Happy Scribe

Everybody, welcome to Episode 300 of Spin Chickens, presented by Pink Whitney from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka here on the barstool sports podcast Family. Nice round number 300, by the way. That's 300 with barstool. That doesn't include what me and what did on SoundCloud before. And it does include all the shows we've done with Bezzle. That's why we weren't really leaning toward doing a big 300 show. But we'll do a big cemetery show some point later.


Let's say hi to the boys first producer Mikey Grenelle. What's up, guy? What's going on, guys?


I was just thinking to myself that I'm probably banned by the Tampa Bay Lightning from contacting any of their players. For the past week and a half, I've been texting and Demming and just hounding these guys to come on the podcast. So if we don't have any other more Campbellton players after this, it's probably my fault. But I did the best I could for this restraining order time.


Well, we'll say it right now. You did a fantastic job because we do have two members of the recent Stanley Cup champion, Tampa Bay Lightning. Joining us a little later, our Alex Clallam, Patt Morrison. We'll get to them later. But let's continue saying hi to the boys, the wet dog, Ryan Whitney, what's going on? I'm in Reno today.


Three huge bets in the NFL. And I got the Eagles right now who are to lead. I am back.


I was so cold. I was so bad at hockey. And then I'm just winning in.


The NFL is opposite world right now. I don't know what's going on, but it's been a great day. I haven't felt maybe as good as I'd hoped, but still my grinding through a winning, gambling and doing the show with you guys. So it's great to chat.


And it was it was a pleasure talking to on the party room. Both guys have been on Checketts before, so it's good to catch up and really get to have them break down how they got it done and how they've got to just enjoy this last six days of celebration because they've been getting after it. No doubt it was fun stuff.


That's awesome. We can't wait to bring it to you in a little bit. Of course. Last but not least was nasty.


Basnet Biz likes that warthogs. You kind of had that warhawk tone to it. Jesus, first of all, great intro for episode 300 Bastable. You still need a little extra pep in your step plus one assist in the first shift. Now, Wite, I got to ask you and you're not feeling great.


You think you got for me, buddy. Do you think maybe it happened at the zoo? Was it maybe the depression of the animals wearing you down? And how was that experience? Did it all go as planned? Let's talk about your zoo experience. It was great.


You didn't see any of the animals. They must have really fucked them over and taken them down the street to like a little like field or something because they were gone.


Maybe they were put away. They had to go inside because it was just a light show.


Music playing, huge animals like lit up panda bears and enormous crocodiles. And as the sun set, my son loved that bombing around with music playing and seeing all his favorite animals lit up this light. Boston light through it's called it's at the Franklin Park Zoo. And we had a night for ourselves.


I had to do a sweep up there. I do a sweep for people are. There was a dragon.


There was a. 50 foot long dragging in this in this light show, so he's right behind me and I had to do it like seven times as one guy walked by me. So you should put your mask on. I was like, I'm doing a swipe up for freedom of our body.


Mind your business. What you're doing is what pays for the mass that the buy now with covid. So shut up.


But it was a great big your big cornfield maze guy with.


No, but I've always dreamt of getting to walk into that oat of a Field of Dreams, that fucking movie catch with his dad at the end. It's just walking into that. I'd be done with that. I don't know what that question had to do with anything, though.


Oh, no, I was I was just wondering that I was going to ask our I mean, part of earlier my weekend was spent following you on social media, your house, your trip, and you've been eating every single thing from the sea possible.


Oh, I'm totally I've tweeted about it. I'm totally like Homer Simpson at the Flying Dutchman. When he gets sued for eating everything, it was an all you can eat buffet. And they say and they soon forget everything they said. That is sound like the actions of a man who had he could eat well so far, oysters, lobster rolls, squid, cherry stones, oysters again, shrimp cocktail, swordfish, clam chowder, oysters, shrimp cocktail, lobster roll.


I'm just sucking it all in. I know. I live in Boston, the seafood there all the time. And this is my first time in Provincetown. But it's such a fantastic place. I'm having a blast. There are so many seafood places. Everything's super fresh. I love it here, man. I can't believe it took me this long to actually get there for the first time in my life.


So you're going to be on the island a couple of weeks of gout. Great. Good to hear. Oh, they I said the red wine. I should be good soldier Robertstown. Oh yeah.


Oh yeah, yeah. I'm a big solo vacation guy. I love it.


He said I go because you read, you read just reading books and Cellini's. Yeah. I started this way, I fell asleep and it was that book called because I want to check that out actually.


Right. I'm going to have to, I'm going to have no free ads but a free ad. It's called Mad Men are. The author's name is Glenn Kenny. It literally just came out like a week or two ago. It's the story of Goodfellas, not the actual true life story. It's a story of making the movie. So there's a lot I like film stuff about Scorsese, De Niro. It's not the gangster story. It's the making of the actual movie.


So, yeah, I crack the egg on it the other night, but I'm going to finish as much as I can while I'm down here, because Goodfellas is not one of the best movies ever, no doubt. Love it. Love it.


All right, let's shift over to the old NHL. Of course, the season's over. We'll be moving on to the next season. Who knows when, but we'll get there. And apparently, some of the Tampa celebrations pissed off some of the NHL people per our friend Darren Dreger. The NHL reached out to Tampa Bay to question some of that behavior. He didn't get into the specifics, but I know there were, you know, doling out sip's to people who are standing there hanging out.


But listen, man, I don't know how you can blame the players if there's a governor or mayor or whoever in charge telling people they can do this shit. Don't yell at the fucking players, yell at the fucking idiots in charge will let them have these these occasions to to get together. No. All that I wouldn't even call him idiot, so I wouldn't even call him idiots at all. I'd love to down to Florida and live my life right now a little bit more normal.


But I don't understand how these guys have caught any shit.


It's like, would you expect them to do go to a state that's actually open and not do anything in there? They had a bowl parade. They didn't even have a legit parade. The guys were at the the the football game today.


I don't think they've done anything that that is that ridiculous. I mean, anything that whoever won the cup wouldn't do themselves. I mean, what are you doing, guys? Sorry, I'm not coming to the parade because I don't feel it's responsible right now in covid. So you guys have fun. Send me some snapshots.


Yeah, I think people are just oversensitive to everything given what's what's going on. And fuck, I don't know, I they adjusted, they made some, you know, some they did the bowl parade, as you mentioned and fuck I don't know man. When you win a cup like that you get a little crazy. I mean that was kind of expected. Yeah.


And like you mentioned, last show, it is Florida. They haven't said anything about distancing or masks or whatever. So again, when people are taking their cues from those in power, you know, that's what you're going to get. So I'm certainly I'm certainly not going to sit there and shit on the Tampa Bay lightning because of the behavior of the state and things that have already been going on. So a couple of the notes, Steve Stamkos, he said sports hernia surgery back before the break, but apparently during his rehab, that triggered another injury.


That's why he was only able to play one game. Huge impact. But another note, we wanted to go over, another one I sent into the. Oh, wow, you guys, Gary Bettman, he took a little bit of a shot at ESPN for this story about life in the bubble that we discussed a couple weeks ago. Greg Moshinsky, Emily Kaplan. I thought they did a great job on the piece. It wasn't a hit piece by any stretch.


They were able to get some guys to talk to them about what life in the bubble was like. And Bettman said, quote, I saw that story citing nine anonymous sources. Doesn't exactly get my attention. I don't know how many would, but Nine's a lot anyways. It's unfortunate that somebody, meaning a journalist, so-called, would find that inappropriate story to tell. If you've got criticisms, put their names on it. You know, I agree with them.


I really do. OK, and it's in a sense like if you got one source, OK, you know, but if you had that many people, nobody can come up, come open and say, like, if you're telling me a player is that uncomfortable and like, really kind of putting his name out there for, like, shitting on what they had. I mean, it's not like he doesn't appreciate what the effort that's been put through to get it done.


But you're also being realistic into how it how it can be. So Batman's looking at it and thinking like, all right, well, if it's that horrible, you think one guy would maybe at least agree, right?


Well, you could say I said this. Yeah, I understand where you're coming from, but I mean, at the same time, these guys don't necessarily want to put their name to something that could come back to bite them in the ass, not necessarily from Batman, but necessarily from Batman, but maybe a GM or something.


And I get what you're saying is you're saying that could potentially be used as artillery against them and they're looking out for their own necks. And, you know, there is a slimy side of the business about it. On the flip side of it, as far as like Gary's concerned him and he's probably back it up the league saying guys like we get this, but we fucking pulled this off in the middle of a pandemic. And what you want to focus is, is the negative.


Yeah, that's I think that's where it's like I'm like, dude, like we essentially run a business behind the thing. And there's a lot of things that have to take place in order to make the engine run that people who have never been remotely in a room where they have to make difficult decisions like that. And they're just harping off like all like, you know, like let's focus on the negative where it's like, yeah, it's good for a story.


But all these people who are putting the time and energy in are like, Jesus Christ, man, like, what the fuck do you want from us? We're not seeing our families. We're behind the scenes trying to make everybody happy. We get that it's not an ideal situation, but we're trying to deliver the cup. And at the end of the day, if you didn't want to be here to Karasek left, I mean, he didn't want to be there fucking you know, and now we're the flipside of that is people are going to be like, well, look how much fucking shit he took for leaving.


While he wouldn't get it for me, I don't give a fuck what you do with your life. Do it. What makes you happy? And in his case, it was family oriented.


So and he wasn't he wasn't getting it from his teammates either. The point is, I will say I'm kind of both side talking on both sides of my mouth because I did that article was good. And it was interesting to see, you know, what guys thought. But I totally see where Batman's like, are you kidding me? Like one there's all all these anonymous sources. And as Bill said, it's can we just can we just kind of appreciate that it got done.


Now, obviously, you can't control the news narrative, but I totally could see him being pissed off that reading that article or at least upset by it, was I surprised you took the shot back?


Yeah. And it was a shot. And I like wishing Emily I would I would have never been on either side of it, you know, I would have never complained or not complained. I would have never written an article because we asked guys in here, yeah, yeah, it was difficult. And they kind of give their open opinion. I think they did that to a certain extent. But just for mainstream media, right?


Yeah. I mean, we've done the same thing here. I mean, to someone we interview guys, though, but when you're interviewing someone, you're like, hey, listen, your name's never going to be out there. You can't tell me that guys get a little bit more in depth, maybe a little salt and pepper issue.


I'm saying when you know your name's not out there, it's like it's not at all like coming on and doing an interview with us or any podcast or people listening to it come out of your mouth. Yeah.


And maybe we also haven't given a thought. Maybe they just wanted to highlight wasn't so what wasn't so glamorous about it. And maybe we're sounding hypocritical on the fact that we've asked those same questions. I just yeah. Like I think everyone's aware that it was going to be very difficult on guys and it wasn't an ideal scenario, but at the end of the day, it all got pulled off and it sucked.


And I'll tell you this, I talked to a couple of guys in the league that there is no hybrid bubble happen. They're not doing that.


It's like we got it done. Now, here's the thing. I didn't say this, but if it comes down to OK, well, you don't want to do it. You don't get paid, then you start talking. All right. You know, like if you guys want to make their money, guys need to make their money. They plan on the salaries they've signed for. And so you're going to wonder how it goes down. But if you could get any players opinion right now, they want nothing to do with bubble, hybrid bubble, any sort of bubble.


Yeah, and I don't think the piece was particularly negative at all, and I understand seriously why Emily and Greg were pissed, because, you know, Batman says it's unfortunate that somebody meaning a journalist, so-called I mean, he's calling on so-called journalists for what I call the shot.


Well, I like your picture. You went after us, so fuck you.


Yeah, but but I don't think Eminem and Bush were going after him. I thought it was a very into one. Wanted to read, write the commissioner to shit on them and call them the so-called journalists. All right.


If you're the commissioner, if you're telling me if you ran all that, which Batman he was the he was the man behind it. And you read that article. I don't know how you told me you wouldn't be like, fuck you.


That's that's the thing that we're taking into consideration is the fact that how much time and effort actually went into executing this. And it's like like he put his baby in the grand scheme of things. He's being oversensitive to it.


But it's like given with what the work they did. And it was a lot of decision making and that gets exhausting. And they pulled it off. That's why he took a shot back, because he felt that they did. Yeah, I think we're being pretty fair about this. Like we've. Yeah.


Anyway, yeah, I and I think we've been great about praising the league, the players, everybody who's made this happen. You know, I just thought it just seemed a little personal to go out those two. But anyways, moving right along next couple of things up on the calendar. Obviously, the draft and free agency, the first round of the draft is on Tuesday night. It will be on NBC sent down here in the states, round two through seven, start Wednesday at eleven thirty a.m. on the NHL Network.


Of course, Aleksi La Franjieh is expected to be the number one overall pick will be a shock. If he doesn't, then after that, Kings, Ottawa, Detroit. Ottawa, Anaheim, New Jersey. Buffalo, Minnesota. Winnipeg. Rothblatt, the top ten again free agency opens Friday, expected to be tons of movement. There could be a lot of our referees that don't get tended, you know, do become unrestricted free agents. There's going to be a shitload of stuff going on this, huh?


Yes, there's it's the job of an NHL. Jim never stops. And given this flat cap situation, it is going to be a very, very bumpy ride and then throw in an expansion draft in the mix. These guys are right now currently having to be worried about two and three steps ahead. And it is The Hunger Games out there right now. So as far as Dubek right now, I believe I believe it does he does he have a no trade clause or no trade clause?


Excuse me, I can pull it up as we're talking. I had his notes a little further. You see in rumors about San Jose for him I believe. Correct. Yeah. And they've been dealing with Jones. What's his first name again? Mahorn Jones. Martin Jones.


I mean, I don't know, offseason. And it's been a long enough sample size to be like, OK, this guy might not have the juice that he once had. So in a two bowling league, at this point, you got to have at least a one and one B and maybe he'll accept that role as being the number two guy. Jarry just got a nice deal.


W hold on before we get into Jarry and the goaltending stuff, because we just breezed over when the draft time's going on. I wanted to shout out, you know, draft weekend is very special and most of the time your first round pick dream comes true. You go to the draft, you're up on stage. It's different this year. Everything is over, over the Internet, over Zoom, which everyone really understands why. But you've got to think these players, it's such a crazy, exciting time for them.


You're so nervous. You don't know where you're going unless you're No. One. Pretty much.


And I also wanted to just say kind of not only good luck to these guys, but we got to we got to pump the tires of I think it's like I don't know the exact name of what's going on, but in Mannheim, Germany, like, they're producing talent, talent, talent, they got great silo's in the league. Now, they got this kid that they think is going second overall this year. Stoessel, I was reading about and then also Maurits Ceder, who Detroit packetized defenseman last year.


So pretty cool that Germany is really reaching that next level and producing world class talent. It's exciting for that because everyone just knows about the Furnier. But there's some great players that'll be picked after him this weekend. So I think it's a it's just a great time. I'll never forget the draft and and my experience and the guys will have a little different way about it this year, but they'll still forever remember, like, when they get the call and when they actually hear their name, call a name.


So it's good luck to all those guys that are looking to to get drafted and who gives a shit where you go, because it really does.


The hard work starts after that. So that's why a little pump up speech, for Gray matter, I heard I heard Dubnyk towards the last thing you said.


So I thought you were talking about some of the goaltending situation, all these crazy trades, if you in fact, mention the draft. My apologies. And going on to the draft subject is I guess Stevi is up to his antics again. They said they who to get.


Well, they said they are doing these Zoome calls, but he wouldn't he would remain dark. He wouldn't show his face. So I think everybody else was asking the questions and he was just there to listen.


He was doing yoga. He said half. I think that might be a fight where he was hiding his fight, so he had an he needed a mute button going, maybe he was ripping the bomb because it was a zoom call and he it now.


Well, listen, boys, judging by some of these celebrations we've seen, these guys are definitely going to want to keep an eye on their hopes for the proper recovery down in Tampa, because WOOP is a fitness tracker that provides personalized insights on your sleep, your body's recovery in the exertion put on your body throughout the day from both your workouts and just the normal stresses of life whoopers one by some of your favorite athletes in the NHL. But it's not meant for professional athletes who can help anyone improve their performance by providing personalized, actionable data to help you make spotting decisions.


I'll tell you, because I know I've been down here, I'm on what we call a soft vacation in the industry, but I've been banging out four to five miles a day, walking, I mean, even as much as I do. You got to watch some of that stuff. But thanks to my whoopers, tell me how much walking I've done, how many miles I did five miles the other day, I would have never known that without my wub.


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And while I was going to say, do you think that the seafood has helped with recovery rates? I think so. I mean, the thing is, I don't eat seafood fried. I know a lot of people love fish and chips and fried calamari. Seafood is ideally it's a healthy food.


And if you prepare it correctly, you're going to get the health benefits of it as tasty as fish and chips can be. I don't fry my fish. Once I had grilled calamari for the first time, I stopped ordering fried calamari. Seafood. If you prepare great, it's great for you, great for your heart, healthy stuff. So by all means, eat that fish. The other thing about Wub Quake, when you see how many times you won't wake up, it is not like you think you slept great.


You wake up 15 times, you might remember three of them. So it's kind of nuts that I don't know how I go about fixing that.


Maybe I need a new pillow or a new bed or, you know, it'd be, you know, it'd be nice to like.


Naturally fall asleep as opposed to like taking an Ambien and they're being hung over, too, it's also always probably maybe one of those apps where it's like the comment, the waves of the ocean hitting the ocean, meditation, maybe some meditation get into the man.


I've been into the meditation before, different different times in life for sure. Get into it.


I think I'm actually due for like a little 10 minute, 15 minute a day meditation.


I my brain needs.


You're going to come back from the month of November that we have off and you're going to be like into the yogi berries and you're like a yoga and I'll be into the garage.


Crunch berries, if I may. Very well.


I'll tell you, man, that night, I dunno if you guys have the night sky up, but did you see Mars in the sky Saturday night? No, no.


I mean, if you look at where you were on shrooms and province, you couldn't see Mars. I wish I wish I had some. No, there was like a lot of times when you see a bright, glaring light in the sky, a lot of times it's a planet. And last night, I mean, I know you guys must have seen it because we're all on earth together, you know, plain as day, big like sort of brownish reddish thing.


And it was Mars. If you go the night sky up and tells you all these planets are pretty good. Shit, man.


How many people did you ask to confirm that if it was Mars? None.


I went I want to call it said right here.


What are you going to challenge the sky on the fact that he thought he could point out Mars under the sky?


No, I think he's one hundred percent sure it was Mars. Now, he wouldn't be talking about this unless he it was definitely Mars.


I mean, let's not forget let's not forget my 10 year old ten year old autobiography. I said I wanted to be a Playboy photographer, an astronomer, or what was the other one? Playboy photographers are movie director Soki.


Just some dreams do come true.


Hey, anyways, we mentioned celebrations and I'm not sure anybody celebrate more than Tampa right now. We did see it. We're going to bring a couple of the champions on and we were lucky enough to get Alex Killorn, Harvard educated Stanley Cup winner. So I think we should bring them on right about now.


Ableist. The halls of Hobbit's and the canals of Tampa. This guy has been on quite the ride lately and now he can go by Stanley Cup champion. Congratulations and welcome back to Spin and Check. That's Alex Cohen.


Thanks for having us. So how's it going, brother?


We know you're not sober right now, but how are you feeling after that bug? No, it's been fine, man. Like it's been it's been a long week for sure. Today was great. We got to go with the bucks, took care of us.


They brought us to the game.


You know, we didn't get to bring the cup on the field or anything because of covid, but it was fun. And we've got I got to meet Jazelle quickly in the street.


It was a good day, but it's been a great week leading up to all the events and stuff. A little different because of covid, but I've had so much fun. Yeah.


Take us through you know you guys get it done. Game game six it all goes down. And then what was kind of the celebration like? How long were you in the locker room? When did you find what was the whole night like after.


So I don't remember the exact time line when we wanted, it must have been like because the games at six, right? So I think it probably finished at nine, nine, 20. We probably left the locker room at twelve thirty one. Yeah. I mean, you could see the scene in there is probably a little different because not everyone's family was there.


My dad was there. It was awesome for him to be there. But at a certain point guys are like, we got to we got to kind of get out of here. And we had a big room at the hotel where we just kind of, you know, enjoyed it and we got an early flight out. So not much sleep, but like, guys are fired up, too. And that's why a lot of us are a little tired on the plane.


Oh, you think?


I was like, I wonder if guys are just going to wait up until the plane ride, then shut it down. I saw happen with the cords might snooze.


And we were I remember at one point we were sleeping in Patman was just got so angry.


I like two guys and like we got we got to start trying to cut entitlements. So we're going to get. Jeez.


Well, that's one of the questions I was going to ask you. Do you think it was a like given the families weren't there and I know that you guys want them. They're given like they've been with you the whole time.


But was it a little more special at the fact that you guys were actually able to enjoy the moment, basically just the nucleus of the team and the people who were tugging on the rope to get the job done?


Yeah, I mean, I don't I don't know how it would have been the other way. I think that's probably a good question for Pat Brown. But it wasn't even so much like that night. It's been this whole week like we haven't been going. To borrowers with the. We haven't really been doing that, we've just been done private parties with the team, with the guys that have been in the bubble, obviously we go to the Bucks game.


I went golfing one day and stuff like that. But every night we've just gotten that group together. And it makes it special because, you know, the players sacrifice a lot. But thinking about the train or sixty, fifty four of us in the bubble altogether. So you think about those guys have families and stuff for them to be a part of it. It was great.


Well, you talk about the bubble and how much of kind of a grind it was, at least from the guys we've chatted with.


But I'm wondering, at the end of all of it, was there ever even a kind of a moment when somebody spoke or just the celebration so big it was never really like somebody stood up and said anything once the game actually ended.


I don't think so, I just I just. No, I don't think anyone. There was no time for anyone to get. I mean, we had a nice moment. Right wing, the cup in our owner just couldn't be there, which was which was tough for him because, you know, he put in so much into this team, but we got him on a face time on speakerphone. And that was probably the only speech after that. It was just, you know, beer jumping on guys executioner's style.


But Alex, we've all seen doc talk.


We know you pretty smooth on a jet ski, but I got to ask nobody try to make sure you got a life jacket on that Stanley Cup before you went for a ride there.


Well, did you see there's one picture I posted where I have a life jacket on, actually, because I remember I told Stan or Stan around the cup. And unlike at some point during this parade, I don't know how I'm going to do it. I'm getting on a jet ski. So just be ready for me because I'm coming to steal the cup. And he's like, yeah, that's fine. So I ended up getting on a jet ski and there's like a couple of police officers that gave me, like, the side like don't like the one of them, just like just put on a life jacket.


Right. I'm like, all right. I see. Later. And then when I got the cut, there was kind of areas in the parade where there were more people like in front of the waterfront. And I remember when I got it and just left it in front of all those people on my jet ski, it was like probably the best feeling in my life, to be honest.


It was it was really special. Yeah. I was going to ask you that, what does this do for doc talk now and the fact that you met Jazelle today? I would put a million bucks to the fact you try to weasel your way in there for a long time. Was that were the worst time beating her.


So like there was a couple of people we we took pictures of today. We had to stay in our suite, but there was a couple excursions and we met like the Bucks owner and there's a couple of people that wanted to take a picture with it. And then someone came up to Stammerer like, hey jazelle and like her boy and the daughter want to see the cup. But that's fine. I think he asked Hedgeman means like, no, I'm good.


And I'm like, Oh you're not going Calgro. And then Koocher heard it and I've never seen Kooch get up so quick or anything like he ran.


And at first we were kind of worried because she didn't, she wanted her kids to be in the picture. She didn't want to be involved. She's like the kids love the cup and then advances like, like we got we got to get what you're like, you're like one for one.


We're doing one for one. Trade off like this is more important for us to get the picture there. But she was so nice. You know, some people just have like an aura when they walk in the room. And she she had and it was like she was super nice and I didn't get a chance to throw in the talk. I was like, I don't know, it was the right time, but I probably should have. She probably just laughed.


I mean, I agree with whatever I said, but I guess she was right.


Yeah. Check in with us and we just let you know. Thanks. Unbelievable.


Well, a so game for I thought you were going to get the winner, but they tied up late and Shaddai gets it done. Right. But then you go to game five, look at a close. Oh, just a heartbreaker and W.T.. But take me in the locker room after I'm assuming. No dogfaces just. Hi, boys. Let's get it done in game six. How'd that go?


You know, it was very similar to when you look back at our series against the Islanders, I think they end up winning game five in overtime. And I thought that was a game we played pretty well. And they end up shot like broke his stick and they come down a two on one or whatever. And I remember someone said like, hey, this is just like the Islanders series, guys, we're going to be all right. But even the others, you're a little worried because now Dallas might pick up a little steam, the momentum from that overtime win.


But then I remember when we started to play the game and even guys in the locker room were watching. They're like the boys are dialed in, like defensively we were pretty good. So, yeah, we all everyone stepped it up for that game in game six.


That for checking display in the first two periods. I just talk about the additions like the Colman's Gujral, those guys coming in. And, you know, I think people at the time thought, wow, that's a pretty heavy price to pay. But those guys were fucking big. They were unbelievable.


I think when you think about that, that line, there was coalman Goodrow Gawd and in the Columbus series they were huge for us. But those are guys like Gordon Wood for check for three minutes straight. If he could like, he would go through the glass to the front row if he could. That's just the way he plays like he's an Energizer bunny. But, you know, those guys are so big for us. The divisions are so big.


And I forget we said, like, you know, I think the best for checking team retrieving pucks. And that's not something that people think of when they think of the lightning. But, yeah, that's a huge part of why we won. Like you said, that first period was it was great. And I think that, you know, you talk about everyone knows about headmen and Kutuzov point, but I don't know, you play with Ciarelli, the whole play off man, this guy's young.


He's won everywhere. You got to think like the future for this dude is just insane because what a skater what a player he is.


Yeah, I think I remember looking back when you when you watched the criteria and the Hatra against Philly, like against Pittsburgh a while back and everyone was talking about how this guy was going to he was kind of coming into his own. And I think that's kind of similar to our civilians right now in his career. He's gotten some selkie votes and playing with him. For me, it's it's a treat because he's so good defensively. And as you get older in the league, I think you kind of start to find things offensively.


And since he's been the league, he's became a better offensive player as well.


I don't want to see you guys weren't challenged in that, but you guys were never really even close to the brink at all during the playoffs. Did confidence ever come close to even wavering just a little bit or you just kind of riding that same wave, the whole playoffs?


We were we were talking group, but we're not whenever you're in the playoffs and you lose a game, I mean, you never get like that first game we play Columbus. And I went to what it was at four or five overtimes. Like if they win that game, things could have been a lot different. I think we we were pretty fortunate. One of those situations, you know, there's the one rationalistic breaks and then Perry scores. But other than that, we we did pretty well in the overtimes.


I don't think at any moment we're ever truly worried. But like, you know, you want to be calm in those situations. So, yeah.


Stammer I was going to ask for in the exact same question. But your experience is different because you've been there with them longer. Yeah. And I don't know when the news came that he wasn't going to be able to start playoffs, did you guys realize it was going to end up extending as long as it did? And just like what was the feeling like throughout the group, knowing that you're not going to have one of your main pieces?


Well, I remember when they announced covid in the season ending and Stammerer had already had his surgery. And we're like, you know what, this really sucks. But we're like, if we're trying to look at a positive side, like Stammerer will be ready, like he's going to have this extra time. And once playoff starts, he's going to be fine. And then he gets he has a kind of a hiccup and we don't think much of it.


And it kind of lingers and lingers and lingers. And at a certain point, we're like, this guy's probably not going to play a game for us in the playoffs. And we're kind of devastated by that. He's a sixty goal scorer. He really helps our power play. A time in our power play was kind of struggling a little bit at the beginning of the playoffs.


So he worked so hard in the bubble. He was working his bag off. And in Dallas, he's like, I'm I'm ready to go. And once he said that and he was in it, we didn't know like until I think it was the day that he was playing. But once we found that out, guys, he didn't he wasn't like, hey, I don't need to play for I haven't played in forever. I don't want need to be on the first line.


I don't even need about Powerplay. I just think I could help. So if you get me out there, you know what, these two minutes and whatever, forty seconds and he scores that goal, I think I know you talked about it when we were on the bench and like how crazy it went. When you think about how hard he worked to get back in the lineup and how important it was to him, because no matter what anyone says, he's a huge part of this team.


But if he didn't play one playoff game, it would have been a little bit different for him and his mind. And for him to come out and score a goal that potentially helps us win that game is huge for him and for us, obviously.


And just being there that long, the captain, the loss to Chicago is like so, so happy for that guy. I mean, I've only hung out with Stan at one time, but just a great person, so, so excited for him. We're talking injuries now.


My question is, we had cupie was like near tears. It sounded like Hedeman was never going to play hockey again, like before the first round. He ends up winning the court. Smith with ease. Did you guys like it? Was that was that a little gamesmanship? What was going on there? I don't even remember who was here. No, I'm not joking, no, I know that's before the Columbus series Cooper came out there was remember that?


I thought he injured it like the year before. I'm like, oh, my God. They just had been like, fuck, they might get swept again. No offense, but but we're looking at the press conference.


I mean, give them an Oscar now if Hedeman didn't have anything wrong with them.


I don't remember honestly, he is our answer. I'm sorry. And I think, yeah, I don't know if I gave something away there or nothing, but whatever. But guys were like, you guys know how it is and playoffs.


We had guys, I don't know over release the injuries that I had, but what I was shocked some of the guys could lift the Stanley Cup with their achy joints and like, playing through like, you know, vitamin T shots every, you know, pretty pretty great for them.


Pretty cool. Like you mentioned, your father was there. Just, I'm guessing just a special hug between you guys getting to just be a part of that that he lifted over his head. Did they allow him?


I think at first he didn't want to. He's like, no, I didn't. I didn't I didn't win. I don't want to. He came on the ice and, you know, my dad's not really like an emotional guy. I've never seen him cry in my life. And there's a picture on my Instagram. I posted it. It was kind of as I was talking about, like at 1:00 a.m. when everyone was kind of leaving the cup was just sitting and there wasn't like anyone left in the room.


And it was just him and me side by side. And, you know, it was like a really special moment.


He was getting teary eyed. I was going through and he's like, you know, you did it, man. And I was like, we did it. It was good. Yeah. That picture, he's like, you know, Theriot, it's a really special moment that the mayor did it.


I mean, your father had more to do it. You won the cup than he could fuck. I did it for the Bruins. So your father definitely got a feeling. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


No, yeah. I'm going to go back to the bubble for a second. Regardless of the quality of one of the talk about the bubble, I don't ever bring it up again.


All right. One day is the glory hole thing, because the gloryhole thing is that when people are talking about that was going on the bubble, I will say when we first got to the bubble.


Our hotel was a little different because it was like all the teams that were already in the playoffs and we play a game for like a week or like an important game for a week and a half. So it was like an all inclusive resort trip for a couple of guys. I mean, I remember at one point, Oreshkin and Patman found the scale and they were doing a playoff run that everyone was betting on who was going to wait.


I heard the crew and manager go ahead, push up competition with Krosby.




It was unbelievable to get into, but that was that was one of the funnier. When I saw that I and everyone was like, I mean, he was like, there's no way you're way, way more than you like, you know, the scale. And it was pretty fun. That's incredible.


What would you feel overall? Great. I know a lot of work, a lot of polo and, you know, so I'm not going to complain about it. It was a tough situation for a lot of people. But you really have to give a lot of respect to the NHL and the pay for setting this up. No, there is no one that had we got tested every day. There was no coronavirus that was was tested positive. The way they set it up was unbelievable.


Like in Toronto, we got to use BMO Field. We could do whatever we wanted. Edmonton was great. Just walk to the arena. It was a little long, was tough being away from the family. But in the end, for them to pull this off all was really special.


I give kudos to NHL and the P.A., so I got a video sent to me of Matthew Joseph pulling the trigger outside of a hotel or something just so backload. Anyone else really stick out to you of just being extra lost in the celebrations?


And if you say nobody, that means it was you.


Oh, no. It's also someone I think there was a couple of guys I know and kooch.


Oh yeah. Oh jeez. I don't know if you guys saw the parade, but he grabbed her on her while he was doing a speech and caught a beer down his throat twice. The first time was pretty funny. The second time like you're going to go for third and yeah I was, it was kooch kooch is the bounce. So when he, when he gets going he's pretty special. It's funny, I played, so I played in a golf tournament at Kamasi and Vinnick, his house is on the course and it's amazing to hear about, like, that guy.


He's the most loved owner I've ever seen. I think, like every person in the city does so much for the community. He's done so much for that team while also not being too hands on, if that makes any sense. So I know you mentioned him before, but what a what a moment it was for that guy in terms of being loved by everyone and then finally delivering that championship that it seems like it's been a while.


Yeah, I mean. When you talk to people in Tampa, I think he's one of the most important, if not the most important people in Tampa. Everything he's doing downtown is really growing the city. But I mean, he's been my only owner, so it's kind of tough for me to tell. But you guys know how to talk to players and how certain guys get treated and stuff. And there's nothing that if we ever asked for, he would he would say no to.


He takes care. Such great care of all of us. So, yeah, nothing but great things to say for Mr. Bennett.


I was going to ask you about team toughness and I. Lukashevich trade and bringing him in or the signing. Excuse me. I thought that played off huge, especially against the islanders when they were pushing back a little heavier. And of course, the addition of Paddy Maroon and how strong is are on the ball. And he does add that team toughness element. Do you think that was so vital for this year? And I think overall as a team, you guys look like you're standing in there a little bit more like for the physicality stuff.


I mean, for sure, I don't know how much guys will talk about it about the year prior, but I think that's something that we lacked for sure on our team. And I think there's a great picture if you see like the Islander series and before, I think I when I got suspended or something, ah, GOODROW did something to announce and a couple of them came onto the red line, a couple of our guys and then Sân Pat Maroondah Bogosian just went up and stood them right in the eye and then Schenn got into a couple of fights and stuff like that.


I think that was like the moment like you guys listen, you got that John Johnson is pretty tough, but we're going to we're going to stand in there with you guys. We're just as tough, if not more tough than you guys. I know.


I know. It's not summer like it typically is after a Stanley Cup, but what are your plans to unwind traveling anyway? Just going to go up to a lake. What do you what do you got on the menu? I got golf.


I don't really have much planned. I'm going to play a lot of golf. I know. The tough part is we don't know, like how we're going to have our days with the cup because of. Cowritten guys living in Europe, and I know for me in Montreal right now, it's like it's like a 14 or 20 day quarantine. So I'm not in a hurry to leave here. I'm going there. So I think the cup stays here for about two months, so I'll probably enjoy myself as long as I can.


You'll stay as long as that things around you. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, when a we can't thank you enough for hopping on. I know it's been a crazy couple of days, including today with the box, which by the way, I bought that a six and a half huge cover by Tom Brady and the boys for me. But man, congratulations, starting with dog talk. We chatted with you, then you became an influence and you go on to cup champ. So we were really happy for you, man.


Thanks, guys. I appreciate you.


Helen Keller, do you mind if I ask you one more I want to ask you about Coop and the fact that, you know, given in today's NHL, sometimes when teams don't meet expectations, especially when you have a very strong group, sometimes they give up on the head coach a little early. How much were the group just pulling and voicing? No, this is our guy. And eventually, of course, this year pull through and he kind of finally gets the Stanley Cup.


He knew we were going to play for him this year was really important, I think, for the players and for him. And everyone stepped up. He's been a big part of this organization, I think, for eight years now. Everything he's done for this team, I think it was huge for us to share that with him.


Actually, we had one more GMs bigs had a question she wanted to ask Vivi's what was the first must have food for you when you get out of the bubble.


We haven't really that would have a drink.


And we got to I guess once we we're going to go out to dinner at a nice steak house in a private room. And we just we went to like a pizza place and they shut it down and we just had pizza and beer. It was great.


Anyway, thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me. Congratulations, brother. Thanks. Thanks.


Just want to send a huge thanks to kill Alex Cohen for joining us. Obviously, they just want to cop lots of celebrations going on. So he was able to make some time for us. And we're most appreciative that he was able to do that for us. Was a nice little chat numbers.


Oh, big time peace talks going to be buzzing next season. And think about all the doc talk haters out there who is who are like, oh, yeah, these guys are more focused on making contact. Well, this guy does it all. Folks, this guy is the number one influencer this year in the NHL with the dog talking, no doubt.


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I was talking about Goalie's a minute ago and I'll tell you man, there was a lot of why did you just say that.


Like I don't know, that made me laugh. So I was like, what did I do wrong this time. I don't know.


I just instinctively go to your business. I need like you're like my security. Oh it's listen, it's your average manager. It's like it's like that's my meditation that are you talking about movies. And then we're talking about golf isn't very relaxing because I'm a speaker and goalie's.


Did you say goalie's young Lundquist just tweeted out what you say here. I still love to compete. I still love the game and I still want to win capital letters. Exclamation point and win. So hockey do I think that's a guy who is not retiring and will be in the NHL this season? I think that tweet shows me he's he's going to be somewhere. Oh, no doubt about it. I mean, I know, but I didn't know.


I mean, I didn't know if maybe he'd go back and play in Sweden.


It's like I think his brother's a stallion on Frolander, so maybe you want to play with him.


I don't know, I, I figured he would be.


But that that's a tweet that shows like he's ready to go home and party to the KHL, the other packages till we get into that a little bit.


We had Patty marooned on two guys. We got Troxler. We won't we won't divulge too much of that interview yet, but we still have some hockey to talk about, right? Absolutely.


Yeah. Like I said, goalies were kind of the big news this week. A lot of Sang's we expected some we weren't sure of. But as expected and as earlier reported, the Vegas Golden Knights extended goalie Robin Lenno with a five year twenty five dollars million deal, comes with the five million dollar average annual value Kapit and also a modified no trade clause. Of course, Vegas still has Marc-Andre Fleury under contract for two more seasons at seven million per year.


There's been a lot of speculation about what may or may not have with him. Obviously, Marc-Andre smiles. He's happy with whatever's going on. But twelve million dollars on your goaltender. That situation will certainly keep our eye on it. Yeah, you hear that?


They're kind of shopping. Hey, him making some calls, I don't think he'll be on on the nights when the season starts.


Maybe, maybe return to Pittsburgh. Was is that crazy? I know they just got Jared, but Jared be ten, ten and a half million a year for to go is probably not.


It's exciting to think about happening. I can't really picture of where he's going to end up. But I do know that when when the story originally broke, I don't know who had the scoop that he Leonard had already handshake five, four, five that was dead on. That was during the playoffs. And he was asked about it and he kind of denied it right away, which is natural. But somebody had that scoop object. And I think it really does come down to the Bogot there and.


He had no sort of connection to flourish. It wasn't like, you know, gallant being there from the beginning and it was he was more comfortable with his team, the team he saw play in front of Robert Hunter.


And that's kind of the direction they've gone. So I don't know where he'll end up. Who knows? Seattle, is that an option? Does he want to do that again? I think he wants to stay in Vegas.


Yeah, he does. But, IRA, you hit the nail on the head as far as money you're investing into goaltenders. And it's just, you know, when you're when you're a team like Vegas and they got a nice little window here right now, they've got some good players like especially with Mark Stone and in Patrie, I think that that's money that could be spent on another piece in order to get them over that hump. And I don't know, you got to imagine a flurry of moves, like I don't think somebody is just going to take them with that carpet or at least the money he's making.


They got to probably retain some salary on that. He's not getting any younger. You've got to wonder, considering the goalie market is so hot this offseason, I mean, even as good as some goalies are, like, are they going to be making seven million? Like, I think you get Mark Ström, but what do you think Mark Latham is going to get paid? Therein lies the rub. It's a very competitive market and then leader who's got better numbers, and I know that Mark means quite a bit to Vancouver and I hope that that relationship stays together and the fact that they're able to keep him in Demko.


But there's just like there's this crazy carousel as far as the goaltenders and situations going on. And I can't seem to see Vegas getting over the edge with paying that much and goaltending given the flattop. There's got a move has to be made at some point. In maybe a three way deal, something like that, right, I just it's you wonder at that capital how valuable is Marc-Andre Fleury as a piece? And I'm not taking away from his game at all.


I still think he's a starter in the NHL. But what you're going to be giving up an asset to a depreciating one at what is ages at not a friendly carpet in a flat cap year, I don't know, man, this is a risky business and I see a little bit of conflict there. Am I going crazy here with no.


Ali, who else is going?


Allan Walsh might be going crazy, but your goal is as far as the original report with the five times five, I believe Greg Moshinsky did have it first.


I'm not 100 percent positive, but I know he did have that early on. So obviously it got shut down and said it wasn't true. But he was one of the first, if not the first on it. And you mentioned Treston Jerry. The penguin signed him to a three year, ten point five dollars million contract extension. That's three and a half million dollar Ave. Kapit. Thirty one game started last season. He was twenty twelve and one with the two four three goals against nine to one save percentage three shutouts.


It's pretty good. No, I will say if he ends up being the starting goalie, considering Matt Murray is slated to be a restricted free agent, the fact Pittsburgh's an injury to this three year deal, if he's the number one man, that's a really, really nice price for the number one goalie, because you want me to start this one off again on the goalie, the goalie schtuck?


Yeah, I think it's a great contract. I think given that his sample size wasn't so large, they were able to lock him in at that that. No, I mean, Christ, looking at even both, our goal is what's merrymaking? I can't imagine he's Arafeh, I think. OK, so he then I would imagine, given maybe the questionmark, Sarah, I don't know what he's going to want to get paid, but I think they have enough confidence in Jared to take over that number one role worth.


If if Murray is asking for too much, he now it becomes a somewhat valuable trade piece. Yeah, I think I think they have a great goaltending situation right now with two young guys. And I don't know, the book's still out on Murray as of late.


Yeah, Murray, just Murray Murray had the incredible running, came on the scene. He's had a tough time being consistent. He's a tough time staying healthy. And Jaris, a higher pick on him. He's a year younger than him.


He was a second round, I think Mario's third rounder. And and so if you look at like.


Pittsburgh seeing injuries, we might like this guy a little more, so we're able to get him at this deal now that that really that all of a sudden that open we think we got our starter make it three and a half or three years, which is ironically the deal that Murray just had that ended I think he was making.


Yeah. You know, here's three point seventy five for those three, so. They've done a good job in terms of trying to get a goalie on the cheap that they also think can win some games because they are paying some guys a ton of money. You know, they need that room up front the same way you're saying Vegas is going to need it.


So where the question lies here is what type of deal is Murray going to be willing to take when he's delivered your team to Stanley Cups? And there's a bit of pride that's associated to with it, with the starting position and where he's going to be. Like, we'll know, like if this is Jared is going to be your guy, where maybe Murray's in the mindset of like, hey, I think half the games is respectable. Maybe we could share than that.


And I'll take another pretty fair deal based on what I've accomplished. So some question marks there, but what would you think a two time Stanley Cup winner would do? Do you think he's going for his payday and he and he wants to show that he can do it somewhere else?


I think he's well, he's Arafeh, though, so that's the issue. He can't he you know, it's not it's not where he gets to have the whole league kind of financial services.


But but I. I think that the Penguins will probably say sign another deal like the one you just signed, you know, and then all of a sudden they get two goalies at a combined around seven, seven point five a year. That's probably their ideal situation, unless they're just looking to trade him right away. But then you need a backup. You need another goalie coming in. I don't know how that's going to go down, but I think Murray can't really argue to the fact, like, I need to I need to be your starter, especially in Pittsburgh.


He knows you have to go in and beat Jarry out like those times this year that it was the complete opposite. Jared was their guy. Yeah, and Murry's last deal was a three eleven point two five million dollar deal, which came out at three point seventy five million a year. So, yeah, he's probably not looking to take a pay cut, which three and a half million is less. At the same time, it is a flat cap.


So ask him for a raise in this day. And age is also maybe I'll say it's ballsy, but I'm not sure you're going to get it. So obviously we'll keep an eye on that as well. 35 year old goalie Brian Elliott issued unrestricted free agency and opted to sign a one year, one point five dollars million deal to stay with the flyers, most out of twenty seven games of Philly last year. He also serves as a mentor to kind of what I think best.


He's got an ideal situation, you know, I mean, he's obviously in the back nine of his career. He can mentor this great young player. He's in a comfortable situation and seem like a no brainer for him.


I would imagine he's ecstatic about that deal. And he I think every year he plays from here on out in the NHL, he's going to be very thankful that he's in the league. And I think that's a great number on on putting some value on the fact that he's going to be making kind of a hat a lot more comfortable in his net and where he needs a guy, where maybe he needs to talk to you about some experience that he's already been through in his career.


He can go to him as that mentor. And I think that's extremely valuable. And and given how important Carter Hart in moving forward with with the flyers is, because if they're going to they're going to win a cop, they're going to need him to stand on his head. And I think that they understand that the time is now in order for him to get those years under his belt where he's a savvy, savvy veteran or television guys love Elliott to just be a favorite in the room.


And he he won the national title with Wisconsin. She won with Pawelski, I think, fifteen years ago now. So he's he's had a hell of a run in the NHL.


He's been Ottawa, you know, blues fires.


He's kind of had had a little bit of a suitcase career.


But for the most part, wherever he's gone, he's been really consistent. When he does play is the star. He was real good.


Now he's he's the perfect sort of guy to help Carter hard along. He's played long enough. He's played in a bunch of different spots, could teach them both the ups and downs and also get in and still make a difference. So great. Great resigning for the flyers.


All right. Yeah. I don't know if you had it written down.


Do you have the Johnny goodrow rumors that he put weight on him and she said, oh, come on, there's some rumblings out there.


I don't know if this is true, but potentially him going to Philadelphia. And I want to say I read on Twitter today that they were open to it. Am I going crazy here or am I just obsessed with make it up, Johnny. Goodrow Rumor's. I haven't seen that anywhere, but where did you read it on Twitter, Grenelle? I've read it a few places where he's not crazy. Where did you guys read that?


But here, let me let me find it all. Pussy Crusher six nine six nine bucks involvement yet I meant to write, I meant to write Chicago.


I had the wrong sea team.


Maybe I over exaggerate a little bit and I got it all. I got ahead of my skis and I'm just obsessed with the maybe we talked about restraining orders at the beginning of the pod for the Tampa Bay lightning on. Gee, maybe John is going to get one on me. This is this is quotes from on SportsNet and this. Remember, as I said, I got ahead of my skis. Our two biggest needs right now is figure out our goaltending and our defense.


Brad Treliving spoke about the flames, top priority, heading it to NHL draft and free agency. So that's probably that's kind of goes back to the Dubnyk situation at the beginning of the episode where I think I just made that up in my head.


So that was you. You had Treliving saying what Calgary needs and you took it and turned into Giannis going to the fires.


No no. Just the fact that there's been other rumblings of it like and just based on like the trade list stuff, it seems like he's kind of up there anyway. Let's just move on past these rumors I'm creating.


I love it. I love it. By the way, our efficient video is going to be dropping tomorrow. Tuesday you mentioned kind of Hotton me and Frige. Todd Fedoruk had a pretty extensive conversation about Khandahar and why I say the name the way I do. So keep your eyes peeled for that video drop in Tuesday. But we got some ugly news, a lot of holy shit going on. The Jets signed backup goalie Laurent Wasswa to a one year deal worth one point five million.


He started fifteen games last season, went six seven, along with a three to eight eight nine five ball, obviously backing up Kanala Hollerbach, who wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. And Papa LeBron Dallas GM Jim Nhill has reached out to Anton Dobens, Agent Kent Hughes about resigning the pending USA and the goalie Audobon. He does want to stay, but he loves Dallas. The team would like to keep the same combo at last season. Bishop is carrying a four point nine Kapit for the next three years.


So, oh my God, Dallas is going to see what they can to make that work. Also, I'm. You have something.


No, that's an incredible deal for for Bishop under five million. That's for four more years. Three more. Yeah.


No point standpoint. No that's that's nice.


I think that they, I think they'd say that you. Dobbyn Hey. Like the Jarry deal is not even considering that, is that not near enough three years a year? I think if you're getting that type of term on basically a number two, you might grab it, I think.


I think what he signs for, I think they could maybe get him a little bit cheaper than that, to be honest. I mean, bishops are number one. He's there for three more years at a very fair deal. I don't think you want to. I think any time you're spending under nine million on both, it's a it's a it's a great it's a great situation.


The other news from the gold standard front, Detroit will not offer Jimmy Howard a contract prior to the free agency, period. The winds put out a tweet wishing him well. And I mean, I can't believe what he's been there 14 fucking seasons, man. I mean, he's a guy, great goaltender. I think on different teams, you might have had more success. He's obviously been kind of stuck in Detroit. Last season was a one year, five point one million dollar deal.


He's going to turn thirty seven during the next season. But I think he could be a hell of an addition for a team either looking for a high quality backup, perhaps a number one, or even a mentor to a young goalie coming forward. What I love how I've known him for a long time.


He's a year younger than me, played at Man when I was at BYU. He's in the national program when I was there, too. I remember the next year. But what what a teammate.


I mean, he's he does. So he was I think he was second rounder, but could have been easily a first round. He probably would have been after what they saw him do.


It mean if the draft had been redone or if he was older because he was so nasty when he first came into the NHL and then he you know, what he did was he did spend the time in the NHL. I mean, he had he left school and he went to Grand Rapids. He played, I think, one full year there, and then parts of two others up and down, maybe two full years, but took his time and then just became just an awesome goaltender, dominant at times.


And I think Detroit, it was right at the end of their kind of true greatness, you know, when he when he became the starter and really took over.


But competitive guy who when I got some funny pictures of this guy, he's got he loves how he loves wearing like tight clothes, like how you love it.


And you get some you got some loud stuff for the golf trip. You know, he's got some what is the word like, you know, like like bright, you know, some bright shirts.


And so I can't wait to see the guy again. And I think that he's going to end up somewhere else.


But Detroit's been all he's ever known in the NHL. And I think that he's earned the career he's had.


Do you think that he's going somewhere to to prove himself again? And this is a guy that somebody could probably get on a very reasonable deal because, like, he's yes, he's a star, said he's been on a tough team. And I don't think his numbers have necessarily been there. And given that the market so strong right now is just, you know, this is you think this is a guy who one hundred percent finds a job somewhere. I mean, I think for sure there's a there's a team, it depends on what he's going to want for money.


That's always kind of like, you know, does he want to keep playing for less money? I don't know.


What is what did he just what was he just making at the end of this deal?


He was just on a one year, five point one million dollar deal. So but he had a big deal.


If he had a big deal for like 30 million, I remember maybe thirty two.


And so he's made plenty of dough, you know, so if he wants to keep going, taking a little bit less and maybe he tries to go to a winner, we'll see.


But it's crazy actually how many goalie action there is. You brought that up before now.


There's so many good goalies. I feel used to not be able to find one. Now every team's got three.


It seems like it's crazy and weird. Yeah, he did sign this six year, thirty one point seven million dollar deal back home.


How good is that without looking so ready to see as I throw the cross ball up and down?


So you got to think money is not one hundred percent the priority for Jimmy. I mean, if he can get a jump on with a contender, I'm sure he'd be down for that. Because you mentioned Devin Dupnik earlier. There has been significant trade buzz with Dupnik. The thirty four year old has one more year left on a six year. Twenty six dollars million deal that carries a four point three dollars million gap in the team that's tagging. The play has been San Jose.


That's the team he's linked with. Apparently, they're envisioning a Jonge Dubnyk duo for next season. This seems to be a case of where there's smoke, there's fire. We'll keep an eye on a bit. But I think that's what you're alluding to earlier. No. Yeah.


And if you're if you're sad or say this is such this is such a weird time for them, I'm not sure where this organization's headed. They've been one of those teams that has been able to sustain sustained excuse me, great success for a long time. We've been very complimentary of that. But I mean, you know, I would imagine, Joe, I'm not sure what the what the story is, if he's coming back yet. Have there been any news on that?


And then all of a sudden you're trying to adjust your goaltending situation? Well, what are you going to give up for Dubek in order to help come in there and replace? Or is this a situation where it's not going to cost much because Minnesota, you know, has them at a high price and they're trying to free up cap space and also they understand he's on the last year of his deal. So just a couple of question marks with with San Jose and with what they're going to do in goaltending.


OK, next up, this one's from Frank Cervalis, the great reporter up in Canada, although I believe he's an American, he said, quote, Don Tweeny has initiated conversations with teams about RASPS market value over the last number of weeks. Now, of course, that is a GMG, a GMs job to, you know, wait to see who might be interested. Honestly, I don't know how trading Raschka helps the Bruins. They do need secondary scoring to me.


If you trade wrasse, you just have a hole in the middle goaltender. Again, this could just be Don Sweeney Cross and T's and Dot Nice. And then Dominic Tiziano added a tweet. RASPS modified no trade clause does not carry into next season. He will in fact have no trade restrictions on October 9th. So I don't know. There seems to be a little bit of buzz about the BS and wrasse getting traded here. I know, obviously I'm the BS fan, the BS guy here.


I don't see why they would do it. I mean, the teammates were behind what he did unless the management is really pissed. The fact that he opted to come home to be with his family, his kids, I don't see how trading to grasp makes the Bruins unless you tell me what you're getting back.


Tell me who is going to be your guy.


Everyone, all this all the people who said Hallock could be the starter. No. So I don't know what you're going to get in return, but he better be a top ten goalie in the league.


If not. If not, what would you say he is in the NHL.


All right. Top what goalie? I'd say five every year. Five every year.


I mean, OK, so, you know, you want to trade him. You're pissed he left. While people should have short memories, you feel like in pro sports they do. Because if if they don't trade them and he goes out and he starts the year, actually, you know what I was going to say, if they don't try him, he goes out and starts a year like eighteen and three that everyone will forget. But with him, they won't.


They'll still fucking shit on him until he until he does it in the cup. So I don't know Irish fans.


You hear fans all the time. They got a trade truck. I don't know how he could ever come back and play for the team. But who are you getting back? Who you know, who's going to be the guy that's that's bailing you out when you actually don't have you don't have nights, you dominate. I'll sum it up with one sentence.


Be careful what you wish for. Yeah, get rid of him, you're fucking toast, and I think the only people clamoring for it would probably a lot of the guys who tune in to ninety eight point five from two to six.


And I get a lot of buddies. I got a lot of buddies who I would look at as I have a little bit more respect than the average sports radio caller who who are the same way.


I want them out of here.


He can't play another game or two. All right, buddy, we're going to do now.


Careful what you wish for.


And among the unrestricted free agent goalies that will be on the market, my extra Madobe and Holtby, Crawford, Grace, Craig, Emerson, Miller, Howard, Talbert's, Smith Del Lundquist.


So, I mean, there's always goalies available every year, but I don't know if I've ever seen a free agent going market quite like this one. So. Well, obviously going to keep an eye on it. There's going to be a lot going on. But I will say it's going to be a tight squeeze for a lot of these guys busy and they'll want to be comfortable. So they should grab some Mugsy jeans to be comfortable, feel free to press oppressiveness.


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That's a beer on us and a pair of the most comfortable men's jeans ever made by heading to Mugsy Dotcom using the code spit, talking about comfort and free agents busy while Patman is once again an unrestricted free agent after winning back to back cups.


And I think we should send it over to him for his unique perspective on winning a cup.


Let's do it today Marouane folks enjoy. Now, come on now is just the third guy of the expansion era to go back to back Stanley Cup champions with two different teams, he won, of course, last year with St. Louis and he won it again on Monday with the Tampa Bay Lightning. And he certainly appears to be having one hell of a time celebrating down in Tampa. Congratulations on Stanley Cup number two and thanks for joining us on Spitted and Checketts Patte Maroon.


Thanks. I appreciate it. Thanks. What? All right. What an intro. It's been a crazy couple few days, as you can tell through my voice, but I still can't believe it.


I it's nice to see you have your shirt on. First off, I thought there was no chance you weren't going to keep that going for the body. You got to take it off, take it off.


Start the clock. I said it is. Take it. All right.


Well, speaking of your speaking to your body, I heard you were having a sumo wrestling weigh offs with Ovechkin and the fucking bubble. What's happening there? Who who had who there?


No, everyone had me. And I mean, it was it was honestly what a night that was too, like being way off with Will and, you know, said there and now some of the other boys. I mean, it was not man like the whole the whole time. So it's good to hang out with those guys and actually have a couple of drinks with them and get their personalities. It's just who would have ever thought of yourself actually to do with St.


Louis and to bring a cup to your hometown and then, you know, you're not resigned, which I chirped them the other day. I said, why did they resign this guy? If I could sign for 900 Tampa. Right. Like Jesus Christ.


But I digress.


But then you go over to Tampa. You knew John Cooper 15 years ago, whatever it was like. Just take me through your thought process on everything that's happened, or have you really not even had the time to sit back and think about how special this has been?


I mean, I've had time, but as you guys know, the last few days I've been drinking.


I've been bamboozled myself a couple of days. So, no, I mean, I had time. I mean, when I got the call and he when he called me and when I got the call from two, it was, you know, he was just like, hey, what do you think about coming to Tampa? Let me talk to Julian. And Julian called we had a conversation with some other teams in the work, but I told my agent that I wanted to go to a team that I wanted to win on and.


And I thought Tampa, you know, what they went through last year, I thought I can help their locker room, I'm not going to help them on the score sheet every single night. But I know I can help them stick up for their teammates. They can play a little bigger, you know, like KOOCH can play bigger. Tyler Johnson Stammer Pallot They can all play bigger and feel comfortable. They have no no someone that can protect them. And I knew that a group that they couldn't win at all.


And and I know the history of winning a coop. So it was just icing on the cake. So I think he needed his good luck charm to win that cup for him.


You're too modest about the scoresheet thing because you're picking off source in the final game out of midair in the Neutral Zone. How good that that one to feel.


That felt good. How about that?


Because those are some segments there you looked like Koocher of on every single fucking bad pass that goes around him. He's like he's like the video game. If you just put it in his vicinity, he's going to find a way to get it on a stick in order to make a play. That guy is it's ridiculous.


How do you look, Koocher, even when he's in warmups? Because he's going like sixty percent and then that's with the game one hundred percent.


It's the best one. Sean Avery is give me a shot out to about my stick so I can't complain about that. No, I mean I know, you know, I black out there. I think I had my hands up in there bitching at the bench because they're telling me to get off. And I was tired.


And you still made the place. Shut up. I know how long I should be out here. I've been doing this long enough.


Well, the best part is I thought Wolkoff score because it was his first game. I was going nuts and I was like, who scored that? I go to the pilots, Coleman. I was like, oh, shit. Maybe I should have changed all that.


We've talked to other guys about, like the day to day aspect of the bubble. And obviously you guys won it in the grave, you guys. But how challenging did it, Jeff? Not necessarily you, but just the day to day grind of every day. The same thing over and over again. Yeah, I mean, it was a grind for sure, and I think the problem is like, you know, I'm so used to, you know, it's sad, but I'm used to leaving Anthony every single year.


Obviously, the year before I stayed in St. Louis. But, you know, I was used to being away from family. And I know some guys were asking me questions, you know what it's like. And this time it's going to hit home for you when you're two weeks and then a month into the bubble and then you're a month and a Half Men and your family, you can't see your kids. And and then when you get when you enjoy yourself closer to the Stanley Cup or the conference finals, you're trying to get your families.


And Americans can't come in, but the Canadians can kind of sucks. And but we came together as a group during that whole time, you know, Toronto, we were fortunate. We had pickleball. We had we had tennis courts, we had a pool outdoor. We had like five restaurants. We had to be Millfield, where you can go over and play spike ball, soccer, football, play catch. You know, there's kind of a bar outside.


There was a restaurant open there at five o'clock. So we had we had things to do in Toronto. Then when you got to Abberton, it was kind of we had we call it the prison yard, which it wasn't, but it was a cement concrete where you can tell by guys in Edmonton were struggling, probably more than the guys.


And boy, you guys got the free ice caps. So I heard it from Tim Horton's.


It's about the three, four, three double doubles and the play.


And so, I mean, yeah, I mean, it was it was tough at times for sure when you're sitting there grinding your way. But we are fortunate to have a good team, so we never felt like we were out of it. And I know you guys touched on it a bit like when the teams down three, one or three, two or you kind of thrown in the towel just to get home. Like we didn't have that feeling.


We had a feeling we're like we were winning every single game and we were never down. This year, suicides in Boston down one on besides in Dallas, someone else. So we always knew we would find a way. So we didn't really have that. We're going home mentality, attitude. We came together, you know, obviously. You guys know hotels, do you have a few drinks, but it just kind of hanging out and you really don't have anyone to lean on besides yourself and your body is that you're part of the team.


So you kind of have to make make ends meet. And I thought we did a good job of that. And he staring contest in the bubblehead guys might not like each other, maybe catching their eye for an extra second, we know of guys get in the same elevator and be impolite. But do you have any situations like that? No.


I mean, they're trying to bubble. It was it was everyone getting the same elevator together. I think when you were playing that team like, say, Boston is our hotel, they'd walk in and say they'd go to the elevator first. We'd wait. We'd have respect for that. And that happened in Dallas, too. We won game four and game five. We want to know game four and guys were waiting. We I walked in the elevator just by myself and there were still stars, guys waiting behind me.


So you shot the pocket them to shoot through the shoot the pocket them during games. You want to fucking move you going, hey, you got to change.


Serious or what. OK, all right.


That's that's your little ploy. I know you did something last year where you were going by whose badge and you said something was I think it might have been the finals.


Boston. Boston out game two, so that's your thing, you're going to talk that shit and next year he's going to fire a stick in the bench because it's got to get worse and worse. Last year is verbal. This year, got a little physical. Might take his skate off.


You guys have you guys have no idea. Like, every time I go by a bench, it's like you're Fatmir and you're like me that don't I'm like, guys, I get it. Like, it's so goddamn annoying sometimes because I just get to hear how bad of a hockey player I am and how big I am. And it's just like sometimes it just gets annoying. And I had enough dollars to just get there.


Like, you're like I had a way off for a reason. I fucking know.


Come on, guys, seriously throw me a bone once in a while. You know, we're in the same league together. I can't be doing that bad.


Like basketball. If you make fun of me 15 or 16 more times, I'm going to lose my mind to be.


To be fair, maybe they thought the elevators had a weight restriction and they were just they didn't want to go over the limit. Maybe they were being more thoughtful than anything.


No shit. Hey, I'm not that big yet. I'm not what my kid can point out as a player.


Did you guys feed much into the situation? Is the what was that game three? I think it was game four where the penalties back and forth. There was a lot of weird calls in that game like you guys do. You guys just erased that out of your guy's memory, given the fact that you guys got that penalty and it was a bit of a soft call.


Yeah, I mean, but they had their opportunity before that, didn't they? OK, fair enough. Good answer. No, that's more than a four on three right before that and then another five on four to remain on top of that. So, yes, that happened. I think that happened to us twice, right. Where we scored a note where we took a no on Long Island and then they killed it off and they went down and scored an old T.


But I mean, they had their opportunity, I felt like, to capitalize there to make it a series.


And so when we had our opportunity to there, I know we're getting into a lot of the hockey talk and not much of the celebration we had Killorn on before this and he talked about how the power struggled a little bit early, given the fact that Stamkos was missing in that finals. You guys were on fire. What was it that changed?


Like Maumoon had the best he had the best view from the bench? Well, I mean, I would imagine you're absorbing and wondering why things are starting to click. I like to absorb that stuff. Doesn't mean I know how to run a half wall.


No, I think, honestly, the end they were harping on the front guy because I guess, you know, you don't have the coaches going say traffic. Right? So killers got put back on that top unit and he was just trying to take their eyes away. And I thought we did a good job of that. Taken Dobies eyes away. And then once you got that same pass, he's kind of down and out. And we just made it difficult for him to see the pocket.


And I think with Kooch running the half ball and Victor having run on the top, I mean to leave players. I mean, you got Andre pull out. That's just had an unbelievable series. And then you have a threat that Brayton Point Miami scored thirteen goals in the playoffs so you can pop him in the middle and score goal, too. So I think we found holes and we broke them down a little bit and we got them running and we capitalize on opportunities.


They Patea Goalies, they hate traffic. And when you're in tight, go up high. That's what they said.


They say, yeah, what about who is a guy? And I actually thought you might say Pallot So maybe that is the case. But when you got to Tampa, he was so much better than you maybe thought. The good guy here at home.


I got to understand how good this player was on point.


Yeah. So just like you didn't understand yet.


No, he's like you guys know, like, I mean, you know, like playing out west. Like you guys never talked about Katsof or, you know, Scott Niedermeier progs when he was there. I mean, you guys I mean, no one even talks about Brayton Point ever. I mean, and now you guys just saw how elite of a player he is. I mean, yeah. I mean, I'm going to say this, but I thought him and McKinnon were the best two players you can watch in the playoffs this year.


Well, that's just my opinion, though, I don't know how you guys feel, but I mean I mean, that goal is scoring at Sounders was something else.


Yeah, no, it was insane. But when we were texting back and forth to say, boy, oh, boy, hold my agents can't I can't help you guys UFA off for coming in.


All right. We're live on live on the news here in Sherman. Speaker live signing a five year deal at five million.


No, he's like, dude, Seska Scallan in Moscow, seven million for two years. You never have to wear a mask again.


Seattle's looking at what you actually have to actually have to bring a positive covid test with you to get into the country.


But you get an AK 47 game trophies of player of the game if the ref.


But you have to agree to wrestle a bear at the Christmas game.


Do you guys have the Christmas jerseys on you guys to wrestle him? No. There we go. There we go. Go ahead. Our Patty, we mentioned your history with Coop.


You won, I believe was a junior junior B tattoo way back in 2007 with them. That's a long time going back with him. What was his message to the team before game six?


Oh, I mean, he's we mean goodrow sat next to each other all during the playoffs. And we just listened to his speeches and he's just so smooth. He has that lawyer swag mentality where he walks in the room and, you know, he can just vibe it out. And I actually don't remember what he actually said. But, you know, I just kind of take the opportunity and, you know, overcommit. But he was just more focused on just one in the hockey game that that, you know, we we're obviously going up three one we later make in game five.


And game six is that is all we have to do. Is this one the hockey game, focus on, you know, the first time and focus on the next time and focus on, you know, the next period and how you're going to set yourself up. And he's just so good at talking, so smooth. And I think that's how he can get to his guys and how guys get motivated. And that's why he's such a successful coach in this league.


And he's done an amazing job and he finally got his cup that he deserved. But I honestly I don't know what he kind of said because, you know, last year was kind of like one word answers like get to the point. And Coop has a swag to him and confidence to him that, you know, he walks around the room and talks for a while. So that's why, you know, that's why he's a great coach. The group Koops, like a lawyer, whereas she's more like a defendant, basically saying not guilty plea, I plead the fifth, I'm taking the stand.


Oh, man, it's funny, you know, watching your team, they have these top Antoun you're talking about Point Koocher.


But the minute spread out, I mean, I think that Cooper's pretty good points right around 20 minutes. But you were over 12 for the playoffs. Those are pretty important as a as a as a coaching staff and as a team. Like, let's get everyone going, let's wear them down that way with four lines.


We did a good job of that. I think towards and we kind of got to because I don't know if you guys, you know, pay attention, we want seven and 11 or throughout the playoffs until we lost game one. To gosh, these guys are just kind of destined, to be honest with you. I think they're just tired of playing with Sadie and me and Sadie sitting there.


It's like we don't want to go on rotating wingers like know. Are you going to touch.


He's like, we get all this confidence on the on the on the top. And then I go down there. Yeah.


The guy got it's like Russian roulette every but every time they're getting the bullet got out is unreal. Coop was a coach. Can you go.


He's like. No shortage of excuses, like I said, the backup goalie set up the backup. So I asked this to cholera, but it should have been a question for you. Is the winning it last year with having everyone's family in the room as opposed to this year where it was pretty much just the people who were tugging on the rope, small amount of family members was a little bit more intimate and that you got to share that time just with the guys who had won it.


Not being not distracted, but your attention everywhere else.


Yeah, that was good. I thought there's no distractions. Obviously, we didn't have any family members come in, just mom and dad flew in. So that was, you know, mom and Dad's are they kind of stay away, do their thing. So that was kind of unbelievable. Feeling like seeing the guys celebrate, you know, seeing guys get emotional. You don't really see that kind of because people are kind of scattered hugging their mom and dad's hugging their wives, hugging their kids.


So you got to see, like, everyone's emotions throughout the locker room. And, you know, you get to see different personalities come out the locker room partying and hanging out. So it was unbelievable, obviously, what families are. But I think it's nice to win on the road and, you know, bring it back home. And, you know, the next day we got to see him. But I thought it was neat just to be with them.


How our night together and, you know, enjoy it and, you know. Right. The I'm kind of curious, like the difference between the two teams, in your opinion, like things you can kind of think of, they were so different.


I mean, I know you were down three two to Dallas. Dallas must hate your guts. You get them in game seven and now they're looking at, like, the fatboys beat us again.


What is wrong with you?


They just think more Perisic fucking boy, was it they're both, yes. OK, Jamie bad's a fucking moron.


If you think they'd sign me right now, that's. Yeah.


Money to go three for three, brother. I know the first ever. I love it. That's different, though.


Are there any different like are there any differences between the two teams when you look back on it, or is it that kind of just stupid question?


It's kind of like the big question.


What do you mean winning it different years? And how is that experience? Was that it was that I try to ask questions that certain fans would would want to know. I find like have you. But Chuck, the bug chugged a bottle of wine yet? I don't know. Like, what do you want me to ask you? Honkin Pink Whitney.


Yeah, no, I mean, no, but I mean obviously two different storylines. Right. Last year was, you know, last place to first place. We're more of a grind. You exhaust, you download Underdog's Prizren and won the Stanley Cup. Boston might outplayed us in the first ten minutes or fifteen minutes of game seven like, but we found ways to chip away, chip away.


We had goaltending this year. covid had in a bubble.


You don't have family around. We have a skilled team, but you can we can also grind you down low and make you guys tired. And we adapted to that role, you know. You know, it's a good sign when one of your leaders is cutting off and telling you to dump the puck in. And obviously, he's he's kind of like he would have loved me. He would have loved, you know, I mean, he was coming back to the bench telling guys to get pucks in don't turn Fox over, you know, get it low.


It works. It works. So when you got a guy like that speaking up and taking a whole new role, a leadership, I mean, it's amazing. I thought we had four lines that played all four different kind of styles of play, but can hurt you below the top of the circles, too. And I thought our defense well, I thought we had the best we have the best defense on the team, which Victor had been playing in the league, doing something, doing something a lot of defense will probably never come close to doing.


You know, Ryan in Parks on its face, Luke Shank coming in, Finmart, Matt Barton, Bhogle coming in. I mean, shot, chancre, surcharged, take a whole new step. So, I mean, we I mean, Tampa does have the best goalie. So I mean, it's totally two different things. But I mean, it was a two unbelievable runs. And I will never forget, you know, I've just this keep being part of history, which is fun over under ninety one million serdyukov career earnings.


I mean, it looks so easy for him, he's got to get paid this year, it's like this guy's how old is he?


Twenty years. He's a hell of a player. I don't know how you guys. He's just I mean, he's got to be paid eight million a year next year known as birth birth certificate twenty.


We're not really sure some of the time with these guys. Yeah.


I mean, so forty you're going to be like Murkoff Hackett darts in the fucking in the shower. So pay me my money.


He's got to get a colonoscopy in the third year of his next deal.


Those Russians are having a time right now. Oh, yeah, it's been great.


Speaking of, I feel like Wesolowski get a little overshadowed. I had him in the early clubhouse leader for one of the Con Smyth. And then it's not that he did anything wrong. It's just that, you know, Koocher off point had been played so, so good. But talk about how steady he was during the whole duration of the playoffs. If he had a bad game, I didn't see it that. Yeah, I mean, he's that's why he's the top player in the league, that's why he's up for the of every year.


I mean, he's unbelievable. And I think if you have a goalie like that on your team going into the playoffs, I think you have a legit chance of winning every single year. And that's why I can't lock them up for so many years. And that's why he's making nine million. You know, we felt confident. I mean, the say he was making during the Stanley Cup finals is unbelievable. I don't know if we saw that before that point in Game six that skates say we made out of nowhere.


I mean, he made ridiculous errors and we felt confident with him in the back of that. Every single game, you know, that I don't think I've seen him let up more than, you know, four goals, a game, you know, in the playoffs. I mean, he did an amazing job.


I think someone else has been overshadowed, probably the Tampa fans. I know you know, the Miami. That's a different city, different here. You I sometimes think that Tampa Bay Lightning fans get maligned for no good reason. What's the reception been like since you guys get back?


Let me say no. There's a different world we're in, but it seems like they've really taken to you guys this time.


No, I was I mean, our fans are great. We saw it. We saw family every single night. I mean, it's packed every single night. But obviously, you guys saw it during the bowl parade, how packed it was. And, you know, people and Raymond James Stadium, too, and, you know, people outside of Raymond James. I mean, I didn't realize how packed Tampa was. I don't know how many Tampa fans were actually going to be there.


And I think they need to get all the respect because their fan base loves the loves the lightning. They're good. Every single year. They put a team that can have a chance to to win the cup every single year. And that's why they sell out. But I mean, this place was it was rockin during the parade for sure.


We had a boy who was the drunkest guy on the team like it was a culture of excluding yourself.


Well, yeah, you could handle it pretty good, although you were telling everybody to turn their light sabers on or their flashlights at the all.


I wanted to be like a singer. When they turned the lights on for the last song, you could see it.


Did it, did it land flat, did allow what I was going to I was going to sing Hootie and the Blowfish lover cried.


What? There's not enough lights out there.


That's why you're like Elvis at the very end when he was like 400, like all these Shipperd, but at his own how he thinks he's the guy from Queen during the fucking London show, he was like, oh ho, the meat loaf.


Hey, is Anthony with you or what's what's your plan now? Are you going to be sticking around Tampa?


What's the name of St. Louis right now? So, OK, I don't know you already back there. So, yeah, I'm back right now. He was just in Nashville for Iraqi tournaments, so he just did that. So I want some today. So, you know, I'll get tested for it tomorrow just because I don't want to give my kid anything. So I want some real quick to say hi. And then he's going to come over tomorrow.


We're going to take him to hockey and hang out. So I just wanted to make sure I was in the clear before they happen. I'm going to Pinehurst, so I got to find myself right here.


When you go, I'm going there. I'm going there like ten days. You're after me. I'm going to the twenty second of the twenty fifth. Maybe I'll just stay the extra two weeks. You might as well.


What Pinehurst. What's what's so special. I don't know. Patty, have you been there.


I've never been. I've heard liner's. Yeah. Pinehurst is like, it's like if you're a golf nerds best place in the world there's like fifteen courses it feels like and they're all awesome to play. It's like a little community that's just basically all around golf.


And one of the courses is one of the best in the world.


So you can go there with buddies, you just get waffled, play golf all day. Everything's right there, walking distance, great hotel.


It's just it's it's it's one of the top spots in the country. So it's Disneyland for golfers. Exactly. Exactly.


I mean, single guys, single guys don't necessarily love it. There's zero nightlife. But if you're playing thirty six every day, like, I don't care, I'm not going out. Why do you want to you want a piece of us in the fucking sandbagger. Is that why you're asking.


I have a couple of beautiful courses here in St. Louis. All right. We'll fly out there. Who, who, who are you going to get it as a partner?


I'll get whoever you want for free.


All right. All right. We'll hold you to that. We'll play it for you and we'll put you on Jannsen. I'd love to see that guy. We're not doing that. That's it. That's what we're doing. That's it. And he's going to, like, eat a golf club on the third hole, like golf with a blue or blue Tasca.


I would love to see that guy at a fucking golf course. Imagine giving him an exploding ball. Dude, he. If he found out it was used for the charity, we're at a charity golf charity, love this, we're all not kind of paying attention. He's up first and we see his ball take up a little bit like, what the fuck is this guy doing?


Is he put a T down on the middle of the fairway tennis ball? He thought that you didn't know of a lot of yards and the definition of the guy who tries to swing just way too hard.


There's only one reason to play it. Like if you just want to get crippled. Yeah, he doesn't exactly live that country club lifestyle.


He doesn't know what a country club is. Yeah.


He makes our traffic look like Arnold Palmer. Unbelievable.


We actually just posted a fight the other day of inside the Windsor Arena. I forget the name of it, but like the old school one. And he was fighting the character for the last two nights. And I we talked about before, this guy used to bark on the ice like a dog, like you would chase guys around on the floor, check a barking like a dog moseying every night.


Thompson was a Thompson no boy. Danny boy. It was a good fucking scrap. He's always posting the scraps and he always had some. I think that's what he's when he's on the juice or he's beat the wheels. He's such a caveman man.


I love them. I don't know if he could handle a stanback, although he is he's the guy who shows up to a country club on like a Harley, asks if he can use the bathroom to take a shit.


No, sir. Soccer's the guy that.


Did you did you guys beat my boy? Why did you guys.


We don't talk about that on here. I can't we can't release the results of what happened because we've got to wait for the video to drop.


Or Wags actually spoke a couple of times, though, on the camera. It was crazy.




Daddy, there's some rumors going around that you and Fergie might be teaming up to do a duet online sometime soon after that photo of you is gone viral.


I don't know if you had a bathing suit on or what the situation was with that little drippin Jackson below the waist.


Like anyone has some common sense in the world.


I watched porn beard on my face and guys are saying I place myself a typical bar stool.


I want to get their name out there.


You know, they blame you, blame your boy. Why'd he spread it?


You know, I'm blaming him for sure. No, I mean, it is what it is. I mean, there's nothing I can do about it. You know, it's, you know, good content, you know, whatever.


I'll tell you I'll I'll tell you this. If I want a cup just for the rise, if there is a whole crowd in the Bay Area there, I might piss myself for rise. You sure just rolled with it. You like anything you do at that moment will be funny. And you pissed yourself and then resorted back to the Billy Madison part. And I mean, I think that's pretty that's pretty cool.


It doesn't help their kids.


Twelve and you can see that I was like, hey, what's your dad do? He's a lawyer. What's your dad do? I pisses himself in the Stanley Cup.


So I'm watching the game with Yance Game six. And some guys are still in the ice. Some guys are back in the room. Everyone's full gear on besides gloves and helmet. You were done. You were out of the uniform so quick.


I just want to get that all off. Yeah, it's like a disgusting like you want. I want to put the shirt on. Why do I want my skates to get you know, I'm the guy that collects everything in the locker room. I'm like, check. I like I like saving shit. I don't want nothing to get ruined, you know.


I'm Marxian Koocher off skate. Yeah. Sell it.


Yeah. Well last year I fucked up. I had my gear on, I everything got lost, I lost my jersey. I finally found it like I lost everything. So I was like, OK, here's what I'm going to do this year. I'm just going to take everything off and put it like put it somewhere else. And that's what I did.


Patty Patty set up the stick track, not even celebrate with a cop. Just say starters. You could plug your eBay account for the Kutuzov six or seven game use third period to seal the deal. We'll start the bidding. We get a lot from the basketball star for you.


Hey, I'm a let's do it. We'll make some money off that ship. So let's.


What's next? You I know summertime. Typically, guys take off goes somewhere. You just kind of hang low in St. Louis. I know. I know. Americans are limited to where they can travel, but what are you going to do now? Decompress a little. A little. Mostly at home. What?


Yeah, I'm going to decompress. I got like I said, I got a wedding coming up on October 30th, so I got to get ready for that. I got to get dolled up for the old lady. And then I got Pinehurst coming up and then I'm just going to hang out my son. So I've never been home for the winter to actually see him play hockey. Obviously, when he was playing last year, he played triple-A. So I didn't get to really see him much, a little bit, you know, unless he played in town.


So now I'm going to go travel with him. So he's got some games in Detroit, Milwaukee, Indianapolis. So he's got a couple of tournaments. I got to go Chicago. I'm going to go take him up there and just watch him play, so I can't wait for that. So that's going to be fun and I have to dial back. And so I don't know when we're going to start. So I start working out here soon and get me ready for next year.


How do you think you end up back in Tampa? Are you hoping that I mean, I know I know you deserve a bit of a paid pay day and in return means everything. Now, what do you think?


And yeah, I mean, I'm not asking for much now because I know kind of where I'm at my career and what kind of role I can take on. I think I can take on a fourth line, good role, you know, bring a lot of them together, you know, playing a second if you need me if you need me to move up or down the lineup, I can. But like I mean, a couple of years would be nice.


But, you know, I'm just. You can't really. It kind of goes on and on. What am I trying to say, good fuckin English there, buddy. I know I get two cups.


That question you because you answer that question, was that was that question not good enough for either of us?


Well, I was good just trying to figure out what I wanted to say. And I stumbled up there.


I think I think you got the point across, you know, your role. But you also know you can help a team win. I think any team that's thinking of trying to win it. I mean, Tampa literally looked at how St. Louis did it, how they lost to Columbus and figured they needed to get heavier. Guy like you, that could really play physical. Was it the game is it's also it's it's speed, but it's not all speed.


We needed the guy who was going to world to willing to urinate himself at the parade in order to get us. Where'd you get that Bud Light.


Stanley Cup. Who chucked you that thing. That was on a boat, the owner of the boat. Brought it there, he put it on our boat, and then we just party with her. It was unbelievable because like I always see, the captain Stammer had his boat and I think she was in his boat once we saw that thing. That thing was unbelievable. I think the fans are enjoying that more than the real Stanley Cup. And it was a perfect time.


And I guess me being a huge partier during this cup parade, it worked out great.


It's funny you McDonnel.


Look, you could be staring off like a concert, just wawel, American flags, just proud Americans watching like CCR perform in the 70s.


Oh, is unbelievable. And you guys go home like he's quiet. Doesn't really say much. And then he came out of his shell. I'm so happy he came out like people out to see his personality a little bit. It was great. Like like you said, we were wawel. We couldn't even.


You got your eyes. I saw on Instagram you're pouring beer in people's faces and they were loving it. They were keeping the cans of souvenirs, you know, not in their mouths on their faces.


Oh, God. I mean, that's what wrestlers did, you know. Like, I know it's cold.


It. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, I don't give you guys how far you guys were drunk.


I mean, the fans are loving it, man.


And you know how it is.


Like you see my mouth, they couldn't really back me.


Please just isn't quite saying there's no rules tonight or no there's no rules tonight. And he was.


Oh there's never any rules. People are people are Kissam.


He's like, there's no rules tonight. I mean, he's telling you guys. He's like, see, it should always be like this. And you're like, nah, nah, nah. Like, we need some law and order policy, if you will get the AK 47 is the MVP of the game.


But that's as far as we're bringing it.


I mean, yeah, I mean I mean, I think the best part is appropriate. I don't know how you guys did you guys watch it on TV? Are you guys just get a live feed?


I got to watch Twitter. I just watched Twitter the videos. I told Colerain somebody sent me a video of Joseph pulling the trigger behind like some hotel. It's great, you know, and you just get the finger so deep and then you're like, rip it out because you think you can puke, but you can't.


Yeah, you go back in with the finger or somebody caught that paparazzi style. Oh, yeah.


It's some guy in an office. He's like, oh yeah, come on, buddy, get it. Oh, there it is.


Did you have any idea who he was or was it just like he said he had a Lakers jersey on? So like, I think the guy must have seen him earlier. He had some jersey on.


Oh, you cut out there because you cut out there. I can hear you. Or pay your Wi-Fi bill, for Christ's sake. Let's not say you stop, take a team friendly deals and pay your fucking life.


I'm not going to answer the wires because you made fun of that golf game. Oh, Paddy, do this is fun.


It's good to catch up, man. We you know, we saw in St. Louis at the All Star break, and now we get to see is another cup champ really happy for you to dude that.


I appreciate it. You guys are funny and how I love coming on. Huge thanks to our buddy Cameron for joining us on such short notice. I mean, obviously, he's been having a lot of fun celebrating his second cup in as many years. So we appreciate him taking a few minutes for us to talk to us. He's always entertaining bears, no doubt.


Oh, that was great towards the end of the scale of him. And I'll be battling it out. Yeah, that's hilarious.


I'm sure there's a lot of other bubble stories that we're not going to be privy to, but that went down so pretty funny stuff if you want to let your imagination run wild anyways. Hey, the playoffs didn't last as long as possible. And I'm sure some of our listeners can relate because most guys have tried different ways to last longer. But think about NFL scores, and this doesn't always work. Well, the folks at Román and online mental health company are changing the game with Roman swipes.


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It's like, it's like a dick chew. You just unwrap it and then you tuck it the foreskin and then you let it soak in for about an hour. Then you crack or up and give the old lady a show called Cirque du Soleil style.


After long, do you have to let it sit in that seven minutes like a normal true.


I didn't like like thirty minutes to select the nicotine. Get in there.


I did.


This case is Roman SWIP is you know, if you're if you're an unselfish lover and you know, if you do happen to have a premature situation, just don't leave the lady hanging or your partner hanging, you know, I mean, you know, sometimes things happen, but you always want to make sure you take advantage of the other side or wipe it on your tongue and just give her the old give her the after.


You're like the dad from outside Providence.


I didn't say American Pie. I know the man. Either way, I take it well, there's, like I said, lots of news out in the desert this week. Arizona defensemen, all the lassman, all the Akman Larsen has been popping up quite a bit. And trade rumors, Vancouver and Boston, one hot on the trail. The 29 year old love shot defenseman has seven years left on a deal that pays him a quarter million a year.


Arizona will probably need to retain contract or maybe take a deal back, which is speculation on this one poorly.


While it's tricky because he has a big no trade list, and I think only a few teams that are on the teams that he can move to are interested, one being Vancouver, one being Boston. But I think in the situation of knowing that he has this list, some teams may not be offering what the Kairys just think is fair, at least up to this point. But it makes it trickier because he's got all the control as far as saying like, well, I would consider these two teams and, you know, I'd be lying if I couldn't see him fitting in in Vancouver.


Better, I think. I think what's difficult about this is all of a sudden, if you go to Boston, you're automatically given what you're being paid and the fact that you're replacing Craig and he's fairly beloved, you're going to be held to a pretty goddamn high standard moving in there with as that number one position especially. And imagine he's going to be making more than MacAvoy. That's a lot of pressure, is it not?


Yeah, but the thing is, no matter who gets him, I think Ari's right. I don't think they'll be able to take the full deal. So I don't know if the pressure is because he won't be like an eight point two kapit for whoever he goes. And I don't mean to keep talking over you, but I think I think it was it came out that he said those are the only two teams he'd go to. It was him who said just Boston Irvan.




And I don't know. I'm not sure if that list exists or like you're saying, he's like, these are the teams that I would be willing to. And there was more than just the two. And then only two of them, the ones we mentioned, are willing to to talk.


It's possible. So I don't really know that much in depth. It could already be written out there. You don't me I'm not the one to be snooping around asking.


Well, you never know. So Elliott reported that it was he said only Boston or Vancouver.


And the thing the thing was the thing of Van is so they are right. They have I think they got three. They got to Foley, Mark Shrimpton have UFE now, you know, they got him in obviously. I don't think they'd resign Cristiana, but he's huge in that room. You know, guys love him. And then Tannin's RFA and then Patterson and Hughes are coming up and then they also like the problem for them is they they got two more years of that three million kapit from the Luongo recapture, Sherman.


So I don't know if they can make that work, depending on how much money hours I would imagine. My question for you, though, is hold on.


Yeah, I actually got asked this by a diehard Bruins fan. Because you hear his name, it's exciting to get a guy possibly on your team. Is he still that good? OK, so that's that's a very fair question. And and I want you to consider the fact that I'm very close with Oliver. I saw him come into the league. I saw him blossom as this unbelievable defenseman.


I've seen a guy who. Like the lose, the losing gets to a little bit and sometimes I could weigh a lot, has he played up to worth eight and a quarter this past season? No. Do I think that if he goes to another team where he's a significant piece, but whether it's like other pieces around and another thing, too, is what? And that's why the Edmonton rumors, or at least at some point those negotiations were going through.


But all of us said that Edmonton was not one of the teams he was going to go to.


And I was personally shocked because Dave Tippett was the coach in Arizona when he came in. And Tippet knows how to ride his stars. He knows how to make them feel like like Usain, you're my guy. You're controlling the game. And when he gave that to all of our way to the point here, and this kind of gets overshadowed a little bit because until all of us had blossomed into what he did, it seemed like they picked all over to be that guy over Yance and they ended up trading hands.


And that was a that was a character piece in our locker room. So there was a lot of belief in Oliver and he kept scaling up, scaling up, consistent. Keep in mind, I think he had five seasons in a row. Maybe I'm even shadowing maybe its seventh season in a row of double digits and goals, two seasons back to back in which he had 20 goals as a defenseman like this guy was like. So I think being in that a winning culture will elevate his play.


But I get where people are saying, given the salary cap now and this guy might be on the decline, we haven't really seen as much out of them. And if anything, a slight regression over the last two years. Fair? That's a fair assessment of it, but. You know, I think a change of scenery is exactly what he needs right now, and if there's there's many that are willing to retain a little bit of the salary, yes, I think it's going to happen.


I just don't know what the deal is right now on the table. And and I wouldn't be surprised if he did get traded. Yeah, it seems almost like a foregone conclusion at this point, also from the desert, the yachts made it official and named Darrel Wondolowski is the team's new director of amateur scouting. He'll bring a little winning pedigree with him because he's coming over from Tampa. So bring a little championship pedigree, which always helps. And also, Arizona has also said goodbye to Fullwood Michael Grabner.


After two years in the desert, the team waived him for the purpose of buying them out for the last year of his deal. He was due three point three five million for next season, but instead he'll get a little over two and a half for the next two years. The yachts will have carpets of eight hundred and thirty three thousand and one point two five eight million for the next two seasons. Grabner was only able to play forty one games last season to that ugly injury he suffered, but he still only thirty three actually turns thirty three today.


Monday he still has some wheels. He can still help a team's bounty killing. So I would imagine he'd latch on somewhere else after this. And the odds right now have about three point six in cap space. So they need to shed some salary. But Grabner great veteran biz, right?


Awesome guys loved him on the team. He was questionable on whether he was even going to go to the bubble this year and he went there and he over performed on expectations, especially given that when he got that high stick in the eye, I don't think he's been the same as far as vision. I know he wears a tent adviser now. It affected his game, but he was able to really put it together. And I don't know if that's the reason why they saw him as the guy where they could do that.


But I hope he ends up somewhere happy and I think he's definitely got some game left. So it just going back to them, adding these pieces in the brass section, general manager, scouting, wherever it is, success saxophone. There's if there's one way this organization is going to get back to winning its drafting and developing property and property excuse me, and you look at the GM situation and how how well they did it, did it by getting good assets in later rounds with St.


Louis. Now you've got a guy who who's with Tampa and that speaks for itself. So they're starting to bring in some winning pedigree and that's drafting and developing is where it begins. That's where it begins. Let's go here. Coyotes are fucking rolling, baby.


I know. All right. A few more notes here. The stars signed defenseman Andre Sekara to a two year, three million dollar deal. The 34 year old will carry a one point five million dollar annual cap hit, have two goals and six assists in 57 games. Last year, he signed a one year deal with the stars last summer, and he was a very nice veteran presence from what this is a guy who kills penalties, block shots, does all those little things.


I think we saw them in Dallas Cup run. He's not a guy who's going to score a ton of goals set up guys, but he does all those little things you need to do in order to be a top contender.


Yeah, very smart player. And I think that the his play throughout the run to the finals is probably what gets him this deal because he shows he can still make the simple play, can still be, you know, I don't think necessarily top four, but in your top six for sure, he can play he can help out all over the ice. So I think you can really play him up or down. You know, if you play him top pair, if a guy goes hurt, if a guy gets hurt.


But more than anything, it was his play that really made him deserve this deal. And and I think Dallas is happy to give it to him because you get a guy like that for one and a half, you'll take it. He's been around the league a long time. He knows what it takes and he was able to perform it at his best throw. You know, that entire run.


Absolutely. Hey, Jimmy. Absolutely, guys. Yeah, money. Money well spent. You know, you're going to get for it. Also, the Blackhawks traded defenseman Olimar to to L.A. for Fullard Brad Morrison. The twenty six year old Marta has two years left on his deal that pays just over four million. And due to a prior retained salary, the Kings only have actually have to pay him three point three million in actual dollars. Of course, he was on a pair, a couple one in Pittsburgh.


Morrison is a twenty three year old photo was taken the fourth round of the twenty fifteen draft he has yet to play in the NHL. This appears to be a cap shedding move for the Blackhawks. They do have a handful of our efforts to get to culpably strong Cédula Coocoo Kuchu Suban and a little over eleven million in cap space. So again, this seems more like a salary dump than anything else. And finally, one last deal here. The senators obtained defenseman Josh Brown from Florida for his fourth round of the twenty six year old defensive demon, played fifty six games last year, but he also played for Coach J.


Smith back on the generals when they want a memorial cut the twenty fifteen. He is scheduled to be Arafeh, but presumably Ottawa will sign him. Well, obviously keep tabs on that.


And Loyal is just bringing in all his old boys. You got Scotty Sabotages played his first game scored. He's loyal to his dogs. Hey boys.


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You got to double the length.


I give her most of the time and well unless I get my Roman get get Rayder to do it or he do it right. My head cracked my skull with that thing there.


Unbelievable. I love those things. Like you said, digging them in the hips, I don't know if it's because we played hockey all those years, but I feel like I feel like Ryan Kesser, like I need that metal hip joint for crying out loud.


Good are locked up, but the pipes are big time.


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Honestly, you guys are playing with that all week. I had a knock on the door before I came in. You guys have been so much fun with it and even a slob like me, man, it does help me if you get a sore back myself from watching too much Netflix or something, boom.


Jump that right on things that not your big toe when you get in two weeks from crushing all that seafood isn't go to red, isn't isn't it the red meat red wine disease.


I think it's rich. I think it's really rich foods, rich man's disease.


And I've been avoiding not avoiding red wine, but I have been drinking red wine. Yeah. I think as long as I'm not drinking red wine, I'll be fine with the gout. I'm going to keep pounding clams and swordfish and fucking calamari and whatever else. All right.


All right. The playoffs are over you. Are you cutting your your flour? Well, my town I saw that picture, Grinnell.


He said to us, you look fresh on the ice at the garden, dude. Oh, and I had the when you're interviewing Maroon back in was like, what's going on with that flow out of the hat? You know what?


Like I said, it's like cosplay right now. It's like I haven't had hair, like, legit. And so you don't have hair. But I mean, I do.


I mean, I don't have a top and I have like you you make a good point. He doesn't have hair on the top. You have an emotional attachment to your salad. Right.


I know. It's kind of like honestly, my hair's been like a metaphor for the like the world, the planet. Everything's just so fucked up right now. It's like my hair is just like a mess, too.


So it's like kind of you have not taken a hat off in public.


Yeah. I mean, look, Borgs. Yeah.


I told you, it looks like shit when I take it off, but I mean, like, look at this looks pretty nice. So it is, it is actually not bad. You and Canelli are running because you're such a pussy. You're just afraid to sherifa right now. You would you love his hair. Look, right now I think he looks fresh when he goes bald, bald on the top. Right.


I think I think there's something humorous about a man having a skull. It I don't know if we're talking about from the humorous standpoint of it and the fact that every time he hops on, I'm like, look at this fucking clown. I love it. Yeah. I don't care. You know, if if you want you like the clean shaven. Ah, I just I actually forgot the picture Mickey sent us of our interview in Maroon.


We're interview Muslim. Holy shit.


I even recognize it'd be fun to it'd be funny if you went and did a rat like I had it when I was in school. I talked about the thing that happened in the just having fun and like I mean, I have said, well, it might be a Halloween thing.


And obviously it's very doubtful we're going to be having a Halloween party or going to a Halloween party. That was kind of sort of my excuse. But I don't know, man. It's just like, what the fuck am I ever going to, like, blow my hair out like this again? I'll shave it at some point. But right now it's fun, man. I don't know. As long as I have a girls just want to have fun.


I literally never had my hair this long when I grew here. So thanks.


So one thing we didn't talk about when we talked about my hairdos is this one time that I got braids. Did I mention that a few episodes later and I sent you the picture with that I got. Yeah. All right. You should do braids with the bottom part. That would be that would be good. That would be nice for the boys. Yeah. Are you a team player or not? I'm told seen play. I think I've proved that for the last four years.


But like, what would I do? Braise in the back?


Like, you know, I'd eat the bread, scull it.


It's too bad because, I mean, it's when I put the hat on, actually, it doesn't like it looks all right as long as those idiots make the mid 90s who looked like he was at the Dave Matthews concert, like when those mushroom hairdos, those are the fucking worst.


I know the haircut. You talk about that Nordiques hat. Looks like it's brand new, too. Like you've kept that thing fresh and clean throughout this run.


Absolutely. And the best way to clean hats. I've given this advice on the show before. You take your hat into the shower with you. You don't put it in the dishwasher. You don't put it in the sink and you put it you wear it in the shower and you soap it up like you would you had and you clean the inside and you come out and dry it in the hat looks almost brand new. I've given that advice more times.


I know. How much is all those, like devices? You put your hat in the dishwasher. That's too rough. That rattles it around. If you literally wear your hat in the sink in the shower. I'm sorry, just soap it up. Like, would you here come out, dry it in. The thing is perfect.


This thing's, you know, a little RNLI Life hack cheat code. LTAC speaking to Life Hacks plays in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League are going to have to figure out some new life hacks because the league has instituted new rules regarding fighting and they're pretty strict. QUELQUE Junior Education Minister Isabelle Shery had threatened to hold up to 20 million dollars in government relief funding unless fighting was penalized more strictly. And now players in a fight will receive not only the five minute major, they're going to get a ten minute misconduct as well.


And players a suspension after three fights in the season. You know, I understand hockey has changed and concussions. We know more about and fight we know more about, but. I don't know. I don't know about withholding government funds until you change the rules. It feels way too big brother. Also, what kind of precedent is this going to set? What other league? Well, if you guys don't do this, you're not going to get the money.


I'm not a fan of it. Not so much that I understand to want 16 year old kids punched the fuck out of each other. But to do it in this way feels kind of weird. Let's go to you first.


I don't know. I'm trying to. You know, I'm trying to understand it all moved to where the way society in general is moving and being more aware of all the head injuries and so on and so forth. But Jesus Christ, like where does it end if this is where it is now? Like what are they going to be asking for next time? But I think that hockey is still relevant in the sport of hockey. I think it needs to be in there.


I think it's fighting.


I think you meant fighting. You meant what did I say? Hitting you said hockey.


Still relevant with hockey. Oh, geez, that was dumb, I hope.


But I think everybody knows what I meant when I was saying that. Sorry, it's been a long partier.


Oh, I did. I did. But I just I you know what? People are listening to you. Fuck me, but I'm like, no guys. He knows what he said. I'm just reminding you. No, no.


I appreciate you correcting me. A little brain glitch there. But I think it's still relevant. And I don't know, maybe at that young age they're trying to get it out because, you know, you don't want young kids at six years old because, fuck, I was fighting grown men. I fought, you know, a couple of kids my first year junior and I was 16 or 20 years old. And I understand that that could be hard.


But I don't know. I just. I grew up a little bit differently and my my opinion is on it that it's going a little too far. I think it's a little fucking soft.


Yeah, I've just it's very surprising to think about John Major Jr. without fighting, especially the Quebec. They used to have some heavyweights in that league. The thing is, Trudeau I like why can't that be up to the league to decide when the government's getting involved?


It's so it's so odd. It's and all of a sudden you they can't get certain things until they make changes. You want like, OK, well, is this even like a privately run league anymore? It doesn't make any sense to me. There's arguments to both sides. But I mean, you don't have to fight, right, just because it's there. It's part of the sport. I mean, the guys, all these all these kids are going to the next level, whether it's the NHL, I don't know.


But the NHL and stuff like that, you got to get to know how to protect yourself. So it's different to think of a league that that at some point could be completely done with fighting similar way colleges.


Yeah, yeah. I just don't like the whole, like, dangle the carrot. They do this and get that. They're two unrelated things. I understand not one teenage kids the fight, but I don't know if that's the way to do it.


Sunday morning. What's special to get made out there? Maybe it was the popular the video that buddy Jason Grealy drop a whole bunch JGI specials get made with a lot of people digging themselves out there.


Hey, I will say that the vast majority of people love that sandwich. Actually, everyone every tweet I see is people saying the sandwich is unreal. The picture I've always said I just don't like cream cheese. I mean, the jelly in the bacon, whatever. But I could do I could probably do a sesame bagel with jelly and bacon and enjoy it because I like anything bacon.


It was the cream cheese I always shit on. That was the trash bucket part of the trash bucket sandwich.


Are you a mail fan mail. Mail. Oh, I think mail is the most disgusting thing in the world.


If you I actually couldn't watch a video. There was a video of mine in Barstow of girl like drinking mayo. I could have thrown up I think, oh, swipe swipe away. They have seen this documentary, The Social Dilemma. Yes. It's unbelievable. Have we not talked about that yet?


No, I just walked down the stairs and she was watching it and I was like, oh, I was she was telling me I was what is this socializr what it's about? She said, how much of a joke social media is? And I said, Oh, I'm going to lie. I'm going to watch when we're done.


I randomly just thought of it, you know, we'll watch it tonight and we'll talk about it next episode because we've already got much longer than we needed to. And oh, my goodness, I thought I could have swore.


We talked about it because my Commodore tweeted about it and he's been watching. I've already seen it. Have you not watched it in full with. I haven't seen it at all. Oh, OK.


So I thought I thought when you walk by and you kind of got stopped, it was right after we talked to Killorn. So I just went downstairs to grab a beer.


Yeah, it's a very, very serious issue and it's yeah, I opened my eyes to a few things. It's fucking wild so.


Oh well, one I had the same pair of Varnay glass sunglasses I brought on a boat trip. I lost them down here. I wasn't even drunk. I took them out. So if anyone down Provincetown finds a 30 year old pair of sunglasses, I'm out of here for life.


That's the end. See you guys. One thing we do got to plug is the merch and all. It's all going to charity. I don't know if you've already mentioned. So the pink Britney merch right now it's on sale. Who are we teaming up with in order to donate? One hundred percent of net proceeds go to Grenelle.


It's Whitney Merch and spit and chocolates merch. We have all pink. It's going to the Roots and Wings charitable foundation so it cause cancer and trying to do our part here. We raise a lot of money last year and we hope to raise more this year. All righty.


To attack that this year and I think that they came out great too much. So great work. And that is an awesome charity. Please check it out.


And Thursday is going to be the last time that we're coming out is twice a week for at least a little bit here, guys. So enjoy the two week and then we'll be back down to one piece.


As always, we like to send a huge thanks to our sponsors here. It's been Chiclets, big thanks to everybody in New Amsterdam, vodka and pink Whitney big thanks to everybody over group for taking care of our fitness. Huge thanks to everybody across Country Moggach for taking care of everybody refinancing. Well, taking out their first mortgage. Big thanks to Mugsy for keeping us nice and comfy. Huge thanks to everybody around the fellas. Thank you.


In a big thanks to everybody over there are going to keep this nice and comfy because we have a great group.