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7. Never realizing my dreams is the best thing that happened to me! With Lynn Ruth Miller

Stories your granny never told

  • 4 months ago
  • 01:30:07

Lynn Ruth Miller calls herself the oldest comedienne on either side of the pond. She’s 86 and her life is full of stories! Lynn Ruth has had seemingly endless good and bad luck simultaneously, from starting her own CBS show with no experience, to trying to get a journalism job as a woman in the sixties, to her fight against society and her eating disorder. Her struggle with ageism and sexism will make you angry and her perseverance is endearing as hell. Though she never did get that dream job, she did write eleven books, three television shows, a number of comedy sets and is still going strong! Lynn Ruth is tough as nails and she will crack you up all through this episode. Website: Instagram: @Storiesyourgrannynevertold Twitter: @grannystories Facebook: YouTube: Gmail: Voicemail: (332) 203-2059 Merch : Song: Maple Leaf Rag, by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings Lynn’s book: Lynn’s website: Lynn’s Instagram:

6. I stood up against segregation. With Dr. Angie Benham

Stories your granny never told

  • 5 months ago
  • 58:14

SYGNT is six months old, YAY! This month, Dr. Angie Benham (formerly Angie Evans) tells the story of and helping fight for integration as a junior at Van Buren High School in 1958. This was just a year after the “Little Rock Nine” had to be escorted to school by federal troops thanks to Brown vs. the Board of Education supreme court ruling. We discuss the parallels with today’s Black Lives Matter movement and how we hope for change. We also get into her life as a missionary on the Navajo reservation, her career as a psychologist (she is still working at 77!) and the psychology of God and our parents. Angie tells us about how the best moment of her life happened only recently, and as always, provides us with great advice. This is certainly a worthy sixth anniversary episode folks, enjoy! Don’t forget, BLACK LIVES MATTER! NEW! Merch: Website: Instagram: @Storiesyourgrannynevertold Twitter: @grannystories Facebook: YouTube: Gmail: Voicemail: (332) 203-2059 Song: Maple Leaf Rag, by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings

5. The pole is my Everest! With Greta Pontarelli

Stories your granny never told

  • 6 months ago
  • 50:34

Greta got interested in pole dancing as a sport at age 60, when she was searching for a solution to combat osteoporosis. Two years later, she won her first world championship in pole sports and has since won eight more times! Featured on American Ninja Warrior as the oldest competitor to attempt the course at the time, it is needless to say that age is not an issue for Greta. Her extremely positive attitude and passion for her sport is *ahem* contagious. Learn about the secrets the pro pole athletes use to stick to the pole, and which Ivy League school has a competitive pole team. As always, Greta provides insightful life advice for us youngin’s, so grab a pole and spin into this episode! Website: Instagram: @Storiesyourgrannynevertold Twitter: @grannystories Facebook: YouTube: Gmail: Voicemail: (332) 203-2059 Song: Maple Leaf Rag, by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Find Greta on: Instagram: Youtube: email:

4. I seem to always have a new business project. With Ann Oliverio

Stories your granny never told

  • 7 months ago
  • 01:21:34

Even as a great-grandmother, Ann can’t seem to stop herself from thinking up business ideas. Join us as Ann Oliverio walks us though her life story, from moving all over the US, to opening one of the first major daycare centers in Texas. She has started multiple woman-fronted business, all in a time before cellphones, computers, printers, or fax machines were there to help! In this lighthearted episode, Ann inspires us with her positivity and gumption and as usual gives us youngsters some great advice. Put on your power suit and dig in! Website: Instagram: @Storiesyourgrannynevertold Twitter: @grannystories Facebook: Gmail: Voicemail: (332) 203-2059

3. You run outta face before you run outta makeup! With Gypsy

Stories your granny never told

  • 8 months ago
  • 58:02

At 88 years old, Miss Gypsy holds the Guinness World Record for oldest working drag queen. James “Gypsy” Haake started out his career as a Broadway dancer, then became the owner of “Gypsy’s Cabaret” in New York City, and later stared in shows and films like Dynasty, Married with Children and To Be or Not To Be. Gypsy’s stories offer us a voyage into old Hollywood, where she entertained stars like Lucile Ball and Stevie Wonder as MC of La Cage aux Folles in Palm Springs, up to recently, when he starred in a music video with Miley Cyrus! We also talk about what it was like to live through Stonewall and the AIDS pandemic, all while staying hopeful about the current pandemic. This queen does not mess around! Get ready to gag, because the library is open, darlings! Website: Instagram: @Storiesyourgrannynevertold Twitter: @grannystories Facebook: Gmail: Gypsy on twitter: Miley Cyrus "Younger Now" ft Gypsy: