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Hello, I'm Spencer Matthews, television personality and entrepreneur, and I'm vulgarly Evans presenter and D.J. and welcome to our brand new podcast, Spencer and Vogue.


This is the podcast that lets you into our lives, I guess. I think that we're just going to be talking about things that have come up during the week, things that might bother us, things that we get asked. I couldn't think of anything worse or more dreadful than caring about being let into a stranger's life.


Imagine why is it that we are doing this to allow people into our lives, both letting people in and being let in is dreadful. I want to be let in to people's lives. Yeah, but you're even people I don't know.


You love gossip and you love reading just garbage about nobody from nowhere.


And that's what I feel people are going to think about this podcast is why would I want an insight into that guy and his wife's life when I really don't need it? But then again, it's probably going to be listened to by millions of people and it's probably going to be a massive here. But I just don't I don't understand it the same way. I don't really understand reality television. I don't get it. I don't know. I'm not I'm not talking about reality television.


That's not one of our topics. Now, what is our topics now? We are talking.


Well, I was going to say, isn't it exciting that we have our own podcast, but you've kind of just shat all over that?


Well, it's not it's not to be honest. It's not that exciting to me. It isn't. I like I love working with you, but I'm not going to sit here and pretend like this is incredibly exciting.


I think it's lovely because we actually have an hour and a half where there's no children in the house and we're getting to sit here and talk about things that we actually want to talk about.


Now, that's exciting. Yeah. What are we going to talk about? What has happened in the recent past?


I mean, we did go to number one on Apple, having just released the trailer.


So I'll see you later, Joe Rogan. I kind of. I don't myself. Do you mean with us? No, just not myself.


Why would you be excited about. Because why would you be delighted with yourself when when I carry it, I just still when I and I carry it, that's mine.


But I think it's nice. But we need to know, you know, you have to you have to make an effort to make sure it stays at No. One. Right. Not just sitting here recording. You need to push it after on your really bad Instagram that you try and just. I hate Instagram.


So so Instagram. I'll post pictures of my kids to get loads of likes and then I'll post something promotional to get paid.


He yeah. So he likes to break it off so he'll do one that is trying to, trying to hide it from me that he's only using it to try and push things.


So I'll post a picture of my daughter and I'll say, oh my God, he has one ready. He has I say Yeah and I'll get I'll get over 100000 likes, never get anybody so sweet. And then I'll be like, drink clean. You know, I will use my Instagram to sell products and appear cute. Now that's the only two things I'll use it for. And he's not.


And sometimes my friends will tax him. They're like, oh my God, did you see what he just wrote about? You know, I get a load of garbage. I don't know what I say.


He's run it by me first. What, like, does that seem nice and genuine? Yeah, well, let's be honest.


Like, you know, I'm very, very uninterested in kind of praise or hate from people I don't know. I really don't care. You know, I don't know you personally. Your opinion is valueless. You know, that's just the way of the world.


Well, I think everyone kind of thinks that night.


And yet most people seek validation online from people that don't know. My worst is, you know, when people put up a post and then they do in their story and they cover their post in their story. And it's like new post. Yeah. We saw on your page, but we just didn't.


I saw it decided against it. We didn't.


Yeah, we didn't start portioner. Does are flogging it on your stories as well.


We've seen it unless there's financial gain involved, which of course also changed the world. You know, if I, if I do a post about selling bottles and it doesn't perform, then I'm going to ram it down their throat. Yeah, fair enough.


That's grounds. Go wash away.


What topic I think sons are selling. Sunset's is back for a third series. Who cares.


You watched the you watched all of it and you sat there and don't say you didn't have a choice is what you want to watch it. You couldn't stop looking at it.


We watched the whole of season three today and I thought it was awful.


It made me want to self-harm a bit. I was quite keen at one point to fling myself off the balcony.


But then I remembered I had two kids and I thought, you know, you go on like this now I will say you don't like things like four bad and stuff like that. That's not your bag for that.


But I love for about. Is that a thing? It's a program.


Oh yeah. Sorry, it sounded sexual. No, it's not sexual. OK, we're not going to go there. No, no. Okay, gross. Go on then.


My mind's going out. I can't get it out. He can't get out.


I can't foreigner a foreigner at that point.


You don't like that. What you do, you'll sit and watch the Kardashians. If it's a new series you will. Well I just won't know. I just won't I, I respect and appreciate the family and what they get up to.


And but I actually I find them really uninteresting. I think it's business people. They've obviously. Fantastic job, they've built some quite cool brands. The family is very well run by the mother, but, you know, ultimately I think they're boring.


What did you think? Uninteresting. Back to Sally's on that. What did you think about Kushel and her divorce, which was crucial, the one that looks like a tabby cat. She look like a tiger. Yeah. She looks like really, really happy all the time.


She is a kind of Cheshire cat.


She does pretty flat face with big, massive eyes and that silly big smile, unless you flip upside down when she gets divorced. And then it's a silly, big, upside down smiley face. What did you think about the divorce drama?


I think it's I think it's bollocks, to be honest. I think it's absolute nonsense. I'm not I'm not convinced at all.


And by the way, I sound like a gossip queen. And by the way, her husband or ex-husband seems perfectly normal. And I'm I'm on his side.


He doesn't like Seligsohn said what he went and gewgaws the ex-husband to try and figure out what actually happened between the two of them because it didn't make sense to you and you just don't listen.


Men are usually on the side of men. Women are usually on the side of women.


I was watching that, thinking what crazy exes, if I had in the past that have made up a bunch of absolute crap about about the way in which we've broken up and actually a few chords while she's gone, she's gone and said that he's divorced her in a text message without talking to her about it.


It's nonsense. That's just not happened. Tell me you've never dumped someone on a text message. I've never dumped anyone.


It's just that I look at your face. I have you. I don't want it. And I don't think so. I might have teared up in a text message.


I might have just said, listen, you know, we need to talk, which, you know, is a horrible message to receive.


Actually, it's never good news. I sent you that message yesterday. Yeah, but it's about like getting milk on.


Tell me, what's the weirdest reason you had to break up with somebody, um. What I don't believe that two people should be together if it's not, like literally ideal all the time, I don't understand why people tie themselves into these uphill battles.


That's not what life's sorry.


It's find someone. Find someone who's just, like, cool. And that you like the person time of day that you went out with, that you took ages to dump.


That was a complete psycho. But yes. Yeah. Like you went out with her for ages. No, I didn't. Did you want at least a year?


And she is like, I think we need to go into each other's exes, especially from where you're sad.


Sorry. You're in a way worse position than me.


I have one horrendous act that I can't shake ever disliked about. But the great thing is we can shake our asses and we have shaken the axis and it doesn't. And we don't need to ever talk about each other's past mistakes.


I made a lot of moronic mistakes between the ages of 15 and 22, you know, I mean, I think most people do as part of growing up 15 and 22. Yeah, there were a few after 22.


Not as bad now as not as bad now. I think. I think when you're young, you don't.


Well, first of all, I can openly say I never gave I never cared at all about my relationships. And I said I do whatever I want. Whenever I wanted, I'd go out. I was incredibly selfish and that was that.


And if it didn't fit, then I changed the shoe change that was about it. I couldn't have cared less. A lot of my break ups just came about and I was like, Okay, great. To see you later. Bye. Thanks for your time.


I can't say I've ever been massively sad about America. By that I mean, I was because I didn't matter. I was dying before you.


I'd never had a relationship where I thought I might marry this person. Not once, not even close. Well, I obviously did. Yeah, well, you are married, so. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Every time I go into the safe, by the way, I have to see your marriage certificate because like we needed them for a mortgage and I just, I have to look at them and I'm just like, what the fuck is this crap in the safe. I have to unearth every single time, open the safe, which is most days I was oh, God, I don't have to look in this safe.


Sometimes I forget it ever happened. Oh, I'm not surprised. I would as well. Yeah that's that's that's been that one. It makes me feel a little bit sick in my mind. Excellent rival selling sunset.


There's that one guy on selling sunset. He's so irritating also.


Oh she's the war. The one with the one who I that five year old. Oh she's she's desperate. Pathetic, pathetic. No, I'm talking about I'm talking about the really irritating woman now. I like her.


Christine. Christine, is that a name like how long does she spend getting ready every day. Her hair immaculate. Her makeup looks like she's literally like must be two hours a day.


And really the sight of her puts me in a shit mood. I kind of. Yeah. You know what?


That's what people felt about you when you were mentioning that it's not that you made it funny. It is. So you're like it isn't, though.


You made people want to puke every time they watched, you knew that you were bringing value.


But yeah, I have value add to every situation, every business value add shut off.




You we unearthed an old tweet AVOs talking a look at me by the way, when said so shut up. Can you imagine anything more lame than that. I know a little.


You know I though I was watching the show and I actually didn't watch much of it, I swear to God I must have watched a few episodes and it was such an arsehole on it that it actually drove me to tweet my disgust.


I was a troll. OK, you turned me into a troll.


OK, you are a what they call a Megafaun. You are you are someone that the show can't exist without because you're so into it that you feel the need to take to Twitter to to to abuse people on the show, which, by the way, is exactly the same as being loved in a drama series.


Being dramatic and creating content is the same as you lovingly admiring me as, you know, selling which he hated.


I don't know if you remember at the start of this conversation, he's talking to us about every single character. No, I actually don't know their names because I find it very annoying. But yes, in this case, hating Christine is as valuable as loving Christine to the show. Adam Disvalue, who created the show, he's an excellent producer, understands that better than most than anyone. He didn't understand that he used to watch Made in Chelsea thinking that, you know, every single iron of it is, you know, correct.


Has completely missed the point. Funny.


And I actually went for the new Hils that's out. We went and did an interview for the new hells and then we were house to sack.


We were asked to do a zoom call with the producers of the New Hels, two seconds into doing this, all about drama, the show. As Spencer goes, we can't be bothered with any drama. I'm not into any of this shit. I don't like this person.


Like, we might as well have just hung up. I was like, why have I sat here to be on this call? And like, we obviously we never heard anything back to Spencer Tracy. Fans go and shit if if if the hell's paid me 500 grand an app to appear. On the hills, I wouldn't do it just in passing so that you're aware, you know, so to take it, you have to be paid to do one episode of Made in Chelsea so much money it would make every single person listening to this podcast physically sick, OK?


Yeah, because I don't want to do it now. I would never do it. I would never do it. I don't think you understand that.


My life has completely moved on. I see that whole period of my life as a bit of a bit of a mistake.


No, you can't, because it brought you to where you are today. Not really. My my incessant boozing brought me to where I am today, so I'm actually quite happy with that.


OK, without boozing to excess for many years, I would never have created my company, which is how many times as many allowed pluggers company have even said the name.


I know because you're you're to hold it by purposefully didn't say the name clean liquor that would come up.


And we've got the order slightly wrong. But IBG is here. Yeah. Last but certainly not least, Shishi has arrived.


Yeah, he's an absolute star. Well, spending, I understand it is a bit boring for men at the start because I to spend nine hours a day. I counted it was nine hours. I was breastfeeding one day. Nine hours. Yeah. Sounds rotten. Yeah.


It was pretty painful but yeah. You know it is painful and it is something that you guys have to endure and I, I respect women for that. If you're lucky enough to breastfeed as I gather it is a game of luck. Is it. Um but yeah.


It's just not something though you know, you know the early, early, early childcare is is bommel to be honest.


It's hard, I mean and it's thankless. It's thankless.


It's not kind of guy every single night to thank you so much for feeding me and looking after me. I'd be more inclined to do it. But she doesn't she doesn't care. She's rolls over and goes straight to sleep. She doesn't even acknowledge the fact, you know, that I've missed out on an episode of my favorite shows to to rock her to sleep in 40 degree heat. She doesn't even thank me. Yeah, but you have to you have to get better at multitasking.


You should.


Why did you have to pause the program last night to rock her to sleep.


He could have just stood at the end of the couch, had the program on and rocked her at the same time. I just you know, I'm not saying that looking after my daughter is not important, but, you know, and I won't continue to continuously plug my brand. But when you're building something from scratch and you're in the office all day, every day, you know, scaling, you know, mountains, trying to make this thing as popular and as good as possible, you know, just churning cash and taking huge risk.


You come home and you just want to relax.


Oh, stinky babes. Yeah.


You don't feel like coming home and then spending three hours, you know, feeding and trying to.


Well, I don't remember feeling like you might do one bottle. I do. I do a bottle every day I went I got in the pool today with Theodore.


We're taking thriving the what.


Who would you call it. Bill. What do you call it. Oh my God. That's why Theodore Theodore has an Irish accent, by the way. He doesn't he has an Irish accent because he's around me. So much knocked out of him. Well, anyway, I got in the pool today.


Theodore swim teacher is a boy, you know, Adam and my milkshake milk sort of pouring in everywhere, like pouring down my legs through my swimsuit. I nearly died. Flung myself straight into the pool, the pair who, um. Well, see, I would never have to worry about that.


For example, look at us just singing and doing it again. And if you just pull down your top and show me your enormous breasts now, then don't come back anymore. My favorite thing is when we get papped incessantly all the time for whatever reason, and appear in these just politics Daily Mail articles with absolutely zero.


I love the Daily Mail. I hate the Daily Mail. And there's and there's just no point to the article. It's literally like, OK, go for a walk.


And it's like I'm sitting there thinking, who reads this? You know?


And then you've got people thinking that we've set that up, which is just hilarious, considering I would pay considerable cash to never appear in the Daily Mail anyway.


Not something you get you get you get people thinking that you've had breast implants because your boobs are full of hilarious breast implants.


And I know that I've had my lips done even when I was pregnant. When you're not allowed actually do anything like that.


Yeah, well, you haven't had the lips done, actually. No, I actually haven't. And you haven't had fake tits put in either.


My topic this week, Rice, I asked people to ask me questions on Instagram, OK, and might have so many questions came up that were like, what's it like going into a family with such wealth?


Just the difference between you and Spencer, does that come between your relationship?


It's like Spencer has dragged me out of the gutter so people think I have and I don't know I don't know where I get all the time. It's like, oh, look at her.


She's social climbing. To me, it's like, where did I start?


Are you trying to get to Prince William or to do now?


I had no interest in the royal family until I watched the crown. Yeah. To be fair, the Crown's epic. What was I going to say? Well, I have essentially saved you.


Yeah, but I don't think that's why people think it is it because I'm Irish? The people over here just think that I've come from like some shantytown somewhere.


I don't know where they think I've come from, but I didn't I was lucky enough to grow up in a very nice family situation. Well, not.


Yeah, but, you know, it's it's understandable why people got it from I mean, look at me and look at you. Yeah, exactly. Look at the state of you. Yeah. High end. You know, I and I am I told you when I, when I met you, you were living with, you know, three people and I wasn't daps of East London. I was living with two people in East London, which is cool, but you'd never know it because you were never on my level of cool.


You like me. Damned if being if living in East London is cool, I'm very happy to skip it. I couldn't care less about 80 miles away.


It's near nothing. It's in the middle of fucking nowhere and it's like, it's OK. Wait, you don't think it's cool, but yet you've totally changed your look since you've gotten what means it to be yet I evolve.


I'm like a poker machine. I'm, I'm, I'm at the end of my second phase.


So if I was if I was into all those slightly older listeners who are my age who appreciate the Pokemon reference, if I was a if I was a Pikachu initially when we met, I'm currently a Ryukyu and I'm going to become fuck, he's only got two. Well, I don't know what the chameleon one that charmander. Yeah. OK, I said Charmander Chaar millions of people off.


This is boring.


It's not like for all those Pokemon's amazing. I like the way they're constantly evolving and getting better. They don't just coast through. Life is the same entity.


I know. What I'm saying is you've tried to become cooler since you've met me and I was already cool and living in East London, my fiance was killed. I have no interest in being perceived as anything. I want absolutely no limitations in life.


I want to be so successful that I can essentially do whatever I want with my family and have no barriers.


Whether that that for me makes me cool.


Whether or not I'm wearing the correct Reebok's is irrelevant to me.


You're wearing Reebok classics thanks to me, because you wouldn't have had a clue about that. Well, I'm glad that some listeners will find that cool. But actually, I myself, I don't give a shit.


Yeah, I am. Yeah. I don't have many white socks.


I don't know whether it's my white socks than ever in my sock drawer. Than ever in my sock drawer, so I have to now make your little anklets. I feel like that music producer from The Star is born at the end. He's like, yeah, that girl sucks that anklets.


And I just feel a bit like, God, I'd rather be Bradley Cooper. What's your topic for this week?


And he can't say nobody told me to bring a topic, so I don't have one. You don't have any topics.


No, but we can talk about a number of things. We can talk about, uh, business entrepreneur realism, that, uh, we can talk about politics. So how about next week?


You come up with a really good topic to me. What would you like to talk about? Why don't we talk about whether or not cool motorcycles can live indoors now? Now they can't. Why not?


Spencer, we're building downstairs and Spencer thinks that he's going to bring I won't listen to your motorbike is lovely locking. It is, but it's never going to live inside, I promise you that. I swear to God you're going to get on it and ride this out. Oh, I'll get it out. But it won't be in a nice way. I just warning you, if you damage the floor, I can. I don't care.


I'll get in Sochi. I'll get in such a rage. You haven't even seen my rage.


Explain to our listeners why. A machine. A beautiful machine. Which, by the way, often. OK, can we bring the car to live inside as well? That does mean I want to know that car. Well, now I want the car to get inside.


If I had a huge house, then I would have a car living inside.


Why not? You wouldn't have a bloody car.


Listen, Adam has is living inside in a garage. Yeah. Yeah. That's not a garage. That's a sitting room downstairs. You're not having the mud like in that. You'll see.


You'll see. You'll see you snazzy listeners. OK, you will see this is a competition.


Who do you think is going to win myself or Spencer? I guarantee you that bike if you if you dare put that bike.


So very good because something has wheels on it. I get that Theodores police car there.


It's no different to that. Now back I should be an outside as well.


Well, it's always inside Speedway's here as well as all his other shitty toys for always acquires. Peace and quiet. Right. Let's talk about now. That was it. That was tough. Let's talk about no Novara. No.


We're going to do a game, right? Yeah, and it's called life, according to Google. So every week we're going to start typing our names into Google and see what autocomplete questions appear. So the first one is did Spencer and Vogue.


Well, the first thing that comes up dispenser in vocab, Anani, yes, yes, we do obviously like and it's not even a pompous light, obviously it's how can two adults who work full time look after kids as well as the necessity of day to day life?


Well, one of us didn't work then. We wouldn't have a nanny given that we both. Well, I think we would.


It's it's a being a stay at home mom is obviously I've been home the last since she's been born because we're getting into the swing of things.


But I do think it's good to remember that we are in a position that is very privileged to have a nanny because you see some people complaining about work and motherhood and having to do it. And it's like, baby, you've got a nanny at home. So you can't really complain because there's some people where the husband will go to work, the mother, the the kids, and then the mother goes to work and the husband won't have kids and they have to do a cycle like that.


So actually, not everyone has a nanny or can't afford one. So I think it's important to realize that actually we're really lucky without being rude.


I don't compare myself to other people. I have my mission in life and the things that I want to achieve and hopefully is very much.


But if you if you saw me complaining online about being a mom and having a job. Yeah, I'd say get a nanny never to have a nanny. So what would you think about me? I'd say, why don't you get the money to do more like, you know, I well, people can complain all they want. People always whinging complain it's part of life. I like whinging. I can never win.


You're just putting yourself down for no reason. We never whinge about anything.


And actually, I guess I said that was one of my traits. O'Mahoney, you don't you're not moaning at all.


We and of course, I'm not I'm not ignoring the fact that we obviously are privileged, but we are also individually successful and we have the ability to give ourselves time to talk.


If I if I had to stay at home and look after the kid and not be at work creating and pushing the business forward, the business would suffer. So actually paying for a nanny is better than doing that. Well, that's more cost effective.


And you know what people mean to get a nanny. People think that having a nanny is a bit extravagant, but it's the same thing as nursery. How is it extravagant? I know, but it is the same thing as nursery. So people see nursery is a different thing. It's like school, whereas not having a nanny is meant to be more extravagant.


But I always it is it is impossible to work as we work without a nanny is not possible.


I did to Vogue meet on the jump. Yeah. We met on the jump. Who won the jump.


Oh yeah I won the jump.


Where, where did Spencer in Vogue.


Got married in Scotland. Scotland up and spending his parents estate.


Yeah. Estate. I like to call it a castle but it's actually not a castle. It's just, it's a, it's a stalking estate actually. That's where we're going. Well, are in vogue.


Call their baby Gigi. Margot well, Theodore, Theodore Frederick, Michael Matthews and Gigi Margot Mathis.


When did Spencer and Vogue start dating?


It would have been in the march after the jump seven years ago. It was the fifteen. It feels like ages ago.


It feels it feels like we've just met because of the love that emulating from us all the time.


But we did start dating in the march after the jump. So it's good to point out we weren't together on the jump. We are obviously. How could we be. We just met. You were mad at me? I wasn't ready. I thought I thought, oh, she's cool, we'll be friends. And then actually that's that's that's my line. That's actually what I thought about you. You didn't think that about me anyway. Why did Spencer and Vogue get married again?


We didn't. It was for a television series. We wanted to have our friends come because we only had 20 people. Not strictly true.


Vogue felt that because we had a small family ceremony in Scotland that was very private, that she wanted to have another elements of of a kind of party like like.


Like you like a lot of people have a party the day after their wedding. We just did that.


But a year later, for Vokes friends, I'd love to have another party. I'm sure you would. Yeah, but not in my eyes somewhere else that we can mess up your house, OK? You mean my house or our house? Or my house?


She often says to me, Oh, can you put these in my bedroom? I'm right. Where the fuck am I living? Oh, bedroom. But where do you know very.


You're very me, me, me. I know, but it's not more my bedroom than your bedroom. No, no it isn't. In fact, it's more my bedroom than your bedroom.


Kind of feels like more mine. More mine.


OK. More questions. Yeah. Ah.


Spencer and Vogue still together. Oh no, obviously not. We just get together once a week to do this podcast and we put on a massive show for everybody who cares about our life that we have. And we have eight kids that are actually rented in response to Vogue. Married. Yes, we are sponsoring Vogue having another baby.


Yes, we will be. Yeah, yeah. Depending on the nanny's availability and whether or not she can move in permanently.


Spanning actually did say that. He said that we could have four kids if if I swore that we could have a live in nanny by the time we had four kids. That's completely I won't do it otherwise. So, you know, it's different for for Irish people, I think, because we don't do the whole night nanny thing and all that stuff.


You don't hear about that at home, but here you have maternity nurses and nannies and stuff like that, and we just don't have them anyway.


And anyone therefore, if we have four kids and we live on the third now, I'm not doing OK. If we have three. Yeah, you will do it now, won't you?


Yeah, well I'll wear condoms every time. Oh OK. I'll give you that one percent chance. Condoms might fail. Good luck. OK, yeah. I'd actually be really into that.


Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be that we can you know, we can do that, we can start doing that right now. Actually we can right now because I'd rather not go on the pill right now. OK.


OK for. This is I love this one, obviously, because I love Instagram, and I actually I actually do like a lot of the people that follow me on it to them, which many fans wear it.


But I bet it could be murderers. OK, they're really nice. They're nice murderers.


So I asked the good people of Instagram what they wanted to know.


And we actually got like I mean, thousands of questions, of course, over thousands. Yes.


Standard number. How did you manage to bounce back from pregnancy's your sister, your sister?


No, it's not. I love the name Amber. Maybe for another child. No. Yeah, there's too similar to your sister's name.


But this is another thing with the Irish. They just they want to name everyone. The same thing from the family. It's like, oh, here's my daughter Sandra and her mother's grandmother, Sandra is like, let's just have some creativity. Sandra, I like to know your sister's name. That's how it's going to stay. Amber Hadley, bounce back. To be honest, I think it's a genetical thing. Bad luck.


Bad luck, Amber Clay to make it. So that's that's life. Amber.


I did I did put on nearly three stone when I was pregnant, which was more than what Theodore was. And actually am I lost? You've lost. All right. I know. Yeah. But I think it might be a mix of breastfeeding.


Oh, know. Because I can't exercise, you know, like it's being genetically superior. Now, don't say that's what is so annoying.


I just think it is it's different people's body types. And I think because I'm tall, it's, um.


I don't know, I sold a story that everyone's the same.


We're not OK. What's her name. Ayling. No. Ayling. No. You forget the whole letter. Aisling Ashlynn. Ashlynn.


My God. I hope you gave your parents absolute murder.


I think is a lovely day. Ashley.


Ashley, now you have a second child. Will you get Ashley.


Ashley has to every single time she writes her name anywhere has to then explain to the person what her name is. She doesn't. She doesn't. You're just stupid. You missed the whole letter.


Ask what is our silence. Yes. Ayling the ash, ash, ash as much as Ash Ashley. Anyway, now you have a second child.


Will you get a second dog? No, no, no, obviously not. But Justin's too brilliant. We don't need another dog like the day Winston pegs it. We'll get a second. We'll probably get, um, a French bulldog, I think.


I don't think we will either call papito or pistachio pesto pesto or Graham, but we're not we're not getting a French bulldog.


But I think actually giving giving a dog a really human name like Graham or Ralph or whatever it is, is quite cool instead of, like, choppy or know or, you know, some shite name that you'd only ever hear in Chelsea. I heard a dog call choppy. It's quite a good analogy.


OK, what bad habits have you both got that the other can't stand? The weird thing is our bad habits.


So what I think is Spencer's bad habit, my good habit from a bad habit he would think is my bad habit.


So Spencer, it's just messy, messy person. You're messy. Get Dawran more now. You're messy. You never do anything. Everything is always a mess.


Dealey Plaza, you make it sound like long as I beltrán sit on my table for since Saturday.


But this Thursday put it in the drawer. You put it away. I'm going to start putting yourself in the bed. So you're so you're the jujitsu belt.


I put up the bed. Why would you put it in the because if you believe that it's where the sports that it doesn't live, if it bothers you, you put it away.


OK, I'm going to start putting things in the bed. That's actually I've just come up with that plan myself. Fantastic. I guess I won't even notice. Fine.


You will when you can't find your jujitsu. But if you throw my sacred jujitsu getting in the van, yeah, it's going to be filth.


I'll tell you what, if that if that jujitsu belt goes in the bin, I'm going to leave the motorbike in our bedroom, OK? Which was my bad habit that you don't like. You cannot ever just sit down. You have to give yourself jobs. And in doing so, you give others jobs that just are so unwelcome.


So like you go round the house and you'll be cleaning something and then you go on something else and then you'll start rearranging the silverware and then you'll start moving all the pictures around and then you'll go.


And it's like and it's almost like if if we the people here don't do the same, you have a go at us and it's like most people or in the case in this case, your brother Alex and I, we're at work all day.


Come home. We don't want to clean.


So what do you think I do all day? That you think I want to keep myself busy? No, you see this. You're going to get rid of that when we're finished this year.


Yeah. And you're going to get rid of your belts if fine. Find Isidoro here today.


No. Why not? Because she's not available on a Thursday. OK, when she's next and you say all that stuff that annoys me about that table, change it where you just start putting your bits away from me, OK?


Are you moving home to Ireland soon?


No, no, we're not moving to Ireland. Sadly, I'll never move home. But we're going to spend more time there.


We'll get a house there and we'll use it for like little golf weekends and I'll use it for more than that. Yeah, I won't.


But it's it's a lovely part of the world. There's just nothing really like business wise for me there.


Will there be a new season of our TV show that just keeps coming off?


I mean, probably at some point when we have the time, maybe it maybe it's incredibly difficult with our schedules to film a television show as well.


And I'm not trying to say I'm busier than I am, but like right now we couldn't actually.


Right right now there is not enough time in the day to even carve out a spare hour for that TV show. And that TV show is incredibly timely.


We definitely understand that you're busy, right? Yeah, I know. But like I am, we're all busy, OK? Nobody is as busy as somebody starting it.


OK, start off Beyonce. Beyonce can achieve everything she achieves in the day. We also cheers and applause look at Beyonce. She's always dangerous, I reckon. Beyonce it as fuck all OK? Well, I don't think so.


That's it. Are we done? That's it. That's our first podcast, but we will be back with our podcast next week, bought what we're going to be doing is every week now. Yeah, okay. Next week. Let's talk about Jeff Bezos, who I love only a matter of time before he came in. Yeah. Why? If you love him so much, you shouldn't be complaining about how much stuff I read off Amazon. I'm not suggesting that you prop up his individual wealth.


I'm just saying that I give a good stab at it. I just found out today that a lot of the bottles that we've delivered through Amazon have been synced to somewhere else. And it's really fucked me off. A lot of people ordered rhubarb and I received a raspberry.


OK, well, we would love you to get involved, honors it. Can we put a gag on him? He can't keep mentioning like we get it. OK, right. For for next week's podcast. We know you're busy. We don't give a shit, OK?


We're just just so that we're aware, like, I don't care, you know, one will always be more important than the other. You know, I enjoy working with you, but my priorities are in the offing. OK, well, I don't actually need you, so. Right. We get it. You're busy and you have a company we get us to. But yeah, now we're talking about us. OK, so if we still have a podcast next week because are so exceptionally busy.


Yeah. Well we would love you to get involved so you can send in your emails, your questions and what the next big debate spatting and I should have to spend to invoke parred at Gmail dot com and please subscribe to the podcast wherever you are listening to get it straight to your device as soon as it's release and drop. Well, I mean, drop us five stars and a nice review would be good.


I would have a our standard though. But one thing I will say about the reviews is if you're the kind of person that would come on and leave a negative review, just don't there's no point. Is spreading animosity online negativity breeds negativity. Yeah, just just come on. Say, listen, this was absolutely epic. Here's five stars. Thanks for listening. Yeah, that's it. And we'll see you next week.


Hopefully if he's not too busy to be, just just book me well in advance and I'll carve out the time.