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I think it's said, I think it's logical. What I thought you'd find, oh, where am I? This time goes by, I'll be your simple way. Should I do you mind? Oh, where am I? I'm finding Tell me why they lie to me.Fighting for loveFighting for love. Or raise the Earth and see my way. This is fighting for loveFighting for love. Or raise the Earth and see my Where it is. I'm sorry, how did you get your hands in? You took a fall. I'm sorry. I'm fed up here. How did you feel this love is dead?


This love is staring, staring, staring, staring, staring. I'm fighting for love.


I'm fighting for love. Raise me up and see my willingness. I'm fighting for love. I'm fighting for love. Is it sane? Is it possible? Still, I ask myself, are we? Am I? In our game, it's not logical, but you contemplate, are we? Am I? I think it's said, I think it's logical What I thought you'd find, oh, we, am I? This time was fine, this simple way. Should I do you find, oh, we, am I? I'm fighting for love, I'm fighting for love. I raise the Earth and see my way, and it's a fightin' for love, And raise me up and see my willingness. This is the way it has to be. Tell me why they love to me. Fighting for love, I'm not afraid of you. You took a fall. I'm not afraid of you. How did you get your head? You took a fall. You took something. I'm not afraid of you. You got it in your head. How did you say this love is dead. Oh.


This love is staring, staring, staring, staring, staring


Willing is the brightest for love.


Raise me up and see my willingness. Willing is. Is it sane? Is it possible? Still, I ask myself, are we? Am I? It's not a game, it's not I am live, Drew tells me. Oh, I'm looking at the wrong. That's why I didn't know I'm live. My bad. First live stream that's live in front of people. This is what my eyes look like. I'm looking up at the TV. We're in Boston Pizza in Stoville. I got the chat down here. I got all of you at home. This is going to be incredible while I bother people while they're eating dinner and everything. Hello, everyone. Steve Dangle here on the Sdpn YouTube channel. Thank you very much for watching Game 3. Game 3. Can you hear all that? I hope so. Of the 2024 Stanley Cup final, we're here at Boston Pizza that is owned by Keith Acton, and the game is underway already. Oh, my goodness. There are a bunch of lineup changes tonight, screwing everything up. Cody Ceeci is in, and he just got crunched along the boards. We're going to get to some of the super chats and whatnot a little later, because obviously, we're starting a little late here.


Florida advances it up the boards. Yeah, I'm going to be ahead of the clock a little bit. Oh, Cassie with the 50 bomb. Let's go. 50 gifted subs already. Holy. 50 gifted members just said, Oh, the oilers get a chance. Florida sends it up the ice. Matthew K'Chuck gets stripped to the park. I got to get used to the shape types of players. It's a little difficult to see the numbers, but I will be okay. We will be okay. Will the oilers be okay? They lose this one. They go down three, nothing in the series. No team, I mean, no team, has come back to win the Stanley Cup final down '03 since the Toronto Maple leaves in 1942. And you just know it'll kill Oilers fans to have to draw inspiration from the leaves. Panthers into the offensive corner. Brober getting crushed. Tarasenko in there. He was a bit of a game-time decision. Covered up by Skinner, and we will get a whistle. Lusterine and getting into it a little bit. Would it be possible to move seats? Or is it too late for that? Yeah, just so I could see it a little better?


Yeah. At first intermission? Okay, I'll do it at first intermission. Cool. We interviewed Keith Acton during the podcast. Former Leaps assistant coach, won the Stanley Cup with the Oilers. He played with Guy Lafleur. A live shift? I could do a live shift just so Just so I could see a little better. Can I what? What was that, producer Drew? Name any of the golfers on the wall behind me. Jack Nicklaus says right there. Sam Sneed says right there. No, I have no idea who they are, dude. I don't know, golfers. If they're not Tiger Woods, I don't know them. I don't want to move the laptop because I don't want to be blamed if it disconnects. You like that Is that good logic? Is that good logic? And I don't mind standing either. I'll stand. We got a whistle here. Here's my phone. I'm afraid to touch anything. We sound We're looking good. We looking good. Cassie, again, thank you for the 50 piece. Jonas Atenticumpo of the chat. Fifty piece. Is that going to be a problem? You're good. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I'm not worried about the chair. I'll stand. I'll stand. Okay. Here we go.


That's better. Oh, I can see stuff now. That's crazy. I was like, Yeah, I'll be able to see the game. I didn't think of the numbers or anything as we got a whistle here. Connor Brown looking at his first Stanley Cup. There's a TV in the background with the footage. Oh, Jessie, apparently the TV is visible. Oh, there's no game on it? There is a game on it? Do you need me to stand in the way? Oh, there's a TV outside. Oh, well, then we can't do that. Can we angle it so that you can't see the TV? Drew, let me know if you can still see it. Zoom in. We're good? Okay, great. Glad. Now I think we're set up. There's going to be hiccups. Kulak. I got to shift over? I'll just stream. Oilers advance the fuck up the ice. Don't ask me who it was. Serguey Bobrowski sends it up to Matthew Kuchuk, puts it in the corner. Sam Bennett, After it. Haven't been many chances so far, but Brosky had to make one save. It went right into his shoulder. Intercepted by the Panthers' one-timer. And a big, big stop. Big stop by Stuart Skinner.


Carter Verhege knows he had a real good chance there. God, those fans, man, I'm so jealous. I'm so jealous of the fans in Edmonton. I know they're down 0-2. What I would give to have my team down 0-2 in the Cup final? What is that experience even like, having a team in the Stanley Cup final? I don't know how I would function. I don't know how I would go about my life. Reinhardt is picked off. Oiler is going up the ice now. Drysidal just ridden into the corner. Panthers putting lots of pressure on that Ryan there. Ryan Hart leaves it for Barkoff, and they come behind the oilers net now, battling behind the oilers net. Jessie's Pizza Box says, Let's get this rivalry started again. Sorry, I got to move this over so I can read the whole thing. Where does Kipper in his prime fit in the leafs lines? Will be clipped. Top line. He would be there, Tom Wilson. He'd be on the right wing of Austin Matthews, and Willy Neylander can get his dream of playing on the left. We got a whistle here. Christopher Peterson, Two Things are Rising up tonight.


Leon Cytle, and Gripper Nation. Cassie, just dropping in for a moment. Have a good stream. You're the best. And Michael Prins and Jasmine A, welcome to SDP VIP. Cory Perry, yapping. Already yapping, being escorted to the bench. He's yapping. The Edmondson oilers are minus 160 right now on Bet-GRW. What are the Panthers? Plus 102. Cassie, you don't know. 300 gifted, and Steve gets pied on the SDP. Make it 500. Make it 500. We've done 300. You know what I mean? Here come the oilers. Again, held to the perimeter by the Panthers. Their team defense is so good. Here comes K'Chuck the other way, spins, unable to pull off the pass. But we're going to get our first power play of the game, I think. Is that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins going to the box? He doesn't look too happy. Yeah. Nugent for Touge. And the Florida Panthers go to their first power play of game three. Just... Oh, it was behind the play. He set the pick on Bennett. A little bit of a knee, even. Set the pick on Nuge. Nobody liked it. Producer Drew says, Get the brooms Ready. Producer Drew says, Get the brooms ready.


They're booing you, Drew. They're booing you. Panthers on their first power play of the game. Tripped up. Here come the oilers. No, they'll just settle to dump it down. Wabrowski out of his net to play it. Panthers, 22.1 % efficiency. Oilers with a 93 % penalty kill. Just stupid. Oilers is aggressive, maybe too aggressive Panthers into the corner. Cross ice. Don't get the shot up, but they put it in front. It's in the corner. And down the ice. Cassie says, You heard him chat. 500. And Cassie said, She's only stopping by, so this is on you. She got you 10 % of the way there. I'll let Adam and Jessie throw a big old pie in my face. We hit 500 new members. It doesn't matter if they're all gifted. You can just get one for yourself, become an SDP VIP. We do three episodes of the Steve Dangle podcast every week. And if you're an SDP VIP, then we do four. Kachuk can't hold the line. And this is going to be a partial break for the He's got a shot. Stop by the blocker of Bobrowski. They keep it going. A rebound. Stays alive.


Bob is apparently the Florida Panthers best guy on the power play. Sam Bennett coming up the ice. All alone to Tarasigo in front. End of the corner, Lindell with it. From the point, bomb. Fanned on it. It might actually work out in their favor. Oh, nice play for the Panthers. Open, shot. Can't score there. And down the ice. Final 10 seconds of the Panthers power play. Might just use it to change. Oh, no, they'll attack a bit. Bennett. A bit of a stumbled entry. And the oilers avoid the early scare. Up the ice. Panthers say, Get that garbage out of here. And we got a whistle. From Curly Fri, Hey, Steve, you're going to get DB, Dragon Ball Z sparking zero, October 11th looks really good. Here's a problem with video games for me. It doesn't matter if they look really good. It matters if I'm a father of two running a company, and it's difficult. It's difficult. And we got a commercial break here. Cassie. All righty. Got to go. Make it happen, chat. Cassie clan, everybody. Cassie clan. Big hand for the Cassie clan. Justin Fisher saying, Woo. So we're 23 seconds ahead of the game clock.


Wes Richard and Ali Quinn gifted five SDPM memberships each. What, Justin? Do you want to play a game? Yes, Justin. I I want to play a game. I'll tell you who's going to score first? For each team. Carter Verhege had the Panthers best look so far, so I'm going to say Carter Verhege. And for the Florida Panthers, I mean, no. For the Edmonton Oilers, I'm going to say Nuj. Nuj is going to try to make up for that penalty he just took. And I bet it's on the power play. Over under 10 minutes until my back seizes up because I'm standing. You know what? I'm wearing good shoes, and this isn't 2020 anymore, buddy. My back feels great. Do those hammy stretches? I got mobile hips. What's that TikTok? I've been an SD girl. What? I look great. Thanks, Justin. Someone who had met me before here said, Did you get taller? And Robert pointed out, No, your back's just less messed up. So you probably gained an extra inch just having better posture. Luke Mallet, five gifted memberships. You rule. Raza went to game one in sunrise, and it was electric. Seeing your team in the Stanley Cup final is incredible.


Less so if they lose it all like last year. Yeah, I could see how that would put a damper on things. Just a Tad, just a wee Tad. Face off in the Panthers Florida wins it back. Edmonton putting lots of pressure on them. Edmonton's got more hot in this game than we saw in game two, although that was a low bar. Is this Speedy V? Yes, it is. Costco gravy is superior to... No, I'm not reading that I'm not reading that out loud. I'm not reading that out loud. I think what they said is, Boston Pizza Gravy is the best. I think that's what they said. Forzling. Over to Ekeblad. Doesn't get through. Forzling has got a scamper back to get it. He does. He had center ice, so he dumps it. Rodriguez after it. Oh, my God. Takes it way too easily. Casual on the oiler's back end. You're not going to win a cup like that. Ekman Larson tries to get it deep. He gives it away. Almost led to a two on one there. For the oilers, they get a shot off anyway. And Bobrowski with the glove saved. Here comes Bennett.


Ewe. Shifty. Shot. Wide. Panthers, lots of pressure. They're doing more with their pressure. Oh, Loucerina Almost tucked it in. Stop there from Stuart Skinner. Hugh Kiddell gifted 10 SDPN memberships. So this is what we're working towards. Five hundred new members today. It doesn't matter if they're gifted or you sign up yourself. I'll let Adam and Jessie pie me in the face on the Steve Dangle podcast. Not here. I have to drive home after this. That'll be That's going to be a tough drive. Berhaguey's starting to get pissed. You can see it. He's had a couple of good chances. Leon wins the draw cycle, or was that Enrique. It doesn't matter. I wasted my draw side of the line on it. It might not have even been him. Oylers behind the Panthers net. They throw it on. No good. They still have the buck, though. Work it to the point. That's Broberg Eew. Shifty move. He's going around the net now looking for friends. Give them friends. Follow them back. Wraparound. Rebound. Oh, Oilers still have it. Probably the best flurry of the game so far. Very young game. Did the Panthers draw a call there?


They did not. Here's the thing. Game two of the Stanley Cup final always feels like you're allowed to get away with murder and also nothing. Game three, it's just the murder part. Nurse, by the way, playing in this game. Shots are seven, six Florida Panthers. Here they come up the ice, and by they, I mean, Steven Lawrence throws it on. Stop by Skinner. He doesn't handle it well, though, and it stays alive in the Ozone. Backhanded, just digging at it. Oh, Skinner, risky play. Doesn't pay for it. If you're a goal tender, tend the But that one paid off. Panthers behind the net. Panthers are really... They're getting away from Edmonton defenders too often to start this game. Ekman Larson puts it back behind the net. Panthers just content to just run the oilers around behind the net. Oilers finally get a handle on the thing. Ceece advances it to center ice and dumps it. My back feels great for everyone asking. It feels fantastic. Panthers coming in. Barkov to the point bang. Oh, never mind. More of a fart. They waved on the puck, fanned on the puck. Oilers putting pressure. Hyman Didn't say his name enough in game two.


Wasn't as active as he was in game one. Oylers tried to put it on, blocked. Panthers in the corner, and that goes up and over the glass, and I think we're going to get an Oylers power play here. Was that Barcov? No way. Oh, wow. Wow, wow, wow. Sasha Barcov to the box. Wow, that's crazy. A dude guy gifted 10 SDP and memberships. Uh-oh. This is trending in a very good direction for if you want to see me get pied in the face. Raza says, Defenses are asleep on both teams. I would have disagreed with you until that. Dudegui became a member themselves, and I believe you gifted 20 memberships. Let's go. If you want to give memberships, by the way, and you're like, Hey, how come my phone's not giving me the option, too? That's because iPhone's are finicky. If you have an Android, it should be fine. I've gifted from desktop because I have an iPhone. Oilers, great opportunity. Oh, and it goes behind the net. How don't they bury that? Walking the line is Bouchard. Bouchard with it again. That Bush bomb is terrifying. Terrifying thing. Mcdavid dancing. He's dancing. High slot.


Oilers, shot. Up and out. Wow, wow, wow. God, they're so dangerous, man. I know they're down 0,2. I don't care. It's the Edmondson Oilers. I hate when people talk about the Edmondson Oilers like the usual rules apply. You know what I mean? This is the closest we've had to, at minimum, Mario Lemu in a very long time. Crosby is a crazy player, crazy player. And honestly, to me, one of the most underrated players ever, just because I don't think he gets the love that he deserves. There will be an argument he's a top five player all the time when it's all said and done. Mcdavid, I think, strikes more fear than even he did. Oyler, shoot. Blocked. Bouchard. Mcdavid. Mcdavid walks it down, trade spots with dry Seidl. Gets it to Bouchard. That was a nifty pass. Shot. Doesn't get through. What a block. Shot again. Doesn't hit the net. And the Panthers At very least, make it so that the oilers have to regroup. And they do, though. They do with some ease. Nuj. To Bouchard, walks the line. Shot from dry settles. Oh, my goodness. I think Bob might have stopped that with his head.


He stopped that with his face. 45 seconds to go in this Edmondson oilers power play. What happened there? This Bush bomb was blocked by Anton Lindell. Luckily, it looked like it hit him right in the shin pad. Mcdavid finds dry Seydl. No, it hit the forearm of Bobrowski, and his forearm wasn't very far He's not ahead of the goal line either. Face off in the Panthers zone. Scrumbed. Michela comes up with it. Stenland battling to get it out. It doesn't work. Oilers still have it. Drysidal. 30 seconds to go in this oilers power play. Mcdavid. With it, winds up. And that is not what I expected. Winds up, slap shot, doesn't go in. But the oilers are throwing the kitchen sink at the Florida Panthers right now. Panthers airmail it, and they finally get it out. Ten seconds to go in this power play, and it doesn't look like the oilers are going to be successful here, although they have a guy who can skate light speed, so you never know. He's not in the ice. That's not him, is it? That's Ryan McLeod. Might score, though. Panthers intercepted. They turned it back up the other way.


Not wasting any time. Shot on Skinner, who's had to be sharp. Panthers, boy, they're grinding the oilers along the corners in the half wall in their own zone. Here comes McCloud, though. Oh, with open ice. Oh, he fanned on the toe drag of the shot or double clutch. Don't know what that was. Forzling. Oh, Forzling. Oh, he poked it. Shout out to Robert boy who's telling me things, all the stuff that I miss off camera. And can we also get some a-woos in the chat? Because it's producer Maddie's birthday. A-woos! How old are you now? Rodriguez. Chaste down by Brown. Good play. Completely stifled. Completely stifled. The Panthers attack as we get a whistle. Producer Drew said, We better be getting her drunk at Boston Pizza. She has already had one fishbowl, and she has done that of her own accord. Are you down the one fishbowl? Most of it. Most of it? No, she's got half a fishbowl. You're still going. You're still going. No, no. Hey, you go at your own pace. You're working. She's working. She's working here. Oh, Oh, we got a thing. Hey, the finals on Sdpn is brought to you by betgrw.


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God, I hope so. Avery, SDP VIP, ad free. Lillian Stuart, gifted an Sdpn membership. They all count, Lillian. Way to go. Dude guy with another 20 Sdpn memberships. Thank you. Long Hong with five Sdpn memberships. You made Mad Dog work on her birthday. Great boss. I did no such thing. That's a Jessie call. And Paula Bellen from Chile, gifted 10 Sdpn memberships. Let's go. We're back to game action here. Florida behind their own net. It's been a lot of flirting in this game so far. Not a whole lot of kissing. Panthers down the ice, and that'll be icing. There's been some sustained pressure. It's grinding hockey, right? This isn't quite the Rangers Hurricane Series, was a lot of traded chances. This is warfare, is how I could describe this. Oilers' offensive zone draw here in Edmonton. Down two games to none to the Florida Panthers, 6:29 to go in the period. Oilers, bang. Blocked. No. Out of bounds. Boy, the Panthers are mosquitoes. 6'2, 2'15 mosquitoes. They are city TV everywhere. Big block from Evan Rodriguez on that play. I assume it didn't tickle. Leifs legend, Evan Rodriguez. Joe gifted five SDPN memberships. Putz gifted five SDPN memberships.


Oh, God, what are we at? A hundred and If we hit 200... No, 500. I got a pie in the face on the SDP. Adam and Jesse don't even know that. Jesse's right there. I'm sure I'll tell them. What's that, Drew? 298 more. Thanks for the count, jerk. Panthers. Shot, block. Stop by Skinner. Play from the knees. Panthers look for a tip there. It didn't work. They got a little bit of pressure here on Edmondson. Edmondson running around. Bouchard trying to calm things down, and he does a good job of it. Slow and steady turns into fast and speedy. Oh, my goodness. What a move from McDavid. Forced behind the net by Aaron Ectblad. Digging at it, digging at it. Panther knocked to the ice. Oilers have it at the point. They're walking it around. Great pass. Those passes into the high slot are not there. The Panthers take them away at every opportunity, airmailed out of Edmondson zone. I'm liking the pressure, though. If I was the oilers, if I'm Chris Noblek, I tell them not to overpass it here, because we get a whistle, 5:26 to go in the first period. If I go like that...


Oh, okay. I'm still in. So Jessie is saying, Why didn't I make it a thousand? Five hundred so easy? Adam's feet bar was a thousand. Did you hit it? It was, Oh, yeah, a thousand likes. No, we're talking gifted memberships. Oh, Jessie He said, Oh, I was like, What scrooge-muck duck business do you think we're running? Okay. Okay. Yeah, Jessie, this is your business. Pay attention. Jesus. You said you eat, man. You He's busy meeting people because he's famous. Whatever. Dude guy with another 20 Sdpn memberships. You're just sprinkling them, eh? Appreciate that. Long Hong. Huge thank you, Jessie and Adam for the streams in earlier rounds, keeping me sane while I met photo deadlines and prepped for my wedding last month. That is a stressful time. I hope it was a not stressful evening. I hope it was a lot of fun. Jessie's Pizza Box says, If it was the Leaps in the finals, game seven, you got a chance to get a ticket, how much you paying and how quickly you canceling the stream? Like 10 Gs? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here, I'm going to take a photo with someone. There you go. Thank you for coming.


Appreciate that. Thank you, man. Thank you. What? What? Robert, what? Sorry. Is He gets the game back? No, it is not. See, here's the thing. I really want Boston Pizza wings. But then I got to put my fingers all over this microphone. And I just don't think that's going to work out. Might get some BP fries. Do they have boneless wings? Yeah. Not too hot. Medium. Yeah. Let's not overcomplicate it. Oh, Brandon Montour is in the box, and he is pissed. We have a very pro-oilers crowd here. I don't know what he's even complaining about. Adam is playing with my nipples right now. Only one. I said nipples. That's overreacting. Just the left nipple. Montour got a really nasty slash there on Zack Hyman. Panthers to the penalty kill. They win the face off and send it down the ice. Evan Bouchard taking his time here. Taking his time. Let's dance. Let's dance. Oilers, what a move. Driesidal. They're teasing. Bouchard. Mcdavid. Mcdavid down low. They try to go back into the slot. Again, the overpassing. The Panthers Their sticks are too good. They're too good. If you find a way to get it through, oh, which they almost did there.


You know what? It's the oilers. Maybe I should shut my mouth. Evan Bouchard. Leon. Lots of space for Leon. Shot. Wide. Blocked. This is going to get tiring for the Panthers. Quick. Bouchard. Mcsavier. Bouchard. Mcdavid again. Passes it off. I think that's Nuj. Leon. Bouch. Connor. Oh, he got a good one into Zack. He got a good one into Zack. He wasn't able to execute. Mcdavid, sauce. Leon, stuffed. Bushard. Oilers have had the buck in the offensive zone, basically this entire power play. Bush, Bush, shot. Stopped by the blocker of Bobrowski at 94 4.1-mile-an-hour. Pissed missile. Bouchbomb. Oilers still with enough time to score here. Can they do it? Bushard. Wham! Stopped by Leon... Or Leon Dreisait on the stop, rather, by Serge Bobrowski. Panthers. Oh, they still can't clear it. I feel exhausted for them. Ekblad, who I'm guessing we won't see for a few shifts here. Oh, my God, they can't clear it. Power play is done, but Edmonton still has the buck. They put into the slot. Stopped by Bob, and the oilers look frustrated. And why not? Why not? They should have got one there. Cassie popping back in. What's the count?


Now it's 2:32. Now that you've gifted another 20. Thank you, Cassie. Budnik says, Go, oilers. And Steeson says, Get the wings, Steven. Make Adam feed them to you. No, I want to enjoy my food. I don't trust him. Drew said, How many members to let Adam feed you with his feet? 10,000. Behind the net there. Brett Lawrence, what was that penalty? I missed it. It was a slash on Montour. Montour slashed Zack Hyman. Puck into the Edmonton corner. Hasn't been there for a little bit. Edmonton makes quick work of They'll advance it up the ice. They got numbers. Panthers got numbers back. Always do. Behind the net, Panthers are unreal at taking Edmonton speed and using it against them and forcing them wide and behind the net. Oilers come up with it again, but again, they're in the corner and behind the net. Connor Brown brings it into a place where it's not there. Bang. Wide. Oilers, I would say, are controlling this period. Oh, in front. Kulikov clears the rebound. Cleared. Oilers with it again. Panthers playing a little bit of survival hockey here. You don't usually see that from them. Bex, Gen X, Boneless wings are not wings, they're nuggets.


I I don't care what you call them as long as they're in my mouth. All right? Two minute warning for the first period here. Game three of the 2024 Stanley Cup final. Montour, who's a good boy now, no longer in the box. Panthers again, can't clear the zone. Edmonton, behind the net, where it feels like they've spent the last 10 minutes. K'chuck, behind the net. This line was so dominant for the Panthers. In the Ranger series. It's wild to see them in the defensive zone. Shot from the others. Rebound. How? How? A million rebounds. How? Serge Baborowski stopped and... You got your wish. I think this might be the line brawl you were asking for. K'chuck trying to pull McDavid out of the pile. Bennett has a man down on the ice. Who does Bennett have? Fogel. It's not really a fair fight. Bennett, I'm surprised he didn't drop him there. Oh, he could suck. Oh, I feel bad for the guy. He got hit in the ocular. I don't care. It's Matthew It was by Cory Perry. It was by Cory Perry? Well, now there should be a penalty now. I don't like either of those guys.


So I think there was a little bit of accidentally on purpose on Bobrowski, who low-key flopped so hard earlier in the series. Ceece almost got that goal on Bob before he covered it up. And K'Chuck makes a A bee line. A bee line for Connor. The moment he had the chance, throwing elbows and fist and everything. That was a Derek Ryan. So a few guys go into the box here. 89 seconds to go in the first period. I know it's a minute 29. I just want to be difficult. Paul Maurice with his little Mona Lisa smile on the bench. My team was up to nothing in the Stanley Cup final. I'd be smiling, too. Cassie said 2:32. Dang, that's impressive for one period. I agree. How many Eastern Conference teams could beat the oil? I think people are being disrespectful to the oilers here. I think there might only be one, and you're looking at them. So Kulak was the only guy I saw in the box. There's no justification for Matthew Kuchuk not having a penalty right now. Oh, He got popped pretty good by Kulak. That can't be the only penalty. No, it's four on four.


Who's the Panther? Who's the Panther in the box? We'll find out. Marner. Marner. Jesse said, Mitch Marner. Brett Lawrence, L-O-L-R-Fs really leaning a little hard to the oil right now, I'd say. Four on four counts as an oiler's power play. I believe they're outscoring the Panthers one, nothing at four on four in this series. Oh, picked off. We got Barkoff. He's trying to beat Bouchard. Bouchard does a good job with him. Barkoff. Passed over to Forzling. Oh, and a goal! And a goal! Four sling, threw it on. And the Panthers score, I believe it was Sam Reinhardt, unless it went off the oilers defenseman. And Sam Reinhardt makes this game 1-0 as a cocky Jesse Blake says, Sweep. Reinhardt, four on four. What's that, Drew? Jesse, Drew says, Don't steal his bit. What? To be insufferable? Oh, you put money? What are we talking about? His bit is winning money? Drew's bit is asking me for advice, even though he knows more things. Actually, that's not true. I won Drew a lot of money once, betting against the Leaps. I'm not proud to admit that. Nice hit on Broberg there. Final minute of the first period.


Not a great time for the oil to give up the first goal of the game, but they might have an opportunity to get a tying goal here. Oh, Oh. Puck goes wide in the net. The oilers have had so many chances. Shades of game one a little bit here. Shades of it. Over halfway through this four on four, 20 seconds to go in the first period. Oil, get around there, man. Stop up. You got to just drive there. Picked off by the Panthers. Unreal sticks in the slot, especially the high slot. Picked off by the oilers. Panthers get it back. Might be one more shot into Stuart Skinner, who sweeps it into the corner. And that does it for the first period of this hockey game. The Panthers with a late one, Gus Forzling, setting up a beauty from Sam Reinhardt. And the Florida Panthers will take a one-nothing lead in the first intermission here in game three of the 2024 Stanley Cup final. If the score stays this way, which I doubt very much, but if the score stays this way, the Panthers will take a three-nothing series lead here. Brett Lawrence, sweep, baby.


Sweep. Let's go Panthers. It's a John One day says, Boo, fart. Jessie Blake has two first names. It says, Boo, fart. Jessie Blake has two first names. Kind of, no, that's for sure. What's that, Drew? Oh, yeah, that's true. We got to move a little bit. So we're going to throw to a 10 minute clip here. Drew, what's the clip? Score something rewarding with banking packages. It's me and Adam. Here, Adam, come here. The clip is Adam and I, who are friends, calmly discussing Cap friendly and it going to the Washington Capitals And Adam, he rubbed his tongue raw, licking the boots of Gary Bettman. That's not fair.


But throw the clip. I was right.


Country, memories are made with cold groups.


Actioning Capitals President and General Manager Brian McClellan issued the following statement today on the team reaching an agreement to acquire CapFriendly. I haven't heard this yet. The Capitals have agreed to acquire CapFriendly. What?


Who broke that?


Including its tools and functions for In-House Hockey Operations Department. Capfriendly will continue to operate independently until the transaction closes, which is anticipated to occur in mid July after the conclusion of the NHL draft to start free agency. This strategic move will provide the Capitals organization with the ability to digest, present, and analyze our internal and league supply data, and we'll bring aboard Jamie, Ryan, and Christopher Davis, talented members of the CapFriendly team. Oh, all three of them. Once the deal has closed, the existing infrastructure will be a valuable addition to the team's hockey ops. In many ways, we anticipate that this acquisition will significantly enhance and integrate various branches of our Hockey Operations Department, allowing us to strengthen our management, scouting, analytics, and player development, in addition to augmenting our salary cap and contractual applications. We are thrilled that Jamie, Ryan, and Christopher have agreed to join the organization and are excited to add CapFriendly's platform to the teams related deep knowledge and the teams related deep knowledge to the Capitals front office.


Maybe I missed it. Did they mention Dominic?


No, Dominic works for the Sharks, doesn't he?


Dominic is right.


Or for Black Ops.


But as I understand it, he's the... No, he works for the Sharks. As I understand it, he's the founder of CapFriendly. Yes.


And here's what likely is, I'm speculating here. You can own something and not be a part of it. Right. Yeah, he He might have founded it and then been, Guys, can you take this while I go work inside the NHL? And he might partake in whatever the sale is. I don't know what the proposed number is. Wow, that's surprising. Actually, I've heard rumors about it, but none of them are even close to substantiated. So don't what you read.


That's surprising. But that's crazy. When was the last time a team hired three brothers at the same time?


That's true.


All the Davis brothers. That's really cool.


And good for them. Good for them. I didn't know that. I think it's hilarious because there's so much architecture is still online about this. And ultimately, I don't understand why people just can't be happy for them. I would encourage you to be happy for people that made a great product, that got a billionaire to part with millions of dollars of his money, and they get to go work for an NHL franchise in a great place to live. Washington DC absolutely rules. It's such a great spot. I love Washington DC. Yeah, it's fun. And so they're going to have a really, really good time. And I think, just please, I don't understand. Please be happy.


One of the things Elliott Friedmann said on 32 thoughts yesterday that I... To me, this is the point because the site staying open until after the draft, and I think after free agency is what they said. And some people sarcastically were like, Oh, how generous of them. Friedmann said one general manager was like, If I'm buying this team, or someone in management with one team is like, If I'm buying CapFriendly, it's going offline that day. I'm paying you all this money, it's going offline that day.


And you're screwing all the other NHL franchises.




Oh, like-They might have contracts that stipulate they can't.


Yeah, they might have contracts that stipulate they can't. But listen, the other option is it just goes away right away. You want that? No, this is better, right? This is better. And then you use all their functions, and then the site goes away and you have all summer to acclimatize to something else as a fan.


And I hope that's what you spend your summer doing.


Yeah. Instead of watching Austin Matthews' goal highlights, he scored 69, so it's too long now. Yeah.


Get on Puckpedia, learn how to use this thing.




It's a fantastic move for them. And I think a great move for the Capitals who need to refresh the whole thing. And wouldn't it be great if the Capitals...


I think they're doing an okay job.


They're doing an okay job, but they need some...


They need help.


They need help. They made the playoffs, but... Yeah, they're not there yet. And good for them. I don't know, man. I can't see anything, but I cannot be anything but happy for these people. And they're great people. I have to say, they're really good guys.


Now, who wear suits.


They do wear a good suit. When it's hot. They've got a good suit. Now, another thing that's being reported this morning.


We're going to gloss over the...


Oh, you want to talk about the freege and cap friendly rumors?


Yeah, I just feel like it's... Bring it up. It's relevant to bring up how shit the NHL is.


Yeah, I think you're wrong here, too. Yeah? Yeah, I think you're absolutely wrong. What did Elliot say on 32 thoughts?


Elliot said that the relationship between Cap friendly and the has been icy. We talked about how the Davis Brothers didn't have credentials for the draft. I think, if I'm not mistaken, they tried to get them. We're denied.


Well, we can relate to that.


Sure we can. And so they just bought tickets, showed up in suits with laptops and their phones, and I think exchanged zero words, and just stood there and Save the Hockey World from the draft, running the site from there. And what Elliot said is the NHL has no interest in doing their own version of this. One thing Elliot did said that no one was really talking about is he thinks Sportsnet should be doing their own version of this. He's a thousand % correct, and there's no justification for not doing We know CapFriendly is a money-making venture. Do it.


I'll tell you.


You cover the sport. No. Why not?


You're wrong about that, too. Why am I wrong? You're wrong that the NHL should do it, and you're wrong that Sportsnet should do it.




I'll give you the NHL reason first because it is the Sportsnet reason. Okay. The NHL views this-Well, Sportsnet takes their cues. The NHL views this as private information.


They're wrong.


I agree. I can't change the way the NHL views it. The NHL players, and it's enshrined in the CBA, believe it or not, won the right to salary disclosure at the beginning of the 1990s. 1992, I believe it was. The reason that they got that was because they used to not know. You'd have players who performed about the same, what would be making several hundred grand in the '80s, several hundred grand more than the other, and they'd have no idea unless they talked about it. So when you have a players' union, it's good to have salary disclosure because then you can establish things like market value. And in a cap world, it's even more important because fans care about the cap, they're paying customers, and teams care about the cap, and players care about the cap, and everybody needs to know how much their percentage is on the cap. They don't even care about the number. It's percentage of cap that really is the first and most important thing in these negotiations. So the league wants to view it as private information because that's to their benefit. But the reality is that in collective bargaining, it's always better to have salary disclosure.


Now, the second thing if the league, quote unquote, bought CapFriendly, or if the league created their own CapFriendly, they have no interest in making it good. They have no interest. They already said, We don't believe that we should have to disclose this information. They're very Lou Lamorello about it. So you think, I look at the NHL's foray into advanced stats, and I look at something like NHL Edge, which tells you nothing. It tells you nothing.


I'm leaving my mind open to the possibility of it being good. It's the first year. Well, NHL Edge this season has been completely useless.


Now I get to know he skated 33 kilometers in that direction. Because when you know the information, you're like, Okay, yeah, he's that fast.


That's cool to know.


But you have no bearing against where he ranks in the league. No, because you can't- They won't allow you to sort it against other players.


Which makes no sense.


No, it makes complete sense. I don't know how you can defend those. Guys, it makes complete sense because the NHL doesn't want you to be able to do that. That is not beneficial to them. Also, Sportsnet, rights holder. Elliott Friedmann saying Sportsnet should do it. First off, you have to dedicate resources to that. Second, the NHL... Oh, zero shot. The NHL. No, well, they also just They also just made a huge purchase of Warner Brothers Discovery with their-Who's they? Rogers. Rogers Media. So that's it. The other thing is, the license, that is, the other thing about that is that the NHL is basically Basically, it's weird. It's a weird relationship because Rogers owns the rights to the NHL nationally in Canada. But the NHL dominates Rogers from behind the scenes. From a lot of different conversations I have had for people, the NHL will call Rogers and go, We don't like this. Stop it.


I've heard some genuinely pathetic things.


Yeah. I don't know if you know this or not, NHL head office is touchy. There is no real impetus for Rogers to go and this unless they're looking at this the way TSN looked at it, which is we're going to be a regional rights holder. We're going to have a guy like Rick Westhead blow your shit up. Oh, you're upset about that? Well, too bad. And if in a couple of years, Rogers doesn't want to pony up the billions and billions it's going to take to retain this package that they're on, they can totally do that. It is a money-making site. But the reality of the situation is in a mega corporation like that, is that going to make enough money to support the share value? And it's probably not. So the point is, this is an exciting time for you if you're somebody who cares about the cap, cares about this thing, and wants to get into this business. Puckpedia, obviously, is great, and there's always one or two of these sites floating around. What a great opportunity for somebody with an entrepreneur entrepreneurial spirit to go, You know what? I'm going to try.


Yeah, this has happened several times where there's been a massive void, and it was nearly immediately filled. Hi, we're back here at Boston Pizza Stovale. Live, streaming Game 3 of the 2024 Stanley Cup final. We have a super chat from Burns who said, Steve, I'm at Boston Pizza. Can you sign my hat? Okay. I'm sorry. This has been so long. It is very gorgeous to me. There you go. Thank you. Appreciate that, Burns. Thank you. And shout out, Ali Quinn, for gifting five SDPN memberships. For those of you who aren't in Boston Pizza Stovall right now, I literally just I wrote it out, Which one is burned? And he's like, Me. And then I signed it. There we go. So the Florida Panthers with a late goal, sick feed from Gustave Forzling. You had a really good period for the Florida Panthers. He sets up Sam Reinhardt, who really doesn't need a whole lot of oxygen, really doesn't need a lot of room. He scores. What's that, Drew? Turn my volume up. I accidentally turned it down with my thumb. How's that? Better? You want me to go louder? How's that? Yeah, even better. If I look this way...


No, it's this way. This is my book, Hockey Rants and Raves. You can get it on pre-order right now. It's coming out October 15th, and it's going to be frigging great. Well, it is frigging great. It's just you're not allowed to read it yet. Jared P, the ABC broadcast is absolutely embarrassing. Complete bias towards Edmonton? Every Florida goal is said with the lowest energy possible. So tiring. The American broadcast? That doesn't make any sense. Oh, Drew on the ball. It's not that they're pro-oilers. They're pro the series going longer. And if the Panthers win, it's going to be frigging three nothing for the Panthers. And apparently, it would be the first sweep since 1998. I could have swore that it was... Oh, get out of here. I could have swore that it was 2002, Two, but apparently not. The Hockey guy in the chat. Let's go, Shannon, buddy. Gifting 10 Sdpn memberships. Atta boy. Good to see you, buddy. Thg, THG, THG. Let's get THGs in the chat. Jessie's Pizza Box. How many gifted for you to let Adam feed you one wing with his grippers? Again, 10,000. 10,000, because I don't want to do it.


No, no. Shannon, dude. What is up, my guy? He said, Hey, Steve, in the chat. Oh, there he is. I see you. Hello, the hockey guy. I am Steve. It is good to see you. Thg, THG, THG. Look at all the THGs. They're flooding in for you, Shannon. They're flooding in for Shannon, the man, Canon. Let's go. Is that nickname going to stick? Is that going to stick? No? Cassie, I want to see Steve get pied by Adam and Jessie. Do you? So what Cassie is talking about is if we get 500 new members during this stream, I will get pied in the face on the SDP. What's your name?


Hi, guys.


I'm Carson. It's Carson. He wants me to sign his jersey. Where do you want me to sign it? Terrible. There. There? Boob? Okay, so pretend like you're Superman. Go like this. What do you pretend? I am. I'm going to call you a sexy boss. I'm going to call you a dick. I'm going to call you a dick. He calls Stanet on the plane. That's the one. That's how those people look. It is a summer call.


You have an inside.


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Look at him. Look at him. They're beautiful. He's wearing crocs. Take the autograph back. Take it off. What are you What are you doing? Those are terrible. Unless they want to sponsor us, then they're great. Giggling Cat. Why, yes, Cassie. I do want to see Steve get pied by Adam and Jessie. Adam, are you aware of what's going on? If we get 500 new members on the stream, and we're already almost halfway there, you and Jessie get to pie me on the Steve Dangle podcast.


I have been waiting my whole life. Jessie always gets to pie you.


I don't get to pie.


By the way, it's not that stream. You're gross. You're gross. Stop.


Stop. Stop. I'm just saying.


Different stream. Okay? All right? But anyway.


Okay, we got to put some ground rules. If we get to 500, when I get pied, Adam, you have to do it with your hands. Okay? You have to do it with your hands. But wouldn't it be better with the grippers?


No. Wouldn't it be so much better with the grippers, Gripper Nation?


We're over halfway there. We got Wally Pendergrass, gifting five SQPM memberships, and Muffin Man, THG is the man. Did you know that the hockey guy is in here?


I heard that. I heard you say that. Shannon, hi. We miss you. We love you.


It was a rumor. It was a rumor going around the Boston Pizza Stoville. Well, you know what?


It's a a big deal if he's making time for us. Let's first put it that way.


What's that, Drew? Oh, apparently, I lowered the volume. There you go. Sorry, Adam was here, so I was like, Shut up.


Okay, anyway. Hi, Shannon. We miss you. We love you. Please come to the show again soon.


Oh, no. Did you eject your cam? One of us disconnected the camera. Did we accidentally step on it? What happened? It's okay. We'll figure it out. They can still hear me. That's okay. We'll fix the camera. Justin can still see me. Is it maybe the link to this? It's okay. We'll figure it out. You'll be able to hear me at very least. I think we're figuring out what the problem was. It's okay. Dgk Jamieson, gifted 10 SPM memberships. Thank you. Muchos gracias. Jessie is telling me to move. Yeah, it's there. The hockey guy just said he'd love to come on the show. Let's go. Yeah, I know. I need to text him. Sorry, Shannon. Baby brain. It's my fault. It's all my fault. It's all... We're back. Jesse, you're back. He's back. He's very happy about it. All right. Second period underway. Sam Reinhardt passes it off. Shot. Panthers along the half wall. Whoa, McDavid. Collision with Bennett, I believe. Echholme throws it around. Everyone? I believe. I believe. Everyone is... I think so. Bennett, nice pass. Offside. No good. No bueno. We're up to 263 new members 1,800 people watching. Florida is minus 206.


That's betgrw. Com Live odds. What are the oilers? Oilers plus 134 on home ice. I sprinkle that. I sprinkle that. I sprinkle that. I sprinkle that. Spirit fingers. Puck behind the net, along the half-wall. God, the Panthers are such a crazy, crazy half-wall battle team. But the oilers get around them all. If they get a handle on that puck, it's an open net, but they can't get Chuck. Once again in the defensive zone. Not used to seeing them in this predicament, but the oilers are working them. Not able to get it out. Now they are. Cardiver Hagey has to settle for... Oh, here come the Panthers. Bad line change, I think by both teams. Shot. High and wide. Oilers. Oh, break away for Fogal. Scores! Warren Fogal on the break away. And the Edmondson Oylers tie it on home ice. Going nuts outside, going nuts inside, going nuts in Stoville. We got a one-one game early in the second period. Warren Fogal. How did that get in there? Man, no one's got him. No one's got him. Bennett is the only guy anywhere near him. He looked gassed. I think he was at the end of his shift.


He was trying to get off. Nothing doing. And he snipes it, low blocker. No, sorry, low glove on Serge Bobrowski. It's a one-one game. Nice and early. We got boneless wings. Oh, wait. No, the camera's up here. Boston Pizza. Boneless wings, baby. These are boneless, right? Can I have a fork? Just here. I'll start with the carrot. Big hit in the corner. As I munch on this carrot. I'm starting to regret the carrot. I'm not going to lie. Here come the Panthers. Two on two. Pass. Falls down. I almost choked. Kare is gone. I hope you listen to me because the oilers are now a minus 160 on betgrw. Com. Kyla Pozo, shot, rebound by Stenland. Dreisaitl recovers it and advances it up the ice. Panthers Panthers, turn it around again with speed. Stenland drives. Oh, oilers work them. Ocposo still with it. It's a great fourth-line shift by Florida. Ocposo shoots it on. O Panthers, they thought they held the line, but they did not. Fans pointing at them, telling them you failed. Harry French gifted five S2PM memberships. Hugh Cadelle gifted another 10 Sdpn memberships. Stezen says, more like full goal. Am I right?


Congratulations, you're a father. Bye. My cousin's here. Bye. Bye, Alicia. Thanks for coming. I'm bringing your friend. Thank you. Bye. Rentman. Edmonton scored, and it wasn't a high shot in this economy? Literally the only two goals they have in this series are low. Rodriguez, behind the net. Reinhardt with it behind the net. Panthers trying to generate traffic. Montor throws it on. They got lots of traffic, a rebound. Rodriguez tried to get it around the pad of Skinner. It didn't work. Ners takes down his man. Panthers can't hold the line. Here comes the oilers, Broberg with it, crosses the blue line, dumps it into the corner. Reinhardt behind his own net to get it. Up the ice who hasn't been his usual Barcovian self. Cassie said, What is the most goals ever scored in a Stanley Cup final by one team? There are three teams, 10 gifted for each one. You get correct. First five on five goal for Edmonton since game five versus Dallas. That's insane. Cassie? Oh, man. That's so tough because the series had to go long. Oh, in one game? Well, the Panthers had nine last year, so surely it's got to be them.


Oh, sorry. Vegas had nine. My bad. The Panthers definitely did not have nine. So Vegas had nine. And I'll say, I don't know, the Oilers and the Habs. That's my answer, nine goals. I'm correct in Vegas is one of those teams, but not the Oilers or the Habs? No? I have to settle for 10. Damn. He's not just a father, girl dad. Oh, you're better. You're better. Way to go. Way There we go, bud. Jacquelyn K, gifted 20 Sdp memberships. Hot damn. T. A. Neiman, how many subs for you to eat a bell pepper? Okay, we're going to focus on one milestone per stream. Razz has said first... No, we already did that one. I caught up. I'm a good boy. Oh, I got a fork. No guesses for the other two teams. Black Hawks? No? Damn. What do you mean, the leaves? Oh, damn. Cassie gifting 20 S2PM memberships, again. This company is basically powered by Cassie. Ekman Larson in his own corner. Can't get it out. Oh, oilers with a chance here. Shot. Stop by Bob. Covers it up. Or does he? Big in front of the Panthers net. Everyone grabs a dance partner.


Jona, I got to get up here. Let's dance. Let's dance. Everyone asked me to dance, so I did poorly. He is Steve, doing the dancing, Steve. Feel that, Steve. Watch that, Steve. Doing the dancing, Steve. Oh, I'm done. I'm done. Jessie, that was a thing that happened. Lillian Stuart, if it gets to 1,000 likes before intermission, I'll get five memberships. Let's go, Lillian. Click and like is free. Do that. I keep knocking the volume down, and I don't know with what. 628 likes. Let's get that up there. It's free. And Cassie says, Vegas in 23, the leaves in 42, and the wings in 36. Nine goals each. Panthers, once again in their own end. Fogal, grinded there by Eckblad. These boneless wings are crazy, by the way. They are hitting the spot. Adam's got a beer. Let's go.


I got myself a Guinness, baby.


Oh, oilers wrap around. Doesn't work. Hold the line, Broberg in deep. The left-handed shot on the right side. Working behind the net, Montour on his man. Oilers hold on to possession, though. Lots of room at the point. They put it on. Oh, tip. Oh, the oilers digging it, but Bob holds on, and another bruhaha in front of the... Henry got a decent little punch. I think that was from Ocposo. Drew says, Now I got to lower my volume. Dude, what do you mean, Stop touching the mic? I don't mean to. Don't yell at me. You're not my dad. I Show them the camera. Yeah, but I'm eating. Yeah, show them what you're doing. These are my boneless wings. Boston Pizza, Stoville. There you go. Hey, I've done a few reads. Also, they can't see it. They can't. I don't want to I don't want to spill them. I don't want to spill them. I got it in there. Jesse, feed me one. Drew wants you to do that. I didn't give you any dip, I'm sorry. Now I got a whole one. Now I got to deal with it. Yeah, I saw. That's there in the AGM.


What's that? Now that that boneless wing is done, the finals on Sdpn are brought to you by betjerew. Com, the number one online casino and sportsbook in Canada. Betgrw is your place for the best casino action and best odds for the NHL Finals. The BetGRW platform is owned and operated in Legrand Royal, Wulnayak, a land-based casino located in Tua of the Air Québec. Stick around for all my in-game reactions. Some of them have been good, plus betting tips as the game progresses. If you want a safe and reputable Canadian online sportsbook to place your bet during the finals, then betgrw. Com is your sportsbook. That's betgrw. Com. And that's not all. When you redeem your promo code, you automatically get a chance to win a Connor McDavid jersey. The draw is ending soon, so make sure you enter the contest tonight for your last chance to win a McDavid jersey. Betgrw. Com is your Canadian sportsbook 18 and over. Please play responsibly. Oh, they got Alfonzo Davies in the crowd. Oilers Jersey is wearing an oilers flag. Oh, and shout out McFarlon Toys. They gifted us... How many? Twelve? They gifted us a bunch of seven McD David figures from their new McFarland Toys collection.


They used to make the figures. They stopped for a while. Now they're making them again. Shot from the oilers, stopped by Stuart Skinner. Their special edition, their But they've only made 2,001 of them. They're Connor McDavid figures signed by Todd McFarland. We went through how big of a deal. Did you eat one of my damn? No. That was the one that broke off. Oh, that was the one that broke off? You can have one if you What's your one? Good. Jesse has-I have the Boston-sized burger. What'd you get, Jesse?


I have the Boston-sized burger coming.


Two patties. It better be the size of Mackey Touche. It's bigger than Marshaans' nose. It's bigger than Marshaans' nose? What is that, Drew? He said, There's no way Jesse's eating a burger. He's way too unhealthy. I'm going to eat it without the bun. You stink. Eat it with the bun. Rodriguez. We got a game here, folks. It's one-one, nearly halfway through regulation. Oilers, get it out. Dry-sideal. He's got Forzling all over him. Gets by him, but he's behind the net. Throws it in He gets it back. Boom from back home. Goes for the tip, doesn't get it. Oylers holding the zone. They're doing a way better job of this in rather game three than they did in game two. Panthers intercept, and they'll escape with two. Rodriguez holds on to it, shoots. Why not? He had two goals last game. It goes wide, though. Oylers come up with it. 12:17 to go in the second period. Again, Hyman, nice move on Forzling. Holds it. Holds it. Gets it to the right side. Bushbaum holds it. Throws it on. Gloved by Bobrowski. Sdpn power by Cassie clan. Love that. Powered by the Cassie clan. Please tell Jessie, despite his gaslighting, I have, in fact, accepted the GM position with the Ottawa senators, and that's from Jessie's Pizza Box.


Brett Lawrence, if the Oils win, Can we get one wing fed to you with the grippers? Come on, dog. Your fans want to see it. I don't care. I don't want to do that. Oh, there's your friend. Oh, knocked off the stick of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Oh, might be a break. It's not. Come on, guys. We're at 753 likes. We can do better than that. It's free, and it takes a second. Less than a second. Gus Forzling passes it to Aaron Ekeplatt. Ekeplatt gains center and airmails it into the oiler zone. Ekele behind, throws it up the half wall, stuffed by Bennett. Oilers able to get out with numbers. Oh, Hyman, rebound. Both stopped by Bob. Airmail by the Panthers. No one there. And it's wide of the goal, so that'll be icing against the Panthers. 11:18 to in the second period. J. V. I've never had boneless wings. Are they like those pea crisp snacks that are shaped like pees, but are not actually pees? No, it's chicken. It tastes like chicken. It tastes delicious, too, and the sauce. It's under the sauce. Jared P. Maybe not an Edmonton bias. This is talking about ABC, but it's an anti-small market bias.


It happens when they play New York or Boston. Tampa faces this, too. Never credited. Face off. Stop by, Bob. Brett Lawrence says, I wish I could tell you I'm going to stop, but yeah. The oilers already have more shots in this game, which is 20, and then they did in all of game two. We're not even halfway through regulation. Psychotic. Ekman Larson, up the ice. I thought Lindell had some ice there. Oilers, flub a pass. Hollowey chases after it, though. It's might lead to something for Edmondson. Hollowey, behind the net, in front of the net. Bob with a stop with his frigging stretch, Armstrong legs. Lindell gains center and dumps it. Stuart Skinner, out of the net to play, and it goes out of his reach. And the Panthers score. If you're a goal tender, 10 to goal. Well, everyone in the bar knew about it. Hey, I didn't make the rule. Oh, wait, I did. Actually Vladimir Tarasenko. It wasn't confirmed that he was going to be playing in this game until earlier today. Didn't take the skate. The Panthers had a nightmare of a trip. Skinner out of his net to play it.


It looked like an okay idea, but the puck skipped around his stick. Tarasenko in front with no one there. Luzerinen got him the puck. Those are two guys who I'm shocked to see playing in this game. Luzerinen, I thought, was injured last game. That knee from Fogal, who scored, by the way. And then he sets up Tarasenko. Two, one for the Florida Panthers, and for Stuart Skinner's sake. The oilers better get at least two goals in this game because you have a That way, that bad in the Stanley Cup final, it tends to follow you around for a little while. 10, 30 to go in the second period. From Count Zrathnik, Let's go, Hyman. Best leave. How dare you? And Cassie with another five gifts. Let's go. Let's go. Boom. Cassie Klan, Cassie Klan in the chat. Hey, if someone gives you a membership, be sure to thank them. By the way, we We're at 500 for me to get pied in the face on the Steve Dangle podcast. We're at 323 new members on the stream. So that's gifts and people who signed up and everything. Bottom right-hand corner of the chat box. Bouchard.


Oh, elusive around Sam Reinhardt. Rockstar shot. That better have been dry side, or they should be on the bench. Oh, it was? I think it was. All right, fine, then. No one else has the green light to take that shot. New bet, GRW odds, oilers are plus 140. I still take it. There's nearly halfway through regulation. Jesse said that's a That's the way to lose money. That's because he is hardcore on the sweep. Did you bet on the sweep? He didn't. No, wait. I don't trust you. I think he did. I think he didn't. He's a liar. Drew, your mic is preaching. And it hurt my eels. Kulikov. He's got an oiler all over him. Oh, my goodness. How is he still going? Dimitri Kulikov, question mark. Oilers with it behind their own net. I think that was Cory Ferry, I believe. Ryan McLeod. Oh, Ekman Larson with a healthy run at his man. Panthers can't quite hold the zone. Lusterine and out there, this line just got a goal. Carter, if you're a goal tender... I didn't know you guys could hear me that clearly. Ten That's the goal. You're right. Good job. Here come the oilers.


Working it around. It's down in the corner for dry title. Bob has no idea where it is right now. The oilers get it back to the point, to the other point. Cody Ceece, 10 feet wide by accident or on purpose. No one knows. Montour. So much Florida Panthers hockey, offensive zone or defensive zone, is played grinding along the half wall. That's got to be too many men on Edmondson, or close to it. I guess this man came off. Oiler. I didn't see who the Oiler was, but he poked at it. I don't even think his skates had touched the ice from the bench. And the Panthers ice the buck here. The Oilers will get an offensive zone draw 7:33 to go in period number D. Boston Pizza, Stoville. Wings. These are only medium. I'd usually get hot, but I don't want the orange ring. Oilers, down low, shoved wide. Oh, you, McDavid. Doing everything. Hero shift, hero mode. He's got the Super Mario Star. Into the corner, Kevin Stenland. Everyone has a player, a role player in the league who they love irrationally. For me, it's Kevin Stenland. I know Kevin Stendland's a choice, but he was available in the Seattle expansion draft, and they didn't take him.


I don't even remember the team he was on. I think it was Columbus. I know. I'm talking to Robert Malloy. I'm just having a conversation. Oh, we got a partial break. Barkoff. Oh. Wide of the net. Stuart Skinner drives it wide. He had a man all over him. Oilers, turn it back up the other way, even if it's just to get it to center ice and dump it down. Wobrowski out of the net to play it. No attackers near him when he did it. Good idea. Forzling, up the ice. Doesn't quite hit his target, but avoids the icing. Barkoff. K'chuk. Finds his man. Almost a one-timer there from K'Chuck. Ekman Larson on wide. Dangerous in front of the net. Rodriguez. K'chuk finds this man. Oh, and he roofs it. Sam Bennett. In and out. 3-1 for the Florida Panthers, 603 to go in the second period, and this is starting to look a little hairy. Uh-oh. What happened here? In the corner, Nurse with it. Nurse gives it away. Darnell, buddy. He didn't have the most support from his guys, but oh, boy. Oh, Nurse, buddy. Darnal, Nurse. Reaches. Sam Bennett teaches, and it's three, one, the oilers.


Bad body language. You got to get into it. Got to get into it, boys. Austin Rodgers, when was the last Stanley Cup sweep? I believe it was 1998, the Red Wings against... Wait, was it '98? Justin, can you look that up? When was the last sweep in the Cup final? He's going to check. Oh, it was '96. Florida got swept by Colorado. No. Really? There were a bunch of sweeps, I feel, in the mid '90s, because I want to say the year before the Red Wings got swept by the Devils. Red Wing is getting swept in the Stanley Cup final. That's how old I am. I saw that. Dude guy, once again, 20 SDPN memberships, VIPs. Thank you, thank you. Edmonton pressing, desperate, five and a half to go in the second period. Cassie says, Surprise, Adam and Jessie haven't gifted to pie Steve. You know what? Me, too. Pony up, you cheap jerks. Dustin Tyson. You know what? I'm going to get to these. This play is going crazy. Kulak with it behind the oilers net. You're down 3-1. You start thinking about how much money you spent on this game. I think there's a few people in this building into the four digits.


Pray not into the five, we get a stoppage in play. Dustin Tyson, been a long time viewer, and I just wanted to say thank you to you, Adam and Jessie, for always making my bad days a little better. Let's go Panthers. Tuck some of you kids, Dustin. Lillian Stuart, not at 1K yet. Click like people. Eight minutes to go. They're throwing wings and fries all around this table. Boston Pizza, Stoville. Thank you very much. Bet, JRW, oilers are now plus 450, if you're interested. What if you want the Panthers? If you want to bet the Panthers, Drew said you have to bet $918 to win 100. So the money is Edmonton right now on the comeback. Echoes of Moreno, ESPN has been awful. They're so slanted. Jonathan Peck with 20 rat emojis. Thank you for that. Cassie gifted another 10 memberships. We're at 353 by the looks of it. Brett Lawrence, na, na, na, na. Hey. Goodbye. Can I get a copy written for that? I was reading. It was a reading. It was less than 10 seconds. Yeah. Oh, and it was less than 10 seconds. So I could... Wait, wait. What's Taylor Swift?


I don't know. I'm not giving you Yeah. Raza, Rogers Arena, confirmed. Quiet as barn in the NHL. People are saying. People are saying. People are talking. Goofy Goover, Steve, are you cheering for Scotland or Italy in the Euros? Let me think about that? Here's a problem. Maddie says, Wait, aren't you the hockey guy? By the way, everyone is just eating around me. It's great. So here's the thing that I've learned watching Team Italy since I was a kid being half Italian. Were I not Italian? Boy, I'd hate that team. What a bunch of unlikable jerks. They are really not nice people. So I'm going to say Scotland. They're the underdog, the perennial underdog in the soccer world. They have to fight in a really hard group all the time. Face off. Panthers can't get out of their own zone. Oilers got to dig deep here until they strike oil, you might say. Anyway, into the corner. Robert Malloy is so ashamed of me at this moment. Panthers, get it out. They attack with speed. Partial two on one. Rodriguez, free Barcob buries this man, and Barcob buries it. Four, one is the score, and a deathly silence in Edmonton.


As the Panthers go up three goals here in game three. How does this evolve? They're just such a cohesive unit. Echom doesn't make it back in time. Barkov with the feed from Rodriguez. Stuart Skinner can't make the save. It's a nice pass from Rodriguez to sauce over the stick of Bouchard, and with 4:29 to go in the second period, the Florida F and Panthers go up 4:1. They airmail it down the ice. 4:16 to go in the second. 7:30 Seventh goal of the play for Parkoff. Another guy who we didn't know was going to play in this game. I think that's Matthew Kuchuk goes down. Did he take him in the chin or the knee? He's staying on the ice, which means, A, he's fine, and B, he's about to kill somebody. Puck goes into the stands. He's looking for his target. He wants Connor. Kamer hasn't gone back to him, which means both men are still alive. I mean, you're 4-1. Don't do anything stupid. Raza, too early to pull the goalie. Let's go, Katz. Hilarious. Jonathan Peck, Red Wings beat the Capitals in '98 to win the sweep. Oh, yeah, that's right, with Holif Kholzig.


Cassie says, 350, you say. What does that mean? Giggle and Cat. My idea, bungey cord goalies to their post. So if they go too far, they get yoinked back in. Fans raise money to have the goalie keeper on for longer. All I got to say is Markstrom would get whiplash. Carter says, Derek Ryan scores next. I tell you what, if you get that right, I think we maybe need to hire you. Renton Mon. I was just doing what the commercial said. Look where it's gotten me. The generals were due. Ty Smith, if McDavid doesn't score in this series, can he still be considered considered the best player in the NHL? Yes. It's only when he doesn't do it in seven out of eight series that you start getting called a playoff bum, and then people defend you irrationally. Was that? Barkoff should go in everyone's top five, says producer Drew. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Jesse wants to know what I should title the VIP. What do we talk about? Renner app with a nice level of Marvel movies. Hawkeye. Hawkeye. Yeah. When's the VIP episode going up?


Midnight. Midnight.


Midnight tonight. So Adam brought the Jeremy Renner app to the show, and I think it's the hardest I've laughed on a SDP VIP episode so far. It's just such... I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't. Put it this way. If you were gifted a membership today, what a time to get it. So the game is not on the TV right now. I guess I will go to the super chat. Why is everyone looking at me harder? Stop it. Stop it. It's okay. Someone got me a gift, apparently. Did it work? Here, stop chancing at me. Natalie. Natalie, come Natalie, come here. Natalie Drake, everybody. Natalie. She has already made a piece of artwork for the Sdpn studios. Can you hold up what you... I think you made this during the show. Yeah, I did the show. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Yes. It says Lenny. It's from Red Dead Redemption. That's why. There you go. Lenny. Lenny, where are you hiding now? Thank you so much for that. I really appreciate that. Yeah, I know. I'll kill it if it stays there. Yeah, that was a nice little break in the action.


Okay. Well, I really appreciate you coming. And yeah, she drove 2 hours to be here. So thank you. Yeah, well, sorry. She passengered here. Dad drove. Good job, dad. This is so much fun, and I'm happy to be a tiny little part of the community. Thank you so much. You're the best. You're the best, seriously. Boom. That was a dainty little high five. Just a dainty It's a little high five. I love that high five. I thought it was perfect. Thank you. Alex gifted 50 VIP memberships just now, but it's Cassie going through Alex's account because she's maxed out. You're absolutely ridiculous, Cassie. Let's get some Cassie clans in the chat. E-plants. Best part of the night is my dad asking about my friend Steve's stream. I met Steve at a bar after his book signing in DC. No, I'm your friend. I call myself your friend. Brett Lawrence. All right, Big Dog. There's no need to call me that, but I appreciate it just the same. A woo. All right, Big Dog. What about if the oil come back in the series to win the cup, then could we get the grippers feeding Steve?


Why does everything come back to Dan and feet? Why Why does it always come back to feet? Did you screw it up, Adam? What's Adam's fault? Oh, the feet. I thought you wrecked the TV. James Smilis says, No, no, no, no. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Don't do that. Don't do that. You're going to jinks it for everybody. Crash Test Fetus. What a name. Just call it spoiled. That's not what the VIP episode was about, though. Perhaps that is what the cup check video will be about. I'm either going to shoot that late tonight or tomorrow morning after I'm home. I'm not shooting it here. It's just going to be too difficult. Dude guy, glow in the dark ball hockey, wear the uniform, sticks, and ball glows in the dark. That's a great idea. We're going to watch the game on someone's phone for now. Justin, you're going to put it on? Justin's going to put it on. I'm going to continue reading until then. Paula Benin, Bellin, with the... No, not with 10,000 Chilean pesos. Thank you. Well, I know Perry won the cup in his rookie year with the Ducks, but is he cursed now?


Four in a row is nuts. J. V. Stuart Skinner looks like the Where's Gavin guy. Oh, my God, he does. Lovely fella. Englishman. All right, so Perry is on the ice right now. I'm watching on someone's phone while they get the TVs back on line, and he's going to the box. Shout out Lillian Stuart, gifting five S TPM memberships. Cassie said, 400 now, Steve. We're actually at 408. Lillian gifted five memberships because we hit a thousand likes. Let's go, everybody. Yeah, Perry's in the box, and the TV came back on just in time to see him say the F word. He was very upset. Carter, okay, now Derek Ryan scores next. Loughlin Anderson is now an SDP VIP. Let's go. Mine are yours. This is mine. I think it's mine. Okay. Okay, Okay. Perry just threw his stick. So wait, were Perry and Bennett? What happened? Oh. Coincidental miners, so they're going to the locker room. They weren't kicked out of the game. Surely not. That wouldn't be a Fairtrade. Sl. What? Apparently, it's goalie interference. Unfortunately, we missed what happened. We're back now, 152 to go in the second period. Sl says, Has anyone actually met Cassie?


Are we sure she's not a child making incredibly irresponsible decisions with her parents' credit card? I have not met her, and I hope not, sincerely. Yeah, I think they would have noticed by now. Playoffs have been going on for a while. Four on four, a lot to open ice. Barcov to the point. Ekblad. Oilers. Oh, if they get that puck there, they're away. Reinhardt battling. Oilers pick them off. One. Oh, this might be a Panthers penalty. No, it's not. They attack. Might have gotten away with one. Lindell finds Reinhardt. Stop by the glove of Skinner, I believe, unless he went high and wide. 1:20 to go in this four on four action, 110 to go in the second period. Cassie says, No, I'm 23, and I have a job, I promise. Thank God. Oh, drysidal. Stop by Bobrowski. Justin Fisher says her job is Saudi Prince. How dare... Oh, someone in the chat? You foiled me. You figured out the plan. Sdpn washing, they're calling it. No, I'm not living it down, although there might be a story coming out soon that I think is going to be very interesting. Evan Bouchard with 30 seconds to go advances the fuck up.


Nurse with it on the attack. Can he drop it? Nope. Chips it behind the net. Nurse on the attack. We got a whistle here, though. 20.4 seconds to go in the second. What do we got? Kiviti with 19. Check. Whatever money is check. Thank you. Is that the penalty? Reinhardt on dry Is that on there?


John Acosta just got off the ice playing a meaningless beer league game because hockey is life.


Go, cats. Love that for you. Goofy Goover gifted five SDPM memberships. Thank you. And the Oilers team, much like oil, is unsustainable from Loughlin Anderson bar. A slash on Darnal Nurse's stick by Which Panthers going to the box? Good drawn call by Nurse. The oilers head to a 4 on 3 power play. Real high chance of offense here, but of course, less than 20 seconds to go in the period. Skinner out of the net to play it. Don't! Bouchard dropped seven seconds to go. Oilers, Bouchard, passes to the slot. Shot, stopped by Bob, and covered up with 2.4 seconds to go. Man, he's been sharp. Oylers coming up on 30 shots against Bobrowski, and he's been robbed them almost every time. Raza, Edmondson down four goals, yet their fans will bring their fans will bring their fans will bring their fans will bring their fans will bring their fans will bring their fans will bring their fans will bring their Hey, how dare you? They're down three goals. Dc Soul is gifted 10 S2PM memberships. We're up to like 4:30 now. 4:20? Nice. Oh, Jessie's burger is here. Jessie Cassie, hold it up. Hold it up to the camera.


Hold it up to the camera. Oh, you already did it? Okay. Cassie, if we had 500, I'll tell Chat what I do for work. I like that. God. What's that, Drew? Organized crime. Jessie, what? Well, I don't want to move the camera. Jessie, show what you did to your burger. You know what? Watch this. Watch this. Are you ready to show them that way? Nice. Good. That was pretty good. I bet. Menu item, Keith. Oh, are we in intermission? Sorry, I'm having too much fun. Okay, let me do a few more super chats, and then we'll go to a clip. Nicoley Oakech. Perry to the make, believes next, final's guaranteed. Yes, but at what cost? Tj. Leon has to be hurt badly, right? This is rough. He doesn't look right at all. Curly Fried, gifted 10 Sdpn memberships. Let's friggin' go. By the way, we're at 439, and we're at 1,076 likes. Let's go. Cassie said, It's nothing special, LMAO. You'll be disappointed. I think you're special. That's not nice, Gurthy Bettman. Let's throw to a clip. Drew, what is the clip? The Philip Hronik Arbitration case. Take it away.


I watched him every game of the playoffs with Quinn Hughes. Obviously, the two of them together were a revelation in Vancouver. It's Vancouver's best season since probably 2011. They're in a bit of a cap crunch. I hate to cry, but I actually don't hate to cry. What can you tell us about preparing for those negotiations?


Well, I don't want to say too much. I've been very careful not to provide any oxygen with regard to all of the speculation. One of the big problems with the salary cap, in my opinion, and I have been very vocal about it. No. I know it's shocking to you. I know it's totally shocking to you. But Adam, the game should be about the game. People should be talking about the players. Talk about a goal. Talk about an amazing pass. Shouldn't be discussing and wringing their hands. Every fan base 6.5 million, 7 million, 8 million. He's not an eight. He scores a beautiful goal. He's an eight million dollar player. He doesn't have a great game. I wouldn't give that guy 6.5 million. And the fact that there's a cap, and it's not just teams having a budget and they're signing guys, the fact that it's a cap and there's only so many cap dollars to go around makes the cap the story.


Yes. It's not about if the player is good or not. It's about does their contract match their play?


For the entire second half of the year, the Knux market has been obsessed. First, it was Petterson, and now they've been obsessed with Philip Ronick. How much is that contract going to cost? They should trade him. No, they should keep him. It's all about the, don't pay him 8 million, don't pay him I wouldn't give him 6.5, 7.5. It's so ridiculous. I've been hearing people talk about negotiations that have been going on and how much he's asking for. I'm sitting back and saying, if anybody would know, I would know.


Have you been getting questions? Have people been calling you? The stuff that I'm hearing people are saying, Oh, he turned this down.


It's fantasy. They don't know what the hell they're talking about. I Actually, Phil and I, a couple of times, he's called me and we're like, a clip comes across our way and we're laughing. We're like, What is this? It's Mary Poppins. It's Cinderella. It's unbelievable.


I have to be honest, I'm on a show that's probably guilty of that sometimes.


I'm not going to say anything about that. But the thing is, if you try saying that about any of my players, I'm going to go after you on Twitter.


That's That's fair. Listen, that's fair. I think Dan Milstein did actually over a Dan Murphy report, too. And regardless of that, the one thing I do want to say is that Philip Hronik is an RFA, and not necessarily pertaining to him. But when you're a year from RFA for a lot of players, you're looking at if I'm going to sign for more than a year, a lot of teams don't want to sign you for a year and walk you to a free agency. If I'm going to sign for more than that, I'm giving up my unrestricted free agency years. I'm giving up where I could make market rate, whatever market rate is that year. And we expect the cap to go up four million this year and next.


And you're in your 20s.


Right. And that's where you're most valuable. I mean, he's entering his prime years, and he ran the Detroit power play on a bad Detroit team for years. No disrespect to Steve Izerman. And then-Non-playoff team. Non-playoff team. Sorry. There you go. That's a better way. You're far better than I am. And then came in and was the best defense partner Quin Hughes has ever had. So how do you... They always say the team holds all the cards in an RFA negotiation. When you're a year from free agency, unrestricted, does that change things a bit.


Sure. The player has tremendous leverage, but I've been very clear. I think Phil has been very clear. He loves Vancouver. How could you not? Exactly. The organization, from the time that he was traded when they were a non-playoff team, and now they are not just a playoff team, but legitimate contenders. He loves the guys. Sure. I think he has a great rapport and respect for the coaches. All of the factors... And he loves the city, right?


As anyone who visits Wood, it's a great place to live.


Phil his girlfriend and his dog love the city. You go in and you really upfront about how much he likes it and would like to stay, and you hope that there's That's the way to make it happen.


Right. Just negotiating from an RFA point of view, just because we always hear from people, Hey, not just Phil, but anybody, does the team really actually hold all the cards in an RFA situation, or is that a little bit overblown?


I think every situation has its own DNA to it. It's impossible to generalize and say team holds the cards. I think arbitration is a very fair process to get to the end result. It encourages deals deals to get done before a hearing.


And what do you say about deadlines?


Deadlines clarify the mind, and deals happen at deadlines. And I can't tell you how many times over my 30 years representing players, that a player, my player, has filed for arbitration, and this isn't just me, this is across the board, and the deal gets done the night before the arbitration hearing or the morning of. I've even settled cases and done deals, literally as the arbitrator is walking into the room and the arbitration hearing is about to start.


Do you still have to pay the arbitrator?


We don't pay the arbitrator.


You don't pay the team? No. It's not your problem.


The League and the NHLPA jointly pay the arbitrator. That's good.


They must laugh about that. That must be a very funny moment when they walk in and go, Okay, gentlemen, and we're like, We have a deal.


Yeah. We We had gone in. I walked in with the player, and everybody was getting settled and opening their binders. The GM walked over to me and tapped me on the shoulder, and he said, Can I have a word with you outside? We walked outside, and we had dinner together the night before. Sure. Me and the GM and the player went for dinner the night before the hearing. This is not a... People think arbitration is so contentious, and the team is going in and trashing the player. That's how it's framed to us as fans. It is nothing like that. And the rules have been refined from the days where Tommy Salo was sitting in tears as his GM testified about what a terrible goalie he was.That actually happened.That happened. The player was sitting there at the table in tears. That story has gone around a lot over the years. It's not like that. The arbitration is is based on statistics. Benjamin Disraeli said, There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. You can use stats to skew the results to any conclusions you want. It may not be a strong argument, but it's possible to make it.


You With Philip Ronick out there, there's going to be a group of players who are defensemen, left shot and right shot. Right shots are more valuable than left shots. There's generally a 10% premium attached to a right shot defenseman because they're rare. There's less right shots out there than the left shot. You got to then look at what was the cap when these other deals were done and what percentage of the cap, what was the percentage? And what's the percentage of the cap with the numbers that we're talking about now that we know what the cap is likely going to be at 87, up from 87.679 up from 83.5. And you've got a group a defenseman with similar games played, similar time on ice, similar offensive production. From that search parameter, you're going to get a group of players in this cluster. You're basically Basically, you've got a group of players at the bottom of that range, a group of players at the top of that range, a group of players in the middle of that range. And the team is going to go in there and argue that the player is either at the very bottom of that range or even just below that range.


And the player is going to go in and argue that the player is at the top of the range, and they're going to make arguments based on the stats using comparable contracts of similarly situated players And the arbitrator is going to decide.


I just signed the fastest autograph I've ever signed in my life. Steve Dangle here. Over 2,000 people in the chat. What's up? I'm here in Boston Pizza, Stoville. We're having a great time here. We did a live show. We're doing a live stream. We're doing all of it. Bex, GenX. I got a lot to catch up to, apparently, celebrating my 20th Super Chat with Sdpn. Love you guys. Love you. Rachel Bishop, gifted 10 SDPN memberships. Steve Bray, gifted 50. Oof, my own. Alex with another 20, which I know is the Cassie clan. Oh, never mind. That was Alex, not me, by the way. Cassie clan co-leader. And that brings us to 519 new members for SDPN on this stream, which means Adam, Jessie, we hit 500. You got to pie me in the face on the show. Not tomorrow. Not tomorrow. One day is it cleaners are coming in. Jessie goes, Yeah, one day when the cleaners are coming in the next day. So we'll figure it out. We'll figure it out. Hilarious. Drew said you could just do it outside the... No, shut up. Why are you making this easier for them? Shut your face.


Drew, shut up. Shut up. Okay? Shut up. 4-1. The most dangerous lead in hockey is what the Florida Panthers have over the Edmondson Oilers right now in game three. Producer Drew says, Over under eight minutes of ice time for Connor McDavid in the third. Over. Over. Because that would only bring him up to 24 on the game if he played eight. No, he's going to play half the period. You kidding me? Raza said, $1,000 tickets to see McDoodle, and the oilers get swept. Let's go, cats. Oh, Adam got a pizza. Adam got a pizza. That is a pizza from Boston Pizza. Can I steal a pepperoni? No, I don't want to slice it. I just want a pepperoni. Because it just got cheese. I don't want to fart during the stream. I don't want a Toody Bum. You know what I kept a Toody Bum? Drew said, There hasn't been a three goal third period comeback in the Stanley Cup final since 1944. It's because the leaves haven't been in it. It's because the leaves haven't been in it. Ty Smith, Steve, Say it has to be apple pie. So Adam just keeps forgetting. Yeah, it has to be an apple pie.


Kill two birds with one stone because you owe me apples and a pie in the face. Cassie said, I'm traveling. You're a traveling X-ray technologist. So for those of you wondering, apparently you make good bread. I'm looking at the wrong camera. You make bread as a traveling X-ray technologist. Yeah, so Drew and I are confused. Do you fix X-ray machines or do you bring X-ray machines to people? You know what I mean? What's that? There's on-site repair. Traveling… I don't know, man. It's like an elevator. It's like a little sense of… It's like an elevator, but there Duke, ding, ding. Here's some money for some chicken wings. I appreciate that because I believe Boston Pizza just gave us these. I love that. Thank you. If anybody would like a pizza. Adam won't share any of his pizza. He's a piece of garbage. Someone said, Cassie, can you go to Edmonton and X-ray the oilers and figure out why they're so bad? Oh, we lost the game again. By the way, I think the reason we keep... Oh, my God. Don't think about it yet. Oh, no. So the reason The reason I think we keep losing the game is it is Noah's Ark outside.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. What? Tornado watch. Robert, I don't care. I'm scared. There's many movies about how this is bad. Oh, my God. Yeah. This always happens north of Toronto. The game's back on. Watch. It's going to be 4, 3. Mcdavid with the Puck, 5, 4. Wow. You can't really see it on the camera, but it is. Drew said, Can you go out? No, I'm not doing that. I'm not going outside. No. Also, do you really You want me doing extra steps? When does that ever work out? I know. Produce, Drew is like, How many boneless wings did you get? It was like a dozen. This is the last one. So Cassie's explaining what the hell she does. When you break bones, I take pictures. I get paid to go to different hospitals for a certain period of time. When they are understaffed, I only travel in US. All right. So, producer Drew says she's like a substitute teacher for X-rays. I think that might be oversimplifying it slightly. I think that's still my hotspot. It's not going to die. Third period has begun. Oilers start with the power play, I believe. Yes, 121 of five on four for Edmondson remaining.


Florida spears it out of the zone. Jesse gave me the second half of his bun. I was always hoping Jesse would hand me his bun. I just Next time, I got to be a little more specific. You know what I mean? You know what his ass, his sweet ass. Here comes Edmondson. I don't know enough about Jesse's ass. Adam, I know his bum. I know it well. He always wears Lulu Lemon's and everything. Supple. You got a great bum. He's not listening. He's not listening. I'm talking about his ass, like four feet away from him. Oilers, Along the half wall. Kulikov. Clears it. 30 seconds to go in this oilers power play. And might I suggest, with expert analysis, they might want to score here. Bouchard wasting all kinds of time. Hands it off to McCloud. It's rather McCloudy outside. Perry, Oylers stuffed at the blue light. Here come the Panthers. They don't have a lot of numbers. Reinhardt shoots, goes wide. Is there a busted light bulb outside, or is that crazy lightning? It's lightning? Holy. Okay. Stops in 10 minutes. I don't believe you. The hallway's-Oh, wow. There's quite a bit of rain.


Two minutes into the third period here. The Panthers kill the oilers' power play, which means the oilers have under 18 minutes now to get at least three goals to tie it. And even then, they could lose an overtime. Long night ahead for Edmonton if they want to win this thing. Verhege, along the wall, finds a friend behind the net, throws it in front. Leads to no danger. Here come the oilers. They got to have a little more danger than that. Connor Brown in front. Nurse high, throws it on, gets through, but not all the way. Panthers, turning up the other way. Verhege, gain center. K'chuck into the corner to get it. Here come the oilers, though. Bet GRW live odds, the Oilers are plus 2,400. So if you bet two bucks, what is that? $48? Wow. Well, if you got two bucks, I mean, it is the Oilers, but it's also the Panthers, man. Crazy defensive team. Kvd, as a flames fan, I love and hate these finals. Raza, watch for the warnings. Steve, stay safe. Don't worry. I'm good. You know what I'm hoping is that I didn't leave my car window open. We got a whistle here.


Sl, my feet is freezing on an image of Steve with his cheeks stuffed full of chicken wing like a chipmunk was a highlight. Cassie said, So if you broke your arm, we're the people with the big loud machines that move your arm around so the doctor can see how and where it's broken and how to fix it. Wait a second. So in theory, if someone had a problem with their nose or their orbital bone, would you bring the machine around their head? Because I think, yeah, I had that. I had that when I broke my nose. I understand. All dental procedures. I understand. We lost the feed again, and it's back. Adam's done his food. Jesse's done his food, which is good because I farted. You guys are just going to have to deal with it. Jesse has his headphones on. I don't know if you heard what I said. You hear what I said? I did. He did not. Justin, did you hear what I said? Yeah. You're probably far enough away, though. Did he fart? I farted. No, he didn't fart. If he did, it would have smelled great. Oilers. Oh, boy. Going from bad to worse.


They try to get out of their zone. They fan on it, and now Florida is applying pressure. Is this going to lead to a goal? No. Edmondson gets out of the zone, but that's another 5, 10 seconds off the clock, just ebbing away. Oh, Reinhardt goes into the board. It's funny. Rodriguez, hit in the face a little bit by Broberg, turns it over. Here comes Fogel, Broberg. Oh, no. Fogel goes for the spin-orama, realizes he's not McDavid after it's too late. Can we get a whistle? Look at me moving dishes. 15:54 to go in the third period. Drysidal, McDavid, Perry on the ice. I mean, who wants to win this game more than Cory Perry? Adam. Adam. Yes, what's up? Adam. Adam. Adam. Adam. Adam Sorry, what was that, Drew? Who's leading the deserve to winometer? So the shots are 30 to 18 for the oilers. Surely... I mean, the Panthers are getting better chances, though. You know what? Bob made a bunch of saves. I bet it's deadlocked. So 61 % Edmonton. Stop it. Echhom, working it back and forth with Bush. On. Doesn't get through. Florida, so good. Bennett. This goes up and over, and it'll be a whistle.


15:25 to go in the third period. Colin Tulley, Dallas losing to Edmonton was the only series I didn't get right in my office pool, with a Panthers win in five, and I'm a Kings fan and sad. Wow. Damn. You bet against your own team to lose in five? Who are you, Drew? Cassie said, I was referring to a CT machine or an MRI machine. My bad. Same area of the hospital, just different modalities. Okay, here's how you know Cassie's smart. She used the word modalities. This game is getting... The hits are getting desperate. Tarasacko with a move. Oh, doesn't get the shot off, but cheeky, cheeky. Yanmark. Bob plays it to Kulikov. Panthers. See, they're not parking the bus. They are dumping it a lot, but they're not parking the bus. 15 minutes, under 15 minutes, rather, to go in the third. Oilers give it away in their own zone. Ocposo, this fourth line has been good for Florida tonight. Not bad for the fourth line and on the road. Stop by Skinner, and he's got to cover it up. 14:37 to go in the third period. Take care, guys. Safe drive. Shout out to the nearly 2,400 of you watching concurrently right now.


That means at the same time. Hey, buddy. Thank you for coming. Drew says, How many modalities do you think people are watching you on? I don't think that's how you use the word. Is it? No, it's definitely not. 6-shirt. He's got a Dix shirt. He's got a Dragon Ball Z shirt. He wanted to meet you. Is he leaving? He's coming back. I'm going to find him. Okay. I did? What a good guy. All right. Under 14 and a half minutes to go in this third period. Notice, I didn't say in the game, Edmonton could tie this thing. Perry hits Michola. You are delusional. You are delusional. Jesse is being a jerk. You're being a jerk. Corey Perry, whoa. Kachuk takes a big old run at him. Oilers still have the puck, though. They put it on. Stop by Bob. Oh, they're going around. Shot from Brober, and he scores. They score. Edmondson gets one back. Big shift from Corey Perry, and with 13:58 to go in the third period. Not the game. The Oilers bring themselves to within two. Phillip Broberg. How is this guy ever a healthy scratch? Perry, behind the net, Matthew Kuchuk tried to kill him.


Perry got up, threw it in front. Lots of rebounds here. Mcdavid throws it in front of Broberg. That's just a dart. That is just a dart. Oh, Broberg shot it. It hit Michela's elbow, went off of Michela's elbow and into the net. Wow. Goal scorer's goal. 13:58 to go in the third period. Hudson says, As a rangers fan, what me the most is that it's increasingly looking like we could have also dominated the oilers aged like milk. Cassie, big donut shape. Cassie's still just talking about her X-rays. I love it. Big donut-shaped CT/MRI. Sounds like Chewbacca. Is that what it sounds like? So Broberg shot it. It went off of Michalas elbow and off of Pobrovsky's back. Crazy. Crazy. Shots now 32 to 19. Drew, what is that up that deserve to win a meter to? I don't care. You could check if you want. I was joking. Drew's like, I'm not checking them. Lundell, faced off with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins at Center Ice. Puck off of the ref skate and back. Second of the playouts for Broberg. Oilers gain the zone. Hyman chips it in. Wabrowski covers it up, and that'll be an offensive zone draw for Edmondson, 13:39 to go in the third period.


That's my last bite. Cassie said, I'm trying to answer questions, Steve. I'm sorry. No, no. Don't apologize. We're not smart enough to get it. Whoa. 2,500 people in the chat. Let's go. I'm Steve Dangle. This is the Sdpn YouTube channel, and we are here at Boston Pizza, Stoville. It's the Finals on Sdpn, brought to you by betgrw. Com, the number one online casino and sportsbook in Canada. Betgrw is your place for the best casino action and the best odds for the NHL Finals. The BetGRW platform is owned and operated by La Grande Royale Wollnayak. Wollnack. There it is. Grand Royal Wolenack, a land-based casino located in Trove, Rivière, Quebec. Stick around for all my in-game reactions. There might be a lot of game left. We'll see. Plus, betting tips as the game progresses. If you want a safe, reputable Canadian online sportsbook to place your bet during the finals, then betgrw. Com is your sportsbook. That's betgrw. Com. That's not all. When you redeem your promo code, you automatically get a chance to win a to win a McDavid jersey. The draw is ending soon, so make sure you enter the contest tonight for your last chance to win a McDavid jersey.


Betgrw. Com is your Canadian sportsbook. Eighteen and over. Please play responsibly. Live odds, the oilers are plus 1400 right now. Man, I know it's the Panthers. The oilers have done more with less. Deatheater gifted a membership. Let's go. That brings us up to 520. Panama. Panama. We're returning. Chris Cuthbert. Craig Simpson. Looking sexy. Phillip Broberg allegedly asked for a trade earlier this season. His agent's Daren Farris. Weird. But he's a good player. He's proving that the oilers should have maybe used him more. 13:30 to go in the third period. Florida, four. Edmonton, two. Oh, oilers center it. Bob has to cover it. And 13:21 to go in the third period. Boy, time is not ticking off the clock very quickly if you're a Florida Panthers fan. After that goal, starting to feel like Edmonton has all the time in the world. Right, Jesse? He agrees. Panama 13,21 to go in the third. Face off in Florida zone. Florida comes up with it. Oh, good work. Montour to Barkoff, and he gets it out. Turns it over, though. Edmondson with it. Cassie said, I like how I said you get pied as a joke and did it.


I'm a good sport. I'm a good sport. What can I say? That, and I love my company. Christopher Peterson, a thousand sub goal, two pies. I don't know. You asked me to come up with something on the fly, two pies. I don't think we're going to get there because we're at 5:20, but... I'm going to find out. The debate right now is, is it raining so hard that we can't see it, or has the rain stopped? I believe it stopped. Here comes McDavid racing after it. No, that wasn't McDavid, that was Fogal. Sorry. He was skating really fast, and his number ended in seven. We got a whistle. Again, whistle after whistle after whistle. Luke Samson. You know it's over when they are referencing the Leaps in the '40s as hope for Edmonton. Oh, boy. Are they talking about that on the broadcast? You got to be down three nothing for that to apply. Panama. Oilers, ozone drop. Panthers come up with it, and they We'll wring it out, and that's probably just going to be icing again. Icing. Boy. Remember when I said, Oh, man, there's 14 minutes. It's still 12:44 to go in the third period.


Jesse. Oh, Oh, and we lost the feed. We're still up there. What do you mean we're still up there? Oh, okay. Okay. We were on one TV above my head. That was going to be interesting. Fans going nuts in Roger's Place. Roger's Place? Rodgers Place? Yeah. Then what's the Vancouver one? Arena. Rodgers Arena. I love it when companies own everything. Cardiver Hagey, behind the net. Florida not parking the bus. The strategy has not changed. They dump it. Sam Bennett behind the net. No one on him. No one on him. Taking his time. Why not? You got a two-goal lead. On. Skinner, loose in front. Oilers, turn a defense into offense. Up the ice. Dreisaitl tries to get it to Perry. Perry in the corner. Wax it up for Dreisaitl. He's Still teemed. Still gets it back into the corner. Ekblad comes up with it. Can he get it out? Yes, he does. K'chuck, helps him get the job done. Chips it in from center ice. No ice. Dreisaitl. Up the ice to Ceci. I didn't think he gained center there, but they're going to allow it. Montour ridden into the boards. Very hard. Lindell doing his work on the half wall like he does.


Tarasenko, Luzerinen. Oh, Panthers finally get it out there. Lindell. Drop for Lindell from Tarasenko. Tarasenko again. Shot just wide. Tarasenko is frigged nasty in this game. Holy. Got a goal, and he's tried to pull off some crazy moves. Michola trying to give help to Montor there. Ceeci could play at the blue line, covered up by Bobrowski. 11:11. Make a wish to go in the third period. Shots are 32 to 20 in favor of the oilers, but they're down 4-2. At risk of going down three. Nothing in this series. Urban Druid gifted five SDPN memberships. Thank you. And if you got gifted a membership, thank the person who gifted it to you. That's just the nice thing to do. Sedine Magic 15. I know it's early, but what's the over under on when the oilers pull their goalie? Well, if they're still down to, I'm going to say five minutes. Lindell, or Barcov, rather, I believe, gets it in deep. Oilers, man, the Panthers are all over them. Oilers airmail it. They come up with it. Fogel rather than McCloud. On. Stop by Bob. Panthers collect the rebound off the glass and out. Barkov, skating after it, given Chase Broberg looks dog tired.


Edmonton dumps it, and they don't get it in deep. So the Panthers taking advantage of the changing oilers and killing the clock. 10:25 to go in this third period. Forzling nails his man. Eckblad says, Get that garbage out of here. It goes up the ice. Berhege into the corner for Bennett. Bennett attacking Eckholm. Oh, Berhege almost gets the giveaway from Bouchard. K'chuck throws it on a week one. Skinner stops it but doesn't collect it. Oylers going up the ice now. Hyman loses it. Panthers so good at their own blue line. Under 10 minutes to go in the third now, 9:50. Panthers so good at their blue line. Turn it away again. Bouchard waiting for help. We were talking about the over-under for McDavid. Bouchard is basically not going to leave the ice for the rest of this game. Edmondon still in their own zone. Bouchard with a 9:30 to go in the third period. Across the ice, Panthers stuff him at the blue line. But here come the oilers. They finally crack through. Mcdavid, one-handed. It's driven wide, but he chases the buck. Oilers pin it to the half wall. Three Panthers converge. They're so thorough.


And now they have a two on one. Reinhardt can't get it across to Rodriguez. The Panthers prevent the counter attack. You're never playing against one guy on the Panthers. They don't ISO anyone. It's a whole team. And Forzling chips it into the offensive zone, almost sent into the slot. Bilo Serena, Tarasenko, can't quite get a clean shot off. Lindell, one-handed, can't prevent the breakout, but his teammates do. They're unbelievable. Panthers shoot it, goes up and over Lindell, giving chase. Nearly a minute has gone off the clock since the last clock update, and it's just screwing around. It's just chasing the buck. The Panthers are, bar none, the most cohesive and exhausting hockey team in the NHL. Who's better? Who's better? Nobody. They're crazy. Ekman Larson up. K'chuck chips it for Verhege. Tries to swot at him. Bennett, tries to get a big piece of his man held up on the hit a little bit, I think. Didn't want to risk taking a penalty this late in the game. Eight minutes to go in the third period. Edmonton still down two. They've only had one shot in the past five minutes or so. That's not going to do, and neither is this, with 7:53 to go in the third period.


They ice the buck. The oilers have to go back into their own zone. Mcdavid, another one of those Mario Star shifts, didn't quite work. And you say to yourself, Michola, that's not a player I would put on McDavid. It's never one guy. It's never one guy. You know how McDavid makes the players around him better? The way the Panthers play makes everyone better. I think guys could leave this Panthers team in free agency and whatever. And really, I'm not going to say stink, but face a drop off. They're the best coach team, best cohesive team, whatever you want to call it. They're the best team in the NHL. Tipped on Skinner. He makes the save. 7-18 to go in the third period. Ocposo. This is the fourth line of the Panthers. Remember how we used to rip on Sheldon Keef for playing the fourth line at all in the frigging third period? Here they are killing the clock in a Stanley Cup final game. They're just better. They're just better. They're better built. Offensive zone They're in possession. The oilers are at 14:23. The Panthers are at just 7:49. That's ridiculous. Ridiculous that the Oilers are nearly doubling them up and down 4:2.


Oh, here come the oilers. No. Marshall's two on one. Forzling blocks it. Someone is riding. They're piggyback on Bobrowski. Panthers on the counter attack. Stop by Skinner. Barcov giving chase. 6:30 to go in the third period. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Maddie just goes, Oh, I forgot about this. And it's a full chalice of beer. Boilers in their own end. Again, Hyman. The Panthers have completely taken Zack Hyman out of the series. If he scores that goal in game one that he should have had, who knows? They've taken him out. People think he's just a banging artist. That guy can carry the buck. That guy can rip it. That guy is good at zone entries, and he hasn't been able to do any of it. They've completely taken him out of the series. 5:45 to go in the third period. Oilers up the ice. Here they come, dangling around. Oh, open ice, but they can't get to the buck. Behind the net again, McDavid. That's as hard as I've seen him skate. Oh. I think that was dry-side. I got smushed into the boards. There wasn't a cloud. They were both in there in the battle. It feels like both teams have eight skaters on the ice.


The oilers are trying to... Oh, they score. They got one from the point. They shot it from the point, and I think they might have got a tip. We got a game, folks. 5:17 to go in the third period. A shot from the point, and Ryan McLeod gets a piece of it. And the oilers are within one. Oh, baby. Who threw this one on? The Panthers so close to clearing their zone. Bennett loses his man in front. He loses that net front battle with McCloud. I think it was Brett Kulak who put it on. He does. Mccloud gets a piece of it. Bennett says, Darn. Wow, that's a great tip from McCloud. Really, really good. 5:17 to go in the third period. Oh, baby. That action was so nonstop that my computer went to sleep. That's never happened during these playoffs. I pulled it back up. It's okay. I think Drew might have had something to say. Oh, we're good? Okay, good. I was like, Wait, unless my If the computer died, then he wouldn't have anything to say. The Panthers counterattacked. Reinhardt up and over. Again, the Panthers still not parking the bus. And now all eyes on Stuart Skinner.


When are they going to pull him? Echos of Moreno, insert Eklad headlock meme here. It really is a meme. Panthers, dump it down. Cassie said, Oilers just need the promise that Steve gets pied. Caleb says, I was going to say this is sad until Urban Druid gifted five S2P memberships. I think I already did that one. Here come the oilers. Mcdavid going around, trying to do it on himself. Stop by Mabrowski. Oh, unbelievable. They're going to save. Oh, my goodness. How is in this game tied? Florida, they can't get out. They do get out. Lindell, attacking Broberg, throws it around. I don't know about that choice because now it bay blades around. Forzling, behind the net. Skinner out to play at under four minutes to go here. Bet you're a W live odds. Oilers are now plus 600. Told you. How dare you? 3:40 to go in the third period. Oilers in the attacking zone. All eyes on Jeff Skinner. No, it's not. All eyes on Stuart Skinner, the other one. Justin Vischer laughing at me. I deserve it. Under three and a half to go the Panthers. Almost Blow it. Drive title from the Rockstar spot.


It goes around, and the Oilers lose the zone. 3:20 to go in the third period. Ek home. Skating after it, 3:15. He's waiting. He's surveying the scene. Here come the oilers. There's the sticks of the Panthers trying to get it around. Rodriguez run by Bouchard. Panthers come up with it. Here comes Ek Chad dumps it into the oilers corner. Skinner says, I'm not going to leave the net this time. Wise choice. Here comes Connor Brown. Oh, Pabrowski poke checks it just in time. Oh, that could have been costly. Oilers along the half wall at the point. Hold off on it. Half wall again into the corner. Trip. Trip. No, No call. No call. Rodriguez chips it in. Is that going to be icing? No. I'm shocked. Wow, wow, wow. 2:15 to go in the third. Lindell dumps it back in. Stuart Skinner is going to start cheating towards the bench, except the oilers. Oh, I thought theyiced it there. Deep into the Panthers zone. Panthers get it out, and Skinner can't leave just yet. Under two minutes to go now. Two minute warning. 1:50 to go as the oilers gain the line, and it's called offside.


Oh, they found their whistle, did they? 1:49 to go in the third period, and I I wonder if Chris Noblek is going to use... Oh, my God, that Bobrowski save. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Mcdavid throws it in front, and McCloud had the game-tying goal And he's got a ball on his stick. I don't even remember what I was just saying. It doesn't matter. Holy. Is this a timeout? It doesn't say on the screen, but this is sure what a timeout looks like. All right, 149 to go in the third period. If Edmondson ties this week at overtime, and Steve is a sleepy boy for tomorrow's show, or the Panthers go up three nothing in the series, and my wife, who claims she doesn't have a dog in this fight, pretends to not be super stoked that the playoffs are almost over. Natalie Drake, As soon as I leave, it gets good. Dang, you're totally right. That's exactly what happened. And shout out Taylor for the '99 piece. Let's go. I think Nobloc, is he asking for more time in the Yeah, I think five minutes. Face off outside the Panthers zone. It comes back into the Panthers zone, and they airmail it out.


Bouchard gloves it down. Stuart Skinner still in the net. 140 to go in the third period. 140 is the 100-second mark. We are now at the 90-second mark. Stuart Skinner halfway to the bench. Oilers gain the zone. Empty nets. This is it. 120. Oilers hold it. It's behind the net. Two oilers, two Panthers behind the net. Echholm down low. Bucket of the point, Bouchard. As the Panthers apply Yeah, sure. Shut on. Cleared by the Panthers. Whoa. Off the post. Off the post, and that'll be an icing call with a minute and one second to go in the third period. This friggin' rules. What? When does the bar close? Half hour? Where am I going to do that? Oh, my God. It went off the side of the net, just barely missing the post. Sixty-one seconds left in the third period, and perhaps the game, and now it's an official timeout, called by the Edmonton Oilers. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. That is Glenn Glutzen on the Oilers bench, losing his mind. Mcdavid, Echholme, Nugent Hopkins, Bouchard. Can I imagine Hyman and Dreisad will join them? I just didn't see. There's a dude with an orange shirt and an orange cowboy hat.


You're going to send that guy home a loser? You can't. Boy, they are losing it in Edmonton. And are the Panthers losing it? A 4-1 lead is now 4-3. Oilers win the draw in the offensive zone. Under a minute to go now. Dropped, shot, doesn't make it through. Panthers send it all the way down the ice, and it'll be another icing Game call. Whistle goes, 49.7 seconds to go in the third period. At least they made it a good one. They showed some fight, and they might tie the thing. Drew says, Prediction right now, do they tie it or not? I'm going to say not. Panthers, get it out of the zone. They're chasing the oilers. Chasing, chasing, chasing. Stop behind the net. Under 40 seconds to go. Calm and casual are the oilers. Under 35 seconds to go now. Dry settle, trying to draw a call. It's not going to work. Skinner leaves the net again. And let's go oilers chant, breaks out in Stoville, Ontario. 20 seconds to go in the third. Nearly every man on the ice is in the corner. Two Panthers covering the half wall and the net front. Nine, eight, seven.


Puck squirts loose, and it leaves the zone. Will it be ice? The Florida Panthers win game three by a final score of 4-3. Funny enough, Jesse Blake, that'll be the final score in this series, 4-3. No, no. Oh, Oh, baby, baby. The Panthers, who heading into the Stanley Cup final, had played nine Stanley Cup final games and won one of them, are now up 3-0 in the oilers will try to become the first team since the 1942 Toronto Maple leaves to erase a three nothing series deficit in the Stanley Cup final. Big, big, big dub for the big cats. Tarasynco looking for his second. Bennett looking for his first. Barkov looking for his first. They had an unbelievable attack in the second for the Panthers. The oilers made it close. Oh, so close with goals from Broberg and McLeod. A miraculous, miraculous save from Serge Bobrowski. Kept this thing a Panthers game. Chat. What are we thinking? Holy crap. We got over 3400 people. 37 at one point. They're all leaving right now. That's cool. I mean, the game's over. I get it. We did have a close one. Loughlin Anderson. Crazy, there is only one game left this season.


Jessie, I found your... You think you're slick. Loughlin? Okay, they're Loughlin. Wow, we found his burner account. Wow, wow, wow. Hey, on your way out, can you please click like because it's free and helps us. Please. The Edmondson Oilers on the brink of elimination. Cassie, leader of the Cassie clan, saying, Too little, too late for the oilers. Lots of brooms in the chat. Wow, wow, wow. Hey, producer Drew changed the oilers logo to a broomstick. How could you? They're going to make you look stupid when Let me win it. Raza says Edmund Tover. Boo. Yeah, no, it is pretty good. What did you say, Justin? Oh, new VIP. Oh, Is it? Oh, the brand new SDP VIP episode is out. So if you got a membership this stream, or if you just have a membership, you can check out a brand new episode. How long is it? How long? Yeah. Like 52 minutes of new content for your face and ears. Are your ears on your face or on your head? Are your ears part of your face? No. No? Head. This is face, ears. Yeah. Interesting. What is your hair a part of your face?


No. Is your beard part of your face? Is your Adam's apple part of your face? All right, well, we figured it out. We figured out all the parts of the face. You're very good at this. You didn't have to think about it at all. No, you were ready for my dumb-ass questions. All right, Drew, I think we're going to call it, bud. We're going to call it. Folks, that is it for this one. Thank you very much for watching. Click like if you like this stream. Click subscribe if you really liked it. Tell all your friends that Boston Pizza Stoville is the place to be. And the Edmonton oilers have a long road ahead if they want to stay alive in this thing. The Panthers might be hoisting the cup in game four..