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Toyota built for a better world. This week in Barnesville, Georgia, Christmas Eve is the setting for a dark discovery that leads investigators on a road toward the obvious and the absurd welcome to small town murder.


Hello, everybody, and welcome back to small town America. Yeah, indeed, Jimmy. Yeah, indeed. My name is James Petroglyph. I'm here with my co-host, Jimmy Wassmann. Thank you, folks, so much for joining us. We are excited. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah and everything out there. Whatever you're into, New Year, year and Kwanzaa. And I don't know what else is going on, but there's things and happy those things.


We're excited. All kinds of foods for everybody. Yeah. This is our this is our Christmas episode. Next week's episode is going to come out on Christmas Eve. But you don't know you don't time your family and things that might you might take a couple of days. We're going to give you the Christmas spirit this week with a terrible murder in the spirit of the holidays that happened during Christmas. So it's wonderful. Quickly, before we get started, if you haven't yet, please, please get on Apple podcast.


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My goodness. Last week's bonus episode was comparing and contrasting the Manson family with the Heaven's Gate cult. Man, did we have fun with that? No. One, that was one of the best episodes of anything we've ever done that was against the sexes. The reason people do cults. But it's some sort of. Yeah. Or the or the object of not exactly. Right. So check all that out. There's so much in there that's crazy.


And crime and sports still. We do have crazy stuff there this week. Coming up the next week, actually, we're going to do a small town murder bonus is going to be Christmas murders and then some end of the year housecleaning stuff that we want to talk about. So that'll be a lot of fun. Do that patrie on dotcom slash crime and sports. And if you just want to be a producer and have good karma and have Jimmy mispronounce your name and the end of the show, you can do that over at PayPal using your email or our email address, not just crime and sports at Gmail dot com.


Otherwise you'd send yourself, but it would be pointless. So thank you for everyone that's done that quickly. Disclaimer it's a comedy show. This is certainly a comedy podcast. The stories are real and they're horrible. Obviously the worst. That's the thing. But here's what if they happen no matter what, whether we talk about them or not, it doesn't. If we don't talk about them, people don't rise from the graves and sit and have Thanksgiving dinner with their families and people are dead.


So we're going to talk about it and we're going to make jokes. What we don't do, though, is we don't make jokes at the expense of the victim or the victim's family because we're assholes, but we're not scumbags. That's how it works. There's plenty to make fun of us around. A crazy murder. The thought let's we should kill that person right there. There's comedy in that. What are you thinking? Yeah, that's the whole point right away.


So everything around it. And we make fun of small towns because. Why not. Yeah. We're going to do where I'm from pretty soon and I'll make fun of it horribly. And who cares. It doesn't matter. So if that all sounds good to you, awesome. We can't wait. And I think it's time for you to do something. But we'll hold off because if it's not OK with you, maybe you should check something else out right now or give it a chance.


I think it might be a little different than you think it is a run for everybody else. So let's sit back and shout and have a good time. Shut up and give me my ardha. Let's do this, Jimmy. Great. Let's go on a trip, shall we? Of that. Let's go, man. We are coming from West Virginia. We know we want to get the hell out of there because the boy. Was that a week?


That was a weird one last week. That was I'm convinced now the people who live in West Virginia, they know that it's absurd. Oh, yeah. And they embrace it. They do. They do. That's the thing. And all of our listeners who are from there, they're all like. Oh, thank God you're doing my state, that's the that town is nuts, you don't you know, you avoid it because they all have the worse stories than we do about the places, which is great.


So today we're going on down to Georgia. Yeah, down to Barnesville, Georgia, where the devils from probably I mean, there's probably a couple of them down there. Johnny played his fiddle. Well, we'll find out.


It's what one of the nicknames that somebody on Wikipedia gave it, as we'll talk about here, boy. Well, it's interesting. So this is in central Georgia and a little off to the west, about an hour to Atlanta, about 45 minutes to Macon. OK, so it's in the middle of those two places. So kind of people around there should know where this is.


And it's about two hours and 20 minutes to Rome, Georgia, which was our last Georgia episode. It's been a long time. Wow. Episode one 50, which was December 18th, 2019. So almost almost a year ago to the day. And I didn't do that on purpose just the way.


Well, and that's a good story. Yeah. The wrong one was a really good story. Go back and check that out.


This is in Lamar County area code seven seven zero. It's six square miles. So not a big town, not a small town. You know, a lot of there's kind of spreads out into the rural illness. There's some trailers out there out there in the woods. Yeah. Yeah, it's it's interesting. But and bugs. Yeah, yeah. A little latinum bug action.


The motto of this town and this is what they really embraced here is that it's the quote, buggy capital of the south, OK?


They made they made buggies for horses. Oh. Those kind of buggies. Yeah. Yeah. Not in anything to brag about in the last century or so, but they it doesn't even use it anymore on the logo.


Yeah. But that's the only place in the lobby of their headquarters and laugh about it. Yeah. They probably got it from here. Yeah. They're like that's the last one for the whole production line shut down. And also on Wikipedia somebody has a definite thing on Wikipedia. And I looked it up and I was trying to find stuff, but it's they I don't know how it's more more than any other place there. It's known as, quote, most racist city in Georgia.


Oh. So I was like, OK, well, that seems like I don't know. And I looked it up and I'm like, I mean, there's some yeah, there's race. There's a lot of racist shit in the history, but it's Georgia. I mean. Yeah, let's be realistic. That's I expect that in Georgia, like you look at Georgia history and you're surprised if there's you read a whole story and you're like, wow, no one got lynched.


That was nice. You're happy about it. Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama. Yeah, that's great. Sorry, people. But really the root what happened down there and it's not our fault. So history here. Barnesville itself was founded in eighteen twenty six, named for Gideon Barnes, who ran a tavern. Oh that's how the town started. Yeah. They named after the guy who ran the tavern. So it could have been this is like Al Swearingen.


And they were like, yeah, good job. Yeah. He has the best ladies of the night. We should, we should definitely name it down.


Out of Springfield where The Simpsons live was called most town, most town of Mossville.


So in nineteen twenty, Barnesville was designated the seat of the county. So they have all the papers there. Barnesville served as a hospital site for wounded Southern troops during the Civil War. The whole town was basically turned into a hospital site. That's what it was. All of that and the local houses, they didn't have like a lot of hospitals down there that they just used this as a place to kind of our central clearing house to bring soldiers in and put them in local people's houses.


And the local people would take care of them because there was no other nothing else to do there. So they took the men and treated them. And they said actually this area had higher success, full recovery rates than most places that they would do this with.


For some reason. I don't know. They're good. They're good at doctor and they're good at making sure they stay around these parts. I don't know what they're doing, but the town up until kind of the turn of the 20th century, the town was producing about 9000 buggies a year. Wow. Which I mean, pre like assembly line Henry Ford.


That's a seems like a lot. And build buggies. That seems they look pretty intricate. They look like a thing, accordion looking thing coming off the back wheels and a lot of things for the suspension.


A lot of work in that. Yeah. I mean the inside of it it looks like they have you bar in Central Park. You see it is it's a bench. It's nothing special for the pretty comfortable though. There's not much bounce there. Yeah. It's got the shot. It's pretty. Yeah. It's good that that makes sense. Why you want one.


So there you go. Well it was either that or ride the horse. I guess you'd have to imagine after a few miles those things get worn out pretty well though. Yeah. Like a dirt road. Yeah.


Well I guess even I know it's not the same thing exactly. But on the Oregon Trail you'd lose an axle. You lose a yeah. You know, a wheel is going to fall off like a fucking wheels are made of wood. So at some point you hit a rock rock versus wood rock winds. I mean the woods wrapped with a steel band, but then still it's still wood back there together. The rock, paper, scissors. You threw a fucking wood in there.


Woods going to lose. Yeah, it's a rock. And I think every time probably rock goes right through wood, you're going to say, you know, our. You about it, rock, splinters, wood. Yeah, so each year in the third week of September, so they do it like almost like Thanksgiving. The town hosts an annual Buggie Days celebration.


You know, we'll discuss at the end of the town show here. It's great.


Now, on the morning of April 28th, 2011, at twelve thirty eight a.m., an EF three tornado came through this town. Everybody asleep? Oh, yeah, 140 mile an hour winds touched down here, which was not here, but near here. Tornado went on to destroy a bunch of homes.


And Barnesville, two deaths in Martinsville were were attributed to the to the tornado. The tornado also destroyed a Chevron gas station just spraying. I just pictured for some reason, packs of cigarettes and shit being sprayed, people finding like I got a pack of more rollout's in my lawn. For some reason. There's another one I don't smoke. Camel.


What's cool is don't make no sense. I don't understand little bottles of fucking. Yeah, that was a five hour energy and all balls of our energy and fireball over my eyes that here I don't understand. What the hell is this. A Tasmanian devil keychain like the counter of a 7-Eleven up in here that's going up. But I got all the iPhone chargers I need and I got this terrific look at nine of these things, Android. I got it all that they're shitty and bright fuchsia.


They don't work very well. I pull out and it's going to break. But still, I got them. So the three tractor trailers were blown off interstate. Seventy five at one o'clock in the morning. That's serious shit. That's a lot of wind.


That's a lot. This tornado is part of the 2011 super outbreak.


Oh, that sounds pleasant. Why would you even live somewhere where a possible outbreak of tornadoes, how to be around an outbreak of tornadoes? It's a super outbreak. That's horrifying.


That sounds like something Superman and Batman need to team up on. Right. And, you know, get the Hulk involved. There's a lot of we need to get all the super friends in on this one. I feel like I don't understand how any new fangled superhero is like old school.


As the second that you see that happening, how do you not go? Climate's not changing. That's fucking crazy.


It's all messed up. It was the outbreak was the largest, costliest and one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks ever recorded, took place along the southern, Midwestern and even all the way up to the northeast.


It's like a whole. Everything's fine. It's all good. Right? That's normal.


No, tornadoes don't happen like anywhere else on the fucking planet for America for some reason.


What is and what is our problem? Nowhere else. There's all sorts of weird things and deserts and mountains and climates and strange shit. But we have the one strange combination that causes swirly winds to suck people into the sky.


This is not a hundred and forty miles an hour.


I just thought of our listeners in like Australia thinking about such an abstract thought that shit is crazy. Have you seen Twister? It's a terrible movie, but have you seen it? That is right.


Boobs are there for a minute. That's nothing. The film about 12, 14. There's a good time in my life I enjoyed it. Should have been looking for something other than, I don't know, like I like Helen Hunt in a later time. Thirteen looking at Helen Hunt and hell is wrong with you watching that movie 40s. I was watching my ass in the movie. Oh no she's not in that movie. She is in that movie. Bill fucking Paxton.


That's Philip Seymour Hoffman Zippi. Yes. And that really is attracting people in that movie.


Let's be honest here. Let's be honest. People often a lot. Jesus, Jimmy was black and it's not necessarily my whole. You just blew my mind. You don't understand. Whatever murder happens, that won't be as crazy. I just like her in a in a wife beater.


Now, everyone's going to be sending you seductive pictures, which is hilarious or whatever. So what are you gonna do if you got Philip Seymour Hoffman's? I'll take those two guys. Right. There's some talent on that. And Helen Hunt, very funny. Serious. So the event not only affected Alabama and Mississippi the most severely, but also lots of tornadoes in Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia in total. Three hundred and sixty tornadoes were confirmed.


Only my calls in twenty one states from Texas to New York. Twenty one twenty one states. Well, year 2011 eleven on April 27th was the most active day with a record set with two hundred and sixteen tornadoes touching down from that day, midnight to midnight. Everything's fine. Wow. For the tornadoes were destructive enough to be EF five holy five, which is nuts.


The highest ranking possible there. And typically there are only recorded about once a year or less a tornado that bad instead of, you know, multiple in the same day. In total, three hundred forty eight people were killed, so we cry three hundred forty eight people, that's a lot of people fast wind to fast win, that's how dangerous that is, 324 to tornadoes and then another twenty four caused by the thunderstorms around them with winds, hail, flash flooding and lightning strikes.


The electrocutions, Barnesville was the setting was filmed here anyway for the twenty eighteen HBO miniseries Sharp Objects with Amy Adams. Do you see that one? We watched it. And it's OK. It's it's done really well. And she's really good in it. But it's a movie. It's a documentary. No, no, no, it's not a documentary. It's like this. It's it's pretty dark, which is cool. There's a murder. It's it's done really well.


It's a good job. But anyway, it's a lot of people have seen it on HBO. They're they filmed most of the exterior shit here. The town was supposed to be Wingate Gap, Missouri, which doesn't exist, but they used Barnesville as the as the kind of crappy small town she went back to to investigate this thing. So that's what this is. This is a crappy small town. People leave and then go back to and go, oh, man, weird.


Remember this?


Remember this Garden State College is here and that has about three thousand students plus somewhere in there, between three and four. I have a few reviews of the town here. It's they're pretty lame. Honestly, I have a three star here. The options for food and drink here aren't awful if you aren't picky.


But OK, so as long as you're willing to just go roll with the punches, you'll find something to eat as you eat everything. Yeah, there something.


There are no fancy restaurants by any means. The only things open later. McDonald's and Huddle House, whatever the hell that is. That sounds gross. I think of puddle. We think of pests which I don't want to hold around it. Yeah. Get the food away from that pest puddle please. That's what I think is allergies, which is worse. Yeah, there's nothing to do at night, especially not drinking or clubbing. Oh darn. Three stars.


Another one. The majority of people that live here work out of town, especially if you have a career, unless you're a teacher. Some work at the schools.


Well, I would assume thank God someone's got to work. Their employment is stable by the teachers. I mean, someone's got to work at the schools. Just people. Nobody's working in the school. It's just an open build. And you got a mechanic being the teacher because we got no teacher and he does it in the shop. They come down, he stands up on the lift and he talks to the kids.


And I said, employment is stable, but not really growing. It's hard to find a job because there aren't many openings and nothing is improving. That's not it sounds like a small town, three star. Here's two stars. The local businesses include restaurants to boutiques. There are eleven people give you the rundown of the fast food. Yeah, there are a few big name fast food restaurants and some family owned restaurants. There's a one dollar general and some basic stores like Walgreens and CVS.


If you need anything specific, you'll have to drive at least twenty minutes out of our town. Our city is very small and there aren't many options, options whether you are choosing food or necessities. OK, then I found for some this they have the worst. I think it sounds like they have a terrible McDonald's there because the reviews are not good and it jumped out.


It was really up at the top of the Google here search for the things.


There's one review here and it is the worst McDonald's ever did. Mollis in Atlanta, Georgia. And he's got five, three hundred and seventy five thumbs up on it. So people, right? Yes. Yeah, I travel seventy five thousand miles each year. And to find the worst McDonald's in America, I simply had to drive sixty five miles from my home. The restaurant has a very was very dirty and the food was very bland and the service was awful.


Well as McDonald's. Yeah, I talk about the food. You're shocked. You're like it was clean and the food was good. That's what if you get decent McDonald's you like. That wasn't bad. Wow. I had ordered and paid at the kiosk. Those behind the counter seemed clueless that I had ordered and paid. I finally got the attention of a manager who got my order worse McDonald's ever did it.


But everybody a lot of the reviews are just like dirty and gross and people are like nasty. OK, you know, not caring employees. You mean it's McDonald's? It's McDonald's. Gross. Yeah. And the people there are angry that they have to serve food for shit money.


That's what you should expect. Yeah, I would assume so. But I feel like for some reason this one seems to be rising above the average. It's all of that, James, and it's dirty. That's that's the the thing you can have all of that with a clean restaurant.


People put up with that shit that that just reflects on the employees and how they feel about the place of filthy sex.


I got to pick up a mop for the same money.


I find it no, I find it odd that most of the compliments or complaints and all of these reviews are like fucking fast food related. You notice that every review we have, they only have this fast food they list on this fucking website. It's we need to get our shit together as a country.


As a people. Yeah. To look ourselves as a country. Other countries, they don't review shit like that. I mean, that's our country as a people. Yes. We the people need to look at ourselves and go give the fuck in the and go, that burger is not sitting well on you and I love burgers. I'm not saying my favorite. I shouldn't be your main focus in the town of Burgers. They just like the mirror and say I'm better than this.


Exactly. And then live that way.


That's what I'm saying. People of this town. Sixty five hundred fifty three people right now. So little out there. Six and a half thousand up 38 percent since 1990. So people move in here because it's the burbs. You know, 20 percent is are the people here are 18 to 20 years old. It's usually four percent of college. So that throws everything way out of whack. And also it's twice the eighty five and overcrowded. So old people live long here.


Female and male populations way out of whack. Fifty five percent female, almost fifty six percent. So guys, if you're looking for a small college to go to, it seems like the ratio is pretty decent at Garden State for you. Median age in this town, twenty five point six, like we said. But there's a lot of old people here, too. Half the married population is normal. You're going to get these are all, you know, off from the college stats.


But I single with no children. Twenty five percent. It's usually ten. So there you go. Those are college kids. They're going to school single with children. Twenty three percent, usually fifteen. So there's also they're having some kids. Yeah. So that's fine. Race of this town. Different than usual for us, for small town murder here. Thirty three percent white, sixty sixty point four percent black and point two percent Asian and one point five percent Hispanic.


Very, very low.


So yeah, it's like half the white people, you know, five percent of the Hispanic people and then believable amounts to black people, the southern town. So you never know. Could be a lot of white people, could be more black people. It's kind of how southern towns go. That's a good point. Yeah.


It's kind of one of the other sixty three point five percent of the people here are religious. It has Georgia. It is deep, deep. This is what you would call deep.


Georgia, yes. Sixty three percent. Sixty three and a half percent. Twenty percent of them are Baptist because as we know, Baptists are the Catholics of the South, and that's just how it goes. But there's actually more Methodists here. It's a Methodist area. Thirty, almost thirty six percent Methodist here.


Baptists and Methodists dominate a horrifying absolutely spoof.


That's but there's only five point six percent Pentecostal. So the snakes are put away for now. That's correct, yes. We make fun of all religions. Enjoy zero point zero percent Jewish said. Now, apparently, there's no Talmudic studies courses at Garden State. Probably. I don't know if they offer that to try to draw a lot of people. That's why it's not that that's what all Jewish people are looking for. But I'm just saying, I think they're like, we don't need to offer that right.


There's not any Jewish people here, zero point zero percent in Islam as well. Unemployment rate's about normal for now. Household income, though, is where it's we got a discrepancy. Normally it's fifty seven thousand. Here it is. Twenty six thousand one fifty eight what? But you're getting college kids also.


So it's it's kind of hopefully they're getting some grants or some stipends or. Yeah. That's they're going to bring down the them and the senior citizens are going to bring down here. I just don't understand live on that.


That's difficult. That's for a household. Right. Thirty percent of the people make under fifteen thousand a year. There's your students and your elderly.


Fifty over fifty five percent of the people here make thirty thousand dollars or less per year.


That's absurd. Households. That's fucking bonkers. That's wild. It's not fair.


It's bad.


Cost of living here to one hundred is average. National average here it's eighty. And the low thing though is housing housing's a thirty four. OK, just very low median home cost here, seventy nine thousand nine hundred dollars. Just over forty percent of the houses are worth less than one hundred thousand dollars here is just affordable will say. And if we've convinced you, damn it, I don't know how, but we've convinced you to move to Barnesville. We have for you the Barnesville, Georgia real estate report.


Your average two bedroom rental here is 700 dollars a month. I assume the rental market's decent, actually, because of the college, I found a two bedroom, one bath, one thousand four square foot starter home here.


Tiny, not great. I searing yellow. I mean, it's there's house, white, white, white. And then this House is like, whoa, you could see it from a satellite photo. It is yellow. It's twenty seven thousand nine hundred bucks though. So it's got a roof. So there you go.


Three bedroom, two bath, nineteen hundred twenty nine square feet. Wow. So that's a little bigger. That's like a family home. Couple of kids. It's just a footprint that the twister can't take. Or you go except you don't have to wait a minute because it looks like they just need to clear away the crime scene tape and then you'll have the home of your dreams. Yeah, it looks like my family was recently murdered.


Probably. We're going to have to paint over the blood. Yeah, the blood in the beds everywhere. It's on the ceiling. We're going to have to paint over this little stripe for it. Clearly pulled this out. The axe that someone went to do a spatter pattern on that they convict the guy fifty six thousand nine hundred bucks for this little gem that I found. Let's say you're the I don't know. You you make all the bucks here, Mr.


Bug. Mr. Buggie. Three bedroom, three bath. Thirty five hundred and seventy six square feet. Wow. Very nice. Big old southern porch. Like almost like a gazebo on the one side spires. Pretty beautiful. Looks like a southern governors house or something like he'd be sipping lemonade. Yeah. Making racist comments off the front porch. Three hundred seventy five thousand dollars. That's like the nicest house in town. Sounds like it.


Not bad things to do here. Barnesville buggy days.


Yeah, of course. Jesus Christ is everybody own a buggy and there's a parade. They just have a thing down there. Yeah. Says with original events such as hog calling.


I don't like that. And hog calling like that at all. I will repeat it. I don't like that.


But it's that, it's that suit they make fucking. But they actually come. Yes. They respond to it. Oh I've seen that on SportsCenter. Make fun of like check this. Yep. 400 pound bag like this with like this 400 pound man with meat on his shirt. Right. There's a hunk of it out stuck there. But it's obviously felt like he had steak on his shoulder. That man super weird. He's saving it for later wagon pulling.


I don't know if that's by person. If you just put it on your shoulders and ricksha that choir competitions and even a fiddle contest.


Well, fucking wingding dentally do. Jimmy, there's a fiddle contest after the Horcoff. Oh, man, that's too exciting. Now what if they're at the same time? Because I don't know which I sign up for because I mean I do have a hog call. Clearly I got that down. But then at the same time I've been working on my fiddle faddle. I don't know how that's going to work out either. I figure I don't know if I can sign up for both.


I do love a good oh, she's got to love a fiddle and I love a fiddle and like a deadline. Joni Pavony they can fiddle really well. That's super violin. It's impressive, but yeah, it's just like they start playing second fiddle and then I'm just like, all right, let's get to the rest of the song.


Once the bass never, never just hit the beat now. Nope.


The annual street dance was there in twenty nineteen with music featuring featuring music by The Master Blaster, Zombi and Fireworks Display, and it's held at the rodeo arena. Ten dollars to this side. Also, I don't know what this is because there's no details, but I found something called Dillydally and Doolally.


I just love the name of it. It's not really Daladier that plays the fiddle Fallone dilly-Dally and duly. I'm going to the dilly-Dally. Where is that doolally obvious? dilly-Dally Newly it's on the location of it is three fifty Pig Jig Boulevard now. Yes. So it's Vienna Georgia. The dillydally zone. Pig jigged go down down there. You're making it too easy Sergeant. Sorry. This is like the Canadians putting fucking beavers on their money. It's just too easy.


Stop making it easy to make fun of you. Oh, that's you. Every year the winner of the Finland contest is Whoever Can Play the devil went down to Georgia the best, I guarantee, probably every year. And the best rendition of Devil went down to Georgia. Goes to Clemson again. Right. Come up here and get to Charlotte dance. Oh, let's do it. Then there's the Barbecue and Blues Festival, which somebody wrote that I don't know if it's true, but it takes place at the site of an old slave auction.


I don't know if that's true or not, but it's I'm not positive they're going to perpetuate the Slave Festival of Blues. The Blues are appropriate. They have a stake cookoff. They cost twenty dollars to enter the state cookoff for a grand prize of two hundred and fifty dollars. Cash is cash, cash, money and a trophy. All right. So you get that it's a this is all sanctioned by the GBA, Jimmy. The Georgia barbecue. I swear to God, I'm not making this up, this is a sanctioned.


You're just gonna figure out what barbecue is because it's not a steak, you dummy, that I don't know what's happening in most of the music is like decent old, like old, kind of under the radar blues guys.


But they're like they're good. So I gonna make fun of them, too. About crime in this town or interested in property crime. This is kind of typical of college towns, is almost twice the national average. A lot of young people out drinking and doing stupid shit and then violent crime, murder, rape, robbery and assault. The Mount Rushmore of crime is a little bit under the average national.


So it's kind of typical for that. OK, now that said, I'm talking about a nice little college town. Here we go. Let's talk about a murder phytoliths in James. I'm officially in on it.


All you want to do is sit in a cafe and quietly enjoy this podcast when you can. I have a total hemi demi semi half caf McClarty. Oh, and can you serve it into macchiato class. Oh give me strength.


Cut the nonsense and keep it real. With Trebor, pick up a refreshing boost of Trebor Extra strongman's for a cherry trees of self-defense.


Let's fit allowed into this now. OK, let's go back in time. Yeah a little bit. It's a it's go back to a Christmas Eve ok. As a matter of fact December the twenty fourth Jimmy this is a Christmas Eve tell fantastique. What do you think. I've been saving this for, for six fucking months. Christmas Eve. Yeah. Here it is. Christmas Eve. We're going to go back we think of Christmas Eve. Yeah. And Norman Rockwell painting a picture being a little kid.


2008, I got a brand new baby 2008 going back to not having to go back that far. Yeah, 2008. This is December the 24th, 2008. Wow. This is crazy.


So all day there's been police out there searching around the woods on Christmas Eve and nightfall is almost here. The sun is setting late afternoon East Coast for something. Sun's not not even good. I know this. Look at the sunset for, like, you know, the East Coast right now. It's like four sixteen pm fiza. Wow. So, yeah, it's it's getting sun setting. They're about to call the day. It's Christmas Eve. Right.


They've been searching, but they're like it's about to go home with their families and, you know, do their thing, have dinner and open presents the next morning and everything. But just at that point, they're on a tract of land in Redbone here. And it's an area known as Redbone. It's not an actual city or town. It's just an area down there. They got over there and Redbone, right? Yeah, they have. And they have dogs that come from there and really certain type of dog, the Redbone something, the hound or something.


Yeah. Comes from this area. Watch best in show.


OK, I'm sure he discusses that some. I don't know if he knows he's he's from the hound. The guy with the hound is not from there because he's from because he talks about the nuts. Right. Because the town is. So what the hell town is it. The pine. That's the one that really sent her over there.


She stopped talking about nuts.


Stop name and nuts. Will you stop naming Nuts a great movie. That's a terrific movie.


So that's one. That's right. Now, don't, Jimmy.


OK, quickly jam quickly as we get into this. I just found out this. I'm an idiot. I just found out the last couple of days as Jimmy is now the beneficiary of a giant bag of walnuts.


I'm allergic to walnuts. I didn't know this.


I've been eating them my whole life. My grandmother always had walnuts on the table. They would make my mouth really irritated, my throat irritated and things like that. I just thought that's what walnuts did because I've been eating them for so long. It's an allergy. Yeah, I thought that's what walnuts. I thought maybe there's an oil. I brought up the saros like isn't it weird. Walnuts you get on. She's like, no like really. And then she looked it up and she's like shortness of breath.


So I go, yeah, I get that. She's like, you're you're going to die. Stop eating them. I ate so many of the other day. I went to bed, I was sick. I couldn't breathe. It was I was in such bad shape. And then she discovers that.


So I'm jealous of anyone. I love them.


I love little w little W brownies with the walnuts ottoman. My favorite thing in the world. I don't want any more walnuts.


So that's my Christmas gift for free. I will give you credit. You did you get the really good one. I bought the big bag with unsalted.


Yeah. Fantastic for you. I need them and then I can't eat so I got to figure something out here.


I'll keep you posted. Thank you. And tell me how they work for you.


So this is Redbone, known as the the area of Redbone known as the Tom Rusk Dary. Oh so over oh by Tom Rothbury in Red Phone and Redbone Watt who is not which isn't owned by Tom Rusk. OK, it's now owned by Ralph Adamson is the name Ralph. It's in Redbone at the Tom Does Tom Rusk Dairy owned by Ralph Adams.


And now so this sounds like funny farm. Yeah. Take a right at the. Fork in the road where the old hawkins' barn he was used and then some miles down about three, about three miles before the road forks, you're going to want to take a look. What the hell do I know? And it's going to work at three miles. Yeah. Let's say I go from here. I wouldn't start if I was going there from here. I wouldn't want to start from there because you had to.


Yeah, well, so the reason why they're pushing on up right up until dark is because in the hours leading up to this in the afternoon, they've made some discoveries. There are there are the sheriff is out there with cadaver dogs and everything else. And they find a they find a pair of boots out there that the cadaver dogs are picking up a scent on that could belong to the person they're looking for. They also find a metal baseball bat, an aluminum baseball bat like, you know, getting your Little League Baseball bat.


They find that there also, which has some say debris on it a little bit. It's got some bloody, dried, dried substance on the underside that looks like it could be blood. It's also in the dirt.


So there's a you know, maybe it's Georgia. Red clay could be just mud. And it's been sitting there, you can tell for a while to go along with the boots they have. This is not this didn't happen today.


This isn't fresh. And they find that they also find a wallet as well, an empty wallet that they believe could belong to the person they're looking for. The wallet and the boots were actually found the day before by somebody else, just random random person who didn't who didn't report it until they were found on the twenty second.


They didn't report it to the to the authorities till the next day they found it. The afternoon went home and then the next morning called the authorities about it. And then they started looking in this area on the 24th. That's how this worked. So this is the sheriff himself is walking around and they were going about they were in a cornfield around here. And they're talking about they've been in the woods for two days just with dogs traipsing around. And, you know, it's George, but it's still cold.


Yeah. And finally they find they find a decaying deer. They find they get a really bad smell. Yeah. They find a decaying deer, which is a terrible smell. That'll piss you off, too, because we thought it was a body.


Well, that's the thing they're looking at that it's near the road, actually, the dead deer that's rotting. So they're like my car. Yeah. It's probably not the deer's boots, though. They're usually carry empty wallet. No. So what they do is they go, let's go start at the deer and go in from the deer into the woods right at the line of the deer. Follow that line and take the cadaver dogs and do all of this thing.


And when they do, they start to drag the wood line.


You know, they go down the line and back and forth how they do it. The sheriff says, quote, I could smell the human flesh. It smells different than a deer. That's a nice Christmas. He says that once he did that, he ended up finding something. He found a what appeared to be a body you never know in the woods, but appeared to be a body wrapped tightly and what appeared to be a camouflage quilt.


So I don't know if this is like it's going to blend in. They'll never find the never gonna find the body till they smell it.


If we camouflage, we put the camouflage, it'll hot everything. White people could sit in here forever, be walking all around it still with everything on top of it, dammit, that smells around here somewhere. I don't see nothing. See, that's how it works. Yeah. So, yeah, they end up doing that and once they find a human body there, they decide that the deer was probably placed as a decoy. As a decoy. Yeah.


And that's, that was the sheriff's thought when he started dragging the tree line was this deer root. So rather than the deer taking attention away from the body, the deer drew attention to the body. Wild as they said. Yeah, they went this is a weird place to leave a decaying deer. Nobody around here leaves deer out. When they kill them, they usually take them home, eat the fuckers or do something with them. So that's weird.


Even if a car clipped it, you'd still wouldn't leave. Exactly. For the jerky. Somethin some. Yeah, there's just an odd thing that it would sit there for a while and they're like, this isn't this isn't right. So they ended up by. Yeah. Going in is a smart move actually. This is the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that arrives right at dusk on Christmas Eve.


Oh, now these are guys that, you know, guys and women, everything that were at home. Yeah, it's almost dark days over. You're going home. It's Christmas. You're, you know, getting something ready for dinner. Kids are talking.


And when we open one present tonight, you know, it is one million. Phone rings Hello. Thank fuck. Yeah. And then they got a page or something. Actually, this is twenty eight. So I was trying to usually we're in the eighties or something, so I'm like a page but twenty eight they got a call on their cell phone. Oh shit. Yeah. No you instead of spending Christmas Eve with your family having a nice night, you are now going to go process the crime scene.


Yeah. We have the body. Oh. In the dark by the way. You know, enjoy that. It'll be cold and dark and you're going to love it. It's great where there's an ice. Storms and do we mention it stinks because it's clearly been here a while, right? It doesn't things don't smell like that, you know, out of nowhere, but they take a while. So crime scene specialists from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrives just before dusk, Cheesus to process the scene and to attend to the removal of the body where it'll be taken to the crime lab, where a medical examiner is going to have a very fun Christmas Eve.


They get there's the guy that has the shittiest job. Yeah. He gets to examine closely a decomposed person on Christmas Eve. That's. Yeah. Just the way the baby would want it.


Yeah, that's that's that's what this that's what this time of year is all about. Right. It's about processing decomposed corpses.


That's something disgusting on the name of a little baby.


That's so nice isn't it. So that's a bad how would you even let's say I get that's your job and you do this every day. You see a lot of corpses. But that's a rough thing to then do that and then go home and then the next morning be like Jerry for the riots, if you like. Santa came. But Dad, I got a really well, yeah. Oh well. Santa came back.


It's good that he can it's not everybody can make it down the chimney. Good thing he didn't get stuck up there and decompose as you should see a body after its decomp for a while. Kids, it's not pretty.


They're like, do I get my Lego?


Does this mean I'm not getting Nintendo switch while I wait a liver? This morning it was half gone. So now is it?


Look, Dad, look what I got. He picks it up because that's very nice.


It's about the weight of the liver, decomposed human being that was found in the forest last night over at the Tom Rusk dairy.


Tom Ross must have been mad. Successful for Mr. Adams. Yeah, well, it looks like, you know what? I'm going to touch it. I don't want to put my name on it. Nobody will buy it. Who? Russkis, Magic, everything. Everything Rusk touches turns to gold like corn. See how that works? I'm not going to touch it. Corn right there, too. So the body was wrapped tightly and appeared to be a quilt and then another fabric that appeared to be another camouflage thrown over it.


So there was like a quilt tight that was a camouflage quilt. Then like another camouflage, like, you know, if it's a flag or a blanket or some something camouflage. But material here, like the green camouflage, only the the toes of the victims were visible.


That's how they could see that it was a human being in the body in the back. And not just like a bunch of leaves are, you know, another deer body that they've stretched out in a weird way.


So it appeared that the body, the path to the body was well worn, was like a trail to the body, like it had been walked a few times.


And so whoever had hidden it had revisited often basically is what he surmised by this.


This is a it wasn't like a walk in tree, wasn't a trail that was created by whoever did this and trampled just recently quite a bit.


And in the winter, too, when the foliage doesn't grow as well, you can trample a trail out and it won't pop back the next day, you know what I mean?


So you could see it also taken into evidence at this point to too us to soft drink cans. So two soda cans, a cell phone, sorry, a cellophane, you know, which is the plastic out on the cigarette. It's from a cigarette packs.


I got the Georgia tax stamp exactly where you go cellophane off the bottom of a cigarette pack and what appeared to be a cup that by the analyzation, once held a mixed drink with alcohol in it.


So were they having someone having a party out here like they're bringing mixed drinks to the spot of the corpse? Right. Is this a Christmas party?


What's happening in a couple of kids with their sister? Yeah, from the kids. Is this like a murderer's Christmas party? This is what they do down south. You know, the cellophane out of all of this is the biggest clue, in my opinion, because somebody that smokes and takes the bottom cellophane off is a very specific person, their trash person.


Yes, that's a trash person.


I'm sorry, but you know it. If you don't, you go from a trash. You know your trash person. I would take the bottom off because I didn't like the it was the flakes of the tobacco that would get in there and it would annoy me. Somebody's talking. Otherwise they get in your pocket.


Right. So then you got something going on there to catch those flakes at tobacco.


But there's a most people that smoke don't take that shit off. No, it's a very specific purpose. It serves a purpose. There's a reason that the tobacco company puts that little band on there so that you keep that little bit on the past.


So that's exactly how you got it in your fucking laundry machine. Yeah. And that's that's why you're white trash, because not you when someone does that, too, because then in your car and your car seat, there's tobacco products all over your car seat. It's all over the place. And your cup holder, it's everywhere. It's not smart. No, it's not. It's there for a reason. But this is festive. Yes. Right here.


Well, trashy. Party down by the body, crashing party down by the body for them, and then these guys get to come, oh, look at this and clean up after. Oh yeah. Wow. I'll be home. This is festive, single and a cup. It is just like a plastic cup, like a plastic one that wouldn't be there, you know, not something like a McDonald's coming. And they're all like it's like blow off because it's all like stuff that leads to each other, soda cans and things.


And they're not like from the road. There's woods there. So they wouldn't you know, they're in this area right around the body. I don't know if somebody, you know, had a couple of sodas and a mixed drink and then off of himself and wrapped themselves in a quilt. But it seems like there was some people hanging out there.


I'm still blown away. You're able to surmise me by my fucking cellophane. I know. That's because I'm good at that's the name size people up very well. It's one small factor. I'm like, yes, you're trash. I know how it's someone's trash, believe me, because I'm from trash and I am trash. So I understand trash. This isn't a judgment. Now, that's that's you can you know yourself it you can see this in yourself and people you comfortable around.


Yeah. Dreaming. Oh that's a very specific person. That's my point. Yeah. So when they find the guy with the cellophane list. Yeah. I don't know. In this area there may be a shitload of that party in by a body. Right.


And a well worn point to.


Yeah it's true. It's trash. Yeah. I think that's a bigger factor in the cellophane. The fact that we have a well-worn path to your corpse, to your party party.


But everybody she's dreaming of a white Christmas is you're the genius of a dead white Christmas white trash Christmas. I want that song and I take off my cellophane. Right. That one. Taylor Swift Tobacco Flex on my car seat and pocket. Have Christmas jingle bells. This car smells. It's been here for a month. Georgia isn't cold enough to freeze out all the funk.


That's when they found it. We're sorry. You know, there's a dead human being, but this is too much. It's fun. It's Christmas and we have to have some kind of fun with all of them. Think so?


Yeah. So that said, there's a mystery afoot, obviously. Clearly a mystery. We have clues. We have a body. It's Christmas Eve, the beginning of a god damn good story. One, maybe three shit bag somewhere that we're looking for. Yeah, up to. Who knows. Up to and including. Yeah, who knows. Let's talk about some people. OK, let's talk about some people here. Let's go 2008. Let's stay in 2008.


We're going to talk about one guy guy named Donald Clarke. He's 41 years old, serious Clarke.


Serious, real to me. So he's born in nineteen sixty seven. He's forty one at this moment. And his wife, as well as Jennifer Lee Clark. Now Jennifer is younger than him. Jennifer was born in 1978. So she's ten, you know, ten, eleven years younger. And they they got married in 1997 when Jennifer was only nineteen. Oh. So yeah he was thirty, she was nineteen at a boy. So he said, look at Donald.


Yeah. Donald, it was already married and divorced. Oh well he's got a child from another marriage. He's got a daughter from another marriage there and everything. So these two Donald and Jennifer end up having two sons together over the next ten years. Very nice. They have two sons in 1998. They're ten and eight years old. They are. Joshua and Jacob are their names. So and they have Amber from a previous marriage. He has those of their children.


They you know, there are a couple, typical couple when they live in a small town, don't have a ton of money or anything like that. But, you know, two kids and any time you have two kids and my you know, especially if one of the partners is very young, especially nineteen is a hard time to start a family and have kids. That's really difficult. Like, that's that's young to do that.


It really to just be like, well, going to do this now and be you know, it's easier as difficult abilities and things that are accessible today to have a child that probably but it's fucking crazier, in my opinion, to have them now because you have everything available and the world is your fucking oyster. You don't. Then in the 50s, world was a little less of an oyster, you know.


Oh, I would say has more of a clam. It was a closed oyster. You needed a crowbar to get into the different goddamn story. Right.


So they tried to make it as a couple, though. And there they have problems over the years now. And their main problem is that Jennifer has at least four affairs with different people over the course of time here. She's young. Nineteen nineteen is a tough time to get married, have children, be a you know, because I think about it there, it's twenty eight there. One son is ten. So they had a kid right away. She had a she had a baby at twenty.


So that's young. It is, I mean, a lot of people do it and they they're fine and they don't it doesn't affect them in any way. But for her, I don't know that seem to seem to make her want to go out and do stuff or whatever. But that happens, though, and you can't judge people's judge people's marriages from the outside unless they're on a 90 day fiancee. Then they're asking for. They want you to.


They want you to. And you should judge them because that's that's what they're there for. They signed up to be judge me. Right. Judge me. They think they're good.


That's why they're on they're they're they're daring you to judge them and presenting their life as there's nothing to judge here. Exactly. Which is just as crazy as it is brave. But it's still like, you know, it's a I couldn't do it.


But I'm I'm I'm impressed that people can they can just open up their lives like that. I'm like, wow, I couldn't tell my friends that shit. I don't know that I could be on any kind of reality show in any capacity because, A, it would be boring as fuck. But also, I'm I'm horrified for people to know what I'm really like. Yeah. I don't really see the ins and outs of my life.


You know, me, anything that was funny, I would make sure to hide it from camera. And it's good to see that you're not going to see that. That's what I mean.


You're going to be doing something nefarious.


So the affairs are a problem. Now we have to enter somebody in here into the whole situation because the household, two little kids and not little, but two kids and an older sister. Yes. She doesn't live there full time. OK, so two kids and those two kind of with the Iraqi marriage. And now we enter another person into this. It is it is Donald's best friend's son is having problems. So Donald's a nice guy. And Jennifer, they're nice people and they offer to let him stay there with them for a little while if that would help ease out.


The problem is he he's twenty one. Well, I don't know.


I just get his own fucking shit together so we could go to Garden State up the road. What are we doing here?


Talking about you going to go live with a friends, your best friend's family. It's your dad's best friend's fam. Dad's best friends. Family. Yeah, it's very strange because you're having problems at home. You're twenty one. I could see if he was sixteen. Right. It's like, well we'd like him to finish out high school and, you know, stay in the district and all that kind of shit at twenty one.


The problems at home you should have. Ah I didn't pay my own cable bill. Yeah. Yeah. Oh shit. They shut my phone. Right. Well if the guy if you can tell him. Sure. Yeah. I tell him he can come over and stay here and on the way pick up a six pack. He's too fucking old to stay with you. He's too old at that point. What are we doing here. It's not a kid anymore.


Now buy it. You can buy alcohol, bring it over. It brings over. I brought a bottle of wine. I thought you guys might want to dinner. This kid's not buying a bottle of wine. I know that much now. His name is Kenneth Michael Yost. He goes by Michael, though always because his name is Kenneth. Right. And the short for that is Kenny or can either way, party room can.


And every single guy right now named Kenneth is nodding along. So don't be offended for the cans because they're nodding along. Go no shit. They go by their middle name too, unless it's like Coke brother had or some shit. My Uncle Kenny hates his name.


Everybody I know a guy named Kenny hate his name too. Can't know. But no, Ken's like their names so I'm sure there's a couple they're going to tweet at us. Whatever.


So now Kenny, like I said, he's the son are not Kenny. Michael Michael is the son of Donald's best friend.


He's not exactly had it's not exactly like the class valedictorian and just looking. He's transferring. He wants to transfer, but he's coming from Princeton. He doesn't know whether he wants to go to Yale or Brown like it's not that's not what's happening. He has two previous burglary convictions. Oh, my gosh. You know, he's just kind of he's just kind of a he's a dual shithead. Basically, he's an idiot. He would I like to call a ne'er do well shithead in these days.


You know, it's like a kid is not really any direction, has no not evil or anything. It's kind of a ne'er do well shit that he's not really doing anything to. Dipshit dipshit.


And we've all been in depth. Oh my God. I was a dipshit for like eleven years. I was in there too. Well did I mean plenty of time after I moved out of my parent's house. Oh yeah. Eleven more of them including up to and including.


Right. So in January of 2008 is when he was having a problem getting along with his father and stepmother. So they allowed him to stay there, which I don't know why they didn't just say go get your own apartment, then probably fuck her.


Yeah, I don't know. You're twenty one. I like figure it out. I'm want to live with your parents. Right. Which are nice enough that they ever still let me live with them, which was good. But at that point where are you going to go move in with other people. This is forty years ago.


I thought I could walk around with my pants off and you're still here. You're still here. The fuck out. Go away. So they you know, this is going on.


Now, the main issue with this that I should address right up front is that Jennifer's having an affair with Michael before he moves in, before he moves in. All right. So basically, him moving in is sort of escalating. Yeah, it's sort of, you know, oh, maybe I could live there because. They are having an affair, so it's kind of he moves there probably for the affair and doesn't know that. No, Donald has no idea about this at all.


She's he has no idea that his wife's back in his best friend's son, and then he invited her to live at his house. He's clueless of this. No, he doesn't know anything about that. So this goes on that he moves in January. They're there now. March 7th, 2008 is a strange night. The night of March seven, Donald calls nine one one in the middle of the night. OK, all right. Now, he's not injured.


He's not hurt. But the reason he calls is it's it's legitimate. He woke up in the middle of the night, opened his eyes to find his wife, Jennifer, standing over him with an aluminum baseball bat. Oh, boy. That's a story. This is like Henry Hill in Goodfellas, waking up with Karen on here. Karen, what the fuck is going on here? I got nothing to worry about getting whacked on the streets. I got to come home for this.


So, yeah, that's a scary thing to do.


So he wakes up to find her with the baseball bat and he calls nine one one. He freaks out, calls nine one one. She says, I don't know what he's like, what the fuck are you doing? And she said, I don't know what I'm doing.


So she was her fucking excuse to be a here.


I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. I'm doing either. I took a bunch of Ambien. I was dreaming. I was Lenny Dykstra, OK? I was dreaming. It was a three two count. Don't worry, I was a little on the outside. I was going to swing anyway. So she was looking for the wall. Yeah. So the cops come. Yeah. To but there's not really much to talk about because she stops, she then started hitting them in the you know, so it's just a weird case of let's get this on file I guess.


I don't know, he called nine one one and they make sure no one's hurt. He's just here baseball bat and something so they come over. It's twenty eight. They shot it down. Yeah. So they come over, they check him out. So the police are curious as to Jennifer's, you know, who are you doing. They're just I mean like, you know, what's the explanation. OK, she tells the officer that she doesn't know.


She said I don't have any reason for doing it. And they said, well, did Donald do something to you to make you mad that he be scary to her? And she said, no, nothing. We didn't fight with that. He didn't provoke it. He didn't scare me. He didn't hurt me. I wasn't mad at him. Everything was fine. And I was standing there with a baseball bat over him at two o'clock in the morning, you know, normal.


She's got the answer of an eight year old. I don't know yet what? I don't know for sure. But why did you do it? I don't know exactly what he is doing, Jen. I don't know that he said, well, why did he make you mad?


No. Did the man scare you? No. Well, then why'd you do it? I don't know. God damn it, that's got to be dirtier.


Said I was making mud pies, trying to figure it out myself. Yeah. So this they go to Donald and they turn to him and they're like shrug of the shoulders. Like, I don't know what to say here. She says she doesn't know. She said she doesn't know and she's not mad at you. You're not going to believe this.


I don't know either. I just got here.


So I'm really confused. If you think you guys are confused. Yeah. Vague about me. I was in my office. I don't know what the hell's going on here. So what do you think, Officer?


I don't know how that works. It's not really anything I can do. There wasn't anything that happened. She didn't threaten you. Shouldn't even. I don't know. I don't know. I looked I looked at the law book. Nothing nothing in there. Doesn't know either. When I woke up, she wasn't like she was like, stay right there. I'll bet she was just like, oh, and like put it down.


Like it was like it's almost like in like a movie when someone's like mildly possessed and someone's like, what are you doing? Then they like break and they're like, I don't know. I was just wondering if they have like a knife in their hand because they were being told and they're trying to stab, they just drop and they're like, oh, it's a quick spell. Yeah, that's very light possession. One of those, you know, just a like a light, a light poltergeist over the house.


Something low calorie obsession. That's what I call it. Yeah. It's a little low kalpa local Pazz. That's how they work it. So it's localized. So Donald tells the police that because they're like I mean, if you feel threatened and she had a weapon, I mean, it's like practically pointing a gun at you so we can arrest her for assault. If you want her to be arrested for assault, I guess. I mean, get her out of the house tonight.


And he said, no, I don't want her to be arrested. I guess if she's not going to bash me. Right. And she doesn't know why, because he's looking at her going, what the fuck? And she's going, I don't know. So everybody's real confused at three o'clock in the morning, let's put it that way. This is so fun. This is the weirdest. Yeah. Who probably the weirdest call is cops ever got.


I'm sure. I'm sure they get weird calls, but this has to be one where they're like, I don't know what just happened. He gets back to the station. What was that. For me, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. You got to come over and check it out. You know, either there is so much I don't know on that front lawn.


So much. So much. So some time after this happens, Jennifer is talking to Donald's sister, Brenda. Brenda Maddox and Brendel come up over the course of the story a little bit here. Brenda is very close to Donald as well. They speak quite often there. They get along very well.


So she Jennifer's telling Brenda that, wow, that she held the bat over Donald to, quote, to see if she could go through with it. That's what she said. It was just like a test, like, how does this feel? Yeah, yeah. I mean, like, if you're going to try on a shirt and you're like, it's my look, I don't know, like that was her, like, am I like a murder?


And my that person. Am I a person that bashes my husband's skull in the middle of the night for no reason? Is that me? Evidently I'm not. Yeah. She ended up this doesn't fit me I guess. I don't know. I tried it on. It's a little baggy in the ass and I said, I'm not interested.


It's not a shirt you can try on with a friend. That's when you do so well. So let's see how you feel, you know, or they don't bring any for an opinion on that one. It's not like getting a wedding dress or something.


So yeah, she was so Brenda was like, OK, well, I'm glad you didn't. Yeah, I guess. Thanks. Thanks.


Yeah. So the day after the baseball bat incident, they, Jennifer and Donald agree to get a divorce. OK, that's he's like clearly there's an issue in our marriage and they sit down and they actually decide the best thing for us is maybe to get a divorce and they go down to the courthouse to initiate the process. Yeah, these are all very adult things, right? We like it when people do stuff like that.


And Donald being a man who can take emotional abuse of like being cheated on and being bonded, he can take that over four times, obviously. But when it comes to physical abuse, that's where he draws the line. Yeah. And I like your moves, Donald. Absolutely. And I think it was also about she's clearly not happy as well as what he was thinking to and she was thinking as well, because we don't know what they're into. We don't know what the relationship is like.


You can say one person at four affairs and held the bad over somebody to see what it felt like. But at the same time, we don't know if he completely ignores her and does. You know, we have no idea what the dynamic of people's marriages are. We don't know. And also, she did cheat on him to see what that felt like.


Yeah. And that felt great to her for find out how she feels. If feels good to be. Exactly. Yeah. Let's because she may do that four times. Let's let her figure that out somewhere else on somebody else. So they at the same time this goes on, they go down, they initiate the divorce proceedings.


When they get home, Donald goes up and confronts Michael the the border here about about the situation.


He Yoast he's like, hey, you're fucking my wife, aren't you, by the way? Yeah. Yeah. I'm pretty sure you're fucking my wife. You know how I know that?


Because she's pregnant. Oh, that's how I know that. And so, yeah, I'm pretty sure you're the one fucking her because I wasn't fucking her and she's pregnant and you're here and. Yeah, because this at this point she's three months pregnant and it's, you know, a little more than that actually. So no, no, no. She's just she's she would have just found out she's pregnant. She's just barely pregnant at this moment in time.


Eight, ten weeks, something like this. Not even not even this is like I'm right on the cusp. Just missed her first. Just missed it. Got a test one. Oh shit. Oh, this is bad because you see what have got to test right away because she went Oh I was fucking another. Yeah. That was something you'd be worried about. Yeah. So that's why she would have found out immediately upon missing a test was if she was married or she was with her husband, she would've probably just been like, well you know, to others we'll see.


Well yeah. Well what's the difference. Yeah, I'll see how I feel here in the next couple of days or whatever the hell.


But this is an immediate knows the McDonald's was dirty, could be indigestion. It could be.


Exactly. I've been drinking JASTA, by the way. So that was not her and that not then.


So anyway, he confronts Michael, they have an argument about it and they say they're having an affair. Michael quickly admits to it. Yeah. Yeah. All right, fine. I'm banging her. What's there. They just initiate a divorce proceedings.


So he figures no big loss here. I'd be a little upset if I was Donald to move into my house under the pretense of all this poor kid and blah, blah, blah. And you're fucking my wife beforehand. This was all one big ruse to have easier access to my wife's vagina because, you know, he talked it over with the wife. She was like, I don't know you. You've seen your best friend's wife. She's a pain in the ass.


Maybe they just fire, maybe let them stay. She fucking hell talk him in. Oh, no, she did. She was like, that's great. Absolutely. That's how this whole thing worked. So Donald tells Michael immediately, you're going to get out of the house right now, obviously, and, you know, take a hike.


So Michael leaves and goes to live with his grandmother. He share her, which I don't know why he didn't do that to begin with, why he moved in here other than he was. Jennifer makes that thing as though Jennifer leaves and moves in with his grandmother, with him. Oh, no. So now Jennifer went from, you know, having a family in the house and all this shit to living in some some, you know, bedroom in some twenty one year old kids grandmother's house.


Yeah, this is a very strange regression of of weird I don't know when you're at grandma's house is great because it's comfy and cozy. But when you're in your 30s, Michael, suckerfish house is shitty and it smells weird. That's why they do. Now, this is around the time that she discovers that she's pregnant with the child who's she determines as it's going to be, Michael. So after Jennifer moves out of the house, Donald hires a young woman to move in to help him take care of the children because he works and he's got two little kids and the kids stay with him in the house.


She takes off and lives with Michael and the grandmother's house boy. So, yeah, it's it's a weird scenario here. So this is Danielle Young is her name. She moves in to take care of the children. And she she does she moves in with her two children as well. She has two children.


So for her, it was a place to go with kids with free rent. And she could watch the kids. And for him, it was great because someone was there to watch the kids. And, you know, house is taken care of. Everything's good arrangement for everybody, basically. So I may 2008, though, in early May 2008, Jennifer comes over to the house unannounced and she doesn't know she's just been taken off. The kids haven't seen her.


It's been like a you know, two months. It's been. Yeah, she just kind of took off. She pops up at the house when Donald not when I had a nowhere and finds this Danielle Young living there with her two kids. And obviously, Jennifer sees this as jump to conclusions. He's already replaced me.


Absolutely. She started losing her shit. Oh, she lost her mind, screaming, cursing, throwing things in the front yard. Jennifer, I get to behave like this ripping out like, you know, the goddamn flamingo.


The lake. Yeah. The lady bent over with the bloomers, like picking them up, throwing them across the street, screaming, yelling, cursing, acting like a maniac. I mean, gets crazy. So she goes in the house doing this all in front of all the children too. There's four kids here. There's an eight year old, ten year old Danielle's kids. Not for kids, dad, this one. And she is losing her mind.


Starts like breaking things in the house. Yeah, it's a scene kicking out the lean in cowboy silhouette. Oh, banging it.


Well, actually, she grabbed an aluminum baseball bat at this point and starts threatening Donald with the aluminum baseball bat, the same one she had held over him at night. Right. So she starts threatening him and swinging it around. She's in the middle of the living room after she made a scene in the yard. Now standing there swinging around an aluminum baseball bat, threatening Donald while four little kids are trying to be heard it off in my bedroom. And this is a psychotic.


This is not cool. And any no capacity for anybody to be doing this. This is nuts.


And even more so when you just filed divorce, who gives a fuck while you're living with some guy and you're living with the father of what's inside you? Yes. Now I get you can't do that. You don't want strange people living around your children. OK, I understand that. But you just took off, right? And so you don't at that point, you kind of lose what you're say is for that moment at least. Right. Who is going to be around your kids?


Because you're not there to have a say. Yeah. So that you abdicated your parental, you know, responsibilities. You could, you know, live with this guy's grandmother. That's a different thing.


And your last four Stridex was the first of this path, like. Yeah, you dipped your dipped. Yeah. For the past two weeks. Yeah, it's over. And if this was a guy, it'd be the same goddamn way some guy takes off. What's to live with some, you know, younger girl in her grandmother's house for two months and then shows up? It's like, who's in my house? Your house knock off. You don't get the gate.


You left, right. So whatever is happening here, you shouldn't care about because go, go bang your whatever. Yeah. Do that. Hang out with your girlfriend's grandmother and you throw the keys to somebody of your car and then come back eight weeks later and kick holes in it because it's yours. You gave it away. That's the turnover. So she did that. Eventually he somehow talks her out of the house and the whole thing gets talked down.


And you I don't know how that happened. The police don't even get called somehow. I don't know how the neighbors didn't call the cops because of what was going on in the front yard. But honestly, mind my own business. My my own business. I don't know what's going on there.


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Now, later on that day and the next couple of weeks, Jennifer would be complaining to Michael about Donald on multiple occasions about his being difficult and just doesn't want to stay. You know, he's there with the house and the kids and all this shit, and she's mad at him. She starts making comments to Michael about now, Donald is the one who, I assume, upset with her as well and upset, especially with Michael. But she starts saying maybe we can get rid of Donald.


She starts saying to Michael tells Yoast things like, what if I let him, like, out into the road and then you can run him over something like that. That looks like an accident. You know, like I'll lead him into the road and he'll be driving by. And I was like, that seems pretty. That's a that's a complicated arrangement, right? That's a whole stunt you need to pull off. There's a lot of timing involved, a lot of timing.


And you don't get hit by the car. But he does. How close is it to you? There's a lot to consider there. I feel like he may know what kind of car used to drive.


Yeah, you need to draw that one out to be around a blind corner and you don't have to have, like, you know, now on the page, are you the deer? And then I don't know what the hell's going on out here.


So it's a lot to deal with in the first place, but a lot. And that's what twenty one year olds don't realize, too, is when you get involved with somebody and they want you to pull shit like this, they think you think they're asking you because they trust and love you. Yeah. They're doing it because they're a lunatic. That's why they're doing it. This wrapped yourself up with this person. Yeah. And you you should worry about your own safety.


You don't have that level of depth and rap. And he hasn't been, like, wrapped up in anything that's tightly because so it's very, very strange. But he's just like, now that ain't happening. You know, this this guy's got just his reason to much reason to be mad at me. So let's just call it all, you know, wash air. So finally, July of 2008, the divorce is final. So that's that's dumb ass.


Yeah. Well, if they're both trying to do it takes four or five months. You could do it that fast if everybody's on board. Started in May. They started in March, early March, April, May, June. Yeah, yeah. I don't know how Georgia works too. Might be might be able to might be super quickly down there. So July 2008 they divorce and that's when it's finalized. Donald in the settlement retains sole custody of the sons and also becomes sole owner of the house as well, because he's got the kids and I guess he had that house before he married her was the thing.


So it was one of those. It was from his previous marriage and he might have had it before that. So that's how that works. He's got the house and the kids, though, and I don't think she didn't fight for she didn't say, I want custody of the kids. And then they gave him sole custody. It was he said, I'll take the kids. And she was like, great. Sounds good. So that seemed to be what what how this all went now.


Yeah, they start doing that. It's at this moment, which is super weird. OK, September of 2008.


Yeah. Jennifer. And and Michael are still together. Yeah, they move out of his grandmother's house and they move in to take a guess, their own apartment trailer, that's not bad.


Maybe something like over a storefront in downtown. Little a little starter, you know what I mean? Some you get a little breakfast and you can smell the eggs in the morning. Thousand square foot, two bedroom, one bath for twenty seven granola hash browns.


You smell that. Smells like somebody's got it smothered and covered. I am. How I get dressed and go on downstairs.


No, they begin living with Donald's sister.


You can't Branda right now. I don't know. I don't know why. I have no idea. I know that they're close. Jennifer and Brenda, but our Jennifer, our Donald and Brenda. So I don't know I don't know if Brenda is trying to play peacemaker. I don't know if she thinks this will be better for the kids because he'll be close by. And maybe that's what Donald is thinking. And I have no idea what the arrangement is here.


But that's weird. I could never. That is very, very, very, very strange. I would rather be homeless. I'm OK.


That's I'll find a bridge. Yeah.


So while Jennifer is living there, Donald would bring the kids over two or three times a week to have visitation with Jennifer Donalds letting it be. That's why it is visit. That's that's what it is. And Donald, rather than just saying here, go hang out at this guy's grandmother's house and here's my kids and he doesn't want her at the house. This is a, you know, a neutral location so they can go and he feels comfortable. And I think that's why.


Controlled environment. Yeah. That's why this is all being allowed to happen, which I have to say for Donald, that's pretty mature. Yeah, that's pretty goddamn mature. Grown up to say it's Bridgeboro that's doing what's best for your kids type of thing. That's that's that's a mature thing. And at the same time, that is a good move for Jennifer as well. Very good. Mature move. Yes. She's still living with this guy or whatever, but that's what happens.


People's relationships break up. You get another relationship, not anybody's business. But she's doing this so she can see her kids more, which is fantastic. That's exactly what you want. So everybody is taking steps in the right direction. Yes, which is great.


Olive branches everywhere, olive branches all around. Everybody's happy. And at this point, repeatedly, what would end up happening is Jennifer, as Donald would repeatedly asked Jennifer to move back in with him every time he'd go, why don't you come home, come home? Was he BCB with the kids? You want to come home? This is ridiculous.


What are you doing here? It's twenty one. What are you doing?


Who cares about all? Let's put everything behind us and come home, you know, what the hell are we doing? They're already legally divorced, but it's still these trying to fix his family and she's refusing. They'll be for whatever reason. And October 2008, Jennifer finally asked Donald he she says, can I come back home? Because he had given up asking by then. He had asked. He was asking every time. And finally he was just like, all right.


Well, you know, it's there if you want. Yeah. Finally, she says, OK, I'll come home. So can I come home again? And he says, Yeah, great, come on home. Let's do it. So that's October 2008. So this seems wonderful, right?


Absolutely. But everything is great. She moves back in and, you know, things seem good on the surface. But after she's there, she ends up reaching out to Michael at some point and informs him that she wants to leave Donald again and she's not happy and all of this stuff. And basically he starts calling her. He says he calls her crazy. He's like, look, I don't know what you want or what you're doing, but, you know, whatever figure your shit out is what he says he tells her.


So November 18th, 2008, comes around right before Thanksgiving.


Donald disappears, OK, he's gone. He takes off. All right, gone. Jennifer is huge. Nine months pregnant. Yeah. I mean, she is ready to pop any minute. Nine months pregnant with somebody else's. With somebody else's kid. Donald takes off. I don't know what you know, for whatever reason. And Brenda said that that's his sister there. Maddox Donald sister says that Donald all had a habit of calling her every day. So they talked daily, just even for a couple of minutes.


You hear this one, blah, blah, blah. But that day, she didn't hear from him. And so she thought that was kind of weird. And then another day went by and she realized she asked her family, nobody had heard from Donald in two days, which he just doesn't do that. He talks to pretty much everybody every day. So for him to talk to nobody for two days is very, very strange. So she kind of gets a little bit freaked out so that his sister, Donald sister ends up calling Jennifer and saying, have you seen Donald?


Where the hell is Donald? Jennifer tells the sister that Donald appeared to have left during the night when she was asleep because he took off on me. Jennifer says, I woke up and he was fucking gone. Yeah, he was gone. You know, his stuff was gone. I don't understand it. She says that he left during the night while she was asleep with their sons in an adjacent room right there. And she just left everybody here.


OK, take take off. Then she said that Donald was quote, there's a quote from the sister, quote, problem. This is what Jennifer said to the sister, quote, probably off with one of his whores. That's what she says.


So Randy called the police right away. She's insinuating that, yeah, Donald has got a harem of of loose women out there. That depends. So welcome, Donald.


Yeah. So the sister here questions Jennifer further. And, you know, like, well, what about that whosay seeing like, I didn't know he was seeing people whose he see him, you know, should we can we call them like I want to know who they are? Does he hang out at a bar or does he go out? What does he do?


How can we find him basically? So. Jennifer tells the sister that she tried calling Donnel because everybody's got cell phones, so this isn't like he's gone, he's in the ether like it's nineteen seventy five. So she said she tried calling Donald, but when she didn't hear from him, she sent the children to school and just went about the day cleaning the house, just like I didn't hear from him. I don't know why I tried to call him.


I'm, you know, figure maybe he's upset with me for something. Maybe it's this giant, maybe it's his belly, maybe it's the divorce.


You know, there's a lot of things over the last nine months as a host, I don't know. She she said anything could be a lot. I really, you know, could be moving a twenty one year old in to bang me while my children are in the house.


Things of that nature the past year has been real tough on him and a little bit weird. Yeah, I'd take off. Wouldn't be it'd be normal. You go, wow. How do you last this long that it's weird that he doesn't take off.


You know, every time he calls me, I expect him to tell me mom is in Cabo. Yeah. With like a waitress that he met at the airport and I just can't do it anymore. Yeah. At the airport. Rubio's she was on my my you know, I don't know if you're going to the same place. I just throw another ticket on the El credit card. I can't pay for what. Can't pay for two. You know, I'm saying.


All right. So yeah, she said she just went about her day cleaning the house, like treat it like it was any other day, which I don't know why nine month pregnant women would be actively housecleaning someone clean that I get that you should move around.


But usually when you're about to pop someone, it's a bit too much movement. Yeah. If you want to do a little exercise, fine. But don't clean the house.


Have someone do that to my neighbor used to choose a cop. She used to jog nine months pregnant. Wow. She jogged the day before she gave birth. I don't know. I'm not a doctor so that might be great. It might be. It might be. But it looks uncomfortable for me as as a layman. I feel like it's going to fall out like the wrong direction. I'm not even thinking about the safety of the kid, just got comfort of moving like I feel like she's going to fall off.


Yeah, I know that it's not going to happen, but I'm like, oh, gravity's a motherfucker. Yeah. And you're really push an extra. Yeah. You can't even see your feet. You can't see if there's rocks under there and what's happened. So yeah, she's just did that. Now the sister said she was concerned because this is very unlike Donald to take off and leave his kids behind. Yeah. Like if he was going to take off and leave you, he had taking the kids with him because he's very protective over the kids.


He went for school. You know, he took his own you. Yeah, he's very into the kids. So the sister decides, I better call the sheriff's office, just add a girlfriend. Yeah.


She says I'm going to report him absent, missing and just we'll see what happens here. She immediately also hands out fliers. I mean, she's got like flyers. Have you seen this guy talks to the local newspaper. She said she talked to everybody she could possibly think of who would maybe know where Donald was. Anybody anybody he knew from twenty years ago, a cashier that he's nice to at the grocery store, but he ran away with her page, everything.


Yeah. This is the beginning of Facebook. I doubt he had a MySpace. You got two top friends. Yeah. Search and search, his top friends, all of them check him out or whatever. Yeah. Whatever the hell you had there. I think so. So, yeah, it was she's I mean, she's got flyers and she's talking on the newspaper right away. This isn't like well hopefully he'll come back soon. This is a phone like this.


Something's wrong. I want to find him immediately. So one of Donald's coworkers at this point tells the sheriff because they got to his job and ask around, as he did, he say anything is they're thinking, especially with the situation, just got a divorce. Wife's pregnant with somebody else's kid. All this pressure, they're thinking literally he probably took off with some girl. That's what they think. Like he probably is probably off some weekend. What would I do?


Blowing off some steam right now? Some you know, somebody met. He went down to the Indian casino. You know, that Indian casino I met one of the waitresses, gave him a drink and it's an come on that ran into Atlanta, found that I did for him. I just transferred down here from Ron's strip club. Why I say that? I don't know. What do you call it? The whorehouse. What? I don't know.


It's a haunted strip club. Yes.


No, no, I think I don't know either. That was I have literally never in my life confused a strip club with a whorehouse. No, I did it right now. Three different things.


It's not OK. They're it's not not good. So this is weird. Yeah. This whole thing is as weird.


I don't even know what to wear, how to put this in place like you don't. The cops are kind of like, all right.


Yeah, sure. He's missing. Yeah, right. You know what I mean. I know he's very dependable, but I think they're all they can. Yeah, people blow off steam.


Provides a lot of I don't know to the police a lot. I don't know. I like way too much. No one knows anything.


I know. I don't know. And why would he leave. I don't know. I know.


So they go to the coworkers though to see if maybe a did he mention like, oh, I've been talking to you.


Tell your coworkers things you might not as some guy at the loading dock. You might not you might be a little more honest with him than your friends, you know, so they talk to him about that, you know, that day. And the guy said actually on November 18th, we got a phone call here, me specific. From Jennifer, which is strange, relaying specific details about the prior evening, saying that Donald might have run off with Danielle Young, the girl who used to live with them with the two kids now.


OK, so that's what she's saying, that she called work and said, hey, just to let you know, he took off. And I don't know if he's going to show up for work or not, but I'm pretty sure he took off with that other chick he was living with. So, you know, keep an eye out. I don't know if he's going to punch in. So she's calling that.


And he said that Jennifer had never before called for anything for any reason.


And he said it, quote, It just felt weird to me. Just why would she call out of the blue is not like we called going, hey, where's Donald is he didn't show up today.


Where is he? That would have been like I think he took off with this woman. That would have been very normal.


Yeah. But instead, that was that the preemptive call in. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I think he took off.


So don't maybe not expect him today, which was very strange. Obviously the kids are traumatized by this. Mom moves out, mom moves in. She's over here. Take him here. Dad's here. Where's Dad. He's gone. This one's here. That one's it's very this is a lot for an eight year old and a 10 year old can't imagine to deal with. I feel bad for these kids having to deal with all of this. And the kids are going through a lot of trauma here.


And then she goes on also and has the sons call Donald's cell phone and leave voicemails telling him how much they miss him and to please come home. Oh, Daddy, please.


We are, you know, giving, you know, heartfelt voicemails from children to please come home because we miss you. I hate that. Which is heartbreaking to hear anybody like that. So the police there look at like, well, we'll look for him. I guess, you know, they they ask around, they can't find him. First thing there they want to know is his car and around. So they'll like we'll find his car and we find him.


So let's find the car. So what they do is they put out an alert to all the scrapyards across across the United States. I guess there's something you can do. Pawnshops and scrapyards you can alert for, like that's missing. Yeah, that's why they have those pawn shop cards the cops have to fill out. If anybody sells anything for over a certain amount, you have to state run interference anyway. Yeah, they run it across stolen property to make sure it's really stolen.


So you can't just bring in like. Yeah, it is brilliant. That's a smart thing to do. So they put out an alerts, all the scrapyards to look out for the car. It's a black Honda Civic. We'll talk about it in a second. Be on the lookout for Donald Clark's car. It's been missing since November 18th. The investigator said, quote, We worked with a contact.


We worked with the contact. The Griffin department had to list the car on a national alert system and we appreciated the help. So that's cool that they that's good police work. It's not bad. So he didn't come into work again on November 19th. Donald doesn't. So everybody's like, OK, yeah, we need to need to look for him. It's a nineteen ninety seven black Honda Civic is what they're looking for. Georgia tag AWG seven seven to seven.


So couldn't find it. They, they search a bunch of ponds in the area to see if the car had been submerged in a pond. Oh pond gone. Yeah. So they, they start dredging ponds around to see if maybe the car's in there. That's a that's a place where people hide cars. Hard to hide a car. Yeah. That's the thing. If you don't have access to like a remote barn or something, it's difficult to hide a car.


And as a car you can't necessarily get that into a ravine somewhere. It's a fact. And it's still a car. You have four wheel drive. Yeah, it's a drive.


It's aware of the spot you need it to be. You can't drive a Honda Civic deep into the woods either. That's not going to work. So the easiest place for people to dump shit is in ponds because usually there's roads leading up to it and sure, easy entry. And so that's apparently a place to dump cars. So they do that, they search everything and trying to find it, they search all around the cornfields of this area and all sorts of shit.


And intensive search for him was launched November 22nd. This is four days later. This is this is the day after his sister had called sister. That's two days go by and then, OK, that's enough calls. And then they they they, you know, get the search together. And on the twenty second they kind to go out there.


The search eventually grows to include agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, local police, state, everybody's involved in this looking for this guy. So the if they expand this to include an area of Pott's Pond Road in East Lamar County after a wallet that the is identified as belonging to Donald Clark is found in that region. So they go over there by a resident, not even by police. After the disappearance. They after a week goes by, the police and crime scene investigators ask, can we look around your place here?


You know, Jennifer, check around, make sure that, you know, maybe there was a struggle, maybe somebody kidnapped him, whatever. So they go through and they do find traces of Donald's blood.


In certain parts of the house, but he's lived there for like 20 years, so I guarantee you anywhere you live for 20 years, your blood's in places, maybe not in a puddle, but little bits will be a spatter. You cut yourself while you're doing something on the wall and now it's you know, it's around and we'll be able to figure out you lived here.


That's the thing. They're going to find your DNA there. So. Also, though, they find a lot of remnants of cleaning chemicals in this area as well in the house. So the blood in the air, everything. So the house has been clean with a lot of chemicals. There's blood, it's suspicious, but it's not a home run. All right. Nothing that anybody can do about it.


So early December 2008 here, and this is you know, the search has been going on for 10 days to two weeks. They're looking for Jennifer and Michael Yost are arrested.


OK, not for anything to do with Donald, though, before they are arrested for breaking into into cars apparently in her 30s, nine months pregnant.


Yeah, this is the weird life. Apparently, they were he was breaking in the car. She was with him and they were doing I don't know if they were stealing or it's not clear exactly what was going on.


But they were caught breaking into cars and she's arrested for endangerment of her children when they're both taken into custody for. I would love to have the details on this, but I also am happy. I don't because it would make me fucking furious.


They were apparently neighbors complained of them hog tying the kids in the backyard.


How do you so I don't know if this was, you know, Michael Yost, your kids are a pain in the ass.


I'm going to hogtie him. Or if she was OK with the I don't know what the fuck.


But that is that's beyond that's disturbing. That's disturbing. Ropes with her in the backyard. Yeah. So they they're not even exposing their animals, basically. That's what they were going to put you out there like a bad animal. So she's arrested for that.


But they got a six hog call. Oh yeah. The best, the best sushi.


The best Jimmy the best. So December twenty third. Twenty eight. Donald still missing. They are in and out of jail. They go in and they come back out again. Authorities now are searching comprehensive search in eastern Lamar. After that wallet came up, state helicopter was called in. They spend most of the area of the twenty third searching to no avail. Also, more ponds were were, you know, in that area. They dealt with all the ponds there.


I saw a picture of them with that, a boat and a bunch of guys on the boat with the long sticks going. I mean, it was they were serious about this shit, all sorts of people out crime scene tape around things they didn't even know was a crime scene the boat there was doing. And they had volunteers doing this. And along with they needed just bodies. They need people to spread out to cover this kind of ground. So also they have dogs here, too.


Dogs are working the woods around the ponds and they're switching the teams of dogs out and they're full court press. Yeah, they're doing the whole thing. Yeah.


Sheriff Joe Butchie. Wow.


Beauti see abuse just like beuse juice VW Beetle Boose. He spent most of the day in the woods conducting a foot search of the area. The they said they were going to do it into the night. Cadaver dogs were brought in, everything like that. That's when they found Donald's boots on the twenty third and they got boots and wallet.


We got boots and a wallet and a bat as well. We found an aluminum baseball bat in the woods as well. Near the boots. Yeah. So December 24th, Christmas Eve jingle jingle bells, jingle bells. EZCORP smells brand new baby.


Yes, she has a brand new baby. And this is the day where the sheriff Joe Beuse there, he's the one who finds the deer carcass, smells it and says, search the tree line. And that's when they find Donald. And that's the this thing shot the dead. That's who I'm not sure about the condition of the deer.


That's horrifying. I don't know that I'd want to find whoever killed the deer and the man if that deer is, like, bludgeoned to death.


Yeah, I used this. It was a somebody chased down a deer and beat the shit out of the bat.


I don't want to find that person ever. There are people back east.


Yeah. That that's how they hunt. Hunt with their bare hands. Stop that. No, no. I have a guy that I know. Yeah. That I met that worked on a film of mine. This guy has a video footage that I have seen. He showed me and this is twenty seven on his phone. Nothing that he could have like doctored, doctored or anything. And he was like, yeah, we do this all the time.


Him and his dad and his brothers do this.


They they sit in trees and wait for the deer to be under the to come under them and they fucking fall on the deer and they choke it out like choke it out.


They it jelly trying to break its neck. They fucking have hand-to-hand combat with this deer. Craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. Listen, if you can do that, you deserve that deer. And the kid was a huge pussy, too, which was the weirdest thing was only one night. I seen you fight nature with your bare hands. That's not a pussy at all. He was the little guy. But that. Oh, no, no, no, he wasn't.


He was just a real scared, like not like a guy who was very confident in his physical abilities. I'm like, why are you like this? You're a badass. What's wrong with you?


Well, he's fucking he's horrified to me. I can't imagine it was the most frightening thing I've ever seen. How did you do that? Must be the most tasty jerky ever if you can do it. Like, that's just the stress. And so that's how you should hunt from now on.


Yeah, I know that it's it's possible. Now, if you can do it that way, find out that it's wild, man.


So someone treat that's going. Yeah. My family does that. Unbelievable that that is disturbing.


I do not want to hang out with Shannon in the trees fall and it's just like this weird like wrestling match because the things trying to get away from hanging onto its neck, trying to break its neck, it's crazy. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. And now no weapons. Nunc nuts. So crazy. Wow. I mean, I guess, you know what if you're going to hunt. Yeah. I'm thinking it's brutal, it's brutal.


But if you're going to hunt you're given the animal an equal chance. Yep. You are. They have just as much chance as you and as you know, beef being versus being at that point. There's no beast. Yeah. No technology, none of our ideas, my guns, none of that shit. You literally are fighting for your life against this thing at that point. You know what I all you want if you can do that. Yeah.


I say deserve whatever you want to put it on the wall. You deserve that deer head. You took it and the whole thing. This thing. I wrestled it to the ground. Give me I beat this thing to beat the shit out of this guy. So I do want to see that. Yeah. Jesus.


So this they find Donald, this is when they find him in, quote, an advanced state of decomposition and he's been there for a month. Hence the Jingle Bell song did earlier. He said that they were talking about the cornfield adjacent to where the body was found, and that's when they broke for lunch and came back in the afternoon and they pulled into a field and smelled rotting flesh, found the decaying deer near the road. And then that's when they said, I don't know about that.


He surmised that those involved with the killing had also killed the deer and intentionally left it there to throw the smell off. What's that smell? Oh, a dead deer. And you keep going. Keep going. Which is, I guess, smart if you're going to do that. Now, the odd thing is they go whole lives around here.


You know who lives around here? Well, the closest, closest structure dwelling is a mobile home, a trailer belonging to Michael Yo mother, Melissa.


So at my mom's house, if there's one thing that Miss Georgia has, it's a shit load and nowhere. Yeah, there's a lot of middle of nowhere. Yeah. Don't pick the middle of nowhere. Right by you are somewhere, you dumb son of a bitch. He's somewhere you were just kicked out of. Yeah right. There's somewhere it's maybe they did that. He does that going. They'll never think I'm here. I'm not allowed here.


Yeah. I wasn't me one me. I know I didn't get along with them.


Well that was his father and stepmother's a completely different and entirely different houses. Mom. Yeah.


Boy so not smart I guess if they never found him whatever when they find him and then they connect. Oh that makes sense. What's the odds of someone else killed this guy and then dumped him by this guy's mom's house. I mean that's pretty that's pretty wild. So The Donald's car is later discovered as well as The Donald's car.


The Donald's car is going to say the car. Then I was like, I should probably say whose car? I think it's a police car like it. Donald's car was later located at a motel near the interstate here. And we'll tell. I got the name of the hotel and all that. By the way, the medical examiner through all this gets to gets the look through this deal here and the medical examiner. Yikes, this is rough here. He says that Donald's death could have resulted from either blunt force trauma to the head as he was beaten with an object.


Yeah, probably the baseball bat, we're thinking, since it was found nearby or from asphyxia as a result of plastic bags being tied over his head. Oh, my. Oh, yeah, we'll talk about that. The body was less than 300 yards from your mom's house. Not even that's pretty close to the crime scene specialist. Got to do all of that. They made a positive identification. It was wrapped tightly in what appeared to be a quilt and then another camouflage things over it, like we said.


And they found the well-worn path, the cups and the mixed drink in the cellophane, the trash flag, he'd call it.


This is very reminiscent of Casino James. Yeah. Kornfield right there. Yeah. Aluminum bats. This is they Joe Paci this also. And so police decide, let's arrest them both. They arrest Jennifer and Michael, OK? Yeah.


Now, just to get around up here now, what they do is this is funny as shit. At first when she was arrested, they asked him about they asked her about what would happen when she was arrested for child endangerment and all that. And she had a completely different story that you're going to love. But we'll talk about this. They get arrested and they both say that they have first hand knowledge. OK, the sheriff says, quote, After the arrest, Clark and Yoast each requested to speak to the sheriff and me during those interviews.


They both admitted their involvement in the case. They gave us information only the perpetrator would have. So we believe their confessions are legitimate differences. They just both blamed each other complete. Of course, once that one bashed on the other side, the other bashed them. The difference is one of them is like a twenty two year old guy and one of them is a nine month pregnant woman. That's, yeah, nine months pregnant. Is really pregnant.


Yeah. If you're five, six months pregnant, you get around nine months pregnant is when you go to get out of the chair, you lead with your bellybutton and you stand up and take like three steps before you have your balance. And then you're like, that's nine months pregnant, 35 year old. That's no joke. Nine months pregnant. Woman is the same able bodied as an 88 year old man. It's very difficult. Yeah, it's hard.


I guess women are going to say I always did this when I get it, but not like the week before you gave birth. It's for most women. I'll say that some people get around great. Yeah. For most women, difficult for them to get around in the ninth month trying to save us some social media time.


So we got it. So he says, quote, Each is saying the other hit Donald in the head with the bat. They wrapped his head in a bag and wrapped him up in the sheets and quilt in the bed he was in when he was struck. Donald either died from the blow or suffocated after his head was bagged up. That is fucking horrible. They then put the body in the trunk of his own car and and then he said, quote, He drove down Pott's pond road and started throwing stuff out of the car.


That's why they were found like boots, hair, wallet over there. He hid the body near his mother's home because it was a place he was familiar with. And he's a moron. He panicked. They then dumped the car in Forsyth. That's how he found the car. They told us where it was because once they got him in custody, they both said, yeah, then we did that.


So Yoast, somehow, OK, if you're the police and you both have. He did it. She did it. The opposite stories in this case, do you believe in obviously one is an accomplice in one death. It's so they're both arrested. That doesn't matter. I mean, who do you think that the actual Batek. I'm pretty sure it's the.


Do you think. Right. Generally a nine month pregnant, even if she can swing a bat, she can't beat a man to death.


It's it's hard, you know, how hard it would be just to swing the bat at nine months pregnant?


That's like a real you you really got to get your waist around.


Yeah. It's hard to get that talk going to get the popping the ball when you're nine months pregnant. Right.


Just swinging it with your arms isn't enough to kill somebody. I don't think nine month pregnant women aren't known as like, oh, I should be afraid of that person physically because they're going to take me down.


That's not have the strength of two people. Yeah, yeah, that's right. Half a person's strength lies because there's one sucking strength from there's tons of blood inside that woman.


Yeah. That they make a lot.


Yeah. You know, I've never actually heard of like this late term, late term violent streak, you know, woman start taking people down physically, not like go with a gun in her knife, just fucking beating them.


I hear the rage, but the ability to let it out, the physical desire, the rage is certainly there. So, Yoast, they the police go we'll make a deal with Yoast and say that Jennifer was the one that bashed him with the with the back. Yeah, that's the story the state's running with. The state is running with yose gets a deal if he testifies against Jennifer and tells the story of how she beat him to death with a bat.


That's not a police department that finds a deer and goes, this is clearly a cover for that body. That's what I'm saying is weird. Well, that's different. This is who's charging is the prosecutors and the police. They're the ones who decide. The prosecutors are the one who decide who gets the deal. Good point. Police take all the statements, take them, the prosecutor, the evidence have no say in who gets a goddamn deal. So what he'll say, this is your story, he said on November 17th.


Yeah. Jennifer instructed him to come to the clerk's house very early the next morning on the 18th, telling him that she would be ready with some clothes packed. That's his story. You come pick me up, I'll be ready with some shit packed. Where are they going to go to the hospital to deliver a baby. She's nine months pregnant. Right. Later on, she called him the same day to instruct him to wait for her to signal with the back porch light to indicate when it was safe for him to come to the door.


You come to my house in the middle of the night, hang out, and then I'll do some back porch light something. And that's when you can come up to the door and. Man, and get me. OK, so he goes to the house like she told them, he waits, waits for the porch light signal. He said that you got a signal. He went into the house. He saw at that point, he said he walked in and saw Jennifer retrieve an aluminum baseball bat and walk into the bedroom and hit Donald in the head with it several times while he slept, which, like I said, you got to get some force into that.


Otherwise you're just going to wake him up and he's going to grab the bat and he's going to be very mad and pull it in. And you're going to fall over because you have a bowling ball in your stomach. So it's a different you know, that's how it's going to work. So he says specifically that Donald began making gurgling sounds as a result of the trauma. Jennifer said that basically he says that Jennifer told him that he either had to help dispose of the body or risk losing their unborn child.


You know, I'm going to go to jail and they're going to take the kid away. So you better help me if you want your kid. So that's what he says. He says he argued with her, but then he eventually agreed to help her. You know, he's such a he is really torn. Obviously, it's such a good guy, so ridiculous. So he says he admitted that after the beating, it was he who tied to plastic bags around Donald's head, which could have been the cause of death anyway.


So that's worse, for chrissake.


He then said that he he and Jennifer rolled his body in the bed linens and placed in the trunk of his own car, along with his wallet, his work boots and the aluminum bat. That's the big plan here. They've got camoflauge sheets. Quite the dismount. Yeah. You know, that just comes with that. You get those. And he moved to Georgia. Probably you move out of like a city. They're like, here's your sheets. All right.


Charlie Daniels and your Confederate flag got it from the flea market. As we always mentioned, Southern flea markets are seventy five. If there's seventy five booths, there's like sixty eight that sell Confederate flag, Confederate memorabilia memorabilia.


And then like a couple of watercolors of flowers and shit and one that has almost all Leonard Skinner albums and then one that does Confederate watercolors is really weird. It's only that it's better than Leonard Skinner's watercolors.


So you want the stars and bars and what's your name? I'll put that on. I'll put it on.


And you want Leonard Skinner in the foreground? Correct. So you want Leonard Scanadu flag with your name under it with stars, correct? That's what you look OK. Perfect. I'll make an an eagle. How about an eagle flying under Leonard. So there above the eagle showing their superiority over nature and over the hat. They're the pinnacle.


They're in heaven and behind all that stars and bars. And then I'll put you up in this top corner. Ralph Nader. How about that? Would you say I have you now? Would be hard to see.


But the dear, we stand there in the tree and we'll be in mid air between branch and deer back spread eagle in attack mode, ready to and I'll put I'll put it in your eyes like a look of viciousness with lack. You know, your hands will be in a claw motion through your teeth like. Like you going bottom. You know what I mean. Like you. The rage of a nine month pregnant woman on your face, like human predator in action, you know what I mean?


And put that on their rage, not months of rage.


I kind of want that. I got to do too. So, you know, someone's going to draw a fucking hilarious fire and I can't wait to see it. That's even funnier. That's the only usage of the Confederate flag that I approve of that we don't want to see the Confederate flag. But that's hilarious if you're doing it like that. You know, that's pretty fucking funny. It's not as simple as it has to be hilarious or else it's no good.


It's something ridiculous. Silly. He it's Jesus Christ.


So it's at this point that Jennifer he's according to Michael, Jennifer gave Michael the keys to Donald's car, also gave him Donald's cell phone.


She instructed him to get rid of the items, the body and the car and make it appear as if Donald just left home, make it look like he left. Yeah. So he said he didn't clean anything in the house before he left in Donald's car. She stayed behind to clean, just like she told the sister. I just clean the house that morning. I don't know.


So he drove to a field that field by his mom's house, drag Donald's body into the woods, covered it in a camouflaged blanket as well, because he literally thought that would camouflage it. Yeah, you'll never find if you're if you're going to be in close enough to see it, you're going to smell it.


And it doesn't matter if it's real true cammo. You'll never see this. Yeah, it's you're never gonna see it blends in a guy like them sticks. Look at things on and just like that. Real serious for us. Not like Vietnam. Paramo like I'm not going to be seeing whoever thought of that. It is pretty smart but leaves all over my gun somewhere. Yeah. What the fuck.


He did all of that disposed of the wallet and the work boots and the bat. As he drove he parked Donald's car at a motel in Faucet's Georgia and waited for Jennifer to contact him. Jennifer sent a text to. Donald's phone stating that the children are on the school bus and Yoast here who had Donald's phone, responded with K. So it looked like he left home and was still in contact with her that morning. Even so, he couldn't have been dead.


He was still texting, for fuck's sake. Yeah. And he's texting from a motel. Enforce it. So maybe he left and he stopped and started out. TALANA Who knows where he is. So if they ping the thing, they know where it came from. They're trying to be smart and it's they're not smart enough. So when smart when semi smart people try to be too smart, it comes out dumb, right?


That's how it works. That's what I would do it. Yep. So then Jennifer picked up Yost's at the motel, tossed Donald's cell phone out of the car window, and she had already cleaned the bloody bedroom before they got back to the house. So by the afternoon, by the time the kids are home from school, like it never happened, everything's fiddle faddle. There it is.


It's never happened. Lemon for fresh in here. Yup.


Jennifer also has a story, Jennifer's story here, which is amazing. While she was jailed for the child abuse and all that, she this is fucking amazing. She claimed to the police that they said, well, where's your husband till you did all this, your husband's gone. Let's talk about your husband now that we have you in here for something else. She claimed that, well, the night before he disappeared. I don't understand it. We we ate dinner.


I blew him and then he just disappeared. Yeah, that's what she claimed. She claimed that they dinner. She's like, I blew them. Good. Yeah. And then went to sleep in another room. Yeah. You know, and then I woke up and he's gone.


It's a fascinating bit of the story I got to throw that part in. So that makes it look like, yeah, I'm sorry, everything is great. Yeah. I was I blew him. It was wonderful. And he loved it. And then he left. The guy leaves after that. Right. He's stick around. I did maybe the nicest that I blew him and then I went slept in another room. I mean like give him all the comfort and relaxation.


I also left food in there for I'm like, what else do you need? And they kept the kids away. Yeah. So he could get his he's going to say, I'll stay here forever.


Yes. This is phenomenal.


Never leave as she said that then the guy, the guy interviewing her confronted her with accounts from neighbors who heard an audible fight in the yard of the Clark home and and and saw Michael Yost arrive in a red pickup and later saw the black Honda Civic speed out of the driveway.


They don't live in the middle of nowhere. People are watching what's going on, whether there's kids hogtied or, you know, switching bodies and doing a murder. They're looking out the window. Benzion, what the hell are they doing over there now? Oh, she's over there with that young one again. I thought they moved that look at her waddling all pregnant through the you know, there's some old lady neighbor looking out the blinds, just talking mad shit about her.


And she's back. She's back. Look again. Look at her. Go. Here she is again. Look at her now. She's here just like none of us are going to remember. Like we can remember.


She left. We know your business.


We've been watching. We've been listening. We know you're busy. We shot it down. That's what I'm saying here. And I'm going to find out exactly here about the house. Well, also, it's 301 one road in Martinsville. How much property is around it there now? It's zabulon technically. What, the street. Oh, they changed the area. Yeah. Let's see. Crane around two hundred eleven thousand bucks. It sort of looks like.


Oh, it's nice. It's a nice little house, but that's that's one that draws attention to. Right to it. Yeah. Three bedroom, two bath. Twelve hundred eighty feet. Pitch of the roof.


It's a beautiful little house. That's a nice little family house. So they all see this happening around that nice little house. Right. And so Jennifer, she yeah. She claims that he just left for work and then took off and never came back. Yeah. Left early. She denied inviting Michael to the house that morning. Contrary to what he said. She said that on the morning of the murder, she was awakened by a loud crack. And then she saw looked in and saw Michael Yo standing by the side of the bed wearing a ski mask and holding the aluminum bat.


She knew it was she woke up. Whoa. Yeah.


I don't know by that's wearing a ski mask, but she knew exactly who that was. The gate of a swing. Yeah, I've seen him. Synovate line. We go down to the cages and he's just got the prettiest, most level swang. It's just Belan drives to the alley. Mr. Double's. We just go down to the park and he hits the fly balls and I chase him down nine months. BINAGGIO That's how it works. We shag fly balls.


I catch him in my mouth. That's wonderful.


And then I kick them back from the outfield. Right. So that's her story.


She said that she remembered being so pregnant at the time that she could never beat someone with a baseball bat to death. In fact, she said that she couldn't even sit up without taking ten or fifteen minutes. She said, I was just I couldn't even move. I was so pregnant that I was a real struggle to even sit up. So she also told them that Michael began taunting and threatening her and the safety of her children if she told anyone what he had done.


That's what she says after he had killed the Donald with the baseball bat, or if she did not do what he says to do after this, she's going to he's going to kill her kids to start hitting them with baseball bats. She said that Michael told her that he was sparing her life only because she was pregnant with his child. And she's fucking lucky that I hit you with this bat, too, which doesn't really make sense. If the goal is to be together, which seems to be the whole goal here, why would he kill her if it doesn't make any sense?


Why would he kill either one of them? It doesn't make sense. If he doesn't want her, then just leave and don't have anything to do with them. Or if he wants her closet and be with her, we wouldn't threaten to kill her and the husband. That doesn't make sense, though.


There's a point in this and doing that makes erases the point. The race is everything. Jennifer also said that she did not help him murder Donald or dispose of Donald's body. She said he acted completely alone, bashed them up, put plastic bags on his head, rolled him up, and then put them out in the trunk and boom, gone. That's all him. She said that she didn't help anything. She said that he explained and gave to her that he gave her instructions on what to do and what to say after the murder as well.


She said that, you know, he was just a knew what to do. She also admitted to picking him up the morning after the murder, but said she did so because it was, quote, part of what she was supposed to do. It's what he said. And she also says that she has no feelings for for Michael Yost at all, not into him whatsoever. When they were arrested, though, this is pretty funny because as she tells him that in custody.


But when they were arrested, by the way, all dressed up on Christmas Eve, ready sitting there with literally eggnog on Christmas Eve, having like an ugly sweater, ugly sweater party carrying on her her her keys.


Her key chain is a big I heart Michael keychain. That's literally her key and no feelings for him.


I heart Michael Keychain fucking moron. I found it and just happened to have the same name. Michael's very popular, very popular name. One of the most popular. I got it out of Michael Jackson concert in 87. I did.


I love Michael heart him. As a matter of fact, I heart him very good.


So one of the people who reports on this all through everything right up until now from 2008, right up until now, is a reporter named Walter Geiger. It's a guy who's writes for Barnesville, Dotcom and some Herald Gazette, some shit I don't know. But I found everything on Barnesville Dotcom that he wrote.


And he is really pissed at Jennifer Clark. And it's like, no, he wants her right away. He's like, this is what the death penalty was made for. Wow. Fuck this lady. Fuck this. Michael Yoast. Fuck them both. What's his name?


Walter Geiger. He's got a lot of information and he's he's very angry for Donald Clarke and for Donald Clarke's family as well. He really is. He says in one report here, quote, I had a bad feeling about Donald Clarke almost as soon as I heard about his disappearance.


It's a small area. Yeah, that's how small it is. Shortly after he vanished, I contacted Jennifer Clark to gather information and acquire a photo of Donald to go with the print and online stories about his disappearance. Pictures routinely necessarily accompany missing persons accounts, but she wouldn't give me one. OK, what wife of a missing person wouldn't give a fucking publication his photo to say he's missing? Right. That's insanity. Nobody would stonewall that. Do you put it out?


Please give it to everybody as many outlets as you can. The most recent. Yeah, and he said that I knew something was wrong. Then he said I got the distinct impression that she did not want her husband found. I knew deep down that Donald was dead. And then he said after he talked to the sister, Brenda, and he found out the stuff about her saying, I wanted to feel it, it felt like and all that shit and get more of the details about the boyfriend and everything he said.


Now, I'm pretty positive about what happened here.


I wish she would have been found alive and happy. Just because Walt grimaced fucked me. Yeah. Walt six. Walt, Walt. I knew he was dead.


Oh, damn. I knew he was dead. Where's the death? I mean, anything that happens, he's like it was a baseball bat. Yeah, I knew everything. But all of his stories have like the family follows his stuff and they're like, thank you so much for doing this and for, you know, for our family and everything. And yeah, it's so good. He's Walt. Walt Walt's grim, but I feel like he needs to be grim.


He was on this is a grim situation. This isn't a grim Karaman. Well, it kind of is because Grim Karen was kind of. Yes. You know what? Grimble doing that shit right out of the gate, though.


We got grim Walter from now on. The male grim. Carrenza grim.


Walter That's it period. You're ugly, Walt. Don't be a grim Walter. Come on man. That's perfect. I like it. But there's a good reporter though. He does a good job. Walt Grim. All grim. Walter Geiger does a good job. So I don't want to say anything bad about him, but he's fucking grim. Let's be honest.


He made it a grim Walt Christmas. That's it. It's a grim Christmas.


To quote Neil from The Inbetweeners. That's grim.


It really is. Really is he says all that now, they found his car the day after Christmas. I think they took Christmas off even though they were the car was there, it'll still be there. And I go want isn't going anywhere. So now they find him. They process the car. On the 29th of December, they said the car has been missing and presumably been there since November 19th, which is fucking crazy that No. One, it's the Tradewinds Motel just sitting there, the trailer sitting in the parking lot of the Trade Winds Motel.


There are indications in the inside of the car that the body was transported in the trunk of the vehicle, in addition to them saying. But they found physical proof. Yeah, they said the department got a tip regarding the whereabouts of the vehicle, which nobody saw, and that tip ended up being those two confessing to it. So there's that grand jury comes in, indicts Jennifer Clark and Michael Clark for malice murder, felony murder predicated on aggravated assault, five counts of aggravated assault, one count of aggravated battery, one count of concealing the death of another, and one count of tampering with evidence.


Clark is also an indicted on two counts of cruelty to children in the first degree for making her kids do shit like that hog, tying them and make them call their father and shit. And that's disgusting.


He's going to be pounded on the walls going, no, no, no, no, no. He did all that. Yeah. Why are you charging me?


You want to see her in court? Yeah, this is what she this is her in court. OK. Oh that's not.


Oh clever. Very nice. She hides her face and gives us the finger. She's talking to the girl next door. You could see that. But she hides her face with the painting and she's got her court docs in front of her and puts us in front of her face, got her pink handcuffs on and given the finger on the back. So, yeah, not nice, but she's done so far, not just for the finger, this whole thing.


Yeah, she's she's an asshole man. He's an asshole.


So Yoast ends up negotiating a plea of guilty to malice murder, concealing the death of another and tampering with evidence and in exchange for a promise to testify truthfully at Jennifer's trial. OK, so she gets the trial.


But with the with that plea, what how many years does that is an intense charge. That's a lot of charged malice. Murder is horrible.


It's not good. No, no, he's not. He doesn't get off easy. It's basically like, well, we can try it for the death penalty. We can say it was all you and just try you for the death penalty, because if we believe her story, it's all you. Right. And you're going to the electric chair, basically. So he's like, well, actually, it was all her. And I'll tell you whatever you want to hear and I'll take you no life sentence or whatever else we'll find out.


OK, so February 27, 2009, everybody's locked up. OK, this is the best thing I've ever found in the history of small town murdered woman.


I swear to God, I had no idea this was in here. I have had this case out forever. This is such a small nugget of in here deep. So I never got to this point has nothing to do with the case, but it's the best thing we've ever found. Twenty seventh, February 27, 2009. Some prisoners have weapons and alcohol. OK, and this is an article about it.


Four of these prisoners, as a matter of fact, have alcohol.


One of them, Kenneth Michael Yoast, as he said in the paper, Michael Yost, the three others that have that have weapons and alcohol to be so excited like I'm shaking Ronald Eugene Smith, Jesse Sebastian and James Westman.


Jimmy, look at it. WUIS and James Westhaven. There he is, that asshole. My kind of like the Ronald Eugene Smith, Jesse Sebastian and James Westbourne had a hearing before Judge William Thomas yesterday. Oh, my God. You fuck up. You are trash. Jimmy, I told you, I'm in southern Georgia. Jesus, you got toilet wine and fucking shanks. What are you doing hanging out with this dirt bag? That's incredible. I proved it.


Yeah. You give me enough time, I'll cover your shit. I swear to God that a draft pick for the fucking for the Golden State Warriors, I believe his name's James Westman. There's so many women. There's a lot of us. They're really coming out the woodwork to that. This one's my favorite ever, that they get the this they got arrested for toilet hooch and shame.


How many murders are there? Million. How many do we cover? Just the minuscule amount of them. How what are the odds that out of all those we pull somebody that gets busted with a James? It's ridiculous, because if I could go by Jimmy Whisnant, it's a Christmas miracle. It's a holiday miracle, everybody. So listen, it's a miracle. Jingle bells. This car smells. Yay. It's been here for a month. Is it cold enough to freeze out all the fun?


Yeah, it's a Christmas miracle.


So this is unbelievable. Yeah. Something down the road to watch out for the real street. Cam gets a little hide this from the.


But a dear friend hiding all your stink eye, just drop it off and get her to abortion clinics. It's too late. It's way too late.


And I just started laughing hard enough for a girl.


By the luck of my eyes, it is so good to be able to read Jingle Bells Dark. Fantastic. This is the best song ever. It is. It's fun. So.


Wow, this is amazing. So anyway, the other people are murderers as well, all that sort of shit, so. Wow, that's really weird. The sheriff said that it was a shakedown that conducted after inmates flushed foreign matter down a toilet, causing a sewage back flush of wetbacks in their weapons.


Found were stretched trash bags, which had been braided into five foot sections. So they braided them. So they were like a big sword kind of things you can model and then harden it.


Yeah, my dental floss tied between two toothbrushes was also found as like a garrote, basically.


What the fuck? Yeah, dental floss. Tzadik it's hard to break. Holy shit. Yeah. And a bed sheet had been torn into sections and tied together was also located there.


What a horrible way to die I would say. So it's dental products. That's horrible. This isn't right. Is this cherry flavored.


Four out of five doctors recommend it for the five medical examiners recommend being strangled with dental floss with this brand dental floss. So they said, yeah, these are common household items that can become deadly when fashioned into weapons. A makeshift garrote pulled around an officer's neck can incapacitate and kill him quickly. Yeah, the handbook issued to inmates prohibits alteration of any issued supplies or equipment, but only constant supervision can help prevent these these attempts.


The case is moved from Lamar County to Bucks County because it's hilarious and because of pretrial publicity, because this is yeah, obviously they're going to talk about this. Walter Geiger alone is going to get the thing moved. So the trial up your butt for all I could.


But that's we'll go. We'll go there. We're going to go to Fulton.


But fucking she faces 12 counts, which is malice murder, felony murder, concealing a death tampering cruelty. We went over the whole thing. No death penalty here, though. No death penalty on the table here. January 2011 is finally the trial. So it's a while. 12 jurors there and two alternates consist of eight white males, two black males and two white females and two black females. That's the jury set up the trial, the opening the prosecution.


He tells the jury that Donald Clarke, you know, in March 2008, called nine one one, awoke to find his wife, had thrown a sheet over him and was holding an aluminum baseball bat in a menacing way, the same bat that they allege killed him. So they're connecting it that way. Well, he called nine one one and said she was doing it then and then it happened. So there you go. She did it. So they they said, however, though, that Jennifer moved back into the home in order to exact revenge following a bitter divorce, said, quote, We don't have a recording of Donald saying why he took her back.


But it seems to be seems to me the main reason he took her back was for the benefit of his two sons, which again, why else would you take back someone who just divorced if you didn't have kids? So in the early morning hours, they say that she attacked him by bludgeoning him multiple times with a bat as he slept. They said that Michael was present as well. The children were asleep in the home when this happened, which is crazy.


Then she convinced Michael to help her move and dispose of the body before she cleaned up and attempted to mislead Donald's family, friends and workplace about his whereabouts. The defense, on the other hand, has a different story. They say she has no motive to kill her ex-husband. They were reconciling. She was she blew him the night before. It's on the police. Thanks. That's what she said. She said that they classify her. They try to portray Michael Yost as a young lover obsessed with Jennifer Clark that are his first serious relationship.


He's obsessed and argued that he killed Donald Clark out of jealousy when it became apparent that she was going back to him, which is certainly possible.


Logical, that's more logical than a nine month pregnant woman.


Move back and then beat a guy to death with a baseball bat all by herself. That's just a weird thing. He also argued that night she argued nine months pregnant with the child that she would be incapable of wielding a bat. She said, quote, She could barely lift a laundry basket, which you're not supposed to lift a lot when you're not pregnant. The defense attorney also argued that she did not immediately report the death be out of fear of retribution from Yost because of all the threats Michael Yost gets on the stand and they question him about his murder conviction.


They get additional testimony about his guilty pleas concealing the death of another and all that sort of shit. They go into unrelated felony burglary convictions from the past and other crimes, misdemeanors. He's had also, Jennifer's counsel questioned extensively about multiple prior inconsistent statements that he made to police during the investigation, which resulted in him admitting that he, quote, told a lot of lies to the police when they were trying to cover it up before the body was found.


OK, so obvious. Come and clean. Jennifer on the Stand just tells her story of how he came in. I woke up, heard the crack. Here he is with the ski mask, said, you're lucky I'm not beating you to beat. Fucking, you know, start help me roll him up, I'm going to get rid of them. This is what we're doing. OK, so the closing closing arguments, the prosecution here alleged that despite knowing Donald was dead, misled their two young sons into believing their father had abandoned them, which is a horrible quote.


She pretended to be concerned for her sons when she was the cause of their suffering. That's cold. And in her closing argument here, the defense counsel said that Yost's credibility wasn't there. He's a convicted felon and a trained liar with multiple convictions, can't be trusted, trained, liar, trained courses for that.


Apparently, this is the only thing he's been a good student, that he's got a good line. They didn't the jury doesn't believe if they believed either one of them, but they deliberate for 40 minutes. Yeah, that is like for a murder trial before finding her guilty on everything.


While all counts across the board, they don't like her. Maybe don't flip people off in court. That's the other thing.


Fucking asshole sentencing the judge, Tommy Wilson, sentenced her. Well, let's see. He tells her before he sentences her. My goodness. Quote, I wish I could give you the death penalty.


Oh, God. You, ma'am. Yeah, that's a fuck off right there, mate. Fuck off.


Sentences her to sixty years life in prison plus sixty years. So life plus sixty. It is life in prison for malice murder. Ten years consecutive after that for concealing ten years consecutive for tampering. Twenty years consecutive. For two counts of cruelty to children in the first degree. Wow. And life in prison plus an additional sixty.


You can get twenty years for that. For that. Yeah.


Especially when it's I guess when you add it to this, given her the you're maxing out on shit. That's probably a max. That's great. Yeah. It's probably one to twenty years is the thing. Her her attorney also says that she is Jennifer's ordered not to have contact with her two sons until they are at least 18. Oh. And then they and then and then the and then contact can be in and then contact cannot be initiated by her.


They have to. She's not allowed to reach out to them ever. Oh boy. Ever no matter what.


So the reaction, Sister Brenda here, who's been through I mean, she's she's got to she feels probably guilty and responsible and sad. And I feel so bad for this woman. She's the sister. She says she's been raising the two boys since he's dead and she's in jail and that Jennifer Clark and your child was put up for adoption. OK, so that's somebody some that kid's walking around somewhere now. Yeah. Of the verdict handed down. She said, quote, We got justice and that's what we prayed for.


So not in 2012. The she files all sorts of shit to try to get an appeal to try to get a new trial. Twenty twenty this year. Yeah. Decided in August of this year. Just a couple of months, just a couple of months ago. She says that her trial counsel was constitutionally ineffective by failing to request that the jury be instructed that in assessing credibility, the jury could consider his convictions for murder, tampering with evidence and concealing the death of another all related to Donalds murder and everything which were admitted through everything.


Without objection, he didn't, she said. Closing arguments. My attorney didn't attack Yoast enough, didn't do that enough.


She says her trial counsel should have requested that the jury receive the following instruction and determination in determining the credibility of Michael Yost and any testimony by him in court. You may consider evidence offered to attack, cast doubt upon and challenge his credibility or cause you to disbelieve Yoast. This would include the evidence of proof that Yoast has been convicted of the offence of murder and burglary. She said that she said her lawyer didn't try to get the judge to instruct the jury that so that he's incompetent.




Why wouldn't he love to be a lawyer that defended somebody for their life? Yeah. Worked your ass off.


And then they come back and call you literally incompetent at times.


They are incompetent, but it doesn't seem like it. That's the thing.


I went to school for so long. Yeah. For this fucking idiot who doesn't know she never stepped on a college campus. I'm incompetent, mate.


Right now, they say the defence to the law says the trial. The attorney must have performed a trial in an objectively unreasonable way, considering all the circumstances and in light of prevailing professional norms. Sorry doesn't add up to that. About Yoshie, they said that the jury was fully aware of the disreputable nature of his character. He was up there saying, I fucking help. I put a plastic bag on a man's head and dumped him in the woods.


That's pretty interesting there. And the clerk, so they say, has not shown reasonable probability that but four trials, alleged error, the result of Clarke's trial would have been any different. Clarke's claim that her trial counsel rendered the constitutionality ineffective assistance. Therefore, fails because it was one of those where there's not even if they did fuck up, the things you're asking for wouldn't change the outcome of your stupid trial. So, you know, it's one of those things.


Judgment affirmed. All justices concur. No dissenters.


Fuck off. She's in prison for a long time. Hole in there for a while. So currently, Michael Yost is in jail at the Smith State Prison. What's his sentence? Life really got it. You, sir, may fuck off life with parole, possibility of parole. It's going to be twenty five.


Yeah, he's got to do that, which he's he's done up on is not going to get out. That's a tough one. At the parole hearing.


He's got a callous murder and concealment. He's got to say I was young. The way the record is is best for him because the record is all I did was help get rid of him and all that kind of shit. I wasn't the guy, you know, that's what's in the legal record. So that's the advantage to him. But and he's willing to say, I did it and I was terrible and all that kind of shit. He can say I was young.


I was blinded by love of an older woman who was manipulating me and this and that she was pregnant with my kid. Yeah. You never know. He knows now. No way. He's getting who knows. He's currently in there. And Jennifer, here she is. Let's see. She is at the Polaski State Prison and she's there for a while. As we know, she's not going anywhere for quite a while. Tiffany and Donald, he's not going anywhere for even longer time.


He is buried at Westwood Gardens in Griffin and Spalding County, Georgia. And so he's got a nice little plot. I saw his gravestone very nice, pretty hopefully like he people keep it up. I feel terrible for his kids. There's so terrible. And there, you know, there she is.


They got a very loving and they're eighteen and 20 right now. Yes. Kids. Yeah, that's tough. Somebody worked their ass off for them under terrible circumstances and they so far made it. I hope they fucking thrive.


Oh, I really do think it's a tough way out. Yeah. And hats off to Brenda for raising them as well. I'm sure. Hopefully I go to college and become lawyers again.


And this is currently being planned as a future episode of Snapped as well. I saw that they were after that the last thing that they were like in town interviewing people and shit like that for snapped. So nobody snapped.


What the fuck? That just means women killed somebody. That's it. Snapped snap. There's a woman killed somebody.


And this is for once I beat snapped to the punch because every woman that's ever killed anybody has an episode of Snapped for some fucker.


Every time I look it up, like of course it was an episode of SNAP, whereas for once, yeah, eat shit snapped you fuckers.


And also they got to calm down with just a woman murdered. Yeah. This isn't there's nothing snap about murders. Yeah. Humans murder.


That's how it works. Male female dick. No Dick. It's all the same. Stop acting like it's some weird thing that gendered women are like women are the same as it's the same shit. We're all humans. They murder, we murder.


It happens most times when women murder, they, they do it because the guy's beating the shit out of a bad dude. And this there's nothing this this was just a different scenario. Concept. No, this is well, this is this should be a jerk. You should be the show jerk exclamation point assholes.


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