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Hello, I'm Spencer Matthews, and I'm Bob Williams, and welcome to our podcast, Spencer and Vogue.


Yes, by now you know who we are because we're on series for this series to.


Is this to to what I've said? No, it all blends into one for me at nine nine. Check us out.


So we're nearly finished series to Churching High and not by charging.


And I trust me, I don't need to be told. I'm actually just I just quite like doing it.


I don't mind doing it. There are certain things that I'm doing like that, like you would think if you're not in in our industry, you would think that you'd, like, make tons of money from what you don't. It's more of a compassionate thing to do.


Hmm. Yeah, it's part of the reason I dearly departed TV, although I was never at the top of TV. See lots of people and very good money at TV. I Vogues actually. Good job.


I was always just more of a like I'd say Holly Willoughby earns a good few bob. Yeah. Yeah she does. Well I think there are a few people in TV that do really well.


She Jafo does well and so does Philip Coquille. Basically the the same person like a TV, the same person and two bodies like us. We're like that. What do you think about that? I definitely don't think that's true.


I think it is. I think most people see us as the same person now.


Oh, yes. I think people I would like to know, actually. Yeah, I would like to know. The listeners think of us like what they would describe you.


Are you really asking who the listeners prefer? Jamie and I play this game every week and it's well, obviously, but it will definitely go up for me.


But for me, I'm not sure they do. I will happily run a poll if you want to do a poll, IMO. Producer Emma, can you run a poll? Who is I? Last time that last time we did this, it went really badly for me. We did your face or mine. And eighty six percent of people thought Vogue was better looking, which is yeah. Obviously a good thing.


I've got a nice thick armadillo skin, a southern and our whole relationship saying how much better looking he was than me. And it was like it was the unanswered question that finally got answered.


Yeah, well, I'm glad he answered, you know, because as I've said before, on a number of different platforms, the pod master over here, uh, I like the fact that I'm punching.


Has anyone noticed if you're if you're listening to this, you won't notice it. But Spaniard's decided he's going to have Atash for a while.


Yeah, I was watching this is us and I quite like the dad's mustache. Not going to lie. So I thought, yeah, why not? It's locked down, obviously not seeing any one.


So perfect opportunity to, uh, to, you know, give the stache, uh, a room around the house for a bit.


Also, Vogues brother loves it though I imagine me without one.


I might personally I might stop Joline in mind. You know, that is I presume it's hair removal. No, no. It's, uh it's, uh, bleach. What. You can bleach you. Natasha, why wouldn't you just watch it, Natasha? Because the hair is so minimal.


There's no point really, because I don't have to watch it all the time.


Oh God. I've got to look at it every day. I did I did get a hairy face when I was pregnant, my eye. So basically you had a face like a peach. Like not like a peach. Like an eye. Like an omen. From the olden days, what are they called Neanderthal? Honestly, full on beards. So I went and I got my ears pierced in and actually in what's it called Harrods.


We went in there before lockdown, just before anybody got so upset. Oh, God. It was it was before I was before Jesus was born. But anyway, I went in there like, can we take a picture of your ears? Because you've got so many cool earrings in. And I was like, sure, I'll post my Instagram. And when I saw the side of my face, I nearly dropped dead.


I've been walking around with that beard and it was pregnancy that had given me the beard. So I actually had to get one of those, you know, those days, what are they called micro dermabrasion. That is not a razor.


It gets rid of the Peachfuzz.


Well, I never analogizes born anything. It's not big anymore. Well, but as soon as I get pregnant, it's like full on beard.


So you'll be pleased to know. I told you this last night when we were cuddled up in bed together, that your face is as soft as Theodores Narges Theodores.


It must be because my nose creams you've got a lovely, lovely soft skin. What was I going to say? I had something to say. Can I give.


Can I give a shout out. Is that okay? Who am I asking?


Of course I can. Okay, I am. I'm going to give a shout out to my Boys Sigma.


The band. Yeah. Oh yeah. He's wearing that T-shirt. Yeah. They sent me that. They sent me this hoodie. It's kind of nice.


Hoodie is pretty cool. I've got to know what's rude. They didn't send me one.


Well they don't really like you. Like they love me obviously.


I want a male, I want Sagawa to mail me and somebody like Sigma, which if you, if you're unfamiliar with, should be unlikely. There was that famous song that I know you're crying.


Those aren't the words. And then and then somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody touches it is it is a cheat and they've got millions of others will not millions, but they've got, you know, hundreds of other banging tunes, you know.


Thanks for the hoodie, guys. It's very, very kind of you. Yeah. I actually I don't know. I'm actually annoyed at you, to be honest. I have to I have to just think, you know, what I was going to say, even though I'm annoyed you you hoodies are quite nice, obviously in the back.


Look, this fair play because you usually bond market so crap.


Well, it's free for this isn't an advert, by the way.


I'm just I'm just genuinely quite nobody ever sends me anything.


Yes. I do not really.


I have to pay for stuff and actually don't bother sending friends or anything because, you know, he doesn't post on its route. I think if you get sent something as a gift and you wear it and you like it and you enjoy it, I think it's only fair that you do a post. But don't send us anything. I'm giving them a nod on the pod that's far more valuable than a post from me. Everybody knows that my posts are kind of like.


Should we go on to our Pick of the week, you're not going to like my pet. It's kind of it's going to annoy you. Okay, go on then. Pick and pick of the week. So last night we're lying in bed, right? I know every night gets that. Not a story.


Every night, about half nine. I pump my boobs right. And Spencer, every night I say to them, don't forget to put my breast milk in the fridge and and every night I don't forget.


But I did forget last night that you forgot.


You must live the most fantastic life if that is your pet of the.


That was my pet girls who I was breastfeeding out there for answers for answers to the good stuff down the sink this morning. Disgusted. Yeah, disgusted. I'm still trying to get over it.


Yeah, well I apologized and yet it's making its way onto the pod before and it went down the drain but then probably in the pit. I was tearing at the freezer yesterday because my wife and I found three ounces in the freezer. That's that's serendipity. So we only really lost an ounce because I would never have seen that actually three ounces would I have gone to bed after six months. I knew it was there, so I would have probably told you that.


Sure, you did it. And also. Well, that's nice.


Your Pets of the Week is is just, you know, a passing nonsense, surpassing nonsense.


I actually got out of bed practically to take your milk to the fridge when you were whinging about a spasm in your shoulder. So I gave you a massage being lovely.


And then I got back into bed. He started the massage.


Right. And massage. We say massage. I don't know why you say massage.


Well, because I'm English and you're Irish, but it's almost gone.


So anything he starts off as saying, like like he's chopping wood with his hand and it's like that's not I don't want I saw shoulders and he starts hating me singing and chanting. Yeah, well it doesn't work.


Chopping block I call it. I call it the Souci Chop. I'm getting Finizio later.


Well Fazzio you know those Fazzio. I know you do.


And what is my pick of the week is probably all the tractors I've been wearing that I can't tell you about the track suit yet, but I'm very pleased with the track.


So this is exciting. It is exciting. It is actually, yes. You're going to labor a labor of love. Yeah. Yes. I was wandering around the house thinking, oh, lovely, that's a good tractor.


We can get one of those. I see. What color would you want. I only was Matrix's.


Sorry, would you like the yellow one. Yeah I thought so. OK, ok. What's your pick of the week.


Um, well my pet is similar to yours for getting the milk. Obviously waking up this morning to Fox.


It was, it was, it was a bit of a I was a bit of a bruise for me. I thought, oh God, what have I done now. Oh yes. I didn't say I didn't say for fuck's sake.


I said, oh, Spencer, I, uh, I Jafo didn't say for fuck's sake, the the only person in the house that says, for fuck's sake, Theodore did well and he got it from somewhere else.


I think you did. Oh that. I didn't realize. I said that's what you did.


Anyway, I remember I had my my lovely eye mask on this morning. Um, uh and uh and yeah that kind of pierced through my right ear. And I thought, oh, it's a nice way to start the day.


Well, it's your pick of the week. Week we pick of the week. Um. It's boring, again, not work related, I won't make it work related, but just, you know, spending all the time, I'm like in fact I was always told, right, the fathers and daughters have this lovely little bond.


I'm just love doesn't come with it when I sell off.


They're, like, more used to him. He's been around longer.


He's like a proper boy now at the parks.


And he was flying along and he's like he's basically like he's he's an adult. It's like it kind of makes me go, oh, he's about a month away from us sending him to co-op to buy milk on his own.


I'd say so. Yeah. Very clever knows and stuff when crossing the road and everything is clever.


So smart obviously. Yeah. Taking a leaf out.


Oh another peak of my week is my French lessons. Oh yeah. She's great. She's always talking about sex though.


But she's not just talking about sex now because I text her the other day and I said just read Sexy Day. And she was like, oh that's sexual again.


Vogue, I keep bringing up the sexual things. So that means I'm turned on. And I meant to say that I'm excited for, like, our lesson and I was very susceptible.


I'm to the male equivalent would be like I've got a raging hard on.


So that's what I said to her. And then I asked her, well, I call my business partner. I've called him this for over a year, for two years now. I've called him Kiki. Yeah, I've known that for ages.


But Kiran, I only find that unlike I thought it was like my nice little nickname for Kiran Kiki. And I find out it means really well.


Yeah. Yeah, really, you know, Dasia, really, um, so yeah, Theodore and I went to the park on our own the other day. That was sweet, which was lovely. We went to the, uh, the playground. I haven't I haven't actually been with him in the like more like young man parts of the playground.


He climbed this rope ladder, never seen anything like it yet. He shot up this like rope wall.


And I shot up as well behind him because I just didn't know if it was a normal thing for a kid of his age to be climbing, I think.


And then when we got to the top, he sat down at the top of the huge slide, the really big one.


And I was like, oh, God, I didn't really know what it is. I jumped off the thing which is really high, by the way, to be at the bottom of the slide just just in case, you know, a two year old wasn't supposed to tell anyone he loved it.


Don't go down that slide yourself. I went down at myself and, you know, and he gets the end of the slide. And because he was in my arms, I couldn't I put my arms out or anything. So I literally came off the slide, which is about two feet of my pretty photo, but straight and onto my body.


And it was not comfortable for camp. So I think I might take him to that part of the park today, actually. Yeah, I'd like to do that as well. That's like my peak and.


No, I was meant to do something this week, and I forgot I was going to get us Gregs so we could have our first Gregs tasting.


Oh, no, I was really looking forward to that. I think it's going to be I've looked at it. It's going to be right up my street.


Yeah, right up my street.


It's well, there's only a couple of things like I love my sister. I think we've said this before. She comes over here.


Well, I mean, she hasn't been a long time, so she won't be able to contain herself the next time she comes over in the first place she wants to go is either Pratt or Izza.


She loves pussy like any Irish person that comes over there, like, oh, my God, this place is amazing. And I will say to press, they've got the best Parg. Yeah, is it, though? Yeah, it's like Pretz, like I choose a press part over like a hotel breakfast, Parg. It depends on the hotel, obviously. Now it's always the bar.


So you think Pretz does better porridge than the Bristol or the Lanesboro? Bristol. I had a croissant in there.


Oh, my God.


It was like just like licking butter licking, but fantastic.


Like, oh, god, it's like butter but with texture, crunchy crispy texture.


Porter delicious. Yeah. It was good what I was about to let rip on some big fat swearword that I was so excited about.


The butter croissant goddess Farb croissant. Croissant. So give us some French then.


No, it's just sweet play, ArchCity. Okay, just give us 20 minutes and we'll we're nearly done and hold that thought.


She also taught me another thing. Bunda beats. That means a band, a big adex. We've spoken, haven't we, about this toilet humor on the part where you're 35 years old.


Just in passing, I'm paying you for these French lessons. I need to know all the good words. Underbite, as far as we know now, you know.


Good, good, good. Our listeners are the height of intelligence and our listeners, our listeners won't appreciate this.


I won't be one person that doesn't know what I want to know. What a big addiction friendships and know our listeners want to hear about the global economy and the future of our foreign prospering country. And that's what they want.


They don't want to hear about bombed beats. Bondevik I say, look at em. I not even giggling.


You know, this mustache that I'm growing, if I grow a really thick one and then what, shave the sides and twizzle the sides out like Dahli?


Yeah, something like that. Well, not quite. And then when Winston pegs it, can we get a German schnauzer, which has a mustache as well. So when they say that the owners look like the dog, I could walk, we could call him like Brutus or something.


And I could, you know, yeah. Bruno and I could walk him in the park and everyone would go look at that dog and the owner, both of them.


I've never taken to a schnauzer if I got another dog. I've already decided that if I shave, I can shave his stache as well.


You know, we can have matching mustaches. I'm afraid we're getting a dog when we get a next dog. We're not going to be choosing what breed it is. We're going to go and get a rescue dog.


I've decided I think that's just a play for PR and attention. Swear to God it's not.


I've been watching these videos and they've been talking about my heartstrings and everything.


By the way, everything tugs at your heartstrings.


We were watching a program last night bordering on funny and Vogues just crying the whole way through. No, the man had left his cat at home already upset me.


I think you're pregnant. Why? Because I keep crying and crying all the time.


And and there was this little meeting this morning. Little. Yeah, I think that was from, you know, like say I mean, look at me say, OK, OK, we're going to get you involved in our argument, which I know you probably don't want to do.


Everybody who was grumpy today myself responsible. I think you missed the beginning because there is no real beginning. It was grumpy IMO.


Be honest. I yeah, you came in halfway through dialogue and listen, I'm not about Madame de La, I said I couldn't care less. I'm in a very good mood, but I think you're pregnant. Why should we call our third kid? I'd like to call him.


No, don't say the name in case people know. I don't know. But maybe they don't.


You don't have to tell the listeners everything. Obviously we already know. Just play a game. Let's not I'm not pregnant, by the way.


People I think, know the time about the cat was sad that it darling, somebody opens the door and the show goes like morning every order because I know the dog's dying.


And it makes me feel really sad for the dog because we know how I feel about death and I'm not interested in dying folks.


Vogue is still petrified of death as she's 35 years old. I remember being petrified of death when I was like six.


I want to talk about the amazing Tom Moore. Do you think he was incredible, he was 100 years old, an amazing age to get to.


He raised what was a 35 million in the end for the NHS. You know, he was he's obviously a very special man for his whole life, he had done like probably amazing things anyway.


But to top it off by doing that this year, and he just brought a lot of light into people's lives. And, you know, I'm a big fan of old people.


You do love old people, though, because repetitively told me that she'd like to do work with an old people's home, which is very nice.


It's it's really it's not like you you kind of see stuff in movies that you're allowed to do, like, I don't know, befriend an old person who's lonely, but it doesn't really work like that.


Like, I just wanted to find someone like within my area who's quite lonely that I could befriend and like cook dinners and have over not now obviously, but that kind of thing. Because I feel like like that's why when I say that, ah, I would happily move our parents in with us when they got a little bit older and if they felt like that they needed to live with somebody like it would be my pleasure to have them. Nobody's perfect.


Let's hope the house is vast and they can have their own little section I think is always going to have some of my family members within our home.


Again, we've got my little brother here. This was never agreed prior to becoming married, but there we go. So something new every day.


So Alexander's been living with us probably since June, maybe. I love also being here.


Yeah, Pyfrom is very moody in the mornings. It takes him a good 45 minutes to get his wheels moving.


I wouldn't say he's moody. He's just likes to be quiet and not have to talk for a while. Some people like that.


Do you know something incredibly odd about him? There's a few things, yeah, he he he chooses, so she also works for for Glynco and lives here. So we've got an office downstairs and I'll go down and also chooses to set.


In darkness, I know he shuts all the lights off, so to work in the corner on his laptop. It's really weird, I went. So he accused him of being a murderer the other day because he said this is exactly the kind of thing that you'd be a murderer before he would.


I know I'd care less about being a murderer, but I don't think I would be a murderer or even him.


I would never sit in a big empty space in the pitch black working down the middle of the day, got the curtains shut with all the lights.


He's got he's got this. So it's like a bat. My stepdad, he has the same traits as him. It's like I can see it in his face sometimes even when something annoys him, I can see it in his face because he thinks he's hiding it. And my stepdad does that, too, like he'll throw someone a filthy look and think that that person doesn't see it when he's glaring right at him. And Alexander is the same. I also can't hide his emotions at all now.


But he's he's he's in filthy moods in the morning. Always.


Well, not always, but he can be and I can iconically else I know now that's incredibly rare.


So we definitely don't need to reference that.


You know, Harare's usually I bowed out of bed and I give everyone cuddles and kisses and give everybody lovely compliments and then I go to work or go downstairs or whatever. So that's it.


Speaking of crying stuff, whatever, I don't think I've. Oh, I know you. Ah, you cried once when that time I don't you. That's just nonsense.


You don't know that at the very start of our relationship after like I was in Sharknado five, I can turn on the taps whenever I want.


It's funny they asked everybody to do that. There's no need to guess who ended up doing. You were the only soccer they actually got on board. And I hear what he and film this for twenty hours. I nothing. Oh no thanks.


Me Granda and I would have, I would have loved to have seen you pull off my Oscar nominated performance.


I did on the boat. Sure. I was highly commended. Well what makes you cry. Go on. When was the last time you cried. I'm. I don't know. I've been called, like, psychopathic, haven't I? I don't really sociopathic, sociopathic. So what's the difference? It's not as bad whenever I find myself Googling traits of a sociopath.


I'm kind of in awe of them. I think they sound great. Um, but I am not. And I they are they cry, as you know, I kind of well up every so often if I'm like really tired watching something really sad.


But actually um a car that is requiring the dog dies in our show when my dad dies.


Now she's not your dad, which would. Um, what do you cry when the dad in the show we're watching dies? Are you joking? Oh, God, I'm amazed I sit around. No, of course I. Are you kidding? Talking.


Of course, that show would be absolutely incapable of making me cry.


So I watched as we spoke. But it's the same last week. I know we did, but I watched that kind of on my own on oh my God, I was in bad actually.


Like I was so glad you weren't there because you would have just taken the piss out of me. I want them. I was like, you didn't watch the whole show.


I also know you did. And I snuck in there and watched on my own. What?


Oh, well, we talk about the gifts I brought you this week that he still hasn't cashed in. Where is it?


I bought Swannie, a tarot card reader. So idea what I've told you. You have to contact Penny Ellison.


As you are fully aware, my mind is partly occupied all the time. So if you know I'm going to love something, please. Just Ramit that much she is mentioning is such an amazing girl. So basically, I met her in Australia years and years ago and she used to do tarot cards back then and she's kind of taken to a bit more now. But she knows, like she told me I was pregnant with before I knew I was pregnant, she told me I was going to have a girl.


She just she knows stuff. It's really, really weird. And if you like, she does these readings.


And Penny, let me say to him, because to be fair to before, I wouldn't I wouldn't ordinarily be like, oh, yeah, it's amazing.


But but she's she's been, like, remarkably accurate now on a number of separate occasions.


And as it is, it is quite impressive. To be fair, if you if you flipped a coin, you know, ten times, you won't get it right ten times.


And she's kind of flipped a coin with, you know, thousands of possible sides and got it right. Every time is pretty good. She is very good.


But I've gotten him. And you wouldn't think spending would be into that kind of thing. But you are. Well, only because she's right all the time. But has she got it? If she'd made a single mistake, I'd be paniagua.


Yeah, she she doesn't make mistakes.


No, she told Vogue. So Vogue had a pregnancy test when we were hoping for Gigi and and it came out negative. And then about a week later, she had another pregnancy.


And I. Sorry, sorry. So if I had a pregnancy test which came up negative and then, you know, a week or three weeks later or something like that, she had a conversation with this young lady and the young lady said, you're pregnant. And I said, well, no, I'm not. Because, you know, I've just I've literally just had a test. And she said, no, no, no, you're pregnant. And she had a test the following day and it was, yeah, positive.


And she told me she was going to be a girl as well. Yeah. And I just sweet Gigi Bear. Yeah, she's really good.


I might get a little fluffy. It's going to take an hour or so. You have to, you have to make you've got I'll give you her number and you can make a plan. If you give me her number, I'll make a plan. OK, good. And then we can talk about on the part we can say what she said. Oh I'd love to get Penny on the project.


I'm up for it. Yeah, that'll be great. Well, we've never had a guest before because obviously I think it was because I'm able to prop this entire ship up single handedly.


I'd like to Capaldi you know, you said you've said Arthur if he's fine, isn't he?


You're just you're just against him because he ignores you.


I am against anyone who ignores me. I'd say that's fair. Yeah. He wasn't interested in you know, he wasn't.


And as such, his career will never be slingshot out into the stratosphere by show.


I reckon he's working on new music. We've got good stuff. What was that? The music. Music? Why did you say that? Do you think it was cool to just change the word music? Why do you do it?


Just felt like it felt like it felt like the right thing to do. That was shot in a miss.


OK, Tear-jerker. Yeah, we'll take a subject and put items associated with that subject into tiers, rating them either God Tier Tejo or not a play on words.


Get a top tier mid teens spelling to tie your argument.


There you go again. Aw shit.


Teir I'm going to your fucking shit to your I'm not in fucking shit this week or snacks.


So what is it. God. Good media God Midgette. God top midrashic. Oh my God. God, God, God, God. Obviously sausage roll smeared shit.


No not shit. Well it depends. Obviously he can't put a sausage. You can't put sausage roll in one category. It's not sausage rolls are all different. A homemade sausage roll could be a fucking nightmare.


We're talking about a fantastic sausage roll, a fantastic sauce draw, which has, let's say eighty percent sausage. Twenty percent roll. Because I'll tell you one thing I can't stand is those fifty fifty.


No, no, no, no. Has to be more saucy. Yeah. Okay.


Like it has to be like the sausage size of the microphone and then just a little bit of pastry to give it a texture. Yeah. Yeah, yes. It's basically a sausage with a bit of texture that that is you could be in got that thing that would be ingolf these, these sausage rolls which are primarily pastry hit the road Jack.


Yeah. Don't come back. Yeah. Fuck off. Okay. Scotch egg.


I had my first scotch egg and Jody kids pop a year ago. Wassa.


What are you talking about. My mind was below my love jadi kid in job says such legends. They are legend circle. They are, they're fantastic.


Anyway they had this scotch egg and therefore I honestly I nearly, I nearly toppled off my seat and I was just the nicest thing I've ever had.


If you knew how it was made, you'd never eat again. I do. I so I do know I was made.


OK, so they, they, they boil an egg essentially. Yeah. And then they undercooked the egg so that it's like solved.


What do you mean. I've seen it. I've seen one being made. OK, go on then.


On the staff show the chef made a scotch egg and he showed me how to make it on. The whole thing was delicious looking nothing. Not one thing.


Put me off. What about the deep frying in the end. Put things like that.


Are this you've got to live your best life.


OK, Pringle's now I do love a brinjal.


Yeah, I mean, you're not my favorite, though, so they're only going in, I'd say mid maybe I met meds Métayer for Pringle's. Well, I don't know, I'll share a good salt and vinegar. Pringle at the right time could be top tier. But it's not it's not a God. I like.


I like. I like it. I also like a cocktail Pringle prawn cocktail. Bring it. Well prawn cocktails actually. Divine.


Yeah I'm ok ASCAN. I'm not mad for Scullin's. I could live my life without ever having to scale and again I too could live without skeins.


But it's going to kind of Mr. Spencer Calibra. Scared. Yeah. Scared. OK, yeah. OK. Scullin's mid or shet can't be ask them met. I've said ok Deb Dabbs. Shit. God what.


Like like like. Okay let's have a really subpar lollipop.


I'm just fucking like dip it in powdered sugar. Everyone's worst nightmare. Ridiculous. OK, right.


Well I thank God for me because I have one a day on my life would be when I voted for them. Vogue eats them in the bath. Yeah. And the powdered sherbet like drops into the water and then she's like like floundering around in this bathtub full of sugar.


And it's just I don't really understand it personally. I take a message, the message she and Vogue also is discussing, actually, she'll have like three drinks on the go, so she'll have milk like some kind of juice.


Robinson's very cordial and and a Diet Coke or Coke Zero and the debatably all at once, like, can you imagine anything more disgusting like than that?


And probably a pack of like squares or something.


Oh, God, no, I, I've, I've had to hide the ones that stand stare. You don't have to hide them. I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.


No, I've had to hide them for myself. I see. I can't stop with them. Right. These are healthy.


It's as baked not fried and OK Haribo. I mean I love a good arbo but there's these sweets from Marks and Spencers Cordie.


They got a better call in the catspaw is absolutely not.


I wish they wouldn't put the green ones in. No I love the green. Oh well that's good. I only like the pink ones. I like the pink ones too. But if you, if you only want the pink ones, all the green you only have the green ones.


From now on I'll have the pink once.


I prefer, I prefer a like a See-Through sweet though like you know the green, the color, the caterpillars. They're fine, they're very, very nice.


But being able to really. Yeah. I like a jelly.


Like if I pick up a pack of Haribo I won't eat like the eggs and I'll leave, I'll leave the jellies with the white basses like the crocodiles and the little hearts until last.


I'll only eat them if I really feel like I love those hearts are my favorite. But I mean Haribo. OK, we're going to put her on top.


But if it was between Haribo and pick it from the cinema, I'd rather the cinema I picnic's. Hmm. OK, next one hame delicious.


God I love him so I have a little ritual I buy, you know, one of those deep things of hummus, the extra virgin olive oil, not the like like reduced fat hummus because anything reduced fat by the way is just pumped full of other crap.


So don't buy it if you're looking to have a healthy diet. The full fat thing is typically the way forward anyway.


Hummus, delicious, big, deep thing.


I pour, I put loads of like Himalayan rock salt in it, loads of pepper and then it's tebartz and spicy sauce of some kind either like a delicious.


Is your mouth watering. Yeah. Either a pepper sauce or all. I all like Tabasco even is fine. And then I'm and then a dash of olive oil as well. Blend it all up. So it's like sloppy and spicy and flavor.


We're not talking about hummus. That was the first one. Then I dunk wagemann it but not like Wafa Ham that we'd put in like Thero a sandwich. That's why I like the fact like Gamon sliced ham.


I honestly, I used to love that and one day I don't know what happened. It came into my mind that that would like human flesh and now I can't eat because I'm like it feels like eating human.


But that's just schipperke is not sort of feels like to me, banana, you know, shit here.


I really try to like bananas. I even try and put them in my porridge, but I feel like I'm eating them first. Get rid of them.


I'm not mad about bananas. I only use a banana to like, um, add a bit of kind of nothing.


They add nothing this viscosity to my protein shake. See you later, banana and I dice them up into my serializable. No, I don't mind a banana.


You never catch me eating just bananas this way unless I starving. OK, last one is popcorn. Now popcorn is a really difficult one as well. If it was cinema popcorn where you can get them to pour the butter on it. Fine. Where are you from?


New York. You know even what you do that. I know that I do it here.


Oh, they do it on and they poured water on it. Ukai rank as if you like that crap. I swear that's the only popcorn I would like. I don't mind. It's not God, but it's it's top tier, because let's be honest, popcorn is delicious. I would say mid tier and I know popcorn popcorn pretty large, to be fair.


Yes. Yeah. OK, we're back on two couples cars. Can you tell if I'm lying a 100 percent, you're the worst liar in the world.


And actually I lie so infrequently now that I reckon that I'm probably about. Such as well. I can always tell if you're lying literally like that. I can tell when you're lying. OK, how did you lie? I can't think, I don't like going. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. You want to have to tell the sun, isn't it?


Fog is always telling the truth just out of interest so that everybody knows I actually am OK. Do you know the night sky over here? I am. I don't. I don't like others calling me.


That's either incredible news or shit news. One of the two. It won't just be to say I am OK.


How did you know that I was the one you wanted to marry?


Just the sheer pressure you put me under really didn't really leave me with much choice. Um, so now I don't know. Our relationships always been a bit different. I used to be an incredibly selfish person and I never took other's feelings very seriously.


If I'm honest, I kind of like coasted through my 20s like a wrecking ball. And I suppose when I felt like I wanted to become a better person for you initially and then that starts to pay off. I always held you in very high regard for being the person who I wanted to change for. And it's probably around that time that I thought, oh, be nice to spend my life with her. We're also like best mates, aren't we?


We are best mates, even after even after this morning. You're going to give me a carte blanche, aren't you? Because I've got important day today and you're not going to get in the way that you notice when you give us a fist pump. Well, the new tequila coming your way vag just gave us the first thing you notice when you meet a person. Teeth. I always notice.


I watch. Yes. When he does the watches straight away, I'll judge you as well. Teeth and how they smell.


Uh, yeah, well, you can't really avoid that if you're talking to teeth and how they smell, what's a food combination you love for others find weird. I have catch up with my roast with gravy and people seem to think that's weird, but you haven't told us it is weird.


What do you mean?


Everyone's tried to we're just told not to show us.


Describe yourself in three words.


Kind, calm. And driven. OK, time for more e-mails. Excuse me, do you think you got away with that, describe yourself in three words organized? Yeah. Fuck, yeah.


Fun to be around more than a shitload of words isn't organized fun and caring and a bit pedantic sometimes.


It's good what? Time for emails from our listeners. First up, it's Lizzi Heiberg and Spencer loving the pod. It's hilarious. There's been a few references to spend moms. Absolutely incredible. Lagace rideable.


So good. It's so good. I know. Cheeky to ask, but I wonder whether there's any chance of sharing the recipe. Well, the lamb leg is done by Jamie Oliver.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's Jamie Oliver. It is cheeky to ask Jamie Oliver, but it's all the side she does.


What do you mean? Jamie Oliver does roast potatoes. She does Jamie Oliver's.


It's she's been cooking this long before Jamie was born. OK, well, she uses Jamie's one with the she's upgraded it, but she's been cooking, obviously. But it's all the naughty something.


It's all the bits she does with. It's like if you want a vegetable, don't worry, it's there. It's like 10 vegetables to learn.


It's the way she cooks it.


Should we do it? I, I'm like two lamb like arrive on Monday as she goes organised.


Helen I, Spencer Vogue. I just want to say thanks for your amazing podcast. You're both so funny folk. You're so funny and naturally entertaining. I listened to your as I just wanted to say, I'm so jealous, I'm one of the points you raise about people who post negative comments for Vogue. Anyone who posts negative feedback is jealous and would not be looking unless they were interested. You should not take any notice of such post and instead focus on the genuine followers who are not jealous and bitter.


Who is this? How long I love her. I was thinking about this earlier as well, by the way.


Like insults online are only hurtful if they're partly true.


I was thinking about that.


No, there's somebody wrote something about. So if people are trolls, they're either jealous of you. There's something going wrong in their life or or they wish they had what you had supposedly.


OK, Helen. Because she. That was good advice, Helen. She wants more recommended TV.


Lockton Patrick. All right. We're on this, Helen. We are good people to ask every night. We we get really stuck into a box of some kind.


We're watching. This is us at the moment. In all honesty, I think it's got loads of holes in it. I quite like it. It's not as easy watching. Well, Patrick Melrose.


No, this is us. This is us. It's good. It's really it's OK. Like I said, this is what Google tries to every single night, by the way. I like it by no means deserves tears. Patrick Melrose. Amazing. Amazing. It's fantastic. I mean, Benedict Cumberbatch. What a hero. Let's get him on the pot. He is so amazing.


He's such a good actor. And that's very interesting. I've actually watched the show twice now. Yeah, it's amazing. The Golden Oldies, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Wire, if you haven't seen those, obviously very you could go back to Game of Thrones.


Yeah, I suppose we could do that. What do we do that after. After. This is us, the spy series.


I don't think I'm going to. I know I'm listening already. We've only done one series. Yeah. The guy unfortunately, it's like Michelle's husband asked and he's a very good accessory.


John. Justin Hart, nice to look at, I guess. But, you know, he's I just don't think.


Well, it took him a while to get into his character, which is. No, not the most complicated character. So I think it says a little bit about OK, another one from Lucy.


I envy loving the podcast. I'm would Spenser would love to see Blonde on the part. I loved your rankings last week and got me and my Hazmi thinking of discussing rankings of takeaways when eating pizza at the weekend. How would you rank top to bottom these takeaways? Indian, Chinese sushi, pizza, chicken, Thai fish and chips. Well, well, hang on a sec.


Jesus. Um, Thai, Thai and sushi would be up towards the top, followed closely by Indian. Then pizza, probably, uh, Chinese would be very near the bottom for me. The top nine.


And you never how is at the top when we only want delivery at least like once a week. Because you never you never it's very difficult to find a good Chinese.


I love a Chinese at home in Ireland. Do you eat dragon boats? Yeah, I love it. It's heady. I know the number off by heart. Eight three nine one four seven three. It's disgusting.


And the reason you know that number is because it's six digits long. That's what our phone numbers are.


Don't play me. I am going to say.


Pizza, Thai, sushi, Chinese. Fish and chips, Indian, Chinese, not at the top, then give it close enough to the top. I want them all sushi, Thai. Uh, pizza, uh, Indian chicken. Chinese fish and chips shop just last, yeah. Oh, you have had one in Ireland and I'm not that bothered about fish and chips. Well, that's it. I grew up in northern England, so I kind of had loads of fishing shows and I'm a bit bored of that settlement.


That's it. Yeah. And as always, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Send us your emails to Spencer and Bug Pod at Gmail dot com and please subscribe to the podcast wherever you're listening and drop us Saar's. Five stars, I think. Well, if you're going to if you're going to drop us like a really, like, low rating dump, just don't pull the harness up discussing energy and spend it somewhere else. Yeah. See you next week.


Vaslav by.