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Is something that is about to boil over. Oh, I'm going to kick you in the-And I'm seeing Lee fans get upset about it because we've had Justin Bourne, Pierre LeBron, Elliott Friedmann all weigh in on this, and we have quotes from Brad for Living on it as well. I want to start this by saying that a lot of this seems to be conjecture. A lot of this seems to be-What does that mean? It seems to be we don't actually know. We're assuming. Oh, like made up? It could be sourced, but not a full picture, I would say.


Conjecture is a better way to describe it than made up.


But not made up.


Not based in hard fact.


Yeah, I would say that. I also want to say that what we're about to tell you is something that this person's representatives have done before. I want you to recognize the same patterns so you don't get upset because there's no point in getting upset. What is an agent's job? Jesse and Steve, if you hired an agent, what would you hire them to do?


A podcast.


Oh, shit. That was good.


That was a really strong.


What was the player that you mimicked? Was like a dog? Lomberg, right? That. That's what you want your agent to do on your behalf with management. You want to go...


No. You're paired up with Adam Wild. That's what your podcast is, an agent provocateur. You just hold up a dartboard of Gary Bettman, and there's 45 minutes for you.




Also, salary cap. Bet it sucks. Bang.


Triple hard cap. Bang. Bet it sucks.


We got to send Al in this clip. But The agent's job is to say, My client is worth X. Usually, when the agent starts off this conversation, the team is saying, Your client is worth Y. The number is somewhere between X and Y. Usually, X is about 15 to 20% more than the client's probable market value. The Y, the team ask, is usually 15 to 20% lower than what the market value would be. The reason for that is both sides are going to come to the middle and try to work out who gets a little bit more. Does the team save 3%? Does the agent get an extra 5%? These are the way these negotiations play out. When it comes to Mitch Marner, the last time that the Leifs and the Mitch Marner camp, and I say Mitch Marner camp because his agent, Darren Farris, has a very specific way that he likes to negotiate in Toronto. And we saw this in 2018, '19.


By clanging two pots together?


It was very obvious, first off-We want privacy. It was very obvious back then who he was talking to and who was going to repeat verbatim what What Darren Farris said and tweeted out and caused a shit storm.


Matthews signed a five-year contract extension, and that day, Darren Farris was in the paper in Toronto going, That contract's bullshit. My client's getting paid. We should have known. We should have known that the next seven months would be bullshit with his client.


Sorry, subwilfer guy.


Don't ruin people's ears. No.


Mitch Marner had a complete puppy dog care bear persona in the city, and he ruined it. Darren Farris ruined it. And I wish Mitch saw that. He doesn't. He blames everyone else. But it's Darren's fault.


There has been building resentment, and you have to acknowledge that within the fan base or certain sections of it in Toronto. There are lots. I think everybody's a Mitch Marner fan. I think nobody is a fan of how that went. Because frankly, what sometimes these agents don't understand is people can't relate to that money. We cannot relate. A million dollars is $80,000 a month.


You keep saying that. And why does that put it into easier to understand perspective than just getting a million dollars? Eighty grand a month? I'm not a car guy. I couldn't spend that fast enough. I couldn't.


So then if you get up to what people assume Mitch's next contract will be. Now, he's been at around $11 million. I know there was a 10.193 or whatever it is. That money is where you get up to $800,000 a month. Now, there are taxes, there is escrow, there are agent fees. I understand all that. Players take home roughly 30 to 35% of the total number, but that's still three or four million bucks, and it's a lot of money. The reason I'm doing this obnoxiously long, really drawn out, painful setup that I wouldn't normally do is my job here, and our job here, is not to stoke the fires of hatred. I don't want the armies of Mordor coming out about this. I want you to look at this the way it's going to play out, because here's what's happening already. In the last couple of days, we've heard from both Pierre Le Brun, Justin Borne, and Elliott Friedmann as well, to varying degrees about what the Marner Camp wants to do. From what we understand, the Toronto Maple Leaves have not asked, talked to, discussed any trade, any whatever. So what do reporters do when the Toronto Maple Leaves essentially give you nothing?


Well, you go to the agent. What's the agent say? And what we're hearing from this one, this is a report from Justin Borne. Mitch Marner prefers to stay with the Leaps and become a UFA with his camp promoting this idea publicly. This supports something that Pierre Le Brun said yesterday, which was not only have they not been approached, but that this could, and Elliot jumped on this, too, this could play out publicly over the next year as in, Maybe we don't want to move. And they don't have to. And they don't have to waive the no trade clause.


All things that we know.


What I want to remind everybody is that even if you're willing to accept a trade and you're Mitch Marner, at this point, you don't admit that. You don't say, Yeah, sure. I'd love a trade. You don't do that. You try to get as much out of as you possibly can. If you say you want to trade, the team that tries to trade for you will understand that, and it will hurt your negotiation position. Because they'll say, You want it out of Toronto anyway. Here's your extension. Otherwise, we're not trading for you.


You got to undersell how much you like the city.


Oversell. No, no. No, no, no, no, sorry.


Oversell how much you like Toronto. Yeah. Oversell, how much you like the place you're going. Yes. Because you have to accept and, Oh, that place?


It's not Toronto, but this place, I don't know.


And you got to like, Oversell, how much you even like hockey? Like, Oh, I can play that. I don't know. I guess. Okay, what if we gave you $12 million? Wink, Well, I guess I could. And then all of a sudden, you got there for eight years.


You have to understand that for Mitch's agent to do his job, he has to say that A, Mitch doesn't want to leave. B, that that he wants to play out the year and see he's going to UFA next year. All of these factors push up Mitch's price. So it gives the acquiring team, if there is one, the notice that, Hey, he didn't want to leave anyway, and you better bring your best number. Otherwise, he's not going to accept it. If he says, I want out, the number will be less. And that is the key here. So when you see these reports, and I'm seeing Lee fans reacting viscerally to this, and I understand why you're not wrong, but this agent loves to play out negotiations in public. We've seen him do it with other players before, but Mitch is the most famous one to us because it happened here. I want you to understand that. Look at it through this lens. Now, does that mean he's getting traded? I actually think that it's like a home run he's getting moved.


I think it's a ground rule double.


The Toronto Maple leaves cannot let this player start next year on this team and allow him to play out the UFA year in Toronto for two reasons. Hold on. Sure. Go ahead. Number one, it hasn't worked. It doesn't work. It doesn't work.


But what if it works next year?


No, it doesn't work.


We've had all of us for the last half decade.


Two head coaches, eight years, doesn't work. So that's number one. Number two, and this is the more important situation, is that you had the opportunity to move on from this player last spring without a no-trade clause. The general The general manager that you fired when he suggested it is now in Pittsburgh.


And if you- They kept the guy who made that decision.


If you allow this to happen and play out, it will be a distraction for the team, and it will lead to, and you're already on shaky ground, and I'm talking about Brandon Chanahan here. You're already on shaky ground. If that is the story going into training camp, if that is the story in October, November, December, goodbye, Brandon Chanahan. Keith Pelley is not going to have it. He's not going to have it. And by the way, as a lead fan, neither are you. I think it's really important that we look at that through that. So this is what you're hearing in the press right now, and this is where it gets exciting and dramatic in trades, and we all love this, is jockeying by team and jockeying by player and player agent, right? And they want you to react. Darren Farris, they want you to react to this. They want you to get mad.


Who wants a reaction?


Well, I think the Marner camp wants as much attention on this as they can so that other teams will pay attention and go, Maybe we should get them.


Man, it's just weird. I thought the Toronto Media was toxic and making stuff up.


I don't think they're making anything up here.


But I thought they were... That's what they do for the clicks. It's all about the clicks. No, this isn't like, Oh, they're giving all this attention. No, the Marner camp is getting exactly what they want. If the Toronto media really are sharks, the Darren Farris, Marner's agent, is chumming the water.


Well, sure. Yeah, I don't think anybody's worried about the media right now.


I don't know why you're worried about it. No, it's just people always go. They just carte blanche the dumbest shit ever, even though it doesn't make any sense. Guys, please pay attention. Please be media literate. This is what's happening. I'm sorry.


Here's what's interesting, and this is where I wanted to bring you guys in on this one. I wanted to get that out of the way. The more interesting part of this is Treleving directly quoted on it. It's from Pierre Le Brun. Treleving and Marner's agent, Darren Farris, as one would expect, met Tuesday. So they did meet yesterday. So the claims that they haven't met are a little bit old. Trio Living says, The thing I would say is be very, very careful of what you read out there. Mitch is a hell of a player. He's going into the last year of his contract. We're not going to comment on any players, any business that we conduct, we'll do between Darren Farris and us. We're not going to play by play on it. We've got to look at every possible way for our team to get better. Mitch controls a whole lot of this thing with his no trade clause. If there's a way to make our team better. We're going to do it. But we're certainly not going to make a trade just so we can pound our chest and say we look different.


And that's him holding on to his leverage, which is, well, we don't have to make this trade.


So I wanted to know, with all of that said, Jesse and Steve, with cooler, calmer heads, what do we think? What do you think? How do you feel?


I have zero appetite in ever doing this again. We lived through the first Marner negotiation. Nope, that's enough.


Take care. What made it different than the Neylander negotiation for you? Because Neylander held out longer.


Yeah, no, that sucked ass and was annoying, and I hated it. And then Willy signed for 6.9 million dollars, which we all thought was like, Kyle Duba should be frigging arrested. And then Marner signed for in the neighborhood of 75 % more, and we acted like it was the same thing, and it very extraordinarily wasn't.


Now, they were coming off different seasons. Willy's in the mid '60s, Marner in the mid '90s. Yeah, fair enough.


It was very different. The way it played out in the media, to me, was exhausting. I think part of that is Darren Farris' theatrics. I think another part of that, though, is it was the second one. We had just gotten through Willy. It was less than a year after. If I'm not mistaken, didn't it work out where it was Willy?


It was Tavares, Willy one summer, and then Marner the next.


Give me a break.


Is that fair to Mitch? No. Then there was the Paul Marner stuff. Way to go, Paul, that whole thing that went out online. I don't even remember where that came from. But I will say that- I got to do a retrospect. The thing I do want to say is that there's no question that the way that Louis Gross handled it, which was mostly behind the scenes. Mostly. People did vilify Michael Neelander, William's dad.


And Willy. It took him years to shed that reputation.


And then Marner comes, but it seemed like that negotiation was not just more contentious, but that the knee lander negotiation plus the pressures of the Marner thing going two days into campus when he signed or two days before campus when he signed. It felt to me, and you guys can correct me if I'm wrong here, that Dubas said, You know what? Screw it.


We'll figure it out. I think it was Mitch. I want to get this done. That's enough. That was the impression I got at the time. Really? This is why, like I said, I wish under this assumption, right? Because I don't know that this is true, but under this assumption, I wish that kid would stick up for himself. I do. To who? To the people around him. I think he's got this attack dog. Daron Farris doesn't last long with a lot of guys. When he does, it often doesn't go well. I got his Puckpedia in front of me. Mitch Marner, out of the park, home run, got him all the money in the world, ruined his reputation, but got him all the money in the world. He's got Nazem Kadri. I don't know if that was his agent when Kadri signed that deal. Trade rumors. Interesting. Taylor Hall, Wolf. That was bad.


Yep. He turned down $64 million.


Josh Anderson.


Well, I think that was actually a good deal for Josh in retrospect.


Yeah, but all you know, Josh is going to sit out and, oh, yeah, oh, yeah. The comments are going to be full of people from different fan bases going, oh, I didn't know that was his agent.


That was the Columbus negotiation where he ended up- Trade rumors, and my guy is going to get his, and I'm going to give him a contract that...


Who wants Josh Anderson on their team? Who wants him on their team right now? Sam Bennett. Really good deal. Really good deal. Got him traded, but extremely good deal.


He got him into a better position.


He might be on the ice when Bennett and Rodriguez win the Cup because Rodriguez is also his client. Andreas of fantasy. There's another guy. He's always in Rumors and holdouts, and he's too expensive, and blah, blah, blah. Morgan Frost is always in rumors. He's around a lot of guys. They're always surrounded by rumors. Isn't that weird? I wonder why that happens. Do you think people are picking on him? Or do you think he's leakier than a frigging sieve? I don't know. It could be one, could be the other. Who's to say?


Jesse, with all this conversation, I'd like to know where you're at, just how you're breaking this down in your mind.


I don't think the Leifs can go forward with the currently constructed trio that they have in Marner and Willy, and Four or four. I think there's a lot of people trying to jump around to like, Oh, it's going to be difficult to Mitch, so just keep him and find a way to do that. I don't think. I think we see enough evidence that you can't do that. So I don't think we should relitigate that. I think you still should move him for the sake of the team because we know it doesn't work. I tell you what.


No, let's be nice. Let's be nice to him. He deserves people to be a nice to him. So we're going to keep him at home. Good boy. We're going to keep him at home. Good boy. What team does Austin Matthews play for next year?


Sean McMepilies.


No, we got to get rid of one of them, and we're not going to get it rid of our sweet little boy. So where's Austin going to play next year?


Well, Austin is not going anywhere, Steve.


Oh, you know what? They probably shouldn't. All right. Where's Willy going?


Well, they just signed him to an eight-year extension.


He can't really move.


Can't trade him.


He's got to-Oh, all right.


Well, where's John going? He no trade.


Well, Marner has a no trade as well.


Oh, it's almost like a year ago, we were Absolutely correct. The obvious choice was to not fire your general manager five weeks before the draft and six weeks before his no trade kicks in. Where's Morgan playing next year?


Well, so hang on a second. The Leaps could have last summer traded either Mitch or Willy. That was the rumor before Dubas was fired, as one of those two guys was going to go, and they didn't.


If I had wheels, it'd be a wagon. Where's Morgan playing? Where's he going? What do they get for him? Guys, one of them has to go. It's not even about him personally. I tell you what, if he signs an extension, Fine. Do it quick and shut the fuck up about it. I hate this guy's agent. I really do. I can't stomach this any longer. I don't know why he wants this. You know what I mean? Get it done. Whatever decision you come to, get it done. That's it. That's all it is. Do you want this dragon out all summer? Do you think it's going to increase his popularity and marketability? Winning. Winning increases it. You know how Willy shed all this bullshit?


He scored a bunch.


Scored all the goals and was routinely their best goal scorer in the playoffs or one of their better players.


Has been.


And scoring in elimination games, there was at least one elimination game. There were two elimination games where Willy had the only goal. The 3-1 loss to Montreal. I think it was 3-1 in game seven. He the only goal, lul. And the 2-1 loss to Boston in game seven this past year, lul. And over time, even your most relentless uncle was like, Uncle, you know what?


All right, fine. He's good.


All right, fine. He's good. Go ask any lead fan on any go train bus stop, Mapleleaf Square, what they think about this kid. Go to any high school, you get a different answer. But go ask Any older Lee fan, maybe it's a generational thing. I don't know. I don't know. We can't do this again. Answer the question honestly, where does John play next year? Where does Austin play next year?


Where does Willy play next year? I think John is going to stay.


Where does Morgan play? I can't do the song and dance anymore. You're either running it back again like a psychopath or you're trading this player. That's the long and short of it.


And that's why I'm saying, don't overreact to these reports if you can help it, because I know it's the thought of it. Listen to it coming out in Steve, right?


I know. Yeah, well, it's starting low and it's building. I'm not doing this again.


I'm not doing this again. I don't think that either side, I think the Marner camp are smart enough to understand that position. I don't think they are. I 100 % know they are. And I think that the Lefs are smart enough to also know they can't go forward with this. You can't go forward with this. You know it doesn't work. And you're also this player's stock will drop to zero in this market. Frankly, he'll have some ownership of it, but it will be more a function of a poor decision made in spring 2023. And I think you have to put the responsibility on the Toronto Maple leaves on this one. You do. They signed, they offered the contract, they signed the contract, they allowed the behavior. They let the team keep coming back year after year after playoff failure after playoff failure with no recourse, no threat of trade, no threat of anything. And then when they finally said, You know what? This isn't working. They fired the guy who said it out loud.


And then the next year, they repeated it.


So when you are directing your anger and your frustration, I get that you don't love where the agent... I get not loving the agent doing this through the press, but remember, the team we all cheer for is ultimately responsible here.


Oh, profoundly stupid hockey team. But I mean, look at the results. Yeah. What did you think? They were good at this? Obviously not. No, keep them.


Well, I don't think they will. Another year of this shit. I don't think so. It's okay.


I don't think they will. Yeah, but you know what? Maybe this time it works.


Man, I hope it does. That'd be great. Wouldn't it be like actual Stanley Cup here instead of Sim Stanley Cup?


That'd be great. Maybe we can wait a calendar year to see if it works out.


I'm not doing it again, please. I want to read from James Myrtle in The Athletic on September 13th.


Never heard of him. Yes.


September 13th, 2019, the day Mitch Marner signed.


Sorry, you mean Knux fan Myrtle? Okay, sure.


What is that? Is that a reference? He's from Pam Loops.


He's a Lee fan or a Knux fan. Depends on who-Who hates him at that point. Who hates him and is tweeting at him.


I think it's fun to go back and read this little piece that he wrote in The Athletic and see how it played out.


Is that the word? Yeah.


Fun. Is it fun? I am having fun-We're about to have fun.podcasting with my friends. We're about to have fun?


Oh, I can't wait.


Their front office staff are feeling defeated, done in by another frustrating negotiation that went on too long and ultimately didn't go their way. For all that, they kept Mitch Marner through his prime in age 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27 seasons on a six-year contract for $10.893 million. It was more than the least six-year 10.5 olive branch that had languished on the negotiating table for months, but not outrageously so. They moved even higher than what was based on Marner's comparables around the league and overpay in order to get the deal done before the sideshow hit the regular season. Once that happened, once they got to October second without a deal, getting something long term signed would have been nearly impossible. How does the fan base feel? It depends on how badly you want to keep the player. There's no question that with Austin, JT, Marner, and Willy making up $40.5 million, or almost exactly 50% of the cap, that Toronto will be very limited in what they can do this season in terms of further player movement. Then he continued, and I'll end with this, Getting a second contract with a cap hit north of $10 million used to be, well, not possible.


Only Connor McDavid and Matthews had done it previously. It remains to be seen if this becomes part of the a new norm around the NHL or if the leaves are outliers in paying this much this soon to their kids. I think it played out as they paid a little too much to their kids and nobody else really followed suit.


No, let's do it again. No, it's fine. Let's do it again.


That was four years ago.


That was four. I was just going to ask, what date was that?


September 13th, 2019, the day Mitch Marner signed his second contract.


Almost five years Five years ago. Yeah.


Five years ago.


Wow, Jesse. He's like Nostra Jameis. That's crazy. That is reading the future.


Because it was fucking obvious.


The article, it's a balance of the dichotomy of which way this could go. Mitch Marner was coming off of a 94-point season at the age of 22.


Which if you round up as 100. Chronic 100-point score of Mitch Marner, who's never done it.


Who's never done it. There was There's the two angel, the angel and devil on your shoulder. You want to give this kid who's 22, who you think is only going to get better. You're going to lock him up for 11 million because the cap is going to go up. It's going to be worth it. He's going to score 100 points every single year. Or you give this kid all this money and you lock up all your cap space so you can't do anything else with your roster. Who knows? He needs to perform at a certain level to outperform what you would have been able to sign for the millions of dollars that come into play. Seeing now how it played out, I wonder if there's regrets in Cal Dubas' mind about giving out this deal.


No, he's like, Why? He's like, Why? He's my captain.


He got like 50 million bucks to get a promotion in Pittsburgh. There's no justice or hockey God.


There is no hockey God. The regrets in Cal Dubas' mind. I should point it as the regrets in Leifs fan's minds about how this all played out. Maybe if there was, in some other scenario, a bridge deal to be done, an 8 million three-year deal, something I feel like that would have been a lot more comfy for Mitch Marner. Seeing where they are right now, I hope they don't make the mistake again and try and lock up all of these guys once again to a whole boatload of money. That's where I'm sitting at right now.


I think you meant three or eight million. What did I say? You said eight or three million.


Oh, sorry. Yo, I would have been, Keep them. Keep them. Sorry. If it was three years- Leave for life. Not even eight, like nine. Three year, nine million for Mitch, and you would have been able to figure things out, hopefully a little better in that situation. I just hope Brad for Living does not make the same mistake that the least have made in the past and lock up all of these guys to massive deals because on the open market, Mitch Marner commands $12 million. If you're going to negotiate with him now, it's going to be somewhere in that neighborhood, and you can't do that. You have to move on.


I will say this. At the time, it wasn't super duper obvious that it was a horrible contract. It seemed like it, but there were a bunch of peers who were like, All right, let's see what their number comes in at. And then Miko Rantanen signs, and we all went, Oh, shit. Okay. And then Charlie McAvoy signs. We go, Oh, mother. Okay. How about Keel Mc... Oh, my God.




Every contract of a list of players who are probably better.


You know what got me?




The least thought...


That deal kills me.


The least thought they were setting the market with Mitch Marner in that contract. And what turned out to be the case is that he still sits as the 12th highest paid player in the National Hockey League to this day. And it's not comparable with his peers who have signed deals after that for much lower. So it's a shame.


Jonathan Huberdo being an outlier on that one, by the way. And I know people are going to look at that list that you're putting up there and be like, what about Huberdo? Okay. So you're going to compare Marner to what has been an absolute fucking disaster in Calgary. What are we talking He's a big part of the reason they sign all these extensions a year out is, oh, we can't let him walk to UFA.


Yes, also that. But you can't sign a player after they're coming off a redonkulous season. Huberto. Huberto was like... I know a lot of people are like, Oh, that contract sucks or whatever. He's coming off 115 points. Yeah, we're going to give you six or seven. Under what?


And you just traded for him, too. Yeah, under- He traded a franchise player for him.


You want me real Real bad. I'm coming off like one of the greatest seasons from a left winger ever. Yeah.


By the way, and I don't place a lot of... I place some of what's happening Calgary at Huberto's feet, more of it at Calgary is the worst managed team outside of the Columbus Blue Jackets. They're a terribly managed team. They were a terribly coached team. I'd love to see what Huberto looks like elsewhere, but that contract's too big to move. Yeah.


Well, this is also the time of year where you look at your full season stats, and Huberto's are not good. But if you look at after a certain date. I think he was on a line with Sharon Govich and I don't remember who else. They were point of game players.


He had a good backup of this. Yeah, there you go. That's for sure.


Yeah. If you're Calgary, you hope next season is a lot more like that than the front half. Anyway, one of them has got to go. I don't care who it is. I don't want to do this all summer. No. One of you beat it.


I just did the last thing on the deal. There's his current deal, not the next one. Just don't make the same mistake. You look at the signing date and the people who have signed after Mitch Marner. It's a list of the best players in National Hockey League who are making less than him and signed after. Name them. I can just go down the list. Some guys named Eichel and Aho and Point and McAv and Kachuk and Kucharov and Adam Fox and Miko Rantanin. It's Roman Yosei, even. Hale Makar, No. Borel Caprizoff. We would take Leon Dreisetel, which was signed before. That's '27. That one doesn't count.


It seemed like an overpay at the time. Everybody was like, Are you freaking nuts? No, it was a great truth.


No, it seemed like an overpay at the time. It's one of the greatest contracts in the Injal.


That's why I have the signing date up there, too, just for comparables. But you would take a lot of these guys, plus the extra cap space over Mitch Marner any day of the week.


I think the biggest- Matthew and Chuck. Guys, here's the problem for me. The biggest indictment on that contract is that if you were to ask, I don't think you can make the argument that he's worth much more now than what he's getting paid. The number that's been thrown out there. Oh, absolutely not. The number that's being thrown out there right now is it would be like 12 million to get it done. I'm trying to figure out who gives that to him. I look at some of the numbers that were being thrown around when the RFA negotiations were happening, when his people were putting out there that he was going to go to the Zurich Lyons, and the Zurich Lyons tweeted about it. They were very funny, and that the Columbus was going to offer him $13 to $14 million. Yeah, Which apparently they did. They did.


Not to be a dick, it's Columbus. They have to overpay.




They've always had to do that.


My question is, when you name all those players, Jesse, Eichel, Rantan, are some of the names that come up. Yes, they signed in a more of a flat cap environment, but comparably speaking, is Mitch worth much more than the 10.9 that he's making?


I think we're wrong if we We don't assume that somebody out there would give Mitch 12.5. That, I think, 100% Utah exists.


But that's not that much, right? You understand that those guys, when a lot of those guys sign their contracts, they went from 5 and 6 million to 10 million. We're talking about a player that went from 900,000 to 10.9 million and might jump to 12.


That's not a big- The second contract, doing that for a 22-year-old was ridiculous every day of the week.


I can't. This is where it all comes back to this, guys. This is why people have been asking the CJ show, Has anyone ever raised... Adam says that people have actually waived their no trade clause. Is that true? Yeah. Yeah. Of course they have. They've made their no move clause. How would you do it?


You just got to act like you don't want to.


You got to act like you don't want to. Let them act like you don't want to. Don't react too much to it. I know you're a fan. I get it. Me too. And it's frustrating. But remember that what you're seeing is this is an agent that is angling for the best price for his client, which is his job, and a team that is angling for the best price for the team, which is their job. And at the end of the day, I am 100%, 1,000% sure that this team is two things: one, going to trade him, two-Without Zack Hein. He enters training camp with literally like Matt Dushan levels of anger. I'm talking Matt Dushan. You remember that picture of Matt Dushan with a Colorado album? Yes, it's hilarious. You can't let this player get to training camp like this. You can't do it. It's either that or Shane loses his job. It's one of the two. That would be the biggest distraction. And what a disservice that would be to Austin Matthews in the career he's putting together. You can't do it.