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Hello and welcome to Spencer and Vogue, I am Spencer Matti's and I am Boake Williams again.


You've got these these were you are you are legally or illegally.


Legally, not yet. Because I haven't. Just like you're like you like Gladys Knight or someone who wants some kind of stage name. Your name is Vogue Matthies. My name is Vogue. Whatever. I wanted to be a stripper myself. Spanish Vogue tiddlywink.


I want Wassily. Is it tiddlywink like a pug. My people.


I loved Pogs. I remember Harmers. I was the Pog champion.


I was unreal abaqus and I had never met Samira's the emptiness. And remember the one with the serrated edges.


Yeah. Kenis did you expect once. Yes of course I did. I like stickers. No. Oh that's for losers.


Now anyone listening use like stickers to remember when the furry ones came out and then oil came in.


I mean do you want to say so I collected Dragonball Z. Uh, no. Uh uh, no. I collected Pokemon cards when I was quite a lot younger. And, um, that card that was in the news the other day, that's worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.


Now that Logan Paul flew over to, uh, to pick up from some bloke in Mexico, I had that card, the fiery Shazad shiny one.


So I, uh, I'm going to rummage through all of my old dusty.


You probably still has that stuff because I definitely have that child. I definitely have that card. I have the fiery Shazad thing. I own it.


And I know that I own it because I bought pack after pack after pack after pack trying to find it. I thought your parents never bought you anything packs.


I like to quit.


Oh, OK. Yeah, you know what, there's a lot to be said for a I smoke.


Yeah. Well, you know what I'm wondering is why you made me coffee and one of this shit old mugs like you just made me coffee. You give me a shit old mug, you've got a new lovely big mug that keeps it nice and warm.


And I'm just wondering why I did that, because not one is for coffee, because it's only a short drink. This one is pretty cheap now. I'm about the same size. I'm obsessed with tea, OK? And I ordered these mugs. I saw them on. There's a girl called Donna.


I do that. I follow. She's very funny. And don't you follow God? Yeah, I do. I get a lot of laughs out of her. Actually, I do find her entertaining. And she had these Mogs on her page and I was like, God, I want one of those mugs, not the cheapest mug mugs full of honestly.


They've transformed my tea drinking because especially if you're a mom, by the way, these mugs keep your tea.


You know, I might put this aside for the whole pot and then I'll go and get it and I'll still be hot emoji laughing at my joke that you didn't that nobody got.


What was it? Mugs from Touhy. I don't get it, mugs like mugs, like you're a mug, like you're a mug like not a not a coffee mug. OK, right. Anyway, moving on, OK.


First thing peak I'm pissed of this week. I've had a nice week actually. We always have nice weeks. Honestly, it's always hard to find a pet.


Always hard to find out. I can always find a pet sleeping much better, which is great. I mean, we say this every episode.


It must be so fucking boring for people to listen to that.


Who cares? I know, but there's something cool that's going to kill our baby. Sleep through the night. Oh, yeah, your parents. And responsible and cool. That's why we can listen to a podcast.


Forget it. Let's talk about something called dragons. No, you know, I have to say, when you when you become a parent, like you're so obsessed with sleep and poo.


Oh, we're not you infantilizing the pod. Stop it. We always talk about poo and crap. Just little. There you go. I didn't even mean it from innuendo, know.


I just feel I feel we're sensible grown ups. Well, I just think it's good that we're not obsessed with it all.


All all aspects of parenting.


Theodore was sitting in the bath the other night. Right. And he's sitting there and he just goes, for fuck's sake, I think, say kid or yeah, he was out there. We said, Thero, it's time to get out of the bath now anyway, for fuck's sake.


We were like, we're like, Jesus Christ. He actually said, fuck. And then he goes, Boxey, what? Fox said. So like, we're trying to just set it in an Irish accent.


As far as I know, it's come from you. Yeah. And, you know, I do say Fox like. Yeah, I do. I didn't want to admit that it was coming from me, but it's an Irish accent.


Yeah. He says Borse as well.


He does say both parts, the buses. And actually it's quite is quite weird and unintentional. But the four buses that are always at the bus stop outside have Glynco ads on them and they're all walks past and finds it funny because that on all the buses all the time and he goes that are on bus and he tries to say, no bus, bus.


That's my stepdad, Scottish. I say bus all the time, like, what's a bus? What's up? And he literally trying to beat the both side of me couldn't it's bus.


He didn't try to beat all hope that that that war didn't take too long, given how irrelevance is. Right. OK, I still say boss. Yeah exactly.


So I didn't actually watch quite like boss pools.


I posted a picture of me in front of one of the buses the other day and I said, first time on a bus noi.


OK, we're trying to talk with the peak and pick of the week, but honestly, OK, so my pick of the week, I actually got Tasmin a lot.


I think the whole week in general has been a really I enjoyed our run in the snow.


I did. I thought that was a nice peek, we took their daughter to the park. It started to snow. He's never seen snow. No. So he thought it was fascinating, obviously, as all young children with wide eyes would. And we we thought, let's go to the park.


And because we're fitness freaks who are obsessed with the way we look, we thought, let's run in the park. So, so, so, so we go to the theater all dressed.


We did room run, by the way. We're not fitness freaks. It was the three cabrones.


Well, I banged out a couple more times, so we didn't realize that the other day. We've been running together as everybody who listens to us knows. And we went for a run there that I did my usual trick and spend Wildstar off and did another six. But I'm happy with my three day.


I did another. I did I did another eight, by the way. I did eleven k just so you know what I did. OK, I want to say I don't know, we did go running the way the other day actually there was a funny story with that. So I posted a picture of us on our Instagram and obviously she was home asleep in bed. My little brother lives with us.


So obviously we didn't leave our six month old baby alone in bed on our own, put people on Instagram.


Seemed like people. One person you listen to these people, you're crazy.


You're your fault here.


Listening to people eisgruber I actually love ninety nine point nine percent of my Instagram followers are all sound. And sometimes I read their messages and I actually laugh out loud at the stuff that they say.


So when someone goes what a neighbor does, a small stag, I don't know. That was a message I got a stag in its infancy is called a number, is it?


I just love that saying. I thought it was a small rally, but I just thought, like, what a no.


That's the only thing that I like poo and Willis' is you've picked up on some poop. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, please. Oh yeah. So the pig is probably I love everyone in this now. I think the snow was a mood turner for me. I just loved being and it was so white and bright and lovely and I feel like the weather's getting a little bit better, which always makes us feel better.


And part of the week.


What do you mean feel better? I feel great all the time.


Okay, well, not all of us do, right. Part of the week know it was my little brother's birthday as well this week.


So we got a delicious takeaway. Yeah, we got a dish. Um, yeah. And we got cupcakes. They were to get cupcakes. Good cupcakes I have to say.


Yeah. No, I've, I've had a I've had an awesome week again too.


I don't think I want to highlight a pet because I really like think about it. And the people end up being something like, oh, I put on a pair of old trainers the other day and I realized when it was too late that they kind of smelt a bit, you know, that was probably a pet or another pet.


Is memory the sole of your shoes coming off in those shoes you love?


Oh, yeah, that's something. Well, on my my my running shoes, been having been hitting the road too hard for too long.


Right. So I'm in my local shop just around the corner, and I spotted a deal on a packet of crisps, a packet of crystal I've never tried before, but they looked very similar to Cheetos. I love a Cheeto, she says. All right.


She does what she says, whatsits giant whatsits.


They're on for a pound. And my local there's a picture.


Sjöberg bought a bag the size of a bean bag full of Watts's. And on the front of it there was a Watsa. A picture of what's it? The size of a forearm is enormous and under it it said not image, not to scale.


I know, but it infuriated me. Not a single person, albeit small, thick, whatever, but no one would think that that bag was full of crisps the size of a fucking watermelon, you know, I mean, you of all people know that it's possible that people would think that anyway.


So it was the first time I ever tried whatever it was that I went back about 10 bags, five bags of original and five bags of flaming package crisps.


Guess guess what size your crest was going to be. Crisp size, a bit annoyed.


I didn't buy all flaming hard because I had a nicer flavor, but it got me thinking about things that we've never tried before.


So I'd never tried water before. If I. If I blindfolded you. Yeah. You know, when you get irresponsible packaging sent to you and it's full of those white or green little puffy things full. Yeah.


If I blindfold irresponsible by the way, because if you put them under water they dissolve. So they're actually good or whatever. If I, if I gave you we didn't use any of that at all. You do have lovely packaging. Lovely packaging. Thank you. Bottles of recyclable tea.


If I give it, if I, if I give you one of those to eat instead of a whatsit, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Yes.


But he just doesn't like them.


I can't believe they taste like er and like and with like a touch of cheese flavoring, they make my mouth like dribble.


I'm like they're so delicious that it's such a sensation to me.


Just slightly different to what is a taste sensation to taste sensation.


So rifles are a taste sensation now.


I can't bear truffle. I can't stop.


No but I like my point is that they're incredibly potent. Like it doesn't matter if you like it or not. Anchovies are a taste sensation. Capers are tastes like stuff that makes your mouth go.


Well, listen, if I say what it does to my mouth, what it taste like, water, I like it.


I actually like things in our first before thinking of them.


I'm having to swallow extra because I've got extra spit. My mouth is disgusting, but we were thinking of things. We are so hideous. So let's say basically I don't care.


It's you know, I don't give a shit. You, you eat those crap boxes of food and they're delicious.


They Svenne you might as well stick. That's not true. They taste like shit. They don't taste like shit. I don't know if you're going to bring down a wang says you can't. Yes. No way.


Yesterday I had the most delicious sure. Roasted stuffed pepper full of lentils and hummus and it was fantastic.


Hummus didn't come with the box. You dump that on top of so tasteless.


No, it wasn't tasteless. No traces. No.


And he put those resources on it too. Yeah. There comes to source. So you put your own bit of time when you pour my sauce. I honestly I nearly three over the balcony furious. I can't eat my food without sauce.


Well no. So sweaty and I were talking about he couldn't leave. I'd never had a whatsit before and I was talking to my producer in radio and Pete was talking about Gregs. Yeah.


Spane and I have never had a great time. Are you trying to be hated?


We can't be talking about Navarino because I'm just saying I don't because. Because he's pastry's pasties. Pasties, Paice I don't eat those things. Pasties.


They're from Cornwall. I don't I haven't had to pay pastie. Ever, never had a party.


OK, well, that's different to never having a great season. So I just that we haven't ever had a Gregs is because they don't really have them here checked every questionnaire is Greg's checked.


I never even seen because I was going to say that next week on the pod we could try our first Gregs.


I used to have pasties all the time. I would buy pasties from M.A., sell pasties, and I would I would have the steak and mushroom one.


There would be ham and cheese one.


That's gross. I would not have the ham and cheese.


One of those creamy mushroom one is delicious. I used to have them and I used to, I used to basically I used to press down one end.


So it shoved all of the goodness to the back and then I would discard the end so that I just left with like half just really full and are very different.


The idea that I bit first and then I'd have like, well, I just discard the crap it and then I'd go and then I'd get three or four of those back when I was round. Delicious right next week.


And I don't get into delicious sauces or I'm going to. I'm going to get a sausage roll as well. I love a sausage roll. I miss my family a lot in Ireland, but I really miss Irish sausages.


Don't don't like the average soldier like Scotch. They're OK.


You obviously don't remember when you let me trust me. I just. I remember OK. That OK, you're not that fine.


Not one else. They're fine. Next week let's get ourselves a Gregs. It's on the list. OK, you can do the trip to Gregs that will deliver you today to the room. They must do. They must do. I don't think they would. They have to.


I wish I invented delivery. Why should we kick every episode off with a an impression.


An impression of Neil, my stepdad, Spencer. Was very kind of you. But I could think of nothing worse than sitting on a beach covered in sand, waiting for nothing, just in the sunshine, doing nothing with no golf to play and no end in sight. Not to my eyes. OK, speaking of Scottish people, I'm starting a campaign. It's starting here. It's starting now. And it's going to happen.


I want James. It's going to have to move over.


God, I love James Blunt. James Blunt on the panel. James has kind of been on the pot screw Lewis Capaldi. Now I want to get townsite crullers.


You try to hunt him down and that's me. No, he's not dead. James Blunt swears if Lewis said he'd go on this part, would you not want Lewis?


In the past, Lewis Capaldi had like the talent that James Blunt has in his little finger. Then maybe I do.


OK, well, you're not really doing much for our campaign for Lewis. I'm combining Lewis Hamilton to Harry Capaldi on the part. Oh, now he's not currently promoting anything, so I don't think he'll do it now, but possibly.


Right. Possibly when we just get James Brown on. Everyone loves James Brown.


Yeah, but I won't lose quality. I'm having a campaign for Capaldi. Yeah. I'd like I'd like to campaign for Blondeau.


Why don't we go head to head. I'll, I'll campaign for blunts and I'll campaign for Capaldi. Yeah.


And we'll see who we got on first. OK. OK. I like that idea. OK, yeah.


Putrefy. Oh well I certainly won't be mailing this quality because he does not answer at the end.


I know from Spencer incessantly mailing him well incessantly twice I think about him. I think I might, I think I might just give my old boy Bontecou.


So go on. Go on. I dare you to excuse me. I dare you to mail Lewis one more time. I'm never speaking to him again. And OK, even if he comes on the pot, fine. I don't care. I'll do a part it LEWIS Fine.


You crack on Grant. I'm going to James Brown and I can't I can't live in IBSA.


We should ask to stay sober together and we're going to write music from dawn until dusk.


Now we're going to ask something the listeners can decide.


Who do you want us to try and get on the pot? Right.


They're going to say Louise Capaldi only I don't know. They could say James Blunt, I should say James Brown. Oh, my God.


I just had a really good idea by James Blunt. I'll tell you about it.


After, oh, three wise men. They got her Sammy by the sea. I think that's very like there's there's different ways to look at that phrase. A semi. Does he mean a Sammy or does he mean a semi-detached house?


Well, I presume he means a semi detached house. The three wise men having one, Sammy, would be very difficult.


Sammy can be plural.


They had a Sammy. They would be they had Sammy is by the sea.


That's what I would be. But instead it's there. They had Sammy by the sea. So their son in there by the sea with Sam. He's outside the savage tushies.


That's not what I got from it.


That's that's I am also wondering why the three wise men had semi-detached house down by the sea. To be honest, they did not have us. They lived in stables.


Yeah. And tents. Yeah. And cottages on cottage pie. As I say. Delicious. Do you know the difference Jean. Shepherd's pie and cottage pie a day.


Babydoll shepherd's pie is for a bar. You've got lamb sheep in there. Yeah. And I cottage pie is beef beef.


Both beef people. People are beautiful. OK, so that's our campaign. I don't really know how to start a campaign, but I guess that's it. Just by talking about it.


Um, it requires a little bit more than just talking about it. I have to tell myself to set it up and you know, you've got to get people on.


Don't just start ringing people that you know that knows James Bond because that's not fair. I don't have people I know that Notley's quality.


Well, listen, whoever gets as you know, that's how you can't I can't say.


So you want me to find James Brown without speaking to people? OK, fine. I would like all the listeners to please Palouse Capaldi on my behalf and say we're looking to get them on the part.


Yeah, everybody, D.M. James Blunt's right now. No, don't say let's say. Listen, we know that you love Spencer Matthews. There's an opportunity of a lifetime that's presented itself to you. It can resurrect your career. Come on to the Spencer and you know us.


You know, as much as I was saying, I love these mugs, right. My coffee, I don't like coffee and I wait for it to cool down a bit. So it's not scalding hot. It's not cooling down in the cup that we've talked. Thomas Cook, we've touched on this before.


You drink coffee because I drink coffee. You're a copycat.


I drink coffee because it wakes me up. There's more caffeine in tea. And you know that told you that before. You don't get the hit, why don't you have a teaspoon of chili sauce? I'll give you a hint. No, thank you. Why don't you. Maybe I will.


Maybe I will. Why don't you do the cinnamon challenge for us?


Too easy. All that stuff, you know, too easy, right?


They might. That's like a phrase Emma would say from Australia. Why am I had a business meeting with Australia last night and we got a fucking deal over the line. Yeah. There has to be my fucking pick of the week.


OK, we're going to mix things up a bit. Yeah, we've dumped the agony aunt and uncle for a while for the rest of the pot.


I'm going to do it in South African. I declare myself South Africa. Now, this point forward go.


No, we're starting here at Jerko. We'll take a subject and put items here.


What? A Tear-jerker Tear-jerker knows when he now I don't want to do that, it's going get me off, right? No, you're not. Listen, just show off for a minute and then we can go back.


All right, listen, every day I wake up and I say to myself, I'm so lucky to be here in on this continent.


Okay, can we play the Tear-jerker? We're going to take it back to desert. This is ridiculous. We'll take a subject and put items associated with that subject into tears, writing them either God tier, top tier, mid tier or shit tier.


This week we're going to do it on TV shows. I'm a celeb shita mid tier for me.


I got Breaking Bad.


God, talk to Bridget and God, I'll give it a medium only because I can see why it's appealing to some people. But let's be honest. It's bollocks. God, tear the jump.


We have to give the jumpsuit and there's no God to talk to each other. We have to say God, it's not the it's not a God like show those top top show sketch. Top show. OK, fine. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


Oh no, no. Come on. I love I grew up with that guy. Got top, top, top toe. So maybe it's mid maybe since Jeremy Clarkson the toay Toei Attari.


Why why is it so he can not Betawi, no, Touhy, it's just how you spell it is read it. Yeah, if I read that I say towhee but that's wrong anyway. Okay, for me it would be like lower than the low, but so would anything that I've made, like I would never want to. I I've never really seen it either, but I know that I would hate it. But I also hate Made in Chelsea.


So that would also be, you know, family fortunes. I do like that top tier.


And I loved to compare family for to top tier you mad family fortune. Yes. To lowest tier as well. Any kind of shit. Reality TV. Yeah, that's true.


You put the jump in top. I won the jump off for this isn't fair. Family Fortunes deficiencies on top and we all know the family fortune.


OK, friends top not got top notch. God it's a sin. God, God no top on that show.


Honestly, if you haven't seen that show I bawled.


It was just I'm going to watch it again. It was just the most amazing show that like it's so heavy and sad and amazing and funny and brilliant.


Yeah. That's God for me. OK, Dickinsons real deal. Anyway, by the way, has anyone noticed that Spencer looks like David to talk to? Has anyone seen David Dickinson and Spencer in the same room together? I think so.


I don't think so. It's never happened before and I don't think I quite like that game. I like that game as well.


But just before people think I'm like, it's Howie Batia because I'm on Made in Chelsea, I would do the same to to my in Chelsea. Yeah.


No, he said not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not bothered any kind of reality TV structured reality actually ironically I hate I have never watched any of it so I'm just not interested in oh my God.


I actually think I'm going to watch it again.


And actually we were watching Austin Powers last night. Right. Randomly enough. How old is that?


But anyway, you know, the bit where he's like like a white guy now mentioning this even though, like, drove your mum making it.


So I basically put up a video and I was like, it's me when I was in Paris, like ultimately because like, people always say that to me about my mom.


I also asked, I'm really upset about it.


I also understand the irony that I myself am in fact, also a small.


OK, couples cards, you ready? Yeah. What makes you irrationally angry sauce?


So anyone disposing of my source, I don't like it when I prepare like so for example, if I order a delivery as an example, which we do do kind of all the time and it's about to arrive, I may stand up and get my plate out, my knife and fork out and the salt and pepper out and whatever sauce I'm going to use and I'll spin round or sit back down.


And Vogul put it all away. And then my food arrives and then it's fucking gone, so I'll go to the bedroom, says grab my phone or I'll go to the bathroom and I'll come out and it's all been put away again.


A Ogleby is untidy. So I'm about to eat like I'm about to eat. I don't know. I do all the time.


I don't know that you're about I tell you, if there's ever a plate out with a knife and fork and salt and pepper, it probably means I'm about to say something that makes me irrationally angry.


If somebody rice leaves dishes on top of the dishwasher and doesn't put them in the dishwasher or that day at one of our friends, Max. Right.


Ages ago. But it will always stick in my mind.


This is crazy because it made me so angry.


This is what like last year's ball all over to the dishwasher. It's like, oh, thanks, man. Put everything in one cupboard.


Everything so easy for all of the knives in the forks and spoons and the bowls and the place in the mugs and the glasses and everything. Just in one drawer.


I'll never say never. Are you joking? A little later we were looking for stuff opening.


So with glass.


Well, the place where the left forced open this one cupboard they're all in there is like, is he like that?


Obviously the first time he's ever unloaded dishwasher. Yeah.


OK, what's the best thing about the way your parents raised you? Well, I would say that they instilled a very good work ethic into me. So I've always worked every day since I was 16 and I'm always doing something.


Yeah, no, you are. Um, and for my mom, I'm very tidy, so tidy that I clean up after Spencer before he's even eaten.


Yeah. Couldn't be more irritating in fact. In fact I ordered a skipping rope. Oh it's in your dressing room. Wait, wait, wait.


So I ordered a skipping rope from from Anthony Joshua boxing the other day. Yeah. And I and said it was delivered and of course a few days went by because surprisingly I'm not just sat here waiting for my skipping rope to arrive and I, I suddenly thought where is that skipping rope.


Vogue. So all of the male sits by the door, so we go through it and you open your boxes and then you take your stuff is usually all for focus.


Opened my skip rope and hidden it from me.


Where is it?


I didn't hide the scarecrow. It's the same place that I told you it was last week. But just leave it by the Jinyan in your dressing room, the same place. I don't like the way you leave stuff around all the time. I hadn't even seen the package and you put it away for me.


So listen, listen. You know what it's like.


Bring a jacket and it arrives in vogue.


Unbox is it and puts it in with all my.


How am I supposed to know it's there. I'm not just one day going to go, oh, that's a check I ordered. Why is it hanging with my jacket? But I don't give a crap. Yeah, I want it.


What is the what's the best thing you've learned about your about the way your parents raised you also? You know, you don't don't get anywhere by cutting corners, like work hard, you know, put your head down. Honesty. The list is endless. I appreciate the value of a quit everything.


What's the most impulsive thing you've ever done? I'm not very impulsive. Marrying you is a bit impulsive. That's mean.


You kept mentioning it.


So I thought, okay, maybe fine, I'll give it to you. So I want you to propose when you get to know somebody, I guess, drawing pictures of rings from his wedding, you were way more interesting.


I was nine and I swear you were like, you and I are going to make me a ring. I wanted to be able I want it to look like say I drew it for, you know, you're always drawing pictures of rings me.


And I thought, no, that's not that's not right. That one's not right. Exactly.


OK, where would you rate yourself as a kisser on a scale of one to ten, ten, ten.


I reckon we're both ten, ten times.


I love kissing you. I love kissing you. Yeah. You're much better than everyone else I kiss. Oh my God.


Which song reminds you of me the most. Bon Jovi. I think of you day.


Yeah. I love Bon Jovi.


Oh that's great. I just wanna live forever. I just want to live my life by now. I'm doing ok. Brown. Brown. Which song reminds you of me.


This is a song for the brokenhearted.


Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom high end I didn't know man up bam bam bam bam that in any way I ain't going to be.


Yeah it's my life.


It's now or never. I've got something that's going to kill you. Which song reminds you of me. I'm actually sitting here thinking how boring I am.


I never hear music unless I'm in the gym ever. So like when I'm working out downstairs I'll listen to Bon Jovi on repeat. Yeah, better James Blankest my fucking. So no music reminds you of me.


You're Beautiful by James Blunt. Reminds me of you. Yeah it does. It does.


It does. It does. When I listen to Eminem it reminds me of you because it's about the closest thing that I can stomach for music that you like. Yeah. And occasionally if I'm working out with the little bro like AJ Tracy pops on and that AJ Tracy Live and direct is their show, you watch as kids that you'd love to come back.


Yeah, shitloads of them. I was actually thinking about watching some of my childhood things at night when you were asleep, because I'm often left for a couple of hours where I can't quite sleep and my thoughts drift off into kind of work stuff.


I start using grandfather to just switch off. I would love Dragonball Z to come back on. I love Dragonball this so high end.


I love Dragonball Z.


OK, so I loved back in back, back when I was a tiny kid, like I used to get into bed with my parents every morning.


Like that's how young like Theros age probably or slightly older I suppose I would watch Sonic the Hedgehog every Sunday morning from nine until ten and I would watch Power Rangers every Saturday morning from nine until ten.


Now they have made quite a few revamps of Power Rangers, but nothing as good as the good old oldies, you know, the ones where they used to, like, beat up the Putties in every episode.


Rita was that not Rita Ora young listeners, Rita the evil temptress I lived on the moon or, you know, some planet nearby.


And she had that big golden cat, Goldar, and he had wings and he's fucking crazy.


So I used to I used to enjoy all of that. And then Pokémon came about when I was older. When I was ten, we just needed one. That's enough, I think. And I don't think I'll answer because I've answered enough. Give me give me no question. No, I don't want to talk about I don't know anything better.


Come on. Do you remind me of piquancy.


I only know one of them. OK, what's on your bucket list.


Oh don't go next. Oh I'm joking. Bucket list.


I want to go to Japan. Yeah, I was just thinking that should be fun to travel more as a fan. What's the train that everyone talks about. It's meant to be amazing to go Siberian express the gold.


The Orient Express. Yeah, but your parents went on.


I want to do that. Yeah. It would be fun to go like Deep East with the family. I'd love to go to Sardinia again, but close to home gym.


I get mistaken for a little perone at the minute. So let's just let's make sure that we keep her safe from she's so sweet.


She looks like and if we took g.g to India she'd be worshipped because she looks like a Buddha.


OK. Hi, guys are loving the part, gives me a blast in the morning while I'm getting ready for work. Now, obviously Lockton has been on for quite a while and a lot of times and spent indoors with the family. I'm a teacher and I know parents adore their children, but they also can't wait for those nursery and school gates to reopen. My question for you both is, what will you miss most about lockdown when it all comes to an end?


And what can't you wait to do once we have a bit of freedom needs some inspiration. OK, what will we miss most? Will miss like?


I think especially because we had g.g during lockdown and it's been quite amazing to get to spend that much time with her. We actually are still working and I mean, we're going filming today, which is quite exciting.


But I'm leaving the house for the first time and I'm leaving Jegan Theater aside for the first time in about. A month now, I, I kind of feel nervous about it. I don't want to leave them. I love being with them. You needn't feel nervous, darling. They'll be all right. I know. And it's only for a few hours, but I'll miss you essentially. Leave them every night for 12 hours when you get to sleep.


Think of it like that. That's true.


So I'll miss all the lovely family time that we've got to spend together. And it's been really special. But the first thing I'm doing when everything ends is getting back to Ireland. And I got to spend a lot of time in Ireland. I like I miss it so much. I can't wait to see my brother. I can't wait to see my aunts and uncles, my cousins, everyone that I haven't seen and what will be well over a year.


I can't wait to meet that. She just reeled off.


Sounds like it might just be five or six people. It's like 80. It's about 80, but none of them have Ziggy and I can't wait for them to see her. And it's all very exciting. My niece and nephew. Yeah, I can't wait. So that's well, that's what I'm looking forward to. What are you looking forward to?


Reports coming back to Ireland as well as she never thought I'd say that. And also I wouldn't mind popping over to Jersey. I love it down there just for a bit of complete kind of peace and quiet. My sister lives. Uh, I love spending time with them.


Um, let's I know it will be nice.


Not that we just kind of pop around all over the world, but it'd be nice to just know that we have that kind of freedom to just jump around a bit.


Well, I used to go back to Ireland a couple of times a month for work and like just not having that, not being able to go home. And yeah, that's what I just can't wait for.


OK, next one. Hi, Spencer of Spencer. Get those kids Irish passports. Yes. Thank you both for giving me such a lift during lockdown in Dublin. Again, I really look forward to Tuesday walks though.


Can you please do a tasting with Spencer of traditional Irish food, compete a cuddle whilst caviar any day whilst traditional Irish food like Shailesh English food?


No, I've made you an Irish stew, which is delicious. What's the difference between an Englishman and I never.


Ours is more delicious. But actually what was it Sarah.


I'm really sorry to say but I've never had a cuddle.


I don't even know what cuddle is. Also cuddle like it's this weird soup thing that it has sausages in it. So I'd say I'd like it but I've never had one.


OK, hi Spencer. I love your podcast. They make me laugh when I'm working from home. I miss the banter from the office. So this is great love that you're so normal and don't take yourselves too seriously.


My question is what's the worst holiday you've both been on? Love Sue from Liverpool.


I don't I don't recall a really awful holiday I had.


Well, it wasn't really a holiday. It was more we have a we have a foundation in Africa. And once we thought it would be fun, my mate and I ta ta ta motorcycle from Urrutia all the way down to a ringa and back.


It's very far. And we had these three very different bikes. One was a dirt bike, one was kind of an in between and one was a big kind of heavy, heavy, heavy bike with no tread on the tires. So we had all sorts of complications getting that.


Obviously, it was a very rewarding trip because it was more of a charitable thing than anything else. But the the actual journey itself, as well as being one of the best experiences of my life, was definitely if it was a holiday, it would have been a shit holiday.


And that's it.


I got it. Yeah. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts. So send in your emails to Spencer about pod at Gmail dot com. Please subscribe to the podcast. Robyn, you're listening on drop by.


Yeah. Give us five stars. Yeah. And review because it helps other people find us OK.


Absolute, absolute, absolute joy doing this isn't it. Love you. Yeah. Yeah. I love you all.


Well debatable. See you next week by.