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Raise the way yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Hey, everybody. How you doing? Are you jacked? Are you like a car that needs fixing? You jacked up. Steve Dangle here on the STPN YouTube channel. Hey, you're here. So you should click like, hey, you're here. You should click subscribe. Steve, don't push it. I'm not clicking subscribe. Fine, click like. Tell all your friends we got game five tonight. The series is deadlocked two games to two. The Florida Panthers taking on the New York Rangers in New York at Madison Square. Square garden yet. Dad, dad. Whoa. Lots of lineup changes in this one. He told to the first line for the Rangers. They're just showing it. Kako looked like he was going to be a healthy scratch. He's in there. I don't see Wheeler in there. So the fourth line is going to be Cooley Goodrow, Rempy, spicy. I did not, like, remp his game at all in game four. I wasn't crazy about it in game three, but he was a big factor in game two. And they're showing a compilation of him the last time he was in Madison Square garden. I think it matters.


And I tell you what, if he's not good tonight, you don't play him the rest of the series. Cassie is sassy. She's the first one. The first one in the super chats. I'm just here for the vibes. Shout out, Cassie. The Cassie clan, if you will. If this is your first stream, welcome. If it's not, welcome back. Who saw the quote from Kevin Biexa? He talked about how he calls the Edmonton media meat because they're raw, dead, and dumb. I have never heard that tweet. That tweet. I've never heard that chirp in my life. Whoa. Zachary, let's go. Getting the party started. Gifting an SDP membership. This is the part where I tell you about those, so you might look at the chat. I'm gonna look at the chat right now. Whoa. Look at the chat. Some of you have a name that's in green. You guys are STP VIP's. For those of you who don't have green, you stink. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. SDP VIP's. Your name is in green, so I know you're a VIP. When I read the chat, you get special access to emojis and ER faces, whatever you know, in the chat.


I'm old. The other thing you get is the STP VIP episode. So every week we do three episodes of the Steve Dangle podcast. But I want more. You can have more if you want, because we have SDP VIP, the VIP episode. We have a fourth episode that we do every week. And if you're an SDP VIP, you get access to it. And I believe you get access to the whole backlog, so. Or catalog, whatever it is. So if you become an STP VIP now, you can go back and, like, it's based on news items, but not necessarily hockey news items. A lot of it is evergreen ish. So you should be able to listen and enjoy, and then you can also become an STP VIP ad free. Upgrade your membership to the second tier. You get all four episodes of the Steve Dangle podcast, including the VIP episode ad free every week. Drew said, let them know what you talked about in the vip this week. And I'm like, that's a great idea, Drew. Here's the problem. We recorded it Monday and I don't remember. Did you? Have you heard it? Oh, great. So I'm going to have to remember.


Drew's going to look. I forget. It was four days ago, dude. Yeah, baby brain, 100% just etch a sketch every day. Exotic salad 701. Everything you guys do is fantastic. Much love, shoot, shucks and gosh darn. Thank you. Oh, that's right. Adam's car got broken into. What's that? Oh, that was last week. What the hell do we talk about? Oh, it hasn't been posted yet. I feel like it gets. It's gonna get posted at midnight tonight. Yeah, it's gonna get posted at midnight tonight. But we recorded a Monday. Well, you'll just have to be surprised. Last week, Adam's car got broken into trash productions. Happy post Oilers wind day. You know, watching your team win is great. The day after your team wins. Oh. Oh, it's great. It might even be better. It's so good. Mister Cookie, my guilt pleasure is to rewatch LFR 14. The episode is titled words lFR 14. Well, lFR ten. LFR 14. Which one is that? Is that the crazy loss to the penguins where I lost my mind? Is that from the COVID season? I'm trying to remember which 114 is. It's one of them. Ty Smith from the live show.


You were asked who the last american player was to retire for a canadian team. Or who the last player to retire on a canadian team was. Ryan Callahan. Ottawa Senators December 30, 2020. What? Did he ever play for them? Oh, I don't remember that at all. Girthy Bettman. If you show your grippers, I'll give the Leafs a free pass to the Eastern Conference final next year. Not good enough. They got to win the cup. Scott Steiner. Would you rather go home to be a genetic freak? To be satisfied every night? Or to Samoa Joe? Thank you, Cassie. It's 08:00 p.m. and my neighbor started cutting their grass. Jail producer drew goes. It's fine. Sun's out. You're allowed. Drew, you're a dad. Oh, yeah. White noise machine. What if I don't have one? What if I'm old school? No, that's 100% why you get a white noise machine? So that you don't want to kill that neighbor. Uh, us. Austin o mino. Austin. Austin Omeno. Hi, Steve. Love the LFR. And I love the stream. Thank you. I wanted to thank you, and I had a burp stuck from my text messages. Justin Fisher. I'm a big loser.


Oh, wait, he said something else. Stephen, do you want to play a game? Choose one player from each team. If either player scores tonight, I will drop ten gift subs in the chat. Love you, Pookie. I love you, too, pookie. Artemi Panarin for the yet, dad. Oh, yeah. Matthew Kachak got the first goal of the series for the Panthers. I don't know if he scored. That's the mic. ABC. H I j k l m n o ur.


All right, we fixed it. I think. Is my lighting messed up? No, I think I fixed it. Yeah, we're fine. Okay. We're only in anthem, so it's okay. Feet grippers. Justin Fisher asked me who the goal scorers are gonna be. I said, I don't know if you heard it. Artemi Panarin and Matthew Kachuk. Those are my guesses. Hawks 23. We're gonna order a new microphone tomorrow. Steve, hi. Just wondering if there's still plans about a red dead stream. Yes, Cassie. Not allowed. Drew, I can barely hear. Steve, we fixed it. I think the LFR. Oh, mister cookie. The LFR episode that I was referring to is the episode when the Leafs get eliminated in round one by my boys, the Montreal Canadiens. I called that words. Oh, yeah, I did. Yo, that video has, like, 750,000 views, and it snuck up there. Like, I didn't check on it for a while and I looked and I went, boo. There's a few videos where, like, especially throughout the summer, they'll be one of my top ones because I'm not releasing as much new content. David Ayers is obviously always up there, and that habs videos very often up there.


Vinny Trocheck, he's got this. Smelling salts. First goal picks. Drew wasn't listening. Artemi Panarin. Well, no, technically, Justin asked for any time, so first I'm gonna say Carter for Hagee and Mika. Savannah. Jab. I got, whoa. Crider and who is that? Akblad? Who's going, whoa, what happened there? We're 6 seconds in. How did this start? Are they, are they going to the box? They're just going to let it go? The playoffs are funny. You can just do whatever you want. You can just do. So I'm confused. Are they redoing the opening face off? Because they're going to have to reset the clock. Oh, my God. Drop the puck. There they go. They finally drop it. I have no idea if we're 6 seconds in or none. And the Panthers ice it. How far into the game are we, dude? All right, 11 seconds, apparently. Oh, crider took a decent hit at Reinhardt. That's funny, Daniel. Last night at Boston pizza was my first time seeing the podcast live, and it was so awesome. You guys are awesome. No, you're awesome. Face off in the panther zone. Mika's abandoned. Jad wins it back. Braden Schneider on the one timer.


Can't get it through. Blocked. Rangers get it deep anyway. Zabanajad hooked a little. Oh, and we already got a two on one. Here come the Panthers. Sabandajad trying to back check. Great play by Braden Schneider to break that up. That's a pretty good job there. Crider could have handled that better, could have done it worse. Panthers get a couple new bodies over the boards. Shasturkin out of. Isn't that the plant?




Long pass up the ice. At least it's not icing. Panthers on. I think that might have hit the side of the net. Pass around the boards. Rodriguez whoop shoveled on, doesn't get through. And I think Crider thought about going for the break there. He's a little late in his shift. Gustafson. Oh, La Frenier. Puck just out of reach. He's been incredible. Real breakout. Truba out there on the ice being pressured by the Panthers. Here come the Rangers. Paneran, what a move. Can't quite get around Teresenko. Bit of nervous energy here in MSG. Not loud enough. Panthers rim it around. Here they come again. Lindgren shot from Lafreniere. Stop by the blocker of Bobrovsky. Can someone please tell me what that song is, by the way? I was gonna ask my friends, but then I was like, no, I can just bug the chat. Who is that puck behind the Panthers net? Rangers definitely don't hold the line. That's offside. That's got to be a whistle. All. Anyway, Panthers got a change and Shasturkin has to glove it so it'll be a face off in the rangers end, which I think the Panthers will. They'll take.


Cassie, genuine question. When I pulled one over on you last stream, did drew have to remind you I had gifted 50 earlier in the stream? Your realization killed me. Yes, he did. You're talking about a man who regularly is asked, like, hey, can you get something from upstairs? And I go, okay. And I go upstairs and I do two or three things, and I come back downstairs and I don't have the thing that I was sent to go get because I have a three month old and I'm half brain dead. On Sunday, she'll be April May. Like, do you see? Yeah. On June 3, whenever that is. This week. Uh, Sunday. This Sunday, uh, she'll be three months old. Is it Sunday? I don't even freaking know. I have, like, brain damage. Monday, I believe you. Rempy is out there. He goes for a hit and he misses. But it's MSG, so they love it. Both teams tinkering with their fourth line. Shot from Stenland. Speaking of the first. 1st line, fourth line. Oh, my God. John Acosta, the anthem singer for the Panthers, hoping we win tonight. We, as in the Panthers and have a chance to clinch game six.


I'll be there to give another. Let's go. I love that. Also appreciate the love from everyone. Shout out John Acosta for giving a little shout out to the chat. And here's a two on one for his panthers. Verhege cut off there by Kiandre Miller. Good play. Oh. Savannah Jet rocked by Hagee. Verhege passing on the slot. Shot from Reinhardt. And it goes out of play. James Scarcebrook. As a wrestling fan, Steve, I can't believe when talking about Trubas hit, you didn't reference Lex Luger's bionic forearm due to the metal plate. I feel like macho man. Randy Savage is the number one elbow affiliated wrestler. But I guess you're referring to forearm. I. You know what I could have also done? Dusty Rhodes. That wasn't very good. But you know what I mean, Steve. Don't you mean cody? No. Trocheck D zone draw for the Rangers. Taking on Evan Rodriguez. Rangers win it back. Ben Aaron. Whoa. Pressured. Good pressure from the Panthers. Someone's lost their stick. Is Mikola. He picks it up. Rangers trying to take advantage of the situation off of Bobrovsky. Schneider puts it deep. And a 50 piece from Cassie gift and 50 STPM memberships.


Cassie clan. Cassie clan. Cassie clan. You are friggin ridiculous. You're a ridiculous human being and I appreciate it. Braden Schneider opener almost made me look really smart. He might get another whack at it. Oh, the Rangers get another whack at a trocheck. Covered up by Bob Barofsky. Ooh. I think that was, that was a. I want to say it was trocheck. Crosscheck. Nikomicola. Like right in the ribs. Who was that? Maybe we'll see a replay. That was really uncomfortable. Adam, this is probably a dumb question, but do you ever fantasize about an LFR of a Leaf's cup win? More than I'm willing to admit. Cassie. Like, what do you even say? Like, what do you even say? You've gifted so many memberships, so many people are SDP VIP's because of you. They have access to so much more of our stuff now. You're the best. You're the best. Like, thank you. Genuinely. Grazie. Marcy Taksa mukit. Sheeshe. Like, like, arigato. Obregado. I'm trying to think of all the other ways to say thank you, Wenberg. Oh, neat little zone entry. Ah, panthers handle that well, though. Oh, Roslovic. There's something wrong. And the Panthers, they think are taking a penalty.


What happened there? Ross Levix either hurt or lost the blade on his skate. I think he lost the blade. Lutzerin. And is going to the box for the first penalty of this game. Not even five minutes in. Slashing penalty on Lutzerina. Drew said, look how italian that guy next to the box was. I can't wait to see this also. Yeah, it was a pretty clear slash there from Lutzer in and he broke Wenberg stick. Did you see Adam Copeland, aka Edge or rated RSO per star, broke his leg in AEw? I did. It was actually scary. Oh, Fox Rangers set up already. Looking good. Oh, shot. Oh, no rebound. And there's another stick broken out there. Oh, boy. Panthers have a three on two. Short handed. Reinhardt picked off. That's a good defensive play there from Fox Rangers. Gained the zone with speed. Trocheck setting up. Comment it down, Panarin. Fox. Oh, fox down low. Do trocheck. It's a nifty pass. Not into like a particularly dangerous situation, though. Mika's abandoned jad. Oh. Oh. Great movement from the Rangers. Fox wasting a lot of time there, boys. Gotta shoot this thing. Can't get it through Paneran.


At some point you gotta shoot this thing. Like, what was that? Pass to crider. You're over halfway through this power play. I don't even have. They take it a shot. Attempt paneran wide crider. Oh, I thought he would have banked that in panerin. That one does almost get through. Blocked 40 seconds to go in this Rangers power play. Shasturkin out to play it. Louis Philippe Lorte. Can you describe a whole play in French? No. Unless one of the players is asking to go to the bathroom. No. I could do the numbers, Drew. Come on. I couldn't. Like, I'm trying to think of what 91 is because in French, 91 is like 420 eleven or something like that. It's a lot of math. 4 seconds ago in this power play, it's been kind of butt, uh, getting back to edge, breaking his legs. So what apparently happened? So he was on top of a cage. He was going for a splash, realized he undershot it and pulled an audible mid air to go into an elbow drop. But he, like, from a significant height, landed on his feet and he ended up breaking his tibia. He is so lucky.


That's all he broke. He broke one tibia on one leg. It looked like he. Like he should have shattered both legs. Bones, heel. They take a while to heal. I don't want to break my tibia. No, thanks. Panthers kill that power play with relative ease. I mean, the Rangers moved it around great, but, like, you got to do stuff. Turnover shot. High and wide. Panthers moving it around now. Bennett Way. One timer goes wide. Rangers still chasing after this thing. Good. Chuck in front for Bennett. It's into the corner now. Ui Lapisin Montour stopped by Shasturkin. Another save by Shasturkin. Oh, boy. Rangers running around. Running around. Can't get out this Bennett, Kaczuk and whoever else. I think usually Rodriguez line has just caused nightmares for the Rangers. All series so far, all four games, and now five. Schneider, man, they can't. Oh, there you go. Lafreniere, trocheck. Nifty around. Nifty again. They have the puck. You got to do something with a panera on. Actually makes Bobrovski move that was good behind the net for Laffernier. Panthers. Panthers handle it. And here they come forsling. Real breakout party for him. Well, I mean, they made the cup final last year, but feels like he's been even better.


Rangers trapped behind their own net. Airmail. And it works. Zabanajad. Oh, shot. Rebound. Bobroski can't cover it, but the Panthers turn defense into offense. Reinhardt into the corner behind the net. They pressure Truba and hammer him. Puck goes down the ice. This will be icing against the New York Rangers. 1119 to go in the first period. It'll be a Panthers power play. No, it won't. It'll be a Panthers offensive zone draw. Senzor Steve, if you make your goal to ref a beer league game, please make Adam's goal to be a linesman. Oh, 100%, 100% true about bounce pass. I mean, the Rangers plan to get the puck out of their zone and turn it into offense. Sure appears to be hope and prey. And it just feels like that's not really a strategy. 1106 to go in the first period. We got our first tv timeout. Hi, Steve Dangle here on the STP and YouTube channel. Click like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends. I need one person to click like, right. We got two sitting at 201 likes. But there's a thousand people in here. It's not enough. Oh, and you guys are delayed.


I forgot. So you know what? We need to hit 500 likes, like now. That's what we need. I'm stifling yawns, dude. I had an espresso an hour ago and it did nothing. I need a goal. Any goal. Hot damn. We got a lot of content tomorrow. Well, midnight shortly after this game, actually. Or during if it goes to double OT. We'll have an STP VIP episode that we recorded on Monday containing mystery content that I forget. I remember having fun. And then we got a brand new Steve Dangle podcast tomorrow. Like a regular one. Matthew Kachuk going at Philip Heedle. That feels like a waste of Kachuk's energy. He knows a great player, but like, he is not at 100%. He missed. Didn't he miss the vast majority of this season? A sensor became an SDP vip all by himself. Panthers with it behind their net. Yeah, he'll played ten games this regular season. Log jam behind the Rangers net. 1030 to go in the first period. Rangers take advantage of a bounce here, Gustafson. I tried to get too fancy. It would have been cool, but, like, it's a low percentage play. The Rangers are just grossly overpassing.


Oh, Gustafson holds the line. This will be interesting if they score and they don't. Sergey Bobroski gloves it for a face off with 1010 to go in the first period. Satisfying shout out to Minnesota. By the way, the inaugural PWHL champions got to see that last night at Boston Pizza. It was going on during the simultaneously with the Edmonton Dallas game. It's funny. They already thought they won it once, then the goal was disallowed. Boston won't. They ended up getting it anyway. Panthers with a bit of a chance here. Oh, he'll comes up with the puck, tries to go up the other way, and this is what happens. The Panthers do their thing in the offensive zone. The Rangers try to turn it back up the ice, but the Panthers just swarm them in the neutral zone. Forget the defensive zone. Like, the Rangers don't even have the opportunity to do anything. What they're doing is working Miller up the ice. Bobrovsky stops it. I'm going to say this. I think I've only seen Matt Rempy once. Lafreniere open. He's got a little bit of room. Backhanders stop by the shoulder of Bobrovsky. Ekman Larsen pressured him good there.


Lindgren walking the line. It's behind the net. Lindell flubs it. Rangers keep it alive in the ozone again. Swarmed. Swarmed. Oh, they hold the line again, though. Ranger Panthers finally get out. Question from Omar how does the Tanf injury change the series? Listen, it's already going to be really, really, really hard to shut down the Oilers. Anything that makes it harder to do that is going to really hurt your chance of winning. By the way, that was Rempe and then there was a whistle and now we're getting a tv timeout. I jinxed it. Shoot. How's the chat doing, everybody? Harrison Isaacs, what team slash teams that made the playoffs this year do you think will miss next year? That's a fascinating question. It feels like the free space is Washington, but they have a bunch of old pieces of that team, notably, I mean, Alexander Ovechkin, obviously, but they're like deceptively young. Like they have some really young pieces. Protest Mirosh Nichenko, Conor McMichael, Rasmus Sandin is pretty young. What was he 2018 pick? I feel like the Capitals are much better set up for the future than their rivals, the Pittsburgh Penguins, who just have no picks or prospects or nothing.


They have the prospects that they got for Jake Gensel. That's basically what they got like, can we really bank on the islanders being much better? We'll see, like, what the Patrick Waugh effect is there mid season. Coach bump La Kings in the chat. Tampa is done in the chat. So here's the thing, a lot of people agree with that sentiment. The Tampa's done, which means they're going to make significant changes. If you, if you ask me to bet stamp, coast ain't coming back. What does that mean? I don't know. Speedy v. There he is. Gravy from Costco is better than gripper nation. Whoa. Insulting. Barclay goodrow taking a draw against Kevin Stenland, and they're arguing over the. Okay, Cooley out there to take the face off now. Just drop the puck, dude. Everyone came to watch. 59 in black and white. Shut up, rempy helping to win the face off. Rangers ring it in. Goodrow digging, digging, digging. Two on one. Remp in there to help Panthers come up with it. Here they come, here they come. Ark Pozo, who I keep forgetting is a panther. Every time I see him, I'm like, whoa. Jump scare.


Barclay Goodrow. It's just chipped out. Quick fourth line shift. They'll get off the ice. Shot seven three for the Rangers through the first with 745 left to go in the first period. Oh, my God. John Acosta, would you rather step on a toad or a rat? Barefoot. Where? Ew. Oh, and the pants. Oh, my goodness. Sam Bennett, did he hit the post? Unbelievable. How isn't that a goal? Rangers come the other way. Kako into the corner. Whoa. Big hit. Kako digging away. Rangers might have something here. Oh, behind the net, Wenberg. It's behind the net again, Kako. Why? I was in the middle of saying I really liked in game four, and then he gave it away. Kendra Miller doing his best to hold the blue line. Can't do it. Roslovic gets the puck back. Everyone involved decides to get a line change. My answer is toad, by the way. Less crunchy log jam in the neutral zone. Both teams stealing it from each other. Heedle brings it back into his own. And for Lindgren, who's double teamed. And the Panthers generating a little bit of offense here. Lot of this game has been played along the board so far, but not there.


Forcing just widen into the corner. Verhege driving the net, turns back, looking for help. Friends, help. Verhege's blocked crider. When Crider tried to throw Matthew Kaczuk's mouth guard into the stands, Kacuk told him that was the best play he made all game dry forsling a. Thank you, Matthew Braden, Schneider Paneran. Oh, I thought he advanced the puck. He didn't, but here comes Kiandre Miller with a head of speed. He's gone end to end before passes it off to trocheck. Miller driving the net. Paneran can't get it through, and there's a roughing penalty coming. Who's it against? Against Miller? I didn't see that at all. I got to see this replay. Oh, Bennett so close. Oh, hey, Bob. Teresanco pretty good in bot him as hard as Bennett bopped Marsh, and I'll tell you that. So we'll get a Florida power play after this tv timeout. Sam Bennett has been Sam Bennett. Sam Reinhardt, the other Sam, has been lethal for the Florida Panthers on the power play this series. Rye guy, the fire guy see should. Am I reading that wrong? Is it Rye gee the fire guy? Rye guy, the fire gee anyway, Ryan, Steve, thoughts on the Kraken's new head coach?


I said this last stream. The Kraken are like a very meticulous front office, very process driven. They've been getting to know Dan Bilesma for a few years now. He's been with their AHL affiliate, so they weren't deterred by the fact that he hasn't been a head coach since 2017. And when he was a head coach, it was with the Buffalo Sabers, fascinated to see how that goes because that team is still very boring. Like, the roster is just very. There's not a bunch of players I look at on the Kraken and I go, oh, yeah, that guy's no good. Yeah, no, I don't want him on my team. They're all fine. You don't get much done with fine. You need some stops, too. Helps when you get saves. Omar, I know it's early, but you spelled, but like a, like a bum. I know it's early, but what is your expectation for the Leafs next season? That is impossible to answer without. That's gonna be impossible to answer until at least July 2, which you could say any year. I know that, but, like, dude, Marner might be traded. Tavares might be traded. I doubt it, but he might be.


Riley might be traded. I doubt it, but he might be. There's going to be a lot of changes, man. Face off in the Rangers zone. They got a penalty to kill Montour as the puck loses it. Panthers got to clear the zone. P 24 Rye Steve, thoughts on the Leafs cup drought since 1967? Don't care for it. Panthers battling behind the Rangers net. Matthew Kachuk ooh decoy. Now he has the puck. Not enough pressure at the blue line here from the Rangers. Stopped by Shasturkin and the rebound was just cleared. Ryan Lindgren is taking such abuse in this series. They clear it. 115 to go in this Panthers power play. Matthew Kachuk taking it up the ice with the world's most useless mouth guard, Reinhardt Bennett. Kachuk thought about shooting it. Didn't. Looks like he's gonna. No, didn't give it to Bennett. Now he does. The Panthers Rangers clear it again. Flynn says will the Sabers make the playoffs next year? Depends a lot on their goaltending. Devin Levi is like one of the biggest wild Cardans in the league. Shastirk and risky play, but he clears it himself. 35 seconds to go in this Panthers power play.


Ekman, Larson, Rodriguez, Teresenko behind the net. Lundell, deceptive amount of time left here. Oh, what a play. Passed by the feet of Ekman, Larson to Rodriguez, who now gives it to Bennett. Ekman, Larson, Bennett on stop by Shasturkin into the corner. 5 seconds to go in the Panthers power play. The Rangers throw it into the neutral zone. At very least, that kills the rest of it. Can they get their penalty killers off the ice before the Panthers enter their zone again? Rodriguez in deep fox. Oh, Gustafson. Oh. All alone is Kevin Senland. He gets it through Shasturkin, who has to go into a snow angel and covers it up with 305 to go in the first period. That's got to be the best scoring chance so far in this game. Well, maybe Bennett. Both of them go to the Panthers in it. Igor. Igor chant goes throughout MSG P 24. I says, I tried to do my best Mark Specter impression. That guy asked very silly questions and sends very snooty emails. Face off in the Ranger zone. Forsling on doesn't get through. Lutzerin wide. Goodrow can't catch up to it. Forsling gets it deep.


Panarin. Oh, big giveaway. Ah, Octpozo trying to catch up to it. Oh, another turnover. This is the Panthers fourth line. Just running the Rangers show right now. Barclay Goodrow. Bang. Shot around. Rangers is yeeted out. Oh, and this is a breakaway. Trojack, how did that even happen? Rebound. Oh, how did the Rangers come out on the other side here? Keandre, Miller. They're set up and everything on. Bobroski covers it up, and that's got to be the Rangers best, best chance so far. Holy drew goes. It sounded like I was stepping on hot coals, like, sorry, my brain is operating very slowly, and this game's been insane. Steve, hope to see you in Adam and Jesse next stream with the crab. People didn't see who gifted me a membership last Sunday, but wanted to say thank you. Veto. I didn't see who it was either, but it was probably Cassie. Speaking of Cassie, she says, are you a baseball fan? Yes. I like baseball. Oil beat the Kings in seven. Wait. Okay. Another face off. Perfect. Matthew Oil beat kings in seven, six, then five. Sweep them the missed playoffs. Oh, I see what you're saying.


So basically, the Kings keep playing the Oilers, and the Kings keep getting further away from the Oilers. I mean, that should give them pause, right? And JM beast, what goalie do you want the leafs to get this summer? I'd really like them get it to get a starter. I just don't know if there's one out there. Like Cam Talbot is maybe the closest thing there is to one. There's always someone out there. Just ask Joe Sackico. Yeah, but even Georgie have. They had to trade for it, didn't they? Oh, yeah. I see what you're saying. So, like, in terms of signing a goalie, I just don't think the Leafs are going to be able to do that. You're going to have to make a trade and take a chance on a guy like Yorgiev. Wasn't a starter in New York, right? You got to trade. Oh, wow. Keyandre Miller with a lot of speed, driving the net again. Didn't take a penalty this time. Oh, and the Panthers escaping with speed. A lot of speed in the series. Bennett Okeechuck, lots of space. Stopped by the blocker of Shasturkin. High stick, not quite over the glass, this Kachuk line, man.


Nightmarish Truba with it behind the net. Exactly a minute to go in the first period. Lindell. Oh, leaves it for a ghost. Rangers. Oh, can't quite take advantage of it. Almost gave up. A big odd man rush there. Almost did it again. Panthers keep giving it right back to them. Lindell on the right side of the ice, fires it into the slide. Oh. Out of the reach of Truba Roslovic. Rangers very casual in their own end. What's going on there? Geez. Periods not over, boys. 25 seconds to go in the first. Airmailed hits the back of Jack Roslovic. Lindell again. Shot high. 15 seconds to go. Montour gets a deep. Panthers going for a very unnecessary change. There's 10 seconds left, guys. Lafreniere choosing to rag the puck, and that'll do it for the first period shots twelve to eight for the Rangers. I'm not convinced that tells the story at all. But the score, zero zero after one. Shasturkin once again, regardless of what the shots are having to make, the more difficult saves. Theo Harris, do you think Panera is getting too old? He was 24 in 2015. It's nine years later. Is Panera 33?


Nah, he's 32. No, I mean. Okay. No, no. It's. It's. It's. It's worth asking. It's worth asking. Getting too old. I mean, he had an incredible season. He had a ridiculous season. That's. Yeah, Drew with a great point. He wins the art Ross in a normal year and what, he finished 3rd? 4th? No, the Rangers. No, I'm just looking at it now. The Rangers are in a good position with Artemiy Panera. So his cap hit is 11.6. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But he has a full no move. That's the bad part, I guess. Signing bonus, $9 million to be paid this July 1, $7 million the next year. So he has a salary of just a million dollars each of the next two seasons. And that's all they have him for is two more seasons. So his contracts going to expire probably right around the time you would like it to expire. They're in a fine position with him. Sadeen magic, maybe true living could swing a sorrows trade. Yeah, but you're not going to like what they have to give up. I also. I don't understand that trade from a Nashville perspective. I know they have Yaroslav Askarov, but, like, he.


At the NHL level, he is still very much magic beans. Like, he is not played enough. And you're gonna what, hand him the reins? Like, along with Kevin Lankan in? Like, is your plan to sign another guy? Yeah, Lincoln's good, but it's very risky. But it also, I mean, this is a team that had pecorine, like, arguably the best player or one of the best players in franchise history, and they're like, all right, your replacement is a short guy. And then he was good. Mondruga's. When's the last time that Nashville had a superstar? I would argue, like, well, superstar up front. I think Forsberg is, like the most underrated guy in the friggin league. Like, he's one of them. Not a superstar, though. Forsberg and Marner would be very interesting. Omar, where does Leon drysidel rank for you as a playoff performer in the league? The best one. Top three? Like, what? What's the conversation, like, as a playoff performer, he's. He's even better than McDavid. Like, he's ridiculous. Nathan McKinnon has to be in that conversation. And who is yours? Yeah. Do the points matter if he doesn't win the cup? I think dry saddle would tell you.


No, it doesn't. Yeah, you know what? He's top two. He's top two. Cassie, you don't need to know. Have you seen the pirates? Two rookie pitchers, skieens and Jones Skiing's consistently over 100. Invented a pitch called the Splinter, apparently that I haven't seen. I'll admit I like baseball, but I'm not quite up to date with the Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh. Am I going to be okay? Pittsburgh Pirates. Justin Fisher says, I saw this comment, and I loved it so much, I had to bring it to your attention. Corey Kennedy. The towns of Red Dead redemption. Each get an NHL franchise. Name them. Oh, my God. All right, so there's strawberry. Shut up, Drew. Call me a nerd. Strawberry. Okay. Strawberry's hard. Okay, you got to remember this is 1899, so some of the names are gonna be boring. Like, I feel like they would call. Okay, Sandini would either be the San. The sanity metropolitans, which is boring, or the San Denis Gators. I think it's got to be gators. Or Hellcat, which is funny. The Rhodes outlaws, or. No, the Rhodes moonshiners. There you go. The Valentine arrows. Yeah, yeah. Coulter wolves. The wapiti Eagles. All the locomotives.


Who would be the locomotives? Maybe the strawberry locomotives. The strawberry cornwalls. Strawberry locos. What seeds? What towns am I missing? Emerald Ranch. The Emerald ranchers. And then we get into the old, like, the. The Reddit redemption. One cities, and I'm not as good. Tumbleweed rattlesnakes. What do we got? Oh, Braithwaite Manor. The racists. The, uh. Oh, Blackwater, um. Blackwater Mariners. Yeah, Blackwater Mariners. You like that? Fort Wallace. The Fort Wallace Rangers. Cadets. No, Rangers. That drew with a great point. I didn't name a single team. The cowboys. That's crazy. Oh, Anisburg. Yeah, Anisburg miners. That's. That's a good one. Good thing there's no Nashville team. Someone brought that up for Utah. And how they. One of the names that was brought up is like, what about the miners? And they're like, you can't do that. Good. Good exercise. Good brain tickler. I do want to break. We'll take a break. Let me just catch up on the super chats here real quick. Sports talk, chud. Who would you rather have hymen or Marner? Zero. Joking. Listen to how I don't stutter. Hymen. Uh, no, I will not explain it. Cassie, have you seen the pirates two rookie?


Nope. You already asked that. I lost my spot. Death Eater. Gifted a STP and membership. Let's go. Cassie said Skeens has 30 ks, 30 strikeouts and four starts. He's also dating Livy. Dunno. That's the guy. Okay, yeah, I know that guy. Everything I know about Livy Dunn I have learned against my will and Evie. What's not twelve inches, but smells like a foot? Get your grippers on. Blue chew, smash it, snort it, put it in a stew. Detroit, flawless victory. What's wrong with you? What is wrong with you? You know what? What? A note to go have a break on Drew. What's the clip? I want the Marner one. So we're going to do from the CJ show. CJ and Julian. It was julian on this one. Yeah. Break down the photo that was snapped of, uh, Mitch Marner having coffee with new Leafs head coach Craig Brube and what that might mean, and also people being kind of creepy with their cameras with Mitch Marner. When exactly are we going to know when there could be like a flashpoint or a turning point or when it. What exactly can we know something about that situation?


Because it seems at this point now, all we're left to do is speculate.


Well, we're getting to June, right? So I do think at some point in June, something's going to leak out. I mean, certainly if the Leafs are having trade conversations with other teams, I have a hard time believing that would stay completely under wraps as much as everyone involved probably would like it to. And we'll do their best to have that happen, you know, or alternatively, if the Leafs asked MIT smarter to waive his no movement clause or inquire about whether he would, and if he says 100% flat, no, not happening. We might hear about something like that. But the reality is, the trade itself, if there is one, still a very big if. If. Ten ifs, you know, probably isn't happening until July 1 or after, when Mitch Marner would be officially eligible, by the rules of the CBA, to sign an extension. Because, you know, I think that if this kind of trade happens, it would be similar to the Matthew Kachuk deal, which happened in mid or even late July, where he went from Calgary to Florida because he signed an eight year deal as part of it. And that helped inform that the package of flames got back.


And so I think that I'm not saying it would have to happen that late in July, but it's probably not coming until basically a little more than a month from now. And so in the meantime, of course, we're going to get a little bit more tangible information than we have today. I have no reason at this point to believe the Leafs have formally asked them to waive a no move clause. I have no reason to believe he's given an answer either way. I think that they are only still just getting to the point of their own off season and they're planning meeting with scouts and the like to start charting a path ahead and see which directions they want to go. And so I know that's not the question. Everyone wants to race ahead and know the answer yesterday, but I think the truth is there isn't yet an answer. And probably some of the very key people involved still don't know 100% which way this is going to go. You know, the good news for you and I is we're going to do a show twice a week between now and into July, and that will probably give us a lot of content.


But, you know, as of today, what we know is Mitch Marner met with Craig verube last week in Etobicoke. Someone inhumanely, I love discrete, took a discrete photo and circulated it, and everyone's reading into it, all kinds of things. And really, I just think they're two people getting to know each other. I even think, like someone said, well, if they wanted it to be so private, why they do it away from the rink? I'm like, it's because think about the difference between meeting your boss in their office or if you, if you have a meeting with your boss over a coffee or a beer or whatever, somewhere outside of the official environment. I think it's a different level of connection. I think there's a different comfort level. It sets a different dynamic. Like, I think it makes perfect sense to me if it's two people just starting to get to know each other. Keep in mind there's no business to be done between the head coach and the star player on the team until like, well into the summer, perhaps not even until training camp in September. I mean, at this point, it's literally about probably trying to understand each other, setting, you know, some expectations and getting to know.


I'll mention this, too, I haven't even brought it up, but I spoke with John Tavares while I was in Prague. He had had a ten or so minute conversation with Craig Brube at that point, and he pointed out to me that as soon as he got back to Toronto, he was going to schedule a meeting to meet him. So Craig Ruby didn't just meet Mitch Marner. I would suspect at some point here with the world's now over, that Tavares will meet with him and probably any other members of the roster that are still in the city. And look, it wouldn't be unprecedented for a coach or a new coach to even go on the road and say, visit Austin Matthews in Arizona at some point. I think that would be totally a normal thing to do that we won't have to freak out about if there's a picture at the airport with him at some point.


Stay tuned for a photo of Craig Barube and Austin Matthews to surface on your Twitter timeline.


Hi. I saw that yesterday, kind of before it went big. Like, somehow I just got my algorithm or something served it up to me and I was like, oh, boy, this is going to be something. Like, this is going to get blown right out of the water.


I agree with you with the idea that taking a photo of those two doing very well. It's those two and doing very well. What's going on? I don't agree with it. It's not something I would do if I was a fan. I'd try to wait. I would do like, a mental picture in my head. I mean, obviously, for. If I'm a media member in that market, I don't know if. I don't know if I take a photo either. Like, if you were in the cop, if you were in wherever they were, I don't think there's no chance you do that either, right? Like, I'm not doing that. That's just. You see that there? You file it in your head. You remember it for a story you want to write or just for yourself, I wouldn't take the photo.


But, you know, keep in mind, like, our job's a little different. I could one or both of them after the fact and say, like, hey, I saw you here. Care to, like, share what the conversation, you know, like, there's. I'm not saying I wouldn't use in some way to report them that they were. Had met together, but I wouldn't be taking a sneaky photo and under like a, you know, not. Not your real name, putting it out on social media kind of thing. Like, I just. I honestly, like, I'm assuming the person who did it's probably a Leafs fan. Maybe that's a. Maybe that's the wrong assumption to make. But if you wonder why some markets look better than others in the league. This, this could be an example of why this isn't the greatest place to play, because there are probably 25 other cities, at minimum, where even if the same circumstances were at play, where you're talking about a star player and their future is uncertain and it's a new head coach and they're meeting sort of in the corner of a coffee shop. Like, I think in most places that photo wouldn't surface, but it did here.


It would in Montreal. You know, that's the kind of place for sure. Absolutely. It's not just Toronto, but I'm just saying, I'm just, I don't say in a threatening way. I just say pointing out kind of what's obvious to me is, or apparent to me is this is part of the downside of. Of being on certain teams is stuff like this takes on a life of its own. It's probably why it's not wise to live in Toronto year round if you're a maple leaf. And unfortunately, the team has a number of players that are from this area, so it makes sense for them to, to either spend their summers in Toronto or up in Muskoka, which is basically like an extension of Toronto, but with trees and water and cabins. But, you know, I think there's just the lack of privacy. Could be difficult.


All right, well, looking forward to the next month in a bit, where we get to talk about Mitch Marner and the rest of the Toronto Maple leaves.


Can I tell you once, please. One thing that happened to me is once or twice I've been somewhere and then someone has, like, tweeted, like, a weird, grainy photo of me and been, like, just saw at reporter Chris at Starbucks or whatever. And I'm always just, I have to be clear here. I'm not comparing myself to Mitch Marner. Like, this probably happens to him every day. And I'm referencing a one time thing that happened a couple years ago, but I just remember how violating that kind of felt. I was like, why wouldn't you just come up and say hello? Because lots of people say hello. You know, I hope that I'm always as polite as I can be. I mean, maybe I'm in the middle of something sometimes, but I, like, I'm always happy to chat with people about hockey. Everyone always wants a little tidbit. I don't mind giving out a little tidbit here and there. Photo, you know, whatever. Like, I find it. I don't like when someone is sneaky about it. That's, that's really my main issue, I think it would be totally normal to see a player on the Leafs or the coach or the GM out in the city and say hi to them and be like, hey, even to say to Brad Trillivan, like, hey, bring it back, Marner.


Like, I don't think that that would be a bad thing for a civilian to say. I'm sure he'd make a joke back.


He would.


But. But, like, or ask for a selfie or whatever. Like, I just think it's the doing it sneaky style and releasing it a couple days later and I don't know, that's, that's what, again, I'm getting older and the world's getting younger and maybe, maybe, maybe what's acceptable is shifting, but to me, it just, it doesn't feel right.


I think someone last year spotted me at a Calvary FC game. I don't think they tweet a photo or not, but not only did they point me out. Sorry, CJ. Sorry, Julian, we had to cut you off because the second period is about to begin. I'm watching them like they're on the ice. They're getting ready as they're about to drop the ice. Oh, Justin Fisher showed me. Apparently someone suggested strawberry dynamite for an NHL team from one of the Red dead cities. That's friggin great. And Hawk says Emerald City Raiders as a hockey team in red dead. Redemption two. It's technically Emerald Ranch, but Emerald City Raiders is friggin sick. So I go with that. Play is underway in the second period. Shots. Oh, my God. Another quick whistle to start the period. Shots were eleven eight for the Rangers in the first period. But I imagine the scoring chances were way better for the Florida Panthers. Shasturkin was very good. Hey, hey. 400 likes. Let's go. Let's get it up to plus 500. Expected goals were more for the Rangers in the first period. Where? Where? Oh, maybe because of the brakes. That's surprising to me.


That's surprising to me. This, by the way, is why I like looking at the numbers after the game. You know what I like? I like getting updates, but I like going. Feels like this team's getting their ass kicked. And then I love, like, building that narrative in my brain more and more and more. And then after the game I go, what? Oh, boy, we got a penalty coming. Carnivor Hagey, I think he was tripped in front of the Rangers net. And is this going to be Keyandre Miller again? Oh, man, he's had a real tough series. Oh, verhege that's terrible. So Verhege just like falls over Miller's leg, which. Yeah. Gary Galley saying this is a penalty. You do not need to call. He does drag the leg a bit. I'm surprised that got called. I'm surprised that got called. Panthers over one on the power play tonight. They got two shots. They've been incredibly lethal on the power play in this series. Oh, boy. This is going to be a controversial one if they're Panthers score here and win. Bennett enters the zone. That was a good entry there. Every time I watch Bennett, I cannot believe he was ever healthy.


Scratched in Calgary. Teresenko to Ekman. Larson shot. Is this the second unit? Yeah, they're starting with the second unit here for Florida. Rangers. Get it out. Truebud dumps it in hard. Barclay goodrow rocked by Bennett. And here come the Panthers. Rodriguez, Lindell. Very interesting that they started with the second unit here. Dumped again. And I wonder. Yep, looks like the first unit for the Panthers is going to take the second half of this power play here, which we are now in. Big moment in this game. It's game five. Not going to be a lot of penalties. Game six, there's going to be fewer. Game seven, there's going to be fewer. It's how it always works. Rangers turn it up the other way and this is going to be a break for Chris Crider. Driving. What a move. What a goal from Chris Crider. Best play he's made all game there, Chucky. And the camera goes right to him. The Rangers fans are pointing I right at him. That is a short handed goal for Chris Crider. The first goal of this game and the Rangers are up one nothing. Oh, he had a Panther draped all over him, too.


And it was a giveaway from Matthew Kaczuka. Perfect. Perfect for the narrative. Reinhardt does not wrap crider up. Hey, Nathaniel Risenberg, thank you very much. What a goal. Oh, $20 for Chris Crider. Clever. What was the stat? Wow. The Rangers have six shorthanded goals in these playoffs. The rest of the league combined has eight. Wow. That's crazy. Wow, wow, wow. Here come the Panthers, still in the power play. And the Rangers. Boy, this is really gone to their legs. Trocheck. Truma. Shot. Stopped by Bobroski. He has to cover it up. And I think the. Oh, my gosh. The power plays over. They get an offensive zone draw. They're up one nothing. What could have been a disastrous start to the second period is really turning into lemonade. Truba came closer to scoring there that I think most Panthers fans would have predicted. I feel like I was talking about something else, but hot damn. Zabanajad in game five, getting his first point of the series. Hard to believe it's tied two two with a player that important producing that little. I don't really. I don't think he's played poorly. I didn't love his game four.


First three games were fine. Oh, Panthers on driven wide. Gustafson fighting for his life there. Stenland picked off. Here come the Rangers. Zabanajad. Lafreniere dumps it. Ekblad tries to go up the boards. Fox across. Braden Schneider. Bonarin driven to the line. Stays in, though. Nice move by Fox. Akpozo, is he gonna get called for the trip? It looks like it. Oh, the ref was saying get up. I'm not sure you're right. What was. What was the whistle then? 1617 to go in the second period. Yeah, it's Akpozo for tripping. Yeah. So one of the officials was saying, get up. The other was like, that's a penalty. That's crazy. Cassie, you don't know. Another 20 piece for my jersey number. No, Chris Crider's jersey number, because he's got this game's first goal, so this will be a face off. Well, power play. Crider, by the way, moves into a tie for 8th in goal scoring, playoff goal scoring since 2010 with Nathan McKinnon, who's done it in far fewer games. And Logan Couture, underratedly really good playoff performer. We just haven't seen him in the playoffs for a while. Rangers who gain the zone puck, doesn't get through.


I don't hate the move. Panthers with a clean three on two. Stenlan shot stopped by Shasturkin, run into by Mikla. And I think that's gonna be a goalie. Interference penalty. Huge moment in this game. We got a fight behind the Rangers now. I think this is gonna be a five on three for the Rangers. For a minute 21, he got run into hard by Nico Mikola, one of the biggest players remaining in these playoffs. Wow, wow, wow. Wazoo says broccoli bites or mozzarella sticks. Mozzarella sticks. Look at me. You think I'm like, oh, yeah, I want broccoli. Get out of here. Matthew Pinhoe, thank you for becoming an SDP vip. Yeah, he just completely runs into Shasturkin. What are you doing? They gave two to a Ranger. No, wait, that's the only penalty. Oh, one and one. So is that then a four on three? So Lafreniere is going to the box. I'd love to see what he did. Oh, it's Gustafson. Gustafson, who would be quarterbacking the second unit for the Rangers. So it's incidental. It stays five on four. That's terrible. That's. It's a cowardly call. Cowardly, cowardly. It's such a playoff call.


Horrible, horrible. Just not a very good league playoff. Typical. Horrible. Oof, oof, oof, oof. All right, Cassie says gotta go. Good night, all. Enjoy the stream and game. Let's get Cassie clan going. Round of applause in the chat for Cassie. Thank you for joining us. 59 seconds to go in this power play. That should 100% be a five on three. But refs manage games and don't call them. That's terrible. Holy sh. Am I off base, Drew? Like, is that crazy? Oprahsky's mask comes off. Yeah, Drew saying, if you're going to take a Ranger for roughing, you got to take one of the Panthers, which is something you would probably see on that play, usually if the Panthers weren't already on the penalty kill. Man, that stinks. That's poo. So Bobrovski, apparently the mask might have some damage to it. So he's going to the bench. He's getting booed by the MSG faithful. Like, okay, if the Rangers go on to win the Stanley cup, who's gonna win the con smythe? Just Turku. He's their best player, easily. And Niko Mikola just got a free run at him. Like, no consequence. No consequence. Oh, you got a penalty.


So what? It's. It doesn't cost the Panthers, all right? They're down a penalty killer. Well, the Rangers are down a power play guy. Nothing happened. It's dead even. Free run. Free run over their MVP goalie. Because the Panthers know, you know, we're one pulled groin or muscle away from having to play Jonathan quick every night. And it ain't 2012. One timer from Sabanajad misses behind the net. 37 seconds to go. Panthers clear it. Man, that stinks. Still not over 500 likes. Get it up. Get it up. Do it for me. Banar and deep. 20 seconds ago in this Rangers power play. Fox on. Oh. Deflected wide by Bonarin. Man, if he got out of the way, that might have gone in. This might be a two on one. Nope. Zabanajad negates it. Lucrenen puts it wide, puts it out of place somehow. And with 4 seconds ago in this Rangers power play, I think it'll be a face off in the Ranger zone, 1421 to go in the second period. Oh, man. Ban. Aaron's made a couple not the best decisions tonight. Oh, he puts his stick up. That's going on. It's, it's at very least going on net.


Our Timmy. That's tough. Hey, we're up over 500 likes. Let's go. What about 600? Braden Schneider up the ice. Panthers kill. That penalty off officially shot Cocko Schneider. Rangers taking more risks in this game, in my opinion. Kako throws it around Kiandre Miller, who? Keandra Miller is at least the second Rangers defenseman to take more than one penalty in a game. Truba took three in game. Was it four? Whatever the game was with the flying elbow. Whoa. Big battle in front. Ekman Larson threw his man down. I think that was Wenberg Miller. Schneider on gloved easily by Bobrovsky. I don't love that shot. Like he clearly, like, German suplexed him. Man, that's a nice goal from crider. They just showed the replay really feels like Sam Reinhardt could have done stuff, you know, they're not calling a penalty shot. Just wrap them up. Take, take the hold. Scott Stenland said quick finish with a 920 save percentage. Yo. Pardon? I know he started the season really well. We were all like, oh, he's cooked. And then he was incredible. Yeah, Shasturkin wasn't very good. He had a 911 save percentage. He what? He had a record of 18, six and two.


Holy crap. Wow. That's a pretty good season for friggin Jonathan quick. That was not bad at all. Rennet mon german suplex in the Panthers game, first time. Yeah, that's fair. I'm just surprised it wasn't Sam Bennett. Zachman Larson. He learns quick. Jonathan Hectic 105. A five on three with that much time is just not going to happen at this stage in the playoffs. Love it or hate it, it's consistent. It is consistent. That sucks. This is a really crap call. You know, I love Matthew Kaczuk's theater. He's a hilarious guy. And that quote about crider was really, really funny. But they're showing a montage of Crider right now. Stuff he's been doing all game before the goal, and I wonder if he poked the bear. I mean, it's the Stanley cup playoffs. Guys are going to be motivated. He's got extra motivation tonight in the Panthers. Dodge a bullet there. Rangers put it wide, and now all of a sudden, it's the Rangers who seem to have the Panthers on the ropes. Oh, never mind. Sam Reinhart going right after keyandre Miller. Heedl. Schneider gets a deep. Schneider. Ooh, that's a good question. I'm gonna have to think about that.


Steve, who's your favorite Scarborough born celeb? Like, besides Adam Wilde? I'll have to think about it. Deandre Miller into the corner with Reinhardt again. Puck up the half wall. Air mailed. Where's the puck? Oh, that'll be icing. Philippe mercy. Boncoo. Poor la sank favorite Scarborough born celeb. I've heard too many things about Mike Myers to say. Mike Myers, Chris Draper. Two members of the bare naked ladies. No. The weekend's from Mississauga, right? I can't remember. I love when we cut clips that are going to get me flamed on purpose. I'm retweeting it. I'm leaning into it. Jesse's quoted me saying, that's terrible. It's a cowardly call. Cowardly. It's such a playoff call. Horrible. Braden Schneider into the slot. Oh, Panthers really chasing the puck here. Fox with the puck up the boards. Rangers. Ooh, this will be interesting if they. Nope, nope. Puck comes the other way. Bennett. Oh. In clean to forzling backhand. Nice. Oh, how did he get in that clean? The defenders on both teams have activated tonight and attacked the net. That's forsling's first really good run at it. And that's a nice pass from Bennett. Good breakup there from EcBlad.


Bennett carries it himself. Little zigzag. Oh. Oh. They just completely forget forzling exists. He just sneaks past everyone. Be very, very quiet. I'm hunting goals. No, look. Pass from Bennett. Ew. And Shasturkin gets a piece of it, but not enough. And it's a tied game. One one. The Rangers respond with Matt rempy for what I think is his third shift of the game. Oh, rennet mon says wayne Simmons or Michael Bunting. Yep, those would be good. Scarborough answers. Liam foodie, I think is Jim carrey. Born in scarborough. Whoa. Ekman Larson just took down two Rangers with one hit. Lucernen. Oh, boy. Another penalty is going to go against the Rangers. This one's a hold. Laviolette shaking his head. And it's Trueba heading off. Rangers taking too many penalties. Yeah. Okay, if that's a penalty, then the Leafs Panther series from last year is still going. Or the german suplex from ten minutes ago should have been called. Drew, are you a Rangers fan? No, I know. It's. It's. No, this is. Drew, is this your first Florida series or what? Like we don't get away with everything. We take a lot of penalty. Yeah, because you're friggin criminals.


Shots. 1512 for the Rangers. Rangers win the face off to start their penalty kill. Oh, and it hit a stick on the Florida bench. I thought the Rangers got a puck over the glass penalty. Panthers are trying to say the face off should be in the Ranger zone. Now that I play hockey, I'm amazed stuff like that doesn't happen every shift. Like, with just how fast everything moves. Guys just carelessly hanging their stick blade over the boards. Like Rodriguez was there. You know how many people I've almost decapitated? But I'm always like, whoops, sorry. Panthers working it around real well in front for verhege. Goes around to Reinhardt. Good puck movement from the Panthers. Holy. Kaczyk behind the net. Reinhardt shot wide. Montour. Still a minute ten to go here in this power play for the Panthers. Reinhardt, oh, he doesn't miss that often. Misses the shot and the Panthers got to recover here. A minute to go. Here comes Barkov over for Kachuk, trying to handle the bouncing puck. And the Rangers is clear. 50 seconds to go in the Panthers power play. 40 seconds to go. Ekman Larson drops it for Bennett, who's been dancing.


It's empty. Dances offside there. Lindell got a little too excited. 928 to go in the second period. 32 seconds to go in this power play. Really good movement there from the Panthers. I love every time the camera goes on Vinny Trojak because he just has a funny face. Not calling him funny looking, I'm saying his expression is always funny. Always. 15 seconds to go here in this Panthers power play. Oh, and it goes all the way around. Zabanajad was looking for a break there. This might still end up as an offensive opportunity for the Rangers. Braden Schneider not able to get the shot off and the penalty is over. Boy, the power play has been useless for everybody involved in this game. Truba. Shot stopped by Bobrovsky. Truba loves ripping that thing, eh? High stick from the Rangers. That's why they weren't touching the puck. They just did. 839 to go in the second period. That was a nasty goal by the Panthers. There's a lady behind the net, just goes. You can. You can read her lips. She was upset. Hey, SDP and YouTube channel Steve Dangle here. Click like click subscribe. Tell your friends.


Shout out Wiljman for gifting an SD PN membership. Geez, I need one of my goal picks to hit so that Justin can give some new members. Just give it. Give it to us. Go yard. Stop it. What? Sorry. So producer Drew looked up famous people from Scarborough, and apparently I'm on. Am I on the list? I'm right below Lily Singh. I didn't know she was from Scarborough. I knew Toronto. And I'm listed as what? Author, comedian and Internet personality. Weird. Okay. And this is on Wikipedia. Well, that seals it. You can't trust anything on Wikipedia. Theo. Steve. Or Rangers fans. Reliefs fans. More hated leaves. Well, leaves, you know, it's probably more even than you think, paps. Steve, if John Tavares went to Hogwarts, which house would he be in? Well, I mean, island. Islanders fans keep calling him a snake, so you would think Slytherin, but he's obsessed with kale and kombucha and plants of that nature and magical plants or whatever. Whatever it's called. I forgot. I forget what that course is called. Not divination. I forget what it's called. That feels like a hufflepuff thing, but he doesn't feel like a hufflepuff player.


I'm gonna say Slytherin. Wenberg hit hard. Rangers ice the puck here. They've definitely taken advantage of the fact that they have home ice advantage in this game because they look friggin horrible in Florida. They split the games. They won one, lost one, which I think you probably take. I mean, I didn't think they look very good in game three. I thought they look worse in game four. They look pretty good here. It looked like the Panthers were blowing them out of the water. It doesn't look like that tonight, but it is a tied game nonetheless. And the Panthers have the puck in the Rangers zone right now. Rodriguez took a chuck shoveling it in. No on. Where is it? Rebound. Who's lost his stick? Shasturkin's lost his stick. Rangers desperately need to get it out, and they do. Shasturkin's not going to be able to retrieve that stick in time, though, is he? Nope. Lindgren up the boards and out. Shasturkin still not going to have enough time. Cock. Oh. Chasing after it. The puck is so far away from Sturgis, you basically need to. You need a whistle. You might. You might be better off icing it.


Panthers best line is on the ice anyway. Oh, he goes out and gets it. Lafrenier, wide banner and, oh, trocheck, Panerin. Rip it around. Schneider on. Man, the Rangers have a lot of right handed shots. Holy crap. They must have the most in the league. Oh, lavender in the slot. Shot wide. Oh, that's a golden opportunity. Raiden Schneider, he's been very good in this game. Reinhardt in deep. Shasturkin out of the net to play it. Oh, Bennett bats it down. Oh. Rangers wanted a high stick. They'll get it. That'll just be a face off. Oh, Igor, what are you doing? What are you doing, Igor? Someone put a bungee cord on this guy. Drew added the Wikipedia entry above my head. Steve, canadian sports analyst. I don't even know if I would call myself that. Comedian, author, and Internet personality move. I should bring that up in meetings with, like, potential advertisers. Did you know I'm on Wikipedia? Can you give us a million dollars? Rangers fourth line out there. Remp. Big hit. Amissed. He misses a lot of hits. Drew said, when's your comedy tour starting? I would love to try stand up one day, but I'm chicken.


I don't think I could handle being bad at it. You know what I mean? Like, if I try it and I'm fine, that's cool. If I'm bad at it, I don't think I'd ever recover for that. My ego would die. Someone in the comments said, you gotta add saudi. You gotta add saudi spy. Uh, you know, that MlH thing, the. The source that burned me was like, oh, you're gonna. You're gonna see. You're gonna see more info on this league. And they said ten to 14 days, which is frustrating for a couple of reasons. Number one, that didn't match the timeline that they had told me, literally the day before. And number two, that was 20 days ago. So we're going to hear about the stupid league or not starting to think it's not a thing. Ozone draw for the Panthers. Their big line is out there. Rodriguez, Bennett, and Kacchuk drop the puck. Panthers win it. Kachak on Shasturkin with the save. Shasturkin. Oh, my God. That dude loves playing the puck and giving it directly to the opposition. Here comes Matthew Kucho. Oh, I'm surprised he didn't take that to the net. Shot stop from Shasturkin.


Panthers in the crease. Truba not loving that. Natalie Drake says Wikipedia entry should say girl dad. It should. I'm better than. I get it now. We're in the tv. Read a tv. Timeout. That is a good trip. That's a good trip. STP on YouTube channel Steve Dangle here. Click, like, click subscribe. Tell all your friends. Tell all your friends. Bell Ghost as remp. He misses because he doesn't lead with the elbow. Fair. Very fair. Apparently we have a poll in the chat. What am I? Comedian is beating author. What's the poll at? Oh, okay. Sports analyst is at 20%, comedians at 24%. Author is only at 9%, and Internet personalities at 47. Well, there it is. I'm an Internet personality. Weird, weird, strange. What a dumb life. Wait, let me think about this. 18. So, wow. There was a long time where LFR was new to me. Like, it was still not. I was like, okay, this is a thing that I'm doing now, but this isn't what I do. And next year will be LFR 18. I'm 36, so that means I've done LFR for roughly half my life. It doesn't register. It doesn't make sense to me.


It's crazy. It's crazy. Panthers out of play. 541 to go in the second period. Shots are an even 1717 is true. Crazy. The amount of winning that I've seen over these 18 years. Holy shit, man. Leaf stink, dude. Stink kills me. Zoo analysts, I should add that balding dad of two isn't up there. I am a lot of things. Annoying, hairy, fat, dumb. I am not balding. Oh. Oh. Forsling almost had a breakaway. Rangers recovered. Zabanajad airmails it. Paneran shaking off forsling. Pastor Schneider on that shot. Doesn't make it through. Zabanajad rips it around. Banerin has had a little bit more of the puck recently. One of the Panthers blows attire. Roslovic, who has really not been a factor in the series, coughs it up, and the Panthers eat it down the ice. But it's right on net to Shifterkin, so no icing. Great play. Under four and a half minutes to go here in the second. Rangers Fox attacks with Kako Wenberg. Fox on, looking for the tip. They don't quite get it. Teresenko plays it up the half boards. Rangers get it back. Kako out of reach. Fox keeps it alive for the Rangers.


Huge battle on the half wall. Panthers slowly winning it. Lindell's got to give chase. This is a good shift for the Rangers here. Truba behind the Rangers Panthers net, rather. Kako Wenberg. Oh, shot high. Oh, that was a great opportunity wasted there by the Rangers. Truba puts it on. It goes behind the net. Boy, the Panthers. This is as hemmed in as they've been all series long. Rangers really taking advantage of the long change here. Truba, uhoh, puts it up and out of play. Mikala, basically, the whole Rangers, whole Panthers team goes after Troopa. There 321 to go in the second period. Justin goes, hey, 9% author. Pump your goddamn book. Yeah, Drew, can we put that in the. In the thing on the side if it's not too much work? I don't want to screw with you mid game. Feet. Feet or no feet? Matthew Williamson with a great question, and I'm gonna answer it just at intermission. Remind me. Answer that one. That's a really good one. Panthers attack him with speed. Rangers have men back. Truba goes after Bennett. That's a heavyweight collision. Oh, Kinarin has the puck behind him. All of MSG to sit behind you.


Under three minutes to go here in the second giveaway by Gustafson. And the Panthers again. Could have iced it, but they throw it right on Shasturkin Kachuk. God, if you were Paul. Maurice, how don't you play this line? 30 minutes a game. Gustafson again not doing the greatest job there behind the net. Panarin up the wall to no one. No one's there. I thought the Panthers were offside there. They get it back. Forsling doesn't dump it, carries it in himself. Oh, on deflection. Akpozo rebound. All the Rangers get away with one there. Bobroski out of the net to play it so that Zabanjak couldn't get to it. We got a whistle hand pass. Not sure what that was. 204 to go in the second period. Boy, that was it. All. Really good save from Shasturkin on Kyle Akpozo. Really good save. Panthers were down in shots for most of the game leading up to now. They're actually up 21 to 17 now. The Rangers had a decent amount of time with the puck in this period. Puck's not getting through. There's my book, hockey Ransom raves with feet there at the bottom. It is coming out October 15.


You can pre order it in the link down below in the description. Can we get it in the chat? Maybe as well. It'll lead you to the HarperCollins website. HarperCollins is the publisher. It should give you the option to pre order it on Indigo, on Amazon, or at a local bookstore if you're interested. It's a hardcover copy of the book. People have been asking we. I don't think we're officially doing an audiobook, but we are actively making plans to book recording time. I would say it is far more likely than not we record an audiobook. I don't know when it'll be out. My hope is that it'll be roughly around this, the time that the physical copy of the book is out. 107 to go in the second period. Rangers in the ozone again. Fox. Whoo. Man, the rangers have had a few close calls for bad. Odd man rushes Lundell in front of Terrasenko. Man, the Panthers really come out of nowhere sometimes. Fox could have had a rush there. I think he was dog tired. He looks exhausted. Get him off the ice. Lafronier chasing the puck down with Ekman Larson. Both of them go down in the corner.


Big battle for the puck. Lots of battles in this game. Ecblad, oh, stapling his man to the boards. Ekman Larson with a pretty decent little crunch there, too. I think that was Lafreniere. Can't tell because Ekman Larson's all over him. Can't even see his number. 12 seconds to go in the second period. Is this ice? No, it is not. Ecblad has it. With 6 seconds to go in the period behind his own net, he will take the clock to intermission. One one is the score heading into the third. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Now we're in second intermission, which means I get to answer the real questions. Two zoo related questions. Joe says, you ever catch a hippo, take a dump? It's crazy how far they sling that. Yeah. So if you haven't seen it, a hippo takes a poo, basically, right into the path of its tail, and then its tail flings it everywhere. I think the reason for that is, uh, sun protection. I'm not totally sure. No. I have never seen a hippo actively poo. I have fed a hippo a carrot. Uh, one of my sister's teachers, their husband worked at the zoo.


And when I was 12, 13, 14, something like that, we all went to the zoo together with my sister, and we got to see the hippos behind the scenes, and I got to feed them a carrot. I got to find that photo. Like, a hippo's mouth is so absurdly, cartoonishly big. I fed a polar bear, a watermelon. I've fed a giraffe, I've fed a camel, I've fed stingrays. I've fed nurse sharks. And this is as, like, an employee who, like, wasn't charged with taking care of animals. Like, that wasn't my job. I'm just lucky. I've had a pretty ridiculous life. Matthew Williamson, tell us your best zoo related story to birds. Birds are sick. Um, okay. Um, a lot of leafs, a lot of NHL players, but a lot of leafs visited the zoo over the years that I worked there. I worked there for seven out of the eight years between 2005 and 2012, the only year I didn't work there was 2011. And, like, who was there? Nikantropov, Alexei Ponikarovsky. Darcy Tucker. Kyle Wellwood, I believe Luke Shen. But someone who would come fairly often, and supposedly the thing he wanted to see the most was the birds, I believe.


Was it the reptiles or the birds? I think it was the birds. Was Wade b lak. Wade B lak used to come to the zoo all the time. I never did see him, but, you know, you would just hear like, oh, Wade b laks here. And I'd be like, oh, okay, cool. That's great. You know, pretend like it's no big deal. And then the whole rest of the day, I'm, like, looking for some giant blonde guy who looks like Brock Lesnar, going, oh, never did end up seeing him. Never did end up seeing him. One time, a bird landed on my head at a bird show. But this wasn't when I worked there. This is when I was a child. I was, like, three or four years old, and I don't remember this experience. Have I ever fed a bird? Oh, Drew, great question. Have I ever been attacked by a canadian goose? Yes. Um, down by, uh, the pond. Rouge pond. If you've ever been to the, uh, it's where Lawrence ends. It literally, Lawrence goes into the water. Um, if you've ever been there, there's a pond. That's where I grew up. My parents took me down there, and a goose bit my thumb, and I lost my mind because I was a child, and I got bit by an animal.


I've only been bit by two animals that I can think of. I was bit by a canadian goose. I was attacked by a canadian goose with my two dogs also, and I got. I got bit by a dog when I was 14. It was a strange dog. I rode by it on my bike going down an alley, like, looking. Looking back, I didn't know anything at the time. I was like, I mean, a guy's dog bit me. Like, if my. If iggy bit anyone, I'd be mortified, no matter what the circumstances were. But looking back, it's like, well, dumbass, don't try to pass a dog on a bike in a catwalk, you stupid idiot. And Drew pointing out, yeah, my golden doodle broke my nose. Here, let me. Can you see the scar? Yeah. There you go. You got to pull it down a little bit real quick. Before intermission. Jay sizzles. Get Ken Danico to narrate your book. I think that's a great idea. Jay sizzles and Jonathan Peck. I just want to say this important question to you. I hope you understand what I'm about to say. Do you believe in Joe Hendry?


Yes. But here's the thing. I don't really know anything about him. I just know the meme. I know he's a wrestler. I know people are really stoked on him. He has popped off during the playoffs, which means I have missed his career to date. But I look forward to catching up. Drew, what's, what's the clip? I forget. Ah. Sheldon Keef and what New Jersey Devils fans should expect from him in New Jersey will be back for the third period of game five between the Panthers Rangers. Don't go away. Sheldon Keef, introduced as New Jersey Sheldon.


Keith, no longer burdened by these weird photos because he's going to work in New Jersey and he's going to, you know, he's got a great hockey team to coach. He's got lots of stress and worry and all the things that comes with the job, but he's got a few less personal worries because not everybody's going to be up in his business and New Yorker. Wherever he settles out there in New.


Jersey, dude can go to a New York jets game or Giants game somewhere in East Rutherford or a New York Red Bulls game. Whatever he wants to do. I guarantee very few photos will be taken of that man. Good friend. He's earned his piece.


He has earned his piece and he's earned a team. He's taken over. You know, one thing that stood out to me in listening to Sheldon's words at the opening press conference in New Jersey was just how he's never coached a team that wasn't trying to win a championship, which, you know, it sort of sounds like an obvious thing, but in his position, like, when you're a coach getting hired into a situation, sometimes you're taking over a team at rock bottom, sometimes you're taking over a team that, you know, is a project. Stepping in there, and that is going to take a few years before it's really trying. I mean, you're always trying to win every game, but before the, the real ambition of the organization is to win. And so, you know, it really does sound like the job was his to have right from the get go and that Sheldon had to work through things with his wife and his kids and decide, am I ready to work again? Is this the right place? And the more he kind of went through that process and, you know, they went down and had a kind of a site visit there and got to meet some people on the ground with the organization, you came to realize that this is a perfect opportunity and it's.


It's hard for me to see it any other way from afar because, you know, he's. He's had a lot of success as a regular season coach. The Leafs, under his tenure well documented, have not had a ton of success, but he's taking over the kind of team that, you know, we could be talking about as a Stanley cup contender maybe as soon as next year. I know they had a big step back this season from where they were two years ago, but, you know, when you look at the core of young talent there and I think a pretty well run front office that doesn't make a lot of mistakes, that we'll have some opportunity to make decisions on players this summer that could probably look forward to being able healthier next year. Because certainly part of the devil's last season was just key injuries to players like Dougie Hamilton for significant chunk of time. That it's hard to replace that when you've already, you know, walked someone like Damon Severson out the door the previous summer. So, you know, they took some, some blows on the blue line and obviously have really young talent, Simon Nimich there and Luke Hughes.


But you know, it. It's a long way of getting to the point that, you know, Sheldon's. I mean, this team is going to be going to have the same expectations and ambitions as the Leafs would have when he was working there. Except, you know, it's a fresh start for him. It's a fresh look at new players and, you know, pretty new environment for him to go apply his trade.


All right, anything else? Go ahead, speaker two.


Well, the other thing that stuck out to me, I'm sure you saw his farewell video in Toronto. He actually.


He was going to have.


That came together.


Yes, please talk. Because that was what I was going to ask next.


Well, cuz I heard all this. There's like this weird speculation he'd like made it days ahead of time and had like a professional crew film and I was like, I never, I never heard.


I never saw any of that. And that clearly, like that clearly looked like, you know, spur of the moment. We knew he probably figured it was going to happen and then he was wherever he was and he said, you know what, let me just do a personal thing and here's my phone. Let's do it. It didn't look like a professional thing. It just looked like a spur of the moment.


There was a lot of nonsense like that locally, and I. That never made sense to me. I was like, no way. I mean, we all have pretty powerful cameras in our pockets now. I mean, cell phones are, you know, it's like carrying around a digital camcorder back in the day. Anyway, he told the story, and basically, he kind of figured it was coming. He had a restless sleep the night before. He was, you know, contacted by Bradshaw living, called in for a meeting, and he sort of decided he wanted to do this. And maybe, you know, I'm sure he thought a little bit of his messaging and what he would want to say, and he thought it was an important part of closure. And so he said he went right from the meeting, from Bradshaw living, where he got fired. He went to that spot that he called his happy place near his home, you know, lived in one of the suburbs of Toronto on the lake, and, you know, spoke from the heart. I think that's why so many people connected with that message, because it did come out, you know, within a couple hours or not even maybe within an hour of his firing officially being announced by the team.


And maybe that. Maybe that timing is why everyone thought it was, like, this big stage production. But I think he just literally spoke from the heart right after getting the news. And then he said he took his wife Jackie to lunch and that was it. And he just figured that that was one way to have closure on his situation with Toronto. It would keep him from having to do all this media in after the fact. Like, he kind of said his. His piece, if you want to say it, or he kind of explained where he was at and was. Was stepping back from the public spotlight. As it turns out, it was only two weeks, but he didn't know at that time he'd be back working so soon because he did have term on his contract. And anyway, I just thought that was interesting and maybe something we see more people in his situation do in the future, because I. You know, I haven't seen a whole lot of that, especially so quickly. And I think, honestly, it. It was a. It was. I don't think it was done with, like, a big PR spin, but I think it was a brilliant PR move because it's about the classiest way you can leave a situation.


And I'm sure this is not on Sheldon's mind today, obviously, but I actually think it creates a circumstance where he could one day be brought back in the future, whether it's ten or 15 years down the road, like, it's. He left the bridge, was not burned on either side at the end, at the end of that relationship. And he's still a very young coach and, you know, I bet his best days are still ahead. That's, that's a pretty safe thing to be predicting.


Circle back to this episode in about five to seven years when the rumors of Sheldon Keef, should he return to the Toronto Maple Leafs circle the wagons.


I mean, the. Paul Maurice went back to Carolina. Cedo Gaston came back to the Blue Jays. Lindy rough has just been hired back in Buffalo. You know, not, those aren't perfect parallels, but, you know, if Sheldon goes on and wins a cup or cups elsewhere, and he's a distinguished coach and one of the best in the games, and the Leafs are still trying to get it right in ten or 15 years, it would just not surprise me at all if you started to see that those kind of rumors go around. I mean, that's what's old is new again. That's how it is.


I've seen Michelle Tarian and Claude Julian coach the Canadians twice. It's entirely possible.




I still can't believe that happened. Jeez.


I just feel like because it's such a classy way to go out, too. And like, he even today was so well spoken at his introductory press conference. I mean, he seems like a new man again, because he could know he can have a coffee with Nico, he share here in the next few weeks and no one is going to bother him. They're just going to go do their job and get working on trying to bring the cup to Jersey.


Yeah. Wherever. I'm trying to think what's like. What's the. I mean, then again, whenever we travel, I imagine for you it's. You're not trying to have dinner in New Jersey. You'd much rather have it in midtown if you have to ever be at a devil's game.


But there's some restaurants in Jersey, man.


Oh, okay. So I don't know. I tried not to hang out too long in Jersey during the rink.


I went to the dinosaur barbecue a fair bit over the years.


They have a dinosaur barbecue in Jersey.


Just down the street from the arena, man.


Oh, come on. I would have done it.


You're all being snobby. Like, I ran into New York City and you.


I'm just trying. I was just.


Dinosaur barbecue is to Manhattan.


Oh, dinosaur barbecued. Syracuse is elite.


I would have gone. There's also some, like, old school kind of restaurants that I've been to over in Newark that are like, really good.


Okay, well, sleep on New Jersey. I will. I will never sleep on New Jersey ever again. Yes. Yes. Yes. The third period is a bonus game. Five Florida panthers, New York Ranges. I don't know what accent that is. Dude, it's one. One after two. We are heading into the third period. Allow me to hawk my book, hockey rants and raves. It's coming out with HarperCollins this fall. You can pre order it right now. Like, literally this minute right the. Right now. Uh, the link is in the description. You can pre order it on Indigo, Amazon, and I believe the option on the HarperCollins website. You can find a local bookstore as well if it's available there. People are sweet people are genuinely good people and sweet and often ask me, hey, where should I buy the book from that gets you the most money, which I genuinely appreciate. I don't know the answer. I think I know the answer, but I don't know. And I'm not going to tell you. I'm not if you're going to be. The book is for you. I wrote it. It's no longer mine. Right. My end of the bargain is writing the thing.


I put it out into the world, and once you buy it, it's yours. It's for you. So do what's best for you. You don't write books to get rich anyway. Not in Canada. Not in Canada. I would like it to go number one, though. That would be cool. NASM cadre is a book coming out the same day? Yeah. CBC should make a show called Young Dangle. Like young Sheldon. That's a good idea, Drew. What do you know? Hockey rants and raves, by the way, is just that. It's hockey rants and raves. I actually. I called my publisher yesterday to ask if it's too late to add something. They said no, because I want to add that Sheldon keef quote. There's a chapter where I talked about. I don't want to blow the whole thing, but basically, like, growing the game and, like, do people in the game work hard enough to do that? And I'm gonna add that quote, shot attempts, according to the broadcast, 48 to 41 for the Panthers, hits 23 to 18 for the Rangers. This has been a tight game. From a back and forth standpoint, I would say this is one of the.


Well, it's certainly tighter than game four. Game four went to overtime, but it was a bloody miracle, in my opinion. I thought the Panthers were way better than the Rangers. Drew asked the million dollar question, do we get our fourth straight overtime? That would be dumb. I'm trying to think of, like, what's the cap era record for overtimes in a series? Because the Leafs and Capitals in 2016, no, 2017. Had a six game series that the Capitals won. Five of those games went to overtime. It's absurd. Justin, I read the text. I was instructed not to say it out loud. Reinhart with the puck. Third period is underway. Zasa Barkov. Ew, putting on the moves. Kiandre Miller drops the puck off. Oh, great opportunity for Sam Reinhardt. And it's blocked. Oh, baby. The Rangers dodged a bullet there. Barkov dogged it. That's why they're not calling it icing. But the Rangers get some fresh legs on the ice. Shasturkin leaves it for Truba. Good exit for the Rangers. Oh, Kako puts it just out of the reach of Gustafson. JPIX welcome. Welcome to the real NHL. Montour into the corner. Bennett and out over the blue line.


A weird bounce is going to decide this game. There's just been too many of them. Whoa. Between the legs. Anton Lindell wasn't able to pull it off. God, that would have been incredible. Here's laugh around for Perderon. Rangers with speed. Kulakov up the ice is a three on two for Florida. Here. Shot. Oh. Shasturkin made the save. There was a rebound. No. Panther got it. There's been a bunch of situations like that tonight. Rangers playing with fire a little bit. There's a shot and a stop by Bobrovsky. Ekman. Larson just ducked from a hit. I mean, a shot. Block. Panerin. Hey, out of the zone. Lafreniere. Rex Butler, when do we get to see your feet? Haha. You didn't mean the haha. You put the haha like ah, but I don't really want to see him. You want these grippers, you know you want these grippers and you're. You're not going to get them. Deandre Miller puts it on rebound in front. And out come the Panthers. AK Pozo these look good on this fourth line. And he drives the net. Oh, to the side of the Rangers net here. Forgeling with a blast. Doesn't get through.


The shot was 80, almost 89 miles an hour. Forsling puts it on behind the net. Now Lawrence. Lawrence had a great game for. He hasn't been as noticeable in game five. Trinko, what is your favorite NHL call, like, commentator? I mean, I loved Bob Cole. I used to love Jim Hewson because of the video games. Oh, Sam Bennett. Reinhart, the other Sam. I keep confusing them. He had an opportunity, wasn't able to get the shot off. Drew says, like, favorite goal call. Bless you, boys. What a game from Joe Bowen. It's such a good call, but they lost that game. Really ruins it. Let me think about that. Doc Emmer going. It's over. That's a good one. Whoa. Bennett on the doorstep, not able to get it. Oh. Off the side of the net was Kulikov. Rangers hanging on here. Panthers with a bit of a push. Truba going at it with Bennett. They've been going at it a few times in this game. I like that matchup. It's a lot of fun. Panthers starting to pull away. 26 to 18 are the shots. Bennett. That's 27 stopped by Shasturkin. Oh, Rick Jenner at is a good one.


Mayday. Is extremely good. Mayday, yo. Okay. Low key. Bergeron scores. Patrisse Bergeron, the game seven from 2013. It's a really good call. The only problem is I hear it in my sleep and then I wake up, you know? Oh, Drew makes a good point. Crosby. Cindy Crosby. The golden goal. And Canada has once in a lifetime olympic gold. Panthers drive the net. Taken down. Problem with that call is I wasn't there or, well, sorry I was there, so I didn't hear the call. The golden goal in 2010. Sidney Crosby's golden goal. I didn't hear the broadcast because I was there. Lucerena. Oh, who was that? Lafreniere hits the Rangers net. Oh, Lindell. What a pass. And Lucerine and tries to go between the legs. It doesn't work. The second between the legs attempt of this period. And this is going to be a two on two here. Pinarin cuts to the middle. Can't get the shot off. Here come the Panthers on the counter. Bark off. Ooh. Oh. Dangled. Braden Schneider. Can't get the shot on. Panthers now have ten more shots on golden. The Rangers do. 28 to 18. Rangers have had a decent amount of the puck.


They are not shooting it on net. They are not getting shots through the Panthers defense. A liep says, cheers from Brazil. Go Rangers. Cheers from Brazil. Condre Miller. Oh, happy accident right there. Tried to dump it, but instead he gets a clean entry. Rangers miss again. They missed the net. Here comes for Hagee with speed. You got two Rangers on him. Sam Reinhardt. He's there. He's sniffing. Rangers clear the zone. Big run at Barkov. I think that was Cooley, man. They got a scratch. Matt Remp next game. The dude's got like, what, five shifts in this game? Yeah, I know. He brings energy to the building. I just, it hasn't really felt like it. It just feels like a, like, drew, I totally agree with you. Oh, Rangers drags it around. Oh, is this going to be a call? And it is. This is going to be a trip on Nikomicola taking down capo Cocko. The two Finns going at it. Mikola takes his second penalty of the game. And the Rangers are going to get a third period power play in a tied game. Kako with a great move. Mikola took out Kako's legs.


We're going to tv time out. Commercial break and when we come back, wow. Expected goals are three for the Florida Panthers at five on five. Three for the Florida Panthers and 0.9 for the Rangers. That's pretty ugly, Joe. I didn't hear it because I was there. Sorry for you. Yeah, good point, junior. Stone cold. Stone cold. Or that's gotta be Kane. No. Stone cold beats Cain a thousand times. Also. Hey, stay on this stream. Don't leave this stream, but open another window and go to majorleague justin pointed out to me during the stream that apparently their website is live. So this is a website that I had access to three weeks ago, and now it's a public. It doesn't really look changed from what I saw. So this league is a thing that, like, I still can't tell if it's friggin actually real. I think the big question everyone has is the money real? That's the question. That's why I retracted it. I didn't retract it because I'm like, oh, it's just completely made up. I'm not gonna lie. I don't know enough about it. I've punched out of the story. It's not something that I want to follow anymore.


Like, it's, it's not something that I want to pursue journalistically. All, if there's news, I'll talk about it, but I'm not gonna go out there finding the news very interesting. But now, in actual hockey, that is real and guaranteed to happen. The third period, we have a Rangers power play. They dump it in, the Panthers dump it out. Now the Rangers got to go get it. Zabanajad decrider driving around the net. Fox on crider. Pin Aaron for right handed shots on the ice for the Rangers on this power play. I don't know why I'm obsessed with that, but I am on. Around old Savannah. Jet tries to put it in front again. The Panthers say new. Doesn't matter how much you have the puck you cannot have a shot on goal. Lutz arena always lined up. Think that was my trocheck. Not able to get the hit. Was it Trocheck or Pernarin? Zabanajad has the puck behind the Rangers net. Eric Gustafson with speed. Eric Gustafson is quarterbacking a power play unit for a final four team in the Stanley cup playoffs for under a million dollars. Bit of a whiff from Bradshaw living. Oh, trocheck.


Oh, how don't you put that on? The Rangers are just being too cute. And they put it on there and it doesn't make it through again. That won't be a shot on goal. 20 seconds to go in this Rangers power play. They just put a shot on goal. Up on the screen. I don't. I don't think they have one. Rangers gain the zone. Laverne, air in front. Oh, right there for the rebound, Gustafson. Oh, this is going to be interesting. At the Ranger score. Was that onside? Wenberg stopped by Bobrovsky. That was definitely a shot on goal. And a good save. Now it's even strength. Rangers still have it in the offensive zone, though. Gloved by Bobrovsky, 1034 to go in the third period. Great opportunity for the Rangers. Oh, he saved the one timer. Oh, Gus, like, get your stick down, dude. What are you doing? What are you doing? What's wrong with it? 21 to 30 are the shots on goal. Goodrow. See, this is the Rangers fourth line. Ozone draw. And there's no rampy fox with a shot wide. I'm not saying that. To say all the Rangers should have remp. I'm saying, well, if you're not going to play them, then what's the point?


Montour with, wow. Almost too much speed to handle. Mikola. No, definitely offside. Shasturkin out of the net to play it because he loves it. We have 700 likes. Let's get up to 800 because it makes my mood better. Dimitri Kulikov gains center, dumps it in Braden. Schneider lets the puck go back on Kulikov. Stick in the panther zone. Into the neutral zone for Bennett, who just dumps it. What's going on here now with this dumping Kendra Miller. Don't you dump it, Wenberg. Don't you dump it. He tries to dump it in his stick. Breaks. I told you. Oh, my goodness. This could. Oh, it almost turned into a chance for the Panthers. Wenberg now has a stick. Oh, rebound. And this is going to be a three on two for the Panthers. Lindell shot and they score. Anton Lindell puts it on. I don't know if Teresenko got a piece of it, carry it in. Good things happen, baby. 938 to go in the third period. Looks like it's going to be Lindell's goal. And the Panthers take the two one lead late in game five. Lindell carries it. Carries it. Shot. No. I think he beat shoster.


Can clean. Yeah. Teresa might have taken away Shasturkin's eyes. Rangers are going to hope that it's offside. I don't think it is. Big sellie on the Panthers bench. And why not? They lead game five by a score of two to one with less than half a period to play. Oh, baby. Can the Panthers hold on to this lead or do we get our fourth straight overtime? Here come the Rangers. Gustafson on. Oh, just missed the tip. Where's that one? That is kicked out by Bobrovsky. 912 to go in the third period. Well, what do we think here? Here's a poll question. Will the final score be two to one, yes or no? That's it. Yeah. Producer Drew goes, I'm not a betting man. And then quickly corrected himself because he definitely is. The live odds are Florida's, -900 which is wild. The Rangers are plus 550 odds according to who? Plus 600. See? Should I say who it is? Because they're not paying us money. So was that. Oh, it's Vegas that controls that. It's usually the same on most sites. I mean, they're only down one goal. That's a $2 Steve Sprinkle. Drew, have you ever placed a $2 bet?


Like a ten leg parlay? No, you're. You're too rich for my blood. Too rich for my blood. Nothing gets your heart beating like betting on 03:00 a.m. hockey. That's funny. I, um, accidentally made a roulette spin once online. Like, I didn't mean to. And it was an amount of money that made me nauseous. Like, I didn't mean to click it. I won. And then I went to bed. I went to bed. Bobroski covers it up. Ecblad takes down the ranger that was poking at it. Who was that? Crider? Of course, it was the Rangers only goal scorer. And that might have to change if the Rangers want to stay in this game or cry to. Could score twice. 1600 of you in here. Let's get that over 800 likes. Panthers win a draw in their own end. Under nine minutes to go here in the third period. Fox just keeps slapping at it. The Panthers transition game is so good. Verhege drives wide. Didn't quite have the Runway to drive to the middle. Barkov creating havoc behind the net, though. Eckblad around. Man, the Panthers, when they're in lockdown mode, they just make the neutral zone a nightmare.


It's difficult to see how New York gets back into this one. I'm sure they could. It's the final four, but it's not looking good. Bennett going at it with Gustafson. Rangers come up with it. Flub pass back on the Ra. The Panthers stick. And just like that, a minute's off the clock, you know? You know what I mean? Eight minutes to go. Like the Panthers really, really know how to kill time. Lindgren on no rebound. Bobrovski steers it wide behind the Panthers net. No ranger in sight. Oh, crider changes that. Very interested to see how Laviolette manages the bench here. I mean, he's already come off that top line. 730 to go. Trueba up to Keandre Miller. It's funny, Miller has taken two penalties, which is obviously bad. Outside of those penalties, I actually think he's had a decent night. Oh, boy. Lucerine Truba. Oh, takes a big run at him. Gets a piece of him, too. Kako just chips it out. Rangers got a change. Seven minutes to go. Ranger still down one. Kulakov goes deep in the ranger zone. Gustafson, I imagine he get. He's going to get a decent chunk of ice.


Rangers trying to avoid too many men. That would be a crazy time to take that penalty. The best time to take that penalty. Never. Just simply don't do it. Miller dumps it before going for a change. 630. Do you see how the 32nd chunks tick away? Fox on oh. There was a rebound. Rangers weren't able to take advantage of it. Here come the Panthers. Two on two. Quickly becomes a one on four because they go for a line change. Eric Gustafson behind his own net, being chased by Sam Reinhardt. Kako, who's already back out there, picked off. Here comes Barkov with speed. He's got space stopper. Shifterkin. There's a rebound. Oh, it's driven wide. Truma kicks the puck. Panthers still have it.




Reinhardt, robbed by Shasturkin, keeps the Rangers alive with under six minutes to go in this hockey game. That was unreal for Hagee to Reinhardt. And looky what I found from Igor Shasturkin. What a save in this game. Whoo. Steve Dangle here on the STPN YouTube channel. Click. Like, gosh darn it, click. Subscribe tell all your friends we are late here in game five between the Panthers and Rangers. Rangers have been pressing, but the Panthers have the two one lead. Joe said, I have a ha hour and a half drive to work every morning. Listening to you guys keeps me sane. Thank you. You rock. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. You know, the worst part of that story is you're gonna find out that he actually lives and works in Toronto, and he just lives eight blocks away from work. Driving in Toronto sucks. I've done a fair amount of it this week, and it is, but it's not as bad as it was before COVID Before COVID was insane. It's still not very good. But before COVID was absolutely nuts. There are not many things I miss about COVID In fact, there's almost nothing.


Almost. Driving on the highway was sick. Driving on the highway was awesome. Problem was, I didn't really have anywhere to go, so that was a bummer. Nafi says, rangers suck. Jamal says, let's go, cats. Ty Smith says walk, then don't ruin my joke. The implication is it would be faster to walk. Don't ruin my joke. Vlad says, love the Dawn Valley. You know, the DVP sucks, but it moves. It moves slowly, but it moves. If you're in a traffic jam on the 401, you're dead. You're dead. You're stuck. 545 to go. Barclay Goodrow. Wouldn't that be incredible? Fires it, and it's chipped out of bounds. We'll get a face off. Wow. Great point from drew. So the Panthers will have gone through Vasilevsky. Who'd they play last round? Swayman, Shasturkin. And then they could get. Well, no disrespect to Stewart Skinner. They could get Jake Ottinger in the cup final. That would be the craziest quartet of goalies I can remember a team ever having to go through. Face off in the Panther zone. Reinhardt scrambled draw. Rangers keep it alive. Trocheck skating after it. And he gets to it first. Panarin being hounded by EcBlad.


The Rangers lose the zone under 530 to go here. They have 23 shots on goal. They're going to need a lot more than that to solve the bobster, who has never once been called that ever in his life. As it left my lips, I'm like the bobster. Stephen don't like that Adam Fox. He's got to have a bigger series. Let's see what he can do. Ecblad going at it with Trochak a little bit there. Panthers air mail it. They put it in the Rangers corner. Bennett hard on the four. Check. God, he's been incredible for the Panthers. Puck goes out of play in the Rangers zone. 442 to go in the third period. Will the Panthers take a three two lead in this series back home? Or will the Rangers blow the roof off of Madison Square Garden? Braden Schneider out there with Kiandra Miller. Whoa. Puts it off the glass. No ice. Wow. That. The puck just died. That was. That was great. From Keyandre Miller. Unfortunately, it led to nothing, but it was a really good play. Miller now with it. Gain center. Chips it. Oh, great keep from Zabani. Jad rips it around.


410 to go in the third period here. Crider to the point for Schneider. Around the net. Brad care says, hashtag bobster. The bobster makes a save there. Crider to the point. Can they beat the bobster? Yandere Miller doing a great job walking the line. Trades places with Schneider. Ah, Schneider can't get it to Crider. And here come the Panthers. This might be a breakaway. Oh, Lucerine and tries the Pokemon on circuit. It doesn't work. 337 to go in the third period. Cooley getting a late shift here. Oh, here come the Rangers. Shot. Stopped by the glove of Bobrovsky. Kako throwing it around. Throwing it on behind the net now. Wenberg in there. Got the game winning goal at Madison Square Garden. Last time they were in this building. 312 to go. Verhege shoots it on Shasturk, and he stopped. Fox loses his stick. Panthers pressing on offense now. Kulikov blocked. Rangers can't counter. Under three minutes to go now. Panthers content to take as much time as possible in their own end. When do they pull Shasturkin? Shruba around. Heedle has not been enough of a factor in this game. Oh, thrown on that stop by Bobrovsky.


Very interesting call for Peter Laviolette to make here. 236 to go in the third period. Offensive zone. Draw. Do you pull Shasturkin now? Yeah. Drew saying, I think you wait. That's surprising for someone who had Patrick walk coach their team. The Rangers don't have McKinnon. That's true. They just have a bunch of guys who are paid like McKinnon. Oh, they're pulling them. Wow, wow, wow. Shasturkin to the bench. Six attackers on the ice for the Rangers. Trochak versus Barkov on the face off. Rangers win it. And they hold the line. Zabanajad at the point. Fox Panarin. Oh, again. Overpassing, overpassing. There's eleven skaters on the ice, guys. Overpassing. Shoot it. Zabanajad with it. 210 to go in the third. Lafrenier throws it around. Puck eludes the Rangers. Panthers are probably going to get it out here. They do. Oh, playing with fire. Zaband looked like he was high. Stick. No call. And Sam Bennett scores on the empty net. Oh, baby. Let's get a look at this replay. 152 to go in the third period. That might ice the thing. Yo, that's a cool hat. That's a really cool hat. There's a band of jet I didn't see.


Was he elbowed? Is he saying he was elbowed? Oh, you know what? Like, he got a little bop, but, like, you can't give up on that play. Oh, you can't give up on that play. You know what? You don't have to think Bennett is a clean player because he's not. But you call a penalty there. I don't think so. I don't think so. Don't make me come to Sam Bennett's defense. For the love of God. Timeout, New York Rangers. And, you know, we saw this in game one. They all look like someone killed their dog. Like, I know it's bad. You shouldn't be happy about what just happened. Where's the belief? Where's the anything? Where's the. Let's go. Where's the. If you don't believe you can still win this game, just get off the ice. Like, listen, being down two goals with less than two minutes to go is not ideal. Natalie Drake says, big thanks for talking Red Dead redemption with me yesterday. It absolutely made my day also, boo. Sam Bennett. I agree. Rangers can't get the puck. Icing call. I imagine they pull Shasturkin again here. Yeah, he's leaving the net. Like, Gary Galley sounds more determined than the Rangers do.


He's like, lots of time left. All right, who's out there? Zabanajad, crider, Paneran. There's a lot of guys who have had terrible series who need to be big here. Zabandi puts it on. It goes wide. Up and over the Panthers net. Zabanajad heaves it in. The Panthers just always seem to be in the right spot. Always seem to be in the right spot. 90 seconds to go in the third period. Panthers down. Up two. Rangers down to puck, down the ice. Paneran being hounded by Barkov. Here come the Rangers. Lafrenier gains the line again. They're just dumping it, ringing it around. Oh, Fox, dude, you got to shoot that. You're down to puts it on up and over. Rangers keep it alive. Oh, in front for trocheck. Shot on and the Rangers get one. They get one. I think that went off the LA for near and under 50 seconds to go. The Rangers are within one. And this is very interesting because the Rangers are within one, but they don't have a timeout left. So do you go back to the same crew or not? I think this would be a great time for schizurken to have an equipment issue.


What happened here? Crider couldn't get it to trocheck, but a happy accident brings it back to Zabanajad. Lafreniere was in front. It goes off his skate. The Panthers are probably going to look at it for a kick. No, they don't. It wouldn't have been a kick anyway. Rangers win the face off at center ice and they ice it. Oh, that's a costly mistake. Why would you do that? Who was that? Boy, that's a costly error. You did not need to do that, ronnie. We'll have to get to that one after the game. Oh, 42.3 seconds to go. Rangers within one. All of a sudden, 8th of the playoffs for Laffernier. God, he's been so good. Doing great in the series, too. And an assist from Zabanajad Trochak with one of the most important face offs of the season for the Rangers. And he wins it. Shasturkin has got a race to the bench. Panthers don't pressure the Rangers as much as I thought. Crider speeds to that puck behind the net, is not able to get it in front. Rangers not able to hold the line. 21 seconds to go. Sabana jab with the puck in the Rangers end.


Advances it well up the ice. It's chipped in. Oh, boy. Now you're in a puck battle with the Panthers. This is a difficult one. I don't know if that was the move. Panthers killing the clock here. Under 5 seconds to go. That was not the move. The Panthers kill it. And this game is over. The Florida Panthers win game five by a final score of three to two. And Sam Bennett is having a great old time. Scored the game winner. Going at it with Panerin. And now this series goes back to Florida, where each team has won. But, oh, boy, did the Panthers run. The Rangers show in both those games. Oh, boy. Yeah, dude, just the. The Rangers with a couple. I mean, they get the goal. It was great. Hey, we got a game. And then they ice the puck immediately. Dumb. They chip the puck in to a board battle which the Florida Panthers will gladly take to kill the clock. Dumb Florida. Oh, boy, boy, boy, boy. Fun. Putting money on game six. It ain't on blue. Yeah. Producer drew's like, what game have they been the best team in? None.


Like, I'm now I'm trying to remember off the top of my head, two, maybe two. That was overtime as well. Probably none. Answer is probably none. Ty Smith, no overtime. You happy, Drew? Yeah, but he would have been happy with a Rangers tie. It would have been exciting. I mean, that's the, the dichotomy, if you will, of working in sports. You cheer for entertainment, but entertainment means more work. I was low key. Like, I wanted to go to overtime. Screw it. I'm sitting here. Why not Ronnie Rosado? Now I can get to your question. Dry saddle to the re. The dry saddle to the Sharks conversation. As a Panthers fan, there was a laundry list of unholy things I would do to have him on a line with Barkov and car. Carter. I assume you mean Carter for hagee. Well, there's zero chance the Panthers can get dry sidle. What a psychotic sentence. There's a 0% chance they can get dry sidle and keep Reinhardt. Like, there's no way. Now you happily take that trade. We lose Reinhardt. Ah. We get dry sidel of course you cheer for that, but, like, it sounds like Reinhardt's going to sign, like, $9 million.


It's going to be some obnoxiously low number. And dry side all that. Dude might make 13 mil. Theo Harris, will the Rangers still be good next season? Don't do that. Don't do that. They are still in the Stanley cup playoffs. Don't do that. They could easily do what the Washington Capitals did to Tampa in the eastern conference final 2018. What happened then? Glad you asked. Braden Holt be got back to back shutouts. Your goalie, Zeager, Sterkin, also. Yeah, I think they're going to be good next year. I don't think they're going to win the president's trophy. I do think they're going to be good, though. Producer Drew, what do you want to do? What do you think? You know, what, what are the Rangers need to do in game six? Oh, boy. They've got to get better at moving the puck up the ice. They've just got to make better decisions, man. Like the, the icings, the too many trips to the box. That being said, about too many trips to the box, I think you accept that not everything is going to get called in game six and seven. So you'd be a little rattier, I would take remp out of the lineup.


You didn't use them. I would go with the fastest possible lineup, the most offensive possible lineup. You haven't generated enough shots. You haven't generated enough shots for two rounds. Now, you didn't generate enough. Well, you obviously generated enough, but you didn't generate very much against Carolina. And, you know, it was cute when you were getting out, played every game, and you had the two one series lead. Now, Florida is a game away from their second straight Stanley cup final, which doesn't matter to you because you're the New York Rangers, but they're a game away from eliminating you. You don't want this to be your last game at Madison Square Garden ice. Your fastest lineup. Get Blake Wheeler in there. Get remp out. You're not using them anyway. Move the puck. You got to find a way to get past that wall, that iron curtain that the Florida Panthers have in the neutral zone. That's a good question for Drew. If you lose in game six, are you happy with your progress making the east final? Yeah, they got ousted in round one. When did they play? Tampa in the conference final. Was that 2022? Yeah, it was.


So with, you know, excluding that blip against the Devils last year, which is just a series, you shouldn't have friggin lost. That's two conference final appearances in three years. It's hard to be upset with the season, right? Like, you won the president's trophy and you got to the final four. There are. What's interesting with the Rangers is you be happy with the team as a whole. But I think you look at the season Pitt Aaron had, and then you look at the playoffs, he's. He's having. And you go, where the hell did everything go? There's a few guys who have pulled the disappearing act, and they got to optimize their depth. In game six and seven. The Leafs, I mean, they lost, but they took Reeves out because it's like, all right, like, the abuse factor, the. The toughness factor, the intimidation factor. It's game six and seven. Like, it's you. You need your best lineup, your best legs out there on the ice. I don't think Remp is out there. Wheeler for the offense, and Cooley had his legs going. You got to go with your most offensive lineup. Ooh. Comment in the chat.


Rangers are six and six since sweeping the Capitals. When do they sweep the Capitals? Oh, you mean this year? Oh, they won floor against. They won four against Carolina and two against Florida, but Carolina only beat them twice. Yeah, that comments wrong. The Rangers are six and five, which is mid well. Okay, how about this? How about this? The Rangers are two, no, three and five since going up three. Nothing on Carolina. There you go. There it is. So the Rangers have a losing record in their last eight games and they're still in the Santa cup playoffs. That's what we talk about in this. Donnie, are you excited to see Keith? Are you excited Keith gets to coach in the real NHL? Yeah. All this, you know, pesky attention and marketability and all that. Good for him. Yo, that clip is. Is going bananas for us on socials and on YouTube. I just can't believe anyone would say it. This is crazy. Let's wrap it up. We got a brand new Steve Dangle podcast tomorrow, I think the brand new. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. We did a live episode yesterday of Boston Pizza. That is up today.


Drew, can you see if the SDP VIP is up on the back end? Yeah. Because I want to know if that's going up at midnight. I think it is. It's not. That's odd. Maybe it's going up before the weekend or maybe Jesse forgot. No, more likely it's going up tomorrow when our other podcast goes up tomorrow. Lots of content. So much content for now. That is it for this stream. Thank you very much for watching. Click like if you like this video, click subscribe. If you really liked it, tell all your friends. Saturday is game six. The Rangers have a chance to push it to seven. Or the Florida Panthers could go to their second consecutive Stanley cup final.