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What's something you did that made you say, Wow, I can't believe I got away with this? I've moved to France and didn't pay taxes for the first five years. The admin is a mess. Banged my best friend's ex a week after they broke up. He's sitting next to me right now. What is it with these lart? Tell me gently. Tell me. Sit me down. Hold my hand and tell me gently. You can't come at it with just aggression and stuff because I'm already hurt as it is. I changed the Sacramento wine with lean. Lean? Like pub? My boyfriend believed he left hickeys on me. They were from my side thing. Treacherous. Don't let me put my mouth on another man's mouth. Facts. Wow, treacherous. And make me believe it's mine. Make me believe I'm doing the bits whilst lips in your neck. And it's next, man. I can't even pop a blood vessel. Goodness me.