. It's just such a treat. They just said he has 31 points in these playoffs. Are you stupid? 31 points? Unbelievable. What decade is this? 31 points. The Cup final just started. You're probably like, oh, Steve, Kutra beat that. Yeah, at the end. Also, wasn't that the bubble year? And so he had extra games? It's insane. Oylers having a little bit of trouble breaking it out here. Cc stumbled, but McLeod still has it. Around. Big hit from Montour.


Oylers, go for the wrap around.


It doesn't work. Tarasenko on the defensive end, beaten to the buck by Darnell Ners. Lindell behind the net. Fogel after it. Tarasenko, elusive maneuver to Michola, and the Panthers will get out, and he will throw it down the ice. The Panthers have just two shots on goal. Who cares? One of them went in. Stenland battling with Ners, two big fellows. I think they're both 6-5. Hyman, again, for the Panthers, defense starts at the other team's goal line. They defend so well at the other team's blue line. Here comes McDavid. Pass doesn't get through. Oilers throw it around. Nugent Hopkins smothered by Barcov Ekblad. Eiremaels it. This is going to be an interesting race. Oilers win it. Reinhardt dumps it in. Verhegy It took too long to get out of the zone, so the Panthers just have to go for a change here. And here comes Connor again.


Oh, Connor hit. Whoa. Huge hit. I didn't even see who that was. And that's going to be a penalty? Or is it a slash?


A tripping call? Paul Douglas says, Are you sure Jack Campbell didn't start? And congrats to Stanley Cup champion GM Jesse Blake. Absolutely.


Matias Echholme is going off.


What happened here?


Oh, my God. Oh, Okay, so Kyle Ocposo had the puck.


Echholme got into his... Was it his hands or between his legs? It was his legs? Okay, so Ocposo goes down. I mean, it's a penalty, but It's weak. Yeah, Drew nailed it. They're making up for missing the Ekman Larson one.




Twitter saying he toe-picked. It wasn't even a stick. Interesting. Maybe we'll get another look at the replay before we go back. Justin Fisher. This was 11 minutes ago, so I missed it. Want to play a game? Pick a player from each team. If either score tonight, 10 gift subs for the chat. I'm going to go with the guys that we said for our betgrw. Com bet, which were Matthew Kchuck and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Is it too late to say Carter Verhege? It shouldn't be. Click like, click subscribe. Tell your friends, oh, that's crispy. How are we all liking the new mic? Oh, it just makes me want to listen to my own voice now. It sounds real good, right?


Hey, here he is, Speedy V.


He was in every Panthers' Rancher stream, and at some point, he would say something to the effect of, Costco gravy is phenomenal. Best in class. Thank you, Speedy V. Oilers, the first penalty kill of the series, Barkov wins the face-off.




Not a great past to Montour, and now he's got to go. Panthers power play, 23.3 % in these playoffs, but the Oilers killing a preposterous 93.9 % of the penalties they have taken, or rather, power plays they have faced. Panthers were five for 19 in the East final against the Rangers. They ate them alive.


Barcov puts it on.


You know what's funny? I don't even know if five for 19 is that good. It's just a cheer for the least, and they stuck on the power play. Kuchuk puts it around for Barkov. Barkov earns the respect to Broberg there, maybe a little too respectful.


Barkov takes it to the net. Kachuk shovels it, doesn't get through. Verhege wax at it.


Barcov. Panthers ignoring the point here.


What a chance for Verhege to get a second of the game. I think he fanned on it, and Stuart Skinner makes the save. Still 59 seconds to go in this penalty kill for the Oilers.


Boy, that was close. Or did Ceece get a stick on it? Boy, that was close. 11:26 to go in the first period here. Yeah, producer Drew pointing out Cody Ceece on the top PK. Life is pain. Rodriguez to Forzling. Tarasenko with it, shadowed by Yanmark. He throws it behind him to Forzling. Forsling gets it over to Sam Bennett. Bennett. Oh, Rodriguez. Forzling, Rodriguez.


Forzling loses the buck, and they'll have to clear the zone.


Oyler's penalty kill was 14 for 14 in the West final. Crazy, crazy. Forzling tracks it down, holds the zone with 20 seconds to go in this power play. Rodriguez.


Oh, man, you had Tarasenko forever there.


Forzling on rather wide. Bennett lays the body on McCloud, rather lays the lumbar or carbon fiber. And the oilers kill this thing.


And out of the box comes Echholm, and he'll wait for reinforcements.


Oh, good play.




Oh, boy, he might be heading right back to the box. No, they're not going to call him. Mcdavid to Dreisaitl. Oilers loading up here. Post-penalty kill.


Bouchard on, stopped by Bobrowski.


We are now at the halfway mark of the first period of game one in the Stanley Cup final.


Bouchard, dryside. Mcdavid, cut off. Shot.


That goes wide. Bouchard, down low. Dry-sideal.




Doesn't get all of it. Wabrowski holds onto it for the whistle. Echosa Moreno says, Tampa peppered Florida. Oh, prepared Florida for the oilers, but no Vassalevski Here, they murdered the lightning, eh?


Yeah, they killed them.


Tampa is a really hard team to read because I mean, they're good. They're clearly good. They have that Championship DNA, but they've only won. Yeah, They're older, and they've only won three playoff games the last two years. It's crazy when you put it that way, right? Leaps beat them in six, and the Lightning beat them in... Or rather, see, I'm used to saying it. The Panthers beat them in five, I think, right? Or was it a sweep? Five. Yeah, no, they got one game. It was when Sergachev came back, wasn't it? The really hard Third team to read. Where are they at this stage in their journey?


We only got one new member here.


That makes me sad. You should become an SDP VIP. You got a frigging new episode, brand new episode of the Steve Dangle podcast every week. A fourth episode, that is. You Usually, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And then I believe Thursday night at midnight. So technically Friday morning, we usually release the brand new SDP VIP. And there's almost 2,300 people in here and 400 likes.


Let's get that like number up. It's free. Get it up there. Oh, Dukedingding. Gifted five SDPN memberships.


Thank you.


Because of you, five new people. What a save from Bob, our SDP VIPs for the next month.


Way to pay it forward.


Spread the love, Duke, ding, ding.


Dreisaitl, behind the net, shovels it to the point. Ekome to Bush. Bush on, gloved by Babrowski, 917 to go in the first period here. Shot 7-3 for the Oilers, but score is 1-0 for the Florida Panthers. The oilers have... Wait, was it the Knux? Or you're thinking about the stars?


Yeah, the oilers had 10 shots against the Dallas stars in an elimination game that they won somehow, and they've already got...


Oh, they knocked it back down to six. Whatever. There's still 9, 13 to go in the first period.


And Facemask.


That's what I'm going to call you because you never have a username. You're mysterious. Gifted 20 Sdpn memberships.


You, Beauty.


If you were gifted an Sdpn membership, please be sure to thank whoever gifted it to you. It should say who gifted it to you in the chat. Although Facemask FaceMask has no name. So just say, Thank you, FaceMask. Undercook the onion saying, Damn, because they weren't one of the ones gifted. It's random. You know what? You got to go into your settings under your YouTube account because you might not, under your settings, have it so that you can be gifted a membership. It's weird that you have to even put that in, but you do. But Rowski with a save. Rodriguez airmails it out. Matthew K'Chuck swatten at it. Here comes Sam Bennett trying to pick up speed here, drops it for Oliver Ekman-Larson. Bouncing around. The oilers block it, and now they will counter-attack with speed. Here comes McCloud, smothered by Luzeran. Really underrated player, him and Lindell. Just a nightmare duo. Modern shutdown line. Tarasenko I know it's a bit of an odd fit there, but it works. Speaking of which, Tarasenko drops it for Lindell. Can't beat Skinner there. Mikola has two sticks somehow.




Oilers break it out. Oh, my God. Panthers, they're just relentless. Montour, offside.


What? They're not calling that outside? Montour shoots. Stop by Skinner.


This is going to be fascinating if the Panthers score here. Ocposo, digging in the corner. Fogal. I just like saying his name. Oilers get it out.


And oh, boy, McDavid off to the races has to settle for getting the puck in the corner.


Panthers all over him. Montor airmails at Bouchard. That's a good question, Tim. I think I'm going to save it for a whistle, or maybe a commercial. I'll save it for a commercial. Remind me about Tim's good question. Sam Reinhardt, digging away.


Oh, boy. Panthers turning around at the blue line, just out of the reach of Sam Reinhardt.


6, 4, 7 to go in the first period. Rennie Munn said, I'm just waiting for the Sam Bennett German suplex. It's coming. It's coming. Puck out of the reach of Bouchard. K'chuck.


Oh, boy. Unfortunate bounce.


And unfortunate bounce is going both ways right now. Holy cow. Puck is everywhere. Oilers gain the zone. Wabrowski out of the net to play it. Up the ice. It's really sloppy hockey.




Medium hit.


Cody Ceeci with it. Shoots him. He just missed the net by eight feet. Oh, big hit there on Kulikov.


Hollering for a penalty there. Not going to happen. Barcov, after it in the offensive zone, takes down Broberg, or rather, Lawrence. Sorry. 18 looks like 16 when it's in the far side of the ice.


Oh, boy. Breakaway. Oilers. Stopped by Bobrowski. That was Adam Henrique, Michola around.


Bobrowski playing the buck a lot. Here comes Luzerine and 5:23 to go in the first period. Luzerine and Henrique getting into it at the oilers' bench. Ecom with it behind the oilers' net. 9:03 are the listed shots right now for the oilers over the Panthers.


And is that offside or is it a penalty? I think it's a penalty.


Tripping on the Florida Panthers, Connor McDavid taken down, and the Florida Panthers will go to the penalty kill for the first time. The oilers power play, which is just deadly. Deadly. Goes to work.


And it's Forzling who tripped him.


If you're the Panthers, you pray they accidentally call it on Tarasenko. But we have a TV time out right now, commercial break, so they're going to get it right. Natalie Drake, prediction of which Oiler Bennett will murder. Well, see, I was going to say he doesn't go for the obvious guy because he did Matthew Nies, but then he also did Brad Marshan. Oh, that's a good pick, producer Drew. He said Evan Bouchard. Bouchard is big. Belgos, Sam Bennett, German suplex or Truba, flying elbow? German suplex. It has a higher success rate. Tim Robichaud, here's the question. Your best guess, who's the Leifs, two goalies to start next season, and where does Sammie play next year? Sammie He's a great question. Oh, boy, I have no idea. I think someone would sign him to be a tandem guy. Drew said Utah. You know what? Wild card? Carolina. Wild card. Leaps, it's going to be Joseph Wall, and I just feel like they're going to make a trade. There aren't enough goalies with enough pedigree. Stollars is a great goalie. How many games is he going to play? You got to go out there and get a goalie who can play at least 40, right?


They're talking about Woll like he's the future, and he is. He's a great goalie. But Brad Treliving is obviously pretty open about how worried he is about his injury status. Apparently, the broadcast just said every goal, Barbarowski has allowed in these playoffs is high. He hasn't allowed a single one low, which is psychotic. Renton Munn said, You got my name perfect, by the way. Thank you. We're already 20 seconds into this oil or power play. Mcdavid. Oh, nice pass over to dry Seidl. He's got lots of room, too. Mcdavid looking for friends. Nugent Hopkins, pressured.


Oh, Bouchard comes up with it.


That was a bit of a fortunate bounce.


He wanted a Bushbaum there, didn't get a nice enough pass.


Stenland doesn't have the foot speed to catch up to it.


Oh, here comes dry. Rebound.


Stenland clears it, and the oiler has got to go get it with a minute 10 to go in this power play. Aura gifted five SDPN memberships. Let's go if you got a new SDPN membership because of Aura.


Thank them.


Panthers' penalty kill. Oh, Take away. Stop by Bob Brovsky. Robbing.


Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, you guessed it, low with exactly four minutes to go in the first period. Oh, my goodness.


What a save.


Oh, my goodness.


Crazy pass from dry cycle. Crazy pass from dry cycle. Nuj with the move goes backhand. And I don't know Bob saved it with the pad or the glove. I'll see here. Pad, the toe. Zinc, 573, gifted five Sdpn memberships. Let's go.


Thank you.


And thank them. Shadow Panthers, says, Sam Bennett, German suplex or Superman punch? German suplex.


It's a strong move, man.


Oilers, hold the line.


Oh, McDavid had the buck, He tries to wrap around. Stop by Bob. Oilers, hold the zone. Dreisidl, McDavid. Oh, God, this hockey rules.


I could already tell this cup final is going to friggin' rule.


Dreisidal with that goalie paddle of a stick holds it at the blue line.


30 seconds to go in this oilers power play.


He loses the zone.


Barkov goes off for a change after a job well done. Nugent Hopkins gains the zone.


Oh, oilers go for a quick play.


It doesn't work.


Mcdavid's got to scamper back to get it. And here he goes with speed. Oh, boy, cuts through four Panthers, and they clean his clock.


One of them pokes it off. Stendland clears it. And this oilers power play is over.


Shots are 11 to three for the Oilers Panthers, still up 1-0.


Defense is a team concept for these guys. Aura said, Gifting in honor of Cassie's birthday.


Oh, it's Cassie's birthday.


Happy birthday to Cassie. Happy birthday. 2:40 to go in the first. Matthew could chuck with it to Sam Bennett. Forzling dumps it. The Panthers, I think, are offside here. That's what the whistle is for. Dukedingding. Did you see Eddie Hall power bomb and knock out that dude in a two versus one cage fight? I did. I would love to know where that cage fight was because that's an insane thing to sanction. Rent at months. It's shoot high, damn it. I think he tried to. I think he tried to. It's hard, man. Hey, Dgrohydro, gifted one SDPN membership. Let's go. One lucky person in the chat is now an SDP VIP for the next month. And if you want, if you're here on a gifted membership or whatever, you can always upgrade. I believe bottom right, that little dollar sign underneath the chat. Bottom right. Tarasenko, battling with Brett Kulak. Yanmark takes it off him. Again, the Panthers, they just... They turn defense into offense better than any team I've seen in recent memory. So good. Lindell and Luzerina going to work in the corner. Adam Henrique trying to punish them. Sam Reinhardt, to the point.


Wanky bounce off a discarded stick on the half wall. Reinhardt. On!


Oh, sneaky shot.


Sneaky Hickey good save from Stuart Skinner. Lindell to the point.




Wide of the net for Hagey given chase. The Panthers really have the oilers hemmed in here, and they've gotten some changes in. Broberg with it behind the net. Can he get it out of the zone? Barely. Panthers still with it. The oilers at least get some new legs over the boards. Barcov back out there, digging away under a minute to go here in the first period. For Hagey, trying to take it off a Kulak who's been out there for an eternity. But here come the oilers now. Cc jumping up, drysidal, Hollow away, steals it, dry-sideal. Oh, just wide, and we get a whistle, 34.4 seconds to go in the first period. It feels crazy that the oilers haven't gotten one here in the first. It feels just crazy. That was a careless giveaway from Montour, and a good read from Holloway. Pd says, Over under on how many coaches Trileaving fires in Toronto. Was it six in Calgary? Well, jeez, if he fires Craig Berube, My guess is things are not going well. As a GM, I feel like the odds of you getting three are pretty low. You fire one guy? All right. Although he made the decision to keep Keef, so I guess he's technically already on two.


I didn't even think of that.


Oh, my goodness. What an effort from Hyman to keep the buck there. Under 30 seconds to go. Dry Seidl. Stop by the glove of Serge Pabrowski. We got to fight right in front of the Panthers net. The oilers were digging away. The Panthers didn't like it.


And I think two guys are Where are you going to go. Which official is number 40? Is that Cazari? Whoever that is, he loves screaming at dudes. Okay, what happened here? Driesidal shot. Is Hyman... He just fell on top of Bob. He fell on top of Bob. Drew says, accidentally on purpose. Yeah, maybe.


But then Bennett.


He didn't try getting up. Bennett and K'Chuck and everyone, it's just a free for all. There's got to be penalties here. Are there none?


Welcome to the Stanley Cup final, 23.9 seconds to go in the first period.


Oilers in the offensive zone, McDavid and Forzling all over each other. Panthers get out of the zone. Verhege chasing after it.


Oh, Bouchard high-sticked in the face, a careless high-stick from Verhege.


And the Oilers are going to start a power play here with just under nine seconds to go in the first period. So Florida... So Yeah, Drew's got a point here. So it hit his visor. Boy.


Again, Ten seconds earlier. We just saw Matthew Kutuck try to behead a guy.


That's a penalty. High-sticking someone in the visor? Come on.


Oilers. They have a few seconds to work here. Whoa.


I was about to say no time to do anything.




They needed like four seconds to get a shot on Bobrowski, and it almost went in. Shout out to the almost 2,500 of you who are in the chat right now. Please click like. It is free. It is the lowest effort thing you could do, and it will help us very much.


Oilers, push bomb. Blocked. Blocked again. The oilers had four or five shot attempts in 8.8.


Seconds of their power play. So the Panthers are definitely going to be starting the second period on their back foot. Verhege just said, Sorry, boys, to the whole bench. Panthers are going to be starting the second period on their back foot, but they will also be starting the second period leading one to nothing, because Carter Verhege Off a brilliant play from Sasha Barkov made it one nothing here in the Stanley Cup final. Hi, everyone. I'm Steve Dangle here on the Sdpn YouTube channel. Click like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends that we are streaming the entire Stanley Cup final, and this is game one between the Edmondson Oilers and the Florida Panthers. What do you want to do, Drew? What do you want to do? I think I'm going to stay on. I don't think we need a clip this intermission. Let's stay on. I'll do some super chats, do some whatever. Do I got to do a read? I assume I got to do a read. I'll I'll do it in a bit. Natalie said, You're doing a great job, Steve.


Hell, yeah, I am.


Thank you, Natalie. That's very nice of you. And you're an SDP VIP ad free. So fascinating period. You could look at it as, well, the Panthers are lucky. They're lucky because the oilers outshot them by a lot. I wouldn't get caught up in the shots. I wouldn't get caught up in that, although difficult to remember too many periods in that series against the Rangers, where the Panthers were outshot like that. Oilers had some opportunities. I wouldn't get too caught up in the shots. There was an interview with Matthew Kuchuk. I think it was this year. And I want to say it was after the game or between periods or I think it was after the game. And he was talking to the interviewers, and he goes, Yeah, me and the boys, his line mates, I can't remember who it was. I think Bennett was on it. We just said, All right, boys, for the first 10 minutes, there's no puck. So that was a game where the Panthers got out shot, or at the very least a period where they got out shot, and they ended up winning the game. But they often will bake it into their game plan.


All right, let's just hammer them. Even if you're not hitting guys, cross-checking guys, German suplexing guys, even if you're not doing that, you're chasing them around, you're making them work, you're digging in the corner, you're just exhausting them, and you soften them up for the second and third period. Now, your plan goes to hell if, one, when you're playing like there's no buck, the buck ends up in your net. And two, if you keep taking penalties and you give the Edmonton oilers of all teams enough opportunities to work. Run It Month says, once they learn to shoot high, it's the Panthers' tale. Yeah. So is it on the screen right now, So producer Drew has a tweet from Alan Walsh of Agent Provocateur Fame, SDPN's own. He said, It's brilliant. Let's take an NHL team in the Stanley Cup Finals and play them against an NFL team. That's one way to boost HRR. So it's a screen grab from... This is ABC. It says 5:00 PM tonight, so maybe it's a West Coast channel, but the graphic is the Oilers versus the Carolina Panthers. Come on, guys.


Come on.


You know, maybe it's just because I'm not on this corner of Twitter, but does this happen with the NBA? You know what I mean? Does this happen with the NFL? Do they ever accidentally Personally, they're talking about the Seahawks, and they throw up a crackin logo, and they go, We made a mistake.


Oh, shoot.


Producer Drew asked, How much do you think Gretsky's watch is worth? Is that a reference to that time he was talking to Chris Chelios? Was it Chris Chelios or Paul Koffie? Where he was talking about how much he got his watch for? If you read his lips. It was Was it Paul Koffie? Yeah, that makes a lot more sense than Chelios. That's hilarious. Oh, You know what we got today? We got some news. I believe we're going to get the regular season schedule for next season sometime around the draft, if not at the draft. But the Four Nations... What are they calling it? It's not the Four Nations Cup. I know that. Four Nations Face-off. They're calling it. They released the schedule today. Gary Bettman and Bill Daley were doing their thing, and they were talking, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah February 20th in Montreal and in Boston. They're going to be doing the Four Nation Face-off. It's going to be Canada, Team USA, Team Sweden, and Team Finland going head to head. That's right, Drew. Canada USA already confirmed for Saturday, February 15th. And that Saturday will be, I mean, must watch because you're going to get Sweden, Finland at 1:00 PM Eastern.


And then later that day, Canada USA. Just staple yourself to the couch. Alex Bolton is now an SDP VIP. Excellent. And thank you. Yes, producer Drew, why don't I mention that?


Hey, hey.


For game three of this series, This is game one. For game three, we're doing a live show. We're going to be live, everybody. We're going to do a live show before the game, and then during the game, I'm actually going to be doing this stream from the live show. It's Boston Pizza in Stoville. What date is it, Drew? I forget because it's not every second day in the cup final, so it screws me up. The link is in the description, and if you click on the link, it'll tell you... Which day? Thirteen. I thought it was the 13th. I just wasn't confident. So on June 13th, if you're in the Stoville area, or even if you're not in the Stoville area, we're going to be doing a live show in Stoville at Boston Pizza. I say if you live in the area, but we did a show in Vawn a couple of weeks ago, a week or two ago, and someone drove from Ottawa. Two people drove from Ottawa. We did a live show in Winsor, and rather, sorry, we did a live show in Bowmanville, and two people drove from Winsor. Couldn't believe it.


Couldn't believe it. I'm trying to think of how far I would... What would get me to drive that far? What show? Like a cup parade. I would drive that far for a cup parade. Yeah. Yeah. Producer Drew is like, Well, what about the leaves? Yeah, that's about it. But in terms of performance, Like a band or a singer or a comedian or... Winsor to Bowmanville.


That's like a four-hour drive, three, four-hour drive.


And Dude, driving to that part of Ontario. I drove to Sarnia in the middle of winter. There's nothing to look at but the road in the sky. Was that? Oh, great point from producer Drew. So I got two kids. I got my son, Leo, and my daughter, Ila. That's different. I'll be driving far for them for their hockey tournaments and whatever. Drew's already... Drew. Leo's already started soccer. Very proud of him.


Adorable little guy.


I'll drive far for him. Tim Robichaud, if you could choose one player in the NHL to join the Leifs, and the only factor consider is personality, skill level doesn't matter, who would you pick and why? And please What's your next answer in your JT voice. Well, if I'm answering in my JT voice, my answer is Quin Hughes, because you want someone with a big personality. No, I want Nathan McKinnon. You might think go with someone funny. The least have funny guys. I I want someone whose drive and passion to win is bordering on concerning. That's Nathan McKinnon. And it comes through in the way he plays. He skates like he hates the ice. It's my favorite thing I've ever seen about him. Joe Duhs is now an SDP VIP. Yeah, buddy. Let's go. Love that very much. I don't want to go away, Drew, but I would like approximately 20 seconds to refill my water. What do you think? Throw up the thing, and I'll be back in less than that.


Be our




All right, just let me back. Oh, they heard me swear? Shit. The reason I swore... Oh, yeah. Shit, I just saw myself swear. The reason I swore is Drew went, You lied. That took 40 seconds.


Darn it. Shoot. Dag, blam it.


Hello from Nova Scotia. Hey. No, it was not a pea break. Oh, everyone just saw me swear. It's nuts.


It was just plain as day two.


I'm usually so careful about that. When I was at Sportsnet, I was really careful about that, but I don't know. This is me and my friend's channel. Freak off. Hi, Rob. Whoops. If you heard a bad word, no, you did not. Hey, guess what?


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You're all right.


Producer Drew saying, What the hell is a tack? I believe that it's just the stuff to do with your horse. Isn't tack... I should know this because of Red Dead Redemption. All I know is I walk into the horse stable, and they fix up my horse. I think it's just... Isn't it the bit? And all the other stuff? I don't know. This is embarrassing. Dave Glatz gifted 10 Sdpn memberships. If you got an SDPN membership because of Dave Glatz, you say, Thank you, Dave. Thank him. Apparently, tack is slang for any and all equipment to do with the horse. Boom. Guessed correctly. Love that. Love that. Love that. By the way, apparently, people just really love the Stanley Cup final because we were doing a stream. Well, Adam did a stream for the Western Conference final. It was Dallas versus Edmonton. I did a stream for the Florida Panthers against the New York Rangers. And then we did a video game stream where Jesse Blake was trying to win the Stanley Cup in the Stanley Cup final in 2026, Leifs versus Minnesota Wild. And then he won. We had more concurrent viewers during that stream than I'm pretty sure any game from either conference final.


We were concerned.


Now the Cup final is around at, oh, crazy amount of people in the chat. Apparently, you're just more excited about the sub-final, and the conference final. And the conference final, it was Apparently, my mic's okay. Dave Glatz said, I gifted because Steve swore. Lmao.


Well, shit.


I think you should do it again. Natalie Drake, he is a good boy, and tack is saddle, bridal, et cetera. There you go. So the second period is upon us. Carter Verhege begins the second period in the penalty box for the Florida Panthers. That is not a great place to be, especially when the Edmondson Oilers are the other team staring you down. Oilers with an opportunity to tie it, to Start the second period, they got a minute 52 to work. That is essentially an entire power play. Shots 13 to four for the Oilers after the first period. You know they got to be upset about being down One, nothing after a period like that. Let's see how this goes. Mcdavid on it. Bouchard being pressured, turns it over.


Panthers eat it out of the zone.


Bouchard back to get it. Dave Glatz with five gifted memberships. Five instead of 10 because it wasn't the F-bomb. I'm going to try to limit the F-bombs. Bouchard. Bouchard again. Nugent Hopkins. Oilers getting time and space here now. Nugent handles it. Oh, McDavid.


And oh, my goodness, Zack Hyman. Wide open net. I think he just put it over. Nuj, Hyman, chance for redemption. Eklad. It's still behind the net. Dreisaitl gets it to the point. Too far. The oiler has got to chase it now.


Skinner for McDavid. And he's off to the races.


He's going to try to do it all himself, and it's into the corner.


Panthers funny bounce, but they overcome it. Oh, man. I cannot wait to see a replay of that. How the hell did Hyman miss that? Bouchard with under 30 seconds to go here in this power play, drops it. Mcdavid with a reserved approach, and it works. Dreisaitl driving, gets it to the point. Top unit getting the whole power play here.


Stenland throws it down the ice.


And the oilers, I imagine they're not even going to bother with their second unit here. Skinner to Nurse. Yeah, Nurse and CC out there, which answers my question. And the Panthers survive again. And now they'll try to start their second period. Matthew Kuchuk goes butt first into a hit. I think that was Sam Bennett following it up. Montour. Sam Bennett elusive. I like McCloud. He's got his feet going tonight.


And a goal from Evan Rodriguez. The puck just squirted loose in the slot. And while Hyman is on the bench looking at the iPad, I assume looking at his missed opportunity, the Florida Panthers go up to nothing despite being outshot 13 to five. How did this happen? So they're showing the Hyman play. Oh, my goodness. He just whiffed. Oh, my goodness. He just whiffed. You never see him do that.




Shifty move from Bennett in the neutral zone, chips it in off the boards. Oh, he throws it. Dude, that's just a pass from Bennett, no one picking up Rodriguez. His fourth goal of the playoffs has the Panthers up 2-0 in game one of the Stanley Cup final. Wow. Lawrence with a big hit.


Panthers answer back with their fourth line. Lawrence, he's an intense player, hit into the stands there by Kulikov. And we'll get a whistle. Yeah, that's just poor defense.


Oh, boy.


See, DC goes into the corner with his man. Nurse stick in the air, not able to pick the buck up. And he said, My bad, on the bench. And then he said an F-word. Betgrw. Com, Florida is minus 10:20, you said? Edmonton plus 428? I might take that.


Dreisidal over, and that's why. Oh, Bouchard. Oh, my goodness. The oilers robbed. Robbed. Robbed. Driesidal to Echholm.


Yeah, the oilers aren't ever out of the game. Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, Dave Glatz. I'm not Cassie Steve. I can only do so much. Fair enough. Yeah, Cassie's an animal. Panthers, ice it without icing it. Rodriguez on the limp after blocking a shot. Now, here come the oilers.


In front. How did that go in? Henrique had the buck right there.


Oilers' fourth line going to work here. By the way, that's a crazy, crazy Crazy depth line. Conor Brown, Adam Henrique, and Matias Yann Marc. That's crazy. Brown overskates it a little bit. Dug at by Lindell and Luzerinen.


Oh, lead fee for Janmark shot from Broberg, stopped by Bobrowski.


Janemark digging away. Long shift for him, but McDavid is there, and Hyman. Hyman was already motivated heading into this game, but it's going to be even more motivated after missing that opportunity. If that goes in, it's a one-one game. Panthers probably don't get the opportunity that led to the second goal. You're tied. Mcdavid.


Oh, shot. Stop by Bob. Rebound. Also stopped by Bob. Body's flying.


Airmail to the neutral zone. Harkoff Stop.


Reinhardt not. Shifty move. Oh, broken up by McDavid. Good defensive play from Connor. Shadowed by Barcov.


Hyman with it.


Renton Muntz. A shoot high.


I know.


Montour drops it for Hagey. Blocked.


Here come the oilers again. Shot 16 to five for the oilers. Scores two, nothing. A lot of people are going to rip on Stuart Skinner. I mean, you like a save, but those are two goals where team in front of you blew it. And the Panthers earned it. Like, really good play. Really good play. Oh, Stenland. Nasty on Cory Perry. Ceecey, again, a mile wide. Stenland. Perry. Fogel. Ceecey again.


Oh, I think he might have hit Bobrowski in the head there. Bobrowski has to shove two men out of his crease. Oylers still with it. This is a great shift for the Oilers, but it goes out of play, and that'll be a whistle with exactly 14 minutes to go in the second.


And Rentman says, shoot high, not that high, Zack. Yeah, that's fair enough. Boy, Matthew Kuchuk is really skating ass first into every hit, eh? Man, that was a really good sequence for the oilers. Oh, but Brovsky's made some really good saves, but it's crazy the oilers don't have one. They could have, I mean, the Nugent-Hopkins break away, the Zack Hyman up and over the net, the chance that they just had there where Henry couldn't get his hand on the buck, or rather, his stick on the buck. Or others could be up three, two. And now the shots are 18, five for Edmondson. Bennett hounded by Holloway.


Oh, my goodness. What a move from Sam Bennett shot. Stop by Stuart Skinner.


Rodriguez digs it. Bennett. Man, there was a time where we talked about Sam Bennett not being able to do a pull-up. That's one of the baddest men in the league right now, dude. Stuart Skinner, out of his net to play it. Didn't do it so good.


Panthers have it.


Lindell, maybe a little too fancy there.


Oh, what a play by Holloway. Stop by Black Glad.


That could have been a play with speed, and he knows it.


Panthers counter-attacked. Four on two. Tarasenko, blocked. Rebound, shot. He gets two whacks at it. Stopped by Skinner both times. And a whistle as the Panthers dig at it.


Lindell The thing is loose. Where is it?


West Richard.


I'm going to say Richard. Gifted five SDPN memberships. Let's go.


Oh, my...


How didn't Tarasenko score that? If he goes back across, it could have been an empty netter. Unbelievable. Oh, my goodness. We're now in commercial time out. By the way, there's a tweet going around about Zack Hyman, and I want to address it. It has 1,300 likes, so enough people are talking about it. It's from Panthers fan from Florida. So Bleacher Report, tweeted, Zack, Zack Hyman was a fifth-round draft pick by the Panthers in 2010. After he, in Florida, could not come to terms on a contract, his rights were traded to Toronto. Now, he'll attempt win a Stanley Cup against the team that drafted him. So this Panthers fan said, Let's tell the real story here. Hyman refused to sign unless he was given a guaranteed roster spot in the NHL right out of college, and he would not play in the AHL. So the Panthers traded him for Greg McKegg after having no other options. So I've been told there's an element of truth to that, but there is a level of cope with it as well, because if you're going to say that, and you're going to say that as well, this is the truth, you would assume that he would be guaranteed a roster spot on the team that he did sign with.


If a guaranteed NHL roster spot was his goal, Why did he sign with the Leifs then? Because he played, I think it was... Let me look. 57 games or something like that? It was a lot of games in the AHL when he joined the Toronto Maple Leaps before getting his first call up. 59 games. And again, he didn't light the AHL up. He had 15 goals, 22 assists for 37 points. That's good. It's good. It's fine. It's not crazy. And then in the playoffs, in 15 games, he had three goal, three assists, six points. It wasn't crazy. Four goals, six points in 16 games in his first NHL call-up. Not crazy. This player that he's turned into is unbelievable. Jan I think, just took a puck to the face.


Panthers have a really good chance here.


Oilers clear the zone. Taking a live bet on the Oilers right now. Betgrw. Com because of how well they're playing. Whoops.


Panthers just put it wide. Uh-oh. Stenland. Forzling.


Stopped by Stuart Skinner. Wow. Welcome to the Sdpn YouTube channel. I'm Steve Dangle. Click like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends we're almost at a thousand likes.


Let's get over a thousand likes.


Let's get over it. Bar Markov, Verhege, I believe Reinhardt out there. Cici and Nurse were together. It looks like they've been broken up by the oilers. Panthers win the face of... Oh, a Montour just puts that wide. Where is it? Holloway giving chase. Drysidal has it.


Drops it for Kulak. In front.


No. He's got it behind the net. Cory Perry doing a great job in front there. Oh, collision there. Who's that? Kulakha? No, Mikola.


Kulak puts it on and limply gloved by Bobrowski.


Perry trying to draw a penalty here, and he's complaining to the officials. Just unbelievable. 19 to eight of the shots. Is Perry bleeding? No. Dave Glad. Steve, can you do a Zack Hyman show and tell at intermission? I can, actually. I can. So at intermission, Drew, remind me. I'll do a Zack Hyman show and tell at intermission, as soon as intermission begins. Then we'll play a clip, and then I will go to break. We got a whistle here. Beg your pardon, I'm just emailing something to myself real quick. Here we go. Face off at center ice. Panthers come up with it. Ekblad airmails it. Oh, and they call it offside. So the face off will come outside of the oiler zone. 11:37 to go in the second period here. Playing Kendrick Lamar in the arena. Not new, Kendrick. Not sure they can play those tracks, although lots of buildings do anyway. Bennett going head to head with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, which they did plenty of times in the Battle of Alberta. Hyman, surprised. Forzlan got away. Well, not surprised. Forzland got away with a hold. Here comes Bennett.


He's after Bouchard. Drew, you might be right. Oh, he was going to light him up there.


Bouchard avoided him.


Panthers put it on. Oh, my goodness. Could they go up three? Nothing here.


Rodriguez brings it around. No, the oilers are playing too tight here. Too tight. Nuj. Over to Hyman.


Hyman. Oh, boy. Collision at the blue line.


I think that was... Was that Bennett and McDavid? Accidentally on purpose, says Craig Simpson on the broadcast. Let's see this on the replay. Are they calling it offside or a penalty? I think it's offside. Oh, man, Bennett had a really good chance on Skinner there. Skinner has made a few sneaky good saves.


Oh, Bennett just runs into McDavid totally on purpose.


Oh, he pushed him offside, which is a penalty. It is a penalty. I've never in three decades of watching hockey ever seen it called once, but it is a penalty. Blatant interference. Yeah, it's terrible. It's got to be a call.


All right.


Nurse dumps it in after the one face-off. Uh-oh. Donnie in super chat. I'm going to say it. I don't care. Says, no doubt, shut out for Bobrowski. Steve said it. Steve said it. No, I didn't. I was just relaying what this Donnie said.


Panthers. Oh, what a play to work it to the point.


Oilers block it. Nurse out to Fogal. Airmails it off the glass. Fogal cleans out Michela. But the Panthers, they just support each other so well, so well. They're so structured, like Paul Maurice.


Oh, my goodness.


Paul Maurice has this team running like clockwork. It's crazy. Nurse behind the net. Panthers digging. Offensive zone time is almost dead even for these teams, but the shots for the oilers are crazy. 18 to nine is what it's listed as. Caine almost got a decent chunk of Montour there. Montour dumps it. Stenland all over Broberg. The Panthers are low-key targeting Broberg a little bit.


Oh, a break away for Janmark. Shot. It's under Mabrowski's pad. The oilers dig at it. Brown scores, but they wave it off. And now we got some controversy and conflict.


Janmark and Kulikov might drop gloves here. Producer Drew saying that's got to be a goal. No, I think that was under Wabrowski's pad. No, the problem is the puck was clearly under Bobrowski's pad, and Bobrowski was shoved into the net. Let's see the replay. Let's I don't see the replay here. Yanmark. I don't know why they're using the low cam here. That's a terrible replay. Yeah, it's a terrible replay. I think we're going to get a TV time out here, and we're not going to see it until after. Yeah, we're not going to see it until after the TV time out. That was a terrible replay. All right. Renton Mon, absolutely not. No shutout for Brobrofsky. Well, we'll see. Tim Robichaud, if Skinner gets pulled, is this series over? No, it's the Oilers. They're not defined. I mean, they've shown that they can win games with Calvin Pickard. I mean, Skinner could be pulled in this game and start game, too, and be fine. He has a track record of bouncing back. Zink537 says, I think the refusing to sign thing, this This is the Hyman story we were talking about. Unless he got an NHL roster spot is a load of crap.


I think they just didn't think he'd make the league at the time. I mean, he didn't. I mean, maybe that was his price. Listen, I don't want to play for the Florida Panthers Minor League team, which I don't even remember who it was at the time. I don't want to play for the Panthers Minor League team. I just want to make the NHL. If I'm going to be playing for the Florida Panthers organization, I want it to be in the NHL. The Panthers said, Well, no. And then they go, Well, what about Toronto? Would you play in the minors in Toronto? And he goes, Yeah, I'm from there. That sounds cool. And then I got a chance to be a leaf. And Wazoo said, It's my birthday today.


Happy birthday, Wazoo.


And then he says, Go, Bruins. But beg your pardon? Shay Andrews-Oke, what happened to the second goal? What do you mean?


Wow. Wow. So Brown and Janmark in the box.


No, you can't call that a goal. It's clearly under Bob, and they shove him into the net.


It's so close to being loose.


There's a smidge of the puck under Bobrowski's pad. Panthers get lucky there.


Producer truth.


He left. He goes, I'm back. Should it have been a goal? No. No, that's the right call. No chance that would have stood up to review. No chance. 20 to nine of the shots for the oilers. Brown and Janmark are in the penalty box. I didn't see who was in the box for the Panthers. I believe it's even strength. It's coincidental miners here. Man, you're Connor Brown. You think you just got your team back in the game, and you're in the box? That is some luck.


Oh, Bennett it with a big cross-check. Yeah, they're going to call that.


That was brutal. Was that on Leon Dreisaitl? Yeah, that's a brutal cross-check. Are you joking? So here's what's interesting. Drew said it wasn't that bad. He overreactive. No. Oh, you know what? He's right. It wasn't that bad. But now, here's something. There was a clip that went up, I think today or yesterday, of Bennett cross-checking. I think it was Alexis Lafrenier in the Rangers series. And the ref was talking about like, Oh, you can do two cross-checks. You can't do three or whatever. And then Bennett cross-checks Lafrenier right in front of the ref. I think the ref from that clip is the ref in this game. I might be wrong. I'm not sure. Bouchard with it at the point. Oylers with their third power play of the night. We're barely halfway through this game. This is... Drew said their second power play unit hasn't seen the ice yet. That's hilarious.


Mcdavid did the same thing the Four sling he did to Heiskanin.


Didn't work, though.


Nuj on wide. Oh, Hyman runs over Bobrowski. No whistle. Ref said he was pushed in.




Oh, my God. How is in that in? Oh, Hyman had a yawn in cage again. Hyman could easily have two goals.




Oh, what a play. Tricidal, Nuch, misses. How on earth the oiler should have five goals? Insanity. Nuj. Bouch. Unblocked. And the Panthers clear at 50 seconds still to go in this power play. That's absolutely unbelievable.


Panthers fans, chanting Bobby. Oilers fans gain the zone.


Bouchard. Driesadal Bouch. Stop by Baborowski. Panthers.


Oh, they do clear the zone. I thought Bouchard was going to get to that.


Pass out of the reach of McDavid, and that's going to be icing against the oilers with 17 seconds to go in this power play.


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Oh, how doesn't Hyman get this?


So I think Bob sold that.


Yeah, that's a huge flop. That's a huge flop. And also Hyman was... Oh, you know what? I think that Nugent Hopkins one where it went too high, I think you're right, Drew. I think he might have got a piece of that. They're not reacting to it at all in the broadcast. I'd have to see it again. Mcdavid with a big bandaid on his chin, well, he was obviously cut. I'm wondering how. Dryseidal stuffed at the offensive blue line, Ners dumps it, and the Panthers survive The Oilers, 0 for three on the power play, which I don't think they've done very often in these playoffs.


And the Panthers on the counter attack.


Evander Cain with it. I don't think I've said his name yet tonight. Fogel.


Mcleod Fogel. Stopped by Bobrowski.


Rodriguez giving chase. Ceece and Nurse back together.


Oh, what a pass to Fogel! Stopped by Bobrowski.


6:53 to go in the second period. The Panthers still up to nothing on a hope and a prayer.


I can't believe it.


Whether it's a save or a great defensive play or the oil The oilers just completely missing, the oilers, they've got to be outchancing the Florida Panthers. Got to be, by a wide margin, and it's to nothing. Henrique out there for the oilers with Holloway. What is the deserve to winometer, Drew? 92 % oilers.




I don't know if I've ever... I I mean, I've definitely never seen it that high in a Stanley Cup final game. That's messed up.


They still might.


It'd be good on account of our bet on betgrw. Com. Puck goes out of play, and we'll get another face off. 2,800 people in the chat. Can we get to 1,200 likes? That would be nice. It takes half a second, and it's free. There's an oilers viewing party in Edmonton in their arena, and they must all be losing their minds. Puck deep in the oilers zone. Kulak taken down by Ocposo. Ocposo takes a stick to the face, but it's because he took Coolack down. Is this going to be icing on the oilers? No.


Bob out of his net to play it.


Ekman Larson with it. Oh, Ocposo. You know, not enough of us looked at that Ekman Larson signing for the Panthers and thought it was good. We were still thinking about him as if he had his old, whatever it was, eight million dollar cap hit. Ekman Larson for three or less than three, whatever he's making as a third pair of guy, that's fine. We got a call. Is it because of that dust up with Hollowway, or is it too many men? Oh, it's just pocket of the play? Oh, I thought for sure that was a penalty. Andrew Doucet, Let's go Panthers. Can't believe I'm saying that. And a buddy of mine just texted me, So the oilers are going to get goalied, I guess. L-o-l. Yes, Ross. It appears so. Rentmon. Edmonton viewing party at the arena. Toronto could never. For cheap anyway. You know what? Like, Maple Eve Square is a really cool thing, and I love it a lot. But the oilers have both. They have the outside viewing party and the viewing party in the arena. It's not like the leaves are allergic to money. I don't know why they don't do it.


My guess is because those dates are covered, like there's a concert or something. You could have an Ariana Grande concert in the building and have the game playing outside. My buddy Ross, who's a Leef fan, is texting me right now. It could be 10:02 right I don't know if Sammie was in that. That's mean.


Hey, we got to 1,200 likes.


Let's go. Paul Douglas says, One like equals one FJB. I do not know what that is. It's a John Day said, Gary Bettman says, We want Florida. Well, Stanley Cup final. It's in the state of Florida for the fifth straight year, with an asterisk, because in 2020, even though Tampa won, they never played a single game in the state of Florida because it was COVID. Cory Perry, the only player in NHL history to go to five Stanley Cup finals with five different teams. He won the Cup with the Ducks, then lost with the stars, lost with the Habs, lost with the Lightning. And now here is with the oilers. We'll see what happens. Producer Drew saying, Is Cory Perry a Hall of Famer? Assuming nothing else comes out about whatever happened in Chicago there, and everything's fine. His hockey resume? Yeah. He's got a cup. He's got a heart trophy. He's got some international hardware. I think he has over a thousand points. Was that? Oh, yeah. Olympic gold medal. I was talking about the World Juniors, but yeah, he's got an Olympic gold medal. He scored in the gold medal game. If Parise doesn't tie that game late for Team USA, Cory Perry would have had the gold medal winning goal.


It was Taves, then Perry.


Oh, No shot.


Stop by Skinner with 5:15 to go in the second period. The Panthers, I believe, finally just hit double-digit shots. They're up to nothing. It's unbelievable. Click like, click subscribe, tell all your friends, because we're at almost 3,000 concurrent viewers. Let's go. For a very brief moment there, we had one, two, three, four likes, and then we passed it, which means we have to get 1,300. Bet GRW now has Florida and minus... What was it? 4,000? 2,000. That's still a lot of thousand. What if I want the oilers? Plus 560.


Dude, if you've been watching this game, how don't you think they're going to score at least one?


You know what I mean? Bennett with the Puck. Echos of Moreno, rare time where two nothing makes you... Where nothing where two nothing feels like you're losing. All right, that's a bit dramatic. And thank you, Declan Monahan. Montour. Dumps it out.


Oh, Lusterina nailed by Darnell Ners.


Panthers still have the buck, though. Mccloud. I like McCloud. Ners, dumps it. A little over four minutes to go in the second period. Shots 25 to 10 as the Panthers It's Ice the Puck. Dave Glatz. It's not the Hockey Hall of Good Guys. It's Steve. It's the Hockey Hall of Fame. Cory Perry is no doubt. I love Paul Correa. Put Cory Perry's resume next to Paul Correa. Paul Correa is in the hall. Look at Cory Perry's resume. Kills his. Kills his. Dukedingding, when's the gripper content? I am not Adam. And Andrew Doucet, they believe in Toronto or nothing, how it is. How dare you? Reinhardt with it. Under four minutes to go now. Dumps it for at home to gather. Up the ice. No ice. Forzling up the boards. See, the Panthers are so good at holding the oilers at the oilers' own blue line. The oilers are not as good at returning the favor to Florida. They're obviously doing a lot of things well. They have 25 shots right now, an unbelievable amount of scoring chances. Yeah, the oilers do have five breakaways. So It almost feels like the oilers should pass less. When they just take it and go with it, it leads to opportunities.


Most teams don't have the skill to do that. The oilers do. Broberg with the pass, he goes way offside as we got a whistle here. This Donnie, Perry is the only player I can think of that completely reinvented himself from big-skilled, a huge rat. You're misremembering his career. He was always a rat. His nickname is the worm. He was always a huge worm. The difference is he was a worm that could score 50 goals. He settled in to a really good late career job as a deaf guy. Skinner plays it to Kulak, who throws it out. Fogal giving chase. Again, the oilers can't hold the zone. And we got a whistle with exactly 2:30 to go in the second period. Rentman, five breakways, and they keep shooting low. You're not wrong. 2:30 to go in this second period. Oilers would love to get one before an intermission. Feel good about themselves, at least. They did put the buck in the net once. It didn't count. And it shouldn't have counted, to be fair, but still. Kulikov gets it out. Panthers giving chase. Ceece beats them all to it. Oylers chipping in for Janmark. Henrique in front of the net.


How are you all liking the new microphone, by the way. I like it. It's crisp. Oh, good move from Janmark. Thought he might have got a high stick there. Kulikov in the corner with it. Too much space, and he just gets rid of it. Is this going to be ice? It ought to be. No. Darnal Nurse with it behind his own net. Oh, boy. Panthers can't park the bus here. It's Edmondson.


Fogal. Oh, Forzling fell down and still handled the buck.


Oilers still have it.


Bouchard gets around. Barkoff!


Stop Not by Bob, but there's a rebound. Ekholm. Down low for Bush. Bush blocked. Oilers lose the zone. They got to scamper out. Nuj to Bush. Back to Nuj. Oh, Nice move. Caine, Nuj. Eckholm. Eckholm. On wide. Under a minute to play here in the second period.


Reinhardt with speed. Partial two on one. Reinhardt, stop, rebound. Euler's net is knocked off, but the Euler's had the pucks, so play continues. Mcdavid after it. Montour on him. Oh, Ecom. Blocked. Oilers. Oh, McDavid holds the zone. Magnificent stickwork pop. Oh, if you're a goal tender, 10 the goal, but the oilers can't shovel it in. How don't they have a goal? Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Puck still in the Florida corner. Bennett hounded. How on Earth haven't the oilers You're scored yet in this game? And after 40 minutes of play, it's 2-0, Florida. How, how, how, how, how, No.


Like the Panthers are giving it away. They're allowing breakways.


But Brovsky is out of his net.


How didn't I Neither team score there. Kuchuk should have had one.


Oh, Barcov.


Sorry, Barcov should have had one. Was that Drew? Stick Lift by Ekholm saved a goal. You're right. Like, oh, My God. Joe Bale. Hey, Steve, where did Kulikov play junior in '08, '09? I feel like you're making fun of me because I bring this up sometimes because I interviewed him. He was with the Drumanville Vultour of the QMJHL, with head coach Guy Bouchet, who I also interviewed. Dave Glatz says, Let's go show and tell Steve. Give me a second. Echo Zamarino, hope you can experience this anxiety one day, Steve. Yeah, me too. And Declan Monahan, a one toe per single, Steve.


Hey, hey, hey.


I am not Adam. I'm not showing off my feet. All right, I'm going to do a Zack Hyman show and tell. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I'm back. Oh, my God. Almost fell over my chair. All right. You know how on the left side of my screen for my LFR videos, I have a T Well, there's photos in there. I got to turn down the light on my screen. There's a couple. There's two Zack Hyman photos in the lower one. There's this one. I knocked over my microphone. There's this one where he... It's the least flattering photo of Morgan Reilly of all time. They were making brownies, or was it cupcakes? Some lovely baked good at sick kids hospital in Toronto for a video. And then this picture is the first time I talked to Zack Hyman. I believe he was a rookie. And I was doing a video for Sportsnet Now, here's the problem. I was going around Sportsnet, or rather, I was going around the leaf locker room asking everyone the same question so that I could use their answers in a video. I asked Zack Hyman earnestly, What did you ask for for Christmas?


And he answered me. I don't remember what he said, but he answered me, and we had a delightful exchange. And then it was one of those things where I want to say I woke up in the middle of the night, or it was the next day I went, Wait a sec, you idiot. Zack Iman is Jewish, and I don't think he celebrates Christmas. And I made a mistake. Yes, thank you, Sarah, in the chat. Yes, thank you, Sarah.


I came to that conclusion, too, just way too late.




Hey, Cassie is here.


Hello, Mr. Dangle. I am here.


Cassie clan. Let's go.


Hilariously, Cassie, I'm actually about to go on a break because I did not take a break at first intermission. But please stick around. I will be back in short order. We're going to play you a clip to entertain you a clip to entertain you a clip to entertain you a clip to entertain you a clip to entertain you a clip to entertain you a clip. Of you here in this chat. Drew, what clip do you want to do? I know we have three options. Ten minutes on Marner, 10 minutes on Haronic, or seven minutes on Jonathan Druan. I'm going to do Marner. Let's do Marner. So here we are talking about Mitch Marner on the Steve Dangle podcast. If you're going to groan because, hey, that's leaf content, and I hate it, don't worry. After the clip, we'll get right back to the third period of game one of the Stanley Cup final between the Edmondson Oilers and the Florida Panthers here on SDPN. Here's what CJ said about Mitch Marner on The CJ Show yesterday. Coming to the conclusion that they can just have Mitch Marner on the roster and walk into free agency, or would a stalemate in the negotiations force him to waive his no move and find a trading partner?


I think they're very wary of making a bad trade, which you would be every time you're making a trade. But if you're considering trading one of your franchise's all-time best players by points, by the records, Mitch has racked up, still in the prime of his career. The possibility of that going awry, you might never come out from under that. I think that they're not going to commit to ever like, We have to do this. I think that it's more what the marketplace yields, what they hear back from the Marner camp. I think that they would walk them to free agency if they had to, partially because they have no control over it. He literally has full control. Now, it's very rare for a player when he's made to be felt unwelcome or that the team wants to move on to say, Well, I'm not moving, and just you deal with it. They have no control in the situation. They have enough control that they can try to influence things a certain way, but he's got final say. That's why those new movement clauses are very punitive.


Yeah. Well, Well, it took a much smaller cap hit so we could get that clause. Stop it.


I thought it was fascinating.


I thought it was fascinating to hear CJ just throw out the possibility that he might get walked to free agency. Well, I think it's good that he's doing that because a lot of us, sometimes me, are talking about Mitch like he's gone, and that's very not the case. Now, I've been very open about, I think the best move is for this team to trade this player. I think the best move for this player is to be traded. I think if you love Mitch Marner and you think they need to keep him, fine. We all have our players that we love. Who else is going? Austin? Well, Willy? Morgan? Tavares? I don't even know if Morgan would be enough. And then you got to plug that hole. You got to make a significant move. You can't run this back again. That's not an option. It's not an option. Well, there's a growing group of people on Twitter saying that it has to be. And they're all wrong. Objectively. Very smart people saying it. That's fine. And they're wrong. And it's fine. I'm not doing this for another calendar year. Okay. Now. Yeah, but it's not up to what you wanted.


I know. I'm getting there. I'm getting there. Get there. Let's go. I'm getting there. So part of why I'm not doing this again is I feel like it's Groundhog Day. I feel like We are talking to each other in June 2023. Okay. No time has elapsed from last year. None. Here's me looking at it from Marner Munchmarner's perspective and then changing the focus a bit. I'm Mitch Marner. I have worked my whole life to get this. I worked really hard to help you recruit John Tavares. I then put up 90 frigging points with John Tavares, I think more. Got him a career high in goals, 47? Got John Tavares 47 goals. He's never sniffed it since because it was with me. And then what happened? I went and played with another guy named Austin Matthews, and he got all his career highs. He got 60 goals. Exactly. And well, John Tavares earned his goals, and Matthews earned it. Yeah, but I was there. I don't care what you say. I was there. When we negotiated this contract with the Cap Hit and with the no movement clause, it was in good faith. They were things that I asked for.


They were things that you gave You gave me and you signed on the line that is dotted. Don't like it, your problem. I upheld my end of the bargain. I put up a big old bunch of points every year. I didn't ask the world to stop. I didn't ask for a pandemic. I didn't ask for a flat cap. That's got nothing to do with me. I'm from here. I like it here. I have a clause that says I get to stay here if I want.


I'm not leaving.


That's how I look at it from his perspective. Where the Groundhog Day comes in, the reason I'm begging this team to trade this player, and I'm begging this player to ask for a trade, is I feel like no time has passed from June 2023 to now. Because if you run it back, there's almost no one left to fire. It's just Shana Ham, right? No, I think Pellie's got to go, too.


I know he just got here. No, because how many more time... Why are they ownership? No. How many more times can we be nose to nose with the most obvious decision in the frigging world and ignore it, walk by it, only to walk around the entire Earth and meet it again the next year. A trip around the sun, and we're right back where we were.


Okay. Brandon Shanahern is like, I'm the President. Dubas is like, I want to be the President. They both stand at the same urinal, and they're just having a frigging fight, and they're trying to see who stream the strongest is. They both get their way.


Shana Han fires them, but Dubas gets his promotion or whatever. But their little frigging-Where did that promotion come from?


I don't know. It's amazing that it dropped in his lap. It's so good.


That little dust up, that little battle of egos, whoever you decide is wrong, put them where we are today.


Okay, well, we got to take a lot of things into consideration. He's one of the best players in the history of the franchise.


Where was this energy last year when you fired the general manager five, six weeks before his no move clause kicked in? You nut cases. So I don't want to hear, Well, we got to be delicate and we got to be...


Fuck off.


Stop. Enough. Stop lying to everyone.


Stop being stupid.


Stop being childishly naive.


This decision was staring you in the face last year, and you kicked the can down the road. And last year, it could have been one of two. They were talking about both Neilander and Marner, which one of them would go.


You kept them both. You gave one a raise, and you essentially gave another a no-move clause. By not trading Mitch when he had no trade protection, you were handing him a no-move clause. Okay? Then William Neillander goes into the final year of his contract. Guess what? He's got that fucking final year of his contract glow, scores a billion goals, scores the overtime winner. He walks off Sweden. Hilarious, right?


And then, you can't even criticize his playoff performance. He had the migraines and everything, comes back into the series, leads the team in goals.


So What's the problem here?


What's the problem here?


You had a very obvious decision to make. You chose to simply not make it. And then next year, they run it back. Nothing happens.


Okay, there's two options. They simply win the Cup, finally, or they do the same thing because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.


It's what they're doing. It's insane.


Was this the thing when you were like, I want to talk from this perspective? Yes. Okay.


The Leifs then next year- It doesn't sound like Mitch. No, I transitioned, though. I transitioned from here's Mitch's perspective to... No, because I'm blaming squarely the Lefs for this.


Yes. I think rightfully so.


No, it's 100% their fault.


You had a decision to make. You didn't do it.


And then you run it back. Next year, you get your bottoms patted in the first round again, probably by the frigging Bruins. And then Shanehan is going to get fired? It's not going to accomplish anything. What's it going to accomplish? What's it going to accomplish? Is the new guy going to find a way to tear up the no move? You're going to be in the same fucking position. You're going to be in the exact same position. The only difference is you're going to lose one of the best players your team has ever had for nothing, and you're going to lose John Tavares for nothing as well, or extend him, or...


Guys, this is squarely their fault. And now that we're here in this position, if Marner's not traded and the trade doesn't work out, there's no justification, none, for bringing Brenan Chanahan back. I said that last episode. There's not... People are mad at me for that. If it works out, if it ends up working out, great. But there's a scenario here where I don't think you can justify him beginning the season as the President. It can't be a destruction extraction come training camp. That's my point. Because if he shows up and is a leaf at training camp, we all saw what happened with Dushane in Colorado. You cannot have, player can't have this. It's not good for the player. Let's be honest. Team cannot have this, not good for the team. There's a variety of opinions here. It's inexcusable we're even having this discussion today. Hey, everybody. Steve Dangle here on the Sdpn YouTube channel. I swore during that clip. That's on Drew.


That's on Drew.


I'm right under the bus with you, Drew. There you go. Right under the bus. Cassie, who is famous in our chat, is here. She announced this just before we went on a little break there. She said, I'm exhausted, Steve, but I'll stay awake for you. You're a hero. Dave Glatz saying, Happy birthday, Cassie.


Happy birthday, dear Cassie.


And you're the best #CassisClan. And Paula Benin. Bellin, sorry. Paula Benin. Hello from Chile. If the oilers Don't win the cup. Do you think Perry will be considered the greatest jinks of all time? I honestly feel for the guy. You know what's crazy?


He has a cup.


He has a cup. I think he'll just be a testament to how hard it is to win the thing. What if JT takes a hometown discount that's from Rene, Mon? I think a surprisingly big part of this leaves offseason needs to be figuring out what you're doing there. You got to at least have a conversation. John, would you be willing to give us a list? No. Okay. Since you said no, we need to talk about what an extension looks like. You need that number And worst case scenario, you just walk them to free agency and you let them go for nothing, which is not ideal. By the way, it's the finals on Sdpn, and it's brought to you by betgrw. Com, the number one online casino in sportsbook in Canada. Betgrw is your place for the best casino action and the best odds for the NHL playoffs, 18 and over. Play responsibly, you silly geese. By the way, if you want to take your wages to the next level, make the most of your experience with BetGRW's promotions. For a limited time, get 200 % match play bonuses on your deposit and get a free $10 hockey bet.


That's right. Go to betgrw. Com and use the promo code Sdpn200, Sdpn200. And that's not all. When you redeem your promo code, you automatically get a chance to win a Connor McDavid jersey. Betgrw. Com is your Canadian sportsbook. Once again, 18 plus. Please play responsibly. And I time that so gosh darn perfectly.


Puck has dropped for the third period.


I nailed it. It's called Hitting your Post, Kids. So Speaking of hitting your post, kids. Speaking of hitting your post, the oilers have hit the post, hit the mask, hit the over the net, hit the everything. It's unbelievable the oilers haven't scored a goal yet. But here we are in the third period. Shots 26 to 12. For the Edmondson oilers, and they have offensive pressure right now, but the Panthers are up to nothing. Broberg being chased by Loucerine, and Broberg taking the buck for a long walk. Puck poked off of Connor Brown's stick, and here come the Panthers. Reinhardt driving, driven wide by Brett Kulak. Good play there by Kuhlack. Reinhardt again. Can't get the puck to his man. Dave Glatz. Oh, my God. A lot of Superchats came in at once. Thank goodness, there's a whistle. Pierre-luc Dubois is the worst player, is the worst best player or the best worst player I have ever seen. How is he catching strays right now? Deatheater91. At least when Cory Perry lost with Tampa in the finals, I could squint and pretend it was the Leifs. I understand what you're saying.


Cassie. Hey, there she is. Happy birthday, Cassie, with a gift to all of you. Gifted 50 memberships Cribs. Thank Cassie. If you got one, Cassie clan, stand up.


She says, How has the game been? The Panthers' two goals were really good, but Edmonton has completely owned the game, and by hook or by crook, have somehow not scored a goal. They've had infinite chances and just haven't been able to do it. Mcdavid, hit by Forzling. Panthers, better not park the bus. Got to be careful. Got to be careful. Echome, up. Fogal runs in a three different Panthers. Montour, up the halfboard to Bennett. Bennett long pass for K'Chuck. Doesn't quite get it. K'chuck battling with Darnell Ners.


Oh, Darnell Ners just took K'Chuck head First into the boards, and K'Chuck sat there for a moment, icing against the oilers.


K'chuck up and skating, but wow. I don't think the broadcast even realized what happened there. They're not even really talking about it.


And Cassie with another 50 gifted memberships. Cassie, you're the best.


You're just the best. The Cassie clan owes you so much. Yeah, they're not even showing K'Chuck right There's a greater than zero % chance he got a concussion on that play. That was hard. Wow. Lawrence tried to pick the corner there on Skinner. It didn't work. I really like Lawrence's game tonight, by the way. He's chaos. Producer Drew is chirping me because we bet on over five and a half goals before the game, and he doesn't think we're getting it.


You know, you can always make up your own mind every now and then, hey?


How about that, Drew? And also this game's not over. Edmonton has twice as many shots as the Panthers. You don't think they're going to get at least one? Maybe they make the game close. Florida gets an empty netter. That still wouldn't be enough. In front.




Oh, glorious chance for the Panthers. Mccloud tried to get a break away there. It didn't quite work. Hollowey really dogged on the park. That's at least the second play tonight. He's turned nothing into something. There he is after Ekman Larson. Lindell, not able to do much with the park. There, skates backwards. Michie Mitchell says, Go, oilers, go, Canada. We need this as a country. Depends on who you ask, Michie. Mich. Reinhardt, behind the oilers net being chased by McDavid. Verhege, around a foresling. Reinhardt, Barkov, behind the net.


Whoa, shot.


Off the side of the net, Verhege. Bouchard casual. Casual in his own corner. Ecom goes to get Oh, my goodness. He gets run. Top line for the oilers hemmed in, as they just pointed out on the broadcast. Not often you see this. Is this going to be ice? It shouldn't be. Mcdavid first on it. He beats Ekblad. Two first overall picks, back to back, in fact. Ekblad from 2014, McDavid, 2015. Hyman, stripped to the buck.


Barkoff misplays it. Hyman, to dry side. To McDavid. It was a perfect tic-tac-to. And Bobrowski saves it anyway.




How don't the oilers have one?


Cassie says, Someday I'll make it to a meetup, someday. If you're able to come to our Stoville, Boston Pizza Show on the 13th. I'll see you there. Fritzelmania. Sup, Steve. What's up? Met Chris Jericho, Marcel Dion, and others at Niagara Common Con today. Have a good stream. Go oilers? And And Azar said, When Colorado won in 2022, I saw this Drew guy in the corner jumping for joy. I later found out Cam and Drew's NFL's pics and watched two years of their video before putting two and two together. Subdrew loved the show.


They didn't realize that was the same Drew?


That's crazy.


Oh, Yanmark taken into the bench hard.


I think that was Montor. Fuck behind the Panthers' bench right now. No, it's not. Behind the Panthers' Look at that. Ocposo skates out with it. Skinner to Nurse. Over five minutes gone in the third period here. Shots 27, 12 for the Oilers. It's just unbelievable. The Panthers should have the two goals that they have. They should. The two good goals.


Oh, huge collision right at the blue line between Cain? And that was Bennett. Bennett was down for a minute. I haven't seen Bennett get got like that for a while.


He knows who. Sam Bennett.


Watch what he does. Oh, baby. He wanted to get his pound of flesh there.


Something explosive is going to happen at the end of the shift here. Both Bennett and Cain are still on the ice. Not I think Bennett's going to the bench now. Wow, that was a hard collision. I can't wait to see the replay of that. Michael Borland, seeing these Russian goalies dominate the playoffs, except Sammie, makes me want the Leifs to bring over their Russian goalie prospects.


Tarasenko, speaking of, stopped by Stuart Skinner.


So Vyacheslav Peksa was brought over to North America last year. He just played in the ECHL. Artur Akhtumov. Oh, my God. Artur Akhtumov is not yet in North America. Cain just obliterates Sam Bennett. The hit sure looks intentional. It's interference. And here's me playing the world's smallest violin. You talk about two players who absolutely deserve each other. What? I'm supposed to feel bad for Sam Bennett? The guy injures players for a living. Dave Glatz. See what I mean, Steve? Nobody can compete with our God, Cassie. Cassie is the best. Is that her new official rank? 2653 of you in the chat. Let's get to 1,500 likes. It takes half a second and costs you nothing. Click like. Apparently, people didn't understand why Drew was getting booed at the live show. What was that, in Vawn? Or All Star One. So people paid just to see you and Cam on stage. They're fans of your show, and they couldn't understand why you were getting booed because they know you're Drew, Livingstone, but they don't know your producer Drew. That's wild. It never occurred to me that people didn't make the connection. That's hilarious. Cassie, If only, Steve, I work far too much.


Well, we guess that. How are you gifting all these memberships? Taking my first I'm in a situation since COVID next month, and I am in America, so it may be a while unless you do one down here. Well, I'm still in baby jail right now, so travel to the States is not going to happen. For me for a while. But next season is possible. How many members has Cassie given us? 600? Total over the last couple...


Last couple? How much in the playoffs? You don't know?


All right, look for the SDPN Space program brought to you by Cassie. Holy crap. Panthers breaking it out of their own zone. Natalie Drake, ticket to Stoville, Boston Pizza, booked. Let's go. If you want to join Natalie, link in the description. That show will be on June 13th. That's game three of this series. We got a... Is this a penalty? And is it going against Cory Perry? He's sure acting like it. Panthers power play. Cory Perry is protesting silently. Drew said, That's how you don't win a cup, Cory. So basically, he set a pick. That's the second pick I've ever seen called in the Stanley Cup Playouts. The first one went to Justin Hall. I mean, it's a call, but also, it sure feels like a makeup for Evander Kean and what he did to Bennett. Panthers, with 13 minutes to go in the third period, get a power play and a chance to increase their two-nothing lead. Oilers have gone 10 straight games without allowing a power play goal, which is psychotic. Brandon Montour. Panthers can't get their pass It goes across. It goes up in. Out of play. We're almost at 1,500 likes.


Get us there. On BetGRW, the Oilers are now plus 11, $7.35? Ten bucks wins you $135? 113. Oh, sorry. Dude, it's the oilers. They should have seven goals in this game anyway. $2, Steve Sprinklin on that. Cassie said, Oh, I didn't know you kept count. We don't. That's just Drew, I think, off the top of his head. We have no idea. And also, unless you track it in real-time, I don't think there's any way to know how many memberships someone has gifted individually. You're definitely the top gifter, like a million %. Others have donated a lot or gifted a lot. No one is close to you. Connor Brown got the Panthers to turn over the park. It goes out of play, but at the very least, they'll get a face off that's not in their zone, which is always preferred on the penalty kill. Brown, man, he's Becoming a very useful player for the Oilers, or he's become a useful player for the Oilers. His contract is nuts. But I mean, set the contract aside. Is this player adding value to your lineup? Yes. He's going to play in the NHL next year. Panthers come up with the puck.


40 seconds left on their power play, under 12 minutes to go in the third period. Bennett gains the zone. Oh, good play from Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Under 30 seconds to go in this Panthers power play.


Logan Berube, speak of the devil. Another one of our top gifters, 50 gifts. If you're one of the lucky people in the chat who just got SDP VIP, you thank Logan. Sam Bennett. Deterasenko shot, blocked by Darnell Ners.


Rung around And the Panthers fail to score on their power play, and they now have 11:11 to go to win game one. The Edmonton Oilers have now killed 30 straight penalties. Barkoff gains the zone. Bouchard, Hyman. I want to say that the Panthers have done a good job neutralizing Zack Hyman, but he should have two goals. And One of them is for sure his fault. He just missed. He just missed. He just airmailed it. Renton Mon. I'm not one to promote violence, being an imp and all, but I think that the oilers need to accidentally on purpose Bobby. Well, they've already done it twice. Well, Bob flopped that one time.


Broberg, Bouchard, tipped by Hyman. But Brosky couldn't love it.


Oh, you might have just got your wish. Bob got tapped there a little. Mcdavid in front. Again, how don't the oilers score there? What was that, Drew? Oh, does Bob get kicked in the head? Oh, Stenland, good job of Hyman there. Mcdavid falls right on his head. Cassie says, I'll go into my accounting and count them. We'd love to know. We want to thank you. You're unbelievable. Broberg. Broberg is paired with Evan Bouchard right now, by the way, to add offense. It's McDavid Bouchard, Broberg, Hyman, and Trisidal. How haven't the oilers scored a goal? You could easily play this exact same game in game two and win it seven, nothing. It's crazy. It's crazy. It's crazy. Under 10 minutes to go, under nine and a half to go, actually. Lindell in his own end with it. Welcome, if you just joined us. Sdpn YouTube channel. Click like, click, subscribe. Tell all your friends. Luzerina and Lindell. These guys waste so much time for the Panthers. They're unbelievable. Lindell, Tarasynco, Luzerine in with it.


Lindell. Oh, that's a tap in.


These guys just always, always, always have the buck, and they're always, always chasing you. They're a nightmarish line that Paul Maurice uses as an absolute weapon. Darnell Nurse taking the buck for a walk in front of the net.


Evander Cain. Oh, it's at the side.


Barcov taps it. Verhege giving chase to the buck. Broberg still out there. Mrs. Reinhardt. Kulikov out there with Ekman Larson. Dave Glatz says, Hack the bone, hack the bone. In your best Lisa Simpson impression, Hack the... I don't know how to do a Lisa. I can do Alma, not Lisa. Hack the bone. Terrifying. Just Terrifying. Broberg, who may never leave the ice again. Taking the puck through the neutral zone, gets it to Kulak. Connor Brown giving chase. Yanmark in support. Not that much support. Rodriguez gets rid of it. Oh, boy. Panthers are in real danger of parking the bus here. And here comes McDavid with the puck, drops it for Ekholm. Blocked and up and over. Panthers can't get rid of it. Ekblad airmails it. They're going to be doing That a lot. Echholme. Here comes McDavid again.


Driesidal. Why are you dropping it?


Oh, because it's Evan Bouchard. He's blocked by Cardiver Hagey, though. Bouchard behind the Panthers net.


In front, shot by Hyman.


Up and over. Driesidal. Ecom shovels it in. Mcdavid high slot, skating around, tries to get the buck through, bounces. The bounce almost went in. Mcdavid looking for help, finds it in the form of Evan Bouchard. Driesidal.


Gets it to Bush. Oh, what's that pass for?


Picked off, and the oilers lose the zone.


Luzerina, there he is. There he is. Here's this line again. Gets it to Reinhardt, stopped by the glove of Stuart Skinner, 6:45 to go in the third period.


Panthers up to nothing. Feels like a miracle. Producer Drew just asked me... Oh, butt-end save by Bobrowski. As we go to TV time out here, producer Drew just asked me, How many minutes out of the final... What is it? 6:45 to go? How many minutes out of the last 6:45 does McDavid play? Drew says, Say four. I think it's... Okay, are we setting it at four minutes and a half a second? Over under four minutes? I'm taking the over. I swear. I'm taking over on that. So McDavid is currently at 2054, and if he hits 2454 or higher, then we will have the over. So you're taking the under, I'm guessing.


You're not sure.


You're taking it for fun? Yeah. Atta boy. Yeah, If somebody scores the empty netter, then the under is basically secured. But if they don't... Mdd, Steve, great job. Enjoy the '67 Mapleeef swag. Oh, You're the one. I still have your letter to read. It's in my house. We just got this great 1967 leafs display sent to us, and I guess it was by you, MDD. I feel like you said your username was different, but thank you. We just got it in our office. We will hang it with pride. Cassie has gifted 807 memberships these playoffs so far. You're nuts, and thank you for being nuts at us. You're unbelievable. Joe Bale says, Who's hotter? Bob, today are pricing Game 5 OT in 2021. No, the overtime you're thinking of is game 6. And I'm going to say Bob today because it's a whole game. It's like five break away. Yeah, it's stupid. We got a whistle with 6:17 to go in the third period. Drew says, You know what's funny is Paul Maurice is going to be pissed after this game. You know what's funny? No, he's not. All he's going to care about is that they won.


Shots are 31 to 14 for the oilers. It's preposterous. It's preposterous. Exactly six minutes to go in the third. Hey, Drew, you see he was on the ice? There he is. Connor Eric David. Oh, my God. Breaking the ankles of Aaron Ekeblad.




Tipped. Doesn't hit the net, though. Panthers can't clear the zone. Bouchard gloves it down. That's a pick there from Hyman on Barkoff. Not called.


Ekehome blasts it.


That goes wide, and the oiler has got to go after it now. Yeah, they just called out the pick. Craig Simpson saying he got away with it. He absolutely did. Rennie Mons says, Winter Olympics are greater than the Summer Olympics. You're not wrong. 5:24 to go in the third period. I believe the oilers just went offside, and that's why we got that whistle. And we got a TV time out here, and I imagine coming out of that commercial break, McDavid and dryside, and Hyman and all those guys are going to be right back on the ice. Cassie says, Got to support my favorite small business. Thank you. Hey, here's what's in it for you, okay? If you become an S VIP. You become a member of this YouTube channel. We do the Steve Dangle podcast three episodes a week, usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Sometimes we switch it up a little bit because of certain events, but it's almost always Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If If you become a member of this YouTube channel, or if you become an SDP VIP on Apple podcast or on Spotify, guess what? Fourth episode. We do a bonus episode every single week, and it goes up on this YouTube channel, SDP VIP.


That's what you get if you buy your own membership. Or you could do what Dave Glatz just did. He gifted five memberships to this YouTube channel, but it's not to us. The gift doesn't go to SDPN. I mean, we benefit from having new members, obviously, but it benefits people like Cee Dizl, Dolan Dark. Who else we got? Truffle Hunter. Magneto. That's a great name. If you gift memberships, which you can do in the chat, I believe it's under the chat bottom right, the little a dollar sign, you can give memberships to people. Cassie just gifted another 10 SdpM memberships because she's a legend. If you don't see the option to gift memberships, I believe that's an iPhone issue, just go to your desktop. You should be able to do it. That's what I have to do because I'm on an iPhone. Arismix just gifted five SdpM memberships. Let's go. Keep it going. 519 to go in the third period. Oilers still down to nothing. Dave Glatz said, Just trying to keep up with Cassie. Good luck. Panthers with the Puck. What's your funny stat there, Drew? Oh, you'll wait for a whistle? Got it. Five minutes to go.


Oilers do not ice the puck, Pabrowski out of his net to play it. Oilers, or rather Panthers, get the puck, or try to get the puck up the ice quickly, but the oilers get it back. Shoveled in by Henrique.


Oh, wrap around, rebound. Oh, the oilers just, again, unlucky.


Luzerina airmails it. Broberg seeing a lot of ice here in the third period.


Whoa. Logan Berubey with a 50-piece gifting 50 SDPN memberships. Let's go. Jv gifted 10 SDPN memberships. And Cardiver Hagey with a shot stopped by Stuart Skinner, and with exactly 4:20 to go in the third period.


Nice. The oilers are still down to nothing. Cassie, you're absurd. You're absurd. She gifted another 50 piece. We couldn't possibly thank you enough. There's no way. It's not humanly possible to thank you enough. It's not humanly possible. Face off in the oiler zone to the left of Skinner. Ecom has it. Reinhardt holds the zone for the Panthers. Oilers blow the zone a little early there, driven to the net by Barkoff, stopped by Skinner, and it'll be another defensive zone draw for the Oilers, 4:10 to go in the third period. The Panthers just siphoning time from the hour glass. Darnell Ners is... Okay, so this is Drew's stat. Darnal Nurse is minus two in this game. Now minus 15 in the playoffs overall.


The NHL record is minus 16 since plus minus started being tracked. Who was it?


Yeah, he's going to look it up.


Reinhardt to the point Shot from Forzling. Oh, boy, that skipped over Skinner.


Did not hit the net, though. Jpicks. Cassie, can you give the oilers a goal? That's a good one. That's a good one. That's a very good one. K'chuck.


Oh, takes Ecom down hard.


K'chuck back after it. Ecom gets it up the ice. Panthers turn them right back around. There's McDavid out there. Paul Reinhardt, 1983 is the answer. Surely not a relative of Sam. He's going to look it up. Cassie saying, Let's keep the train going. Michael Lynn Jr. Steve, do you think the Caps buy in free agency? I'm going to answer that after the game.


Here come the Oilers. Under three minutes to go. Holloway.


Again, the Panthers just turned it around.


It's Sam's dad. Sam Reinhardt's dad holds the record for the worst plus minus in a playoff. No way. Oh, McCloud. How don't you shoot that right away?


Golden opportunity. Just over two and a half minutes to go.


Cody Ceece trying valiantly to hold the line. Panthers two on one them. Verhege. Oh, that's offside.


Costly offside for the Panthers, potentially. 2:29 to go in the third period. If the oilers win this face off, Stuart Skinner's got to be out of the net. Got to be. And Connor McDavid probably doesn't leave the ice for the rest of the game. Unbelievable. Sam Reinhardt's dad has the playoff record for worst plus minus, and Darnell Ners might beat him. What's his name again? Paul? Paul Reinhardt. When did he play? Yeah, '80s, maybe even '70s. Drysidal. Yep, they're buying time to get Skinner to the bench. Oilers get it deep. Bobrowski plays it to Ekblad.


Ekblad doesn't get all of it.


Mcdavid Hyman, everyone digging at it. Panthers making it impossible for the oilers to get set up.


Swotted by drysidal.


Oh, that was almost incredible, but Reinhardt gets rid of it. Mcdavid gains the zone himself.


Oh, bang from Echom.


That was a slap past to drysidal. Didn't quite get through. Bouchard to Echom to Bouchard to Echom. Echom to drysidal.


Bouch. Where is it?


It's behind the Panthers net. Panthers, get it out. Bouchard, gains the zone with quickness. Under 90 seconds to go. Oyler's still down two goals here. I still wouldn't count them out.


Mabrowski covers it up.


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Craig G says, Can you start a wrestling podcast, please? Leave me alone. No, it's a good idea. We just don't have the resources right now. I would love to. Cassie said, So I didn't count the ones gifted from my friend's account, so it might actually be over a thousand gifted in these playoffs. Whatever the opposite of a monster is, I guess it would be Monster Good. That's you. The Cassie clan, stand up. The Edmonton Oilers call a timeout with 81 seconds to go in the third period. Still He's down two goals. Oh, Jean Saumard with a great point. Imagine if Sam Reinhardt scores the goal that gets Nurse to minus 17. That's a great point. Crazy.


Over 3,000 people in the chat right now.


Welcome. Steve Dangle here on the Sdpn YouTube channel. Click like, please, because it's free. Click subscribe. Tell all your friends. Eighty-one seconds to go in the third period of game one of the Stanley Cup final. Florida Panthers lead the Edmondson Oilers 2-0 despite out shooting them 34 to 17 so far in this game. On the ice, dry-sideal Hyman, McDavid Nugent, Hopkins, Bouchard, and Ekholm, shutting them down. Barkoff, Luzerine, and Reinhardt, Ekblad, and Forzling. Face off. Oilers come up with it, but they didn't like it, so they're going to do it again. Two seconds came off the clock. I imagine they go right back on. Yep. Dave Glatz says, Cassie is her God. She is the best. Panthers win the draw. Being chased by the oilers, though. Hyman after it.


Mcdavid comes up with it. Shadow by Barkov, though. Barcov loses his stick. Bouchard, down low to drysidal, back up to Bouchard. Drysidal. Shoots it, blocked. Luzerina, around his man. Can't get the empty netter. Under a minute to go.


In the third period, McDavid, Bouchard, Got to get up the ice fast. Bouchard passes it. Eckholm standing, stuck still, dumps it. Hyman might be offside right now if the oilers score here. That would be something. Bouchard. Panthers. Get it out. Eckholm, only 30 seconds to go here. Forzling. And the oilers are trying to say that the Panthers put it out of play. I think they were arguing for a penalty. It's not going to happen. Cassie says, counted. It's 1,047 between our accounts. I could look up how to say thank you in every language in the world, and it wouldn't feel like enough. Cassie, thank you. There's one. There's one language. 24.2 seconds to go in the third period. Dreisadl versus Reinhardt in the face off. Can we get to 2,000 likes by the end of the stream? That'd be nice. Just click like on your way out. Digging in the corner. Panthers basically playing for the you know what right now because there's no way the oilers are going to get two. Bouchard, blocked. Panthers come up with it. They might get an empty netter here.


Luzerina scores. 4.4 seconds to go in the game.


It is three, nothing for the Florida Panthers, and that will ice it.


Game one goes to the Florida Panthers, and they're already throwing the rats on the ice.


And even though there's only 4.4 seconds to go in this game, it is going to delay it significantly because now they have to clean up the rats. I mean, if you're the Edmondson oilers, Chris Nobleck has an interesting job to do here because you got to convince your team to do the same thing in game two because, dude, you play this game a thousand times, how many of them you get shut out in?




That's only Luzerina's second goal of these playoffs. And Connor McDavid looks livid. Paul Maurice looks so dialed right now, and it's like, buddy, you have a three goal lead with 4.4 seconds to go. He wants his cup, man. He wants his cup. He's gotten close a bunch of times. Never want it. Drew just I'll ask the dumbest question ever. Who feels better after this? Florida after playing like crap and winning, or Edmonton after playing amazing and losing? The Florida Panthers, because they are now up.


One, nothing In the Stanley Cup final, this is the 10th Stanley Cup final game in Florida Panthers history.


This is a stat just off the top of my head. This is the 10th Stanley Cup final game in Florida Panthers history, and only the second time they've won. It's wild. But the Florida Panthers are now three wins away from the 2024 Stanley Cup.


Edmonton has been down.


They're not out. Great win from Florida. But Edmonton has a chance to tie this up and win a game on the road in game two. Azar said, The only leg I missed in my parlay was Edmonton plus 2.5. Oh, that hurts. Four seconds left. You lost it. Oh, no. Oh, no. Well, burn your lucerine in Jersey, I guess. Sorry, this is from Hacksaw Higgins Media. Ruting for the Panthers for Lawango as a Knuck fan. That's true. He gets a ring if they win. Rennet Mon, whoever said that Bob was getting a shutout, I hate you. Fair enough. And Larry Gary, are the Oilers just the leaves of the West? No. No. The Oilers went to the final four two years ago. They're in the Stanley Cup final now. I would kill to be down one nothing in the Stanley Cup final right now. Dude, that'd be awesome. A, Justin Fisher gifting one SDPN membership. Thank you. Thank you, pal. Who got it? Ace got it. Let's go. Well, Drew, your Panthers sweep prediction is coming, Drew, so far. Was that? Get that broom ready. Shut up. Did you bet on that? On betgrw. Com? You did?


You're nuts. You're nuts. So Silas says, How do I get a membership? So for the next stream, which I believe is Monday, go into the settings of your account because you might have it in your settings that you can't accept memberships. You have to enable the ability, or sometimes you have to enable the ability to be gifted memberships. It seems very silly. Who would say no to But some people have told me that they have to do that in their settings. As a preds fan, I want to see Echome win the Cup. I understand that. Drew hates Canada. I've always said. I've always said that. Hang out and wait for Cassie. That's hilarious. Oh, thank you, Drew. I totally forgot. Cup check is coming tonight. That'll be on my YouTube channel, Steve Dangle, I think. I'm going to be doing my LFR style video on the Stanley Cup final. Cup check. We're going to be talking about game one of the Stanley Cup final that the Panthers won three to nothing. You know what? I think that's it. Thank you to everyone who watched this stream. Really appreciate it. Anything else? Big thanks to our sponsor, BetGRW.


Link in the description. Check it out. Link in the description to our live show that's going to be on June 13th at Boston Pizza in Stovale. Check it out. But for now, that is it for this stream. Thank you very much for watching. Click like if you like this video. Click subscribe if you really liked it. Tell all your friends, Florida Panthers are three wins away from the Stanley Cup. Happy birthday, Cassie.